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Livery aexjommoda- vnr fnrthMr nartteolara address f I mafif tt YJf.f. m f 1 1 Proprietor. ... n ... .ia, bcd. ruaiun. - msi asaaaa .-i-w TAWIwllwU fviGt j . a V0 AN H OO lOR'EOT 0 R t f,f 1 "a victim of youthful imprudence canaing Premi-, "tore recsy. trvouA'DebUWiIt M6bood, etc',, Awing tried lavaiB svery koowirMmedy. hardis--Vuvered t simple seK Cure, -wbicb be wUt vend FRES to bis feUow-sofferers, rtdresa li, UKEYlS, 43 Chatham t., Summer WHEELEIl&yiLSON xnrinffs The New Shakspeare. Exchange. The author of a new book of traves ties on - Shakspeare'a plays shows him se ta student of Shakspeare, and very cleverly alters the poet's language to make ludicrous all he touches. His vereioji of lock', address tto Anto nio is a fair sample of the liberties' he has taken with the original text, and is as folio ws; Signor Antonio, many a time and oft In der Rialto you haf abused me About my nioneys, und said dot I look more inderest in a year. Den der brirfcipal Was come to ! Still haf I born all dosemit A patient shrug: Fqf.vat yoUjCall it? Sufferance t Vas der badge Of all- eur tribe. You call me bad names Misbeliever, cut throat, son uv a gun, Cheap Shcra, un-d sO on". : Ve,U, der, ft ras no'w appeared Dot you 'need mine helup! You come to me und yon said Mister Shy locfc, old poy, I vpuld , , Like totborJow ffrfto3ajadrducat4 t TiUfeatar4ayfTs You, dot haf bootedfme " " Two. dree'.s seVerJil dimes, Und spurned ins from your threshold Like a dog! Moneys is your suit, den? By goodness you haf more cheek As a book' agentt Should I!not satd!? Haf a dog moneys j Do a son of a gun Keep, a pahk ackonndtV Didn't it peen impossibility j Dafc a cur should lend you Dree dousand ducats? Or, ; Shall I bend low, and in a bondsman's! t-. tey-r, rs ' - - -, "Mid bated breath und vhispered hnm- Said thist ? Fair sir, you spit on me on - Vednesday. last,' . Yoir 8purned toe on Thursday On'Friday you told me to vipe off Minechin-offfv : ;: ilaoddei'dimeyoa.calllile " " ;Old Sttck-rn-der-mtidr N lUnd now, for dose dings, , I lend yon a five-cent nickel, i TJad took a mortgage- " On your old paldnead! j CHINAMEN AS MASONS. But Not Allowed to JEnter Lodge Rooms Here Ceremonies Somewhat Simi lar. i New York Sun. Although it may not be generally known, the Chinamen of thisektr ave instituted a Masonic lodge. On several occasions members of the Chinese lodge tiave sought to fraternize with mem bers of oiner Masonic loages, Duton every occasion have been repulsed. The (Juiuameii were considered in tm tiers ul a clandestiue lodge, and as such not worthy of notice. The Chinese lodge is less than two years old, but it now has three hundred and eight members. Its formation was due largely to tbe efforts of Deputy Sheriff Tom Lee and the Chinese interpreter, Jean Baptista, aided by eight other Chinamen less pub licly known than they. It is fairly well understood now, how ever, by students of Masonie ritualism, that there is a Grand Lodge of Masons in the Celestial Empire, and that tbe Emperor, as well as his Grand Secre tary, who did the honors to Gen. Graat, and lately introduced the first telegcah , line into China, with many others about the court, are Masons. As to just how near the ritual ndvptfd by-4he Grand Lodge comes t the ritual in vogue among the Masons in the United States, and how and when Masonry was intro duced into China, there is great diver sity of opinion. Some authorities in cline to the belief that the ritual adopt ed by the Chinese was one used by Eastern Masons at the beginning of the ; present century. Another authority says that Freemasonry has become so widespread, and publications of a Ma sonic character are bandied about so loosely that it is not difficult for irry one to become familiar with the secrets, and his inference is based on that. Other authorities say that Chinamen have been initiated into Masonic lodges in the East, and in the course of t me have fallen out of them, and thus u sed their experiences and knowledge to a good account in formingiodges'nr'their own country. Those who have this opinion count a great deal on the imita tive faculty of the Celestial, rather than on a well-balanced, retentive memory. If Buch be the case, Freema sons would expect to find a similarity of signs, symbols and forms in the lodges of the Chinese, rather than iq the words or names of officers. The .lodge in this city was instituted by request from the Grand Lodge of California, which got its charter from the Grand Lodge ia China, Lodges are, establish ed in towns wherever there is a con siderable gathering Of Chinamen. In Havana they are numerous. In Chica go and Sc. Louis it is thought that there is one each, if not more; In the princi pal cities of California there are paany. The Master who organized, the lodge in this city, under authority fnrmthe Grand Lodge, is Yong Ilin Tii. He is now absent from the city, having been in the Western States on business for over three months. In the meantime the Deputy Master acts. Yong HinTii was chosen Master for a second term, it is said, because no member had yet be come so familial as he with the myste ries of Masonry. The lodge has now arrived at that period when the mem bers believe that they can do better by enlarging their accommodations. There Is not room enough, the officers say, for the large number that come to the lodge room, and there is a desire to secure some large house in Mott street, but there is none to bo had. Property in that neighborhood is leased to China men, but no part of it is large enough to accommodate the lodge. Jean Bap tista, the interpreter, says that the cere monies in the lodge are almost similar to those in lodges of other Masons in this city. He does not know whereia. they differ except possibly in the naffl ing of the officers. fr It is in the by-laws of the (Jhinese lodce that curiosity is aroused. ThefiS was a time in this country when it was supposed by non-Masons that one Ma son was supposed to do almost any-j tmng ma auoiuer aajicu mww uu. ;a consiueraiion ui 4,iw uy-iovro ox 'the "Tii ZX ".-tZ'diTA that supposition good. A Ctrioese 51a- son muse uo ail in uia power w u brother Mason. He must not esta a lanndrv within two blocks of a b er, and must dissuade every i o&er; Chinaman from doing so. If ho should, be so unfortunate as to fail in business, ho must be heloed and nut on his fgetr If non-Masons crowd him, they must-i be talked to and requested to wiait-the, coming of better times for thepayreot: of thetr claims. Should they Btlll rDetr sist, payment. is made by a weajtfry member, or out of the lodge iunqs. ne has been known to be recreasit in this trust. If a Chinaman whojs,. Mason should stab or otherwise assault another Chinaman "who isalsoa-Ma son, everything in their, power ; shofcrkt be done by the members of the fodg&Jb tide oyer , the difficulty and sMnrStho. release of the Cihaman ;he-raxc fnmfl nf ' nhiaamen that asked Dermis sioii of JiiBticeK3ibrtlt)e the assailant of Gam Wah and hia wiffij than to know his standings in' China, UU4 WW MWUV w WW am aw 1 - j, Should wChioesMasoir ovr e a uttj er Ju.ason anv. sunuiie- mua, not aim.ut .the courts tof the recovery o? tnacmamv purnemascpui uiemawria unenanas or jne armirauon cqmnntteeni ipe lodirel If the creditor insists on nromot payment; and-the debtor has it in0tten he Is to receitBlttfrom the lodge; f ill latter course lis seldom been ( rsor tea. to.H Chinese Mosonry tncuicatea among its members feelings of kindness, gooo- roth-; nass and fraternity. It is not alone a Masonic by law, Lut it is a general con sideration with Chinamen that they help one another. The Chinese Mason must believe in a God, the same as a Christian. All of the three hundred and eight are members of some church. Most of them are Methodists, but there are Presbyterians, Episcopalians and Baptists among them. isaptista did hot know it for a fact that the highest court officials of China are Masons. He had only heard of it, but to his mind it was one indication of the progress made by ChristiaLlry A favor might have been extended to the Emperor's court officials. Tbe lodge has lost only two members by death. Wong Gong was buried from 60 Oliver street with great funeral pomp on August 13, 1881. Like honors were extended to Dek Fook, of Division street, in the latter part of April last. With the borial rites of tfreir country have been embodied some rites institu-; ted by Masonry. A feature of thej Chinese Mason's funeral is a brass band; and. a hgtr&if tom-toms. Another is the cooked meats. Another is 'tKe"seiif-; fng of bits of white paper over the ground to ward Off evil spirits, who are supposed to be very curious, and will pick up the papers and thus be kept from following the dead. There are' other ceremonies at the tuner als, but they have not attracted more than pass ing notice. The bodies of Chinamen not Masons are simply buried. Besides paying funeral expenses, the lodge puts aside, a certain amount for the support of a Widow, children, or relatives rely ing for maintenance upon the deceased Mason. They also send word to the friends in .China of the disposition of the remains, and care for his effects, if he has any, under the eye of the public administrator's office. -V- meat PTeservatioB. London Times. The second part of a demonstration of a new method (under Jones's patent) of meat'preservatlon was given recent ly at the-' Cannon Street Hotel, when the efficacy of the process was proved in a practical way by the serving for luncheon of itjuttdn killed tm March 0, or 39 nine days before. The carcasses from which the joints served up were cut, had been kept in a butcher s shop at a temperature varying between 50 degrees and 60 degrees Fab. Mr. Hard-wicke,- who presided, remarked on sit ting down to lunch, that the meat would be found to have been prepared in tbe simplest way, in order that the flavor and quality of the flesh might be better appreciated. The experiment showed that the mutton, of which boil ed and roasted joints were served, was perfectly from any taint or taste of the antiseptic chemical used to preserve it, and that the meat retained its natural juiciness and flavor. It was, moreover, very tender. The process differs from other appliances of antiseptics to the preservation of meat in one important feature the preservative substance, (boracic acid) is injected into a vein while the creature, though stunned by a blow on tbe head, is still alive, and the action of the heart is relied upon to pump it through every part of the body into which the vascular system system ramifies. With regard to a question which has been raised as to the inm -cency or boracic acid as an antiseptic, Colonel Harger quoted Dr. F. P. At kinson, who says: "Considering the well known properties of boragic acid itii exceedingly cjuioua how little .it I has been administered as an internal remedy. Its effect in diphtheria, both locally and internally, is very marked." This he proceeds to show by reference to observations of Dr. Cossar Ewart and Dr. Malcolm Simpson, and subse quently states that "a dose is 5 to 15 grains. It has one particular recom mendation, and that is its tastelessness." In the room was shown tbe carcass of a sheep killed on tbe 6th of March last, still in perfect condition, and to pre serve which 5 ounces of boracic acid were usedjthe whole carcass weighing 74 pounds. The two hindquarters of another sheep, killed on tbe 20th of February, or 54 days ago, were also shown. No difference was perceptible between the condition of one or tbe other. To preserve the latter, which weighed 89 pounds, 6 ounces of boracic acid had been used. As. however, a large proportion of the solution inject ed probably flows away with the blood when the creature is struck by the butcher, two minutes after the injec tion of the boracic acid, it is impossible in the absence of any data from careful quantitative analysis to calculate tbe quantity remaining in the fibre of, say half a pound of meat, before cooking. But small as this quantity must be, there can be no doubt that, introduced in this way into the living organism, it suffices to preserve not only the carcass, but also the heart, liver, kidneys, and other organs of the body. The econom ical advantages of a method which, if used in the abattoirs of Sydney or Mel bourne, would only render it necessary to reduce the temperature in the stor ing rooms during the voyage to 50 de grees Fah., instead of 30 degrees Fan. must evidently be considerable. The loss of weight injaaheep thus preserved and kept for one month has been found to be about 5 per cent , ' , Ongia of N ative Geld. Prof. J. S. Newberry has presented some strong points of fact and argu ment against the theory that the grains and nuggets of gold found in placers are formed by precipitation from chem ical solutions. He holds, in a paper he has published on the subject, that geol ogy teaches in regard to the genesis and distribution of gold ; that it exists in the oldest known rocks, and has been thence distributed through all strata derived from them ; that, in the meta morphosis of these derived rocks, it has been, concentrated Jnto seggregated quart? Yjit,-rfB6rH0 pocess not yet uqderstoodthat-it N it constituent of fis$irre einX-oJjjalteologscal i ages, whereithas- beenxdepositeojCrom hot chfemicjff solutions, which have reached deenlv buried crocks of various! kinds. "atfewrinfei:oml.3them gold with other ptoehijinersis ; and that gold has f; been woauiateathrougn mecnamcai .;& a. ' t. z ... rWATXB AITD MAaWWTlfmmJBi contains tettmy-wtfFhTmJDdj boat- mass" known. Jnst the thfng fof thgl'pflPf veakn8" now so generate Sold" by. taTproggjats pf any standing. smmamamml D0B8ISS:1 L4;t x.-et-6o ? JAirfftftrtant dis a. a . Mttyby whicl . every family maj iTgTvet.tbeir lineu thatbeautiful fin ish pecaliai to fine Work. yoar Grocer. AiS7 aad.rlELp3BKpHei.aru i i rr iF .in f r OMkkwilm rravH ef am? ((wcanAwue rAoiiux nxaxvi XcasiaM aad Mbest whe nSJer ba Kcrru an Phvsieal U.Mk ljji.HrnaWl' Sxawttoa sal my, all law K l . (eaota tSXt a W eaUm law, uumj tt j X TviiZtlm, far li.l.,".:. mtmrnj jEZ . - btof tbis eiseaso SMds W cast sta aeale; o applioatiea, a ai ina w- a u m a i m c tilt' 1 K JPBl rjiaPa. EWEll 4c CO IK 1 .- T.xsxna. say mtnmviuu. WO.HAIf. How Khsvll Sbe Preserve Her Health , and Beevnty. One who has long investigated this subject gives the result, and is happy to say that it Is found in Woman's "Best Friend." It is adapted especially to that great central, all-controlling organ, tbe womb, correcting its disorders, and curing any ir regularity of the "menses." or "courses." Dr. J. Bradfleld's Female Uegulator acts like a charm In whites, and In sudden or gradual checking, or In entire stoppage of the - "monthly courses," from cold, mental trouble, or like causes, by restoring the natural discharge in every instance. In chronic cases, so often resulting in ulceration, falling of the womb, Its action is prompt and decisive, sav ing the constitution from numberless evils and premature decay. Prepared by Dr. J. Bradneld, Atlanta, Ga. Price: trial sixe, 75c ; large size, 31.50. Forsale by all druggists. JQtetp gdttjerttsjemgrxts. TFrom the Toledo Blade. SUfiPRISIlVG EFFECTS 'OF EXTRACT OF CELERY AND CHinoniLE UPON THE NERVOUS S8TEm and DIGESTIVE A Invariably Produced by Dr. C. W. Benton's Celery and Chamo mile PUla. They have been tested time and again, and al ways with satisfactory resulis. This preparation just meets the necessities of the case. Let me state just what my Pills are made to cure, and what they have cured and will cure: Neuralgia, Nervousness, Sick Headache, Nervous Headache, Dyspeptic Headache, Sleeplessness, Paralysis and Dyspepsia. These diseases are all neivous dis eases. Nervousness embraces nervous weakness, Irritation, despondency, melancholy, and a rest leas, dissatisfied, miserable state of mind and body, indescribable. These are some' of the symptoms of nervous ness; now, to be fully restored to health and hap piness is a priceless boon, and yet, for 50 cents, you ean satisfy yourself that there Is a cure for you, and for $5, at the very furthest that cure can be fully secured. These Pills are all they are rep resented to be, and are guaranteed to give satis faction if used as direct ed and will cure any case. Bold by all druggists. Price, 50 cents a box. Depot 100 North Eataw street, Baltimore, Md. By mall, two boxes for 81, or six boxes for 82.60, to any address. DR. C. W. 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Tks Orestes) Bedlnl MMoTarr StsM Uts Daws ef History. rwIt re Tire the drooping spirits, invigorates and harmonixea the organic fanotiona, glres elasticity and firmness te the step, restores the natural lustre to the eye, and plants on tbe pals ebeek of woman the fresh roses of life's spring and early summer time. tPhytteianaUse U and Prescribe It Freely It lemoTea faintness, Oaculency, destroys all craving for sMmnlant, and reUeves weakness of tbe stomach. That feeling of bearing down, causing pain, weight and backache, Is always permanently cored by its use. Far tbe ear mt Kidney Cemalslats af either sex this fiampwaaeV Is aasarsmssed. tTWA t PrXKHAaTS BLOOD PURIFIER will eradicate every vestige of Humors from the Blood, and give tone and strength to the system, of man woman er child. Insist on baring it. Both tbe Compound and Blood Purifier are prepared at BS and 138 Western Avenue, Lynn, Haas. Price of either, iL Six bottles for ffi. Sent by mail in the form of pills, or of losenges, on receipt of price, $1 per box for either, lbs. Pinkbam freely answers all letters of inquiry. Enclose Set. stamp. Send for pamphlet. No family should be without LYDIA E. PTTTKHAM'S LTVEU PILLS. They cure constipation, biliousness, and torpidity of thelirer. 8S cents per box. j&-S9d by all Drugglsts.'Eft (i) F. C. MUNZLER AGENT FOR The Broer & Enpl Brewery Company s (Of Philadelphia, Pa,) Cdr brated Lager Beer, In Kegs and Bottles. BOTTLED BEER A SPECIALTY. ISP-Have just received a small lot of BOTTLED ALE and POKTKB, which I offer to the public at a reasonable price. Address FRED C MUNZLER, Lock Box 255. Charlotte, N. C. mbr28 Metropolitan Sheet FOR JULY, with patterns JUST RECErVKP, TIDDY.oi BRvOtrtEjg;f Jun9- JUST RECEIVED A JOB LOT OF FFF A F AA FP A A F AAA if A A NN N NN N N N N N NN GCO C O o o o OGO Y T Y Y YY And are offering them very much below the real value. Call and get a bargain. Have also Jirst rdceW ea per freight several things that will pay you to Inspect. Just received new FASHION SHEETS FOR JULY. IS SMITH BUILDING. junll MUSIC" CHARLOTTE, IM. C. BflANCK of Xj XT ID 13 33 TNT tfk a rji-fnc lj sjB "?S3 mmamam ifgt9T4f MUSICHDUBCfct: 1 ammmsBaaaaaaaaaaami tsbw WltttfUlfVtnfVJJmA aAAAi , i awsaaaaaaaaaaaaaamnV Thousands ot Musical Families ttroughout Nrth and South Carolina are Intending to purchftse PIANOS and OHGAN3 in the Fall, when cotton comes In. WHY WAIT? Buy at once, and enliven the long, hot SUMMER MONTHS with Music and ! Mid-Summer Under our Mid-Summer Sale, we offer to sell during the months of JUNE,. JULY, AUGUST and SEP TEMBER, 1882, PIANOS and ORGANS, of eveiy make, style and price, at our very lowest CAnh rates On PIANOS $25 Cash, Balance November 1st, 1882. On ORGANS $10 Cash, Balance November 1st, 1882. WITHOTTT IUTEEEST OH IF BALANCE CAN'T BE Longer lime will be given, with a reasonable increase price Included in this sale. Tell your musical friends Circulars. This sale closes October 1st 1882 Early t-lx (rt) years guarantee. Stool and Instructor Address PROF. WM. BAKER Is my authorized Tnner to this house. WAf CUE'S' and JUEWEIilf! W. A. TRUSLOW, JEWELER, KEEPS CONSTANTLY on WALTH AM AND In Gold and Silver Cases, all of which he fully Warrants Reliable Time Keepers. Business men know TTT 1 "TXIVtia And a good investment is to buy a Good Watch. If A few days and have It regulated. jun9 lm He can THE ONLY MEDICINE EITHER LIQUID OK DBT FOBS That Acts at the so me time on THSZIVEB, TEE BOWELS, I AffD TES SIDFS7S. WHY ARE WE SICK? Btcctute we allow these great organ to become dogged or torpid, and poltonoui o hvmort art therefor forced Into the blood that vumdoe expelled naturally. IT TaaaaaT aaammll ill ill IB maaammmll ammllal WILL SURELY CURE j KIDNEY DISEASES, LIVER COMPLAINTS, PII.IS, CS8TIPATIOS, rKINAKT BIBEA8C8, FKKALE WZAKKE8SE6 ' ASDNEKYOUS 9I80BBERS, by causing freeactioti Qf these organs and fettdrini their poteer to throw off disease. j Why suffer Billow palas and achesl ', TTav tormented with Piles,' Coastipatloal Way frigkteied em disordered nUdaeytf Whv'eadare aervoat or tick headaches! Use KTrjBTaWpBTaad' roies ia heaUh. ? It Is pnt ap In Dry Yeretakie rrav. ia Un eans ene packace ot which makes six quarts of medicine. , Also lalistUyena, very Caa- trated, for those that cannot readily prepare it. ' tfli acta witt; equa efficiency a either form. QEE ITOr.YODSDUUQai3T:.PIiICK, wi.e " WELLS, BIGHARDSOS A JlOy, Prop'a; (Wm Jead the dry poet-peJd.) T BimCOTOH, TT. JtaC IT! mm PER EXPRESS SEVERAL LINES OF GGf O O O e go GGQ OO OO ODD r d 0 D r d DDD O O O O O O O O 8S 1 o o O O OO OO "as8 a & WIlsMMXsM house; make the "HARVEST HOME" still more Joyful. Special Offer : AU? ABVASCE !U PRICE, PAID IN TOE FAI,1V of price. All Instruments of every grade nnd of It. Write us for Catalogues. Price Lists and purchase secures cash prices srid easy terms. with every Organ. Freight Dald both wars if no sale. . moBmitu Aiusio zzo-uso. and Repairer. AU work guaranteed. Send orders . V . H. McSMITH. HAND A WELL SELECTED STOCK OF ELGIN WATCHES, IS IwIOTNTETar"' your old Watch does not keep time, leave with give over one hundred references in the city. ,MiiVjalE. B Y Ylrtud of a flecretf of the Superior Court of Catawba eountr. made In the case of p. c. Shufordaod others, jlalntlfli, vs. A. M. Powea and others, defendants, at Spring Term, 1882, of Catawba county Superior Court,' the undersigned, as Receiver, will sell at public sale, at the Long Island Cotton Mills, on MONDAY, the BHD day of JULY., 1 882. .the. loliowlnc valuable Pronertv. to-wlt; ., . ' " T xne iactory or tne Long island cotton MUls, to gether with levh acres land. Including the entire water power ot seven feet head, factory building 60x40. two stories high, flouring and saw mills, store and cotton houses, blacksmith shop and five tenement houses, and the. following machinery : 1 picker, l Btt lncb double beater and tapper, (V 86-lnch 14 top fiat cards, raUway bead. 2 drawing liBLuca, o uciiYcnes cacu, nog irames (tfnaes berry make), alt in good order, 2 Danforth cap frames. 132 spindles, total number spindles 810, a ais?jb S4UU. ariauer, uuxicu auu oaimg press ; also a targe lot of old looms'.' nnniea. snntttnir jror more accurate and definlts description of the property and the. conditions of said sale refer ence Is hereby made to the decree above referred. riMaoMwenij ,,per -cent - oj purchase . money cash" and the balance to- equal In stalments of itaree months and elx months, bond . and approved - ecurlty aulred ot purchaser,- or the Kecelver ia by said , Decree eu thoilzedto. varyrterma, to .suit purchasera The neoeiver is aiso aoinonzea or taut' Decree to sell said property at print saleupon- such terms as v suaii oe agreeanpon between him and purchaser, ; ana uo iut eatenaui pnvaw oias umu oay oi sale. rersuus wismng to examine saia property will Ond Dr A. M. Powell and Mr: Levi Shutord on the premises, either rot , whom wW take pleasure in showing the came. Address ;rw . r . -s v-r- '.t. 1 aOHlirjOBB,Becelven Jun3ii5'j? . rLmcolnton, Lincoln county, N.C. : Co on Fuc if it I ' In- m. I P ft Kit 7 i I sit. Mr ,1 5 'M II f'J t i S i , 1 y ' 1$- s iff i Jr? ! 1 m x 1 lit if ! ' 3 it

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