North Carolina Newspapers

Mala la. Chi! Is and Fevrr, nd Bilious attacks
positively cured with Emory's utannard Cure Pill
an lnUJtble remedy; uever fall to cure tbe
most obstlaat. loiiB-standltig caxe, causing no
griping or purging: they re mild and efficient,
certain In Uielr action and harmless In all cases:
t&ey effectually clause thus stem, and give new
life and tone to the bodr. as a household reme
dy they are uneqialed For Liver CouiplaUit their
equal is not known: one box will hae a wonder
ful effect on the worst case. They are ued and
prescribed by Ph slcians, and sold by Druggists
everywhere, 25 and 60 cent boxes. Emory's Lit
tle Catharic Pills, best ever made, only 1 5 cents
Standard Cure 'o., 1 14 Nassau street, Sew York.
jun21 d eod 6un&w
Scattering- Foriuot' Favor.
Fortune may be easily wooed rnd won by pur
chasing a ticket In tbe next drawing of the Com
monwealth Distribution Comoany. which will be
held June 80ih, at Louisville, Ky.. under the
auspices of promln-nt citizens. The drawings are
lair, the scheme popular. Purcbnse your tickets
at once. Whole tickets J2, halves $l. Address
H. M. Boardman, Louisville, Ky.
JIy Tormented Back"
is the exclamation of more than one poor hard
working man and woman. Do you know why It
aches? It Is because y ur kidneys are overtask
ed and need strengthening, and your system needs
to be cleansed f bad humors. Kidney-Wort is
the medicine you need, "it acts bke a charm,"
ays a well known physician. '"I never knew it to
fall " Liquid or dry so.d by druggists. Boston
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies". A marvel of purity
strength and wholes- men as More economlca
than the ordinary Kinds, and cannot be sold In
competition with the multitude of low test, short
weight, a urn or phosphate powders. Sold only in
ot23 New York.
Sole Agent, Charlotte, N. C.
A great many people are asking
what particular troubles Brown's
Iron Bitters is good for.
It will cure Heart Disease, Paral
ysis, Dropsy, Kidney Disease, Con
sumption, Dyspepsia, Rheumatism,
Neuralgia, and all similar diseases.
Its wonderful curative power is
simply because it purifies and en
riches the blood, thus beginning at
the foundation, and by building up
the system, drives out all disease.
A Lady (fured of Rheumatism.
Baltimore, Md., May 7, 1880.
My health was much shattered by
Rheumatism when I commenced
taking Brown's Iron Bitters, and I
scarcely had (Strength enough to at
tend to my daily household duties.
I am now using the third bottle and I
am regaining strength daily, and I
cheerfully recommend it to all.
I cannot say too much in praise
of it. Mrs, Mary E. Brashbar,
173 Prestmanst.
Kidney Disease Cured.
Christiansburg, Va., j88i.
Suffering from kidney disease,
from which I could get no relief, I
tried Brown's Iron Bitters, which
cured me completely. A child of
mine, recovering from scarlet fever,
had no appetite and did not seem to
be able to eat at all. I gave him Iron
Bitters with the happiest results.
J. Kyib Montague.
Heart Disease.
Vine St., Harrisburg, Pa.
Dec 2, 1881.
After trying different physicians
and many remedies for palpitation
of the heart without receiving any
benefit, I was advised to try Brown's
ron Bitters. I have used two bot
tle and never found anything that
gave me so much relief.
Mrs. Jennib Hess.
For the peculiar troubles to which
ladies are subject, Brown's Iron
BrrTERS .is invaluable. Try it.
Be sure and get the Genuine.
Another Car Loa(
TV trodersumefl offer tor wXTrhS:
J. buildlnei and rrounas in mo r.r-r.
' lotUS, N. C.; where toe M. & ""JL.VCT ?Z
JIM years, the Carollnt Military Jnstltute ba
: . . anara iiir vud ,uo
IMMn IUnl rjr .,.... j. . - -
: ne Duiiaingi ana erounus nm
no wnere in th Hnntn are mere nu bumv.
he Charlotte (Dbsmjer.
Index to New Advertisements.
P. B Rufin-Notlee.
T. P. L Teacher of Languages
LeRoy Davidson- Fresh (ieorgl Melons.
Suiglcal instruments Lost - eee notice
J G Shannonhnuse -Millets.
F. H. Glover Notice.
tW Mr. B. C. P. Burnett, of Clear
Creek township, has a fine mare and
colt that he will sell cheap.
The Newton normal school open
ed yesterday with over one hundred
scholars in attendance. The prospects
for the school are bright.
ISsT A party of sports went out bull
frog hunting yesterday afternoon and
returned to the city with twenty-eight
of the greenbacked beauties.
EdtTThe water from the hydrants
yesterday was as clear and sparkling
as if from a spring. The works will be
turned over to the city this evening.
The one o'clock and ten minutes
day train from the North got in yester
day an hour late, which is doing better
than it has done the past few days.
OF"Tiie Observer returns thanks to
the committee for an invitation to at
tend the grand annual basket picnic at
Abernathey's grove, Mt Holly, on July
ESFIhe Carolina Central excursion
to Smithville is to be a big thing the
biggest of the season. Capt. Finchwas
busy yesterday answering inquiries by
mail and selling tickets.
tt"The opening ball at Glen Alpine
Springs came off last Tuesday night
and was a grand affair. Mr. Harrison
Watts, of this city, was one of the hon
orary managers.
W The second of the series of pub
lic debates by the Literary and Debat
ing club will come off on Thursday
night, the 29th inst., instead of to-night
as first announced.
EThe grand lodge of Good Samari
tans is holding its sessions in the court
house. The business of the meeting
will not be concluded before Friday
JEir'Mr. Charles Butt, of this city, is
spoken of in a very complimentary no
tice in the Cisco (Texas) paper, at
which place he is now located. He has
been training the Cisco brass band and
the editor was carried away with the
first public performance the band gave.
AST A note to Tins Observer from the
Hygeia hotel, states that a german was
given at that place Tuesday night by
the artillery school, of Fortress Mon
roe, complimentary to the ladies and
guests of the hotel. There are already
four hundred guests at the Hygeia.
There was a good deal of excite
ment over the chase after a mad dog
in the eastern part of the city yester
day evening. The rabid animal bit a
ot of dogs and a goat as it ran. It was
chased as far as Mr Baxter Moore's
farm, where it was lost from its pur
tW The colored woman who cooks
for Mr. Frank Snider, came to Dr.
Wilder Tuesdny, to have her headjsew-
ed up. The green-eyed monster bad
taken possession of her and she accused
her husband of applying his affections
to another woman, whereupon he
knocked her down with a lamp. Her
head was badly cut. .
Mr. Bagwell and His People.
The official board of Tryon Street
church have granted their pastor Rev.
J. T. Bagwell a leave of absence for
one month in which to recover from
his recent throat affection, and his con
gregation and friends have presented
him with a handsome purse to defray
his expenses during his vacation. He
leaves for Cleaveland Springs this
Information Wanted.
About the 9th day of last September
a young man about 16 years old, named
Fritz Millershan, left Charlotte and
when last heard from was in Little
Rock, Arkansas. If this should meet
his eye, or the eye of any one who is
acquainted with him, he or they will
do a favor to his mother, Mrs. C. B,
Millershan, of Charlotte, N. C, if they
will furnish her the postoffice address
of her boy. Little Rock, Ark., and
other Western papers please copy.
A Sensational Report.
The associated press agent for this
State, whoever he is, sent out a fine tale
in the press dispatches last night in re
gard to the shooting
of the ne?rowo-
man last Saturday
Inight. Of course
he made it up from The Observer's
report, but how man can take a news
paper and deliberately pervert the facts
of an article, as was done in this case,
like the ways of Providence, is beyond
comprehension. The facts were bad
enough, but to magnify and sensation
alize the case is just going a little too
A Novel Entertainment.
For two months past the Gleaners, a
society of the young people of the Char
lotte Baptist church, haye been engag
ed with "little brown jugs," collecting
money for the new church building.
They propose to give an entertainment
to-morrow (Friday) night at Oates
Hall, when these lues will be broken in
public, and the amounts announced.
The programme includes a concert ex
ercise, some excellent singing and capi
tal jug song. Tickets 15 cents each, or
two for 25-cents, and they can be had
from the Gleaners, or at the door. The
ladies aid society will have ice cream
for sale at reasonable prices
' MH
Primary Cpnyentipns .
Morning Star township, this county,
hpM its Drimarv convention last Satur
day and appointed the following dele
gates to attend the Mecklenburg coun
ty convention, which meets in Char
lotte on the 28th : J S Reid, S B Smith,
Dr H B Massey, jf R Morris, J W Mor-r.-,a
r t. T.inrtaAv and J W Hood. The
iiof - j :
HaI aerates were not instructed.
The primary convention in South
Point towBShlp. uaston county, enaors
ai RhinD for Judge, Bennett for con
w rpskmari-at-larte. and Grier for solicit-
or.1 GMton8 county convention, meets
on meruit? ?.
Lincoln will hold her county; conven
tion on the 26th; and Cabarrus on the
vDiracu""1 -
MtmmenM with 8 eofagh. cold, or unusual exertion
.ottne TOloe.cTnesi taolplent Bjnjptom are al
layed toy the nse of v3rown's Bronchial Trocnes,"
A Preacher's Intention.
A friend i rom Fort Mill writes that
the Rev. B. C. Covington, of that place,
has invented and patented an instru
ment for kindling fires, which is very
simple, and is likely to come into as
general use as the indispensable shovel
and tong. It answers the triple pur
pose of a blower for kindling fires, a
fender for protecting against fire in an
unoccupied room, and a screen for cov
ering the open fire-place from view in
the summer. He has had applications
for several State rights.
A Saucy Prowler.
About 12 o'clock Tuesday night a
negro man to whose leg dangled a
chain, was found prowling about the
premises of Mrs. Thomas Gilford.
While he was making a leisurely inspec
tion of the premises young Mr. Gifford
fired at him from a window of the
house. Policeman Orr and Irwin ap
peared upon the scene at this time and
commenced a search fdr the negro.
While they were hunting about the
yard the negro stood in the middle of
the street and heaved a couple of rocks
at them. The officers gave him a hot
chase, but he evaded them. The rascal
is supposed to be an escaped convict-
Blackberry Picker Killed by the Train.
As engineer Fred Krogg's train pass
ed Seneca City on the Air Line road
yesterday morning on its way to Char
lotte, an object was seen lying beside
the track which the engineer at first
supposed to be a bag, but not being ex
actly satisfied, he stopped his train and
went back to examine it, when the sup
posed bag turned out to be a little ne
gro boy. The little fellow had been
picking blackberries and had sat down
by the track to rest himselfand it was
supposed that he fell asleep. ! He was
run over by the train bound for Atlan
ta, Which had passed about fifteen min
utes previously. The boy's head was
crushed, but when engineer Krogg
found him he was still breathing. He
was placed in charge of competent at
tendance, but died soon after the train
The Hornets' Nest Stirred Up.
There seems to be quite a revival of
military interest in the city and a
movement is on foot looking to the or
ganization of one of the largest com
panies in the State. The Hornets' Nest
company to be urorked over, receive
new members, new equipments and
elect new officers. Ifc is proposed to
elect Colonel Ham. C. Jones captain
and Messrs. A. G. Brenizer and Sam
Pegram first and second lieutenants, as
it is understood that these gentlemen
have agreed to take charge of the new
company in this capacity. The compa
ny will still retain the old name and
under the new regime will muster
about fifty-five men, the pick and flower
of the city. In order to have the com-
pany so ably officered, all the former
officers have decided to enter the ranks
as privates. The new Hornets bids fair
to be tbe crack company of the State
Haywood White Sulphur.
The next meeting of the North Caro
lina Press Association is to be held at
the Haywood White Sulphur Springs,
one mile from Waynesville, and from
the description which we have of the
place and its surroundings, the editors
will be delighted with the selection. It
is on an altitude of 2,716 feet above the
sea level, and is in the midst of the
great Balsam Mountains, ranging from
5,000 to 6,425 feet, all of which are of
easy access and from two to ten miles
distant. The hotel is situated on the
banks of Rickland Creek, a beautifuh
dashing trout stream, in a most charm
ing valley, as free from malaria as the
peaks of the Rocky Mountains. It is
surrounded with extensive grounds of
shade and lawns. The scenery from
the hills on the premises is extensive
and beautiful, with shady walks and
pleasant drives, while the whole sur
rounding country is most inviting to
those in search of health or pleasure.
A Fever-Stricken Excursionist.
Yesterday morning about 10 o'clock
the police discovered a oolored man ly
ing under the platform of the old Rock
Island factory, delirious and suffering
with a burning fever. Dr. Wilder was
summoned and after making an exam
ination pronounced the case to be ty
phoid fever and had the negro removed
to the mayor's office for treatment. He
remained insensible all day yesterday,
with but little signs of improvement.
Who the negro is and where he came
from are questions that can not be an
swered. Some of the colored people.
who saw him after he wa discovered
by the police, recognized him as one of
the excursionists who arrived in this
city last Tuesday, but could not say at
what place he boarded the train. He
is being cared for in the city and will
receive the best treatment possible.
A Dead Excursionist.
A young colored man who arrived in
this city on the excursion Tuesday
evening, was found dead in a room at
Peeble's hotel, on Collega and 5th
streets, last night. Peebles states that;
the boy's name was Tom Macon and he
was noticed lounging around the depot
after the train came in Tuesday. He
appeared to be sick and was asked if he
did not want to go to a boarding house,
and on replying that he did, Peebles
and several companions started up
town with him. They had not gone
far before Mason ran into the middle
of the street and fell. They picked
him up and helped him ag to Pee
ble's house. H remained in bed all
day yesterday and at night, when the
cook went to take him his sujpper, he
was found lying doubled up on the
floor, dead. Peebles states that he was
in the room at 4 o'clock and talked
with the boy, who complained of being
very sick at that time. Some of the
excursionists state that he was put on
the train at Salisbury, by a man who
gaye him a ticket. An inquest will be
held to-day.
Forty Tears' Experience of an Old Nurse.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup is the prescrip
tion of one of the best Female Physicians and
NiirafM in4he United States, and has been used
for forty yean with neyer-Iailing safety and suc
cess, by millions of mothers and children from the
feeble infant of c e week-klte the adult. I
correct" aoidity of the storaach, , relieves wind
colic, regulates the bowels, and gives rest, health
and Mtmfart to mother and child, we believe it
the best and surest . remedy in the world, in all.
cases of Dysentery -ana juiarrncea - in cuuaren,
whether it arises from teething or from any other
cause, lruu directions ior using wm accompany
each bottle. " None genome unless the fao-sjinil?
of Curtis jfernns, is on me ouuiae wrapper.
- Sold by all medicine daaleji. ,25, cts k bottle.4
. Dvlay la Danccrons. " W
DonH wait any longer, but send by n&t mall and
purchase a ticket In Commonwealth Distribution
-tympany, era wins dune limn xic.evs omy
A Hen With the Hysterics.
A peculiar case was reported yester
day by officer Stephens, and as a hen
story it takes the belt, yet withal it is
true. One of Mr. Stephens' neighbors
has a hen that, one month ago, began to
cackle just like a hen does when she
lays an egg, and since that time poor
biddy has not been able to cease her
song. Night and day she goes it, not
even stopping to eat, but cackles be
tween swallows. She sits on a pole in
the hen house and has now become too
weak to walk. Har cackling is kept up
all night, as well as all day. It is a fun
ny case, but it is all true. It is an in
teresting case for hen doctors. Who
can explain it ?
News from the Mines.
Mr. Wm. R. Cochrane, the veteran
miner, yesterday exhibited a collection
of gold lumps to the amount of ten
ounces, the fruits of two weeks labor
at his Prince mine in Polk county.
A party of Philadelphia capitalists
have purchased the Hopewell mine in
this county, and are now working it on
an improved basis, with new machinery
and all necessary appliances.
The old St. Catherine mine iust be
low the Air-Line depot, has been
bought by New York parties and Mr.
G. W. Pitcher placed in charge of it.
He is now pumping out water prepara
tory to opening and working the shaft.
This mine is one of the oldest and best
in the country. The shaft is located
just beside the track, a short distance
from the depot.
Hotel Arrivals Yesterday.
Central. Rev C II Wiley, Winston ;
W T Linton, Baltimore; J C Calhoun,
Bennettsville, S C; Erwin Harris, Con
cord ; R T Cansler, Gaston county ; H
C Cowles, statesville; J E Cowles,
Johnston, S C; D E Allen, city; A Mc
Quinn, Red Banks, N CrG W Laney,
Cherew.S C; N Gilbean, Moss Neck, N
C ; N II Smith, Va; J E Ray , Raleigh ;
J D Hardin, N C ; S A Morton, Monroe ;
Miss Florence Scroggs, Monroe; C A
Hamner, C H Tileston, New York; W
C Mason, wife, child and servant, Lo
well, N C ; Thos C Peek, New York ; P
M Courtney, Richmond, Va; Wm II
McDonald, Raleigh ; F M Ironmonger,
Jr., Richmond, Va ; J A Pender, Atlan
ta, Ga; Z DeF Ely, Philadelphia; J A
McCool, Atlanta, Ga; D D Gaston,
Black's, S C ; R A Fulp, Fort Mill ; R C
G Love, Gaston county ; A Burwell, N
C; A Anderson, Washington, D C; Jaa
T J Davis, Washington, D C; W G
Hammer, Baltimore; J C A Branan,
Atlanta, Ga; Wm V Walsh, New York;
Mrs S A Caston, Miss Lillie Carlisle, L
E Caston, Spartanburg, S C.
Charlotte. T F Allison, Lava
nia; Mr3 AM Peterson, Greenyille, S
C; WW Kuowles, S S McKean, John
Carrigan, J W Roddick, R C Strudwick
Atlanta; Dr I J Sloan, county; J H
McElwee, W II Stockton, Statesville;
NSnowdell, New York;C H Bern
heim, Lexington; L L Marshall,
Charleston ; F G Faigly.Charlottesville,
Va; S J Patrick, Nashville, Tenn; L
N Mason, II J Wade, C G Good, Wash
ington, D C; L L Munn, Baltimore; C
C Pugh, L C Wallace, Richmond; G F
Farley, L M Henry, Bainbridge, Ga;
G W Maring, Lilesville, N C; CL Ir
win, Concord.
IIrfurd' Acid Pltokpbate in Sea
bicktoesa. 8 8. PARK KB, Wellington. O.. says- "While
cro sing Lake Krle, I gave It to some fellow pas
sengers who were seaalck, and it gave immediate
And Is unequaleu as a TONIC. It will oure Rheu
matism, Cancer in its early stages, Bean Disease,
Chronic Bilious colic, Eruptions, tkln and Blood
Gov. Ilolden'a Opinion.
Raleigh. N. C, Dec. 2d, 1880.
I take Pleasure in statin e that a member of mv
family has used Mrs. Joe Person's Indian Tonic
with good results. I believe her remedy to be ex
cellent for the purposes for which it H intended.
Judge Strong' Opinion.
Raleigh, N. C Pec. 1st, 188a
Mrs. Joe Person:
Madam Some m .nths a&o I was in bad health.
suffering from debility, lndleecUon and loss of
appetite, when a friend who bad experienced great
benefit from use of your remedy, induced me to
try it as a tonic. I did so with the most happy re
sults. I take great pleasure in recommending it
as a valuable and efficient Vegetable Tonic, and
wisn you mucn success.
Very respectfully,
Newbern, September 6 th, 1881.
I have used Mrs. Joe Persons Tonic for ppneral
debility consequent upon living in a low eountry,
ana iouna great oenent irom it as an appetizer
which gave tone to the stomach
After O titer means had Failed.
Oxford, N. C, February 2d. 188a
Mrs. Joe Person's Remedy cured our little eirl.
who wag badly afflicted with scrofula in the eyes,
tuier au otner avanaDie means naa iauea.
I am prepared to PROVE that I have discovered
the vegetable antidote for Scrofula. My Remedy
will expel the disease irom the system, thus ren
dering it the best BLOOD PURIFIER known. I
have sold over 4,000 bottles, and have never re
ceived one unfavorable report Infallible for
Scrofula and Eruptions. Sold and endorsed by
the Druggists of North Carolina. Send for circu
lar containing testimonials of remarkable cures. testimonials come, npt irom tne iar west
or the Territories, but frrjm well known citizens
of your own State. Ask your druggist for my
Remedy. Price 81 per bottle; $5 per half dozen.
For further Information, address
Junl6 Frankllnton, N. C.
Teacher of LaDgaages.
A TEACHER of many years experience in this
department desires a position to teach En
glish, Ancient Languages, German, French, Span
ish, Italian. Address the Editor, or T. P.
104 Monroe alreet, Richmond, Ya.
North Carolina Railroad Company.
Secretary and Treasurer's Ofllce
Company shops, N. C, June 20th, 1882.
THE Thirty-third annual meeting of the stock
holders of this company will be held in Raleigh
on Thursday, July 13th, 1882.
Stockholders desiring to attend can get tickets
for themselves and the Immediate members of
their families (WIFE and CH1LDRKN LIVING
UNDER THEIR ROOF) by applying to the under
signed. P. a KTJFFIN.
un22 until 13 July Secretary.
EITHER in Charlotte or on the road to Sugar
Creea church, a pocket case ot Surgical In
struments, manufactured by Shepherd A Dudley.
The finder will be suitably rewarded by returning
them to THIS OFFICE.
Jun22 m
A LOT of Fresh German and Hunnrtan MU
xi. let Seeds. Can be sown till 15th of August,.
Will duplicate New : York and Baltimore prices,
freight and draj age added.
vrh- v.-i-q i GvSaAKNONBOtSE, Agent
TBS Regular Meeting of JPhalanx Lodge, fo.
1 81. A. F. A A. M., will he held in their hall,
If Hsonio Temple Building, on Saturday, et John's
ay,tfity o'clock - -:
Installation ot officers on Saturday at EVi Celoobt
p. m. All Master Masons In good standing ctr
JUNE 26th, 1882,
WilmiDgton, Sniilhville,
On the occasion of the OPENING of
The following exceedingly low rates will rffer
full opportunity to viit this MOST DELIGHTFUL
BF.S0RT, where all the enjoyments incident to a
life on the rieashore may b found: Rates for the
Shelby, :::::: )
Cherryville. : : : : : V$3 50
Llncolnton, : : : : i
Iriontfrn. ::::::': 1
Brevards, :::::: ,Mn.
Tuckasge, ::;::: rt-UU
Charlotte. :::::; J
Matthews. : : : : '
Monroe, :!::: o.50
Beaver Dam. : ; 1
Polkton. :::::: Sr00
Wadesboro, ::::::)
Lilesville, :::::: 1
Pee ree. $4.50
Rockingham, : : : )
Hamlet, ::::::: $400
Laurel Hill.
; : : 83.75
: : : , : $3.5(1
: : : : S 1 25
: : : : : $3.00
: : : 3 00
: $2 50
Shoe Heel, :
Red Banks,
Moss Necir,
Clarkten, :
North West,
r$2 00
1st, lNKLUrfl VK Ample accommodations will
pr)vidd aup a complete trip is asred,
Is bartered for the occasion and will visit all the
celebrated HdHIfiG GROUNDS near Smithville.
Tr Ins will leave DOlnts nnmd nr.
regular hours as appointed for Trains Nos. 2 and
4. arriving In Wilmington at 8 50 a. m.. in ample
time to connect with the Boat Tickets must be
purchased of agents at stations, as no tickets will
be sold on the Trains.
Jun21 5t Gen'l Pass. Agent
S aj ee 08 C Ci.c.Q,
;t : r : : : r
T3 O
H .
cm c
s ja a :s
s l o 5 5 Sd
s as oaaaae as a
ic o? c o cci a o c o io
c oi io -h us co o -i o to
n r a x r- io ti d
Z, z t t : 1 z :-r
u, op
4 J
. o
-3 o
C -! O 03 " 55
Train No 1
Connects at Salisbury with R. & D. R. R. from all
points North and South and from Raleigh. Pull
man Palace Sleeping Car from Greensboro' to
Henry's. Connects at S atesvllle with A,. T. & O.
Division of C.,C. 5c A. R. R. with Sleeping Oar
from Charleston, S C, to Henry's. Open obser
vation cars run over the mountain both ways be
tween Henry's and Warm Springs, affording a
magnificent day-light view of the Mountains and
French Broad river. Connects at Warm Springs
with train of E Term , Va. & Ga. R. R. for Morris
town and points South-West.
Train No. 4
Connec s at Warm Springs with E.T.,Va & Ga R R.
Pullmai Sleepers from Henry's to Greensboro',
und Sleeping Cars from Hemy's to Charleston. S.
C. Connects at Statesville with A.. T. A O. Dlvi
sion of the C. C. & A. R. R. anJ at PalUbury wi;h
R. 4 R R. X foe a 1 points North and South.
Throng-h Ticketa
cn sale at Salisbury, Statesville, Ashevllle and tfae
Warm Springs to all principal cities.
Summer excursion tickets on sale from all
points North and South.
Jun2 1 Auditor, e. F. & P. Agent
Pine Apples,
Crystal Ice Cream, at
tiOR more than halt a century has grown steadj
X1 ly In re:ute as a medicinal agent in a wide
Ring" of Chror.ic diseases. Multitudes of women
can ifsMfv to its unsurpassed efficacy in the re lef
and i-ure of tho. e ailments peculiar to thoW sex
In 5fcs vailed and most distressing ferms Is cured
yield most rapidly, and permanent cures result.
Bottled in its natural state, direct from the
SDrincs. which are beautifully located in Sock
bridge county, Va., and are open for the reception
of visitors from June 1st to October 1st, each
year; capacity, 1,000 guestv
For sale, wholesale and retail by Br J. EL Mo
ADEH and Dr. T. Cj. SMITH, Charlotte, N. C,
ASecoa-i-hand Bicycle, but little use Apply'
Jun28 8t Dealer in Hardware, Ac
- - ' "
A WASblSQTON Hand Press and material for
xx a7-column newdpaper. Address .
I. . - - ,t; v p(iiwfipwv
Our Large Business necessitates very early prepara
tions for the Coming Seasons, hence we are now making
extensive preparations for the Coming Fall.
As we still have quite a Stock of SUMMER GOODS
and must have the room, we will offer our entire well as
sorted Stock for the Next Sixty Days at such
as will leave no doubt upon the mind of the purchaser
that he has obtained
TJizs is ne sensaticmal advertimm&nt, btt we m&xti busi
ness. Everybody is aware that oar Stock embraces all
the needs of the people of this country and we can furnish
a complete outfit for both sexes and all ages.
Dry Goods Dealers and Clothiers.
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ait $nM-
dDoDD8 oUcoDd
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