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BEDDING, 4C. FUKNITUBE! ) i . ; i ; - -. A Fu LlROef -oil, f-rf3.t;l55 CHEAP BEDSTEADS ! CHEAP BEDSTEADS I LOUNGES ! LOl'NGES ! LOUNGES! ri-'v.j'' LOUNGES f c ' ' LOUNGES - ..''! LOUNGES 1 PARLOR AND CHAMBER SUTTS J PARLOR AND CHAMBER.8UITS I . v;,rJ S COFFINS of all kinds on nana. W COFFINS of an kinds on hand." f -6"St. ir: . ; Nft f West T?AMrKHer. CnASLOTTEt N. C ultv'Si uiis hi Vtip'i. .K- t t axj nt .AUKtiomMv'ii Ttoirtal Robes ,M!Vli!fi 1 Mine supply.. . - -";'; Tm; -4k-' . f l--'tiKiiJi laoiv, zioorr yto n- fWtT , URKR WIT N n TTTTU IJRRB, EM U UR RNN N II T U UK Kg W U U BAR N N N II T U URRR KB :i AT?;jno 'AT If (, I. . . ROGERS' WAREROOMS, - I'1 r. i ff & I it J7 " v, , ly stock Is very Lar, ! and embraces a Full line of . 1" - - ! -PAItfJrl,rCHAMBER. DINING ROO - v. . . - 1 i i . , KlM-iT ANB !'tI r .r: office furniture t ;:?r j -ii-a tT"- All Goods Packed Free of Charge "TXT& HAVE WE HATT? WE HAY Hi IT AHA YE lit snjui 1ckh intfitfca70T8 XOCO tmnt'fi turn -jIuS) 'w oJ yf ir Mo4&t fcod THIS DAT RECELYIIIas 4S.4P ,x X-:1.0.J ' ' :.'?Ar OF ... HAMBURG, - t , t aarJAD3tT Jmv mH tw iK tfwll ' tanas rJJ'.M J1SWCUAO .r-trfJOH JJ3IJ J Also a of Children's , 'fctJEF&iw OLLARS. Call and see them. . . .v.. . .....i.riw.i u'. h ALEXANDER & HARRIS. Feb, 20. j:iii jf')xijs s.n 'ji'j-.i.- . rl .f,WMl 3Sf!HS'J . ,J.tfOiUV!l .tl Texfi..a .aJjoo?) .fxrJji7oi SIX HUNDRED TARDS OF 1 ALL WOOL BBB V V KK S TTTT n NN N GGO B B U U Nl K - T - n NN NO O BBB TJTJNNN T HN HN O B B XT TJ K Iflf T II H NN O GO BBB UU N JfS T D N NN OJUG 'Ti -' 1 THIRTEEN n; . ' : oSSoH H A ' ' DVD EES oS8s .SSgHHH A A D D KB BSSS 8888h':1aL4addd Sra8 i IT : .'; i Icjudlng Black, White, and all the delicate Colors for EVENING DRESSES. :f ! ... .-.. fs.vj-.a i i Respectfully, T L-8g6lB' j feb2 gPRTNG ANNOUNCEMENT. U 1 W t I J '.I O t u O t I j f. t 1 . We take pleasure tn announcing to our friends and the public in general, that we leave to-day for NEW YORK, nu 4 v. , aa 1S fi jtff w .fI-w.j! 'io' ffciJlMu'-. To purchase our large and varied SPRING AND tfT r , H A ItiawJniBoflQatJthte season to inaugurate a rim new system our friends chance to purchase Goods at , - ' M . . . . ; ' . ... ,t U.kjj?m w -i-h w -i f M?t7weiahd upon walMng to where "" '"7- .mtoaisheatotuid that she neid in weareciosinrTotoliw4 nhdsa;wh4te infant not more 1 lattflfc.i lf' ;f;oneda to the doqr tfitKoi A A LUK) AAIAn WD A. T-?'! S'lV' SaJWt'Hf KWTMi i''iUi at!! il t S'T t T Don't faD to call and see us. , ,, : ; ILlIOKRISAERO?v ' I urni 'iiH.f February 21, Ssbr Bleeps. 'SAXUXi; HINDS. 1i , " - .,7 - The baby went: The mother took it from the nurse's arms And hushed Its tears and soothed its vain alarms, Ana Daoy slept I.. ? i '4rof num. f .' ! . ! ; 1 r I And fiivl rtntli tAkAlt fmfn Ita tnAthPti nrfnk. 5 ;flFrom present griefs and future unknown barms, Ana Daoy steeps. . . OIMEUVA I'IONk. 'It Is said that the mall In Colorado arrives on time when the carriers are chased by Indians. , The foundation for the meanest man Is laid when a small boy turns the worm-hole in an apple for his companion to bite from. Cincinnati En quirer. - . Just before the rustic took the laughing gas he put his hand into his -pocket and pulled out his i money. "Oh. don't trouble about that now," said we aennsi, tnmiung tnat ne was going to do p ia his fee. "Not at all," remarked the patient, ' I t was simply going to see how much I had before the gas took effect." Boston Glodei i , - - r : Pope Leo XIII breakfasts at 7 o'clock on a cup of coffee or chocolate with an egg beaten in it His dinner is very, frugal. It consists of chicken broth moMml then, the boiled chicken is served, i He liKes" Tpears and Cheese. He-drinks a couple 6f glasses of red wine. He does not take coffee after - riWhat does your husband do V asked the een sus man. ."He ato't doin' nothine at this time of E the year," replied the young wife. "Isheapau- per?" asked the census man. She blushed scar let to the ears. "Law. no!" she exclaimed some- SB'.JAiXSHwhat indignantly, -we ain't been married more'n 4 iPJaiB-SpeakiiiLWesteriiyiao Describes North- Out ihe-Bemedy.- f MITT ' w Tut HMt Pleasant, Iowa, Feb. 8, ' To the Editor of the. New & Courier : Wishing to take'a representative South ern newspaper, and believing your Ao be such, and. besides not knowing sub scription price, we enclose stamp for a splcitne copy bf the IHews 'arid Courier l. ani .anxious to take such, a paper for several reasons. First, to learh something about your Southern people yqur ,ip.eas.ana,ways or thinking. , bec orid, to inform inyself as to the rela tions now 'existing bet weeny our newly i entranchised colored citizens and then- late masters; and, linrd, because lnave good cause to mistrust tne information about vour affairs in the South, as eiv- f en lis -by the bulk of Northern newspa- peruana in short, i. want to remedy ail these things by taking alive Southern newspaper; and' obtaining my news from. lirst hands. , ... . t . ,. . .... 1 presume I am safe in saying that Tou nave not a subscriber in our state. I might almost remark that it is consid ered a sort bf deflection from personal rectitude to take a Southern journal up here in the Hawkeye State, which peri- uuicauy xoua up me oo.uuu xepuuucui The.ignorance, up here in the North about your affairs, your social, polirieal and economic relations and conditions, is simply without limit, and what is worse than' all, no ' one seems ' disposed to . make ny, enort to lniorm tnem- selvs: hence it is comparatively easv for all that batch of bull-dozing twad dle to obtain easy credence, on the eve ot every election, and so hre the Nor them heart." 1 ! i 3hiQ average yoter up here has really no opinion of vou Southern people wiilclr he does not obtain from jackleg politicians and gentlemen wno go about instructing the people on Southern claims with their mouths full of wordy patriotism and their eyes full of appoint- - A - y . J i . ' meui vnjuiuro w some litt omce. I believe' I am safe in saying that the reasons for this want of information about the South is due almost wholly to thft fact, that tha current literature of the South has no plapa in men's minds Outside of the South. The old Mason and Dixon line still exists as to litera ture, at least, more stronerlv and clearly denned than ever and until this barrier of prejudice is removed, those fraternal relations with the south, wiucn existed before the war, will be impossible.! i A right understanding with the South and a correct .estimation, of. their nfcw : relations to the Union, now. that.; the sectional labor system is abolished, and a right appreciation or the, dimcuities under which!, it labors, in the solution of what lsknown.- aa the Southern iques- tionycan nevr be had Until its litera ture is read" in the North. ' .: : i Thoughtful; men are to-day in the North extremely fearful of -the return to power of what is- known ; as Grants ism. They . see in . the return of such men as Logaru! Conklihg, Chandler, Rob eaonje ai to, our national vougi tssa miu catioTis of the election of Gen. Grant for President in 1880. This is another rea son why men up here should lniorm themselves.; of jour needs, society and thought, so as to check, a " strong, gov ernment in .the South,", which the elee tipn Of Grant insures, ; and . unless the masses North are informed, a repetition OA-but WiiWH WA i l 10 xjaoiuixM Tint to closer If vou are interested in thedjl&ion Nprtliof your penodicals and publications, and believe as-Ilo that there i circulation here ould be a powerfulfaotOir rnbtingfiig; aboutafe ciprocal ihrcouraeivOii -Northern and Soutbernithoitehta and thereby destroy ing this ptejudice existing in the North twarrta thA Snnth, plftasa give me yOUT assistance ift the matter, by sending a copy of your vaiuaDie paper and terms as to clubs, -r - Expecting dreaT jfrorn fyon, lam. gentleifteiTOfiij. vtMJfaith - of JetlergrUj ; j y7gieriSU S;L Herald. U T 3 "3 rVliablv Mtt ermed thai'at 2 o'clock last Thursday morning, Mrs. Mary Haggett, ; a- respectaDie, Kind- nearcea wiuow lau.v wiiu resiuca ctuuut twelve miles north of 'this, and on the east side' of ttfie- Catawba river, i was aroused from sleep by, several knocks linon heJKdoc-riand a voicei calling to ner at the same time. Mrs. Haggett With faltering step cautiously approach- ea tne aoor ana fupentopeningr it ue- hefd a negro man and woman, the lat- fKATj Tfl37U watei folding jn . hercarms sonethingcare- Kiuiiy wrappeuj.i;,.Buawv- AveiuovAiig therfsnawAlt,itne wonian, extenaea ner; arms with thei burden to Mrs. Haggett, sayig;nwithv most "complaisant air, was her than she was" again 'astohished. to hnd that the, "bearers :of,, the "present". had vanished UK.tuui.aupaiuuuM.. .' mi. i ?i .1 1 - j f The child is a boy of fine appearance, we are told, and bundled' un-with ;the little follow was - a goodly; supply ot nicely made Infant's garments of "good inatenaL airs. . i taggett, - our - inrorm ant states, is takinggood care of the 11ffl Hr.ranowrra.rif thin nftirhhnrhnrnl i.tTffcT---i:i3ii'rabove Thorn's ferry, ia.. agog -over the unusual occurrenut;, r ; . . For upwards of thirty years Jtfra- WInslows Sooth? Ing Syrup has been used for children. It corrects acidity of the stomach, relieves wind colic, regulates the bowels, cures dysentery and diarrhoea, whether arising from teething or other causes. An old and well known remedy. 25c per bottle,! , .; . i - f i i i - The Tennessee Legislators in a Sorl Upoa. Their j rij JioDor--! Singular EeselutloR, Kii wtiss'ij hi 1 1 ni t hU T.--.i t Special dispatch o The Atlanta Constltutlan.1 i ! Nashville, February I l8.-The ; d& bat& noon the arrangement bf the nnbr lie debt has created a great, deal of bit terness. Yesterday, however; the quar rel Teached the point of absurdity by the House of liepresentatives actually passing a vote oi censure? upon, the itevi IVA-Hoyt, a. distinguished Presbyteri-an-' divine of 'this city..; It. seems that the reverend gentleman in. a recent ser mon spoke of the necessity, of public in tegrity, jaa it exercises' a great influence on "private honesty; iffEhe .sermon; i was an.aDie argument iiornonest dealing, and ?was highly appreciatedj The mem-. bers"oithe; tiegisfature,' however, con strued at dntdi an attack iupon , thetnv selves, and w the meeting of thaLbody Mr. Hall introdncedlthelollowiitg pre anw as Tesoiunsawaicn were paissed?'!1 4itmunTir , to-ereasIitisMChargedtbatiignor-i ance has trained possessidn.ofj Jtbe. eow emnlehtaicontTolfiegislaiion of the State'andthajr treJrnnnnent danger -of a great crime, beiiiff perpei trated against the creditors of tfiaState and the majesty: of heaven, by Jthe ig norance and dfchcmestyox the represent tatives of the peopleiiaifckJti Jii w w Whereas- some of the ministers of the eospel of Christ, in the citr of Nash- ville; have felt constrained by tirtua of J their omce,! as an mhassador of the cross, ta look after theJlnterest of ithe bondholders carid 'the rights of . heaven; in- the matter of the1 aettleUient of the State debtpand, ftdJ-KLi vsm' . : . " Whereas, the members of the House of Representatives are desirous of be ing intormed as to the wiu ox heaven and the wishes of the olders -xf the bonds Of the; State of ..eaeeiCM'iref erenceatdsithe settlerhentf.tthla;gravfr i ResolydJCrVth HbusffjBfpsen.-,' tauves, xiiat, uie nau cuwie jiouse ue tendered to the Rev. T. A. Hoyt, D. when the House is not in session, that he may enlighten the inemberff f th Legtelature now ;iri session ias to their duties in genera n4.Me Stte de lri DarticulaK to the end that said Xeisla- tdreinayicpethe.lathi'Of:' ttllU Witt UIW llllUltCl OA VUC BWpCl,.Uj, whom the HdWe entmams the pem respect;an4 n,-)j):7irie$. noiy omce, may ne secumAouce.mare peace and tranquility ' ,pf , niind .nd soul." ; J 1 ; Upon the passage of this singular resolution, Mr. Poston offered a com panion document as follows 1 u Whereas, the literary and debating society " of "? the, city of yrentorf, ittf the peace' of this State, havrn recently" ex ercised itselt over th& proposition, viz.: 'Resolved that . Governor .Alberts,. Marks is a humbug ! ana," M Whereas, the said city of , Trenton has, up to the time of entertaining such a mons&ous proposition as a question for debate, sustained a reputation equal ed by none, for loyalty to the ' powers t.hnr ho'.' and - ' v ' ' -'W f , MUM) , - Whereas, the discussion 6f isucn ao surd and outrageous propositions is mischievous in the extreme and highly reprehensible, calculated to 'throw cold water' on the spirit of 'repudiation,' and injure the chances of somebody for the United States senate ; , therefore, be it " Resolved. That the aforesaid literary society of the good city of Trenton be hereby instructed to cease from its la bors on this question, or" its charter will be indignantly abolished by this assem bly." This gave rise to a bushwhacking de bate, which finally,, resulted in the re? consideration: of the: vote , oft censure Upon Mr. Hdvt ,- 1 v : This action has been the occasion of a great deal of comment, m which the pulpit critics of the Jjegislature come 111 ior universal conuemnauon. A Mortal Combat. f The Fort IVorth (Texas) Democrat states that near that place recently a youth named Teatherstone was! occu pied ih gathering rocks from a rock-pile, when upon turning over a large-sized stone, he espied a tremendous sized yellow and black-striped tarantula, as large as his hand snugly domiciled in a nest oiled with ner offspring, lie seiz ed a good sized stick, witn which he carelessly proceeded to poke the poison-. qua creature and pinioned it to theground. by one leg. It writhed and squirmedrL about until it broke loose, leavmg anpojv quiQKerrtjtaaoawougnft sprang aiiwi tormentorrlightingn his nand,which it bit in tWoorthreepiacaes: The JitMa fellbw loosefteahold of the stick "and shook it c43tirisJand3nd no sooner had it strucjfetiie-gaAndthMi Jtd direct forthe nest agamThijsitJi little trouble.' the whole lot frerosjnatched. Before iaptciangnomet had commeTrcedfwelv3aTd-when4aat heard frcja-&iejiqny of the little fellow wasmtfens Hii arm had attained: fa size thteellmjBSits natafaTsize."" Ilis life is dgspgired ojf. 0? erveInftiUBBeay.v ' Restless nervesIast those that are constant ly so, areweaMfejel TheJrueLwayigtran quilize tbemthorojghly a tostrejigUieiAAhem. It may be, nayTjjejcycifteilsnecessaTrte re course to asaOia-Oieven aiAaterq danger ous cases of nervous lnquleteidev. but tha con tinued use of such unnatural alliativesls- greatly to be . deprecated. .Though noln a ;restricted sense, a specJfieiJr ' neCTdusjs.Njtetter's Stomach Bitters is eminently calculated to allay an d eventually" wvereome It, a fact which the re; corded experience ot many goes to , substantiate TMalnaatlro'ahlft tonic, by pTOmoUng digestion, sinulattalA &hd 8eOTtton touches the three key notes upon which the harmony of all the bodily or gans depends, and the result Is that fresh stores of vitality are diffused through: the; system, of which the nerves . receive' their d1wpp6rtWnhin& and grow' tranquil .asihey gather strength.?" ,' , K'Li . ilnnBifmntrtti t-mtAA 5 r Z A An old physician retired, from practice, havlnS had Dlaced in his hands br an East India mission ary the formula of a single vegetable remedy, foH thesDeedvand cermaneut cure for oonsumDtloii. bronchitis, catarrh, asthma, and all throat and lung affections, also a positive and radical cure for nervous debility and all nervous complaints, after having tested Its wonderful curative powers in. thousands of eases, has felt it hisdutv to makatt mown, jo nis. sunenpg ieiiowa . Acmatea. oy. motive, and a desire to relieve human suffering, I will send, free of charge; to all Who desire it, wis recipe, with run directions tor preparing ana using In German, French or English. Sent , by mall by addressing wiih stamp, naming this paper. -W. w. $herar, 149 Powers' Block, Rochester, New York. s'Oct9 4w, - , . , .. i 4 tST" CHEW JACKSON BEST SWEET yii T 1QBAOCO. i-. f'r ' -! " ' ': i-1- - i ' " ' Ease AtUlBskle by the Bbeumatle. - Yes, although they may despair of relief, It is attainable by rheumr c sufferers, for there is a remedy which carries r U- by means of increased activity of the kldin s important channels for blood purification t a acrid element to which pathologists the mosv eminent attribute the painful symptoms- a theory completely borne out by urln ary analysis. The name of this grand depurent Is Hostetters. a preparation likewise celebrated as a remedy for constipation, which causer eontamlna- xui njuouiwuvu, nuiuu wustli cuuwul tion Jit the blood with, the bileand aoe rtaln means of relief in dyspepsia, feyer and ague, and nervpus ailments. It la, poiuaps, the faiest tonic extant, and 13 nigmy recommended as a medicinal stimulant br distinguished rhrslnlanaandanAlvsts who pronounce It to be eminenUy puie and very beneficial. The press also endorses it, - - ' . TTTT OO DDD TOO P D . T O. O .. , 5 D TY I-J t- C I O Ij. D X AAA." T.u .r:?1! rp o C L O 8 I' 'o'U rn'i C L O S SH O U. JLill .'X i i . . - .. . . vV ; ' . ' - a : - i - WQI begin the Grand1 Annual Closing ! f There will be a Grand Rush and we would adrise it will be to the, many .Mi, . It i j . -,I i.i-;' r f And to others it will, repay them to invest for fu uresi we.would suggest this circular be retained, ! I Ton can buy English Fur and Whitney Beaver worth $32 and $30, at $24. Our Fine West Eng. men of $20 Overcoats, embracing Worsteds; a Brown Meltons, marked $15, $18, $17 and$lt).50, r splendid heavy jChlnnhllla Coats woitlUhe. en 1 I . - i- i : '- r ;, ttway, Frocks and Teste, $20, $21, $22 and $23.50, met Of Cas8lmer Frock - and Sack Suits, sold Ourjentire Stock of Cassuuere Pants ranging $6.50 $5:50 ikd Se.00, one uniform price, $4.00, TO W81 be sacrificed, some 300 pairs all wool Cassl Hankerohelfs at 25c. TO CLOSE OUT. A small urFine Merino Underwear, worth $2 each Shirt jHiiiii'W 'Hit T: Our stock of Boys' Will be arranged In connection with the " Clearing garments and other perishable: goods, to be slaugh In many Instances the quantity Is small and sizes ri LOT HIN G! j 0 TH I N G t CLOTHINp I CLOTHINUl W. KAUFMAN 4 GO'S. CLOTHING HOUSE! GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICE. Having determined to reduce our stock, we now offer to the people of Charlotte and this section of North Carolina, the largest, cheapest and most beautiful and well selected stock I or COO 1, OO TTTT H COL O O T H H II NN N GOG U II NN N o a 8 - Tm O O T HHHnNNNQ O Ii O O T H H II N N O GO OOO LLLL OO T H HUN NN GGQ WS HAVE EVER OFFERED, ; Consisting of the usual variety of MEN S, BOY'S, YOUTH'S AND CHILDREN'S CLOTHING FOUND IN A FIRST CLASS HOUSE. All we ask Is that our friends and customers will give us a call, as it will be to your Interest, and you will save from fifteen to twenty per cent on .jour purchases. . j j W. KAUFMAN & CO., Springs Corner, Charlotte, N. C. . decl2 -"V . c LOTHING HOLD YOUR ORDERS. Mb. Hekbt M. C B3WelI, of Newark, New Jersey, - - i - l r well known in Charlotte will visit the city about the 15th of February, with full and handsome line r of samples for dress and business suits, Including .the newest and most fashionable goods in the mar- ket Hold your orders, and remember the date. 'febotf - ' ' CORN AND WHEAT EXCHANGE, V ' '. ... J;i;."; iSii tW ti '.Hit n- i. i J Postoffice Address, Charlotte Qty Mitt i Parties having grain to grind or to sen win find It to their interest to call on the undersigned. Meal ground either fine or coarse, according to order. -- - . Thankful for former patronage, I will give my prompt personal attention to all. orders from one bushel to a car load. " ' - - '.. 1 -.-,-.: ROBERTDi GRAHAM, i , I f ' l 'iX .-- .4 Superintendent. w Just received a fresh supply of superior Tea.. . WILSON & burwelL; janSO B LACK STRAP, MOLASSES "V, . 1 Under cost by the barrel, by , . - AlCriUA AIAVUH9VX1, i. Jan30 " . . . . - f I ; Ju j ;:i i.yu t-m i "4:.s:trLriMi 1 .vjuu ji,, ii'ifuJ ci ftc":?Vj' j' ! ' O tc'S.' Of8'E --Oi'lTlil'J.1 our entire "stoxxiof , wiVr'13qopj)sJ Sale ;of all Jieavy fabrics, mbracteg,Overooata, ; ' '- '.' WINTER' UNDERWEAR.-l'n ' our friends to call early In order to enjoy Ihe s , ' - 5 WELCOME' ANNOUNCEMENT' I ' ' 1 wfe&ihava dflferredi ihfrchaglngj.. looking JDortvard j rrRAND ; occASio-vr V I IfRAND XXX3ASI01N - ' rf tore wear. ' ! Annexed' ?w' will give a schedule.of To-day will begin the great distributing sale of the E. D. LATTA & BBO., TO CLOSE OpT. Overcoats, Satin lined, $40 at $20. OufTlne land Casters, $30, at $25. Our OUve .Bow4 :Cas ters, Granites, Chinchillas, without reserve at $15. at one uniform closing price, $12.50. ; ; xl J '-.'li ij'.'i,- : .. 1 "i',V tite seaebH $fO-$7.00, TO CLOSE0UT. Ourflne 0Cti)Sfi OtfT. Our entire magnlfioenf Use bi all at one uniform closing prlce,$18.0O, TO CLOSE readily the entire season, $15, $16 and $17.50, at OurJlO and $12.50 COSStMERE SUITS, at $7.50, TO CLOSE OUT.-: . $7 and $7.50 at one -uniform price, $5.00. Our CLOSE OUT. Qur large variety of $4 and $4.50 I TO CLOSE OUT mere Pants, $3, $3.50, $3.50, $3.75 at $2.50, to assortment of the celebrated Starr Shirts in In col and Drawers, will be sold at $3 per suit, TO CLOSE and $1.00, at one uniform price, 50a TO CLOSE OUrr O CLOSE OU X Clothing win bo offered at prices lower than other TO CLOSE OUT.. Prices" In our regular and desirable goods, certain tered at less than half value. . .," ' .", ' ' few, and in order to procure just whatf your heart .CLOSING OUT SALE. l gg77 11 "88 77 11 88 88 77 Ul 883988 77 HO ' 4 U16835R8 5? "99" S 1 KM MM rn SSSRIPP RRB nSH W GGO bP PR RUNS SO G caa rvr kku lm s kg R RnN NNG GO li. RUN NN GQG S 88 P WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED FR01 f E HAVE JUST RECEIVED FROiVl- OUR HOUSTJV UR HOUSlli A full and complete line of sample Goods for Spring near; me styies are au new, attractive ana handsomely designed; the Goods are all of Foreign Looms, such as French, English, Scotch and German, And with Increased facilities we ask our friends ana patrons to come and look at our Goods, as we Intend to make garments to order, cheap er thaa any Northern tailor coming through here; we have also recelv . . ed Butterick's Fashion Plates for spring and summer " ' wear as guide. We solicit an early call, so as to give us ume oezore a rusn 01 manuiacture. . , Respectfully, L. BERWANGER & BRO., Fine Clothiers and Tailors. N. B. EvervbedV that wants winter cloth! win MVd mniu hv Mlllni, An na M..tll a11 regardless of cost, Men'sf Youths', Boys' and uavuu . ui iflriim vi. uo. ua no niu ddu uicii. unuoren's suits. r, -; feb9 ' JstviXzst.$:. " W WORLD'S STANDARD. . ,f . - . . ' ,k . ' . -1 , - I . 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