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Inducements to buyers, both
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tiive us a call, or send your orders, and we will
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NO. 3,133. ,
nn I) it si ;i7o;bci7i
A Kull Line of
lUi i iht i
i :!
,iW COFFINS of all kinds on hand.
5T COTFTNflfif all tlMs oti hatitf
.No. 5 Wjbst TRA18ET.
tw Lad'.es' and' Oenttefnenis,Brtal ftobes-
tine supply.
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Nyr ogg)Tnc.
TtKhe Act and RenoliHiminof thu fliiRrl Aa.
. .'; i i .l,$titiiwt 1879, ' ' '
Rilrtgh Observer.
An act to Hnipnrl AHrtT t nlrnnw
156, laXvs 01 1876-'77. reJatinor tn r.h nVi v.
ilege tax xn merchants, &c Strikes out
mic nuiua live uonars. i
An act tO be fintitleH an rk ronaal
chapter 50, acts of l873-'74, and also
chapter loo, of the acts of 1 873-74. Ile-
latmjr to the titrei of hnlrtincr tflrma rf
theuperior Courts in the4tli judicial
AiaKct to reduce and reeulate the
cost of thft .tmblic Drintine-. fUednces
the rate for composition from 75c. per
1 GOO 'ems to 40 cents, and press work
from 50 to 25 cents per token.
' Aii dct to change the time of holding
thte Superior Courts in the 4th judicial
An act concerning, the election in
1878 for certain officers. Ratifies and
cbnfii;the,election held rn Noyeicher
last-i foe Representatives in Congress.
Aisov the election held for registers of
deeds in .he various counties. .
An 'act iio authorize the collection of
arreats-0f ax rn the tolras of Salis
bury anil Goldsboro for the years 1876,
1877 and 1878.
An act to provide for the holding of
thje, Svtperjipr Cpurta successively by the
judges- ot said courts.
"Ati act- to empower the foremen of
graid juries to administer oaths.
Atx W to estaiMah a public ferry
Hcrossthe Pee Dee, in the counties of
Montgomery and Stanly.
An act to amend section 1, chapter
104, laws of 1873-'74, in relation to the
shooting and seining of mountain trout
in the waters of Elk river and its trib
utaries, in the counties of Mitchell and
Watauga. Includes Watauga and New
river, and Xorth Fork and its tributa
An act to amend chanter 3(3, laws of
187G-'77. Extends the time for the col
lection of arrearage of taxes by sheriffs
ana tax collectors.
An act to amend the charter of Da
vidson College. Increases the number
of corporators from 48 to 60 members.
A-n act , for the punishment of the
crime of incest. Makes the crime a
felony. Also, makes it a misdemeanor
for uncle and neice and nephew and
aunt to intermarry.
An act to amend chapter 83, private
laws of l876-'77. Inserts Mecklenburg
in place of Union in the title and body
of the act incorporating the trustees of
Antioch Methodist Church and Camp
An act to amend section l, cnapter
260. laws of 1876-'77. rileneals the nro-
Jwbftory liquor- law in Graham,' Ala
mance county.
An act to incorporate I'avne s jjenev-
1 . i . f"l . A- 1 X' 1 J
An act to legalize the acts of the
board of couiitv commissioners of
AVilkes couuty, at a meeting held on
Dee. 16, 1878.
An act declai-atory of the meaning or
anact entitled "An act in relation to
the probate of deeds and conveyances,
and the privy examination or niarrieu
women, ratified 3d day of March. 18T7,
chapter 161, laws of 1876-'77. Validates
certain acts or judges or proDatej
An act to allow L.eaksville township,
Rockingham county, to subscribe to the
capital stock or a railroad.
An act to incorporate the town of
Taylors ville, Alexander county.
An act tor the reiier oi prisoners con
fined in the common jails of the State.
Requires the cottrrty commissioners to
'js by sjboves, heater. : or other
wisecluring cold weather.
iA Act supplemental to au, act enti
tled " An act to change the time of hold-
the Superior courts in the 4th judi
cial uisiricu .
" An act for the relief of shenffs and
fkx collectors. ' Authorizes the collec
Uon of arrears of taxes for the years
1874, 1875, 187y 1877 and 1878, &C
I'Aji ticit to amend chapter 245 of the
actsnot loiii, enuueu .ui w ui-
'ide the State into nine judicial dis
tricts: Gives Montgomery county a
one week court and Union county two
weeks. J
An act to amend the charter of the
Mt. Airy'Bailroad, and provide for the
building of a railroad from Greensboro
An act to incorporate the Charlotte
tTmiyip tvnft llosnital.
An act to incorporate the town of Da
vidson College, in tne county or
An act to amend sections 8 and 10,
AKantAr so. Rattle's KevisaL reiatins to
..wt-vv. , - , , ,
the duties oi counLy ueauiciD. ic-
cieieally defines certain duties.
An act to amend the act to charter
Abe Watauga and Caldwell Narrow
a,ige Bailroad, in relation to its line
'ptn"flp'tto amend chapter 161 of the
laws of l876-'77, entitled "An act in re
lation to the crobate of deeds and con-
and the nrivv examination of
married womexL' Provides that no
ht.tfistation of seal of the court shall be
authorized to any instru
ment proved in tfee county in which it
U to oe regiswJAeu.j . .
An act for the relief of jurors in the
a n W ts incornorate the trustees of
Centre Point Institute, in Iredell coun
ty, and for other purposes.
An act to abolish the tax fees of at
torneys charged in bills of costs m civil
suits. . . c11hi of
Tnaa riinP ate SlieUU Ui. Kjananuu.
,J J lit lu. A '
"uu ' , n.rnnDnllQ T111TVI-
An act to conwi lu aiuj.
bering of certain State bonds.
An act to amenu ---- - -vr
North Western jnoiiu vuun j.
foad, for the eoruction of a second
division trom me wus-i.
and Salem, hi .'Forsythe county, up the
Yadkin Valley by Wilkesboro to Pat
terson's Factory, in wgcasr.
An act to incoi pullc
Clmritrsociety of Wilson Creek Acad-
pmv incawweiiwuuvj.
An act to incorporate the Warrior
Camp Ground, in Caldwell county
CAnPact to amend entitd An
act ;to aia m $"Z ai
ChfisterV and Lenoir ; Narrow
j XiliTV H .,1 H'A'J 1 .T Ti u 1
-ay stocltla very ltlff1
ibraces a Full i-lne o
andTtonsWion of tHe
ILioiiranfl aWatatiffa Narrow
Uimoviu"v". rrt.;jXa for rhft
Gauge RaiiroacL: Li"'1"
employment of one hundred additional
fl i .!'. 11
HPrUu iRoods'Mcied Free ot.CbiflSif,
tu!nt when 1
yv- ji. 4,3
Lfri r-i-nw?. -inr- relation
shS -is' l-otlve months from foaling.
'Xtto authorize . tbe commission
erSweh Wty to levy a special
taAn act to" require the prosecntof to
af thfeosts in criminal proceedings in
$$e$!$ i AtWl4 and 16.
vide for the Reorganization of tiie ue-
J the Senate, to
hold office for two years, salary to be
fixedTVy the Agricultural Bureau,, and
his compensation defrayed frorri the
funds provided for the support of the
department of agriculture, &c
An act concerning draining and dam
ming low lands. iKe-enacts cnapter
164. laws of 1868-ml
An act to repeal section 29, chapter 6,
Battle's Revisal, in reference to pay
ment of expenses incurred in conveying
insane persons to the insane asylum.
An act concerning streams, and to
propel machinery. Defines the rights
and privileges of persons owning ma
chinery propelled by water on running
An act to amend the charter of the
town of Mooresville, in Iredell county,
granting additional corporate privil
eges. An act to continue in force an act to
establish normal schools, &c. Benefits
extended so as to include females; a
preparatory department provided for in
connection with the colored normal
schools, and appropriations annually
directed to be paid as tuade for the years
1877 and 1878.
An act to establish Black Mountain
township in Buncombe county.
An act to change the time of holding
the Superior Courts in the 5th judicial
An act to incorporate Brevard Sta
tion, Gaston county.
An act for the benefit of the Winston,
Salem and Mooresville Railroad Com
pany. Provides for the employment of
convicts not exceeding one hundred and
An act to authorize the levy of a spe
cial tax in Transylvania county.
An act defining the jurisdiction of
judges of the Superior Courts as to the
granting of injunctions and restraining
orders, and the appointment of receiv
An act to appoint or elect a road sur
veyor for Watauga county.
An act to prohibit live stock from
running at large in Iredell county
An act to incorporate the town of
Sparta, in Alleghany county.
An act to change the name and au
thorize the consolidation of the West
ern Railroad Company with the Mount
Airv Railroad Company, and to com
plete the said roads.
An act in relation to judgments on
appeal from justices ot the peace.
An act to give certain colored persons
the right ot inheritance
An act to secure the better drainage
of the low lands of Silver creek, in the
countv of Burke.
, An act to repeal chapter 189, laws of
l876-77. and to lav off and construct a
public road through Wilkes and Watau
ga counties.
An act to allow the county commis
sioners of Mitchell county to levy a spe
cial tax.
An act to provide for the better proof
or deeds executed beyond tne state
An act to regulate, in certain respects,
the computation ot the degree ot Kin
ship within which persons in this State
may not lawfully marry.
An act to amend section 8, cnapier
255, laws of 187tt-'77, relating to terms
of courts in the eighth judicial district.
An act to abolish the criminal court
of the countv of Wake.
An act to punish tne abduction oi
children under the age of fourteen
An act to secure tne Detter drainage
of the lowlands of Muddy creek and
its tributaries in the county of McDow
An act to prevent the felling ot tim
ber in Silver creek, in liurke county
An act to amend section 40, chapter
105, Battle s lievisal, regarding the tees
or jauors.
Ah act to incorporate tne .Nortn Car
olina eheraical works.
An act to incorporate the trustees of
Riverside Camp Ground, in tne county
ot Ashe
An act providing for the exemption
of certain personal proierty from sale
under execution.
An act concerning Brock's Chapel
Camp Ground, in the county of Cleave-
land. and to incorporate a. uoaro oi
trustees therefor.
An act to amend an act entitled " An
act to allow Milton township, in the
county of Caswell, to subscribe $15,000
in payment of stock in the Milton &
-SHtherlin-Kajkoad Company, and for
other Diirnoses.
An act to regulate the holding of
courts in the seventh judicial district,
. An. -act for the relief of certain citi
zens ia New Hanover, Union and Hert
fnrd onntiea.'
Aa afc to define the criminal j uris-
diction of justices of the peace, ex offir
cna rancfers in the township in wmcii
thnv resnectivelv reside.
. An .act to authorize a history of
North ( Carolina for the use of the com
mon schools of the State.
An act to reauire clerks and justices
of the peace to keep an itemized state
ment of all fines received by them, and
to nronerlv account for the same, and
also to amend chapter 116, laws of 1873-
'7.1 hearhic on the same subject.
An act to prohibit the driving of cat
tle from South Carolina and Georgia,
and other nlaces. into certain counties
west of thft Blue Ridge.
An act to prevent the desecration of
thft Sabhat.h flav.
An act to compromise, commute and
sottlA f.hA Statfi debt.
An act resnecting the collection of
railroad taxes in Forsvth county.
An act to renew the charter of the
fihaiwl TTill Iron Mountain Railroad
Company, to change the name and for
other purposes.
A n act. to incorporate the American
Gold Company of North Carolina.
An act concerning mortgages issueu
by incorporated companies.
ivn act to liicui iuitLo iuo jtcutu.iv.
Gold Company of North Carolina.
a ii ant. t.o aid in the construction oi
the Caldwell & Watauga Narrow Gauge
Railroad, and to levy a special tax in
Watauga county. jt .
An act to allow tne isaim ui uiccuuu-
ro time to wind up its business.
An act to amend an act to incorpor
ate the Yadkin Railway Company, rati
fied the 5th day of April, 1871.
An act to allow the Rabun Gap Short
Line Railway to use fifty convicts in
constructing their road from the Geor
gia line through the counties of Macon
and Swain. , . ,.. ,
An act to punish the def aulting treas
urers of religious and benevolent msti-
An .act to create a new township out
sf nnrfinna of Wavnesville and Beaver
Dam townships, in the county of Hay-
An act to amend section z, uuaptei
in the sixth iudicial district.
Anactto incorporate tne town ori
Highlands, in Macon county.
An act to amend chapter 88, private
laws o l87&-eritftleq Anf SWUo in
corporate theTayettevine SC Goldsboro
ii hi mail i uiiiuiiii v .
An act to amend cnapter 102, laws or
1876- 77. Relating to tne sale or liquor
within two miles of Union and Morri
son churches, in Macon county.
An net to aid in-- tbeconetqucnon ot
the Winston, Salem & Mooresville Rail
An act to incorporate the Bee Log
Baptist church, in ancey county.
An act for the reliet ot J as. F. Som-
- mi A TIT.M1
ers, late snenrx 01 v uses.
An act in relation to warrants in pas
tardy. '
An act to lay out and construct a
public road from Union church, in! 'Al
leghany county, to Brush Hill, Wilkes
An act to appoint and settle a ferry
on the Great Pee Dee riverto be known,
as Smith's Ferry.
An act to incorporate the trustees 01
Ball's Creek Methodistfevuch and cam
grounds, in the county fiCataA)a.
An act to incorporate ancey county
high school.
An act to allow Iredell county to fund
her outstanding railroad bonds.
An act to authorize tne board 01 com-
misioners of Madison, Clay and Surry
counties to pay certain claims tor
teaching public schools.
An act to incorporate tne arm
Springs Toll Bridge Company.
An act to amend chapter 96, section
laws of 1876-'77, relating to the town of
Denver, in Lincoln county.
An act to incorporate the liennetts-
ville & Hamlet Railroad.
An act to amend chapter 104, Battle s
Revisal, relating to roads, ferries and
bridges, r I
An act to make tne carrying or con
cealed weapons a misdemeanor.
An act to secure tne Detter drainage
of the lowlands of Fourth creek, in the
counties of Rowan and Iredell, between
Baker's Mill, in Rowan county, and
Hayne Davis' Mill, in Iredell county.
An act to amend cnapter lei, laws 01
1876- 77, entiled " An act in relation to
the probate of deeds and conveyances,
and the privy examination ot married
An act to incorporate the town of
Hickory, in the county of Catawba.
An act tor the benefit or tne wmston-
Salem & Mooresville Railroad Compa-
Bank of Kataign ant? the Bank of Dur
ham.':: "
An act to incorporate the village of
Big Liqk; Stanly ; bounty. " ' ' 1 ,
An act cohceriung , receding freight
and shipment ', of . the same, "ana change
of rates of transportation by TaQrijaids'
and other transportation coTripini. '
An act to amend sec. 343, or chap. 17;
Battle's RevisaL, 'Relating to suits
founded ori fragments rendered previ
ious to August 1, 1868.
An act to prevent overcharges in the
sale of produce. 4' "
' An act to provide for the Support of the
North Carolina Institute fOrDeaf and
Dumb and the Blind for 1870 and 1880.'
An act to incorporate the" town' of
Troy, in Montgomery county.
An act to define the meaning of false
pretense1. "' ' ' - ,UiiH
An act to amend ehap. 122, laws ot
1876-'77. Relates to the duties, ,pf , the
county eormriisswners of 'Mecklenburg,
regarding the fence law and boundary,
feace between MecRburgaJrBrisUr
counties. ,uu ')
An act to aid in the construction of
4j4- : n . . 4 jr ti..:i
xi$i and. renew, ft vbrticjn
An act tc amend sections 4 and i,
chapter 37, Battle's Revisal. Concern
ing the law of divorce.
An act to amend cnapter 49,, laws or
B76-'77. Relating to the collection f f
t sai-
of taxes in the town of
195, laws of 1874-'75. Relating to the
riAsrmction of certain birds between
ZCimit ot . arfitate geoiogis eonsent o:
April and. October of each yearj
Anactto incorporate the East La
Porte Masonic Lodge, No. 3o8,, in jacK-
son county. r
a n act in allow tlie lndependeht Or
der of Good Samaritans and Daughters
n Samaria in America Lodge. No. 2, of
North Carolina to establish a beneficial
iloTiartmpnt. ,
. An at in regard .to public wharves
nni HoTiota
"u wr . m-I-l J- 1
.' An. act concerning omciai uojms w uo
given by sheriffs.
An act in relation to holding cpirrts
isbury. ; ' ' ;
An act to prevent live stocK irom
running at large within Rowan, Davie,
Cabarrus and other counties.
An act to incorporate the" PiedmOTlt
Mining and Banking Corrjpahyof Nortih
An act supplemental to an act author
izing the working of convicts on the
Ore Hill and Mt. Airy Narrow Gauge
Railroad, the Chester & Lenoir, the
Caldwell & Watauga Narrow Guage
roads, the Winston-Salefti Railroad and
the Statesville Air Line Railroad, etc.
An act to regulate the practice of
dentistry and to protect the people
from quackery, &c.
An act to amend chapter iA, laws 01
1876-'77, entitled " An act to establish
courts inferior to the Superior Courts,
to le called Inferior Courts."
An act to abolish private seals and to
prescribe a short form of a deed, and for
other purposes.
An act to provide for tne purcnasing
of land sold under execution by the
boards of county commissioners.
An act to prescribe the mode of sell
ing tar.
An act to secure the better drainage
of the lowlands of Silver creek, in the
county of Burke.
An act to aid in the extension of the
Atlantic, Tennessee & Ohio Railroad.
An act to provide that all conveyan
ces of real estate shall be construed to
be in fee simple unless the contrary
shall appear from the language of the
An act to extend the corporate limits
of the town of Monroe, Union county.
An act to amend the charter of the
Bingham School.
An act to amend chapter 202, laws of
1868-'69. Relating to the construction
of the Dan River Coalfields Railroad.
An act to authorize the commission
ers of Macon county to levy a special
An act to amend the election law.
An act to incorporate the town of
Matthews, in Mecklenburg eounty. ,
An act supplemental to an act con
cerning the farming out of convicts in
this State.
An act to amend section 7, chapter 75,
laws of 1875, the same being an act. for
the better government of the town of
Wadesboro, in, Anson county.
An act to make the slander of wo
men indictable.
An act to amend" chapter 288, laws of
1876-'77. Relating to the division of
the State into judicial districts.
An act to revise and correct the tax
list of Alamance county, &c.
An act abolishing the insane asylum
of North Carolina, and incorporating
the North Carolina insane asylum. .
An act to authorize the town of Ashe
ville to levy taxes for the support of
graded schools.
An act to incorporate uie town ui
owell, in Gaston county.
An act to incorporate the Lawrence
Manufacturing Company, in Gaston
An act to incorporate the Farmers
Bank of Milton, Caswell county.
An act to authorize the directors or
the Western North Carolina Railroad
Company to expend a portion ot tne
appropriations 01 said company ior pp
perating expenses.
An act to empower tne commissioners
of Haywood county to build a court
An act to amend chap. 20, laws of
1876-'77. Relating to certain roads in
Burke, McDowell, Mitchell, Yancey and
Caldwell counties.
A n act to nrovide for the completion
of the Western Asylum for the Insane.
An act so amend an act to estaDiisn
a department of agriculture, immigra
tion and statistics, and for the encour
argement of sheep husbandry, ratified
March 2, 1877.
An act to consolidate and revise the
charter of the town of Winston, and
the amendments thereto.
An act for the relief of fanners and
others from Davment of special tax.
An aot to empower the Westenr-North
Carolina Railroad Company tojmake
terms with the Chester - and Lenoir
Narrow Gauge Company,
An act to correct an error in the act
to compromise, commute and.? ttle the
State debt-
An act to compromise,' 'mmrifce and
settle that portion of the.' Sate debt
known as the " Williamston arid Tar
boro Railroad." '
. An act to authorize the, commission
ers of McDowell county to levy -a spe
cial tax. ";r-J'lul
An act to extend the cnaTtexs of the
An act for the relief of the blind, f Ap
propriates $60 per annum to those !who
lost their eyeS'tt the 'Corifede'rate ser
vice, during their natural rife.1
An act to require town- and tity con
stables to make monthly reports. ' "
Ah act to pay off the indebtedness of
the insane asylum. 1
An act to incorporate " Piedmont
Lodge No: 10, L O. O. FM of Hickory.
An act to prevent tramps infesting
or depredating on citizens of the iStatej
An1 aetffco- amend and consolidate the
charter of Great Falls Manufacturing
Conrpany, located at Rockingham, Riciw
An act to authorize the Caldwell ad
Watauga Narrow Gauge i RailroaiLiite
change its igswige. -. , ,
An act to denne the duties of sheriffs
performing the duties of county treas
rer. An , act to incorporate the Grand
Lodge of trie Independent "Order of
Good Temphtrs of North Carolina.
An act in regard to additional dis
qualiftcations of jurors.
An act to ascertain the indebtedness
of Madison county.
An aet to incorporate the Globe Gold
Mining Company of North Carolina. ;
, An act to amend an act passed at this
session, entitled "an act to prevent the
desecration of the Sabbath day " : For
bids the running of railroad trains oth
er than those carrying United States
An act to amend sections and 4,
chapter 80, 15aTtl3s Hevisal, regarding
official bonds.
An.act.,to 1 aid in,the completion ' of
the Spartanburg ;aad Ashe ville Rail
road. Allows 1O0 convicts.
t act .to charter the Thomasville
andAlWniarie Railroad; Company.
Anactto prevent the' fcate or giving
away, of spmjnous ' lienors or wine
ithih two-miles of ay place at which
polytteal speaking takes places
r.i'J&tf; to consolidate the towns of
Winston andi Salem.
An act for the relief of land-owners
wtiere land has been sold to the State
for taxes. TAUows oig, year from rati-
nuauou oj. activo ueem puca iaaiu.;
An act to autnQBMa; Gran ville county
to fund its ftoat$&gi4ebt;
An act relattrrg i& roads' and high
ways. TnllTfMWtiWcction bi-annu-allv
of a!V;BuTiervifefBf highways in
each eounty, Ac.
, An act to submit the question of the
Sale of spirituous liquors to the voters
of the town of ReidsviUe
An act to authorise the commission
ers of the county of Richmond to levy
a special tax.
concerning civil .am.onsipr
the recovery of debts contract ed . for
the purchase df land, f ; fl 5
An act to amend cnapter iut, laws or
incorporate . the Kockin
sbiirV Railtoad comnan
Ail' act declaratorv Of the meaning d
and to amend the charter of the town
Ui xvciusvuic. ,t
An act to incorporate the North Car-'
liua Baptist Sunday school convention.
An act to incorporate the North Care-;
una coast canai company.
An, a?t to incorporate the jn orth caro
lfna and Virginia Christian conference'.
An act to amend tne charter or toe
Charlotte and .Tayloj-syille Railroad
comnanr. ,
'An act to llicorporate Zioii Wesleyan
Institute. 6f Cabantis comity;
. w auuiurLtRj uyi-iiui com-
iurors.- ' ;
: act to' apportion , the con victs
amcdlg tlie'yariOus works' of iiiter'nal
iniproxemeij(ts'o!f te State, :
,,Ari act to authorize the commission
ets of 'Lincoln county to-'h? a special
tax. 1
An Act to extend the corporate limits
of the towfr'Of Concord, and to amend
the charter' of said town.
" An Jtct to rpeKt the' Jaw providing for
fhre maintenance of lunatics outside the
Hits been thorOHOhlv stnmUed with even needed
vxmL, and ioith the Latest Stylet of Type, end entry
manner of Job Work n now be done with neatnet.
dispatch and eheapnesA We can rurninK, at Short
notice, '. -
blanks, bill-Beads,
J87.3-'77,-; Restncts the farming Wtjf
3-irreertain cases. 1 -
An act to incorporate the yEtna Gold
Mining Company of North Carolina.
An actto provide for the registration
of certain deeds and other instruments
of writing, and to make valid the regis
tration of others. Extends the time
to register Svhere ' lapie lias heretofore
occurred, within two years from ratifi
cation of act.
An act to amend section 156, chapter
32, Battle's Revisal. Makes it option
ary with county commissioners wheth
er capital punishment by hanging shall
be public or private.
An act to secure holders of policies
Of fire insurance; ii North Carolpa.
Requires' insurance conrpanies to de
posit S10.000 in United States bonds
with the public treasurer.
An act to allow the citizens of Jack
son county to pass through the toll
gates in Macon county free of charge ;
also to allow the citizens of MacOn
county to pass through the gates in
,1 ackson county free of charge.
An act to incorporate Stonewall
Lodge, No. 99, I. O. O. F., pf Monroe,
Union county.
An act to extend the time to redeem
land sold for taxes and bought by the
State. Extends the time to January 1, :
1S81. ':
An act to amend chapter 163, laws of
1871-'72. Regarding commissioners of
a public road in Iredell county.
An act to establish a normal school
at Trinity College, Davidson College
and Wake Forest College.
An act to amend sections 2, 4 and 5,
chapter 49, laws of 1876-'77. Relating
to fish-ways.
An act to incorporate the town of
Manly Station, Moore county.
An act to repeal any and all acts cre
ating, re-organizing or continuing in
existence the Western Division of the
Western North Carolina Railroad Com
pany. An act to amend an act to define
false pretense, ratified the llth day of
-March, '
- An act-to-provide for fillingvacan
cies in boards of coun,ty commissioners.
Magistrates seleet. 'i
An act to prohibit the sale of intpxi
cating liquors in numerous localities.
An act to ascertain and audit the
debt of Cleaveland county.
An act for the more effectual punish
ment of horse-stealing.
An act to provide for the levying and
collection or taxes. Laiacnnieiy acuj t
An act suDDlemental to an act enti
tled "an act for the support of the peni
tentiary of North Carolina for the years
187Q and 1880."
sAn act to nrovide f or the sale of in
solvent iudgments in favor of counties
ao-ninst defaulting officers,
Anactto amend, chap. 240. laws of
'iR7A-,7'i entitled an adt to prevent dis
crimination in freight tariffs by railroad
ionnnanies operating in this State.
An act supplemental to an actio
ampnd sec. 8. chap. 255. laws of.l76-'77,
An act to establish the State line be
tween the State of North Carolina and
the State of Georgia, between the coun
ties of Macon, jn. u., ano itauuru,
A n act to incorporate the Zion Hil
nTYioferv of fVvncortL.
An act entitled "an act to secure by
mail, notices issued by board of county
commissioner to justices of the peace,;
road overseers and scnooi committee-
-mflm .j ; ; ,r.-,-, n i ;?
An act to reduce the cost of criminal
pfosecntioTv. : - i
insane aUum
' An act to facilitate the navigation of
the streams of the'State.
' An. act to alter the constitution of
Sorfh' 'jCarbliria, cbitceriiing the debt of
tlie' kaef. ' "
Actto i-elleye slieriff s in certain "cases,
ana. to prevent the sacrifice of property
at xecutioti sales.
An act'to ameiid diap. 202, laws of
1874-75 protecting the State's interest
in raila-oada
An act to prohibit the sale or exchange
of produce between sunset and sunrise,
in the counties of lredeij, Rowan and
An act to amend cIuiik 152, laws of
An act to empower town constables
to serve processes.
An act to regulate salaries ami lees in
certain cases.
An act to amend sec. 1, chap. 1, acts
of 1872-73, and sec. 1, chap. 255, acts of
1876V 77.
An act amendatory of and supple
mentary to an act passed at the present
session of the General Assembly, and
entitled "an act to . prevent live stock
from running at large in Rowan, Davie
and other counties.
An act to incorporate the town of
Mount Holly, in Gaston comity,
An act to amend chap. 285, sec 4, laws
of 1876-17,
An act to repeal chap. 65, laws of 1876-
'77. entitled "an act for . the removal of
real exemptions in Clay county
An act to amend chap. 285, laws of
1876-'77, ratified March 12, 1877.
An act to provide for keeping in re
pair the public roads or the state.
Act to raise revenue.
An act to amend the charter of the
town of Chapel Hill.
An act to authorize the treasurer of
the State to exchange the stock of the
State in Albemarle & Chesapeake com
pany, for' bonds of the State, (not special
An act for the more soeedy procure
ment of the right of way by the ' Win
ston, Salem & Mooresville Railroad com-
ftany, and for the better protection of
and owners over Aliose lands the rail
road passes"- . 'J; . 7": . .
An actio repeal chap. 50, 'private acts
of, laws of 1876-77; .entitled "an act to
provide a suitable Ibufre fbf Hfte" Ooy
ernor,' An apt tq restore toj udgment creditors
the exemptions and homesteads to
which they might' have been entitled
prior to the 24th of April, 1868.
An act supplemental to an act creat
ing the State board of health.
An act to drain certain lands in Lin
coln county.' .
An act to allow of the drainage and
cleaning out of Haw river and Reedy
Fork, in the counties of Guilford and
An act entitled an act to charter the
town of Quehele, formerly Tilden.
An act to provide for trial by jury in
certain cases.
An act to amend chap. 242 of laws of
1876-'77. Relating to fees.
An act for .the protection of fish in
McDowell countv.
An act providing for the engraving
of bonds and other expenses authorized
by an act passed at the present session
of the General Assembly, entitled "an
act to adjust anil renew a portion of
the Stale debt" ;
An act to change the boundary line
between ' the counties of Wilkes and
certain localities, retain-1 foTrospectl
church;' in Rowan' eounty. ' 1 ' 1
An act to-appoint tttistees -for New
ton Academy, n Bunoombeicounty.
-. , ; , ' KESOLUTIOXf. ', .,;
Resolution to: appoint a joint select
committee and determine the ridings of
the judges of the Superior Courts.
Resolution on Retrenchment and Re
form. Appoihts a joint select com
mittee of five to take into consideration
the reduction of salaries, fcc.l
Resolution in regard to mileage and
pet diem. Strikes out the word "this"
and substitutes the word "the" 1n third
line of resolution on page 267, laws of
1876-77. .
Resolution to raise a joint select com-,
mittee to examine the Western North
Carolina7 Railroad, and the Western In
sane Asylum.
Resolution in favor of Judge David
'Resolution to take into consideration
the-fish' interests -oi' NOrth-'Carolitta.
Provides for a joint conunttte&l . : - -
Resolution in relation , to, justices of
the peace. Appoints a joint committee
ot thirteen toTnaKp nominations to fill
vacancies. " i
Resolution- concern msi the free navi
gation of the Cape, Fear,, riser In
structs Bepresentatives in Congress to
secure, if possible, an act making
Fayetteville a port of entry, arc " '
Resolution . requesting our Senators
and Representatives in Congress re
garding appropriations for the improve
ment or the rivers and habors or the
Resolution in favor, -of: the , North
CardinaMemorial of Arms m honor of
George Washington. ,
Resolution to develop' the agricultur
al and other material Interests of North
Carolina, , . . ,
Resolution requiring the.Secretary of
State to issue a grant to Joel F. Fergu.
son, in Wilkes county.
Resolution-for-a conference with the
authorities of South Carolina and Ten
nessee for the purpose of securing the
remoyaj of obstacles to the free pas
sage of fish tlie Yadkin and otber
streams. ' - 1 '
Resol u t ion -rwjj8tinf-eu r Sen ato rs
aud Representatives in Congress to ad
vocate the establishment ot two LTni
versities in the South.
Resolution in relation to the funeral
expenses-ef the late Chief Justice Pear
son. Resolution, in favor of W. W, Rollins.
Resolution in favor of Jesse Batrtek,
of Cabarrus comity.
A resolution providing for aid for the
Orphan Asylum at Oxford. ;
Resolution concerning the. Peniten
tiary Sunday school.
Resolution in favor of D. S. Lydes, of
Rowan county, who "lost his right arm
and right kg in the Confederate ser
vice. Resolution in favor of certain wit
nesses in case of State vs. G. Swei-son.-
Resolution in regard to dynamite car
tridges in the destruction ot hsii.
Consumption Cured.
An old physician, retired from practice, bavtnS
had placed in his hands by an East India mission-
single vegetans remeay, ior
a dosII
nervous dehlUtrand all, nervous complaints, alter
having tested' its wonderful curative powers In
thousand of cases, has Celt it his duty to make it
known to his suffering fellows. Actuated by this
motive, and a desire to relieve human suffering, I
wulsend, free of charge, to all who desire It, this
recipe, with full directions for preparing and using
in German, French or English. Sent 07 mail by
w. w.
Sherar, 149 Powers'
octg 4w
wllh stamD. naming this paper.
biock, Rochester, new lont
. Aav.exJEufatory of j chapter 7,
Bat'tle'sTRevlsa'tf Provides fot the ai
pointmentof a guardian for the habit
ual and periodically inebriated.
An act to cure : irregularities in cer
tain' judicial proceedings , wherein the
same or all the defendants named in
the symmons were infants, idiots, luna
tics, or persons non cbmpos mentis.
An act supplemental to an act to ai-
ow Leaksville and other townships in-
Rockingham county to subscribe to the
capital stocK in a ran roau.
An act tor the better protection or
the pupils of the North Carolina Insti
tution for the Deaf and Dumb and the
Blind from certain contagieus diseases,
and for other purposes.
An act lor tne collection or taxes
against the property of corporations,
An act to amend" chapter 129, laws ol
An act to remove the obstructions to
the passage of fish, and to provide fish-
An act to amend sub-section 9, section
33, code of civil procedure. Relates to
actions for reliet. 1
An act to repeal chapter 126. laws of
1874-75. and to allow the people of cer-
-i r j j.1
tain townsnips to determine ror tnem-
selves the Question of the sale of liquor,
. . . . 1
An act to icTISB aim uuusuuuaic wie
common school raws :of the State.
A n act to fi the number and regulate
the manner brpofnling the board of
directors of the Cape Fear and Yadkin
Valley Railroad, and for other pur
. An act to uunisu tne euieruiit ui
dwelling house in the night time other
wise than by oreaKing.
! Aa aot to provide for submitting the
nronosition . to amend the constitution
of the State in relation to the support of
tne dear mutes, tne uiina ana me msaiiu
of the State, to a vote of the people.
An act to amend chapter 72, private
laws of 1874-75.
An act to amend sections 23 and 89 of
chap 32. Battle s Revisal.
Anact to imerpotiftto the North Caro
lina industrial .'Association.
An act for the speedy trial of crimi
nals., ... , . ,
An act to charter the bank
euperior(tuin the 0th judicial
.. Anaotto'menaiiuact entitled, "An
act concerning, the .sale of liquors ; ire
- Y-
off Ashe-
Just received 1
'WITT KOWSKi" & CAllUClt. '

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