North Carolina Newspapers

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, BA1LB0AD DIRKCrOBI.r . f j
Ml - jAiiAmfMiv foKlA oh aim t.h mnntn Af rmaaAii
eer trains to and Irora CharioUe, on all the rail
g (Washington time): ,., . .
Arrires from Biehmond and Ooldsboro, 12 40 a. m.
Leayesfor , ... rM stmLr
Arrives from Atlanta,wt fewUJii'ja.a., -'840ii m.
Leaves for -Atlanta,..-. . j.'.'.-i'.i ..,!12.40r-a.. m.
Arrives from Atlanta,. wi . SBSpjm.
Leaves f or AUanta,. ............ U12 m.
Arrives from Augusta,. 8.50 p. m.
Arrives from Columbia (ac Freight)... 12.10 p. m.
Reaves for ColumWft,tofI
n k VAT Tlfi Tl
vrrlves froW'Wllrnmgfoh,1.
Leaves for , wnrnington,t?fy j
Arrives rrom oueiuj,.
Leaves tor sneiDT,.
2-l."5 p. m.
8.20 a. m.
5.05 p. m.
8.40 a. m.
vriiftftjfnAa StatesVllle
Leave lor aiaiesvuie,.
. . 8.00 a. m
War DeIartment,
Okficb Cijief SiGNAt Officer
. M. )
WASHINGTON, June 23, 'I 0 P,
For tUBtSooth Atlantic and East Gulf
suites, SDttUierly winds, warmer, ipartly
cloudy weather, stationary: or falling
barometer, possibly followed in western
Texas by cooler uorthwest winds.
.' Indx to flew AAvwUiiMNrali.
I). Appleton 4Co Agents Wanted.
T. C. ftmlth - Whole&atoSnigcist.
Maxwell 4c Hanin-or Bale. 1 "
B. M. RamseurPJtalanx lodge NotBl.
C. W. Alexander Lost, Strayed or Stolen.
II. Morris & Bros-? or RenM "
Dime conceal at Col. Myers's to
night. :
They are predicting a long dry spell
now. In this the prophets do not dis
agree. YyViwT1'1' ;
Erskine College cummenceuaent conies
oft' this week. Positively the last of the
season. - :
- . t
Many persons have been around- to
see the new Liddell engine. It is voted
a success.
Soon The Observer! will begin its
1 ist of sii m fiaer absentees. T hen e very
lody shall Know where everybody else
' M
Don't forget thoncert f orthe lOtome
nnd IlospiUl at the residence of Col,
Myers to-night This worthy institu
tion batlly needs funds to keep it in
The wheat harvest is heing brought
to a close in Mecklenburg county. The
larmers have had excellent weather for
the work, and also for curing hay, which
is yet going on.
The rumor current on the streets late
Saturday night , that Dr. T. H. Means
had died at' the residence of a relative
in the country is entirely nntrue. He
was very ill, but is better.
,J. Stuart, colored, was committed
yesterday by Justices Davidson and
Severs, ion the charge of robbing the
smoke-house of Mr. W. H. TValker, who
lives a few miles in the country.1
John ,"Wilson, charged with threaten
ing the life of a neighbor, was taken
before Justice Severs Saturday, but
managed to escape from "Constable
Charley Baker, 1 -
The editor of The, Observer ac
knowledge&ihe receipt of an invitation
to attend, a grand dress ball to be given
at Warm Springs, N. C? on the 4th of
July. The music on this occasion will
be furnished by Troy Mitchell's cele
brated cornet band of Charleston.
Jiy some unaccountable accident, an
interrogation point was placed after a
brief item in this department of the
local columns Sunday morning. The
connection - was exceedingly unfortu
nate and for this reason it is considered
necessary to allude to the matter.
Second Annual meeting.
Dog and Sheep.
Here is something for our North Car
lina farmers to think about: In the
county of Augusta,Va.,theyhave assess
ed and levied a tax on dogs, out of which
tax, when collected, the . county remun
erates parties who have lost sheep
throughout the county during the year
for which the tax is. collected. There
were 230 sheep killed by doge in the
county during the year ending the 1st
of May, for which thej sum of $622.98
has been paid. ' v , ."' .
The Concert Xo-Nigrht.
The dime concert for the benefit of
the Home and Hospital takes place to
night at CoL Myers's, under the direction
of Dr. Aloys Bidez, and will commence
at half past 8 o'clock. The best music
al talent of the city is enlisted for this
concert, and- it it be- hoped that the
iiudience will be such as will show ap
preciation of the music, as well as of the
Reserving charity to which the proceeds
rare to be devoted." -
Herewith we append the programme :
1. Instrumental duet: "March of the
Sepoys," (J. B. Wekerlin) ; Mrs. DeWey
and Dr. Bidez. . .t . , A
2. Vocal duet: "Oh! Wert Thou in
he Cauld Blast, (Mendelssohn); Misses
A. Springs and A. Wriston.
3. Vocal solo: "Song of thef -Sprite,"
iffrom Auber's FirstDay of Happiness);
Miss CBadham.
4. Instrumental trio for -Organ, piano
and yiolaf "Cantahile," ' 4u . Bidez I.
Lenitnens) pHiss A. Wilkes, Mrs. Dewey
and Dr. Bidez. -' . '
5r Voeak solar i?ix)okmg-Back," (A.
Sullivanh MissAda Wriston. rr
6. yocal ; soloT-"Spanish i Bolero," (O.
Metra) . Miss N. Hannahs '.r, ': Tl
1. Vocal trio: The Wanderer Night
SongPw Hitier) MisserJ;jBadham,
Wristoii and A:
issued general Jorders No. 14, announc
ing the following list of officers for the
Second Bngaae Jiortn i;arounsta3
(luards. jThey bAYheeii -commissioned
by the Gdvornor: wiN tesi?;i
N. H. Spruit, A. ;d'ltpm
Lieutenanfc-Colonel.- ' - i, . ,- P attit u ;
George HHalV 'ApD 04 ranfciCap
B. MmD.ran1
tenant . " - ! (iMTi
Joseph M. Cronlji Ordnance Officer,
rank. Maior. '-i !
Wm. A. Cumming, Brigade ' Qftartejv
iioauer, raiiK. major.- eV- -..... or wi uj
John G. YoungBrigade Commissary,
rank Maior. ; :: n u:t 'i . ' T crU::r
George G; Thomas, Brigade Surgeon,
oY. ueprge i-aLLccBoii, jv. ajwo,
Charjlain. v ii,;'4k t. tivfc&ri.-'
Commandants of rejriments and bat
talions in this military district, are di
rected to order out their respective com
mands to parade on the fourth of July
next, either by regimentflf, battalions or
companies,as ttey. maly deem most cojj-
venieut to the commands. vAil- nompa
ies in this comment that'haviefTiot;'tU0
required nnumberiof iinif ormed taeh.oh
the 15th .of ' Amriist next! tlie- freueral
commandingNwili recommend- th'A
JutaruvGeneral of the State ta . dis&and
qu cau in tne arms in v nave. iin
Sudden ehanpmi of tommrnbinijilWaTS lddtH
nrsicar discomfort under various manifestations .
"to; teneralrf coldB. DrBuU' Baltimore P11U
cVlJ rid the system of the bad effects resulting
Km these changes. Price only 26 cent.
Pursuant to adjournment at the Char
lotte meeting of the Grand Lodge,
Knights of Honor, withiftithe jurisdic
tion of the State of North Carolina, the
Grand Lodge was, .called to order in
Newbern, on June 17th.
Representatives from twenty-two of
the twenty-five lodges in the State were
present and all the Grand Lodge offi
cers except the Sentinel. The following
list of officers answered to their names
at roll call:
P, G, D. Chasl It. Jones, Charlotte.
G. D.-W, Jr IL Bellamy, Wilming
ton. V. G. D. L. C. Itaries, Lexington.
Asst G. D. S. K. Eaton, Newbern.
(i- SF-i5- Carlton, SUtesyille. ;
G. -T.--S. 0. Scdfield, DavidiOri College.
G. C J. M. Spragins, Tarboro.
G, G.N. Jacobi, Wilmington.
tbw w. tjogaeui luoiasooro. i
Grand Trustees C. II. White, Con
cord; ILTull, Kinston ; J. M. Spragins,
Tarboro. . .
And the following were the represen
tatives and Past Dictators present:
Samuel Merrill,, Baleigh ; Lawrence
Pulliam, Asheville; C.M. Brown, Wash
ington; Theo.F.Kluttz, Salisbury; W.
H. H, Cobb, Goldsboro; A. Arnheim,
Greenville; Ellis Levy, Enfield; R. Fr
iewis, jumDerton , VY, J.Everett, Rock
ingham; J. H.Bell, Tarboro; H. O.Hy
att, Kinston; L. A. Bikle, Concord; B.
Nooe, lxington; Henry Redwood,
States ville ; W; D. Stokes, Battleboro ;
W.- Hi Hardin, Laurinburg; Jno. J. Hill,
Asheville :' ' W. G , Brinsori, Newbern ;
Alexander Miller, Newbern ; A. -W.
Moye, Greenville; K. R. Jones, New
bern ; R. Mills, Newbern.
The Grand Lodge was opened in
form, and proceeded to business.' The
iono wing standing committees, to serve
during the session, were appointed:
Appeals and Grievances C. M.
Brown, L Pulliam, R, F. Lewis.
ueturns Theo; jr. Kiuttz.W. J. Ev
erett Ellis Levy.
State of the Order W. tl. H. Cobb, L.
C. Hanes, Samuel Merrill.
On Dmributim-. M. Smasrins. L.
A. Bikle, H. O. Hyatt. -
V. G. Bnnson was appointed to fill a
vacancy on the finance-committee.
The Grand Dictator read a Ions ahd
admirable report, showing the progress
the order has made within the inrisdie-
tion of North Carolina during the, vear,
which waa ; highly satisfactory to the
Grand Lodge. ' Xearly five hundred
new members haYe been added to the
roll within the year, and all the lodges
are working in harmony, and that fra
ternal spirit which is tanarht bv the
principles of the order. " "
The reports of the Supreme Repre
sentatives also showed that the order
was in a flourishing condition., Three
hundred and eigbty-fivd thousand dol
lars have been Daid but of the widow's
and orphans' benefit fund, to the families
of deceased members, during the year,
and hile the membership in North
Carolina has nearly doubled during the
term, the increase has been perceptible
throughout the United States.
in addition to the reaular assessments.
the Knights in North Carolina contrib
uted $281 to the yellow fever sufferers.
out of the subordinate lodge treasuries,
and sent in several hundred dol-
ars to the same cause through private
sources, showing that the teachings of
the order are in full force, and elf eet
throughout the jurisdiction. -
The report of the Grand Reporter
showed four deaths among members of
tne order since its introduction into tne
State, and that the death benefit in each
case was paid within sixty days from
the time of notification. It also showed
that there are now twentv-flve lodges
regularly organized, and working under
the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge, be
ing an increase of twelve new lodges
since the last annual session, with a
membership up to December 3lst 1878.
of 544, to which must be added for lodg
es organized since, 325, making a total
membership m tne state or S7y,,Deing
an increase since December 3ist 1877,
of 621. Total cash (general fund) for
ast year. $2,238.24 ; total disbursements,
$1,093.80, leaving cash on hand, $544.38.
The Reporternaving some curiosity
on the subject; made the following ex- j
nibit, showing the aggregate age of the
membership in the State; "The aggre
gate age of our membership is 29,644
years, uus gives sa years as tne av
erage age. The lowest average or the
memoers or any one lodge is 30 25-sutns,
and the greatest average age of any one
odge is 39 o-lwtns.
The report of the Grand Treasurer
makes the same financial exhibit
W. G. Brinson, in behalf of Newbern
Lodge, No: 443, extended the Grand
Lodge air invitation to participate in
an excursion to Beaufort on Thursday,
whicliwas accepted.
BvL resolution the hours 01, meeting.
were fixed at a a. mri8p. m- and Sixm.,
during the session!
A; number or resolutions ana amend
ments, 'changing existing" laws,' were in
troduced and referred . tor appropriate
committees. ;
'' ' ''" ' SECOlJP PAT, . ,j ' ',j
The Grand Lodge was opened, m due
form, all the Grand Lodge officers and
members being present. The minutes
of first day's session were. jeaLand ap-
fdOoMleM(aws rijofleS0
fa voWtidriti following. e t i 1
Rmmai fchatinpast Daetawrf im
madefy afiipeiisation or otherwise ex
cept by passing through the chair or at
the institution ox new lodges.
The report ofmejcommiKe&clteathe
rulmgf the' Supreme Dictator1 ori this
question. r ,
xne iouowmg waa aoopxea: . - vrn
Resolved. .That 1 ho : subordinate lodge
shall bei entitled to representation in
this Grari4 Lodge tbat i in arrears for
dues, orqy, part thereof, and any lodge
organized within three months of June
80th or ppember Slst of each year, shall
rEeslvedJrhiLtra sub
.DEitorteis'aiia- fiiiarMaUieboersiwho
have served in that position for two
years without compensation, may be
created Past Dictators. f
. An amendment was adopted restrict
ing the voting membership in the Grand
Lodge to its own officers, committee
men ( aild prntfcittkig off
theifrivHwge of PastTrfctators present
who are not of these classes, of voting
in the t lection of officers.
The following-Teport of the commit-1
tee or hnance was adopted :
yisnrliflfaiti oh finn'rfcefbeil leave
to report,
That they have examined the reports
of the Grand Treasurer and Grand Re-
Eorter, compared the same with their
ooks and vouchers, and find all cor
regtnd 4 n proper form.. The books of
the, Graridtyorteir are nefcitlytahdfeys
tematically kept, making it easy for
your committee to discharge their duty.
We recommend the adoption of the
following resolution:
Resolved, That this Grand Lodge pay
to the Grand Reporter three hundred
dollars - fOT-lhs'' (services' 'for"" the -past
fourtoea months.,,, rfJ Ut,. ,:vfri.
The committee also recommended the
reduction of thfr per capita "tax'tei ime
dollar per member, but after a full dis
cussion of the question that portion of
me report was laid on tne table.
P'3rhl&lirotiimitefl'5n annefilsn
MtoWfle-a ip9it,VGrieh was
pay a per capita tax, only jpro rata from
the - time of Institution,-1 pro vided that
thtf amountshal beiVlss thahiSH
itSperMpitdifyr, iv..-; wu w i-.-u-
- 1 1 'll' ! ...1.1! ..Aei
ni -Lliei louiowine resgiuuon was uutn
frttmsly adbptedi by.a rising votet :i Z
Mesoivea, xuai iu wauuuwigo
North Carolina recommend, t?rtbjBu
premXtlorVthe appoiritment J of
lirena Dictator tt rj . 11. neuamy u tne
Swition of medical examiner for th g
rand jurisdiction- , . . ,
HhntAfl Tv ft riai nr vote ii s-Ji;:-i kwpti
Jhmlaeds That' this Grand Lode'dd
recommend arid BFgeiWpptf the subotdir
al' Jpdes of tthu Grand i jurisdiction
the uropnetY or "Placing m meir iomkw
foam si box f of the purpose of receiyg
nntributions for.,thfiixfo'rdlOrphan
Asylum, and that the amount contrib?
utea d rorwarueu vwn wwum-wnio
fivsuid Reuorter.- and br ? himt to' the
proper 'authorities of the asylum,- -.i
A-.iniirnijpr 'iof'' other ' PFOpositions,
araendmentand. rreGommendations
were introduced and referred to appi-o-
Thr-committees:nn yetu'ahaj'
rributlom ' made reports, whieh iwere
The ioilOWing-Tesoiuuou, wj
7M.atithis'G'rand Lod
1 fr-w
if s. iho. auhordinate lodce constitntjQn,
r --amended ;at het'JiessjbnptAe
Supreme Lodge. r.V ; ik(kw wm&'f
The following resolution was adopt-
Grand Lodge be, and they are hereby79tlr H ?
F. & A. Masosrsf f t$-hH 0fftJifi "hfall f "J
during the sessiomi ofml grand bony.'t
xne grana dictator appointed the fol- y -
lowing standing committees for thef
4 enMndicJRMoA, H. O. Hv-
att and W. I. Everett ,
On Laws and Supervision Chas. R.
Janeapfi. !Biklca(l"Ai;W;.&MSydija
The business of the session having
closed in due form to meet at Ashteville
On Thursday ofthe session the Grand
Lodgeed4h1nVaatifrbf New
bern lodge, No. 443, to accompany jtli at
lodge on anojtouroion. to Beaufort
train and th
1 -m .
iy and eniova
hundred. veaplfi boarded the
B-JTflalf 55asS
iSM off pleasant-
ldttfi&Stl Mr.
Perry, was fine and afl went merry as a
marriage bell, not even excepting the
euiy w ieun. wuwu suuieui ineKnignis
Tne Axres f PatesiCbared with
tne Killing of Henry Kin pb ur y
makeri -wMcW trill .M'sOld Atf the vefv Ibwfefiu
nd jrUree BtocKctf SHnitera and Newport TtesHfri Gefets IwioiH haVe'a 'ftill stock of the be.
pfQnybacgyiyi that) we sell the same article solewhitt thei
x,ocrc Muv4uetHUHi ui sunouncing w mj-oiu I rieiiua iuai j. ain uow swtyiuy wxtu mr.ju.uyer, uu jieet t
with an experienoeof ten years in the Shoe and Hat business,' I can sell you goods in that line to your satisfacW,
iat a isirf a ; w very respectmiiY. - m ! u:l,..u i .-,tJ , ; -it
.M,t879.!f iy yi 1 1 t---, 3iocur!dro.rj: "I h;ii,.i!iMuv -. J. Mc. ALEXANDER , ,
The Grand Lodge met at 9 o'clock, a.
m., officers present. '
Among tne first business was the pre
sentation of the following resolutions,
rising vote :
Whereas, Newbern Lodge, No. 443,
Knights of Honor, has manifesed its
high appreciation qf pur ,npbH prdf r in
entertaining thiV fMnff1 Ufifen a
princely style, both while in the city
and on a pleasant excursion to Beau
fort, an elaborate dinner, pleasant sail
ing, &c, therefore,
Resolved, 1st That we highly appre
ciate the untiring efforts of brothers
W. G. Brinson, Saml. K. Eaton. KR.
Jones, Jos. S. Schwerin, R. Mills, and
others, officers and members of New
berne lodge to make our visit to the
"Elm City" pleasant and Agreeable.
Resolved 2d. Thattheir, effdrti have
been crowned with success, beyond
question, and we wiley.ercherish the
memory of this ''occasion with proud
Resolved 3d. That we had heard of
the hospitality of S. R. Street, proprie-:
tor 01 the liastoii House, and other citi
zens ot wewDerne generally, but hnd
that the half had riot been told.
Resolved 4th. That the thanks of this
Grand Lodge are due and are herebv
tendered to the Newbern band, and of
ficers of the excursion train for courte
sies shown and for music furnished for
the occasion,
Resolved 5th: That these: resolutions
be spread upon our minutes, and a copy
be sent to the 2s ewbern Democrat tor
publication, with the request that The
Charlotte Observer and other pa
pers friendly to the order copy.
The committee on the state of the or
der reported it in a highly prosperous
condition throughout the State, and re
commended the adoption of the follow
ing preamble and ioltttion introduced
by Past Grrfnd DictatoF Jonea ; rT
whereas, The question ot expense
in the annual sessions of the Supreme
Lodge, Knights of Honor, is one of vi
tal importance to the prosperity of our
order, and,
Whereas, This (irand Lodge de
sires to express its disapprobation in
regard to the policy of electing officers
and appointing committeemen from
that class of representatives whose
term of office expires at the end of the
session, therefore, . .. ,. ... .;
Resolved, That it is the opinion of tins
Grand Lodge, Knights of Honor, for
and within the jurisdiction of the State
of North CaroliiuiWiatithe .Supreme
Lodge is, and ought to be a legislative
body exclusively, and that the policy or
selecting -outgoing representatives to
that; body for "committeemen and. 1 'of
ficers of the Supreme Lodge, except the
supreme dictator, the supreme' Vicedic
tatoiv tfre supreme assistant 'dictator, ;
the supreme reporter, the supreme
treasurer, and the finance committee,
implying the payment, of mileage and
per diem to such parties, is an expense
which cannot bejustined by experience
or good economy.
Resolved, That the representatives or
this Grand Lodge to the Supreme Lodge
be, and they are hereby instructed to
votef 9 nsuch rchangei 6J chatgeft i the
Suprenie Lodger cbnslitutidn as' wflr for
bid the selection ot omcers and com
mitteemen (except those named in the
foregoing resolution) from that class of
memoers wnose term 01 memoersnip
expires at the close of the session.
Resolved. That the grand dictator be
directed to appoint a committee qf three ;
members of this Grand Lodge to com
municate the views this grand oody to
the respective grand lodges throughout
the United States, and ask their co-operation
in the desired change.
To carrv out this idea, the grand dic
tator appointed a special committee of
three, to-wit: Chas. R. Jones, W. G.
Brinson and. L. A Bikle. ,
TbeYtbmimttea. ion. 'printing, made
their report, which was received and
The hour for the special order Having
arrived, the grand dictator announced
that the election of officers was the
next duty of the Grand Lodge, and
upon ballot the following were elected:
liranq .JJictator iqeo. r . juuuz,
Salisbury:5 '
Vice-Grand Dictator Dr. V, H, t.
Cobb, Goldsboro.
Assistant Grand Dictator-J , m, &prag.
ins, Tarboro.
Grand Reporter if. C, Canton, states-
ville. . 1 i '. t . ; s ; I ' ;
Grand Trfeafeurer-S. C. SeofieMrDavid.
son College.
Grand Chaplain Jttev. vv. r, wi&
liams, Davidson College. , ,
Grand Guide JN. jacODi," Wilming
ton. j.Jn.ft'3 -v.dal-.ifff
Grand Guardian-Dr.D.Cogdell, Golds
boro. w3" 1
Grand Sentinelr-C. M. Brown, Wash
;rasv 'irana Dictator Dr. w. j. 11.
Bellamy, Wilmington.
.Grand Trustees, u. i;tj.anes, juex
lertoh: Dr. K F.Lewis, Lumberton; R.
Mills, Newbern,
The trustees made tneir annual .re-
port; which was adopted. ' ! ; ,M'J h
After some discussion on the ques
tion of the report .pJLthe committee on
laws in regard to making trustees the
finance committee, tne omcers eiect ior
the ensumg yearwerejthen installed by
Past Grahd dictator CnaVR. Jones.
The following resolution was adopted:
-a? EsvlwivTii9te9 Mw Grand sLodge
horeiw tfindera to tne sever.u ranroaa
compinies j)f the State 'Voter bf thanks
ior tneir cutiitpaiea . !uvtH w-h
rapes 01 iare to tne several .omupro auu
delegates to tnis urana ioage.
The following resolution was unani
mnuslv adonted:.
tThatriihRtii!eOTng-iXiffiacr!i"i tttrUm
Grand Lodge have" "merited, and we
tender them our thanks for 'the zeal
manifested and the efficient manner in
which they performed their several du
tieaci? aaiiaa zej . . - t3itu
-.ICbQfollowing was adoplBdlyflms
ingvote: ;:.v
Resolved. That the thank of this
i Thrbnghotitmfidaonskerable ex-
: j A- t , , .
citcmcni, . prevailed among tne coiorea
people-, especially, in the1 neighborhcod
of Hebron church, seven miles south of
the city,;' over the 'serisatfotf "Started,
there a week ago, beds?uppftjthe . re
ported finding of the body of a negro
man and the subsequent disposition' of
hit The-Bttppositiou among the colored
people of itbeairag)qdv4s has here
tofore be'en thatTElenry Kings
bury, a negro who was arrested) for vio
lently assaulting Mr. Dal Thrower, was
made away with by the parties who had
him under arrest and who reported that
he,, had escaped from them on the way
from Charlotte (where he was caught)
to the magistrate; J. T. Downs, who is
sued the warrant Several hundred of
them were in the neighborhood all day
Sunday trying to find evidence of this
fact-.. Coroner '.Alexander also1 went
down to assist in the investigation.
Sunday evehingarrahtrwere issued
by Justice Davidson, upon application
of Prince Brown and others, for the ar
rest of Joshua Glover, Andy Bales, Dal
Thrower, all white, flnd, Charles Small
and Jason Culp, colored. Yesterday all
these parties, with the "'exception of
Dallas Thrower who is attending court
in South Carolina, were arrested and
brought to the city. A preliminary
hearing was begun inthepourt house
testerday afternoon before Justices
Davidson? Waring - and Severs. The
court room wag. crowded. Messrs. By
num ahd ' Grier appeared for Glover,
Messrs; Wilson & Sum for the other de
fendants and Maj. W. W. Flemminfcrep-
resenled tile Stale! " "ZT"
..The f fmi ns&f 3toved5 htsfkt
ponement of the case on the ground of
the abaenpejpf matetfil itn&, and
askedvthStr 411 tie parties be rettMl bail
except Glover. After argument by Mr.
Flemming and Messrs. Wilson & Son,
the court overruled the motion and the
trial was begun.
S. H. Hilton, a justice of the peace,
who lives three najJea south of the city,
was the first witness called. He testi
fied that about three weeks ago, Joshua
Glover, Thrower, and one of the Bales
brother OmcouldiiOt sy fvlpcb; fin)
camTOTirs ntrase with "a warrant from
Justice J..X Downs for the arrest of
Kingsbury, charged with an "assault
upon Dallas Thrower They asked that
he endorse the warrant and deputize
Glover to assist inmaking the arrest
This he difJ. The parties tiien proceed
ed to Charlotte. About dark thev re
turned with. Kingsbury, and. stopped
at his house. He advised them
to bring the prisoner back to
to town and confine him in jail to await
the recovery or death of Thrower, who
was in a critical condition. Grover said
he had advised the same thing when in
town. 1 hut JJalSfsmd h 'intefurled; to
taKe htmiback 0 tie magistrate' who
had issued the warrant to-wit: J. T.
Downs. Glover then. asked the witness
to release him from further service.
whjeh. the , mtiysss dicL. , Bales , and
Thpt&S MridHJ'Md bi5f prison
er. Glover remained and talked with
him for fjfteen minutes, and then de?
parted.'saying he must catch up " with
the other party before they reached the
roau wueve ne turned on, as ne wisneq
to send a borrowed horse ou by them.
Bales, seemed; excited but the others
were quiet The negro was tied with
a rope" "held?9 by Bales. The prisoner
confessed that he had .struck Thrower,
but claimed that ljefli4d axsause. )
Andy Allison, colored, the next wit
ness, lives at SeYenMUe Pump. About
10 o'clock oTjue53d4y nigat three weeks
ago, he heard, near his house, loud cries
as of some one in pain. and subseauent-
lyA'dTabpinglof jliaSuds and noise, which
seemed as if some one was pursuing an
other. This was below where Glover
wquld turn off to go home, and fam
miles from Hilton's,
Joseph McMuller, colored, lives on
the plantation of John Moore Kirk
patrick ; was at the house of Lewis
Green a few nights ago, and had been
engaged in the search for Kingsbury's
body. Green gave' him a shirt (This
was produced in eourt It was a knit
cotton shirt and had a mildewed ap
pearance.) The examination of the
witness was stopped at-tnia point.
Edmund Holmes saw .Lewis liner,
Charley Campbell, Nathan Thrower
and Eli Thrower hunting for Kings
bury the day after he escaped. It was
On Mr. Bales' plaice wiiere Jie worked
Bal es left home that evening, Witness
left after dark and-went over to Dal
fitter Mtim
10 0 clocks. As Jb es-aaased mong., tha
road, heard vojoea in -barnot crept to5
the fence corner ana - heard Bales say:
D n him, we put him where the dogs
won't bark at him, Jennings saidd n
him, that's what ought to nave been
done with him There- were several
other men in the lot; recognized these
two and Mr.-xJshu45lver; knew
Jennings vulue well and also reoognteed
the mulhe,jyui fclinaw belong
ing to m?mxft&- 'Witnefeafterwards
went to tne Kitcnen : near jcne jjouse
(Dal Thrbvfcfs) mdl s Jidy Bales
and Dal Thrower came out of the barn
lotandgoTintd tbelehse; :iil'i J A
On the cross-examination Dy jar.
Wrlso4idenfed haYf seenopheart
sertion, (WBdwas-'a totsfakeifiwited?!
.wiBdsBi; mass
tJIenryj Weltonrndft seacii.ttliig
Sugar Creeknd-fotm4j0iinJelf Throw-'
er's place,..near thfJ jbridgeja pile of
ashes M ch he ;dis(verm'iwhat " he
beJieved-rla be partly burned bones.
grhpqo.wpro phowbfrW:
slson i&cSonvtheState's counsel, Mn
FMinifli?,taM!Ke!W!,'Staw the case
af thtifi asithe3ndoctol-s-'feould not
make cra$iea$ exapinatton t)f the bones
until daylight. ;Hejeid;ir4Sen.tt6
askvthat lie Toeibound over as a witness.
He was compelled to ask the cdtrrfto
sRnd the TemMninjrrirlsofiers.i
morning. i . v
Messrs Wilson Sen, argued that the
State's cdtirisel likff tailMtobring the
slightest testbaonyiaaainrt the-ascused ;
he.had not even attempted to prove the
chrviis v delicti that KinesburY - was
killed, and that the court had no right
to commit the prisoners, to deprive
rt Hi ttll
.; f
i.iij IHf'-
til li! i
1.7 .- 1.
lottal aad How iopyl I sj
"F'f '
Jt i.
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r. " ' -
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June 11 1879.
them of their liberty, on the strength of
a magistrate's warrant only. -
' The eonrt;:however, consented tostop
the case till this morning at 10 o'clock,
and ordered the four prisoners to be
sent to jail."
C?Mton High School. , .,'', . ..
We! learn that Prof. Thos. R Bailey,
having received a call to a lucrative
position in Mississippi, (the acceptance
of which admitted of no delay) was
compelled to close the exercises of his
flourishing, school atfaUallasl one week
earlier than anticipated. '
On Friday night last the 20th, there
were exercises in declamation, reading
and dialogues; after Which the young
folks enjoyed a sociable in one of the
large rooms Of the college building.
Prof. Bailey, in Ins $rief valedictory
remarks, explained thef cause of his re
tirement; ami stated sthat-be knew of
no better opening in the ; State for the
establishment of a first class school ;
and that no doubt under the new man
agement' it would open in the fan with
largely increased numbers. He: added
that the morality -of -the -inhabitants,
the salubrity of the climate, and the
number of children were all favorable
circumstances towards the estiiblish
ment bf a large and excellent school.
B. R. Smith & Co.
The New York Evening Post of the
19th contains the following amongjts
notes of the cotton exchange : , -
""Messrs.-'B. R.-Smith & Co., , Mho had
suspended last Monday, notified the
exchange to-day officially that they have
resumed business, and that they are
ready tq-meet all their engagements.
This to&tifieation caused great satisfac
tion on 'change, said firm, being very
popular In the room. We have the best
reasons to-believe that Mpssm Jl. W. &
J. H. Farley, who Watl suspended on the
same day, will resume business very
30004 . . , - r
The issttd of the 20th gives the fol
lowtttgr"' 'It gives us pleasure to announce and
it will be read with general satisfaction
that Messrs. B. li. Smith & Co., as was
expected, have resumed payment.
The absence of new failures in spite of
the Very hard pressure yesterday, Messrs
B. R. Smith & Co's resumption, large
sales of spot cotton in addition to the
general favorable opinion of the article
may be quoted as causes ot the im
proved feeling." - 0
The Walking Woman in Atlanta! -
The Atlanta Constitution has quite
an extended accouut of the arrival in
that city at 5 o'clock Saturday afternoon
of Mrs, Potts, the walking woman. The
crowd began to gather about 1 o'clock.
About 2 o'clock somebody said "yonder
she-comes," and the crowd began to
rush down the track and crowd around
a slight figure which appeared modestly
to avoid the eager gaze of the crowd.
It was soon discovered that this was a
cruel ruse, A lovejj of practical jokes
had dressed up a well-known ' young
man. of . small stature and effeminate
features, and thus made cruel sport of
the boys, The crowd felt greened and
went back to await in the shade the ar
rival of the genuine Mrs. Potts. Hour
after hour went by and still she did not
appear, At last it was learned that she
would oe there at a o clock, xne crowd
felt inspired' and Waited in patience.
As the hour drew nigh fully fifty per
sons went out as far as Ponce de Leon
to meet the lady while three gentlemen
began to enjoy her society six miles up
the AHvLine, At ten minutes past five
tne crowd: in tne depot cheered. The
veritable; Mrs. Potts brad appeared. . She
came up the track tn a trot, which look
ed like she was as frH'and.spriniry as
u sue nad 1 lust Degtm ner long tramp, t
The crowd ' surrounded her at once. I
She escaped and went to the Markham
House wjiere anewaa,jiQapitaniy.enter
tainediiyrthe propTietor,:Mr Paine.
A UonstiStitton reporter went to ner
room for ah interview, and sheftold him
thesamcrstory that she related tb fcrre
porter of this paper. ;v She said she had
gotten along,' finely . since, her departure
from Charlotte, and.adde4 am now
200 miles aHead. at IeaM,fx.rneft; Phila
4elphia.wi'ihe 12th of May to .walk
irom mere w ixow viicaua auu irvc&iu
five months. I would have to make
just sixteen miles every day t do it I
thought X could and 1 set out liost
fourdaysan Baltimore; from j the rain.
I have lost seven r4ays, m .alL but . I'm
ahead. . JLast Wednesday 1 did tne pest
day's walking I ever did tbirt,ysix
miles. jl, am, going, to tM.nere untu
Tuesdaf todrest i J - .vl
She has agreed to give two exhibitions
of her walking powers inlAtlanta-k)ne
liXl - IIIKH' CUiU. UUO MTUlgJlU '-OUOi VT 111
leave that city to-morrow.2-' j " 3 7 1 1
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cheek ofthe monthly eouraea;" Irom coWi trouble
ot mind: or Uks causes to toitotiot u disci
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tion la prompt and decisive, and saves the constitu
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' . . ' j! ; THE" SUN, Now York City. .
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licit a continuance of the same.
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&mXerr respectfully; 'vU "XtiW
Charlotte, N. a, June 1, 1879.

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