North Carolina Newspapers

C HAS, K. JONES, Ediutr A ProprlwUMr
t -
(Kbtuxd at thb PoR-Omox at Cfusurm,
SUP AY, JAN. 8, 1882.
We have it from an entirely reliable
source that Mr. Best and his Boston
syndicate has failed to meet the first
payment for the lease of the Atlantic &
North Carolina railroad, due on the 1st
day of January. It is understood that
he asked an extension of time until yes
terday, and up to the very latest ac
counts he had not been able to raise the
money. Our informant tells us that all
his employes have left him, because he
cannot pay them.
The idemnity fuud of $50,000 deposi
ted in the Paciflc Bank of Boston, if it
ever existed, wa3 lost by the failure of
that institution, as announced some
weeks ago, and the Midland scheme,
hitherto on paper only, vanishes into
very thin air. We suggest a wake over
the Best-Boston fizzle, and nominate
Goyernor Vance as chief mourner.
fact that his case has lately grown des
perate, and often he makes frantic ef
forts to Influence the jury by transpa
rent stories about the condition or
bublic opinion. Aeain, he is calm and
self-satisfied, talking with easy confi
dence of his acauittal. But he is grow
ing more nervous in his manner day by
day, and at the culmination of the case,
when a verdict is renaerea, l anticipate
such an outburst as will cast into
shadow all of his previous demonstra
tions. If he hangs, he will not do so
passively. He will fight hard to the
fast, and there will be some awful spectacles.
Our advices from Washington lead
to the conclusion that there will be
some pretty lively scrimmaging done
between the opposing Republican fac
tions in this State over the federal of
fices, the fight for the collectorship in
the 5th and 6th districts, promising to
be especially lively. In Xhe 5th there
are at least a half dozen aspirants for
Collector Everitfs place. Among them
some who, it is said, were on his bond,
and would now like to take his scalp.
As he was a very active Sherman man
when John was figuring for support be
fore the Chicago convention met, and
got his appointment over Wheeler who
was removed at the personal request of
Sherman, the presumption is that he is
not in first-class standing with the pres
ent administration, which is not under
many obligations to Mr. Sherman. It
is alleged though as far as we know
there are no charges of improper con
duct in his administration of the office
that he has given offence to some
who were formerly his friends by his rpne DUrham Tobacco Plant now
abrupt manner and disposition to run pears as a semi-weekly
his own way. it
Ladies, lentlemen,flVlisses, Boys and Children
Statesville Landmark : Bents in this
place, which have been very low of late
years, are advancing somewhat under
the influences of the boom which tl e
town has enjoyed this season.
On Monday, -December 26th Messr?.
fial. Rrown . and Henrv Morrison. Of
Shiloh township, were running a horse ;TTE guafaiifoa thatesety past pt SHOES we sell shall be found Just as represented, and snail allow no house to give you better goods than we do Tor the
r. n 11 1 i u w aj . 1 1 u w nun iv 1 w 1 1 1 - . . ... . - - . - . .
jwo w'.jHvn" 1 VJlIiii. I monex. Our stocs has been carefully selected with a view 10 tne wants 01 au classes 01 customers, and comprises a iuii line or beautiful and seasonable
There was a falling off in the Chinese
immigration to California the past year.
The number arrived at San Francisco
was 14,767, while 8,178 returned to China.
The revenue received by France du
ring 1881 exceeds the estimate by 217,
000,000 francs.
Eight prisoners confined in the Hills
boro jail overpowered the jailer Wed
nesday night and escaped.
Kansas is trying the experiment of
cotton production. One planter ginned
and shipped 100 bales last year.and it is
reported of excellent quality. This
fact, and the presence of thousands of
negroes who were raised in the cotton
fielcTs, it is thought, will stimulate the
effort in that State and carry the pro
duction to surprising success.
A petition is in circulation in Rich
mond, Va., asking the city to appropri
ate $20,000 to purchase a lot and erect
an industrial institute where the indus
tries of the State may have a fair
representation, and in which young
mechanics may receive higher instruc
tion in their respective callings. This
is a good move and should be encour
aged. A London paper edifies its readers
with the statement that the Irish revo
lutionary party iu Ameiica has been
collecting Colorado beetles and ship
ping them to England to destroy the
crops. Between infernal machines and
Colorado beetles these Irishmen do
manage to keep some English editors
terribly worked up. The beetle mode
of attack is something new in -warfare.
During the past season the Missis
sippi river has been open from St. Paul
to the Gulf from April 30 to January 1,
a period of 244 days, and the closing,
which occurred Sunday night at St
Paul, is the latest ever known, with one
exception that of four years ago, when
the closing was delayed by mild weath
er until January 4.
The high-toned and moral city of Bos
ton ha3 introduced a glass election box,
- the object of which is to prevent swin
dling at elections. By and by we shall
begin to believe that the Bostonians are
really not much better than the balance
of mankind.
the office in his own wav. It seems
that he is in ill health, and not always as
smiling and urbane as it is thought,
public officials.ought to be. As he is
chuck full of push, perseverance, and
not deficient in self-confidence, he will
not surrender at the bidding, but will
tug it out till crushed and driven to the
wall by the stalwart forces.
But perhaps the most interesting
set-to will be for the collectorship of
this, the sixth district, which Dr.Mott
has resigned in favor of his friend T. N.
Cooper. This is a sort of a tri-angular
affair, the leading participants being T.
N. Cooper, II. C. Cowles, and David
Jenkins, more familiarly known as
"Honest Uncle Dave." It seems that
Mr. Cooper worked his tricks so noise
lessly and successfully as to secure the
appointment before his competitors
were fully aware of what he wa3 doing,
but when they found it out they suc
ceeded in stopping his progress and
now have him in chancery where the
heavy work begins. Cooper, Cowles
and Jenkins, with their backers, are all
in Washington and have their sleeves
rolled up for active business.
The opponents of Cooper say that his
appointment through the agency of
Mott is a mit up job. and while it will
give Cooper a fat, and a very fat berh,
will still leave the political power of
the district in the hands of Mott, who
is said to aspire to Senatorial honors in
the event that the State be carried by
the Republicans. Cooper as collector,
and the appointee practically of Mott,
would be a very useful man to his
friend in that position, for the sixth
district is no small institution and
handles lots of cash, with lots of loose
change for campaign purposes.
We will have f ullerjdevelopments ere
long and probably some very interest
ing ones.
It is said that about 2,500 negroes have
left South Carolina for Arkansas,
nearIng the end.
It is generally believed in Washing
ton that ex-Senator Sergeant, of Califor
nia, will be Secretary of the Interior,
but that Kirkwood will hold on till af
ter the senatorial election in Iowa,
which takes place in the latter part of
the present month.
Mrs. Leonora Horn, of Peru, Nebras
ka, is the preprietress of a head of hair
which measures (the hair, not the head)
sixty eight inches in length, for which
she has refused $500. Exactly how
many bushels of hair-pins it requires
to keep it tucked up is not stated.
Senator Jones' resolution to enquire
into the location by State officers of
swamplands in Florida, may produce
developments. Those swamp lands
have recently been coming to the front
as afield of large-sized speculation.
The freight and passenger earnings
on the main line of the Richmond and
Danville Railroad for the third week
in December were $11,600 over the
earnings for the corresponding week
of the previous year, an increase of 60
per cent.
Dr. Newman, General Grant's Wash
ington pastor, has left the Methodist
church and accepted a call from the
Madison Avenue Congregational
church in New York. DID HE
In his pass with Scoville yesterday in
the Guiteau trial, Judge Porter, of the
prosecution, let his temper run away
with his judgment, when he petulantly
exclaimed : "This farce, which has so
lonsc been enacted by the counsel for
the defense must now stop; if not re
buked by the court it will be by others.''
Language like that on the street might
not attract attention, but from the
mouth of the leading counsel for the
prosecution, it is singular, to say the
least of it. Whether he had reference
to the organization of "avengers," who
have so frequently sent their epistolary
respects to Guiteau since his confine
ment in jail, or to the followers of
Judge Lynch, who have not been alto
gether satisfied with the progress of the
trial under Judge Cox, we do not exact
ly know, but itlooksvery much like a
threat, and one that very ill be
comes one occupying the posi
tion in the case that Judge
Porter does, whoj representing as he
does, the Government, ought to be one
of the last even by inference to give
encouragement to the mob, and this is
the only effect tht such language, un
der such circumstances, could have.
The man whom he is prosecuting is in
the hands of the law, on trial for bis
life and whether we incline to the
opinion that he ought to be hung or
not, he is entitled to the full protec
tion of the law, and men who are plead
ing for the enforcement of the law as
Porter is, should be the last to invite
the mob to its violation.
A twelve-year old boy in Burks coun
ty. Pa., was recently arrested for plac
ing obstructions on a railroad track.
That boy would make his mark in Tex
as. The board of estimates for New
York city has cut down the appropria
tions for the. departments for the cur
rent year nearly 82,000,000. The sum
allowed to run the city is $29,412,831.
The sooner the Democratic party of
New York boots John Kelly out and
his Tammany faction with him, the
htterit will be for the Democratic
The literary society of Bennet Semi
nary, colored, at Greensboro, publish a
little quarterly to advance the cause
of education among the colored people.
The United States begins the new
year with a public debt of $1,785,491,717,
or about $1,000,000,000 less than the
maximum amount reached by the debt
in H865.
The Florida Central railroad extend
ing from Jacksonville to Lake City was
cold Friday to Edward Reed, represent
ing an English company, for $395,000.
i i
Cincinnati's tax levy for 1881-82 is
$2 22 on the $100 valuation. The total
valuation of the county, is $199,108,000;
and of the city $167,404,000.
The deaths from scarlet fever in New
Yoflc city "were trjple and from diph
theria double last year what they were
the. year before.
The Washington correspondent of the
Charleston News and Courier, writi ng
of the Guiteau trial and the possible re
sult concludes his letter thus:
Guiteau himself has succeeded in puz
zling most people by his conduct. It
has been the queerest combination of
blunders and shrewdness, transparent
tricks and idiotic interference ever
seen in a court-room. There has been
coherence or system about his demon
strations at all. At times he has made
excellent and pregnant suggestions to
his counsel, and again has said and
done things which any sane man would
know were fatal to his theory of insan
ity, ne has raged over petty slights
jgnureu imuug evidence against
him, laughed at his counsel's efforts and
then anticipated and ruined their
points by his interjections and abuse.
Thousands f instances can be found in
the testimony where he did these
things, raging at times, again sulking,
and then smiling with pride and pleas
ure. Entirely without a settled plan,
his interjections made with the rapidity
of lightening and utterly without pre
paration, yet always earnest and fluent,
it is difficult to imagine that he has
been shamming. There is no method in
his madness. He has stoutly declared
that he ceased to be insane after the
shooting. That woould seem to &e
yet it is only one of fifty which he has
made, all tending to injure his case.
That of itself might be considered part
of a deep plan were it not that he at
times has really helped his counsel by
shrewd advice, not only openly but
Privately. It is a very singular case, but
think, the man's words, actions and
appearance in Court comprise the most
conclusive- evidence of his insanity
which has been presented. Probably
the jury won't think so, in which case
there will be some of the most sensa
tional scenes which can be imagined;
Guiteau will not take conviction easily.
He is not "the stuff that martyrs are
made of." He will make a fearful
racket Lovers of the horrible and gro
tesque may prepare,in such an event,f or
a surfeit of sensations. He has sharp
ness enough at times to appreciate the
Doors closed on the Crowd bat the Se
lect Find Seats -ladles Bring their
Persuasive powers npon the HL&r
elia.1 -A Scene between opposing
Counsil, During which Cinltenn
drops In a few Itemarks.
Washington. Jan. 7. "None but
members of the bar, members of the
press and those who are engaged upon
this case will be admitted to-day," was
the announcement at the outer door of
the court room this morning.
Every avenue to the courtroom was
carefully guarded and even the police
men on duty indicated that the day
would be one of unusual importance in
the progress of the trial.
A number of ladies succeeded in per
suading marshal Henry that they were
either members of the bar or press.
Such would be the natural inference
as seats reserved for the legal fraterni
ty were quickly filled with ladies.
There was a fair representation of
the bar, though by far the greater part
of the audience was made up from the
gentler sex,
The court room was filled and with
probably the . best representative audi
ence since the opening of the trial, in
point of standing and intelligence.
Mr. Davidge opened the argument
upon the law points and was followed
with the closest attention.
The jury were told by the judge that
they might be excused for the day, but
they preferred to remain and hear the
The prisoner assured his counsel
that he would not ask to take a part in
the legal arguments to-day, but he
should insist upon making "any com
ments he should deem necessary, to set
them right on either side.
As the argument progressed, Guiteau
pretended to read a letter, but in reali
ty followed Davidge with the closest
attention. The few interruptions
which he made were unnoticed by the
counsel, save when Guiteau called out,
"I didn't know the difference between
right and wrong. I had no choice ; if
I had 1 would not nave oone it.
To this Davidge said, "we will come
to that by-and-by."
The firs.t sensation of the day was
caused by the reading of Judge Davis',
(N. Y.) charge to the jury in the Cole
man murder case.
Judge Porter relieved Davidge and
read from a newspaper slip.
Scoville, with some impatience, ob
jected to any more snch dramatic ef
forts on the part of Judge Porter, in
tended for effect upon the jury, and in
sisted that he (Porter) might as well
read a stump speech to the jury. That
he (Porter) knew that it had no bear
ing urjon this case. "Of course he
knew it, shouted Guiteau." And more
than that the jury decided the case di
rectly against the charge of the Court."
Judge Porter repelled the intimation
and insisted that this farce which had
so long been enacted by the counsel for
the defense mustrnow stop; if not rebu
ked by the Court it would be by others.
Judge Cox ended the dispute by say
incr that the matter read was undoubt
edly authority ; its applicability to this
case could be commented upon by coun
sel at the proper time.
As Davidge resumed, Guiteau again
shouted, "I want to get this thing right,
before the jury; everyone knows all
about that Coleman case. The jury
gave a verdict against that charge, and
this prosecution knows it well."
The effect was electrical, when Da
vidge, in a most deliberate and earnest
manner said, "your nonor, tnis man was
for three weeks held up to us as an im
becile, and now listen to him he not
only knows the difference between
right and wrong, but he understands
fully the law of the case.
Guiteau: "Transitory mania, that's
my case, I don't pretend I'm insane
now. 1 ve got as gooa a ueau as you or
Porter either. Scoville's a fool though.
I repudiate him and his whole theory
of defence. All I want is two hours
before that jnry, and I can set this
thing all right."
The scene was a lively one for a few
minutes. Judge Cox rapped for order,
and soon Guiteau subsided, and Da
vidge continued without further inter
ruption to the end of his argumept.
Col. Reed addressed the Court in re
ply to Judge Davidge, and confined his
argument to the consideration of two
questions: first, the definition laid down
in the revised statutes of murder and
manslaughter, under which if malice be
not proven, he contended the crime
would be manslaughter. Second, the
application to this case of the question
of reasonable doubt, in connection with
the plea of insanity. Col. Reed conclud
ed at a quarter past 2, with a perora
tion, in which figured glowing allu
sions to the latitude of liberty, and the
far-reaching impartiality of the law un
der our free institutions.
Mr. Scoville, upon being informed by
the Court that the prosecution were
entitled to opening and closing where
both, parties prayed instructions, called
attention to the fact that the prosecu
tion had made one argument to which
the jury had listened this morning, and
would nave the same advantage Mon
day, while the defence (probably it was
merely accidental, like Mr. Davidge's
cold in the morning, which allowed
Judge Porter to air bis eloquence be
fore the jury) must be content to dis
cuss these questions in their absence.
A lively and somewhat sarcastic col
loquy between the counsel ensued.
The Court did' not think any reflection
upon the prosecution was intended by
Scoville, and put an end tothe dispute
by telling Scoville to proceed with the
Scoville critictee.d severely the course
of Judge Davis in ,the New York case
just decided, in going out of his .way as
ne ((scoville) said to render a decision
that might be made use .of .in ,the trial
or ttuiteau. -
Yes," called out the prisoner, "and
the jury in that case went oat of their
way to rebuke Judge Davis."
Scoville bad not Concluded his argu
gumentat 3 o'clock, and the court ad
journed until Monday.
horse broke artery
thereafter died.
From the 1st of September, 1831, to
date, there have been sold on this mar
ket, according to the books of Weigh
master Barron, 2,142 bales of cotton.
This is more than double the amount
of cotton marketed here during the
same period of any preceding year.
Our people never complained more
than they are doing now, of the condi
tion of the public roads, and yet no
body is doing anything for them or
suggesting anything practical to be
done. Year after year the roads go on
from bad to worse, and yet everybody
is like the Arkansas man about his
house: in the summer they are good
enough and in winter it is too bad to
do anything for them.
Rockingham Spirit of the South:
The Ledbetter cotton mill in this vi
cinity is nearly completed.
Forty-two needs and mortgages were
admitted to probate in this county dur
ing the past month.
A small quantity of thread has been
spun at Messrs. Leak, Wall & McRae's
new cotton mill in this vicinity, and it
is expected that, in a few days, the mill
will be gotten in full operation.
We are greatly pained to have to re
cord the death of John McKay, Esq., a
member of our board of county com
missioners, which occurred at his resi
dence in this county on the 2nd inst.,
after an illness of ten weeks of typhoid
fever, leaving a wife and three chil
dren. He was a good man, faithful
and efficient public officer, and his death
will be mourned by a very large circle
of relatives and friends. He was about
56 years of age.
Asheville News: A drove of sheep
were shipped last week from this place
to Richmond, Va., over the Western
JNortn uaronna railroad, Tney were
bought in Haywood county, and is the
first shipment made from this point to
that market Heretofore, stock from
Western North Carolina have gone to
the Eastern market by way of Tennessee.
goods, ol the very best quality and all grades, from the finest French Kid Button Boot to the Heaviest Brogan. if you wish to get your boots and shoes to
suit you and at the lowest possible prices, you cannot do better than at our store. Give us a calL
ser13 ' : - Central Hotel Block. Trade Street.
Durham Plant: Since the organiza
tion of Durham county in August last
there have been registered in the Reg
ister's office one hundred deeds and two
hundred mortgages. Our worthy reg
ister has been kept very busy.
Greensboro Bugle: Married, in Ox
ford, Mississippi, at the residence of the
bride's mother, on December 15th 1881,
Mr. P. B. Barringer and Miss Georgia
Shotwell. The groom is a brother of
of Mr. John A. Barringer, of this city.
Raleigh News and Observer: Three
sheriffs yesterday settled their taxes
with the State Treasurer: James R.
Blacknall, of Durham, county, $6,943.
68; S. E. Koonce, of Jones, $2,076.82;
Dempsey Spruill, of Washington, $2,
564,20. Henry Betling, of Guilford county,
and Joshua Owen, of Martin, both col
ored, were released from the peniten
tiary yesterday, having served out sen
tences of two years for larceny.
The aggregate valuation ot real and
personal property listed in Durham
county, from that part of Wake em
braced in the cut off, is as follows: Oak
Grove township, $174,124; Cedar Fork
township, 888,708. There were cut off
in the former township 196 polls and
from the latter 89 polls.
The continued cold and disagreeable
weather is causing a great deal of suf
fering among the poor of our city. The
Young Men's Christian Association is
doing all it can to relieve this suffering.
Late last night one of the distributors
was out with wood, distributing to par
ties who had not a stick to warm their
cheerless homes.
Dr. James McKee, county superin
tendent of health, has vaccinated 217
pupils and teachers, at the white graded
school, being not quite half those be
longing to this school. He vaccinated
80 in one and a half hours with less
trouble, he says, than occurs in some
families of half a dozen persons, which
is due to the system and discipline un
der which Captain Dugger has his
lie W&a inierepresented, and JTIade
Itm Charge Against Jefferson Darin,
Washington, D. C, Jan. 7. The
Post will publish to-morrow morning
the following important letter from
General Joe Johnston :
To the editar of the Daily Post : Sir,
When an article headed "General John
ston's narrative" appeared in the Phil
adelphia Press of Dec. 18th, I wrote to
the editor that the conversation on
which the matter was evidently founded
was not an "interview," and the article
was so inaccurate that I would not un
dertake to correct it. This was pub
lished by him promptly. As that arti
cle seems to be treated in the South as
accurate, and I am charged with hav
ing accused Mr. Davis of appropriating
Uoniederate gold, carried through
North Carolina, 1 write to deny the
charge. 1 did not use
guage imputed to me.
did say was that the
ought to have accounted
money. It is a well known prac
tice in this and all other civilized coun
tries that those having the disposal of
public funds shall account for them.
What I said on that occasion was in an
accidental conversation with one whom
I considered much above the class of
interviewers, therefore I had no fear
of publication of what I might say, and
said a good deal that nothing could in
duce me to say for publication, espec
ially on the subject of the funds at
Greensboro. That part of the conver
sation was in connection with the sub
ject of an application twice made by
me, that part of that money should be
paid to the army 1 then commanded in
North Carolina, which had received no
real pay for many months. Signed,
J. E. Johnston.
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the lan-1
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Durham, K. C.
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' Philadelphia oystermen say that good
oysters this year are scarce and hard to
Enabling: an Instantaneous message
. to be Ben from a fUoTimf Train
Santa Barbara Press.
On September 27, through Messrs.
Dewey & Co., a patent was issued to a
resident of Santa Barbara, California,
for a method of telegraphing from a
moving railroad car. The invention
enables each freight or passenger train
to have its own telegraph office. Two
wires are required instead of one, and
these are suspended directly over the
track and above the moving train.
They are parallel and about eighteen
inches apart. ' One wire is connected
with a battery at the station from
which the train starts, and the other
with a battery at the terminal station.
They are so suspended that by a some
what ingenious arrangement light run
ning wheels can run along tnem trom
one end of the road to the other. The
wheels are insulated from each other,
but are connected with wires that pass
down the roof of the car to the opera
ting instrument, and through it com
plete to the circuit. As the car moves.
the- wheels are drawn aiong on tne
wires just above it, and a constant cur
rent of electricity is maintained be
tween the initial and terminal stations
through the moving car;
Without attempting to enumerate
the advantages of the invention some
of the more obvious mav be mentioned.
All train reports and all orders from
train dispatchers will te communicated
directly to the conductor and engineer
while the train is in motion. Passen
gers can receive and trarftmit messages
at any moment during their journey
without any of the inconveniences now
experienced. Directors and distinguish
ed parties traveling in their own pri
vate cars will find it especially conve
nient to have a telegraph office con
stantly at hand. But the one great
value of the invention, after all, will be
its preservation of life and property by
preventing gojlisfons.
. jm. r ojmi.i.
Hon Edwin W. Stoqg-bton at (be
Point off Death.
Njsw YoFjc, Jan. f Hon. Edwin
W. Stoughton, ex-MInister toltussia,
who has been confined to his house for
several weeks by illness, is considered
to be in a very critical condition to-day
by his physician, and they give but little
hope for his recovery.
The Weather.
Washington, Jan. 7. South Atlantic
and East Gulf States, warmer southerly
to westerly winds, Jower barometer,
light rains and partly cloudy weather.
At a recent concert, it was the subject of remark
tUW in wtiat floe "voice" the singers were; in com
mending hls'gQpd Judgment, the leader will par
don ns for wnupeirmg tan he always recommends
Dr. Bail's cough syrup for ole&ri&g and strength
ening the voice.
A novel, but- certainly interesung, form of Val
eBUDB hM originated m sending a dollar or two
dollars to MA. Diph!n,New Orleans, La., be
fore the 14th day of February nest,' when the
1 41st Grand Drawing of the. Louisiana State Lot
tery takes place under the management ot Oener
ali Q. T. Beaursgard, of Louisiana, and Jubal A.
Early, of Virginia.
Has often been made by the discovery of some
new thing, but nothing has ever stood the test like
Dr. Benson's Celery and Chamomile Pills; their
popularity and sale is unprecedented.
They uppiy a need long felt and must become
a household remedy. Just think to be cured In a
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awful suffering from felck Headache, Neuralgia
and Dyspepsia, and the nervous system put in a
natural and healthy condition, destroying the pos
sibility of Paralysis, Angina Pectoris and sudden
death, which Is carrying off ro many noble men
and women la the lull tide of life and useful
This slmDle remedy of Extract of Celery Seed
and Chamomile Flowers, combined in the form of
Dills, is a boon to humanity. It has saved the
lives of thousands ol nervous, headaching ctail
dren in our schools and out every year. No nerv
ous person or sufferer from Headache, Neuralgia.
Dysi epslaor Paralysis will do themselves Justice
uotu they try tnem.
Sold by all druggists. Price E0 cents a box. De
pot, 106 North Eutaw street, Baltimore, Md. By
mail, two boxes for $1 or six boxes for 32.50, to
any address.
Everybody Has" Discovered
Is Warranted to Our
body. It makes the skin white, soft and amootu;
removes tan and freoJuaa, and Is tbs BEST toilet
dressing in THE WOULD. Elegantly put up, twe
bottles in one package, consisting ot both, internal
and external treatment.
All first class druggists have It. Prioetl.perpaokage.
The McSmith Music House
And other PIANOS.
First-Class iDstromeats.
Ask me for prices If you want good work,
and you will nevsr boy anything but the best
Address or call on,
.(aiy Ju J tit j.j
0 i it r, i r.MM v
Coffee drinkers should read the advertisement
in another column beaded "Good Coffee."
Coffee drinkers should red tKs sdvArHBAmont
in another column headed "Good Coffee."
far all these Falnttol Complaints aad Weafcaeiaaa
so eesajnon te. ear bi f emaie popniauon.
I) frill curg enffrsly the worst form of Female Com.
plaints, ail pTarian troubles, Inflammation and Ulcers
tton, Tailing and Displacements, and ftie ponseanent
Spinal Weakness, and Is particularly adapted to the
Change ot Ula,
It vlll dlssolTS and expel tumors from the uterus In
an early stage of development. The tendency to can
cerous humors there is checked very speedily by its see.
It removes falntnesa, flatulency, destroys all craving
for stimulants, and relieves weakness of the stomach.
It cores Bloating, Headaches, Nervous Prostration,
General Debility, Sleeplessness, Depression and Indi
That feeling ef bearing down, Gauging pain, weight
and backache, is always permanently cured by its Use.
It will at all times and under aUclrcamitances act in
harmony with the laws that govern the female system.
- For the cure of Kidney Complaints of either sex this
Compeund Is unjnrpasBedT "
POTOTDis prepared at S3S and S3B "Western Lxenue,
Iarim, If ass. Price si. Six bottieefor SS. Sent fer mail
in the form of pUls, also in the form of lozenges, tm.
receipt of price, l per box for either. ' Kn. Plakhsm '
freely answers all letters of Inquiry. - Send (or pampi
let. Address as abOver tinmen KM Paper. .
Xo family should be without LYDIA 5. .SnTEHAlT J
UVek fills. They cure eotirapaaon, biliousness
and torpidity of the Uver. K cents per box.
&sT Sold by all Druggists. -
January Hth
McDoiloagh and Fi!forl Combination
: (EVERYBODY'S -lAVO'siTf!),
Will Intoduce her varied selections of Sore.
Duets and Medleys.
Prices 75c and 91. OO. No extra chafo-fl
for reserved seat: for sate atMcSmJUi music house
Monda-f, rfaHBsry -ftfe-' , - w s J sw-f
REMOyAL. : :
I Haw Temomi mj stock of "Groceries' froa.
Trjon street to th r-hslton buitdiug, on East
Trade street, where I will he pleased to see iny
customers and friends. Bespectfully.
Jan 4 w f sun J. a. KATTEBEIL
Tuesday, January 10th, 1882.
Supported by a
Strong Dramatic Company,
Will appear In
ACTS, entitled
Admission SI. OO? Pas at vert seats St. 25
Jm be secured at the usual places.
HJan5 5t

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