LOCAL MATTERS. TUESDAY, FEB. 7, 1882. SOCIETY DIRECTORY. MASoklG. Phalanx Lodok No. 81, i. K. 4 i. M. Regular meeting every second and fourth Monday nights. KICKL8IOB Lodos No. 261, A. F. 4 A. M. Reg ular meeting every first and third Tuesday night. Chaklott Chaptxr No. 89, R. A. M. Regular meeting every seoond and fourth Friday nlghta. Charlottx CointANBAHT No. 2, K. T. Regular meeting every first and third Thursdays. IZ- OIE1 H- KineHTB of Honob. Regular meeting every oecond and fourth Thursdays. K- OP -JP. Knights of Pythias. Regular meeting nights first and third Wednesdays, 7 o'clock p. m. atM; oulc Temple Hall. I. O. O. IP. Chablottb Lodqk No. 88. Meets every Mon day night. Mkcklkkbuhs Dr.cn ratios Lodsz No. 8. Meets every Tuesday night Dixi Lodgi No. 108. Meets'every Thursday CATAWBA RlTKR ENCAMPMENT NO. 21. Meets Irst and third Thursday nights in each month index Co New Ad veniremen tit. LeRoy Pavidson Bananas and Buckwheat Flour Tne Common wenlth Lottery. FlDKD OB GRAY HAIlt p-adually recovers its youihful color and lustre b the use of Parker's Hair Balaam, an elegant tug, admired for Its p lrtty and rich perfume. Pnistrlsts say that Lydia E. Pinkbam's Vegeta ble Compound Is the best remedy for female weak ness that they ever heard of, for It gives universal satisfaction. Send to Mrs. Lydia S. Plnkham, 233 Western Avenue, Lynn, Mass., for pamph lets. SUBLIMELY SUPERR A ontr of batutlful Sin fliwers on Easels will be mailed free to any lady who ill send a three cent postage stamp to Dr. C. W. Benson, 106 No. JEutaw street, Baltimore, Md. A CARD. to all who are suffering from the errors and In discretion of youth, nervous weakness, early decay manbood, Ac, I will send a recipe that will cure jou. FhEE of CHARGE. This great remedy wus discovered ny a missionary in boutn America. seni a seli-flddressed envelope tc the Bet, jObEPH T. IN MAN, Station D. New York City j,zro ttoerlisettxetits. Absolutely Pure. This powder never varies. A marvel of purity strength and wholesomeness More, economlca than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold In competition with the multitude of low test, short weight, alum or phosphate powders. Sold only In cans. ttUlAL BAKING rUWJJISn CO., nov23 New York. LeRoy Davidson. Sole Agent. Charlotte, N. C. R. H. JORDAN. DR. JOS. GRAHAM ,-WE HAVB THI3 DAY- OPENED AND HAVE 1W ON SALE A NEW and COMPLETE LIKE OF FBXSH -DRUGS," TOILET ABTICLES, &C WHICH WE- RESPECTFULLY INVITE OUR FBIEND3 AND THE PUBLIC GENERALLY TO CALL iSS EXAMINE AT OUR STORE ON Tryon Street, Opposite Elias k Cohen's. PICESCKIPTIOrYS Carefully Prepared at all Homs, Day anl Night. Respectfully, R. II. JORDAN & CO. lan27 gwmscttijctits. OPERA HOUSE. ONE NIGHT ONLY. Tuesday Evening, February 7th. Tm hp YEAR of Bartlbt Campbell's Famous New York Company in his great play, THE GALLEY SLAVE ! PRKAKNTID 0VEE 200 TIMES in Niw York City, and now playing in Australia, England and Germany. The Great New York Company ! VIUMC EVANS. MISS GUSSIE DtFORBEST, JUSIU3 BRUTUS BOOTH. TH03. H. BURN3, CHA3. C. MAUBUBY, MI33 EDA CLAYTON. MI;8 KLSIE MOORE, MISS EMMA EKBBBITT, WlSSMAhY MILLS, LITT-E D1I3EY, ALFRED NOKL, HARBY 8IMMOND3. 13?" The Plnv will nswttlvAlv be nroduced with the original scenery, clUesof Venice, Borne, Mar- dciucb ana r&ris. W Reserved seats $1; on Bale at the nana! ' HOME CIIIPLET. ESTThere were more ladies on the streets yesterday than in any one day witnin a month. EPRev. Ii. Holmes has accepted a Call to the rectorshiu of a r.hnrn.h ar. Kittrell's, N. C., and has left the city for that place. I-Mr. S. Witlkowky, who for seme time past has been confined to his room by sickness, was yesterday able to ap pear at his business house. IQrFThe Luthern congregation, at its meeting Sunday, postponed the election of a pastor for that church, on account of a majority of the members being ab sent. ISTSeveral cases came up at the city court yesterday morning, but were all continued except one, that of a col ored 'man for whipping his wife, for which offence a nominal fine was im posed. Elfin justice to the writer we wish to state that "F. L." was iznorant of the sex of poet number one at the time her reply was written. We knew of this fact at the time, but "where igno rance is bliss," &c. USTThe street force yesterday did some good work in scraping up the mud and throwing it in heaps on Tryon street. If left it will all be dust next Summer, and then somebody will be quarreling about it again. EaIn a local notice in Sunday's Ob server in which attention was called to the advertisement of the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, we omitted to state that Capt. F. Nash is the agent of the company in Charlotte. Needs Expediting. We understand that the horse mail route between Monteith's mill and Da vidson College is in serious need of "ex pediting." The mail on this route is carried by a colored man, and it is as serted as a fact that the horse used in the service is unable to carry the mail oyer the hills on the route, and in order to get over the elevations the rider dis mounts, throws the mail bag across his shoulder, and leads his horse until level road is reached. There has for the last month, been great irregularity on the route, caused solely by the inability of the mail carrier's horse to withstand the mud and swollen streams. The matter should receive the attention of the au thorities, as tlie obligation for prompt delivery, &c, is as great as on any line in the country, and if the present con tractor is unable to do his duty, perhaps another could be found who will be. 'J be Aim-ricnii Mr. IIMry F 1'xclia.uge iu Kurope. Ciillig, the founder and now general manager of the American Exchange in Europe, of London, Paris, Geneva, &c, was in town on Saturday. The Exchange is the recognized head quarters of AuHricuns while abroad, and also for all Euiop?aus who have or contemplate relations with the United States. At the London office over 1,000 American newspapers are regularly filed ; the directories of cities and towns, the official reporter of the Government and States. In short, it represents America, in Europe. The past year 25,000 Americans registered at the Ex change. The American Exchange in Europe, though incorporated in Eng land, has its stockholders all in Ameri ca, as are also its directors and mana gers. Mr. Gillig is viditing this State for the purpose of gathering official in formation and reports to file at the Ex change, for reference by intending emigrants to North Carolina. Fine Specimen. Mr. Cyrus M. Wolfe brought to the city yesterday about fifty pennyweights of pure gold, which he carried to the mint for assay. The gold was the pro duct of some placer work done by a colored man, John Howell, and his fam ily, on the lands of Mr. Brown Wal lace, in Crab Orchard township. One of the nuggets weighed 3 pennyweights, and the whole assayed 91 cents per pennyweight We understand that there are considerable quantities of gold taken by the washing process from the lands of Messrs. M. B. Wallace, N. P. Frederick, E. H. Walker, and Rev. John Hunter, all in the same neighbor hood. The work as pursued by How ell, which is simply with shovels and trough for washing, has proved very rej munerative labor, and with more ap proved methods no doubt the yield would be much in advance of what is at present shown. Sadden Death. Mr. George W. Miller, an old resident of Charlotte, died suddenly at his home at an early houi yesterday morning. He had been attending to his duties on Saturday night up to eleven oclock, aad the news of bis death was a sur prise to his friends. No one was pres ent when he died except hallie Kenne dy, his colored housekeeper, in view of which it was thought proper to hold an inquest to ascertain, it possioie, me cause. The coroner was accordingly notified and yesterday evening sum moned a iurv consisting of Messrs. Isaac Mason, S. W. Alexander, M. Har key, Jasper Alexander, T. L. Ritcb, and J. W. Henderson, before whom several parties Were examined, but nothing was elicited to indicate that aeatn was the result of other than natural causes. Dr. Wilder, assisted by Dr. Bratton, made a post mortem examination and it was found that one side of the heart was very hard, having been rendered so by being unable to perform its Junc tions, and a verdict or aeain irom ucaiu disease was rendered. Mr. Miller was a native of liowan county, having removed to mis city some thirty years ago. He had for a number of years been bar-keeper ror Mr. W. F. Snyder. He was about forty eight years old, an honest man and a peaceable citizen. . irmf inn Tnmf 8PRIHQ9 WATXB AHD MZ-m great tonic and alterative contains fiKn and mtj Xral! Sold b, an droSfta of m, standing, i Prices reduced one halt. majll h WHERE IT OBIGINATKD. Springfield, Tenn., April 12, 1881. distressing eoogh, originating from diseased liver, was cured i by: rour i ra.Yi iojb ation; What Is Being Dome by the Bnrean of the Associated Railways. Below is given a letter from A. Pope, Esq., in relation to- the efforts be ing made by the Associ ated Railways of Virginia and the Carolinas to induce immigration to the sectio ns of country traversed by the railroads named, and giving some details of the recent pur chase made near King's Mountain, men tion of which has already been made in these columns. That the efforts put forth by this bureau will prove of great benefit does not admit of question, as the prime object is to secure such set tlers as will help build up the country a class that will bring with them the necessary elements of success brains, energy, skill and money a class that is needed, and that wUl be received and looked upon as a part of our citizen ship in every sense of the word. The endeavors of the bureau will receive the hearty encouragement of all who wish to see the waste places of our Southern country made productive, and especially should it have the co-opera tion of the press of the State, inasmuch as we are without any means whatever of accomplishing that which is being done for us : Bureau of Immigration and Set tlement, Associated Railways of Virginia and the Carolinas, Passenger Department, Richmond, Fa., Feb. 1st, 1882. . Dear Sir: Referring to the matter of immigration to North Carolina, and the efforts that are being made by this bureau to foster it and accomplish ma terial results, I beg to say that among the many purchases of land occurring to my knowledge from week to week, and settlement thereupon made by im migrants arriving within the State's borders and proposing to remain, a no table case in point has recently occur red, which, by reason of the compre hensiveness of the purposes of the col ony that has been formed and the practical methods by which shape and substance is rapidly being given to said purposes, are worthy not only of com mendation, but of most kindly encour agement at the hands of the press and people of the State. "The Co-operative Colonization Soci-ety-Teutonia," an organization formed some years ago at Philadelphia for the purpose of establishing colonies of Ger man settlers in the South and South west, after some correspondence with this bureau during the autumn of 1881, and after having examined other points along our lines, were attracted to the properties owned by the Messrs. Gar rett, in the neighborhood of King's Mountain, Cleveland county, N. C, im mediately upon the Atlanta and Char lotte Air-Line Railway. After this property had been preliminarily exam ined by tne society s agent, ana naa subsequently received the scrutiny of their executive committee, a tract of 2.750 acres thereof was purchased, the boundaries of which have been defined by the surveyor of this bureau, terms of sale complied with, and possession has been given. They are now proceed ing to put the lands under cultivation and make comfortable the houses exist ing on the place. It is their intention to put up a saw-mill, build comfortable dwellings for their people, to engage in the lumber business, to build a sash, blind and variety works, make wheeled vehicles and labor-saving machines, es tablish a tannery and shoemaking es tablishment, also to engage in cabinet work, and to start a dairy and poultry farm, and in the future, possibly a brewery. They will engage in fruit and grape culture, starting the orchards and vineyards at once. The number of adults who will pro ceed at once to colonize this property is about one hundred and fifty. This will be done as fast as the buildings for them can be erected, and it is altogeth er probable that within two year's time the village will consist of four hundred souls. The plans upon which the society act are co-operative, and the experience they have had with other colonies au thorizes the belief that success will at tend their efforts in this case. From my knowledge of the whole transac tion, which has been conducted entirely through this bureau, and from the in telligence and trustworthiness of the gentlemen controlling the Socity, I am satisfied that they will succeed, that their example will be most worthy of imitation by other colonies, and that they will be entitled to receive from all citizens of the State that kindly consideration which has always been promised to arriving immigrants. A. Pope, Gen'l Pas'r Agent and Gen'l Agent of Immigration for North Carolina. Hotel Leaee Improvements, Ate. The Metropolitan Hotel, in this city, has recently been leased to Mr. L. W. Scoville, who is now operating a line of hotels frnm Washinzton to an extreme Southern point, and who has heretofore made several efforts to secure a house in this city to fill a considerable break existing in his system. The owners of the Metropolitan will commence work at an early day to erect an addition to the building, which will materially in crease the capacity and add much to the appearance of the already handsome structure. The addition will extend the front on Tryon street some 28 feet north, and will be carried up two feet above the top of the present building The outlay required to make the im provement will necessarily be heavy, but the additional facilities to be gain ed are almost indispensable to make the house suitable for the purposes for which it's to be used. When completed we will have fine hotel facilities in Char lotte, as it is evidently intended to make it a competitor of the Central, and to be successful as such it must be kept up to a high standard of excel lence. In this connection it may be stated that the whole interior of the Central is now being frescoed, and will present a very handsome and fresh appearance when completed. It may not be gen erally known, even in Charlotte, what has been done at this house in the way of improvements in the last seven years. Since 1875 there has been ex Dended. on additions, rebuilding and refitting, the sum of $55,500, while the round sum of $18,000 has been invest ed in additional furniture, making a total of $13,500 a sufficient sum to buy quite a respectable hotel. The Galley Slave. Bailley Campbell's "Galley Slave," a most popular play, will be presented at the Opera house in this city to-night. This play has been one of the greatest dramatic successes of the time, and the presentation to-nignc win oe uy m strongest company that has ever given it here. The amusement-loving public is perfectly familiar with the piece, and we have no doubt a large audi- j m witnes3 its rendition. Aug-usta Races. The Augusta races will begin on the 18th inst, and continue until the 22d inclusive. The 18th will fall on the day after the cocking main at Hamburg, S. C, and it is expected that a number of Charlotte people will visit both events. The races promise to be unusually fine, and will be largely attended. Posters are out announcing particulars. Bleetinf; of the Helief Association. We are authorized by the President, Gen. J. A. Young, to announce that there will be a meeting of the relief association held this afternoon at 3 o'clock, at the hall of the Young Men's Christian Association. It is very desirable that a full atten dance be had, as the need of organiza tion is very urgent County Business The board of county commissioners met yesterday in monthly session. The greater part of the day was taken up in passing on claims against the county, most of them for incidental expenses, and of small amount. By an order of the board School district No. 66, in Providence township was abolished, and the amounts due that district $47.47 for white and $46.11 for colored children ordered to be credited to the respective apportion ments for white and colored children of school district No. 18. The board ap pointed J. A. Porter constable for Sharon township vice J. Walker Kirk patrick, resigned. "Fiat Justitla," fcc We have been been handed the fol lowing letter with the request that it be published. It is self-explanatory, and corrects a statement made, but af terwards corrected, by our Washington City correspondent. We cheerfully give it to the public: House of Representatives ) Washington, Feb 3,1882. J Col. Wm. Johnston: Dear Sir: I hope you have seen in The Observer the correction of what has been published as an interview with me. I was called upon, as others were, for my views, but positively de clined to be interviewed, or to say any thing on the subject As soon as I read the publication I sent for the reporter and had the correction made, and write now lest it may have escaped your at tention. Very Respectfully, C. Dowd. A Card. On Friday night, the 3d inst., ten ne groes called at my boarding house for twenty-five cent meals, which I had prepared for them, and they neither ob jected to the quantity nor quality, un til they had eaten it; then they refused to pay the price agreed upon, but when I urged upon them to settle they did so. I write this in contradiction of an article published in The Observer on the 5th inst, concerning my business. The parties were before his Honor, the Mayor, for their misconduct on our streets, for which they paid cost, and not for refusing to pay for their meals, as stated in the article referred to. Please don't bring my name before the public unless you know whether or not the statements are true. B. Johnston. Hunting for ilie Midlothian Miner. Richmond, Va., Feb. 6. At 1.50 p. m. yesterday a relief party descended the shaft at the Midlothian mine, and on their return reported pure air below. At half past two Superintendent Dodd with a third party made the third de scent, remaining nearly an hour. They explored the tunnels lor some distance and at the mouth of one in the vicinity of the engine they discovered a body which they supposed to be that of the colored fireman, Robert Sumnells. This body together with one discovered Sat urday night, was brought to the sur face last evening. It is expected that more satisfactory explorations will be made to-day. Steamer Wrecked. London, Feb. 6 The British steam- from Calvert via Norfolk has found- have washed ashore from the vessel near Kili. Water-Logged. London, Feb. 6. The Swedish bark Asia, from Liverpool for Pensacola, was passed on the first instant aband oned and water-logged. No trace of the crew. Loat ber Wheel and Itudder Dam aged. Queenstown, Feb. 6. The Russian bark Argj, Pensacola for Dublin, ar rived ; she lost her wheel and had her rudder damaged. To promote a vigorous growth of the hair, use Parker's Hair Balsam, it restos the joulhful color to gray hair, remove dandrutl, and cures tchlng cf the scalp. A SURE CUBE FOB PILES. Do you know what it Is to suffer with Piles? If you do, you know what Is one of the worst torments of the human frame. The most perfect cure ever trniHDii ia vidnai.wnrL it rairp.s constiDatlon, and then its tonic action restores health to the diseas ed bowels and prevents recurrence oi tusease. Try it without delay. The dry and the liquid are both sold by druggists. Globe. The leafllng Scientists or To-day agree that most diseases are caused by disordered Kidneys or TjTfir If. there rore, me jkianeys ana uicr aio hept ln perfect order, perfect health wUl be the re mit This truth has only been known a short time and for years people suffered great agony without Slli-iitn find relief. The discovery of War- nnr'ASafe Kidney and Liver Cure marks anew ? trAAtment of these troubles. Made fmm a simple tropical leaf ot rare value, it con LB.V?& .lATnta nocessMT to nourish and invigorate both of these great organs, and safely restoreand keep them in order. It Is a POSITIVE RKMKDYfor ail the diseases that cause pains in the lower part ot the b-orTontd Liver- . . f v. , Kidneys, Liver and Urinary Organs, it i an excellent and safe remedy for females limine Pregnancy, it will control siensirusuon and lnraluable lor Leucorrhoea or Falling ot the ifaBlood Purifier it Is unequalled, for it cures the organs that mads the blood. nnt to ta the LARGEST 81ZED BOTTLE of any medicine upon the market, and is old by druggist Ldi dealers at $1.25 per bottle. For Diabetes. enaubf or WABNBB'8 SAFE DIABETES CUBE. It is a Ta WARNER CO.. inn28 Rochester, N. Y. FEBRUARY 1ST, 1882. IMHAtt. --OUR- GREAT GREAT c e OF WILL BEGIN TO-DAY, OVERCOATS. ...FOB WINTER WEAR. OVERCOATS. . , . FOB 8PBING WEAR. L L MM MM U dSS. tttt uuuutt rre a p MM A 1M W 1M TT Tt fi ssa M M M U U T.T.T.T. T.T.r.T. M M M UU Sao 8 B E SOL D.- A SPECIAL SALE ! A POSITIVE SALE ! For w never caf tj over Irom Season to Season an; Garments that can be sold at tne proper time, if a reasonable sacrifice can accomplish the sale. it his bein a mild season thus fab, and we have a Large Stock On hand. If we've erred In Judgment as to quan tity or styles, NOW 18 THE TIMS TO PBIOE MAKES DIFFEBEKOES. fjjg prjCe the Quicker tu6 Sale. For three years our policy has been to close each season's purchase the season bought, enabling us to open FRESH NEW STOCKS. Our Customers expect it; the reputation of our House demands it If you have not beught it will be worth your while to look, for the pilces WILL ASTONISH YOU. OUR $27, 828, 880 and 832 SILT SLEEVE LINED OVERCOATS will be sold without reserve at 820. OUB $22, $24 and $25 OVERCOATS at $17.60. OUB $18 and $20 OVERCOATS at $15. This last Includes all of our FINE BEVEOSIBLB ULSTERS and ULSTEBETTES. We have some 25 REVERSIBLE OVERCOATS in handsome patterns, marked $14, $16 and $17.50, which will be sold at $10. OUB $10 and $12 OVERCOATS will be sold nal formly at $7.50. A lot of some 200 OVERCOATS, embracing the remnants of all lots ranging In price from SVT777 I 77 if 77 i 77 : arrow 00. '00 I O H I 809000 0009 oo woo eo oo oooo 00 OOOO 00,00 t Waq SO MOO 00 ,00,00 000000 WILL BE BACBIFICED AT THK 1 ELLING, The convenient price for all only $5. This lot is an MM MM MMMM If MM M. M M M MM MM MMMM MMMM UUU UUU 8 I B8S KBB KB ESS BUS n m BAKGAIN KSf- We shall make in Uls sale the LOWEST nrices we have EVER offered, and when we assert rj61 ET- Orders from a distance are "' the same advantages In LOW ptices will be given as if purchasing la person. The opportunity u rare one. x D. LATTA 4 BBO, ISO OVERCOA Rectify Mis ate IBCDdDTTS 1 AT COST ! AT COST. AT COST. 4-&AYIKG JUST 1 11KD I HAVE TOT TIT tfS ON HARD, AITD 1H 0BJDSB TO REDUCE IT I WILL OFFER UNTIL FUBTHEB NOTTCX, ALL GOODS UNRESERVEDLY AT COST. decSO lm WAIDO ACID PHOSPHATE, MANUFACTURED wo Pteia OF CHARLESTON, S. C. THE FIRST COMPANY THAT Wonderful Phosphate 2X2sTES UnTZE.A.IR, BEE'S OFFICE: No. 7 Exchange Street Charleston, S. C. FEANOIS B. HACKEE, President. J0SIAH S. BROWN, Treasurer. 0HABLES T. EI0HAEDS0N, Traveling Clerk. an31 10 -3t oaw w-lm IBVr3In HBsannsiimsis- NEW SUPPLY OF- Ml n CKL B fll TMEEE kW OT POlll -P A C K THE HEW DRUG STORE, Cerner ! CoUege aad Trade streets, (Wilson 4 B'ack't old stand.) IS NOW OPE IN . p, deiWng Fresh and Reliable Dregs I a I wUl do well to give at a can. J rynrK GHUE. hand CO SIHKIDIBS- TAKEN ENTIRELY w STOCK AND SOLD BY to MADE FERTILIZERS FROM THE Beds of South Carolina. J ASHLE? . 9 RIVER. FEE,I2,ir Tl II, A G E S W He SIH. Having removed to the shop, on Tryon street, over the Independent HooLaddef Hwwv ,1s now ready to receive orders for HOUSE, SIGH andOBNAMKNTAL PAINTING, such as GEAUsmrcr, Grilling, KalsomiDing, Frescoing, tc. Jan2dtf Company, , Bale Juaney uuu luyc v

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