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Wheeler's Brashness J ude
Bennett Introduces a Bill for
the Belief of Omer "
and Prof.Hanna,of the the Mint
-No Bankruptcy Bill to b
Passed this Session- Personal.
Correspondence of Thb Obsbbvsb.
Washington, I). O., June 7. Gen.
Wheeler is a little brash. Several
times recently he has assailed Ed
win M. Stanton, in the House. His
- attack on Friday night at the session
intended for private pension bills
was printed in' extenso in the
last number of the. Congressional
Record. This morning Judge Kelly
made a motion to expunge the speech
from the Record, or to prevent its
Dublication in ! future editions. He
said he should submit someremaiks
This war episode was followed by
reconciliation between Messrs. Crisp
and Holman.. judge Crisp's hand
some retraction of harsh words utter
ed in debate Saturday was accepted
in (M same spirit by Judge Holman.
The latter then went over to the
Georgian's seat and shook his hand,
both in meetiDg and leaving him.
The vote in the Senate this after,
noon pa the reference xf the oleos
.margarine bill is regarded as indica-
'- tjve of a close vote in that body when
.-She rfts&Stys comes up in its
passage. nt b
" mittee on Agriculture in preferenoe
to the Finance committee by a vote
: of 22 to 21. One Senator who voted
to refer to the Agricultural commit
tee said afterwards t'oat he should
vote against the bill. Senator Beck
says privately that the bill will not
pass without tariff amendments- He
mean's to put on free salt, &c. '
Judge Bennett introduced ;today
three relief bills of some public inter
est, one of these for the relief of the
postmaster at AlbemarlC the, other
two for the relief - of officers C. J.
Cowles and Hanna, of the Charlotte
. mint. . Col. Cowles introduced a
personal relief bill. -
Some of the North Carolina mem-,
bers, friendly to the measure, re
marked this morning in the hearing
of your correspondent that no bank
ruptcy bill would probably be passed
at this session. It is said that the
reason is the opposition of western
members, whose States have local
laws deemed sufficient.
News received here is favorable to
the re-nomination : of Col. W. J.
Green. But the rule requiring a
, twothirds vote will make it not
easy for his friends to secure the re
sult on the first ballot. Mr. Dortch's
' " candidacy is being pressed with ener
gy in a number of the counties.
' There, is nothing, new, or at least
- -definite, as to our public buildings.
The reports of the various sub -corns
mittees have been revised by what is
termed the revising committee of the
main committee. In the nature of
. things at the next call the State of
North Carolina will be reached. It
is not known at what day the com
; mittee will be called. But I have
r good authority for the statement
that whenever the State's opportuni
ty comes the Statesville. bill ' will be
the first acted upon. .
My last letter closed too . early for
" the vote on the Warden case. On
this question the delegation divided
- aa follows:. : Ayes, Messrs. Bennett,'
Henderson and Reid. Noes, Cowles,
, .. Cox, Johnston and Skinner. Not
yaCBag, Messrs. Green and O'Hara. :
I learn that a novel in reply to
- wThe Bread Winaers,'.' will appear ia
this oity during the present week,
wtten by Congressman Martin
F3ran, of Cleveland, Ohio. Mr.
Foran is a working man's advocate.
, He will, in the forthcoming books,
, which will bear his name on the title
- -page, pltftere lilt tstm the eteundpct-t
of the laboring man. The seene will
i b& laid in Cleveland.
Col. Green spent the latter part of
v the week in attendance on St Mary's
. commencement, Raleigh. His little
daughter is a student. . He returned
' to, the city yesterday. ; v?--
Mr; Heuderson obtained: leave of
. absence this morning on account of
the serious illness of his little boy.
Col, John L. Brown and wife called
here on their way to Washington
Territory, where Mrs. Brown's sister
. - resides. ' 1.
Mr. C. . M. McLoud, c of Asheville.
arrived yesterday.'-, Mr. Savage D.
Trenholm, of the same place, is a re,
cent arrival.
- Mr. M. M. Hunter, of Statesville,
- . and Mr. O. M. Sadler, of Charlotte,
have been here recently. : . j
: Lieutenant Gov. Stedman spent
' Sunday in town with his friends.
The Sen-
biilg on the
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- . iulylleodlv
Wheeler's Speech
Forth Sonre
guage from Kelly. ; f ; '
Washington, June 8. -Senat
In the Senate Mr. Murnll, from the
Committee on Finauce, reported the
bill creating an adduionalsecretary
of the treasury. He asked I the itn
mediate consideration of the bill, in
view, he said, of , an emergency
known to all Senators.
hv Mr. Hoar, the bill
went onJthe calendar, Mr. Hoar say
mg it was a bill of too much conse
quence to consider on the instant.
q Mr. Dawes offered a resolution
t.Vift RftrrGtarv of tne
Treasury for information as to tne
legal authority of the opinions and
decisions upon which was based the
action of the treasury in postponing
the collection of taxes on whiskey,
bonded forexport andmPrard
turned to this country in 1885 ana
1886 and other information m regara
to whiskey affected by such treasury
action. Agreed to. - -
rrfu- v;n fkr- t.hA rfllief of naval ca
det erased from the roils by the op
eration of the naval appropriation
hill of 1882. was then discussea
am time, sliahtly amended
finally laid upon tne taD.e
ate then proceeaea wuu
Thft followiae measures
passed . T authorize
Secretary of the Treasury to settle
SXSof the State of Florida on
nf the exnenditures maae in
suppression of the Indian hostilities.
This bill was afterwards raconsids
ered for the purpose of amendment,
on motion of vMr. Call. . -
A bill to prpvide for the repair ot
Fort Marion, at St. Augustine. Fla.
" A bill providing lor a cuuiiuu
of three persons to be appointed by
the President, by and with the ad
vice and consent of the Senate to in
vestigate the truth of the alleged dis
coveries of specific causQ of yellow
fever. The commission is directed
to go to Mexiao, and if necessary, to
Cuba, Central America and Brazil,
for purposes of investigation lbe
commissioners are to be medical
man -nn or more of them to be an
officer or officers of the government
smeciallv versed in biological
search, particularly in microscopic
investigation of germs of contagious
diseases. , ,, .
A bill to remit the lorreiture qi ine
British bark Viscount Canning, and
refund to her owner the proceeds of
her ale, which took place at Mobile
in 1877. Adjourned.
House. Mr. Henderson, of Iowa,
rising to a question of privilege,
stated thft the remark made, by fiim
in the soilvquy wita Mr. Whefe, of
Alabama, when that geotteman was
deli verina a speech attacking Edwin
M. Stanton had been, "by some mys
terious mistake," misplaced ia the
Mr. Whesler stated that the mis
placement was entirely accidental,
and he had no objection to the cor
rection being made.
On motion of Mr Reed, of Maine, a
Senate bul was passed for the relief
of Chester A Arthur and Willi im H.
Robertson, late collectors of customs
for the district of the city of New
Mr. Kelly, of Pennsylvania, called
up as the privileged question, the
motion submitted oy mm yesterday
to expunge from the Record and
and speech of Mr, Wheeler, of Ala
bama, upon Edwin M. Stanton. He
based his question of. privilege on a
conscious, , deliberate, persistent
abuse of the order of the House by
the representative of the Eighth dis
trict of Alabama. In lieu of the mo
tion made yesterday, he submitted a
resolution reciting that Mr. Wheeler
had been guilty of abuse of the order
of the House, inasmuch as his speech
had not been made upon any pension
bill, and declaring that as the deliv
ery of the speech was without the
sanction of tne House, and in contra
vention of the special order, the said
speech be expunged from the Record
and prohibiting the public printer
fronrfurnishing it in pamphlet or
other form.
Reagan, of Texas, raised a point of
order against the resolution. The
speech bad been made by the unan
imous consent of the House, and
therefore could not be an offense
against the House. .
The Speaker replied that it was not
in the province of the chair to decide
whether it was an abuse or not. It
was alleged to be an abuse by the gen
tleman from Pennsylvania, and the
question was to be decided by the :
House. -
Kelly then proceeded to speak at
length and his remarks were listened
to with great attention by the House;
He was unwilling, ho said, that the
future readers of the record of the
proceedings of this CongredS-should,
by any possibility, be able to suspect
him of having sat by, through what
must have involved three hours lis
tening to slanders which had been re
futed f r twenty five years, and
many of which were now absolutely
putrescent, on one of the . most un
selfish patriots the couutry had ever
produced, and one of the most beV
loved friends he had ever known in
his long life. . He was unwilling that
ha should be suspected of listening to
a paper which feebly regretted that
in a moment of beat, its author had
denounced Abraham Lincoln and Ed
win Stanton as conspirators, and
Stanton as an arch conspirator
against the character . of particular
American citizens, and as combining
to thwart the Union army. He was
unwilling that posterity should be
told in the Congressional Record that
the Republican party had sat quietly,
in the hours of midnight to hear these
slanders on '? Lincoln and Stanton
poured put hour by hour, and that
no man, either Republican or Demo
crat, who had periled his life under
the administration of war power by
Lincoln and Stanton for the support
of the Unionr should' have failed to
say "these slanders are nowl offens
sive to all honest loyal uoion men
haviog tested ? jo ; heaps, breathing
noxious odor, or been' consigned
scores Of years ago to the cessation
of gossip." The country owed some
thing to the illustrious dead, and he
did not believe that such scandalous
matter as wag enoooiea jq the 25
columns of this paper would be sent
to posterity with the sanction of tho
American Congress, which, if it vin
dicated its own order, must declare
that there was no warrant for utter ,
ing the speech and none for declar
mg through the Congressional 'Re
cord, that it had been made with the
unanimous consent of the House.
.After a long speech in defense of
Stanton by Kelly, of Pennsylvania!
Morrison cut ehtrt further discussion
by moving to refer Kelly's resolution
to the committee on rules agreed to
72 to 52. The House then went into
committee f the whole on the legisla
tive, , executive and judicial - appro
priation bill. . , ' - .
- The .bill appropriates 120,560,119
against 21 million four hundred and
sir thousand, sir hundred and eighty
five ($21,406,685) dollas appropriation
for the current year. Holman anal-
Sf .5it of each State
enure uo vi apH" . , - , rpu;a
v, v,aA massed examination. ; mis
ButteYworth inquired wheto this
AiA nnt nnlllfV the 1 BOOSt
:.fnt .ra-nrisinn Ot. the V C1V11 kw and whetherf its -object
f tA. Aimhla the appointing
power to select his partisan friends .
v. Holman answered most emphati-u-,
h nocative. - It ; was, ne
tannA a matter of justice to the
applicant who was successful in pas-
nine tne examiuauuu. - . ; .
to "R Tftvlnr. of Ohio, inquired
whether the main object otj the pros
vision was not to secure the appoint-
trimQn rAnlmJ that so f ar as the.
-.aHm vraa ftoncerned he must
i tto wnnld sav. however,
had the incident-
tUoku IL mo y w - ,
i -.ii- inf inAPAARiner the number 01
Democratic -employees. ! he did not
tkinir the, c-entleman ought to com-
Mr Findlev. of Indiana, inquired
whetherlthe object of the provision
was not to enlarge the scope of choice
tnr nnlir.i(al nurnoses ? . f
Mr Holman to enlarge the scope
nf Ahnine'I admit, but for govern
mental purposes and for the purpose
yf a-an.hnndAd lllStlCO. P - -
After criticisms on the special ser.
vice provisions by various memueis,
. ur- riohoa nf Alabama, from the
Committee on the Judieiary, asked
leave to report back Mr. Edmunds
anti-Polveamy bill, but Mr. Carney,
of Utah, objected. rif .
Tho nnint. was made that tne oeie
eate had not the right to object, and
the Speaker sook tna poinu uuuh
Clevelflnd Gives al Sadden Order
to beTaken Back to the White
Deer Pabk,
June 8. -Early this
John W : Davis, : who has
charge of the Pr.dent's party, was
notified thathe President desired to
make a trip to Washington, and that
he would like to have his special fol
low closely after the midday train,
(known among railroad men as num
ber 6 ) Ad engine, was at once or
dered from Grafton, and the palace
oars TWtimore"and"Delaware "were
put in readiness for the reception of
the nartv. What caused eo sudden
an alteration of the plan is not
known, as it was thought last night
thai the bride acd exoom would re
main i the mounwuns a day or two
longer. Secretary Mannmg may
nave considered his presence in
Washington indispensable and work
ed upon the feelings or nis superior,
but Mr. Lamont has not shown him1
self to the newfapr men and nom
ine can be learned of hig complicity
in the plan to cut short the Presi
dential Honeymoon. At half past ten
this morning a carriage was brought
to the botiage xt tne president ana
Mrs. Cleveland. Secretary and Mrs
Lamont started out for a driye They
went to what is known ae upserva
tor v Hill, about two miles from the
executive . cottage," where a magnifi
cent view of the eurrouadiDg count ry
is obtnint d.
The Presidential party arrived home
from Deer Park at 7:20 o'clock this.
.evening. . '
International Typographi
eal jLTnlon.
Pittsburg, June 8 The second
day's session of the International
Typographical Union was opened at
9 o'clock this morning by 1-Tesident
Witter. Amonsr those present was
Congressman John M. Farquhar, of
Buffalo, who was invited to a seat on
the platform He made a short ad
dress, in which he took strong
grounds against uniting with the
Knights of Labor, although be said
he was not hostile to that organiza
tion. President Witter, in reply, said
there was only a small fraction of
printers who were in favor of such a
move. The electiou of officers was
next in order, and Charles B. Stivers
of Chicago and Wm. Amison, of
Nashville, were nominated for the
presidency. The ballot was tafcen
with the understanding that it would
voice the opinion of the convention
on the question of joining the Knights
of Labor, Mr Stiver being announced
as a determined opponent. The bal
lot resulted in the election of Amison
by a vote of 69 to '45. Mr. Amison
thanked the convention for the com
pliraent paid the South and his oity
The new-president has been a mem
ber of the Tennessee Legislature for
three terms, and is regarded as one
of the strongest men in the union
After the election : the convention
took a recess for dinner. -
Jljiseball Testerdav.
Boston Boston ; 13, Kansas City 9.
Baltimore Baltimore 3. Metropolis
New York New York 2, Chicago 3
Brooklyn Brooklyn 11, Athletic
vvasnington wasnmgton o,
Louis 7. . f.
Louisrille Louisvile 3, St. Louis 9
(8 innings, ram.)
v Philadelphia Philadelphia 4, D
troll 8. : . - i
Pittsburg Pittabdre 9, Cincin
Augusta No game on account of
raan. .
Fnll Details Of he Late Tragedy
near Iexlnscton The Confession
and tynehlns:. , -
To the Editor of Thb Okbbtbb : :
T.kxingtonJ June 7. The particus
lars of the double : murder, j robbery,
arson,and Iyncnmg near Jims
obtained by your corresponaenu,' are
as follows: m tne eariy part .oi last
Friday night the neighbors, living
nearMcBride's neara inexeport oi pis
tol shots in the direction ot ms house,
but as everything seemed quiet lm-
mediately afterwards they; thought
no more of it until alters iu ctciock,
when two ' negroes, Alf Long and
Walter Womack. aroused Mr. jonn
Jones, a near neighbor,5 and told him
that McBride s house, was on nre. as
soon as Mr. Jones got to his door he
saw the whole country illuminated
hv the burnine house, the root nad
alreadr fallen in when the neighbors
hes-an to catner. --ineyi. couia uu
nothing however, to save the builds
ing or its contents, and: every thing
was lost, xne ereatesi eiuiwuitiui.
nre vailed: when the question of the
whereabouts or mccriae auu ui wive
-.-- " i - . . - 1. 3
arose "i INo one nao seen or nearu
anything ol them.: Their, suspense
did hot last lone, however, until their
worst fears were realized, tor : as tne
fire burned lower, two distinct charred
forms could be seen among .he ashes
and debris of the back part or the
house: used as a kitchen. The posi
tioh of the bodies as they were lying
near the burning dining table, clearly
indicated that, they were murdered
while eatine their evening meaF One
was at each end of the table, and the
woman's body had partly fallen into
an bid cellar, the wildest excitement
was now manifested among the gath
ering-crowd as to who could have
done ' this dastardly , and; terrible
deed. Soon, however, suspicion was
fixed upon the two negroes Long
and Womack, who are tenants and
live near McBride's house. In asking
Alf Long how - be came fco first
discover the fire, he said be beard
the dogs bowling, and that they were
tied near, the fire and he ran to the
house to turn the dogs loose, but that
they were too near the fire for him
to reacn inem, and tnat tney, were
burned up. This was falsi, as the
dogs were Ued at their usnaL place
and turnea up hu ngni, xms, wun
other circumstancfs, led to their
arrest by the crowd, and they were
held until the UoroDer could be sum
moned from Lexington to investigate
the case. The Coroner arrived late
Saturday evening, and after examin
ing numerous witnesses, the testi
mony all pointed to All Long as the
guilty prty. Whfc'ri he (Alf Long)
was put upon tne stand ne dented
every thing, uiner : witnesses pre
viouBly examined had testified that
Alf Long had been in Lexington on
Sriday and hadtraded a watch to F.
Thompson & Co; for a pistol.
Alf o reply $Md that he had been at
work do the Broadway plae; some
throe miles off ; said he never had
owned a p'scoi tie lied m various
other ways. His wife, who lived
wun nim a iitue nouse near!
McBride's, was next examined. She!
Seemed at firgn inclined to screen her
hUf band, but finally said she . was
going to tell the whole : truth i
that gbe had ' kept it back
Jong enough. Aif: told me Fri
,day evening when he came home
from Lfxingipn ita the j isipl and
twenty ve cartn i$ce .mat. tie was
going to jc.ll ia Jei(.jc McBnde aud
his wife with that night; hesai's now
if you tell this I will ki-l you loo; he
says; I know old Mt Bride sold his tos
bacco in Salisbury and haarot some
money, i tnca pj persuade bim to
give ir up, but he went off and was
gone some time; when he oame back
be woke me up and said, take and
bide this pistol as I have killed Mc
Bride and msj wife; 1 shot old Jack
in the bead while he was aittine in
the chair at the table; I then shot the
old woman m the back the first time.
She was making up bread he gaid. j I
then Bred two more shots in their
bodies be said : I then ransacked the
house bunting lor money ha said j l
nnlv fnimrJ ninn fAl 1 ara " : K : aaifll T
then poured kerosene oil on the
and set the bouse on fire."
After Alt's wife's evidence had been
heard, he (Alf). was aent'for and his
wues evidence read to mm, when he
wilted and made the following: con
tession; '
"I am guilty of the murder of AJ J
McBride and -Polly- McBride, and I
know the consequences," Ho tried to
implicate various other parties, but
tney an proved an alibi by good wit
nenses. - -.- .-
j-ois confession whs made at a
school house on Sunday, after which
the juy retired with the coroner to
tne aweiung nouse or yigero woods,
near the school housa, to "make Out
tneir report in writing ana appoint a
committee to carry the prisorier to
jail. ' The news came that the" prison
er, Alf Long, had been taken from
the officers and hung to a "tree near
there. The crowd had been verv
clamorous to hang the negro alii the
time, out tne coolness or, tne uoroner
and the Justice of the Peace .faejd
them in check until the investigation
was thorough and complete, and the
guut ot pne, prisoner fully established
livery tning was conducted witn a
spirit of fairness, no undue haste,! but
mi waiteu patiently until tne lime
came to act. I hear, no one express
any regret, all, seem t jfchink4 the
lyncnwg wej i merited. A. M. K
FAiit socTn cAitouniAns at
Commencement Exercises of the
'Charlotte : Female Institute
The Ifames ot, the 'Bledalllsts
from. the Palmetto State The
Annual Concert. ...
Chart; stem ew9 and Conrlpr
Charlotte, N. C,, June &-For
brilliant commencements the Char-,
lotte Female Institute is not to be
surpassed, and the one which closed
last evening was the finest ever held.
Tjhe qiicert hall had ; been enlarged
by th3 present principal so as to m -crease
its capaeity 'hy '- two hundred
visitors, and at the earoe time 1 im
prove its ventilation, so that, thougn
there were nfeany nve nunareo per
sons in attendance, the heat was nob
at all oppreseive. : -
The commencement , on Tuesday
night opened with prayer by. the
Rev.v Dr. Kobey ot tne Metnoaist
Church;- The. address was made by
the Eev. W. S Licy of the Presby
terian Church..; "lis subject was
Tact."- The characteristics, power
and desirability of tact were learnedly
and - humorously dwelt upon. . . 1 he
address abounded in illustrations, in
which the well known humor of the
speaker and his ready wit scintillated
wun tneir Drmiancy. . . :
- After the address the principal an
nouaced the names of the pupils who
had received "distinction; in their
studies.- Among them were the fol
lowing' young ladies from Jsoutn
Carolina: Misses Euth Allen, Janie
Gregg, Sophie Haskell, Mary Steed,
Joan Behre, Anna Ciowny, Janie
Clowny, j Nettie Drafts, Josie Izard,"
Mattie Izard and Mattie McKeown.
When g young lady completes the
course of stijdy in any sgljogl. and
attains the standard of J'distinccipa"
therein, she receives what is called
a certificate of . proficiency, and
might be ajd to be graduated in that
school. Miss SrUth Ajlen. received a
ceitificateof proficiency in mathema
tics, and Miss Janiu Gregg in Iat'n,
Miss Josie Russell, also from South
Carolina, was the only English
graduate this year. Miss Russell
also won the prize of the "English
medal" for the best essay on the rise
and deveI?pmentof the English
copy and-literature.
South Carolina was represented
among the full graduates by Miss El
la Biam. Bibles, diplomas, and the
graduate's medal were presented to
the seven iuii graduates, and diplo
mas to two graduates in music; one
of which was Miss Ruth Allen, who
among her other attainments.achiev
ed the distinction of being the finest
piano player in the institute.
Tne principal announced tnat mere
would be five additional medals of-
fered for competition next year. One
for tne best record in recitation and
deportmemv one for the greatest im
provement in penmanship, one for
the best exhibit of oil paintings, one
lor (ne nest e&uipit ui urawiugs, and
one for the best . player at sight on
the piano, the work to be ut?ed at the
eompetitive trial being Mozart's son-.
atas excluivly. The.-e are to be
handsome gol4 medals. ;
The annual concert ' Wi dnesdav
evening waa the grand finale of the
commencemeat exercises. As has
been implied already, it was the
most popular und brilliant concers.
the institute ha3 given to Charlotte
undr its pri-?enF regime. I would
tnakJ spedal mention of Von Weber's
Kando lirilaame, a piano duet for
four piAnos, in . which the Misses
Izard. Haskell, and Blnin appeared,
and (odef roi'J's most beautiful
"Awakening of the Fairif-s," for
four pianos, led by Misss " Allen on
the grand piano. There were parts
of this play as soft and featherly as
a fairy?s wings, and the crowded
audience showed their appreciation
of the beauty of the music and - the
skill of the players by keeping per
fect silenoo to listen to the ' silvery
sounds, so low and yet so distinct, as
if they expected to see the fairies
theme elves ; flutter into the room.
Miss Aljen also rendered, with the
great' applause : ; pf the audience,
Weber's version of . ''Home, Sweet
Home," with only the left band.
After the concert was Over the "art
exhibit was thrown open to visitors.
Everybody in North and South Caro
lina has heard of the art exhibits of
the Charlotte Female Institute. One
was made a few years agp at the
State Fair in Columbia, the next year
there was another at the State Fair
in Raleigh.1 They excited much, at
tention at . the time. The . annual
exhibits during commencement week
fully sustain the reputation of . the
institute as one of the best art schools
any where in the Soutb. The array
of paintings and drawings and deco
rative works wa9 magnificent. - Th
catalogue of the ai t exhibit showed
that two hundred and thirty pieces
of art were on exhibition. In it I
noticed the names of the following
young lady artists from South Caro
lina:. Missen Gregg, Haekell, Izard
and ' Clowny. Youth and - beauty
kepjt the exhibit . room, and the spa
cious halls of the institute crowded
with promenading couples until past
midnight ' Thus closed one of the
most brilliant commencements ever
held in Charlotte. -
j All the new
mB aimal SHuHT Msiis
And the latest styles in
pur prices thif season will be
throughout, and where -
-a'c;t::xja:l.v "vAlxt-E
, : Is regarded, we will stand without a rival. ,. ,
Wi?mngton and the; foM
Under the manngement t the Hornet Fire Com
mny. of iharlotte. M. C, will leave han. tte n
Weduesdaj evening, Juue 23rd, at 8:15 o'clock
$3.50 for the Round Tr p.
Tlckfts eoort fbr tour dare Persnnir
will have the privilege ol returning on any r. unA,
train. .. B ,,r
Sneclal eftrs wtlt be provWeit for ladles an I their
escorts, and under no elrcu nutanoes 111 urunkw
ears, "
iieiregnmenta wui be semd on the train
D. M. KIGLKtt, Chali'man
cm. Davidson,
... w. j. byehly,
, k. f. cbkswell,
.. 380. 8. BYEHLY
. - Comm.ttee.
L J . Mil! 'I CO.:
Wholesale and Retail Grocers.
We t" ' 1 "'fjjlly call your attention to the large and extensive stock of
MillineryW.) "r Goods; at Mrs. P. Query's, Trade street. Also to . the
fact why shct tni-tte
Exclusively in her Dress Making Department, after using other machines
for years. By this New "Feed Invention" all seems are made strong and
will not rip. Try it before you buyj itjwill eost you nothing. Supplies for
all machines, - I
N the first day of Jammrv.iRRK.thA nn,i.
ot ealoM860'11 P
General Grocrj Baseless
At the Old Stand of Rnrtn-a A Bn .ii
Tryon & Fourth streetsT we are juallfied bV leug
MIjsrle.n(7!' t? meet the demands of the trade, and
give satisfaction to our customers
wo wm Keep on nand at all times a full stock of
Which will be delivered tn arv Dan nf tt . .;
of charge.
We will not be undersold to the Charlotte market.
General Agent. Trade St
The Brown
imi l - .MB i f" .--- A -.
Manufacturers of the "Old ' Reliable"
Brown Gottoa ins, Feeders andi Conr
All the very latest improvements : fan?
proved roU box, patent wbipper, two
brush belts, extra strong brush, cast
steel bearings, new improved Feeder,
enlarged dust proof Condense?, .
. ..... . . - a ,
r-. - 5-. - Btrons, simple mconsiruciiou, uuramq
.'- 'ins fast, runs light, cleans the seed peai
jfectly and produces first class samples.
I D ELJV E HE 11 FSE OJf -itlWtl'X
at any accessible point. Send for full
deBcription and price list.
IttcDOWEl' ChaHotte, Nt C, Agents.
I am a coppersmith by trade, and the small par
ticles of brass and copper from filing got Into sores
on my arms and poisoned my whole system. Mer
cury administered brought on fheumatlsin, and I
became 'a helpless invalid I took two dozen bottles
of Swift's Specific. Mj legs, arms and hands are all
right again. 1 use them without pain My restora
tion is due to S. a 8. Pktbb X. Lovf,
Jan. 9, 1886. . - . i - Augusta, Ga.
'?f;1 !WAlAttI A 1. POISON. ;
' We hav used Swift's Speclfip tn our family as an
antidote tor' malarial poison tor two ox tbtee years,
and have never known it to tall In a single In
stance. ! i W. C. Fuklow.
Sumter Ca, 6s., Sept. 11, 14.
, 1 1 CKg.
For slxorelAt -es rs I suffered with ulcers on
my rlgbi leg. I w u - reated with Iodide of Potas
sium and Mercj -i, and I became helpless. Six
bottles ot Swift's 3i cine made a permanent cure.
H. D. WndOK, Gainesville, Ga.
February 38, 18 -. j . - -
'. - - : - ' ' ' ' , . . i . - - - - . -
Swift's Speoifio Is entirely vegetable. Treatise on
Blood and Skin Diseases mailed free. .
- Ths Swift Sracmo Co., Drawer 3. ittanta,
or 109 W. 23d St.. N. T. j . '
TB'E Charlotte Real Estate i Agency could rent
half a dozen ch-aD houses Jurt now.
. toPT. . coeHRAire,
. ma14dlt i Manager.
Until fnrther notice, on and after Juesday, June
1st, our city customers purchasing weekly tickets
will be furnish, d ice from the company s delivery
wagon in such quantities as desired, from 5 pounds
ud. ax tne unirrom raw price or ou writs per nun
K dred pounds. Those holding weekly tickets of 8
iiiKUOT urice can eicuauiw uim uieir uutiun
Wtth'our ffekef agehts attnepity J)rug Stores for
the lower priced tickets. We are now manufactur
ing and offering to the trade at low rates, a super
ior quality 01 pure crystal ice maae irom jnecmen-
puig spring water morougniy juierea.
- ; 8, W. DAVIS, Supt
i shipfjkg" PRICES. i
"Par Load of 10 tons,'
From 6 to 10 tons, .
From 1 to 6 tons,
BOO to 1,000 pounds.
100 to fcOO pounds,
5 50 per to t
6 00 per ton
7.C0 per ton
: BOcprlOOlbs
We are now using the celebrated Hyatt Filter.
V'rouen wmcn au ine water is passed before freez
Ing, and the trade may rely upon all loe manufac
tured py us oemg as pure as u is possible to make
It. Orders solicited and promptly filled. Lowest
freight and express rates secured for our custo
prfoedSm V - .
There Is a ood wason yard in tbn mar nf
our store for the accommodation of our custo
L tf. WALKEB & GO.
H f. Ef ILES i III.
Wainnt Chamber Suits, Painted Chamber Suits
Mattresses. Springs, Bureaus, Marble Top wash-,
stands, Rocking Chairs, Tables, Mosquito Nets,
Marseilles Quilts, Sheeting, Pillow Cases, Towels,
Feather Pillows and Bolsters, Crockery and Glass
ware at reduced prices. '
"i'als payer is kept on file at tbe office of
nut r
rtt Lcvost
sli Sates I I'l-L
fil! -"- rr Ki :1V!".
I Superb
' '-Cttn 2Uarkt Stuntiat;
rtw Tork, June 8 - Green & Oa.
sayi It has been a purely local mar
ket without a feature of special signi
ficance except Hhe continued absence
of a demand and ; the necessity for
shading values every. time an effort
to realize was put forth. Old crop
ranged 3 to 4 points lower to day, and
ciosea ; tamely. 1 jn e w - crop H remains
unaer neglect owing to further favor
able -weather reports, and few buy-
erg can be found willing to, negotiate
even on the prospect of having modi .
tied ' bids accepted. ,,No one appears
to want cotton, old or new. at this
Fatal Wreck on the Georgia
Central. -
Savannah, Ga., June 8 -Theiight
express on tne tieorgia Uentralj Kail
road, was ; wrecked at ? Rogers, 85
mues west ot oavannan, tnis mornn
ing. A block of wood, tightly
wedged between the rails at a switch.
threw the engine and three cars from
the track. Fireman Uharle Maddax
was Killed, and engineer Wm. P.
Prendergast was eeverelv injured. -It
was a deliberately laid plan to wreck
tne cram. t -
Senator Aldrleh Relete4
f Newport, R. L, June 8. The Leg
islature today re-elected Senator
Aldrich to the tJ. S. Senate as his
own succssor. .
Destrurtlen of . tbe BuIIdlnes."
Sare One, by Fire, -
Harrisbukq, ya., June 8.-rThe
greater portion of Rawlev BDrinern.
fitualed twelye miles west of ithis
place, waa burned between 3 and 4
o'clock this mornioB. The main
building, known as . the Virginia
House, Washington House, dining
room, kitchen, , bakery and store
house, wiMbt all their; furniture, nem
totally destroyed; The Baltimore
Houso was saved. The fire is sup
posed to have - originated in the ba
kery or kitchen. The insurance ag
gregates: $13,000, placed as 'follows.
Portsmouth, Va.. companies, $1,500;
Georgia Home. $3,000; Hope, i New
Orleans, $3,000 ; . Fire Association,
Philadelphia. $1,750; Phceaix, Brook
lyn, N. YM $1,000; Virginia Fire and
Marine, $2,750. The insurance was
on au the buildings,; including; , ono
left standing: JTbeTioss is estimated
at $13,000.1 The Springs was to have
been opened Thursday. The builds
ings will not be rebuilt this season.
The managers will "open the Springs
and receive as many guests as the re.
maming buuding will accommodate.
JnTra Joe Perso-i nemedy -
Is still the best Blood Purlller on the market.
; JMU. u. SiOADlSM. wholesale uruggiaj.
, Milwaukee- June 8. This nuorn-
mg fortysnme of the recentlv ar
rested men indicted by the grand jury
for riodng and conspiracy, were ar
raigned in the Municipal Court. All
plead not guilty and were held for
trial, baij rargingfrom- $1,000 to
$2,000 each.: The impeachment trial
of Alderman Rudzinski has been ad
journed till Friday, when (he defense
irlrs. Jfoe Person's Bemedy
Is sun the best Blood Purifier on the market.
- jmo. u. mcaukm, wnoiesaieDruggist.
)estb pf a Great Printing Press
New York. Jun nnirmAi
Richard M. Hoe, head of the firm of
R floe & Co., printing press manu
facturer8, died guddenly to-day, "at
Florence, Italy. -.
Plies are frequently preceded by a sense of
weight In the back, loins and lower part ot abdo
men, causing the patient to suppose he has some
flection of the kidneys or nelgborng org ,ns. At
times, symptoms of indigestlen are present, fiatu
leney, uneasiness of the stomach, eto. a moUture
', perspiration, producing a very disiigreeable
iwmngs after getting warm, is a common attend
ftnt Bllfid, Blot ding and Itching files yield at
onoe to the application of Dr. Bosanko's Pile B6m
edy. which acts directly upon the parts affected,
absorbing the Tumors, allaying the intense Itch
.intti and .effecting a permanent cure. Price 60
cents,.. Adiireas Th Doctor Bosauko Medicine Co
Plqua, O, Sold by L. B. W tston. V
-- - . - ':'. -.
Positive Care Tor Pllesi. -
To the people of this county we would say wa
have been given the agency of Dr. Mnrchlal'g Italian
Pile Ointment emphatically guaranteed to care or
money refunded Internal, external, blind, bleed
ing or itching piles. Prtoe 60c. a bo. Mo curt, no
pay. .- . .
For sale by L. R. Wrlston, druggist, Charlotte
A. R:& W ." B. KTSBST,
Prioif Press - for Sale.
IHAVB FOR SaLE a complete - Adams Book
and Newspaper Press. Size ot platen 34x00
Inches. Tbe machine is In good order, mode b
Hoe ACa, standard work. . .
List Prtoe - , - - 12,24000
W1U be sold for " - . fiOO ,
on terms to suit purcliaeer.; . , ,
'- anSdtf i -r. ' Charlotte Obeenrer.
: . v - ; ANOTHER FINS LOT OV .... -
Whitman's Candy and .Confectioneries,
Clfler nn
d , Sa.4rltchesi
Always on hand.' ., - ,
Crippled Coi"- (terte Says;
- I only weighed 128 pounds when I commenced
GTJIKN'S PIONEEK. and now weigh 147 pounds. I
could hardly walk with a stick to support me, and
now walk long distances without help. Its benefit
to me is beyoim calculation. -.
D. RTJFUS BOSTICK, Cotton Buyer,
. . .. j Macon, Ga.
A. II. Bjniblil, Hardware
Merchant of Forsyth,
Oa., Writer
tt acted like a charm on my general health. I
consider it a fine tonic I weigh more than I have
for 25 years. Respectfully, i
;-n; W. r.Jonrs, IWacov, Say'
l(?nmfri1if S?1??1 5Sr Terurth nd increased
woSmnS Lua Jh1PM .WS reoommend GTJINN'S
noMJSEB as the best tonloi W; p tusxa
For Forty years a Sufferer from
Wonderful to -Relate!
"For Forty Tears 1 have been a victim to Ca-TAHRH-three
fourths of the time a sufferer from
NOTRU.S. The dischaiges were so offensive that I
Jiesitate to mention it. except for the good it may
do some other sufferer. I have spent a young for
tune from my bard earning during my forty years
of suffering to obtain relief from the doctors. I
have tried patent medicines every one I could
learn ot from tbe four corner of the earth, with
no relief And at last (57 years of agel have met
with a remedy that has eured me entirely made
me a new man. I weighed 128 pounds and now
weigh 146. I used thirteen bottles of the medicine
and the only regret J have Is that being In - the
humbl walks of life, I may not have influence to
prevail on all catarrh sufferers to use what has
EB, .. -. -'HENKY CHEVER, '
' "No. 267 eecond St, Macon, Ga." ..
Doctor's Cerifleate t'ase of
NEWER Id several cases of cutaneous diseases of
long standing with the most satisfactory results.
Have seen the happiest results follow its use In
Syphilis t the worst lorm, and believe It 10 be the
Desi aueranve in use.
J T. ELLIS, M. D., Griffin, 6a.
- -Mr. Henry Chever, writer of tbe above, former
ly ot Crawford county, now of Mxcon, Georgia,
merits the confidence of all Interested In catarrh.
; v "W. A. HUFF, Ex-Mayor of Macon."
"A Toicn from tne Cone Star Niate
cured one ot my children of the worst cases
of Sorofula I ever saw. Her skin is as claar as
nunc ciiiu iub uuciAirv mty iv is a. ponvvv puib i't
their opinion. . I am toanktul for having tried the
remedy. , WM. U f ARKd, Dallas, Texas.
Savannah, Ga., January 20, 1888.
made several cures or Blood Poison and Rheuma
tism among my customers. I most heartily re
commend it to sufferers from these affections.
C M.HILLMAN, Druggist.
" - Nkw Obleams, La.. January 16, 1886.
I have been cured sound and well of a bad case
of Blood Poison by the use of 15 bottles of GUINN'S
praises forever -r- v i-- JACOB KBUTE.
- Kf I rm acquainted with the above case, and
most heartily attest it.. '
- EUGENE MAY, Druggist, Canal stret
Uures all
A .Perfect
Blood and Skin Diseaspia T?riWnrria?Bm 9m.ftfiil" AU i! c.
,-". . . t "Spring Medicine.
Price Per Bottle, $I OO, . : ; Large 8fee,75.
V r-:: ; MACON :;MEDICINE?ico:, ;i Maco 6 -

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