LOCAL MATTERS. TUESDAY, JAN. 10, 1882. SOCIETY DIRECTORY. PBAXANX Lodge No. 81, A. A A. M. -Regular meeting every second and fourth Monday night. Kxcxlhiob Lodge No. 201, A.. F. 4 A. M. Reg ular meeting every first and third Tuesday nights. Charlotte Chapter No. 89, R. A. M. Regular meeting every second and fourth Friday nights. Chaxixtttx Command art No. 2, K. T. Begular meeting every first and third Thursdays. . DEC- OIF" H. Khiqhts or Hoxob. Regular meeting every second and fourth Thursdays. OF !E- Khights or Pythias. Regular meeting nights first and third Wednesdays, 7 o'clock p. m. at Ma sonic Temple Hall. I. O. O. IF1. Charlotte Lodge No. 88. Meets every Mot day night. Mkcklxnbukg Declaration Loves No. a Meets every Tuesday night. Dixie Lodge No. 108. Meets'every Thursday night. Catawba Biykr Encampment Na 21. Meets lrst and third Thursday nights In each month. Index to New Advertisemen t J. Broolcfleld & Co -Just Received. K M. Andrews Fine Furniture. A. i. Brenlzer stockholders' Mooting F. S. De Wotfe -Notice to the Public. LeKoy Davidson On Consignment. J. H Bos Stockholders' Meeting. niriHE notice. WB TKLL YOU PLAINLY that Simmons Liver Regulator will rid you of dys pepsia, purify your system, enable you to sleep we 1 1, prevent malarial diseases and give you a brisk and vigorous feeling. It acts directly upon trie liver and kidneys, cleansing, purifying, lnvlc o rat lug and fortifying the oystem against disease. It win break up chills and fever and fever and prevent their return, and Is a complete antidote to all malarial poison yet entirely free from quinine or calomel. Try it. and you will be astonished at the good results of the genuine 81 unions Liver Regulator, prepared by J. H. Zellln 4 Co. A CHEERFUL ST. VALENTINE'S DAT. A novel, but certainly Interesting, form ol Val entlne has originated in sending a dollar or two dollars to M. A. Dauphin. New Orleans, La., be fore the 14th day of February next, when the 1 41st Grand Drawing of the Louisiana State Lot tery takes place under toe management of Gener als 6 T. Beauregard, of Louisiana, and Jubal A. Burly, of Virginia. A lady from Oregon writes: Dr. Benson; I think you should be presented with a chariot of pure gold, for your Celery and Chamomile Pills having proved such a blessing to thousands of sufferers with sick and nervous headache, neuralgia, nerv ousness and dyspepsia. Who Is Mrs. Wlnslow T As this question Is frequently asked, we will sim ply say that she Is a lady who for upwards of for ty years, has untiringly devoted her time and tal ents as a Female Physician and nurse, principally among children. She has especially studied the constitution and wants of this numerous class, and, as a result of this effort, and practical knowl edge, obtained In a lifetime spent as nurse and physician, she has compounded a Soothing Syrup, lor children teething. It operates like magic giving rest and health, and is moreover, sure to regulate the bowels. In consequence of this ar ticle, Mrs. Wlnslow Is becoming world-renowned as a benefactor of her race; children certainly do rise up and bless her; especially Is this the case In this city. Vast quantities of the Soothing Syrup Rre dally sold and used here. We think Mrs. Wlnslow has immortalized her name by this in valuable article, and we sincerely believe thous ands of children have been saved from an early grave by Its timely use, and that millions yet un born will share its benefits, and unite in calling her blessed. No mother has discharged her duty to her suffering little one. In our opinion, until she has given it the benefit of Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup. Try it, mothers try it now. Ladles' Visi tor. New York City. Sold by all druggists. 25 cents a bottle. JOSH BILLINGS HEARD FROM. Newport. B. L, Au,s. 11, 1880. Dear Bitters I am here trying to breathe In all the salt air of the ocean, and having been a suf ferer for more than a year with a refractory liver, I was Induced to mix Hop Bitters with tbe seagale. and have found the tincture a glorious result. I have been greatly helped by tbe Bitters, and am not afraid to say so. Yours without a strugzle. Josh billings. Lydia E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound will at all times and under all circumstances, act In harmony with the laws that govern -the female system. Address Mrs. Lydla K. Plnkham, 238 Western Avenue, Lynn, Mass., for circular. To promote a vigorous growth of the balr. use Parker's Hair Balsam. it restores the youthful color to gray balr, remove tching of the scalp. dandruff, and cures fRvo &dtfertisemettts. Absolutely Pure. nils pj WUO I llO.Cl TQ11CO. A UJUTOl Ul ytlLMJ, strength and wholesomeness More economical than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold In competition with the multitude of low test, short weight, alum or phosphate powders. Sold only In cans. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., nov28 Mew York. LeRfly Davidson, Sole Agent, Charlotte. N. C. d Receivet -AT THE China Palace -0F- A LOT OF ELEQAI T Plated Ware and ChinaSete, SUITABLE FQB WEDDING PRESENTS. I Brookfield & Co., anlO HOME CHIPLET8 IST Tbe extra term of the Superior Court rises at an early hour business at 9 a. m. sharp. K2T An ex-judge and two acting judges of the Superior Court are in the city Hons. R. T. Bennett, W. M. Shipp and D. Schenck. EiTA skating rink has been opened tor the amusement of experts in the art, and to peel the hide from the te; ginner. tSTMias Julia Jackson, after spend ing several weeks in Atlanta visiting friends, left that city yesterday for her home. Wit you have not yet secured your tickets for Barrett to-night, it will be well to do so at once, as the choice seats are going very rapidly. If some genius will invent music in which there is no noise, and induce brass bands to do their practic ing on it, he will realize a car load of lucre. tA dense fog settled over the city last evening a little after dark, and for three quarters of an hour or therea bouts, the street lamps looked like fire bugs on a July night. t3fBishop Wightman, of the Meth odist church, south, has for some time been seriously sick, and his condition is said to be daily growing more unfavor able. tyThe weather for the past ten days has generally been denominated as rough throughout the State and coun try. The sort we have had in Charlotte has been the reverse decidedly "soft." tW We are glad to be able to state that Master Willie Graham, son of Dr. Jos. Graham, who has been so serious ly ill for the past several weeks, is now in a condition to warrant the belief that he will soon recover. tSTNo other city of Charlotte's pre tensions would tolerate such a misera ble excuse for street lights as we have here. There are a number of lamps in city which the police, when on their rounds in putting them out, have t carry a lantern to find. S-Rev. J. T. Bagwell, of the Tryon street Methodist church of this city, Sunday night preached a most excel lent sermont on the simplicity and ap parent insignificance of some of the primary agencies of Christianity." The congregttion was oue of the largest of the season. A Rare Occurrance. Yesterday morning was the first Monday in a long time on which no mayor's court was held, not a single case being on the city docket. The Monday court includes all the business of Saturday and Sunday, and it is sel dom that tbe police fail to report of fenses for a period of two days and nights at a time. The circumstance is worthy of note, and speaks for itself. Vaccination. Mayor De Wolfe in this morning's Observer calls the attention of the citizens of Charlotte to the importance of taking precautions to prevent a pos sible epidemic of small pox in our midst. A3 he states, we are constantly exposed to the dangers of the disease, and it will be found too late after its appearance in our midst to take the steps suggested. The remedy is not an agreeable one, but it ia the most effec tive that science has placed within reach, and those who are not able to pay the physician, will be viccinated free of charge. Venn or' Jauaary Weather, Vennor's almanac for 1882 says it is probable that the second week will give a very cold term in northern and western sections, moderating toward the end of the week to heavy snowfalls in Canada and northern States, and rains in more southern sections. Un settled and stormy but moderate weath er will likely characterize the entry of the third week with blustry and drifty weather in the west and rain to the southward, followed by still milder weather and alternations of snow, sleet. and rain inthe northern section. An oc casional fine day between these distur bances. The 25th is likely to bring lower temperature. Week likely to end mild, with snow ana rains extending southward to New York and Washing ton. Cleae Gall. Last week a gentleman living in the city, who Is engaged in selling sewing machines, made a trip to the country, and in passing along the road near Charlotte came to U very bad hole in the roadbed, which formed almost a barrier to his progress. He attempted, as others had done, to escape the diffi culty by 'driving around it, by which he was forced to leave the roud proper. About the(time the rear wlteels of the buggy cleared the road the sharp re port of a pistol was lieard and a ball went whizzing through the top of the sewing machine man's vehicle. Rein was drawn and the sewing machine man turned to see where the shot came from, when a little in bis rea stood the owner of the land on which the trespass had been made, armed with a pistol about three-quarters of a yard long, and a large stick. Shortly after the wife of the shootist came up, and it is said that she proceeded then and there to give an exhibition of the beau ties of the "living language" which beggars description. The only way out of the difficulty was for the drvier to back his buggy out into the main road, which he did in a jiffy, and as soon as hp cou$ eacqped from the warlike oouple, who were bent on mauling mm for his offense. The names to the at fair are withheld, as this information was not given by either of them, and for the additional reason that it is said to be the intention of the party as- Mnited to Drosecute the man and wo man. u i umii arul NnnmlMr are the tWO worst iron-, h of the year for ttiw orwnpg Wlia .ulmiuuy meases. J TTXiJZKi nnr bv and such sufferers will beahle tasbrare the rough weather without danger, ATicezoe. a t. it Bride, of VaBrtde Co.. Crockery M ceXarrb after thebest medical skill or the U.S. han ATUrtMttA- - BMS: B. D. O. CUIVU Ut, failed. Coffee drinkers should read the advertisement . FIRE Itf WINSTON. On Entire Black Boned-HeAry Ie.eeei, meetly Covered! by Insar asice. Yesterday a letter was received from a correspondent at Winston giving the information that a disastrous confla gration occurred in that town about 12 o'clock last Saturday night. The fire broke out in the store of, Griffith & Moore, situated on the northwest cor ner of the court house square, and spread with alarming rapidity, burning to the ground in the short time of an hour and a half six frame buildings, viz: Griffith & Moore's, T. 8. Black's, S. H. Smith's, Graham Bros', the post office, and 8. A. Ogburn's market house. The losses are stated to be: Griffith & Moore, general merchandise, loss 65,000, insurance $3,000; T. 3. Black, confec tioneries, loss $500, fully insured. (These two store rooms, the property of Mr. 8. A. Ogburn, were valued at $3,500, and had an insurance on them of $2,500.) S. H. Smith, druggist, build ing and stock, loss $5,500, insurance 83,500; Graham Bros., groceries, loss $1,500, fully insured. The house occu pied by this firm was the property of Rev. T. H. Fegram, valued at $1,500, which was fully insured, The post office building was valued at $1,500, was the property of the postmaster, Mr. W. A. Walker, and was fully insured, as was the office fixtures, lock boxes, &c, valued at $1,200; also the household and kitchen furniture of Mr. Walker was fully covered by insurance. Mr. S, A. Ogburn's market house, a small building, was a total loss, there being no insurance on it Several adjoining buildings were torn down to stop the headway of the flames, and Messrs. Clark & Ford's building, on the opposite side of the street, narrowly escaped destruction, having at one time caught fire The firm sustained some loss from damage to their stock by water. Whether the fire was accidental or not our correspondent does not state, but we take it for granted that such was the origin of it, else the fact would have been mentioned. Largo Purchase of JLanda. The co-operative Teutonia Coloniza tion Society, of Philadelphia, has re cently purchased a tract of land of something over 2,500 acres, situated within two miles of King's Mountain, in Gaston county, with the intention of settling upon it about one hundred families who are members of the socie ty. The papers covering the transac tion were drawn up yesterday by Maj. W. W. Flemming, of this city, and a part of the purchase money paid. The first colony, which it is proposed to set tle immediately, will come from Phila delphia, and is composed of manufac turers, farmers and mechanics, tbe for mer of whom will engage in manufac turing, as the tract purchased is sup plied with water power by Crnwder's Creek. It is said that the representatives of the Society are well pleased with the outlook, and will add largely to the lands already secured by additional purchases. The location is some thirty two miles from Charlotte, and about a mile and a half from the Air-Line Bail road. It will be remembered that this so ciety sent its agents through the South several months ago with the view of selecting a suitable location for the settlement of a colony, and it is stated that Henderson county was selected, but on an examination of the title to the lands proposed to be sold to them the title was found to be of a questionable character, after which the location just purchased was selected. Such enterprises as this are calculated to develop the country more rapidly than it can be done in any other man ner, and the advantage to the State in securing skill, capital and industry com bined are inestimable. These colonies bring with them these three great essen tials, and form the most valuable acqui sition that can be gained in the way of immigration. Leet a Haai, Virgil Webb, a colored employee of the Air-Line road, Sunday night in coupling cars had one of his hands so badly crushed as to render amputation necessary. The accident is said to have been the result of carelessness on the part of Webb, and that he alone was to blame for his misfortune. Dr. J. P. McCombs gave the injured man medi cal attention. List of Letters Remaining uncalled for in the post- office at Charlotte, N. C, for week end ing December 26, 1881 : Cy M. Alexan der, A J Alexander, Mrs Eliza Bland, Jno B Alexander, Miss Lizzie Alexan der, Mrs Burtle, J N" Bohanan, Lottie Brown, Rena Brown, Davis Brown, W F Brown, Mis3 Maggie Britton, R J Barden, J M Cooper, Miss Laura Col- ins, Jno Cunner, M C Currie, WB Caldwell, Sarah Davis, Belle Elliott, H G Fitch, Alice Grear, G R Garricks, Miss Laura Gibbs (2), Alex Harris, Henry Harris, Mrs K P Hood, Jule Houston, J C Hutchison, Frand Harem Maria Harris, W H Hearn, Miss Erne- line Johnston, AC Jones, Mrs Julia Kellv. Martha Kimmons, Eliza More- head, Lewis J Maxwell, J C Morris Mattimore Morehead, Mrs Nellie Moss, Hannah Nesbit, Sarah Nesbit, Mrs P A C Outland, Anthony Rivers, Clare Ross, Sarah Ross, Emma Ross, Daffney Sadler, J Jett Spengler, Louisa Sty wall, Zack Smith. S W Soeieh (3). J A Tre- seau, Mrs M J Trimble, Nathan Worn ble. .When calling for any of the above please say advertised. W. W. Jenkins, P. M. In this moist aid variable climate colds are the rule rather than the exception. Dr. Bull's oough syrup 1 )ut the remedy for every one to. tale when suflertng from a cough, cold or any throat trouble. Mr Bktn diseases ea Impure condition of thaiiiood. a, a a. U euro any etseese of the Wood, in lit worst form ntf taken as directed. NATUBX'SSLUICS WAT. The kidneys are nature's sluice way to wish out the debris of our eonstantiy enaocui owne " they do not work properly the trouble Is felt every hI. Thah, alii and aa soon as ion see tens of disorder ret package of Kidney-Wort and take It faithfully. It wul cl the sluloe-way Lsand, rravel or sUme and purify the whole sys tem. DragrJsts seU tt. both liquid and dry, and tt is equally euKwnt in ease mm. wmfwm. Barrett Te-nifkb Lawrence Barrett and his company will appear at the opera house to-night and if the weather is favorable we have no doubt a large and fashidnable au dience will greet the celebrated trage dian, as it is seldom that Charlotte has an opportunity of witnessing such a rendition of Othello as will be given by him. He justly stands in the front rank of tragedians, and has received the most nattering commendations wherever he has played. His support is first-class, a most important feature for the success of the leading spirit In speaking of Barrett as an actor, Prof. David Swing of Chicago, in a criticism of his Julius Cse3ar, says : "Lawrence Barrett was all last week an excellent lecturer in history. The great scenes around the assissination were spread before the public as they lay once in reality before the citizens of old Rome. Words only do not possess the power to reproduce the past. To words the legitimate stage adds the scene and the action, and under such marvelous aids the old centuries return. Thus Barrett last week recalled one of the greatest tragedies in history, and with such skill that the audience going away from his play confessed that for the first time they had seen and learned that mighty historic page." Superior Court The extra term of Mecklenburg Su perior cou-rt met In this city yesterday Judge R. T. Bennett presiding, for the trial of civil suits. In the case of Martin vs. Young and Wriston, a motion to confirm the re ports was continued, and the defendants allowed thirty days in which to file ex ceptions to the report. E. C. Grier vs. J. T. and W. H. Downs, plaintiff called and failed to appear and non-suit entered. The greater part of the day was con sumed on j the case of Stenhouse & Macaulay vs. M.L. Davis, a decision in which has not yet been rendered. Late in the evening the case of Davidson vs. the Second Presbyterian church was taken up, and pending its consideration the court adjourned till nine o'clock this morning. To-day the suit of the Atlantic, Ten nessee and Ohio Kauroad Company against the city of Charlotte will be heard. This is a suit brought by the railroad company against the city of Charlotte to compel the board of alder men to issue bonds to the company to complete the city's subscription to the capital stock of the company. THE NEW BISHOP. His Cottkecratlon In Baltimore San day As a matter of interest to our readers we give below an account of the conse cration of the new Catholic Bishop of North Carolina, which event occurred in the city of Baltimore Sunday. Sen ator Z. B. Vance, of tjiis city was pres ent on the occasion, as were several other prominent North Carolinians. The account is taken from a special dispatch to the Charleston News and Courier: The Right Rev. H. Pinckney North rop, of Charleston, who has been for some time past Yicar Apostolic of North Carolina, was to-day consecrated .bishop of that See at the Cathedral in this city, which was filled to its entire capacity, and thousands of people stood in the street in the rain while the procession of prelates passed from the Episcopal residence to the church. The ceremonies were imposing and con sumed four hours. Grand High Mass was celebrated by Archbishop Gibbons, and the consecration sermon was preached by Bishop Keane, of Rich mond, in the place of Bishop Lynch, of Charleston, who was unable, by rea son of illness, to be present The conse cration was by the Archbishop, assisted-by Bishops Becker of Wilmington, and Gross, of savannah. Among the other distinguished prelates who par ticipated were Bishops Moore, of St. Agustine, McCloskey, of Louisville, O' Farrell. of Trenton, Chatard, of Vin- cennes, Kane, of Wheeling, Watterson, of Columbus, Monsignor Quinn, vicar eneral of New xora, ather John, uperior of the Passionist Order, Fath er Sooner, Superior of the Redemp torist Order, the Rev. Messrs. J. J. Wil son, P. L. Duffy, F. J. Shadier, C. B. Northrop, R. Gore, C J. Giessen, and Mr. White of South Carolina, the Rev. Messrs. J. J. Riley and W. W. Wright, of North Carolina; the Rev. A. Mag- men, superior of SLSulpice, Baltimore; and about thirty priests and sixty sem inarians of St. Sulpice. Among the avmen present were Senator Z. B. Vance of North Carolina, Judge Wm. Moore of Edenton, and P. Nolan of Wilmington, North Carolina. A num ber of ladies, relatives of the new Bishop, were here from Charleston. A arge number of Bishop .North rop's old fellow-students from New York were also present at the consecration. A full orchestra and choir of sixty- five voices made the music an especi ally grand feature of the consecration. Bishop .Northrop will aepart iornis new home on mursaay. ana win ds installed in his cathedral at Wilming ton, North Carolina,, next Sunday by Archbishop Ui boons, when Bisnop Keane will preach. THE CAREER OF THE NEW BISHOP. Bishop Northrop is the son of the late C. B. Northrop, an eminent lawyer of tbe Charleston Bar. He was oorn in this city ana is in nis rorti eth year. His early education was acquired at Georgetown Col lege, whence he went to Mount St. Mary s uoiiege at j&mmettsourg, wnere he was graduated. After bis gradua tion he entered the theological seminary at the college, in 1804 he wtm to Rome, where he studied at the Ameri can College. He was ordaided priest in Rome in 1865, ana wouia nave remained there longer but was called home short ly after his ordination by the death of 1 A M S I 1 ms iatner. uu uis arrival in unaries- ton from Rome he was sent to supply the place of Dr. uorcoran at wiiming ton. N. C. .subsequently he was ap pointed pastor or the church at New Bern. N. C to which church were at t ached several missions. North Caroli na. which until then had been attached to the Diocese of Charleston,' was at that time made a separate vicarate, the Dresent Archbishop Uibbons of Baitl more, being its first Bishop. Father Northrop remained in North Carolina two vears after the division of the Dio cese, and returned to Charleston in 1871. He wasthen stationed at the Cathedral as assistant pastor, and was in 18TT ap pointed pastor of St Patrick's Church upon the consecration of Dr. Moore as Bishon of Florida. During his term of service t the Cathedral, Father North rop filled the position of Ecclesiastical Superior of the Sisters of Mercy and castor of the Sullivan's Island Church after the death of Father Bermingham. Bishop Northrop has ever been thoro lv efficient and conscientious in the dis charge of his duties. He is possessed of high intellectual acuity, is geniai in manner, but is of a retiring disposition and did not covet the promotion which; he baa won. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH JANPABY.9. 1882. PBODUCK. WrLmuQTOH. N. C SDlrtts turDentlne nnlet at 52e. Bosln steady; strained $2.05; good strained $2.10. Tar firm at $1.90. Crude turpentine nrm, at S2.5U hard; 93.70 ior yeiiow mp; $3.00 for virgin inferior. Com unchanged; prime white 81082; mixed 78379. Baltotoki oon Floor unlet: Howard street and Western super $4 25S5.00; extra $.25; ramiiy so.5Utxs7.Z5; city muia, super b50S5.25; extra S5.50$6.25; family S7.50 S7.75; Bio brands $7.00: Paapeco family $8.25. nuMr-ovuuieni aiuuiuicut nmrjniuuui ouuui era red $1.89$1.41; amber $1.42ft$1.45; No. MHilnai, Uru.Ak Swrnll. Ua. 1 Maryland Si. 45: no. z western winter red snot $1.4Cme$1.40iA: January $1.4031.40; Feb ruary $1.423i$1.42; March l.44$1.4; April S1.40tta$l-4fe. Com-8outhem scarce and nrm; western anu ana sieaay: Bousnem wnue 75; do. yellow 72. BAimaoms-Hlght Oats firm: Southern 48ffl51 : Western whit 60352; mixed 48349; Pennsyl vania 49360. Provision fair, fitm; mess perk $18.00. Hulk meats -shoulders and dear rib sides, packed 7ft9 Bacon shoulders 8; elear rib sides 10; hams 12443141s. Lard re fined 1214. Ooflse quiet; Rio eargoee ordinary to fair 9tt310U. 8utrar firm; A soft Wf&. Whis keynominal, at $1.l7Vi Freights dnU. Chicago Flour dull and unchanged. Wheats nsettled, but generally higher; No. 2 Chicago spring $1.28$1.28fe cash; $1.28 January; $1.29 February. Cora fairly active and a shade and higher; 6Ufc36Sfe cash; 62V4 January; 62 February. Oats steady and in lair demand, at 450451 cash; 44i January; 44U February. Dressed noes active, firm and higher, at $7,553- f7-62U. Pork active, firm and higher, at $17.25 17.50 February, Lard strong and higher, at $11. 223$ 12.25 cash; $U.82tt3$ll.B5 Feb ruary. Bulk meats strong and higher; shoulders 86.40: short rib $9.05; short clear $9.85. Whis keysteady and unchanged, at $1.18. Raw Tost Southern flour steady and active; common to fair extra 16. 65880.00: rood to eholce do S8.653S8.00. Wheat unsettled and opening 43e lower, afterwards recovered and advanced a trifle, closing weak at about Saturday's prices; ungraded spring $1.153$1.27; ungraded winter ; ungraded red$1.31$1.43lfc; ungrad ed white S1.29S1.88M: No. 2 red and January $1.433$1.44U; February S1.453$1.461 Corn unsettled and opening firmer, afterwards declined U Qva, closing weak and demand light: ungraded 68372; southern yellow ; new white 77tt. Oats cash lots stronger; No. 8 60. Hops-firm and quiet Coffee Vic lower and quiet: Bio 93 1 1 W. Sugar very firm and fair de mand; lair 10 goon leaning quote a at 7 7-lotc-9 1-6; refined excited and higher, owing to the burning of Haveneers refinery; Standard A 9Ul Molasses foreign quiet and steady; New Orleans 53365. Bice steady and moderately aoUve. Bosln-steady and quiet at $2.87 M3$2. 45. Tur pentme firmer, at 55tt366 Wool fairly active and firm; domestic fleece 86350; Texas 14381. Pork 20e higher and closing strong; middles a shade stronger; long clear 914. Lard - opened weak, afterwards advanced about 10c per 1 00 lbs. closing less firm, at Sll.80Sll.82Vi Freights to Liverpool marxet nrm. COTTON. Galtsstoh Firm; middling llc; low mld'ng 11c; good ordinary 10c; net receipts 2,047; gross ; sales 1,850; stock 1U.94; exports coastwise 681; to Great Britain 8,127; to conti nent : to France 1.200. NOBTOLK Steady; middling Utfee; net recelots 2,340; gross : stock 55,580; exports eoaat- wle 2,623; sales 1,138; exports to Great Britain 1.778: to continent . BAiiTiMOBX Steady; middling llc; low mid dling 11 1A; good ordinary 10V;net ree'ts 1.387; gross 1,594; sales 700; stock 56,702; exports coastwise : spinners 100; exports to threat Britain ; to continent . Boston Dull; middling 12c; low middling lle; good ordinary 10c; net receipts 2,691; gross : saies : stocx o,szu; exports to Great Britain 1,398; to France . Wilmington Finn ; middling 11 c; low mid dling 10 1516c; goodord'y 101-16c;ree'pts452; gross ; sales ; stock 10,178; exports oairtwlM ; to Great Britain ; to continent . Philadelphia Steady; middling 12c; low middling 1 ltec; good ordinary lOVfec; net receipts 226; gross 518: sales 255; spinners 210: stock 16,442; exports Great Britain ; to continent Savannah bteady; middling HVsc: tow mid dling l0c; good ordinary 10c; net receipts 1.507; gross 1,005: sates 4,ou; siock vi.ivh; exports coastwise 3.908: to Great Britain ; to France 1,175; to continent 5,271. New Oblkans -Steady; middling 1114c; low mldohng 11c; good ordinary 10 Vic; net receipts 6,784; gross 8,524; sales 7,500; stock 884.270: exports to Great Britain : to France 17,814; coastwise ; to continent 2,218. Mobile Firm: middling 11 Vie: low middling 10c; good ordinary 10Vc; net receipts 1,400: gross 1.439: sales 1UU: siock 5U,i40; exports coast 139; France : to Great Britain . Memphis Finn; middling 10c: receipts 1.151: shipments 2.849; sales 2,050; stock 98,861. Augusta Quiet; middling 10e; low mid dling lOVfec; good ordinary 10c; receipts 880; shipments ; sales 823. CHAKLSCTOir Strong; middling llvfec; low middling 11 Vic; good ordinary 10c; net receipts 1.528: moss : sales 1.000: stock 75,839; exports eoastwtiis 2,827: to Great Britain 1,1 30; to continent 6,872; to France ; to channel Nxw York Steady : sales 799: middling up lands 11 15-1 6c; middling Orleans 12Vc; consoli dated net receipts 22,789; exports to Great Britain 9.014: to France 20,189; to continent 10,710; to channel . Liverpool Noon Moderate Inquiry freely sup- piled; middling uplands 6d; middling Orleans 64fed; sales 10.000; speculation and export 1,000; receipts 1U.4UU: American v.zou. upianan iow middling clause: January delivery 6d; January and February 6d; February and March 6 1 1-1 6d; March and April ; April and May 625-82d; May and June 6 13-1 6a; June and July 6 27 82- 6d; July and August 6 29-3236 16-16d; August and September . Futures steady. LIVkbpcol b f. m. oaies 01 American couou 8.000 bales. Uplands low middling clause: Jan uary and February delivery ; February and March 6 23-82d; April and May 6 8-16d; May and June 6 27-32d; June and July 6 29-82d. Futures closed firm. FUTURES. Nxw Torn -Futures closed firm. Sales 120,- 000. January. 1200 ireDruaiy March 12.48 April 12.673.68 ri 12.883 84 jade. 12.973.98 July. 18.083.10 August 18.19320 September 12.60.62 October 11.803.82 November ii.o.w FINANCIAL. Nxw YOKI. Xxchange, Governments fairly firm and gen 4.80ft erally ue higher. New 5's, 1.021 1.14 117 533 Four and a hail per cents Four per cents, Money OtMt bniwlH moder&telv active.. . . . Sub-treasury balances Gold- $75,750,000 currency,..- 4.201,000 Stocks Irregular and unsettled, and tending towards higher ngures: Alabama Class A, 2 to 5 Alabama Class A, small Alabama Class B, 6's 81 82 99 SOVt 1.28 1.8914 89Vb 14V6 1.63 1.29V 1.12 97 72 85 1-64 1.34 87 1.80 1.31 88Vk BS 78 Alabama Class C. 4's. Chicago and Northwestern Chicago and nonn western preierxea, Krle. XasTennessee Georgia. Illinois Central. Lake Shore Louisville and Nashville Memphis and Charleston Nashville and Chattanooga New York Central Pittsburg Richmond and Allegheny Richmond and Danvuie Bock Island , Wabash, St. Locrti tt Pacific. Wabash, 8t Louis x Pacific prefen'd Western Union. . CITY COTTON MARKET. Omcx of The Obsertxr, l Charlotte. January 10, 1882. 1 The market yesterday dosed firm at the follow ing quotations: Good Middling. 11VI Strictly middling HVfe Middling. 11 Strict low middling. 10 Iwmlddlliig. .'. 10 Tinges 9liPtt Btorm eotton oav Sates yesterday 43 bales. Charlotte Produce market. JANUARY 6. 1882. BUYING PRICES. Cork, eerbush'l . 85 90 1.25a,50 90a 1.00 1.50 Weka?. ' Bxaks, white, per bushel. . Pxas, Clay, per bosh. Lady. " White, " Flotjb Family 76a80 4.25a450 400 a75 65a65 Super Oats, shelled. DSHD ram Apples, per US.. Peaches, peeled.... Unpeeted. Blackberries PoTAToxe 4a6 I6a20 ... ... 7al0 8a5 Sweet 76 1.00 Irish North Carolina. 2026 Xooe, perdosen. . 20 Oitclff He. .i 20a26 Spring 10al2Vj . Ducks ,.. 20 AT COST ! AT COST. AT COST. HAYING I FIND I HAVE ENTIRELY TOO EH Iff C EE STOCK ON HAND, AND IN ORDER TO REDUCE IT I WILL OFFER UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, ALL GOODS UNKES;ERVEDLY AT COST. dec80 lm CONSIGNMENT. :L: (its (Jilt 15 is. Oranges, m is LLeHEdDy HDavJdlsoiin. Atwood's HOYTS' COLOGNE, 4711 GERMAN COLOGNE, just ueceiveo Dy wi rT317T9G "DTTfTTJTT Is a superior remedy for all diseases of the BLADDER. VUUJl HiXC O XSUL'XlU Soldonlyby - - WILSON 4 BUBWELL. GROUND SAGE, GromdCwenepepGromd TTTVTT? TATT T?rprpT7 CT?rFC Jewelry Cases, Puff Boxes, Hand Mirrors XlINUi LKJLIjFj Jl IJjj OJCjJLo, Odor Cases, In all styles and at all prices The largest and nicest assortment ever brought to this market. WILSON & BUBWELL. TURKISH BATH TOWELS, Afine SigEF TT"V"P4T A T TTMT? (HYDRA TED OIL). Hydrallne has been proven of the highest AJL X U 3I.LjL1X JJJm value In consumption, and all wasting diseases, Invariably produc ing Immediate increase In weight: Fresh supply at Wilson & IF YOU WAHT A BXAXLY GOOIV STEEL FEU Ask your Stationer or send 25 cents in stamps for a box contain' lng two dozen NICKEL, of AND GILT, Of Aoenrtad Pat- piaua Maun vox. Sold by all Stationers. insoi. Bittern Taylor & Co., . sous Agents, New York. decSO Strayed or Stolen. A Black Setter Dog, with white nose, r-r eral reward will be given for his retu-n to his owner. v. tuttua, laa7 2t SEND F ISEEDaS TO?eiteS3sSStiAiH DAVID.LANDRETH &S0NS. PHILA deelO.weowly a SO JUST TAXKN :D: Ik Butter 25 boxes mm, 6.S (MILS, Cologne, FINE NAIL BBUEHES, FINE FEEKCH E0AP8 - Lourt a cuaw aiij. Burwell's. JUST GO TO PERRY'S and see wLat GHH FRUITS He has for New Yeai'a Dinners, lan 1 tow very cheap he is stlllog Toys and Fancy Articles FOR NEW YE ATI'S PRESENTS.-dec81 D MWtlHtr OOflUUU HNOI www

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