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It was about a year ago that Minnie Lawton, the ten year old daughter of Robert Lawton, the foreman of Mon roe & Co.'s foundry, .went tripping along gayly one Saturday morning near the noon hour on her way to the shop with her father's dinner all neatly put up in a willow basket; Her heart wad i LIGHT' AND MERRY. t L" She. was a bright little thing, ; and nothing pleased her eo well as" when Saturday ': came.: and i there was no Bchool. - so that she could carry the elements of strength to herfather: But in a moment more that gay and bappy-tieart was fluttering ' perhaps in paroxysms of death,and her pretty young L tace was contorted by the moBt horrible pangs of agony. ..'i -, - Wheushe got to . the foundry th doors were wide open, ; and she hur ried in to go to the office, : where her father usually met her . There were hundreds of busy men around, and while some were working in the sand fashioning the moulds, others were swiftly moving about with the heavy ladles and pots of liquid fire l As she was going past the cupola it was tapped, and a million stars, like new bom stars, flashed for a second and were gone. Little Minnie was fasci natod by the beautiful sight, and for got her errand. She stood ; close by the cupola, and her bright eyes sparkled with delight." Her hands twitched as if she would like to catch the' jumping spots of ligbt, and when a large pot had been filled with the heavy molten iron, she still stood, by lo see the men with brawny arms pick it up and carry it away. With a slow powerful strain they lifted the pole by tbe long handle, . two men at each end, and moved, away with it slowly. One of the menodded to' Minnie as they moved near to her, and epoke a pleasant word, u As bis head was turned for a moment he did not see where he was going, and fell over a large, iron flask that lay in the path. ; He balf fell, tried to catch his balance, and in his struggle -the handle was twisted suddenly out of his hand and the pot' of iron was upset. The white hot metal spattered, and flew " LIKE A FLASH over the moist sand. And Minnie? The poor little. thing was caught in the"" "ruahinjp." iron, and . piercing screams r?nt the air. Several work men rushed to Minnie, and many: a tear fell down the grimy;, cheek as they tenderly picked her. up and car ried her to the office. -: ' l She was unconscious, but her body writhed : with torture. When the iron struck her she fell, and jumping at the : same , time, her body was thrown so that the upper part was uninjured, save by, burns from the small pieces of flviog metal. Her feet aDd theef t leg were in a horrible condition, " and the flesh could be pet-Jed off tbe bone with but little trouble . The right leg was compar ativejy unhurp, but when they took her to the Mount Sinai Hospital, the bouse surgeon examined, the fright ful burns, and. sadly said that , she oould not live as the shock" to her system would be too great for her body to stand. But she did not die. Th&a nrna o nrcr t i m A t.fiAt. aha hnnff so low ana waverea in tne oaiance that it seemed as if she would die every b,our. be was kept tender the jnfluenjse of opiates to xleade.n the naiD. and the wounas were treated antiseDtically. and after a time there was a change, though nareiy percep tioie at nrgi, anu aeu sqo jsrew a, tle stronger, abd the wounds began to Jieai. it was siow worxy we : ro cess or. ; neanng - eitenamg ovey rnonths, and the most earful watch was kept to prevent diooq poisoaing She was reduced to - A MERE SKELETON, but such tenacity of life is rarely ever seen. - k Finally all the wounds ;wer closed save the lef t lg. jqu toe inside of whieh there w&f a plape about .six inphes long - ryinmug upwardi from just aoove tne ansie, tnai was ODsti nate in the extreme, would not "heal: and kept up a constant an deb.ilU tatme discnarge, inis would kui the patient it 't continued, as. tne blood would De anectea i sooner or later, and some measure had to be deyiged to ;4 natuye m effecting the cure. - It was determined: to try-a plastic operation. Before trying Off a large scale small : pieces of skin were cut - from; Minnie's arm : and planted upon the raw flesh of 5er leg, Thev took root and became fast. ; Be: ing 8atisned tnati tnere was- a gooa chance of success for, tbe mam. opei?a tion, she was taken to the operatiog room ana placed unaer; ine muaence of ether. Then the entire ulcerated surface of the left legwas scraped with a knife .and all the . irritating nnbstance8 m the form- of decayed flesh end pus were taken away. "Both legB being held close together, space was marKeu ne Tigus rectly opposite the wound.: with; a aham knife the attending surgeon made two parallel incisions m the right leg, following the shape of the wound and running it a little longer. At the top of these incisions anfither - - . T A v. m fin e T K Am anil. then tbe entire akin, with a 'j. THN LATfEB OF FLESH -ijv was delicately dissected -up, until ; a flap was made about seyen inches long. -This waS iieit attacoeu Jto tne leg at : the I bobtom.;The :two Hags being brought together, this flap was in id iinnn the raw. ; Q uivering flesh in the left lee. and-cut ahdadiusted ko fit the wound. While the legs wei-e held in .this position,: narrow strips of ; sticking plaster A were wound around them, and ; then bandages which bad been prepared with plaster of , paris were run between and around the legs in '. such a manner that when the ulaater hardened they would be held as firmly as if encased in stone. The wound was left uni covered save with antiseptic dress- inrs. eo as it could be watched, c .. Where Jthe two pieces of. flesh were united, there avaa coneiderabls sluS ine for a time,, and then the new piece of flesh, took hold aa if it be longed there, it was dressed care fully, and wherever the flesh decayp d it was cut off. So that the legs might uub ue movea mey were- held sus pended by -an ingenious -contrivance which took all the strain off tbe mus cles in the loins After three weeks the bandages were removed ; and it was found that there had been per fect union of the flesh, and that everything presented a healthy ap pearance. - The , flap was then cut loose from the right leg and trimmed off to fit properly,- and . everything went on swimmingly. There being n cicatrical " tissue on the right leg where the skin had been taken from; it rapidly closed up, and had even healed before the new calf that' had been manufactured was pnrrect In about six week from the time of the operation Minnie was walking around the wards and 1 recovering : her strength -rapidly. She wenti away from the hospital a few days ago, af ter nearly a year's residence, feeling no wor-e for an exchange of calf, and when dressed there is only a slight limp- to mark the ordeal through which she had passed, v . i BEECHEK EXPECTED TO DIE. Be Thinks that ne. Will Be Car. ried of f by ahApopIeetic Stroke i Bef are Long. j . - New York, June 5.-Henry -Ward Beecher is seriously ill, and - will preach a week from tomorrow what he firmly, believes will - be; bis , last sermon m ..fly mouth church, lie expects to die of an apoplectic stroke oetore long. " That has .been his con viction for a year, and he has talked it to his intimate friends repeatedly. In so thinking be has been mfluenc ed by his physical temperament,; his failing health, his old age and his family tendencies. In conversation on the subject he has been cool, calm and cheerful, but utterly hopeless of surviving; the year. Deacon John Howard, his closest personal friend and constant companion, recently called a meeting of the Plymouth deacons and spoke to them of their pastor's feebleness. - It had been Beecher s annual custom to continue preaching until the end of .July, and then take a vacation extending-' well into September, on acount of recur rence of hay fever early in the autumn. But Deacon Howard repre sented that the venerable clergyman would navo to stop worK at once or break "down at ' it. . His nafarally 8rQg constitution was - eviaBntly givmg way to age s inhrmittes, and premonitions of apoplexy were mani fest. " The deacons voted unanimous ly ; that a vacation ought to begin at once and last until t October. The trustees, in whom the powerj really rests, have now agreed to that pro position, and last evening the matter was laid before the congregation for approval. Mr. Beecher, has decided to go to Europe on June I7th, ao. companied by his wife. He hopes that Gladstone will appeal J to xh& voters of England in an election for indorsement of his Home-Rule for Ireland policy, in which case he will take the stump for him. His; ad vis-. ers adjure him to -do no spe king abroad, but to rest entirely,! but he says tnat poiiticar oratory in ng- land would be recreation, and be has already written ta Gladstone, with whom he has for twenty years been in occasional correspondence, tend ering his services should they, be desired. He trunks that such em ployment would help rather that hinder nim- in health, and he - is thought to be ambitious .to make his mark once more a an orator before he dies. - - 1 .. 0M Absolutely Pure. .This powder never varies. A marvel of purity, Wrench and wholesomeness. More economical than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold in competition with the multitude of low test, short weight, alum or phosphate powders. Sold only n cans. Wholesale br. . ' SPRINGS & BUBWKLL, v : Jan20awly ; - . Charlotte, N. C. ' ""0 To the VICTOR the LAUREf rre-emmnl in every higher quatttj, the HANAN SHOE has become the recognized standaul ioi fine wear among ditcnminating gentlemen. . :, For sale by;-; E. KAN KIN A BRO., ' . Charlotte, N. C. ' - ana - C. ' f OPPOSING TOE TRANSFER. BURNHALI'S inPROTED STANDARD I1RBINE Is the BEST constructed and j3 finished Turbine In tbe world. . S Tested Dercentaees. with nart 3r an( fUn mte drawn, equal to any other wbeel. E&New pamphlet sent tree by BURN HAITI IIKOK , YOKH, PA. 4 t l 4 -i L IS IS 4U ERVOUS DEBILITATED MEN. Ton are allowed a free trial qf fhirty'days of the' nse of Dr. Dye's Celebrated Voltaic Belt witn ElectrlQ Suspensory Appliances, lor the speedy relief and permanent cure of Kervoua Debility, loss -of Vitalitf.UTtd Manhood, and all kindred troubles. Also -for many other diseases. Complete restore tlou to Health. Vigor and ilanhood guaranteed. No rbik Is incurred, ninstaated pamphlet iatealed muetbope mailed free, by addressing VOLTAIQ BELT CO., Maxaliall.lliei. novndeodw7m , Always SaTe and always sure. Ladles' Belief Pills (.itumthly) and Toadies' Dvspppsia Pills(pjtre Jt cents) by mail. BK0V DSVO CO.. Covington, Ky may!9deod&wly nna Whiskey ITab its cured at home with out pain. Book of par ticulars sent FREE. B. M. W00LLET, M. D. Atlantsu tin ofli; . 654 Whitebail Streeu - O O O 0 0 El P I mayl9Jeod&wU John V. Calhoun Make a State- ment In ttae Richmond and West Point Matter. : - - f John: C. Calhodn, one of the com mittee representing stockholders of the Richmond, and "West Point Tera minal Company, --who approve, the proposed transfer for an inadequate consideration of a large amount of securities owned by tbe cotnpany tQ tbe Kichmond and Lianyille Kauroad, made a statement: Monday, . setting iortn tne lacts in we case, l - It appears that tbe Riohmon.d and Danville a-few weeks ago purchased from the West loint Terminal Uom pany 4,110 second mortgage Western NortU Oarojina bonds, 8 1, 680 shares preferred and 31,630 shares common b toe It western jNortn; jarolina Kab road, 100 first mortgage. , bocds a,nd' 1,000 : shares capital stock of the KnoxviUe: and Augusta ftailroad, 10 snares 'preferred and 10,000 shares common stock Columbia land Green-, yiue Railroad, 13,024 shares common stock Charlotte, Columbia and Au gusta Railroad, 3,0QQ shares common stocK Kichmond and. MecKienDurg RaiiroaH, 3,tl80 shares common stock AsheVille and Spartanburg Railroad, and au. mteresc m .tne yxrord . and Henderson Railroad : Company. ' The price "paid or these securitiea was $3. SOOjOOQ of the capital gtock of the West Point Company. By yielding up this ecocjjr tbe Jtficnmond and Lan ville loses. jts control of the West Point Oonipany but obtains posses sion of a lot of valuable securities. It is stated that most of the stocks and bonds sold : to the Kichmond and pan villa are in the hands of the Cen tral Trust ijompany,' pioagea to se cure a loan of $8,600,000. - The" secu rities cannot be delivered utitil this loan is paid: : The committee secured an injunction preventing tne airecx ors ot the two roads from nroceedina, The securities pledgeS td the Central rrygt yonipany nave a nominal vaiua of f33.Ouo.ouu and an actual value or 111,000,000. Tbe committee is there fore anxious to prevent their sale" to the Kichmond ard uanvuie tor an inadeauate consideration:. Tbe com- - . . . ...... i . t mitteeqelieYesitseit ) ne master oi the situation." but hopes to be able to effect a settlement without long' and tedious iitlgauon. :TrUk of a SaBcball Catchr Ballplayers in Pittsbnrg are talk ing about the smart young catcher ot - an amateur ciuo. w no .. . was . re markable for catching many batsmen out on; foul tips, even when the bat didn't ssem to strike within three or four inches of the ball. 1 An invest) ration revealed that the catcher bad . i ji - 1 a gum Dana attacnea w. nis gioye. and when "he desired to foul out a man he would raise the band with one fiheer. and when' the ball passed under tne ; oat release v i. iue band would snap against the glove, -and all within hearing would heat a supposed foul tip. j - ' . ' V " ' " " i Positive Care for Plies. , v ' TnthA iwnnlAnf this enrmtr WA Would say We tin hiwi oiwn the unncr of Dr. Marchlsl's Italian Pile Ointment emphatically guaranteed to e are or money refunded Internal, external, blisd, bleed ing or llcniDg puna, race nss. iwj uiii For sale by L. E. Wrlston, druggist, Charlotte B.C.' juiiiouiu. CUREftheDEAF PECK'S PATE! IMPROVED CUSHIONED EAR DRUMS nKTOCfVK EifruKK tub HitAHixo and perform, the work of tbe aturil drum." Inviiibleromfortable and always In positioft AH flonvenntioa mnd even whispers heard distincUy. Seno foUhistratef book with tostiratnials pREEs Address or all n, x. rti&VUA, 849 Broadway, New York, Mention tuls pPy : . ' MACHINES A SPECIALTY im m ".IN- Koiflg. 19 Cents. At this uniform price our entire stock of untrimmed Straw Hats. , , FORMBRL SOLD AT ' . 40 cents and 50 cents AT-C0ST, Our entire stock of CHILDRENS' HATS. 36 Cents. At this uniform price our entire stock of untrimmed Straw Hats. . 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UOOl, 183 ieajrl St., Hew Yolk. PENNYBOYAt PILLS 'CHICHESTER'S ENGLISH." The Qriffln"! and Only OennliMt : gas wd alwr, ReltsWn. BewaK af worthies IsutaUona . .- tntURpeaiaoie w LAUIL9, ' ash yow xpraanrisa w LhltiHei' r.UKiihn ana mtw q oiaei, or uioimo . .-. (ataflips) u oa for partic'ata tn letter by retara mail. WiTKOISEY k BARUGE CHARLOTTE, N. C. MAIL" ORDERS SOLICITED; AND PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. HEALTH : AND PLEASURE RESORT. I am an old man. Fox 28 years I suffered with nleers-on my rigt teg as tne result of typhoid means o( preserving lite. The doctors oould do nothing tor me, and thought- I must die. For 8 -years I never had a shoe on. Swift's Specific has mauc a. tpriuif cut cure ami auueu iii yarns uj uiy Uie, --. . wji. a. oitu, S3.au va)., a a. I have taken fiwlft'a Sneelfie for blood poison. contracted at a medical cellese at a dissection. while I was ft meqieal student. 1 am graterui to sav that H gave me a speedy and thorough cure after my parents had sseiit hundreds of dollars for treatment. - . AUQU8TU8 WXNDKL, M. D., MewaTK, fl. J. .V- "arm - a. Mr wife from early etrlhood has been suffering from rheumatism. She has tried many remedies. and I must f i anklv Bar .has derived more oeneni from Swift's SpeHffc than from alt the others, after long ana nuuum trial. - - - liltV. u. riKKUK, uiiuru, na. Swift's SDeelflc is entirely vegetable. Treatise on Rlnnri ami Skin Disaftses mailed five. -.-- . . . - - Tmc Swift Spkoifio Co., Drawer 3, AtIanta,Ga., orl6 w. a3dSt.,H. x. v FOR REN IV ACOMFOBTABLK 4 room eottase. pantry ana kitchen, within a few hundred yards of the Graded School, and six acres of land for rent to goodtenaut. Apply to. - jama - .-- a. ji .jjKjnnAnjb.aHuiaKBi- FOR SALE. f ITrilmnmvfld lot 9911 BU. 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