North Carolina Newspapers

home chtplets.
FRIDAY, JAN 13, 1882.
khaxajtx Lodok No. 81, A. K. 4 A. M. -Regular
meeting every second and fourth Monday nights.
Excxlsior Lodok No. 261, A. F. A A. M. Beg
gar meeting every Dfxt and third Tuesday nights.
Chablott Chaptxb No. 89. H. A. M. Regular
meeting every second and fourth Friday ntgbis.
meeting every first aud third Thursdays.
Knishtb of Honob. Regular meeting every
second and (ourth Thursdays.
Knights of Pythias. -Regular meeting nights
RiA and thlTd Wednesdays, 7 o'clock p. m. at Ma
sonic Temple Ball.
I. O. O. IF1.
Chakloto Lodge No. 88. Meets every lion
day night.
Mkckuknbubg declaration Lodgk Na 8.
Meet every Tuesday night.
Dixrx Lodgk No. 108. Meets every Thursday
Catawba Ritor Ehcampmint Na 21. Meets
lrst and third Thursday nights in each month.
i mi ex to New Advertinenwii m
Wilson 4 Burwell D:ugs. Ac.
Mothers! Mothers 11 Mothers!!!
Are you disturbed at night and broken ol your
rest by a sick child suffering aud crying with the
excruciating pain of cutting teeth ? If so. go at
once and get a bottle of MRS. WLNSLOWS
SOOTHING 8TRDP. It will relieve the poor little
sufferer Immediately depend upon It : there Is no
mistake about 1L There Is not a mother on earth
who has ever used It, who will not tell you at once
that it will regulate the bowels, and give rest to the
mother, and relief and health to the child, operat
ing like magic. It is perfectly safe to use In all
cases, and pleasant to the taste, and Is the pre
scription of one of the oldest and best physicians
and nurses In the United States. Sold everywhere.
25 cents a bottle.
Is a burden to himself as well as to his friends;
but, since Intoxication becomes a disease, It re
quires a remedy of no unusual activity. Those
who have taken Simmons Liver Regulator declare
that It sets the liver in action and Invigorates the
system in such a way as to destroy the craving for
strong drinks. The shaky, nervous and distressed
should resort to the Regulator as a tonic to arouse
tie torpid liver to action, to regulate the bowels
and remove the feeling of general depression and
wl h It the craving for liquor.
EST Lawrence Barrett plays Hamlet
at the Richmond theatre to-night.
E3TA decided improvement in the
comfort of the opera house has been
made by the addition of a storm door
to the entrance.
tSfT" It is believed that rents range
higher in Charlotte than in any other
town in the State, and notwithstanding
the dull season and short crops of last
year, the prices have in some instances
materially advanced for this year.
tST To the committee, Mrs. T. S.
Clarkson, Miss Addie Williams and
Mr. J. A. Solomons, acknowledgement
is made for an invitation to be present
at the annual supper to be given this
evening at the Metropolitan Hotel, by
the Gounod Club.
tW It is a burning shame that pas
sengers are compelled to debark at the
Air-Line depot in mud shoe-mouth
deep, and that the mail matter is often
through necessity thrown upon the
ground, where it becomes wet from the
mud and water. A comfortable car
shed is an absolute necessity, but the
railroad has never been able to see it
in this light. When the stock of the
company is 83 above par it seems that
the concern might be able to turn a few
dollars loose in the way of- making its
passengers comfortable.
The ladles who sometime since were unable to
CO out, having taken Lydla E. Pink ham's Vegeta
ble Compound are quite recovered, and have gone
on their way rejoicing.
Dr. C. W. Benson, of Baltimore, ML, prepares a
skin cure that Is the best thing for skin diseases
ever known. It cures eczema, tetter, ring worm
and all rough and scaly skin diseases in the short
,t time. Sold by all drugsUts at $1 per pack-
Newport R. L, Au. 11, 1880.
Dear Bitters I am her trriDg to breathe In all
the salt air of the ocean, and having been a suf
ferer for more than a year with a refractory liver,
I was Induced to mix Hop Bitters with the sea gale,
and have found the tincture a glorious result.
I have been greatly help;d by the Bitters,
and am not afraid to say so.
Yours without a struggle.
Josh billings.
Col. Frank Coxe left the city
terday afternoon for New York.
Rev. J. H. Tillinghast, of South Car
olina, was registered at the Central yes
terday. Col. Wm. Johnston has gone to Wash
ington for the purpose of ah ! that's
Dr. Dick Norment has taken the
war path that leads to office by way of
Washington, never to return until he
can do so with a scalp dangling at his
Hon. W. M. Bobbins, of Statesville,
was in the city yesterday.
Maj.P. J.Sinclair, of Marion, has
been in the city several days.
To promote a vigorous growth of the hair, use
Parker's Hair Balsam. It resto-es the youthful
color to gray hair, remove dandruff, and cures
tchlng of the sc:i!p.
JXciir cltrcrttscroetiis.
Li( ol Letters
Reinainiug in the post office at Char
lotte, N. C, for the week ending Janu
ary 2J, 1S82:
Jj Auguitini, Alice Brady, Ed Bur-
ris, Lee Barne3, Lula Black, Susan
Barnes, Sallie Carnes, Malinda David
son, Sarah Dixon, A H Freeman, An
drew J Gwynn, Henry Gwynn, Mev
land Grase, Alex Harris, Mrs A R Hill,
Chalmus Hall, Maria Hardy, Wm B
Hayes, Ellen Johnson, Warner D Jones,
Mrs J T McConnoll, Susan Mahue, Jno
E Moore, C H Peake, J S Perkin, Mrs
M A Pharr, A G ttarasons, A L Rob
erts, A C Scott Jno Templeton, col.,
Octavia Triplet, Mira Thomp3on Mil
liard Washington, Milly Wither3poon,
Wade Walker.
When calling for any of the above
say advertised.
W. W. Jenkins, P. M.
Absolutely Pure.
Thi powder never varies. A marvel of purity,
strength and wholesomeness More economical
than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold In
competition with the multitude of low test, short
weight, alum or phosphate powders. Sold only in
nov23 New York.
LeBoy Dav'dson. Sole Agent, Charlotte, N. C.
Corner of College and Trade streets,
(Wilson & Black's old stand.)
Parties oes!r!i g Fresh and Reliable Drags
Kill do well to give ns a calL
nst Reeeivec.
China Palace
No Doubt ft it.
"Would it not bo well for all persons
intending to throw away a dollar on a
theatrical performance, which can be
of no possible benefit to them, to reflect
that the money thus uselessly spent
could be well used in the relief of the
necessities of some of our worthy poor
at this inclement season of the year?
The above is from the Home and
Democrat of this week, and we just
wish to rise and remark that there is a
difference of opinion as to whether the
atrical performances are of any possi
ble benefit to the people who are in the
habit of going to see them. Ib is taken
that by "theatrical" is meant every
thing of the kind covered by the term,
and here is where the issue arises.
There is no better way for the young
student of Shakespeare to catch the
spirit of the great author's masterpieces
than by seeing an interpretation of
them by such men as Booth. McCul
lough, or Barrett. Besides there are
many light pieces put upon the boards
in Charlotte that furnish amusement,
just what people especially young peo
ple -win have, which are entertaining,
and more free from suggestions of im
morality than are many street inci
dents that may be encountered right
here in open day.
We are not inclined to champion the
atricals generally, but it seems that the
moral lesson the Home and Democrat
would teach theatre-goers could be giv
en more appropriately to the exceeding
ly large number who are throwing
away day after day their dollar for
whisky, or for a purpose even more de
grading, if possible, than whisky drink
insr. as the amount spent by this class
largely overtops what is squandered on
The Richmond and Daorllle and the
StcamtAlp Lines.
The Baltimore Sun of Wednesday
says there have been rumors afloat in
that city for several days that the Clyde
syndicate, which controls the Richmond
and Danville Railroad system, have
been figuring to make an alliancjwith
steamship lines, so as to establish per
manent connection. The Central Rail
road of Georgia, as i3 known, has its
steamship service, and the Clydes hold
the balance of power in the York River
and one or two other water lines that
connect with their railroads. A Rich
mond & Danville official, in conversa
tions aid that the matter of water con
nections has been informally discussed,
and he believes it will be settled the
current year. The syndicate wants
water communication between its roads
and the North, ete. Traffic alliance is
now had, but the Clyde policy is to con
trol 51 per cent of 100 in the stock of
corporations it meets in trade compact ;
49 per cent does not please the Clydes.
The reports have named the old re
liable Merchants and Miners' Trans
portation Company of Baltimore, with
its dozen steamships and $2,000,000 of
capital stock, as the corporation which
the Clyde syndicate would like to buy
their way into. Mr. George J. Appold,
president of the steamship company
and one of its large stockholders, re
cently, in answer to direct questions as
to how much of truth there was in the
statements that the syndicate were
figuring to control his line, said:
"There is positively nothing feasible in
anything that has transpired. I do not
like to talk about it, because some of
our people might believe there is really
something in the rumors afloat. Mr.
Clyde called to see us and asked if an
amount of the stock a large amount
could be bought. He was told that we
are not so positively wedded to the old
line that some price .would not buy its
control. Almost all property can be
reached at some price. Mr. Clyde was
given a price, a good price, I assure you,
and that is all there is for me to say.
There has nothing feasible transpired."
At St. Peter's Episcopal Church night
before last, Mr. C. L. Hunter and Miss
Pickette, daughter of Col. Wm. R.
Myers, M ere united in marriage in the
presence of a number of invited guests
and the immediate friends of the con
tracting parties. The Rev. J. B. Chesh
ire, rector or St. Peter s Church, per
formed the marriage ceremony.
The following were the attendants:
Miss Sadie Smedes, of Raleigh, and
Mr. W. R. Myers, Jr.
Miss Bessie Myers and Mr. Robert
Miss Lucie Dillanl and Mr. Baxter
Miss Anna Scales, of Richmond coun
ty, and Mr. Alva Springs.
Miss Julia Davidson and Mr. Jo. Sol
omons. Miss Hattie Rawlinson, of Rock Hill,
and Mr. R. A. Myers.
Miss Li la Springs and Mr. Brevard
Miss Mattie Orr and Mr. LeRoy Da
vidson. Miss Emma Drayton and Mr. T. C.
Miss Lelia- Young and Mr. Eli
Mis3 Bettie Conrad and Mr. David
A handsome monogram formed of
the letters H. and M. was made of dif
ferent colored flowers, and suspended
over the couple, the work of some
unknown friend.
The groom is the son of the late Dr,
C. L. Hunter, and ha3 been a resident
of Charlotte for a number of years
during which time he has justly enti
tled himself to the high esteem of our
citizens, while the bride is one of Char
lotte's favorites, and is universally lov
ed for her many good qualities of mind
and heart.
After the performance of the cere
mony the officiating minister presented
the bride with a handsome prayer book
bound in white, the one used in the
The couple left on the train going
south Wednesday night, to visit rela
tives of the groom.
Index to the Weather
The theory has been advanced by
those who claim to have been paying
some attention to such matters, that
the first twelve days of the year control
the weather of the twelve months in
the regular order ; that is, if the twelve
days of the first of the year, or any
number of them, are rainy, the whole
twelve months, or the corresponding
numbers of the months, will also be
rainy. If this rule holds good for the
present year there is little probability
of next summer being a dry one. So
far there has not been a day of sun
shine in Charlotte during the year.
mm m i n
lfelghbrhM4 Metes.
The Times says the burnt district
in Wadesboro will soon be rebuilt, sub
stantial brick houses taking the place
of the wooden structures recently de
stroyed. There is to be a cotton factory
built at Center, in Stanly connty, at an
early day, some $40,000 having already
been subscribed to the capital stock.
An effort is being made to have
built at Wadesboro one or more cotten
Last Monday municipal elections
were held in Rock Hill and Chester,
S. C In the former town John R.
Allen was elected intendent, and John
S. Chamber was elected to the same
office in the latter.
Rock Hill has special legislation by
the general assembly of South Carolina
preventing the sale of liquor in that
town by prohibiting the issuing of
W. F. Raiford & Co., of Fayette
ville and Laurinburg, have failed for
$6,000 or $7,000, with assets amounting
to some $3,500.
New Yob.'
11.623 63
Governments firm at ifflfeo higher
except extended o s which are c
New 5's, 1.02U
Four and a half per cents, 1.14
roar per cents, 1.18
Money 53
State bonds dull
Bub-treasury balances OolcL. $75,862,000
" " Currency.... 4304.000
01000 In light demand and slightly higher:
Alabama Class A, 2 to 5
Alabama Class A, small
Alabama Class B, 6's
Alabama Oast C 4's.
Chicago and Northwestern
Chicago and Northwestern preferred,
East Tennessee
Georgia. ...
Illinois Central...
Lake Shore
Louisville and Nashville
Memphis and Charleston
NashvWe and Chattanooga
New York Central
Pittsburg. -,
Richmond and Allegheny
Richmond and Danville
Bock Island
Wabash, 8c Louis ft Pacific.
Wabash, St Louis & Pacific preferr'd
Western Union.
. 14fc
Omci or Tax Obsebtxr, (
Chablottb. January 18, 1882. f
The market yesterday closed quiet at the follow
ing quotations:
Good Middling. 111k
Strictly middling, ill
Middling. 11
Strict low middling 10
Low middling. 104b
Tinges.. 9ViQm
Storm cotton 6Qtf
Sales yesterday 43 bales.
IONS Ssai Hiseeff)
decSO lm
Coffee drinkers should read the advertisement
n another column headed "Good Coffee."
JANUARY 12. 1882
Baltix OBX-Noon -Floor unchanged ;Howard street
and Western super S4 25S$5.00; extra $5,253-
84 f0a)$5.25; extra $5 50&86.25; family S7.SO-
CT87.75; mo Dranas 7.uu; raiapscoramiiy .-!&.
Wheat Southern Arm: Western dull and steady:
Southern red S1.88S1.42; amber S1.42f2S1.45;
No. 1 Maryland ; No. 2 Western winter red
spot $1.40 asked; January S189UfJS1.8W
February S1.183S1.181A; March SI. 43iasi.
April 81.4533 1.4514. Com-Southem white,
steady; do yellow, dull and lower; Western easier
and dull; Southern white 77; do. yellow 700)71.
BALTMORx-Nlght-Oats steady: Southern 50S58:
Western white 61 53: mixed 50S51; Pennsyl
vania 50353. Provisions unchanged; mess
pork $18.25. Bulk meats shsulders and clear
rib sides, packed 74fe9 Bacon -shoulders 8V2;
clear rib sides 10; hams 123131. Lard re
fined 1214. Ooff quiet; Elo cargoes ordinary
to fair 90) 1014 8ueAr steady; A soft 9 Whls-
key-Quiet, at si.i7txi.i7V9 irreignts ami and
Chicago Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat
in fair demand, but at a lower rate; No. 2
Chicago spring 81.27381.28 cash; 81.27 Jan
uary; Si 28 February. Com In fair demand,
but at a lower rate; 61Vfcf26314 cash; 61Vi January;
61 February. Oats In fair demand, but at a
lower rate, at 4434 casn; 44 January; 44 Febru
ary. Barley -easier, ai si una$i.U7. Dressed
hogs lower, at 7 2ot2S7.HU. fora auii ana
weak, but lower, at 817 16817.20 for cash and
January; Sl7.22VkSSl7.25 for February Lard
in fair demand, dui at a lower rate, ai si i.v&yU)
811.05 for cash and January; $1 12i for
February. Bum meais m iair aemana. out at a
lower rate: shoulders S6.40: short rib S9.00:
short clear S9.2 5. Whiskey steady and unchang
ed, at 81.18.
Chicago At Cisurd Call Wheat easier, at
$1.27 for January; SI 28 for February. Corn
raster and aecunea ic uau steaay ana un
changed. Pork easier, but not quotably lower.
iara a ail waa uncoangea.
Nrw York Southern flour fairly active and rath
er easier; common to fair extra So 80386. -U);
good to choice do St5.60S7.87Vi. Wheat open
ed yQtea lower, but afterwards recovered mor nf
the decline and closing weak at about n 1 over tne
Inside rate: unemded soring : ungraded win
ter ; ungraded red $1.283S1.40Vj; ungraded
wbite ; No. z red and January Sl.423-
81.431; February $1.44351-4514. Com open
ed 14 Hie lower, but afterwards recovered 14c of
the decline and closlnx weak and unsettled; un
graded B8371 : southern white 72375: do leilow
; ho. 2 ana January oytroy; eoruarj ovm-1
37014. Oats W3c lo er and fairly active and
dosing firm; No. 8 60i4350te Hops firm and
moderately active; leanings iza2z. uonee low
grades firm and choice stock about steady and
quiet, with the prices unchanged; Rio 9311 V.
Sugar Arm and rather quiet; fair to good refining
quoted at 7137; refined easier; -Standard a
939M3. Molasses steady and in fair demand;
New Orleans . Bice lairiy active and mil.
with the prices unchanged. Bosln lower and
more active, at 82.25382.87. Turpentine
firmer, at 541355 Wool quite firm and a good
inquiry; domestic fleece 86360; Texas 143)84
Pork heavy and lower, and a moderately active
trade; mess spot quoted at 817.75OS17.50; new
February si7.soaiSl9.UU; middies uncnangea
and dull: lone clear 914. Lard opened 7I&O10C
lower and falriv active, and closing unsettled, at
$11 253811.80; January $11.173811.25; Feb
ruary SH.253Sll.82vt. Freights to Liverpool
margti arm.
Galveston Firm: middling lllxc; low mldng
IlUe: rood ordinary lOtttc: net reeelots 883:
ktoss 1.745: sales 10.033: stock 104.933: exports
coastwise 4.887: to Great Britain : to conti
nent 1,046: to France .
Charlotte Produce market.
JANUARY 11. 1882.
Cobh, perbosh'l 85
MXAL " 90
Whsat, "
Bxams, white, per bushel 1.25a.50
Pxas, Clay, per bush. 90al.00
Lady, " 1.50
White, " 76a80
Family 4.25a450
Extra. 400
Super 8.75
Oats, shelled 55a65
Dktkd Fruit
Apples, per lb. 41&a6
Peaches, peeled 15a20
" Unpeeled 7al0
Blackberries 8a5
Sweet 75
Irish. 1.00
Butt kb
North Carolina. 20a25
Boes, per dozen. 25
Chickens 20&25
Spring 10al2i
Ducks 20
Turkeys, ner lb 8
Weese 25a80
Bkst, per lb., net 6a6
Mutton. Der lb., net
Pobk. " " 8a9
Bulk Mkats
Clear rib sides 101s
Prime Rio 14al61
Good. 1216
White lOaim
Yellow 7a9
Cuba 32a85
SutrarSrrun 35a50
Choice New Orleans 50a80
Common 40a45
Rat t
Uveroool fln l.OOal.25
coarse 85al.00
Corn, rwir arallon 81.75a2.00
Bye, " S2.00a8.00
Apple, per gallon. $2.00a3.00
Peach, 2.50
Wins, Scuppernong, per gallon. 81.50
Chxksk 20
Lard. Derm 15al6
Tallow, per lb i8al0
H. C. hoc round lOall
Hams. N. a 18
Hams, canvassed. 15al63fe
Ric 8al0
Apples, Northern, per bbl 8.25a.50
mountain, o.w
Mackerel No. 1. . 1 .25
" Na 2 1.00
" No. 8 75
Codfish 15
Cabbagk. rer lb. 4a5
nternational GottonExBosition Atlanta.
Your Weight, Height. Age, Residence, Position, &c.
(DdDMJE amull ME
Report of the Condition
01 TBS
Merchants and Farmers' National Bank,
middling 11 e; net receipts
Hock 52,1 14; exports eoast-
Court Proceeding.
In the Superior court yesterday morn
ing counsel in the suit of Elsie Britton,
colored, against the Air Line Kailroad
Company concluded tho argument, and
the case was giyen to the jury. This
was a suit brought for the recovery of
$3,000 damages from the railroad on ac
count of the plaintiffs having been ex
pelled from a passenger car of the de
fendant company. About three years
ago on a certain occasion an excursion
train was run over the road with sep
arate cars for white and colored people.
The plaintiff, with several other col
ored people, on boarding the tram, en
tered a car occupied by whites, filling
the onlv vacant seats remaining. An
J. Brookfield &
Area of I'onniltit,
A recent census bulletin gives the
aresis of the several counties of this
State, the total of which is put down at
$48,580 square miles. The following are
A. I .nn
Alamance, 430; Alexander, 300; Al- employe of the railroad ordered them
leehanv. 300: Anson, 500; Ashe, 450; to go into the car occupied by colored
Beaufort, 720 ; Bertie, 720; Bladen, 900; people, which they refused to do.
Brunswick, 950 ; Buncombe, 6) jiiurKe, tef seyeral wnite ladies entered the car
J ?L and were unable to obtain seats, when
ueu.ow, ' avVyj. , aa Tit- onnat a naMAnmr that
tawba. 370: unaiaam, ouu; vuciuaw, iu u uoa "j r,
500: Chowan, 240; Clay, 160; Cleave- the defendant and her colored compan
land, 420; Columbus, 750; wniwuu; ions ejected, which act was done by
1 ;uld Dcnaiiu, vw , vuinmv, w ,
Nosfol- Firm;
wise 1,744; sales 1,071; exports to Great Britain
; to comment .
Baltucobs Steady; middling lltte; low mid
dling 111A; good ordinary lOVi: net reo'ta ;
cross 290: sales ; toek 56.471; export
coastwise ; pinners 220; exports to Greet
Britain 1,000; to continent .
Bootoh Dull; middling 12o; low middling
llftc;good ordinary 1 (Hie; net receipts 1,014;
loss : saies : tioca o.bzu; exports 10
treat Britain ; to France .
WrLirrsoTOH Firm: mlddilne lllAc: low mid
dling 11 1-I60; good ord'i 10 8 16c; rec'pts421;
cross ; sales - ; stock 14,288; exports
oast wise ; to Great Britain 2,288; to
continent .
Philadelphia Qniet: middling 12Vfccs low
middling 1 1 Vao: good ordinary lOlfo: net receipt
70: gross 874; sales ; Spinners 200: stock
1 5,884; sxporu Great Britain 2,000; to continent
at Charlotte, In the 8tate of North Carolina, at
the close of business, Decmber 81, 1881.
Loans and discounts. 8 860,526 95
Overdrafts 2.062 18
TJ. & bonds to seenre circulation.. 200,000 00
Due from approved reserve sgrts, 26,200 2s
Due from other national banks. . . 8.403 5 1
Due from State banks & bankers. 2,847 24
Real estate, furniture and fixtures 19,200 00
Premiums paid 8,000 00
Checks and other cash Items, 858 02
BUls of other banks 1,744 00
Fracnonai paper currency, nick
! and Denntas . 84 06.
Specie 8,250 00
Legal tender notes, 2,000 00
Vaitamnttnn fnnri nrifh trAnaiiittF
of U. a (5 per ct of circulation) 9,000 00
Total 8843,678 19
ranltel otaoV TM in S 200.000 00
Surplus fund 40.000 00
Undivided profits 6.846 98
National bank notes outstanding. 180,000 00
Dividends unpaid 8,956 00
Individual deposits subject to
check 90.284 14
Demand certificates of deposit. . . 10,638 46
Time certificates of deposit . 85,288 85
Cashier's checks outstanding 7,946 97
Due to other national banks 9.507 44
Due to State banks and bankers, 1 .47 80
Notes and bills re-dlscounted, .... 52,786 05
8643,676 19
State of North Carolina.
County of Mecklenburg, ss:
I, J. B. Holland, Cashier of the above named
bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement
is true to the best ol my Knowiage ana Denei.
J. B. Holland, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this, the 1 1th
day of January, 1882.
& N. G. Butt, Notary Public
Correct Attest:
H. G. springs, v Directors.
D. P. Hutchison. )
We Pay Special Attention
Satannah Firm; middling 1114c: low mid
dling I0e; good ordinary 10c; net receipts
283; gross 2,084: sales 4,400; stock 99,396;
exports coastwise 2-640: to Great Britain ;
to France : to continent .
middling UUc- good ordinary 10c; net receipts T?OT? RAT R OR Tt TCNT
8.460: gross 8,912; sales 8.000; stock 877.344: JF WXV vXl J-V-Lll
exports to Great Britain 4,900: to France 4,174;
And have a large and well selected Stock adopted for this
To which we give our personal attention. We have received a full supply of
Which for purity and excellence cannot be surpassed, for pre
scription purposes, and will be used exclusively for this trade.
WILSON k BURWELL, Trade Street.
270: Davidson, 600; Davie, 300; Duplin,
670; Edgecombe, 500; Forsyth, 340;
Franklin, 420; Gaston, 340; Gates, 360;
Graham, 250; Granville, 750; Greene,
300: Guilford. 680; Halifax, 680; Har
nett, 540; Haywood. 740; Headman,
afin- Hfirtfora. 4o; nyue, xicucn,
parties not in the employ of the com-1 diing ioo; goo
r " I ihlnmnnta
In giving the case to the jury, three
issues were submitted for considera
tion, as follows:
1st. Was the plaintiff injured while
a lot of elegakt
600- Jackson, 920 ; JTohnston, 070; Jones, on the defendant company's train?
Plated Ware
suitable fob
AKr. 1 onnir A9.CI: Lincoln. 270 : MCUOW
ell, 440; Macon, 650; Madison, 4o0; Mar
tin, 500; Mecklenburg. 680; Mitchell,
240; Montgomery, 670; Moore, 800;
Nash, 520; New Hanover, 480; North
ampton, 510; Onslow, 640; Orange, 670;
Pamlico, 860; Pasquotank, 240; Pender,
800; Perquimans, 220; Person, 400; Pitt,
820; Polk, 300; Randolph, 720; Rich
mond, 860; Robeson, 950; Rockingham,
550; Rowan, 450; Rutherford, 470;
Sampson, 840; Stanly, 880: Stokes, 500;
Surry, 500; Swain, 420; Transylvanw,
330; Tyrrell, 820; Union, 640; Wake,
950 Warren, 450; .Washington, 350;
Watauga, 460; Wayne, 500; Wilkes,
700; Wilson, 850; Yadkin, 320; Yancey,
2d. Was she injured by the negligence
of the defendant company, or its em
ployes? .
3rd. To what amount was she injur-
61To the several issues the jury respond
ed as follows; .
1st. That the plaintiff was injured.
2d. That she was not injured by any
negVgence of the defendant company
or its employes.
3rd. That the plaintiff was damaged
to the extent of $1.
The jury rendered their verdict late
in the afternoon, ana its eneci, is w re
manful ha ; to continent HS2
La- I mobils Firm : middling lifee: low middling
11c; good ordinary 10s; net receipts 239.
gross 253; sales 1,200; stock 43.808; exports
eoast ; France ; to Great Britain ;
to continent .
Mxmphis Firm; middling llfte; receipts
783; shipments 1,7 17; sales ; stock
Augusta -Qulet; middling Ho; low mid
dling lOtygo; good ordinary 10c; receipts 494;
shipments ; sales 1,254.
Chablbctox Firm; middling 115fec; low
middling llftc; good ordinary 10c; net receipt!
1,832; gross : fates 1.000; stock 72.042;
exports eoastwlse 935; to Great Britain :
to continent 28,083; to France ; to channel
NKW Tom -Easy; sales 2,047: middling up
lands. 12c; middling Orleans 12 5-16c: consoli
dated net receipts 226; exports to Great Britain
10,188; to France 4,174; to continent 7,915; to
channel 795.
LrreHPeoi Noon Steady; middling uplands
611 16d; middling Orleans 6 13-16d; sales 10,000;
speculation ana export i,uuu; leosipw zo,auu;
American 16,500. uplands low middling clause:
January delivery -; January and February
; February and Karen 6 28-82d; March
and April 6 26-S2dd; -April and May 618-16d;
Max and June d; June and July 6 29-32d;
July and August 0 3l-82d; August and September
. ewures ssoauy.
Lrmroob -5 P. M. Seles of American cotton
7.850 bales. Upland low middling clause: Jan
uary and February delivery 6 1-1 6d; February
nd March ftd: March and April ; April
and Mav May and June : Jane and Ju
, Futures closed dulL
rpHE house and lot on B street, formerly occu-
JL pled by Thos. J. Sprinkle, is for sale or rent.
Apply to iuuSi h. hau uuai ur ,
anl2 tf Agent
THE new and commodious residence
built by H. T. Butler, on Tryon street,
lust beyond the track of the A., X. & O. K.
u. (Jo. uood Dargain.
Janl2 tf
Aonlv to
N last Saturday, January 7th, a man calling
himself J. w. Holt, Dougnt a Day mare irom
y creel
A fix room house, with good yard and
well of water, end a two room kitchen;
tan mlnntaa onllr nf thn mihllft Minare.
Apply to .WALTER BBEM.-
dec30tf ;
400. ... : " ... frnm alllift-
The Raleigh News-Observer says it is lease me r- ---
iiienaieiKUiocHo v . Avan nf fhn nominal sum 01 L
Asserted that Prof. Kerr aays mere ""J- nr at
1- II .nfa onri nAlflrflS I in LI1B kULeiUUOU .
fVr " Si Davidson vs. Stenhouse & Gilford was
qu Sa dence of 2,420 square token up, and pending Us
rSlnH r. nhnVit three tionithe court adiourned
IDHcOt Will via nwum wv v." I . - '
of the largest counties in tne oiaie r
until this
mA at mi home near Snow Creek, in Iredell coun
ty, and calmed oil upon me a worthless check for
one hundred dollars as part payment He after
wards left the county and when last heard from
was traveling towards South Carolina, having
naosed throunh Charlotte.
The animal was a blood bay mare, seven years
old, sixteen bands high, and a first-rate traveler.
ThA man mi annarantlv 22 or 28 Tears Old,
five feet eight lncnes high, lair complexion, light
hair, without beard and very well dressed. -'
I hereby forewarn any person from trading for
the mare, and will pay a suitable reward for her
recovery, or ior any iniormaueo was wui mkh u
the arrest of the scoundrel.
Ack your Stationer
cr Eend 5 cnts
la stamps fr a
hox cousin
Li n t r. n fi&b.
MM? Steel ,!
Of Assorted Tat-
f iated Match Lor.
8cld by all Stationers.
;L2 Aci3, Hz .; Yobs.. 1
janll 8t
Wm. a IAGLS.
Snow Creek, N. C
BY Virtue of an order of the Superior Coort of
iiaiamm (vuintT. in the ease Of AlvB Sing
FUTURES. i and others juntas W. J. and A. Murray and
others, I will offer for sale at the court bouse door
la Greensboro, N. a; at Potc auction, for cash,
on Vrmrlmt tha Ath daVOf FebnerT. 1882. St 12
1 1 ot oa J o'clock M., eight ) bonds of the county of-Car-U
I terettesued Febrry ?0th. i860, each for JgoO
due on Kehrnary ama. iu, vo eacu ol mra
Soles 1I8,
HAVING qualified as Bxecutor of the wui or
m iat Mrs. Grlswald Benderson.1 notify all
i Dersons ba fng claims against her estate to pre
sent LHB ui oim w&Ullu WHO icai UU1U HUM
late. a- vui;juia.riA,
Executor of Grlswald Henderson.
November 7th, 1881.
hovll w6w
Nxw ToKX-FatureB dosed easy.
TaiMi.n ...... ..........
Febroary....... .- 12.1&-16
March ................ ..v... is !?S"S? I bonds commits are attaebed for tntexest at 6 per
April... iaSnftST cent from fFebtmuToai. 1876. m . 1 11 A Mr. ADen Crouae
May.......v .....i....,....". i q qk I Parties desiring further Uiformatloii can address 1 between 5th and 6th.
1upfcM...."r,"v.""""f' i;?nfA flj l mT attorney. James x. uoya. Mq., oiwibuoiv,
m maA , rr I Ft II
Beoelrer. '
HAT Trees are now ready for delivery, opposite
ill. Mr. Allen Crease's residence, on xryo
between 5th and 6th. Anne lot of Trees,
Flowers and Flower Seed on hand for sale.
Mr. Allen Crouee's residence, on Tryon street
A flne lot or Trees, riants,
adon hand for sale. Any'
thing In my line furnished on snort notice.
dec2 T. W. SFABBOW, Charlotte.
and see what
He has for New Yeai'd D!nners.Cand hew very
cheap he is selling
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