North Carolina Newspapers

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fora ,& Mclaughlin,
Offife,:IJryce's Building,' Trade Street.
un Bqttare one time.. "
$1 CO
RATES nr rrnnnTuoTAw
1 50
2 09
2 59
3 00
3 50
5 00
- v WWMAA. AXVXf ,.
uirefftoiv iu Buvttuce.,,...-....... . r v
four days....
dij. iiiuiiuiin, :m tiuvaijce,. .......... 3 qq
Thre Months, ' in advance, ....;.:; 1 50
nve aaysrtv,
U,IUX"L11' iU ""Xf.11 50
"iree weeks,.;.
6 50
j ; - - v- vivjiio per weeK,
pmportionatdj lo rto: "
rive wiuares afirotrtr? . i . .
. 1 'I '1 ;t-,".. ;., . W t V ill ll'llll r I I I I I 11 II I W 11f lit II 1 r I 111 n;nVf!'J '!i;if I i 1 ,1 A .. & . i . I
' I I I I I I I i . ' -I ot
. tEMixiNE ;famciiss.';7
HOW 8HK VTAB WOOED ijn f01f i
.iT":"1".;? :quaint
iT, H r It ?iWew Ine v Wedding
which relates the experience of a inaiJSL'
an a 3ietiioaist preacherTA portion ofit
is forth quoting here ' - "
Bi?t when I came to hear him nrearh - U P
told the Gbspel story . "T? ! - I S3
"W'jent up one-shout of ''glory'!" s'--Kkgh
men were bowed, hard sinners wepL
I )wncd Ins powetto hold me J. i-
Ilis glowing fervori like a spell i . : '
Afcainst my will controlled me, -' -
"For who is he," I said, my own ; V ' " ; '
Admiring thoughts reproving V -flf ''M t
"A Methodist itinerent v. . .j
"Who keeps forever niovinsr. -f
Just two years in 'a plabe.V ' ' J i
"That's too hard a Way,? thought I ' -
"To run the Christian race."1 ; -
I paid the preacher pleased " me ' not
I Hid not wish to meet hira ; -Ml "h
And when we met I tried to see t uk;
How coldly formal I could be," 5 $faitt:-
And courteously treat hini -
But when a woman tries f-tafaate,-
Be sure it's love beginning j x , .
The more I frowned, the more I felt
Tliat he may heart was winning - 1 J
Dull (may the 'Lord forgive) I found .
The class, unless he led it, -:t:l
And sweeter seemed the blessed word
Of Scripture, if he read it";
And from the closing lovefeast, when,
As we walked home together,,' " ' ; . f I
lie led me do wu a quiet path, '
And calmly asked me whether
"My future should be one with his ?"
And I must take or lose him ;
I felt my hold on earthly joy
Was lost should J refuse hm.
"But, if I love, there's but one way,"
I faid, "my love .of proving ;
And I am willing for your sake
Tt keep forever moving,
JCoving, iHovfiig, moving
Jiist two years in a place -
)y, wiiereso er I go,
lC;;. IVfeA-- -W
ii. 3rou love "Kraut t "--" ' . j
Elegant wh.teKraut.for all who love f : AavkrtiSfiTOi' 1 1 hKA nPFA m AlTtob ,
de66- -'V j j.-'-i'-.-euAA;. i , vaxXXJL ,vX' XXIiiL 1
. H loo ajw,
' on hand
nov 27
MW -LV.;Addr Eagle Book Co
jan3-4w - ! ' - ,
MONEY 'L2r.-s
outfit.: iKS . r; i -rn.
rlES & ton Street N?X
1 jan3-4wl J ; s
our i
and ' kev-chfir.fc-
Free , Stafford
r :r irr -?"f iiwiruct, ana- on
- lllll .1. Ill I II Q1lrii r -m
Socie;v : and tn lA W, A ATmTnTi ' AnVTst ov,
The income from .mv-'K: monrh tnr.
to the paiehadB, .ofWrLl 9?
bcientafic ADnaratns for thi ..l.' t""
statute lso, to furnish for the Institute
month tn spTI Ko Tsr
,,c, wHituwey, nwxrry ax "tery tuw prices
or. cmh, t ; jpart uA, and .fl
"t iinprwcnienls, for 275
VRUAN, the most beautiful style and perfect
v: wfccpt. juusic ana music Merchandisevl
: jan 3-4w , ,
VH. ...IViaTIS- lilnlUl,nH I mnrn i . r
. . ' - ( i i iivi, n A 'I Vl rrT. . . . ' i -
1 but sec your face V'j
Prospectus for 1873 -Sixth Year.
rwvt Jl1 V , w ,U11"SU nie institute 1 Trvn a miTwt jumi
Orchestral Instruments and Music, such Sf iS i?HIN 3454 Washington
as are found in SminnriM krAtZ. 1 8treett Boston, Mass. n
Cities- South and 1 North - tt,. tJLv T7T7r r : : ' -
ments, Ac., will hn ni V. r i h A?en . wanted 1 Just out I ' . A
-- .u.ircro. 1UI LUR nu nt onH
') lrtitute for Young Ladies. ' 4
; . lerms of admission, .h y ' $5.00
jan 3-4 w,
wan fr? t Tnc
OUltJIKllO npn 'hn'M . ill UTr.Tr,
i agents wanted for our
feB '" States" wiS iZ
nH'mU4j i.- ji , s " ' littir nan
""""" wtoittcttiasomest IPeriodi-
iuouutuuiw -permontli. i ; f , , o nn nn. u , , t- reverse tiae.
Ladies and gentleSdesirin- to becmne KBt rfmSl?6 wild"fire. !
embers of. the. Society will lm . jituT J rtiU1; vtHy- irp- Empire ; Map
Map is imequaled by any nownlremedy. i it
lftr 1 Wilt Mlriinnfn '.l X.
THE ALDINTH ?, x..-l.
Ai . t o iOOUCll Willi MI I
tnc regularity;' has nonn-Af thn
S-gft characteristic' ofordmar?
collection of nictnr"rt,,a a
vuvomi, iu, uiacK ana white A I-
, j . - . - . '-""'ft "umwji anoras a
fresh pleasure to its friends, the real value !
the r names at the book stor irftT fi DUSUtaent. W Liberty will eridicateemted:
Tiddy & Bro: ; - i , rirc, A1Jt' 1 4w stroy all poisonous-nh;r::
dec7-6m ; - ? ..ft ; . : Blood and will PfFf .,oii,;"i,:;",v Vx
, . "."CT1-ou y one Agent selling position to biUimlsidnST
pOFFEE, Sugar, Molasses, Cheese and
i w ,; auvc, juat receivea at
sept i
A, 11. NISBET & BRO'S.
dec 6
and beauty . of THE ALDINE will be smokinS hot&t
luwt pprwiaju. aiter it lias been bound
I at me ciose ot tlie year. . -While
other publications
TioT cheainess, as compared with rivals of
a smuiar ciass, i tits AL.DINE is a unkme
H"1 jiiiuA i:oi:epuon aione anu unSp
proatheil absolutelv witliontVoim-fitirtn
alone and unarmroacheif -rilMuiFnfoW
.TWr Received, now call and buy and
..,et .sol.e of our, elesant Goshen
-with, the cakes when thev ar
Arliie engraving 22x28, inches, sent bv ?Pleen? LJnless relieved the blood Ibeoorta ' WqaTiaci l-fv r
S't-fi.'in i Watclies, Clocks, Jewef-
v ji bureau uutters .and I i -"vr - Mi imsjeaaejtsiotelip
Needle Threading Thimble, price 2?cei?te Feons' Pustu1 Canklr, Kmjl1
. . . viiuimn iti vr nno ri-n i I j. - w ? uu 41 ; vm H'ni 1 KrnHinnk j - tt
f? uently to all old and new LeilP? 1S. PPWy aided the system
agents, address
wj Jjroaaway, JN. y.
jan 5-4w
per week to acents. Malonr va
fo all who twiU write for an Agen-
ia Kili4l , r-v "i"'rY
. uiutaunf wuu poverty, of the Blood.
f1 teiiaency' gerieranreakness and
vHaye you weakness of the Jlnestines ?
You are in dntumT. nffUi r. . ?" 1
Tflm " r;v. S,.uul iiarrhoa? or
Vi- i uie jooweis. ' ; ;
of tlie Uturine
and; Plated. Ware. :
Spectacles, &c
w - . --
cy we will send f 7 " V":? ' . -exposed to
IToni-r. tn TiT,, " "i tt.. "u" ttrr r a? 'r5 '"H" aggravated forni
Notwithstanding the incrca-six in the
Vt Twxrrfuust:,,Pno.n 'assail, when THE
the American public aniinwLitk fn.wi r,n
suP1K,rt, a sincere effort in theciiipe of Art.
Southern Comiaerce.
' SavaXnah, Ga., Jan. 31873.
Ihe (Jonimittee on Indirpt. Trurl
inauguratton, appointed by the
ueorgia Agent (Jonventian, of which
general John B. Gordon is president.
",cl " caty to-aay ana issued
ap address, of which the 'followim;
m a one synopsis :
The committee invites the cottorf
crfowintr States to mt hv
. t . 'f vtvivaiiiuiJ
in convention at Augusta, Georgia
on the 2d of February. It next re
fers to the common interest of the
West and South, and asks delegations
a so from Cincinnati, St. Louis,
Liouisvil e, Memphis and other cities
tq attend. It theu aiotes the impor
tance of great through lines by rail
and water with the tar West, espeei-
4i i tne Auaimc ana reat W estern
and also thn npppiit '
iled organized and sustained effort ,,r a. D will repro-
vY h11&c iviiuxvu aoroaa the advant- ipr.fMi witn rTL". rr! '"aa
iiibii u v 1 1 : vv iji i.iiu ill it r no y Awt-n..A
success, and greatest general interPt.
such as have become jfamiiiar
photographs, or copies of any
The Change.
HAVING notified our friends and cus
tomers some time since, that our busi
ness would chanffG 'Ti
without contitition in priw or Character. fTf pleased to say thai the change; 'has
i he possessor of complete volume can- taken place, and it is to he strictly CASH
., uupneate tne quantity of line paper and ur w UA vJKKJJlT. Those who do not
not-expect an v favors.
there are the chromos, besides !
fonder,"; the Illustrated Horn of pientv Are ySu deje 8 fiiiT
It contains over fiftv
& will be sent FRTii "t"'"' t; . '" .-tlj Headache.
A will be sent FREE to all who may write
Address I GABSIDE, Paterson, N.J
a comi
CI1 srra VI II ss in nnir ...i 1 llflV nmnintlTT r, . A " nUiUJi
lyf,tn tim Fl Jy? 8 ,n arrears-lonk fo? credit,' In&tf0 cyclopedia,
ALDINE assum'ed its pwrwrtiWwid re Pf f the above niles, we will
resentative charcter, the edition W ISk 3,1 cU 800? theaPer than thoae w
fc'iHAP08 y; Prqving that ni. .,.
save us the unpleasant duty of den vin
To our many friends and patrons we re-
wiMi.Ks, a continuance of
w.i iuvurs Deiievmg that by a strict ap-
j T i ., c wve nues, we will be
Book A orn fa
complete- outfit of the 'pTCTOT?TAr.
BIBLE it is the onlv Rihl in
Analysis of the 8' "".
Classified "Bible DS;
n. " its
coated toneiieaml IH VUf" J-L
For a certain Temed v for all of these dis
eases, weaknesses an 'I'troubles? forean
smg and purifvins the vitiaf mIIS
-parting vigor tS all thi w
"Si weakened
uu.UxAb,U3 ui lxjnaon and Paais "the
.T, ""!,Y"1, w"uc, a"ae known
lucuiuii world. 'I'hia
All bills are due and nWnHlo
j. . . . I " " tuc in
a eucu ana every month;
jan 1, 1873. lv
Democnit please copy.
, - i juouiy tile
ready conhdence thns rfmftnit.-,i'i.
exerted themselves to the
ope and improve the work ; and fhe nlans . "
ior uie coming year, as unfolded by the N , a eine. Flavoring Extract
month ly issues, will astonish and delight Fresh and of superior quality.
Springs' Corner.
- -j-v, uwuijr miiu merits make it
the cheapest and fastest selling Bible pub
lished. - - WM. FLINT A fT)
- Ja" w Atlanta, da. and. untried discovervhas itv, .
?Iihed,ng physicians 'bfothcoun:
u ic wuu wrmarfut remedial results.
lon t weaken and impair the digestive
organs by cathartics andphysics thlll
even tiie most san-rnhiA frioTiJo!.f fpfn?
The publishers are authorized to an
nounce designs from many of the most
viniic-ni,uru3is oi America.
dec 21
:0:- ;
Be deceived, but for coughs, colds, s6re
throat, hoarseness and bronchial difficul
ties, use only
Worthless Imitations are on the market,
but the only scientific preparation of Car
bolic Acid for Lunsr disensp i ,an
wny commnea with other well known
remedies, as in tliese tablets, and all par
ties are cautioned against using any other
In all, cases of irritation of the mucous
meiiurajie inese tablets should be freelv
lency and dvsnensia with ;is i. . ,
ceases are sure to tollow their use.
tb XSw Y-k. Sole! Agent for
v v-i.ivvu utaiCT. f 9
rtne DoIIar I Bottle.! Send for
jan 3-4w
October 22 '
ages winch
Hie OOIlt-h nffo-Q TK
unole country is inro0tj
-- ...vvivaicu 111 lilt?
liicreHscd prosperity of the South as
T ea!ig Western farmers
Ui work their lands profitably. Mil
Jiiis of people in the South and
Wpay tnbute to the enriched
Just in the hope of hastening profc
I;f tv by counselIinK together, in
lit tnt,Tnt .of Alerican fellow
fehoi). Delegations are ; earnestly in
vited from thfi flmitlinm H..,f
STATESViLLE. ff. v. KMSS -d "-'-s p-S-
. ",Tf ?l "cgii-ut u ;oia,u is easn v
cured m its mcinipnf whon i :;.
"TT ' phyaio logical
Married or tbaaa a boat m
' The quarterly tinted plates, for IS73, will
rcpro luce four of Jnh s n.-;
bie child-sketches, apiropriate to the four on mm wlen they, visit Statesville
Ti5!J2-,?f . th.e ab.ove named S,.t
. ""ii respecuuuy invites the people of pjI J: V, ia"1.c 1S a pecinc.
nit ri rrm av.-i . 1. 1: . .
"'"i-vi- ami me puunu generally to
from the West.
Ax ExntiNGTooT Ra.-. Af n,
ftavaunah, Fair .Grounds on Wednes
day a loot race of 'one 7miU -
pure of fifty dollars took place, the
7,;r"r,4l" '"S ; Jwr. Barrett,
v tk V ofe?nal who ' hails? from
uvine. ine -a;
Wlhe outside hfts
issue tor January, April, July and Oeto-
"vi, wuuiu ue ajone worth the
j'car's subscription.
The popular features of a copiously illus
trated : Christmas" ; number, will be con
t. nued.
To possess such ' a val uable epitome of
the art world,-at a cost so trifling, will
conunand the subscriptions of thousands
m every, section of the country ; ' but
?rfrThe ,llfeuIn6ss and attraction of
IHE ALDINE can be enhanced,
m proportion to the numerical increase of
of "Worrersr tne publishers propose to
uaB.u jussuraut-e aouoie sure." hy the fol
lowing unparalleled offer of ,
' PREMIUM cilllOilOS FOR 1873. -
ssiare iieirner nains nnr mnnr
rfeJi16 SIMONTON HOUSE a first class
price of a ilKJi ana worthy of public patronage.
nov 2o-tf ,; Proprietor.
rneeoc. per Vox. John O. K:llrrc is i
Plnfr. Sf XT V ol. . A H " "&'
fTf c j AScnc r tne United
States. Send for .Circular.
jan 3-4 w
At $2 00, $300, $450, $5 00, $600
$10 00, $12 00 to $20X4
Double Guns. !
$8 00,
how :ir.r . F".Ulf clftprin,.
"f kr. - not laid car.l,Mlr SbiTthi boSiTh,ete
ny J?o (he f poataga) tar May CnU.
Notice to the Afflicted tad tT&fbrtauttft
raoaa; i a I Ddoraed by aome f the aaoat MlebrltA !IuT
SIP?80" Alawnntrr and MMdTbat
"Mkaji4 Cbasaat, Sk Lamia, Mo. T. '
i: n r 2-d t w ly
tb.o.,...4 ;iT,Tl. V.' ? one
ywoauu uuimrs, ana there w
C H A R L b T TE, K,r C
AGENTS WANTED. Act at once.
There is a PILE of money in it. : The
people everywhere are Eager to buv the
TTT 1 -r - . .
nuiiurous discoveries and ThriHinjr Ad
ventures uunnezs years in Afrion untK
account of the Stanley Expedition. Over
W8' 1-oU' 1S selling bevond
parallel. Only Complete and Reliable
work, bend for circulars, and see Proof
auu great success agents are ha vine.
Jan 3-4w - Publishers, Boston, Mass.
Every subscriber to THE ALDINE. who
aa fTnn I nava in c. .1 .
lonn.-il.....'- , . . vwi,- . ... , tc ,ur : 1 no i- w . v mi I m.
riuCuuyinnch' excitement - . ...
pice of position fell to Mr, Barrett beautiful oil chromos, afteTFjHuHhe - reParea a Hours :
no trot tU i'noiiU'.ii. j 1 , eminent TCnirllah naint0, ti.. .-..i.' , nf tv. t j .
"nOAgents want absolutely the best sell
tT irJ5TTWVK?,f v .tor circulars of
u t s unaonageel ill as. Family Bible
Wiw- a-11 AV "jr.-iz in., aw pages
Bible Aids, fec. Arabesque $6.25 Gilt
rvP- wasp, i $30. - Fall Gilt. 2 elasns
1100., "Belden;. the White Chief" --For
"ugis oom,xu;j ready., The
i i iii:ini oirr-i fHKivnnWn i,t. - j m
lauouc xreat-'
York and
v aw vwJUUVVi
reason assiynAH ft xr x al.-ui.injj, out of the reach of comneririmi
- - J mxjuuiivhi, KUO uxiruiuus will DC
na correspondingly ahead of any that
be otfered bv other ieriodiVa la . M
ofWri trv j 1 1 , tcl wio. yrace ne snoscriDer win receive a certificate Over l ",ra"lvea a lot 1 of j
double the: stake and run the signature of the publishers, yuatanlee- 9' Preserves, fec, at
FoRT MiLL.There
f is a. scrap
ingr that the .chromos delivered shall be
equal to tne samnlea furnishprf t.hi oo-of
I I orjhe money will be refunded? hiTTiBl
of fpontion ot pictures of this grade, ? free to
ilflll!?,10 of select Spices for
Jb . btJARR S !
Drug Store.
june 29
thT 7 connected with the ; name of tn.e,su,scribera to ' a five dollar periodical
tha!t it iFMni1 S W?1f considering
Often iirinmkii1
Before thewarfwr. , marvel falls little short of a mir
the! Catawh? Jr,? Revolution, fele, even, to those best acquainted ith
v wtawDa Indiana had . TTrtt 1 the? aehWomonfa r fljTr,,-.,A
!-.. "CVVt tM X 171 ll III!
i era inence near th isMocality; the ?"d improved mechanical appliarlces.
r8 pOStofhf'fi oarnKi;l,-J s I' 1 fFor - llflistratinna rit rriooa lfw.TO
. ayju
lustrations of thA nh
- v.. a
fewrni o WJ1 ; otec,e Ureek, a
A Mfl'ta0tm old; fort!
the Sta?pnefHg then' offices ;iri
offiri i of the same name, 'the old
vZa" at the mill ..was ; .called
.r Mil .." Unon thp rmiu;n " , . uiaia iwiu, nereaiter, he ob
the C & C. Railroad t .V ng ' f inable T subscription. -Therty will
'eoiQvedw-lhnn6'031 Was be no ced or club rates ; cash for sul
to the SrwA - u u change . of name nptions must be sent to the publishers
fr6rrJ tb?S W hmtates ifc ' nanie direct landed to the Jocal agent, with-
Miit' 'Lll .wl,uluce ana is Fortl 'ev w w puousneni except s id
4UThOt JJiZZs: Ttrtfh ,TTtn r .. cases where the eertififAte is irivpn-hoanin.,
will continue under the care of Mr T? TPTT.
urai writers aim poeis oi Uie Clay. Who
win stnve to have the. literature of THE
ALDINE always in keeping with its artist
uc attractions. t at-wj .
' ; " TERMS. r-.-V.;.-i
f 5 per annum, in Advance, with Oil
v .1 ? ii Chromos free. -
THE ALDINE mill, hereafter, be obi
-Rock (HiU Tsanf cases wliere the certificate is given, bearing
yaiue nf ' " ""'w inei wa"", wismng co act permanently
tt J. V ine 8U recovered bv Rrot as a local aeent. will receive full anfl
. tailors, aeciared Hrpf i""" "iwiiuauon oy applying to
8 Maiden Lane, New York.
Pure Salad. Oil.
- j . Finest article in' Market,
at " I .F. SCARRY '
june29 - N - - Drugstore:
: t
H-1j HiVerywhere, male and Female, to in-
r I troduce the "Genuine Imnroved
H-? mon Sense Familv Sewins- Mnoh
rH This machine; will . stich; heni.i fell'
tcki quilt, .cord, bind, braid and em-
I K?. "x luusi, Hupenor manner. Price
' f15- Fully Ucensed and -warranted
i v5 for five years. - We will nav 1 noo W
-ryy auy ma:hine that will ew a stronger'
t rj "lorBiHutuui, or more elastic seam
t n onra : 11 makes the f 'Elastic
Z Stitch." Every second stitch
fV win ue cm, ana sua the cloth cannot
I1 1 i be -nulled amrt. witKnnf sa-
CD iWe I)ay agenrs from $15 to $250 per
anu cipeusses, or a commission
Jrom which twii-p. fh-ir. omnnn4-
, , ",t. VUU
oe maue. Aauress ' 1
Boston ; Masg.t Pittsburgh, Pa.; Khicago,
jan 3-4 w r : - - , ;. -: -:
At 00, $7 50, $10 00, $12 Oo $15 00
w, T4uw, wuw, iuuu, ouoo
;to $75 00. i j
Breecli-Loadiiig Double luns.
SmiW,:A4 Pitney
- vuu Muua, at iiianuiacturers
prices. "
Ammunition. '& hemLis "
For Breech-Loading Guns, at a Ismail ad
vance On Cost of Importation. ,
A complete assortment. of' aU 1 8porting
(roods - Prima onA Tv. :..ij.:.l , 6
.. suipuon'seur. on ar
phcation. 1 : ! 5 v"
Goods shipped by Express, C. f). p-
Importers." NbJ'on ;Wi TiQn;l.:
Richard's. DousalrRrnA' 1al i.
other celebrated make nf K -VkiJ
sept 'A) 1872-od ly f t
- - - - -. - - t-1 -
"j "
Km, iffames.
? I- 'Ti "
. ,W.WiDSWORTH has at his Livery - .AItr,V' WW ' 1
: ni oui- i. -xi-Ti; 1 7 On thehneof theTTnion Paw'flo PoJIn-i
Cloek. HORSES and MTTLES for sal ah O.OOCI acres of the best Farmine fe
Kept constancy on hand. 1 1 !s2 vi awXta.m AmencaV "
nov an ; . i.lti tif Jr-'-i f mV'Jr Aures ePrasKa. .m.uie
? , TT ; ' : I ""tc vaiiey, uow ior sale.' ' v
TWOA-cres of land adioihirig the City of I for Grain growing and Stock Raising mi
Cliarlotte. verv finelv situated in & 1 stTfpassed bv anv in the United Stetes i
rapidl y improving neighborhood. Will 1 1 '-. Cheaper in Price, more favorable ! terms
be sold entire, or in lots to suit nurchasers.' I Pven, and more convenient to tnarket
at a very reasonanie rate. ? Apply to
oct 22
Opposite Mansion House. ; ?-
Murder. .Fire &, Ebboery.
than can be found elsewhere.'
' . .. . . : , ; ,t
yfiEK BOMESTEADS fob("actual SETTLERS.' "
The best location for eolnnfps U?o1ioii
i entitled to- a Homestead of 150 acresi ' -
5 Send for the hew Descriptive Pamphlet
niut ; ucw niaiH. nnniixnpn in' H nir chr
S I am josinff' many of : mv custo
mers by creditine theni ; I would German Snr,i;.i M, rs ,J
take, the liberty of asking all who owe me J everywhere. Address ' -t' . -
-cau anu settle up Dy tne ist ot eDruary i OF. DAvIS
( or sooner, ' J. 'J,v wi'WSK f Land Com'r U. P. R. E. Ov.. o, r, vv.
dec2Q . janw - , . - 1
PA?iRfnS T&. TliejTicier fun
t- ox uie iunniert. i fun 1 .muu t.-.
Game of Na.HiGIS
huette comiealitips. 7,tq' I TV!
karactere -from Wlr-.i5.
Ganifc Blind' ! Al nhabet knd w,
new frame, and old ,Tvnrz.a : c:
Romone of HlWsrvArrI?
liviaemj'Wiaerawak raYo, mi ti
Uracie. The came iof ArittmL.
ed - Puzzle map of ' North America.
Arithtnetic, a simple and fascinatmg game;
What Is it : or hnw tri: mitl
Uenrv s PennVTirrlA' irw - r..iv
. s. ! " iUUlUUJ D X Ll
sf t S1' -Rhymes :Puzzle .1 pur Pets
SU2?e' eModel Ship Puzzle, i: Uncles
Raphael's Puzzle Chromos. Alphabet
Blocks Toy books arid a laage number of
Vij r - "iieinS.ining? lor the
children at Christmas. A ell :jriis:J
dec'l8".,5r,'":'ii '
. A. E. Kisbet & Siothet
HAXf0,irP1ed aft improenwfft fw
their Commodious Score Room- or
ade Street, one door West of Smith; &
Hamirfond's Dnvg SUm, tliarlotte; V'e ,V
are now-receiving a Well selected, stock of
vxiuveriess, auusieai instruments, 1vs Ci'
gars, fcc., Wliictt has been bouglit by one
of tho firm, a a time when the market war
nvtavorable: 31iey tlierefore feel satis
he L that they caw sett aft gords in t&ei '
hj as low; as any firm i t7iafltte, fo .
cah or to puhctiuri ct&tomm;.
ineynmte Merchants to- gite- them a
call, (as they had a si)ecja4 eye to their-
wholesale trade,) and feel warranted ttt
saying that they can sell ro as to mkei '
saving to them in their pureliaiws.. i:, 1
Tliev return their thanks to their friend
and the generous public for past, forors. snrj !
solicit a eoHtinuanee of the ame
- , f . A. NISBE-T '& BRQ, f.:.
SW0ftad tvordcrfuf frt tlW '
; kJ Magic line. Call and see it. at . .
dee 15 TIPPY'S
A call is-solieitHi i
St. JIAltl'SSClldOL.
,, EAiEIGH,N.'0. i..!-J L.:;.:
' V,- 5vt Aldeii'Smed'ei, D. Dw Rector. "
' . cnnett Smedes, A.M.As't'-
mHE Sixty-second Term of .this, gchooi
will commence oti Tcf.,
Jfi . j auu cominue wntil the I7th
X or a cnreuiar apply tosthe Reo-
A tot of fine HORSES anxt IWtfS,
rrHLS?1 order At DAVlDSO'a v
14 VERt STABLES, Horses and Mak ;
for sale are kept on haJ eowstantlv,-
of June.
HAIR Brushes, ?, Tooth iBrusiKS, Nail
rBrushes. i. -,,.r,'. i ' ..
, dec a ..... - ; ' Springs' CmU . '
F0E8ALH . ; : ;( t :
The fine young Liglrf Ilai
ness and Farnil v ti re
CLARA, owTDfir! v 3
Oreen& Lindlev.' (it. A RA
is a beautiful 1ai-t- ir t j a.s
will be five years old next sprmg; ' is well ' '
t broke nnA VlnA : ,"cu.)
-J Ti-
dec 21. " - '
' ' " Ovef Wilson. & Black'sDrug Stored ' u
TEASy Spices,:. Pickles,- Oysters,- JeluS";
Lemon Syrup and Canned Fruits, now
receiving at . -
. septia A.R,5?.&BR0,

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