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ThuridayrFebttiary 27, 1873.!
iNew of the Day.
General Gordon's CK$?nUai-S s have
been presented in the Senate? ' rV "
iiSoaiai in
-Th tmxty nixr flay.: ' -Trr" .
; . i.. ThosyGwtyle has. ivimcd Kr. -Fronde
: L' A lodge of Ilindoo Free Masons lias
- been established in Bombay.' "
degrees below zero. , , ,
U Rev. William Quinn has been ftp-
pointed Vicar General of the Arch Diocese
f .New York. " .. - ' -
several wounded. I
" ... The' President urges ' Legislation in
" " the Louisiana tase, And, pn the FisherjU'
S'l. Lord Robert Ly tton, having inherited
Li father's title, is obliged to I resign his
position as.secxetary tf4atonv4ti':.Yien-
It "may 4e interesting, to somevpeople
- to know thai our dountry has never had
but one btackreyed President--Gcneral
' Harrison.' w .
- r i. Mrs. Mattie Reedy Morgan, widow.of;
, the celebrated CosXederate - General plphn
-1 farga &'itcfcttyH&&ek Sftdge
William H. 1 Williamson, of Lebanon
Tennessei..'' pi-fcfrL
. A spiritual marriage took place
week inTitcrsYinei4'Aflady niedjura, who
pratesses to be a spmtual minister, per
ibrmed the cerembnf- p 4
; ' A case of stealing in high life ; is re
ported from New York. Ex-Senator. Gra
i ham, President of the Walkill, is in . the
. 't Tlmoiiumjfldto SO
f ?,..T4 tabTf ilecffqcr riotMolc ppice ; in
; tfwo frfye kfcljgd and
ingress itiehtir fukiary
Committee report that they have no juris
f dictlorkinhit polfax Amesjand Brooks
; r" connecionr with: the CVcdit': Mobilier, be
cause the former was not Vice-President,
'.'ofAmenor Brooks njemberrofiihe pre
sent C-agress when the questionable trans
action' occurred. ,
lA Xondon-Bpdcialr fiay.- LOnloh,
February 24th. .-.An agreement has been
made between ihe: Dukee; JkIaqtiensier
and Uie adherents of" Queen'' Isabella to
place Prinee Alphonzo on the throne of
r Spain. The Duke to be regeiit during the
-: - minority of Prince Alphonzo, and the lat-
tor to Marry the youngest daughter of the
r ; ; Pukei Isabella r accepts the programme.
v.'v-The two Important, parties therefore will
' act! together in the present Spanish cri-
- v ; The Lenten season .-began yegter
ttdrLAjBhWednesday, andvivillV Dn?
tinue until Easter Day. This fast of
i forty days, : s:, observed jhyr iraany
Crjstian Churches' as co.irinienra
't ; tive of the tne ayiouV vd: "
cThe subject of theiemovaVf Hol
; en8 disabilities i is again upbefore
: the Uegislature. It is!ollyln the
General Assembly ,to-(evfip ehjertaiii
- irtjibtibu on this mattes ,",wbi it U
Tear as the idoon-day s'u that it has
no sbkdoar of right .- to relieve Mr.
Golden of his'political disabilities.1
eases of ". impeachment -are1 spe
-yciftUy, excepted from hescope.pif tlje
'V pardoning power vestci!in the Gov-
.ernor, unpeople in: convention as
sembled, are the; only :powerw!ilcrn
xan 4-em it th e pen al ty imposed up-on'tibfr-decapitated
GovernorSv' the
HSgh Court of Irapeachreii jind
vp4o this the Constitutiorf'musi be
Altered; . -tCS-'pJ':
a The Shenandoah JTerald,oi SchuyJ
iciu, . Pennsylvania; has a.; motto
- hiclitnkes us "asua little iingtarl
,thisf;ur: Aim ?.fo feaTtfod;
-tellthe truth ,fc and ;m ake moneyJ
, The caiutor of tliisavqwal is , to be
'admired.: "To niake moneyseems,
. the object of,inost sejerybody
; now-a-days,' And, many, .'ho--doubt"
. .wish "to fear God- and tMl :i- the
trath'jbuiiThfortto do
not likely to , make J much monev.
-1. As the world; goes noVit-seerris that
;. but the aim -of thVHghte.ous should
not to grow ich 1 jii this" world,
c :Dut . "lay up treasum" in - heaven.
P3rjeffiV.od f.nd telJiog-the-fruth,
-.nft, walking upxighjtiy th'edays
of their life. l s- '- '
. i
tio- Oni Tuesday the'AnineVtvTiilT Wflk
debated in1 th e House,' tne Conserva-'
tivci generally favoring:" the " rrteas-
up, tne J republicans opp6sing
v ptoposecD ani ne'sty uriwise
. vv vil V
should it be granted; they are of the
tt'irt Ci i liillifiTrnUn ftlr'ece
dect :fuli pf .damage to -the 'country.
-f-r-.: UQrron; : of Lincoln',! too a
leadin-parf-in the discussion"; . Io
; positive indications are yet apparent
to the findl dipo3it6n bTthe billt
, "wairr-Enough "secret) reason
y.cpuaiicans so stoutly tcsis
the passage of the "act is because the
Conservatives are unwillinj to. pass
Tfiidir.1 sneakers areonly intended
to frighten weak-kneed .Conserva
tives .who secretly ..favor amnesty,
but efraid to support- the
it seems inai uie principal ., cikuso.wi
-ttTETtiesttancy 'fln lllfi pJUl.oLxha Cion-
if after , they ; have
afraid to use it.-7
.aTbeBupien CwurteL theCTStii
has decided tliat.
r;. CSildweU
has tne ris:nt to nominate
tors of the Deaf and Dumb Asylum,
CaDitoh -. . V- r?:?-
- SU.'W ' '. mi
, ffliurMrpme Vourtve.abo: set.
trca'iamciver-'jjattie ase
of Spenntenden5l-f i IJF10
lowing is the fulrtext of the opinion
of ? the Court,n delivered., by JJudge
Consider the case as lfAshlehad
-i .Tt ." ri-. --r-.iTa. : : j
not resigned.' His term wouTd have1
expired Jamiaiaxril873,lfhis6ncsi
cessor Bad-beierileCtBdftiid 1 quah
tied. f As-his sUbceVanclt'ef cfet
ed'nd-qalifiedy he would, have held
bver. Gonstrtuti6i, Xf title .1 JJ-'se".
tkjnXJiJJrj.lo January 1," 1873, he
(would bavehldi irs filling.l his? 'dwa
term and-after tlwittime asi holding
over fdr the election "ahdeoualiffcii
tion' of -.hiK-Btfttfettbf ,'ffc 'f;:
endant, McXVfiTf was put-niiij nm
plCSefeS V3(Pimi nce to all
intents ancVpur poses, and up tojan
naryoST nlleu the vacancy caus
ed bAsffiSj7i3ignaii:Qfi, and af-
tpr tht time: a holding ove Tor Ihe
eieciion ana quai
cessor; How lor
tleto hold over,
hi5successorfsr 1
rjualifled," niav be beyond -the ": rpur-
noses of this decision t4Ut,:itiwoiild
seem that it will "be onlyuntil , the'i
peopte can eVwrtcjiis successor; ftt the
next "general .election,': to wit ; Aug.
1874, Article 3, sectiops 1 and?.; It has
been suggested, that as .the term4 for
w men Jxir item was eieciea;waiioar
ears,-- from and -after -January- 1,
S73 : andii ttt aefehd4ntr Mr. Men
by Mr. Keid s tailur . to qualify ; he
is in Mti 'Kddywc'; to; alliijten'tS
and ur0jtid,is 6itiJfe tboid;
for the wlvoe JfoVjr;; earej Bu W n
Constitution js.: express thati.VJ?vMc
IverjBhaHifiJioldniy until the?next
election, "and the person then cho
sen -shall ;rrplathe;fjfflc
mainderT8flmi Untfplrrirl term' fixdd
in the-firstsection afilhfe Article'
t o wi t: Pou r years : - from laira ary
i Article 3, -section ;"t8JV
.It has .been suggested I that1 the
Goverjiftridnsteitd ?fapppinting Mr
BattlH atllyVirrMf-,
same one to .the ; Senate to . fill , the
answer isv4hat; tne .wernor never
n om inates tO.the pen ate to fill' va
cancies. He does that alone in all
people; and then he jb'eveig'QiQats
o.ine oenate nut nils tne vacancy or
ermibyiiiis owrf app.ihtroeril4ni
Constitution ajready2qu oteuwe!
er to the nurroeroua athnt ltif s iyled
lyefendant'sieounsel rwhich wre
to the point andxonclusive. Seer alsrf
People vs Bledsoe et al. and People
va xuqewf qraiiixermv - i nere
is no error. Judirnient affirmed "
. i.i t -u Monday, Ftjb. 24.
geimt'e 'met 1 atUtf : WJlbJslcl': Lieut?
iM rilurru?, rose to r . questions of
pvrsunaicpriviiegenanu '.renounced
thewriter of a Certain letter' 4n .'the
outrages in thev.countvof Alamance.
ft nd purporting to bare been written
trom tlias Bounty, as false, malicious,
and fabricacious, 'atid thoiight? the
public should haveihe wi-iter's name.
Mr. Morehead.of -Guilford, a bil
supplementary and explanatory orall
hcis or' incorporation passea at tne
nreseut Session of the-GnPiSil A'-
sembly; -Providing that nothihjf.Cort
tuiueu in any, net passea snail oe con
8truea to empower or nermit anv
rai lrostd br o th efcom panV oi ' co rbo-
itiuii w iiuiu, ,purqnaso.ror,,fcpnvey
any featestatc' excepting soj much
as-isnsuaLand-necessarv-to carry-on
ubpi uueTirniiu 'jesiiimaie" Dnsmess
of such -corporaUonbniThat : nothing
in said-acts givingTexcluite privilege
as. to location shall Jbe deemedXd'p
ply to mountain r."7st to the bridsin
of .rivers or crossing peninsulas tor
swmpttptsliairany ,sajd
acts ne construed 10 relieve . any of
sai0 jcQratiop.s.frcrnr 3i;pnger- time
than 20 years, or to empower JDr per
van any oi inem to traae or tramcin
any kind cfrrtNiaIhe bill ulsrt
limits the power granted by. any act
of this Assembly incorporating f ny
bank, loan association or: insurance
company, and bills for the relief of
puaruiauranu . aaministriitora. I;e
ierrea. . . ; .- f - -.Mr.
Warintr wrs r-rnmiVrj-.l' r "Kp
mg;absent fprv l.Is eat ,c:v account
Rules suspcncTcdand tho followin
an tinconst;t'tiiln $cz ibt
the relief of ) told ;n!s f isab litic j .fl
s erirntivemnjority ft pjrs the h"rif
the fcSir Uilt illoP4e jh
lilihrnns. We can see-no me in
- " -r-tcPlr 1 - -
aadtiiiUclTjerTiLEijaAte, sidotatha.
! i J 1
tiyWthkVc '
1 ii ca noil Ko i ji is, s 1 1 u-t e vr rr. i j v-- - y i-Tf y. -t - ri r t
ig lie may i?e enti3 .i1- -"sVf f 1
, or when and liOT'Vl-f , acs gh.ysca
tolie? erectetlvand PftWf tSrtotwy: ?H-i-adt
apiiitd.-tiHrinA(tjirm; Ui en
K6 nomatet to tKelSeat iftfniess
VMly'Ei-H of Saturday signed "M
referring tb'allejjed, reCent.Ku-.laux"
bills passed their several readings.: '
EHl rc-atfng te the PeopVsiAgri
cnl ur r Ect?ty comMsed6rtl-3
tot ht" -rV S ( itawbaM arl "e sxh
V-ellacnLJder. Sl jl-)
Viil alliisi-g any fiveOiiityvCon
missioners to declare gtrearns.Iawful
fences; u,nder certain circumstances.
"Bill to prevent the obstruction - of
natural-water-conrses .by the -felling
aiderntinn nf thp hill, intrndftccd by
6? the deBt ofWfth "Cjalirrfs-valid
andto pjhj off tsam"ej. &c j, sva?.
opsis - oi w men .was puousnea--iasi
. J--V vV vU
thoughttbe matter should com m arid
he ah'Xidus consideration; of every
raemoer-oi' iil rvpe-ar Assem my
wiiose CiierhteslailTUadn shouKibetc
OTSTP.rafiWJfS ?2P?5'l
-menis unaer wnicn He m? -aareauy n
.irnwVTT-i!i; J IrwatakeiupK.rtTlKh committee! re-.
ingthegrants of lands, deedsarrf
.other conveyances- Passed its sete-
rtl!d-3S. W'. qffT .IT. t
' BiU itlnendatoarv w aii at wovidt
f r.: - t .i r t-.,u : .'mi r, ?ai A
wasCconsfdered. It pr'ovideVr that .
Konsft o h ave jm mediate - control of
the Insane Asylum. thef lnstUution
of the'Peaf, DtVmb AhdBiffjd;arrd of
ain'e fchAtTtalieanddb'ar ihstitii
rfbna'bMr &ale'Tbe aid" Soatd
I trj-have the power: to .appoint sub-
take . charge jo thJtrai:instit-jj
Bill establishing hospital for the
Insane. atfClfarlotteVTabTetrt:; ! a '
'Bill to' regulate. the":! jnf e" th
eec,tiyv of justifies; ofe eaeeL and;;
thai of jTawnslvip .ofiSceniVrthat thei
sam e.takei place at ih eil sa m e t i m e-
wtth thw elmtint members rtf the1-
fieffislatnV adnhe pent 6ffici4ls1
el' itsyecon" kdiftftjidjfed'tq'
Judiciary. Coin nuttee". 7 'A-V- : i
IKinrmcngWtfifdtTi for
he service-Wipiocs-isaningfroin
Justices of therPeace in' ctvit - causes
i itouiReditOTllci
Mr. Bro wnrrof itMeKlenlmt?. ore
sented a r..mmrTaX:from-certain' cili
k en;u p Uynaeadieirerab-) read-
tf. if otf onrPMfi'BrBWTi ?bT5feck
er was taken up niict fiuJed. 16. pass' its
first reading, vyeas-iSS, nayy 45.7 fA
Of iMr. CarondJyii i .irnr 'ft
Co in uifssloners 1 wifsritti: aii d
in r
b0:nays:42;5g s;:w.fyn-a4i-:s
-jttF-Diii ttf tt er Bfeomntmon
in regard t6iV'aembeTS of the
XfidslaturQ J3XX&iiki
failed WfclhMahfWfifa
l?TJmilto al te; CoJitbti6n
relative to pubncscnooU andipubUc
insutoswuejd yto ; pasa ; lfirst
reauins-veasjouiiass .Ui.i.rffe ? ? f.
iiTRC bill tor r alternthS Cknsrithtioh
rektldhe 3hdiciav kfiW tKeiti-
flailed paitr
t EVES IKtf tflessRtOX;' VC'-?' r
The jenawaielledijto orde at
-.Bill to amend the charter of ' the
town of ManfoeV Union countv.
. B,iJLto incorporatejEthelE.
vferchCrevelanpon r, I
7 BijU to- juQoxporAt)fr,i-the towpsi of
Hun ters V Ule,; Meckl enbii rg;cbnty 4
5 Bill to; authorize- thewonim issin-ers'bf-
MeekeribUf county 'to.; sell
certain stock's heTd'by said eminty : -
-BilLto incorporate the trustees of
Cleaveland county-;! f-id.pni .
.Bill - to incorporat'e thfr'HQfwnf-Of
Piheville; Mexskfenbtlg-tOtihty . 5
House met at 7J.,
. Senate bill 604;
bill to bentitle
the ch"f"'v
land 7
bili pti, a
.okXo amend
fax anl Scot
mpany passed
. ; .
. Ser -i
iJJLwnx. ' JTouse'Tfeso-
lu'- t oClatiqni.,v. J A
Man fcjp : Ciia.yel Aad.liounty; Ta
r vjur,;iiGunctt jtocijioiw comniiiee
It.. ....... .11 J..-'.'!.' ...... ... j
on Western iITt C- lURs Co.,?ubm it-J
tedtpOrt'frbmf $aid'rconiimittee.4
to theSenateyjffith a propositiotii to
print. 1 """ i,.-"-
House bilHo prevent the adultera
V1 TLVi c:c!ui:on tcr'f -lnt i:;3-piuTer
roiroftl.- r.ri?,p- Jit:.cve
tjl rear 'jf" n :
Adjourned." v " . Xi.ixt' I
w- -
llrt lemming, a bill to sccurathe
rights orthetitc;&&, in ti2t Vc-
sens of JhaYlbtte, ;:niregard toHJgeti-i
tiitibn in ;rerddh eluiclaf do w.'e abofctlrin? o'CotihtV
?i o'clock,' Senator. vMorelrfefuVi of
Guilfordm-thehabr;: i ; '
tern N. C. Railroad and to provide
for the completion of the same. Be-
JHairis?Jl rc ' W.tiestion
personal privilege amHom plained
having been misrepresented by.: ibjsr
Reporter of a cotemporary in a state
ment made by him -during his re-
niVfks'nn the resolution for 1
uie re-
eTWJUHorf of 'AaaisijuklifiLKlibil inipos-
cv vwo vmi-w .x.yj.w.
invidious distinction made by the!
Reporters iri eaking.of "lfn j-f "
as moye4.s,o afjdo; and pi '"Epjlea,
cof'as !?n6Vihg or ah&Yo.; Hf
thought it time that sucH distinc:
tibns sh6ulXvcease5 fl.They were iiot
a nllmg 6f the eliaTipf the
Xj Mtterbift he would Jeareitf to the
to IportcrshcmseKes: Z" :"
.mft bill tomeridthheTeaif
r . . VV - mnl twiHeHivexehantibh act
it d td lay, bill 0th with ihoC gWJ i r," f
"t4lia. . . . .- , - - t w4j . --i w r .i? ! i i
hiuaCesteadris' on!ce laid -5 off.yi U ; pball
ji at. ibe f il isturbed v by rfirassessm en tl
nv . vnrp ni vs Lt x. &
The hill was .put upon us iniraj
wrilTftP! fR "RRP,RESRNiTATlVi
The Hoiise met" at tlie usual houn
the Speaker Ih theTchnir. :) rV l d
'mt$ Bennett;L ffotrinhe 1 ispecial
toiiiiiiitt'ee5 anndinted '! t6"conider
me case. m xur, mcjsujx, wui , v.y f 1
' ""'i '1 '.I jf. IT .
win'l Anderson's caSe : -n
" The comniJtle,eappdint'ed by" this
Kouse': iniW(iatrneathe matter 'jol
We letter, written byJ S. Andcrnonr
a member oX4JwH0H8e of . Represeb
rttive, to' ivy Norwood, senator in
ftiis GcnelraAssciably repoiTas f?l
tyvtsi - rf "... H- ; ".
The, committee : have examined
Mt. AndCrsorTfn ihe' premised, and
iiis evideneilosth er with r.thflt ' oi
o'ther. mem hera,; of : th Hoiise i;
ierew t h : ebbsi) rttld for nhefacYion
: It will be seen by th e testi monv
was slchedyM-lcwiabf Turn err
at the instance of Mr. Anderson and
ie-Wrif tert w-rpossibly 1 averr
mriiiWriy ilexes of Senator Kbi5
he really, dicl not know that the con
tract a l reap:y jpradei inl Jftaeren ce o
tfve. pubJicLPrinting was protected b.
theolpited States.- J ,ppckKiP:
in n anxiety to serve mr. Turner
in. th is case. Ii e h as exceed ed ' tht
boundsrbontli(Ksrietfdnf abd put
o it, m i a
vMr. JBQ'son, of: Swain, a bill
amerf Hartcr , of. the Western
DrviuH . UveesiSrirriti'.CarfiP'
OriEiotictodf -Mrv
lenburffithftffllfiserir fsded
seninc enfctTtiiA-xio; mem per
shall speak Qrja';-vminnt8,l
on : the- main questiowand S-fiTe"
mriimateSfiin arspiy; foiled tolpasis. JC-1 j
4ciall drderr bei tfgjtllrr ibill' to
gjnlnTtfesand afdcsti
-; jyiessrs. vy aison anu
ited tlie-passage of the bill. - ..4;;;
M'essrs., BoWrtfah Trivett. Marie r-
it ;At half pasttwoypBjpelc the
HbrWe .'adjourned w itlj, t irA6te Jbe
lhg-takeij The.oueionsaxnes up
toffuslttsJwtOn Miidfffei'ianiend-
mcnt which reads r Provided : that'f
nothing hefeiri i cphtained shall ex
sons guiW of deliberate and wilfal
64hr leley,X)r aity deliberaw and ;!
wilful misenii&anor, - anything tp
.heroDtrarV iUhstaudWOPr
fTKft bill firOvides- that where.-'tbe"
&c, in the interest of. creditors ex
eept-for fraud brrregularitv A-,
,.T,he bill passed', its aecond rdarding
'.V 1
iiimseiKto-jSay ea&tf
lliMJtt'f irtrt tTrt-1 -. hat'- iknvlTMi.nt
. .. . - . . .A. :t ;
aSimiienlritli the SffiSI
ftaibmitti: 5 -
Mekf'ruW&4Ut libthirfs 'irnP.
contained - shall" eitend, nanlon
. . r?--4i.--1 . i . " j
indictments nave been found.:
--ioung men.-
.YAnnff mon . inn'fc &tnn) in fmn
of houses jof iWbrship or Sunday evet
frL; ii ii.;' :. ii. - i '
f houses:of uorsbir ori. Sunday eve-;
TUII"i.- X 11K H.IlLllfiriLlf'H JI!lV..l.nfS- f mip I
niiigSiTh authoritieMay-the iVme
has come for them' tn' abate thin nan -
liailarywoiaaucef and you. might get
in to troirbl e: War know thprtr-n
any Houiicr m'en . whd ofteni do
Uhmgs .they are, Jieartijy ashamed of
aiterjwara, ;, nevertheless rttberer are
very few youn-raen who -do nct
strive to maintain a : fairHTepOtation
among their fallowmenbtjt cxingro
ga'fTriih" front Of church'" doors ofi
Sundy(enings jsridio'etfiij :';th'at
$?nency tbiltaiera ypun;
man s - reputationIf yottbave a
oung lady-friend Whom- you, are -de- j
omiuyui ceuunuiK'uuuie iruui UlUlJt-
i n i . . " - 1 .
or, injhojrt, accept anythind- rcn
thaT-rent's if5elC7".tliRt",' 1:1 -111
v&fUjTM- acc9mpany ner to cnurcn, provi-iona xor uropo;-Crilaad
pewjandmtentothe 8ermc3;7ncairithriutn .r.fclsbttirj'tsK-
" ' . t -k 1 ln felacnt M;cc:?Qc:cntiy;i!ssertea
i .iK'ua'i;.E . .i .-t j met t'.'TthrmiMl ficl-ht from thn
-A-young-Boton girt-iautin We t ! '.5 . iKnliKS
r4rerti-ftnfcfbr.rr-!v n-s--ri i ' rniA '.-f Mi Q. present
Jii""-t"J --V-r i ' i44-. tw ...viHUlU llll r.t .ICSSt .a dozen5
? has . Been educated m thQf ,t-st. riz'-, :r of V-3rS"-dtnr
schooU-inithli coutryWtirc-e: c-S H lo l.hi'n;:;1 r
home, but is determined: to became channel f-.l r,, iliL ?
.n'N.rV l 1 tha x.r.rM . 1 i-tv"'V t,r: .
?r "--r l:';?mc-3 hou;?. ecrver.3 tin
Tr.r.'-Tcnsirr.:.. n. p"hnrk ;c. .
fe , o T-1 1"C11VC3
of i. ;r wor1:;
Tt rained, rnowid and hailed; in
Rr ler.b. cn iday.-
; , Ik i I liH : A t .ummer
died in
AUrrhtjnwbfiE: Jay. ; - ; j
- f Halifax coufltyh as liogs whikib,
huntfoies. . " .
-WflmirigtoiiIia4iad 'another fiVd
and the local reportcrsjr arqd. '
Mr. Hickman lectures in Hick6f
"TaTCrH IhU venuig-Vr- "
' PurinjCtaiiavk3iot a single case
Cai2.:a ft HdiSidf: Ukleigh,.haa1
, nMichael Authurof,Craven:c6mity;
-It cost' the State $Hto rase the JJl
Sl'Uag-oit tlie-canifoIdfi-Wastilntr-f
andx.thQ ropesv -j.:? . ; ino-o V
Ung jQXfir iomisteps. wh kh ibad beerr
piacea in ine miauie oitne .siaert
5 ,CaptvJW"iCdotc: Supenrttehfleniof.
uasfcow xvaiirou. iitu rcsisntxi iu do:
jiipnh ;a,,;.viw .oentc'ringilhe.
mercanuie juuainess.i.,,;: i . .nii ? i
r i niijiuuiermra.toiiitftf!wjr say:
"We learnaHftlfWdiffiedRf'eHiVred
. - Mm ii ... V. .t m . m -. ' 'I
at 'CoitfredMelififir last HSnfldaV; in
aiabed i the vOtheoeeriouslyv:-and she
-iaawlying bt.Clwrpdfntr?of death "at
ther'of.the one stabedi canicrnrlrand
effect WMixiot 'known aVtneWUtiie,
but he has ainceibeentifbnnd tttead '
We areht'f'iw-rifeTI'-tltiime
'partleulara W ffitieitfttr,,klvall
iifjf ihit tbeajbe; tcue copyi of
the orijnnah ,
lliyliJrAS AS
A Shihping . PoRTr-TSom e few years
cen tral depot or; guano. i trade wi th
PerdvianntidWther'gtianb' neldsthe
was also thiicase! Jfith the half-dozen
th e ? fear with sisrtecl! gbeslrorn
Liverpool vand tBreinert1 Inffacjt;the
yeapjusfcp ta tVfjwe th e
line of stcamsh i p to Liverpool art d
Bremen -.-was :-establish el, was the
of 4etahWgemeht bf th'e: BaTtTi ore-
and Ohio Raiirpadjlinf stabfishing-
the 1 wgo-IgtprjQi
tliesteamanrps crromSfm.etiestartd
tn4iuvficvi ooi.nro vine xemunerau v
IiO,the4attcr4QttflCrft ,aijrj ien tSji
had le:uecM of deveioprog : what
m krh ibedon e 'itith Jtbe'propei kind,
ofWearbrrsi :The late Albert Scfius !
mbner. than whom 'nb pnexiithe4
com m unttaHR&t q uiekerioll jscoyec
tfirdori!educitv4!ar6nceaW tha
adyantageiofitearcbW i
between -Baltimore and Europe, arid
m angerffet totueBaltini ore anftDju o.
Railmail.ConTP5nr ';the ' North, Gcr-,'
man-jttYu , ucinwrirjDaiiimore
- r i . i i : i t. . v. - -i- i .
and lireEhva utAbi5hed. This
entjernrise proyea ao ercat success
lfat tfWfaoQriiollQel; theiesrf
taunsiiing jh tne A.uan. line to- inven-
ijo6Vhddw the trade. ha been in
Sfm !m:Wm
lilies tO liUrOI&refklTftIlVJ inanffil
iVS-rf a'.-WfWSMrilMMW,!
iCtftuppIy th :nipvjthQ
departfcdtaV. aitd
Bremen a large amount ot- frighV-
Wailinff'8himnTCnt;'::::ThW'1AaVi't.; i
tonfa age -W: so great that 4 a . com nfete
reyoiaUorthas taken' placcB an, trade.
1 and now instead or vesselA
T?1" Baltimore to eekfreight else-
where, Atwut dne-thirdtof the' laHe
frm a hsW rl11i -4: ; iJJj Jf
wuv jto " iuau,.. 'A he
very staple thAthiDailefLJ5kli:
Hlwth in irtTrern pnrts imow
brought here in such abundancethaW
!f ,"-P.??1?cnce-to record
ihe sailing bencAof a cdtton-loadeid
uiiVwAnere ; are at tne pr t timc
r rtl- hn.totrc-Jviolnr 1 fr f
U--- tN de'jri w , w Jat
i t',f -, d r'xb ncrden'hi
tha month -V'f tho 1
river to T.harvc3 tbero wc"' 1 lr
oeen appointeu - consul to - oanuago.
and' will al-cebt: rk ri:rT .
V Hickory Tavern has a-'engar mahu
lactoryi and tb&Trtti ays-dbd' cam
fmy. m-'Madrsofr; County'- last1 weefc
arid the-utidertakerhad a'fob' j t i
i n N e wbern ' Ui ei othextiiidi L. bv :7i f al s
ners. inye4agatiMVe5Hw
lAfge fleet oTVelstif'fieavyIdm
re5 com nefe Jb Vdoith ip 'search.
v orcesery aunpugii ur nccoani oi
cresfedto rgogreat ntxfent that
through freiprfrbirrthe; West v sUfs
fieiietii to lead jom e ratWoienf lh
no-cc-rcity-rf thol-,r-i-t c1- te"-iw IrL':
ships 10....-:: Western
cr-U Sir :;rri. producer thrt- c-.rr- rbe'.L- s
TZ- 11. and cocstvis j icL.:ni
l:nt!3. . .
THERE will Jbe .a regular communica
tion pfExcelsior Ixxlge No. 261. a
& A. Jf .Vat 'Masonic' ilall this (TburSkvC
veninff-atrTe,elock"3i.'.--i - :
t Brethren- in good tandiiig;;frtTnr ifthii.f
ULodxes- invited to attend.-J,!-'-- fiTier
- ' Uy1 order W, M.;
Befiretary, tent'
"TCTTZj . .
A.?l&E,$i02. jttfcfibTe room,.
gentlemen. - Apply-at once to
iTTAySJjKQjreraoTed tut stock of Mxrhu i
iM.tojny olcl intend ntut 4he jail, and il
eitect Feb- i
minis Mo.
tooas,' fl-ireipectfully rgk" for: the firm &
AontintfarJotfiof the liberaaaswMt? h.
vstQwedoanie. . The business will be:a.
ned On hereafter in all its branches by p I
A&S. McXincir.V -.i . "r
'he qTftDE is published Qiiarterry 25
cfsl pys fbf the: year,- which is not half
the twtlv.i Those -.who afterwards intl
tuoney, lor the .amount of . iJne Dollar or
p$re lor fcJeeos may also onler 25 ts.
worth extra the price paid for the Guide.
Thfes Ft$l1 5 limb 'is beautiful' ei vine
1 . v . L I a. w . . . o
ptans lor iiiukiiuj rurai iiomes, uiniitr
Table DccoraTioTtsV Window Gardens,
j., aTiijfc-oPinfAiiiifion'4nvaluB.le
the lover of fluwexs. 150 pases oiv fine
Bo deceiyer. but -ifr conghs, .coltls, sore
tlirjoafnftM. and "; broiicliial difficul-
tVle'ijijti market,
but tne'nTyeritifiQ preparaticm ,of ' Car
bolic AwdibrXttrig disease' is then chem
cally. combined .wUJIi . otijer ;wcll knywn
remeAiesaa'iH thefje tabLets,' ,4p3i all par
ties;are icntioied' siriff, f ny other.
in ilt case oHrri tatin. if 'tli e " ni ucous
njenbranetnesejfiri sbouldte freely
used, their cTetaisirig';'a
; BernM,Wever iielfct a eotd,it is easily
turedfln7 its' Sneirneut, when' ' it becomes
chroivc .theatre vis exceedingly , difficult, f
use wells uarpohc Tablets as a speciiic.
?rice'T5rfijdir '-John Oi'iiellocc IS
Piatt 8t.jle Agent fbr ttte United
States. Send JUt Circular.
: feb
of ralnjxiiaetur die
gusted with thp odors pf.Pttrarine Oils ftnd
hyrlll:fiWi.JbkiaehTnefWa fnvked
eil0e'-&'He"Oit' '
JCelloTalloy Spindle OI10 U05
uaU&''6l?HrV' fiiv'-MlS: f ft OI
lAunequaled by ryl known-s rem edy... It
wil tejidjeate, ejetripatefahd thbroughVde
StroV 'all iamrttiS JsnhstiinfTii' In the
pBlbod':aha-wiil'eSFectuafly dispel all predi-
jvhihvii iu uijiiuus uvraugenieuj. -
"Is therd !want of aclionsin your laver &
3r4een?iiUnless relieved the blood becomes
;ifurure by;dleterionstsecretions, produc-
Feidtf, Pusturw, .Cnkei
niter, i-impies,-o;c.
ilae-yon4 a.DyBpcptic Stoiiich ? Un
!esdip:estidti ii WoiiiiitlV aided the system
ta debilitated with poverty of-.the Blood,
prorlcal teadencyv general Weakness and
.inetria. :lJ,i .ii jr"-;?Tt--,- m
.' Haye you . weakness of: the , Intestines ?
You. are itianset of Cbrbiiic JMarrhoae or
Inflaniatioh of the Bowbls: .. ' .";
Haye yojlf weakncss of the" trthrine : or
Urinary 0rga(ns? rYotr 5 are exposed to
Buffering in! its most aggravated form
Arfe yn", dejected, .drtwesy, jdull, sluggish
or tlepressetijvdn spirits, W'th headache,
coated tongue and' bad tasting ruouth? .
ur cereun remeuy ror all or tnese u- g
eases; weaknessea andTtTOabletf'-fbr clean- E
king and purifying the vitiated blood and i
imparting .rigarto all ftbe vital' forces ; for
bwlding up rnd restoring ? thei weakened
comtUntion USET5 il -
H .10
:. I
"Whichi istprbn'Ounbed by the'leadiginedi
cal authoritica:of London amd Faa!s
most powerful tonic and alterative known
to tlie ipedicalt.:orld.Il ;This is.;no
arid untried discovery lias beeii long, used
by the leading- physicians of other .cdun
tncs With tvondaful remedial results. ' " ' '
- Don't weaken ana immir th ii?e8tlt
(organs-by-eathartieyTirrd physics they giTe I
P TOPorary reUef-rlndigestion .flatu-
lencvaud.dyvnpnK?.i ,wfth "kind- r
rrfl r1fejr'a .lit ! a.-
uu.Kn join? Q:KEL;L0d0i",
Piatt St:sKew -York' Sole 'Agent for
the United --Stiiia.M ..-' jh?;v
fPr;c3-.Cn-Dollar per; BotUeJ Send &r
v-uiT. . i. ....... t rh fw-4ir
on - ii an u ; luchinon
tv, ice a week by'
' received
,jr;Go to TSECSOX'S for Good: JJaJ-
vuriv. ao-pstrersnip, TOtftKO
fliary;tb,l$73 witU WrSyl
Xiflctir with" the view' of
tinted nape5 m -Oft ngrayjngs and a
uperbXIotoreaTrat anil Clirornd 'Cover.
The"rtrtrSt!lftioii-;bf;00T)-JttsV printed
in English aid German," '. "..
k " "-.43 vrck,
. feb Jw ' . ' fcIldchester. X Y.
. "I. ..r 7'..-'T"r'""!iiwii iiilij'"!'! niimw.nip i
,T;.II Ir-ntainCibbaSeJust Eeceiy-
Ii.'il.D: f : : "imd 'Butter
--.'i -j
w WW i . v i
.r '-j " .

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