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    CHA8, B. JQSE8, - - Editor and Proprietor
"Free from the doting wrapto that flrtt mu
; free-bora rcamo." I J-
. v, . ., ' : ) .
'ilitf Congressional ' Retard, which
usually as regular as any newspaper,
that comes to The Observer, Tiiui not
reached us for three days; hence, we
have not vet seen the text ot Hon.
Walter L. Steele's speech in the l House
Jast Saturday. The Washington cor
respondents, however, continue to tele
graph and write their papers about it,
and the newspapers continue to teem
with comments upon the telegraphic
reports which they have received of it.
Rome of the brief reports which have
been made of the speech by the; corres
pondents are worthy o( reproduction.
We take especial pleasure, injcopying
what is said of it by "Bill Dad " the
Washington correspondent of the Rich
mond State:
Well, when this entertaining old gen
tleman Rice, of Iowa, got through,
another amusing but much more sensi
ble man, Steele, of North Carolina, had
an hour. He commenced by -saying,
throuarh his nose, in true KewCEnjnand
style, that he would not begin his speech
with the hymn
"From many an ancient river, ' "'
Krom many a sunny plain.
They are marching to dlaklver .'
The links In error's chain." i
He then proceeded (with the nasal
twang) to reply to charges of outrage
and lawlessness in North Carolina,
made last week by a new fledged states
man from Iowa. He reviewed the his
tory ot reconstruction days in his State,
and showed up in true light the long
suffering and forbearance of his people
under the misrule of ignorantpartisans.
It would be a good thing for North,
Carolina,: and,; indeed, for ; the whole
South if every Northern man . could
read that speech. v
It was noticeable that Gen. Ha'wley
and other Republicans who are dis
posed to inform themselves and judge
fairly of our people, listened atten
tively. t
Steele is brimful of fun, cool as a cu
cumber, and has a devil-may-care air
about him, and his speech partook of
those characteristics in matter and de
livery. I have to mention an incident.
Frye interrupted him to say that he had
recently looked into the history Of North
Carolina, and would some time prove
that for murders, outrages, moonshiners
and the like disorders, that State was
no better- than other Southern, States.
Steele quietly waited until. Frye stop
ped, and then raising his hands said as
if in fearful dread of -aueh an exposure,
"Angela and ministers of grace defend
" us," then went on with his sieech, as
soon as the laughter and applause had
"W. H. M" the Washington corres
pondent of the Raleigh Obser ver, is even
more complimentary. He . writes at
much length in reference to the speech,
lint the greatest sensation of the day
was the splendid speech of Walter L.
Steele, of North Carolina. CoL Steele
"went up head to-day in the best speech
' of the session. He took a new line of
argument, "carrying the war into Af
rica," by arraigning the Republican
party for its glaring deeds of misrule
and plunder under the infamons carpet-bag
governments ot the South.
The correspondent presents an out
line of the argument, and adds:
Col. Steele was several times intei
rupted by questions from the other
side, but he quickly turned all their
efforts into ridicule, and then proceeded
with his speech, which was replete with
argument, ana ciotnea in tne most apt
and appropriate language. At the con
clusion of the speech Col. Steele was
warmly applauded, and the congratula
tions continued for some time after ad
journment. So the "Old North State,"
as in the days of the past, is now,
through her noble delegation in Con
gress, at the front Her people need no
sentinels of greater watchfulness and
vigilance. ,
It is quite evident that our represen
tative has made a very decided hit
Reflection on the subject Is beginning
to show where laws against : the carry
ing of concealed dcadlv weapnsvwill
lead to, and gradually press and people
are beginning to speak out on the sub
ject of this foolish legislation. To say
that a peaceable and well-disposed man
in this fountry never needs to carry a
weapon is, to say that this is L topia ;
and to say that aliTiAnlftMlpistO
wille regarded in the slightest by the
Vicious, is to betray a sweet simplicity
which could be extravagantly admired
if it did not place the good at the mer
cy of the bad. On this subject the Wil
ming Star has a highly sensible edito
rial, from which we extract as follows:
As to carrying concealed, weapons,
we have this to say: it would be ex
tremely fortunate if there were no
weapons in the world and all men were
good and pure and just But there are
thousands of bad, cruel, devilish men
in the. world, and weapons of defence,
are absolutely necessary. The law tq
niinish f or earrrvinz concealed rvreap-
ons will probable prove a dead letter
to a very great extent The law-abiding
will obey whilst tens of thousands will
still have their pistols concealed about
their persons. The result will be the
good and law-abiding will be at the
mercv of the vicious and vindictive.
Southern society since the war is pecu
liar, and it is not always safe to walk
about our towns and villiages unarm
ed. Within a few weeks two persons
at Charlotte were assaulted by negroes
on their way home at night. We do not
believe that any law against carrying
concealed weapons can be generally
enforced in the South. We admit that
it is verv desirable that such a law
should be pii forced, but it will not be
This is precisely our position on the
subject. Gen. Robt. Toombs of Geor-
gia, goes a little further, as witness the
following from the Atlanta Constitu
tion, of Tuesday :
We met Gen. Toombs at the Kimball
House last night, and he tackled $ on
tne question of carrvi rig concealed weap
ons: . 1
"What in the h 1 are you all making
such a fuss about carrying concealed
weapons for?" says the general.
"Well general, it is to keep people
from killing one another," we replied. .
"Yes." savs he, "it will have just the
opposite effect. Everybody is expected
to lay aside his pistol, and the first
thine vou know some d n coward
who regards neither law nor honor
will shoot you in the back. It is al
wrong, sir! A man ought to carry
arms when be thinks his life is in
riancrer. It is not wrone for him to do
so, and so far as I am concerned, I will
do it whenever 1 want to defend
"My life is worth more than all the
sentiment you can put into such a
question as that. I consider the right
of self-defense irrevocable, and when I
have the right of self-defense, I can use
anything I can get or find that will be
available. I hear some fools talking
about abolishing pistols, putting them
under restriction like you do pisons.
I hold that a man has the right to use
poison to defend himself. (Suppose a
man had a vial of vitriol in his hand,
and was attacked by some one in such
a manner as to excite the fears of a
reasonable man that he would kill him,
don't you think he would be justified in
using his vitriol by throwing it into his
assailant's eyes? The truth is, the way
to protect human life is to let every
man who is the aggressor know that
the man he attacks is able to defend
himself, and it will prevent difficulties.
They say nobody but a coward will
carry weapons. That's a lie. I know
plenty of men who carry them, ana
know they are not cowards, it is
generally the cowards who want you
to lay them aside, so as to give them an
advantage over you."
We copy and say all this, not for the
purpose of inducing people to -violate
the law, for all should respect it, but
because it makes good reading and just
for the purpose of showing how falla-
cwus is tne argument m ravor or a
prohibitory law in the case of deadly
Jones. Blaine and Butler: in the
, Nmtse by Robeson Trade with
FranceThe Committees, j
WASHINGTOIte'April 23. Seitatb,
The Senate considered- the resoMiti
of pincers of the senate, but
" it. , i . - u
He puAnithfr -RaCPress Vom
menUy,pon ffi4Cifjf and Suburb- if
m ffafapfVictorirs
London, April 23.-The Times says
Lorillard had backed Parole for the city
and suburban handicap prior to his New
Marketvictoiyi As the result he wins
somethinsc -over. 20iM0: The sreneral
sausiaeuoa at jtn
The International Review. The
May number of this periadicai is to
hand. It ppenswith a poem of two
stanzas, !' Jugurthiji froin the pen of
Mr. Henry W. Lo'ngfellbw rythmic if
not very clearly understood; "Sidney
DobelV is an article by! $he author of
"John Halifax,, Gentietnan f "Railway
..Vjb", a remarkably well written, in
"sfirucifye and j'Umble article' by. JT W.
Midgeley fit is the best production on
thlf subject-we veever seen; "Army
Reorganization'' is4 treated of - by Gen.
Rob't Williams' Hon.i Freeman h!
Moree, late IJnited Statk consul gener
al to London writes an article on "Our
international Carrying rade "Ameri
can Autocrats, b Felix L. Oswald, is
another striking paper, ahd much space
is give j contempprry literature and
to notices of rWrifEngfisn books. This
exceedingly valuable nionthlyTieedd no
words of praise to commend it to read
ing people, most of whom are thorough
ly familiar with its general character,
The table of contents, jabove presented,
is all that we need to publish concern
ing it now. It is printed by. A, & Barnes
& Co, New York, price 50 cents for
single copies.
The Republicans in Congress are be
ginning to talk a good deal again about
"plantation manners." This is signifi4
cant. It is alwajs a sign that they have
been ginned out in the arguments.
That is what is the matter.
final action ifc Went over, and the Sen
ate resumed the consideration or the
army bill.
Williams spoke in favor of the bill,
especially of the section forbidding the
use ot tne army at tne pons. Aiiuamg
to the presence of Confederate soldiers
in Congress, he said as to these briga
diers he wished the people of the North
had been animated by the same wise
Dolicv as their Southern brethren, and
sent their gallant soldiers to be their
reDresentatives. because if the question
growingflfit otttuewar naa oeen ieit
for solution id thelbrave men who
fought mthe'SVar,. tne return ot pros
perity au iue uppruauu w lei-uiivuiw
tiort would have been hastened.
of the bill, The South having been re
stored to its place in the Union.its peo
ple were anxious to co-operate with the
other section of the country in restor
ing complete peace and prosperity
everywhere. Its representatives being
on terms of equality with the represen
tatives of ptier SUatesj tjieyj najvej irpm
time to time "manifested J their rriterest
in the affairs of the nation, and after a
long night of estrangement they have
come into the light and enjoyment of
the rights conferred by the constitu
tion. Referring to the use of the army
at the polls, Jones said he had seen
soldiers marched and countermarched
over- his little - State. He stated ,a.sit
fact that a company of troops was
marched f fbm Foil jJarraacas to Mari
anna in187T to attend an 'election, and
after the election he saw an officer in
his own town remain with the. State of
ficers until the returns from the voting
polls were counted. There was no neces-
I sity f oi troops t the polls. IThereivas
none vasmiftiheM ed, andvwhfn here
was sfrtnneh iinteretet evekfwberecon
cerning the electoral vote of Florida,
troops were present to sustain the vil
lainy of the returning board, which de
frauded the people of their President.
Mr.' Jones spoke of the changed condi
tion bf the South under Democratic
rule. There was now more thrift, the
public credit had been restored, and
there was more enterprise than under
the dominion of the - Republicans.
AIL the peapla Md J3mustirailated in
the improvement of their condition.
and they hadr, aw.ajkened.t3r a new-born
zeal for "public liberty tind-a determina
tion to preserve it, I The ie,oplee wre
now satisfiedwith heii $ate igvevh-
Blaine gavetieticV that -he wo alo? re
new his amendment to the "sixth sec
tion 'lie; theft read from the testimo
ny befbre the Teller committee taken
in South Carefina, that numbers of
white men Carrie around the polls, firing
guns and frightening colored men
Mr. Butler, of South Carolina, asked
Blaine if it were not true that within
the last three days an acquittal had
been ordered by the presiding judge in
Charleston county, in a case depending
on just such evidence as that just
Mr. Blaine said he beleved there had'
been a dismissal Upon affew id the in
dictment but Butler insisted that .it
was on the evidence, , , ,
Blaine declared that the '.lections in
South Carolina had been mere traves
ties on elections. He also characterized
unfavorably the elections in Louisiana.
House. A resolution has been adop
ted appropriating $3,000 to meet the ex
penses ot the labor committee, and
ranting that committee leave to sit
uring recess. I
On motion of Wood, of New York, a
resolution was adopted requesting the
President to consider the expediency of
entering into a convention with France
for the negotiation, of j a, treaty which
shall secure a more equal interchange
of the products and manufactures of
each countrjVi , , ? , s ,
The legislative bill being resumed,
Robeson addressed the committee. It
had been stated, be .said, on the Repub
lican s'de of the House, thafthey would
vote tor tne repeal of these laws provi-
esented in an in
the tictorjrof the plucky
fullv roved bv toe vol-
without ieyingroimasoTneerawnicn"CTOni
paniea Parole s return to the enclosure.
Another correspondent says: "Parole
won on his merits without getting any
thing approaching an advantage at the
start or .turns in the, course.. 'fil
This' morning's ' Sportsman says :
"Just previous to the jrace, yesterday,
for the city and suburban handicap, at
the Epsoni spring meeting, . Elf King
was very much fancied and the dislike
to Parole was so general that he declin
ed to four to one against him. , t Parole
is now the strong favorite at 6 to 4 on
him for the great metropolitan stakes
handicap which will be run for to-day
at Epsom. In consequence of his win
vesterdav he has to carrv ten' nounds
extra in this race, ten pounds extra for
the, Prince , of, f Wales' stakes handicap,
also to be competed for to-day at Ep
som, twelve pounds extra' for the race
for the Chester trades cup which takes
place May 7th at the Chester meeting,
and fourteen pounds" extra for the race
for the great Cheshire handicap stakes
whichis to be tun for May 8th at the
same meeting." . r
Fed Archer rode Parole yesterday.
. Later. Only..' two horses Parole
and Castlereagk ran in the race for
the great metropolitan stakes atEpsbm.
Parole wpn. ,
- : r
ThA inommnxif thn rfrrolAtlon of the folood wm
an important erent to the history of medicine; but j
if the blood be full of Impurities, its. ciroulailoD.
which Providence intended as a blesdng. provesa
bene. ? Henee we should ele&R9e the blood frint
Bosadnlls, the great Southern Bemedy. i'h Z.
,pnr4 iw m. ; . 1;. t
f ? iS 'New dean, March 17th, 1879.
Th nnlars1ffnd mrttfiea that he held fofOor-
lection for account of L O. Nicholson, corner I y
London and Dinwiddle streets, jrorwmouio, t
one half of Ticket Na 49,211. single number,
Class "Cv" In the Louisiana State Lottery, which
drew tne jnm uapuai ran 01 x mm inw
Dollars on Tuesday. Match 11th, 1879: saM tlcket
having cost the vam eat ioae dollar, at the otnee of
thAcnmnanTat New Orleans, betaut sent through
corresTMHKienee sooressea m. jtAMuuuui..jr. u.
Box 692, New Orleans, La., and the amount was
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al Bank, on presentation of the ticket at the office
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Agent Southern Express Company,
, . New Orleans, La.
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apr23 lw
A Change that Is Blesslag. -
There is no more remarkable feature, In the
progress of science, and no greater change in any
nrofesslonal Dractice. than is illustrated br the
contrast of the medical system of to-day. and thirty
years ago. Then all medicines were copious in
ouantltv. and nauseous to the taste. TO take tnem
was a trial to adults, and an overwhelming horror
to the young. Now most doses are smau, and con
centrated, and free "from offensive flavor.
Until recently, however, one of the most valuable
and efficient of remedies was detestable to nearly
all for whom It was prescribed. Cod Liver Oil, the
only cure for wasting decline of vital energy, and
certain means of renewing healthy tissue, disgust
ed those to whom it should have dose most good.
Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil with the Hypo
phosphites of Lime and Soda removes tola only
objection. Its flavor Is really pleasant, its nourish
ing power malvelous, and there is no finer nerve
and brain tonic In the world.
aprl5 2w . .-.
! N 1st Matlonal lunik Building?
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With them you can find
A Polish Party Congratulate the Czar
Another Arrest The Czar's Pre
. cautions Organizing for Salor
rietfs Prosecution.
London, April 23. The Berlin cor
respondent of the Standard says: "Lt.
Dabrovin has been arrested near Nor
gorod on suspicion of being one of the
members of the revolutionary commit
tee. "The assassination of another spy
who betrayed the whereabouts of a se
cret printing office at Topvovo is re
"The" Czar, who until lately drove out
unattended, now has his carriage sur
rounded by Cossacks."
. St. Petersburg, April 23. A high
court of criminal justice, under the
E residency of Grand Duke Constantine,
rother of the Czar, has already been
appointed for the trial of Salovieff.
Berlin, April 23. Letters received
here from Cracow announce" that the
moderate liberal party in Poland, appa
rently induced by Salovieff s attempt,
now adopt a more conciliatory policy
toward the Czar. An influential depu-,
tation will proceed to St Petersburg to
congratulate rum on his escape.
Wewah'fc Btgltti -
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Ease Atutaable y the Kheuutfe
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Hostetters, a preparation likewise celebrated as a
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benenclaL The press also endorses it.
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April 9, 1879.
Orders have personal
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AuEffort to Oust a Deputy Free Trade
and Tariff.
XioNTxN, April 23. A Paris dispatch
to the Standard says: "The inaction
of the government relative to M. Blan
qui is emboldening the Radicals. Those
at Lyons are now calling upon M. Du-
verdier to vacate his seat in the Cham
ber' of Deputies so as to enable them to
elect M. DeRocheiort. M. Duverdier
appears to be unwilling to comply.
.fTVa rfia frajlora hova loiW hfifin
very active at Lyons. The free trade
association of that city have recently
issued a declaration1, signed by the presi
dent of the principal trade societies, de
manding the continuance of the treaties
of commerce at the lowest possible
tariffs. On the other hand 700 repre
sentatives of the cotton and other trades
have met at Epinal and deprecated
their renewal."
Mr. Hew Ht on the Neit Prenidenfjv
The New York Times publishes an
interview with Hon. A S. Hewitt in re
gard to the next presidency, in regard to
wnicn ne says ne nas no special intor
toation upon which to base an opinion
as to who will be the ; candidates. To
persons who think as he does, says
Air. Hewitt, "that a great wrong has
been done the Democratic party and
Mr. Tilden, the proper candidate, of
that party for the next Presidency "and
wn "I - l -m w mi.
v lce-rresiueney are now .oiessrs. aii-
den and Hendricks. They incarnate
that idea. But aside from the fact that
Mr. Tilden was wronged in 1876, and
that the Democratic party was wron
ed through, him, he has no claim, no
right to the nomination of that party
next year." Itt-regard -to-Mr. Tiklen's
health, Mr. Hewitt thinks he Ss in ' bet
ter health tnan since 1870, ana i$6f the
opinion that there is less- reason to ; be
lieve that he will treak dovrn: itt"l880
than he would under the labor of 187fi.
Mr. Hewitt feel certain that if the
Republican convention were held at
once Gen, Grant would be' the. nominee,
yet it is not at alt unlikely that new is
sues will bring up it stronger man;. -
-. " 1,1 "! ''
Singular Conflagratioc East River on Fire. 1
New York. April 21. Yesterdav the
pipe which conveys the : oil.: from the
Hudson Kiver railroad depot, t on Hun-
ded the repeal waa pr
dependraif settiefh. TMat declaration
had, with or without authority, been
perverted to mean that they were will
ing to vote for the amendment if it
were presented as a separate proposi
tion. That was not only a different
proposition,, but, exactly, an .opposite
proposition, because, this" Amendment
did nothing more than repeal an ex
ception to a restricting law, and the re
pealing of an exception to a restricting
law, so far from repealing the law it
self, actually enlarged and increased its
scope. He thought' it proper to make
that remark so that the position on the
Republican side might not be miscon-1
strued. Ha then made a.leufithy arjru-
ment in jdejferree? oft tlyftj If eqeml Elec
tion laws and in opposition to the ques
tion, qf t State's rights, saying in the
fconrse il tfistTjemiU'ks that the govern
ment was a government sovereign and
supreme, exclusive in its powers wher-
eminent with power to. act directly ui-
on iweiu88jH?g?Kjtjfg;ectiy "Pon
their property. -Finle'y.
oLOhio. followed in favor of
HthfcbUJA . Oil IA A
providing for paying eaps.
The sub-committee of the House
Married Her Father's Coachman.
The people of Nyack, on the Hudson,
are now excited over a romance in hieh
and low life. The story briefly told,
is that the accomplished daughter oi
Mr.Townsend, a well-known New York
publisher, living at Nyack, had been
driven out sleighing frequently during
the winter Dy ner xatners coaenman,
James A. "Weeks, a good looking young
fellow. The result of these frequent
rides; was that the couple were married
at TaoTjen. sir- miles from .NvacK. tne
latter part of January, and returned
home without any mention of the mar
riage. Weeks continued to perform his
duties as coachman and waiter, and the
novel spectacle was presented 'of a
groom in an apron passing the bread
ana ouiter w.nis untie i xiw wuiv u ur
ing the honeymoon.' The story did not
leak out until a day or two- since, when
the rumors that had beep, flying about
the Tillage took shape in a paragraph
in a local paper.' Mr. Tpwnsend was m-
tertiewea on saturaay last, put ex
pressed entire iehorance in regard to
the matter, but proposes to thorouehly
investigate it. The young people,
however, acknowledged their mar
riage; ,
Kot;the(Sine Mao.
Philadelphia, April 28 Jacob Ott,
who was last month convicted here of
counterfeiting and sentenced to ten
years imprisonment, is not the gentJe
manbf tha Maine" wKoB so well-known
throughout Louisiana and Mississippi,
and who is now residing , in Philadel
phia. , ... ,
D Tea Wast te Enjoy Llfet
Death, or what is worse, Is the Inevitable result
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ly to tae organs or menstruation, u is a legitimate
resenpaon, ana tne most intelligent aoctorsuse
c Ask your druggist for It
apr22 lm "
AT 7 1-2 O'CLOCK,
apr24 It
"Assembly Sketch Book.' This is
the title of a painohlet iust iaan
Mr. J. S. Tomlinson, editor of the Pied I ter8 Point, L. L; burst; and ' a; Singular
mont. Press and Tengr)ssing clerk of the
present General Aasemblv. j it
152 piges, andgives a listpf all the Ben
atora and members of the Genprai' A 4.
ssmbly, with a brief sketch of the life of
each," and in an, appendix a sketch of
. each of the officers or the General As
sembly and officers and attaches of the
principal State departments & Raleigh,
The publication is in : many respects
a i valuable ; ; the sketches are well pre
pared, and the whole book shows care
ful, systematic workj in its get-up.
J istfot tfie f ui the thing we print
. in ariothef column a statement from
the - Washington , jBjpM6Z(oon, of .Tues-
z day, that the President will veto the
army bill. It isn't; very important, so
' far as the final result is concerned, what
he doef about it at present, but it is ih
" tereitiag : to i readjwhat is-said, by ; way
of speculation,, on? both, sides of the
-question, t
, Zacky Caandler . is to speak on the
army bill in the Senate. The announce-
isefit has been rriade in advance in or-
. der that the Confederate brigadiers may
be warrhed in time and stand from un
. der so that they may not be bespattf red
with the fiiuw j
conflagration ensued: The pipe is laid
across and under-East river , below
Blackwell's Island. It ; burst with a
loud report, throwing up the water to a
considerable height and coverinz the
surface of the river with oiL By some
means this became ignited, land to the
vast' crowds of.; spectators assemblejL
East river seemed literally on frre. The
fire-boats and steamers rwtrich arrived
on the scene able t prevent tlie confla
gration 5 extending tothe' docks,' but
could notnxUnmish;wthe,buri!iing oil
wmca covered the stream. .Tte flames
were finally jmbdaed by boats ploughing
uirouga me oil ana stimngirnTnp wa
ter, but it was not until the yiV'in Sthe
pipe had mostly been consumed that the
flames died but;"' This' wasfullyjour
hours after the outbreak. The quanti
ty of oil lost must have been very great.
Beyond the scorchmg 6; few vessels,
the fences and trees aloirsc t lie bank, and
the partial 'destruction of ! the dock,
there other harm done.',,
- - i Mer Bonds Called. :1-
AfefmofTON: April A call was
issued tonday by ; th . Secretary of the
Treasury for the balance of the loan of
1853 5: per cents amounting to $260,
000. These bonds are all registered.
The holders of these bonds may at any
time within ten day3 exchange them
for 4 per centst par.with interest com-
Suted on each class of bonds to the
ate of exchange.- If not exchanged
they will be paid at the maturity of the
call. '
committer '.on appropri atfous,, .tOhom'
WcU leitJllU tilt) ICUGlll; UUlllJUl UU lUikLlOIl
frorij the Seferetary of -War recommen
ding' that ari appropriation be made du
ring tne pi esent session to meet the ob
ligations of the government to Captain
Eads, forservice8' Tendered ion' the jet
ties of the Mississippi, held a meeting
to-day -and agreed upon a bill authoriz
ing the Secretary of War to, make, a re
quisition on the Secretary of the Treas
ury for such amounts of money as mav
from' time to time beCbme due to Eads
lindr the acts of 1875 and acts amen
datory thereof , with a proviso that no
thing contained.iu the act shall be con
strued as waving oj iippairing th$ right
of the United States government un-:
der said acts and- amendments, and-, a
further "provisiori that-the act shall not
nftfinnatriipd aq apprnrMftHrjaymnTi
ey for the .payment pf the million dol
lars whlcabecaiiieJirdd to Eads, half
in ten years and halLJni twenty years
aiter me completion OEi.ine jworK, as
?rovided in the acts above mentioned; i
'he sub-committee will report- their
conclusion to the full committee i to
morrow, and ' thei measure ' be fbtought
before the House as soon as possible; - v
The House commfttJ&rrMftWi b
and canals to-day appointed a sub-com4
mitt0e. 'consistinaf 'ifpaara; K-imrriol' lljXrom the nxt Insignificant origin. .At this sea-. I
Turner and. Ford, .to take under irnJ ol ftax peciau, a bold la such aeoinioaa f'
uw.uti. wiiDiurin .in 1 i.iih 1 1 1 1 inr.rri. huuh uiu m urn luitt n nnn . iu uk m un uil
duced by Henkle providing for a shit) toOTtooSthe d,angs attending It and otten find
canal to connect Chesapeake and Dela .tw latiawa,Fevrfr turig, trouble has alreadj
wareBays. The committee also di&i setbtf-irjioHeanoV
cussed, the practicability! of making pre1-, enr.wtater.i wyio bad r Bosom's gxbxah Pteup
v inn niH 1111 111 u mr.sT y-v- , m -x i a.' i w.. m m
ciwuuu JL Ui lUSfcB & b. I vvvu uwllf -a vulv WOUKI OaTv TCSUlvoU. Huu a lance
5ek;. lorkH j HospitalUIes Tendered
Albany, N.y April 23. The Senate
has adopted the Assembly r resolutions
tendering the hospitalities of the State
of New York to Gen Grant, on his
return ifrora abrpad.H ; ? ,
; . - ; "'i .' p ..
; .Sf,1 BMf"
Threatens every man, woman, or ebOd living In a
region of country wbere lever and ague Is preva
lent,. since the germs of malarial disease are in
haled from the air and. are. swallowed from the
water Of such a region Medicinal safeguard Is ab
solutely necessarj to nolllfy this danger. As a
means of fortifying and accllmaOng the system so
, as to be able to resist the malarial, poison.. Hostet
iteifB Stomach Bitters Is Incomparably the best and
the most popular. Irregularities of. the stomach,
liver and bowels encourage malaria; but these are
Hheedilv rectified by the Bitters. The functions of
digestion and secretion are assisted by its use, and'
a vigorous as weU as regular , condition of the sys
tem promoted by it. Constitution and physique are
thus defended against the Inroads of malaria by
tmsmatcniess preventive, wnicn i aiso a certain
and thorough remedy in the wont eases of inter
mittent and remUteiterers. , , .
This stock of Boots, Shoes, Hats, Trunks, 4c,
embraces every grade, and will be sold as cheap
as the same Goods can be sold by any house in
the South.
Win do well to call and examine this stock, as
It is especially adapted to the trade of North and
South Carolina, and will be sold at wholesale or
retail on most reasonable terms.
laX Estate.
. pur country is getting to, be learnuly alarming,
the; aVrage ot'lUe being lessened every year; wlth-
: out any reasonable cause, death resulting generat
For selling and buying Mlnea,' lands and Houses,
" ' -.,,.. i-. . !j i,- -,, if -mi, i .:;,! ii
DdwOl n -
Advertise free'of cost, aH properties placed In my
hands for sale.'
ji ... ::-r Charlotte; N. C
visions for the
Shrevenbrt and 'MhrfrAT.o i
plianee with many petitions. The sub.
jwi, was reierrea to tne sub-committee,
bill from a doctor .peen; avoided. . For all diseases
of the Throat. Bid , Lungs, ,Bo6cm' GiBJCAii
STKPP hii pmvrh UfselfjAabe the greatest discov
ery of its kind In medlclnai i Every Druggist In ttus
cotmtry wm ten tou of Its-wonderful effect Over
050.000 bottles sold ilast yeaif without a single
Having removed his office to the first floor over
the Traders' National Bank.' can be found there
i all hours during the day, and at his residence cor
ner sevenw ana uouege streets, at nigiuy j t
feb7 3m
Bled of Hjdropbobla After Two Monlhs.
. " .J iiX, ' ' t - "i
0RK APW1 23. Thos. Kelly, failure known.
V,. WJ? was bitten. bv a dog
oa the 20th of February last. wa
Willi llVdmnhnllla finnHnm ln.l. J j - j I llfferinirnmhiahlv mm .Am. .llirht not. nhinK
I .v.i T uuuwi HUH film UlCll I v.,li vT -- nrwu BUbu. t" "
i "luraing m great agopy,
fliKNTlTffRS h! nmfnssfnnnl OAnrfnM tn Um mn.
JL pie of Charlotte and ' vicinity. Being a gradn-
bvb oi ooui acaoots or raeoicinej i axopathio ana
eouia be easily relieved by (he use of Dr. Bull's
pniu, wnicn is ior sale at au drug stores,
Homkmathic ,he Is ! qualified to practice either
- He will still devote attention especially to Chboj
ic DisxASEs, but will aLso do a general practice.
Calls attended day or night,!.. .-, ,,. .. i a
- Offleaover MeAden's drug store. Resident e on
College street, corner of 6tb street, -;. .., -m; , .
mar22 dw 3m ; J -
To Charlotte are Invited to call and examine our
stock, as they will find it most complete in every
respect, and cheaper than ever before.
W. S. FORBES, Agent,
Smith A Forbes; Old Stand, Trade St
BREAD, CAKES AND PIES, fresh every day.
conflaenee recommend them as
ven best manufactured, a.slni; none but
very oesi materials.
Trade Street, first door above the old Market
ted will be known as JNO. BROOKFIELD A Co
It. Ludolf left last Tuesday for the Nortlto lav
In the most extensive stock of
China, Glassware, Lamps and Lamp Goods, hnir
orated China and Porcelain, Silver and Sliver
Plated Ware, Fine Fancy Goods, Wood and Wilinw
Ware, House Furnishing Goods, Cutlery, Bar Fix
tures, and many other goods too numerous to men
tion, for our Wholesale and Retail trade.
In fu
ture we will handle
Particular attention paid to having goods decora
ted to order, with any name or monogram, &c, on
each article of China.
Give us your orders. We sell nothing but first
class goods, and sell as cheap as you can buv at
the North anywhere. -
For Mr. Ludolf s return, as it will be a treat tn ex
amine his line of fine goods.
Trade Street, near College.
March 27. Under Democrat Office.
- 'AND .'"
'-r- ' And the best brands of Cigars.
y h h i v ; ; :
Agent for Fred Lauer'i celebrated Reading Beer.
Keeps fresh bottled Beer on band from Bergner ft
EngeL Philadelphia. Sold by the dozen at a rea
sonable price. All my customers can be furnished
&t home with the best Beer In town. 'ti
Also a fine
Trjbd Street, opposite Charlott ffptelV
. FOR.
".- - :" .-' i- ' !) .
Is corner Trade and Boundary Avenne.'1 Deliveied
to any part of the city, free of charge for $1.00 per
dozen.1 iJ i.'fT; -
AH orders left at John VogePs tailor shop win re
celve prompt attention.' . "
Bishop D. S. Doggeft (Southern Metli.)
It Is an exostlent corrective of indigestion. Ho
used it with prompt beneficial results.
Rev. Dr. Man gum, Prof . TJnrVerslty of N. C.
I concur with Bishop Doggett in his estimate
the Vest Pocket Cure.
Rev. E. A. Tates, P. E. N. C. Conference.
It has benefitted me. ' Send another package.
Rev. Leroy M. Lee, D. D., Meth. Eist'n.
I am never without It at home or abroad, it
an antidote- to indigestion. Uneasiness after a
meal or purging is checked and the bowels repea
ted. Its merits are attested by numbers of n gu
character. I have seen a "tried-everything" !v
peptlc of fifteen years relieved by one dose.
Rev. Drs. Jeter, Broaddus, Dickinson (Bap.)
It Is endorsed by the direct personal testimony
of men of national fame and of strictness ei
speech. It is not too much to say that no medicine
ever had such support tn its favor as a specnx
The word of any one of the eminent divines no
underwrite this antidote to dvsoeDsla has deserved
weight- Their united witness joined with the ev t
penmental use and approval of the preparation w
well-known physicians, removes all doubt, it i.
beyond question wonderful therapeutical ageni.
Editors Religious Herald, Va.
Bev. B. L Dabney, LL. D., Ham. Sid. Col., Va.
It la highly esteemed here by the regular Medi
cal Faculty and the people. It Is excellent for in
digestion and flatulent colic sedative, soporific,
tonic, slightly aperient without nausea.
.'; r ir,saleby:
DkVt.S SMTTH, Charlotte, N. C.
ODELL, RAGAN ft CO., Greensboro, N. C.
THEO. F. KLTJTTZ, Salisbury, N. C.
mar 20-dw tf-
$200 REWARD.
Hauigh. March 10th, 1879. 1
WBKBXAS; Official Information has been received
at this Department that N. B. TAILOR, late oi
the county of Moore, stands charged with the mur
der of S. W. Beawell; and whereas, it appears thai
the said N. B. Taylor has fled the State, or so con
ceals himself .hat the ordinary process of law can
not be served upon him: .-. . .
Now, theref oreTl, THOMAS J. JARVIS. Govei
nor of the State ot North Carolina, by virtue of au
thority In me vested by law. do Issue this my m
elamatton, offering a reward of Two Hundred iw
lars for the pprebens.on and delivery of the saw
N. B. Taylor to the Sheriff of Moore county, st tw
Court House to Carthage, and I do enjoin all
cemof the State andaTl good citizens to assbt w
bringtog said criminal to Justice. Anr,,
Pe-aTour city of Raleigh, the tenth day of
lrfr3l87!and n the 10d year of American
17lenCe- . THOS. J. JABYI8-
Brthe Governor:
Hjja a Ovkemah, Private Secretary.
j " , . DESCRIPTION. .
ftlM "ia nKnirt H9 Mara of M. about ft "
and when last seen wore a heavy beard.
: Choice and Fresh,
Just received by

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