North Carolina Newspapers

    V-- ?-. '
Editor "and Proprietcr
"Free from the doting sctuHe that fette. our
' free-born reason." :
Printer finjrers.'in -the hurry of com
position," and editorial minds, in $he
hurly-burly of daily newspaper life,
sometimes present t readers' eyes queer
blunders in f Jets and figures, and occa
sionally make editors cut grotesque
capers in the eves of the world. The
Observer is somewhat careful about
these things, because it has no ambition
to appear ridiculous, but sometimes it
blunders and occasionally, has "to cor
rect itself. ' A case such as it had the
other day, where it spoke of "the baby'
being found on a railroad track when
it had intended to sav "the body," it
passes over in silence; but when an in
terrogation point appears after a sol
emn deliverance on a serious subject it
is constrained to speak out, as it did
yesterday; and so again it must be per
mitted to retrieve itself upon a matter
of even more importance: in short it is
not willing to rest under the suspicion
that it ignorantly supposes the book of
Job to have been originally written in
the Greek tongue. Having waited thus
long before acknowledging an adver
tence in an important particular, it ac
knowledges it now with the protesta
tion that it was an inadvertence just
in time to take the wind out of the
coming rejoinder of the lively contem
porary with which we were last Satur
day discussing matters scriptural. With
this we rest the case, avowing a lapsus
pennae without attempting to saddle
the convenient printer with any part of
the responsibility.
Questions of Physical Strength.
Foolish people and foolish newspaper
writers have recently been speculating
upon the probable result of a fisticuff
between Senators Lamar and Conkling,
since it has been certain from the first
that there would be no duel. A metro
politan newspaper having declared that
in such an encounter Conkling would
necessarily be worsted, the Petersburg
Index-Appeal thus states a well known
fact, or a fact, at least, which should
by this time be well known:
Senator Lamar i3 a very large man,
but has long been in feeble health. Any
body wlio looks upon his melancholy
and haggard face can see that he has
been a great sufferer. He has had two
strokes of paralysis, if we mistake not,
and lives in momentary anticipation of
Our Virginia contemporary adds:
We have heard that lie never makes
a speech in the Senate, without appre
hension of falling in his place a des
cription that applies to another South
ern Senator of great eloquence and abil
ities, but of delicate physical health.
Who is hate alluded to ? Senator Ran
som, we fear. Certainly the designation
of eloquent and able applies to him, and
we apprehend that it is to him that the
Index-Appeal alludes.
'; THE LAWS OF lSS-d. - '
, We have not had the pleasure of layr
ing eyes on a copy of the laws of North
Carolina f or . l878-'79,r- but have heard
and read a gcK)d deal' about them, and
fear they are in a great tangle. In addi
tion to there being among them a bill
which though signed never passed eith
er house, it is stated by a correspondent
of ,thVBaleigh News that the laws are
peppered all over with brackets added
by unauthorized hands enclosing words
and letters necessary to make the laws
intelligible, and that in addition to-this
there are in the drafts of the bills on
file in the office of the Secretary of
State, a number in which words and
whole lines and sentences and para
graphs are run through with a penf
This is a very serious charge if true,
and if not true a charge7 which ought
not to have been . made." , Iftrue, how
ever, there is much force? in thef ollow
ing extract from the 'communication of
the News's correspondent:
When the Sneakers si era bills with
lines and sentences stricken out, there
is no guarantee that any meddler may
not strike out other lines before deposit
in the Secretary of State's office or be
fore printing.
In view of the facts above, and the
further well known fact that the school
bill though it passed both houses was
never presented to the Speakers for'
their signatures, and therefore is not a
law though enacted by the General As
sembly, the conclusion is irresistible
that the negligence of some of the em
ployes of that body was bo great as to
have been almost criminal.
Newspaper Expenses. Some idea
of the cost of conducting a metropoli
tan newspaper can be gathered from
the recent address of Whitelaw Eeid,
editor of the New York Tribune, before
the Ohio editorial association. He said
that during the Franco-Prussian war,
the Tribtme's telegraphic bill, largely
payable in gold, was $85,303 51. Its ad
ditional bill for correspondence, also
mostly payable in gold, was $43,263 46.
Other journals quite possibly spent
more. And yet this was a mere tithe
of the expense to which the paper was
m. I t 1 t '"At
A French Tourist' Wife Fall 'Into
v . tie Seetfcinr, Water.' f V
A f catastrophe occurred at ; Njagar
Falls Saturday bywhich Mrs.v AJ Jiol-
land, oi 'farts, ranee, was swept over
Horseshoe Falls. Mr. and Mrs. Holland
arrived at Niagara from the West on
the 18th, and had visited the falls seye-
rar times; It-was their intention to
"XT -- 1 CJ.,4-. 3
25th, at 5 p.tnvas. the time for adjourn. 23 PLWfritlTT
Virginia, recommitted tothe commit 1
j m x. i 7 . 2r a
The Objectionable and Unobjectiona-
- Me Features, to be Submitted Sep-
- (irately Vance AmoBfThote
Who Oppose Yielding-Augbt.
Washington, June 24. Senate.-
The resolution fixing Wednesday wJune
f U- 11 I . " ti. M ii pf. f' V l : . "
-D -
on appropriations.
-Jonas presented a memorial of the
Louisiana" constitutional convention
asking that the Secretary of the Navy
be directed to establish a naval or ma
rine school at New Orleans. Eeferred
to the committee on naval officers.
Beck submitted a concurrent resolu
tion providing for a joint committee of
five Senators and seven Republicans to
report at the next session what changes,
if any, ought to be inade in the mode
of grading or collecting the revenues,
nacea on tne caienaar. g
xne esenace men
joint resolution re
pay of employes of both houses, and
after adoption sundry amendments,
and pending further consideration
thereof, adjourned at 2.10 p. m.
House. House, of Tennessee, offered
a resolution for the final adjournment
of Congress at 5 o'clock Wednesday.
June 25th. Garfield inquired whether
House could say that the appropriation,
bills would be passed by that time, but
received no answer. Townshend, of
Illinois, objected to debate. A yea and
nay vote is now being taken upon the
resolution and it is being carried bv a
strict party tote.
Later. The resolution for final ad
journment of Congress , at 5 o'clock; to
morrow was defeated yeas 82, nays 10&
Several Democrats voted in the nega
tive, among them Stephens, of Geor
gia. '
The advisory committees of the Sen
ate and House assembled shortlyjlfter
l p. m
ter of ; jthejsriverj At jiipointi where the
bank is a little more than a foot above
the water,, and. where the rapids are ex-
ceeaiBgiyswtfte sAjtex viewing the
grandiscenejfor a.moment Mrs. Rol-
Ian4e4 her husband for her pocket
cup, sayingie .wished to get a drink.
Mr. Holland 'handed her 'the cup and
then walked away a few steps and took
a yioyv up .wio, ver. xiia who in me
meantime "went to the place where she
had seen the boydipping 'up ''water and
atiemptea to mi ner silver cup.- in doing
thia okn m..n4- V 1 1. 1 1 1 ' S
latTmr iSSna i1 io the seething rrapidsi As she
Wt.ilr0 fell she- uttered orfv-frishtful scream.
which caused her husband to turn about,
and seeing his vwifei struggling in the
water he5 rushed to therpdge of the bank,
but she was oufcof his reach and beyond
all human aitfiir Af ter t seeinz j hia r wife
pass from his sigbtjn the boiling, seeth
ing rapiasantticfvePiHorseshoe Jfausyhe
turned and irata; nearly : the i whole dis
tarice to the Fr ench restaurant, where
he dropped completely exhausted in a
chain He groaned and wrung his hands
When, the 'proprietor! came up to him
and asked what the matter was. He
replied, "My wife is gone under the
water," and when he had recovered his
breath isufficiently to talk related the
sad occurrence. ;Mr. Rolland is a man
ufacturer of firearms, his place of busi
ness being at No. 51 ; Boulevard De Ar
Toyi LiegeBelgium. They have been
married two years, and were just com
pleting' a tour: around the world. A
a. for the purpose of preparing a ,-g?ra .rils' oPaw -.Bays reports
bill making" provisions for thVfu- wicmiglitconyey an idea of foul
- . . J I Til Q TT novo nrt TAiintin -4?...i.
Very Well Put. Mr. Steele, in the
House the other day, turned the laugh
very neatly upon Mr. Townshend, of
Illinois, who was objecting to the com
parative expenses of the two houses
"The expenses of the door-keeper's de
ailment ui uut renaie gaia ne, "are
over $74,000 a year, while the expenses
of the door-keeper's department of the
House are only a little over 6.3,000.'
He further pointed out that "these dig-
nitaries of the Senate have twenty-four
laborers to perform the lalwr of keep-'
ing the senate chamber in order and
other duties." At this juncture Mr.
feteele interjected, ?That must be be
cause they are dirtier than we are.'
hereupon there was laughter at the
expense of Mr. Townshend and of the
Senate. ,
The Trade Dollar. The trade dol
lar bill, authorizing the exchange of
trade dollars at par for standard dol
lars and coinage of redeemed trade dol
larrs into standard dollars, has passed
the House without much opposition
and is expected to go through the Sen
ate before the session closes. This bill
win give some relief to the people. It
will enable them to get off their hands,
at the price they paid for it, a quantity
of stuff which they took for money but
which they have since learned to their
sorrow is far from it.
dical expenses of the government for
tne nscai year ot 1880.
Singleton, rising to a question of per
sonal privilege, sent to the clerk's desk
and had read an article from the New
York Sun of the 23rd inst., criticising
his course relative to the printing of
the Glover report He intimated that
the article had been -written by Glover
himself, a man for whom he had a su
preme contempt
The House then resumed the consid
eration of the bill prohibiting political
assessments but the Republicans 'fili
bustered tQ prevent action thereupon
until the expiration of the morning
The businessi on the Speaker's desk
was next taken up and pending the con
sideration of the bill relating to the en
rollment and licensing of vessels not
propelled wholly by sail or internal
motive power, the House adjourned.
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Jnne 8, 1879. '
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' .'' w i.i.i '
Also a beautiful lot cf
It looks now as if Memphis stood
good chance to escape the yellow fever
this season. The city's sanitary condi
tion U reported by the board of health
to be better than at any previous time
in twenty years.. So far' the death rate.
as compared with previous seasons, has
been quite small, and since a genuine
summer set in, there has been re-
maritauie decrease in the class of fe
vers usually incident to this 'season of
the year. Dr. Thornton, president of
the board of health, mentions it as a
striking fact that during the past two
weeks there has not been a single death
from fever of any form, f M& has not
occurred before during any two weeks
ot June for six years.
J udicial Troubles. The honors of
judicial office in Kentucky seem to be ac
companied by corresponding dteadvan
-tages. Judge Elliott was recently mur.
aerea out there because his decision in
a certain case Was different front what
a kinsman of the defendant thought it
uuifniio.nave been. Thos.F. Hargis was
elected the successor of the dead judge,
but, an a newspaper puts it, "some trouble
arose about the age of the new judge,
and 'It wascharged tlwt lie had mutlhi.
ted the records of his family Jiibleto
make it appear that he is older than ha
in fact is. J udge Hargis; undertook to
make an explanation, but In . doing ao
appears to have hurt the feelings of the
roan who made the charges,' and! the
- judge la now sued, for libel Ih fttfcouis
SvNie court,': ,; ".;- Z ' '&Mn&m&t
wr im in JSECjc-Miss6uris
vest pulled down- Mr; JngaHi, 'of Kanf
.-as3n the Senate a few flays ago- r lni
galla was charging, upon ;the embraC
Ic party1 fraud, corruption j and blood?
uhed, making, in facta verfvillainoU
speech, basing his statements, as he ac-.
khowledged, uppa .he wspaper reports.
Vest retorted upon him thafif all that
was said about Ingalla by the newspapers
InMs (Ingalls's) own-State, S' true
lie (Ingalls) oughttobein the peniten
tiary instead of in the United States Sen
ate. This was not bis exact language but
this was the amount of it, and Ingalls
understood it fio well that he soon "dried
', up."
For upwards of thirty years Mrs. Winslow's Sooth
ing; Byrup has been used for children. It correct
acidity of the stomach, relieves wind colic, regulates
the bowels, cures dysentery and diarrhoea, whether
rising from teething or other causes. An old and
well known remedy. 25c per bottle. -.
Xortii Carolina Matters in Con
gress. In the United States Senate
last Saturday
Mr. Ransom asked, and bv unanimous
consent obtained, leave to" introduce a
bill (S. Xo. 715) for the relief of N. Hoy
den; which was read twice by its title,
and, with the papers on file relating to
the case, referred to the committee on
Mr. Vance asked, and by unanimous
consent obtained, leave to introduce a
joint resolution (S. No. 40) authorizing
the issue of certain guns and artillery
equipments to the State of North-Caro-lina;
which was read twice by its title
and referred to the committee on mili
tarv affairs.
"Washington, June 23. A canvass of
the House, made immediately after
reading the President's message to-day
to ascertain the views of the majority
upon the present situation, brought out
three different propositions with regard
to future action. First, to prepare and
pass another bill precisely similar to
that just vetoed, and if the President
return it unsigned adjourn sine die.
second, to pass a joint resolution con
tinuing the appropriations until next
January, but with the same limitations
upon expenditure as were containedln
the vetoed bill; and if not approved to
adjourn, and if called together again to
repeat the process. Third, to adjourn
at once without making any further
attempt to meet the views of the execu
tive. The first of these suggested courses
of action seemed to have the most sup
GRAMME. flM. T 1 . . r , . I
me AJeuiocratic senators were in
caucus three hours this afternoon dis
cussing the present situation with a
view to deciding upon a course of ac
tion. Senator Vest, who was the first
speaker, favored immediate adjourn
ment, lie thought that the majority
was under no obligation to do more
than it had done. He was supported by
Senator Wallace, who took the same
view, Senators McDonald, Bayard.
xuuiuiiui aim niji, nowever, opposed
Henry Price, a colored boy, has been
drowned in the river at Wilmington.
The State Council Friends of Tem
perance will be held at Kinston August
!rVrIck ftD4 material of the old
Caldwell Institute at Hillsboro is to be
soMut auction-July 12th. -The
annual stockholders'
of the Atlantic & North Carolina Rait
road takes place at Beaufort Thursday.
White saying her prayers Sunday
morning. Eliza "White, a colored wo
man of Raleigh, suddenly dropped dead.
A hail storm in Drariffflt liMr. ty.
day did agreatdeai of damage to crops out tl,t, President in vetoing the
and left hail -y ing onjhe ground to the Pres?nt bju. ou account of one of its
play have no foundation in fact Fvpxv
effort will be made to recover the body.
Mrs. Holland was 85 years of age.
But Three Days to the Crisl,
Fall River, Mass., June 22. But
three days more. remain before the spin
ners' notice expires, and as there seems
to be no doubt that the strike will oc
cur, many are asking what course man
ufacturers will pursue. . The manufac
turers had determined on a course of
action if five, mills only were struck,
but laid no plans to meet a general
strike. They: are, however, unanimous
in the. opinion that they must stand
hrm this time and win. A meeting will
doubtless be held during the next three
days to decide what shall be don.
A desire is freouentlv exDressed. es
pecially by store-keepers and many GftitOTS OTfard and Cfnnn
stockholders,, that a trial should be UilltLr?,, VAIorU and MHip
made to run the nulls regardless of a
siriKej, as it is Denevea that, with the
aid of the large amount of surplus help
iu tiic uitijr auu -a numrjer oi working
spinners who are opposed to the strike,
tuts uims couia do run very easily.
oeveriu uxuis are naaiung arrange-
lueuuj iur new spinners. . ah agent has
already been dispatched to secure
French help, and one mill that is sup
plied with Mason mules, that are very
light and easily handled, has been of
fered a complement of girl spinners,
who uave run sucn mules elsewhere.
there were qmte a number of mills
in this city supplied with mules of Ma
son s manuracture. It is probable that
an spinners who strike will be black
listed, and those who have wives and
children working in other departments
of the mills will find that the black-list
includes their whole families, so that
tne innocent will suffer with the guilty.
j. no ujcuiuicUHurers Bay mat sucn a
course is the only safe one they can
pursue, as it would do no frond to hlark.
list a spinner and havehim hangingabout
the city, supported by his family, and
uoiisianuy trying to create disturbances
among employes.
Which we are now prepared to offer ;il ealremelv
low prices.
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HaK e.l-
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June! Ira' HOWBTON, Proprietor.
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May 22
Trade Street.
Thanking our friends for past favors, and wish
ing to merit a continuance of the same by keeping
the largest stock, best assorted.
Ana sinet attention to business, with polite young
men to show goods without trouble.
depthr-of three inches
: Intelligence has reached Baleigh of
tb burping, of the. town . of . Whitaker,
on the JVilmiflgten Weldon Railroad,
pearly the whole town is destroyed,
leaving only one Or two buildings stand
mg. ' The fire originated to an pld ten
pin alley that had not been used for
i The Wilmington Review thinks there
should be some public celebration of
the closing of Jfew Inlet, near the
mouth of the Cape Pear. It says: His
Excellency, aoyerpor Jarvis. we also
understand, thinks that some demon
stration ought to be made, and signified
his Willingness to attend nf anv tim.
and so did other prominent officials of
the State, ambner thfim f!ni Wm t,a-
ston, orCharlotte,preBident of the State
"uut puuuc worKS, ,-. -
Vr Royal liOomlnir Into Promt.
Poiit Royal: June 24: a
pf the board of trade of Atlanta has
Just visited Port Itoyal harbor with a
vjew pi msmng WW harbor their ship-
and grain season. By the timalhft
son opens a combination will have been
formed between the railroads, boards
of trade and steamship, and direct
communication established via Port
Royal between interior points West and
bouth and foreign countries, iinnn tho
5ameuls and ' he 8ame rates that
freight is now carried by the New York
Central and Pennsylvania f ailroadsahd
flnippea from New 'Vftrk.' rnmmiffo.a
of the Louisville
Le "'Jl expeccea to make similar:
"Mice Jerome and Other Renounce
Imperialistic Ideas.
jvdvj?,, dune Z4. xne nmes cor-
responaent at .Fans says: "The pres
ence in the chamber of denuties on Snt
ii.- . . . - ' , f I j , . .
mis conrse with ereat earnestness, in. uruay iastoi jm. jje ourton and Rarnn
sistmg that it would be both unwise ReiUe, his former under-secretary in the
and unwarranted. They argued that it ministry of the interior, when other
would be - injudicious to give up the Bonapartists absented themselves as a
substantial benefits acquired by the token of respect to the deceased prince
sections of the present bill amending imperial, is deemed an indication of
uie jury laws ami abolishing the jurors tueir aoanaonment oi JBonapartism.
test oath, to which the P rfisirlAnt-. Vina Paris. June 24. Several
made no objection. They also pointed state that Prince Jerome Bonaparte
win puuusua iuaniresto tnis evening
ucvicuiu Liiau tic leuiauis lanniui to
his Ajaccio programme in which he an
nounced his Republican principles, and
that he is not a pretender to the impe-
xiai Buewxuuuu, wnue ac tne same time
ne says nis aormant claims bar the suc
cession or any otner pretender.
June 13.
W. S. FORBES, Agent,
Smith 4 Forbes' Old Stand, Trade St
provisions, and at the same time an-
lMmr I'll i . i j
fiu"io aiiny uiu, naa taK en a posi
tion at variance with the
an influential part of his own party.
Senators Butler, Maxey, Morgan, Pen
dleton, Eaton and Beck alsn snnlrA in
opposition to the plan of adjournment
without further effort Several of the
speakers, ihcludto. Senators Bayard,
j-uuiiuau, xxiii, xuuer ana Hampton.
was rejected bv an overwhelming ma.
jority, having received only three or
four votes. -
A resolution was then -adopted by a
votepf 20 to t directing the oaucua ad
visory committee, in conjunction with
the advisory committee of the House,
to prepare a bill in such terms as to ol
viate the President's objections and se
cure its enactment. The Senators voting
against this resolution were Cockrell
Jon'r-iYance' V(?st' Walker, Wallace
and Withers.
A cabinet officer, in discussing the'
situation with a member of thaliouse
to-day, said that if the majority should
pass another bill similar to the. one just
returned, the President wouldveto Iti
It Congress adjourned he wduld call
them together next day. If the process
was repeated he would not reconvene
them4he third ' tlinebut would leave1
the responsibility of 'closing th
arrangement with the -shipping com- W the Pempcratjc party. :
?LrJ?SSnt,y Wished spas to utilize1 1 1 what JPHe KEPtrBi.iCANiB wilt, do.' "
PA conference of leading Republican
representatives this afternoon -agreed
to yote again str. adjournment previous
to action on the judicial bill, and also
against, the -continuation of the ,;appro-,
pnauons, dux aeciaeanot to resort to
parliamentary tactics to defeat the plans
pthejaajorityv 5 ; w' -
I rWidWTON, 3uM, 24. The joint
meeting or tne .Democratic caucus com
lianoiora and Tenant Troubles in
London. June 24. A n fowl ATI H 1 frA q rr
said in the most emphatic manner that i5atiQn ln tfte west land has lately
adjournment, without providing for the causing some apprehension, Rt,
support of every branch of the govern- i10"- James Lowther, Chief Secretary
and indefensible. ; the House of Commons last night, stated
tne ciose ot the discussion, a reso- hUd,u Lae government, was fully alive to
lution in favor of adjournment without 1 16 nepessity of deaUng promptly with
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for the comfort and enjoyment of guests
fords6 fumIsned wltn the test that the mar et .if-
Bates to suit the times.
S. Mc. POSTON, Proprietor.
L. s. Williams, Superintendent. e -1 '
May 14 d6w
Invalids or pleasuie seekers, who desire to
spend a few weeks of the hot weather In a most
desirable locality, are Informed that the
Is now open to the nubile. nn tha cir.
tonburg and Ashevllle Railroad, forty miles from
Spartanburg, only a few miles from Flat Bock and
Hendersonville, ln a delightful climate, and sur
rounded by solendld mountain uvnon fan niuw.
can offer more attractions. '
The table Is supplied with the best the market
affords. Terms low.
Juae 31 m.
A. TANNER, Proprietor.
Democrat and Home please copy.
June 8.
the superior advantage of. Port -Royal
harbor for exportation, importation and
Pretended -Woodford Interview.'
n . . .- S r - :
uongressraan and ex-Secretarv Rhbft-
uu i reporxea as denying all know-
leaflTfl Of the ! RilPCrprl a n-on rram an fa
President Grant's cabinet, fnr MAn&L
Fit! -r' Tn.inJ6 he attempted &
take the oath of nffioA in iswi ti.,,, -
Tnat tn Proairlnn -lr Jl . jf
Inspector general of. the. constabulary
uccij ucaurttcutiu on a special mis-
oimh w uie utstnets concerned, tx con
sult with the magistrates and local con-
8PaDuiary and . report, what additional
police are required in order to insure
ma protection to all persons in the ex
ercise, of their legal rights ; that consid
erable reinforcements are being drafted
im wtrwie uisu-icra concerned, and notice
.hasj been given. tbaiinthe event of any
outrage thg cost of these measures will
jk, icYicu .ujjuii uie aistricc wnere it
occurs; - T -
To renew a j waninr strJek fmay b gathered from a
Booroe aoeesslble to : an,' and never sought ln Tain
by any whose; constitntloii and vigor toe not bo
moeh dilapidated as to be wholly past repairing.
Evidence direct, convincing and ample, Indicates
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters as a tonic of imexam
pdefflcacy and perfect purity, and possessed of
properties that constitute it fan tnvaluafclo jemedy
fopepsla, eoftstlpfttlofl, aqmfiiamt, tirin,
ftTrand ntertne weakness,' rhentiiftao complaints
and malarial fever, peheate females' and inarm
old persons are Invigorated and solaced by It, and
:r!-phTcal Ptratton: which tisually fellows a
"".ttnjat degree remedied and
With them you can find
Celebrated Ladles', Misses' and Children's Shoes
They also keep Miles', Burt's, Holbrook & Lud
low's, and other best brands. Gents will find tkera '
the MHler, MoCullpugh 4 Qber, ; Canfleid, and
UOes1 band-made Boots and Shoes. Also :
' i ; . . . :!:. : .
Opposite Central Hotel, Charlotte, N. C.
Prices as low as any other Drug House In the State.
Seven Dollars
And FtftV Cents Will buv a bran new Tmn Tank
Can. with pump, for holding Kerosene, at Dr. T.
(j. smitn's Drug store.
Sticky Fly Paper
Catches the Flies and holds them -inea nnt at.
ter them like ordinary Fly Paper or poison mar I
be had at Dr. T. C. Smith's Drug Store. I
Five Cent Cigars.
Ladles buying Parasols and Sun Umbrellas will
find the best assortment at the lowest prices at
They will also find other goods to suit them uikmi -which
they can save money. Our stock of Kane ,
and Staple
Is now complete, among which irhp lounu ir-
full supply of House Furnishing, tiatfj, Seetin
and Pillow Casings in Linen rnU Cotton. lUnen
Table Damask In White, Slate, Red and- Yellow;
Napkins, Doylas and Towels in ew, variety; Car
pets, Bugs, Mattings and Oil Clotfca.
Our stock of Embroidery andiYrtmmlngs is large.
and will be found very cheap. So will our stock of
fniT r. ,olr,'""D"A:"c"' Uigurs
Fresh from
Maca boy Snuff,
the Mills, at Dr. T. C Smttt's Drug
Ask to see pJJsn ftpta Lurtn Cambric Hand
kerchieland J52 .Sun Umbrellas.. Ym will find
them cheap, and everything else In proportion.
Call and see us. It will pay you.
If Your Horse
Has lost hi appetite, give aim Barker's
x uwucra ltepi uy LIT. x. u. SmltH, Dr
t". .i"u .m. nifl
rPTT raT? AVf ctj r rt c ttSEi&jmss. .p8 1 5 cents to
A JUJ V JLl; XX XT A KJ JJL V AJJ O . w -""""l .: x.;Vk BHUUI S lTttg btOTC ia, j
' - ' '
Mmmons' Liver Regulator
on hand - at Dr. T. p.
1 .:!tt
Call sure before buying.
attention. - , .
April &.1879. .
Orders have personal
And Pills larere snnnlv
Smith's Drugstore, . ,
JUST recetvedv
Green Tea
nt 6t rtFZSS?11 guaranteed. Sold by
Hotel' ' Dru6glst, corner opposite Central
were prepared-for . New xyork; tbafc
Gen. Woo4fpra probably never had any
f"IC& wteryw with Mines, as is credit
ed to his Bi3COUnt-Tin shnrr f haf tt,o
whole thing te a canard, '
tt, W. M. EevnoTda. n. wiriniv tn
SSlsh iterf o Benaaiionai Mion is
cieau.k ' ,' ; ' r , ' ? t
- A Vienna liiispatch .gay a the Turkigh'
cabinet crisis was - term in Atari hvninf
mff on the retired.list of .Fuad Pasha
and Nusret Pasha, who had accused
Osmair Pasha, secretary of war, ofmal
versatioilin office,-- ' .
is probable that the vetoed bill'wiil be
idividfid intn t.wn-J Rfnrn"t mnnanroa i
onemaking an appropriatioiKf or the
rees or u nitea btatesaarsnalsand pro
hibiting the appointment or payment
of 4PHty marshals of elections, and
the pther containing the eTnaiTrder of
the vetoed bill. ; .
Stoamer Sank .
T Cincinnati; June 241-The large'as
senger steamer GeueralXyth struck.log
15 miles below this city- this horning
and sank in 10 feet of water,. No lives
were lost, . . .
Dr. Bull' Baltimore Pills alwav enra Fever
and Ague, Dumb Ague, &c, and cost only 25c, .
Tf006006 through its use. It oc- -i-f,,-. -. . , -u :r.-.:,-.:
M Al jN Ull A HAMS!.
iVJl,, savioiip rthe Kittle Oats;;
cemeteried i inanr lltafe -Ves in
mZiffiW18. W parents used the
SSrt,wtil5e,r h save tne sickly ofl-
lnfc TWufSR 'fbte Ufe -8iaiheir keep
n,?.DU8' baby brain ranntnta mnnt
tTVAO BQnt ..4- u .
: June 2.'
a ehanginir tliwnpi tTo "r01 wmnK me ra
E.1SSfiS? PJPefSWl ncwlshment a
EKm?ZXZ ".y--ewqusry , dehffltated.
ase of fi ,?tcn"aren may
w III I .1 Trf j ' .i . -
i out
gain a
of Scott'
and ad nice as minf 1 MtVi aqaa. is sonar,
st alwetT'&wlU learn to love if
debilityi randor .1 or anT l0Tm of
sucbas MaraS ruSS? oI wasting.
To all )a . . . '.
-discretions Tot youto !iSnom the BTT0T M1 n
wili curs vourffW' ftfr iFlRsend a recipe that:
remedy 7waa vwakuis. This great
Sutime ??!61-,1 a missionary ; in
to tie 5E vrJOSEPHV 'Tv1udres8e1 envelop
York City. JuajpH T. IN MAN, staUon I, New
Jan 25 - j- r : ; ' . '
You Gan-Buy f
110 deg. Kerosene Oil at 13t4 cents per oaihu,
the Barrel at Dr. T. C. Smith! Drug Stjora
v., W n?$, wchtog and gvlng.tone to the blood. Sold
y.1k.v.initnArnggt8t, Charlotte, N. c.
HaiPDye at 25C:5
ijiyr r!oi!nlfcEX CHOICE
Ht-7 1
A4.u u irti.n aiwnnininif fit - fh. miu- ...!.. ,
preparations, at lyfrnBS'Sy??;
DOSlteCmiWl nhS' Z'.rr.""" vp-.
'H'i'l '..) I I1 ill
-; Luiun-ewTOr TOBAocosNufF,,:;; .; -:,a:CLemdri, S'Uffai:'
or making Lemonade for plcnio parties Ac.
Hojp Bitters,
fiJ8t-..Ivea.Calsocttcura Resolvent, W Wheel-
''IMMM imomtrun by Gen. Bieh-
t r .1 ,
Ghost ol Bedbrook," by the atkpr f 0dd
tot jnstieceiyed
BlBie SnverQnestlon,!'. hffleBry
- 'Jlii Ui. it Iniii JkSTTJCT Vi"faHO- M fi-i,;
Any orders meetial JiitedieXnot
on out abellTO'pcVantion:, 1
"' n M:ivn. ... , xiDDT & BBO.
' Sverr article we rati that VoitI7i . .
represented wlU be taken back and money ehw,! ,
f uiu refunded., Give ns a trial. Trolyhlft T? 1
Sallabury, N. C.
C. 8. Brown, Jr.i Chief Clerk' 0. Sheihurn' is
iwou - -

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