S .. - aeMimmsl3ataii IMllH Hill linn I I '"I II I TrrTTTTTyffTrfflYyfrTfiarlMMfca S : " : I l 4 Stye fftyorlottt bBtrbtr. C HAS, IU JONES, Editor A grogrW LllTIBID AT THB POBT-OrnOB AT CHABKJWB, . 0., AS Sboowd-Class mattmk.1 IN CONGRESS- DISTKIBUTIIMU THE PRESIDEN'i'S MESSAGE. OUR WASHINGTON! LETTER. NORTH CABOLINA OFFICE-SEEK- EKS TO THE FRONT TUESDAY, JAN. 10, 1882. AN EXTRA SESSION. It Is very probable that an extra ses sion of the Legislature -will be called by Gov. Jarvis, to consider the sale of the Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley railroad, propositions for which were made some time ago by a New York company and accepted by the commissioners appoint ed ,by the Legialature. As it is desire able to settle the question of the sale so that work may begin .without unnec essary delay. Should it be confirmed, we take it that the Legislature will be con vened within the next two months. The sale of the Cape Fear & Yadkin Valley road is not the only thing which will be submitted for consideration, but there will be others, and some of vital importance to. the State. Prominent among these will be the question of the election of magistrates by the people, and the repeal of the present system of county government Both of these mat ters have been much discussed, especi ally within the past year, and the Re publican managers hare turned them to much account by misrepresenting the attitude of the Democratic party in relation to them. On the stump and through the press they have represent ed that in changing the mode of organ izing the county courts and of electing the magistrates it was the purpose of the legislature to depriye the people, to this extent, of the right of suffrage, for the benefit of the few, as against the many. Of course they represent but one side, and are far less interested in making a truthful statement of the case than in making party capital by dema gogical misrepresentation. They con ceal the fact that in the change that was made the Legislature was actuated by a' desire to protect the people in the east ern portion of the Slate, especially, where the grossest mismanagement and corruption had previously prevailed, where unprincipled men backed by an ignorant and irresponsible following controlled the counties and indulged in all manner of lavishness. The people of the centre and the western portion of the State appreciating the motive ac cepted the condition of affairs, and free ly surrendered their right of suffrage to this extent for the benefit of their east ern friends. But since then so persistent has bten the attack, and so unstinted the mis representation thereto, there has been much dissatisfaction engendered, and a disposition manifested to demand the return to them of the right to elect thtir magistrates and organize their county governments as they did previous to the change by the legislature. So gen eral is this feeling represented to be in the centre and west that some action by the legislature is regarded as abso lutely necessary. While we would de plore any action that would place the eastern counties at the mercy of the same class of men who ran riot over them in the dark days of Had ical su premacy, we recognize the necessity of viewing the situation as it presents it self, and adopting such measures as will foil the Radical leaders in their ef" forts to capture the State, and thus place themselves in a position not only to repeal the acts alluded to, but to ac complish any other partisan legislation they may have in view. It is the opin ion of many thinking and intelligent Democrats that, in the light of the developments of the past six months, we cannot afford to enter upon the next campaign with this as a distract ing issue; that we must relieve our selves from this burden or run the risk of losing heavily in the west, on the vote of which we rely to hold the State. The programme of the Radical lead ers is, as far as the indications go, to form such alliances as they may be.able in certain counties to carry a majority of the legislature, and thus not only control the State, but also the choice of the Senator to succeed Senator Ran som, Dr. Mott having both eyes fixed in that direction and an ambitious hanker p ing for Ransom's seat. The magistrate and county government question is ore of the cards he counts on playing in his game if the Democrats don't play and draw his hand before he can get the lead and play the game himself. He plans well sometimes, but he must not be allowed to do ail the planning, nor all the playing. The Raleigh News-Observer men tions the names of Judges Moore, Bux ton, Albertaon, Faiicloth, Russell and Seymour who are urged for the United States district judgeship for the eastern district oMhis State made vacant by the death of Judge Brooks. Small-pox has caused a stampede at Fayetteville Arkansas, where the dis ease is spreading rapidly notwithstand ing the efforts of the authorities. The Wilmington Star of Sunday pays a glowing tribute to the memory of the late Judge George W. Brooks, who died at Elizabeth City last Friday. The full amount of stock, $75,000, to the Wilson cotton factory, has been subscribed. Bills by the Oro Coaiitnlloual Amendments, Resolutions and dtrt with Appropriations in Tnein Looming Up Loftily. Washington, January 9. House. Mr. Kelly, of Pennsylvania, chairman of the committee on Ways and Means, offered a resolution for the distribution of the President's message to various committees of the House, and it was referred to the Committee of the Whole, Belford, of Colorado reserving all points of order thereon. On motion of Mr. Hiscock, of New York, the committee on Appropria tions was granted leave to sit during the sessions of the House. Under the call of the States a num ber of bills were introduced and re ferred, among them one by Shelley of Alahama. to reduce the fees to be paid hv officers of steam vessels for certifi cates of license to 50 cents. Senate. A, number of bills were introduced, among them, by Hill, of n-ArrFia.one for the termination of the convention of January 30th, 1875, be tween the United States and the King of the Hawaiian Islands. He also in troduced a resolution, whicn was arinntnd. for inauiriniz bv the commit- t.fifl on Foreign Relations as to what action is proper to terminate the con- vp.ntion. Mr. Call, in presenting the petition for mail facilities from Mobile, Ala., to Cedar Keys and other points on the Florida coast, asked the special atten tion of the Postal Committee to the nftnessitvfor maintenance of adequate postal service on the Gulf coast of that State, along wnicn neany wie cutno commerce of the Western States now passes. BILLS INTRODUCED. By Townsend, of Illinois, by request: Providing that duties on sugar snail do assessed on the quantity delivered from instead of quantity delivered into bonded warehouses. Bv Henderson, of Illinois: For the construction of the Mississippi and II linois canal. By Kasson, of Iowa: Providing for a tariff commission. This bill is iden tical with Morrill's bill introduced in the Senate December 5th.l By Caldwell, of Kentucky: To equal ize pensions, also to repeal arrears of Densions. By Ellis : For the laying of an aque- ductfrom Lake Ponchartram to iNew Orleans. Bv Dowell. of Louisiana: To aid in the establishment and early support of public schools ; also to restore to pub lic entry lands withdrawn for railroad purposes. By Bucxner: to give a register to foreign built iron and steel vessels. By Vance, of North Carol iti;i: To prohibit the sub-letting of contracts for carrying United States mails. By Hardenburgh and Crapo: To en able National Banking associations to extend their corporate existence. By Baque, of Pennsylvania: Propos ing for the election of United States Senators by direct vote of the people, and also that for each million of inhab itants above two millions, each State shall have an additional Senator. By Thomas, of Illinois: Preparing a Constitutional Amendment to make polygamy a felony. By Beltzhover, Pa.: Proposing con stitutional amendment applying to the principal of minority votes to the presi dential election ; it provides for elec tion by direct vote and division of the electoral vote in each State in exact proportion with the popular vote. By Whitthorne, of Tennessee: To authorize a treaty with the Republic of Mexico to promote and facilitate recip nc viand liberal commercial relations between the people of said republic and the United States, and to secure protection to the capital and labor of citizens of the United States which may be invested and employed in ope rating railway corporations in said re public and through its territory to the Pacific Coast. By Wise, of Virginia: Reporting a law requiring manufacturers' names to be printed or marked on certain pack ages of tobacco. By Desendorf of Virginia: Making an appropriation for the navy to be lm mediately available.' It apropriates S500,00o 850,000 for the Bureau of Construction and Repair, $10,000 for the Bureau of Steam Engineering and $75,000 for the Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting. By Springer of Ilinois: Defining the law of insanity in criminal cases; also a resolution requesting the Secretary of the .Navy to transmit to the House all papers and correspondence in the de partment relative to Irhqui coal sta tions and appropriation lor purposes thereof, ana further requesting the bee retary to continue to withold all pav ments for such coaling stations until turther legislation Dy Congress. There were about 675 bills introduced to-day. The Advance Onara Oxford roktoi lice The Jenklns-Cowlet-Cooper Contest Jenkins Leads What tbe Revenue marine Service Is Do insr Postal Notes Personal nettsville has been ordered discontinued after January 10th. During the last fiscal year there were issued in JNortn uarouna 112,541 domes Items Washington, D. C Buried Under Fallen Walls. Scoville ,rays for instructions fourteen points for his client. on Syracuse, N. Y., Jan. 9. The brick walls of the Raunie & Sears building recently burned, fell at one o'clock this afternoon upon the restaurant of Cor nelius Tracy, burying in the ruins from fifteen to twenty men and women. The firemen were called out and eleven per sons have been taken out. Eugene Fitzgerald and Martin Finlon, of Otis & Co., are dead. Thomas aud Sarah McConnell, of Lafayatte, are badly in jured. Mrs. Cornelius Tracy left leg broken. Martin Tracy severely injured. Mrs. Patrick Stock, leg broken. Chris topher Einger and wife, of Lafayette, both badly injured. Others who were rescued are not dangerously injured The firemen are still at work taking out people irom the ruins. The Weather, Washington, January 9. Middle States, cooler and generally fair weath er, southwest to northwest winds, Higher barometer. South Atlantic and East Gulf States, northerly to easterly winds, local rains, cooler and partly cloudy weather, slight rise, followed by falling barome ter. West Gulf States, light rains, north east winds shifting to east and south, rising temperature, falling barometer. Tennessee and the Ohio Valley, warm er, fair weather, variable winds, falling barometer. Jan. 9,1882. All North Carolina appears to be here now or at least that portion of it that is represented by the Stalwart Republi can element. The colony is mostly quartered at tbe National. Among those wnom your correspunueu. uas run across are Col. L. W. Humphrey, of Goldsboro.Col. Deake, Asheville News, Judge Faircloth, of Goldsboro, H. C. Cowles, Ot etatesviue, juarsnai j. jo. Douglas, J. J. Mott, T. N. Cooper, Jas. E. O Hara, Col. D. McLindsey, Manley Jones, of Oxford. J, W. iiarain,oi Graham county, uoi. Alios, u. ieogn, andD. A. Jenkins. Any fair afternoon the whole colony may be found at the National discussing the prospects of the Republican party in North Caroli na ana tne lmmeuiaie prospects ui themselves for the various offices now in contest. A ficrht has sprung up over the Ox ford postoffice and right bitterly has it been waged. Dr. Taylor, the present incumbent, has withdrawn from the contest in favor of John G. Jones, who finds a strong, opponent in Manly Jones. It is understood that J onn u-. Jones is supported by ex-btate Attorney General Hargrove, W. H. Young, C. M. Rogers, of Statesville, Chairman of Ex ecutive, Committee, H. B. Cozart and others. Manly Jones nas petitions from many prominent citizens, and is backed by State Treasurer jenKins ana C. H. Hester. The fight has become so warm that First Assistant Postmaster General Hatton, has decided to with hold his decision until be hears further from the Republicans of Oxford as to their Dreferences. The matter will most likely be decided next week. While this fight is in progress in the down town department the Treasury is alive with North Carolinians who favor either H. C. Cowles, of States ville, T. N. Cooper,or David A. Jenkins for Collector of the Sixth district. Mr. Cowles is supported by Marshal Doug lass, Mr. Cooper by Mr. Hubbs, it is un derstood, and Mr. Jenkins by Col. Hum phrey, and the majority of Republicans here. At the present writing it is be lieved that Mr. Jenkins stands the best chance for the place. In reference to the contest in the 5th district in regard to Everitt and others, Editions are still pouring in and it will e some time before the matter is set tled. While all these contests are in full blast another one not yet ripe is in contemplation. Cannaday's term as Collector or Customs at Wilmington will expire the last of tins month and already several candidates are in the field, prominent among them being the old collector and Mr. Pennypacker. The latter, it is stated, starts out with a strong support and may give Mr. Can- naday a tough light ror re-appoint- ment. The report of the revenue marine service lor tne past year is just out, showing that last year property to the amount or S2,750,sssj oo ana hi lives were saved by this agency. During the live years that this service has been in operation, property to the amount of $13,926,826 has been saved and 531 liyes have been rescued. The report shows that the following vessels performed the service specified: By the steamer "Moccasin,, head quarters at Charleston, South Carolina. September 6 and 7, laao. Made un successful efforts to pull afloat the American steamer "Charleston," ashore on Pumpkin Hill bar, off Charleston. November 16, 1880. American schoo ner -urace uavis, in dangerous po sition near southwest breaker; towed her to safe anchorage. November 16, 18S0. Towed two scows, left by a tug live miles east of 'Rattlesnake" light-ship, into Charles ton harbor. February 17, 1880. Towed sloop "Al ameda" from Beaufort to Otter Island : she having been driven by recent gales from ner cruising-ground. By the steamer "Stevens, headquar ters at New Berne, North Carolina. July 13, 1880. Assisted American schooner "Emma W. Fox." July 16, 1880. Towed afloat the American schooner "R. li. Myer," aground on Yellow shoal. August 10, 1880. Staked out the shoal in Wallace's channel. September 25, 1880. Towed Ameri can schooner "Hattie 1101118" through the intricate channel of Bay river, no other means of assistance being avail able. September 26, 1880. Towed afloat the schooner ' Hattie Lollis," being aground near mouth of Bay river. Februarys 1881. Towed American schooner "Boston" to New Berne, from off Otter creek, Neuse river. February 7 and 8.1881. Towed steam- dredge and two scows from Royal shoal, Pamlico sound, to New Berne. February 11. 1881. Staked out Wal lace's channel. February 28, 1881 Sounded along the reef to Hatteras : made fast to the schooner "Wm.Genser," of New York, to pull her over the swash, but a heavy northeast gale compelled the "Stevens to cast her off. April 11, 1881. Pulled American schooner "O. P. Binns" off shoals, near Hatteras inlet. April 17, 1881. Made an unsuccessful attempt to pull afloat the schooner Ladies, Gentlemen, Misses, Boys and Children cannot fail to be suited in SrKWSffi OUR ' STOCK-tF BOOTS AND SHOES FOR THE FALL AND WINTER TRADE. ttje guarantee that every pair of SHOES we sell shall be found Just as represented, and shall allow no house to give you better goods than we do for the JL. ftn ItL hiw been carefully selected with a view to the wants of all classes of customers, and comprises a full line of beautiful and seasonable best Quality and an grades; from the finest French Kid Button Boot to the Heaviest Brogan. If you wish to get your boots and shoes to Give us a call. A. E. RANKIN & RRO., Central Hot?! Blocfc. Trade Stirpt. BURGESS NICHOLS, amounting to 81.409.349.49. Postmasters commissions have been forwarded as follows: Nick L. Long, Grantham's Store, N. C; G. M. Wilson, Eightwell, S. C. Mr. David A. Jenkins, with several friends, called on the President last Gen. Scales has his family here for the winter. Bis niece, Miss Katie, is quite a favorite at the Metropolitan, her charming and graceful manners at tracting to her many friends. Mr. Dowd is also stopping at the Metropolitan. He expects his family this week. Mr. R. B. Vance is quartered at the Na tional and has with him, besides his wife and bis two attractive daughters, Miss Cordy Sluder. Senator Vance is keeping house on Massachusetts Ave nue. Mr. Hubbs has his family with him at the Tremont. 1 The North Carolina politicians here say Mr. Hubbs shall not control the patronage of the State outside of his own district Col. Humphrey, Col. Deake, Col. Keogh, and others, were at the post office department Saturday, and had a long conference- with Mr. Thompson, superintendent of the railway mail service. money. goods, of the very 1 ult you and at the lowest possible prices, you cannot do better than at our store. i S. Lenfesty, of Atlanta. Ja., says: 8. & 8. cored me of a violent case of Scrofula, which had failed to yield to all other treatment -A tl 0.000 would net purchase, from me wnaio. a 8. has effected in curing me ot jnaianai matlsrn. Arcnie 'i nomas, eauur ui mo wyuuu can, Springfield, Term. Coffee drinkers should read the advertisement in another column headed "Good Coffee." GUITEAIFS NINTH WEEK. TBE COURT HOOIO JAMMED AND PACKED. Ladiea SHU Eager to See tbe Show Tbe Prisoner Nerrone He Send Greeting to tbe Laoies, and Tbanlu Them for Tbeir 8ympathy,-Two Cbecke from tbe Stalwart Sco yllle Resume Bie Argument; Washington, Jan. 9. When the court opened its 9th week of the Guiteau trial tbe crowd filled every nook and cranny of the cold room. Ladies were decidedly in the majority. The prisoner arrived at the court house at 9.20, and was taken to his waiting room. He appeared rather nervous, and his condition indicated anxiety. When he had taken his seat in the dock he glanced around stealthily over the audience and immediately began a harangue evidently intended for the jury. I have received, he said, some eight hundred letters, a great many of them from ladies. When I get time I shall attend to them. I want to send my greeting to the ladies of America, and thank them for their sympathy. They don't want me to be hanged. Public opinion is fast changing. I received on Saturday a check for one thousand dol lars from stalwarts of Brooklyn, and another for five hunrded dollars from stalwarts of New York. I want this jury to understand how public opinion is in this case. A bailiff here tried to silence him, when be turned upon him in the most vicious manner and snarled out: You keep quiet, and mind your busi ness. Don't interfere with me when I am talking. If you had any sense you would understand your place. With this opening breeze proceedings in due form were begun, and Scoville resumed his argument. Scoville proceeded without interrup for an hour, bis remarks being lis tened to with marked attention. He laid great stress on the proposition that nine insane men out of ten know the difference between right and wrong, and for that reason conceal tbeir plans ; that the benefit of the doubt should at tach to the plea of insanity when raised in this case, with the same force as when raised in connection with the commission of any other crime. In Janet ton Case Postponed. St. Louis, Jan, 9th.The Pullman Car Company injunction case against the Texas and Pacific Ho ad. which was to be heard at Tyler, Texas, to-day, has been postponed until the 24th, and will be heard before Judge Pardu in cnamDers. Particular Notice. All the drawings will hereafter he under the ex clusive supervision and control ot GENERALS G. T. b-KAUBEGABD and JOBAL A. EARLY. A SPLENDID OPPOBTTTOITY TO WIN A FORTUNE SECOND GBAND DISTRI BUTION, CLASS B, AT NEW ORLEANS, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1882. Hist MONTHLY DRAWING. Louisiana State Lottery Company. Incorporated In 1868 for 25 years bj the Legis lature tor Educational and Charitable purposes wltu a capital of Sl.OOO.OOO to which a reserve fond of $550,000 has since been added. By an overwhelming popular vote Its franchise was made a part of the present State Constitution adopted December 2d. A. D. 1879. Its GRAND SINGLE NUMBER Drawings will take plaoe monthly. It never scales or postpones. Look at the foUow Ing dlstrlbuUon: CAPITAL PRIZE, 830,000. 100,000 Tickets at Two Dollsrs Each. Half TicKets, one uoiiar. LIST OF PRIZES: 1 Capital Prize 830,000 l tapitaj me 10,000 1 Capital Prize 5,000 2 Prizes of $2,500 5,000 5 Prizes of 1.000 5.000 20 Prizes of 500 10,000 100 Prizes of 100. 10,000 200 Prizes or 50 10,000 500 Prizes or 20 10,000 1,000 Prizes oi 10 10,000 APPROXIMATION PRIZES. 9 Approximation Prizes of $3 )0 ?2.700 Approximation Prizes of 200 1.800 9 Approximation Prizes of 100 900 1857 Pilzaa, amounting to $ 10,400 Responsible correspond ing agents wanted at all points, to whom liberal compensation will be paid. For further Information, write clearly, glvlne rull address. 8end orders by express or Registered Letter, or Money Order by mall, addressed only to M. A. HAVfHlti New Orleans, Louisiana, or M. A. mri'HIN, at No. 212 BroadwBT. New York. N. B.- Orders addressed to New Orleans will re ceive prompt attention. Th particular attention of tha Public Is called to the fact that tbe entire number ot tne Tickets for each Monthly Drawing Is sold, and conse quently all the prizes in each drawing are sold and drawn and paid. Jan8 40th. POPULAR MONTHLY DRAWING OF THE Coffee drinkers should read tbe advertisement in another column headed "Good Coffee." Rev. W. J. Robinson, member of North Ga , Con ference, says: Have taken 8. 8. 8 for a clear case of Kczema. eruption has disappeared and I am welL Qtm &Avzvtlszmculs. Notice to the Public. npHI existence of small pox as an epidemic In JL many sections makes It my duty to again urge upon all our citizens the duty of vaccinating. Our daily Intercourse with all sections of the country exposes us to Its contact. Don't wait until this pestilence is in our midst to taxe steps to prevent Its spread. I have ordered vaccine matter and sk our physicians to use it In vaccinating those who are not able to pay. Let this natter have the prompt attention or every nousenoia. jr. g. uewuLiis, JanlO lw Mayor. Stockholders' Meeting. THE stockholders ot the Traders' National Bank are requested to meet at their banking house this day at 1 o'clock. janio it J. H. BOSS, Cashier. Stockholders' Meeting. COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK 1 Or Charlotte, N. C J THE annual meeting of the stockholders of tbis Bank will be held Tuesday, Jan. 10th, at 10 o'clock a. m., at the&anklng house. A. G. BRENTZBft, JanlO It Casbie-. Come anc See TEE FINEST SET OF Hie Oxford Pontofflce. Special to the Observer. Washington, D. C, Jan. 9. The con test over the postmastership of Oxford, N. C, which has waxed warm for some time, was brought to a close to-day by the appointment of Manley Jones as postmaster. French Senator Elected. Paris. Jan. 0. MM. Victor Hugo, Peyrot, Tolain and DeFreycinet, present senators, and Major Labordere; candi date of the irreconcilibles, are elected for the department of the Seine. M. DeFreycinet is also elected for the department of Ariege Tarae au Garonne and Indre; M. Leon Say is elected for Versailles. Ex-ministers Cailians and B. Talhauet were defeated. SDrtne bring the blossoms. Autumn brings the frult-nd also colds, etc., for which notWng iuperiorto Dr. Bull's cough syrup has ever been !SS2t hAnnhiie. It always cures. Price 25c vudi a-w w ar flWle. A Kietter Thief Arrested. Augusta, Ga January 9. Lewis Warren, colored, a driver of the mail wagon between the depots and the postoffice was arrested for stealing let ters. For some time letters hare Deen missed from the office and Postmaster Prince directed his clerks to keep a watch. One of them had an eye on Warren and saw him taking from the distribution table packages of letters, wnicn were found on ms person. To be Proclaimed Regent. Paris, Jan. 9. hs Berlin despatch says tbe Emperor William has decided. 10 proclaim tne crown Prince, x rede rick William, Regent on the 22nd of jyiarcn next, tne Jmperor w imam s 85th birthday. A Prlaoner Flree the Jail, ' New T ork, Januar9.-A Knoxville. Tenn.. special, says a prisoner set firs to the Greenville jail last tilght. The building was destroyed, but all the prisoners were rescued. Tha court house was seriously damaged. "Lorillard,"she being aground on Royal shoal in three feet of water, her draught belag seven feet. April 21, 1881. staked out channel round point of marsh into Cedar bay. jy tne steamer "Uoifax," headquar ters at Wilmington, North Carolina. July 4, 1880. Conveyed collector of customs, superintendent of lights, to Bald Head light-house and return to Wilmington, North Carolina. - 1 ebruary 14 and 15, 1881, Went to assistance of American schooner "Mary Bear," ashore near Cape Lookout lighthouse. February 20. 1881. Towed light house schooner Pharos" to position on Frying-Pan sboals, off North Carolina coast, where she is engaged In work or construction under light-house engi neer. February 25. 1881. Righted small boat, run down by a steamer at Wil mington, and rescued a man from drowning. May 20, 21, 20, and J une l and 3, 1881. Assisted light-house schooner "Pha ros in placing in position boring-platform, at Frying-Pan shoals, North Car olina. June 13, 1881. Delivered stores at Frying-Pan light-house. Tb postoffice at Hicksville, Ruth erford county, has been discon tinued and the mail ordered sent to the State Line. Spartanburg county; also postoffice at Sardis, Caldwell coun ty, mail to Lenoir. A postoffice has been established at Dogwood, Northampton county, with W. L. Stanley as postmaster. The star service between Plymouth and Edenton has been ordered increased to six times "a week, commencing on January 10th. . , - The star service from Murfreesboro to Boykin's depot has been changed so as to leave the former place daily, ex cept Sunday, at 6 a. m., and arrive at f.hA latter nlace bv. 80 jl nr.: leave Boykin's depot at 201.!jitf sarnie day j "R :' K A K'TVT TJV W ft and arrive atMurfreesboro at 5 p,m. I WJ 21 & V " Tne star aervico iroui ouraur lO ronei-. by has been ordered chAitged rafter Jan- uary lotn to emorace .BiacK hock, next aftpr Beam's mills, i The star service from Hamlet to Hen-, P GOODS LOWEST PRICES POWELL'S PREPARED CHEMICALS Bedroom Furm lire NOW IN THE CITY. 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Bead the list of prizes ior me JANUAKY DRAWING. 1 Prise VX'Knn , 1 Prize, iO'RSS 1 Prize, o,uw 10 Prizes, 81,000 each 10,000 20 Prizes, 500 each, JR'XXX 100 Prizes, 100 each, 10,000 200 Prizes, BO each, JS'XXn 600 Prizes, 20 each '?S8 1000 Prizes. 10 each 10,000 9 Prizes, 8300 each, Approximation Prizes $2,701 9 Prizes, 200 " ' " " l.gOi 9 Prises. 100 " " " " 900 1,960 PrlR.... M12.400 Whole Tickets. 82; Half Tickets, 81; 27 Tickets, 850; 56 Tickets, 8100. Remit Money or Bank Draft In Letter, or send by sSrels. DON'T SEND BY REGISTERED t VttVr on POSTOFFICE ORDER. Orders of 85 and upward, Dy jocpress, can De seat iu our ci pense. Address all orders to r M. BOARD MAN. Courier-Journal Build LoularUle, Kj., or 809 Broadway New York. lanS A SENSATION Ha3 often been made by the discovery of some new thing, but nothing has ever stood the test like Dr. Benson's Celery and Chamomile Pills; their popularity and sale Is unprecedented. 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BENSON'S SKIN CURE Is Warranted to Cure ECZEMA, TETTER8, HUM0R8, INFLAMMATION, MILK CRUST, ALL ROUCH SCALY ERUPTIONS, DISEASES OP HAIR AND SCALP, SCROFULA ULCERS, PIMPLfS and TENDER ITCHINCS on mparts of the body. It makes tbe BXin -white, aott and smooui; nmoni taa and freokias, and is tho BEST toilet dressing 1 A THB WOBLD. Elegantly put up, two botUeain one : package, consisting of both. Internal and external treatment. - AUflrrtolaas druggists have It. Srloetl. per package. UBS. LYME. PIKHTAH, OF LYNN, MASS., Wednesday Evening, January lilh. M)oiLO:idt and Fulford Combinition V, 1TH (EVERYBODY'S PAV0R1TE) ANNIE PI X LEY -AS- -M'LISS, CHILD OF THE SiERRAS. MISS PIXLEY Will Introduce her varied selections of Song1, Duets and Medleys. t3T" Prices 7Kc and 81.00. No extra charee for reserved seat: for sale atMcSmlth music house Monday, January 9th. an5 OPERA HOUSE. Tuesday, Jaouary 10th, 1882. THB TEAGEDIAN, LAWRENCE BARRETT Supported by a Strong Dramatic Company, Will appear In 8HAKESPEABES SUBLIME TBAGIDY In FIVE ACTS, entitled OTHELLO. OTHELLO, MB. BARRETT. Admission SI. 00: Reserved seats S1.25 Can be secured at the usual places. Jan5 5t "gov ilent. FOR RENT. A file, larpe. front room over our store. Pos session given lmmf dlately. Jan5 tf WILSON & BURWELL. deeietf mm ran 1888 la ill amltauU. aa i to outanmwtUiaMt it mm i (mcm puui, set n(rmr WHITE FRONT. JanlO sbot 00 vara, ud foil description,, prim and diractloaifcr ptaotlac U00 ruitliu of VgtH ii Flower Sead Flut. mn mm,to,, JanUuaW Is U. MiiUaam rrowiiVMd . will m fowd mm reHsbl faro rating in h Solatium thoM riaBteNtTmckmu ud Market QrdnwJT-XdJfe.i.i D. X. FERRY & CO., Detroit, Xicb. tc J3 13t LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S VEGETABLE COMPOUND. Is a Positive Cnre to mil tboae Painful Complaints and MTeakaeMM . .i aaeaauaoB to our b.t female population. It will cure entirely tha worst form of Female Com plaints, all OY&rian troubles, Inflammation and tJlcera tios, Falling and Displacements, and the consequent Spinal Weakness, and 1 particularly adapted to tne ""Cbanire of life. It will dlssolTe and etpel tumors from the u terns Is an early stage of development. The tendency to oan . eerons humors there Is checked Tery speedily by Its use. It remoTes faintaess, flatulency, destroys all craTing f or stimulants, and reUeres weakness of the stomach. It cures Bloating, Headaches, Kerruns Prostration, General Debility, Sleeplessness, Depression, and Indi gestion. --,'-; That feeHnff of bearing- down, eanstnf pain, weight and backache, Is always permanently cured by its use. It will at all times and under all circumstances act la harmony with the laws tha gtTm' tt female system. For the cure of Kidney qomnlaints of either mfchl Compound li unsurpassed. LYBIA E. P1NBHA3PS VEGETABLE COM POUJTDia prepared at S3S and I3S Western Arenue, Lynn, Haas. Price ft Six bottles for $5. Bent by mall in the form of pills, also In tha form of lozenges, on "receipt of price, $1 per bos for either. Mrs. Plnkham freely answers all letters of Inquiry. Bend for pamph let. .Address as above. Mention (Ms Paper: ' S " . No famffy shoWd be without LYDIA E. PJNZHA3T8 'ijVES Pnii'Tfe&3efi eonsttpatton, biliousness. T 'anotoTpldlty iti&rmhm cents per box. TREES I JRBiiiyBRY . ,1ffYl Trees are now ready for delivery;- eDPOalte ATI Hr. Allen .Cronae's residence, on T17011 street between 5th and 6th: A trae lot of Trees, Plants, j towers ana lower -seea on nsnaioreaie. Any thing In my line furnished on short notice. dec2 T. W. SPARROW, Charlotte. FOR SALE OR RENT. A Six room house, with good yard and well of water, and a two room kttrhnn tan mlnl.tps nnllr nf the nnhlln ammra ES!!t Apply to WALTER BREM. decao tr NOTICE. ALL persons desiring teachers ce tiCcates will please present themselves on Thursday. 12th Inst., at the court house In Charlotte. This day Is set apart by Jaw; and there will D-4 no private ex aminations thereafter under ordinary circum stances w. t. waller, Jan5 t!w td Co Supt. Pub. Instructions. W. H. CHICK, Having removed to the shop, onTryon street, over the independent Hook & Ladder Truck House, is now reRdy to receive orders for HOUSE, SIGN and ORNAMENTAL PAINTING, such as -GRAINING - Guilding, KalsomiDiDg, Frescoing, 4c. JanS tf JUST RECEIVED. JpLOBIDA ORANGES and LEMONS; also on band Turkeys, Geese, Efga and Cranberries, Buckwheat Floor and New OrL ana Molasses. dec28 aV. HOWELL. THE NEW DRUG STORE, Corner of College and Trade streets, '(Wilson & BiacU. old stand.) IS NOW OPEN i Parties desiring Fresh and Sellable Drugs ' . v.111 do well to give us a eak Jac4 U CDONOGHUK, HAND & CO 11 -7

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