DDBBtHS .STARCH POLISH, An important dis covery, by which every family may civc their linen that beautiful fin ish peculiar to fine laundry work. Ask your Grocer. J. B. DOBBINS, Philadelphia, Pa. OLD MADE- M WITH n Anniiini i mvi!o II II II II I II r 1 .4iIfiClV uuDDino nmm MAKES Looking Glasses Pans ELECTRIC : Scouring POLISH. Bestlnthe World. ASK YOUR GROCER Stye Charlotte bstrotr. TIE iD A Y, JAN. 10, 1882. STATCS MEW. III II. II vw,a y PICHMONDENWWIHSCO. ITE3IS OF IRTEltCST. The St Gothard tunnel cost $11,000, 000. ' - ' . " ; St. Louisia to have a million bushel J- grain elevator. . A Chinese Catholic priest is at work, at Los Angeles, Cal. I ; Minneapolis manufactured last year - . mm ; a. a0 825,000,000 worm oi flour, against io,- 000,000 in 1880. The famous Dolby's chop house, Lon don, which has been open 200 years and more, is to be pulled dowu. The German scientist Ehrenberg finds that a single drop of water.may contain more than 80,000,000,000 of ani malcules. And not Chicago water,, either. The government f Cyprus pays $65 a ton for locust legs, in order to exter minate these terrible pests. The State of West Virginia has no in debtedness, the constitution of the Chester & Lenoir Narrow Gauge Kail- State forbidding the creation of any road now graded through caiaweii, is liaoiiuy in me nature oi a puuuc uouu in the midst of an excellent cotton Mountain of the Lord is a solid growing country, and. has one of tfie rock 100 feet in height, risine above the Raleich News-Observer : Friday night at Faison, on the Wilmington ,& W el don Railroad, between Goldsboio and Wilminffton. there was a collision, ue- tween the fast mail trains, in .which no one was hurt, and the engines were somewhat smashed, me cause oi win collision was a failure of the air brakes on one train to work, h T-enoir Tonic : Our esteemed towns man. Judge C. A. Cilley, and his wife left Lenoir yesterday lor tne not. i Snrinm. in Arkansas, at which, place they wilf remain a month or two before returning w i-noir. . , . Machinery is now arriving ior too new cotton factory of Messrs. Shuford, Gwyn & Co., at tfocicaaie, mis county. This factory is onlv one mile from the - CHAS. R. JONES, Sole Ag't,Charlotte,N.C. finest water powers in Western North Carolina. Our countryman, Mr. jonn Ai. hour, has rafted 100,000 more of his excellent white pine shingles from his mills on Wilson creek, down Johns River to the ford on that stream, between Lenoir and Morganton, miles, from the W. KC.R.R. The shingle business is as suming yast proportions in this section of the State. Capt Dwight's corps of engineers, who recentlv completed the survey to this place, has been ordered to return at once to Watauga Gap and survey a line from that point to the Cranberry Iron Works in Mitcneii county, to which place a. narrow gauge road is now nearly completed. The indica tions now are that the short line from Cranberry to Johnston City; Tenn.,wiU be a part oi the through line from Bris tol, Tenn to the sea coast 'm 4 mt CHR1ST1BA8 STOCKINGS. isczlVxuzaus. A. J . Bea Mo GENERAL FEED DEALERS -ASD- COMMISSION MERCHANTS OMMISSION MERCHANT CHARLOTTE, H. C. WE HAVE NOW ON HAND : JUST RECEIVED, ONECAB LOAD MTipaMeal. 1 000 BU3HELS 0F NKW WHtTE C0BN- 2 BARRELS OF PEARL GRIT3. CAB LOAD BRAN, m ww I a, 1 1 1 2 CAB LOAD COBN and PEA MEAL MIXED, CAB LOAD PATAP3CO PATENT PROCE33 FLOUR, CAR LOADS TIMOTHY HAY, THE ONLY MEDICINE 15 EITHER LIQUID OB DBY FOBK That Acts at the same time en TEE LITEM, TEE BOWELS, Am TEE SWEETS. WHY ARE WE SICK? Because ice allow these great organ to LJ become clogged or torpid, and poisonous rAhvmorsare therefore forced into the blood that should be expelled naturally. S3 AND WILL GLADLY PTE PRICES -TO- BOTH THE WHOLESALE and RETAIL TRADE Respectfully soliciting a snare el your patronage, we are respectfully, decl8 A. J. 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The Burlington Hawkeye publishes . . 1 . . 1. a list or aisunguiBneu peopie who opened their stockings on Christmas morning, with the following result : "Hallo I anotner rauroaa roor William Vanderbilt "What! more telegraph wire r Jay Gould, the Almshouse Boy. "Whoever put tms oaDy in my swck- ing is a liar." Ben Hill. 'Blast mv tarry topiienis, dui nere s a steamboat!" Secretary Hunt. "Since I have come back to the farm I do not wear any. R. B. Hayes. "It looks as though 1 would &e nung up instead of my stocking." Guiteau. "Hallo, a spooniui or uramsj jusi what I needed. Thomas L. James. "The man who sent me that bull fid dle is no gentleman. Theodore Thomas. "What the mischief do I want with a Guide to Matrimony. Delegate Cannon. "Somebody has-cut off the foot of my stocking and thrown away the leg. S. J.TUden. "It looks like a hole: it is a hole.. 1 will crawl into it and pull it in after me." De La Matyr. - "I can lick the siaosidea lunatic wno spilled that bottle of 'Anti-fat' on my candy." David Davis. ".Now, what am santa uiaus suppose I wanted with Anna Dickinson s pho tograph V" Little .Fanny Davenport. "Whoever put mat Dotue 01 nair aye and scalp renewer in my stocking is no gentleman." Young Hannibal Ham lin. . . 'Yum, vum I That was Captain l'aul Tinvtnn. I have been waitina for him to come along. Omnivorous Louisiana Alligator. 'Who eoes there t J3y Mars nis gauntlet! Here's the whole United States array ana tnree inaians in my stocking." Secretary Lincoln. "Infinite gain Measureless cneeKi Here's my scarlet stocking plumb full of brimstone. Well, this is ha, dread fulsRev. Robert G. Ingersoll. "I do not know what this bottle with . , m x al. J a a rubber top is ior, dui mis is Annie Carv's stockinsr. The stripes on mine street level, at Manti. Utah. The Mor mons are building on this eminence a temple of fine marble. 95 feet by 170 in area, and handsomely adorned. Great Britain employs in under ground occupations no fewer than 878,151 persons, and the length of the galleries where the mining is carried on is found to be 53,741 miles. The great est depth of the coal mines is 2,800 feet below the level of the sea. Superstition still flourishes in En gland. A woman lately went to the vicar of lower Gornal and asked per mission to cut a bit of turf from a cer tain grave, to be placed under the com munion table for four days, that she might lay the ghost of the man buried in the grave, which she declared con tinually haunted her. The London Lancet and the Herald of Health, of New York, assert that leaf tea is not only not a food, and at the best only a stimulant, but in some cases, particularly in diseases of the kidneys, is a positive poison. Glycerine, to whfch a few drops of alcohol have been added, is an excel lent application for oil-stones on which fine instruments are to be sharpened. In 187j0 the colored population of West Virginia was 17,980, and in 1880 it was 25,886, showing an increase in the ten years of 7,806, or forty-four per cent above the ratio of increase in the white population of the State. Death of Judge Brooke. Raleigh News and Obserrer 7th lnst . We sincerely regret to announce the death of Hon. George W. Brooks, the J udge of the eastern district of North Carolina. Judge Brooks' name will be ever honored in our State. Not a great lawyer, he was yet an honest judge, firm and unwavering in the dis charge of duty, faithful to his convic tions, and unswerved by any consider ation save alone what he deemed tie law of the case before him. He was in deed an incorruptible judge, and no man ever dared approach him, eithtr directly or by indirection, to secure an improper order or runng. inueeu ins most striking characteristic was can dor and frankness of bearing, and not the slightest shadow of dissembling ever could be discerned in his conduct. Irreproachable and unapproachable, he stood an honor to the bench and to the profession of the law. His entrance on the duties of the bench was during a period of unrest and abnormal condi tions. We had just emerged from a civil war and found the court system of the Federal Union greatly enlarged. New principles had been invoked to extend it, and new legislation had made its increasing power extremely unpopular. Nor was the name "federal" in good repute among us. The court as well as the law was out of favor with the people. But it was reserved for Judge Brooks to at once restore the court in fayor of his fellow citizens and make his own name dear to the popular heart of his native State. Kirk had passed through several counties, and had in his possession a large number of citizens aeainst whom no charge of any made. Deprived of. tneir IllElY. 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(WICKERING & SONS Jan. 22 DRUGS, MEDICINES, 0 Fifth Avenue. N.Y. I 156 Tremont St., Boston. North Carolina Railroad CONDENSED SCHEDULES. TRAINS GOING EAST. CHEMICALS, LAMP GOOD8, SEGARS, TOBACCOS, &c, &c. Dec80 dSw4 THK OF- 1,200 Acres kind was run ud and down." Clara Louise Kel- liberty, under the dominion of an irre lose. sponsible soldiery, with the courts of . . a l 1 111. A. 1- I m . . " a Ai Xnat is not my BiocKing witu lub North Carolina ciosea aeamsi mem, rubber rattle in it. That belongs to Date, Dec. 18, '81 No. B5 No 51 No. 53 Dally. Dally. Dally. Leave Charlotte, 4.30pm 830am 8.10pm " Salisbury, 6.17 p m 5.30 a m 10.02 p m Arrive Greensb'ro 8.00 pm 786 am 12 05 am Leave Ureensb'ro 8.18 pm 7.5H a m 12.15 am Arrive N.Danville 10.10pm 1000am 12.23am Leave N.Danville 11.80 p m 10 15 a m Arrive Richmond, 7 .40 a m 3.55 p m Leave Greensb'ro 9. 50 a m Arrive Raleigh... . 1 .52 p m Leave Baleinh... 2. 1 7 p m Arrive Goldsboro' 4.20 p m :of: Tinware & House Furnishing Goods MANTELS and GRATES WHOLESALE and RETAIL. Particular attenUon paid to -ROOFING AND SPOUTING.- None but first class hands employed. Call for the BiRLEY SHEAF STOVE. oct29 VALUABLE LANDS. BY VIRTUE of a decree of the Superior Court of the county of Mecklenburg, we will sell at public auction, at the court house aoor, in ine cuy oi unarioue, on Monday, 16th Day of January, 1882, the lands which were owned by the late Mary M. THE HOME PLACE, 4 miles from the city of Charlotte, on the Lawyers' road, contains 408 acres, with a large Brick Dwelling House, good barns and other Improvements. THE ALLEN PLACE, contains 267 acres, 18 4 miles-from thelty, adjoins the Home Place, and lies between the Lawyers' road and the Monroe road. THE WtfNENS PLACE, on the Potter road, con tains 183 acres, adjoins the Home Place, and Is about tbe same distance from the city. THE WILSON PLACE, on the Lawyers' road, 6 miles from Charlotte contains 322 acres. THE BRUMLEY PLACE, on Reedy Creek, 7 miles from Charlotte, contains Q1V acres. We will also sell a valuable Gold Mine, in Un ion county, near Matthews', known as the Henry Fhlfer Mine. The Home tract; the Allen tract: and the Wilson tract, each, will first be offered in lots and then as a whole. This sale Is made subject to tne ratification and annroval of the Court. Terms: One tenth cash; balance in two equal installments at one and two years, with security and fntarast from date. J Deeds and Plata can be 'Been at the law office of Oarmrnn A: Maxwell. Charlotte. N.C Parties desfring to examine the property will ap ply to 8. H. FARROW, atlbe Brics House place. December 1,-1881. w-tds-dally4t ' " Clara Louise. Mine is hanging on the other side of the chimney." Annie Louise Cary. "Merry Christmas ror mei iieres two polar bears, an eighty-acre iceberg, three live seals, with real $250 sacques on, a walrus, a swan's down duck and a husband. Mrs. ue L.ong. A LONG CHASE. No. 51-Connects at Greensboro' with R&D. B. B. for all points East and West, via Danville and Richmond, also with train for Balelgh and Goldsboro. , . No. 55 Connects at Greensboro' with B. & D. B. R. for all points East and West, via Danville and Richmond. No. 53 Connects at Greensboro' with R. & D. R. R for all points East and West, via Danville only. TRAINS GOING WEST. 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Messlne dub lk of a mile from Barracks for youog men of ; Bmaii means. l ue i idiubwuvu wr ,., T 11 .V. 1DOQ Afltn- 1 , logue giving iuu parucum auuioaa Maj. It. BINGHAM, decl7 tf " Strpermtendent. GitensbofojFemale College, ': :', ' -' ' GBEINSB0B0.1f,O-- rpHB Spring' Session of :l882wui Jf? begin on- weanesuaji inuarjj Tlie Abdnctore of Pretty Little Mayg'e Pickett Followed 1,300 RTlles. XAnsas City News. Some days ago tne Associated xrrws told of the kidnapping of a four-year- old child named Maggie Pickett, from ner nome at Latrooe, n esuuonauu county Pennsylvania, by a man and woman, supposea ia do j onn xurus anu wife. On Tuesday evening the child was at the Union Depot, in .Kansas City, in charge of her uncles, John! and Enoch'Davis, and the story Of her re covery reads like a romance, the I two young men navmg toiiowea ner over 1,300 miles, and at a point only a.faw miles from the Indian Territory linea she was overtaken and released from the clutchers of her kidnappers, i The child, who is a beautiful little gitlJ not quiet four years old, was born and tais ed at Latrobe, and her beauty was known from one end of the town to-the other, being of that order which made people stop in the streets and ask ; who she was. It is supposed that this was the cause of the abduction, her kidnap pers hoping that a large reward would be offered for her return not, howev er by parents, who were poor, but bj the city or State. The child was stolen on the after-, noon of Friday, December 9th, by a man thought to be John Burns, a coal miner, and his credited wife. Burba made his way to this city, and on Fri dav took the train to Wichita. The1 following night found the two uncles bound for the same point only thirty six hours behind the stolen child, and the chase became most exciting. At Wichita it was found that the parties had gone to Arkansas City, and when the pursuers reached that point on Sunday last the discovery was made that Burns had hired a pair of horses, with a driver, and was making for In dian Territory The Davis boys did the same tmng, ana alter a nara anve me first carriage was overtaken, and the child taken from her abductors. The little one, when she saw her uncles, held out her hands and pegged to be taken from "this bad, nasty, wornan and cried for her mamma. As tne res cuers were unarmed. tne arxraeioraes- caped. Date, Dec. 18, '81 No. 54 No. 50 No. 52 Dally. Dally. Dally. Leave Goldsboro 1 2.20 p m Arrive Balelgh,.. . 1 2.40 p m Leave Balelgh, . . 4 00 pm Leave Blchmond, 12 07 pm 11.25 pm M N.Danville 7 48pm 630pm 7.85 am Arrive Greensb'ro 9.80 pm 8.30 pm 9 80 am Leave Greensb'ro 9.85 pm 8.40 pm 9 85am Leave Salisbury,. 11.15 pm 10.87 m 11.22 am Arrive Charlotte, . 12.40 a m 1 2.25 m 1.06 pm IN. W. N. C RAILROAD. 60INO WEST. NO. 50-Dally. Leave Greensboro. 9.51 pm Arrive Kernersville. 1 1.07 p m Arrive Salem.... k 11.50 p m NO. 52 Daily, except Sunday. Leave Greensboro 10.00 a m Arrive Kemersvlile : - .....11.00 a m Arrive Salem. 11.80 am GOING EAST. their counsel, Gov. Bragg, Judge Battle, Judge Merrimon and others, applied to Judge Brooks for writs of habeas cor pus in their behalf. Without question he came to their rescue, declared them, as citizens of the United States, entitl ed to the protection of the Federal Court, and no cause of detention being shown, no charge being made against them, he directed tneir oiscnarge ana gave them their liberty. That act stands forever memorable in the annals of our State, and the name of George W. Brooks will be inseperablefrom the history of our liberty-loving people. In the administration of tbe crimi nal law he was ever just, seeking at all times to enforce it, but never permit ting it to be made an instrument of op pression, and never allowing his couit to be converted into machinery to ad vance the objects of political parties. Our intercourse with Judge Brooks, since we first appeared in his court ten years ago,' had gradually assumed a character of friendly interest. . We knew him well. He aimed always at the right Than ibis, man can do no more. Without a stain or blemish be passed through life, seeking not the plaudits of mankind, but rather the justification of bis own conscience. ' Judge Brooks was born in Pasquotank county about the year 1818. In early life he perhaps had not a great many advantages, but choosing the law as bis profession, studied under . Mr. Charles B. Kenny, who was one of the most ac complished lawyers of his day. Engag ing in the practice; he soon became very successful ; his earnestness, reliability and attention supplying the place of those great parts which often win re putation without winning cases. He represented his county in jthe legisla ture In 1852-53, and was a member of the conventions , of 1806. In 1864 he was appointed District Judge by Presi dent Johnson, and held the fall term of the district courts. His present com? mission bears date January 22, 1866. For the last few years his health, had not been robust; although last spring he seemed to have entirely regained his former strength. But since the No vember term of his court his system seemed to have broken down entirely. ana ne lingered on witnouc mucn nope t HEADQUAfiTrJJS jmjl unuMMiiJia. JU3T RECEIVSD: A FULL AND SELECT LINE OP Perfumeries and Perfumery Cases. Cologne Bot tles, &c. Toilet Powder Rouges, Soaps, Tooth Brushes, Brushes of all kinds, Combs, &c, and a full line of all goods usually found In a first-class Drug Establishment Careful attenUon Riven the preparation of pre scriptions. I trust the public will, as heretofore, extend me a share of th4r patronage. Care will in every in stance be given the preparation and dispensing of all medicines for which demands are made, and satisfaction in every in every Instance guaranteed, by W. P. MABViN. Ag't, & CO. dec23 C9 HEWH M4 3 3B jsa-SEJfD FOR CIECTJXlARS.-S Victor Sell line Co, JIIDDLETOW5, COXX. No. 8 N.: Charles street, SOUTHERN OFFICE Baltimore, Md. novll dw GOOD COFFEE, 1)0 NOT W body wants it, but very few get it, J j :JL l V A JL J.A. 0. 51 Dally, except Sunday. Leave Salem 7.80 am Arrive Kemersvlile 8.04 a m . Arrive Greensboro 9.00 am KO. 58-Daily. lAava Salem 4.80 Dm Arrive Kernersville . 5. 1 0 p ra Arrive Greensboro 6.80 pm PflHian Slewing Cars WitHont CliaiiEe On Train No. 51, between Atlanta and New York, via Danville. On Train No. 55, between Augusta and Wash ington, via Danville. On Train No. 58, between Atlanta and Washing ton, via Danville. On Train No. 50, between New xork ana Auania via Danville. On Train No. 52, between Washington and Au gusta, via Danville. OnTraln No. 54, between Washington and At lanta, via Danville. Through Tickets on sale at Greensboro, Balelgh, Goldsboro', Salisbury and Charlotte, and principal points South, Southwest. West, North and East. t Emigrant Bates to Louisiana, Tex as. Arkansas and the Southwest, address, 4 A. POPE, ' General Passenger Agent dec31 - Blchmond, Va. ST CHARLES HOTEL. 'A vkstrBoardeloslve- of rJK J and washing) andiultlon,ln ruulfin-'HiJ Oyf,. i - glish course. S75 0O. mnw,!) uiyu -7r JQNE3. iMintf Piostdenti of recovery. His death was, therefore, not unexpected bv his friends. He died at his home, at Elizabeth City, on yes terday, at 10:40a.m., and will be bur ied on Sunday afternoon. . Judee Brooks leaves a wife and five children to mourn the loss of One whose excellencies of character made him ad mirable in all the relations or lire. STATESVLLLE, N. a THJS house has been leased for a term of years by Mrs. Dr. Reeves, whose, intention is to keep a strictly flrsfcflJass bouse In every respect. Commodious sample rooms on first and second Boon. The patronage of the pubue Is solicited Jnlyl.dtf. Everybody wants it, but very few get it, because most oeople do not know how to select coffee, or it is spoiled In the roasting or making. To obviate these difficulties has been our study. Thurber's package Coffees ape selected by an expert who un-" derstands the art of blending various fla vors. They are roasted in the most perfect manner lt Is impossible to roast well in small quantities), then put in pound pack ages (in the bean, not ground,) bearing our signature as a guarantee of genuineness, and each package contains the Thurbar recipe for making good Coffee. We" pack two kinds, Thurber's "No. 34," strong and pungent, Thurber's "No. 41," ' mild and rich. One or the other will suit every taste. -They have the three great points, good quality, honest quan tity, reasonable price. Ask your Grocer for Thvrber'8 roasted Coffee in pound pack ages, "No. 34" or "No. 41." Dp not bo put off with any other kind your own palate will tell you what is best Where persons desire it we also furnish the "IdeaV' Coffee-pot, tho simplest, best and cheapest coffee-pot In existence. Grocers who sell our Coffee keep them. Ask for descriptive circular. Bespectfully, &c, H. K. & F. B. THTJRBER & CO., Importers, Wholesale Grocers and Coffee Roasters, New York. P. S. As the largest dealers in food pro ducts in the world, we consider it our in terest to manufacture only pure and whole some goods and pack them in a tidy and satisfactory manner. All .goods bearing our name are guaranteed to be of superior quality, pre and wholesome, and dealer are authorized to refund the purchase price in any case where customers have cause for dissatisfaction. It is therefore to the interest of both dealers and con sumers to use Thurber's brands. . TO CALL AT EDDINS' . :book store -BEFQBE YOU MIKE Your Holiday Purchases. We 111 not here attempt to enumerate what we have , but If ion will call we will satisfy you that we have the finest assortment of -HOLIDAY GOODS- ever brought to this market Call and see our Display whether you buy or not. A fine lot of MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS of all descriptions, just received. Rem:n.ber none can under-buy us, and none can under sell us. decl8 Chew only the brand Old Oaken Bucket of tobacco known as The DON'T DIE IN THE HOUSE. Ask druggists for "Bough on Bats." It clears out rata, mice, bed bugs, roaches, vermin, flies, ants, Insects. 15c per box. . -.. -. iu . FRIMATTJBS LOSS 01 THE HAIB r . May be entirely prevented" ;ny ; the use bt BCB RETT'S COCOAINEv No, other com pound pot seesesthe peculiar properties' whleli so-exaeUy alt the various conditions of the hnman haU ; softens the hair when harsh and dry. , It 1 aooUe Oaejxritated scalp. It affords the richestlustre, ,IA prevents the halt from fallmg oft,' K promotes tts healthy, vigorous gromth. Itla not jrreasy por sticky. It leave no disagreeable odor. Vf Ullsv Burnett's Kavbrmg est Extracts areknwn to be the c ; AS A CTJRE fOB PILES Kidney-Wort acta first by overcoming In the mild est manner-all tendency to constipation: then, by stores to health the debilitated and weakened parts.: We have hundreds of certified cures, wnere an eise &a . jaueou yae u ana suner no longer. Exchange. 1 HUMBUGGED AGAIN. ; , tkaw bo much said about fhe merits of Hop Bit ters, and my wife who was- always deetorlng. and atover wen, teased te so wteBUyto get net some. lad I did, for In less than (wo months' use of the Bitters my wife was eared, and she has .remained io for eighteen months since." ; I like such Hum . hnmrtifi T . fit Pnl. 1 Plon ear PrMfli V ' v -1 . a Ajsii vs uui zxun gnunRutr irwvtsrm na youthful color and lustre -ly the use of Parker's Hair Balsam, an elegant dresslngadmlred for Its" purity and rich perfume. THE old Oaken Bucket, The iron bodnd bucket, ; The moss-covered bucket. That bung In the weu. ' ' . CHAS. K. JONES, . " ' Charlotte, N.C.. Sole Agent ' Liberal terms to dealers. Chew onl; Old Oaken the bi and of tobacco ;et known ta The IF-UL3 UVJ Li dl THE old Oaken Bucket, The iron-bound bucket, The moss-covered bucket, . k That hung in the welL . CHAa B. TONES, Charlotte, N. C, Sole Agent Liberal terms to dealers. Wemtihue toiact asi&olfcfton for Patents, Caveats, Trade Mark eopyrighta. tor the United states, Canada. bs Knglandrwaaoa, Germany, etc. We have had ininy-nvo yer' iexprience,a ' s-' PatUobtained through na are noticed In the Set- itSTiMC AHkRtCAS. Thi large ndpUHdid fllus trated weaklvnaoer A3.aOayearahows the Pnxrresa or eewnce, i very inier8iing,na iuju enormous etrontattoa. Address MUNN A CO, Patent Solid-, term, pub's. m' ScresnrKi Axxkican, 87 Eark suw,' NewYork. Hand book about Patents tree,' NOTICE. I1 Signed a note, payable to W. B. Mott.for $525, dated 21st September; 1881, which note was obtained under false pretense, and I forwarn any person or persons from trading for said note, as I do not intend to pay It. . J. W.. LONG. lit. Houme, H.C. ' i f "JanSlia. ; ; CITY PROPERTY FOR SALE. A DESIRABLE residence, tfiree blocks from the public square in Charlotte, will be sold cheap and on reasonable terms to the right kind of a purchaser. Tbe dwelling is on a fulliot, has nine comfortable rooms, brick kitchen, fine well oi wa ter, etc The bouse is admirably adapted for the residence of a lawyer, doctor or preacher, having an admirable library or study room, built for th purpose. For furthsr particulars, price, terms, etc. apply at THIS OFFICE. lulyiO.dtf City Lot for Sale Cheap. rpHE Lot on the corner of Ninth street and the . JL North Carolina Railroad, fronting 140 feet on ; Ninth street and 196 feet on the? North Carolina Ballroad. will eitberi be sold aa a whole or divided Into two lots of 70 by 196 feet. Suitable either for building or factory purposes. R Apply to Jun25,tf &PHHJJP8. n T

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