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Oar stock of Fancy and Staple DRY GOODS is now complete, anioi ig which may be found a full supply of House Furnishing Goods, Sheeting and Pillow Casings in Linen and Cotton, Linen Table Damask in White, Slate, Bed and Yellow; Napkins, Doylas and Towels & every f ariety; Car pets, Bugs, Mattings and Oil Cloths. ' " " " Our stock of Embroidery and Trimmings is large, and will be found very cheap. So will our stock of WHITE GOODS, HOSfEBT. GLOY1BS, HANDKERCHtEFS. COB SETS. FANS AND TIES. . ' v. '. ; ; ; f ; ; ; ; Ask to see our Ten Cents Linen Cambric Hand kerchief and $2 Sun Umbrellas. Tod will find them cheap, and everything else in proportion. Call and see us. It will pay you. ELI AS & COHEN. B URGESS NICHOLS, WHOLESALE AND BET AIL DEALER IN ALL KINDS OF FURNITURE FURNITURE ! BEDDING, &C. BEDDING, AC. BEADING, AC. BEDDING, &c: FUBNITTJBE ! FUKNITURE ! A Full Line of CHEAP BEDSTEADS ! CHEAP BEDSTEADS J LOUNGES ! LOUNGES 1 LOUNGES ! LOUNGES ! LOUNGES LOUNGES! PARLOR AND CHAMBER SUITS j PARLOR AND CHAMBER SUITS ! 1ST COFFINS of all kinds on band. E1 ' COFFINS of all kinds on hand. . No. fi Wasrr Trade Strkkt. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Lades' and Gentlemen's Burial tine supply. Jmi3 JARGAINS Bobes a WW K U W V f u U RBR If II K DR RNK N URBK N N N UR RN HN II TTTTU URRR ERR UR BK DRUB EB II II II II T T T T V U V UR KB UU R EN NN UU R IRBK E.G. ROGERS'' WAREBOOMS, KKXT TO POBTOFFIOt. My stock is very Lor . and embraoM a Fall Line of 7 iO 'ft HAkL6ir;rai1iirEKDlKINGBOOj . s4 41 AMD - y OFFICE FURNITURE ' H , T AU Goods Packed Free ofUbarga? - ' - We have Just received a handsome tot of LADIES' HATS, BOTH -TRIMMED AND UNTRCMMED. The Newest Shapes Out Call and See Them. ' : ALSO ANEW LOT OF OHM. Jttetw Linens- la Plaid and Momie Patterns; Silk Grenadines In Black and Colon.' A NEW LINE OF FANCY HOSIERY, LISLE, LACE AND E3D GLOYES AND MITTS. Be sure and look at our DOTTED SWISSES AND PLAID ORGANDIES. CALL AND SEE OUB MARSEILLES QUILTS. T. L. 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FUNNEL SUITS Cheaper I house, as we did the pa season, and they have gained the reputation of 1 Ing the best in ti resent , this .season to the consumer s ni Uneof ' - Boo!!ean(I Slippers, Including the best makes In the country. There ean also be found in our stock complete Una of fine Felt, Sttfl and" Straw Hats; and any kind of Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods. Don't purchase before you examine our stock; a the cheapest I BARGAINS Can be had at ,,lWr.a i " ' j ' Corner Tnde and Tryon Sti, K AprOltt Charlotte; N. & Anilities. Tarboro Southerner. The school boy and his satchel to school alas, must pack. Fearing teachers' birches, geography up his back, 81ghs to be a man and for the Presidency pants, And so do his cousins and his uncles and his aunts. -"'; Not let. EBXI HABTE. Not yet, O friend! not yet; The patient stars - Lean from their lattices, content to wait, . All la illusion till the morning bars Slip from the levels of the Eastern gate, Night is too young, O friend! day is too near; Wait for the day that maketb all things clear Not yet, O friend! not yet; Not yet, 0 friend! not yet; All is not true; -AH is not ever as it seemeth now; Soon shall the river take another blue, Soon dies yon light upon the mountain brow, What lieth dark, O tove! bright day wlU nil ; Walt for thy morning, be it good or 111 Not yet, O love! not yet. , , .; OBSERVATIONS. Mr Tllden to David Davis: You are quite liable to sunstroke if you boom in warm weather. "There are roomers in the air," remarked the landlord when his hotel burned down, and for want of &raeseapes4he guests were jumping out of the windows. Steubenville Herald. A newly married' lady was telling another how nicely her husband could write. Oh, you should Just see some of his love letters." "Yesj lknow," wag the freezing reply, "I've got a bushel of 'em in my trunk,' Bridgeport Standard, The exchange you appreciate so highly that you never tear the wrapper off it Is the one that comes along with the beautiful regularity of clock-work. A snow storm seventy feet deep on the level would not delay Its arrival a single day. Brooklyn Argus. A traveler lost on a Yorkshire moor, after pur suing a rather hopeless track for some time, had the good fortune to meet a member of a shrewd and plain-speaking sect. "This Is the road to York, is It not?" said the traveler. To which the other replied: "Friend, first fhou tellest me a lie, and (hen thou asketh me a question." Ask a wise man to write poetry, a)d he can mauage to make a fool of himself at short noilce, If verses are out of his line. A dignified Detroit judge, to oblige a little girl, recently wrote in ail album: "My pen is poor, my ink is pale, my heart it trembles like a little dog's tail," John Morse, a prisoner in the Denver jail, sang as loud as the loudest while the members of the Young Men's Christian Association were holding services in the prison, the other day, and walked outwiththe party. The Stveu Wonders. From the Journal of Commerce.! New York, May 7, 1879. Will you be so kind as to give me a list of "Trio -f liv Seven Wonders of the World," and if possible, a brief description of each ? A list that I have contains, 1. The Colos sus of Rhodes ; 2. The Pyramids of Egypt ; 3. The Aqueducts of Rome ; 4. The Labyrinth of Psammeticus ; 5. The Pharos of Alexandria; 6. The Walls of Babylon ; 7, The Temple of Diana. I am given to understand that it is de fective. Reply. There have been several lists of the Seven Wonders of the World, but the phrase originated among the Greeks, and the group originally described by Philo the Byzantine, in his work De Septem Orbis Spectaculis," consists of (1) The Pyramids of Egypt, (2) The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, (3) The Mausoleum, (4) The Temple of Diana at Ephesus. (5) The Colossus of Rhodes, (6) The Statue of the Olympian Jupiter, and (7) The Pharos of Alexandria. We described each of these at considerable length some time ago in our columns. The later or middle ages gave us a new list, viz: (1) The Coliseum at Rome, (2) The Catacombs of Alexandria, (3) the Great Wall of China, (4) Stonehenge, (5) The Leaning Tower of Pisa, (6) The Porcelain Tower of Nankin, and (7) The Mosque of St. Sophia at Constan tinople. The phrase originated, howev er, in its application to the list first giy en, and for several centuries was con fined to that order, the only change be ing that some placed the Pharos of Egypt even before the Pyramids. The wonderful tower or lighthouse was built on a small island in the Bay of Al exandria, 284 years before Christ. It was of white marble, 500 feet high ; it was built one story above another, each adorned with columns,. balustrades and galleries of the finest marble and work manship, and could be seen at a dis tance of . 100 miles. - Fires were kindled on the top to light the en trance to the harbor Many have sup posed t,hat the auther of the group to which the name- was applied merely un dertook to describe the most wonderful seven tilings in the world, whereas be merely gye the name to seven great works or art which he chose to describe. rTney were notas a whole, the greatest or ancient worKs. The Mineral Wealth of South Carolina. 3 V .Washington Eepublican.l The. mineral wealth of the Southern Statespeciallyof those portions Which lie along the spurs of the Alleghany, has always Deen known, and as far back as 1804 Governor Drayton, of South Caro lina, called attention to some special developments of it. Since then various experiments have been made with m uch. success in Chesterfield, Union and Ab beville counties, in that State, and there are at present, well, known and well de veloped mines, which have yielded rea sonable profit.' even under unskiflfull and unscientific working in Pickens, Oc onee, Spartanburg and Kershaw ooun- ties. One striking feature Inall these mines is the unusual ncnnessor, tne ores, even where the-quantity of rock, excavated has beea large,' leading .to the inevitable;, eoncltisio,n that tytth experi ehceti and.skilled labor the yield or the rock would be greatty increased. ;For example, in the weft known ''Dorn" . I mine, in Abbeville county, f300,000 was taken out an excavation juu reec long, feetideeiJ,;l5teet"Tride;afiS(f at ah ex pense of only $1,200. No portion of the famous Comstock ilode can furnish a; Parallel to tjiis product InJVIott's mine, rriion? itsofafttyj ,3jOOC pen4yteightp of gold were taken from eleven bushels of decomposed ferruginous matter. jWhat tfisoverie$in are sot ihv Siting. -to the ; prospector ,an& capi talist? " As far -back as 1848 over 200 people were employed in the gravel de nosits around" the Brewer mine, in Ches- on the vein, which, is of immense thick ness. And even with fude and ' imper fect implements Ttf iabpT then in use good wages were realizedV1 iloreiecent Iy much interest has been aroused and attention directed to mines in Oconee fconntJndw; Beihgi worked. byjlfir John It X)ehraQiAFine ' ledges nave1 been traced - and f Tock -extracted of great richness, justifying large expenditures argire iong the erection of the neces- MM Em TO - is TherM omger- for -"chlldreil hi ?ery-rnedlctae which eontains opium In any form, and we there fore cheerfully recommend Dr. Bull's Baby Syrup, which Is warranted not to contain opiates or any. thing Injurious. - .- 1 u ; '-'Katlenal Surgical Institute., , - s " Two of the surgeons of this notable InsUtute will Tislt Charlotte, IL- &Jk&rl5th And 16t. 187(H stopping at; thft. Charlotte- BoteL They win' have with them a fine outfit of braces and surgioal aj), nllahoes. and will be nrepared trf treat'all kinds ot ' Deformities "and Chronic Dlseiwes, such as Club Feet; -Hip : Diseaser Paralysis, r Special rDIseases, Piles " and5 "F'stula, ; CatarrV. Private 'Diseases,'', hlseases of tfte Eye, &d.'i Tot tnlLJ particulars, ad 'tfbU3 d4t w4 ' ' Atlanta, Qa WHAT BEN HILb THINKS. Hie Demdcrate in vnJSoicellent Position . He Beliei&t t't-epeMU "X : 1 mns Btiv&jPrpmi&d Hayes "Senator, what Is yQu efmate of the results of thia conftt Con gress and the execute. k "It !is one Qf grave lk$p$y 'ce of the most vital ihirl tcbt; is One.;6f tfie best moves for the jiarty that could have been made. Xot, understand me, because it is a party moyement, but be cause theVparty is right in the principle and the purpose that are at issue in the contest. . ' ' ' ;; . "Do you feel hopefiil of the party's success ?". , . ? . . "I was never more hopeful in my life.: I dare not tell you how confident I "do feel. . The outlook from our standpoint is full of the promises of success, and if nothing happens , beyond what is now foreseen, We are certain to come out tri umphant, I haver both hope for the country.and for th artyJ : "These issue-' pwbding' in Congress cause a strict party division,, da-they not?". . "Yes, the -effect of these measures has been to solidify bofli parties and to sharply define and bring into promi nence before the country the distinc tion between the parties. They present the Republican party in its naked atti tude as the party of force, of centraliza tion, of military government. At first, some of the Republicans did not con sent to this distinction ' being drawn. When we first presented the issue by putting these political riders upon the. appropriation bills some of thera de clared they would yote for them as sep. ar ate measures, but the question has been so debated and gone so far that they have all united, and are now pre senting a solid front in favor of a gov ernment of force. The Democrats are as solidly and determinedly opposed to it, and the issue is made between the parties at that point." ' "And to further what programme do they seek to perpetuate these laws V" "Their objectds plain. They want to perpetuate themselves in the govern ment. Having worn out the. purely sec tional issues, 'thev are now used as make weights. Having succeeded in keeping control of the "presidency by fraud they find that they succeed only to lose forever the opportunity of re peating the like fraud. Now they seek to make use of the opportunity gained by that fraud to use force for the main tenance of their supremacy, The issue is then one of life and death to the Re publican party, and their only hope of further life is in the power to use force to subvert the will of the people." "Where will this issue be fought out, North or South V" "Why, in the North, of conrse." "Yet the South will not be disinter ested in the result?" "i3y no means; for should the Repul lican schemers succeed in this conspira cy and create a solid North, giving them the presidency and Congress once more, then the troubles of the South will begin anew. Their first move ment will be to cut off the representa tion of the South, and she will never again be allowed to appear in Congress in her full strength and with her real weight.,-JChjaia thejlanger which men aces the South, and which will keep her united to defeat so bold and unscrupu lous a plot." "What do you think of the last veto by the President?" "It was expected and is absurd. The reasons assigned by him for vetoing the bill are trifling. The idea that this bill repeals the legislation of 1790 and 1792 is the veriest nonsense." "What do you think of the President's purpose in taking this bold stand against this legislation ?" "Why, he has gone over, body and soul, to the radical side of his party. He has most unquestionably gone back on himself, and is now controlled by the very worst element of his party. Winning him over to their schemes was the great triumph they had to gain, for without his co-oporation all they, did was emptiness. They had to have him, and it is said that he has even been told that to join with them would be to so lidify the party, identify him as its great leader and make him the party candinate of next year." "Do you really believe he looks to be ing his own successor?" "-''; ' "I do. You see he held the stakes in his own hand. He could dictate terms and the party could afford to promise anything for success, since without him that sucoesa would be impossible. It is said he has been promised re-election and that he has joined the rabid leaders in their schemes with a view to that result." "Well, to sum up the probabilities, what think you of their chances to win upon that line, or at all?" - "My candid opinion is that they have not the slightest chance to win. They will not succeed. The people aire j brought face to face with an essential nnfiT0TOrnTmt the brought face to faee with an essential make govern ment, or whether force shall create, maintain and-perform the funetipns of . governments this Republican system. I do not doubt the result of that issue ?" The Odd-Fellows. ; Correspondence Raleigh Observer. FAyetteville, May 14. The. Grand Lodge of Odd-Fellows convened last evening at 8 o'clock, and, after organize ing,. adjourned to meet this morni n g at ' 10 o'clock, when an election of officers for the ensuing year was entered into, with the following result: IL. G. Bagley, Raleigh, Most Worthy Grand Master. i N. M. Jurney, Morehead Citjv Right Worthy Deputy Grand Master. J. L. Dudley, Wilmington; Right Wor thy Grand Warden. 3. J. Litchford; Raleigh, Right Wor thy Grand Secretary. - . . - R. J.Jones, Wilmington, Right Wor- thy Grand Treasurer. ; : ; ; ;; W. II. Bagley, Raleigh, Right Worthy Grand Representative Grand Lodge of the United States. - : This afternoon the above officers were installed, ITp to this time all important business remains to be transacted, The senti ment of a majority of the members arn pears to be in favor of establishing an endowment feature in connection with, the order, but as yet their plans for so doing, in the words of the, secretary1, ".are in a crude state." ' . The lodge met this evening at 7 o'clock and adjourned, in la body to the Baptist church to hear the address of G M.Busbee,Eso, of Raleigh, on " Odd Fellowship." .... t , . , U ... . . . -. ' . .-ii'V ..' V , 1 4. Card.;,- ' To all who are suffering from Tthe errors and in discretions of youth,- nervous "weakness, early de cayloss of manhood, Ac, I will send recipe that will cere you, FEES OP CHAfiGE.- This- great remedy 'i was. ..discovered by a missionary 'in South America.: Send . self-addressed, snvelope to the REV, JOSEPH T. IN MAN, Station D, flew Yorlt City., M t . jan o I M In the early part uf every season ihere is a natural desire to know what are the newest, hues and most fashionable styles, and also who1 are recognized as standi authority la the fashionable vorldV' Gut tetattths to, and dealing with the public, and the general standing of onr house, win assure all In telligent readers that the information given below la authenttcY reliable iarid corrert . 1 . :- SevewJ changes have taken p&oe,both In shape and patferni of fabrics in Men's Garments, of which special mention will be made. The latest de mand in Spring Garments is our aew ' '' ' ... jt has many admirers among those whp preferBew shapes and id I astead of adhering to the oW time-worn styles of the past very stylish In appear -anee and out from Cheviots of the newest designs. Our St Nicholas Cutaway Frock, with three 01: four 'buttons, front cut a trifle longer, giving It a neai and graceful appearance, are made np in every variety of Sprirg textures. ' . '', THE In shape and style retains Its hold hi 1 popular favor;i Its length is a little longer than last season, and it is one of the most useful among the gar ments of a genttemah's wardrobe. The materlalre French Castings, Granites and various patterns of English Worsteds. Our Pants stock is complete, with every novelty In fabrics, and the shapes are perfect In our Hat department we Invite the Inspection of the most cul tivated tastes, andln fine Felts and Straw Goods we are wrmdent of miiversal approval. x . ,ea?ifW?,n? tb? onli.initeiptti ol snades aud aty, Jat boasts particularly upon the very recent introduction of tta Unlver sity ScarL" tJnIque' and very elegant ''" ' ; '-',',' ':.'. r, " . ' .', '. .. ', , In Whtte Vewehave aState repuon.aiKi we o "progress" in this season's selections. Our efforts have been to place upon our counters only reliable and standard goods, and in the rapid increase of our business we are assured of the public's appreciation. We invite the attention of all, Doth far and near, iHhetr advantages will e the same, for we will send goods to any section on approval, with privilege of inspection before payment of bilL --:-- ...... . , . . ' ' : ': Very respectfully, Apnl 27,1879. . , , , , . E. D. LATTA & BRO., The, People's Clotheirs. COME AND SEE BEFORE BUYING ALL IIOHL THE Ever shown in this city. April 22, 1879. 3rrr TJTHJTES Via Steamers to Portsmouth, Ya., and thence all Rail and Through Cars, Enabling Quick est Possible Time to all Points South and Southwest. NO DRAY AGE, NO COMMISSION, NO HANDLING EXPENSES, MINIMUM INSURANCE. Mark Goods plainly via Sealoard Air-Line. Freight received at any hour of the day, and Throne h Bills of Lading Issued at Steamship Wharves or offi ces of thjL,lne. : For information as to Tariff, Schedules; 4c, apply to either of the undersigned. K.S. FINCH, South Western Agent, ) T. T. SMITH. Agent C. C. Railway, 1 Charlotte, N. C. April 30 dam. F. W. CLARK, General Freight Agent, ) ATTETlfl! LADIES. We have this day added to our atock splendid line of Buntings in PLAIN AND LACE EFFECTS. Also, on excellent lot of BL IC GRENADINES, from 20c. to $1.25; and a general line of new and desirable Dress Goods at the most reasonable prices. ; ' A Special lot of BLACKICASHMERES AND :alpaccas.- Dress ii ltd Trimmg: Silks.!j Ndw thlngr in HOSfEHlf AND (ihOVm. 'An early iapaeiia.-vdf thejibjvd' will beto your interest , . j; GENTLEVIEN;- You wm find our stock pf SPRING AliD SUM M&S. CLOTHING ihe most conipiete . injthe raar- kefai m weh-knbwn anj,popularjow' prices.-, ! t" r. twtTTKOWSXT' BARUCH. P O T A NT! PRINGE ALBERT FROCK, I'BtllflT SUITS FOR $7.50. FINEST LOT OF CLOTHING Remember that we are the rult rj in Low Prices for Fine Clothing. L. BERWANGER & BRO., Fine Clothiers arid Tailors. ICE ! ICE ! " AT THE SAME OLD STAND, Where I am prepared to furnish a superior quality to all who may want lee. My cart will also make daily deliveries at places of business or private residences. Orders given the driver, addressed to me through P- O. Box 163, or delivered to me at office on lot of Bock Island Factory, will receive prompt attention. Customers who begin with me will be supplied the entire season at the following figures: In quantities less than 5 lbs., 2c per lb. of 5 to 50 lbs., lVgc per lb. " of 50 lbs. and up, lc " The afoVe figures are'iSesame at which Ice has been sold for the last two masons, when I had competition: and as I have unsurpassed facilities to conduct the business on a legitimate principle, consumers will consult their Interest by giving me atrial. Ice for shipping In any quantity carefully packed arid forwarded with dispatch. . ' Thankful for your patronage in the past, I re spectfully ask a continuance of the same. . J. T. ANTHONY. May 2. OTOP AT THE BOYDEN HOUSE Salisbury, N. C. C. S. Brown, Proprietor, Late of the National Hoter, Raleigh. C. S. Brown, Jr., Chief Clerk; W.. 6. Shelburn As sistant dec 80 -' '-: TJNDEBTAKING The undersigned Is now prepared to fill all orders for every class of Undertaking. Having on hand -full assortment Of : ' ; COFFINS, CASKETS AND BURIAL CASES, . iBoth Wood and Metalic. f.PKICra A3 LOW AS ANI 'Heawes furnished if desired. Furnlbire of every Description Repaired at shor notice. ' , W. M. WILHELM, With E. Q. Rogers, Trade StreetBI June 20. HEADQUARTERS FOR Bottled1 tager Beer, ALT. An JORTEB, li corner Trade and rJcdary' Avenue; Delivered to any part of the city, free of charge, for $1.00 per dozen.-' i-' v iZi.-i-a '--';,:;.' . AU orders left at John Towel's tailor shQp wuIm eelve prompt aitention." : IT t , i ELSEWHERE ! JUST RECEIVED AT- TIDDY'S CITY BOOK STORE, A well selected Stock of WRITING PAPER, Including Note, Letter, Sermon, Legal and Fools cap, which they propose to sell cheap for cash. Also French Paper of every description, with En velopes to match. Also Paper in boxes, to suit the most fastidious. SOCIAL ETIQUETTE OF NEW YORK. iA standard treatise upon the laws of good society n New York. Congress Tie Envelopes; a new lot just received. Edward Todd & Co.'s Celebrated RUBBER PENS, A Pen by some considered superior to a Gold Pen TIDDY & BRO. are also Celebrated Rubber agents for Emerson HAND-STAMPS, and any orders given them will receive prompt at tention. E. :BUT TE iICK 4 CO.'S METROPOLITAN FASHIONS For May, 1879, Just received at TIDDY & BRO S. CASH PAID FOR BAGS. &nttian gaits. V. Q. MAXWKLU C. F. HARBISON Auctioneer. jyjAXWELL 4-HARRISOjJ'7 ... AUCTION AND .- COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Buy and sell on consignment all kinds of - MERCHANDISE AND COUNTRY PB0DUCE;- . ,vWill give strict personal' r' ; altcntlon to an besfness entrusted to our caret. r'f rv ' Tour doors above Charlotte HoteL dec3 ;:ELECTRIC BELTS. Asureeurefor nervous debnitr. 'vtemalufe de' eay, exhaustion, etc The only reliable cure Cir culars mailed free. Address J. K. REE YES, 49 Chatham street, N. Y. t Feb. 20-dAw3m.

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