North Carolina Newspapers

    FRIDAY, JANUARY 24, 1379.
Raleigh News . , 'I
. - SENATE. .
Monday, January 20.
Uy . Mr. McEachern. a petition from
citizens of Robeson county concerning
the running of railroad traius on Sun
day.v Referred.,. ,s;;., j, . ;
Mr. Nicholson presented a Detition
from the merchants of States vule ask
ing the repeal of the purchase tax. ; Re
ferred to the judiciary committee. V
A number of bills were reported."
Senate bill 128, an act to incorporate
the Bennettsville, S. C, and Hamlet, N.
C Railroad Company was taken up.
After debate Mr. Leach moved that it
be postponed and made the special or
der ior Saturday next at 12 o clock.
Mr. McEachern moved that the rules
be suspended and H. B. 62, which
changes the time of holding the Supe
rior Courts in the fourth judicial dis
trict, be taken up. There being no ob
jection, the rules were suspended and
the bill passed its several readings.
By Mr. Richardson, of Columbus, ask
ing an appropriation by the United
States to open Waccamaw Lake. Prop
ositions and grievances. ,,
By Mr. Blocker, asking that Fayette
ville be made a port of entry, and that
the Cape Fear be improved. Railroads,
post roads, &c.
By Mr. Scott, to amend chapter 239,
laws of 1874-T5. Judiciary.
By the same, to exempt firemen from
loll tax. . Propositions and grievances.
On motion of Mr. Scott, II. B.188, to
incorporate Germania Lodge, No. 4, K.
of P was taken up, but was referred to
the committee on corporations.
Mr. Lockhart, of committee on prop
ositions and grievances, reported on a
bill to amend the charter of the Mt.
Airy , and Central ' Railroad. The bill,
as amended, make the railway tap the
Yadkin river at Sean. Shoals. It also
allows county and township subscrip
tions to the work, and grants the use
of 200 convicts. The road is to run to
Ore Knob, in Ashe county.
On.inption of Mr, York, House bill
No. 10a in relation to a grant of 200
convicts to the Yadkin Valley Railroad
was taken up, passed second reading,
was referred to the committee on inter
nal improvements, and ordered to be
On motion of Mr. Meares, House bill
No. 114, providing for punishment of
those who entice seamen from their
vessels, was taken up, but after some
discussion was referred to the judiciary
H. R. 60, in regard to the appointment
pf a committee to investigate the right
' of Mr. A. C. Meares. sittiner.memhpr
from Brunswick, to a right to a seat,
made special order for the day, was
taken up and adopted.
S. R. 21, relieving Judge Schenck from
fine for failure to hold court, by reason
of illness, passed its readings.
H. B. 53, to regulate the rate of inter
est, making it six per cent, legal rate,
was postponed and made special order
for Friday at noon.
H. B. 71 for the relief of persons con
fined in the common jails, by requiring
the county commissioners to properly
heat the jails and otherwise consult the
comfort of persons so held.
IL B. 106, to amend sections 8 and 10,
Battle's Revisal, in relation to the du
ties of county treasurers. Requiring
these pfficers to keep the county funds
wpaiaws irom ineir own, and to post
each month a statement, itemized, of
the expenditures, etc. Mr. Vaughan
offered an amendment so that any dis
bursing officer shall come under this
act. The bill was explained by, Mr.
Colwell, who advocated its passage, as
did Mr. Bernard, who said it would as
sist every Dranch ot the county govevn
ment. The amendment being adopted
the bill then passed its readings.
H. B.-35, to repe&J the act allowing
the counly, commissioners and others
to hire out convicts was laid on the ta
ble.' "' "
H. ,H.&li to protect sheep and tax
dogs, was laid on the table. It will be
replaced by another bill, to be intro
duced by Mr. Amis.
Bill against tramps, providing, for
their punishment. Referred.
January 21.
By Mr. Graham, of Lincoln, a peti
tion from citizens of Lincoln and Gas--ton
counties, asking for a law to pre
vent desecration of the Sabbath day by
railroad companies. Propositions and
, . .-; TIONS. '
. By Mr, CaldwelL an act to be Entitled
an act to provide for the registration of
certain deeds and other instruments of
writing, and to make valid the registra
tion of others Judiciary committee
By Mf. Graham, of Lincoln, a bill to
be entitled an act to simplify the form of
indictment for murder. Judiciary com-1
ByMr-King,abillto be entitled an'
act to remit to merchants the privilege
tax of $9 where it has ilot been paid,
and to refund the Same where it has
been paid. - Committee on finance.
- By.Mr..Bynum,a billjto amend the
act prohibiting marriage between the
races. , Judiciary .committee. -
By Mr. Robinson, a bill to be entitled
an act to amend chapter 107, laws of
:mjr5, wa to provide -that county
authorities be made to pay the expenses
incurred in bunging : prisoners to 'the
penitentiary, instead the State. Com
mittee on penal institutions.
S. B.195,a bill concerning the elec-
; tion of certain officers in 1878.
' VM.rj Henderson advocated the passage
1 thjhbllliat once- He said " thHtthe
1 law did not prescribe for the election of
registers of deeds, although he was un
der the impression that it was a cleri
cal error, and that in order for the mat
ter to be settled, he moved that it be
put upon its second reading, which was
earned and referred to the judiciary
committee. :
! S1, an act to incorporate Bre
Yard Station, was taken up and passed
its second reading. - 1
iiA-lu1 a entled an act to au
thorize the collection of arrears of tax
es due the towns of Salisbury and Golds
bpro for 1876-77-'7& . ; Upon this bill Mr.
when it was carried by a vote of 43 to
; 0, and ordered to be engrossed and sent
to the House. i,f , 1
S. B. 126, an act t6 'prohibit certain
persons from receiving free passes from
. railroads...,,.,,,;.,-u,!.-. , ... ..-,.
' MrrEverelt" spoke in "favor of the
bill, he being the originator of the same
He promised his constituents to doi so
and ne would be false to them if he did
-Mr.X.eachsaid,as a member of the
judiciary committee,, he must say a few
words upon the subject. He said that
the railroad officials have a motive in.
granting free passes, and that he Was in
favor of helping all the. railroads in the
State. . ;:: ; . - ;' . t v ;-.! " :
Quite a warm discusssion ensued up
on the .bill by several Senators, and
finally, upon motion of Mr. Leach, it
was laid on the table, : . ;
A message from the House of Repre
sentativea was received, announcing
that that body would, at 12 m. to-day
proceed to the election of a United
States Senator, and asking concurrence.
.1 Jin iieacn , moved tnat tne message
06 concurred in.3 earned. f
1 The hour of 12 havinsr arrived. Presi
dent J arvis announced that the election
of a " Senator was in order. Messrs
Scales and Bull were appointed tellers;
Mri Dortch, in a short and well timed
speech, nominated Hon. Zebulon B.
. Vance. .. . :i . ,-. -.h'', , ,
Mr. Everett nominated Hon. It. P.
Mr. "Ward nominated Honj A. S. Mer
rimon, the present incumbent
i A ballot was then taken, -when . the
following Senators were recorded as vo-
ting ,tor zeouion ts. vance: Messrs.
Alexander, Austin, Bledsoe, ! Bryan, of
Duplin, Bynum, Caldwell, ! Davidson,
uuiard, uortcn, jrwin. uratiam. or 1jU
coin, Harris, Henderson,; Hollman,
Hoyle, King, Leach, Lyon, Matheson,
McEachairn, Mebane, Merritt, Moye,
Nicholson, Redwine, Respass, Robin
son, Scales, Snow, Stewart, Taylor,
waddeii, Waldo, Williamson 33,
For R. P. Buxton: Messrs. Alston,
Black, Bull, Dancey, Eaves, Eppes, Ev
erett, Graham, of Richmond, Hollman,
Ormand, Ward and White 12,
For A. S. Merrimon: Mr. Brow er, of
January 21.
By Mr. Brown, of Mecklenburg : From
citizens of Davidson College- in regard
to Sunday trains. Internal improve
By Mr. Orchard: From citizens of
Cabarrus, as to the running of Sunday
trains. Internal improvements.
By Mr. Click: From citizens of Ire
dell, in regard to desecration of the Sab
bath by trains. Internal improve
By Mr. Huffstetler: From citizens of
Gaston county, to prohibit the loading
anu unloading 01 ireignt trams on , tne
Sabbath. Internal improvements.
By Mr. Foy: Concerning old debts.
State debt, &c.
By Mr. Turner: Showing how the
money goes. About A. H. Swazer and
the North Carolina Railroad, and the
large allowances to attorneys in that
case. Propositions and grievances.
By the same : to investigate and pun
ish, the ring of the Wilmington, Char
lotte & Rutherford Railroad. Proposi
tions and grievances.
By the same: that the. special com
mittee on the expulsion of a member
report to-day. Propositions and griev
ances. By the same: to investigate and pun
ish the ring in. the Kehoe injunction
case. Propositions and grievances.
By the same: calling for exposure and
indictment of ring men, about pay
ment to Dr. Sloan by Swepson. Propo
sitions and grievances.
By the same: to expose and let in
light on the rings, in connection with
the lease of the North Carolina Rail
road. Propositions and grievances. All
the above are to be referred to the ring
committee, to be brought to the atten
tion of the Attorney General.
By Mr. Harrell: to protect fish in the
Yadkin and Catawba rivers. Proposi
tions anu grievances.
By Mr. Carson: to
town of Taylorsville,
incorporate the
Alexander counr-
ty. corporations.
By Mr. Ansrier: to incomornift ih
State University Railroad. 1
By Mr. McCorkle: t ,imnil th niiar.
ter of the town of Mooresville. Iredell
county. Corporations
By Mr. Scott: to. extend the jurisdic
tion of j ustices. of the peace. J udiciary.
On motion of Mr. York, the calendar
was placed at the disposal of the
Speaker. The following bills were then
called and acted upon :
H. B. 43, to incorporate the Bank of
Asheville, with a present capital stock
of not less than 825,000, with power to
increase the same to a sum hot in excess
of $500,000. Mr. Carter, of Buncombe,
spoke on the bill, and after passing the
second reading, it was, on his motion,
referred to the committee on banks and
currency, with instructions to print.
H. B. 64, to amend chap. 105, Battle's
Revisal, entitled salaries and fees, by
not requiring a deduction of a judge's
salary when ho is by sickness or other
unavoidable cause, prevented from hold
ing a term of court, passed its readings.
II. B. 70, to incorporate the trustees of
Centre Point Institute, Iredell county
passed its readings.
On motion of Mr. Jones, a message
was ordered to be sent to the Senate,
with information that at 12 o'clock the
House, would proceed, in accordance
with law, to ballot for a United States
Senator, for a term beginning March
4th, 1879, and ending March 4, 1885.
H. B. 84, forbidding the imposition of
a tax upon commercial tourists or agents
of any- business-houses or insurance
companies of this State, by counties,
cities or towns, was laid on the table.
H, B. 102, to amend sec. 3, chap. 240,
laws ISW-. Prohibits discrimination
m freight charges; that n'o company
shall charge greater rates for freights
than are charged by lines in the State,
except that in special cases for trans
port of large through freights special
termainaybe made., JVIr, Orchard spoke
on the bill, saying that it-would work a
reform in the matter of freight tariffs
by preventing discrimination and also
excessive local freight charges.-" He
spoke of the extortionate charges for
local as compared with through freights
on some roads, which were a drawback.
Mr. Armstrong) moved a reference of
the bill to the committee on propositions
and gnevances, stating that it was one
which required consideration. Mr.
Blocker having offered an amendment
to .include steamboats in the bill, it was
put upon its second reading, passed, and
was then refen-ed to the above named
committee with instructions to print.
it zb to aid tne construction of
the Chester and Lenoir and Watauga
Narrowuage Railroad, passed its sec
?? radmg and was then, on motion of
Mr. Brown, of Mecklenburg, referred
back to the committee on internal im
provements. 1 ; m,': - M
B-Jr39' autnrize the consolidation
pf the Western Railroad of North Caro
lina, with the Fayetteville and Florence
Railroad, and the Mount Airy Railroad,
tofhange the name, to the Cape . Fear
and s Yadkin . Valley Railroad, and to
complete r MrMoring took the floor
and spoke upon, the substitute which
the committee in charge of the bill had
offered, which autbonzes the counties
' and towns on the line to subscribe. He
said the aim of the road was to carry
out the great work of State improve
ment, and that the bill possessed special
merits, while the substitute was in all
respectsproper'i The bill authorizes the
completion of ; the; road . further west
He advocated the passage of the substi
tute. Tbe substitute was then adopted.
Mr. Turner opposed the passage or the
bill on its secdhd'teadrng now,' but
urged that it be first -printed, and then
acted upon. Mr. Lewis took the same
view; Mrr;Moring then-: agreed to the
The whole matter was then' referred to
the- ? committee on j internal improve
ments; with, instructions to print. ,
,-,-; A f message - was received from the
Senate; i announcing 5 the readiness of
that body to go into the election , of U.
HB. 104.. VPfinirSnnr aherifFa lorlra vf
supenar courts, and registers of deeds,
inthfcurarious counties, to make a year
ly statement - of :the t amounts of ; fees,
one cony of such statement to . be-de
posited in the office of the , register of
uccus, ana anotner io - oe posted- on tne
court - house iMr York "Offered n
amendment sn th-xt t th
may; be .added "on which may; be due t
them." The T amendment was adopted.
Mr, Holt objected to the passage of the
bill, as- entailing a great amount of
trouble upon the officials named, "with
out the result of any good. Mr. McLean
said he could conceive of no objection
to the bilL . It simply required three
public servants to make a plain state
ment of their transactions. Upon mo
tion of Mr. Cobb the bill was referred
to the judiciary committee. i
A message was ' received from his
excellency, the' Governor,' transmitting
a communication in regard to the State
debt, and commending the matter to the
special attention of the House. On mo
tion of Mr. Cobb, the -message was sent
to the Senate, with " a" proposition to
print. - V
. The hour of 12 m. having arrived, the
Speaker announced that the time had
arrived for the . election of a Uni ted
States Senator from this State, to hold
the position for (six years beginning
March 4th, 1879, atd ending March 4th,
1885. He then declared nominations in
Mr. Cooko then placed in nomination
Gov. Zebulon B. Vance
Mr. Norment placed in nomination
Hon. Ralph P. Buxton. j
The nomination of Gov. Vance was
then seconded by Mr. Davis, of Cataw
ba. . -
No other nominations being made the
roll of Representatives was called, when
they cast their votes as follows, Messrs.
Cooke and Norment acting as tellers :
For Vance: Messrs. Speaker, Amis,
Anderson, Angier, Ardrey, Armstrong,
Atkinson, Barringer, Bernard, Berry,,
Bizzell, Blalock, Bonner, Bost, Brown,
of Mecklenburg, Bryson, Buchan, Bur
roughs, Carter, of Buncombe, Carter, of
Yancey, CarrciL Carson, Chadwick,
Click, Cobb, Coffield, Colwell, Cooke,
Council, Covington, Davis, of Catawba,
Davis, of Haywood, English, Etheridge,
Foard, .Forbes, Foster, Fulcher, Gatling
Goldston, Grant, Harrell, Hewitt, Hines,
Holt, Huffstetler, Jones, J ohnson, Lamb
Leach, Leatherwood, Lewis, Lindsay,
Lockhart, Meares, Mebane, Melson,
Moore, McCorkle, McLean, Oliver, Orch
ard, Paxton, Powers, Rawley, Reid.of
Macon, Reid of McDowell, Richardson,
of Columbus, Richardson, of Wake,
Ritchey, Roberson, Smith, Taylor,
Vaughan, Wheeler, Woodhouse, York,
Young 77.
For Buxton : Messrs. Bateman, Bat
tle, Bingham, Bird, Blaisdell, Blocker,
Brown, of Yadkin, Bruce, Cale, Carter,
of Warren, Cary, Christmas, Clarke
Davis, of Madison, Deans, Dimsdale,
Dixon, Dunn, Ellison, Ewing, FerreD,
Foy, Henderson, Hobbs, Horton, Low
rie, Lutterloh, Miller, Newell, Norment,
Osborne, Pettipher, Reynolds, Scott
Venable, Waddell, White, Wimberly,
Wynne 39.
Mr. Harrison voted for Hon. A. S.'
Merrimon, and Mr. Turner for Hon.
Thomas S. Ashe.
The result showed the election of Gov
Vance. At the conclusion of these
proceedings, at 12:30 p..m the House
adjourned until to-morrow at 10 a. m.
An Appeal for the Debtor Clas.
To the Editor of the Obsenrer:
I have the greatest confidence in you
as a devoted iriend and editor. T shall
make the attempt to ask a favor of you
uirougn your paper, Denevmg it to nave
a laree circulation in the South. Tha
oppressed citizens of the country now
are daily looking for something that
might be done for them concerning the
homestead, and thev dailv notice snmn
susrsrestions beinsr made for the nassaA
or repeal of some laws by our Legisla-
IU1 1 , uub HUbUUlg 13 BiUU. Ill UCUillO. Ul Lilt)
unfortunate homesteader. Tt seema
that under the present laws a large por
tion of our war-worn citizens must be
come subjects of their creditors in
short terms, in a certain deerree their
slaves. It seems that our officers and
Vinnnrfihle men nnwin nnwerHn nnt vionr
the condition in which a certain class
is placed. In 1867. when the hankrimt
law was passed, if a man did not owe
siuu ne couiu not nave tne Denent 01
the law. If the hankmnfc nwwi
homesteader $200, he could not collect.
ana unaer tne circumstances he was
compelled' to shelter under the home
stead. To-dftv. under the lato H
of the Supreme Court, the bankrupt
sues the homesteader and sweeps him
out. While the weary soldier was stand
ing amidst the roar of cannon for four
long years, the statute was repealed in
behalf of the creditor, and interest was
going on against the debtor. All men
left their homes in debt, tnnra nr less
and considering the loss of property and
heaw taxation this P.onntv fins nnt. mnra
than nade a suDoort on small tracts nf
land and small farms, which are gener
al 111 tins county.
It has been for the past two months
that all Old Claims have been snerl nnnn
and judgment obtained, and property
sold or mortgages given. If our Legis
lature, Congress, or our courts cannot
do somethinff for the relief of the.
ple, at the expiration of said mortgages
mcy win ue swept out 01 House and
home. The hankrimt will
take his own notes to balance against
tne uomesteaaer. rnere is no sucn
thing in many cases as compromise
only dollar lor dollar, including interest
and cost; sell or mortgage all you have.
j-m. u rtja it 1a uumpiouiiseu; 11 not, tne
remainder stands aarainst vou until von
get jnore. Under the circumstances
widows and orphans, and helpless men
wuu suiiueu ine Dattie-neia witn
their blood will r.rv for hel
peal to our authorities to give us aid if
possible by law; if not, we humbly sub-
ii u rtesDecETiniv.
Voices of Many.
Buffalo Paper Mills, Cleaveland Co.
A Dangerous Torpor.
Torpor Or lxactMtT Of the kWnvs la Berlnnale
dangerous to those oreans. since t in th nrvirt
of diseases which destroy their substance and en
danger life. This sluggishness may be overcome
by stimulating themnot excessively, but moderate
ly, an effect produced by Hosteller's Stomach Bit
ters, a general invlgdrant and alterative, possess
lng diuretic properties of no common order. The
Impetus which this admirable medicine gLves to
their evacuatlve function counteracts any tendency
to congestion which may esdst In their tissues.
Both they and their associate organ, the bladder,
are Invigorated as well as gently stimulated by the
Bitters, which exerts a kindred Influence upon the
stomach, liver and bowels, and by strengthening
the system, enables It to withstand malarial epl
demlcs, to which when exposed It might otherwls t
succumb. i 1
Why will leu
Allow a cold advance In your system and thus
encourage more serious maladies, such as Pneu
monia, Hemorrhages and Xung troubles whenan
Immediate i relief can be so readily attained
Boschee's German Syrup has. gained the largest
sale In the world for the cure of Coughs, Colds and
the severest Lung Diseases; it ia Dr. Boschee's
famous German prescription, and is prepared with
the greatest care, and no fear need be entertained
to administering 44 to.the youngest child, as per
directions. The sale of this medicine Is unDreee
dented. Stace; first introduced there has been,
constant increasing demand and without a sinide
report of a failure to do Its work in any case Ask
your druggist as to the truth of these remarks
Large size 75 cen Try It arid be convinced.
f" '. ' A BemarkabieKesaltJ '
. It makes no difference how many WvaUiw r
thousands of eT wbft f fef6 areJet
BctTpneumfwied the
h we no oeraonai bii"". who
w ire sold last year witwMiiS XeM
To all who are suffering from- the errors and In-'
discretions of youth, nervous weakness, 1 early d&
cay, loss of manhood. &c, I will send a receipt that
will cure you, PEEE OF CHARGE. This great
remedy was discovered by a missionary in South
America. Send a self-addressed envelope to the
REV. JOSEPH T. IN MAN, Station D, Bible House,
New YorteClty.Tc-JHra a. t . il moy30dkwtf
patent tedijciujes.
SrriGETDST " !
Springfield, O., Feb. 28, 1877. ':
. This is to certify that I have used VEGETINE,
monufactured by H. B. Stevens, Boston, Mass., for
Rheumatism and General Prostration of the Nerv
ous System, with good success. I recommend
VEGETINE as an excellent medicine for such
complaints. Yours very truly,
Mr. Vandegrift, of the firm of Vandegrift & Huff
man, Is a well-known business man of this place,
having one of the largest stores In Springfield, O.
Louisville, Ky., Feb. 16, 1877.
Mr. H. B. Stevens:
Dear Sir Three years ago I was suffering terribly
with Inflammatory Rheumatism. Our minister's
wife advised me to take VEGETINE. After tak
ing one bottle, I was entirely relieved. This year,
feeling a return of the disease, I again commenced
taking it, and am being benefited greatly. It also
greatly improves my digestion.
.: Respectfully,
1011 West Jefferson Street.
Mr. H. R. Stevens:
In 1872 your Vegetine was recommended to me,
and yielding to the persuations of a friend,
I consented to try it At the time I was suffering
Irom general debility and nervous prostration,
superinduced by overwork and Irregular habits.
Its wonderful strengthening and curative proper
ties seemed to affect my debilitated system from
the first dose; and under Its persistent use I rapid
ly aeoovered, gaining more than usual health and
good feeling, since then I have not hesitated to
give Vegetine my most unqualified indorsement,
as being a safe, sure and powerful agent In promot
ing health and restoring the wasted system to new
life and energy. Vegetine Is the only medicine I
use; and as long as I live I never expect to find a
better. Yours truly, W. H. CLARK,
120 Monterey Street Alleghany, Penn.
The t Dllowtag letter from Rev. G. W Mansfield,
formerly pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church,
Hyde Park, and at present settled In Lowell, must
convince everyone who reads his letter of the won
derful curative qualities of Vegetine as a thorough
cleanser and purifier of the blood.
Hyde Park, Mass., Feb. 15, 187a
Mr. H. R. Stevens:
Dear Sir About ten years ago my health failed
through the depleting effects of dyspepsia; nearly
a year later I was attacked by typhoid-fever in Its
worst form. It settled In my back, and took the
form of a large deep-seated abscess, which was
fifteen months In gathering. I had two surgical
operations by the best skin In the State, but receiv
ed no permanent cure. I suffered great pain at
times, and was constantly weakened by a profuse
discharge. I also lost small pieces of bone at dif
ferent nines.
Matters ran on thus about seven years, till May,
1874, when a friend recommended me to go to
your office, and talk with yon of the virtue of Vege
tine. I did so, and by your kindness passed through
your manufactory, noting the Ingredients, &c., by
which your remedy Is produced.
By what I saw and beard I gained some confi
dence in Vegetine.
I commenced taking it soon after, but felt worse
from Its effects; still I persevered, and soon felt it
was benefitting me In other respects Yet I did not
see the results I desired till I had taken it faithful
ly for little more than a year, when the difficulty In
the back was cured; and for nine months I have
enjoyed the best of health.
I have In that time gained twenty-five pounds of
flesh, being heavier than ever before In my life, and
I was never more able to perform labor than now.
During the past few weeks I had a scrofulous
swelling as large as my fist gather on another part
of my body.
I took Vegetine faithfully, and it removed it level
with the surface In armonth. I think I should have
been cured of my main trouble sooner If I hfid tak
en larger doses, after having become accustomed
to its effects.
Let your patrons troubled with scrofula or kidney
disease understand that it takes time to cure
chronic diseases; and. If they will patiently take
Vegetine, it will, In my Judgement, cure them.
With great obligations I am
Yours very truly,
Pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church
Prepared by
Vegetine is sold by all Druggists.
The countenance is pale and leaden colored,
with occasional flushes, or a Circumscribed spot on
one or both cheeks; the eyes become dull; the pu
pils dilate; an azure semicircle runs along the
lower eye-lid; the nose Is Irritated; swells, and
sometimes bleeds; a swelling of the upper lip; oc
casional headache, with humming or throbbing of
the ears; an unusual secretion of saliva; slimy or
furred tongue; breath very foul, particularly In the
morning; appetite variable, sometimes voracious,
with a knawing sensation of the stomach, at others,
entirely gone; fleeting pains in the stomach; occa
sional nausea and vomiting; violent pains through
out the abdomen; bowels irregular, at times cos
tive; stools slimy; not unfrequently tinged with
blood; belly swollen and hard; urine turbid; respira
tion occasionally difficult and accompanied by
hiccough; cough sometimes dry and convulsive;
uneasy and disturbed sleep, with grinding of the
teeth; temper variable, but generally Irritable, &c
Whenever the above symptoms are found 0 exist
will certainly effect a cure.
m any form: it Is an Innocent preparation, not
capable of doing the slightest Injury to the most
tender Infant
The genuine Dr. McLasi's Vermotjoe bears
the signatures of C. McLake and Fleming Bbob.
on the wrapper. '
' ' :i DB, C. McIANE'S
Kvt f ,!TiT ! , . . 1
:r-. -ni:7 .. : not recommended as a remedy "for all the flls
that flesh is heir to," but In affections of the liver,
and In all bilious complaints, dyspepsia and sick,
headache, or diseases of that character, they stand
without a rival. - -
--....'J..'-. J.'. i .. i '.; )
No better cathartic can be used prepa ratory to, or
after taxing Quinine. .
... As a simple purgative they ara uneqwaled.
Mi .. ixij ), . -.
'-fi Ja genuine are never sugar coated - f
7" i?la , " wax seal on ue lid with the
WMoLAHB'SLlVEB PnjA i i t .
and FiEjirNoBRc' TT ff W1 "
Imn Pffrl "iu me genuine J. JB CLANK'S
buTlh Prepared by Fleming Bros., of Pitts-
SffiM market being full of ImltaOons of
So uKtfJS1 "Pe"l differently but same
; . - " U. S. INTERNAL1 REVENUE; L j ' h
Collector's Office, 6th District North Carolina, I
, u i ' Statesvllle;,N. C Deoember27tBi 187& ) ,.,
Seized for violation ! of United State Internal
Revenue Laws, on Saturday, -December 27th, 78;
, 2 mule and 1 wagon and harness, one barrel of
Whiskey, the property of W. F Burns. -
Notice is hereby given to the owner or claimants
of the above described property to appear before
me at my office in States ville, and make claim
thereto before the' expiration of thirty days from
date hereof , or the same will be forfeited to the
United Stales. J. J. MOTT,
J. G. Young, : - Collector. .
Deputy. "
)anl 4w oaw " ''
. United States Internal Revenue, )
Collector's Office. 6th District North Carolina,
Statesvllle, N. U, December 6tti, 1878. )
Seized for violation ot United States Internal
Revenue Laws, on Saturday, December 6th, '78: I
Ten boxes Tobacco, as the property of J. F. Fare. '
Notice is hereby given to the owner or claimants
of the above described property to appear before
meat my office in Statesvllle, and make claim
thereto before the expiration of thirty days from
date hereof, or the same will be forfeited to the
United States. J. J. MOTT,
4ec254woaw Collector.
United States Internal Revenue, ) i
Collector's Office. th Collection District N. C, y '
Statesvllle, Dec, 18th, 1878. ) '
Seized for violation of United States Internal
Revenue Laws, on Wednesday, December 18th,
Five boxes Tobacco, the property of T. C Striek
er. Notice is hereby given to the owner or claimants
of the above described property to appear before
me at my office In Statesvllle, and make claim
thereto before the expiration of thirty days from
date hereof, or the same will be forfeited to the
United States.
, J. J. MOTT, :
J. G. Young, Collector.
Deputy. j
, Jan. 16 3t.
This house has been newly furnished and is kept In
first-class style.
Terms, Per Day $ 2 00
Table Board, Per Month 6 00
"Omnibus and Carriages at every train.
Comer Tryon and Sixth Streets,
Corner Tryon and Sixth Streets,
S. P. CALDWELL, Proprietor;
This house is permanently established and offers
all the conveniences and comforts of a first, class
boarding house. Persons visiting the city will find
It a pleasant home. Permanent boarders wanted.
Can be furnished with rooms.
RATES- rday, $1.25; per week, $6.00; per
month, $20.00; ie' board, $15.00 per mpnth.
Unction gaits.
By virtue of the power conferred In mortgage
made by T. J. Wilkinson and Laura H. Wilkinson
to the Charlotte Building and Loan Association, I
will sell at public auction, a house and lot of land
fronting on the N. C. Railroad, in square No. 68.
beginning at a stake on the N. C. Railroad and run
ning with said road to L. A. Phillips' corner, thence
with her line 180 feet to a stake, thence' parallel
with said railroad 49 feet toJ.B. Shannonhouse's
line, thence to the beginning, which Is now
claimed subject to said mortgage by E. W. Mellon.
Said property to be sold at the court house door in
the city of Charlotte on the 1st Monday In March,
1879, for cash, the amount due the Charlotte
Building and Loan Association being $229.25.
with cost of advertising and sale. -
decl9tds Sec'y snd Treas.
By Maxwell & Harrison,
Saturday, January 25th, 1879, at 11 o'clock, a. m.
Unlimited articles received until hour of sale.
Jan23tds , . , .
Have Just received," ; -
. Cornstarch,
Sherry Wine J
. Flavoring Extracts, ' - '
All of the best quality for retail trade
decl3 v
And Patterns of Garments for February received
, 1 this day, at .,., ,1lfr
5 TIIDY. t fcR!Vrrm'ii If,'
:0ttf i&ioiidvits;
S 9 RANGE. ,
PE B. B Y ' 8 C A B O MEL O
E R R Y'S C A R O Mjl lO,
The greatest luxury of the
age (50c per pound) Also
remember that he keeps
the fenest assortment of
Candles ever seen In Char
lotte. Ladles partic
ular mvirea 10 caii.
V IVIT t 1
According to the command of Joshua of old al-
though repudiated by the M Jasper Philosophy " of
the new, is now standing stGL at the Old Place, on
Trade Street, opposite , the : Market House, plus
Hornet Fire Engine Han, where the light of reason
llumlnate8 the snmranulng atmosphere, which In-
veste all things with the glow of inspiration, and
the world no longer seems
" A fleeting show,
To man's illusion given.'
Once on a time. In another Hemisphere, "Man's
illusion" was checkmated and fanaticism stamped
out In the Holy Wars of the Cross vs. the Crescent,
(the Crusades). Two million men were killed and
a pyramid was erected from the bones from one
battle-field alone, near Nleve, by Solyman, as a
monument to their fanaticism, and the Saracens
drank beer out of their skulls. Since then, fol
lowing the Reformation, in Christian conflicts (so
called,) fifty million more were slain " aU by Di
vine appointment," making probably In all, 100,
000,000 who have victimized themselves to their
faith. Peter the Hermit had nothing to do with
ihe latter conflicts. He had Peter'd out some time
previous. The present Hermit who runs the
to pleased to say that he has received his stock
since Christmas, and has now on hand FERRY'S
come up without the erwade of your neighbor's
chickens), In addition to his stock of Candles, Nuts
Raisins, Coffee, Teas, Sugar, Molasses, Flour.Lard,
Sardines, Canned Fruits, Apples and Oranges. In
fact everything kept in a Confectionery and Gro
cery, c. s. holton:
Jan 19
Democrat and Home copy.
For selling and buying Mines, Lands and Houses,
and win .
Advertise free of cost, all properties placed In my
hands for sale.
declO Charlotte, V. C.
10 Room House, two blocks from public square,
$20 per month.
5 Room House, acre of ground attached, four
blocks from public square, $16 per month.
7 Room House, with 6 acres of land attached,
price $150 per year.
7 Room House, ' four blocks" from public square,
$15 per month.
4 Room House, jrtth good lot prlce.$l ,200.
4 Room House, with good lot, price $700.
. 6 Room House! with acre and half of land, four
blocks from public square, price $3,000.
7 to 10 Room House, near public square.
8 to 4 Room House, near public square.
Call at - ry
Old Bank of Mecklenburg Building
deel8 -.'.-l ; . f
.; . Xterje Stoke. . . .
Wttfi 25 yearn experience I irarsiitee! entire
; If you want firstclass Carriages, Phaetons, Bog
gies Or? Saddle Horses, go to the New Livery
Stable.' .;; r -
a If yo want, a Carriage nd Baggage Wagon to
meet arriving or departing trains, goto the New
Livery stable, v 1 ' i . s.
: K you want your hones well fed and wen groomed
go to the New Livery Stable, br: ,-. r,
!,inrr8' promptne8B tad reasonable prices
aieour motto. t u; 1 jr - t 7
lmay2 . ;;i :y R. CHAMBERS 4 CO. '.
"Especial attention to the retail trade; end sil our
Goodi are warranted of the best qwUlty. -
!LIt" f ' 1 li,V?lLSON BUBWELLT
- ,t aJl;
Messrs. Scribner A Co.; In 1878, beean th nn.
cation of sr. Nicholas,' an frustrated mWi"
for Girls and Boys,M Marf fflS.
editor. Five years have passed since the tmZ
ber was issued, and the magazine has won T
highest positioiu ; It has a micirtnuatn of
. '6veb 50.000 corns.
. 'It Is published simultaneously In Londor ma
New York.aiid thensatlantic TreiogiuflSn isl
most as-general and hearty , as the African All
though fie progress of the magazine hMbWi
itF$r"?e' ttvnas not reached its editor's wSJ
. pf best, oecause her Ideal continuaUy oitouilf
HSTwngemen ?or Uterary and artcontribu
tor toe new volume-the slith-are eomDlete
drawing from already favorite sources? as weUM
from. promising new ones. Mr S "S
ton's new serial story for boys, awa
W1U run through the twelve monthly parts -be-
nSgtPienumber Novemter.P1878,
Drst of the volume,-and will be Illustrated by Jas!
uV viyAa?,!ltolI,lone 01 el and adventure
toKafe? the Bmas. For the girls, a ccn-
lricPhS?ASmUn; Illustrations by Fred
?Ssh 5aiVbeguls S18 same number; ana a
brilhth,5.000116! euaed "Eye
i?in t,P,i.fnty oyjlctures. whl be eommeneed
"RUMPTT DODGET'8 tower."
wStttenby Julian Hawthorne, and illustrate
Alfred Fredericks, About the other timing, f by
: tures of St.' Nicholas, the editor presei"
, humored ; silence, content, perhaps? met 'her
3&?s aire!.88Uedi Propbesy ronrch toe
'toesto8hoiS stories, plSurrams
department, and t&&$$ ZS.
and by all booksellers and postmasters: PS
UnB to subscribe dlrertLhthTpubKra
should, write name, ppstomce, county and State in
full, and send with remittance in check P o
money order, or registered letter to '
dwin SCRIBNER & CO.,
decl 743 Broadway, New York.
The most Popular Scientific Paper in toe World.
Only $3.20 a year, including postage. Weekly, 5
Numbers a year, 4,000 book pages.
will6, Scm,Tmc American to a large first-lass-Weekh'
Newspaper of sixteen pages, printed in the
moflJeauOtyle, profuse illustrated wtth
splendid engravings, representing 7 the oewest in
ventions and the most recent advanoea in the Art
and Sciences; including New and Interesting Facts
to Agriculture, Horticulture; the Home, Health
Geologyj-Astronomy. ) The most valuable practical
papers, byemlnentwrltei8 in all departments of
Science, wm be found In the scientific American
i Th8- 5F'2 ?l-60 half year.whichin:
eludes postage, - Discount lt agents, single cocles
ten cents. Sold by all Newsdealers. RenUtbypos
Row? Nlw York C- PubUshe. 37 k
PATENTS. In connection with the Scientific
American, Messrs. Munn A Co., Solicitors of
American and Foreign Patents, have had 34 years
experience, and now have the-largest establish
ment in the world.' Patents are obtained on the
best terms. A special notice to made In the Scien
tific American of all inventions patented through
this Agency .with the name and residence of toe
Patentee. By the Immense circulation thus given,
public attention to directed to the merits of the
new patent, and sales or introduction often easily
Any person who has made a new discovery r
Invention, can ascertain, free of charge, whether a
patent can probably be obtained, by writing to the
undersigned. We also send free our hand book
about the Patent Laws, Patents, Caveats, Trade
Marks, their costs, and how procured, with hints
for procuring advances on Inventions. Address for
the paper, or concerning patents.
. MUNN A CO 87 Park Row, New York.
Branch Office, cor. F. & 7th Sts., Washington, D. C.
nov!9 tf
1 8 7 9.
The Wurmnvr
trated papers by its fine literary quality, the beauty
vL "wucuio. ojjnugneia uepuDiican.
ItS DlCtOnal iutrninna ara onrvarh onst
" " " w.v ouyv&w, full! tUiUl C1VJ
every variety of subject and artistic treatment-
The Weekly to a potent agency for the dissemi
nation of correct political principles, and a power
rulopponent of shams, frauds, and false pretences.
Evening Express, Rochester.
The Tolumes of the Weeklt. begin with the first
Number of January of each year. When no time
is mentioned, it will be understood that the sub
scriber wishes to commence with the Number next
after the receipt of his -order.
Harper's Magazine, one year, S 4 00
Harper's Weekly; " " "... .... ... 2 no
Harper's Bazar, ; 00
The Three publications, one year, 10 00
Any Two, one year. 7 00
Six subscriptions, one year, 20 00
Terms for large clubs furnished on appplleatlon.
Postage free to all subscribers in the United States
or Canada.
The annual volumes of Harper's Weekly, in
neat cloth binding, will be sent by express, free of
expenses provided the freight does not exceed on
dollar per volume), for $7.00 each. . A complete
r .compri8lng twenty-two volumes, sent on re
celpt of the cash at the rate of $5.25 per volume,
freight at expense of purchaser.
Cloth cases for each volume, suitable for binding,
wWbe sent by mall, postpaid, on receipt of $1.00
Remittances should be made by postofflce money
order or draft, to avoid chance of loss.
Newspapers are not to copy this advertisement
without the express order of Harper Brothers.
decll New York.
Authorized reprints of
The Edinburgh Review (Whig),
The Westminster Review (Liberal),
The London Quarterly Review (Conservative,
The British Quarterly Review (Evangelical).
. . ' -" -''I: y: AND " '
K-Jfjfef "PSf08" no aelections: they give the
fS.S tod 81 about one-third the price of
the Jbngllsh editions, . u . i : - ,
:No publications ean eompare with the leading
British periodicals above-named, reprinted by the
Leonard Scott Publishing Company. In respect to
E. , s?larcn accuracy of statement, and pu
rity of style, they are without any equal. They keep
pace wlUi modem thought, discovery, experiment,
and achievement, whether in religion, science, Ut
fPfttureor art The ablest writers fiitt their pages
with most Interesting reviews of history, and with
an intelligent narration of the great events of the
day. . J ; .
terms fob 1879 (mcLUDmo pootagkV
Payable strictly in advance.
For any one Review. $ 4 00 per annum.
For any two Reviews, ' 7 00 "
For any three Reviews; 10 00
For all four Reviews,; 1200
For Blackwood's Magazine, 4 00
For Blackwood and one Review, 7 00
For Blackwood and two Reviews 10 00
For Blackwood and three " 13 00
For Blackwood and four ; . . 15 00
r ' POSTAGE. .
v Thte item of expense, now borne by the publish
ers, la equivalent to a reduction of 20 per cent on
the cost to subscribers In former years.
A discount of twenty per cent, will be allowed 'TO
clubs of four or more persons, Thus; four coples
of Blackwood or of one Review will be sent, to one
address for $12.80, four copies of the four Ee
views and Blackwood for $48, and so on.
New subscribers tapplying early) lor the sen
1879 may have, without charge, the numbers tot
lhe last quarter of 1879 of such periodicals as they
may subscribe for. ' 1 . -t j.r.j. l ...... .
Or. Instead, new subscribers to any two, three or
four of the above periodicals, may have one of tbe
Four Reviews" for 1878; subscribers to all live
may have two of the "Four Reviews," or one set of
Blackwood's Magazine for 1878. -
Neither premiums to subscribers nor discount to
clubs can be allowed unless the money to remitted
direct , to the publishers. No premiums given to
clubs. - . ,
, To secure premiums It will be necessary to make
early application, as the stock available for tnw
purpose Is UmlteA ' a, ' . ,.,
.1 Beprinted by
41 Barclay Street, New to

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