fflru. ruJ ASH jiU4UUC xwwfc. CHAB. It. JONES, Editor Mid Propnor. XansxniT th poer-omai aiCaiaLorra, H. a. as aaooaro-Cutsa matt -1 SERGEANT MASON. Judge Advocate General Swain has rendered an opinion that the proceed ings in the court martial which tried Mason for shooting at Guiteau are in valid on account of certain irregulari ties. This means a new trial for the Sereeant, before a civil court, ana an acauittal. or a trial on a smaller charge than an attempt to kill, with a mere nominal punishment if convicted. Wd think the Judge Advocate General was right when he rendered the opinion he did, for Mason should not have been tried by court martial at all. His offense was an offense against the civil law, and he should have been tried by a civil court. Had he killed Guiteau his case would not certainly have been tried by court martial, and there is no more reason why an attempt to kill should have been. Gen. Hancock had doubts about the power to try by court martial when he tendered the prisoner to the civil authorities, and his only ex cuse for ordering his trial is that the civil authorities refused to do it This relieves Gen. Hancock from responsi bility in the premises. There is but little doubt, however, that the Judge Advocate General was influenced in his decision by the mon ster petitions that have been- gotten up throughout the North for Mason's par don, and the general feeling of interest that has been manifested in his case since his conviction, which feeling of sympathy was increased by the severity of the punishment and by the cruel treatment of the man before trial That he should have been incarcerated in a loathsome dungeon and treated as the basest of malefactors, while the assassin at whom he sent his aimless bullet oc cupied comfortable apartments as a pampered prisoner of State shocked the common sense of justice and made the obscure sergeant hosts of friends. The result has been, petitions by the people, by societies and resolutions by State Legislatures praying for pardon and protesting against the severe and un just sentence, which have resulted in an opinion adverse to the findings of the court and will result in Mason's re lease after brief confinement While this is going on sympathizers of a sub stantial kind are getting up subscrip tions for the benefit of "Bettie and her child," who will have enough in a little while, from the way thejf ractional cur rency is rolling in now, to start a little national bank, so that shooting at Gui teau won't be such a bad business for Mason after all. There is a feature, however, in all these proceedings, which cannot fail to attractiattention, and it is that under certain circumstances the great mass of people and legislative bodies have but little regard for law when the exe cution of that law takes a direction in opposition to their sympathies. The popular voice demanded the conviction of Guiteau and though there were and are many who believed and still believe him insane he was convicted, while Mason, charged with an attempt at the same crime, murder, the popular voice demands that he be released. It is true, it was only an attempt to kill, but if he had been successful it would have been the same thing, and perhaps he would have found even more devoted friends It all shows how the masses view the enforcement of the laws when feeling or passion stanas in tne way. A Texas woman wants a railroad to pay her $200,000 for killing her hus band. Judge St. Julien Cox, of Minnesota, took his tod to such an extent that they found it necessary to impeach him. Gen. Skoboleff, whose fiery chat has raised such a rumpus in Germany, is only thirty-nine years old, and looks ten years younger. It took forty thousand dollars to find out who nipped Whittaker's ears, and now he has been turned loose and we don't know who nipped his ears after all. The New York Democratic Advance raises the name of Tilden for President in 1884. In fact that seems to be the chief business of the Advance. Col. McClure, of the Philadelphia Times, is talked about for Congressman at large for Pennsylvania, McClure would be quite a large Congressman, not only in statue but in brain. The Washington Republican takes a rest occasionally from its task of de fending the Star Route thieves, to make a pass at Bourbonism. This is recrea tion for the Star Route organ. Statisticians estimate that the popu lation of this country has increased over 1,000,000 since the taking of the census in 1880, making our population upward of 52,000,000. It is believed that in 1800 it will approximate 60,000,- uw, v m it Tne Democrats seem to have been gaining in the town elections in New Hampshire. These spring gains are a good deal like the spring thaws. We never hear of them in the fall, when the heavy solid voting is done. W. L. O'B. Robinson has been nomi nated as U. S. Attorney for the Eastern district of North Carolina. If Mr. Robinson's ability is proportionate to the number of his initials blockade runners, etc, had better look sharp. mm 1 m 1 r Someone has remarked that it is -somewhat" singular that among the Washington papers the defence of Gar flefd's memory has deVolved upon the Post, a i Democratic paper, a Demo cratic paper, it mightT be noted, with Blaine procliYitie8. Tf Attorney-General JJrewster shows ,Mn TM-oaecntinz the Star the gamer zealjtt J Boute thieve that he does In following up those cbargea;,witb yiolattagbe election laws in South Carolina he will render the country ome fervice. But it would be safe to. wager that he will not A unevaiier von nesse warnggs m ois tingulshed Austrian engineer, who has been studying up the levee question on the Mississippi river, says that stream, is constantly trying to shorten its course to the Gulf, that in 1721 the distance from Cairo to New Orleans was 1,21$ miles, and that now it is but 073 miles, a cut-off of 240 miles. 1 M I I The colored brother- is the recipient of another compliment from a Massa chusetts man. Mr. Robinson, of that State, in the debate on the Chinese bill. said : "For the one element of non Caucasian labor, we have the colored man, though it cost 700,000 lives and is still an unsettled question, and it is no raise pnnosopny 10 say wjus mis ques tion or rei&uonsmp oi me negro race to our own in this country is not yet solved." Dakota wants to come in as a State, but some of her creditors object until she pays some money she owes them. They are petitioning Congress to this effect. The Republican majority in Congress don't oare a continental whether Dakota pays her debts or not as long as there is a reasonable proba bility of Dakota voting, the Republican ticket. Colonel William Tappan Thompson, editor of the Savannah News, and one of the best known writers in the South, died at his home in Savannah last Fri day evening. He was born in Ohio in 1812, but when quite young came South, first locating in Florida, but afterwards moved into Georgia, and identified him self with the journalism of that State. He was the author of "Major Jones's Courtship," "Major Jones's Travels," "The Chronicles of Pineville," "The Live Indian," a farce which was suc cessfully played upon the stage, and a dramatization of "The Vicar of Wake field." BIG FIRE IN RICHMOND. OVER HALF A MILLION DOLLARS . WORTH OF PROPERTY DE STROYED. The Petersburg Railroad Long: Bridge, aNumber of Factories, and Tene ment Houses Burned, one Life Losf and Several Persons Injured. Richmond, March 27. A destructive conflagration broke out in this citv Yes terday, which for a time threatened to spread into a general conflagration. About nait-past 12 a Diaze was seen issuing from the southern end of tne long bridge of the Petersburg railroad, and before tne engines could arrive tne strong gale of wind blowing had swept tne names over tne bridge, completely destroying it In less than an hour it fell a ruin into the river, leaVing noth ing standing but the stone piers. The flames swept oyer seizing the large to bacco factory 01 S. W. liutnerrord & Co., spreading to the factories of It. A, Patterson & Co. and T. C. Williams & Co., which were burned, with a half dozen stemmeries, the Vulcan Iron Works and about twenty tenement houses. About 300 feet of the bridge connecting the Tredegar Works with the Rich. & P. road, were, burned, and for a time threatened the works, which were saved, however, by the efforts of the Tredigar hre brigade. The com pany lost ten new freight cars. T. P. Smith's grist mill, a number of small buiidings and the Kasiin Works of the Virginia Mining and Manufacturing company, were also destroyed. The Richmond and Danville bridge caught nre out was savea. When the sweep of the flames led to the belief that a general conflagration would be the result-Mayor Carnneton telegraphed to the fire department at Wadmngton tor engines wnicn were promptly shipped on a special train, but betore starting it was discovered that the flames could be subdued, and the order was countermanded The loss is estimated at between &500.- OOO ana $600,000. Charles Betts, a fifteen year old bov was killed by a falling wall, and two men, names unknown are reported buried in the ruins of Paterson's fac tory, and several persons were injured by falling walls. The captain of one of the fire companies had his eyesight de stroyed by the intense heat while fight ing tne nre. A Whirlpool in the Mississippi, The worst point on the whole river is jvuuiKen s liena. mere is an over flow and a counter-overflow in that district. The waters from the Missis sippi are going over the levee, and the floods and back water from the Yazoo are coming in from behind. As a con sequence, when these two bodies meet a whirlpool is formed, which destroys everything in its course. The locality 01 tne wniripooi is cnangine contin ually, and every day it completes new aestruction. a large yawl filled with negroes was caught in it the other day. upset and all its occupants drowned. xne wniripooi struck a church a few days ago, in which several people with tneir stock bad taken refuge. The church was in a few minutes torn to pieces, plank by plank, and carried away. The stock was drowned and the people floated around in the. water for some hours, but were finally rescued after a great deal of trouble and dan ger. The vortex struck the residence, barns and stables of a oaralvtie farmer by the name of Arnold Jamison, and totally annihilated them, and the old man was drowned. Presidential Nominations, &c. Washington. March 27. The Prnsi. aent nominated S. P. Rounds, of Illi nois, public printer ;Wm. A. Pledger, ourvejoroi customs at Atlanta, tta,; YY.JL. u. B. Robinson, United States Attorney for the eastern district of JN ortn Carolina. The sub-committee of the Honae nnm. mittee on elections in t.h Mackey vs. Dibble, from the Hflr.nnrl dis trict of South Carolina, agreed this morning to report to the full commit- ree in iavor or seating Mackey. Weather. WASHINGTON. March 27 MMflle States, light rains, followed by clearing, Slightly cooler weather, northwest to southwest winds, and higher barpme- wjr on xuesaay. South Atlantic StatAfl.llffhf. rain fnl. lowed by partly cloudy weather, Yarla- uie vmus, mostly irom tne soutnwest 10 nortnwest. followed bv higher ba- rometerantt stationary or a slight fall jlu temperature. . Another CreTasse. New Orleans, March 27. The cre vasse at Arizona plantation is now 12 reet aeep and 200 feet wide. The im pression prevails that the waters,from vuis ana iianurv crevasses win over- flowMl the ; '8ugar: plantations on the left bank down to Bonnet Corre. Re- : leftbank down to Bonnet Corre. Re- raw in -ensure unssette country is under water, and back water rapidly encroaching on the plantations OE West DHQu AMJUge.' The lltlte daughter of the editor of the Tiffin, 0. , Dally Star was Immediately and permanently re- ueveuoi a severe conga or inree doses or di. Bull's cough syiup.i A- twenty-flve cent bottle of this vaiuapio remedy win cure tne worst cough. .X --vj-.f ji IN toe capital: BILL DAY IN SENATE AND HOUSE. The little ?ob and Big Jobs Presented ' for Uncle; Sam's Support Washington, March 27enatel Butler and Hampton presented a mem orial from the Charleston, S. (X, cham ber of commerce, in favor of a free ship canal between the Chesapeake and Delaware bays. The bill for the admission of Dakota as a State was recommitted to the com mittee on Territories along: with the Erotestof the Yankton county bond olders against such admission. The committee on public buildindrs reported with an amendment the bul for a public building at Shreveport Louisiana. The bill pensioning Mrs. Garfield. Mrs. Tyler and Mrs. Polk was passed. Tne committee on appropriations re ported back with amendments the ag ricultural appropriations bills. The tariff commission bill came ud after 2 o'clock as the regular order and pending a motion by Dawes to take up the Indian appropriation bill. Bayard deprecated any interruption of the tariff debate in view of the unan imous agreement for a vote upon the bill to-morrow. The Senate coincided with Bayard and Van Wyck was awarded the floor. He opposed the bill. The senate inrormaiiy took up call's resolution on the motion of that Sena tor declaring that good faith requires the payment witn interest of claims for losses and damages .under the treaty with Spain in 1818 for the cession of Florida. Call and Jones, of Florida, spoke at considerable length in advocacy of the resolution. . No action was taken on the subject. and at 5:20 the Senate adjourned. House. Williams, of Wisconsin, of fered a resolution requesting the Presi dent to inform the House whether any protocol naa been signed m rrescot or any other diplomatic representative of the united states, setting torth the terms for ending the war in South America, and if any such protocol had been signed to furnish the House with a copy of the same and also with copies of correspondence relating thereto not already communicated to one or tne Houses of congress. Adopted. The appropriations committee report ed back the post office appropriation bill with, Senate amendments, recom mending the concurrence with some and non concurrence witn others. te- ferred to the committee of the whole. Under the call of the States the fol lowing bilbr were introduced and re ferred : By Wheeler,. of Alabama, authorizing the commissioner of agriculture to fur nish seeda for planting purposes to per sons in a destitute condition. Bv Williams, of Alabama, granting lands to the State of Alabama in aid of the St. Louis, Montgomery and Flori da Railroad Company. Bv Finley, of Florida, authorizing the commissioner of agriculture to se cure 128 acres of land for experimental farmers in each of the States of Florida, Illinois, Louisiana and Califoria. By King, of Louistana. for the ap pointment of a joint committee of five Senators and ten representatives to pro- M 1L i.t A 1 L 3 ceea iorinwitn to tne missississipui valley to investigate the present disas trous floods in said valley and report what measures should be taken to pre vent a recurrence of the same. By Robertson, of Louisiana, to pro vide for the closing of such gaps in the Mississippi levees as have loccurred since November25tb,1884. The remainder of the day was de voted to legislation on local affairs in theDistrict of Columbia. Among the bills reported from the District com mittee was one incorporating the Gar field Memorial Hospital. It was ex plained that the object of the bill was to make a hospital perpetual. Some members opposed the bill, arguing that if it should pass the government would be called on to erect the building and maintain the institution ; that such was the design of some of the incorporators named in the bill. Wilson, of West Virgini- offered an amendment providing that whenever the corporation shall apply to congress for aid any appropriation made for the purpose shall operate as a repeal of this act. Pending the action the bill and amendments were recommitted to the committee on the District of Columbia, with instructions to that committee to report an amendment to thegeneral incorporation law of the District of Co lumbia by means of which the hospital can be incorporated and be perpetual. Under the present law no association can be incorporated for a longer period tn an twenty years. Adjourned. Sir Montague Williams. Ashevtlle Citizen. Local interest in distant persons or incidents is sometimes most unexpect edly enlisted. Strikingly so in a case so remote as that of the trial and ;on viction or Dr. Lamson, recently sen tencedto be hung in London for the murder of his brother-in-law. The counsel for the defense was sirMon tague Williams, an old soldier, who. like Lord Erskine before him, left the field of Mars for that of Themis, and like him, became one of the finest for ensic orators and best criminal lawyers at the English bar. Some years since, a brother of this distinguished lawyer A i 11- J 12 1 I !jL came w asuoyiuh 10 live, uruiKing witn him his wife, a lady whom he had mar ried fdrher fortune. He proved to be a ne er uo-weei sort or a creature, a worthless fellow, in fact, and after a while abandoned her, after having squandered her money and leaving her in comparatively destitute circum stances. Enough of her property was left to purchase Mrs. Williams a small farm about seven miles south of Ashe- vule, upon which she now lives. Sir Montague contributes to her support by a quarterly remittanceof 10. which she receives through the agency of some party here known to be responsi ble. the donor never communicating di rectly with the family of his brother, of whose character anc career he speaks in no measured terms. The Findings Against Mason Declared Invalid. Washington. March 27. Judsre Ad vocate General Swain has made his re port to the secretary of war on the find ings of the court martial in the case against Mason. He holds that the sen tence of the court martial is Invalid by reason of certain irregularities in the proceeamgs or tne court. . Keren JHen Blown into Eternity. BAN Francisco. March wThf aa tons of powder exploded to-day in the V mean powder company's works in Al exander county near Oakland, killing 11 men, 5 white and 6 Chinese. Four men, aii wnite, were in j ured. Total loss "How old are yon." said an nnrtnt 4nu t grinning uiue wr-pou -wen, it l goes brwfcat muaaer says, rse most ten, out 11 1 eoe by de fun rse bad, l'se most a hundred." O! that all eoald measure their years In this way. but how many measure tnem by long nig&t watches, and almost ratal eoogning speiia. wnicn could have been emed or a ootue oi ir. buu's cougn syrep taken In sea- T ;"-zr!mm He was a batter living at J?o, 869 Kent Amnne Brooklyn. N. Y. Ha was ort ?wiX SSL? 22' harmg been with rxmiap. the Broadway hatSIfor years. .'HIS name' was Utefcaei Dwle7 3ahiui 95785m the Jebruary drawing we loulslana btaie JAKiery dj oonunuiueatlnflt with u. n.: phi a. New Orleans, La. orieana, At and he leeelved SisTonh had bought tickets forfalSftS0 vnsa, ne At lam IUCK came w au aoor. Be m it kirn: Whn la th neaet U do - llbjwlu k . "In . Urdv oi the next diawtogt " " " "!a; oium mb Jfyspepsia. remarkable cure for drsDeDsla. "Well'i iT.,rwer- J greatest tonic, best Ml boua and Urer remedy known. 81 at?druggata. lepoL 3. H. Maiden. Chnrim. t5 Vl ' UAEKETS BY TELEGRAPH xJ,- HABCfi 271882 n- J; : PRODUCK. 550. Rosin firm: atrfllnAri Si on mvwf arming 1-95.. Tar tam. at J1.76. Crude Turpentine tm. at $2.25 for bard: 88.50 for fellow din: 92.80 for-YlTRln (inferior). Com uncnanaed; prime wnite 87 f mixed 80. - ' aid street and Western sunar nut Rntii 7K- -rtr. S5.00UW; family 86.25e87.26j City Mills, super 83.50a$4.75; extra S6-0QS8&00: Bio graroui 7po87.25; Patapaoo family $8.00. Wheat Southern, ateadr: Wattem nittf hih and fin?; Southern red 81.85381.40; amber $1.44a$1.48; No. Maryland $1.42 bid; No. 2 Western winter red spot, $1.87081.87. Corn Southern firm and aetiras VMtwn flrmSr- Rniitti. em white 88j Southern yellow 76. - ; BlLTDfOBS Nlffht OaU. firm HnnthAm KJ f?ii 65; Western white 5355; mixed 51058; Penn sylvania 5255, ProTl8ions flrmuAuchanged; mess pork 817.750818.60. Bulk meats-shoulders and clear rib sides, packed 73 WVt- Bacon - uuuiuera e; ciear no sides 11: hams law. Lard refined llli. Coffee-firm; Bio earRoe ordinaryto fair 9010. 1 augnr-Orm; A soft 9; Whisker steady, at 81.19. Frelchts duU. Chicago. Flour tteadr and unchanged. Wheat unsettled, but generally higher; No. 2 Chicago spring 81.85081.85tt for cash; Sl.35081.85 r ma and higher, at 68VjO60Vii for cash; 63ft063$i for March; 68 for April 0ts scarce, firm and higher, at 43 a 46 for cash; 43l043Ui for March and April. Barley easier, at $1.00. Pork fairly active and a shade higher, at 817.10O- 17.10 ior cash; $17.100817.12 for April. liard aenve. firm and hieher. at SlO.Kfi for cash: 810.85 for April. Bulk meats firmer; shoulders 88.60; short rib 89.65) short clear 89.90. Whis key steady and unchanged, at 81.18. New Yobk. Southern flour, steady and antet: common to fair extra 85.20388.65; good to choice extra 88.5088.00. Wheat unsettled and open ing about 20 higher, but subsequently lost the advance and declined, and closing firm with most of the decline recovered; No. 2 Spring 81.85; un- rauea rea 91.0191.40; no a rea, march 1.43aS1.43Wi: April S1.431A 0)81.44. Corn- opened lc better, but afterwards became weak ana lost most 01 ine aavanoewouc closing dull and drooping; ungraded 7H79; southern 88; No. 2. March 75 7fl; April 75X78.- Oats lffiUfec higher and fairly active, but closing strong; No. 3. 56; do white 57. Hops dull and unsettled and prices unaltered; YearUngs 1220. Coffee quiet and about steady, sales lower ordinary Bio, August 8 85. 8ugar firm and very quiet; fair to good re fining quoted at 7J47; refined firm; 8tandard A 9. Molasses firm and quiet. Bice steadily held and demand moderate, uosin firm, at 82 87u fiS2.424fr. Turpentine dull and weak, at 57tt. wool firm and in better demand: Domestic fleece 8447; Texas 14 30. Pork more active and a shade higher -and closing strong, at81A87lb 816 62tt; old 817.60; new April 817 403817 50. Middles stronger and quiet; long dear 9: short clear . Lard opened about 1O0 higher and closing weak with the advance partly lost, and an acUve trade, at 811.10; April 811 10asil.l2JA. Freights to Liverpool market steady. Cotton, per sail 5-82d7-82d; per steam 5-32deUd. COTTON. Galtostbh Nominal: middling llfec: low mid-' dling lithe; good ordinary lie: net receluts 1.071; gross -; ales 100: stock 46,505: ex ports eoaatwtM 639; to , Great Britain 918; to continent 2,577 i u France 1 to channel Norfolk DulU middlim: 11 13-16.-: net tuc'.. 2,479: ross ; stock 44.98(5: export ooRtt wlao 472; sales 495: expuna to Great Britain ; 10 continent . Balttmobx Ouiet; middling 12Ue: low mid dling llc; good ordinary 10e; net receipts 1 1 ; gross 885: sales 100: stock 84.682: eiporu coastwise ; Bplnners : exports to rtreat Britain 1,877: to continent 656. Boston Steady; middliiui i2Utc: low mlddlins llcr good ordinary Ho: net reoelDts 758: gross 2,195: sales : stock 11,245; export to Great Britain : to France WnjcntGTOM Quiet: middling 1 lo: low mid line 11 8-16c; good ordinary 10 6 16c; receipts 275; gross ; sales ; stock 5.801; exports eosMtwlse 984; to Great Britain ; to continent. Philadklphia Steady; middling 12lAc. low middling 1 lc; good ordinary 10Ae; net receluta 40; gross 697; sales ; spinners : www 21.478; exports Great Britain 700; to continent SAY ahhah Dull ; middling llc; low mid ordinary lOfec; net receipt? sales 1,400: stock 59,717; dling llio; good how: gross ; exports coastwise - to Great Britain ; to Kranoe ; to continent . Niw Oblxans Quiet: middling 12c: low mld- cl.ng lll&c; eood ordinary HVfec; net receipts 1,848; gross 2,412: sales 4,200: stock 261.472; xports te Great Britain ; to France ; coastwise 850; to continent ; to chan nel . MoBlLK-Qute; middling llTbc; low middling llVc; good ordinary lOTfec; net receipts 442; gross ; sales 500; stock 26.877; en-orts coast K90; France ; to Great Britain ; to continent . Mmphh -Steady; middling llSiic; low mid dling llc; good ordinary I03c net receipts 486; gross 522; shipments a, 730; sales 900; stock 80,7 ia A UGCSTA Quiet : middling lll&j; lc mw- dit'i lie; good ordinary l(0c; reolpts 154; ni iments ; sales 212 Chiklxstoh Dull and a shade easier; middling 12c, low mid ling llc; good ordinary lli&c; n t reeeipta 1.034: grotts : sales 200: stock 86 660: exports ooastwtse 3,1 19: to Great Britain to continent; to France : to channel . Nxw Yobx Dull; sales 319: mlddlins up lands 12 3-16c; middling Orleans 12 7-1 6c : consoli dated et receipts 9,042; exports to Great Britain 9.827: to France : to continent 5.426: to channel LrrxHpeox Noon Easier; middling uplands 611-16d; mlddUng Orleans 6d: sales 10.000: speculation and exports 2,000; receipts 9,750; American . uplands low middling clause March delivery ; March and April 6 89-64d; April and May 6 41-ft4dtz0 4O-64d; May and June 646-64d645-64d6 46-64d; June and July 6 5O-04dffi6 4U-64U; July and August 8 54-04aec-H53-64d6 54-64d; August and September 6 58-64d: September and October . Futures quiet. Litcrpool 5 P. M Sales of American cotton 7.850 bales. Uplands low mlddl'g clause: March delivery ; March and April ; April and4 Mar 8 80-644: nay and June -; June and July ; July and August 652-64d6 58 64d- 6 52-64d; August and ueptember ; Septem ber and October . Futures closed weak. . FO TUBES. Nxw Tobx Net receipts 439: gross 1,769. Futures closed easy; sales 128,000 bales. Harsh , 1212.18 Amu ' 1212.18 May 12.29 80 Jane.. 12.48.49 Jalv.... 12 65.66 August ..v. 12. 79. 80 Beotember.. 12. 40. 41 October U.74.76 November - - 1 1.55 56 December 11.55.57 Januat. February The Post's Cotton Report says: Future deliver ies opened 2 points lower and lost another 1 to 2 points, recovered the loss and advanced 8 to 4 points above last Saturday's closing quotations. The advance was not quite sustained, but the third call displayed again great firmness. May brought 12.32; June 12 50 and .51; July iz.08, tne nigh est prices of the day. FINANCIAL, NW YOHfc Kxcfcxnge, Goveraments 16 higher for extend ed 6'g, - - - - - - - New 5's, Four and a halt per cents, Four per cents........ Money .... State bonds generally Inactive.... Sub-treasury balances Gold. ,. " - Currency-.. 4.86 1.14f 4O0 886,842 4,411 Stocks. 1 1 A. M. The stock market opened rfu,..niiu,ni n aant hinh than Antnntay'H DUVUa DUU . wuw ....... . dosing prices, the St. Louis and San Francisco ereierrea, ana tne unicago, xjutuubuju a vuiui;j eing most prominent in the advance. In early dealings a decline of iMQ took place, the latter for the Denver A Bio Grande, the New Jersey Cen tral and Louisville k Nashville, after which the market sold up kIU. the coioraao uoai, me a . lAanMBU. nmfawl .V A 'T.m,1av11lA A NftAh. ylUes the New Jersey Central and the St. Paul be ing most conspicuous in me upwara Bownu - BTO0K8 Strong: .' Alaoama Claes A, 2 to 5 Alat tama Class A, smalX... Alal ama Qass B, 5's Alabama Class C, 4's. . . . Chicago and Northwestern Chicago and Northwestern preferred, Krie . . . . .... .vr: .... ; : , r. : :r last Tennessee......,.....,, Georgia. ...... pitnols Central. Lake Shore.. . .v.v Louisville and Nashville. Memphis and Charleston NasbvUle a id Chattanooga. . . . . . New Kork Central. Pittsburg. Blohmondand Allegheny Bicbraond and DanvUle. ........... Bocklslftod.... i...... South Carolina Brown Consols, . ,. ... Wabash, 8c Louts A Paotfle. Wabsah, St Louis A Pacific preferr'd Western Union. .... 81 95 84 1.82 1.41U Vs' 1,85 line 1.19 78ft R6 64 1.3B1A 2BVS CITY CpyOK MABpg, '!'' : - Onum of Tn Obsxbtbs, . i . CamfiFOt. March 28, 1882.1. iJThe market yesterday eloeed quiet at the fojfc- "fiOodUlddlmg;..:. " r' '-lA'' u" IV 11 iing.....::: T ' 7 iii otnetiow miaajing....,.:7 ' his aa. . . . - - - M W Mvnuiiuvuuji. . . . . t . , ; .-.-.v.-.;-. v.. 1 0 la&m:, . , BUS 1 storm ooaon..... ..... 8 eaies yesterday 78 bales. ' I 101 511 :81 Ladies, Gentlemen, IVIisses, Boys OUR STOOK gnar8ntee eTenr ot 8HOXa Kn Bn&u bef ound Just as represented, and shall allow no house to give you better goods than we do for the money. 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