easarses RaJlronii iva-. ,a f U tJJUl 5 W it ti r 'n t r I t r f i Work of a TOinaa3 ons j) it a LOCAL LMELLIIiENCE. WED N ESD AY tAPIUI 2,! 1879.J . rniinarinir table shows the runninsr of naauin JtnmloaM from Charlotte Jon AlLeTwiH Lwashlngton time): - 1 ' j - . v. . BICHMOHTB DAHTOJ 5 Richmond and Goldsboro. 1.00 a. m. rr vs from Rlcnmoaa,..-v...1...i,i 10.60 a. m. Leavesfor .............j. 6.45 p. m. ATLANTA 4 OTABLOTTS AIK-lilTB. 1 - '- irivps from AUanta.,.. i, ,3.20 a.m. Arr!..L fnr Atlanta.. ........ .,..,. . 1.05 a. to. 6 50 p. m.' ....... rf -...r .10o0 a. m... COLinCBIi AUGUSTA, j V ft.10a.nt. .!. ?::';1.00 a. m. riVe9 from Atiani jes for Atlanta, . l,1M10tQ An"" , imata., . I :ive I"1 ""' ' Arrives from Augusta,:::. Le;i'e: . - CAROLINA CENTRAL. 6.80 a. m. 11.27 a.m. 7.39 p. m. 6.00 a. m. 5.00 p. m. irrlves from WUmlngtOD,.. . ... i P tvesfor Wilmington lell frnm Shelby...... ?" ves for Shelby ' 7.00 a. m. ATLANTIC, TEHKX9BKR OHIO. - . rrivps from StatesvUle, 5.30 p. in. Leaves for StatesvUle 7.00 a. m naional bank examiners, Messrs. Adams iu Audngwortny, who were very much Pleased with the mountain country. -Uuano shipments, which have been un usually heavy this year, are beginning North Carolina Railroad will meet in Asheville on the 13th of May. The board of internal improvements, con sisting of Col. Wm. Johnston, of this city, Capt, C. M. Cooke, of Frank lin, with pky. Jarvvs axrofficio chair man wiHtmeetf there it the damfe tlrrle. We very much fear that the Wil mington Star intends to perpetrate a Kke4ln the veteran conductor of the JNorth Carolina Railroad when it gives him credit for an occurrence which is illustrated in Jhe.P9yc& Gazette., The fnfa??' iPtalginsta-ctfndiic-tor on the North Carolina Railroad, in nis erlorts to awaken a passenger, very unfortunately pulled off his leg. It was wooden." FrAin Boiii.. Miss Parl ffeis 6onttucting Wrevivar1 meetings m the Methodist church, whidh is crowded daily and nightly. During the high wind Saturday after noon the residence of Jas. M. Gray, Esq., in the suburbs, was reported to be op fare, and the Hook and Ladder and fire companies were out, nn shnrr. nntioo vnf m4-. m. Ail t. J.l n . a - ' I j-uituuateiy, ine nre, wmcn was frotn ai OfFICK HOURS. ... :- -opehS. CLOSSS. Mnpv Order Department,,,9.00 a. m. 6.00 p. m. pastry Department .9.00 a. :nu ?.5.00 p. m. n iDeliv'yAStamp Dept.,. 8.00 a. m." 6.00 p. m. 0!."1 ' " " 8.30 p.m. SA5 p. m. rjfr- on Sundays the General Delivery and Stamp Department will be open from 9.00 a. m. to 10.00 '"' OPHinHO AWD CLOSINO OF MAILS, -i j panville A cnanoTOB.it.,. .uua. m. - .uup. mi wus quiciuy ejCungnisa- 11.15 a.m. Charlotte & Atlanta R. R. 8.00 a. m. 9.00 d. m. A AnansUR. R." 8.30 D. m. 10.00 a. m. wilni'n 4 Charlotte R. B.,. 8.30 p. m. 5.00 a. m. rhirlotte Shelby R.R.... 5.30 p.m. 6.00 a.m. n AStatesvlUe;.. 5.80 p.m. 6.00.m. nnd Fridava at 7.00 a. m. ; f W. W. JENKINS, P;M. IIIICATIOiMS. War Depar-fMent,;.' m. i ii i: CiiiKF Signal Officer, u vmxfiTON. April. 1. 70 p.' the south Atlantic States, cloudy weather, frequent light rainSj southwest veering to ooluer nortnwest wmus, lol lo wed by rising barometer. .il :tejori lr Vesterday.- 7 A. M. 2 P. M. 5 9 P. M Barometer Thermometer Relative Humidity,, Vltid Direction..., ' Velocity,...-., feather 29.771 48 56 , N. K. : 3 Miles Cloudy.' 29.705 - 4 . 78 VS. ' 3 LtRain 29.705 4rt , 92 2 LtRain Highest Temperature 62 deg. ; lowest 45. ed. The mining interest is lookiner awav up bere. Davis & Tvfson havn hnnrrKt , , - , , t - - w--i-'"l i-iio lewdest veins in tne country, out tne character of the ore (sulohuretsl has been in the way of its successful work ing heretofore; but these gentlemen, who are backed bv amnle cunitai. a confident of working it successfully by mis process. gineer, chemist and mineralogist, is working a large force, and the Snider & O'Neill property is being worked largely by Higgins & Co. At this mine a new yem ot gre,at. richness iWBr just been disco vefedaf d a fctrgs- lot 6f new and improved machinery is now being put in position with a view to extensive operations. li. F. Rogers. Eso is writing .1 series of humorous articles for the revivified Salisbury News, the last one of which, on municipal candidacy, stamps him as a humorist of no mean order. r Emma Smitru coloied. sfele buetre and one skirt from Mary Williams, col ored, on the 28th of March, Mary took put a warrant and was sent to deliver it to the constable in another township the one in whlchEmma Smith re sides eight miles from the city.J Not being able to find the constable, she left the warrant at his house, and went her seltvwithout warrant, searched for the property lost and found it, arrested the thief and brought her before Justice F. A.,McNinch in this , city, had a new. warrant issued, and the thief was tried and sentenced to pay a fine of $50 or 30 days in jail, and to remain in thereafter until the jail fees and costs be paid. Important Meeting of the Belief; A elation.,..' ; J1 The members of i the Charlotte-relief association will bear in mind the meet ing to-morrow at 4 o'clock p. m., at the Young JMeriV, Christian Associa tion rooms. The constitution and by laws prepared by a committee will then be submitted for their considera tion. The good citizens of the city are invited to meet with the association and aid them with their counsels and co-operation. The anneals for charitv are 4aiJy and $ha responsibility of a re sponse, rest-npan the city; . The assotia- disperisfng' tts Charities, but it is with- u mrllieiWHir- . , , v The Pioneer fire company threw open the doors of their hall and engine house ""yesterday, and invited the friends of tne members or the company and citi zens generally to come and see the im provements! that had recentlv been made in both. A committee of recep tion was on hand to welcome the visit ors, which included many prominent citizens and members of the other fire organka-tfdiisj ft fait the hall 'aSeH filled during most of the day, and the occasion was made very agreeable to all visitors by the courtesies and kind nesses of the reception committee, who had not neglected to supply themselves with an abundant supply of "the rosy in its various and attractive hues. A number of speeches were made by the visitors,ahd thH occasion, was rendered very pleasant to all present. " The Pioneers are to be congratulated upon their efficiency and the air of neatness and care which is visible on every hand. The company is composed of over fifty able-bodied and faithful members, and its., efficiency has been recently enhanced by the ' purclnfse of two handsome iron gray horses to draw the engine. The members all take a just pride in their organization, and when the fire alarm is sounded they are always punctual, in responding to the call, and rsally to do any service, to perform any feat of daring to protect the lives and property of citizens. Long life to the Pioneer! Meteorological RecrU" f'": WEATKEB REPORT, AFBn.lt 420 P. M. stations. fBaHMmTiLt Vmtf.-iYeU Atlanta Aiyusta .. Chiirleston, ctwlotte.. . Corslcana, . tialveston,. Imliiuiola... Jacksou'Ue, Kev West, . . Mobile.. MontRom'y. N. Orleans. Puiita Rasa Savannah. 81 Marks. Havana .. 29.88 29.74 2W.53 2ti.firt 2U.W7 82 2i.85 29.77 29.96 29.71 2H.rt7 29.73 29.97 29.64 30.82-29.95- 47 52 69 47 64 67 74 80 79 78 71 79 i 81 N. W. N. a w. 8. N. N. W. N. S. S. S. N. W. S. 41S. W a. w. 4 6 11 8F 17 10 26 14 15 16 16 m MX-2 Weatber.. LtRain. . Clearing. Fair. Cloudy. Fair. , LtRain. Cloudy. Clear. Clear. Fair. Cloudy. . Fair. Clear. "Fair: Clear. Clear. Index to New Advertisements. R. N. Tlddy Public Lecture. J.J. Mott Notice. IIO.VIK PE!VCII.IiM. Pimit'ore to-night. The municipal election comes oil on the 5th of May. ' ' ; The board of county commissioners meets next Monday. ; . The Hornet fire company will have a social meeting in their hall oiie hight next week. . -; April fooling was only practiced, to a. limited extent yesterday. - ne eager and unsuspicious repoi"ter snrlered only once. - - - There is a calm in the mayoralty talk 3 nit the clouds are gathering. We will vet have something, of a storm, no dOllbt. . . ' (.'ottcjii made anoilier 1 unaccountable leap yesterday, and it-is reported some future contracts held' in Charlotte were sold to considerable advantage. - It is reported here -that there have been some very important;,, develop- merits at the King's Mountain mine re cently, but no particulars are Known. Every now and then there is an at tempt to capture a, drummer who at tempts to sell eoods in Charlotte with out a State license, but thus far 'only. one has been made to suffer the. -penal-: ties 01 the law. ! ' ' -' Red Buck is reported tobe at his t-ountrv residence a mile and a half from the citv. lie is said,. to -be com posing a philllppio- against the city gov-; . eiiiinem ior excluding nimiiiiuinauo rights of citizenship. . ' , -i . ' Kvc-mie Seizure. - i . -' 1 A party of revenue oflicers in eliarge T F. Caldwell, deputy collector, on Sat- nv. lay-last, March 29 th, SWOOpea aown iiii iii a moonshiner near Cherryville in i.iston county, and made a seizure of one courier still and fixtures, fourteen stands of beer and mash, and a quantity) ol malt corn. The name of the owner is llllknovn. ' ' The Recent Garroting. There-writ; no tiefw develobmente of lmpbrCahce yesterday In connection with the recent garrotincr of Mr. F. Kuester. The parties arrested were visited in the jail yesterday by the pro per officers but made no additional con fessions. Several acquaintances of Isham Fullenwider, the negro first ar rested and charged with being the owner of the stick which was taken from one of the higliwaymen by Mr. Kuester, assert that the stick does cer tainly belong to Fullenwider, or words to the same effect, and he has been in the habit of carrying it. Fullenwider's guilt as accessory before the fact at most has beenvjestablished -by .liis own confessions, and it is believed that through him all the facts connected with the disgrace! ul occurrence can b3 brought to light. 1 he matter has created considerable comment, the conviction generally be ing that the responsibility for such an occurrence in the very heart of the city does not attach so much to the police and couiity.ompersof the peaoe.directly, as to,the inn-eni: cMcetnenjtt p fhe taw which prohibits vagrancy. It is a well known fact that there are a large num ber of negro men in the city who do nothing from one year's end to the other to provide even food for themselves; they may be seen in "Five Points" and other localities of a like character at all hours ; of the day and night, and. there can.be no doubt that these.yagabonds the -majority of Whom we are confident' are escaped convicts are.the..perpetrar tors of the thefts and robberies which have of late been of such frequent Oc currence. If the vagrant -law were en forced a dozen or more of these charac ters would be in jail before the end of tne present day. The Ilolman Company The Chime of Jyorm&ndyrrsPjinafore. , . ,. -APRIL 1, 187? H BTJaBQaPiaiO&THB01JBJjra en cofoxsiTi Hour auu ana ancnansea: lomuv 4.60a5.5a Wbeat strong; red and white 1.03 1.05.-Centhe cild- firm at 86a37fe. Oats In fair demand and firm at 29a321fe. Fork held at 10.25a50. Lard in good demand and firm current make 6.15a20, Bulk meats stronger' ahouldera S.60. short ribs 4.8U. snorteiear &.CO: bacon In good odeiMDM): shsdderB4i tear.nb aValkr clear sides oygatw- . m .mir fiwnaaa m 1 .oiiHanerieaaT mna 1 limit eBOKiun 1 18a20, prime do 16al6. Sogar steady; hards 8a X wmte eutH, xxew unean8 oai 14. nogs steadr; packing a. uaa.w- Baltmori Oata dull. Soutoern 3132, Wes tern white 81&S2. do bilxed '80a31, Pennsyl vania 31a32. Hay unchanged; prime Tenn sylvanla and Maryland 1 1 al2. Provisions steady; mess pork, old 1Q 25al0.75, new : balk meats loose shonldersS, elear rib sides 414, per ear load, packed ne;tMia5rba(nH-shonlders, old 4, clear Tib sides,' new 6U', hams, sugar-cured, 9a LaroV-nfined tierces 7Ul. Batter steady; choicer Western packed '18a20; rolls I 5al. - Cof fee firm; Bio cargoes 10al6. Whiskey doll at 1.07aK.. Snc-ar firm: A soft 8aU. Nw York Flour In favor of buyers'; No. , If .aoaa.10, superfine western ana state 8.45a9.65, common to eood -extra'Western and - state a7&a 3.80, good tOchOioS'do 3.95a4.50; Southern flour steady; oonunon to lair, extra 4.10a5.40; good to choice do 5.50a8.75V Wheat ungraded wln er red l.OOal.li, No. 3 ditto 1.09A4a9tt. Com -ungraded 43a46, No. 2, 4544614- 314a2 Coffee, moderate demand; nio quoted in car goes llialS, in lob lots llal6. Sugar weak; Cuban 6a. fair to good refining 6l4a6l&, prime 6 : refined standard A. 7aH. rraaalated 814. powdered 8aWi, crushed 8. Molasses New Or leans 28a42. Rice in fair demand and steady; Carolina Quoted at 51feaTT, Lonlslana 6M&7. Pork mess on spot 9.40a50. Lara prime steam on spot 6.52Vfca55. Whiskey 1.05. Freights steady. 1. 1 QAB0LIN1 CXNT&AL TIAWILMniQTON, WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELRY, SILVER AND SILVER- tr. PLATED WARE, GOLD AND SILVER SPECTACLES. everything you want J. T. BUTLER'S. 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The Infirmities of age, and of delicate' female constitutions,' are greatly relieved by it; and it is a reliable preven tive of, and remedy for, malarial fevers. apr2 lw . Nortolk Steady; middling 10c; net receipts 1,653; gross ; stock lu.soo; exports coastwise 2,017; sales 310; exports to Great Britain. Baiaxkobx Firm; middling 10. ; low middling 10c.; good ordinary t)c; net receipts ; gross 108; sales 200;- stock 7.602; exports ooastwise 20; spinners 115; exports to Great Britain 1,155; touononeni ; . - . Boeroir Firm: middling 10o.) low middling liMs; gooa ordinary 10; net receipts, aw; gross 1,158; sales ; stock 3,708; exports to Great Britain . WnjmfGTOM Firm; middling 10c; low mid dling U3kc: eood ordinary 91A: net receipts 217: gross ; sales 130; stock 2.585; spinners ; ex ports coastwise : to Great Britain ; to uon- nent ; to channel . PwTT.iTinT.T-wtA Firm- middling 10&; low middling 101fec;good ordinary 9c; net receipts 92; gross 673; sales 379; spinners 237; stock 8,476; exportStoJ GreatBrltain j ;j 5 Augusta Firm; middling 10c; low mid dling 9c; good ordinary 914c; receipts 136; shipments ; sales 884; stock . CHARLS8TnN-nrml mlddlini lOtoe.; loW mid dling 10.; good ordinary 9W.; net receipts 1,059; gross ; sales 600; stock 20,768; exports coastwise ; Great Britain ; France ; Continent ; to Channel. Nsw York Quiet; sales 245; middling uplands 10-Vh.. middling oneans iowi.1 consolidated net re ceipts 9,393; exports to Great Britain 2,863. continent 3,180. . 1 ' t t i i LiTERPOOiNooit-CoaoH hareeblnfe. Uplands 5Hd.. Orleans, 6d., low middling uplands good ordinary uplands v ordinary uplands . sales k.uuu. snecuiauon ana exDon l.uuu. re ceipts 68.214. America 67,544. Futures partially i-looerxer. uplands low miaaung clause: April and May delivery 5 27-32,- May and June June and July 515-16. July and August 6, August and September do, September and October 6 1-16, Oc tober and November . New erop snipped Janu ary per sail , February and March , April o.nd May . Ground and" Cut Glass Bottles, the handsomest 1 In the market The latest styles of Perfume Boxes Including some 'novelties, which will pay you to call and examine. FINE FLORENCE and CELULOID TOILET Cases French Plato, .Hand Mirrors, Russia Leather Pocket Books; also a full stock of English and American Tooth, Hair and Nail Brushes. ' THROUGH TRXLOHT BOUTS This Line betotiuDy equipped fir twatneis, Wilmington and all Northern and Eastern CBles to Greenville, Spartanburc. au Stattons Atlantic, Tennessee a Onto, As weQ as points tn Georgia Insurance and Rates guaranteed as Low as Information furnished NORTH CAROLINA. TO ALL POINTS SOUTH. f ic f oners uneatBSedfacimtes for tte TraosporttoB U Charlotte, StatesvUle, AsbtTflte, BodteTfordtOD on the Atlanta Richmond Atr-Ltne, and Western N. C. Ranroada, Alabama and Mississippi. via any Cotapetlng Line, and Tine as Quick, upon application to F. W. CLARK. . Gen. Freight Agent, Wilmington, N. C sept30 JQR. J. EL McADEN, DRUGGIST AND CHKKIST, Now offers to the trade a full stock of Lubin's Extracts and Colognes. English Select pices, Colgate Honey and Glycerine Soap' English, French and declS L. R. WRISTON A CO. CALDWELL HOUSE, ALDWELL HOUSE. CALDWELL HOUST7 CALDWELL HOUSllrf, FUTURES. Comer Tryon and Sixth Streets, Corner Tryon and Sixth Streets, CHARLOTTE, N. C. CHARLOTTE, N. C, American Tooth Brushes PRESCRIPTIONS Carefully prepared at all hour, both night and day at J. H. McADEN'S i Prescription Store. 'ECURITY! SECURITY ! SECURITY Nxw YoRK-iFutures dosed strong. 000 bales. ADril 10.75 May 10.87a.88 June 11 .01 July ll.14a.15 Aueust ll.26a.27 September .... 11 .09a.l0 October 11 .76a.77 November 11 .49a. 50 December. 11 .43 a. 45 Sales 151,- S. P. CALDWELL,, ..Proprietor. FINANCIAL. Nbw York Money 1.07. Exchange 4.85ia86. governments firm.. New; 6'f LQ44k -State bonds dull. ",.1 ! il t til ' ' (uaao and Cotton In Cleaveland. A subscriber writes f rota Cleaveland Mills ;i3 follows: "Tne unusually fine weather has enabled farmers here to so 'push their work that every one ia ready jr ulantintr. The amount of commer .'ial f ertilizersbought tbisyeair is largprj Limn any previous year ana tne xmuuar tions are that Cleaveland will produce, inore cotton than formerly, if the..?eas6?X is good." -j. pist.fc-. - -.i 'i lie Uctt Point CadetlnljD. It is learned that quite a large number; of young men will enter thj competitive examination for the WestPoint cadet shiu of this disf.ript. whldhE : takes '' place next Abnli; ' ints must be of sound body.and well informed in what are known as the Kuglish branches. : Coli' Steele has been, fortunate in the seleottf 6t, Us -porar mittee of exitminataoniiafhebeat man will get the appointment; . ., , ;'''i'i;r Dr. CTDoiiogbHem caarge of the sig d station irf -this 'cit,ciishe the ill the Carol n a nlitarv institute F ridliv orr nn i n nr u t. Q oV.lOiKlt '-' SUmmaftf-fpr teoroloerieal ! Lth of .March,: - eari dajly ba . 80,659; ineahiaijy .mTjrnidity, jan daily thermometer, 55 ; hieh- nal following1 rn trie montli o; rometer, ib.2: mean est temperature, 79i lowest, 20. month ly range of tempexature.53 greaCeit daily range, S2; least Jaaily ;iange 12; mean dailv ranee of temperature.' 206i; total rainfalL 2.03 inches; prevailing wind, southwest f total movement of wind, 4,728 'maximximjyelocity of wind and direction, 30 miles, northwest (at 430 p. in., 30th); cleat days, : ll r' fair days, is; number ofi cloudy, days; -on which rain fell, 3; number of cloudy days on which no ralri-felv 2; -total liumhor f Hnira nn which rain felL, 8. 1'rost is reported on he If Mr 18rl∧ ; ana most 01 the ram were-precetiqu' liv winrla -Fi--vtt 4-Vi. oinnt hnroot, ' ; Last, nifiht. tb,e- Uolmanouej:a .com pany sang lne unimes 01 JNormanay at the Charlotte opera house. '-The audience was small, as might have been judged from the character of the even ing, rne company is aitogetuer better one than we had been led to suppose. The prima donna, Miss Sallie Holman, has a voice of considerable strength and considerable sweetness. There are other good voices 111 the com pany. 'The, choruses were .nearly all rendered good W&h eft ict4 Tjhetdniiklng song in the third act was excenenuy sung. Throughout the acting was better than the singing, .though th6 singing was up to the average t what il . 1 i l.,,i F-r..m we are 111 tne uauii ui ucai iu& iium our stage. The humor of the evening was fine v maintained uvlihiuoc anu the audience was kept in nrst-class spirits throughout. The hour forbids that we write further of the perform ance last night. To-night the company will convert themselves into the crew of the renown ed II. M. S .Pinafore. Of their manner of presenting this opera we copy the fol lowing apparently, .very . fiaref ul and just critfcistiyroMtJiA icleand Constitutionalist: "Possibly it may have been that the sympathy be tween the audience and players ws bet ter last evening than prevailed m Charleston and Savannah,, where criti rather unfavorable. but the one was certamly. appreciative ana me other verv responsive. The Buttercup of Mr. Hanks; was quite amusing, al though his solos in one or two parts lacked spirit and style. Mr. Dal tons Capt. Corcoran was very uasiuug auu buoyant, and Mr. Howler's Ralph Rack straw was excellent, and his Nancy Lee brought dpwn. the, house. tm voice bore hiiff feUttiWeai flist tfaH ' nd he sustained his reputation in Augusia. Mr. Holman's Sir Joseph Porter, K. C, B., was deliberately and amusinglrptir, and his character well carried out. sMiss Julia Holman, the gracef ul contralto. as Hebe, has realiy"very nuieTo ao. out her airs are cunaingdier face' pretty and she abounds in winsome ways. She has alwyS' rnade pleasing impression oa tixBtage, having succeeded as "Gyp sy Queen" in the Bohemian Girl, at Ath- x is L i.w'oa ColHa Hnlmnn tractive maiiueia as Jpse lap.ks some of its strength and sweet- Live like a Prince, on $2.50 per day; you can do this now In New York, and on Broadway too, by getting a room at to (Jrand Central fiotek on the European plan for $1.00 per day and npwafds, and taking your meals, at their elegant Restaurant, at moderate prices. Or you can choose the American plan at $2.50 or $3.00 per day, which Includes both room and meals. apr2 lw ' A Car. To all who are suffering from the errors and in discretions of youth, nervous weakness; -early de cay, loss of manhood, &c, I will send a recipe that will cure you, FREE OF CHARGE. This great remedy was discovered by a missionary in South America. Send a self -addressed envelope tothaBEV. JOSEPH T. US MAN, Station D, Bible U,.i.Irai Vn flW' ...;-- Ian 25. .. .rvi ,, .. , ., , American and European plans, both have been adoDted bv the Grand Central Hotel, ori Broadway, New York. You can now pay $1 per day and up-., wares, ior a nice room ai mis large ursi-ciass uo- tel, on Broadway, take jour Dreakiast mere, at tne elegant wani-ant. fttracnert 10 tne nonse. ai moo- erate prices, and If you do not return all night you nave aouung .mora wyu jntwiere CITY COTTON MARKET. Omci or tsx Obsxkvxb, i Chablottx, April 2, 1879. 1 Tha market yasterdaK closed firm, as follows: Good middling 9al0 nidanng.j.i.'.: yeat Sti4;tlenil5duni...l.y...I....i..v i . 'Wkafo Low middling. 98 Tinges 914 Lower grades lb8ns This bouse Is permanently established and offers all the conveniences and comforts of a nrst-class boarding house. Persons visiting the city will find it a pleasant home. Permanent boarders wanted. Can be furnished with rooms. RATES Per day. transient, $1.25: per week. $6.00. Regular table, $13.00; board and room per monto, $18.00. . . Janiy 200 Barrels of C. WEST & SONS' EXTRA No. 1 KEROSENE Ata ALADDIN SECURITY OIL. T. T. SMITH, - Aieot ft C. BaUwajs, Charlotte. A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY . To win a fortune. Fourth Grand Distribution, Class D, at New Orleans, Tuesday, April 8th, 1879-10701 Monthly Drawing. LOUISIANA STATE LOTTERY COMPANY. This Institution was regularly Incorporated br the Leeislatura of the Stale for Xdomttonal and Charitable purposes in. 1868, torn xh rax or twxntt-ito tubs, to which oonLraot tha lnvtola- Die iaun 01 tne state is pledged with, a capital 01 $1,000,000, to which it baa since added a Reserve Fund of $350,000. It GRAND 8INGLK NUM BER DISTRIBUTION wul tain place monthly on the second Tuesday. It never scales or postpones. Look at the following distribution: CAPITAL PRIZE, $30,000. t 100,000 Tickets at Two Dollars each. Half Tick eta, One Dollar. LIST OF PRIZES : 1 Capital Prize $30,000 1 Capital Prize, 10,000 1 Capital Prlav 5,000 2 Pr&s of $2,500 5,000 5 Prizes of 1,000 5,000 20 Prizes of 600.... 10,000 100 Prizes of 100. 10,000 200 Prizes of 50 .: 10,000 500 Prizes of 20 10,000 1,000 Prizes oL 10 10,000 APPROXIMATION FRIZES s 9 Approximation Prizes of $300 $3,700 9 Approximation Prizes of 200 1,800 9 Approximation Prlzei of 100 900 1857 Prizes, amounting to. . . $110,400 West's Extra No. 1 Kerosene Oil, from C. West ft Sons, Baltimore. Responsible corresponding agents wanted at all prominent points, to whom a liberal compensation will be paid. Application for rates to dabs should only be made to the Home Office in New Orleans. Write, clearly stating full address, for full infor mation or send orders to M. A. DAUPHIN, PostolBce Box 692, New Orleans, Louisiana All our Grand Extraordinary Drawlmrs are under the supervision and management of GENERALS . T. BEAUREGARD and JURAL A, EARLY, mar 11 CHARLOTTE PRODUCE MARKET MARCH 31, 1879. 1 1 WAT'. CORRECTS DULL 7a8 10al2Vi 6a6 een iremeflred. on thef AmeriCDlat room and meals included. mar26 lw The Invincible reDuenance felt by almost every one to the smell and navorof Cod Liver Oil, has nrevented tens of thousands, of .the victims of de bility, from reaping tlfc eMt of feculiar healing and nutritive properties. The almost hopeless consamplyevtSe martyr thenmiitlsm, the.bare lv livtna tiiadow rmentwtomamarid chlklreh taat emerge from the clutches of malarial fevers, alf of these know, or at least their doctors know, that or all discovered remedies, this oil Is the best, and of ten the only one that will build up their wasted bodies, and restore their shattered nerves, and far more effective than the oil by itself is Scott's Emul sion of it, with the Hypophosphites of Lime and Sod.t This is the finest and most natural food and medicine In the world, .and jhoUj, deprived of lis aisagreeaoie yuauuea. maris 2w , . ..... . y,-. t0 -.; Cuntumptiei (.area. , An old physician, retired from practice, having hari ninrwi tn ha hftads bvaH East India mission' ary the formula of a single vegetable remedy, for the 8 peed y and permanent cure for consumption, bronchitis, eabrn,. a-iOuua, ,and all thrpat and liini? affections, also a Dositive and radical cure for nervous. deWlttyian all nervous complaints, after having tested Its wonderful curative powers in thousands of cases, has felt it his duty to make It known to his suffering fellows. Actuated by this motive, and a desire to relieve human suffering. I wlirsend, free of -charge, "to all who "desire It, this recine. with full directions for DreDarlng and using in German?Freneh or English. Sent Tby nihil by addressing with stamp, naming this paper, w. w. Sherar. 149 Powers' Block, Rochester, New York. mar25 4w Corn, per bush'l . 57a62 Mkaj., " 57a62 Peas. " 50a65 Oats, shelled, 35a40 BACON N. C. hoe round Hams, N. C Y.J m a AenvaaoA a AOtAtPj ma wopw. Bulk Mkats - Clear Rib Sides. Coffee GeE1?- Kl-;te;:i Uv.tH iS?i1 Stkop Suear-hottSe; .. . . . ... . . 24a25 M0LAS61 Cuba. NewC Salt Liverpool fine . A ... . . , : . . l .0082.00 Sugar wwte.4 ....... leuow 4' Potatoes Sweet 65a75 Irish 3.5Ga3.76 Floub Family 3-OOa3.50 Extra. .' 2-75a3.00 Super v . 2.25a2.50 )Ut AA(M . LTVERt ST ABLE. If you want nrst-class Carriages, Phaetons, Bug gies or: Saddle Horses, go to the New Livery Stable. If yOu want a Carriage and Baggage Wagon to meet arriving or departing trains, go to the New Livery Stable. If you want your horses well fed and well groomed go to the New Livery Stable. Careful drivers, promptness and reasonable prices are our motto. may28 . R. CHAMBERS. Highest Medal awarded at Centennial Exposition. Crystal Oil Works, Canton. Warranted to stand a ore test 01 110 degrees ianrenneit oeiore 11 wui burn. C. West ft Sons, Baltimore. For Sale by Dr. J. H. McADEN, Sole Agent, NDERTAKTNG CHARLOTTE. N. C. C. t. HARRISON, Aucaoneer.1' AXWELL & HARRISOTVT . . A," AUCTlOlf AND m::m::mim COMMISSION u The undersigned is now prepared to Oil all orders for every class of Undertaking. Having on hand a full assortment of COFFINS, CASKETS AND BURIAL CASES, ' Both Wood and Metallc. PRICKS AS LOW AS AST. Hearses furnished,, If desired. Furniture of every Description Repaired at shot notice. MERCHANTS, s. STLTJEBiE WAGpSS ; "fit ill !.;'f. HkJ - aioiie iarga ithe 'ieb: wd ;TtpBrAt3 ;w9, wuch and supply yourself with Uie best wagon out V , .'H. OATTHER Buy and sell on consignment all kinds of . - MERCHANDISE AND COUNTRY PRODUCE; - Will give strict personal attention to all business entrusted to our care. Four doors above Charlotte Hotel dec3 1879 1879 v tKatn sift v.i ifohtw ul V.oj-ie'f a. I if O A OTATE OF WRTH CAkOLEJ A, i In Probatf -v(r.-TaoMa'Comntfc.-J l. fbwr Bishop D. a Doggett (Southern Meth.) It is an excellent corrective of indigestion. Have used it with prompt benenciai results. Rev. Dr. Mangum, Prof. University of N. C I concur with Bishop Doggett In bis estimate of the vest rocket uure. Rev. E. A. Yates, P, E. N; C. Conference. It has benefitted me. Send another package. Rev. Leroy M. Lee, D. D., Meth. Hlst'n. I am never without it at home or abroad. It la an antidote to indigestion.. Uneasiness after a meal or purging is checked and the bowels regula ted. Its merits are attested by numbers of hlch character. I have seen a "tried-everything" dys peptic 01 niteen years relieved try one dose. Rev. Drs. Jeter, Breaddus, Dickinson (Bap.) It is endorsed by the direct personal testimony of men of national fame and of strictness of speech. It Is not too much to say that no medkane ever had such suoDort In its favor as a spednc The word of any m ol the eminent divines who underwrite this antidote to dyspepsia has deserved weleht. Their united witness Joined with the ex perimental use and approval of the preparation by well-known physicians, removes all doubt It Is, 1 Religious Herald, Va. beyond question, a wonderful therapeutical agent. Bailors 'There is no place Use home"; but every home should he sunnlled with a bottle of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup the great, family remedy for all cases of cougns, corns, xa race, 20 cenw. Ease Attainable by the Rheumatic. Yes, although they may despair of relief, it Is attainable by rheumatic sufferers, for there is a remedy which carries off, by means of increased activity of the kidneys important channels for blood nuriflcatlon the acrid, element to which pathologists the most eminent attribute the painful symptoms a theory completely borne out by urin ary analysis: Theniune of this grand depurent is Hostetters, a preparatlqa likewise celebrated as a remedy for constipation, which causer contamina tion of the 'e 1 WV4 -certain means nfMiMf in f dVsMDsfe. tfefer aadiague, and nervous ailments. It perhaps, the finest tonic extant, and lshlghlc jewmiwended as a medicinal aMmiiiant. hv disflnarulshed ohrsiclans and analysts lorsesit Rad Rlnnd. iutlc occurred recifarteep wo nrnv handed sons-01 ton, wiueii resuiwjuiii. broken arm f er- Smite frMffSPgSP Ior T(T' son. For bod3 r&ereTsothmg equal to iss SaUie Holman WlJSTiT ?Tt Geurt. w uot .ttiw as iij t".-ui Joseph Sparks and Benjamin Sparks, Executors of Benjamin cpQ&A ueoeftaqu, a vs. who ptoneunce atoji.eHuneii benelicial. The press also endo : The HeirsLOfBemljSpw ... , NOTICS Of FINAL 8KTTLEMINT. , ft innealnir to the satisfaction bt the Court thai; Wdi DimmTl 'Wife of ; PaKm JMmmlt. Hannah I Felts, wile 01 jonn news, uonn spams, ana juizo beth eddlk wife of John-Reddlk, are heirs at law in t.hu eaaA and non-residents of the State. IHs therefore on;motion otderea by tne court; mat aaverusemeni mo uiaue ior sia wvtsiui 111 1 u Charlotte Obssrvib. notifying said defendants to appear at the Clerk's office in Yadklnvllle with in twent days after service of this notice, and let mem wee nouca uuu aucner iu up nvwr w, sacaewuu be taken pro andearjaortfe as to them.' )' : : Given under my hand and seal of office In Yad- kinvWe; fcWthe lOthdajr of February, A. D 187U. n. VJUVlAAi, ne. wasspiencua, as tue it e-siii fcfldew.iwewwvDW ness of some yearback. She is evident-; YajW4r6W ly sufEering from fatigue, and we trust 8f c-twwisniost'pToy Will soon regain iier vuuai uwcia, she has6f , 'fonliYoa t4fe stage..; Many bflne choruses erevfine, some' of the voices being out of time, howev-s er,::ifl3tfrtttTr?eefc'4 A person cannot possibly attendlld business i ! he i!X-T(i;: Ht ISAAC , Probate Judge, -'-aaEE!f -duli iKD' .0 TV .W l--.fl -!!. A uiis dit'.oiti sui-ui wi ly sunering irom iaugue, auu wo mwou. BmeU0f CodMilvefOU is fflosr pToyerouM.M. , will soon regain her vocal powers, for I seems to be peculiarly nauseous to the 'congftttp- J iirnwiaTnra WaVrf.n1f hrtelS Wn?de0 (KS&BlSe'itS objectionable characteristics, by mixture with cof- fee. brandy, or by me process 01 ueoaerizauou, noyd AIia llolma,?- whoj assisted iV.nn.onA uritti errant. Rllfrit, aV(l SI 'I'kA Q,nrr!firp,-1? QnVEmflHII SUinSUitUCU. f TAlTtH 1LS , 11VHIHII ' AUU li lulls ... v . x" l"1" "r77; ttm i cn-ma ThoriovCT combine wltthe)thefcheau8B6Hts, may ue uutsu iv wimw"-"" to produce not only 9 medicine or. aaenawr, proaeStfauon oa tiie upcit . oneiiof the most werrna- pieesaBiromcs, aHA4 mmutA Mfll UIUI lr V. nHTYRM lUltt 1rKI1 1. iw'W.felCiJl we vci- ytr-isa w.?aso I nrhinh lmnlrat1t. effinacv as a nutrient. ; nart.ci. hilt the in music, acting and scenery was mostj o-p.nera.llv satis- AOOWiJ. . Another Savlnes Bank ebnfi upl? -xhlsliaabeeni Blld "ft that pannle are hftpTrming Insurance companies- should be compelled to irivA the nronrletors of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup a- h ts been kept awake ouring the night by a troubled TOyaite, for with this valuable Jmedy thmisands of to au suen we wouia recommeuu mo risus nsveoeeu bkib guuu, nu !L.v some timely use 0: Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup. , Pripe, 2&c. f t havetermlRated long ago. Priceoa bpttje. innb tnr oafor Investments for. thelt ."SUrBlUS Any man who has 25 cetitsto mvewcahnot 86 hon him a hnv nf Mntt's. Liver. Pills, for : never tauarwayaKeep mem m um uuuoc. uwa x" . - mast, 1 -. H T ' .v A!f YOUR POST OFFICE. Ai-vs- t ; ef choice Green. PEGRAM & CO. ARE RECEIVING THEIR ELEGANT SPRING STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES. They keep the best that edn be made. Call and see them. Zleeler Bros'. Ladies', Misses' and Children's Shoes aan64aUz. . , r, You can qu& get lilHleJlfcUo3gi'd- Ober's handjaeotJ 8hoejr The celebrated Pegram Shoes are of the best material and- are guaranteed. -They also keep Mfles'h&rts,1 tlolbroolt & Mow's,; and many . -:-ii wj'.c !:;: :-:.-j;'".x ,f : .;'. other leadlrigjaaAes. Be wre'to eall. - March 2 ? " PEORAM ft CO. rpHME3TTOCK 01 " - J . - Groceries an ; cfjionebies , r In the elty, at - . Jan30 Rev. K, L. Dabney, IX. D., Hank Sid. CoL, va. $ It Is highly esteemed- here by the recular Kedl oal Faculty and the people. It is excellent for In digestion and flatulent colic sedative, soporific, tonic, siignuy aperient, witnoui nausea. o -i SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. . For8alebyi-: DR. TiC. SMITH, (arlotte,N. C. ' ' , ODELL, RAGAN A COv, Greensboro, N. C. THEO. . KWJTTSt BaUsbury i N.C 1 : '-' tj 1 mar 20-4Urwtt ELECTRIC BELTS. A sure cure for nervous debility, tfrelnarure de cay, exhaustion, etc,' The only rellftW core. Ob cuiars nailed free. Address J. K. REBVES, 43 unaLnam street, w. ot- ., . Feb. 20-dkw8m. 1000 FEE SIMPLZ DEEDS, MOST APPROVED JFQRM. Just Printed and For Sale at the . .. , . OBSERVER OFFICE, June 20. "W. M. WTXHELM, With E. G. RogersT, Trade Street. STATE OT NORTH CAROLINA, Meeuenourg toumy. I Superior Court, I; Clerk's Office. A nlas to IncorDorate the Simpson Gold and Sil ver Mining Company, having been this day Bled In my office by Benjamin F.Xarrabee, Charles A. Fairbanks and -Arthur D. McLelland, and a per mit having been given, by me to open books for subscription, notice is hereby given that a meeting of the proposed corporator - and, subscriber shall be held in the city of Charlotte, county and State aforesaid at the central Hotel tn said city on the 2nd day of April next, and complete the organiza tion of said wrporaOon as proposed to said plan In conformity to law. in witness wnereori nave neremno set my nana a office in Charlotte, tins 10th day of March, 1879. mwll dlt w3t , Clerk Superior Court pro CENTRAL HOTEL SAtOO . . . . . . : ; ' t -. . . : ' For Standard Pure Liquors. UCHTENSTEDN. MERCHANT TAILOR, . , 1 , . ; - V " " " J t ---'' ' - ' Jut received fiftr soore samnlee in addition to those on hand, all are novelties ef the season., Call and make selections, as the Ume for a new, suit la here, style and workmansmp unsurpassea,. Repairing neatly done. marw JAMES MURPHY, PRACTICAL TAILOR, ' -: . -: , . ' -ii. ' ; Hqlton's Buhduig,. pa BliJDp W - Owing to the stringency the times t wQI in fu ture work very eheap -wtnaiw-wne-sults for $10, Casstmere suits for S8. Panto ot suits same rates. I guarantee all my work -no fit, no charge. Give me a call and be eewvtaoed. ulyl7. mfe ix-ftHjjti " A-t.'K T n E PARASOL S AND teBOY" DATTJDSON'S. Mtclid-tit NOTICE. . Send and est m TT011s.fi and BAdd!n? Plants t iarann eoiul n ant thmnh tha vial1 tA ftnv Yuut oftheeountry. Tk,..--kiwrm- . 0KtULn r. 3 MKi mAa " 31 J; v' fialelgh.N.G iJ lo feet t;l . xmtts hKtr . to.il? jU-azJ2 .'.. ,:r. .t;-II..."-' t. ' ij -i .j 'i-. i-rii.- 2 ;':r,'V-..ir.i, i . i -. .. -.. . ' : ix Powe. PrinnM.8aj., sto'Mdomiltlsl Hoadfihabal editor XJlieryiiao auu auuuwuiwi, ,uiKiuiwi, ,., ... ,.. .. . . rii.,,--- r A-Oj Unix f-;im' -. i-i iZw' "-J vl i 'fixxxiMS HKGBL AAtt tiul uti&H .iri MnoitOTViw' ; March 21 "187ft'aUS4 .mAJw x.r.u i.ff ID1I FLOSS SACQUES t fi.S r.' -i r-i J. x i - - HAVE COKE, w -it ,--j 1 CAI-LoVAND SEE THEM; March 29. 1 "Tb i H '' ALEXANDER ft HABBI3.:

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