North Carolina Newspapers

    lu (ETravtottc (Dfcsevuex:.
SUNDAY, APIilL 23, 1882.
Index to New. Advertisemente.
Attention. Fire Department.
i lexandnr & Harrls-B-auilful Goods.
T L. Sehjle & Co-New Good.
J. a. Shunnonbouse Lawn Mowers.
Young Men's Christtax Association Devo
tional exercises in the afternoon at 5 o'closlc.
st. Pe rER's Catholic Church. Services In tha
morning at XOVa o'clock, and in the afternoon
at a o'clock, by Hev. L. P. O'Connell.
Second Presbyterian Church. Sei vices la
the morning at 1 1 o'clock, and In the evening at 7
o'clock, by Kev. N. M Wcods, pastor. Sunday
School at 4 o'clock.
Baptist Church Services la the morning at
1 1 o'clock, and lu the evening at 7V& o'clock, by
the Rev. o. F. (iregoiy, pastor. Sunday school at
)i o'clock a. m.
Lutheran Church Serv'ces in the morning
at 11 o'clock, and In the evening at 7tfe o'clock,
by Kev. T. H btrohecker, pastor. Sunday School
at 3 e'clock p. m.
Associate Reforsted Presbyterian Chapkl.
Services in the morning at 1 1 o'clock, and In the
evening at 7, by Kev. W. T. Wa ler, pas'.or. Sun
day school at 0 o'clock.
St. Peter's Episcopal Church. Services in
the morning at li o'clock, and in the evening at
71 o'clock, oy Rev. J. B. Cheshire, Bector. bun
day school in the afternoon at HVi o'clock.
Calvary Mission Church (Methodist.) -Ser
vices in the morning at 1 1 o'clock, and in the
evening at IVa by the pastor, Hev. J. W. Wheeler.
Sunday school at 9 a. m. Class Meeting at
4 P- m.
Kikst Preshytehun Church Services In the
morning at 11 o'clock and In the evening at 7
bj Kev. Dr. A. W. Miller, pas'.or Sunday school
at :iV3 o'clock. Prayer meeting Wedn-sday even
ing ai 7 'clock.
Thyon Street (M. E.) Chcrch. -Services in the
morning at 1 1 'clock and in th? evening at 71
o'. lock, by Rev. J. T. Bagwi 11, p istor. Sunday
chooi at HVi o'c'.ock. Prayer meeting at 7Vfc
Wednesday evening.
Colored Pkksbytkrian Church. Services In
the afternoon at :-t o'clock and in the evening at
7 V by Rev. Mr. Wyche. pastor. Sunday school at
1 f o'clock a ni.
A Down Town Merchant,
Having passed several sleepless nights, dbiturb
ed ly Hie agonies and cries of a suffering child,
ami becoming convinced that Mrs. Winslow's
Soof'ingSynip was Just the article needed, pro
ciiivd a Mipply for the child On reaching home
and ;ii-i!iaiiiting his wife with what he had done,
die irlused to liave it administered to the child,
a she was strongly in favor of Homoeopathy.
That niht the child passed in suffering, and the
parents without sleep. Returning home the day
toiloviing, the father found the baby still worse;
a:id while contemplating another sleepless night,
ti mother stepped from the room to attend to
some domestic duties, and left the father with the
child. During her absence he administered a por
tion of the Soothing Syrup to the baby, and said
nothing. That night ajl hands slept well, and the
little fellow awoke in the morning bright and hap
py. The mother was delighted with the sudden
aiui wonderful change, and although at Orst offend
ed at tlie deception practiced upon her. has con
tinued to use the Syrup. and suffering cry lug babies
a;i. i rstless nights haTe disappeared. A single
trial of the Syrup never yet 'ailed to relieve the
Imbv. and overcome the prejudices of the mother.
Sold bv all Druggists 25 cents a bottle.
IHnu Advertisements.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of purity
strerife.h and wholesomeness. Mora economics
than the ordinal kinds, and cannot be sold in
competition with the multitude of low tsst, short
weight, a urn or phosphate powders. Sold only In
ov23 New York.
LeRoy Davidson. Sole Agent, Charlotte, N. C.
Disease 13 an effect, not a cause. Its origin Is
within; its manifestations without. Hence, to cure
the disease the causs must be removed, and in
no other way cut a cure ever be effected. WAR
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" ters, and Hypodermic Syringes, received
direct from the manufacturers, to which we call
thu attention ol Physicians.
WILSON & BURWELL, Trade street.
"AhJSER'S Safe Liver and Kidney Cure, at
T)HEpared Mustard Plaster ready for use, sold
by WILSON & BURWELL, Trade street
COLGATE'S Vlolette Water and Handkerchief
extracts, just arrived at me a rug score oi
WILSON & BURWELL, Trade street
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DR. COOPER'S Elixir Buchu, with Juniper Ber
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Early Vegetables,
RADISHES, 4c, at
Leghorn Egss for hatching
tTo-day's circulation of The Dai
ly Observer is larger than any for
mer issue since its establishment in
iW At the mayor's court vesterdav
morning Clarinda Husky and Isabella
Wade, colored, were each fined 62.50
and costs for an affray.
tSTEain fell at intervals during the
day yesterday ; at night we had a storm
of thunder and lightning, during which
the rain descended in torients.
$WM.r. Frank Andrews, of this city
il , . t
wuu recently emigrated to Texas, has
returned, and, having "seen the ele
phant," declares that Charlotte is good
enough for him for the balance of his
ESRev. O. F. Gregory, pastor of the
Baptist church, will preach this morn
ing at 11 o'clock on "The First Essen
tial Element of True Church Prosperi
ty. Services to-night at 8 o'clock, as
ESHe was a merciful man to his
beast. So, as he rode up Trade street
yesterday afternoon, he lugged a heavy
bundle i nhis arms, doubtless consider
ing that he himself was quite sufficient
w ciht for his horse.
I3F" In our yesterday's issue in the
account of a charge against A. R. Moore
before Justice Waring, the defendant
is by the substitution of a "u" for an
"r" described as a "housebreaker" in
stead of a horsebreaker, as we wrote.
Accident to a Carriage Driver.
Yesterday about two o'clock Bill
Sumner (colored), a carriage driver em
ployed by Col. Frank Coxe, drove into
Mr. Wadsworth's livery stables for
shelter. This proved unfortunate for
Bill ; for, as he was leading his horse
out again, the animal slipped, and fell
on Bill, who when picked up was found
to have sustained a fracture of the
shin-bone. Ho was placed in the car
riage and taken home where his inju
lies were attended to.
last of Letters
Remaining uncalled for in the post
office at Charlotte April 17, 1882:
J Boper, co!, Coly Bursh, Lila Cros
land, Mrs Sallie Davidson, Geo Flem
ming, Mrs Louisa Fayson, Laura
Hayes, R A Haygood, Levenia J Hun
ter, W B. Johnson, Miss Ester Johnson,
C Jurgenson. 30 Liberty st, Will Kez
zich, Mrs Minerva Moore, Alexander
Phifer, C II Peake, Miss J McL Parks,
Mrs N McPerry, J F Rice, Carrenda
Spriugs, B S Senders, Mrs L E Savage,
Edward Sirapkins, Susan Tarrence, J
Eugene Yalk, Miss Cora B Weam, W L
Williams, Israel Williams, Jas White,
Jesse Walton.
When calling for any of the above,
please say "advertised."
W. W. Jenkins, P. M.
. - - - -
English Sparrows,
Numbers of English sparrows are
now to be set n about the city, having
it is said found their way South from
the neighborhood of New York, where
a number were set at liberty a few
years ago, having been imported for
that purpose. This bird is commonly
known in England as the1 house spar
row, from its habit of frequenting
towns and building its nest about the
houses. It is a very familiar bird, pick
ing up its food from door, window, and
yard, and often increases in number to
such an extent as to commit serious
depredations in wheat fields. But al
though feeding principally on grain,
sparrows bring up their young on lar
va?, and a pair is said to destroy about
4,000 caterpillars weekly in the breed
ing season. This has caused them of
late years to be considered on the
whole the farmer's friend ; though for
merly in some parts of England a con
siderable annual sum was paid for spar
row heads on account of their grain-destroying
proclivities. Farmers now,
however, are generally wise enough to
recognize that the sparrows quite earn
all the corn they eat. They are easily
caught in simple traps; the flesh is deli
cate, and sparrow-pies are in repute in
some localities.
In color and general appearance
these birds are much better looking
than their cousins in England general
ly, owing, doubtless, to our clearer at
mosphere. We extend a welcome to
our small, feathered immigrants.
Hotel Arrivals Yesterday.
Central Hotel. James Whiteley,
F Y Ramsey, Baltimore ; S C Johnson
and son, North Carolina; C S Bratton
A M White, Davidson College ; J 0 Bar
ham, Virginia; W IP Holland, Balti
more; Jno T Vann, Virginia; T E
McLure, Chester, S C ; Mrs F H Kenne
dy, Miss Kennedy, Frank Kennedy,
Ha.erstown, Md ; M T Lawler, W Mo
ran, Jas R Ellerson, Richmond; J M
Brown, Boston ; T K Leslie, W D Mar
tin. W H Justice, New York; HD
Stowe, E B Springs, D J Rea, T B Cov
ington, Mecklenburg; Geo A Fuller.
Lawrence, Mass; P II Israel, New
York; WA Slater, Baltimore; Jas R
Boyd, New York; Mrs Leola Leon,
Los Angelos, Cal ; H Coykendal. J J
Surratt, Blacks, S C; T J Shiver, J W
Oliver, Atlanta; Judge D Schenck, Lin
colnton ; A M Smyre and wife, Gasto
nia; Jas Hoffman, Dallas; W C Black,
Kings Mountain ; T G Wall, Atlanta;
Dr J W Huckaber, W T Freeman,
Richmond; D E Allen, W P Dixon,
North Carolina; L J Crowell, Balti
more; H D McGinnis, New Orleans; G
R Duprey, J C Morris, J S Moore, Da
vidson College ; Geo W Billings, J P
Beckwith, Cleveland, Ohio; Dr W A
Wilborn and son, North Carolina.
Charlotte Hotel E T Wade,
Greensboro ; D M Williamson, Black's
Station, S C ; Mrs Jno Erwin, Davidson,
College; LCSelma, Davidson county;
Mrs M E Marks, Monroe ; Jno F Leeper
Garibaldi, N C; J R Williamson, S H
Hilton, Mecklenburg; SE Cadwallader,
Philadelphia, Pa; E L Smyre, Gastonia,
NC;NH Gilsey, Baltimore, Md; Q T
McLelland, Baltimore, Md; A HKin
sey, Richmond, Va ; W Y Holland, At
lanta; N C James, Henderson ville,
Lydla K. Plnkham'i Vegetable Compound baa
done thousands of women more rood than the
medicines of many doctors. It Ifl s positive core
for all female complaints Send to Mrs. Lydia X
Cain Memtory, Colonel, ie Killed if W.
A. Jaqnins, in the Bar-Ro,t the
Charlotte Hotel Too Mach Fotfinc
With that old Pistol.
Yesterday about noon a most unfor
tunate accident happened in the bar
room of the Charlotte Hotel, whereby a
colored man man named Cain Membry
lost his life, at the hands of W. A. Ja-
quins, the bar-keeper. It appears that
Membry frequented the bar-room, rfrid
Jaquins was in the habit of larking
with him, and pretending to shoot him.
He came in yesterday morning, accom
panied by another colored man named
Jim Gray, and after the two had bought
some whiskey, Gray caught Cain by the
arm and drew Jaquin's attention to him
by saying "here's Cain," on which Ja-
quins made a jump towards Gray, who
then left the room, and the shooting
happened immediately after, nobody
being in the room at the time except
Jaquins and the deceased. Jaqnins
states that he took a pistol out of a
drawer, behind the counter, where it
was usually kept, and presented it at
the deceased, not knowing it to be load
ed. Cain dodged and Jaquins started to
wardshim round the counter, as he didso
the pistol went off the ball struck the de
ceased, who exclaimed, "Jaquins, you've
shot me !" and then staggered, Jaquins
rushed towards him, and caught him as
he fell. The ball struck Cain in the
back, just below the left shoulder blade,
and passing almost through his body
just above the heart lodged in his
breast Drs. Wilder and O'Donoehue
were immediately called in, but the
man died in about fifteen minutes after
the shot was fired, never speaking again
after his first exclamation. The house
was quickly surrounded by a crowd, all
anxiously inquiring what was the mat
ter, and many requesting to be allowed
to see the man, and when this was re
fused, standing about, and peering
through the windows intently.
The coroner not being in town, was
telegraphed for, but on its appearing
that he could not arrive until to-day,
Mayor De Wolfe decided to hold a pre
liminary examination in the afternoon,
and fixed 3 o'clock for that purpose.
Punctual to the appointed hour the usu
al crowd filled the mayor's court, and the
witnesses put in their appearance ; but
the mayor did not arrive for some con
siderable time, and a number left, un
der the impression that the inauirv
was postponed. The mayor, however,
at last appeared, and the following evi
dence was taken :
Jim Gray, colored, testified that he
was in the bar-room with the deceased
He left the house, and shortly after
heard a pistol shot. Did not turn back
when he heard the shot. Witness had
treated Cain to whiskey before leaving.
There was fooling going on between
Jaquins and Cain. Witness had often
seen Cain and Jaquins fooling together.
Witness attracted the attention of Ja
quins to Cain by seizing the latter and
saying to Jaquins, "here's Cain." Ja
quins on this made a jump, and, said
witness, "I thought he was coming at
me. I then went out and paid no more
attention to them." Witness did not
see Jaquins have a pistol. When he
heard the pistol shot, he did not know
whether it was in the house or not ;
that was the reason he did not go back
to the house. Witness did not see Cain
again after leaving the bar. At first
witness said he had not heard deceased
and Jaquins have any conversation, but
in reply to Jaquins he said he remem
bered hearing Cain say, "There's a straw
in this whiskey;" to which Jaquins
replied: "That's the only one."
Witness had often seen Cain and Mr.
Jaquins joking together, and they had
always seemed on perfectly friendly
terms. They appeared quite friendly
and good-humored on the occasion in
question. Never knew any cross words
to pass between them during this kind
of play. Cain always made out as if he
was afraid of a pistol, and Jaquins
would pretend to get one. Then Cain
would dodge and run. When Cain
would go into the barroom, he would
generally peep around the corner of the
screen and laugh, as if he expected Mr.
Jaquins to fool with him. Witness had
seen him do this on three or four dif
ferent occasions. Then Jaquins would
reach down behind the counter, as if to
get a pistol. Witness never thought
anything else but that Mr. Jaquins
"done it to scare him." After witness
heard the shot, he saw a crowd begin
to gather, and he got scared and went
away. "
F. A. McNinch, chief of police, testi
fied that a little before 12 o'clock yes
terday morning he was on Tryon street,
about twenty-five steps from the Char
lotte bar. He heard a pistol shot, and
saw Jim Gray come along the street.
Witness hurried along to the bar, and
there saw Cain lying on the floor, and
Jaquins stooping over him, with a hand
kerchief in his hand. Witness asked :
"Who did this?" and Jaquins replied:
"I did it, fooling with that old pistol of
Witness here produced the pistol, an
ordinary revolver, of rather small size.
One barrel of the pistol was discharged,
and the rest loaded.
Jaquins went and got the pistol from
behind the counter, and handed it to
witness. Jaquins told witness that the
shooting was accidental.and that he had
often fooled with Cain in a similar way;
and also said he was not aware that the
pistol was loaded, and explained that
the pistol was discharged owing to his
hand catching against the counter, as
he went round towards Cain. Jaquins
also stated to witness that when the
pistol went off, Cain exclaimed: "My
God, Jaquins, you've shot me!" and
Jaquins rushed round towards him to
see whether such really was the case,
not knowing whether or not the man
was only joking. Jaquins caught him
as he felL When witness arrived Cain
was not dead; he lived about fifteen
minmteo. Witness spoke to him, but
Cain was not able to otter a word.
Jaqnins was trying to do what he could
for him, and continued about him, en
deavoring to alleviate - his , suffering,
nntil he died. A doctor, waslmmedi-
ately sent . for to examine him, and
stayed with him until he died. Witness
found a pistol belonging to Jaquins in
the drawer, where in; psuHlly i rut, it. U
was loaded Whens wiUess t .utnl it,
after t her shooting. -The' dectetd was
often in'4the bar, and wastm frtehdly
terms with Jaquins! Witness had given
the pistol with which JaqQmu said he
had shot Caky.into his charge, with
several others, to kt them out of the
way of the children. 1 "
C. Ii, Adams, proprietor of a bar ad
joining the other bat,- testified , to
being near the house at the time of the
shooting. Climbed np on a wagon to
look in, but did not see anything. Ja
quins used to be witness's bar. keeper.
and was then in the habit of fooling
with Cairi, who was .very easily scared.
uif you just pointed jour finger at him,
he would run. The joking between
uaquins ana cam was always in a
friendly manner, Jaquins was in the
habit when with witness, of searing
Cain with an old pistol which was kept
in the bar.
Buster Carson, colored a carriage
driver in the employment of Mr. John
Wadswortb, testified that Cain was
formerly employed in Wadsworth's
stables, and witness was acquainted
with him. Witness had been in Adams
bar wRh Cairn while Jaquins was em
ployed there, and seen fooling going on
between the two. Jaqnins would pre
tend to get an old pistol ou$ of a draw
er to shoot Cain. Cain would then ap
pear scared, and would run. Witness
had seen the same kind of fooling ber
tween Jaquins and deceased at the
Charlotte bar. He never, on any of
these occasions heard a cross word pass
between Cain and Jaquins. Cain would
peep from behind a screen at Jaquins
when he entered the room, and then
the fobing would begin.
After the last witness had given his
testimony, the mayor informed Jaquins
that he was at liberty to make any
statement about the matter that he
wished to make; but that this was
merely an inquiry, the mayor, having
no power to try the matter, and as
he would be bound over to the Supe
rior Court, Jaquins might, if be thought
fit, reserve any statement until the tri
al. Jaquins decided to reserve his state
ment. - i
The witnesses were then bound over
in the sum of $50 each, and Jaquins in
$600, to appear at the Superior Court on
the last Monday in August.
We understand that the inquiry be
fore the mayor, hayittgsoclearly estab
lished the purely accidental nature of
the shooting, will probably be consider
ed as rendering an inquest unnecessa
ry. .
Fire Department.
The annual meeting of the fire de
partment will be held to-morrow even
ing, when the chief for the ensuing
year will be elected, and other import
ant business transacted.
Hitchcock's Analysis of the Brble.
We have given this Work, now being
offered to the -citizens of Charlotte by
subscription, a cursory examination.
and cheerfully recommend it to all who
desire to study that greatest of books.
This work . is truly an analy
sis or tne uiDie, arranged, ac
cording to subjects, in twenty-
seven books, and is designed to
facilitate the study and promote the
better understanding of the word of
God. Besides the classification of the
subjects treated of in the Bible, it in
cludes a pronouncing dictionary of
scripture proper names, an interpreting
dictionary of scripture proper names, a
history of the Bible, a dictionary of re
ligious denominations, sects, parties
and associations in the world, and a
family record. It contains also Cru-
den's Concordance, said to be one of the
most perfect ever arranged. It is sold
only by subscription and Mr. H S Cram
is now canvassing Charlotte with a
view of introducing it Mr. J. A. Wil
more, general manager of the canvass,
is also in the city, and will probably
make this place headquarters for the
Oar SOtk May Anniversary
We clip the following from the last
copy of the Raleigh News and Observer,
to show our Charl&tte nednle how the
newspapers are talking about us, as
well as what may be expected of us at
a distance:
"The good people of Charlotte propose
this year to celebrate the 20th of May
in their very best manner. They are to
have a military display and troops,
bands and all the accompaniments;
and they are to haVe Senator Bayard to
aeuver wo- aaoress., -tie wtu ma a
very handsome oration, we do not
doubt, and his words will come from
his heart. The Blue Hen's Chickens,
as, Delaware's company in , the Revolu
tionary war. , was ; balled, came down
South to help: us in those days that
tried men's souls, and did some good
work. too. and Mr. Bayard can wen
point to them aad.their action as indi
cating the steadfast Sympathy; Dela
ware naa ever enieriaxneu. tor ner
Southern sisters.. We shall hope that
the occasion will be a great One. and
that Mr. Bayard will he eqial to it ' ! !
"For Charlotte tne anniversary of the
event to be commemorated is the
proudest day in ber annals. But it
annVa nnt amnfl td the dRnendantn nf
'Tom Polk,' and of. the, participants in
the meeting max aaopxea me "resolves.
but to the people or tne entire state,
for no colony was more fixed in opin
ion, more resolute in action and devot
ed to the principles of the, American
revolution wan. was 4 on n Carolina.
The 'treasonable resolves of Mecklen
burg.' which the British Governor de
nounced, found a warm response in the
hearts of all our people, but it was at
Charlotte that.the thoughts took form
and crystallized into words. And,
while it is a matter to colebrate in all
parts, of the -State, mere particularly
should it be recalled each year at the
very spot w hero the, great event trans-
In this dty yesterday, at th rtstdenee of the
Misses FuTiaace, her sisters, m Fifth street, Mrs.
Nancy Hatmoo, In the 4'id !ar of kr age.
The funeral services rdl be conducted from
Tryon Street LX. cnureh to-day at 8H oeioek.
mrfndsaBdaeQBalTHanoMrt thsasessjtdieto
vlted to attend- .
Bkdiord Aixrii uro laoarBtauras Watbb ub
V iHL-TriA area!, tenic and attsnttVa eon tains
lwlee s much-Iron and flftr per eeoi more mlun
tnmd thstf an? "alum and Ma saas' known.
fosttMUrinqotto fftjgC stwhiiiiss"! mm
general. Sold br all drotslsU of -oay sftiMllns
Prix reduced ens haU. , " t
mayll ff ....
A THKKE room Ttjrlck bottaWi food water and
XX. garden, onB street, near ue Baptise enoien.
Appiy to bmmum.
pr20 4t
(I'm r.
I, '"rami! -til
rftf rlf - t -.ijsi!
jpU CLOTHlNtj. 1
3 5 II
- rW; -
lliili (Stating Signified their Approval of Oar
WE C6H&:t6t!ie
" I ri i
200 Fresh
'it These are FEtSB GOODS; and
IN SHIBT3, UNDIBWEAB, NECKWEAB, HobrEaX, GLOVES and aU o her Genti' PurnlaMng Goods
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and nddlng- to oar alrendy lars;e Slock
,; fi iCLL LiSK OF
mm FailFtwiBs,
T We are ready aad will be glad to serre onr
old friends and the" public generally with Goods
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fni solf aBare ol yoibratlDnaga '
P W h.iT 1.000 bushels White Corn to
sell ON TIMS. Those In need will de well to call
and see us.
r. y: . r o n f.f
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in the HIL1ANK8Y LINE.
, FLOWEIl'f .
1 SILspi, . .
in aU the new styles, colors and qualities.'
Also, all the new styles and qmlMles of LACES,
embracing White Goods, -Keek. Wear, Hosiery
Gloves, Parasols. Ac. the LARGEST and HOST
Our" Pattern ifeidlLSlets
P "FwWvfWWI Ww rw w
When we wffl he measea lb
es we
Kttwask SMBBaneAii In 1f Alter
Mn.P. Qnery.
- i
- mt
& - :B. -
' ; " f .
it v
" F03 THE BX5XirrjQ T06J-;.
BblTSal the following marvelous Low Prices!
! t .; y , '
ALL-WOOL CASSlMEnlG &Vmym , - 8.50
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Worth Mf'U Prices" Stated Above'
Beth Foreign and Domestic,
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Dr. J.H.McAdeo's Drag Store
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flnnathat Its rtchness In aperient salts surpasses
that of all otherjinown waters.'' .
ns BrUUh MtUecd JmmeC-"thfirtM lanos.
The mottstfreeabie, safest, and tnost effloaclous
aperiewweter.'1 '.ii t .
Prof. Yirchoip, BerliXL "Invariably good and
prompt sueoess; most valuable."
- Prqf. Damibtrfftr, Vlenna.'-r'T BhTB ptssdrfbed
these writers with mark able saesoBa.'
Pwf. Aywwn W y utaabttig-I t ptespglhe none
hnf Ails " ' '
Traf. Lemdir Bnmhm, M. R. Jl JL JL London.
"Mwe pleat sat than its rivals, and surpasses
them In efficacy." .-'-v.
Prtf. Alien, M. R, Wi JL Boysi Ultttary Hos
pital, Netley. Tteierred to PnUna and Frled
richshau." JOHN H. M cADEN,
Importing and Dispensing Pharmacist
HotU Srm fit, - - CHARLOTTE, K C
Whenba4sif get' watec Justsfrssh and spark-
tratnmr4 Wlr
I rn mm vimiHMw.
Preserlpttons earefurir prepared by experienced
Ik Bermer frM Brewery Company 8
tclebmicd Lager Bwr,
u;f i, tt,E4g-tiatdi8;'1 ;
ALB and PORTER, which Toner to the public at
a reasonable prtcsi AiOdresS - -r -. -,,v
: . i i r i : ! i lHKr C VUKZLttt,
Look Box'Aoo, Cnarlooe, N. &
mbr28 . r
I k MI H
ung as wnen it nows rrom tne spring a obtbmiks.
We receive this water in large- Weefc ;ttn reserv elrs
whithwflBBturnassoen as emptied to be refined

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