.. - - . - .. - a s is-vine iiA.r ; Tirtxtiztmcnts l til A KORTHERSEK 05 THE SOUTH. rv ,CHA ft J03tE3 v - r. Xmr and Proprietor free-bora raasonfr,i vav iva : THURSDAY, FEBBUlBY 20, 1870. ; tOSTMPATIOS OP We prinjbeftj!.di $ajago the vote in the House- on Mr." Foard's amend ment tftythfxBaeigh & .tAiigusta Airr Line Ch'aiirbiU, discriminating against that road fn the restrictions laid upon it as to the terms upon which it shall haul freight, and yesterday I we received, through the courtesy of Ck)L J. L. Brown, the ayes and jnoes on Mr. Vaughan's amendment, flhe substance of this lirasVas; will be remembered, that the freight tariff established for 'the Raleigh & Augusta Air Line should not go into effect until it was; put in opera tion upon the other railroads of the State. Here was a fair and square proposition. It proposed no discrimi nation in favor of the Eateigh & Au gusta road; it simply proposed to put all on the same footing -It was a step. too, and a decided step, in the direction of regulating the charges for all rail road freight, and how did the people's representatives Vote on j the question? We will show these constituencies We will show the people that while some of their representatives think it all wrong for the Raleigh & Augusta Railroad to apply discrimination, it is all right for other railroads to do so. The gentle men who voted "nay on Mr.'Yaugfian's amendment are those who ' hold this view, and we invite attention to their names. Some of them live in towns which are forced to wagon their freights on account of the injustice practiced by railroad companies. We suppose they have no objection to their people know ing how they stand on this important question. At all events the question be ing upon the amendment of Mr. Vaughan, the ayes and noes were asked and ordered and the vote resulted as follows: Ayes Ardrey,' Atkinson, Bateman, ; Bernard, Berry, Bingham, Bird, Block er, Brown, of Mecklenburg, Burroughs, Cary, Christmas, Click, Coffield, Cooke, Dimsdale, Ellison. Ewing, Ferrell, 1 Forbes, Foster,-For, Gatling, Goldston, .u o Orant, Harrell, rrisqn,, jlenderson, Huffstetler, Jones, Leach, Leatherwood, Lutterlob; Melson, Mfllef, Moote; Mc Corkle, McLean, Nor ment, Paxtpn, Pow ers, Reynolds, Richardson, of Wake, Taylor, vaughan, Waddell, Wynne, York 48. Noes Amis, Anderson, Angier, Arm strong, Barringer, Battle, Biazell, Bla- lock, Bonner, Bost, Rrown, of Yadkin, - Bruce, Bryson, Buchan, Carter, of Bun combe, Carter, of Warren, Carter, of Yancey, Carroll, Chad wick, Clark. Cobb, Col well, Covington, Davis, of Catawba, Davis, of Hay wood, Deans, Dunn, En--uglish,Etheridge, Foard, Hines, Johnson, ... Lamb, . Lewis,,, Lindsay. Lockhart, ' Meares. Mebane. Newell. Oliver; Or- : chard, Rawley, RekL of Macon. Rekl, ef McDowell, Richardson, of Columbus, Scott, Smith, Turner, Venable, Wheeler, Wimberly, Young 52. : T The record is not yet quite complete. It only needs the ayes and- noes, .how-rf ever, on the final reading -of the bill as amended to hmak5 it sovand hese1shall not be wanting. Will Col. Jirown or Capt Ardrey send us the final vote V It will do gdbd service iiisalineher. - THE SENATE'S RETRENCHMENTS. , t .jThe-epateif Tuesday, put some of its -i 1.1. i b i i j. . ... , meas on me suujecc oi retrencuinei.it into practical QDer.ation, and got in its work where itlwIU ii;V1go od;. urn We do not think that $4,000 per annu is too much for the governor to receive, but if itbas heen enough in the past five i years; i&3,00o is enough now, since this reduction of 33 per cent, is about the amount of shrinkacre in everything, The sum of $2,750 is; enough for! the treasurer, and we do not see why he cannot also very well discharge the du ties of treasurer of the penal and char itable institutions of the State. Two thousand dollars is likewise sufficient for the secretary white j&l&O is-about as much asAe(wiroieftny Tear in and year out i i We are none too partial to the ! idea; .i!vi0TsylIult)lic officials lufc " the ' farmer, mechanic, the laborer, and in fact the great mass t of the people, noi : only in our own i State but throughout ":' the Union,' are compelled to suffer from ; the effects of the general depression and - shrinkage of ,th values of, nrpperty, it " ' seems wromralfavthobelwid b6id ttffi" cial positions should still receive Wfan , ries and fees . increasing m amoun 'J 1 vMrbt lYaar. at the expense of the v 1 sof efy: pressed and impoverished peo ple ; and since retrencnment is de manded, it is much better that it should , be practiced uvori the office-holdera ' " than that the usefulness of our charita ble institatkns be made to suffer, i - ' The Doors of Theatres. As it is ; ; always in order f dr everybody to tell a , ' ' Legislature what it ought to do, we re r: "Spectfuny ' suggestphe enactment of a ' law compelling prpprietors of all opera houses, theatres and other places ifJ ; . or tne same to swing outside instead 'of inside in opening. , Seriously this is a matter of importance. In the case of an alarm of fire or anything of a similar character, Ukely to create eea ' fusion, the panic is always more to be :' feared than the ckuse which" brings it about, and the cases on record are only " too numerous of the doors being closed by the' eigM f -the panic-stricken ' crowds, ; and of many people being in . consequence thereof, trampled and The force of the argument can be seen at a glancd. A bill of a dozen ; linss. .will cover the ground j a pub ! s'nrdeMfiltbB liidSeidu, many lives ly be saved, and the provision isone to V TjcI TBXi yTAi Reduction. The Senate having at last voted the to , bacco tax reduction, placing the tax at - . 16 cents per pound, it only remains for j " theHouitodo its duty. vltismTichtb 'f be hoped that itlwill not fail of it. Tfiis ,, '. irapcrtant business has-been too. long locked up by a jfailure of Congress to ' ' act in the premises. , If the House will now pass the reyenue bill - as it r came frora the Senate, the tobaclo industry will revive, and a large element of the w nHaiu. vitav piuppcutv, to wuiui U has so long been a stranger. . 118 - ini Col .Julian .ZUIanfcr States? HeTR i- merly of Brooklyn, X, Y ill now 2 a New Yosfc:itjn aVahtth quest of. certain prominent citizens of the metropolis he has given his views of the state of things in this section of the country. "The correspondence is pnhlihM .ibjfcUer part of to-day's ltteaiamj)bse nA inteiHo-Anfc VrATitiftman he is a man of travel, 'Ahfei "Communities of the ISorth where he isv w-kn,own his word carries weight wit it; TJis letter speaksytJitruthind wepljoulibeglad to see it largely circulated. The New York 8 tar, from which we copy this correspondence, indulged in the following sensible and timely com ments upon the publication, and we re . i .i :Lli .-.!.;!'. produce Jts comments with hardly less j Star Bays: CoL Allen shows-dearly; what every impartial Northern citizen will readily beueve, that the people of jthe .South are anxious to bury past war memories and feelings, and to promote fraternal rela tion with their" fellow-citizens . of the North. They desire.especiallyNorthe, capital and emigration1 -to develop the vast resources of ,the South. He shows, too, tnat me ooutn is iast recovering from the disasters'of tJie-'.war, that the buys are faithfully executed, and that tne DiaCKS auu wuitea live uaijuomoua- ly together. Exceptional cases to the contrary should no more be used as an argument-again&t generaLfacts and the general sj&tif thing, than tiie whole people of ihcNorth snbulbr b denoun ced for murders' and" robberies that oc cur at times in their section. It woujd be well if all our people were as reason able and impartial, and were to mani fest the same 'fraternal and cathblic5 spirit as Col. Alleik n m-af tx ' NOKTHERN-SOUTHERNERS. The LOU- isville Courier-Journal peerless in all its departments among Southern news papershas had the; enterprise to pre pare an article covering sixteen and a half of its long columns, going to show what the South has dope for the North west, and especially for the city of Chicago. It points out that scores and lundreds of men of eminence and capi tal, have moved from Dixie land, into. the city and country round about the 1 ? ' .1 i ' A ' iHm'ar Artrt itSlA f L . aKes, ana mat over to,uw,wv wortn of prbpertv is owned in Chicago by them. It gives the genealogy of a large number of Northern citizens who are natives of" the Southand "all in all pre sents a most interesting compilation. STATU NEWS. Judge Buxton is presiding over Ala mance Superior court. Miss Jennie Davis, of Wayne county, was accidentally burned in so serious a manner that she w likely to die. All the former officers of the Bank of New Hanover, have ; been re-elected Maj, CM.Stedman is president. Brown, member of, the House from Yadkin, was before the mayor's coiurt in Raleigh, Monday mohiirtg.for drvwUf and 2 o'clock The .flames' were exin VJT- done. ThisnxtheStef The Newbem Nui-S7iell leirns tliat a difficulty citlaFHdkyight?' a dance Bell Fra wliichjresultod jnvth,4ath of the for mer, who was shot bytne latter with a pistol. Mr. V eeks escaied. t Last Saturday night, in RaleighJ the tered. and robbed of $10 worth of-croods : Sun ilay night C. D. Heart's? stoe store wai yfobbed-of $40 wortf shoesVajid! the Bams itoHt MiievpaSurttta frtfrbtfttw nfF same AigM thievesvef e frfehtewed off while endeavoring to enter the store of Mr. Cohn. The News tells of this. Wilmington! Review ffie regret to learn ,th fUeliwife of j Col. Jpun WiGattelt ofcTarboro, and daiigh-tei-of Dr. L' Frink;of Brunswick coun ty, died on Saturday night. Col. Cotten and Mrs. Engelhard are brother and sis- fUerrand thus were tiwyjiwtk-torrrbly TbaVW bh the same ' - I Newbern Nut Stell ; A diflicult oc curred last Friday night at a dance given at tne;sraente oi Mr. Jieii, in Charterer, POnnrNr.!rM;ween Mr. R. Frank Sanders and Mr. D. S. Weeks, Jrn which resulted in the death of the f ormerj who wa-btuiy Joth tlatLW) awtioiapistol. WnMbgtonT&tttrf.)t Tuesday The dead bodv 6f a1 white man was discov -An incendiary fired th residence oc cupied by Mr. John Northrop, of Wil iiintfton. Tuesday morning ' between l given,; at mPv.smm,oX vipermiued to.respond and that wish was , in Carteret county, between Mr. B. T acceded to. " 1 " j v ftk Sanders autt,Mfe'D.1S.WeekJfyHianel ered, yesterday morning, in a ditdhm46ewhajsifeJa the line of the Wilmington &WelaW'F4tey;weripra Railroad Between the sixth ana seventn mile post. The unfortunate man is represented as being well dressed, but ihis, hat and shoes were gone. Hisap e4ranridicat& ofd T ' 1 ........ v . - ' " j fw-mw mamtuia-ait moa uy; w.uia&ers. vrno. lie,1s. wnwhBlieTcaro4ron), anflTheE W a fog. Manlclpal ana County Elections. HARRtSBUBCL iPAiy::Felv lik-Maver Patterso1i. Retrtiblican,1 wasrelected, TnnaH itr Ktr nvur Hrt n.Q.rtinfv'i anrl Treasurer Shelby i b3p;.iabDut , 500. The controllership is undecided. The Dem ocratsr.electedJ)oth branches of the .1 iWATEBTOWir, N. Y Feb. 19.-The election of supervisors for Jefferscn county, yesterday, resulted in the eleo- llitetojr .thir: ieeiDemocfataiBeJsfato of . . ' ,-x ... .. . fsiMioAmtfa' flrand Bake Michelag- ef Raaaliii E; " Loirwyjr.rifeK rne communicai tion for wbieh-the Grand-Duke Nieh olas. of Russia; soli acrf Jtlief 'QrHmdiDuke (VknstaritinA. has bepn ATilerl fh Drfm- burg, was a pamphlet in - favor of the speedy construction of the urehburg & Tashkind Railway by way of i Rara Turgallandr4)arjjacJlyer in order to force England to abandon her jrgg11 Kance to rtussia s eastern policy. ano ltriet foreign Items. Mi Cairo, February 1 18, Nubar Pi abi 4;hegjptian;prenve nden resignatioh an rVe has accep- ted it v Pabis, February tnave aadeidptodriicto amended bv the committee ber of Deputies. - ' I ? There is no fbnndation for the repbrt" that the 'municipal 'council haverfife signed. ra 4 IJt"wlimi wrr . ." AuH vj6(rljj!t JtaUtrnlns to Work. - 4 4 London, Pebruary 18. The large-en? gineering firm of4TfestMfotolis& Bailey, of BlackwalU have opened their works to the old hands reduced wages. Some ootherayuiastMs are expected to follow suit in a dav or. two. though a fwir&uadavoi,in' to obtain hands. ifrom. the ..prpyincegL .TbeitrJkerrion- ; mlttee;howwervtirecCmndenrt,hit they , can uersnndft anv can persuaae anyimronecriiancia to I turn to their homes, . Tne JJemocrats acore a rfryr-An ; , Exciting Day in the House ' : Blackburn Makes Garfield zzkz.-rzr'rBaXr.RU Words. -?- .G78I .0 YSTATT5THT3 ane benate passfeortneousasDHJwr-iur the pay of eycparxiejHid the Senate Diu to lncorperaw ute united states rail wavzmail -service mutual benefit as sociation. Th6u ISenatefithenMjesumedi tue uuDiinrtit;ii;-Ji. lire pustuuice prriationulGiati "oo f When the Brazilian mail steamship subsidy amendment was reached the- point 01 order was made that it was not germane to the bill, but the Senate decided it was in order and consider able discussion ensued, pending which Senate adjourned. T birsE. Th House, is in cfcmmittee of the whole on the legislative appro- pnauon 0111. xne point ox oruer mcvue, iswr. niorhr, acrainsr. r.nft amprifimfinr. ntrer- ed bv Herbert, of Alabama, reoealiritf the jurors' test oath and regulating thel mode oi drawing and paying jurors was discussed at some length and was over-4 ruled, the chairman JtiiacKBurn.oi Ken tucky,) deciding that it was in order. Herbert's amendment was then agreed The question then arose upon an; amendment offered by southard, re pealing -the sections which authorize the appointment ot supervisors ot eiec lions, a. long ana interesting ueuate followed. Hale, of Maine, and Garfield,' both speaking for the Republican party in the House, declared they would use9 every parliamentary device to defeat the proposed amendment. The discus sion was or an excited character, ana members on both sides earnestly de- jgaut&ejiurntg .t stand, firm in; tueir views eituei. iur ur itguut tne measures-. e-proposed amendmejtt? was pending when the House adjourried and as the Democrats insist upon its' adoption the indications are that the bill will fail. This will necessitate an extra session. During the debate Wood, of New York, recited the history of the laws which were proposed to be repealed. They were but a portion of a series' of laws passed in order to keep the South ern States as stipendaries ot the Repub lican party ; that they had been intend ed for the South but were now applied to ,the North. The gentleman from Maine (Frye) 'assumed to speak'for his party when he said that? he would resist by eyery means in his power the repeal of the1eaws.' '' He YTdodf couM ot speak for his patymtMsou)d apeak for one man when he said that he d.'d jiot carewbat Jpecame of the appropria tion bills. He believed that it 'Was fiighertitesti6hv?than aafc fcf appropri?i-1 ting moBey4i)eould stay :jn the Jionse . as lone as any gentleman. heTJettuj cratic party couM resist: as" long-as the Republican party, and he would pot consent to vote for a dollar until this amendment should be engrafted on the Garfield, 1 of Ohio-J said tt had hot spoken on the points of order, because he did not regard the question as bhe that was being considered deliberately: Ordinarily this was a hall of delibera tion, hut now they were called upon. merely to register the edict of a party caucus under the rule of a fterso n who wasTunder orctera- to .aecide.Jthat the amendment comes in under the rule; This remarVcansed ;an immediate' exv plosion of anger on the Democratic' side, and there were jalls to order and a demand that the obnoxious sen tence be reduced to writing and read at dS : but Thl d&iffiS (Blackburn, of Kentucky,) expressed the wisli that no point of order should be1 toad J)ut-thatiig (Rlaihum ahowld be1 exhibiting in its delivery much feeling and determination. He said: "The chair will perfectly understand that I meatift reflection on him personally. DerisfttP laugnter on tne JJemocratic siae.j vv hat I mean lu- say is LHUU wncre a party tves, against, the? wilkof its vwnimiisoxi that its wfiojeipartjymtisfj act as one man nere wituout regam xo wj its opponents witnin its own party, then it ceasesTo be free deliberation and it becomes dictation from outs and. not the- deliberations of stit men" . Mr.' BlackMflf havirie left the came on the tioor - and reaains the ol jectionable extract from Garfield's speech asked the latter if he still stood bv.tliat. ...... ... 1 Gariield replied lhat the extracti not show his ruir meantiiK: that allhef saw or meant to say was that thvDe" ocratic side of the House (lncludinr chairman) was acting under the mdraf dnrpss nf ranr.ns riiotsirinri anH thkHtl'i saying so he meant nothing personaPS b Blackburn then said that he acceeWt thee: ly. He denied. TioweVerr that he! acting under any instructions from f he: caucus and stated that he had rieVer flhe aoMmecS;1d There was a erood deal of excitemfeiK throughout! tBediscussion. and lilArW- burn was frequently applauded on tHfe f licindfi - v-u ehdjactoalJnmctf Jhk stermfiT T3roceedift-wffiSrnuar now to be inevitable the committee roseowithdUt: action son ;he amendnltefitl and the House adjourned. i mil' Alfred B. Tuffts is nominated reOelVgofi ptthhemtiTJeys at Canideh &,The Senate today ponfiMijed Win. L. McMillen to be postmaster at l3fw Orleans ; Algernon S. Badger, colfectior wjmM V.TiaanSi'x- awn No Yellow Fever In. New Orleans -Ad OfSclal Dnrnmpnt. . Mi'W t,.c6thixt8teiicw- of tuoflninis that 5uchnire aealdeatn II rom yellow jceverrhave occurred! fteVft1 i : r durinfffiaM JtfA The statemftnt W signed by jnany prominent ?itizens;and U LUC I al bw-Uli! 1 UlU4 i tVj E. airUlfil. IJIl,TiirV ' DreEidenrdf tfie' oS-SfTSfflrK 1W .UFotfriPbTiTdTBid;airiinf ?CT'S i ? .wtiow bioIt gnsbio Ua 4 tola4jtq jcjnioM 'va viuea Hiuwj neiu uLiui&xuy on Jq riaa iOUW&ilh Itltai t&VZZs of th . JLJ L A V HUfl 'Mfi i at Ruattan, was attended "dv i oternbf and other prominent officials, London, a England PcbMnrv Caue of Geod Hone. The Rtrel decorated with, flairs, everaTeerlgs fcift?Mg3?iV: 1 mottoesi The,corBoration nreseritirtjM - fluxuxco j,u tne uuoys wnereia Lne U-Oueri. .-' the-oWrslbf We twenty.fourt; : ment. CoL Pemberton repueu. tMi&i rootSHaati4d4e 3the railwav station i accompanied bv four reeimental bands. 4 lanl Rd :roc .1 & tit. f. y - ToxrjCiebrKlf v IsJAtJiIioCiI Delegates to-day adopted the report of the committee on courts of justice, em bracing a resolution declaring the State or v lrginia- BofcHaoie-tor - certihcates issued uiidertheAalsof,'7l and ?2. for ojii-uiiuiOt- pteiwoHCjiebt auporiOned to the State of WesfVircrfnia. excefit S& aecrr- - 1 1 im mi mi " ' - - 1 pvu wreuf u vivuui.uiuLui dus omouhlf thaxadfiaa limi be derived from the settlementw4th iaVest Virginia in, jEd . fo,the,debt,aa5 it, exsted,f,at-the lmeox the dismembermemror the state. The discusswnrdf 'the '-bill providing for the settlementrof the State debt was begrmiri'he -Se Bate': to-day- and the special prwjAndications are that it Will pass the Seriate without much oppositiQnuitwtfinie ouse the fight wiii-.DBpnnajQe. f da BissippiOhipraiirbada-petition'was hblder'ikrthe "Virginia and Tennessee atoadcompanyTtteklitgleavto bring sUit'againgt 'Messrs. X'arkins and FinJc feceiveTthefirst n)oned road,and Others: 'Thfe'ftfonBM-als bill which, assails-the,, validity "of the gale bf m State's stock 'and tlie1 "claims4 Viade, uy.,tuu uoMU ur pnoHC'woriL5,iHiueiMies iia liauuiueut anu imperative tueuxteeu millidn dollars rteage, and asks thjatj " vmnma frtii 'reimesam THiiroaa I'QOi&aitwr toltS independence seDdrate trtibt)ertVari'd franefiisfi'dj ! id , j misp nugne? permiweur'ine peatipn th f wflfflrt AwA (;atod1ihHHAdav wnnld tie 'ftfeA 6 Kea h!a!ranMTiBn afttrr J'.V Pi Ull- specHitagfntrOtthe; treasury who? has reoentiy nqturncd trom Alaska, received a teleeram from Surffeon, Miner, of the marine KosDital service.' Pucret Sound. stating tnat the commander of the Jint- isn gunDpat AJsprey would take his ves seiironi Vancouver , Island to Sitka if the (American consul would request it, YTheiatter declined to take the re sponsibility. :,,Maj.,, Morris then tele- i i x1 . ' .Y " - i iriHDiieu. iAj tne cuijusui lor uaxxicuiara and tias received.the fbllowinir retIv ? r V iqtoria, )K U,j ii eo. 18.T-The citi zens of Sitka supplicated the conunand- erof .her majesty shin Ospfey for pro-. jtectiori from the XridUans, representing ihatiuiQufc immediate protection fears, of indjscrinvto massacre were inter- tained.u f The , commander signified 'his readiness to on ahonicial reauest if in-. iruciqu tua jtuer bituauoa,was urgenc, ieqvwu.sk.eu, tu ieceauyf na yi sol m- jormeu , tne commanaer, h;ine usprey ien ior oiiKaitMiay,,w. noon.. , ,, , . , ' - , United States OoosuL . n response to Collector .Ball's appealj iui-ia pecrotiuy. $uermau.ua;ueie graphedito the collector of customs at Port Townsend. W. T., to direct ;Cab1L icujftwproceett.ft stka... as, soon as praceaoifljiu nig essej,, tne revenue, steamer Ouyer Walpott, anl preserve , A Railroad &ld for Fire BelUrs. i iWiLMiNaTQN. u.Dei. ,JFeb. 19. A special to the Every Evening says the iXtitieru,,ipuonrHij(roiH was soia mis mornine at, Princess Anne. Md to the first moriaer. bondholder for $S,f sub ject to alien, of ftioOuOOu. ; The sale was in pursuance of a decree of -tne . circuit oouri piaryOjissueq January ana ... ' - I . 'ii-iiino y.Aii ir.ViliLMniljf '11 . narrow: trustees. 'rsf'the' AttahtleMis. 4V 4fUpHW"MtHlV.lirfi UKUHHHRl.T'nul). 1 AU1 .f..NEWi; DBi4:,EeTbiTen8a cases were continued Uii,JCn u&i The Naicmtochesr.oaseswereset fot jFebruary; 34th sh,: ftojijj&sea pi w -j : fifltreafih neat ' aL' RaUI h : 'i HitJGH, NJCv Fab. MfaThe Senate xoniayi reaucedtne- salaries -of i' state offlclalsxas follows!: vernor. ft&OOO: tgetaatyrj vftfitMs, 02,000 ; AMditor 7ji50:nrasuTer; 1X3.000:: rAttoniev- Cteneral, 82,000;-Supreme Court Judges, h CZJOUV. anu m HnHiniroiifwaw wnraitT.ra. rTAB oM hyiftan, tetteCrohi $wacc&tiKtxml 'splplrmeSn 1 eatanriU' stani j ad jau. throat b4 nFJwm&rfutl noHBM UebU)dSteesUba fe&tti ilia hitir tn tmnJr A It HikowaitOjhlserlM leliowActuatrf bfthls moave. ana a uesire n raueve mUHaff stnrenng, 1 wiH sendTfwe of 'ehareeTto ifiMw dMtr tt thu f tWWtai JuttoMcttflris far piepavtng'atKi using a tvv w . w&vi &nvsxjvj -Will 1 . ui. in I eeouree of soeM-n ttahwngOBonr vktUms eve: hmd lnsMfflanm eflti T,fr.-'Oll' Mrtntntnarf Tw""nMHr WwnMiAitaiul eaHbBerlehetof ndtfaooojiat the aau old iwvKStlQnably be.the most sovereign reme-1 race.- ami uicv-mpuiBiTW'iivuwus vremotriiurfoMWdCodi. rant one. nleasant m4e Ut'IriJlUurin. cen& uuu urowjiuacmiNiuncujKairewjiBS a power- rut Vf IM ewtlajeiujbjj nervous sys- tern.. bar, j-t---'A - ' b&utalitfeattfiii2fM)rta Ibe avatage-bl MtibetttaseileCMery rtar, with; b4t hny reisonaqie eaideiahulung genMtaK !from the mottllfenteertemii-JLt thlsTs- m otmi;el(eclaa6H fceuekaeommoi ffiiCtti IW buntofevety au Hte.-we art rWov1lb4aieNiadIh ttW la'fhalalioiLung ouMtf Set lit' ' Thoo&attlb lte their Tlv8 tot tnU 'been taaeWcuie' whave restabadi or ' 'flMfroa !tedIMiiBfeftE'c -Xt UteaniHttnUtidn V ttmmMl ton bf W4onaerfnl imidrmui t lot tt fix & f o8 ianirBir m nraaes iwpuTerdaee hdW( pumy h .how 'touch medlciaeyeu Jlave bled,' is inow apusnea iact mat German Syrup Is th onry seme-' dwhieli fcasfi satIaeUon tevere ta troet there tarei Vt k sre DredlawMwd, toiJ mairgevew CbldsFtsetiiea ; oaSi it.nqmnBiai KAoothw-Coa! Anl.i-riuS ave noperaonaiwwledge ofBoschee'8Geinm - !Tup, f o uCq ftould Kay 'toat 50.000 dfa are yld4urf-year without one complaint Con-' llllllll if 0W4fT lUJt e-bottlfi. RwulAT- nii8H ?S'?f J --ii. i..i ano si-. nowTtetr oattaboth .Elans the An. ... ; i at i tt.i i?..-f.n' v ' j ov i :,c j uj. 1.0, aua upwaras 'per 'uay.- Aa eltgafitrestaur An) at moderate prices, is condncted by tjie goteL I 1 I IKS OttlB i SdatbetnfStalfesc crjeat. i . . . . I n H i 1 n wteltaMAfM -1 ,Oi the T&llow fevfir. Yftn maUAv f Inabilltt ofthir rslmRate 4fi fntttfift givwMoauBteM . eases or. jAwg.l)iseM0afr JeuaBmsw-wrspw xmi TThroatana-x.tift AftflH VI1UH F'K n i iVSx m V . ij OD BuKhels Seed toii.' 50 Bushels N. CL Irish Potatoes." Cora.JTour and Wheat Bran. Baled Bar, Shacks and Fodder. irr HEAVY GBOCEBTES, AC. WILLIAMS it FINGER. M4 JEBE0TRIC BELTS. A son' core for nervoua debility, prematare-de- enr. ArhADRtlon. eta. .. .The onlT Tel rabie i core. Clr- eulars mailed free.'iJAddreas: J. K,fHEKTES,'43H Chatham street, N. T. JfejJk.yo dw3nu lis -r : i il CONDENSED TMK; ? ssuia isba&tf flo is ti NOBTH C ABOUN A ' BAILBOAD. u : TBATKS K)LNQ BAST. No. 8 Dally ex. Sun. No.2t';-4 Bauy J- DaUy Leave Charlotte, , , SL4S ami RJk n m ureensooro, . Balelgh. a20am 4.10pm 3 00 pm 5.80am I 5.a5pra.30amf Arrtre Golds boro, ' Ho. 2 Canneett at 8allsbarr with WJi.C.B. for all points in Western North Carolina, dally except Arndays . At Greensboro with B. 4 D, B. S. Ior all points Norui, jsasi ana west, m uoiasDorowua W. W. B. B. lor Wilmington. - i .- " No. 4ConneetB at Greensboro with- B.AD. L R. for all point Norm, East and West. ; u ; .'1 '. .: ;t Nd.7. iD&lly eXiSun Datef.Nov.10,'78. Na3 nany. Sally. Leave Golds boro, 0.50 am 3.50 pm 8.28 d m 5.35 pm WOim i V . . Greensboro 6.47 am e.vnaciufe, 12.25 am 10. i.50 am No. 1 Connects at Greensboro "with ' Salem t Branch. . At Chaxiotte wlUv C C. A. tu B for aU points Boutb and South-west; at Au-L4ne Junction wttbA.aA.L.BauroadtoraUpoliiU8oBUiand No. 8 Connects at Salisbury wlth W. N. &Bj K. dally except , Sunday. At Alr-Llne Junction with A. AC A. X. for all points South and South-west At Charlotte with a, C. I points South and South-west Leave Greensboro, dally except Sunday,: 8.50 p m AAA. TV ..V.U, . WJW 7 " Amre ureensooro, i.wiuji ' Cenneetlnjt at Greensboro with trains on the B. r D. and N,.&.BaUioads. , . , . aUBrwa gays vttihoot cbahgb Bun both ways on -Trains Nos. 1 and 2, between New. York and Atlanta via Richmond, Greensboro and Charlotte, and both ways on Trains Nos. 8 and 4 between New York and Savannah via Richmond, Charlotte and Augusta. . ' Through Tickets on sale at Greensboro. Baleieh. "OoMsboro; Salisbury and Cftartottevjand at all principal potntB 8outh, South-west, West, North and jsast. ror jsmigrant rates to points in. Aixan sas and Texas, address ' X B.- HACMTJBno. Gen. Passencer Agent, ,. Rtenmond va. . HABLOTTE, COLUMBIA AND BAELROALV - AUGUSTA OttAKLOTTK, COUTMBIA AlTD A.06OSIA B. B. , -' CoxOTfMA, a C.,jI)ec. 27, 1878 if On and after Sunday, Dec. 29th, 1878, the fol lowing passenger schedule win be run over this road, Washington time,): iruAl ,' NIGHT EXPRESS, t,-HT f i- oxso socth, aa 1. LeaveCharlotte, imve1 Columbia,. V. Leave Columbia . ;".. . Arrive Augusta. . i ! GOXHO NOBTH, No. 2. Leave Augusta Arrive Columbia. Leave Columbia,, ii I ; . , . ' i . . . . Arrive Chariotlev. . . . t ; ........ DAT PASSENGER. "!-;; GonteSoTrn.Na.8.' Leave Charlotte Arrive Columbia Leave Columbia . ; Arrive Augusta . Going Nohth, No. 4. Leave Augusta.. . Arrive Columbia ...w.-... . 1 00 A. 11 . 00 I. M . 0 06 A. M .10 00 A. if 5 55 P.M. 10 00 P.M. 10 10 P. M. 8 10 AM. U 27 AM. . 4 10 p.m. . 4 15 p.m. . 8 30 p.m. 0 03 A.M 1 20?.m 1 90;p.M 6 80 P. M Leave Columbia. Arrive Charlotte . These train stop only at Port HOL. Rock HOI. I t niUUHMvi ttnjJtOTfOJ, JLVVUIO, HNV I bwg,BidgeSprmes,aohston,TrentontanGranli Ite- other stations will: be ; noogmzedi flag i stations.. r -i V Pullman Palacy slee on Noe. 1 and 2, Gre intiur and dluwmaHbotri ears Greensboro to Aneustar also am Nos. a and -AL New' York to Savannah, via Rich mond Georgia Central Railroad. . , T. D. KLINE, Supertntendent Jho. B. MacHubdo, G. P. Agent " , ec29 1 8uftttiouzviz&. -THIS5 DELICTOU'3 tUTT, 'i.i . ,J .7 ; ..ij l,,lJilU J ; MitA6i-T- Ht'jiU .a;iTk Finest; In market, has Just tuIT lr.!. .... I. V . 1 i t . r. &Viili-LtlXJUi.iO Vvl .'liJ lit ti.i.-,.j : 4 a f . . . r - PPP'J -KM'! Ma..!BJf..T l-t IRSS, BEE R R B K X as8 of -i"V lvwV9i?.iLifil4wIuT. ' ill vlilj-nr Jt.Mi I s ,d vilify bms i sh stmplywf these (bra 'Camels to be -i; i-i fts iq j PKKBTS. ; .jrt'joiu .(.; is -f nt;y fei: "li sjfnj i,j 7(- lixiJ sfiimM licxru ifiienJ .iwiKtil j-mnodt teiuuiiil its inq I .mlrunq diTrari9n- aont r Can bo fonnd atRww'a.aTTv th Wahwt TaOy-if . viui mnt uinuirninff vtin atiii ti . tmml w tdalll .jr- .moY9I fn;ifl-TOi-yiir-iTrsnjjd b v.f Hi iit PeisJ OTwIvervW ufia 8aiHtigand I there. Soma 'j-WttB ! oewmgian9 aqriway9-?Be fotuHtttwra. Wtia wlthPegraa Ca.fi Rp-ra iess at lltfldix-irfciil..'rurt'Tr.rn niu.it i.-.-7T,.Ti in lO BOUR) SUU1U BS UHTOr H. Bank 43 I CHANGE rOFifiUSINESa. -s a rw.r.w fM cl Jon ri.rr hoH.-i. J?T Jwtwsc-j odd yI 'n1lvlnlf:etWlitf bSliilifia YUrwihii'i bJ muiiia .f I ...w.. f t. ..u.. , ...... . . . in. i - t ! aw-jmw! oaU, , eeirlng aotoa-iisnc of fi fft Ha So ui.i eiXi c-irf j? m mum ' I : .niX'Ii.. rM-nH iu.'niuru WW i . .: fur aid sand on fldlBas sfteet re r3 be pleased v.'i w'"." !-i-' .-hi ai!i .feuii ' oJ Tsrrr fV" LT iuwnuuu imxk ana noe Dusir AAVUA9 OUU A ilii II; WIT Store and Hardware House for ' ' ! CHEAP uau v m a A A I 1 7. Buy jour COOK STOVES .from me, as I have 2 good reasons why the yUldo ygur work Quick aid Easy, Cheap and Cleaa : i BECAUSE , , t They tore cheapest to buy. BECAUSE ' They are best to use. BECAUSE Ji;A3B They bake erenly and quickly. BECAUSE 4. Their operation Is perfect. BECAUSE BECAUSE - - i They are made of the best materkd. BECAUSE fcaasrrf.nwf:-i They require but nttle faeL BECAUSE 1 They are-ilyDrJcd. BECAUSE They are easily managed. BECAUSE They it suited to an localities. BECAUSE Every Stove Uguatsnteed to give satisfaction CALDWELL HOUSE. ALDWELL HOUSK, CALDWELL HOUS CALDWELL HOUS E, tJeifner TfyoS and Sttth Streets, .Comer Trjon and Sixth Streets, (Tin kTil ) CHARLOTTE, N. C tCHABLOTTEi N. C. fl. J ClLDWELL:.k..i .Proprietor. A- i This house is permaneBQy eatabOsfted and-oCers. rai;.j ."Sfil t A - all the conveniences and comforts of a first class boarding house. Persons visiting the city will Und ti! a pleasaaTlOme. Permanent boarders wanted. Can be furnished with rooms. BATES Per dav. transient S1.2K: ner week. $rt.OO. Regular table, $18.00; board and room per montn, 918.00. JanlO QBEAr BABHNS TOBTHrHOLTDATS, -AT- J, T. BUTLER'S. J. T. BUTLERS. - ') J 3 a a a . f 7. V. WATCHES, CLOCKS," JEWELBT, (ii!; 1 A 8' MS AH PLATED -oulSn.r-" vhfb -d: lis b!a .fld"W WARE, i I I KV Gold-Head Canes and evervthlnsr vod want 'l 1 M J. T. BUTLER'S. i.Me4' T WE DESIRE to call attention to OUB 8TOC E DESIRE to caU attention to OLOkBTOC O3A0J3 SiaAj T7 ANCY GOOD C 1? ANCY GOOD O Ground and Cut Glass Bottles, the handsomest A OH A 8 TeSTAlHO SHT fa yJmVriet.T t le Me-bf eWuJU U Including some novelties, which will pay yflu&t riOBlja IHI f FINE FLORENCE and CELULOID TOILET Cases AJtsntfuPJB&,Raanjb4t)m Leather Pocket Books; also full stock of Engsh aptf American Tooth, Hair and NaflBrushe1 a -as d3s" ascTi-S waON CO. xaa T THE CENTRAL HOTEL SALOON Cochrane keeps the best BYE WHISKEY, Stand- Aad PowLiooora, Three Yean Old, go . OCHBANE-8, ; wt- ftentral Hotel Balcon. '"SJI w Sit-v-w fT41tfv- . N EW LIVERY STABLE. inee5-t,iT Mfi grdir 1uor86i,Afty'W-J lew Livery Stable. . . .7. . . ,v . ... . . ...... . ... . If you want a Carriage -4 Baggage Wagon to i Beet arriving or departing teams, gototi-KKou Livery Stable. ... j goti tKew livery E6 i prlcea gre our motto. mam HAMTtfUHiP A IdfTtttVitt Ol CBBgNf,,. ... : , M . ! f The fewo totes in the Otter Alexander auMma on Trade street . J. L. MOR1Dl -janxatr - . kjHEBiat 8T0CSi" C AP1qan,c6rrioy? . ; UI.2 . v.. ...... Afayix . AV.w.Mi.- t ASTD ou4w to fcr iiu. if,. a H B H A AA A A A TTTT T T 1 ,A'Ui 1st National Bank Building. Charlotte, K. C. llioU tnHj tt arm; - . ..S10 of Boots Shoes, &c, is acknowledged to be the best in the State, and we would be pif ed to have you call and naming for -nnrsaif h.i buying. PEG RAM 4 CO oeci THE PUB BLIC. atnrjisteSTH OR fS, begs leave to call the attention of the citizens nf Charlotte and lMtfMte large stock of B o o -AND 1 feJlAB OO EEB KR ' a BKR 8S8S 88SS HHH O.O H H O O H H OO um laJs hands for sale. It is believed to tc tl e largest and best stQ ! andbest stock or goo fof goods South of Baltln orr, vsnl audlswei: ujation of any p r son whether wanting oneertifcoraatd pnir. The stock embraces , . . from the finest to the coarsest shce made, ifjou want a pair, or any number of eases, call, and j-ovr i iAa 4 wants can be supplied. In this connection the subscriber would state that if rciwcat)i? ;prlces can be obtained, tb whole stock, both Wholesale and Betail, will l e sold i .'ATiA, BARGAIN, , . ' SM-.rrifi-: i ltber. together or separately Prcjosttioi for purchase are seilcited. , , J. M. B. REYNOLLS, TiuMte S Foitcs. ChariottBi IfcvUJan. 17, 1878 8weod. jusT.pijrj , A Trittttf 'ASH. We have Just received a tne selectloa f. sucb Goods as you want Ik , ;Uj.J4i,J..... ... CHB&Tlt-fe PBESENTSr Ml Such as fine Lodtets and Chains. nm atHT&k BftJgMiqiael Buttons, Sairf tTraHAin tr hjiIam Pins and anything in the line you may want CALX. AND 8X1 THXK. LE ft- fc. A.B R I-Q B . - p LASNE, From Parts, France, WATCndfffEB,,ILI)ER and SIL YEB PLATER, Trade Street, opposite First Presbyterian Church, Every kind of repairs made at once at half price and warranted anajear. Every kind of Jewelry or Bronze Gliding, Coloring SUver-Platmg and Gal vanizing made at short notice and equally as rood M Work 4tai lor h trade at low prices - tEy Apprentice wanted, with premlunf and good references - (itT.if Repaired wockmcalled for win be sold at the expiration of twelve months for cost ef repairs. TIDDY'S CITYBOOK STORE CONTAINS XatSRZSTi asd ckakest stock 3f POPULAR LITERATURE, vw MISCELLANEOUS WORKS, ffiSICLGrlEK BOOKS - OF EVERY STYLE, BLANK BOOKS, INK,PENS,PENCILS, -. i- . j -:v..- -rv.": t AND IN FACT- EVERYTHING USUALLY ' Of A FUtgT-CLlSS BOOK STORE- 1 L Butterlck's Metropolitan Fashions for Mard - - -j TIDDY 4 BBOTHEB H!g i f -r ': III I ll PCOTOG-UPHS. : V . :;; . nf th MAutlnn fn the DliOf "f theorrrtn-sje to order log my patrons the benefit of the redocjton from after this date Photograph will be taken at Gallery at Pt ! , f H. VAN

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