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Wednesday,. January 291373.
;A bill has ; passed the -'Houses in
Congress selling the ' Custopi.fCbuse
property at Plymouth, in this . jState.
. The revelations'hv the Credit' Mc-i
hilier inATesf igation are regarded as
utterly destructive tfSenfttdr?Patter
son's reputation, r atterapn is
Senator from New Hampshire.
. Laura Fairthe. heautifuU, niurder-
ess of California; has iprneIetuHic.
nVol ves in the Fold" War gQb''
jeci of her first lecture. "Women in
Breeches" would have beea-a more
proper text. . '
."Bogyi the'? isTt
from MisuxiU'aatidttuecFbT bfiJ
bery. in" obtaining his seat in Con
gress. The committee to whom his
case was referredwillladquit binVJof
the charge.
Phe "Midland North Carolina
The bill for refuridihgihecotton
tax- languishes in Congress. The
statement made in northern jour-
..rials thatfriiijst) $f fthco)torta J
claims are held at the ftorth by
r is.- pbsi ti "ery 7 denied Ty
ned persons and : is. con-
well informed per
resentatives from the cotton growing
States in their fa(fr. JJI
?vu '.be contrary that the Southern
ownership of the bulk" of these
claims is the great obstacle itotheif
payment, j i J, U
A PiiW
r r i ' r -
Judge Merrimon'ji
to Gov. 'Vance's card is before the
public. We, jiave otireiwt ajplacci
i our columns, for two reasons : 1.
Because we did not pubHshGoyernor
ance s letter; which was- oif aecount
Af its (rrfiat. Ipnp-t.h 2. Because we
-.. n;,Lii 'znf?Fever it declines to prolnoteinim.crie
th Atfiniin; irtB'erw his party only firbep the
?Mf-. -rii ill olly 8?rves him, follows not for the
could fill our pages-wUh more inte4Passedits scond "d third readjngs
esting matter than this public epis
tle of the new Senator elect.
But the letter should not pass un
noticed. It merits attention not
only for its pufl JEnglish, Tib faijlt-j
less style, and its significance as
form ing.a par,t of tbe political litera
ture of the day, biit also for the maY-tyr-like
spirit whichit breathes and
its mournful tone of injured inno-
cenee. , " ... .4. ,i
Tlie document is extraordinarV'.i
not ior wnac ii says, cut.- ior waait jic:
dont say r not1 for what it demek) . bfot
w hat it ;..amiAbyuj:)Eplica6'OC
otherwise;. lie tacitly'iadraits,;62r Hot
pointedly denying, that the- bitter : .at-.1
tack uilon Gov. Van ee by'' - Messrs..
Love and Humphrey was . prepared
with his consent and assistance iyet
- in the face of :X)U', he i .oniplai'ris,
foudly -of Vance's attack upon ihim
anu . appeals ior. irrat sympa-
thy which is usually the consolation
of unoffending rnartyrs: , In ,! this
connection he makes the -strange
statement,' that at unother - timei;Ve
m ay give the? people Sa faitftful id-
count of the real cause of this rtlivis-f
ion and discord amongConsei'vjrtiv'es
in the ' Legislature. From . this it
appears that we afe to .understand
tnat nie juove anu Jttumpcir,ey .carq
was only a pretense &ndfa;g-8iam,H'&rid
that th e real cause is yet behind I'We
. thought so. We did not. think, that
men of common, sense woul justify
th e disof gantiQvdt'bi oHer'
own party uponvusuenj iirivgiQiift
grounds;-Thiis it will be rs6fcn ' that
Judje Merrimon ha i thoughtlessly
"let the -cat otit of the bag We will
patiently wait to nhear fromjnm his
cxplanatio'bihe real cause of' thfe'
bolt, jvhich' :has.-rf esulted .sodisas-
vruusiy 10 me JonservsHivepnierests
of North Carolina. ItlfsJft6 be
gretted, perliaps, that 'he ' ,Se?em (if
about th'is."?n?atter.r, -J i.x.-v i-'.w".
But tlie'weakest pkrt of the letter
is where the Judge tries to make out
that Governor Varice" -WarfTtot' the
choice of 'the1. Conservatives tpjrfyl
mi i . i ...... -v:- ' , .j
-.-v".vUUuiUU, -i
tion is made m.anifftat
sideratioo: i of .."these: acts
v - T . IP
v ancejreceived b7votes of the peo'
jple s epxesentaiives- out. :of
caucus, rid80 J5n the uLegislafcftrew
tw o-thirds o f the "caucjis an d fi ve
sixths of; the -Ccmsefyaliyen the
Legislature I Therefore, according to
" Merrimon logitlie5 peoglld, fi6t
want Vancet Biit'LMerrimon got fis
votes out of fCxnseyvAtTj7id
Scores .of pyvatii$rAcrior:
Aiiwaa?tb. choiceir)aiwl 4he?peopW.
- are safiedl 'J. V:i 'W1 Jft! v
How: m ucit riiare- easdy. am an is
. convinced by the logic which rsup
ports his o w n-?; w ish es i tljati I byFth at
r which.- militates 'against Jtheml
J udgfr Merrimon'si-Btrange silencd
- regardrng the ' conduct1" of those
friends of his wllo acted traitorous-'
lytowards CFov. Vance is somewhat
in jusjiirication of them : for the want
of honor and good faith fheypdis-;
8 trued into a tacit Confession 4hat
Miis'friendsw to whomj he owes - his
elevation to. the Senate, did not do
exactly, the fair - and honorable
t6Yn;?.iYetwithou.-- a scruple of
corisiencc, he1 co'm placently: reaps
t mrf rti its! vt their, d Tshorror.
I3ut let it all igos- Our party stancU
ftrfl-i'tf?er fr jjive SnateriJ now on
the proper grounds before the peo
ple. Hc is insHfied Jland we
pppe there! ivilV ayp ihp ed f
ihejeontroversy. .j.
' Judge Merrimon assu res us that
he is stillf fQnMMT,
the pepple shout ea lor .m Aiigusi,
and promiseS W&hvihw uliyliS
conxluct that he, will let '"ia theUp
ture.?as j in. the piist true to North
Carolina. We sincerely hope fieri
But we leg.ver0; r remark "tn"at a
shadow ofddiibt innsfr 'fjiU upon the
Conservatism of him who efies his,
own party anrpeiearjsrits wpi, wnen-
doctrine sake but for fheloave and
fishes. 1 Tha1;Hhns.hich
risk at -any moment the ruin of his
party and his.ciuse(trrgratif .ambir
ioMrvill ntihbe trusted i'for mere
MJrtll. Actions will be rcquifed tb
' ' ?' MosdAY, Jari . .27
The SenatewHeaWeditoSprUerat
President Brogdeu in
Mr. Morernd.-QtLvui
, mice-
duced afrtll-to meortwrate "th01d
North State - Life Insurance Compa
ny. Keferrcdj -
Harris col., also called up the 'lull
tp junend the charter of the.If. C.
Sp'cjke and Handle Coirrjan taud it
passediits second and Ui ird. readings.
, 0 ni orjn-of if. dPo welUtlrexu 1 es
weVeiispndeclftdfthe bill' to incor
porate jt h CwSf eel Rai 1 - Co fiii pany
The hour of 12 having a.trived,' the
special order, the bill for Am nest vv
and Pardon, was announced, the
question being on the adoption " of
Mr. Sevmour!r arnendment;- except
ing from ahihety ahd' pafdbn' the
cri m es of murderxape, araon sand
Uirelary. -
r. Welch moved to am end- -Mr.
Seymdur s amendment by providing
that only rape and bunrlarv snoufd
be exempted froni the provisious.-rof
the bin. tne ooiects oi inese secret
pojfiral societies had been politicar
1,1,-appeareu w uwii vniu iieivuerxape
nor r - ourgiarVi was . necessary ,;ana
XahoMid-bef-ieft to- the- punishment of
the-lafv. The opponents of the bill
contended theUctsof violence per
petrated by these secret societies
w;ere ': by orile of ?Cne -societie ; a nd i t
wasprobabie thai lhcmbcrs of those
sQcletlcs considered Utheir-1 own lives
iriilanger unless they obeyed those
orders. WHehadneveriri himself been
amember of nay aecret.aocietv; and
lie desired if to "be uuderstoodtha-t
Oieneevijiiiv ivy ma were oir. me
oalvbhes to co'nVmifc these crimes,4
a wuoie laiuiiy ui uugrot's iiaviHueeu
murdered m his country ..nd .the
act had been charged -,upbii : the iKu
Kffix, when it afterivarde) 'appeared
that the perpetratotffvere leaders in
the Union League. Mr. Welch also
referred tothe murder of the' West
on family in Kutherford county- and
to the hurningroff their; house. He
behevetl the ongirtof the.Ku Kiux
to haie been niearif fdr'gobdi but' bad
men crept into.; it and excesses were
the ciisequehci6i.?- Tlie 'opposition
complained that thdjeaders had not
been punished, and while they admit
ihatfOiiiy the deinued were - the .vie
th ey1 wVrer f r hV rh b's t pari ni ereC
qf any r;nianwh6r was guilty of rape
or burglary.. ' t s -. zfAioh's B;.
Mri Norwdodf Ofivngligpbke t
length on this snbiect. The requisite"
I powerto pardon and, grant-amnesty
f xistecf,fand' itvas leat '' i ;could' be
exerciser wunoui anectine tne pou
ers oi tne -oiaieor ieacrai uovern-
tmftnts The'13th,-rMtlKnd- loth
amenuDieuis ui tne ieaerai consticu-
tioiv exerted and could rto.nipi'e be
" iw. '' ii. . ii - : - ... .'?
aueQreu ui an an y i n mg ei s e i mppssi-;ble.-
tThe nextcpnidejation wafthe
circurnstance undervhjch the acts
ofr?S61ence had been committed- In
thfeifirst plaoje, h-e"numberof alleged
At. -. v. i w -..Ni . j w
sfances were thects-rfsi violence
cornm itedr? .The. great cauje-of , th e
rouble.wasiih,. tU ;late,i,wTar. sTliat,
war.W'aainevitableHdna fturaan powr
l?rr could have avert ed j iti i It Iseeds
wtire in the constitution of the JT nit
edl Stat es, ' f6f wh enth at 'instrum e nt
undertook to'niaintam free-labor af d
slaveryj thb OTdfailpre'.'owasr.writ;
en across; 'the faee-ofhVparcbment
jf $heV)iahci 6f Odd hin'self;:ilItwa
art utter impasiijMr; ind Jyhi!. the
cause ojf tthewar'; J3ches'e ,ecfet pr
ders ;follawBcL,'ivTh&) Ku .IClux'-and
tho-League then claimed his attention.-.,
Her ?Vpo'ko of the, outrages
whichTrad teencQmmittd. by-tjie
Leagiies and negroes Jn?his' 'county,
.enumeratirig;feach -I outrage. L-.-:-- -He.
thought these crimes wtfre: enough
to make whites take the law in their
o'n hands.'; - t: ; :',Jy
"riiWhatwaa true bCjOrange county,'
Mr Norwood aid, was true of . oth er
cOuhties. A.U was quiet now, he said
There was no .danger threatening ei-
tima, eyWiyi?8Sprrt
to ariieasure for their relief, th ouch
Wf State orlSational yvertimefirirr
r rantinsr full amnesty and pardon.
The opposite eOtirseWQuld lead., he
feared; to greati evils;V the.5. result of
hoCseVf he presentatwes
, . 1 - -- w
. Monday, Jan. 27.
TTnnsft met at 10 o'clock, ar m.-r -
By Mr. hotles, n biU t;or relieve 1
r.oiintv-commissioners.' w -, . x j-.i
-Xb epiitjojij ntrodu cod by M r. I
gist to Jeave printed- and -istri bated
xwm.tM.rn it,! invi - i
inrpampniet setting-iorm a descrip
tion Tf the climate, soils, and minerals-
of'eral counties of the
State -was taen up as the special or
der. r ? ' i i C .7 i 1 1. 4 "A K
vThe, cnm.mittxje.,towhom the reso
lution wai Referred reported favora
bly upon its passage, reconimencUng
ah amendhientthat oily4 h vefebies
for each member of the General As-
Mr. Waugh was opposed to the
resolution-: - IV.TiVAir
Mr. Houston moved to postpone
till ThursdaShext.
MtTMarier opposes tne jxjouoiuio
postpone. : .'7 I u -
, The motion to .postpone was aaop-
On motion of Mr. Craige thrti-ules"
were suspended and the Senate reso
iirtTOriasKihg thejbift select com
mittee in regartH'o tlie Western N C
R. K. to report by .bill or otherwise
what steps can be taken to protect
the State's Interest in that road, Was
lUKou up anu auuutcu,
me oeimie uin ituicitu tne mi
trial 'insurance Com party ,z was tafcenJ
up and patfsetl its several readings.
I he benate bill in relation-to.: ne--
positions wa taken up'and passed it
several readings.' ':?J'$:r
-The. Senate bill in. .relation ,tQt the
sal e ot liqor in the ; town of Shelby
Cleavelahd county, was taken rp and
passed its several readings,"'1 - ' ;
:Seuate bill t6'aTiiend :chapter 185,
laws of 1868-'69, ,cQneernine town
ships was taken up "and-passed- its
several readings.
A message Was received from the
Senate transmitting amendment! toe
in uunw uiie jeiiet ioi cnrwisuu
tax collect6rs7""Oiim6n1of "M.
Rhodes the amendments were con
curred iu. '
TJie-Honse adjourned till to-mor
rowt at 11 o'clock , a. m .
A Notes of the:'Day,
v Small-pox 8till;rages in Bostbi?.
The snow storm lias been terrific
in the North, v
A'destructive fire ocdurred in Da-
rien, GaJA Saturday high '
Pratt's Oil Works i in New York
were burned Monday.
The ship Mora Castle Nvas seized
for debt one her arrival at New York
Saturday rj,rA.r
LastjSsi,tirday two and a quarter
milliohs'5f specie-were shipped from
JNev; x ork. . ,
A new ra:ilroad has been ? comple
ted between Vera. Crufc and4he icity
of Mexico. The eventwas i celebra
ted hy a week's festivities. ; .
A Methodist Church in Buffalo,
Nev Yorjc, was bunied on the 25th
by an incendiary.
Every stage line in theSalt Lake
section has been stopped by. the
G eneral Longstreet is
fhgton, in the lnteres.rQtt thjqx Kel
logg :Ret urn mg board, of . Louisiana.
A GaNO; TiiRKwrt. Wepping.
The Constantinople correspondent of
the London tk'ho, wnUngOnjecem-,
ber 28, says : :"l have ; already ,n.en
tioned the marriage of thePrincess
Nazle, daughter of Mustapha Pacha,
tq Khalii racha: Your readersmay
be' interested in knowing that oh the
arrival of the bride -at. her husband's
palace she was attired- in French
I I 1 x ' -i'tt'J-
Driaai costume oi wime si ik. trim
med witll . ' orange " rlowersi: Her
wreath' Of th e"V tjaht e1?blQsoms :
snrmouhted by.a diadem of brilliants'
and a long yen or,tuue: juusioaii jeii
partly before and rtly . behind -her
head.; It was Iver ownf choice tdbe
dressed in this-v-fashio'rj-YtlTHYkih
(riies al w ay s weari ng a ose-coJbtcd
diress embroidered, with gold. . T .
!notbier strh'gernhptntih
establ isfe ed Giistdm w'as . th $t ; Kh atil
Pacha gave his arm: to the Princess,
white satin curtains f the - coach man
arid English footm en wore' white-
wedding favors oh thirbreasts two
Mafnelnk'es: on ahorseback . preceded
the cortege, and eunuchs rode beside
the windows-'-1 he relations $iud the
suite of the bride followed in forty
cdache&vHlso'.accoinpanied by Mame-.
lukes and euncuhs- -.' v;f;;,
- "At hooh a tabfeof one -hundred
covers "'was placed for, the. 'assembled
guests. -The Princes's" retired -intb'
Tier boudoir and changed her Parisian-
costume tor a lurkisn dress , of. pink
velvet, almost covered -yrth goldem
broiderv. but Still wearinsrher wreath
.oi y range nowera auu uutueur.ui qtw
Hants'. The ladies ' honored bjr 1 ad-
ipissioit to her presence-deseribe.her
t 1 . - 1 i j : . ' i . , 1 . . - . . 1 -V ' r 1
as aazznng tneni witn; ner youtn ana
beauty, remarkable for hei1 -legarice
an d reti neui en t', k ah d sparkUri s iwlth
priceless jewels,' Let - us hopeiths'
gradual upsetting -of -silly old-lprei -iildices"
among the" .Turks s'ahd) iher'
aaoption or some XiUropean customs
will lead tcj.the better education and
greater freedom of Eastern, Jad,.'
I fAvmisera'bler" Ertglish charo'rn1an
has had the audacity: totjalrther Eayt
of Winchelsea to c6urt for debt;'ati'd
his lordship treated-the xnatter.witti
xiontenipt execuion, wasissne
against his goods and cliattels- The
officer with the writ ; ; was ; resisted: by
a legion of ; flunkeys" whom 'r he'ftrst
whipped and' then suedi 'The' char-'-
woman got he money. Nobjlitycan
ness- . -
The Atlanta Constitution has. the
following on this subiectl --which; is
f&ll of cood sense, and we commend
itt5 oiir peo jle Odrmehauics are
one of tbet:ntet useful and industri
oua classes: of pur people, ando fs
much, ornnb'retjwatd$ building-)ur
city than any other : - "." ';. 5 r
: Do ' not send abroad for help, if
you haye work to do, when it can-be
done iii your own town. -Encourage
V5ttr,6 W3 j Jidnestr,) lhdustdus; Tajthf
IU1 UlBJUaiUVB.. : AUG "CIU .; w .
w b rTc TT"TrgetTr'stlicha-c otttctV
you-keep money at bome,; asdistfine
w . - .. . . . i " I
gbrthyirand ivave just as goou wonc
performed. -' It is f the way- to - make
your town prosper -to support yoiir
OWQ-45Cnoois,7 cmucuca auu picoa.
lyhere there is a disposition to send
a hundred miles for an article
to sav the least, could be-mannfac-
tu red as -wel l"t vbur own tloof ,' there J
Jft jllialwayB be little or no' business
uone in mat - Diace-; j.imi;iuruuea
wTll bc tKihlir aitended rand all; kinds"
of . labor xti41y!
m echanicare(Sti e .est . .empioyeu,
prosperity 43eehi-an"esocial virtues
predominjite,"1 and. kindly, brotherly
sonrce oupjalble happip
vv nateyer 'jOU nave to , oe ; aoner
look around- arid see if , yduVme-
chamct ' cannpt do itij :If 'you jhaveja
house to build, or a shoe to tap, or a
saddle po" b6 made; tin ware to mena;
a house ta paint. qt-it'lSacl of i cards
to print.-Hist Took anions: your nome
folks, before you send abroad, and if
there is nose ircypiirr; town- capable
of doing thetaslf,?Sts wiiiibe ttima
enough to look elsewhere. .It is a
wron idea to think -nothing is ser-
know f many an instance where
men have refused to purchase work
made bvtheir neighbors and sent to
..a:iatah.i;ty.fof'th6articles whih.
thev needed, and paKl af: third, more:
or thehi,' wheri 1 behold they: have
been manufactured and sent away to
sell by 1 the same neighbors of whom
.1 - 1 ff - 1 i ' i. i J. . J ' J i
iney reiusea to- purciiase.
Let tne.-mbtto of all be, I will en-
courage my own . meenanics. in
turn von will be encouraged also. A
mutual feeling of goodwill' andkind-
nessWiU spring up m our midst, and
wBbeiitFiwill le 6bseraWeiiftlevery
sffeet and-in every djtrng ?; -;
A Coloked West Point Capet
Withdraws. Cadet Samuel, Gibbs,
colored, ?n of the.:Secretkry of
otate oC Florida, . withdrew frpjn,
West iPMnt dn Monday. Sa-hitrel
CH))bs was appointed- a cadet in May,
lorJ, uy a ; coiorea? congress-man
from Florida, passe:! the prelimi
nary examinaUoiiand, enterediithe;
Acadamyjn June. A correspondent
from West Point tells thereason. of
the withdrawaL., .Ie.says;1 ..'.'The
Januaryexaminaioh, which closed
about a week :ago, ahd which' proved
death to therhiilitar)' aspirations of
Cadet Gibos, are represented to have
been unusually severe and searching
and about twenty?! tho? hackwiiril
young men vere foipid which im
plies that jthey. were; deficient, in
marks, and failed to pass an exami-
!Ttitoi1. In other words, when a
cadet is 'found,' he is lost to. the
Acadamy, and refurris to civil l'fife."
The same correspondent states that,
w:hile Gibbs was not maltreatred, he
with Smith. the Other colored cadet,
Was -'too m pletejy ostracised,, socially,
by the other cadets. " -J: a ; " ' '
v Jn th e AVh artou trial , at A n n a-
S61ls, yesterday Dr. Wood, of Phila
erphia, a meditriil expert, in behalf
bf theidefenseocciiniedthe vitheas
day. -He attributed the attacks of
fMr..-Van Ness,:and'f.the slight di
comntnre of ;MrSf Frick antl Mrs.
Hutton, " while at Mrs.- Wharton's I
house, to' natural - Causes, which
caose,; in MvVahesscase, he as
se!rt, in,j6reamihiQnr .to bo
the effect of a "hysteroidal'' "' condi-'
tion ! ThisMiseaseS- he i affirmed-in
of rare.occnrrchce, and is the , wndi-
uon ln.ifiau, wiucn is. Himiuir to, out
hot identical with hysteria: in r wo
rn ah. j ;-Th e cross-examination of ih is;
eipertpiearavto ' have been very
Searching, and elicited replies ofar
decidedly sensatibnak d:ffmusihg
fcha'fafcter. The attendance is repre
sented as haViug. been large. To
day, Dr. Rees ei- of"' PJi 1 ad el ph i a, 1 a
cu em lyai ez le?- ' u- put -ux;t,ii e
- A Murderer Arrested: ijt IH ay
wood. We learned that amarx natn-
ed Bishop has recently 1 been rested
jpAftatejl iiVHaywpod
cou.6 ty - (pharged i' sv i th 'the 'f. to' urder 'of
a Mr. Pjeebpof in Spartanburg, Sv
Mr. Roberts of .Hay wood; in hiajeyj-
dence before the committing magis
fr'atesaid that this marr Bishop had
told him he had a fieht in5; Snartan-
i burg land that hb - was looking- for-
some ou,t of tbo w'ay 7 place ' in . that
count v wherelhe couliit" be found
place where-he stabbed. the man that
he was dead. Roberta ftirtlver
testified that the pnsoner had.'a shirt
washed at his House and there r was
blood onK iand iho , prisoner j told
him that he got it on there' Tm- that
fightl -cBUHop's arresters would like'
tp, kn;o w j if the'Soutbi Carolina GovV
Ternor hasoffere6V any reward.-lJAr-letah'EraV
.-"'-v- 'ti:J't
, T)eathl of the Rev. F. Bruce Davis,
The " RevrF; Bruce. Dayis wha was
toinred by a fall "from "Iris' horse at
iUhfoh . Courthouse oh Friday - last
'uieu at nwxesiuenceiiniinat.TOWJi.0in
the fttU0.wingJ?Tuesday,.night.-, He
was imcoosious from the ;time of the
-nldictdnt until x bis v deathi." He was
tftird.sdtf Of the lat& ;Bishop rDaris
h"acf beenohly arfew;years -tot the
ministry, and" had verv; recently? Ire'i
im-oved to Union' fco.i take--' charcre bf
uc yuuruu oi .wiB-jatiyiiy at ,tnat
place. He gave promise of. a long
and useful ministry. A" wife "arid one
child survive him: His", remains
have been tken to Camdeh;andwill
he Interred there to-day. -Charleston
!, 'Al. .i t . y .
by the erexis&Baltimbre,
of Saturday.? ' Zr. "X SV-I
standinir the lanre'vote by which the
House repealed the? bankrupt .act,
and the fact, oV lhaiorityl ? 6f the
Sen al e Jadiciary -Co ra m i Meet- having
also reported forlhe repeatjt isviiot
probable that Ihg Scha"te .will agree
IU 11. ". ITiUVeCLI(IO VU VV iliusav vivc li
ed is that-tlie clause com peJHng'in--
voluntafy bankruptcy be expunged
from the act. In the South, particu
iafly this has lcen of great- injury
fls'manv business men have been un
necessarily forced into bankruptcy by
fees.' In New Orleans alone, it is
said that theiees'oTvoinision'
er pf bankruptcy have, through th e
workings of this clause,7 beeii swelled
r Al- 'ft
t Fayettkyille and.FlobenckJIait.-ROAD.-Over
. thirtvour , thousand
'.nif.ifegitov be raLothrlock
Lhsh.XJumberland cduhlyhteen
suhscribedrto ihtadiySThisre
Covered theubseript jQn -f $75,000
td(be Taisod by tBeotfd3rctie
' vit0 The - 'roa4iercSea8 a
cerlttihty. IJarA Sentinel, ; "
? The bovs have a new name, for it.
I aof them . wants, to
Kuowtnueii tins ur.mai reimemuu
was .eiectea to tne unneu otates oen-
'buy in
v Ah Sin is makinhimsejjf?bbribx-
ious again oy taiung; an e centres, oi
gOId chilis out'and tilling the? vacancy'
LtnCtoaser fheuLl&jn.t-ttJt
WE have; Ave dozen ;pfil?tt9
'.' il ;.6ja pomniission to. he ,
for, sale
sold in the next 30 days. -Now is the time
"to 'get aHYMXiiL of ;;. . ,!
every :t style'
or prke, cheap, at ''
T, I DD Y B,
B b1 "o'k IS t o r e'
Annold's Copying Ink.
Carter's Cotnbfeett Wrifiiif' and onvinj?
Ink. IIooresToileTnk-. -
. Carmine Ink. -At
. jan 2) 4J . JTIppY'S. ,
: . i .i tl , . , - V, m i i
LOT of No. 1, Caiiving Pres Tietter Rooks,
at '.! .' TtDDY'S.
. . jlm 29 . .. ... . v.: ..,
. Kraot, LKraut. ;
"UST reeeiyed n Bbl.,:of nice White Sanr
Kraut; for sale by
jaiv 2i)
Just Received.
jan 29
.Ltts. loiin taiii - CabHagc, ot
FINE Lot of. Irislj PbtatoesV'at : ';
jan 20 " . ' I ' '
SWEET. IVtates,; a, fine, :lot, jseliing- at
11.50 per busihelj at ,
.Jan 29 ; .. B.: Rl'lSSON'S
' A "NDTIIER Lot of those tin e rcnellants
ert at - iHKdu L?KIV
jan2S . . -
- ..i ' t.X'livv. '....
'LpSrXirouVa Wge stSekof rlie lfos
V"4ery for Latlics',ti.sf?e?" aiuV 'hiMrtn
afbOSt-at -itiiS.jtitlEliyU .
,;;an'28 ' f:- V' ''
our faflfy'rtifi.iwiP gs" at greasy
duceil prices to make room -for spnni, at
jan 26 yak :MU$ JH'EKYv
.A n T- .. ., - . . .
Attention, friends of Temperance.
VTO.l &r hereby- Tcqnesteil rtn, . jneetl atd.
x , vnr iiaii i;n;yetnesuay igxnt at j
I,f., fr t1.ejp6rsefinan:hing in pjn
eession' tollje Trvtnt street - M : E. hureh .
jan ...'.PreMidmt.'--,
17 ILL meet at; tnieir, JIall over the Mer-
5 jan;28 .X
POT-ATOE. -Receivlm an 'in
J. Store.
Early: Jlosei Priuce Albdrt. Good
rich, Peach Blow:"iV - - . '
.vjan'20. jibiSts,ciXlES:&'COZ
, , New'Bobks;' 4
DAYIE' Algebra, BuUionXLatin Grani?
mar, Smithes j Oranimar. Sanfwd's
Arithmetic, just received at- ' ' " '
" . iraaaiEKjr division
T J tf : -.a .
PttlTtoad noprepaifQtI4&' rrahsportr
LVood,'saw sbcksltinibfer an.d timber
oi an Kinaa. larties 'wishing to arte:
TORthree months I vrill Paint rortraita
4-(f for $25; aneb .as ar& generally . charged I
dk.-WV-Lr. " 1 " T. x.A. " 0 . . . 1
; x'ersHJiis wisnini; ironraMai;i;ieiT
departed friends ean obtain thenju if thev
have a good Phot4pJviit!tUeiji i sshail
ibe.'pleasedto show ryou specimens of ray
work at "my ;Studi6 aboYereTchats, &
Fanners' Bank. , ' t , -A-..LVBUTT, .
,r dec ll-3n f r ' Charlotte. C.
5Bbls. : Choice ;JI0miny.; just- received
ad for sale byi -ili a: : .
jan5 21'; R.' it MILLER SONS.
in uie; oiu-igq.,way, ne asKSf
"What vear "jditt 3eiiatbr Bo-ahd-o
I T ciiants' ano Farmers Jiank, precisely
at.GL bjrlkonr Wednesday .evening .to
nian-h lii'lfrtiddssion'to' the TryonTSt.,' ii.
Trains .wjllf apply.ta tbe Station Agent at -fj
. ( - rzj -,
uanotre.. -y. u : jvubtsv - ,4ian 1-lm
i i ....:.. . ........ i, vt). :. - t : ( j i 1 1. i
i ' " lJT7l . , .
- -K):
HAVING , Conip!etet "onr now three
rtory,bmldinsr, utlie x-urner of i.i
Wjrc and Ppurth
onr. IJnstonienC;.' '
streets,- we
nave jm
ready for
it,-land arc
v )ur Ilousq undivided into fire
ments vv r ' fl'7-
lst DepaitmeirJHiiEaiafy Croeerieg.
Soaps; Candles, Candy, Starch,
bodaVvflnisItis, Oysters,
4 r V" feUfPiiV CoflTccl'cas,
. jgpics; Prize
Cjtndic, : -Brandy
Pcaches, &c, Ac.
Pnrchased' .direct 'froi.W the Manufacturers
iivitli- the rvicw f i: suptrfTing tle
2nd Department HejSLvy -Goods.
Molasses, 5acon. Flour, Xard, Mick-
erel&Ca'Onilides handling
- such are snrerror ' to those
of ariy. nYeYciirtile house-' in
f . the City.' J Merchants may
'' L rest assured tlia they
.'can always obtain
' . , good of ;us at .
. 3rd Department Produce.
dotton, e6riiVVaeatt Oats, Rye, Hay,
3fce Bought at highest, cash jmcct.
Sold on Commission. Stored, with
cash advances viade ujxni the
same. " 'e ipvite special at
! iatthnio our commission
and storing -business-,.
ztt'f..l SOXltL '-' -ATTENTION.
J. ,4th Depalteiil-PIiospliates.
niost reliable- article on the Mar
3' ;ketv. tertiftcutes from reliable
. ' ' farmers furnished on Appli
' ' cation '., . We are also
' Agents tbr
' :FE Ii Til L T- Z E Ii .
Department Leaf Tobacco
Warehouse. ;
; (ficvemie Law, and are now ready tore-
ceive Lf Tobacco, which we 'will
.- j j t bny or sell on onnntsifn.
'! i i Our 'Warehmise- fees1 'arc
' lens-,than tlie saivie at
i Kiehiiiond or. Dan-rs
r - I c : VI Uey , ,nd ,tlje
- .... best prices
v tainkd: '
h; rQUR large and cfyimiodions HALL will
I . i. - ji . ! :i j; . 1 i. . a 1 . . I i . 1 .
thcEirst of Marchi l-
' - - , :
WE THANJv a generou.ipnblic.for the
liljcral pu(rjna:e i Avhjeh 5 ha?. . lierct fire
beenJe.t.oiyQ(l upon us, and we hope that
th'rpigh ' strict , lUteYBon- to business, and
.slIirig;.opr" goods .atloSv" ligtlres we ni:y
invrita contiiman'ce'Hftlieir favor.
' ' 1 ! ' R: M. MILLER & S0N8.
. .Tanuary It.' ;
i. jit '
'OJSE of ihat elent.oiir Kraut ; come
-running .or '.it will all be gone before
yon get any. ; -'
&o another lot of Good Cljesnnts, not
niaiiv worms. J. F. BUTT.
jan 23
' Hi New Inducements.
;-::.-l!r6it A. "
f !
- ; - 1 -' si ,'! : ;;. ; , f ' . ;
Heavy Spring Stock, jw?..will sell all
FaU ad '.Winter Goocts at;gre .1 tly rc-
ducettirices." Your attention is
':' i ;fr 'r-i v.-.-; .-i r
pottacnlariy , juvitedi jo.onr,
Stock o Fhxa Dress Goods, .
Aitl all kjaJa pf Woolen pob, together
-jftwith;.:a large Stock of
which we will sell very low.
jan 21 ' ilcKURRAY & DAVIS.
yT.C-AKb'; "
. t . . - i . i
,. f I.ti hvo;;
rPHJiR REM ' S .
s. bc'rwell,' y" thob;iiieb, . i. n. cv
,(Socte43ot$.tj.Ca3pp l Gfler.)
, uorner oi n and xryen t u.,
; :0 " .
i-Lf .' ' AT'-'' "
mWO Drunu George's iBank Codfish, nt
.jan2l - - sr..
I r

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