North Carolina Newspapers

    ,e CtyaUrtte bBtrotr.
O tt AS, tU JONES, Editor fc ,
ilatuum at raa Post-Oiticm at Charlotw,
FRIDAY. JAN. 13, 1882.
A SiiltillT niSAPPMEllEnSlON,
The Raleigh News and Obseryer, and
the Greensboro Tatriot, noting the ru
mor published in this paper of the fail
ure of Mr. Best and the Boston Syndi
cate to meet their first payment, accord
ing to agreement, on the lease of the
Atlantic and Nortn Carolina Railroad
misapprehend the position of The Ob
server, if they suppos we are "mak
ing merry' over the failure of such a
"great enterprise." The fact is The
Observer wishes all such enterprises
well, but doubts the ability of Mr. Best
to carry any such attempt to a success
ful issue. We have no confidence in his
professions nor in his ability to do what
he nretends he can do. If that road is
ever built from Goldsboro to Salisbury
it will be by some one else, and not by
Mr. Best, who thus far ha3 been distin
guished only by the abundance of his
promises, and by his utter failure to
carrv them out. His proposition to
build the Midland road was based on
the contingency of getting possession
of the Western North Carolina Rail
road and be stands about as much
chance of doing that as he does of going
to glory in the flesh.
As a warm advocate of internal im
provements in the State, and in favor
of any and every work which tends to
her development, we would rejoice to
know that Mr. Best had the capacity
to stfrry out the schemes he projects,
and realize one-half the hopes he has
inspired in those whose confidence he
gained, by assurances which he has not
made good. If North Carolina depends
upon Mr. Best for a road that will con
nect her moiintais with the sea, she will,
we fear, wait a long a very long time.
We assure our worthy cotemporaries
that we would much rather chronicle
the completion of such a work than its
failure, and will be glad to learn that we
have been mistaken as to the ability and
intentions even of Mr. Best.
or twenty years of active hie we
have been battling for North Carolina
and North Carolina s interest, and we
point with pride to the record of our
lire-work, lnere may be snort com
ings but they are errors of the head
and not of the heart. Because we do
not see success in an adventurer like
Mr. Best: because we have had the
manliness to say just what we thought,
and what the people will all find out
after a while, there are 'those who
would decry us.
The building of a grand trunk line
through the State, to connect the Wes
tern portion of the State with a sea
port of our own is an idea worthy of
the ambition of any man, but to-day it
is theory merely. With the North Car
olina Railroad and the Western North
Carolina Koad in working order as
they now are, the business man who
would put his money into another road
between Gold3boro and Salisbury,
would be little better than an idiot. It
might be patriotic.but railroads are not
built these days out of patriotic senti
ment. The North Carolina Railroad
cost four millions and the Western
North Carolina Railroad has already
cost six millions 01 dollars; six per
cent on this sum would be six hundred
thousand dollars, to say nothing of
running expenses. Does any sane
man suppose for an instant that a line
projected and built as a competing line
to these roads would ever pay a dollar
of dividends ? On the contrary it could
not pay the cost of operating it, to say
nothing of interest on its cost. No
legislature would ever dare to vote
dollar towards its construction, nor
Would any good business man ever in
vest a dollar in it. If these be facts
then why not brush away the thin veil
of pretention put up by Mr. Best and
his friends to hide them until the time
comes to unload? If to do thi3 be
"jaerry making" then we do not under
stand the power of the Englinsh lan
guage. Aye, more, "It this be treason,
make the most of it."
iney have a way of letting a man
aown easy in Chicago. When a promi
nent citizen got drunk at a wedding,
and, being called on for a speech, rallied
the father of the bride because he didn't
have his other family residing on the
east side present at the wedding, and
so kicked up a perfect hades of a time,
the papers said merely that "the re
marks of Mr. Jowls were somewhat in
A strong pressure is being brought
to bear upon the President by promi
nent Republicans and tjournals of the
South, especially New Orleans, to have
the present Secretary of the Navy,
Hunt, retained, the claim being made
that he is a representative of Southern
Republicans m the broadest sense of
the word.
The hanging of Guiteau cannot be
an immediate matter, as most people
seem to think. Under the law he can
not be hanged until thirty days after
the opening of the next term of the
court. This will not be until the 4th of
April, and therefore the date of Gui
teau's execution cannot po3sibly take
place until the 4ih of May.
Henry C. Spaulding, who was famous
once as the inventor of "Spaulding's
glue," found himself in the New Alba
ny, Ind., lock-up the other night for
drunkenness. He says that he sold the
right to manufactnre the glue to a con
cern who made a round million, but he
got nothing out of it.
The debt of Great Britain heads the
list of national debts for size, that of
the United States comes second, and
the debt of France ranks third. The
United States is the only nation that is
engaged in paying off its debt, with the
serious purpose of doing it, too.
About 813,377.155 has been paid out
for the construction of the East River
bridge at New York, and about 6600,-
000 more will be needed.
New York idiots have been going
wild over Oscar Wilde, the boss aes
thete, ... . r- . .....
to F. P. Rice and R. H. Richards, of
Atlanta, for $25,000. They will organize
a joint stock company and start a ootton
factory, usinz the buildings for that
Out of the 500.000 immigrants who
landed at Castle Garden, New York,
the past year, 143,000 settled in the
State of New York and the city, and
36,000 in Pennsylvania.
Fddie Goosey, went with his sister
Nellie and another sir! skating, near
Brookfield, Mass., last Sunday. The ice
Drose anaiMiaie neroicuy loss ms iub iu
trying to save the girls,
They were all
The Atlanta Constitution says: The
progress of the temperance movement
in Georgia is .not fanatical, but is
quiet and persistent, slowly making j
ground and retaining every position
once gained.
Col. Marcellus Thornton, of Atlanta,
Gsl, married a rich North Carolina
widow, and is now aspiring to pilot the
independent movement down there.
The exhibition fever seems to be
contagious. The city of Macon, Ga
inspired by the success of the Atlanta
exDosition. is talking of getting up a
grand art exhibition.
Parnell's friends are trying to have
him released from prison before the
meeting of parliament.
One case of small-pox has developed
at Cbattanooga, Tennessee.
The appearance of small-pox at Chat
tanooga is scaring up Atlanta.
Small Grain.
Raleigh Mews and Observer.
Speaking with Mr. McGehee yester
day about the results of the Atlanta
Exposition and the noble snow our
State made there, he said it was in
truth cause for pride. But said he,
though the Department of Agriculture
feels such pride in tnis, yet there is an
other bit of its work the past autumn
which has been even more prolific of
good results. In response to an inquiry
aa to.what this good bit of work was,
Mr. McGehee said that early in the au
tumn, seeing the work of the drought
with the crops, the department issued a
circular in which the necessity for put
ting in heavy crops of small grain, par
ticularly wheat, was strongly urged
upon the farmers. They were told that
these crops would supply necessities
and that they should be sown up to the
last moment. The press of the State
took up the idea and repeated the ad
vice. Now as a result we have one of
the largest if not the largest grain crop
ever sown in the State. In many coun
ties the increase, as compared with last
year, is two, three and four hundred
fold, while some counties actually re
port it a thousand fold. Wheat was
put in the ground up to the last availa
ble moment. This was the case iu
nearly all parts of the State, and where
the work of the drought bad been the
worst the largest crop has been sown.
The reports further indicate that the
small grain crops look well, and the in
dications point to an abundant harvest
next year. Cotton fields were sown
down in the grains, and in some coun
ties very large areas of cotton lands
are now green with wheat and oats in
vigorous growth. In traveling twenty
miles in North Carolina, at any given
space between Raleigh and Charlotte, a
traveler sees more wheat than m the
course ot a day s journey through
boutn Carolina and tieorgia.
What Paul Eat,
Chicago News.
Madame rises at 9 o'clock, and during
her toilet exercises her voice on the
chromatic, or indulges in bits of favor
ite arias, with Signor Nicolini running
an opposition concert in the adjoining
suite. A lunch is served in their dining
room at 10 o'clock, with a menu of
eggs, toast, fruit, hsh, tea and wine,
Breakfast follows at 12. Rare porter
house, cut extra thick, chops, fruit, cof
fee, wine, buckwheat cakes and lettuce
salad make up the bill of fare, which is
served, like all her meals, in courses
For dinner, turtle soup and biscuits.
spiced turkey, roast beef, a couple of
salads, fruits and three kinds of wine
sustain life until ten o'clock, when a
very light supper of entrees and coarse
bread is taken with wines. When she
sings dinner is taken at 3 instead of 7
p. m and after the opera, not later than
11 :30, bouillon soup, a pair of chickens.
baked potatoes, salad with French
dressing, claret, Roquefort cheese and
crackers with French prunes. The
Spanish beauty is as fastidious as tal
ented, and will suffer nothing but the
choicest viands, served in first-class
style. Solid silver, cut glass and the
finest hand-painted French china fur
nish her table. A centre niece and in
dividual bouquets of fresh flowers are
supplied by Allen at every meal. Two
private waiters serve her, and like the
two sentinels who guard her door, are
attired in black broadcloth with swal
low tail coats, white vests and satin
ITI 11 ton's Water-Poirer.
Milton's water-power cannot be beat
en in the State, and the water-power of
T1 TT 1 . 11 i
juanvme, v a., bo mucn taiKeu auoui,
holds no comparison. Live men with
capital could make this town the Low
ell of the South. As this is the age of
capitalists looking around for places to
erect factories for manufacturing pur
poses, they would do well to come here
and look around. We are within seven
miles of the Richmond and Danville
Railroad and have a narrow gauge
road running to it.
Nominees by the Beadjunter Caucus.
Richmond, Va., Jan 12. TheRead-
juster caucus last night nominated the
following State officers: Second Audi
tor, H. H. Disson, present incumbent;
Secretary of Commonwealth, H. C.
Elam, editor of the Whig, Read juster
organ; itegitter of Land Office and
Superintendent of Public Buildings,
George Brockenbrougb, present incum
bent; Treasurer, Thos RIevely, Rock
bridge county : Superintendent of Pen
itentiary, 6. C. Williams, present in
cumbent; Superintendent of Public
Printing, R. F. Walton, present incum
bent. Massey refused to acquiesce in
the caucus rules in the matter of audi
tor of public accounts and that office
was passed by for future consideration.
Middle States winds shifting to
northeast and southeast with increas
ing cloudiness and rain dr snow, slight
changes in temperature and falling ba
rometer on Friday.
South Atlantic and East Gulf, Ten
nessee and the Ohio Valley threaten
ing weather and rain, easterly to south
erly winds, falling barometer, stationa
ry or slight rise in temperature.
West Gulf rain followed by partly
cloudy weather, warm southerly to
colder northerly and westerly winds,
falling followed by rising barometer.
8kln diseases Indicate an Impure condition of
tbe blood. 8. 8 8, will core any disease of the
blood In Its worst form If taken as dlrected.j
Bat Reach no Conclultn lllore Bllli
Introduced to Repeal the internal
Heremue, kc., tfcc,
Washington. Jan. 12. Hotjsk.
Robeson, New Jersey, from the com
mittee on rules, submitted a reports in
creasing the membership of the follow
ing committees:
Ways and Means, 15: Judiciary to
19: Bankinst and Currency to 13: Com
merce to 19; Agriculture to 19: Foreign
Affairs to 15; Military Affairs to 15;
Post office and Post roads to 15; lm-
VUlVU CsjtlvL A W IV I A lnU
provement of navigation of the Miss
ississippt River to 15; Invalid pensions
to 18; War claims to 15 and Accounts
toll; also for appointment of a com
mittee on Inter Oceanic Canal and
Foreign and Inland transportation, to
consist of 13 members to which shall
be referred all measures relative to
these subjects ; also to amend the rules
so as to refer the committee on Im
provement of navigation of the Miss-
issippi xviver, wiumi uinttcia roiauva
thereto under rules, the report was laid
over for one day.
The House went Into committee of
the whole on the census deficiency ap
propriation bill. The committee at 3
o'clock arose and reported the bill to
the House, when it was passed without
division. It appropriates $540,000.
On motion of Upson, of Texas, a
resolution was adopted calling on the
Secretary of War for copies of all cor
respondence, endorsements and recom-
meudationd in his office relating to the
expenditure of the appropriation for
the acquiring ox sites and the erection
of posts for the protection of the Rio
Grande frontier.
Payne, of Pennsylvania, introduced
a bill to repeal the tax on bank depo
sits and the stamp tax on bank checks
and to reduce the tax on the circula
tion of national banks. Referred.
Prescott, of New York, Introduced
an apportionment bill providing for 319
representatives. Referred.
Browne, of Indiana, offered a resolu
tion calling on the Secretary of the In
terior for the following information :
If all pensions arising from the war of
the rebellion shall be adjudicated with
in seven years, determining June 30th,
1888, and if at the end of that period
the survivors of the war with Mexico
and their widows shall be pensioned at
the rate of $8 per month, what ap
propriation will be required annually
to pay pensions during the next 25
years? Referred.
The House, at 3 20 p. m adjourned
until Monday.
Senate. The President pro tern pre
sented a communication from Isaac N.
Arnold, president of the Chicago His
torical Society, asking the co-operation
of Congress in the celebration on April
the 9th, at .New Orleans of the 200th
anniversary of the discovery of the
mouth of the Mississippi River, by
Robert Cavalier DeLa Salle.
Frye reported from the committee
on rules, a resolution authorizing the
selecLcommittee,on woman suffrage to
employ a clerk. Adopted.
At 12o the Sherman funding bill
was proceeded with, Mr. Garland hav
ing the floor.
Mr. Garland argued to show that the
relation of banks to the government
was that of mere fiscal agents, and that
Vest's amendment was a logical and
legal sequence of funding. He was
not wedded to the idea of the three per
cent, bond, but was willing to take the
assumption of saving 61,000,000 annual
ly, for what it was worth.
Allison inquired for information
whether upon Garland's construction
of its language Vest's amendment ma
king the new bonds the sole basis of
bank circulation, would require the
banks having Z per cents, on deposit
to surrender these and take three per
cents.? He did not so understand it
Mr. Garland: we will try to make it
broad enough to cover that.
Plumb renewed his amendment so
as to require the use of all funds now
in the treasury for the redemption of
u nited states notes in excess of 8100.
uou,uuo, in the redemption of 3h per
cents., sucn redemption to be made in
not less than three installments, and
the said sum of 9100,000,000, so left in
me treasury, snail not be increased or
diminished except in redemption of
United States notes. He also gave
notice of additional amendments, and
proceeded to argue that upon anv
calculation of interest the government
would now lose more than it could
realize by an attempt at refunding
Replying to Allison's inquiry. Vest
explained that his amendment did not
apply to bonds held by banks now ; it
merely applied to banks now ia exis
tence which seek to increase their cap!
tal after July 1st, 1832, or to banks
which seek to go into business after
that date.
The debate was continued by Allison,
bnerman and 1'iumD.
The fact becoming apparent at 4:20
that several Senators desired to speak
who had not participated in the dis
cussion, the- bill was info
aside until Monday.
A bill was introduced by Jonas for
the relief or the Mechanic s and Traders
Bank of New Orleans.
lij Jjidmunds, relating to a quorum
of the Supreme Court of the United
States, providing that hereafter a ma
jorityof the Justices, instead of six,
snau constitute a quorum.
By Kellogg, to extend the limits of
the port of New Orleans, and making
an appropnation of $200,000 for the im
provement of the harbor.
By Johnston, by request, three bills
as follows : To authorize the coinage
of silver dollars and fractions thereof
of full standard value upon the metric
system ; to utilize the coinage of the.
goloid metric dollar, two dollars and
fractions of a dollar, and also the coin
age of metric gold double eagles, eagles
and half-eagles, all of standard value;
to authorize a new metric gold coin for
internal use, to be known as the stella.
ne ioregoing three bills are copies
or Dins Heretofore introduced in the
House by Stephens, of Georgia.
Brown offered a declaratory resolu
tion that it is inexpedient and unwise
to contract the currency ty the with
drawal irom circulation or what are
known as silver certificates, or to dis
continue or further restrict silver com
age ; further, that gold and silver coin
Daseo upon a proper ratio or equiva
lents between two metals and issues of
paper predicated upon and convertible
into coin on demand constitute the
proper circulating medium of this
country. Laid over temporarily.
The Senate went into executive ses
sion and soon after adjourned till Mon
Throat Cot br an Unknown A a! I.
Norfolk, Va., Jan. 12. Jos. A.
Sicks, a prominent citizen of Norfolk,
and a member of tbe firm of Joseph L.
Guy & Co., wholesale liquor and tobac
co dealers' of this place, late last night
was seized irom penina wnue in the
streets of the suburbs, by an unknown
man, his head thrown back and his
throat cut just under the chin. Sicks
lies in a critical condition. No clue to
his assailant.
waMMaen4h-aaMBwnM' '
If the thousands tbat now bare their rest and
comfort destroyed by complication of liver and
kidney complaints would give natnro's remedy,
Kidney-Wort a trial tber would be sDeedllr eared.
It acts on botb organs at the Mm Udm and there
fore completely Alls tbe bill lor a perfect remedy.
It you bare a lame back and disordered kidneys
use it at once. Don't neglect tbeavr-Mlrror and
Coffre drinkers should rer.d tbe adrertlsement,
in another column beaded "Good CoSee."
DArldg-e compliments the Jary nd
Arffnes the Case But One Point
Insanity and Ilero There la None.
Washington, D. a. Jan. 12. The au
dience which assembled in the court
room this morning to listen to the ar
gument to the jury in the Guiteau case
was a large and intelligent one, which
entering the room at an early hour
waited patiently the arrival of the court,
counsel and prisoner.
The marshal gave the spectators due
notice that no one would be permitted
to leave until the hour for recess, and
for the purpose of emphasizing his re
marks fie ordered that the main door
should be locked.
At 10 0 clock, sharn. the jury entered
and a few minutes later the court was
called to order.
Davldge then took his position in
front ot the jury and opened his speech
with a disclaimer ot any intention to
make a tt speech but expressed his
simple desire to render the jury what
aid he could in their present solemn
The time had now come in this trial
when the jury were to become factors.
Whatever disorder or levity might have
characterized the trial, there was but
one sentiment in respect to the conduct
of the jury. All commended their dig-
nlned deportment and their patient and
close attention to the evidence, and he
could not doubt that, as they bad re
ceived the commendation of all in the
fiast, they would continue to deserve it
n the future by their decision of the
question before them.
There is here, gentlemen, (he contin
ued) but a simple point for discussion
and consideration. The subject of it is
insanity. The court will tell you that
in this land of law it is not allowable
for a man coldly, deliberately and
treacherously to slay another, and then
to say he had no malice. The court
win ten you wnen it comes to charge
you that to constitute the crime of
murder the existence or malice is
wholly unnecessary, and that, indeed,
a crime committed is innnltely worse
in the absence of that element than if
it was present In the beginning of the
trial (as you all will recollect) an inef
fectual attempt was made in tbe direc
tion of showing that the death of the
President was attributed to tbe treat
ment by the surgeons who attended him
with so much fidelity and ability. Tbat
attempt was short lived, however, and
was very speedly abandoned, so tbat
there is now but a single question for
you to determine, and that is the ques
tion of insanity. In the progress of
the trial very many vague and general
expressions have crept into the case.
v e have heard of crazy men, of men
off their balance, of insane men, and
hence it was necessary to apply to the
court for a clear and perspicuos defi
nition as to what is insanity in a legal
sense. Medical experts have denned
insanity from the stand-point of medi
cine, and it was necessary to have it
defined from the stand-point of law.
Even if the man be deficient in intel
ligence it does not follow that he shall
be permitted to commit murder with
impunity. It takes one degree of intel
ligence for a man to make a contract
another to make a will and another to
do any other act. But when you come
to crime, such a crime as we
have here, murder, "murder most
foul and unnatural," the law re
quires a very slight degree of intelli
gence indeed, it was, gentlemen, in
order to make the question perfectly
clear, and to abridge your labors so far
as to prevent you being led astray by
the introduction of irrelavent matter
that the prosecution asked the court to
state succinctly what constitutes malice
and insanity in legal intent. The court
has spoken, and it has not spoken in
any vague or ambiguous language. It
has laid down two instructions for
your guidance, which I will now read.
Mr. Davidge read Judge Cox's instruc
tions No. 1 and No. 2.1 In commenting
on tbe first and second instructions, Mr.
Davidge said, "that is, gentlemen of
the jury, if any human being has any
degree of intelligence which enables
him to understand the act he is doing,
and if he has sense enough to 'know.
and does know, that that act is in vio
lation of tbe law of tbe land or wrong;
then, no frenzy, no passion, will afford
any excuse whatever; then, no disease
of his moral nature will constitute any
excuse whatever; then, no belief, how
ever profound, though the man through
reason and reflection may reach the
conclusion that the act is the sugges
tion of, and commanded by Almighty
God, will afford any excuse whatever
for tbe perpetration of crime. His sole
and exclusive excuse is disease of the
mind, obliterating the sense of differ
ence between right and wrong and ab
solutely controlling the judgment and
reason or the party. Thus you will see
that the degree of reason necessary to
make a man responsible is very limited
indeed; thus you will see that a man
may be here who has been styled a
crank, or off his balance, and even par
tially insane, and yet abundantly
responsible ror tne crime, w hat is the
acv committed here? murder. Murder
by lying in wait, what is commonly
caned assassination.
as Mr. Davidge traced the process
of reasoning by which the prisoner
gradually, reached the conviction that
"but one little life interposed between
himself and possibly a great benefit,
Guiteau became restless, and for the
first time since the opening of tbe court
indicated by his nervous twisting about
the usual preliminaries to a series of
interruptions, which in this instance
quickly followed "hot after,"
Said Mr. Davidge, no where "in the
records of heinous crime do we have
such plain and pointed evidence as to
the first conception of the crime. In
this case the suggestion came to the
wretch in thenight as he was lying in
his bed."
"It came to me when the Lord got
ready to have it," snarled the prisoner.
Davidge continued, "this thought or
suggestion came to him on the 18th of
May. Still thinking that he might ob
tain the office he sought, and keep his
naoas ciean, ne made another effort on
the 28th of May to induce the Presi
Guiteau called out from the dock, "1
woman c nave taken a foreign mission
after the first of June if it had been of
fered to me."
Mr. Davidge apparently not heed
ing him Mon the 28th of May"
Guiteau: MI am talking about the
first of June."
Davidge, pausing a moment, "just lis-
An 4--v Kim "
Guiteau, sneeringly, "they would lis
ten to you but your talk is so weak it
is hardlv worth liatanincr to"
For several minutes Guiteau contin
ued to interject his comments, with the
evident intention of annoying Davidge
but finding he could not effect this he
gradually subsided into complete si
Found Dean 1st Hla Red.
Richmond. Va- Jan. 12. Dr. Orlan
do Fairfax was found dead in bis bed
this morning. He had retired insood
neaitn last mgbt. ...
Impotence of mind Umb. or vital function, ner
vous weakness, sexual. debility. Ac., currd by
wens' Beaitn Benewer
1 oenewer. s i at arugguia.
J. L Mc Aden. Charlotte. N.
Bedford Alux Aim iboh rprih68 Watss Am
Mass. Tbe great tonic and alteratrro coo tains
twice as touch iron and lift dm vent, man alum
inum tban any "alum and Iron juasa" known.
Just tbe tblns lor tbe "spring weakness" now so
renew, tsoia oy au druggists 01 any "ming.
rnces reauceo uae mux.
may 11 tf
Ladies, Gentl&men, Misses, Boys
TTTB guarantee tbat every pair ol 8H0XS we sen snau ne louna jusi as represented, ana unan mum u uuw w b"j " 8" 'r me
money. Our ttock nas been carefully selected with a view to the wants' of all classes of customers, and comprises a full line of beautiful and seasonable
goods, of tbe very best quality and all grades, from tbe finest Frencb Kid Button Boot to tbe Heaviest Brogan. If you wish to get your boots and sbo s to
suit you and at tbe lowest possible prices, you cannot do better than at our store. Give us a call.
A. a. TnfMtT. of Atlanta, fia.. sara: 8. 8. 8.
cured me of a violent ease of Scrofula, wblcb bad
taUed to yield to all otber treatment.
tin.OOO would not ourcbase from me what 8.
& 8. has effected In coring me of Malarial Kbeu
matlsm. Arcnie Thomas, editor of tbe Bepubll
can, Springfield, Tenn.
Particular Notice.
All the drawings will hereafter be undor tbe ex
clusive supervision and control of 68NKKAL9G.
X. bJtAUttiUABD and jvoal. a. jsaulx.
Louisiana State Lottery Company.
Incorporated In 1 868 for 2B years by tbe Legis
lature for Educational and Charitable purposes
with a capital of 81,000.000- to whtcb a reserve
fund of &550,000 has since been added.
By an overwhelming popular vote Its franchise
was made a part of tbe present State Constitution
adopted December 2d. A. D. 1879.
take place monthly.
It never scales or postpone. Look at tbe follow
ing distribution:
100,000 Tickets at Two Dollars laco. Half
Tickets, One Douar.
1 Capital Prize 930.000
1 Capital Prize 10,000
1 Capital Prize 5,000
2 Prizes of 82.600 fi.000
5 Prizes of 1.000 5,000
20 Prizes of
100 Prizes of
200 Prizes of
600 Prizes of
600 10,000
lOO. 10.000
50 10,000
20 10,000
10 10.000
1,000 Prizes of
9 Approximation Prizes of 800 82.700
H Approximation Prizes of 200 1,800
9 Approximation Prtzei of 100 900
1867 Prizes, amounting to gj 10,400
Responsible correspond l:g agents wanted at all
points, to whom liberal compensation will be paid,
for further Information, write clearly, giving full
address. Send orders by express or Registered
Letter, or Money Order by mall, addressed only to
ml. a. uxufum
New Octeans. Louisiana
or M. A. DAUPHIN, at
No. 212 Broadway. New York.
N. B.-Orders addressed to New Orleans will re
ceive prompt attention.
Tn part'cular attention of the Public is called
to tbe fact that the entire number of the Tickets
for each Monthly Drawing is sold, and conse
quently all tbe prizes In each drawing are sold and
drawn and. paid.
In the City ot Louisville, on
TUESDAY, JANUARY 31st, 1882.
These drawlnsa occur monthly (Sundays except
ed) under provisions of an Act of the General As-
semniy 01 Kentucky.
The United States Circuit Court on March 81 ,
rendered tbe following decisions:
1st That tbe Commonwealth Distribution Com
pany Is legaL
2d Its drawings are fair.
The Company has now on hand a large reserve
fund. Read the list of prizes for the
1 Prize 830,000
1 Prize 10,000
1 Prize, 5,000
10 Prizes. 81.000 each. 10,000
20 Prizes, 600 each, 10,000
100 Prizes,
200 Prizes,
600 Prizes,
iuu eacn, iu.uuu
60 each 10,000
20 each 12,000
10 each. 10,00(1
1UUO irizes.
0 Prizes, 8300 each, Approximation Prizes S2.70C
9 Frizes, 200 " l.SLHi
9 Prizes, 100 " 900
1,960 Prizes, $112400
Whole Tickets. $2; Half Tickets, 81; 27 Tickets,
S60: 55 Tickets, $100.
Remit Money or Bank Draft in Letter, or send
85 and upward, by Express, can be sent at our ex
pense. Address all orders to
R. M. BOARD MAN, Courier-Journal Build
Louisville, Ky., or 809 Broadway New York.
Photograph Frames
Frame Mouldings,- (Sc.,
Van Ness' Gallery.
decl8 tf'
Hardy & Brothers,
(Established In 1828.)
For sale of '
And dealers In FEE DY IAN GUANO and other
Make liberal cash advances on consignments.
Prompt sales and quick returns. '
nov25 w8m Norfolk. Va.
Notice to the Public
THE existence of smallpox as an epidemic in
many sections makes It my duty to xgalnurze
upon ait our Mittens tne duty of vaccinating. Our
wir uiiOTouurse mita an sections 01 tne country
pestilence Is In our midst to take steps to prevent
wapread. There tfered vaccine matter tod
ask our physicians to use it lnyaccirtlna hosa
who ant nnt ahlo n. T - TZ . "WW
t,Z,I -tX--:r.'"'- "w nave tne
ytvuayn Buyukiuu vl CVCrJ BOUSenOKL
. IO 1 '& D WOLFE,
A. E.
Durham, N. C.
Zfumfectnrtrf of tba Origiul and Only Gonoic
Mar 22 ly
Has often been made by the discovery of some
new thing, but nothing has ever stood the test like
Dr. Benson's Celery and Chamomile Pillar their
popularity and sale Is unprecedented.
They upp y a need long felt and must beet me
a household remedy. Just think to be cured In a
few weeks of these terrible nervous troubles and
awful suffering from bick Headache, Neuralgia
and Dyspepsia, and the nervous system put In a
natural and healthy condition, destroying the pos
sibility of Paralysis, Angina Pectoris and sudden
death, which Is carrying off so many noble men
and women in the full tide of UXe and useful
ness, i,
This simple remedy of Extract of Ce'ery Seed
and Chamomile Flowers, com Dined In the lorm of
pills, is a boon to humanity. It bas saved ibe
lives of thousands ot nervous, headacbing cbll
dren in our schools and out every year No nerv
ous person or sufferer from Headache, Neuralgia.
Dyspepsia or Paralysis will do themselves justice
until they try them.
Bold by all druggists. Price 50 cents a box. De
pot, 106 North Eutaw street, Baltimore, Md. By
mail, two boxes for $1 or six boxes for 82.50, to
any address.
Is Warranted to Cure
TENDER ITCHINCSonallpartsof the
body. It makM the skin white, ioft and smooth;
mnovea tan and freakiss, and is th BEST toilet
dressing in THE WOBXD. Elegantly pat up, two
bottles in one package, ooniriMing of both Internal
and external treatment.
All flirt class druggists have it. Price SI. per package.
Is a Positive Cnre
fer all Ihoae Painful Complaints and Weaknesses
Meant mon teenrbest female population.
It will care entirely the worst form of Female Com
plaints, all ovarian troubles, Inflammation and Clcera
Oon, Falling and Displacement, and the consequent
Spinal Weakness, and is particularly adapted to the
Change of Life.
It will dissolve and expel tumors from the uterus In
an early stage of development. The tendency to can
cerous humors there is checked vary speedily by its use.
It removes falntness, flatulency, destroys all craving
for stimulant, and relieves weakness of tike stomach.
It cures Bloating, Headaches, Nervous Prostration,
General Debility, Sleeplessness, Depression and Indi
gestion. ' I
That feeling of bearing down, eassiar fain, weight
and backache, is always permanently cured by its use.
It will at all times and under all circumstances act
harmony with the laws that govern the female system.
For the cure of Kidney Complaints of either sex this
Compound la unsurpassed.
POUND is prepared at 333 and 136 Western Avenue,
Lynn, Mass. Price t Six bottles for $4, fentbymaU
In the form of pills,, also in tbe form of jozengas, on
receipt of price, f 1 per box for either. Mrs. Plnkham
freely answers all letters of inquiry. Send for p"ri
let. Address as above, iltntion thi$ Taper.
No family should be without LYDIA E. PHTKHAITS
LITER PILLS. They cure constipation, biliousness
and torpidity of the liver. IS cents per box. '
MO- Sold by all Dnifiiti. -g
ALL persons desiring teachers ce tWcates will
please present themseives on Thursday, 12th
insL, at the courthouse In Charlotte. This day is
set apart by law; and there will b no private ex
animations thereafter under oroinary circum
stances. W. T. WALLER,
Jan5 dw td Co. Supt Pub. Instructions.
II 1 , 6 1
11 -a ? ai
rAOC MARK. ijMjili l. ifij
1 Jjfl 1
and CMldren
Central Hotfl Block . Tw rie Stivpi .
Cheap Bedsteads,
Parlor & Chamber Snit
west nisi nun,
Ouv ckiim for merit is based
upon, the fact that .a chemical
analysis proves that the tobacco
grown in cur section is better
adapted to make a GOOD.PIHE,
ecJ ish.ctory smoke than. ASY
OTHER tobacco giov. n in the
world; and being: si: uated ia
the HEART of this fine tobacco
sectiois, WT have the TICK of
the offerings. The p-.itlic ap
preciate thi ; I:e?:ce our sales
EXCEED the products of AXJL
j the leading manufactories com-
I beers the trademark of tht Hull.
grogs zuA pXcdiriuc
Just Received, at
DrlHMden's Dri Store
From Saratoga Fprlngs. N. Y. A new water re
sembling the Imported Vichy. Recommended
as an antacid cuivs djspepU, aids diges
tion, is a powerful tonic and strong
diuretic. Also,
Baton Natural Mineral Water,
Secommended very highly as a cathartic and al
terative and in all forms of dyspepsia.
And a full supply of
Hunyadi Janos Waters.
Doe: A wine glass full before breakfast.
The Lancet "Hunyndl Janos. Baron Lleblg af
firms that its richness In aperient salts surpasses
that of all other Known waters."
The British Medical Journal 1 'HunyadJ Janos.
The most agreeable, safest, and most efficacious
aperient water."
Pro. VircTuno, Berlin. "Invariably good and
prompt success; most valuable."
Prof. Bamberger, Vienna "I have prescribed
these writers with remarkable success."
Prof. Scamoni, Wurszburg. I prescribe none
but this."
Prof. Lander Bnmton, M. D., F. R 8., London.
More pleasant than Its rivals, and surpasses
them in efficacy."
.fTpf-ken, Mp., F. R. 8., Royal Military Hos
pital, Netley. "Preferred to Pulina and med
richshalL" JOHN H. McADEN,
Importing and Dispensing Pharmacist.
North Tryon St,
when you can get water Just as fresh and spark
ling as when it flows from tbe spring at Saratoga.
We.,"2ce,ve tms water ln lare Wo" tin reservoirs
which we return as soon as emptied to be refilled
again every week. j h. Mca DEN,
Druggist and Chemist.
Prescriptions carefully prepared by experienced
and competent druggists, day or night.
Perfumeries and Perfumery Cases. Cologne Bot
tles. Ac. Toilet Powder Rouges, 8oups,
Tooth Brushes, Brushes of all kinds,
Combs, dec, and a full line of
all goods usually found In
a first-class lirug Es
tablishment. Careful attention given the pretaratlon of pre
scriptions. I trust the public will, as beretofpre, extend me
a share of thHr patipnagp. Care will ln ev 17 In
stance be given the preparation and dispensing of
all metflrines for which demands are made and
satisfaction ln everr ln ewrv intt.n
by W. P. MARVIN. As't. A Cxi
Chew only the brand of tobacco known as The
Old Oaken Bucket v
THE old Oaken Bucket
1 be Iron-bound bucket.
The moss-covered bucket
Tbat hung in tbe well.
. vuwiumt, . v., ooie agent
Liberal terms to dealers.
T Siflo? P8' W-. B. Mott. for 8555.
X dated 21st eptember. 1881, which note was
obtalnAd nnrinr rlu niMn.. j r .
pivTOuoDi uiu x jurwarn ni'j
person or persons from trading lor said note, as I
do not intend to pay it J. W. LoNU.
jut. jnourne, n. u
lang lm

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