COU, H. JONES, Editor A Proprietor XanssD at thb posT-ornm at Cburlottb, N. 0., as 8ooin-CLAaB mattmb.1 THURSDAY, FEB. 16, 1882. ITIESSENGEUATVD CJLEKKM. The impression prevailed some time ago when Senator Brown, of Georgia, offered a resolution in the Senate for the appointment of a clerk for every Senator, that the Georgia gentleman was indulging in a little bit of humor, but when Senator Morgan yesterday urged the providing of a messenger for each Senator there wasn't a bit of fun in it, for he was in downright earnest, and we gather from his endorsement of Brown's resolution, or amendment to a resolution by some one else, that Brown was not joking either, but in dead earn est, Mr. Morgan in furthering his de mand for messengers imparts a piece of information that will surprise some people, and that is that so many of our honored Senators are martyrs to duty . and are killing themselves with work, doing twenty-five or thirty times the amount of labor that members of the lower House are called upon to do. We knew all along that the boys in the House were having a pretty good time, but we were not aware of the fact that the select circle in the Senate were being sacrificed in that way on the altar of duty, and mercilessly worked to death. They seem, however, to stand the martyrdom pratty well notwithstand ing, and seem to be perfectly willing to go right along and continue to die that way, for we have not yet heard of any of them resigning that they might escape death and live. ' If it comes to this, however, and amounts to a question of dead Senators and live messengers and clerks, by all means let Mr. Morgan's plaintive appeal be list ened to considerately, nor be made sport of, for this country could not get along without its great Senate. Dead Senators worked to death would be a greater calamity than one hundred and forty odd fourteen hundred dollar messengers and clerks. Let this mor tuary havoc cease, though it may cur tail the business of the Washington un dertakers, and if clerks and messengers can save the lives of our Senators, why let the saviors be summoned to come fortii and that quickly, before another victim falls crushed beneath the weight of work. As hard worked and poorly paid a? they are if they were selfish they would resign, but they patriotically and hero- ially stick to the post of duty, and face threatened death with a devotion and resolution trulv admirable. Not only that but when the first term of duty expires they are always willing to magnanimously sacrifice themselves again and again and go right along killing themselves with hard work for their dear country. We never fully realized what a fearfully rough time , our Senators had, and how cruelly they were worked until we read Mr. Mor gan's remarks. Hereafter we shall re gard the poor United States Sena tor with more tender compassion, and extend to him that heartfelt sympathy to which his hard lot entitles him. Talmage's Tabernacle, it is estimated, will yield an income of $25,000 this year. Ireland has 576,000 holdings, 50,000 of them less than an acre mere town lots, Of the rest, about 150,000 tenants are excluded from the benefits of the land act by the size of their holdings, and of the rest 300,000 G2,331 have already made application to the Land Court In 970 cases decided, the average reduc tion in rent i3 about 25 per cent. Chas. F. Kring, of St Lous, is a hard man to hang. He was convicted of the murder of a woman in 1875, but by the manipulation of smart counsel has sue ceeded in getting five trials, and now the Supreme Court of the United -States has set aside the decision of the Su preme Court of the State, which gives him another chance for bis life. The following from the census the nativity of the Mormons in 1870. Born in England 16,073 Born in Scotland 2,391 Born in Wales 1,783 Born in Ireland 502 Born in Denmark 4,057 Born in Sweden 1,790 Born in Nor way (il3 Born in Switzerland 509 Born in Germany 558 shows Utah 1880. 19,654 3,201 2,390 1,32 7,791 7,750 1,214 1,040 885 Macon Ga. Telegraph : "It is pretty much in politics as it is in astronomy, When a one-horse star cuts loose from its own home circle to cruise for itself it generally brings up with a crash in the system which attracts it most ; and when an ambitious Democrat cuts loose from his party he is independent only during the time it takes him to land with a splutter among the Bepubli cans." It is now believed that the reason why so many Democratic Senators op pose the repeal of the arrears of pen sions act is because they think the He publicans only sprang the question of repeal to trap them. The idea is that if the Democrats favored the repeal i would so prejudice the soldier vote against the party as to lead to its de feat in 1884. It was the fear of offend ing the ex-soldiers and losing their votes prevented serious opposition to which the bill when it passed, and the same thing now prevents its repeal. non. W.H.English, of Indiana, late n.mnratl( candidate for Vice-Prpsi. . jguiuvki.vv ' dent, has made a personal statement, in which he says the principal cause of the Democratic defeat in Indiana m October, 1880, was the decision of the Supreme Court overthrowing the con stitutional amendments which changed the election from October toNovem LP ne says more money was used by T' tn thA Indiana nam. the Democrats " ' - t iftfiu than was ever used in any prov . th t he wasnot 7i9 thTt he was "a big fool ever to Snds It difficult to understand why he evernsented to run for the office at The Pension Arrears act will require only $l,240,0C0,CC0io meet its require ments ; that's all. The last Ohio rumor is that same Democrats out there are talking of nominating Grant for Presi i nt in 1884. . The Mississippi House has paased a bill to prevont the sale of tobacco to minors without an order from their pa rents or guard mns. i m i i There was a rumor in Augusta, Ga., yesterday, that the Richmond and Dan ville railway company was trying to buy the South Carolina railroad. Mr. Thomas II. Eagan, of Troy, N. ., is desirous of battering the face of Mr. John L. Sullivan (champion) to the value of 62,500, if he can get anybody back him to that extent. The Supreme Cqnrt of Vermont has decided that a mill owner or manufac turer has no right to dump into the stream on which his mill may be situ ated sawdust or other waste to the in jury of those living below him on the same stream. The people of the United States are payng into the treasury in taxes about $150,000,000 a year more than the gov ernment needs. But it Congress, con tinues to donate as lavishly as it seems disposed to do there won't be much of this $150,000,000 left. Interesting-Marriage in Pintvl le To the Editor of the Observer: The evening of the 14th February, 1882, will long be remembered by the citizens of Pineville as a very interest ing epoch in her history the occasion being the marriage of two of her most accomplished and popular young peo ple. By 7 o ciock p. m. a very large au dieDce had assembled in the Presbyte rian -church to witness the marriage which was to take-place at half-past 7 o'clock. Soon the merry marriage bell rang the hour which immediately pre ceeded the entrance of the bridal party in the following order: Miss Annie Grier, Mr. J. 5. Miller, Miss Mattie Grier, Mr. W. M. Morrow; Miss Maggie Barnett, Mr. H. E. Morrow; Miss J una Shell, Mr. W. E. Younts; Miss Alice Grier, Mr. J. J. McCreieht ; Miss Beu- lah Younts, Mr. E. W. Russell ; who, proceeding down the two aisles of the church, crossed to opposite- sides in front of the pulpit Following after came the contracting parties, Miss Em ma M. Grier and Mr. Junius A.Russell, who took position immediately in front of the pulpit in full view of and facinc the audience. It was indeed a beauti ful sight and one which will not soon be forgotten. A handsome arch ot evergreens spanned the hall, depending irom which was a miniature horse shoe wreathed in laurel encircling the silver letters J. A. R. and M E. G. Under this beautiful arch stood the bridal couple, and as we looked upon their pure and in nocent young races, we almost imagined ourselves in fairy land, and we kuow that many a silent prayer went up to God that nothing might ever mar the joy and happiness or these pure young nearcs. The ceremony was beautifully and impressively performed by Rev. John Hunter, assisted bV Rev. L.. She! . Much credit is due Mr. J. II. Ross and Mr. J. H. Barnett. for the very happy ana pleasant manner in which they dis charged the duties of ushers on the oc casion. Ohl this was all nice, so nice But to many the next step in the pro gramme was more splendid when the invited guests were ushered into the hospitable mansion and were seated around the bountiful board of Mr. Ar thur Grier, the father of the bride Something nice was expected, but the supper was too good for the average epicure. While no attempt was made at unnecessary display or extravagance tne repast was simply magmheent and everybody went away satisfied that it was good that they were there. The bridal presents were both numerous and valuable, unmistakable evidence of the very high regard entertained for the young couple. A splendid dinner was given yester day by J. W. Morrow, Esq, uncle of the groom. We here leave our young friends with many congratulations, and bespeak for them a life of happiness and pleasure. P. All llarmonloafelf Adjusted and a II and Shake on it, Richmond, Va Feb. 15. The ru mors which have prevailed since yes terday atternoon to the effect that Sen ators Smith, of Alexandria, and Riddle- berger meditated a hostile meeting were given their quietus to-day in the Senate chamber by Smith who, rising to a question of personal privilege, and referring to the differences which oc curred the day before between the Sen ator from Shenandoah and himself, frankly confessed that he left the house on that occasion with no friendly feel ings. Since then he had been assured by his friends and his own cooler re flection conhrmed their opinion, that ne snouia nave been satisfied with the disclaimer made by the Senator. He was now satisfied that Riddleberger had said all that he (Smith) had a right to exact from the gentleman, and he took this occasion of expressing his re gret at tne onensive language he had used. Senator Riddleberger said that ho had meant on yesterday to say everything that would be satisfactory to the Sena tor irom Alexandria, lie never meant to do less than that which he deemed would be satisfactory to him and he nopedtne senator now felt as kindly towards him as he (Riddleberger) felt Lowarus tue oenaior. The gentlemen then met on'the floor and cordially shook hands. Arretted for Shooting- a Hog- Thief. Petersburg, Va, Feb, 15. Gray ijamam, a citizen or weidon, JS.U. was arrested at that place vesterdav af ternoon, for killing Ruf us Fields, color ed some nights ago. ' He wasjtaken to naiiidx, ss. u, last night and plaoed in jail to await trial at next term of court Latham killed Fields while the latter was.steahng some hogs from the prem ises of T. L. Emory by whom Latham had oeen employed as watchman. T E. Clark, another citizen of Weldon was also arrested on the charge of be ing implicated in the murder, and was admitted to bail in the sum of five hundred dollars. These arrests were made at the in stance of a colored man who acted as coroner. Much indignation is felt at Weldon in consequence of the arrest of juatnam ana marge. Glue Factory Burned St. Louis, Feb. 15. Max Tamon & Co's glue and curled hair factory, in the western suburbs, called Rock Springs, were burned last night. Loss $30,000 insurance $7,000. Many sink Into an ewly zrave by not giving lm mediate attention to a Blight cough, which could nave been stopped in time Dy a 260 pottle oi Dr. Bull's cough syrup. A CARD. To all who are suffering from the errors and In discretion of youth, nervous weakness, early decay oss ot manhood, Ac., I will send a recipe that will cure you, FREE of CHARGE. This great remedy was discovered by a missionary in South America. Send a self-Addressed envelope to the Bsv. JOSEPH T. INMAN, Station D, New Yoilt City, IN CONGRESS THE SENATORS WANT RI ESSEN 6ERS FOR COMMITTEES, AND TACKLE THE ANTI-POLYGAMY BILL.. The Hoote Kotnmea the Debate on the Apportionment Bill and De votee Mont of tne Day to that Ques tion Washington, Feb. 15. Senate. Miller, of California, made an adverse report upon the Senate bill to confer - J J - H ,A4.2 1- nf positive liisbeau oi relative laus. uu uj.- ficers of the engineer corps of the Uni ted States Navy, indefinitely postponed. J acKson introduced tne Dill present ed by Morgan in the last Congress for tne relief of doojc agents of tne Methodist Episcopal Church South. It appropriates one hundred ana ntty thousand dollars in compensation for property connected with the publish ing house of said book agents in Nash ville wnicn was tanen or destroyed Dy the United States in 1864 or at any oth er time. The resolution offered by Call was re ferred to the committee on foreign af fairs directing the secretary of State to open negotiations witn Spain for re mitting the tax on cattle imported into Cuba from the United States. A resolution reported by Piatt from the committee on contingent expenses to provide a messenger for each of the committees on finance, postpffices, pen sions claims, judiciary and engrossed bills, was discussed. . The aDsolute ne cessity of a provision to facilitate com mittee business was generally coincided n, and on motion of lngaiis tnedistr c: committee was included in tberesolu- ion. Morgan offered and advocated an amendment providing a messenger for each Senator who is not a chairman of a committee. He said that by reason of the onerous character of their duties many Senators were literally working themselves to death. Their labors being from 25 to 30 times as great as those devolved upon members of the House. He thought the resolution introduced by Mr. Brown for a clerk to every Sen ator not already supplied witn one as committee chairman, ought to be pass ed. Several memDers attacked tne res olution as calculated to increase the already too numerous army of useless employees of Congress. Morgan s amendment was rejected yeas 10, nays 28, and the resolution as modined, on motion of Piatt, was pass edyeas 33, nays 15. It directs appoint ments to be made by the sergeant-at-arms upon selections made by commit tees, providing that the messengers so appointed snail not be paid tor that part of the year during which the Sen ate is not in session, and regulates their pay at the rate of $1,400 per year. i ne senate tnen, at 2 o ciock, look up and temporarily passed over the regular order the anti-polygamy bill, and Call, on leave, addressed the Senate in sup port of the proposed amendment to the pension arrears resolution, declaring in lavor or pensionsto survivors of the Indian wars prior to 1845. He said that every argument in favor of the grant ing and continuance of pensions to sol diers oi the late war applied with equal force in behalf of the disabled of the Mexican and Indian wars. At 2:25, the anti-polygamy bill, to amend section 5,252 of the Revised Statutes of the United States, in refer ence to bigamy, and for other purposes, was taken up and amendments pro posed by te committee on the judiciary were read. lne sections and amendments were agreed to up to the fifth section, which authorized the President bp grant am nesty to classes of offenders guilty be fore the passage of the act of bigamy, polygamy of unlaw! ulco-habitation, on such conditions as he shall think proper. The wholesale exercise of the par doning power contemplated 'in this section was objected to as trenching upon tne legislative prerogatives, but aner some discussion the section as amended and the remaining committee amendments up to the 8th section were adopted. The 8th section provides .for the con duct of elections, registration and can vassing of votes, etc., in a territory until provision for the same is made Dy legislative assemDiy provided in a bill by the apppointeesof a board of five persons, to be appointed by thePresi dent and confirmed by the Senate, all or wnom snau not De memDers or one political party, etc. Brown moved to amend so as to re quire that not more than three of the board shall be of same political party. Several of the members debated this section until 4.40, when a motion for executive session was lost, yeas 21, noes 29, and after several efforts to se cure an adjournment for avote on the bill, interspersed with motions Ito ad journ, it was finally agreed that the measure should be proceeded with im mediately after the morning business to-morrow, and the debate upon it clos ed at 5.30 p. m. Upon this understanding, Edmunds in charge of the bill, consented to an adjournment. Coke, on leave, introduced a bill, ap propriating $100,000 for continuing the improvement of Galveston harbor, Texas, At 5.40 the Senate adjourned. House. The morning hour having been dispensed with the House resum ed the consideration of the apportion ment bill and Hubert, of Alabama, continued his speech m opposition to any increase4in the membership of the House. It was said that large bodies had the advantage of Deing more difficult to corrupt, Dut he contended that more members would bring more schemes. Just in proportion as thejnembership was increased the members would lose their individuality and perspnal"f e- sponsiDinty, ana wouia reiy upon com mittees. A corrupt man instead of en deavoring to corrupt the Mouse would apply himself to the committees The committees could not be made large enough to put tbem beyond the reach of temptation. He favored a constitu tional amendment limiting the number of representatives. The debate on,4ae apportionment bill occupied the remainder of the day s session after it was taken up, to the exclusion of all other business. , Thompson, of Kentucky, who was en titled to the floor for the last hour of the debate before the demand for the previous question was recognized, but feeling unwell he yeilded to the mo tion tjo adjourn which was voted down Dy tne republicans. An arrangement was finally agreed to whereby at the conclusion of one hour's debate to-morrow the previous question shall be considered as seconded and before voting UDon thn various nrnnrv sitions begin a vote will also be allowed upon the question as to whether the old or new method of apportionment tuiau ue adopted. The House at 5.15 adjourned. Weather " WASniN(VrYNT "Feb. 1K fifMla it lantic, warmer, fair weather, southerly vviuuB,sbiiiiuuary ur lower pressure. South Atlantic, partly cloudy weath er. local rains. va.Ha.hln wina ototir. ' - 1 . iuuo, DWHdVU" aryor higher temperature, stationary pressure. Gulf, partly cloudy weather, local rains, warmer soutneriy winds, sta tionary or lower pressure. ; Tennessee and Ohio Valley, increas in or cloudness with lrwi aryor higher temperature and lower pressure, soutneriy winds. Not Hurt. New York, E9b. 15. The Commer cial Advertiser says the failures in New Orleans yesterday, do not affect parties here,except Mr. Hentz to the extent of $2,500, as special partner in the house there. The break yesterday evening here was due to sales hereof or New Orleans account as that market could not take as much. Humors of trouble in the houses here yesterday were not confirmed and are thought to to be without foundation. " Bald monntaiu on a Slide. Washington, Feb. 15. A special from Asheville, N. C., says on Monday a section of Bald Mountain half a mile square slid off into the valley with a crash that shook the earth and fright ened the inhabitants for miles around. The horror was as great but not so long continued as four years ago when it was expected -that Bald Mountain would become a volcano. No explana tion is offered, but many speculations are made. People are afraid to venture upon close examination. Senator Hill's Tongue. PniLAUELPHiA, Feb. 15. Notwith standing the reports to the contrary, the professors at Jefferson Medical Col lege informed a representative of the Associated Press, at 6 p. m., that Sena tor Hill's condition was very favorable, and that the operation on the Senator's mouth, performed about a week ago, was a highly satisfactory one, and Hill was now getting along well. Rfoney for tne Land League Waterbtjrg. Conn.. Feb. 15. Rev. Lawrence Walsh, of this city, treasurer of the Irish National Land League, re ports having received from the Chicago fund from December 3d to February 14, $45,167, also that be has sent $5,953 in all to Treasurer Egan Since last Octo ber, and expects to send $7,000 more this week. IT SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE that a remedy made oi such common, simple plants as Hops, Buchu, Mandrake-, Dandelion, &c, huuuiu mase so many ana sucn (treat cures as Hop Bitters do; but when old and young rich and poor, pastor and doctor, lawyer and editor, all tes tify to havine been cured by them, von mnat tw- lieve and try them yourself, acd doubt them no longer. Deserrlnsr Articles are Alwav Annrerlntrd. The exceptional cieani'uess of Parker's Hair Balaam makes it popular. Gray hairs are lmpos sible with Its occasion?' use. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH FEBRUABY 15, 1882. PRODUCE. BALTTMOM-Noon-Floar falrlv active ami f tpadv: Howard street and Western suoer 84 Ooft&i.Tfi: extra a5.0OffiSH.00; family $620ffi$7.25; city mn a, super - uutfo.uo; extra so.UOaStt.OO; family $7.25S$7.50; Rio brands $6.75S$7.00; Patapsco family S8.11O. Wheat Southern du41 and easier; Western lower; Houthern red Sl.SOQi- i.Hd;amDeri.3f)a:i.3H; no. 1 Maryland SI. H4 bid: No. 2 Western winter red spot, S1.28ffi $1.29; February 81.29 asked; March $1.291AS 91 zh4; Apni i.a-zwt5i.3Us; May Sl.aacc 1 83Vfc; June $1.27 bid; July $1.18VS$1.1914. Corn Southern lower; Western quiet and easy; Southern white 74S75; Southern yeUow 68. RlI.TmnHI Nlt?ht Oata Inmar. Snnllmm 47S50; Western white 48S50; mixed 46247; Pennsylvania SRftKt). WntriaWia iinxTianiTart. "mess pork $18 60ffi$18.75. tfulk meats-shoulders' auu cieor no siaes, pacKea ityiuiivva- rtacou shoulders 8; clear rib sides lliA;hams VSViQ) 14. Lard refined V2Vih Coffee steady; Rio car Koe -ordinary to fair 8J&Wfc. 8urHr- steady: A soft 9 Whiskey--dull, at 81.195$! 20. Freights quiet Hrw Tom Southern flour, dull and drooping; common to fair extra &5.ff0ffit5.80; good to choice extra$6.90Q$8.00. Wheat 1 I lower excited and tererlsh, and unsettled, closing firm at 1 lVc above the inside rates; No. 2 spring si.sw$i d; ungraaeo rea i.i3oCl.b5: un graded white $1. 22(71. 30; No. 2 red. February $1.32VfcSl.33ifc; March $1.32a$1.35 Oats a shade better; No. 3. 47; No. 2, February 48; March 48V4. Pops steady and demand moderate; Yearlings 12322. Coffee-firm and quiet; Rio 8l&310i(b. Sugar-easier 'and dull; fair to good reflulng quoted at 7ffi7Vfe; refined lower and mod erately acUve: Standard A 8$i. -Molasses steady uuu quiet; rorw mco -njtrou. iilce steadily held and in fair demand. Rosin about steady, at 2 ztmuw aziti. rurpentine dull, at f2iA. wool hrm and rather quiet; Domestic fleece 3WCC48; Texas 14S31. Middles-dull and easier; long clear 9U: short . Lard 2Rffi3nc lower. excited and feverish and clostog firmer, at $10.90- leoruary SLU 82tatSlI.C(): March 10.80a$11.00. Freights to Liverpool market ntgner. uouoa, sail 3-1 titi vd; steam 3-16iAd Wheat per steam, 4dQ5d. COTTON. RlT.rermV TrrPtmlap. mfriiTllnr 1 Ml.n- lorn ml. dllne lOXic: rood ordinary inui: nnY rpoelntu 704; gross ; sales 170: stock 74.943: ex ports coastwise ; to ureal Britain 1,998; to continent : to ranee ; to channel Nokpolx Steady; middling 11 4c; net receipts 1,014: dross ; stocx t.32; exports eoui wise 96o; sales ; exports to Great Britain ; to continent . Baltimore Quiet; middling lllfec; low mid dling 11; good ordinary 10i; net recu 60; gross no; sales : stock 37.054: exports coastwise ; spinners 100; exports to Brest Britain ; to continent . Boston Dull; middling llc; low middling 1114c; srood ordinary 10c; net receipts 651; gross i.tzo: sales : siock lU.ViiJ; export (o ureal Bnt&in ; to if ranee . Wilmington Steady ; middling 11c: low mid- ling 10 16c; good ord'y 9 1 M6c; rec'pts 245: gross ; sales ; stock 7,129; exports oo&jitwlse ; to Great Britain 1,269; to continent . Phtladklpkia Dull; middling 1134c; low middling HMe: good ordinary 10Mc: net receipts 144: ktoss 237; sales ; spinners : stock 17,603; exports Great Britain 500; to continent Satannah Quiet : middling 11c; low mid dllnir. IOMic: good ordinary 9Vio: net recelDts 1,243; gross ; sales 2,000: stock 85,405; exports coastwise Too; to ureat Britain to France : to continent . Nsw Oblsaks Quiet ; middling llc: low middling 11c; good ordinary 10c: net receipts 2.844; gross 8,715; sales 450; stock 864 CC8; exports to ureal Britain ; to France coastwise 8,407; to continent . Mobile Irregular; middling lllAc; low mld'a 10?fcc; good ordinary lOVtc; net receipts 766; gross ; sales COO; stock 39,730; exports coast 768; France ; to ureal Britain ; to continent . Memphis Nominal ; middling 1 tic: low mid dling 10c; good ordinary 1 OVfec net receipts 267; gross 306; shipments 329; sales 700; stock 90.245. AUGUSTA Dull; middling 1034j: low mid dling lOi&c; good ordinary 10c; recait-J 244; smpmenu saies zn. Charleston Steadier? middling llc; low mid iilng lllAc; good ordinary lOlfec; net receipts 1.203; gross : sales 1,000; stock 63,835: exports coastwise 80; to Great Britain to continent ; to France ; to channel New York Quiet: sales 819: middling no lands 11916c; mid'g Orleans 11 1316c: consoli dated net receipts 9,714; exports to ureat Britain 5,600; to France ; to continent ; to channel ; . Liverpool Noon Easier ; middling uplands 6 7-16d; middling Orleans 6d; sales 10,000; speculation and export 500; receipts 20,600; American 14,300. Uplands low middling clause February delivery 6 ll-32dffi6d; February and marco o tctwhu: March and apiu 0 13-320- 6dQ6 13-32d: ADril and May 6 ll-82d: May and June 6 17-32dS61&d; June and July 6-16d; juiy ana August w$a; August ana aepiemrer 6 21-820. mitures fiat Liverpool -5 P. M. Sales of American cotton 8,150 bales. Uplands low middling clause: Feb ruary delivery 6 13-32dffi63&d; February and March 6 13-82d6d; March and April ; April and May 6 15-32d; May and June 6 17-32d; June ana juiy e iu-32d; July ana August ; August and September . Futures closed quiet FOIUB.ES. New York Net receipts 840: gross 3,582. jrutures ciosea nrm; saies usi.uuu oaieo. a February ll.46ffl.48 March ,.; 11.55.f6 April. . - ,j 11.780.74 May.. ...:il.88&8v June. 12.088i.04 July....... 12.173.18 Aufeust. 4,, 1 2.28.29 September 11.879.89 October. ... . 1 131 33 November ..Ui?. 1 1 20ffl 22 December. ll.23a.24 January fThe Evening Post's Cotton Market Report says utore deliveries at the first call opened 7 poluts lower, but advanced Immediately and the call clos ed about 1 to 2 points high than yesterday at the dosing. After the call prices rose 6 points; May for Instance from 11.77.72 to 11.78, but lost again until Mar was sold at 11.66. At the second U May brought 11.72.73 and was run up after the call, at 1.15 p, m . to 11.81. This will best show the unsettled and feverish state of the mar ket As soon as the demand falls off or orders arrive to sell prtoes fail and on the contrary re newed buying sends them up. The opinion as to the near future evidently differs a good deal, yet on the whole the feeling would seem to Improve, at least the recent great depression has come to an end. Ladies, Gentlemen, Misses, Boys and C Idren CANNOT FAIL TO BE SUITED IN OUE STOCK OF BOOTS ANLV SHOES FOR THE FALL AND WINTER TRADE. TXTE guarantee that every pair of SHOES we sell shall be found Just as represented, and shall allow no house to give you better goods than we do for the money. Our stock has been carefully selected with a view to the wants of all classes of customers, and comprises a full line of beautiful and seasonable goods, of the very best quality and all grades, from the finest French Kid Button Boot to the Heaviest Brogan. If you wish to get your boots and shoes to suit you and at the lowest possible prices, you cannot do better than at our store. Give us a calL A. E. RANKIN & BRO., gep!3 FINANCIAL. New Yirk. Exchange, 4 .84 uovernments weak, but generally iffiiAc lower. New 5's, -021 Four and a half per cents, .1434 Four per cents, .17 Money 6 plus 1-82 State bonds rather dull, except for Tennessee, which closed firmer.. Sub-treasury balances Gold, 880,517,000 Currency.... 4.506,000 Stocks. 11 A. M. The market opened weak and iQ! 2 per cent lower than the quotations at yesterday's close, the Oregon Navigation and Han nibal & St Josephs preferred being most 1 roml nent in the decline. In early deallugs the market fell off 2 per cent, In which the Wabash pre ferred and common, New Jersey Central and Ble Grande were most conspicuous. At 11 o'clock there was a recovery of i per cent, the New Jersey Central leading therein. Since 11 o'clock the Rio Grande has declined 2 to 66. Stocks Opened at a general decline, but re covered the decline and closed weak : Alabama Class A, 2 to 5 Alabama Class A, small 82 HO 1.02 84lfe 1.331 1.4 li& 88 18te 1.67 1.82 1.1014 SIVt 66 74 1 8 1.80 2b 2.20 1.31i zm 5814 80 Alabama Class B, a s Alabama Class C, 4's. Chicago and Northwestern Chicago ana worm western preferred, Erie. East Tennessee Georgia. Illinois uentnu. Lake Shore.. Louisville and Nashville Memphis and Charleston Nasniiia aoa unaitanooga New York Central Pittsburg......-, Richmond and Allegheny Richmond ana Danville Bock Island Wabash, St. Louis ft Pacific. Wabash, St Louis ft Pacific preferr'd western union. Charlotte'Prodiice RKaxltet FEBRUARY 14, 1882. BUYING PRICES. Corn, nnrbcsh'1 90ffi9." JHkal, " W5 Wheat. m Beams, white, per bushel 1.25a2.50 Peas, Clay, per tnsh 90a l. 00 Lady, " 1.50 White. " 1.25 Flour Family 3.50a3.75 Extra.... - 3 00 Super 3 00 Ovrs, shelled 75 DRIED Fhuit Apples, per tb 5a6 Peaches, peeled 18a20 " Unpeeled 7a8 Blackberries 8a5 Potatoes Sweet 75 Irish. 1.50 Butter North Carolina. 2"a25 Eg&s, per dozen 18a22 Poultry Chickens 20a25 Spring ifia2n Ducks 20a25 Turkeys, per lb 8 Geese 25a35 Beef, per lb., net .. 5a6 Mutton, per lb., net. Pork, " " 8;i9 SELLING PBICE3 WHOLESALE. Bulk Meats Clear rib sides 10 Coffee Prime Bio 14al61fc Good 12Mal5 SirosR- Whlte lOallte Yellow 7a9 Molasses Cuba 45 Sugar 8yiap 35a5' Choice New Orleans . . hn75 Common 4ua45 Xvqs and UXcjcUciiies. R. H. JORDAN. JOS. GRAHAM, M. D. In connection with our t't of Fresh Drugs, Medicines, k, We have received a full supply of Select Spices, Baker's and German SWEET CHOCOLATE, GELlTINE, ROYAL BAKING POWDERS, FLAVORING EXTRACTS, k, FOR THE RETAIL TRADE. 5,000 Best 5c Cigars. FRESH MINERAL WATERS OI ALL KINDS. R. H. JORDAN & CO, TRYON STREET. feblO AT WILDER'S YOU WILL FIND A FULL STOCK OF IFresii 10 rugs, Chemicals, Toilet Articles -A5D- Also, a frpsh supply of YOURS TRULY, H. M. Wilder, Ag't, (Wilson & Back's old btand.) Corner Trade and College Streets, Chnrlotte, N. a ftblS lewDrogS ore Druggists' Sundries. T ... 1 Jl Garden Seeds Lanareios L-entrai Hotel hiock. Trade Street W. T. BLACKWELL & 69. Durham, N. C. Ilanufactoreri of the Original and Caly Oendn. Mar 22 ly Qxuqs and ptexticincs. GARDEN SEED IN great variety at wholesale and retail, at WILSON & BUhWELL'S febl4 Diui; Store. BURTON'S SYRUP W ILL relieve all kinds of Cougbs. WILSON & BURWELL, febl4 eole Agents. PRESCRIPTIONS COMPOUNDED with care and accuracy by the most stlltul Pharmacists and of tne purest materials and at reasonable prices at all hours. WILSON & BURWKLL. feb!4 Druggists. Trade Street. FRESH MALT -PREPARATIONS.- WE have received to-day r"i re ft from the. manu factmers. Malt with Hops, Malt with Pep sin. Malt with Cod Liver on. febl4 WILSON V BUP.WKLL. CANNON'S EMULSIOX at t!;e roamifactun-r' prices. WILSON A BUUWtLL. FRESH MINERAL Vv ATER Both Fovr'lm nv.d Dmosik, Just Received, at Dr.J.H.McAden's Druff Store s ABATOGA V CHY, From Saratoga Springs, N. Y. A new water re sembling the Imported Vichy. Recommended as an antacid;. cures dyspepsia, aids diges tion, is a powerful tonic and strong diuretic. Also, Baton Natural Mineral Water Recommended very highly as a cathartic and al terative and In all forms of dyspeista. ALSO, CASES CONGRESS WATER, 2 0 CASES BOCK BRIDGE ALUM, Q CA3K3 BUFFALO LITHIA. And a full supply of IMPORTED APOLUNARI -ARB Hiioyadi Janos Waters. THE GREAT EUROPEAN NOVELTY ! H UNYADI "ANOS. THE BEST NATURAL APERIENT. AS A CATHARTIC: Does: A wine glass full before breakfast The Lancet "Hunybdl Janos. Baron Lieblg af firms that Its richness In aperient salts surpasses that of all other known waters." The British Medical Journal "Hunyadl Janos The most agreeable, safest, and most efficacious aperient water." Pro. Virchmo, Berlin. "Invariably good aad prompt success; most valuable." Pnhamberger, Vienna "I have prescribed these writers with remarkable success." Prof. Xcamuni, Wurszburg. I prescribe none but this." Prof. Lander Brunton, M. D., K R. 8., London. More pleasant than Its rivals, and surpasses them In efficacy." Prof. Atken, M. I)., F. R. 8., Royal Military Hos pital, Netley. "Preferred to Pullna and Frled richshaU." JOHN II. McADEN, Importing and Llspenslng Pharmacist North Tryon St. CHARLOTTE, N. C. DON'T GO TO SAEATOGA When you can get water Just as fresh and spark ling as when It flows from the spring at Saratoga. We receive this water In large block tin reservoirs which we return as soon as emptied to be refilled again every week. J. H. McADEN, Druggist and Chemist Prescriptions carefully prepared by experienced and competent druggists, day or night Julj-28 FOR SALE OR RENT. A Six room house, with good yard and well of water, and a two room kitchen; ten minutes walk ol the public sauare. TOBACCOi Apply to WALTER BBEM. dec30 tf BURGESS NICHOLS, ALL KINDS O BEDDING, &c. a rax im o Cleap Bedstead AKB louhgm, Parlor & Chamber Suits, oornxs ob au. csxmi sj sajtb. to. 9 vbb7 mm srosn. Onr claim for ms'ii is based upon the ftict ths a chemical rimalysis proves that ti tobacco grown m our section is better adapted to rnaltc a G OC,FTJKE, satisfactory smoke iiutn AXY OTHEI1 tobacco crov a tue xvoilil; and being mated in the HEART f Uusfrw tobacco section, "VE have ic X'lCJS of the osfc lins. Tlie pub'ic ap Trecia(o this; hence imr sales EXCEED the products of AIAi the leading manufactories com bined. '-nvJuc uvlen it bears the trade-mark of the BvTi. SYPHILIS in ?ny stage. CATABRH, ECZEMA, OLD SORES, PIM PLES, BOILS, or ANY SKIN !7? 2 c DISEASE . pA- - CURES WHEN ALL OTIlLit REMEDIES FAIL!!! If you doubt, come to see us, and we will CUBS YOU. or charge nothing!.'! Write for particulars, and a copy of the little book "Message to the Unfortunate Suflerlng.'1 Ask any prominent Druggist as to our Standing. er-$1000 REWARD will be paid to any chemist who will find on analysis of loo bottles of 8. 8. t. one particle of Mercury, Iodide of Potassium or any Mineral substance. SWIKT SPECIFIC CO.. Props , Atlanta, Ga. (rER BOTTTJE.) Price of SmaU Size, gl 00 Large Size, j.75 SOLD BY ALL DUUGGI3Td. dec31 Spriis & Borwe 2HAVS IN STORE ONE OF THE LARGEST STOCKS- OF GGO RRR OO CCO EEB RRR II EKE SSS, SggrrS 80 obB guBS eSSs GGG R R OO OOO EEB R R 11 EEESS8S Flour, Grain, Provisions, Sc., E ,-er offered In this m ariet Ecn't buy until you examine our stock and Piices. CORN IBS OATS. CAR LOADS WHITE CORN, Q CAB LOADS YELLOW CORN, 1 000 BAEBELS FLOUR 50Q SACK3 COFFEE, 200 BARRELS KOUS E3, 100 BARBELS SUGAR, 200 BOXES BACON, 50 PACKAGES LARD. 200 BOXES SOAP, 200 PACKAGES MACKEREL, 200 BOXES CRACKEBS, 25 B0XE3 CHErSS, &C. PIEDMONT PATENT pUil, I CO B ir e!s just from the Mil'. SPRINGS g BUP.WELL. feb8 d&tv DISSOLUTION. rpHE Beer Bottling business hf retofore couduct X td In Charlotte by Cochrane & Miuizler h:w been thlj day a ssolved by mutual consent W. R. COCHRANE, Febiuary 0, 1882. V. C. MUNZLKK. NOTICE. HAVING bought out the Interest of Mr. w. It. Cochrane In the Beer Bottling business, I will here after ennduct the business, as agent for tne Ben4 ner & Eugel Company, In Chanoite, and while turning tnanks for past patronage, rcst-ect fully solicit favors in the future. , Respectfully, feblO jr. C. UTOZMK. FOR SALE .OK RENT. rpHE aew and commodious residence A built by H. T. Butler, on Tryon sire t, Just beyond the track of the A.. T. & o. K. j. vvfc uuvu -uorgiun. A( p:y ninnr .y- " HH "r. K ft"" Janl2tf . igent

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