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Editor and Proprietor
"Frnt from the doting fmrnpUathat letter our
W i r -VEDNESDAYv 3UNE18, J$70.
; i ii . iiBfliggrfflrSgiggpys g&t fias'been due
in a large measure tcra strike -which fa
pending among the factory mperatives J
at Fall Itlver. A meeting or tne opera
tives was held last Friday night for the
purpose of considering the expediency
of striking fiv mills; the sentiment of
the meeting was rather opposed to this,
considering that it would be more ad-
- visaWeWnlaehl stjikef universal
An Adnmehklweir.aaliad to
SattfWay mfci, thf n tfie lattef -coorsej
w IB ieerueim pon awnost uuuuwiiuuoij.
The strike will include all the mills in
the city, and each striker pledges him
self in advance to support himself three
weeks without appealing to the union?
Ten days' notice was given Monday
morning, and the operatives adjourned.
to meet on the 26th, when the notice
will have expired.
The cause of this strike is a refusal
on the part of the mill owners to re
store wages. The recent depression in
....... business compelled, the manufacturers
.... W Reduce, wages fifteen per cent, prom-
K , ising to restore this per soon
as the state of the market warranted
,.&uch actipn. fIn the opinion of the em-
jjloyes that timfr-haB-coroe. -In the j udg-
ment of the mill owners that jinie has
not yet come, fllence Hie trouble : A
committee of Ithe hands has waited on-
the manufacturers, the subject has been
quietly and dispassionately discussed,
and, each side remaining firm in its con-
viction..the warkmenvare to be. with
drawn from tjre nill$ ; the owners are
thereupon, to close ; a state of seige, as
it were, will be. declared, and everybody
is in a good humor. "While a strike is
the worst possible method of seeking
redress of a grievance, public opinion
will deal more leniently with these stri
kers than it would otherwise have done
by reason of tle fact that they proposed
to the owners to submit their differen
ces to axDiLratiQn. and tne latter ueciin
tn, lTliere Wolild also'seem to be some
justice in their demand for a restora
tion of wages, since cloths .are one cent
higher now than when the reduction
' went into effect; and while it is true
that the price, of cotton . is also higher.
the proportionate increase in the price
of goods is greater than in the price of
the raw material.
However; the rights and wrongs in
the case need not be discussed here, ev
en if they could be discussed with a per
AwX knowledge of the circumstances
gwrnin-bethpaf ttes-te tlve contest,
We only point out that, as the Fall Riv-
tr itoilllVoflsanie Average of 2,C0b
balls o o9 per veek, it is very like
ly, .indpedl 3t i iufte pertain, that the
strike among the mill hands there, em-
tailing a prospective shut down in all
the mills, has had a material influence
upon themaxket price, of the staple, and
to this may pe traced the' tumble which
carried 'down,-; Monday. Messrs. U li
Smith & Co, and perhaps others.
;,;.For the sake of jtlie best interests of
the country generally, and for the sake
of the interests at Fall River which are
directly interested, it is greatly to be
hoped that ere the ten days, ending on
the 26ili inst "expire, a plan for the ad-
Jusiment orthlTexiiting differences may
be agreed upon. It would be hfifgf r ,inl
all respect for;: the workmearto cpfiUnH
ue their workjii pesenprfces than f6T;
tnem to qtrptema remain idle iorf.n
QCLjWt ton theprincipje-rcourt
Ipgf & beltthan nr bieldT
oijiMuflrtertor iue owns
tueoi weTper
atlves, than"
zjLneir mills, "whtplC
latter course ii.rni&tins. 'Mutual coW
cessions may Wk&tind work contin
ued,, and somefjfrospeets for this resujt
seems to be found in the excellent go0d
feeling wTdliMSlSPtween all parties:
THE lORliBlIT ii'
.Still opinions vanrriana Oitterances
rWTontesrarwasnrngton. 'OnCoxth'e
latest pieces of news oh the subiect and
- . ' i ijo ifnterdsling' milhaJ,' i jthd ioij
lowing, telegraphed fm bu
Sunday, to the Philadelphia Times
To report the army bill on Tuesday
and it it out (until t a tvbt is 1 reached,
.lieither'lidjourning nor taking a recess
until it is pasied,jito- send-jthe fihdicial
hill tn tlifi lrpsififinti within forty-eight
hours, and thus be ready to adjourn on
leading Democrats. If it is carried out
. Congress will certainly be called back.
forms closest friends have said that
we president) wopid contewe Con
gress if it adjoufriea Without definitely
providing for the judiciary according
to the Republican understanding.
. . .. - -There are twer opinions apparently
wqually entitled : to credit in regard to
sie President's ' attitude on the army
in, the, Senate,
' Smind on-ihe-previous- bill ah veth r
, ' . tn Btaad-of signing it as he had intended,
em&j tijo wi nave 10 oisapprove the
Bre8entnJL cas it is f ulrv as bad as thA
ttiy msmmts mi uMjfiuanaaiong aeDate
, iay-f oCer.S TJie ether pinion; f.which
. saarMy Genernl X ntm I ftiO-'See-5
. -Tetogr MiSCrarjs Jsfetf I thiTPyesident
wilfjncn-the acmvtblll. t Tha last nam
Aedgenttemeff elxpfes. a -V elr belief in
jeoayersatioo- -estrdajr j Urerbqth
J o Tfi Orleans Fty:mefijttiat
Qie Uevm member olraner-cemmlitee
oi me iuisiana eojiiittuoaui conten
' Saon whreporte4 JhJfatdriJf
ppijiaiidn tf th flm ebt TepresenJ;
. sn assewment of $2,t25a;fwhllfl tbi
' VeveH njiepibers j whoripposed this' ac-.
C3oneihreent $102LJpf wore than
" 5refohofaniMiiyjHxed
' ft the Stkte.p This prove that; those
oyho have the most to pay are the most
willing to i pay ; thai ithe responsible
' classes of the commonwealth are anx
VitfiiM 1rannfnoa ".111 fhnoA who hAVA thA fn.
ton happiness of children at stake, should know
. that Dr. Bull's Baby Sjrup contains nothing lnu-
A portion of the people of . Spartan
burg county, S. C, have, become
unto themselves, j They have introduc
ed a man who robbed, Taped and mur
dered a woman to that peciea. of wQd
justice" administered by Judge Lynch.
Their action in this matter is to be de
plored Lay . aside the! risks, which
nchersui- of killing J an innocent
man, lynch law under circumstances of
thegreatest provcKjationis. evilnly,
eviland- that continuallyIf it jcanl
evfer4)e justified at all it (i -in cases
where5 the courts Save neglected or
failed to perform a clear duty. We do
not understand that this is the case in
the present linstance." The courts had
not passed upon the case of the man
Moore; he was only, held format if
he had beentried ifihe eyidence.had
been sucli as t liafe ftno aoiQt of
his guilty andf he had Vter hat been
discharged from i custody, there would
then have been time enougn ior lyncn
law to have been invoked. In advance
of any of these proceedings it would
have been; far! better haZt the man been
i -i. - s ' i. j
left to tne tribunals reguiariy cnargea
with the disposition of such cases.
While this occurrence per se argues
nothing against South Carolina there
being hardly a State in the Union in
which Judge Lynch shas,not;at une.
time or another exercised his sway it
is to be regretted that its enemies have
been given a peg upon which to hang a
charge of insubordination to lawful
authority; But again it is most fortu
nate that the lynched mian was a white
instead of a black man, otherwise the
cry of race prejudice arid persecution
would have been raised against our sister
State, and would have been heralded,
no'matter how unjustly, from 6neend
of the country to the other, for the
purpose of exciting sectional and parti
san bitterness against a portion of the
country than ivhich there is none more
The greatest fools in the world are
the man Goldsmith and his wife who
are undertaking to make a trip around
the world in a .boat 1S feet long. They
left a New England port on the 1st
inst, and when last heard of, a few
days ago, all were well. What with
rowing and riding in England and
America, walking, riding and rolling
wheelbarrows over the country, and
saiUng around the world in boats, it
looks as if a very considerable part of
the English-speaking world were "on
the go" for a living. ,
Mr. Tilden is keeping very quiet
about it, but he is making all of his ar
rangements to run Hon. Clarkson N.
Potter for Governor of New York next
fall. Mr. "Potter is willing, and not only
so but he is an able man, a strong man
ana a wily politician, if ne and our
Uncle Samuel put their heads together
tlie success of their undertaking need
surprise no one; arid if thtyarry NeW'
York next fall, watclr Uncle Sammy
caper up next fall and scoop in the pre
sidential nomination.
; Wilmington is to have a brewery.
An out-door religious meeting on the
out-skirts of Wilmington Sunday after
noon was: attended by , nearly a thou
sand people.
The Governor has ordered a special
term of the Superior Court of Ruther
ford county, to commence the first Mon
day in August.
'Stewart Ellison and Cary Irvin, two
colored-nnen- of Raleigh, have-been
AwSMeeVthFTttntract for-the -comnlfi-
non or tne. unuea states postojflce in
thatcitjrl l&Z r ."3-
lasTweek for thft-mnrder of God-
defended by Messrs. R. T. Bennett and
ucj xiuuuu, noa atuuiiicu. lie WitB
J,6lmJ.SMw.n: I T
hr, Qoldsoto MesgmgerrrAn old neero
onianvnamea Uiara StricWand, claim-
ligwneoyear pioi-maae appnea
tlbnlta'ui&iop'pprt to put county
uohiivxh .connnissiosersic -ineir last
meefing;6herfiails from Sampson coun
ty, but lias been living -lirrGrantham's
yKyears, just long enougn tabecomea
phafg&ttpift) JUiintyJO Iler.Rgls
touched for by respectable citizens.
v WiimiMrtoiL Jtettew-t . triimftntii:
cmtouhitv'was mexDressnSlv Ivkf
eijryterooon? hart)f the death
or Mr. jonn jsminton, a wgmv esteem
ed resident of this city and principal of
-Wilmiitetotf high school'.1 -Mri Ilinton
flifld.! djphther.iaj at Ate ,
Second street, near Mulberry, surround-1
eu-uy msamiiy ?a ?enaa.) ! -uq qaa
been sick for about two weeks and only
within the last few day previous'tohia
detfth had he been' cbnsideml as n
gef ously 111 .
" ;fciojldsb.orpi- 'Messenger : Mrs. Lottie
Deansgrand-mother of ex-Sheriff Wm.
weanesaay or , last , week, lacking on;y
fhree years and afew months of beta &r
on0 hnhdre4; yfiarf qld Atnojig-the j
Mills Howell, himself an octogenarian,
preached the funeral, and did so very
t0upliiqglv.o Mrs. Btsjey Pate, aged 7
asfstetfoi th6 deceased, was 'present
and several others that had entered far
into the fourth score of their earthly ex
Wilmingtoh Star : In the case of "the
people of the State of North Carolina
upon the relation of S. P. Swain vs. M.
C. Gutirie,ibeingla? fruo warranto to
test the "Validity -of the title of thede
f endant to the pfBce of SuperiorsXaurfr
clerk ot JBiiniffW Ick'couat heard in the
Superior Court - of New Hanover, on
Wednesday, His Honor, Judge Syiour
rendered a decision yesterday .ji favor
of th complain&nt the defendant toe
ing required to surrender the office and
its appurtenance? to jthe plaintiff and
pay a fine of $2506: the cost lof th
action. From this judgment plaintiff
appeals theSnpireme (3ourt'fs,
vv. Amngtonv or uosDorcy is
going in ine cuiuvauon ui tuesiitL wo
.liLijj i - i ii .-ii .. ;it i .
uu a.targe scaie, anuuns ian win uu
an orchard of 50 or 75 acres inimulbe:
trees upon which 1 ' he will f rear th e
worms.- The Messenaer savs'tWt-lXv ix
all the information -Div 'ArrpgtorUJ'
on the subject and he has iye4. it
. ,. . r ; a.. . jr - . -
thorouffh lnvesticration he is impressed
with the idea that there is no better cli
mate or soil in the United States f 01 the
successf ul culture bf silk than "TiEi secv.
tion affords, especially the sand hills
section on the south side of the Neuse
in Wayne. countxFhere the mulberry
grows most vigorously.
ilwari Know?.
' t 7tPlinadelchli Times: Ind.5 H ' 5 f. A
-Ane A4:esiaentiways KnowB-wueiutn-
he will veto an appropriation bill or not
just the-minuU he hear from the party
m ua'ri 1 ;Ta :i ivir?J3:i si -i
MATTERS 1)1 ZV-ZZti ,2tT SOT- fl
T&e Arm V Bill in.tlfe!SenatlAii Aeri-
twees Blcljane and Conger.
Washington. June 17. Senate
The bill to amend the act of 1793 for
enrollingrpfind licensfffgvPeMels itJtlki Vasraf pjomJrMMt? merchant y He', iria"
aastirig,trade'was a&aifiiaKen'uft.x rsracdifate of Yale College". rx -1
tasen up ana altered as . follows : Thp.
committee amendment nrovidinsr.thjrlrM'flt J
members of the. next, two graduating
classes at West Point may receive
$750 on the completion of their studies
and return home for, two years 'was
stricken out, as were also tne clauses
forbidding promotion in any branch of
the army. :. . ;j m
. A long debate then ensued with ref
erence to. the meaning and object" fi
tljat Clause at tm attn!fiection concern
ing tile use,6f the kiwi for police prir
ppseii to keep peace ft he polls, t ;
) Blaine fefiered an amendment prohib
inng'all carry iflg- ofveapons at the
polls under penalty of fine and impris
onment McDonald and Beck then read
extracts from letters and other : docu
ments to show that interference of the
army at the polls was not an imaginary
danger but had occurred. Withers saitt
he should endeavor to secure a vote ori
the pending bill to-morrow. ' '
Adjourned. . ,.
House. Atkins, chairman of the ap
propriations committee, reported back
the legislative appropriation bill and
the Senate amendments thereto, with a
report recommending concurrence5 In ;
some and non-concurrence -in . other f
the amendments. t i.t, it; - .i,tc , ; - :
, The recoinmeridation , weje,,an con
curred in. ' '' ' '" ,:
' Ackliri, of Lttriisiana, f rorii' tne com
mittee on commerce, repoi1d. a joint
resolutioa-authorizing the survey of the
Mississippi River, near Lake Concordia;1
La, witfi' a view to tne protection 01 tne
harbors of Natches and Vidalia. Passed.
"-The" judicial expenses bill was re
ceived from the Senate and referred to
the appropriations committee. '"
The House then resumed the consid
eration of the bill prohibiting political'
assessments, which lea to somewnat or
an acrimanioxis jdegate. Conger, - of
Michigan, denounced the bill as an in-
famous proposition. McLane, of Mary
land, said the Republican party held
power only by the corrupt use of Fede
ral patronage which it was the purpose
of this bill to prohibit He spoke at
considerable length in favor of thetbill
and in condemnation of the course of
the Republican party generally, but
was repeatedly interrupted by Conger
with questions and sarcastic remarks
which finally led to an appeal to the
chair on a point 0$ partf amabtafy order
The discission was closed by a demand
for the regular order of business, arid
the bill went over until to-morrow. :! -The
House then took up the Senate
bill relating to juries, but the Republi
can members who maintained that 'it
should not be acted upon until the ju
dicial expenses bill had been disposed
of resorted to filibustering, and after a
two hours' struggle an attempt to get a
vote on ' it 'was abandoned, and the
House adjourned. '
bayard's chairmanship and TnE SIL
VER BILL. , ...
The Senate Democratic Scaucus this
morning tCK)knoationjonSenator Bayr
ard's resignation of the chairmanship
of the. finance committee, but after con
suminfr an: hluf tand if half in debate
adjourneduntil tonoVfow. The indi
cations werehwev1ei fvery clear that,
the resignation will tiot te accepted, and
that the silver bill will be left in the
hands of the finance committee until
next session.
Internal Dlssenstoiii In Turkey.
Constantinople, June l7.-irC6nfu-
Lsion amounting to a crisis prevails ill
.ministerial circles.,! It 4 .reported that
Kheireddin Pasha, grand vizier, willre
sign, and it is said that another pasha
will assume the vizierate temporarily1
topavotheway for a return to power
of Mahmond Nedim, formerly kriowri
as the tool of Russia. Sir Austin Lay
ard, British ambassadorrlsnemieaYdring
to prevent Mahmond's return. It is
also reported that Midhat Pasha will
receive permission to come to Constan-
rtinQple. Fuad Pasha has denounced
osman astm aamimstratlon of the
war6fice- "v
If It is thofegUt fliat Caratheodori Pasha
-and Muriff Efferidi 'avill be shortlv ari-
fpeinted asi ; Ottoman) CbmtnisBioners1 tt
settle the Greek ooimdiryquestiom' -'
A demonstration is" apprehended at
Philippopplls when the Prince of Bul
garia is installed at Sofia. Several su
perior7unctionaries and deputations j
11UUI VilltUUS xvuuuieiiuu low 113 will go
to Sofia : to 1 attend the ceremonv and
conjgratulate the Prince.
adwiinch Gettlnz li Ills Work at
17.-Ar special dis
rMOourier from
rgjyfcaajvaytnat at abotit
12 o clock last night a body of a hun
dred and, fifty jarmed.mennterRl that
town on "horsebacK'ah'd nrbcec
thfe jail when they demanded John
Moore, a prisoner, committed for
t ha
outrage : and murder 'of Miss Wood-
ward, on tne 5th inst Shenff Thomp-i
son navmg Den
tempt would be
oner, had removed
Railroad, about a mile from the town?
intending: to board the 'hoi'thtem-lxmna7
train and-renoh Columbia, but-jhe iiadi
been watched, and before the trani"'
flvedtliatyfhfsrttredtias-e and1
took, him) ioi thftstajrie-jjef tiia ttaurder,
near WeHfolMiHefvemns-Mstant;'
where they said they would hang; him
at 10 o'clock this morning. Moor? and'
his .victim were both white. j iit
: v;l
-; it
A telegram from Odessa to the Qoios
says the receiver's office In Chersor,:
Southern Russia, has been ilfcderniined
Inn Wirl n i lQ-lf-
t - O J-:-- !
v v v. V . ...ft IM1I1 IVil Willi U
rpuuies. - r . ;!i
Two thousand miners haraitruek; iat
made to lyncn the pri-
him to the AiriLlne7
tmn nf tponoa - . S. w . i n i lcemDer,,..,.,.,,.,,, .4..,.,,,.... . ,llk04aa
, ' m. t iir. I January' i
; Delegates are axnAAted Gat Madrid I i.4kX AT ii iiiIZ01!jif i; 'VJJ fefiTf
Bnorwyirom tne South Anrericanj'Tief11!'" ;CJTrbOTTONitARXKT;!,:i ! i&i'i
publica to treat f or-a restoration of I di-i
plomaticC relations which have been:
EspenaaioT several vearsjs t wi
; St John's Collieryvcompan at-Wake-i
fisla,rEglafid,i has- failed pliabilities
: It waareporfed ittiLondon-aresteoxlay
t.uat a iirjn 01-
... 1 1 J
e-cashier ojthe National Bank
of Wilmington andr' BrandTwine,! has
alj?lcad guilty toHembezIement and false
entries, and been sentenced tenve years
imprisonment -s The, amountof his di
xiiuauon is 528,000 of wMbh $12,000
were returned to ttm bank. z ... Mm
Uenrv W. W i r lv"q a C troo fiJ o -r, AA.;
United Stat4rsioa
Aiaiupaiure. , xne -vote
inLtbe House
was: Blair ifii. HinwinQm o. t v, c- -
wv lAlUdl lU. JIlllV MI . '( i.f
S?n8 iSthe S?Sedr TtS
reKi,0fJ" "o-wide, and it alwaysVjures.; ;
provision mercnantsi naa i
:i'f ;S-y "4 S. .'-.-S3 i .U,
h3 w :rv, .v "jus M' twl. . . . ' . 1 ,i. ,
ProvMence.'Ttif. ItJErScl-rles.of.
" J & Sid Burglar Bant. ' , ' '
- KiiNSAaCiTY, June"l6. T. G. Noon
an ana wile were aw axened . earl v- yes
terday morning, and supixsing robbeiiiri
the front room followed bv his wife
LShe, became frightened, and., threw -her
arms around nis necK and ne supposing
himself assailed by robbers, fired, kill
ing her instantly. .They are welll-to-do
people who married here a few years
ago from Milwaukee, ; where .Noon an
t BlaineTias cause to dislike, the South.
He was once a giant r amongst pigmies
But now, thatlne South, is, represented
ujr n,ec own ona, J5iune AuuiLu-iivuj
,inan f Wien , constitutidnal'i (questions
&re oe discussed iamunos Ana uonK
ling nr called upon tp meet;the $outh-
, era, jawyers.,; i.When there were none or
thee latter jn Congres4iaine weak
ness was never exposed. In the Senate
"HOwSd fatt.'stood sbe) there" because to her
oomeUness of form sh added a most e&Dtlvatlmr
beautj and earluble cleame88 of complexion pro-
1 ; ,.iiC . i . t .V' :
1 M jiAWStoMach Cannot , W FWfktt
Wtth greater trash thani a violent drastic purgative.
True, i such at naedlclne. relieves constipation for
the time, but at the expense :f jgreattaioij to the
Intestinal canal, which It both Inflames and weak ;
eas, tins anfltUng; -is tot performanee of Its proper :
fonoi '-Wldelranlerentlttie'jactlbn of Hog
tetter's Stomach Bitters,' a tonic aperient which,
-produces effects prompt, Indeed, but . never violent
and corivuislBg.- The purity of Its botanic lngre
'dients, ' its unobjectionable fiayor, Its genial Influence-
upon the mind, : and ' the thoroughness of
Its remedial action . in 'eases' of constipation, liver
complaint and dyspepsia, combine to render it a
most desirable f family spedflc.' It Increases both
physical vigor and substance, teanqufllzes and in
vigorates the nervous system," and gives an un
wonted relish for the food. -' A wineglass three
Umes dally Is about the average 'dose.
'Jiml? lw ;'' .- : ' "' .
Chafing Eader Disappointment. ; ' r1'
: It Is said thai the reason' why1 Butler sought the
gubernatorial nomination was because he had not
been fairly treated, by the Republicans. The best
cures for chafes of all kinds Is Henry' Carbolic
Salve. . Try it and be convinced. Beware of conn
terfelte. . ;i
., . .Thousjuidg Vs it. Why Hei!ate.
. It Is adapted especially to those eases where the
womb is disordered, and will cure any irregularity
of the" "menses." Dn J. Bradflelu's Female Eegu
lator acts ttfce g charm hr -"whites," or in a sudden
check of the "monthly courses," from cold, trouble
of mind, pr like causes, by restoring the discharge
In every instance. So' also in chronic cases its ac
tion is prompt and decisive, and saves the constitu
tion from countless evils and premature decay.
Ask your druggist for a circular ,
may28 Tm
'"A car.- '
. To ail who are suffering from the errors and ln
dlscretibns of youth, nervous weakness, early de
cay, loss of manhood, dec, I will send a recipe that
will cure you, fBSS OI CHAEttE. This great
remedy was discovered by a missionary tn
South America. Send a self-addressed envelope
to the BSV. JOSEPH T. IX MAN, station D, New
York City. ; . . .
.. Ian 25 (
JiTKi if, 1879
BALTiMOkg Oats heavy; Southern 40a42, Wes
tern white 39a40,: do mixed - 37a88, Pennsyl
rania 89a42. Hayw-market quiet; prime Femj
sylvania.and Maryland 12al 3. Provisions steadv:
, mess pork, old 10 50al0.75, new ; bulk meats
oacon nomaers ciear no sides
11. Lard refined tierces 7. Butter
dull;, choice
western pacKed loaiij, rolls .
Coffee quiet; Rio cargoes Ili4al4i4. Whiskey
firm at 1.06a?; - Sugar steady; A soft 8aft.
NkwTobi Tlour no decided change; No. 2,
2.85a3.10, Superfine Western and State 8.45a3.55,
common to gwdrxtoa Western and State 3.75a
8.80, good to choice do 8,95a4.50; Southern flour
quiet; common to fair extra 4.75a5.60; good
to choice do 5.656.75. Wheat ungraded win
ter red 1.08a.l.l6, No. 2 do 1.18iAa,181& Com
-ungraded 89a43, No. 2, 431 Oats, 37.
Coffee moderate demand; Bio quoted in car
goes lli&al4tt, job lots ltt&al5& Sugar firm;
Cuba 61k, fair to good refining 6 54 67-1 Q, prime
6J; .renned-tndard A. 7. granulated
powdered 81A, crushed 8. Molasses New Or
leans 2oa28. Bice In fair demand and steady;
Carolina! quoted at 61Aa7, Louisiana 6a6&
Pork new mess on the spot 10.20a25. old t..45.
Lard prime steam on spot a40a42V Whiskey
dull at l:07aJ& Freights quiet
NoKFOLK-Steady; middling 12c; net receipts
240; gross ; stock 6.810; exports - coastwise
90: sales; exports to Great Britain .
Bauixobb Dull ;middHng 12tfcc; low middling
121A-; (food ordinary lllA.;net recetpto ; gross
Hi sales ; -r;-; stock , 1,809;. exports, ooastwlse
16: splaners : exports. . to' Great Britain
to Continent to France ' ,
Boston fiollday; middling
rood ordinary : net
low middllnif
Tecelpts 453; cross
812; sales ; stock 4,455; exports to
untam m-
: : WnjrnrGTON-nun ; middling 12c. ; low ! mid
dling llc; good , ordinary ll; net receipts Q;
cross ; sales stock 803; spinners ; ex
ports coastwise : to Great Britain ; to Con-nent'-r-S
to channel !
PW.AniCTjHTA-kfrilet; mlddllnk ' 12S4&; 'low
middHngr 12cf; 'good ordinary 12c; her receipts
t- kiosk 88f sales 419; spinners 867r atock
15i;; sxports toreat BritaUi -r, ,: ,. ..'
i Acoo8TA-tl)uU; ; mlddllnr--12C;; -low 'mid
Ung 1214c good ordinary ;12U3C.;; receipts 11;
shipmehts ; sales : stock
QHAHT.mTrar-rDuii; mMd'. J2i4c; low mid
dling 12c; good ordinary lUia; net receipts
71; gross, ; sales f-x stock 893; exports
coastwlset ; . Great Britain ; i ' France r-;
:CdinflT"iw channel tviilii ., .,;.
I Nxw YOM-'-Quiet ; 2 sales 514t mid. anlands
U2 746, md urleans 12 8-ltt. ; consolidated net
Jcelpl.; exports to reat Britain.
n trvKBFOOijT7Nooir-i-lull and easier, Middling
upituiua, o is-jlth uitutuunj. vriomis(.y.;jue8
5,000, speculation and export 1,000, addiaona
Bale: yesterday i alter 'regular elosing.i ; re.
a peipw ; jHtpuoi imencan Ms, uuu-1 jnuures 1-10
October- October and: Nbvemher November
and Deoeroper f .- New crop shipped October and .
November ..Ndvember and Decemben H. Sep
tember and Oetobeip per sail 11 -l ,ij
i 'A --Jitii , i 1 : jf-f vFINANCIAL.; !''; ii i :
! F Ml
- New, ToR-fMonoy 1.08k Jbcehange 4.874a.
governments t active, .Newt 6's 108.: Four and
alf ner cents 1.5, 'Four per cents L02vi ! Stat
bonds dull. ,-il.,r rui"iJ?j?i ..,1.10
' - HsW ToakFirtures' clo'swi Weti 1
iOOObaleayilt . 'i .'i
:f Sales iosU'
I 1 -VK.I
Jufaei.jii .u.ui i.i.-jiiLil 12.35a.38
?'ftf!M-Vrf'Y'Mlwf;frit 12.40
rt Ai' fffcrt vim f?99a4
mDer..'..5'.'. '.v- ' ' - 12.25a.20
f;i mt:' 1"!B
i ,,i.!jOFfpOFOTWBgKMV., tii.
x ub marcel, r esusraay cioaea sieauy. as iouows:
Strict low middling.. J.i ! laiS
Lower grades J;i. tl v hi Kt'im K i . : lOall
("P1-.-! 1! A &l Ji j!l,J
"Any person 4tesirln'e'' kff ' Men'MUta"': 'Wttfii ? itoM.l
Boggy for ae -with-two--seated efexcefient ibulld l
nd eood aa new; will apply Immediately to
t 74 t2..iw.'.-s. um .WIWPKa ALLlar.
-. ... r. .ti....n:t ii t f r..-, ,h; -it
iffiiifat CUes pffioevth Mat. North Callnail;
liri 1?. owwsnvuie, June jib, Latwsn
xne iouowii
: described
.Charlotte, pjThursday iwwijflv 487a,iai) eleven'
xes Tobaecxv ownernnknown. apd g befeetf'
oo, the property of Jjj Wa,rd. ' " , r
J. 3. VfiTT: fl"pf y ,fi
J. O. T(
hMii M -ir (VI. W IV r-' 1 ---1 :; .
t in juacue&' anu.iacB' uaawm ajiu toa. t-i r, -rrr Tf" rv Ir r ' K,-J . "'"fsuTjciiDje Ice
,. t tlh, nn .of In P (hit N'rmrf Tlu. Tlit trill TtA "lr ",..i -s A--.
tMtinn Wbmit rniator neeessltv f f lnsi ! lareases
. zp' - vvi v -
i x-. n,. - a fn?i iiu 7l Martto'
iihw.iiiiip gewn ouun.
We keep only ' " '
n) LaluMad ipents) Fine Shoes the best makes.
Jane 8, 1879. '
' j
!"!..! :i jxi 'j'o.i ; 't. j1oc V
' f'- iiruif O.IT"tfVl7Tl irt I :
. (i I m)l M 01 ii-ilMl Ji il liSlil j
;', ;! -'iil vlJu.-f-f-) lilr- VIA '
We have lust received a nice line of
.' ;',''! t!ji!i ta.s 'j i:i I'jiiofi j!-a . -jji
': .HJv.-.. Jo (ti!i 'M Aim j r'H
' 'i H'r:r.v .:( t nil i-lai:! r.iT !
Consisting of
;.).: m v 'rr I'-.;.; . ..' :
. ;4.t'j,i0l jt ' ;
B'66f S4, StjPPiB'stkwPOBTS, CHIL-
Also ;t beautlfullot of
Gaiters, Oxford and Strap
.Tics;'1-'";:.- :
Which we , are now prepared to offer at extremely
low prices.
Thanking our friends for past favors, and wishr
lngto merita conttnuaBceof theiSame by keeping
the largest stock best assorted, .
.i. Jv,
And strict attention to business, with polite yomtsj
men to show good3 without trouble. '' "'' '
W.S. FORBES. Agent,
Smith 4 Forbes' Old Stand, Trade St
June 18.'
i ' : ' ' ,.;
1st National Bank Buildmg.
C II A, K L O T T TS, C,
Have now in -store a nice and complete i stock el
i : ..Hpwrwft! ; !: tn.
Hatsr Trunks & Traveling Bags.
; ; S iA( h-i,'i '.I'll :?!.) Yj h;
! iiSI it
, I.
With Umyoa can, find, jj . ,
i -IN.;CHABLOTTE.uiii ' i
! i?
-'nig id j..! rq tnt Wtt! ' iOi 1 t
l .1.. n?- v!:i; p;itr,ui ! tosaaluai'
Celebrated Ladles' j Mlases'; arid CWldren'si Shoes
u:.! vno-i v 'SPEfilAL ,ia )tS j .
J, They also keep kfW.'BurVsj HMbroolt"4 Cocli
! lUiU Id' I .iniih; .li-iVill
MUef hand-made Bootsf and Shoes. Also, j !" 1
' i ff jI! !.'; v -snO .ijiii vai l
iio hiai'jVr .aM.-;'U''r'iorf'5iiM' ftu
IR AaU mots;
iVAi t zio). :! VKf ifdt j :
'ikiil Jl'jCfll' t.r .!;' wi.Oi u L ;
CaO sure before, birylng.JjOlirs have 'personal
J nj J9tRt -ffjibui! 'lisv eili t
t April 8,187AI nalia fPStOUJtklC&ii!
iowb and otey best brands, ; Oents taa here
thep itoerMcCunough bei-j Toalneli,
JVll It
1 ' ' 11 ....... j.'.jii ,
URKKSBOBO, i di CaT 81 i 1838-
tosnB iii
u : i. tpl propose to ge-.tos tie atioria the! '
Ifhv ii tiidiai fIrioy lonoinitio f -
ir fun -fiiHToii im Kni .
7iW' C nni M!!if
The jMnefltoi the traveling acenta' eommisslon nn
my. Nursery ytock, cohslsflng of Tnat Trees, Ac,
and have-rednced-the trtce 60 per cent Opplei
and Peaches, 1st class, 8 to 6 teet; fine lmprored
Fruits as are grown in North Carolina, and iready
fw Inspection." Reference given to any Nursery
hi Oulltord county. ,e oachesands Apples runatar
from toe earliest to; the latest varieties, j Trees wul
packedlnt goo stronTboxea 1 or balesaad da-
Hvered to railroad depot of express -offices without i
any extra charges tor boxes Ar ideUveryi 1 1. will fus- V
Pies W any quantity, Unprtvedfruifc.lO cento eachT
ootSi- Nectarines, 'Oulnce, crab
Apples, Flgsvi Ci
XroeivBoses and flowers will be sold cheaper than
can -be sold j any, nursery ,iv North Carollaa,
Cashto acwmpahy the- orders1! ny7me 1 ha,
bepald i wberteesfaredeUvered at depot specified
y purchaser, flota to accompany tree? auT nald
sSfi11, "re aeuyered,' -purchasers; baylni: all
?.r5KUB?v fees - will be shipped in No.
yemher. and purchaser noHfied when to meat thenT:
fiWm ifSPhere to. shlp
Hamr th6'denots."."Lettertf oftn
eheertuliyv Orders solicited and 'sa;
nry. onswerea
iwiwotbi wiuiq oroars at onc
flffi08-'3fftl,V1W'IWWKUUI, r it.- , i 1 . . r UOH'OI K09IB. A. OHV.qini 1
. v;i7i Jl3Wr,Bl Pmoatpraeries, I HABNEra.CIertL'latf 6f 'Plahbsrs Hotel3
jwear ofvSole 8CL ercenti nave the flexlUfUtr
k- x "x" s. Iks
Hand anri MnAhtnA RawmI Raltnra unit Diittnn (Dootfl.
' ' '
first-class ooans
" . ''fjfL . uT.0 " ' j
1X I
-1" r '- I
2 A-3AJk-'iOCA.,'U O.1
ii ilWid.i .llSW IO HU 0 iiJK , 7
mm AJi 'A'JAA
o till 'mU,l :i win. 7
nmim 322U mm
i.t JO Hth thh . h 't3!tiX hilfi tl.i.;Ul ii!
-i.uwKeams wnung raper, comprising m
jfiXL. ili . . 4' JVi Ji.i .
r reucn, ngusn ana insn mote. Bluet. H'ooiscao.
Letter, Letter Heads. Note Heads, Bill. Heads.. Sox
Of every description. .Memorandums, Records,
Day Books; Journals. Ledeers. ComnoRltlon Rooks.
Blank' Note, Draft and Receipt Books,' Copying
We have the largest , stock of Ink. both writing
and copying,- that has ever been brought to this
market, which we propose to sell cheaD at whole-
20flrgMSr4r(m'ChtHk 5r're will
be sold cheap. i.n. ,
. A full line always on hand. We have Justre-
ceiveu ami ressea.i7rper nutter inates. whlc
are usea y grocers m- putting up butter.' ' Bold
retail at 40c. per hundred.
l&tw Antxtisttactits.
Wj : .if.
Pound Sponge, Fruit, Jelly, and all kinds ot Fancy
Cakes at - a . PBATHEB'S,
, 'May22. Trade Street
We have on hand 25 of the Celebrated
Oniew two and three, horse; which we are anxious to
close ut, and will sell .,
Or on time till November 1st, without Interest
ery .WagowaiTteili lor.il2 months. Come
and seeithemwoi jijrf,.,. ,
!! i ifl-i nlJ fj; .Wool? n.'o aittiWi .
Democrat and HomeVwaaeoi
June 8.
luiiH'ti; "fihuU Ainum tKr; i-,i;(i
'ua.J0-K .J.l. -jibbn t;iim:iii' i'.iil .
ol SliTW tn-MtH
r:3!'K H A'la
J Ijblfnisiiiil
Keen constantlv nn hnnd
iiu Jv if ,1.-1 fi 1 j.Xvir:
rdtfl -ssfiiVW uoii iivw liwiU iiw.A !
?iEaRlEI) FRUITS, Ac. j
sril fit iftivii-jfi ff n-tttftiji MvTiH ITt A l
" FORD'S Various
MftM iiow4 Tifilbv dJ 1 iwjuns
f TeiwsFisJDaya.v7. ivMm.riaatssiiiy
iina tU t19atllf9 liOt ,vf!;tT iBMKii
ry Uroat induoamjnUgttared to table
J-Oianlbua and Carriages at every traln.4
n eJ5tt80M Lat, ..SuperlrAgndentaL
vttn f 'ja,ui .y .n A.' r 1 JEC. I
irtiM - t' 'i 1
M 1IU MIMl.t .fill, in jiUfllM f j inllli Mi 'lit J
S2.00 ,', lUMABSHALL $2lOQ
Ho tj;"s"Wtw tt o u s
.l4..Pi.8ii-Pi JUL 0 u s JcL
1 dl 4
iiiM- lulB Ht-('.. trtvi-jji, Vi
ill ".-it f f
fl !lXlTi IIIU lion xllfiJ ilJ b:M 5 7lLit
. J
Redaoed rato&00 aad t2.50 aceottang'to loca
n3 Tj-rj2C!i?rTy?w,ftnyi"i
of hand-njade shoes: una -
... 77. "jr '" omri
Prlfiiw iHuni iii m . 1 '
uuop Aies, in V fiiTf Of Bq f
' . " ' xWa
:Otky t..fe,t
7 Trade StreeVnextdoortoMrtoq.,
Long and favorably known for their ann
tic ana alterative tonic waters, ooeniilP
187. Board 2 per day. and 1 ?edS6dlih, K
a longer time, and families. InvalRm Ktes
advantage of four different mineral imZ1
addiaon. the Turkish hoUur, vwai m Jf01
batbl if desired. "ww-T8Pr aud medicaid
Sidings situated 7 miles north of nti,
the Western North Carolma Railroad 0T
finest ad to the State, i For fuX? mfo
address the proprietor, lnrormaUon,
tnay25 3tawsatatnu0- ELU0TT- M-
HOT and cold water, unsurpassed mountain
mate, unequaled scenery, and maeuin S'1
tol accommodations for eight hundred hSSufe
baths, In conjunction with cUmatic infiuen ,
'T IC?ATP te5 west of Taylorsvllle, on the
Lenoir road, in Alexander tounty-iimate
las any where to North UrollM Cm
furnished with or without board at low tom.
' tMtmrtM AxandeSoNICPAl'GH
may 28 lm
Cleaveland Mineral Springs
I , WILL OPEN JUNE 1, 1879.
;i:U ti fUtiiH ! '.. . !, j
These Sprfnirs are 2 miles from Shelby c
and one mile fwm C. C. Railway. Backs win" to
at Spring's station on arrival of every train
Band of music and other means of amusement
for the comfort and enjoyment of guests.
will be furnished with the best that the mar. et af
fords. Bates to suit the times.
1 .4-1 a Ma POSTON, Proprietor,
, -, Shelby, S. C.
L. S. WrLLIAMS, Superintendent.
May 14 d6w
Invalids or nleasure seekers, who (iMir tn
spend a few weeks of the hot weather in
desirable locality, are Informed that the
Is now open to the nubile. Situated on the Sn&r-
tanburg and Asheville Railroad, forty miles from
Spartanburg, only a few miles from Flat Rock ana
Hendersonville, In a delightful climate, and sur
rounded by splendid mountain scenery, few places
can offer more attracttons.
The table Is supplied with the best the market
affords. Terms low.
A. TANNER, Proprietor.
Jane 3 1m.
Ladles buying Fjirasols and Sun Unibtellus will
find the best assortment at the lowest prices at
They will also find other goods to suit them upoit
which they can save money. Our stock of Fano
and Staple
Is now complete, among which may be found a
ful supply 9 1 House Fupijshlng Goods, Sheeting
and Pillow Casings In Linen and Cotton, Linen
Table Damask in White, Slate, Red and Yellow;
Napkins, Doylas and Towels In every variety; Car
pets, Bugs, Mattings and Oil C.oths.
t ftir stok, fitopiok and TxUnmings is large,
and will be found very cheap. So will our stock ot
&iHt& ie-n'! iffYViiool 'it i
kerchlef-iiaJ si53U9Xtiorellas. You will find
i t
Call and see us.
It will pay yon.
... r'iaxi - '
m .xilXrEOTION i
-'T '. . i.r -. -. . u---
.Yanainw ma rsxn
Z 1 MJ-tB SA A - .tla
t "start. uaA Qwoerinttsd and. BWHes of every
and fresh Crackers of evejxdescriprioD.
4 'i no .nrJ Mnr'K''i'T
lt AtllUililttHJ1 1I ,Vit.UilOI ltl iivnmiut
ill) is cteti ii .-rtVattwMsi mikw! 11 www
BRIDdErWAEK') ' ..)'
flMHtf tK- tf 111 7JTJ0f! sWlfiSV WidT
... . ,:; ; . . J , .Iftlttli-Jt.lU U'.Mf.l.'
m!:viAniCflCit ikTVI -
u ? "tJtumd in
W-M Tl .-WT1T I MM
Sugars. Coffees and amthlng that can
4 flt-'ass Grocery House,
'law siiawo iJito nieso J5niq .
1 yr.j uji
..t.. . .. .. i ... .
T 1 ' ' ' . 1 - - v " "

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