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-February 20. ,
iNTitoDrcTibx br bills. ' t.
By Mr. Graham, of Lincoln, to amend
the charter of the townf Denver Lir
coin county:1 'Alse;' to; tiiake rftilroad
- SS and ditcheslawfuf fences.'
r By Mr. Waddell, to relieve agricul
turai lime from the tax of 500 imposed
upon fertilizers. ; f
By Mr. Bryan, of Duplin, to prevent
employes ana agents ui puwiug
desecrating ttiSsbatiyyUteKmit.
Mr. Henderson .. moved for a suspen
. slon of the rules to put? upon its third
reading Senate bill to prtvent live stock
from running atlargein'thecountiM
of llowan, Davie and Cabarrus. Agreed
bamotioapf the Senators represent-
inglthf .following counties were
included intheprovisipnsor the bill :
Chatham, Cleaveland, Gaston, llockmg-
hanvSurry, Yadkin andjStanly.
The bfil then passed its third reading
by i rbfe7of 84 t 4; and (was ordered to
:" bo engroB'ied. ' r .r. it '
On nnfliolson, under a ;
suspension 6fJtnruhsrHouse bill to;
provide a stkatorifredell comity
. passed its sectmdireadfng by vote ff
3 to 2, and took its place on the eaten-
: 'rh snprial order the bill to change
.the-jnameand authorize lire Western:
(CoautewritaiJrowfcompany ,w wnwi-
idatftawith 7tiieoiMon4W3Railnad
Company? and to complete the same,
waatakeft uptheanfistiQU being on the
second reading bf the wll 1
Mr. Alexander opposed the bill, lie
' ' bail railroad m ttoeopree)iB(diton
HRihptigbt abetter tarelijwuishwthe
it. lie decidedlV'D3ected to empower
ing townships and counties to issue ln-
threat, hparinir bonds. as. crippling the
educational interests. bf1 the State, for
in thft township system only could
tneir cnuareiVfr,-ip'w?u v-"11
demand nf this companv to be a mere
entering wedge, and felt sure that the
work, before completed, jxould cost the
State some four millions of dollars.
Ifo. Scales expressed Ws surprise at
IKposition taken dv tn? &enawr irom
r ArMiAnhiiiv: YMr Alexandert ia tie w
ff fhft advantages derived-irf iMaonty
ftontn railroads. Mr.-IesiwasiiWng
imecepmeofferptef SfMn
I'Meeklenburgif he coald geifcj9Irf!gjs-
' lature to concur wttiMiim, wacoppn,
' tha road with the State's interest an
nintinor t.h work. Mr. Scales then
proceeded to examine' tfte provisions of
f&HlL Her awettl ilengthupdn the
julobpectslof j tndemklBierc-
tnfrtUe Yadkin uyrand'appealeiiJto
(iOiCfripnds of the Western orthiCaro-
iliiift RaUrcad. wlw.lud.tJeeii aidedTof
ijate by the 8tte to the amount of.$6
, mM clear off its debt, and, mm tev
-!i Mr. Snow-folio wed in support, ob nt
, MiEe&hass;.was -opposed to thd. bill.
and considered the proposed subscrip-
friends not raise the required suflpfiiKle
ueudentij of the Ofcato? While tfying
tCQmmutetb4jState(lebt Ue,U)ugtit
r.- f;aldwH rml7 ad voeated the:
passage of the bill, J im rtdicded: ttei
idea of the failure of the railroad sys
tem, for with alt its horrors it still went
on progressively trow the tramway to
the improved steel rail
':Mr.lIoyleaiL:helwa:the friend of
internal improvements, and disliked to
oppose 'this "measure, as- hsaw the
hearts ;;:the;;Senator8fromriulfoid
, were in it,, But he had a duty to per
form towards his 'constituents and the
-people of, the State; generallyv: He; fa
vored the idea of Mr. Alexander to give
the company the State's Interest in the
work,- rather than inyolvje the Slate
further. f rS
Mr Austin , was opposed to, giving
counties power to vote for stock in pub
lic works ;: would build this road if he
could: but he feared the present sub
scription wasonly the beginning of a
series of such idetnartdD Those who
had money, to build railroads let them
go ahead, but let those alone who did
not wamV thenu' r -&nam x ji .1 - 1
... rThe discussion was further, continued
bf Messrs. Henderson, Alexander, Da
vidson, Williamson, Caldwell, Snpw,1
jBryjwccEDaplin, Eppes and HoyleJ )
Mr. Graham, of Lincoln, saw no ne-
' cetyr:,oK$pendi'ng-thisunl7lf - the
road wasV unencumbered, mortgage
bonds could be issued to clear off the
debt. If otherwiSe,'then lie was oppos
ed to putting any more of the State's
' money in it - w-m--:-
Tti The j previous : question I was now de
manded, and the bill passed its second
reading by a vote of 25 to2p. ;
iFlebfoLary 20.;
erefTOesntieaiSy MessraJK
ter. of YanceyDimsdalelJAmisiBerrv.
Lewis, Brwa of MeeklenburgMeares,
Ferrell, Lewis, Col well, DimsdaleLow
rey,Clarke, Blalock, Turner, Mebane,
Covington, Foy,1 Orchard, Harrell,
Byrd, Grant, Davis, of Madison, and
Jones. 4' - ":' ' a i t t-o
nvt xa jMi cIlend ARifi s ' M
:r?Ml fof incorporate x$&?MM&$ti.
Passed third time.
The report of the cotnmittee to inves
ugu) cuarges jtgiungt jarown, tne
member from Yadkin, came up as the
special order. ...... i
The question recurred upon the adop
tion of the resolution recommended hv
the Hmtnittee which? reds as follows i
. niiKjAH, d. xv. urown, me memoer
of this House from the county of Yad
kin, Has conducted and continues to
conduct himself in such a disorderly
" and disgraceful manner as is calculated
to bring disgrace and reproach upon
. this body, therefore, be it
' -ttheiritandrintegri-ty
of Uus ltouse may le maintained, the!
said B. 'Tyn ipeclred to be unwor-
wij-yx-u i ;yau iwejuy uloi jvepresenta
tiresof North Carolina, and is hereby
expelled from the same, and the seatbf
tne memoer iromine county or Yadkin
VBMtltL- . unn'Jl,, .4..... ... J.
Mr. Bloeker argued in favor of the
flresolution saving that it was a painf nl
duty be had to perform, but the House
owed it to ltseii io preserve us own in
tpffritv. . . : r
r I fx. Foard took, opposite, vies. ,'. ,116
did not tninK tnat me nouse was a con
aervator of Dublic morals, and he mov
ed that the matter be informally passed
over, as Mr. Brown promised reforma
Mr. Colwell thought the resolution
ought to bo, adopted. ,Thd gentleman
at whom the resolution was aimed had
previously promised reformation and
mthiE': Laa cc:..3 of it. 1 1 -i
Mr.Ncrpnt favored the motion of
Mr. Foard. He thought the forgiveness
' of the House ought not to be too easily
v.,,..- 7 X.-.:; ...: - ; n i-.,-t
Mr. too -ou29, referred -the House
to tv -xc V chapter of Matthew, and
inii :vt r..i : one jthe whole matter
Mr. 'Atkinson tooktle
same view, but Mr, Jones thought tt
betterto pass "over the matter infor
mally." . )
l Mr. Turner said that in the history of
JiTorth.CacoJina legislation no man had
ever been expelled - for z drunkenness,
the only case similar being that of Potter,-
-who was expelled for snatching
stakes after losing at cardsv Mr. Turn
er then went on tq cite numberless cas-
ed for mercy for the gentleman ontnat
fr. iWnoflhouso withdrew his " mo
tion to postpone indefinitely and moved
4a postpxnieioroneiweek faflaoSuppprJt
of the motion he sent r to the clerk s
desk and had read the first six verses of
the sixth chapter of Matthew, which,
judging from the loud applause with
which they; were; greeted, met the en
tire approbation of the House. '
Mr. xayior spoKe Drieny, m iavu uv
MrFpard's motion. ? .r,
Mr. vvooanouse Dy consent wiunuw
his motion. " ' .
Mr. Blocker, as chairman of the com
mittee from which the resolution em
anated, acquiesced in ine mouon vl ju-i.
Foard, and it was adopted. .
Bill to allow tne itaDun uap onuiw
Line Bail way Company fifty convicts.
Passed. ' '
Mr. Vaughan rose to a question of
personal pnvuege, as w an arbicip m
tne papers. overrule aiKnaiuro -m.-l
stated that when the resolution named
in the article was read fnora the .iclerlcs
desk, he caught the objectionable words,
and thinkinsr thev were in the pream-
not aware that they were in it. He
t.hmio-ht it not nroter in anv member to
.S3. . . - a i.
avail JiimseU OIt)al& K)SUiQn wreuev;i.
upon any official individually.
Mr. English, by consent, introduced
the following resolution: -
TieanlnerL 1 sL-That 'S, lmolutiOU; 0
i7n nassed bv this House on the 18th of
February, 1878, be. and Jhe.same is here
bv renealed and annulled.
2. That 1,000 copies of the disburse
ffieiit account of the Department of Ag
riculture be printed for the informa
tion of this House. The resolution
duced bv Mr. Mebane. and concerning
which Col. 1'oik puonsnea a cara yes
dav.l. . .
the resolution sought to be repealed, and
Jill. iUCUOllO Ofliu Wlv ilW iiin wuvv.
he was satishedtnattne iacts jusunea
him in so doing. He sent to the clerk s
tiAsir anil hart raart tne account or tne
disbursementrof theAgricultmral De
partment in support of his views. Mr.
MeV?!'116 ttkP went on to say that he re
jected bn no gentleman connected with
the department, but he said that the
money was spent under a false name,
and he stuck to it. That by its very
namevthis department was intended for
the benent and information ot tarmers,
bfiti'firt'tffiWi'anv man to ixint out a
simrTeltem of expense Tor the benefitrof
the farming interests of the State. That
at first he agreed it strike out the pre
amble, and would have then been will
ftrg id have stricken out any part of his
resolution, but now that lobbyists had
been buzzinc about the Legislature and
trying to induce members to retract ac
tion on tne maor,he,4(Hisistett tnat it
should stand as it was; that he was
nauseated at the exhibtion, and he in
sisted that every w6fd of his resolution
was true and should stand. .
Mr. English saM that lie did not deny
anything in the account ; that it spoke
does reflect bn the Agriettltural Depart
ment; that he did not deny that there
might be frauds and misappropriations
of the funds, but no member had a right
to introduce , a resolution, reflecting on
me nonesty oi persons wunout propr;
that the people knew what the depart
ment was instituted for, and that these
exienses are necessary, as the fish
hatcheries are apart of the department ;
tli at the question is not as to f rauds, but
iott th, .resolution, vand that in voting
iui jucuiuii;s icwiimuu no; n as tub
ing for no such resolution ; that Mr..
Mebane uncharitably charged that the
introduction of the" resolution now be
fore the House was due to the influence
of lobbyists, aiid that so far as he was
concerned he denied any such charge.
Mr. Mebane said that he did not know
that the fish hatchery was a part of the
Agricultural Department, and that he
did not think the farmers knew it.
That his resolution had, already caused
a nutter Dy proaucmg the account
which should have been in the general
report, duc was not.
Mr. Vaughan said that he 'voted for
Mr. Mebane's -resolution under a mis
apprehension. That in moving to strike
out the preamble he thought he was
gettiug a-id; of all .the , objectionable
woras. .
Mr. Mebane then said that he stuck to
what - he said, ; but as the report was
printed he was willing to have his reso
lution repealed. '
Mr. Turner said that Mr. Mebane's
resolution spoke the truth, and was not
a reflection on arty individual;" but on
the system. He then went on to Dannie
hagamst the-systom on which-the-Agri-
Mr. Tavlor tbonffht Mr. Mftbanfi's res
blutibn was a xTfteetfoit:ori themahatre-
-.-..;.'-i..iiijU.j.JL.'i . .r"i, Sf
iueui ui tuc ueuiuiiueukr uo men ar-
A. X t - f . m i . .
gueu at lengui in xavor oi tne system
ana management oi tne department
The resolution finally passed.
r Mr. Harrell, by consent, introduced a
resolution to raise a committee to in
vestigate the Agricultural Department
w Mr.- Atkinson said that a committee
had already done this, and ; would re
port in a, uayor two, and the resolution
wJas voted down.
Bill to amend sections 3 and 4, chap.
80, of Battle's revlsal. This bili gives
clerks of the Superior Court the powfei
to justify bonds of county officers It
Bill, to amend the act to protect fish
This bill continues the law which was
originally passed for two years only. It
,mii jw aiuenu cuap az. oi. liauie s re-
Visai.s-.vTtiis bill Allows manslaughter tn
I bepuhished. by tynty !yeatsimPris6n-
menr.and the crime bf throwing trains
ou iu iracK dv imprisonment for ten
years. , Passed.1 .A-, . ,.
inelation; to -the case pf the
Statewagauist ;Geo Wi,;Swepson Tlns
bill OTOPPseS to .-thenhsfct 'tot Ttha
Stajeinstead of by Wake.cdunty-iii 'case
vm. cHiiiLi,aj. ajiu4Mntj auie &i jr't f
mil to provide, for thelrainage of the
lowlands of iFourth preek: in BWan
and Iredell counties. Passed. ; t
Bill to amend the charted of the Great
Falls Manufacturing Company Passed.
B 11 in regard to the jurisdiction of
magistrates! Thifl ' is "the bill which
arew sucn a discussion last night. Head
a third time.
to amend by striking out the provisions
rpaann fnr nf J
... . , -.v.jw. .
avi.i6wu tnuciiuuient was, mat me
provision was not germane to the rest
pf the billy-and was, An theH6nnection
t it appeared, ytterly tinmean-,
lux. xuai, mo iaw as it now stood made
justices liable to impeachment fop mal
feasance, A . l l a .i , X
Mr. Cooke.s.: offered. 'Aha. fnlinwW
amendment, to conie'in as a new sec-'
, r V, Nothing in this. e9Htained shall
e : construed to. prevent s f ha Sunerior.
JnfeYiorrrirninaljcottrtsfWm finally
fit toe pldce- where: aud duringr the time
uch court is being held,nor ,hali ; this
new vuT uonsi.rtue.a to prevent said comtB
from'a53urnin2'.-lurisdinri - nf affratra
and assaults and batteries, if some ju.
v..biM7 iMM piununigioiMne impeacn
min qfjnatigtrated fdr m feasance, nt
OtflCft: v Me Stated rtmt hia
t.ipft of thp. tieace shall , not witliin six
months after the commission of the of-
fence, have proceeded to take omciai cog
nizance of the same," . . -z i
This amendment was adopted. --r . i
Mr. Blocker moved to amend so as cd
eive magistrates final jurisdiction in ca?
ses of larceny. T'his amendment . was
voted down, as. was aiso an aumnuuieii.
proposed by Mr. Keyholdaiid thebjll
passed. zj.n-. -i:t".-r -h
. , ..... i i i
...r ; ITaiboioSoutherneU,'
Our readerslwillixemembertlie i&ar
onnt'we7gave "Of some shre Wd f orge
jrje3 cominittea; bVB.'F.'Pitt'ofBattler
core, a snort ;time4 since, xsm w
was ! arrested) ana piacea iff jyasn coun
ty jaatavllle.'ThefiirstfbTterj J
sonsIof'PeterSburg, purporting to be
signedyBicks ; the second was
Braswell;Ssqvand on which the money
was drawii from the bank to Wilson
..Before he was conveyed to. jaillie iat
tpmnted to escaoe. but not-beinffrtOJeotts
podous, as Achylles was said to be,iie
wasspojiovernauieaana-returnea to a
hearrngbefore tbef magistrate. onof;i
On-Thursday-iast-ins wire was aa
mitted. to the jail- to confer with r
husband, as is the custom, and after the
usual lapsewtime she, as was suppos
ed, pame out deeply-.grieved andj weep-
uig, and depajxediorner-noma xne
surprtseuiaqjailar caa tbetteBjbejira-
asnned than descrioea. wnen ne aisoov-
ered instead of Benjamin Franklbt Pitt
in his prisoner' tne wire or tfitt unaei
fifomsr eariousimprisonment ? i
xne restive iorger iutu uuuueu u?y
parel of his courageous and better bj&If
and nad ilea tne scenes.- -
Then came the question what should
he do about it ? He had no commitment
for Mrs. Pitt, and how coujkjjhejtoeki
her? - T
Her offence: was assisting a prisoner
to escape But" was she not coerced by
her husband? Cross-road lawyers .are
vexing their brains over it.: k :ra . :r ff
Later. Pitt was captured two days
afterward;:. - - ' 4 1
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February 2, 1879.
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i,.,;-, 9vf I3rtX90i(iu;'Hf.'
-iNrAaiVUHOMrir ismmXfeagmjlf
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thing to restore Tthem WvejUO.
Kespecuuiiyyoaw,'" j..-
Infill in jfiiHifclStHtBatSsVBostohJo
tt mo j-.ii'il riuoo iit )i; hleri IniiO
-!rvifo- i iTf if .fji; : 1 ft i mi fhn )n.
(i; f.n7 Tnito'i J. .f-oil'T iniK liH(Ui;
, ALL UiVJi, 'AlJlM'') :
(ftbBerIck. Ma, Jin. 7j?872J'l
H.B.8tefenBs.:i tamil jt.m
"' "rWr STr-il have had!
lev the last ten years
nam ir wtii-HL iiii ill
aaOBaafrwoctit ef taBdlcihewkbort Wtaluhiffr
Vegetmence TOlctt time m heliastteadiw
reueLrcJst septemDex last i commenoea taamg we
era inuns place taaing egeqne,jtno:; ftJnaYe jOlh
WHW" "Fyp,,
Jl;Li fi jlJSUf ItKHI
... loursHTiiy,""
Overseer Can Booms Portsmouth Co,si Mills,
i : ;ii '!-iiw Jdi'i'y i; tv-- -" .
i.(HifiepMBilWi7d.'iKi, ii) - 'i
1 rmiMiM"' s
jt .: Tecettne 1 sold by an DrukcistsJ; . ; ?.:
45 Years Before the Public. '
Hepatitis, or Liver Complaint,
Symptoms of a Diseased Liver.
PMN in the right side, under the.
edge of the ribsvlncreases on pres
sure ; scnltrafleS the pain irri the left
side; the' pient? is rarely' able to lie
on the left side; sometimes the pain
is felt under the shoulder blade, and
it frequently extends to the top of the
shoulder, and is sometimes mistaken
for rheumatisril in ffieiftnP The stoni ?
ach is affected withf4oss br appetite
and sickness; the bowels in general
are costive, sometimes alternative with
lax; the head is troubled with pain,
accompanied with a dull, heavy sen
sation in the back jpart, . liere is gen
erally a considerable loss of memory,
accompanied with a painful sensation
of having left undone something which
ought to have beeHrdoiieiFjA slight,
dry cough is sometimes an attendant.
The patient complains of weariness
and debility ; he is easily startled, his
feet are cold or birming and he com
plains of a prickly sensation of the
skin ; his spirits are low ; and although. !
he is satisfied that- exerciseiwould be
beneficial to him, yet he can scarcely
In fact, he distrusts every remedy.
Several of theiftltewffiiwktt
the disease, but cases have occurred"13
.whece Jew qf.them existed, yet exam.
mation of tlie body, after death, has
to .teffiififiHtel
,9iriT:.unKa... .iba.i it! ? it
H8' . ,:. . ..... ...;eo4JUW rasrjili
. TT . T
C. McLane's Ltver Pi
mm yuiwne, are proaucuve 01
mdsti hffljpy, restuts.a No 'bettqr
'cathartic fcarfBe used, preparatory h6,
or after taking Quinines We would
advise all who are afflicted with this
disease to give them a fair trial,.
u.'Foralf'illoffi'dSrkngements,- and
as a simple purgative, they are un-
ine genuine are never sugar-coated . I
Every box has a. recUwax,seaL onahe J
lid, with the impression Dr-tIcLane'Si 1
Liver Pills. V 1 r
The genuine AIcLank's, LiyER Pills ;
bear the signatures of C.McLane and i
Fleming B5sonjh,e. wappcrs. ,
I"sit. ?Pn havingf'the genuine Dr. i
C. McLane's LIver P'rLli; prepared by 1
. Fleming- Bros'.,of: Pi'ttsbufgH,'' Pa.:, the j
market beings full 'bf imitationsf the' i
tizmetMcLane, spelled differentVrvbt t
same pronunciation. .
- - h
tbo Chinese 1
lls welefeed ; and .racked wheri It. can ba done f
. It'can be easily IderiOfled by fh cci'sWier'1 7, ? . j
' It keeDS the Tea better. -" f fM lu
-It preveats adulteration In AneticaJr niy.t. i
rwe are1 the" 'agents for1 lirN0 TeaVniUta'ci;1. t
sua osk our raenos to give H a-trial. ' IJ not'saos-i
lacwiiy wemu cneenuuy lasen naesianaxeix
the wtw t- T arPTSTftV CO..
- X the construction of the following bulldfogs will ,
be received luitll the 6tb of March, nertf j i I
?iOna Brtok Block, first floor containing tw tore -hooseemayor'ana
pplloe offices vritli Ian ppera ,
house above.' ' ",: . .
- One Brick Blo(&!'cortainmg ame'stre "houses,'
With tevoistotles obove. for a hoteL 1 u i--.
flans and.fDeclfieaUon8.for first named block t
may. ba seen at the office of G., L. Norman, archi
tect; 'also, for hotel bioek at same office' on and afy
ttt the 24th. inst. : ; Buildings to be completed or
1st,, of, October aext.,! Contractor, .to slye.bondsy
yiiJ JjiilJ larr, iSKid ti Bi I&'-BOW.BEN, yfj
ii hi nil -i Jl wi WASB:THOMPSONii,'
CJommlttee for Bulldlns Association. "
febl3,lm,eod Spartanburg, a C.
i iiih j Riuj ftu enuies. niKLjft. nji'iMi :
OrtJBABREl.WmiS.ANDIBia)iijf.w, ;
Ttfeyi il! 1 W6NWBCBWELi:i
.ftfteqhfrd rass,Blue Eafand Lucerne., 5
-fiio'iir .31 ba?.w is'Pye'Syiiii i si -nn rum
.aoilttiiS'.ui . WILSON) & BPBWEX W
U tt7i n t
; -!- II H . 7 1 J . Mi lib A 1 1
TTTAaBALSsWkTftBEABYt'y f'il -si-
HJI uio4 'K1'! 1'Kf .HiifrT 9ft! ml
Ana willing to snow gpoas wnetaer or not you are, j
ready w buy. . , , l,. a. wivisxuji :a SPrE
nit Jnii
Ml Ci-1XT I. XrntTTt?T T . TVnrtiitfiTiMa
t . ' Bejustreceive'"i?-rw' f''
' jl gj;v Jit-pjif vf-,rfi'-l ;nwtvm 'Wil
f- .-nJuq-yf 'ioni Tififintwl ab, 1'
j rnEffracts;;7, " ;;!V
iiiiUof;the best iiaUtTrenpetaU)traderi7 J !
IfU 3lAn:tV T' iM ; M?f ;
yf-DaearfediUiacii mm i
SiW Ii illi71'.f i:J;U Jl 7iT.. im :i"-" i
j ,'it tU ""Ititl -iiii ii'" 1
SMfii ii!w ntwtttKm rf'V ' ."tirfiw i
.A.grana comblnauon of the entertaining. iiie,
useful Mwrthe beautiful; with ' fine art engravings
and olf pictupeeln each 'number. Prloei 25 cents,
msvrxe&nKsamnrarwttn.aB unequaueo prenn-ti
u. wcturesqeo Ages, and . I
L11U MARJH a 1UI.. 1 . 1.
incnes, mountea on can-.
vassrtoinsportatloni 60 oents'ettra.l'Send
card lor ll inartlcuiars. a Address - wk . ikn
DFOBTJLijOlsMLI-.-lo not
fall to see the splendid February NoT - . . ... .
avi u n iwi
. -i- -
TP TOTJ WXSH to engage In an honest, genteel 1
X business; 'and' make plenty of money during
11 !!!
e boiiiht out the entire stock of Brown A
bought very cheap) regardless of their actual value,
We will discontinue keeping them, j and wish , to
dose them entirely out
ev. wed:
A call will save you ne
snecessora to Jtnrem, jsrown i
iebL3 d3urwlnv --i in ,t-.. .u.ivj(i!
-f?l" r n-H
jgvisTLHpEN seed.; ' J.f
A large sunnly of these
of these popular seed. Just recelv
. Jana
.Guaranteed to be
.11; .
;;, ;; cbntbal hotel saloon
i !lr Standard Pure Liquors.
Tfi fl 'i U.I n '
"rines anaiWhlsKles f(rf medical 'yroosescfii
be had of "4 " ' 1 ' r 1 WILSON1 BlJRWELLiJli
deda i;
M ,P E
B, I A
- r TOIN your bands all friends of taste '
.my bar pnly the best is placed.
QAhDWICH, Pretrel; Wine, Whiski
O 'Jl.'J iiu; .ii;Hiii'u,-i a ni ti
f t
?'4nsT kiWtt.j iUiAi-fo? -
"TT EAR it you'll see mre than you'll expect;
JpRKNCH. German. TkwnpgtV TBranHM yiruj,-
gUCH Sandwich novel and Pretzel's good,
pONTATNS xaj bar most deffeius f66d'
' TJt'JLYp$d beese and moiiiiWSflf fare,
I 1 jWifciiLt 2Jii iUi:.Ait:
jgACH glass of Beer, or Gin will bear JS1
:H2EE eonnoiseut's lips as In sips ne drinKs V
,,J :gfACH sip he'taitpros wha ; ftsf''1'
T IGHT off one more he calls as to his friend
wju ia tnld tnajtiftboif ntfafc lu -eti ,'XfMa
,h4e n In m nii 1-h-a.m ias s-4 2d! tit
JiwvO ttl bsiiM ii5rfa! no eiolsTfjdi ii il t
ser nl )(9ewxlw 1 fi-.rn' wt JftimimvM isrft
i Lad30Haoh eF-ST4ant AssincBB aiTd csbeksiv i
Z frf W u'fil0!
iiessrs. jfiyispn A Harvey, and find it free-from
TlduTteratfon.' ft is anttexceUent article ot Whiskey,
and altoeetber eultahle for use' as a he.vtmtr r
' . W. H. rr A Y I .I IK. M n .
state unemist
This superior OLD
10 Htt
over 250 dealers in Virginia, North Carolina, Geor-
gla,LoulslaWahd'ewTorltaty;ana'not asln -
gle complaints Jiaving come to us from any one of
article they
evei;ialialed',,-wefeetjustlried ni6o
'Wtoall wh wish to get ' a reallf pure"'tirtlcle1df
. - ..... .,5.,' ..i..i,.:e.j ,j u...:.
None genuine unless bearlner our trade mnrkJ
i ...ii ,...(;.... ..ivi..;
utemseives maK.nawr4tae'raut.i a sure cure itr ucnu3
lulf-pouad packages;, (, pv'-it culars. mailed 'fvAdfepi tn jliifl Tiur i
- ItlstoemoitconvetUentandeokiil&Lstyi pr Chatham stieet, MJ-T.-"-,1- 4j aif ,,njrfit
package. 'iliJ-BJ! - ) Feb. 20 d&w3m. .:.fc7r J'-'I
i' ??Trar:7rf:r 'vul' Allother stations wul be- tecoghlzed as flag'
4 HW.fySAt .a ;t wationB.iol woifirt X' rin-iTTufcy io
VIRGINIA WHISKEY, eViual v Pujunan Pajaey eieeplnR aad drawing-room ears !
tral HoteL and all other first-class houses. ?'
- - r - ' - - - . .
E Jal lm . Richmond, Va.
...... r!iT"t i iitf 5. ('- r" t '.? (
llor toe ciire of Scrofula, Scrofulous
T,Mt KirRtiiTnj White- fiweClngo tioui,
Goitre: Consumptlonv Jf!0
DeDinty, ana au enseaaoo
Impure condition of the blood. . rc ri?
are so well known that a; passing noUce ta i
but necessary to remind tne reaKers m via
journal of the necessity ol always peuuie
iJJVIUV VI WIS uinuuuv.OIUVUflt v -Jj
Certificates can be presented from many
heading Physicians Ministers 'and heads -or
families tarougnouvine oouin, enuunmns
the highest terms the Fluid Extract ol Rosa-
ff he has used it in eases-oibcronuaanaoim
teixUaease8,w4thinuch satisfaction." j
ttl T. C. PUGH. of Baltimore, 'recom
mends 4t , to i all persons, snfferlng with . dis
easedblood. saying It is superior to any.
ppenaration ne naseves usea.-
BALL, of the. Baltimore
M. K Conference South, says he has been so
much tanefltted brita use that ne cneenuuy
recommends ir to all hii friends, and ac-
Quamtahces.uii': i'iiiJf tr1-i
or anuv CO.. Drairzlsts. at Gordons-
vine, Va,, sayft neVeriaa dialled toglye sat-,
Isfaction.-, ' ' UJ '". u- '
' SAkuEL'JG.y McTADilN, - MtirfrfeeboW
Tenneeseeu l scored him of Bheuma-
BbsaaaHs lsriofk' sel'uacfcrephfaJ
Hon; its Ingredients are published on very;
pacKage. ft now it w your pnysicuui auu uo
wUi XellyOTHtte composed ol the strongest
telterativps - that ; e xtef, landt ds, lan ioellent
ibwoo: . punner. uta our space aomit we
Iwiuld rfve Tfiu testimonials from everr Htate
Ita the Soutii and Itbm persona knbwn-te ev- n
ery man, woman and caiiq, eatne personam
ly or by reputation.
wnliiVMfi Inpii'Mlja. ..'...imP
rol Blfe MBotil by ail Drugglsti f ' ;
iyi 'S t; l'iffi';nl iv .;:.
' . . - .i-;;!: m. ,i
Mil; i.'i'-'gcoIlegePtec.) '' ;
.A l'0 t 3h .ufltil tuul ! -
41 1 i1(41iiiSKHluBKiii,li.,i1'f .
" For saibjlWBITO
it H 'li'' ll) lit t!Jt7f:'I9"3in,rY-flttO-l A
7 f;
.1 1
'.Afe'w'nfeh.te felnCel gave
1 .
e my ou. one ose vi wie
; day1 he passed" 'sixteen
Worm Oil arid 'the' next
1 are moras. lithe sacntthBeIeav an mr:
little glrL f oirears oldtJvra shf passed elghtyrsix.
-t-IiJ Slli' AlVH 4l.!-)C!i'W:! ni,y
Worm OH for sale by Druggists generally. ) Pjer
parea py a. o. liiwiwxv, Aineus, ua , ... ,,.
Price 25 cents. ' J ' ufeb2idwly.'.
,i i .
:No.2 J
I Date, Nov: 10, 1 "78.
No. 8
b Daay
Leave Charlotte, , ,
',' Greensboro, 4
Arrive Goldiboro, , , :
.20 a nr
8 00 pm.'
m.i550am 1
lio. 2 Conneots at Salisbury with W-NlC.ItBi for
all points in Westjfern North ' Carolina, dalir except
&unaays . , At ureeiisoore wuu s.-a w x, u. lor ail
points Norths, East and 'West ! Afc Goldsnqro with
W. W,K7R.fot,Wuategtonv i. m
No. Connects at Greensboro- wfth' B.&D. R.
B, for ail points North; East and West ; ' '
TRAINS OOIKO WEST.: r r.til::.'.
Date, Nov. 10,18.
No. I'
Dally. ,
No. a
Leave Gblasboro,
i 'Raleigh, 7?''
" Greensboro
Arrive Charlotte,
lV7 ft W 1
8.28 pm 6.47 am
12.25a m
wltlir Salem!
Branch, AtCharibttewith GjCftj4K R.' for all
oolnts South and Southtwestrax AteUna Junction
with A, A O, A. L Rairoad for al pohita Sooth and
! 3M3onnectsatSaHshmr,witIW.N..Cl
, dally except Sunday. 1 At' Alr-Llnei'JurJcnrwfih
; A; & C. A L. for all: points South and South-westi
At Charlotte with C., C. A A . Railroad, ior al)
points South and South-west - ' r -'
Leave Greensboro, daily except Sunday, 8,50 p m
Arrive Salem, if4" "'"aSttgM
Leave Salem, -. " ...-, , 5.45 am
Arrlye GreeMbor1 1. , ' M (i7.45ain
1 ConneenngaS Greensboro' with trains on the B- 4
IXandN.CLTaallroads. ".,d ,i.uiiu-u.J i.i -7.
; , . r it 0IiSEFI$ eABS.VimDT;CANex
tun pom ways on .xrafna jsoi ijji ; between
jNew xoik aner Atlanta via. Kicnmona, Greens ooro
and Charlotte iand both was-on Trains NoS. S and
4 between New YerX and Savannah vW Richmond,
Charlotte and Augusta. -r:.,i M.,, r,
. Through Tickets on sale at Greensboro; WdgbL
and East For Emigrant rates to points in Arkan
sas and Tecas, address 1 "
i uenvrassenger Agent, j
d o: j.,ir 'i -t!ViP?wiJfii
noy20 .
. t,t .i..;' 'BAiLBOAar :.t?
jirnoi will 'i9Pofmf9iA, Pb.ftf7:.87A
lowing passenger .schedule ,wUl lie run' over this
wiyal)ngB pmdii 1o3lM iin .sifiirt
Ib-feHi-iil .n(y1IA44)TUJi!! j.,w; ,AA
..4 o-GOrKOSOnTHNCt,!:,.,,;.
Leave Columbia.'?! . .'. .
Arrive Augusta.iv.u . .v i :
:i..j.,Lii4.10 00A.lf
Jjeave Auglisttfriy.'; U A . . . J r,1- .1. 8 feg . li. !
Amve columblau j : t vit . i. .10, DO P. it
AayeJonnnia. . tff au lit i. M. ;
Columbia'. . .Vil 1 .iiUU.34' 1
Arrive Aiusta-e4Ki vt,W-j VJfc
,iTfii!T Nbferti'N6i:i tao lnK
1 An4veolumbiaUTiiUa..7iii3I.Jl.'. f'SO
jmACninmbttL- l ?'tiiv tl ivn i'
1 iiohASttei i AJm 2
.YAVrWWFjM'r'ms-r vrjrf "?s,4r!'i
i thmm tnln mbm' HMV tuff Tnrtr Mill KAir nm
:i nester,- winnsooro, AUdgeway Leesviiie.' Bates-
ot'mmi -OeoKiS?
"Noe. 8 and 4, NeW Yorkto -Savannah, -.via Rich-'
tral Railroad. t l.
? I b ' h T ' LU t ,li p. KLINE, Superintendent j
T''eca r;n" os'j d'J'ulu.
.ht'i rr-u 'j.-.'i mm m ; n.;
;? VW?fa
;TB.tD. CDQNOGHUKiiij e-uu
V " Office In the Signal Office ,'over Traders National
, I Bank, on 8rd fioor: oj. ii , .
cans, nignt or nay, wiu reoene prompt attention;
. Wnrv wlRiTTTt-'wni.i' iairswt!U t
fnu qioH a j VD;Hieg0to 1 fx
'to qun-lt III .IfgUrKia IO
i -f Jn siil ot tioa 0vi3WTii
ill ( feftr iST-ii ojjCwi)' jjpj il I i'J
flhe. Traders' National Bank: can -be found there
J ' all hours during the day; ana at bis resldeaoa cor
aer Seventh and College streets, at night, s
l feb7 8m T
'Vi-iv-K:'M'Mai-..j.imjl ,
r It is" puS)ea'fmaStemVJeusit InLonrtor .
Niv York.! and the tmiisatlaiitte towis?1:
mwlaargeverai andJiearty, aa the Ataaiw T
thwghftlie progress, of .thajnagasuTMrhasL.f1"
steadx Vtsaaoe, it hss jiot reached Its edrtnT1. &
of best, because, her ideal , cantinuallvi,"6?8
and therKaSiie-as swltti'1" tt.
&i;VicaobAS stands - : ie,r-
i JB Ji tW.t , ..Ja..; . .
' TM artahgementa- lor llterarir Stdtattonh
drawing from already .fsroxfi
4ir j
BrKa jWirfhe Bi SiAfBi; with lHugtratJofM h, nw,
eWelmanbeimaih the eataeK?7 j
fresha Aerial -feusan -OooUdge; entiUed
brlgiitv with plenty of olcturea. winho
early tothe-MOtome.- -There will also beaooB
rvt 'rw in-.-
Wrftferfby Jull&rPHkwthorne. and illustraiH h.
AUred Frederioksi; About Uiath ilVT br
turasof u ; NJCMA8,!the editor preserveaTeS
umoreoilenoeeohtent, perhaps, tolet hA?
pt.t'Jacb-ia-tlw.ppipjt," 4he.-iVery LtttieToK
department and,Itha?'LeteihT a!
Hrennsoaije 8ub.
MptioEsreoe ved bribe publisher of mlJ
money order, or reglsteredfetter to "
! : U ; (SCRIBNER 4 CO
,.--,., ,743 Broadway. New York.
rpHE SClieiMCAN.
The most PopiMar SclentlHe Paper
In the Worid.
,i:?..--fl.Mii:: 11; 'i
Only $3.26ea,'lnciudlhg postage. Weekly, 62
l ' Nttmbers a yea, 4,000 book pages.
!-. . Wf. ; .
wwwmw vKAt fjvuAAiacij' . 4 ii 1181 rated atth
spleodld engrafingsviMpresenting the newest u.
ventlons awttnemostrecent advanf in tv,
ir infilnmrift Kpb and TutArtoti,,,. ifi
ljuTculttu?e7 Horticulture; theHome7fiu7
Medical Progress 'Social-Science. Natural
faeoiogy. Astronomy. The most valuable Drartii
clnMlxsdag,JHsoaunttoa(ehts. isingiecoDiM
tenntsv ,djbyau Newsdealers. EeaUttoS
j ibsPATaITS.--J Mtaneetion wlth the Sdennflc
! AmexlcwMessnv Mann, A 0.. SolicMoMrf
AmerlnForelgi& had84?6a
SSSfcptt-npflns toe largest estebM
nwrttu tbft'worhL Patenta are potained en ute
" "w" um muiB ura resilience 01 tne
Patentee. By the Immense circulation thus given,
pnblle attention to dl routed to-the- aefilfrll tbi
newpatent, andals, ox, Jptrpduction often easUj
rson who has made a nm Hiimnmr.
on. can 4sBrtain?fr(V! nf phmw
lwn caa iirooao w rouunefl, by writing to the
?f5i?t f180-86, handbook
Kt5atent, 3Law"i futonts, qaveata, Trade
Marks, their costs.i and how procured, with hints
lor procuring advances on Inventions. Address for
the paper, or concerning patents.
JLi ' P 3rk Row, New Tort.
Bfr Office, cor. F. & 7th sts., Washington, D. C
novlStf :
Acthorized reprints of
The'Edlnhurgh Review w"ig),
TheWestonsiiBiiReyiew tUberal).
,', !Tbe i London OMrterts fevtew (Conservative
;,t.; ,:::prMuartertii: Review (Evangeiioal),
'ThMAffnrlnl-a ro nAtulnAHnn.. fhov rvlwa thu
: odgmals-ln; full, and at about one-third the price of
the English editions.
i "vt : . ... ..
vxiv-.ruvumuHis can compare witn tne leaorng
British periodicals above-named, reprinted by the
Leonard Scott Publishing Company. In respect to
fidelity of research, accuracy of statement, and pa
rity ofstfte,1 they are without any equal. They keep .
pace with modem thought discovery, experiment,
and achievement, whether in religion, science, Ut
eraturey or art The : ablest writers fill their pages
with most Interesting, reviews ef history, and with
an Intelligent narration of the great sveats of the
IPWstricoy in advance.
Fbr any onei BevlaW, ' $ 4 00 per anaum
For any two Reviews, 7 00
For any three Reviews, w 10 00
Foraa fourRevtows. ..,' Vi 00
Fee Blackwood's. Magazine, 4 00
For Blackwood and one Review, 7 00
for Baokwoodand two Reviews 10 00
For Blackwood and three " .13 00
FoT Blaflkwflod and.tair.ji n 00 "
This Item of expense, now borne by the publish
ers, is equivalent to a reduction of 20 per cent, on
the cost to subscribers In former years.
SiWhWidffiW ,7- ; '
i:oJy.r) .-ii: CLUBS.
r. A discount ef: twenty per cent will be allowed to
clubs of four or more persons. Thus : four copies
UBfeckwoodbrof oqe Review will be sent, to one
addresser -$12.80, four copies of the four Be-
Vlews and, Blackwood for 48, and so on.
ew subserlbere applying early) for tne ear
maysuDscriDe ror. .v, .
- (Ot.'uiBtead, jiev ; Subscribers to any two, three
four of the.above periodicals, may have one of toe
&Fdkevlew8'f ior?1878; subscribers to all Ave
may have two of the "Four Reviews," or one set oi
Blackwood's Magajdne for 1878.
Neither premiums to subscribers nor discount to
clubs can be allowed unless the money is remittee
direct to -the-publlshsro Ho premiums given k
ClUbS. .
To secure premrdnisift willlM necessary to naw
early, application, as the stock available for t&v
purpose fi fimltei . (
Beprlnted bf lM mi I :-. v. ;:..
. H Barclay Street Hewlo
'' '- : ' '
"' " " "..l 's 7 9..
. 7 me-riCTB'o thx fbxss.
The WKkXf rimams easily at the headoffflus-
trated naoem hv its fine llterarr Quality, the beauty
of Its type aud woodouts-r8pruigfleld Republics
Its plctortal attractions are superb, anaemu
rery variety f subiact and artistic treatment. -
7.1nn Wnmirit ruiinz i -J
The WxixLX impotent agency for the dlwem-
nation of correct twUtlcal' principles, and a noww
ful opponent of tbami, frauds, and false pretence;.
Evening Express, Rochester.
The TOlumes of theWxMttT begin,1
-criber wishes to commence with the Number nex
after tne receipt of hla order. .
JBarper'-s llagazlne. one year,. -, " " " ' 2 oo
narpers tsazar,; -.-' no
(-The Three publldaaonav one year,.- '7 oo
SU,subscrlptipns,onejearr..-T.-!rr":' ' ?
'.'.Terms for large etaba finished 1 00
Postage free to all subscribers to the United Btaie
or Canada. ' 1 i.
l Itei&i- . ;
'Tnua'VohimiSt' n of
neat doth bindlngj will be sent by
expenses (provided the freight does 1 not excei on
douar per volume . for 7.0a,each. , . A1
set comprising twenty-two volumes, sent on
celptof the cash at the rate of per velum
freight at expense of purchaser, f u v-."- , nAina,
Cloth easesforeach volume,suitablefor blndng.
will besent byjmafl, postpaid, . on receipt ol
t?Rmmahees shoube made by poteflWe'
order or drat t, to avow enuice w"j-2i4i0met
. NewsDarers are not to copy this .
r without the express order or E"n""
. Sewl.
lor Girls and Boys, with Mrs. Man&fee
editor.- Five years hare passed aihi?
W'tevinagazin nas .mST?
Tirnimm nm-m .ikuiaa. ' ninnhaai a.
sixto ptoTiort StoVipuS'
iuMwi iMiauwara uuiii inn inm i
iv"? u wi aepartment el
fllPto-enPc American
' Terms. fc8.20 berveait.rt iwiri,, .rl.1'

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