North Carolina Newspapers

    t :
. it..- 1 '. ' ' r" A
Pridayr January 101873.
The 'irrepressible, conflict still ra
in Georgia. w Sixty-three ' ein
Ebonies -have been ' burned since Sep-
a . 1 . h i ml , . -a. . .
;xenji)er,iBi..v ine major pan oi inese
"Vvcnj incendiary fires;.?;"
-Ah evenl1!!8?3! a
" ''' "TT 1"." . i . v .: . .1 .-. : .
sign-posi io snow me way lumgs are
drifting in this4; country. James L I).
Tratlewell Esq, of CfflumbiaK. C., J
haftiformed a law copartnership with
Congressman It. B. Elliott, a negro.
.v. v.
i ); .. l '.. it , '
kind'of- Christmas tport, pe
culiarly characteristic - of "Young
Am erica?' For the boys of the town
to put the town council and the capj
tainj of the '.Police, inthecalaboose
on vhrisf m as i day.-. Th is ' was done
6n he'Cliristmiis just passed in sev;
al places. , 1
Qn ;"yetlhesdary f in the Superior;
Codrt of Wake, th e'ease of the State
agajnst ' George W. Swepson was
caljod. The defendant 'failed to an-:
leworyand judgment nisi was-enter
ed. . Jtwould be well if justice could;
be Tieted out to this arch offender,)
but he is so dexterous' and powerful
h his ill-gotten wealth that he'
1 hardly fail to entirely elude in
the end the infliction of. Justice.
ft pt" i; , ' " V it it
. Oe. Jcbal A. ,Eariav The.,card
of Ihis ttistinuished soldier, appear
ing in tO;drtys ?.OBKiiYiiR; ;wi1L be
read with ; inUrest; " r
This willi; put a.n end,-we 'hope, to
tho - correspondence 'which has for
some time occupied the attention of
th ; public. . , j.
: ?he. original question, though not
en irely settled, is, M''e trust, put" at
rest forever. Itended, like many
other questions 'innocently opened,
in the disputants' departing entirely
froin the sulyect of discussion.
X Emperor , Napoleon - died yesterday
Utt 10 o'clock; at Chiselhurst, Eng
land. The world was prepared . for
the shock; a3 he has-been gradually
deplining for so.nve- time past. His
age was fifty-eight. Thus another of
thje great men of the world, onceone
ofjits mightiest rulers, has met the
cammon doom of us all, and bears
teptimony to the truth of the poet's
Hes:,, v.r- -
"The boast of heraldry, the pomp ofpower.
And all that beauty, all that wealth e'er
Await alike the inevit,ahlfi hnnr.
fXhfl patmoi glory lead but to the grave
TimMoRNnrG STARV-rTheprospec-
L . .(.
ms ui vuia juuriiai oe
seen, in
another column of our paper to-day. hardly Signed to listen to the earn
Slarted in the dark days; of North est appeaia of the white men of Lou-
varonna journalism;- solely by; . its
qwn merits the 'Mar : has fought its orders to back the Pinchback ad
isteadily up'until it 4has now at- ministration, and to hold the citi-
i,ainea,an immense ( circulation and
ilarge.Undlncfejing patronageJ Its
ditors:areentIemenxf: ability 'and
experience and have-mude the Star
ake a leading stand 4 among tbe 'pa-
PCi ui V"e otat, x te War one 01
TKV1- - nur mosi 'newsy
dailies; and wer'cordralry; wish it coii
tiuued prosperity
Poor Mrs: Wharton is undergoiiig
Another trial for murder. Acquitted
jiipon the charge of poisoning Gener
al Ketchum,; she' is now arraigned
for th eal leged poison ing of Vanness.
She owed her acquittal on the
ftrst trial principally to the- testimo
ny, of Pr.Edward'i Warren formerly
of. this- State, but now ai resMent of
Baltimore. Dr. Warren when, put
upon the stand boldly raised ; the
question as . to' whether General
Ketchum was poisoned at all, asser-
: -r . i f , . - , Z ' . :
V"5 lue -man
uCBuh oi uisease, ana
nuo iium me euecis oi a aeaaiy: po
tion; His testimony "sprung a doubt
in the minds of the jurors, and so
she was found "not guiltv." , '
; She will doubtless be acquitted on
this.second trial.
Where the Wicked Rule the
PEOPLEtMouRN."rTaxation in South
Carolina . is very heavy.. Almost
more than the people can bear.'
The levy this year for . State and
county purposes exclusive of interest on
the public aeoJnnxtfuhts to a million
' 1 . A g '' rf' . -'"'..,
ana.a naii .ox collars. ."Thii" is about
tuto-thirds more ',.than rwas required
for the same purposes before recon
struction"'' .
TJie waste, extravagance-leakage
W stealage iiWrf carpet-bag cra-
ed"i government is enormous; -And
to add jnsult to injury a. special tax
is leviedj to supply the -deficiencies
tZ v .
caused oy emu icuju oi ine putn
fund3 by official plunderers,
In addition tor the general taxation
a special one is provided in some of
apvv"" r v
me uuuunw rr -"v,
widows and children ot persons. kiU
ed by Ku-klux. . In York county an
extra half mill is added for this purposed-
The whole tax for that coun
ty this year amounts to $1.53 on the
Gov. Caldwell tendered Rev. Chas.
Phillips of Davidson College, the po
sition of s Superintendent of Public
Instruction.-This act on the part of
hiaExcellency is a gratifying - evi
dence of tlfe sincerity of bis recent
i naugural - tleclaration th at h e in
tends not to act the part of a parti-
lr resohuion: to . appoint bniy
s an. t Xjei uim iick -ciost? ty nw
intelligent well-educated and hon
est men" to office, and he w ill do
well for North Carolina. God knows
our -impoverished State hasjbeeh
cursed long enough by ignorant; un
educated and dishonest officials I -
Dr. Phillips, it is said, has declin
ed the appointment, because of "the
small salary belonging to the office.
This would have been axapital ap
pointmentand wouldhave redoundd.J
ed, to the benefit' of the' educational
interests of the State.
' It be "hoped that Gov. Cald
well will not appoint any but a na-
r tive North Carolinian and one wh o
is free from partisan', bitterness; and
vhof"will go into.the t great work of
organizing and conducting the pub
lic schools of North Carolina,; with
energy with enthusiasm and with
"a single eye" to ' the advancement
of the great and glorious cause of
educating the - poor children of the
State.','; ! ,. ' .
I Much depends cm tlcSuperintend
ent: it is a most important station :.
too much importance cannot be at
tached to it. Whoever is appointed,
let him be one who unites to' a com
petency for the place, perfect integ
rity of character, freedom from po
litical ambition, and a determined
purpose to carry out the. work ener
getically. Above - all have a man
who is respected by the : people. In
other words, a good man. "
The appeal of the Louisiana Com
mittee of citizens has had its "effect.
It has aroused the sympathies of the
people of the United States caused
Grant to assume! an attitude of im
partiality between the two contend
ing parties ; and influenced Congress
to adopt measures for the relief; of
the State.,
A resolution has passed the Sen
ate appointing a committee to inves
tigate the State of affairs in both
Louisiana and Arkansas.
Public sentiment has forced Presi
dent Grant to ''take water" on this
question. He manifestly, set out
with the determination to sustain
thfi npern nsnmers at nil barards. h
isiana . he gave his military positive
zens in check.
It was an'- arbitrary act! i)f -.despo-
tism on the payt of the Executive,
designed bv' him no doubt as "
feeler."jto'see bow far bayonet law
wmitrl hnrnP hv tl,P rPnnlp nf thi
United States. ; ' ' " ' J
Well, be saw and ! evidently, , was
satisfied that it would not do just
yet, to make tbe Jmilitary. superior
to the.cml power ; He was strongly
denbuncejd throughout the : country
for his arbitrary action ; and the New
York Herald, which generally reflects
with' -mirror-like precision the po
litical sentiment of ' the country.
warned him to turn from his tvran
nical and most unjustifiable course.
He called a halt, and now attempts
to justify bis despotic action by fool
ishly alleging tbat be sustained the
Pinchback government "only to en
ut u " i
able the parties to , make up a
for court.", That is, he recognized a
band of hegro usurpers, and set aside
the regular government of a sover
eign State in order to make . up "a
case for court!" . The' President is
said to be a blockhead.. One is in
lined to . think him such after i
speeeb'like this. ' , ' ' ,
;The Louisiana difficulty, the Pres
ident intimates, will soon . be settled
by the ; proper; legal tribunal. The
President's experiment' in the matter
of overturning' sovereign States has
failed. And all will be well.
A Sensation ' iix JJankruptcy.
There has lately been quite a shaking
among the dry bones of bankruptcy
in conseq'uerice of a recent rule of the
United states Supreme court, mak
ng it the duty, of registers to apply
fVJ 2555
that when an assignee neglectstofile
any report or statement required by
lvntbin five days after the same
.w due, the register shall cite him to
show cause before the District court,
why he should not be removed from
office. Under this rule, the registers
tn v- T n iueir lI. uw
bolts against all dilatory assignees
ana creetiug mucn consternation in
- 1 the minds of the delinquents. .
XyxcnpcEa, Va., Jan. 6th,-1872.
Editor, of the Cliarlotte Observer : I
Your paper of the 4th lustant;was
sent to me by some one, and' Ifind
in it a communication .beaded "Re
ply Jto General Early,' s and signed,
"Rufns Barringer," in fc reference to
which it is proper that I should say
very few words.
. Having no, personal acquaintance
with General Barringer, or knowledge '
of his political statnsrwhen I saw, in'
the, Raleigh Sentinel, the letter to
which : he - appended : bis signature,
with the addition "Brig. Gen; C S. A
I supposed he was a Confederate , of
ficer who adhered to: the . 'principles
and traditions ; connected with '.our
late struggle,1 and, was ranxioua -tb
m'aintain for his State (the claim , of
having done more for the cause than
any. "I therefore wrote' my letter to
the Sentinel, to. show; that he was mis
taken as to some parts, and had mis
conceived my position, as 16 others.
I concluded that, letter with, a dis
claimer of all intention io place ? the
troops of my own State above those
of North Carolina, and somerem arks
applicable to the troops from those
States as well as others adding some
opinions in regard to. those wffo
proved recreant during the war as
well as since. ' This part fof the letter
seems to have' given mortal - offence
to General Barringer who ;quotes ;a
portion of my -remarks, and follows
them with a violent tirade . against
me. . - ' 'er- ,r l V ' 1 5 r l. -l '! :
I presume that his especial grievi
ance is to be found in the remark. I
made, that : "Now, I cannot endure'
one who has gone over to the enemy,
since the war. Though he be a Vir
ginian 1 regard bis crime as unpar
donable and worse than if hevhad 'de
serted in time of war." :; That remark
expresses my deliberate sentiment.
It was intended for those to whom it
is applicable, everywhere, rand it
seems that General Barringef flutters
to the ground, a. wounded pigeon.; ?
Had ! known .his character and
history as they are now exhibited, si
would not have thought it necessary
o answer his first letter, and I ; now,
ertainly, . deem it unnecessary to
take any further notice of him or his
Respectfully, .. i
From the Rock Hill Lantern.
The Xtl-KIux Prisoners.
The Prisoners lately sentenced by
Judge Bond, at Columbia, arrived at
rJcw York in the steamer James Au
ger, Saturday, the 28th December.
The whole party are represented to
nave sunereu irom sea-sicKness, anu
saemed much jaded, worn and de
pressed. 1 hey were marched through
the snow, a foot in depth, to the
Grand Central Depot, and shipped
by the afternoon tram to Albany.
The xrisoners were Rev. John Ezell,
of Spartanburg, Al fred Lam aster,
John Whitiock, .Marion Fowler;
Hosea Matthews, of union, and H.
Whitesides, Jeremy Donald, Robert
Moore, John Whisonant and Jerome
Whisonant, of York.
They were in custody of R. M.
Wallace, Marshall, and his- deputies,
Hubbard'and Coates. Ihe term of
imprisonment is five5' years, except
Fowler: sentenced to four' and Don
ald to ten years. ; The fines are $200
each, except Ezell . whose sentence
is $500. ' ,
Guilty or not guilty, such punish
ment as this, for no greater offences,
is cruel and unusual.!
In m ost countries manslaughter is
only punished by fine and imprison
ment, either or both, at the discre-
tion of the court. . .
When to imprisonment is added
transportation to: a Toreign State .
removal ot the prisoners in the aeptn
of winter badlv clad, with' only,
a blanket fq their backsfrom "their.
South ern h om es to th el rigors of a
Northern climate ; the punishment,
which ought to be only the sentence
of the law, seems an infliction prom pt
ed by : some ., touch of ? hate .and
passion, rath er than th e just- j udg
ment of a r court, tempered witb
mercy. ,rj'
- You appeal to - me," said Judge
Bond, "for mercy; you must look to
the President for that." , '
These are startling words to fall
from the bench of i a .United ; States
Court. 1 - v ' "V
- Appeal not to us for mercy,' : we
have it not look to the President 1
. Real Estate at Bock Hill. The
real estate', and " other ' property: of
Messrs. Kerr & Roach', of Rock Hill,
was sold by the Assignees in Bank
ruptcy on the 3d day of January. -;
The dwelling bouse lot,, bought by
A. E. Hutchison, at $2,625. ,
r Office lot brought by, same at $800.
r The Duff "store' lot,1 bought by
same, at $1,S20. t ,
One tract of land containing 143
acres bought by.Mrs. Ann White, at
$15.25 per acre. ' V.
; One tract of 21 . acres, . bough t by
sam e at $32.50 per acre. , -
These two tracts are on the Rail
road 'one mile below Rock Hill,
The first was sold three? years since
at Sheriffs sale, and brought $10 per
acre. The tract of 21(acres was sold
at the same time, but at private sale
for $30 per acre. - ' ,
.This shows a considerable; appre
ciation of real estate near the villager
No buildings of any value 'on either
tract. Hock Hill Lantern. ' - - !- '
ivMadame Brignoli, nre IcCullocb,
is starring it to crowded hsuses at
Nice, in Italy. -
n. R, Revels, (Colored,) has been
appointed Secretary of State of Mis
sissippi in the place of James Lynch
deceased.,' . - v ' -
t Louis Napoleon's son will enter
the naval school at Woolwich, Eng
land under the name of Louis .Beau
harnais. - -
! ItiraaVSatVkwitbva'.cttptal of
$50,000, has been organizedat And
ersoriT " Joseph N.' Brow n is - Presi
dent,, and J. A.; Brock, Cashier. :
The New York Tribune joins ' the
Times of that city in urcingr: metro-;
politan consolidation that is union 1
' .. i:'"-vr 1
ot urooKiyn anu x ew ? x vrn. as uuc
muuicipaiity.' . " " T t -,-. r
Christmas was - observed alt over
the country 5 -A. sweeping- change
has come over the country ' respect
ing this "i- holiday -rHsuch anv one as
would astonish the bid settlers, could
they see it. - It is. a change vastl for
the'better. 'V.5'."1.. "
,: .ladame Janauschek, the tragic
actress, who has been winning" such
Wonderful successes recently in New
York and elsewhere; is to appear ; at
the 'Richmond Theatre." next week.
She is accompanied byv: the fayjjrite
tragedian, James il. lay lor. .
; The high value of .leading journals
is astonishing. J he INew iotk Jier
ald could notr probably, a be f . bought
for $2,000,001), if it were for sale at
all. 'The New Yorlc "Evening Pok is
believed to' be worth .over a , million
dollars, and the Journal of : Cpmmeret
even m ore than the Post, - and th e
Philadelphia Ledger more than eith
er. The Chicago and New York TVi
6 unes are valued at $11,000,000 each .
'Thc Memorial Window" was sung
bv Kate Jfutnam, at her- benent, ini
Savannah; on last Friday night. This
is a beautiful poem , written by James
Barron Hope, of Virginia, and stib-'
sequently feet to-music. - It was pen
ned on the occasion m the taking
dmvnby Federal authority, a44meni-
oriai wiuaow: in one or ine iorioiK
burehes"; which had been construct
ed by the congregation in memoriam
and contained the names of ni any
gallant Confederates who had gone
forth for the South and fallen upon
the bloody fields of ..Virginia.. - ,-1 :1
Heavy Snow, ' ' ',
.CHiaiGO, Jan. 7. The heaviest fall
of snow for years is reported through
out Illinois. 1
" Florida Legislature.
Tallahassee, Jan. 7. Gov. Hart
has been inaugurated. Conner ; has
been elected speaker of the House
by the democrats aad a few republi
cans. Small Pox in Maine. - "
Bangok, Jan. 8. Tlie courts have
adjourned on account of the small
Fromi New Orleans.
New Orleans, Jan. 7. The Pinch
back Legislature, is in joint session
for the purpose of counting the vote
for Governor.
The people's Legislature is in ses
sion, the House having 53 members
and no quorum in the Senate. -
Trial of Airs. Wharton.
Aknapolis, Jan. 7. The day has
been consumed in the argument on
a motion to quash the indictment
against Mrs. Wharton, which the
court denied:
New York Liegislature.
Albany. Jan. 7. Alonzo B.
nell is Speaker of the House.
The messagcof Gov. Dix congrat
ulates the State upon the calm which
has followed the ' national election,
and-, states that t the animosities of
the late rebellion'are gradually wear
tag1 away? . J V i J yl I- t . i.
From Washington.
1 Washington, Jan; 7. The' Secret a
ry of War, to-day, sent? a - com m uni-
cation to tue liouse in reply to a
resolution, stating the cost of a ship
canals from r the s Mississippi r river.
near its mouth, to deep water in the
Gulf of Mexico, would be $7,500,000.
. The interest' due from the State of
Alabama oh her bonded debt, both
foreign and home, was paid in full
yesteiday irt London "and-New. York.
; Mr.vMitchell, Jinancial agent.; and
Treasurer Bingham,:; have laid their
monetary plans before the. financial
department of the government.
Washington, Jan. 1 7. Senate!
isiana and Arkansas passed.- It em
powers the committee to send for
persons and papers and .to deputize
persons io late eviueiice. ,
Indian appropriation was discussed
to adjournment. - i
f The House has been engaged on
appropriations. t j,. ,",.t-
ThePresident on Xoulsiana AtTaira.
Washington Jan. 8. In a conver
sation to-day. the President declared
his purpose in the recognition of the
Finchback government was oniy ,to
onaVilp. thfi nartiea to make ur a case
for court. He did not regard it ma
terial which party, he recognized. It
was necessary. on ly to recognize one
or the other. Ihe military was or
dered to preserve the peace. Pinch-
back's proclamation, . ordering 'the
citizens not to assemble, the Presi
dent regarded as an outrage on the
constitutien and - puts Pinch back's
party in the wrong. The President
has now no fear of any violation of
the peace and says the whole difficul
ty will soon be settled by the proper
legal tribunal.
Bloody New Year Celebrations.
- New Yohk, Jan. 7. In a free fright
among the quarry men in a drinking;
house in Centreville, a hamlet, near
Sugerties, New Year's Night, a Mrs.
Hill had the top of her head beaten
in, Mrs. Stewart has several ribs bro
ken and was fatally i jured,; another
woman was also brutally beaten, and
some twenty men.j.the combatants,
were all more or less- injured. The
fight was one of unusual savageness.
No arrests. - - - , . ;
The l.ate Boston I"irc.
Boston, Jan. T. Nearly all the ci
ties in Massachusetts yesterday inau
gurated theirmunicipal governments
for 187a. . .
Mayor Pierce, of Boston, an his
message gives the following statistics
J of the great fire : . r " 1 : .
f- - j-1 y-vi -r re V a eni till t-vT crr f rf
territory - covered about sity-five
acres and the short time that tbefire
had been burning, the amount there
by destroyed was nnparalleled.TThe
whole number of buildings destroyed
exclusive of those slightly 'damaged,
was 776, of which 709 were : of brick
and&tone and 67' of wood'. He as
serts" tbat the" value of these j build
ings amounts to $13,591,000, and it is
estimated - that to replace them it
would cost at least $18,000,000. .The
value of personal property "destroyed
was about $60,000,000. -Only fdurteen
persons are known-to have lost their
lives, and of this number seven were
firemen. - - i
" The debt-of Boston during the year
has increased. $4,350,000. andother
cities show a considerable increase of
indebtedness. "- A ; .-: f r
Taxes axo - Fekces. Now , is the
time for cutting and slaying1 timber;
mauling rails and paying taxe$.
Enormous as.-are the; taxe4 r.they
are prttbadly less' Imrdehsoni 6 '' than
the. fences with this difference:! the
first are- paid upon compulsions and
if t they are twice as ' heavy as they
ought to be, it is because oie-half
has been . annually stolen by the(
omciais, . .wniie s the latter may v be
regarded, as a self-imposed burden,
couu try co u Id get rid of, - if - th e peo
ple would agree upon the wisdom
of fencing stock in, instead of fenc
ing them out of .enclosing jpart of
our lands instead of the whola Rock
Hill S C.) Lantern. . ' , '
" Not Generally, KNowN.-iMartin
Van Buren is the only nian hu held
the office of President, Vice- Presi
dent, Minister to England, Goyernor
of his "own State, and m em ber of
both houses of Congress. I gliomas
H. Benton is the only man'vfho -has
held a seat in the U S. Senate1 for
thirty consecutive -years. The only
instance of father and son i in the
Senate at the same time is i that ; of
the Hon. Henry Dodge, Senator
from Wisconsin, and Augustus C.
Dodge, Senator. from Iowa; General
James Shields is the only man .. who
ever repressented two States; in the
United States Senate. ? At one time
he was Senator from Illinois, and
subsequently Senator - froml Minne
sota. John Qumcy Adams- held a
positidh 5 under the - Goverumeut
during every Adniinstratif)n from
that of Washington to that of roik.
during which he, died.- ;Hc had
been Minister to England, ; mem ber
of both houses of Congress, f?ecretary
of State, and President of tlie United
States. lie died while a member of
the House of Representatives.
The Star says the receipts in , the
Wilmington City Treasury during
the Year closing the 31st December,
1872, amounted to $129,417 82, of
which $8-,618 80 was for .real and
personal and $12,768; 02 for specifie
taxes. t . ' 1 i
New Advertisements.
: Stray Horse, ! - . - . .
A Medium seized SORREI HjDRSE.with
xjL a sarldle but no bridle on 1 was taken
ui on Wedneslav bv J. N. Caldwell, at tlie
jail; The owner can get him by coming
torward, proving property and ". jniyiiig
charges. ' t . - - t : ...-
- jan 10-lt ' - ,
IRISH and Sweet Potatoes. ;l Another fine
lot of Irish and Sweet Potatoes, just re
ceived ' . . J , B. Ni SMITH. "
;janl0-2t -i- ,.";- .i- - i -.'-- -
"TTTE - Offer ' the following Fertilizers :
II Patapsco Guano, Chesapeake Guano
and Wattson & Clarke's Super I Phosphate.
: , We have pleasure in again tendering to
our Farmers the above- first-class Fertile
zers ' 1 - - ' - '
To those who have used them so many
years we need only say that they are guar
anteed to be fuily up to their ; previous
high standard. .' ,-. '.;-- -
, t And to such as have not yet used them
one trial will coninue- them that '-they rare
superior to all others ; so make sure; of a
supply and please hand in! yours orders
earlyi as the comsumption exceeds the
manufacturing power.' . r - ? f - -
For sale in any quantity, by;- - - , '
j jan 10 - " " .j .
; y 100 Boxes.) .
ERENCH and American Window Glass,
in good order.' " . - i i - j
: 71 b ; , - WM. R. BURWELL & CO.
jan 9, :1 - - : - ' -
MACARONI, Corn Starch, Chocolate,
Horsford's Bread Preparation, , Pure
Powder Ginger and Pepper; ! ', .' '
jan 9 ' - Springs' Corner, u
TROCHES of : Lacto Phosphate, Lime
and Pepsim. ' - - i
Jm9 ' , i ,. x
HAIR Brushes, - English and Amercan.
jan 9 . - - r . ' ;
LEWIS' Ture White Lead,
To Otit Friends and Acquaintance!.
TIT E the Undersigned beg ; leave to thank
I f our ; frienls and acquaintances for
their liberal patronage bestowed, upon our
Employer,; Mr. ILSlirier for the past year
and most respectfully ask a continuance of
the same as we are-still at : the Temple of
Fashion. Kespectfullv,
- - J. A. Jr
" A. II.' TATE.
tjan9 ! - ' V
.': Special Eotice to the Public.
"A S"a great Vmany changes have taken
jl place this year,; I rcspectfany beg to
inform the 'citizens of Charlotte and tho
public hi general that no change has taken
place at my establishment. Lam still at
my old stand, No. 24 Tryon ' Street, David
Parks' building, with a large and well
selected stock of the finest and latest styles
of custom-made clothing for Men, Youths
and Boys swear, also on hand a fine Btock
of Gents' Furnishing Goods, Shirts, of
Ballou's make, the best fitting shirt in the
world. k- The very latest styles of Hate
Scarfs, Bows and Ties; Umbrellas, &c, &c '
and I will still sell 'them at prices to defy
competition.- n i " '
I expect to leave for New .York 'City in a
short time to lay in my stock of Clothing
and Piece Goods, for my Tailoring Estab
lishment and will also bring i with me an
experienced Cutter and Tailor, and will bo
ready by Spring to cut and make to order
at my own establishment and under: niv
own supervision and at loweri prices than
the same quality of goods can be made up
in this or any other city, this side of Balti
more, t -
Being tliankful to, tlic citizens of Cliar
lotte t and the public in general for the
liberal patronage heretofore bestowed upon
me, I most respectfully ask awcontinuance
of the same. Respect fnllv,
. ian9; 5 . i i .. i ESHRIER.
llome and Democrat copy,
- ; v".. Clover 5 Seed.;
A Supply of." Pennsylvania Red Ton
J Clover See at .
. P. WARING, Attorney at Law, from
his old office on Tryon street, ' to the omVe
in the Court liouse next door to the Slier
iiFs Office. ' ' -jattJMJm;
-"" '
For .Rent.
A .Two : Story frame house on Tryon
xjl street, near the Methodist Church.
: Apply to -janfr-2t
Piano For Sale.
Piano, in goxl or
der. : Call at tlie
; Jan 8-3t
WE have this day old our entire' stock
? of Grmreries, 1 jiquors, &c-, to Messrs.
W. II H. HOUSTON & CO.. and in retir
ing from .business respectfully ask a- con
tinuance 4f the liberal itronage bestowed
upon us to our suet essoin.
jan 1, 1873. . v
Sr Having purchased W. J. Black fc
Go's and Gregroy & "Williamson's eutire
stock of Goods, wVliave ppenctl at Gregory
fc Williamson's old ntand, next d or to
McMurray, Davis & Cb's, at which place
we will constantly keep a complete Stock
- And would respectfully ask a call from
the public.
p. S. W. J. ORR and T, T). WALSH,
formerly with Gregory & Williamson, and
McD. ARLED(iE, formerly with W. J.
Black & Co., are with vis anl will be pleas
ed to see their friend and customers.
. : WV H, H. HOUSTON & CO.
jan 7 " '
THE Co-partnerehip which r 1 expected
to fonn by Jannary 1st 1873, will not
take place-nntiVtbe latter-part of this
month and therefore I will continue tho
sale of tho entire ,
' , - f ; CUOTIIING,
At tho sjame minced prices- t ;
. i , i
I WILL also continue to keep up my
B.; Koopmarin,
" :C H A R. EOTTE( N . C .
'v; .. . .. -I ..- - - ...
..jan 4
H . Wood! - Wood!!
1 LL persons can be supplied with Firo
jci: Wood by calling on me, or leaving
their order at Messrs. A. R. Nisbet 4c
Bros.; Store II. EDWARDS.
- - jan 7-lw -; .,
For Ecnf. ; . -(
vA Comfortable Cbttage with four rooms,
XjL adjoining th property of Col; E A.
Osborne formerly occupied by A. A. Gas
ton, Apply to - - .
jan' 1 , , , , T. A, McNINCH,
v A Eare Chance. r
A NY person wishing to purchase an ex-xx-
tra tine lignt harness MARE with ex
cellent .qualiUe ! for a family , "NAG,"
should apply at once to . .'"'
"' Bxicjiwlicat ! Buckwheat 1 !
A . Fresh Lot, Just Received and For
il .Salebyr ....... B. M. PRESSON. .
jan .5 -i,.-,1
; ' FOE EEUT. 'lf '
Offices ami Family rooms, apply to Dr.
'Lindley, over Wilson & Black's Drug
Store. . ti
jan 5-lw . 'V ' v ' y
y ;; f , Paper Bagslj ,
mEN THOUSAND Paper Bags I : Straw
X Wrapping Paper and Paper Twine, for
sale at
; jan
MERCHANTS1" visitir aiarlotte, wfll
find Writing Paper and Envelopes
very cheap, at 1 . PUREFOY'S,

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