LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. THURSDAY FEBRUARY 6, 1879.1 . RAILROAD DIRECTORY. L ' i 1 ' i The following table shows the running of passen ger trains to and 'from Charlotte, on all the rail roads (Washington time):: RICHMOND DANVILLE. Arrives from Richmond and Goldsboro, 1.00 a. in. Leaves for ' i . " i 3.20 a.m. Arrives from Richmond, 10.50 a. in. Leaves far ,, 6.55 p.m. ' ATLANTA CHAboTTK AIB-LIME. Arrives from Atlanta, . 8.20 a. m. Leaves for Atlanta. . . . .;. ..!- 1.05 a. m. Arrives from Atlanta,..;..- i 6 50 p. m. Leaves for Atlanta,. ... j.. 10.50 a. m. CHARLOTTE, COLOMBIA AUOUSTA. Arrives from Augusta,, t.. ' 8.10 a.m. Leaves for Augusta.. 1.00 a.m. Arrives from Augusta,. 6.30 a.m. Leaves for Augusta,. 4 11.27 a. m. ! ?; CAEOLINA CENTRAL. Arrives from Wilmington, . . .... 7 .... ; 7.29 p. m. Leaves for Wilmington, 6.00 a. m. Arrives from Shelby,. . . 5.00 p. m. Leaves for Shelby,. 7.00 a. m. ATLANTIC, TKNNXS3EK OHIO. Arrives from Statesvllle, 5.30 p. m. Leaves for Statesvllle,.; .. 7.00 a. m CHAUIOTTK POST OFFICE. i 1 , JOFFICE HOURS. ; 'ii OPENS, i CLOSES. Money Order Department,. .9.00 a. m. 5.00 p. m. Registry Department,.. ji.... 9.00 a. mJ 5.00 p.m. Gen'IDeliv'y StampDept,.8.00 a. m. 6.00 p. m. " " ft 8.80p.m. 8.45p.m. t3? On Sundays the General Delivery and Stamp Department will be open from 9.00 a. m. to 10.00 a. m. 1 : .. . OPENING AND ,-CL08INO OF HAILS. , . ji OPENS, .i CLOSES. DanvllM&CharlotteR.K.,. 8.00a.m.: 9.00p.m. " " "!j 11.15 a.m. 6.00 p.m. Charlotte Atlanta R. R.,. 8.00 a. m.! 9.00 p.m. ." & Augusta R.R.,. 8.80 p.m.: 10 00 a.m. Wllm'n ft Charlotte R. R... 8.80 p. m. 6.00 a. m. Charlotte & Shelby R. R... . 5.80 p. m. 6.00 a. m. " ft Statesvllle, 5.30 p.m. 6.00 a.m. tW Beattle's Ford, (horse route,) Mondays at 5.00 p. m., and Tuesdays at 8 00 a. m. Yorkvllle, (horse route,) Thursdays at 6.00 p. m., and Fridays at 7.00 a. m. ;W. W. JENKINS, P. M. INDICATIONS. War! Department, "I M. ) Office Chief Signal Officer, Washington,! Feb. 5, 7 :30 p. m. For the South Atlantic States, light rains, followed by partly cloudy and slightly cooler weather, southwest, to northwest winds and rising barometer. liocal Iteport lor Yesterday. 1 7 A. M. I 2 pTmTTo RM Barometer, Thermometer... . Relative Humidity,.. Wind Direction, . . . . " Velocity........ Weather, ,.. 29.796 40 91 S. 6 Miles Ltn. 29.59929.719 AO I la 48 85 0 85 Calm 0 Foggy. 8. W. 12 Cloudy. Highest temperature 51 deg.; lowest 89. meteorological Record WEATHTCB REPORT, FEBRUARY 1, 4:20 P. M. Sations. Barom Th. Wind. Vei. Weather. Atlanta,.... 29.68 62 W. 19 i Cloudy. Augusta .. 29.76 59 S. W. 4 ClouJy. Charleston, 29.83 59 S.W. 10 Cloudy. Charlotte,.. 29.63 50 S.W. 6 Foggy. Corslcana,. 30 03 40N.W. 8 Cloudy. Galveston,. 29.93 51 NW. 16 Cloudy. , Indianola,.. 29.94 49 N. 22 Cloudy. Jackson'lle, 29.90 72 :&W. 15 Cloudy. Key West,., miss'n 00 i 0 0 , Mobile,. 29.84 64 S. 2 Cloudy. Montgom'y, 29.84 61 W. 7 Cloudy. N. Orleans, 29.84 70 N. 4 t Cloudy. Pun ta-Rasa mlss'n 00 0. 0 Savannah.. 29.79 70 8. W. 12 Cloudy. Pt Marks.. 29.89 67 81 W, 15 S Fair. Havana mlss'n 00 0 0 Index to Ne w Advertisement , I Long A Brother Change of Business. MlssH. Moore Notice, Chambers ft Co Dissolution. f ' Opera House, Monday, February lOtiL L. R Wriston A Co Use He No Tea. Opera House, Saturday, February 8th. Opera House, February 11th and 12th. BO,nEPESClLISS. Gonzalez is on the rounds again. Judge Schenck was in the, city last evening. German at the Assembly's room to morrow night. The sidewalk in front of the First Presbyterian church needs attention. We are indebted to Representative Ardrey for copies; of valuable public doenments. ; j The coming theatrical amnsements are the chief subjects of conversation. We never had such a rush of fine com panies before, ; : Two theatrical agents met and shook hands in the city yesterday, and another had just left. They are nearly all a jolly set of fellows ; The quiet which; has relgried in police circles during the past week was dis turbed yesterday r by the . arrest of a Union county man for highly offensive inebriety on the street Messrs. R. Chambers & Co- livery men, ol' this city, have Tdissolved co partnership, Mr. B. R. Steagali retiring from1 the firm. The business will be continued by Mr. Chambers at the pres ent stand. s The reading club had a very pleasant meeting at the residence of Mr. Mc Aden. Several jiew members were udded, The next meeting of! the club be hela next Tuesday night at the iefcidehce of Mrs. Osborne, west Tryon street. ' . i The mail bag which is sent from this city on the noon train of the Charlotte, Columbia & Augusta Railroad, men tioned yesterday, carries mail snot only for Charleston, but for points along the South Carolina Railroad none to Co lumbia or points this side; j Under the act pf the' present General Assembly the judge of tneflfth district Honi John Kerr-willde, this :. cut cuit next sprtng, and the judge of Vm aistriPt wifi hold ft? PPHt?,l the sey entl. The spring term of Mecklenburg Superior Court will pommenpe the sec ond Monday in March, . i Supreme Court. ' ' 3. In the Supreme Court,' Monday pres niiiof : tiiatfoft Smith and Associate Justices' Ashe and Dillard, the follow ing appeal, among others, was cauea. v. itannov Son vs. W. A. Coit from PAnron armimPTit. hpcrnn J. M- Clement m plaintiff, and . pMcCrkle foj dfe featfarM Pending 'argu'mert fcourt ad- journea uiuu. liet riuv r Tha Academy of Medicine. ; j The meeting of the Charlotte Acade- my of Meaicine, mgm ueiore w laigeiy engagea - jn me uausaunuu vt. was admitted to the fellowship of the , ... tr T "t? A Kinloch, of Charleston, on the subject tnlinil nnarantinft. was read before the academy: The regular subject for discussion ;. during the evening, was iwstponed untu tne next meeting. , , ... , '"'" $'m nti f m. Vminir Student.; Night -before last - Mr.' Samuei C. xrour a KfiriiWoafPpmwi and promising student bf Davidson College,died of pneumonia. He bad been sick for some ti,r.a i.jaf Siiinvdav was moved from the college to his home about si 1 U' been sorely felt $y' them. The Philan- . J (t member,, held a meeting yesterday and memory. . These will be . published in .xiijs ubsebvfji nereaiier. ccurreaT' Ife Wttergreatly beloVed b ia uAnr-atiiioVirii ' Qnfl ' h?. ifleatlr has AiausEWBifrs. 7?"u The JTIendelMohn Quintette Glub. -, It is scarcely necessary to add any thing to what has already been said of the grand musical treat we are to have to-night The Mendelssohn company have, judging from the criticisms of the press since they .started on their South ern tonr, fully sustained the reputation which they had already established; in Boston, where the music club which bears the name was organized many years ago. The sale of tickets at the usual places and through the members of the Gounod Club indicates that they are already assured of a good house and of an appreciative and' cultured audi ence. As a portion of the proceeds from the entertainment are to be devoted to the poor of the city, it is the more earn estly hoped that the house will be crowded. Those who fail to hear the Quintette Club will miss a rare musi cal treat. WLimm Claxton at tbe Opera House. On Saturday night of this week the great New York success, "The Double Marriage," will be presented at the opera house. Miss Kate Claxton, the young actress, supported by Mr. Chas. A. Stevenson and her New York com pany, comprising M. W. Leffingwell, Edward Arnott, Wm. Davidge, and other artists of talent, will appear in the cast. This new play of Miss Claxton's is said to be more popular than any other in her extensive repertoire, and in which she has attained such celebrity. "The Double Marriage" is a dramatization from Chas. Reade's popu lar novel, "White Lies," and is a work of powerful dramatic beauty, combin ing strong situations, tender emotions, and original constructions not copied or plagiarized from any other play, as so many of the society dramas of the present day are. The Swedii.Ii Lady Vocal Quartet. By no meanf least among the many good things in the amusement line which we are now enjoying, will be Mishler's famous Swedish Lady Quartet, assisted by the Russian harpist, Mr. Alex. Freygang. This combination has never appeared before in the South, but it is celebrated throughout the North, East and West Here they will sing for the benefit of the Lee Monument fund, Mr. Joseph Chenet, the advance agent, having made the arrangements here yesterday to this effect. The ladies will interest themselves in this entertain ment, and upon the ground of its merits and the object,; it is hoped that a large house can be secured. The combina tion is one of undoubted talent, and one which we are sure will be appreciated in Charlotte. For the present it is not necessary for us to do more than intro duce this quartet to our people, which we do by quoting from the New York Herald of a recent date, which speaks of the appearance of the company in that city, saying that "they met with in stantaneous success, and charmed the audience by th admirable qualities of "their voices, the finish of their style, and the peculiar expression with which they invested the music." Juliuu Cmar Iat Night. There was a fine crowd at the opera house last night to welcome Mr. Ford's Julius Caesar combination, with Mr. F. C. Bangs in the character of Marc An tony. It is not too much to say that the satisfaction of the audience was well nigh complete, nor is it too much to say that since Booth was here there has been seen n the Charlotte stage no acting which can be compared with that of Mr. Bangs. He made an Arij tony such as even the closest student m. Shakespeare had scarcely areamea o: His wonderful power controlled th emotions of his audience, even as th eal Antonv. as painted by the ban controlled the emotions of the populace in the market place ot Kome. We can not imagine how his playing of the pul pit scene could have been improved upon, and yet it will stand a critical test no better than that in which he is eft alone by the conspirators with the dead body of Csesar. In every part the man s soul was m ms wont ana ine man was sunk in the character which fie represented. The muscles of his imbs and neck swelled with his breast ; the perspiration rolled from his forehead and when he pronounces the invective upon the conspirators it seems that his eyes flash living fire. Thrice was he called before the curtain ; twice im mediately after the oration in which he so stirreu the populace and once at the end of the last act. Each time he was greeted with tremendous applause ; and hencelorwara ne i a nxiure in me Charlotte heart. Mr. Keene s interpretation of Uassius was very fine ; at times he was great ; in he scene wnere ne nrsx lnsuus uie poi son into the mind of Brutus, he gave evidence of much genius ; frequently he pronounced his lines verynneiy: some times he ranted too much, we thought, and if any general charge can be pre ferred against his acting, it is that he emphasises without sufficient discrim ination. Upon the whole Mr. Keene brought out the adroitness rather the cunning or uassiuswun muuu viviu ness,and his acting in the tent scene with Brutus left nothing to be desired. It was his master stroke. Mr Tnwnincr. as Brutus, though manifestly unsuited to the part, made many friends in his audience. If e has a fine yoice and a flue face; he ceoited, However, ravner wiu jwiou io fw tiis gestures are impenect. ana mis ae- f ect, with his lack of animation are prominent. There is a certain attrac tiveness about him, nevertheless, which keeps him in favor with the crowd, and at the end of the fourth act he was call ed before the curtain. Mr. Hoey made a capita csesar ; Mr. A hrtmdt was no less eoocf as Casta, and the minor parts Werei jh the main,re- marKaoiy wen uuieu. ... Taken altogether, xne comDinauqn is nnfi TVF Minnsuai screneiu. iu uavo misled seeing ft play Fv4ua Qgsaf last night is to iaye rijissed a real treaty anfl ft will be many days before it is forgotten ii Charlotte, Dealing In Future, Hef e is something for the consider Hnn nf nnt.thn dpalprs i The Kentuckv court of appeals has recently rendered a aecision upon a caae vi huujlco, uj points of which may be summed up as fVHrtwa. "RnepnlatiTior in futures, where 1VUUTIH. 1 f - - t no actual delivery -of the article bought or sola is maae, dui omv uie uiuetutf delivery is to be paid, is, gambling and illegal. But the intent to pay only the fh omnd'fj ranst be clearlv, proven, not inferred from custom. Even proof that the difference was aetuauy uaiu m mntioir In thiawnT WIN nOL SUUICB. UU' less it be also proved that it was the ;norv of tha HmA nf the contract that the settlement shouldj be made in thw way-::xne cxuru-auiuix uj yvs1-1" oaa nf f his -nrfltCtice. and that as PraC' KnaA'lt ia tramhlintr. but it Will not take as proof of gambling in this ?asc( th? Weil-itnQWn 4uatum u evidences that would j establish other speoies of gambling. ' rh. timnnA H oar Weather TwU Las. Sunday was the day on which the ground hog is supposed to have t nf hia hnrrnw after a winter snooze. It was a clear day, and M the ground hog tfaW'his1 s'hadoiv.hd Js sup- posed to'nave tetreatea to rus- iair ana pulled the hole in "after, him, to make things secure for the hard weather which, according to current belief, is diiTafrt fAllnuir ennh a shadow fpst. Thfl penalty of a clear day for Candlemas believed to be" six weeks of sWbSeqtient bad weather. - How it will work this time remains to be obsetvedci . IVenralyie. Influenza t ' This affection amounts . almost to an epidemic in the community. It is sup posed to have been induced by the sud den and violent changes in the weather, but may be more particularly due to the prevalence to warm and damp weather. One of our physicians is of opinion that it is traceable of malarial influences prevalent last summer, f If this theory can be established it will furnish a very effective argument next summer in be half of greater attention to cleanliness. :: , , ' m i - ! Another Phyiclan. . It is not generally known among our people that Sergeant Dennis O'Dono ghue, signal station observer in this city, is. a regularly licensed physician and a practitioner of very considerable experience. He holds his diploma from the Alabama Medical College, having studied medicine and attended the lec tures while in charge of the signal sta tion at Mobile, and at the meeting of the Charlotte Academy of Medicine held night before last his petition for membership was presented and favor ably acted upon. He bears credentials of the most complimentary character from the faculty of the Alabama Medi cal College and from the physicians of Mobile. Henceforward he will unite the practide of his profession with his duties as signal officer, giving such time to matters in the medical pro fession ,as is not employed in the ser vice of the government Improving a Fire Company. The Pioneer Fire company, one of the most useful and effective organiza tions the city ever had, has recently reorganized and is now in excellent condition. At a re6ent meetinsr thev resolved to make an effort towards pur chasing horses to draw their engine, and committees were appointed for each ward to call on citizens for pecuniary aid in the undertaking Their fincrine heavy and unwieldv. and it is with great difficulty and hardship to the members that it can be drawn to dis tant parts of the city. The efficiency of by the addition of well-trained horses, a fact which will be readily admitted, and ii is nopea mat they will receive all the aid and encouragement they wish. It is a matter of &rp,nt imnnrtannfi that thd fire organizations of the citv should h kept up to a fine standard of p.Trcp.llpnf p and this is one of the ways to do it. Tantalizing an Old Man. A somewhat. fore Justice Davidson vpstprdav fnr ad judication. The complainant was a preacher connected with thp Mphndiat church, an old man and a respectable citizen. He charged two boys with jeer ing at and in many ways annoying him on the street and whpnpvpr ho met them. The treatment he recp.ivpd had many instances been nothing short insult He said further t.haf. hp did not feel justified in taking violent meas ures, nor was he inclined to do so, but their Conduct towards him had hppn such that he could stand it no longer ; he had tried reproaches and entreaties, dui pom naving tailed, he was compell ed to resort to the courts of law for protection from this species of annov- ance. It could not even be shown that he had said or done any thing which could have offended the youths, who, by the way are brothers, and according ly proceedings were taken against them ! for malicious mischief. The prosecutor, however, consented to withdraw his suit, or rather to a suspension of judg ment over the defendants, with the promise that the offence should never be repeated. The boys were according ly aiscnarged with this understanding. County Commissioner. The board of county commissioners resumed its session yesterday morning, and the following is a summary of the business of a public nature transacted : upon petition of the requisite num ber of citizens the clerk of the board was ordered to take the proper steps for laying off a public road het.wppn Him- tersville, on the Charlotte and States ville road, and Gilead's church, on the jseauie s iora roaa via Torrence s mill, a A. Carothers. T. P. Grier and W. TT. Neel, were commissioned to assign hands to certain county roads not here tofore provided for. Messrs. D. P. Hutchison and I S. Myers appeared before the board to ask that the county pay the debt contracted X J. i . -.li . . ioi constructing j,ne county ence. it was stated that owine to the fart that many persons who had subscribed to the fund for this purpose had failed to pay, unless the board came to the res cue, the debt (about $500) would fall on a few who had advanced the money at the time the fence was built The board took no action on th sub ject further than to request the attorney Ji at i . " r iur commissipners 10 appear uetore them at -the next meeting to give his ownjou m regara no meir power to pay claims of this character. In accordance with instructions re ceived from the State treasurer, Sheriff M. E. Alexander was ordered to appear Deiore me Doara at its next regular meeting for the purpose of enlarging his official bond. ' The report of the county board of finance was accepted, approved, and or dered to be recorded. " rni i . n t iuo ire-usurer was auowea as salary for the past year the sum of Sl.210. this being one-ninth of one per cent com mission on $54,453 received, and one ninth of one per cent, on the same paid out for the general and special county fund. The following wer appointed over seers, at public rbadsl States ville road, f roih Mrs. Henderson to Alexandriana depOV'18. 'D; Parks; Tuckasege road, from the ford to Muddy Branch, Wm.' TT. XT---1 ... T. t nuwvei ; x olivine roau, irom $xiJi)Yt ell's bridge, A'. P. Price; Salisbury road, f fgm. fipjt sectiouD.F, Brumley ; Law yei's soad, from the Parks' place' to the fork above tbe Maxwell plaee, Wilson wauuee.. MARRIED In Paw Creek townshlD. on the 28th of January. by P. A. McCord, Esq., Mr. D. 3f. Lawlng and Miss Mary mmtn. TELEGRAPHIC MABKETRPBK, i PBQnrjOK. Cincinnati Flour Oulet: family 4.20a5.25. Wheat oulet; red and amber 90a94. Corn -oulet and firm at 8435. Oats steady at 23lAa2tt. Pork quiet and firm, at lt.75aiu.UO. Lard in fair demand: steam 6.45. Bulk meats shoulders 3 clear ribs 4.H71A. clear Bides 4: bacon scarce: shoulders A. elear ribs 5Uu clearsldes BiUu Whis key steady at l.ua. auwer iancy western reserve 16aiB, prune to cnoice ao ioaio, uo venirai umo laai 5. sugar quiet ana uncnangea: naras wiaiu. A-white 8iAa9iA, New Orleans 54a7 Hogs stronger; paciona a. i&avo; Baltimore-OatsPflrmt' Sonthero 89a33, Wes tern white 31a32. do hilxed Qa31. Pennsyl vania u9aaL Hay difll and unohansed: Drime Bnnsj1vaiifa and Maryland lOall. Provisions ntiiet: mess nork. old 8.75. new 10.25: bulk meats loose shoulders, new 8 clear rib sides 4a5r per oar load, packed new 40514; Dacon snouia rs. old 41. clear rib sides, new BMi. hams, suear- oured, new. flalO. Lard refined tierces 7. Butter Coffee actlve;RIo cargoes lla!5. Whiskey dull m i.uoc ,dim uau. wuuuuu cVtfT ynfnm ... ' New York Flour--modeiate demand 1 No. 2. 9 R5a' BO. auncTttne1 Western and State 3.15a3.50. onmmoh to irood extra Western and State 8.621fea 8.90, kood to ohoioe do 8.93a4.50; southern flour miflhansed: oommbn to fair extra 3.90a4.85: good to choice do 5.00aB.25. Wheat ungraded wlrn ter 98al.08TA, No. 3 do 1.04Va5. CorrtsHmgrad d 4rta47i. No. St. 431. Oats mixed Ik' better: Coffee unchanged; Rio In cargoes llal6 lh ii$ lots llalT; Sugar dull and- unchangfri;' Cuban K:V4a. fair to mod refining 6Aka65. Drim 6m Wflnedstfinaara JC fral; granulated g pewi iip'87?i. Vtnlshed 'ftlb. Molasses ddll 1 and van changed. Rice in moderate demand and uhchang. ed. Pork mesa on spot 8,90. Lard-prlnie steam on spot 6.65a75. Whiskey a shade firmer, Freights quiet. COTTON. NoHFOLi-45ulel; inlddllng 9d; net receipts 8,001; gross; stock 23,190; exports coastwise 621; sales 716; exports to (ireat Britain. - - BXTii(oiH-FIrm; middling ; low middling Pc.; good ordinary 8&; net receipts 85; gross 235; sales 260; stock 10,557; exports coastwise 40; spinners 200; exports to Great Britain ; to Continent .-... s BoeroH Firm; middling 9.; low inlddllng 9 14c; good ordinary 8e;net receipts 1,582; gross ; sales stock 2,625; exports to Great Brit ain l' WiutKOTOK--Steady; middling 9&; low mld dllng84c; good ordinary 8; net receipts 866; gross ; sales 100; stock 9,963; spinners ; ex ports coastwise : to Great Britain ; to Con nent ;to channel. - PFm,AT)Kr,PHTiL Knii; middling 9rc ; low middling 94&; good ordinary 8c; net receipts 865; gross 1,291; sales 594; spinners 524; stock 9,1 54; exports to Great Britain 600. AUGUSTA Steady; middling 84c; low mid dling 85-16C-; good ordinary 7&; receipts 542: shipments ; sales 760; stock . CBABigsxmf-r-Qalet; middling 9e.; low mid dling 9i&c; good ordinary 8c; net receipts 1, 576; gross ; sales 500; stock 61,444; exports coastwise ; Great Britain ; France : Continent 1,280: to channel . Nkw Yohx Quiet; sales 597; middling uplands 9Vs-, middling Orleans 9.; consolidated net re ceipts 23,999, exports to Great Britain 3,900; France, Continent 2,975; Channel . Liverpool Nook Dull and easier. Uplands 5 5-16, Orleans, 5, low middling uplands , good ordinary uplands , ordinary uplands . sales 8,000, speculation and export 1,000, re ceipts 24,500, American. 20,500. Futures par tially 1-32 cheaper. Uplands low middling clause: February delivery 5 9-32, February and March do, March and April 55-18, April and May 5 May and June 5 13-32, June and July 5 15-32, July and August , August and September , Septem ber and October . New crop shipped January and February per sail , February and March . FUTURES. Nxw York Futures closed firm. Sales 43, 000 bales. February 9.56a.57 March 9.67a.68 April 9.84&,85 May 9.99al0 June.... 10.13a.14 July 10 .218.23 August 10.30a2 FINANCIAL. New Yoek Money 1.02. Exchange 4.85ai4. Governments steady. New 5's 1.04 State bonds dull. . CITY COTTON MARKET. Office of the Obsebtks, I CHAitLOOTB, February 6. 1879. 1 The market yesterday closed quiet, as follows: Good middling 7 Middling.... Strict low middling. Low middling. 8 Tinges 8 Lower grades CBARLOTTE PRODUCE MARKET FEBRUARY 1. 1879. CORRECTED DAILY. Cotton Ties New, per bdle $2.25 SpUced, " 1.75 Bagging, per Tb. lH4al2iA Corn, per bush'l 40a45 Meju. " 50a55 Peas, " 50a55 Oats, shelled, 40a45 Bacon N. G. hog round 8a9 Hams,N.C. lOall Hams, uncanvassed. 91 Bulk Meats Clear Rib Sides. 5 Coffee Prime Rio.. . 16al61fc Good. 13al5 Strop Sugar-house. .. 25 Molasses Cuba 88a40 New Orleans 35a50 Salt Liverpool fine 1.00a2.00 Sugar White. 9411 YeUow 7a8 Potatoes Sweet 35a40 Irish. 40a50 Butter North Carolina. 121fea20 Eggs, per dozen. 12Val5 Flour Family 3.0oa3.50 Extra...;. 2.753.00 Super 2.25a2.50 VTOTICt There will be a meetlnir of the Stockholders of the Charlotte Building and Loan Association, at the rooms of R. E. Cochrane. Secretary, on Thurs day evening, February 13th, l879,at seven o'clock. a ruu attendance is requested. U. i. UCKJUKAKJS, Feb. 2 td. , 8e(.y and Treas. gT. MARY'S COLLEGE, GASTON COUNTY, N. 6. This Institution, conducted by a eoloiy of the Benedictine Fathers from St Vincent's College, Westmoreland county. Pa., is eleven miles distant from Charlotte on the Air-Line Railroad. It stands on the old Caldwell place, famous for healthiness and the general morality 01 the neighbornood. Remote from town, it offers rare inducements to parents and guardians for the education of their children, while catholic youths will be sedulously taught their religion, the children of respectable parents 01 au uepQunpaons wm ne received ana meir rnoral fr&tning strictly cultivated. Attendance in common at the public prayer will be required of alii for the Interests of order and the welfare of the students, without any Interference with their religious opinions. The course of studies is thorough and embraces three departments: the classical, the mathematical and the commercial, and also the preparatory for beginners. Terms For tuition and board per session, of Sve months, payable in advance, or run particulars and catalogues, appiytotne RET. STIFFEN LYONS, a 8. B., Rector, Gari- m u., wasion oouniy, . v.. m due notice a conveyance will be sent from the College to meet students on their arrival at the de pot. Day scholars will be received on terms to suit the convenience of parents. janiw per lm T300K KEEPING. I take this method to Inform the public In Char lotte that I am'nqw fonnlhg a class to. whom I pro poa to (each book keeping in all its branches. My experience in book keeping for twenty-five years Is a guarantee that the instruction given the class will be thorough and complete. The class wtyl b iormed on the unrd day 01 FeDruary. Terms-glJ I will also undertake to open up or balance Voto, em adjust accounts when desired. Jfan. 311 w. M, LICHTENSTEIN, MERCHANT TAILOR, Next door to Wilson & Wt$&'l HmsH- charlotte, n. c decl3 JAMES MURPHY, PRACTICAL JAILOR,. - . Holton'8,Bufldlng, Trade Street, Up gtaAr ?i ? Owing to the stringency of the times I will In fu ture work very cheap. Will make, fine suits for u. uaaatutefe suus xor vs. rants 01 bums sauw fees. I emarantee aU my work too fit. no charge. Give me a call and be convinced. ' July 17.. - XJOR RENT. J1 - " "TV . f"' " ' THe two stores m the Urier & Alexander ouiidmg on Trade street, m . J. L, MOREHEAD. Jan26tf - - t .. , - r n sejDaueaoe o the reducUon in the rice ot the original cost of materials, and In order tqgiva my patrons the benefit of the reduetiei from and after this date Photographs will be taken at my Gallery at s - ' REDUCED RATES. ' . . . - -septal J. H. VAN NESS it 6a8 Gvotzxlzs. N OTICl TO FARMERS!! am prepared to STORE COTTON ta my fin mot building either in basement or on the first or seo ond floors and will giro warehouse receipts on wldch you can draw numey If desired. V Charges modecate. - THOMAS H. GAITBXR. oetia .... QROCEREE3 CHEAPER THAN ITER. NXW GOODS ! NEW FEATURES! Come to me for Bacon, Corn, Sugar, Coffee, Uo lasses, and other Family Groceries. Just received, a few barrels ol Beny Foster's (Da vie county) REST RYE WHISKEY. Also a fine lot of Country Hams. I sen for cash. All goods delivered In the city free of charge. W. H. CRIMMINGER, Next door below Wilson 4 Black's old stand. apl5. Q O T T O N '. 1 -ORDERS AND CONSIGNMENTS SOLICITED BT THOMAS H. GAITHER, Cotton Comkisbioh Mxrohakt. octl2 w TT.T.TAMg FINGER, Have Just received a lot of Turkeys and Chickens which we offer at low prices. Come to Williams ft Finger and buy the best Family Flour from the best mills. Wheat, Bran, Oats, Corn and Meal, Honey, Country Lard, Butter and Eggs. The brat Timothy and North Carolina Hay, cow and horse feed of the best quality. Sugar, Coffee, dec. Cott signments solicited for all kinds of country produce. Will make prompt returns of sales. dec5 J. A. HENDRIX, Agent, -GROCER- GROCER- AND COMMISSION MERCHANT, Comer Main and Blandtng Streets, -COLUMBIA, a C. Special attention paid to consignments. Quick sales, and prompt returns guaranteed in every in stance. JanlO lmeod 50 BARRELS - CHOICE NORTHERN A PPP PPP L BKB AA P P P P L E A A PPP PPP L EE AAA T T TT . A A P P LLLL EES SS8 Received every week. LeBOY DAVIDSON. JanfH) SPLENDID LINE OF Fine Teas, all grades, Just In. at , LeROY DAVIDSON'S. Jan60 B LACK STRAP MOLASSES Under cost by the barrel, by LeROY DAVIDSON. JanSO rpHE BEST STOCK OF GROCERIES and CONFECTIONERIES In Owelty, at JanSO LeROY DAVIDSON'S. FAMILY GROCERIES, I have now In store a full supply of Groceries and family supplies. Just Received: Fresh Goshen Butter. New Buckwheat Flour. A small store for rent S. M. HOWELL Jangq F IELD BROS., WHOtdKSALE AND RETAIL . GROCERS and DEALERS In COUNTRY PRODUCE aio, PROPRirrojB or .. ... ........ CHARLOTTE HOTEL, 0HARLOTTE. N. This house has been newly furnished and is kopt In fiB-class aljle. Terms, Per Day ... ................... $ 2 00 Table Board, Per Month......... ...... . 16 QQ jar-Omnlbus and Carriages aK wiy train. :mgSO HELD BROTHERS, fiejutetoi TOJP AT THE ; 10YDEN HOUSE Salisbury, N.C ' C. 8. Bbowk, Proprietor, - ' -' rLate ol the National Hotel, Raleigh.. C & Brown, Jr., Chief Clerk. a 8Ti.lDqn.jU9 BlnHHlfc ' dec 80 ; "; . ' : , gyjciflttt Since. 1 ' ' . ; UROUNA CENTRAL - mvtiJuxifGTosr, THROUGH FREIGHT ROUTE t ,.j . .. This Ltns being fully equipped for bustneas, Freight trom Wilmington and an Northern and Eastern CUtes to , , Greenville, Spartanburg, all Stations Atlantle, Tennessee ft Ohio, As well as points In Georgia Insurance and Rates guaranteed as Low as Information furnished F.W.CLARK, Gen. Freight Agent, Wilmington, N. C septSO grogs atxfl IJXtjflicittts. D R. J. H. MoADEN, decggist and cBjaosr, Now offers to the trade a full stock of Lubln's Extracts and Colognes, English Select pices, Colgate Honey and Glycerine Soap' English, French and American Tooth Brushes PRESCRIPTION? Carefully prepared at all hours, both night and day.at J. H. McADEN'S Prescription Store. SECURITY I J5ECURITY! SECURITY! 200 Barrels of C WEST & SONS' EXTRA No. 1 KEROSENE ANL ALADDIN SECCRITYTOIL. West's Extra No. 1 Kerosene Oil, from C West A Sons, Baltimore. HlahAst If Al.nl anWu1 at rntannlnl ISmnaMnn Crystal Oil Works, Canton. Warranted to stand a nre test or liu aegrees jranrentteit Deiore it will bum. C. Wpt A Sons, Baltimore. For Sale by Db. J. H. MoADEN, Sole Agent, CHARLOTTE. N. C. F. SCARR & CO., iTRUGGISTOl U R U G G I S T O t NEAR THE FOOT-OFFICE, Would respectfully inform the public that they have opened a retail and family Drug Store, near the FostrOfftca, and solicit the patronage of helr friends and the public generally. Prescriptions and family recipes dispensed with great can and pore Drugs. Jan7-tt Utott ducrtisemtuts. TEACHERS WANTED. $50 to $100 or $200 per month, during the Spring and Summer. t or ruu paracuiars aauress J. a McCURDY & COm Philadelphia, Pa. IPHTHER1AI Johnson's Anodrite Liniment will positively pre vent this terrible disease, and will positively cure nine eases In ten. Information that wm save many Uvea sent free by mail. Don't delay a mo ment Prevention is better than cure. Bold every where. L a JOHNSON 4 CO.. Bangor, Maine. JOHNSON'S CAPCINE POROUS PLASTER. OS WOVEN AND CHILDREXT OR WOJttEN AISD CHlLDRElX Females suffeHntr from nain and weakness will derive great eomf on and strength from the use ot Benson's Capclne Porous Plaster. Where children are affected with whooping eough, ordinary coughs or oolds 01 weak lungs. It is the one and only treat ment tney snouia receive, i nis arncie oonmins new medicinal elements snchaais found in no other Mmadv in th same form. It is far superior to common porous plasters, liniments, electrical ap pliances ana outer external remeaies. it reueves pain at once, strengthens and cures where other plasters will not even relieve. For Lame and Weak Bade Rheumatism. Kidney disease and all local aches and pains. It ts also the best known remedy. Ask for Benson's Capetne Plaster and take no other, soia oy au vraggisw. rnoe 30 cents. C 8 S i! ? 1 5 8 N And all Disorders of the THROAT AND LUNGS Permanently Cured. DR. T. A. SliOCUM'S GREAT REMEDY PPP gSSg J OUU g H n JI J E P 2 YT O O H H n NN M B HSa VV O HHH n N H N E FT V O O H H B N WS I EES KB 1 TSH" ooo h h nun mat Take In eonjunetion with his compound emulsion 0? Pure cod "liter oiL and fcypopbosphites of . ' LDCB AND SODA. . . A FREE BOTTLE c4 each preparation sent by mH to na!iv anfferlnc aDDlioant sendtnx their name, P. Ot and. express address to Dr. T. A. 81o- eom, 181 pean street, Mew iora pRESH ARRIVALS. FOR SALE, WANTED. 10 boxes assorted Candies. 5 boxes choice Oys ter Crackers. & boxes Family Washing Soap, largest 10 bars in the city. juaa i une tune xm ana one meaium aii with young enir, lor saw low. O dozen PARTRIDGES WANTED. ' 7 dec29 ' . B. N. SMITH. 1 ri0lxt '.Siica.; DISPATCH Uy j . - -5 - - 1 -.f Chun9? ;iiM-r,n m NORTH OKIJHl.-rrrr rr TO ALL POINTS SOUTH. oflers irTHvrnariwd fadlMes for the Transportlon of Chadotta, Statesvllle, AshevlUe, Rutherfordtoi mtbe Atlanta 4c Richmond AlLlM "t and Western N. C Railroads, - - ' -ii " - j .s, Alabama and Mississippi. 'h- t . f . A In via any Competing Line, and Time as QulckJ , .... 1 .... .-1- ... . . ; upon application to . . WM.1. MOODY, Southwestern Freight Agent, Chariotto, N. C. ' T, T SMITH, Agent C & Railway, Charlotte. JMJU1SIANA STATE MTTERYV A 8PLENDID OPWRttJinTT To win a fortune. Second "Grand DlstribuUon Class B, at New Orleans, Tuesday,'-February 11th, 1879-105th Monthly Drawtwc LOUISIANA STATE LOTTERY COMPANY. ; . ..Thl8rn8!,;utl0I regularly tnoarpomtod by the Legislature of the State for Educational and Charitable purposes in 1868, with a capital of 11,000,000, to which It has since added a Reserve Fund C 8850,000. Its GRAND SINGLE NUM BER DISTRIBUTION will take place mStWy on Uie second Tuesday. It never scales or postpones. Look at the following distribution: .7 . . . . ;;-.iiv.' CAPITAL PRIZE, $30,000. 100,000 Tickets at Two Dollars each. Half Tick ets, One Dollar. LIST OF PRIZES I ' ' 1 gPj ........ 830,000 1 Cap ze. s.v. 10,000 1 Capital iTizev 5,000 i WzesofboO.. ........ 6 000 5 Wres of 1,000 8,000 20 Prizes of 500 10000 100 Prizes of 100 , 10 000 200 .Prises of . 50 ...i 10 000 500 Prizes 20 10000 1,000 Prizes ot 10 , ..;;. lOlOOO APPROXIMATION. PRIZES 9 Approximation Frizes of S300..... 92,700 9 Approximation Prizes of 200. .... 1,800 9 Approximation Prises of ' 100...... ) 900 1857 Prizes, amounting to. 7 ;.....,., S110,400 :, .., Responsible corresponding agents wanted at all PrnUientolnts, to whom a liberal compensation Application for rates to clubs should only be made to the Home Office in New Orleans. . j Write, dearly stating full .address, for full Infor mation or send orders to Postofflce Box 692, New OrletaijLouiuia All our Grand Extraordinary Drawings are under the supervision and management of GENERALS G. T. BEAUREGARD andJUBAL A, EARLY. JM14 . i. ...,. :r.rMi Stem gjftATjerttsjemjetxts, JfROM VB. & W.HTJNTSi '' BALtlHORE, M. D. Having become familiar with Colden Lelblg's Liquid Extract of beef and Tonic InvigOr ator, I take pleasure in recommendint it as an ex cellent preparation, combining as It dees O0d and tonic In a remarkable way, producing good blood health and strength. Sold bf aU Itoigglsts, Q.E0. C. WARE ' Manufacturer and Wholesale I)ealef Ih PUBSriPfLI CIDER - AMD CIDER VINEGAR. Sole Proprietor And Manufacturer of - E. R. OONDirS TABLE SAUCE-- 287 to 295 W. Third St, cmcmilfl 0. O ILS SASSAFRAS AND PENNYROYAL Of prime quality, bought in any quanlty. for cash on delivery, free of brokerage, oommlsslons, or storage expenses, by DODOK ft OLCOTT. - ? ; ' -7 ,'i;7 '7 Importers and Exporters of DRUGS, ESSENTIAL .'OllB, A& 88 William St i ... ,ew York A DAY to Aaenta tommhrn for the -Fata sn Vt0L" Temta and outfit fme. Ad dress F. O. VICKERY, Augusta, Maine. OA Fancy Cards, Chromo, Snowftake. ho two OU alike, with name, 10 cents. I. Mlnkler ft Ce, Kassao, N. Y. J A MUTED CARDS, wttb nnm 1V - Asvnta' ' 441 outfit IClr T. JUWKR Jk V. Noaun V V deesi . fX ADVERTISERS. Send for our Select List of X Local Newspapers. Sent free on SDDllcatlon. Address GEO. P. ROWELL ft CO.. 10 Snruee St. New York. THE OO V V A I. OOO A K SEES s nig i O O AAA K -B OOO A IK KKKB O QV V AA.L O O V V A A L O. O U AAA I. OO T A ALLUt COLGATE ft COS : COLGATE ft CO S8iP! S8iP! . SATES WASTE FOR LAUNDRY USE. VLxx&zxt&lxiUQ. ndertaung The undersigned Is now prepared to ffll an orders 1 1 for every class of Undertaking. Having on band fan assortment of - - COFFINS, CASKETS AND BURIAL fclSES,! .it if tit Both Wood and MetaUK 1 Fiirnlture of every Pesofptfoa Repsiied at stool' boom.;-,,-:.' 7.t'.',:-;. ; i ... ,r s ' 7 W. M. WTTiTTFT.M, r Hearaes furnished K eleslnd..,.;

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