vfa j a )-4.-X ! . - ' - ' - ' - i ' ........... The Charlotte; Obseryer, PUBLISHED Y ; V-v;. 1 JONESf & McLAUGTECLDf; - )ffice, Bryce's Building, Trade Street. BATE&' 07 fcUBSCBIPTION. ir. in advance,. rtnftvear. in avaiice,.. .........'sg m Kix monf lis, mi advance ........ 3 00 ' three Months, tin' advance,........,,.... l 50 Cue month,' in advance,..........".......,.. 50 V . .-V . It- 1 . T I a j jue ubsekvjsb .wHi 0. ueiiverea many art of tUe City at Fifteen Cents per week. , . , u. 1 i ' ,f ' ! 11 . REPENTANCE. ! lie kissed mel and I knew 'twas wrong. I Keed one dof penance very long - ' For such a ;tiny little sin ? ! -i I He pressed mv hand : that wasn't rieht : AVhy will nien have such wicked ways? P . But m it there were davs and d.ivs . fThere's frtiscliicf in the moon, I know ; I'm positive I saw her wink ' V lien 1 requested him to go ; I meant it, too I almost think. 'But, after allj I'm not to blame ; . lie took the kiss, I do think men Act quite without a -sense of shame, i I wonder wihen he'll come again! THE A Little i Composition ri? tm? VnEEL-BARjKdw. The DanburyiVgMw- Prospectus for ??i8HV8 : If you have occasion to ne-e a wheelbarrow lave it, when you are through with.it," iu front of thc-house with the handles toward the door. A wheelbarrow is the most complicated thing to fall over 011 the face of the earth. JZ man would fall over one when he would never think of falling-over anything else. He never knows when he has got through falling over it, either : for it will tangle his legs - and his arms, turn over with him anrl rr ' ' ll CHAHTiOTTF! "M CI O A t1TTTlT t -m : - , w oaiuivuai. JAJNUAKY 4. 1873 S1I30HT0H HOUSE. 1873. Sixth Year. :0:- A LD I N E , An Illustrated 'Monthly 'Journal admitted to be the Iridsomest eriodi- col in the World. A 'JKepreeMative and Champion of American Taste. in front of him, and NOT FOR SALE IN BOOK STORES, THE ALDIKE, which is issued with all ii muses in his Wanntyto congratu- orntcrhS Jate nilllSOlt. it tnU-pao nan tn, n.l fwrii;r..l4. T- i i , J,. 'OOTjs mom skin., on of h?nt aivl Ka pure, lisrht. ami trrarful Mtintn . ..Ai - PC c oinnieiices to evolute anew and cJllei;.t5on of pictures, the rarest specimens bumphimseinin fresh nlarps. A nmn ?,fartwtic skill in black and white. Al- never c ii tfs fill o ,iwn mougn each scceedmg number affords a r ,r " ?rff,f L? i f T Clb - J' fresh VIeasure to its.friemls, the real vSue . , .flfl!rns completely on its ami heauty of THE ALDINB. will be His up ijgainsi- sometning most appreciated after it has been bound it cajlliot ifiwrit: It i t.i '-niAt ; I tin at thn Hns nfthn inie otiierpubhcationsn -:0: NewAdvertisements. A GREAT OFFER! - - - . . . .' antatfiLLE. P N Kl I ll rlV JEST Book sent free. -:0: HORACE WATERS. 4S1 v T-h1,!LliSI)0se of lOO pianos, meIo- " JpEOA'S, and ORGAKSof tiJiirSaZ Shaken, including wt t?TZ3,aw w j ,, w , ,CJr una prices Jr cah, ' or part caA, and baJance in matt lAOnin III inxfstJinsnf V7 M XHoteI respectfully invites the people of MOTF.V . made with our tIAA3 nodern improvctnents, for f 2T5 staliy.to call ZZrLr1 keeck 1LQI t o i v . ovreec, rs. i . i M rt-. luunirwca lututagues mail- TJ '?f . above : named 9 Murray St., N. Y, He! Uiariotte and the PnbbV o-or,,Mn on him v when tliey visit StrRiu will spare neither pains nor monev tn 1U1 and worthy of public patronage. Proprietor. l( H RATES OP ADVERTISING. One Square one feneJ..... i mi wSfT5- 150 wee ctoyg.h, ,..)M,... 2 09 days..... s 00 fwtwS?S? three weeks4.M..w q 50 n!T?ctr AdTCTtisel1iHa: taken at pronoitionately low ratejf ftveSauwrcs estimated" at a nttorter-col THE CMRLQI jan 3-4 wt nor 25-tf U 2. erg CO F, SCABE, O B 00 C H A f? LOTVTE, N, C. aujuiiis iwu per mnnfk oll TXr SSffl0 FAMILY KNIT- i?i-ir!l?m lusnmptost and 6es TIKI? TirApfrivTi'1 wccu. iwsj, jkiass. iau3-4w wanted ! just out ! A BLESSIN(tLlTTLE CIIILDREN." Inw tr.r V"1 States" with im luwiTO .TlWiU Man on rarra i r . . , T x ".u-ciuc v-Hinia quarts go like wild-fire ed. Sheet Mutic and Music Merchaaditr. jan o-iw ii,. , KAA Ag4ts WVU splettdid J. T. BUTLER'S I ! NEW GOODS. and Charfc Establishment, It pwni9 prepared at all hours of theDay and night. i h, - 107 Libertv will endicate. extrinatp. thw,.,!.,- juu j-w a" iiuisuiioiis suDstantances in thr I III . 1 1 t M : . uioou ana miii ellectuallv distal ll r,rrwi;B uimous uerangement. !MJ madc?Dec. 3d by one Agent scllinj , HORACE GREELEY & FAMI LV i4iIs there want of action in vniir I.ivoi A? 1 A fine engraving, 22x28, inches, sent bv Sleen?iFnJefs rel.ieved the. blood becomes Wfltf f rirtLc fan if mail for$im We also mail ButtdHote Wpure deleterioiia secretions, produc- I TT tiOCItS, JCWCl- Choice Orecn and Black Tea, e.T X ng Tlli.mble. Pe 25 vwvitvV4 Vj.1I A,l 111 I I V II lr M T Tl-1 1 I ! a h I 1 I 1 1 I I I f 1 TKWMAnili. X - . H - - it- l"ilu,m.' nu niyai- "- .ywiucmiy to an om and new j une and . Sowing Machine Thread Gutters and V?5 8Crolous or skin diseases, ; Blotches, Needle Threadincr ThimM o?if? Felons, Pustules, Canker. Pimt fes. rv ' 1. y-.- , v., r.w u w iim TT-v. - tS .. ctitwi. Ajireuiars or vanm-ia nflim Vnmu;. - - v v AiCUlCO Drug Store." mailed frequently agents, address . f'AMEItlCAK KOVELTY Co., jan 3-4w 302 Airoadway, N. Y FKE5I1 SPICES, JSi a lot ; of select Spices for serves, &e., at F. SCARE'S June 29 cajiiot;iiKdt: It is the offensive -looking object there is. Imt It is more dangerous than a locomo tive, and no man is secure with one unless helms a ti?ht hold of its handles and is sitting down on some tlung. A wheelbarrow has its uses, witlnmt doubt, but in its leisure mo ments it is tlie greatest blighting curse on true dignitv. ' A EWxiWDEK. Tlic war-like I ruians trie ; not satisfied merely with improving: their arniv riflps but are also making adtances in the inanufacture jof gunpowder. The latest report i that a novel descrip tiojrf of gunppvvder, possessing ex traordinary projectile power, has been adopted by the Prussian artil lery.1. It is ejupase3d. ,.0-f a; .certain proportion of nitro and sawdust, and in this state ekri be kept iu store without fear oj explosion. To rend er this composition explosive, it is Jieeessary to add a sufficient quanti ty s-.e :.. . .. . . .. . V4 ouiiiiiiun, iiciu 10 nuiKe it eo- nerc, and when dried it is ready for use. This coin position has certain ly the advantage of cheapness, com bined with extreme simplicity in its manufacture, iand is said to" leave but little residue after it is 'firetl. rior cheapness, as compared with rivals of a .similar class, THIS AL.DJ jNE is a unique and original conception alone and unap proachetl absolutely without competition alone and unapproached absolutely withuut competition in price or character. 1 he possessor of a complete voliime can not dunlw'iitathf engravings m any other shape or number veneral CrOCCrv. Provision. ot volumes for ten ti there are the chrornos, besides 1 - Pure Salad Oil. Finest article in Market, . a F. SCAUR'S June29 . Drug Store. 33. IsT. SMITH, FEEE TO ALL ! S K A pet?Wcek to ajrents. Male or FVmi1 WOV To&li who will wrifp for mi A o-on urns btore. cywe WiU f end a cony of that " Wonder nf Ii ' 7 t 1 Tl I , , , - nunwsr, -sue illustrated Jlorn ot Plenty. It containVer fifty beautiful illustrations, & will be sent FliEEtoall who may write' Address L&AESIDE, Tatcrson, N. J. l!in 'Lira' s : -- 0 FREE Axr - ART DEPARTMENT. XotWitlistandine: the increase in tho price of subscription last Fail, when THE C03TMISSI0H MEKCHANT, Trade St., 3rd door from Market. xx ji, assuuiea itB proportions and rei- especial uucntion given to Purine , i , ttVi tl,e tuition more iivan " """s iiw Arn, iio Book 'Aeents r (tTFT r?6 of PICTORIAL HOME BIBLE it-is -the m,iv ihi which a cbihplete History, Encyclopedia, Analysis if the Scrioturfis. anr! Twi Classified 'Bible Dietionarv is unequaleu beautv and mprits mair cat authorities of tlie cheapest and fastest sal Knsr rtJi.io k most powerful tonfo nn. aitemimVtiA ... - - - ja. vjk I , . a i j in TT ' . ' . -JT-i 1 Jiiive vou a uvsnenti Stnav. , tt. ?J V1.?11011 19 Promptly aided tlie system is (debilitated with poverty of the Blood Dropsical tendency, general Weakness and Hayj you waaknoss nf H. inf0;n . - v - M.t.ms 'villus ; xou are in danger -nf fhmviif tk,., ,- T-fl 4.1 r . -rV ; xA4x yi iiiiiamtmuil Ul rue JDOWeiS. ivu HGOi UitsiH I) I lit I ' m nnn I urinary urmsr Ynir flTottvi ulIllg in its most aggravated form. A TO Villi 1J?iw-.f A,. J..11 l i . . lepressea in spirits, wifli lieadache. coaiea tongue and bad tastnnr niiM. 9 For a certain remedy for all of these dis eases, wcannesses and tmnh .r smg and punfyine the vitiate h1ri imparting vigor to all the vital forces ; for vuMiuu up ana rcstormsr the. wpatunoi coiascuution LBJU . .. - . J U R KB E B A which is pronounced by the leading medi- ry, Diamonds, Silver and Plated Ware,-! Spectacles, &c c MUSIO BOXES AND MANY OTHEB AET1C1E3 TOO NUMEROUS is no new I and all apr G V. Tna Lottkky. The ten, riici-y fellows of Columbus Ind wlte-m-ew the capital prke of $75,000 JMjttic Louisville ttil.lic Library than im: iuu a mnrnpf in on orwi i jimitcd circumstjinces. One of them is ;i, hlac-X-smith, another a drayman and others are salesmen, boo&-&cep-crs, te. Thev formed a Huh on.i Be 'deceived, but-.' for coughs, coins, snr throat, lioiirsf-ncss and brouchiul diluc ul- jELIJS CAEBOIiaTABLIS. "Worthless Imitations i j 1 1 . w iuui rvw, but the only scientific preparation of Car- ui.iu; acih ior iung aisease is when cliem- raiiy comuined with other well known remedies, as in these tablets, and all par ties are cautioned against Using any other In all cases of irritation of the mucous menbrane these tablets should be freely used.-their cleausimr and hpsjKnc rr:,: T W. WADSWORTH has at his Liverv ties are astonishing. fJ . and Sale Stable, opposite the City warn90.Rcvcr neglect a cold.it is easily JjIock, tlUKoES and MULES for sale and curefl ln "s incipient, when it becomes enrome tne cure rs I -i . " ....JIT JIV. Tl ,itwiiwMn,.wrT'jnrfT , -ivit- itch j liicn .uy MU- itll'UJlg ilVMClC!' of . ) tries with womhrfu! rained' 1: ninfni 370 3EJ2sT1,IOU'. t coun- duubkd during the past year: proving that kind's of country. Wk1uoc. tllrt itnmnnni. ....1.1: P ... I IT iu"i iuunu appreciate, ami will i : support, a sincere etfort iu the cause of Art. The -publishers,- anxious to justify: the ready confidence thus demonstrated, have exerted themselves to the Utmost todevel oie and improve the work ; and the plans for the coming year, as unfolded by the monthly issues, will astonish and -delight even the most sanguine friends of THE ALDINE, Tlie publishers are authorized to an nounce designs from nmnv of the most eminent artists of America. In addition, THE ALDINE will repro duce examples of the best foreign masters, selected with a view to the highest artistic success, ami greatest emwnY in forest avoiding; such as have become familiar, kept constanly on hand through photographs, or copies of any noy 30 Kinu. - . . The oiiarterlv Muted nlat.e fnr 1S7?l TfT?ll reproduce four of Jolin S. Davis' inimita- TrlIT' KRAUT, do j-ou love Kraut States. Sciid for Circuhir ble child-sketches, appropriate to the four .J-v- egant white Kraut for all who love jan 3-4vv exceedingly uac una uaroouc laoiets as u specific. Price 25c. per -.Box. Jthn Q. Kellogg, i i rr r rv v ..i. f - i tt i ior tue l- difficult, 18 nitcd "in" paui i each, so they will be syw apiece, line goddess .in' chief or the thin. sr. diiln'', .seem in HnVimn.. Htgc home patronage, for not a single pu.coi any value was drawn by a omsville citizen. A club" in that ity wlio had invested $1.25(drew the quarter of $75. After it is'diyided eucli member -will -be; entitled to a tract ion-over 7 'cents:1 One "gentle- . . : .wiree---Hundred and tllll"fo.v a1ini.n j . v-y,?j-oiA viudiites niu not strnte a innhge,!;. New York Commercial . Ad AListoric character in Cincinnati called "Matches .Mary," died in that eity a few days agof and the coroner's inqusest revealed a life's story worthy of taking its place Tairi ong the rn e niorica of famous Ihiscra and eccen trics. Many was some fifty years old, and had been known as a match-' petldler of very regular habits of in temperance. She must either have niade money rapidly or gotten drtink n l1'01 she eft-real estate valu cu Ar ,J.000, and money and notes amounting to nearly as much. Of course, she had a son in the House paige, and altogether was quite i " , V."Vat;ier as -air. Jioffin would lb.' ue"ferllt to have added to the WVhe ?.1Iected th inustrate: the """ ui ncues An nKti,,,:.... T O UP -vr.n-nr "p j.iies in a btate-street Cfl.7 rrx ifwa lertlilv mala r. , ;vo- of'rr'W8 nuisance v iWen, urplif Jthe . -p- "vnu uiui into tne seasons. These nlates. annearinsr in tUn issues for January, April, July and Octo ber, would be alone Worth the nriirn rf n 3ear's subscription. - Tlie popular features of a copiously illus trated "Christmas" number will be con tinued. To possess seh a valuable epitome of the art world, at a cost so trilling, will command the subscriptions of thousands in every section of the country ; but, as the usefulness and attraction of THE ALDINE can be enhanced, m proportion to the numerical increase of its suiiortcrs, the - publishers- propose, to make "assurance doublq sure' by the fol lowing imparaJleledofler o- . v i . PREMIUM CHR0M0S FOR 1873. Every subscriber to THE ALDIKE, who pays in advance for the year 1873, Will re ceive, without additional charge, a pair of beautiful oil chrornos, after J. J. Hill th it. dec 6 J. P. BUTT. Jarge lot of . oct 16 Coualfy Lanl i and Rvcon. SMITH. SODA, Lemon, and Water Crackers and Ginger Cakes. Wholesale and retail. sept 19 A. Ii. N. & 13110. Fresh Arrivals. Magnum Bonum Apples, at j B. N. SMITH'S, .oct 18 AGENTS WANTED. Act at wee There is a PILE of monev in it. The people everywhere are Eager tu buy the AUTHENTIC HISTORY OF . LIVINGSTON'S Wondrous Discoveries and Thrilling Ad ventures during 2S years -in Africa, with account ot the Stanley Expedition. Over 600 pages, only parallel. unly $1.50, is selling bevond c omplete ana Keliable lion t -c i ;;,.-! I bv on I r t t en and in A tl 1 mly tcmii.;-L.ry lvliof I:-, ctcyu?:f! i!y-jfpsrt with ivo i.- i.itu and kind pllf Price One Dollar per Bottle uau ar. : SnurTbT jan 3 4t C3-TJIsrS- : SINGLE GUNS. At $2 00, $3 00, H 50, $5 00, $6 00, $10 00, $12-00 to 20 00. $8 00 Double Guns. At m 00, $7 50, $10 00. $12 00. $15 00. ' $20 00, $2500, $3000, $4000, $5000 .4 too00. Breech-Loading Double" Guns. At .540 00, ?45 00, $50 00, $00 00, $75 00. w, ?i j.u w, ?izu uu to 500 00. PISTOLS. Smith & Wesson, Colt's, Allen's Witnev and other kinds n. J MAffViLULl prices. " Ammunition & implements work. Send for circulars, and see Proof For Breech-Loading Guns, at a small ad- FINE SALT. 1 A A Sqcks Factory filled SALT on hand luv and for sale by STENHOUSE, MACAULAY & CO. nov 27 and great success agents are havinsr, HUBBARD BROS., jan 3-4w Publishers, Boston, Mass . , , A.v.vy x uya. Lime and Peism. BUEWELL &CO. nov 24 ted from 25 diflerent plates, requiring 25 impressions and tints to perfect each pic ture. The same chrornos are sold -for $30 ' van, in me uri o Lores- as it is tiie ifi- l kjn i 1 1 x h; mwn w ncm. , &v.n ri I i - , - . . . . . , , . I I " . . . MWUll, VU1' F, t tXuu oi s,conauctors to Keep THK vji gates Ulycerine and Honey Soap. "TVO Agents want absolutely the best sell- -V mg- uooKs.f eiKt for circulars of vents inabndged Ulus. Family Bible. xjw iiuiira iu uv iv in.. viMI njifrps Bible Aids. &c. Arahnsnne SaV9J f!t Edget 1 clasp, $8.25. Full Gilt. 2 clasns. 11.00. "Belden : the White Chief," For ti.... i . . ' ' . ""-.1 iUC oranaara, 40tn iooo ready, Epizootic Treat- , nifuis. ve, J. 1 Vent Knw VrL- ! viimuiu, em cc uooancnr Uhicago, 1 nice youn iAv x-J Vlm Led nnnn -, t V , ue picca- lciefd over th,fe f "J ?, fourt ine unpney-ho.-. o Times. i BUCK WHEAT FLOUR. ' RUCK W H E a T ' t"s?r WHEAT FLOUR. dec 61 JOHN Pi BUTT'S, Market. ALDIAE out of the reach of comnetition in every department, the chrornos will be iounct correspondingly ahead of any that can be offered by other periodicals, i Every subscriber will, receive a certificate, over the signature of the publishers. imatantee- ing that ' the chrornos delivered shall be equal to the sammes furnished t.h or the money will be refunded. The dis- j tnbution of pictures of this grade, free to the subscribers to a five dollar periodical. win uiaiK mt epouu in rne mstory Ol Art and, considering the unprecendented, cneapness oi tne price ior THE ALDINK itself, the marvel falls little short of a mir- nov 24- BURWELL & CO. E have opened to-day some Fine CT 75TOS250FRM'H rn Jiverywjiere, male and Female, to C 1 frrlr)nii il. Ur.w! T .. vance on Cost of Importation. METALIC AMMUNITION FOR RIFLES Ai u ris x AT LtWEST MAR KET PRICES. A complete assortment of .all Sporting Goods ; I'riccs and Description ent on ao- pilUilLlUIl. . Goods shipped by Express, C O. V P0ULTNEY, TRIMBLE & CO. Importers, No, 200 W. Baltimore St., Baltimore. , Richard's. Dougal'S, Greeners. Scott's, & and fmported to order. sept 20 1872-eod ly ) .- NeV Garnet purposes nov 24 Brandy: and Whiskey, for Medical tS iSShhS ses. , BURWELL & CO. fi iiuPe L. Von Meyerhoff. nuance me "ucnmne Improved Com- LM-KLUK limg Toss. The Tickler fun HwuwcuBBjamiiy DcwmgMachme. hr Ul uie iunmest. uid curiosity shop 1 his -machine will stifh 1mm fcii IGame of Natnr.il TTifw -i a J.'- . n. 4uuh row, oraa,.uraia andem- l""!1 comicalities. Game ofi pppular bs. xii. ixt ,x x-1 OT manner. rice I ""ayiers rrom uicKens. Tim Flower ? ucensea anu warranted t "ue. liima Alphabet and jthe monks I for five years. We will !ay $1 ,000 for ew gapre and old puzzles.i afagic or Cy ' V w 111 8ew a sironger, r".1""15 i me sport. Auenioss and Cj more beautiful, or more elastic seam I -Dividem, wide awake game. The Social Ci-than ours. It niatfi tlio I Oraeh TIia a,0 a i... : t. r l. Oi'. 1 i a-iiaonu ,b'uv' a.UUUJK)HC - 1111- JUOCK BtltCl.' F.l'l'nr anrrTA ..HI,.!. InroVPM. Pn7i o nior. r :V ! f 1 PROPOSES to form, instruct, and con duct.Jn Charlottei N. C, a Musical Society ; and' to give musical festivals. The inminA from whinli is a hf ntttvliarl f- can De cut, arm fi!l tl aele, even to those best acauainted witli I .ietiti 'A.nnn'ptn fnr th nrintu ,Tn. ri be pulled anart without-: tAri,, if 1 Arithmetic m'mWe.n1 r.,..: v r . v. luvcuu-VG t i:ciiiiia i xririir.. a ikii ..Tr Tiiiittii rnx rriA. iiiffrinira i k. i v. f.'u v ucuiua iiim i.t r sv.-y no. i n uul i ir. rn lirkw - r-i - .... j -iiiih 1.11 Hnn arrtaiuno u. rt .. . - " . r MMint'0 UAn..Tk. r r . . . . . . October 22 A BOOK FOR THE SHIXIOIT I Horriage OPssis: bow to prewrr the oomplexio, 4 oniprtat, TbUit m inUrMUac work f twv InadiI rfr t iaronaatfoa tor Uom who r mrtedeoatwtatelal! nmg. WSUUHa took ttMonhttko3btoA TMe drawer ef eTeryaMle and teaiale thronraa. I mSi globe.' Ilemta.,erythtoita4ie?; eratlTe irtem that i. worth tasted liMktkuL ot pabj&hed la .By other workT Bent K any oaa (free of peatage) for FiflT CenU. ITotfcs to tlie Afflicted and Unfortumt. JtoTe PP'jtaf to the BOtorioa qaaeka Tbo adrartUa lei Dr. Butte ooeaDte a donMa . oiae ; i adoried by eene o f the atoat eelebratai ea iproretaon of tb eoontrr and Xorope, and ea be ee Ited pereenallr or br Budf. oa tha Ai...!ZJlZZzlZf r'J"rJ- Offloe and parlore. No. IS M. Kifhth atfeM. ctwei Market and CfeDutrSt. Leaie, lie n t 2-d & w ly A. R. BTf8bet & Bratlrsr HAVING eompleted an improvemewt in thetr 'Commodious tor ,Rin Trade Street, one door west of Smitl ,t nam mond's Drug Store, Cliarlotte. N. C are imw receiving a well srelecttrl rtoek o-C Groceries, 'Mnskail Iwtrrmients- Tn. n. gar, itc,, which Ias been Iwtfght by one oi tne irrm, at a time when the market was most favorable. Thev therefore fbwl .-wtU tie I that thev can sell all troods it tlir.it line as low as any firm in CIarlrr f. cash or to punctual customers Tliey iftviie Merchants to give them a call, (as they had a siecial eve to their wholesale trade,) and feel warranted in saying that they can scll vo as to niakr it a saving to them in their purchases. They return their thanks to thvir fnVwrfx and thegenerouj public for past fiirors. and sohcit a continuance of the sttme. A.R,NI8BET&I5KO. Lock StitcK" Every second stitch I proved. Puzgle map of North America and improved ' ' mer.hanifiiiT Armim-nYa': (For illustrations of these" chrornos J see November issue of THE ALDINE. : ' ; THE LITERARY DEPARTMENT V will continue tinder ' the 'care of Mr. RICIT- ARD HENRY i STODDARD, assisted by the best writers and poets of the-day,; who will strive to-havo the literature of THE always in nuepiug wiui lis artis tic attractions: K- -?M'h? lUtlUUi - : . J. ai $ per annum in advanceilwith5 011 THE tamable be no reduced or, club rates ; cash for sub scriptions must: be ; sent to the, publishers direct, or handed to the . local agent J with- out responsibility to the' publishers, except in cases where the certificate isr given; bearing the faosimile signature of James Surrox fc Co. A :: t ; - '.vJ: .- ' vi:- A AGENTS WANTED. . ' ;4 ;'. ' - v'Anv rjcrsom wishinsfto act'nfirmanftntlv as a local Orchestral -Instruments and Music, "such as are found in Seminaries of the largest Cities SOu.th and ' North. ' These Instru ments; t&c.,' will be placed in the , hands of the Irustecs, for the use of. and to con tinue to be the property of the Charlotte (N, CLJ Institute for, Young Ladies. ; s ? Terms of admission, , ' $5.00 Instructions per month,. , ,v 2.00 7 Ladies and gentlenien desinng to become monin ana expenses, or ft commission from which twi.-e fh.tr. l . , - . - - " .-....v oemaaer AUdress - RECOArTi rsr. ' iIass- Pittsburgh, Pa., Khicagoi ,- ., VJ. Ul. JLAJUliS, JAJ.O. jan &-4w Cheap Farms J Fjrec Homes JJ 6n the llrioof the Union Pacific Railroad. T"T - af . ' iienry ' Hen n v Pn y-xf p. "MV Xfri .' in,. zie i urserv Khvmca Piira? f. nnr Pf. Puzzle, The Model Ship Puzzle.' Uncles Raphael's Frizzle .- f.hrfmo. . I . A 1 Kin Blocks Tov books and a In AfTA Yi It'll- Ki rf 1 J V ' . U414WI W i -if Pre"y an.a interesting tilings for the v.nure a- vnrisimas. j9l call is so iritrv. J . - - T1DDY tt RRO ' dec 18 - ' "5- ! . ; members' of Ihe Societv will please leave 1 12.000 ll . . i "x r - - - I . , ' .., v i utob X' aiiuillK x, ihoir namao ttf tha xrirr'atrx.a rxt Mna.K I mi-.1 T - J s .. Tiddy Aliro. dec 7-5rxi ALTjiNE;;will,v!hereafter;vbe ob . (TIOFFKES, .Sar:Mohisses. 'Cheese and i only by subscription. There will V ce, jiist received at , .flnr. rii,t.'tP finh- . ? sept W R. NISBET & BRO'S. sept alEAS,' Spiee-1 Pickles,' Oysters, Jellies, '.", Lemon Syrup and Canned Fruits, now ivingat ; .! L 1 ' . , A. R. N. & BROi - ; Canvassed Hams & Lard; mineral Lands in America, 3,000,000 Acres in Nrhmslra i n , tlx a , Plnffa 1Tllw i. 1- ' . " i HILD CLIMATE, FEBTILE SOlL' ' for Grain trrowin-r and f StvV T?o f ssfrnr T1TI surpassed bv anv in th TTnifwl Rra ; - a v'Mewtla i- ' Cheaper in Price, more favomble . tarm l tvn l7Alt n-el va-h " . j " i (,ivi. oiiu mure . cuuvenient w marKet uian can be lound elsewhere.- ; FREE HOMESTEADS FOB ACTUAL BETTtEES, The best location for colonies Soldiejs entitled to a Homestead of 150 acres. k r Send for the new Descriptive Pamphlet.' St. MAKY'S school. RALEIGH. N.;a Rev. Aldert SinecirSTD Rector.' Kcv. Bennett Smjs. .A.-U As't. rilHE Sixty-second Term or th& J. win commence on the' Twenty-fifth of January 1872, and continue' until the J7th rt I i.iiA . IV. . - i.!.Uji ... f . . . i - - . ur a uuvuiar appiy tolJie Kec- of Juive, tor. dec2-2w St'.L J . TTAIR Brushes, Brushes. Tootl Brushes t NaiJ eft-"", ii in .. i iA-w t v iuij. iuiu i wu uuiau a.iuuuii in j.aiuiiica vuiiuii i vjci iii.ii i. rtwcfii.sr imn mman - nui nH prompt information by applying to. 4 i' ' kj to a Superior Lot of Canvassed Hams cvxrywhere. Address. : , " : JAMES SUTTON "& 00- -: ' ' Also' to Extra Leaf and. Pure Leaf LMd;iii v v 1 -' OF DAVIS - . Publishers, . AVelsh Tubs. Wholesale and retail by Land Com'r U, P. R, It Co. Omalia Neb dec 5 : 58 Maiden Lane, New York. sept 20 A. R. N. & BR0 Jan. 3-4w V ' ' VTm: R. BUmVFT.T.J fn doe 21 - - nfi n-jrt- ' L ' ; . f- KEROSENE -LAMPS, ' , t?i dec 21 i til SOMETHING new and Worhlerfrtl in the Magic line. Call and see it, at dec 15 TIDDY'S. FOR SALE. ssfA A Ixt of fine HORSES and MULES, fn splendid order. At DAVIDSON'S LIVERY STABLER. Morw .nd Mr.! fjar walf are lieptonTianJ constantly. " "or irii"--- . . rORSALZ , The fine young Light Har ness ana jpamuy Mar. 'CLARAS owned by Drs! V Green & Lindley. CLARA is a beautiful dark - bay, 151 hands high, ' will be five vears old np.Tf etirincr ii broke and kind disrositinn larscall on . , GREEN fe LINDLEY, . y Over Wilson fc Black'Drug StorR i dec21-tf.' Fi-vWfri: y..irT,-e) v .tr-xxTVSxjA Sr fv. oci

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