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Pf - , i Tirtion of poay or mwa. Irritability of temper, Low irjirita, Los of memory, with aTeelirg """1 lAfttsa soma duty, weariness. AJlssinsss mrTttsrtnfof the Heart. DoU before the Vllow &kim. Headache, JKestlass- neas at nisht. highly colored UrineT IT THESE W ASHDIOS ABE TJ1THEEDXB,. SERIOUS DISEASES WILL SOON BE DEVELOPED. TTJTTS FILLS espeelaUy adapted to such easestone dose effects suehachang r of feellnr as to astonish the sufferer. They Inereise the. A wwetlte, sod causeth Ki.Vn iu n an Mb. thus the system is. nofarlatad. and by thelrTpi ale Aetleaen tbw d!ced!iPrlcs1i"nts7i uiieou arc Mnrravy St, 1 TUTT'S HAIR DYE, w-r Mtirmw sr-rssi T-ieAneMsrl to s OUOWY "Z.1" r .nrtWuon of this Dra. It Uopsrts a natural color, acts InstanUneousiy, Soldbv DruseisU, or sent by express on receipt of fl. 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It has been before remarked that few States have abler or more useful ; members In both branches of the public service than North Carolina. In the Senate her rep resentativs are ready in debate, while in the House no delegation as a whole acquits itself with more credit But it is not in d9bate merely that the mem ber or Senator is most useful to his con etituents. In locking after the estab lishment of post-officea and the necessa- , i r, r i 1 J) lim ry puoiic DUiiaings xie mauiiesui uia usefulness in a simple, practical way. ; To trive to the sood people of North Carolina an idea of what her represen-t tatives in Congress have done between the 6th of December and the 20th of February, the following data taken rrom tne omciai journal or tne iouse and Senate is given and shows what each Senator and Representative has originated: J1ANS0M, MATT W. Bilk introduced by Moore, Sophia B: bill for relief. JLsheviile and Greensboro: bill to erect public buildings. Petitions and papers presented by, from Jones,eneral Johnstone, and others : for amendment of military law. iiesol utions oHerea Dy Potomac River Front: to appoint se lect committee of five Senators to in quire and report upon condition of. Passed. to increase number of committee from five to seven. VANCE, ZEBTJLON B. Bills introduced by Army and Navy: rorTeiier or omcere, on retired list. Bohn. C: for relief. Cherokee Indians: to irrant jurisdic-i tion in case of Eastern band of. Gambrill, Horace J : for relief. North Carolina R. R. Co: to refund certain moneys. Slawson, Hamilton jr: ror reuei oi heirs. Usher, Kate L: granting pension. Education : bill to apply taxes on dis- ti led SDirita to. Internal Revenue; resolution that; Secretary of treasury furnish informa-3 tion relative to irreguiariues m coneo- t;n in oivth A iatrit. tf Vfirt h ;f!ftrn-D UUU Ul 1U DIAIU uldUIVH v. . Una, census supervisors of: petition fory additional compensation. internal revenue: resowiuon that Secretary of Treasury furnish in formation relative to irregularities in collection of, in sixth district of North Carolina. . . New Berne Board of Trade: peiraon for improvement of Trent River. Potomac water-power anu mauuiau- t urine Cm: bill to incorporate. Petition and papers presented by, from North Carolina, citizens oi : ior law w regulate railroad transportation charg es. Resolutions offered by Coley, H. D: to reler his papers to committee on claims. Moore, J. F: to reter nis papers w nmmitt.PA nn r.laims. NTnrt.h Carolina: to furnish copies OI State official letter-books to. ARMFIELD, ROBERT FRANKLIN, Bills introduced by Burke, James: for rener. Distilled spirits and tobacco : to re- npl t&xca on. Trade marks : to amend law relative to protection of. " , Johnson, btepnen: diu ior reuei. Petitions. North Carolina, citizens ul : to regu late inter-State commerce. Norwood, G. W : Claim. COX, WILLIAM R., Bills introduced by. Holt, Christopher u: ior renei. Internal revenue taxes: to repeal. Whitted, James Y : for relief. Durham : for erection of public build ingsat. . Ramsey, josey: ior renei oi estaie. Return postal cards: to authorize. Petitions presented by, from North Carolina, citizens of: for post rnflds. citizens of Durham: ior erection -f nnhlif. hiiildinir. mercnanisoi juuroani; kwuvo trt tobacco tax. North Carolina; citizens or urange and Durham counties: petition to regu late inter-state commerce. DOWD, CLEMENT. Bill introduced by . Oamhrill. Horace J : for renei. Charlotte: for erection of public building at. . uM Mail contracts: to prevent irauu m. Tyson, Bryan, for relief. Alexander, Moses W.: for relief. Bost, Joseph : for relief. Foard. O. G.: for relief. Petition presented by North Carolina, citizens of: forpost- road North Carolina, citizens of : for pub- lie building at Charlotte. , citizens or: ior posirroau HTJBBS, ORLANDO. Rill nrrnriiiflpri bv Haddock. John A.: correcting recora of. . . Taylor, Mary 33.: to pension. rr ftnnhifi. "R for relief. Wilkinson's Point: to erect a light- hmian at. Newborn: to erect marine hospital at bill to erect public building at North Carolina: bill for post-road in LATHAM, L. C. "Mill introduced bv John R.: bill for relief of widow. , . Bell, Mrs. H. P.: for relief. Hammond. W.JL: for relief. Life-saving service: to pension em ployes of. . nr.n..n.T1if. fAF mrvn nf. nsiUKsaxuisiit . Bond, Wm. E. : for relief. PaHHAna m-Aiumted bv. from North Carolina, citizens of: forim nrnvammit nf Tar River. citizens of: for improvement of TamTVvk nnd Tar Rivers. citizens of : for increased com pensation to employes of. r citizens of : for post-roads. SHACKELFORD, J. W. Bi ll Introduced by , New River : for survey of. White Oak River: for -survey of. SOAtES, ALFRED MOORE. TXIli lof-mdnrpd bv Brandy: to refund special tax to dis tillers of fruit ; to abolish taxes on fruit -Card well, James L.; for relief. - Titra. TftTAfl: to refund. . Ti!tri.fc . Jndires: allowing inter- ' AWVSSV " C ihanm tf rlrstrictS DV. GreenBborough: for erection of pttb Ho building at - . 't . TnrTi an TiAaervatlon: relative to rell-i WtAna HannmlnfttionS OS. - f Tnriiftna tn Amend law relative to damages-sustained by. Internal Revenue Taxes: to repeal. North Carolina, supervisors of cen sus In 1 petition for additional compen sation. VANdE BOBEUT BRANK, Bills introduced by Eastern band of Cherokees: to sell certain lands in North Carolina belong ing to. , Patents J relative to infringement of. to declare Void in certain cases. Smith, If. Jarrett: for relief. Tatham, Thomas: for relief of heirs; ' Ashevillel 'for erection of public building at Coinage; to punish certain crimes against Gentry, Lewis J to pension. Hailer, Edward : for relief. Hooper, Sarah H. : bill granting pen sion to. Mount Mitchell : for the erection of signal stations on. Patents: to continue preparation of classified abridgements of. Patents: to reduce fees on. Pensions: to construe act of March 878, relative to. Rollins, Pinkney: for relief. Salt: to repeal duty on. Sams, Warren : to pension. Trade Dollars: to exchange and slop coinage of. . Usher, Kate L.: bill granting pension, to. Western Cherokees: for adjudication of their claim. Cigarettes: to reduce tax on. Creek Indians: for payment of awards to. De Ahna, Henry C. : for relief. French Broad River: to improve. Southern mail contractors: for pay ment of Cherokee Indians: to authorize pros ecution of claim by Eastern band of. Green, Samuel P.: granting arrears of pensions to father. North Carolina: for post-road. Flemming, Samuel H.: for relief. Greene, I. H.: for relief. Mail contracts: to prevent sub-letting of. Moore, Wm. M.: for relief. Petitions presented by, from .Abert, Colonel T. S. : report relative to work on French Broad River. American Baptist Home Missionary Society: for the suppression of polyga my. Day. Austin G.: claim of. Hughes, James : for pension. Green, Samuel P.: for pension. North yfi .rniina, citizens of: for post roads. United States States Sons of Temper ance: for commission on alcoholic li quor traffic Usher, Kate L.-: for pension. Whitted, Wm. D.: war claim. Chapman, y. S. M.; relating to claim of. Develin, Johut: relating to claim of heirs. Fags;, John A.: relating to claim or. Hainey, Mark: relating to claim of. McConnaughey, R. K: relating to claim of. North Caiolina, Citizens ofc: for post- route. . . dn favor of ptmiomng Daniel Lucas. Payne, W. F. : pension claim. Flemming, Samuel H.: claim of. Green, James H.: for compensation. Moore, Wm, M.: for relief, North Carolina: for post-road. Roberts. James and Noah: claim of. Shelton, Eliza; for pension. Shelton, Nancy: for pension. Corpemng, A. G.: for mail route Creek Council: for payment of awards. Deaver, Wm. H.: war claim. Durham Tobacco Trade Board: rela tive to reduction of tax on tobacco. TTai I "Edward: claim of. North Carolina. Board of Trade of Newbern : tor erection of public build f" - r- f Lit,: uooa xempiars oi : ior prumui tory legislation. lipsniiitions otterea nv Mail contracts: tbatFostmaster-uen- prai fnrnish information relative to sub-letting of. Tewia. Daniel: to pay mm ior ser vices in Doorkeeper's department Eastern band of Cherokees: that Ker.rfttarv of Interior furnish informa tion relative to condition of North Car olina. Postmasters commissins sent: Altreu R Prince. T.andrum. S. C. : A. J. Tllley, Elkin, N. C; John T.Punch. Ballard, N. C. A new office has been estaotisnea at Summit, Northampton county, Hu, with Chas. W. White as postmaster; al so atWarlick, Burke county, N. C with Lewis F. Warlick as postmaster. The State service from Keiasvuie to PTillsdalA haabeen chanced from March 46th. so as to embrace Summerfield and Simpson's store on the return trip, omitting Scalesville, the increase of dis tanrA heincr A miles. Heart postoffice, Randolph county, N. has been orderea cnaneea to reuu -Empire." PERSONAL NOTES. Chauncev Smith, aged 80 years, a clerk in the postoffice department since 1837, died to-day. , Mr. Gamble, having charge of the North Carolina division in the post-of fice department says not within his re- AniiAct.inn im tm known so many appli cations oafllfrrSall postomces. Mr, Gamble was rjneriy chief clerK oi tne department There is considerable caucussing go- inff on now over tne cnairmansnip or. the Democratic congressional commit tee. Only three names are mentioned, ex-Speaker Randall, Mr. Flower, of New yo ana uenerai ltosecrans, oi nalifornia. If fitness is consulted it is expectea that Mr. Randall will get it for what ever his enemies may say about him, he is a strong man ana an aoie party lead er, a good organizer, and can command the sinews of war. . - General Rosecracs though a very brainv man has had more experience in the field than in the forum. As a prince of big livers and as an epicure; Mr. Flower is immense, put ne is now nav . . .. i i in or his first experience in politics. It is intimated that his big dinners have not been entirely unselfish in their ob ject. How the Mare Goes. Philadelphia Record. , "Vanderbilt, Gould, Sage and other lights of Wall Street, say stocks are go fno nn. When three men. or ten' men. can make a . market go up or down at wiiLnnsoDhisticated birds may safely expect to Jose taeir xeatners in toe long a T At- L 1 . a m aw . Z w . I I run, wnewier iobjt uuy or sen. At Point of Deata. . : . , . . , - v Washington. March1 13. Represent- I ative George B., Blaclr,5 of Geortria, ia. not expectea to live inrouga tne after noon. . , . Aflli V TVH O , VVrt ' ' ' . . JVvauisssAiai, .'. " p .: i Dr. Boll's eoogh syrup relieved four otny enn? dren of a t seest aiarmmc anack t wnoopmg Couca, irom wnicn waatw tarosHsaaa docks dvcshdcj so swollen as to prevent them frem swsUowtng. Nothing would give tbem -even tersporary relief, until this syrup was tried.! One bottle. In one nlghL saved tneir uvea, i veruy oeueve. Captain of Police, Baltimore, Md, We would call special attention to tne adYeruse- r ment of In ttu$ Issue of Geo. A. Stone, um well known nurseryman, of Rochester . Y who la la want of a few more salesmen to sell aisnowfa mona Pock Tint ton Grape, and other new special. ties in nursery stock. Brsmcliltis. TU,roU Dlsewsee f ten commences with a cough, cold, or unusual exer tion of the voice. These Incipient symptoms are allayed by the use of "Brown's Bronchial Troches," which If neglected often result In a chronic trouble' of the throat. " Dr. O. W. BENSON, of Baltimore, Md. We give above a correct likeness of this well known and successful physician and surgeon, who has made a life long study of Nervous Diseases ana the Diseases of the Skin, and he now stands in the highest rank, as authority on those special and distressing diseases. In the course of his practice he discovered what now are renowned In medical practice, viz: a combination of Celery and j Chamomile in the shape of Pills. They are used 1 by the profession at large and constantly recom mended by them. It Is not a patent medicine. It Is the result of his own experience la practice. They are a.sure cure for the following special diseases, and are worthy of a trial by all Intelligent sufferers. They are prepared expressly to cure sick headache, nervous headache, dyspeptic headache, neuralgia, paralysis, sleepless, dyspepsia and nervousness, and will cure any case. Sold by aU druggists. Price 50 cents a box. De pot, 106 North Eutaw street, Baltimore, Md. By malL two boxes for gl or six boxes for 82.50, to any aaaresa. DR. C. W. BENSON'S SKIN CURE PS s If Warranted to Cure BCAEBIA, 1BI ISRS, nVHUSS INFLAMMATION, MILK CRUST, ALL ROUGH 80ALY ERUPTIONS, DISIA8ES OP HAIR AND 8CALP, SCROFULA ULCERS, PIMPLES and TENDER ITCHINC8onaUpartof tho body. It makas the Skin white, son and smooth; removfl tan and freckles, and is ths BEST toilet ilinwlin lii THS WOBIJ. Elegantly put tip, two bottlsstn ons gaeVsge. consisting; of both internal and external treatment. aji first olasa druggists nave it. Prloef l.perpackage. CHA3. N CBITTENTON. 115 Fulton street, New York City, sole gent for Dr. C. W Benson's remedies, townom all orders snouia De ad dressed. marl MRS. LYDIA L PINKHAM, OF LYNN, MASS., c IS E 5' tf&rt&Cl LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S VEGETABLE COMPOUND. - Is a Positive Cure far all these Painful Complaint and Weakness. m easaiea te en r best rem is pepu uh.. It will cure entirely the worst form of Female Com- nlalnts. all ovarian troubles. Inflammation and Ulcers tion, Falling and Displacements, and the consequent Spinal Weakness, and Is particularly adapted to the Changs of Life. It win dissolve and expel tumors from the uterus in aa early stage of development. The tendency to can cerous humors there is checked very speedily by its use. It removes falntness, aatuiency, destroys aU craving for stimulants, and relieves weakness of the stomach. It cures Bloating, Headaches, Nervous Prostration, General Debility, Sleeplessness, Depression sad Indi gestion. v That feeling of bearing down, causing pain, wsigns and backache, Is always permanently cured by its Use. It win at all times and under all circumstances act in harmony with the laws that govern the female system. For the cure of Kidney Complaints of either sex this Compound is unsurpassed. 1.TDIA B. PINKBAlPS VESETaBU COM POUND is prepared at 133 and CSS Western Avenue, Lynn, Haas. Price L Six bottle for $4- Bont by mail in the form of pills, also in the form of losenges, oa receipt of price, tl per bos for either. Mrs. pinkham freely answers all letters of Inquiry. Send for pamph let. Address ss above. JfcVtfon tkU Paper. Ho family should be without LYDIA S. PttTZHAirs LTVXB PUIS. They cure constipation, billon truss, fH torpidity of the liver. St cents per box. jar Sold by all Druggists, -ft LIKE! ME! LILIE ! -:o. :o: HAVING now two more Kilns In addition to our PEKPSTOAL KILN we are now prepared to FILL ORDERS PROMPTLY I on short notice, and at prices that defy oompett- ! iron, we guarantee quality, anu maae no cuarge nnlMU Urn nmvna natisfaptnrT. . we nave an ageDcy in Vuariuiuj oi a u ouur mervUle: who will receive orders for small leu at reduced prices. ueierence as to ouaiuy oi ume given on appli cation. SIMON BBOTHEBS, box No. 88, oanney uuy h. u mar7 8m FRESH . FRESH GARDEN SEED. -p tt TrTTt A "NT JSV PH a He fJ JSJ2.n 05 W. TBYON STREET. msr5 OITY PROPERTY EOR SALE. AB Assignee of J. L. Hardin, In bankrupt ey, vOlseU attbe court bouse door in Charlotte j 6a Monday. , tbe 18th day ot March. 1882, two I valuable sir lotsAnnwn ss Lets 1881 and 1883 In the plan of the city, fronting 99 feet on Tryon street ana rannug Dacx to uouege. xnere is comfortable OwelUng end outbuildings on said lots. . Terms Ml easn ana tne Daiance in o mouuis, : at 8 per cent. Interest. 4. X. BROWN, Assignee oi 4. i narum in sanarupwy. feb!8 tds t NO. 4,048. AT OUR We have some beautiful styles, also soma handsome patterns In Cretonei. We still have a few HEAVY GOODS on hands that will pay you to buy for another season, we have Just received the prettiest and cheapest stocls of Ever offered la this market. "PSABL" HARGRA VES BLESSING TO WOMANKIND. Believe all diseases of women pecu liar to the appearance and cessation of the menses, uterine disturbances, torpidity ol Junctions, witn leucor rhoea, dlsmenof rhtea, aDd hysteria, also In melancholia and other men Clarke's tal derangements. Afford promptJ Periodical relief to those distressing Dealing down pains so peculiar to women. Price 3 per box. Bent free by mall on receipt of price. Dr. Clarke Medicine Company, New York Cltr. Pills. Von Scrofula or any Blood Disorder. A Dr. Clarke's Pills. In either stage, whether primary, secondary or tertiary, are an Invalu able remedy. They never fall to cure when directions are followed. Price $2.50per box. Five boxes 810. Sent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of price. Aderess Dr Clarke Medicine Company, New York City. If INVALUABLE BEJIEDY, For weakness of the Kidneys and bladder. A quick and complete cure Dr. In 4 to 8 days ul ail urinary anec- tlons, smartlag, frequent or aimcuit OlarUe's urination, mucuus aiscnarges anu sediments In the urine from what ever cause Induced, whether of re cent or long standing. One to three boxes usually sufficient. Price 82 Gonnorrhea per box. Three boxes ior JK. Mailed free on receipt of price. Ad dress Dr. Clarke Medicine Company, New York City. Pills. , II EKE I A RALBI lit O I LEAD. For all cases of Bpennatorrhoea and lmnotancv. as the result of self- Dr. abuse In youth, sexual excesses In maturer years, or otner causes, anu nroduclne some of the following lellects: Nervousness, seminal emis Clarke sions (night emissions by dreams;, Dimness of Sight, Defective Atem- kory, Pbisleal - decsy, pimples on i race. Aversion tosociery oxiremaies, (Confusion of Ideas. Loss ofBexud Power, fte,. rendering marriage im proper or - unhappy. ' Are a positive cure In two to 8 weeks. One to six boxes usually sufficient' Price SL50 Invigorating per box. if our Doxes o. ' oeuv uj maU, prepaid, on receipt of price. Address Dr. Clarke Medicine Com pany, New York City. Pills. febludAwl8w :T"" First-Class Instruments. r j 1 tf XUl OBSXEVXB JOB PXPARTMXHT Has been thoroughly supplied with every needed want, and with the latest styles of Type, and every manner of Job Prfnthig can now be done with iteatrieaf, dispatch aadheareia. Wd can fur. nlsb at short notice, BLANKS, BnJrHlADS, . UTTXB-HXADS, CARDS, TAGS, BXCXrPTS, POSTXHS, PROGKAMMXS, HANDBILLS, . PAMPHUTS. CiaCULABS. CHTECra, Ad, aWSBSBSSBBSBBSBBBBlSBSBBBBBaBSBBnBSBSBBBSJBBBSSBBSBBBBBS TO LOOK SHIRT, "EVI rT3",iSH0I3, 4i & WILHELM. NORTH CAROLINA LARGEST MUSIC ROUSE south. The McSmith Music House SELLS chick bring & sons, kbani0h 4 bach, mathd8Hj:b:, AKION. BOCTHEBN GEM And other PIANOS. MASON & HAMLIN, 8H0NINGRR. PBLOUBBT & CO., STEELING, AND QTHKR ORGANS. HOUSE THAT SELLS 6TBICTLY Ask me for prices If you want good work and you will never buy anythlDg but the best. t3T" Address or call on, H. McSMITH. Telephones ! Telephones ! TELEPHONES, THE SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AKD Telegraph Company, -Is the SOLE LICENSEE of the American Bell Telephone Company 7or supplying Telephones lo the States of Virginia, West Vlrelnla. (south of the R A O. R. B..) North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Alabama. ' , PBIVATE LLHES Constructed, equipped with Telephones and rented sy For par.iculars address SOUTHS BN BKLL TBLKPHONK and TILKGRAPH COMPANY. febrieod8nl 106 Broadway, New York. . W Me HIt. Having removed to the shop, on Tryon street, over the Independent Hwk A Ladder Trumwe, ls now ready to receive orders for HOUSE, SIGN andOBNAMKNTAL PAINTING, such as -GBAEmrcr,- " Goilding, Kakominin$ Frescoing, &o 5 Everybody M Discovered THE ONLY '1 R 1 it i! Si ) i 'ft- i i i. i ft r Hi ji I -4 M i. t M Je-w-eiWfciSsk As. :

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