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SOME FACTS GATHERED FROM CONSULAR REPORTS. American Goods in China The Fes tive Rabbit as a Multiplier and Fur Producer- Congressmen Anxious About the FencesPersonal Para graphs, Postal Points and Dots of In- " terest. Washington, June 19, 1882. The consular reports this month contain some matter of much interest to the South, especially on the subjects of cot ton and tobacco. For instance, Consul General Denny, at Shanghai, devotes his reports to American cotton Roods in China, and showsthat dating 1881 1,500 more bales of cottton were used than in the previous 7ear. A table gives the flgaresafca glance: ; ! Articles. 1880. '1881. Bales. -18,529 Bales. 26,203 22559 i 1.825 Drills....".:.. . Sheetings Jeans Canton flannel. J 28,098t 6 75i Total. 49,161 50.6C2 He gives an extract o a retrospect of the piece goods trade by a leading merchant wherein a, high compliment is paid. He says : "The sound and faithful character of the American manufacture has enabled the importers to be fairly firm and reso- ute throughout toe year, ana it be comes more and more evident that the Chinese consumer is fairly alive to the fact that a good, sound cloth is cheaper in.theJong run, tnan a Qiiea, tnougn nominally .cheap manufaptura Tbe American manufacturers are to be con gratulated on the stea'dg manner in which theX have abstained- fronne duciBg the cOstof their productions Jby the introduction, of - Sizing Into Ihe cloth, and itk ls becoming - more and more evident tnat Toenftiisn maser will havetofoilow thT example'lf he means to keep in the field. There will? necessarily alwava be a demand for cheap clotbl but ibis is only an item, not the, whole iraae.- Tbe Bussian beet sugar trade forms the subject t)f Consul General Stan ton's report, and he devotes much space to the matter of statistics, all showing that tiussian commerce is m a deplora ble condition, while the drain of pre cious - metals ami continues in una bated Quantities. From a table it is shown that during the season of 1880-'81 there were in operation in all Kusaia 236 sugar works, 196 being m liussiaii , and 40 in Polish Government. It has hitherto been tbe practice of the Russian Imperial Government to estimate, from existing data, the capa city of a sugar mill, and to collect the excise duty on the estimated without regard to the actual production. According to tnis estaoiisneu rule there were 83,846 tons (4,658,146 poods) of sugar Droduced. viz, 69,824 tons, (3,- 879,129 poods) in the Kussian and 14,022 tons (779,026 pooas) in me ronsn uov. ernment. The excise duty collected amounted to $1357,250. In consequence of the introduction of more perfect apparatus the actual ex ceeds by far the estimated production. Thus in tbe Kussian lue reiacion or the established standard to the actual production was as 1 to 2 76664, and in the Polish Governments as 1 to 17.653, so that the actual production of sugar was 217361 tons (12,103,415 poods), the Russian Government producing 193,163 tons (10.731.295 poods), and the Polish 24,698 tons (1,372,120 poods). The value of tbe production was $21,- 236,690, viz, $23,737,286 for the Russian and $3,499,208 for the Polisb worts. Of all the reports contained in tne consular reports that made by Con sul Griffin, of Auckland, New Zealand, is perhaps the most interesting ana re markable. It treats of the rabbit-skin trade of the country, and States that the country is in a fair way of being de- a . 1 1Ii.il Z vourea oy tnese seemingly mue mnu- cent animals. The increase in the quantity and value of rabbit skins exported from New Zea- and within tbe last few years, ne says, has been so great as to appear almost startling. Indeed the export of rabbit skins has swelled to sucn vase propor tions that it is now looked upon as one of the most profitable industries of the colony. Unfortunately, however, it is one of those industries which, strange as it mav aDDear. the people do not wish to see prosper, or at least prosper for any great length of time. The damage-done to the crops by the little animal that furnish the skins for export has been of such magnitude as to become the; sub ject of parliamentary legislation, When ine great; navrgawr . yaytaiu Cook first visited New Zealand the7 only and mammals found to be indit t-ious in the Islands were two varietitf; of the rat and one of the common, bat LSom naturalists, however, contend that the rat was not fonnd here, but this iew does not appear to be supporttd by any direct evidence. About twenty years ago there was probably not a single rabbltthroughout tbe length and breadth of New Zealand, save, perhaps, a few domesticated pets kept for the amusement of tbe children. According to tbe customs returns there were exported from this colony in one year over 8,500,000 rabbit skins, the value of which was $473,387. Thehonor of turning loose the first rabits appears to belong to ur. Menzies, oi ouuunauu, who liberated a few pairs of the" corn moon gray kind on some sand mounds in the neighborhood of Riverton, Scot land. This was done, it is said, amid a cartain amount of ceremony, a banquet beinsr crtven. and a number or speecnes mad to celebrate tbe event. Sport wa3 scarce at that time, and other rabbits, including some silver-grays, were iter ated, l nay muuipueu so last iui tiro people did not have to wart long, at least fnr that, kind of ffoort. They increased so rapidly, and the destruction wrought - " . 1 1 AA AU vi by tbem was Ot sucn a cuaracier, tuau in a few years it became a question whether the colonists, with their taocks and herds, should vacate the coiintry, or whether a systematic effort should be made . to exterminate the' pests. Whole tracts of hill country ,naa De- . m V M A. A. 2 OIaaam. come aeauaea oi vegeiauuii. .ouwp were dying by hundreds ana tnonsanas, One hill station on Lake waxatipa which maintained sneep,'was,in a short time, 80 deprived of vegetation that it could not support 6,000 The property destroyed by the rabbits is es timated by millions. One sheep farmer nnlv cot 900 lambs from 6,000 ewes; another, zj&uo rrom zu.uw; ana & tuna, a O .J .t- 2 1 only 700 from 10,000 ; and a fourth had . r -II no increase at au. The rabbit begins breeding at six months old, and in New Zealand, where t.hA climate is mild, the trees ever green. and where the grass grows allTSejyisar round, it begins earlier man uiati ana continue Q Jbreejf every month in the year. But eveu supppsln that a pair of aahhita do not breed of tener in this cli- mntft than In "Eniriand. whichJT& seven timeata year, tnd that they W P"ng forth eight young at atimeitnejr ould multiply in the course of four ..years to the number of a million ana aJLuarter. Various efforts-bave been adopted for tbe purpose ot "iesttoyinic tlilsa. pests. At first .jauierens kinas- jdi .prapsiwere used, but only,;wim jnounerenvsucc The next plan waa to. Jittnt toeaa down with dhes: and to shoot and hunt ithem m thaffei of trashes and ! ia broken land. This plan, although an excellent onenorfeaTdgd vlthas much favor as that fit fplsobJrigfltMnUTi Hundreds of mm and tfogiW fidw: employed, W -hcntinis rabbits in ihe Sdutnialandt, TTnan a.farmlnCanterburvl50 men were employed, and it was estimated, that the cost to the lessee wa3 about 4 cents for every rabbit skin obtained by tbe men. . ...... The following table shows the extent of the trade in rabbit skins exported from New Zealand since 1873 to 1881: Tears. Number. Value. 1873........ 36,718 $6,315 1874 56,504 9.S90 1875 111,142 19,565 1876 311,632 22,00 1877 918,236 43,150 1878... 636,409 167,300 1879 5,384,506 233,995 1880... 7,505,616 334,880 1881.... 8,514,685 473,870 Strange as it may seem large quanti ties of these skins find their way to the United States and many of the furs worn" by ladies, supposed to be seal skins, etc., are made of New Zealand rabbit skins. i POSTAL POINTS. The postoffice at Duntonsville. Edge field cotlnty S C, has been discontinued.. Man to isageneia court house. : The ite Of Stony Fork postoflBce, Watauga cotuity, "N C, has been changed two miles southeast. The name of the postoffice at Black Rock, Cleaveland county, N C, has been changed to Belwood; also Ore Hill, Chatham county, C. to . Mount Ver non Spring?. New Offices: Broad Shoal, Alexander county, N C, Thomas Little postmas ter; smiuiDurg, uoiumbus county, N C, Andrew J Smith, postmaster; Abney, Kershaw county, S C, James M Kirkley, postmaster; Haskell, Horry county, S C, Jno R Suggs, postmaster. Commissions sent: Dayton R Mid tret te, Lake Landing, NC; Samuel B Lumpkin, Chester CH.SC. Postoffice at Turner's Mountain, Sur ry county, has been discontinued; mail to Dobson. Star service changes North Carolina Jackson Springs to Shoe Heel; from July 1. 1882. curtail service to becin at : Patterson's Bridge, omitting " Jackson L Springs; decrease distance . 4 miles.. irrom same date embrace Oueensdale.' . bet Pike and Montpelier, increase dis tance 7 miles. Star service discontinued North Car-olina-Yadktnville to Rockford j from June 80, 1883, Mouth of Buffalo to Ap ple Grove; from June 30, 1882. Seuth Carolina Union to Mount Ta bor ; from J une 30, 1882. PERSONAL PARAGRAPHS. Col Sloan is meetiDg with much en couragement in collecting data for his forth comiug history ot the part Uorth C irolina pUyt d in the late war betwef n the .Slates. Several North Carolina Congressmen have been recently left in the lurch by a young man who represented himself as a North Carolinian, and on the strength of State connection borrowed sundry sums which he failed to return. M. W, Watson has been appointed ganger in the internal revenue district of South Carolina. The Washington Star in a complain mnner says: "Another year has1 rolled around, and the hot sun of another summer is fes tering disease in the pestilent river marshes, and still Senator Ransom's se lect committee on the river front shows no signs of life or disposition to make any exertion in behalf of the im provement they were specially deputed to take in hand. Has no member of uie committee stimoieni energy or in terest in tbe matter to secure a report before it is too late to get action this session? The committee is composed of Messrs. Ransom (chairman). Vest, Gorman, Jones, of Nevada, Kellogg, Conger, and Cameron, of Pa. Many watering pl?ce proprietors are advertising that the President will vis it their places this summer, but as vet the President has not decided where he will summer most nrobablv at Sol dier's Home near this city. Miss Minnie Iloge. daughter of Judge Hoge, is on a visit to Senator Vance's family. Less than a month ago a private let er from Judge Folk received here said that he was not in sympathy with the Independent movement and that he would not accept a nomination from the party. But the judicial bee buzzed in bis ear and he did. North Carolina members are anxious to return home to see whether their "fences" are in good repair. ut the 141,035 immigrants who arriv ed in this country during May there were from England and Wales. 13.404: Ireland, 19.747; Scotland, 8,015; Austria, 4,290; Belgium, 100; Denmark, 2,700; France, 645 ; Germany, 41,747 ; Hungary. 646; Italy. 5,141 ; Netherlands, 1,947; Norway. 7,161 ; Russia, 1,986; Poland, ,138; Sweden 19,372 Switzerland. 1.849: Dominion of Canada. 10.622: China. 4,861 ; and from all other countries, 664. making a total of 685,634 for the eleven months ended May 31. Advices received here are all to the effect that Judge Bennett will receive the Democratic nomination for Con gressman at large almost unanimous- y. laCKTJP. Fighting the Army Worm in Ohio. A dispatch from Warren county ..Ohio, says that tbe army worm is playing havoc with the barley in that section. Some of the farmers, attempted to get the advantage of the worms by harvest ing their barley, though green, but in this they are being defeated and have quit cutting, for the sheaf would no sooner be bound than the worms would gather on it, and as soon as the shock was put up they would cover it and eat the grain. Many are now trying anoth er experiment, with some apparent suc cess. A deep furrow is plowed in ad vance of the worms, and as fast as the worms come up to this furrow they fall in it, and a horse is attached to a og, and this log is dragged back and forth in this f tfrrom, ernjhiflg ths ene my. J One ortwo fanners are doing this work day and night. The corn is suffer ing with the barley, and the worms have also commenced on the wheat in some placer : ,V A Steamer Sinks, and AH on Board are Lost. San Francisco, June 20. Yesterday afternoon the British steamer, Escam bia, loaded with wheat, put to sea-bound forSL Vincents Fortngal. When five miles off the heads of the steamer cap sized and, hfc. t As far as known all on Doara were lost. lttsccUaueous, DOBBINS' STftRCHiPOUSH, An important dis covery, by whicl every family may grpf their linen that beautiful fin ish peculiar 'o fine . laundry work. Aokvour Grocer. J. B. TXSBBINS Phnadctphiaj Pa. . lOHAtEBV J KPECE fic 6 !KMS BHO Clu'lTe.!l ar uaisUv aaa radioall aared. Iwna. au. 1 (lMtint a nth. ax. 4- a S (aaausa lo eaeot a euro, unless la aersn eas&O St la a I- issiWtaatsrCiafa.osisaaysa: Ua. Ftmphlat iattti 'UK UU aww t 9Vt tui sealM appUoaUoo, won AN. How Sli )1 She Preserve Her Health and Beauty. One who has long investigated this subject gives the result, and is happy to say tbt it U found in Woman's "Best Friend." It is adapted especially to that great central, all-control'lng organ, the womb, correcting its disorders, and eurlng any ir regularity of the "menses." or "courses." Dr. J. 3radfield' Female Regulator acts like a charm lh whites, and In sudden or gradual checking, or In entire stoppage of the "monthly courses," from eotd, mental trouble, or like causes, by restoring the natural discharge In every instance. In chronic eases, so often resulting in ulceration, falling of the womb, its action is prompt a- d decisive, sav ing the constitution from numberless evils and premature decay. Prepared by Dr. J. Bradfinld, Atlanta, Ga. Price: trial slxe. 75c ; large size, 81-50. For sale by all druggists. Hem gtttycrttscmctttB. TFrom the Toledo Blade. 1 SURPRISING EFFECTS Or IXTRACT OF CELERY AND CHlJIO.niLE UPON THE NERVOUS SYSTEM and DIGESTIVE ORGANS, As Invariably Produced by Dr. C. W. Renaoat'av Celery and Chamo mile Pill. 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Tie Greatest Xaalcal DImototj SlaM taa Bsva of HIsUrT. tyit revives tba drooping spirits, invigorates and harmonises the organic functions, gives elasticity and' firmness to the step, restores ths natural lustre to the ere, and plants on the paja cheek of woman the fresh rosea ef life's spring and early summer time. l3PPhystchHis Use It and Prescribe It Freely "t It removes falnt&aea, flatulency, destroys all craving tor stimulant, and relieves weakness ot the stomach. That leellng. of baariug down, causing pain, weight and backache, is always permaneutlT cured by its use. For the ewe f Kidney OoaapuUata af either aex ' tMa Ceeapavas! fa aasurpaaaed. I.TDIA E. PrVKHAiri BLOOD PURIFIER will eradicate every vestige ot Humors from the Blood, and give tdnlmd sfaenulU to the system, of aoan woman or child. Insist on having it, Both the Compound and Blood Purifier are prepared 4 tt3 and 239 Western Avenue, Lynn, Mass. Price of afther.Sl. Six bottles for $5. 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CONSTIPATION, rtUXAftT DISEASES, TEXALB WEAKSESSXk, AKS KERYOCS DIS6R9 EBV i ewHugJr Wtyo of these organs and W8(fiiIAWo toAfwoJf dioi -jx f- Whv wfficr BlHoas palas and aches? 5, Wky tormeaud wltk ruet, vomrapauoai Why fHgkied over dlsoTdered EIdairs! . WkTjsatyro " 9t sick meaaaenesr ' rKniNCT-WOJtTandriA. iIttoDa4iB, ary TaciUa .Faay aans oa paokage of vrhich makes six auarta af I medlclna. "-Also In liquid Farm, vary ComeeV I irated, tor tkoea that tanaot nadllx prepare &. LerPv"wtoeitbavfirBi. got rr or tour druggist, price, $t.oe (ma send the dry post-paid-) .. BTOLDMnO Tt. 7T JkaL. the on lyvm edicit7e II ! VSBAL LINES OF GGG OO OO TtD G G O O O O 1 D G OOOOUU GO O O ' O O . D D GGG OO OO UDD S8SS HOUSE, make the "HARVEST HOME" still more Joyful. Special Offer : m ADVANCE IH PRICE, PAID IN THE FALL, with every Organ. Freight paid both wars If no sale. . . , .. XaO.OISXXa.lTJl JVLUSIO JE10U80. and Repairer. All work guaranteed." Send orders - m McSXITH. . .. HAND A WELL SELECTED SlOCK OF ELGIN WATCHES IB MONET your old Watch does, net keep awns, leave with give over one hundred references in tbe city. ." ' ' .' " BY Virtue of a decree of .the SupO-lor Court of Catawba county, made la the- case of P. C. rJhufordand others, plain tifls, vs. A. M. Poweil and others, defendants, at Spring Term, 1882, of Catawba county 8npertoi Court, f.h undersigned, as Receiver, will sell at public sale, at tbe Long Island Cotton Mills, on MONDAY, the 8RD DAY of JULY, 1882, the following valuable Property, to-wlt: h The factory of tbe Lonj Island Cotton Mills, to gether with low acres land, including the entire water power or seven few neaa .factory nniding O0I4U, two stones mgu, nounng, ana saw mills, store and cotton houses, blacksmith shoD and fire tenement housesv antl. fhs loUowirjf machlnea : l picKer, : i oo-incn uouoie Deitec and upper, 86-lnch 14 top flatards railway head. 3 drawing frames, 6 deliveries each. .4 ricg frames (Brides berry make), all in good order, 2 Danforth cap fvBMaai 1 &9 Bnltuflaa: tntnA riamtwirt an1ndla RI ri .1 Travis card grinder, bunch and! baling press; also a- large lot of 'old -looms.- pulhetr abaitlng, rot more accurate ana uenmte oescrrpuon oi the pronertr and thoondltlotof said aaie refer ence is hereby made to the decree shove referred. -xuuuTwentr-tpervesnt ioc:-n purchase money eash 2nd f tin . balanoa . in r equal In stalments pi .three months 1 and "six months, bond i.andil toptotexli ejedttt rulred of purchaser, or the Reeelyer. is by said. Decree au thorfcred to- varr terms-tdsuii panthasera The Receiver soso aotnonrea oysaui Decree to sell said property at prtvafe sale; tpon 'such terms as hal 1 be B greed bprm fietrten-blci end rorchaser. ana ne wm entertain pnvita bids until day oi sale. find Dr Ai M. Powell and Mv Levi Shut ord on the premises, sitner ot wnom win tase pleasure in showing ihe oame, Addresav.' c '. vt r;i . .4PHNL.COB, Receiver, v JunSi TI ; tlneolntoni Lincoln county, N. C i: ill nil n l! mi i ir as f 4ii ill t I 4 "J 5 1 v 1 I 1 111 ;-i m I 4: l 1: sT -if

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