c tr v. tlt i? r. nnno r Oil I i'i-lu fXlVIH XVUOi" f- (SCOTCH COOKIES.) A" VlCK " LOT Off HAND RIADT C 'or delivery July 1st Choice males aK Id W auutobo JAMES ft WILLIS sLTXANDBB, June27dSt Alexandriana, N. a IH TOMPKINS & CO., '.;''"" Manufacturers of :U ; PORTABLE OR 1ST MILLS. . . . - ... . -. Agents for ' NOTJOK CbLott. VCJuiif iSlSWft Havln so'd to Mr. P. C. Wilson a one-h-ilf Inter est tn my bu-lnesi, we wl 1 continue tke Drue Business at tbe old stand, under be-srm name of L k. Wiis'on & Co - --- - - luiftfMlw - -.- . - .V L. R. WBI3T0N. M asonic:notice; i THKltB WIUU- B$ A ! A LED KSBTlNa I ot m .Unx Lodge No. 81. A. K. and A. Masons, at Masonic Temp!, Monday even-' lug. June 2-HU, at HiSO o'clock.-eBusiness of ipaolal tniportanes and members! 1 be prompt in atlea dauoa, voting mthreiiwwdlaily Invited.--' - liv order ot the f It--- . ,3 , Juneridlt W. M. CSBOWEtL; Secretary-. Solid Sted ri - T ".-St rv iff Silv r . Plated?- KdiYCs n.ti i -- ?AtU5 persetif i i S1LVERV: METAL.: "fORKi At 12 i)0 per set1 TEOSPOON3: At $125 per set. . -k:- LARGS STOCK- 7 ". . -a '.. -'t Of Rogers Bros knives, spoons and forks at bottom,' -i v & ;jf -si Weit Trade Street - T Charlotte. M. C. YOU CAN BUY READY: SlIXED PALT 5 t j fef t wit?- ANY PI i - rv. f- .' -iCi . ' ' To ftS toad V Illei PAtyT, AHP OIL HOTJSB.. . ; wiji wuwui mim'm.' 1 s-ini.j i i IIJ"IT wis - ot'S OK- TOABBIVK; :x - up , Hi' ?4 V-..V ' H : lookout fit? Hill QUWITITY flTlAItilTl iMtm call 81. . SUNDAY, JUNE 27.,-1886. THiO ok: v- Arrival and Departure of Trains. - Correct for the current month. - BlOHMOHBAKD DANTIUS AIB-LlMX. :"- - No. 60-Arrives at Charlotte from Blchmond at 1-40 a. m. Leaves for Atlanta at 20 a. m. - No .61 Arrives at Charlotte from Atlanta at 4:40 a. m. Leaver for Blchmond at 40 a. m. No. 64 Arrlvna at CiiarlnttM from Richmond lit. 1136 p.m. Leaves for Atlanta at 1 p. m. a 0.63 Arrives at cnariotte from Atlanta at 6 as . m, , Leaves tor Blchmond at 6:40 p. m. Loc: Vreltrht and PiumensAr Train leavfw for Atlans at 630 a. m. : arrives from. Atlanta at 830 m. ! , , i ; ",:.:.'?-'-'.' ; - 0 I RIiOTTX, COLUMBIA AMD AUBUOTA. t Arrives from Columbia at 6:15 p. m. i e ' -. ? Leaves oi Columbia at 1 p. m. - . C, C. 4 A. A., T. AO. DmsiOT. ' ; Arrives from Statesvllle at 1130 a. m. Leaves tor StatesvtUe at 6:40 p.m. : Carolina Cbntkal. --. Arrive from WUmlngton nt 7.30 a. m.j Leave for Wllmtnirtm at R IK n m Arrive from Laurinburg at 4.40 p. m.; Leave for Laurlnbnn? t 7 sn a m Leave for Shelby at 8.15 a. m.; arrive from Shelby atowp. m. . Mails. ; General Dnllwar 70p.m. Money Order Department opens at 9.00 a. m.; olosesat4:p.m. ,v - . THUCHITKCIIES XO-DAV. Tocno Mkk's CHRtmAN AssociATioN-Devotlonal exercles at 6:15 o'clock p. m.,at Tryon Street Meth- oaist ciiucn. . Youug men especially invited : Associatb Reformed Chubch Sunday school at 1015 a. m. Regular Services 11 a. m. and 6 P. m. .Prayer meeting on Wednesday evenlne at okju p. tn. v miuuuiui mis lurewon. - First Presbttkrian Dr. A. W, Miller, pastor. Services at 11 at nu- and 7 30 p. m. Sunday school at (bp.m. frayer meeang'Wednesd,wgvifltAg -a p. m. aomoTQin? W5afc .t-.w-SECOND PRK?BrraiA-S61vtft( tn the morn. tagftt U n, Wi by Br. a.-w. Miller. Sunday soal m the afternoon at 4 p. m. . - . St, Pktkr's Kpiscopai Bev. J.'B. Cheshire, pastor.' Servtoes at U a. ni. and HSOxh m. Sunday school at 4 j. OLi i-..-i-x-;-i..-i - Tbtoh Strkbt METHODIST-Rev. Dr. W. M. Robey. pastor. Servlobsat 11 a. m. and 8:30 p. m. Sunday school at 31&p. m. Prayer meetlnx Wednesday evening at cau o ciock. . . I i Tf - BAPTIST UHUBCH. TRTQN SiJHltKT. Jiev. A. Of. McManawaypaatw. Services at 11 a m. and 8:30 Panoay nenooi at p. m. . Ldtsbran Chuboh Bev. T. S. Brown, pastor services at 11 a. m., and 8:30 py m. . Sunday school at 4 p. m. Wednesday evening leeture at 830. Services to-day by Bey -B S. Brown. St. Peter's CATHaWQBev, Mark S. Gross, pas tor. Mass at 1Q a, nir Sunday school at 9Sa. m. evening prayer ana sermon at eawpjn, uauy mass at i a."im - - -- - Chubch STBirrr MwrHoliiffr.-Rev. I B. Hur ley, pastor. Services at 11a.m. and 830 p. m. Sun- aayscnooja. ,i p. m. Couohbd Prbsbttkrian Rev. Mr. Wyche. pastor. Services at 3 and 8 :80 p. m. Sunday school at 11 a.m. : St. MichabLi's (E.) Mission Church, corner mil and Mint streets Rev. P. P. Alston, pastor. Ser vices every Sunday at U o'clock a. m. and at 830 0'ctocK n. m. Bunaay- scnooi an at o ctoca. p. m. seats tree. - - - ,,-r- Fibst Baptist Church, (Colokrt) ev. a. a. Powell, pastor. Services at U a. m. and 8 p. m. Sunday school at 1230. B ipUsm at 8 p. m. ! - Weather Indications. For Middl Virginia, fair" weather, stitionary ; 1 temperature; . westerly winds, becoming variable. .. r North Carolina. South Carolina Georgia. and East Florida, Fair weather, followed by local rains ; sta tionary temperature; winds gener ally Southerly; - . , - -v - Index to New Advertisememts. TS. L. Keesler St Co. Great reduction. ' - ' -Wittkowskr Baruch Our reductions. Wittkowsky Baruon Our clothing room Munn MAdtdna Co Pionsar olood renewer. . D. A. Tompkins Co. Machinery and plumbing L. a. wnsion r-oneei r -- - -- , W.M. well-Mao la Notice. Ha'es Boyne Knives, forits and spoonsv . C. & Wheeler Beady mixed paints. . . - ' Barnett 4 Alexander -Car loai melons. James WllUe Aleiander Shepherd floss. . Settlements for debts due ThbObsertkb or myself by Col C. W. Alexander, or Mr. H. A. Deal, will be recognised at this .mce. y. : ; vr: Bdltor and Proprietor. .' nominating Conventions. S-Raleigh, August 25 State nomina ting convention. - Wadesboro, Jul. 5J1 bixtn , uon- gre8sional District convention. .. Greensboro, July : 21 Fifth Con gressional District convention. Liincoln, July za Hiieyenin ouai elal District convention. - - Goldeboro, June SO bixtn Judicial "District convention: - " ..' .. i Charlotte. Saturday July 10 Con ¬ vention to appoint delegates to the Wadeeboro. Lincoln . and. Raleigh eonventions."'?-Meck:lenburg-; prima ries to be held on July ara. s j; . ; lOCAI. RIPPUE8. ) Iiarnet & Alexander; will have a car load of .watermelons in town to morrow or next day. V;: i Capt, A',' J.Btall, the College street Igrpcer,' will tomorrow place on sale a car load or nne waiermtwun. the firit received, here this year. Rev. B. S.4 Brown, of China Grove, JRo wan county, will offloiate in the Lutheran church in this city,; this morning and evening. - : -No Vain in this vicinity since last Thursday. It : begins to looks use ProL Baker has the management ol e weather 4pwn a fh I tablishment, on . Trade , street, nas I been greatlyimproved by the paint- I . . . i j - e .u..4 4-v. l er a orusn. ana is now luruwuou gauze doora. It is a model of neat- I iess, and a,uite worthy. Mr.'-Rrather'-s l (Bntapprie A variety of pretty .artificial flowers representing -roses, ; water lilies, etc.. are displayed in the show Windows -of Rcsa.. 'Adam's book, store ' The fijwer.4 -are made of pa nr and are the haodi work of Miss SchitT, who is quite a geniua in . the line, - , . v -' ,4 ik 5 ?N Thiree colore! mea . were 'yester day brought-to the city from Mallard Creek, township' by consUble jj . no Bisaher.. on charge of an aif ray . They were tried before Esquire Maxwell, and discharged on payment of a pen nv and coat. . r :ii a, nv.tt.rtmiKrh. of the Central, yesterday receiyed a 60ib sea turtle, which "will , ba , con- . . . . - .11.. verted into soup ?or wp vpu,vi euesto today. Oantaiopes ann waw- " " . " - . 1 T : ... AM IUa metODS ftre otner; oencauies ; uu -.: bill ot fare. iThere were fewer .visitors Jo the citv from the country yesterday than bn any previous S iturday m the past year? - The townspeople' had the town, till to themselves, but the merchants report a good trade in all lines of bus iness. Farmers are scarce in wwu ott sunshiny days. . - ; . S'--Sefvices will be held at the Ass 80ciate Raformed church today at the usual hours," 41 . a, m. and 6 p tn. The sacrament of the 'Lord's supper will be ftispenf gl at theclose of the morning service.- - jv, J. S Moff att, t Jhe pastor, will be assisuea oy Rev. V, Jfi. MCWOnaiu, , r - , JLQo far a ia known,' no steps have w Ah been taken to change the schedule on the Sbey (vision of the Caro lina Central road, r Usually, what is aa the summer. : schedule al- .uwnj. .- . .... .... . . Vivs went intoeffact about June 10. Tu& times b? passed, and ho one is tile to say whether or not tne scneo, u'.a will be charged this summer; ; lectricTiIit as in Investment. The electric lights will blaze fortli in this citythi, week, and our peo - pie are naturally interested in the business investment. The fact that no failure of an electric light company has yet been reported leads us to be lieve that the Charlotte company will share in the usual success. The Scientific American in its last "issue gives some ' points on the electric lighting business that will be of inter est to our" citizens. . That paper says With a view to put at rest tbe quess tion whether local electric lighting companies are profitable investments, we have recently addressed a circus Iar letter to the general managers of a number of such 'companies, both east 'and west, asking for their ex perience in the ' Jnatter. We have directed our inquiry in this instance particularly to : those operating the Thomson-Houston system. We have received answers from all parts of the country, and the general tenor of the replies is that many of their local companies are earning better - divi dends than are yielded, by - the ma jority of other new enterprises. The question of profit rests firstwith the locality, and then, if this be judici ously chosen, with the system em ployed and the : ability, displayed in the management. "Of thosewho have stated the exact profits of their investments, we believe the highest returns came from Omaha, Nebraska, where a company operating four" 30 light dynamos, had earned at the end of the first three months .-after - in corporation 4i par cent on' the in vestment, or at the rate of 18 per cent, per annum." BTorth Carolina at Washington. The Richmond & Danville officials will shortly be installed in their new headquarters at Washington City, in tne large live story (building, . corner of 13th street and Pennsylvania Avs en ue, recently purcnased by. that company for $127,000; Mr. Jordan Stone of the Asheville t Citizen,? who was in Washington last week, learn ed something in regard to this build ing that will ba of - general interest. He says that the building as large as it ia, is not too large for the operation of a corporation controllings one of the main .trnnk -lines of the south. The company with wise regard to the extension of its business has supplied a very important vehicle of informa tion. It has allotted a large room on the basement floor for the purpose of aa exhibit of North Carolina produc tions of all kinds," -whether in the crude state- or improved by art, woods, "Ores, minerals, 'grains, fruits textile fabrics, aa also maps, publican tioiis periodicals and whatever else will illustrate this State, all arranged systematically and presented intelli gently , and to constitute a perma nent fund of knowledge to be added to continuously, - The whole will he under the chirge of Prof. J. M. Tiernon, now of Aaheville, whose intelligence and , information is of national repute, ' ; - Survivors' Association. On the 20th of next montn, a sur vivors' association of Ce., B," Thir teenth North Carolina Regiment, wdl be organized in this city.- This com pany was known in the late war as the Randelsburg Riflemen; ; and W. W. Robinson was its captain. : It en tered the war with one hundred and flf Cy men and came, out with twenty - five. " The company participated in the principal battle ofthe war, in cluding J Cold -it Harbor; Manassas, Chancellorsville and ? Gattysburg. Governor A. M Scales, to whose reg iment the company1 belonged, has been invited to attend; the reunion, and will doubtless be here on that oc casion. . Indictment Under a Hew Ljw. The first indictment in this county under the law passed by the late Legislature, making seduction under Dromise or marriage a penitenoarv offence, was made in this city yester- Both parties to t he affair were from Mallard Creek township, and are well . , mi. j- m - it conneciea. -- .Aae conuiuun. oi - tne young . woman was -; n.ainft)lly an parent, and after hearing the evi dance as charged ' in the indictment, the magistrate placed the young man under a. bond of $10.0 for his appear ance for trial before Judge Meares at the August term of tbe Criminal court. ". " Personal. There is how quite a party of Char - lotte neoole ehjdyinflrthe sights in "and around Victoria, British" Colum il-Jiii.AFfiki iw'nm ' bia." The Colonist, of . that place, gives their naoaes as follews: Col. John L. Browa, and wife, Capt. P. 8. De Wolfe and wife and : Miss L. De- Wolfe, v Col. and; Mrs. y Brovfn &ro stopDine at the lariard Bouse. . This i Darcr is uu w .vjwi- w: rw u Seattle, W. T?., Capt D,tjWoU'aone, . Mr. and. Mw. P. rown have I .1 . i it it..i- ci;- i gone so tas u xxeaiug oLiiiua. Mr. 4. tjarucn and tamuy, ors. I . 7 1 If . fllLl . 1 - J. t, . J janum anq sura, amv ieii yesieruay for the All Healing Spriags. Degrees Conferreilt It will interest, the friends in this oity of Rev Q. F. Gregory, lat pas tor of the Baptiet church ; here, but now of High Street Church, , Balti more, to learn that he is, now a D..D. The degree was conferred - upon him by Howard College, of Marion, Ala bama. Rev.. A. C. Pixon formerly of Shelbyi is also a D. the degree having been conferred upon him by th.e v?ahmgtOT4 and U6 University. ' , --1-if-- : ' -rMrs. Wm. A. Wallace, of this county, died at her home in Crab Orchard township, on last Wednes day 23rd She leaves a husband and seven' small I children,' to whom the sympathies of our people will be ex tended. " Mr, P. Wilson has purchased one half interest in Mr. L. R, Wriss 'ton's 'drug store, and the business will hereafter be conducted under the firm name of L R. Wriston S? Qd. t of the Methodist Arfi-ince. r i The IvTftthoHiafc Am, paper edifced . Uf thi oil . JL 7'! TZtZ JUD1H - WDO will :.mnv tne ; presses and ; tvoe to GoldRhorn from which place the paper will here after ba issued. . Dr. JRobey founded me Advance, we believe, in Goldss horo, and it thus goes back to.its old. home. . The ea'e of the paper was: made principally because Dr. Robey uesirea to devote bis entire attention; to tbe interests of the church here. and he will hereafter be free from thes cares of editorial life. Mr, Blakey. the manager of the Advance office,; will, we understand, return to Golds- borov though we would be ; glad to have him remain in Charlotte We are not advised upon this point, but surpose that the Advance will make its last appearance in Charlotte next Wednesday. - Gone to Warm Springs. Rev. L. McKinnon, president of Davidson College, arrived at the Bel mont Hotel in this city yesterday morning, accompanied by bis wife and children, and left in the after-' noon for Warm Springs. . Mr. Me -Kinnon has been a great sufferer from, rheumatism for some months pasc and his emaciated face gives evidence j to the bo verity of his sufferings. JJis many friends in this section will join, in 0io hope that his visit to the Warm Springs will be beneficial.; -: : - Bleyeling to the Springs.. Mr. Hartwig Baruchj started this mornmgv at 5 o'clock on a bicycle tour , to All Healing Springs. He called at McAdensville at 9 a. m. - He reports from there bad roads, and congratulates his fellow-bicyclists for not having,, joined him, j as he was compelled to walk about onesthirdbf the distance. :; He 'continued ' his trip with the hopes of taking dinner at the springs. ' An Excursionist Shot. News reached the city yesterday of the accidental shooting at Smithville of Zab. Johnston, one of the excur siohists'from 1 this city. Zeb was shot in the hand by the accidental discharge of a pistol, but he was not very seriously hurt, as he was able to' write a postal card to his brother in this city, telling of affair; No particu lars have been learned. f , V :C The congregations of x the First and Second ;; Presbyterian: churches will worship together this, morning at 11 o'clock, in the Second church ; and at 8 :30 p. in. at the First church. There will be no morning service- at the First, nor evening services at the Second church! . ! Frown-Smoothers, -LiehtlabOT-l-Cleanine the lamps. Pittsburg Chronicle-Telegraphy Cain is supposed to have been the first striker, -i-Pittsburg Chronicle Telegraph. The Saturday half-holiday move ment Toward the base ball ground. Burlington U ree Press. Ltdy : That appears to be a very bright child. I . , . Gent: Yes. he s my little sonny. Lowell Citizen. The skeleton of a man in a sitting position has been discovered in iNe braska. It is supposed that he had a leather patch on his trovfrsers. Boss ton Budget. j ; ' ; Earthquakes are ; reported in . New Jersey, but it is probably only some of tn; inhabitants haying sneir sum mer attack of chills and fever. Bost ton Bulletin. ' - - ' - . ' i I City Parson : Going to have the hay fever this year? ' i oUntry Parson: JNo; my congre gation can't afford it. Chicago News. .' j iVZ. A Cleveland lady telephoned for a policeman to come to her house and shoot a dog. When he at last appear-, ed the dog was dead, presumably from old age.-i-CIeveland Sun. He (tenderly) : And what do you think of the engagement ring I sent you Jennie? -.-' "; ;' :' ' v- . ,J'-- She toeiignceaiy;i vn i u ia oeauuiu in tact, tne nanasomess one x ever had given me. Boston Courier. ; . "You are making yourself rather officious in this cro wd," said a burly policeman to a notorious piokpocfcet. 1. am only trying noj qis-purse them.'V replied the thief. -r National A fashion exchange says ' that the 'going away dress of an English bride waa of bink cambric trimmed with Venetian point lace v and hat to match. This is the first time we ever heard ot trimming a bridal drees with a hat. Burlington Free Press- Democratic Caucus. WAsmNQTON. June 24: -The' House nAmrw.rat held a lareelv attended I Miuim t.hin evnninar to determine 1 llT.on the order of business for the l-remainder of the session. ' The high I tariff Democrats were all - present. and the proceedings wera entirely harmonious. The idea . which ran through all the discussions was that an adjournment snouia qa eaeocea not later than uuiv ia. sir. jaorn- son said ttie appropriation bills would tase until 4uiy z, wnicn wouia ioaye but ten days for other measures. Various enbers spoe, suggesting qiren,t.measures as proper to oe brought . up. and minor ! resolutions were offered. Finally the- following was adopted That the SpeaKer.Mr. Morrison and r Mr. Itandall - be ups pointed a poinmittee. of ' three, with power to designate, the measures which shall have priority during the remainder Of the session. Mr. Ran- dall asked to be excused, as ne saia he had too much to do now, but the caucus declined to accede . to . his re quest.' No question was assed as to whether this committee ; would have now fr to reoommend any n measure reducing taxation." when it was an nou need that it would be understood that the committee was not to be re stricted, in its action. .. . ' An exchange says j Thirty-five business men who daily i travel bes tween Boston and Falmouth, on the j Old Colony road, by; paying $100 &ch In addition to the regular fare, have secured the exolusive . services i of a train that is said to make tbe fastPBt time in America, .xne jour ney usually requires three hours, but "The . lying xJuae," as it uauwu, nan do it m one nour ana , ten ; miur n tea ' ' " . ' 4 i A nonanxa Irline ;.' 1 Of health Is to be found la Br. B V. Pierce's VFv vorita PrescrtDUon." to the merits of which, as a remedy for female weakness and Undred affec tions, thousands tegtlfy. . LGIIlOn EUXIK An Old Citizen or Atlanta. b. By the recommendation of Rpv n n. rtavta need Dr. Mozley's Lemon Elixir for a ftvemihmnin ease of indigestion, palpitation snd irregular ao- viuu vi tun ueri,, wiui corisupaii n anu D11IOUS ne.88. I also suffered greatly with gravel and great pains in tne back and kidneys, much of the time u: abletostand alone. I was treated by many phytde'ans and used many remedies, hut got no re lief Dr Moziey's Lemen Ktlxlr atone has made a penecc .:ore 01 an tnese ol-asea. I am now a -we man,- mj wire nas lor many years suffered greatly withe mstlpatlon and six headaches from which she could get no relief. . The Lentoa Elixir nas permanently cured ner. " A . C. Arnold, 22 Ella St : Atlanta. 6a. Sold by drngzlttts 60 jentt and $1 00 per bottle. ir repitreu dj u. jioEiey, m . , AUstnta, (ia. . Men and "Women ' Who are constantly nervous are, in ntneteen esses out of twenty, dyspeptic The twentieth case will be found, upon investigation, to be that ot a per son wbo is troubled with symrtoms of indigestion. Thinness, unnatural anxiety, peevishness, buzzing In the ears, a disposition to start on the sodden closing or a door, tremuloufcness tf the hands more particularly of the-right show that the nerves are weak and unsteady. Hosfetter's stomach Bitters strengthens and quiets tbe nerves. This effect is a speedy consequence of Its Invigo Tatine and rHruiaf,1nf? antion nnnn th Aroana Af digestion and assimilation . It enriches the blood, conquers a chronic tendency to biliousness, re lieves slcc and nervous headaches, and regulates the bowels without griping them. h A more trust worthy defense against fever and nmn does nnt exist, and it subdues a tendency to rheumatism, k'dney and bladder derangement. Taken before retiring, it Induces sound repose. - - MAKKKTH bv TGLEUKAPD . J ONE 26,1886. - - " i Produce . j Baltixokb. Plour steadr and nnlnt WhAat Southern nominal and steady; Western firmer anddullr Souinem rea83;r85; amber 86ft88 No 2 Western winter red snot 813)82. Corn Sonthem nominal and firm; Western easier and dull; Southern white 47SS0; yeUow 47)248. CHlcAe-7-Flbur-Tii6chkneL Wheat jitlva and trmjrr June TO78i4; July 13373; i No 2 -prlngTC. Com-rteady; cash 341, Jnne84a 84Mi; July 24335. Oats steady; cash 26: June 214; July 2714 27. : Mess Pork hnsettied. but flnelly closed easier; cash 19 509S9.6'); Angust Sa.60(it9.7?lA. Lard steady: cir.h ifi.U2U,S;ti y.fi- Ju y $6.25a6,23; Angust 6.S5a$a 40 Snort rib sides nrmer: casb SSai 45.871 ' Boxed meatji steady; dry salted shoulders $5.20a5 25; short clear $615a$6.l. - Whlsltey steady at 11.14. Sugars unchanged. . . ; Nbw TORk. Flour Southern steadv. . Wheat steady and quiet; No 2 red July 34934)4; August 84i,fe34.' - Com-(julet, No 2 JuIy45Qlfc; Aueust 4!3i??4H. Oaw a ahada hattnr hut. omIbi- No. 2 July 33i. Hops quiet - Coffees-spot fair Bio dull at ?. Suga steady and quiet; refined dull. - Molftses firm at 60c; te3t 18. Bloe ste dy. Cotton seed oil 25a 26; crude 33; refined rosin strady Turpentine dull at32Vg.; Hides-firm. Wool firm. Pork firmer and quiet; mesa 10S25 for oM; tlQ.85SJU.25 for new: middles du l; long clear 64. Lard active- and firm; western-spot $6 4aS6.4?tfe; July $6 46. Kielgnts-dulL : Cot ton 11 64d. Wheat 4d. - Wava.1 Stores WTLMiHeTON Tnrnentlne firm at 291i. ' Ron1n firm; strained 76; good strahKHi 80 lar firm at $1.26; crude turpentine firm; hard 75; yellow dip $1.60; vlrsrln $1.80. savannah Turoentlne firm at 29U: sales im. Bosin firm at 90a$l.l0; sales 100. ' - uhaklbston -mrpentine nrm at . aosin quiet at 85 Jor good strained. - . - Pinancinl. ' NEW YORK- - - . Kxcbanee 4.88.' Money lf2 Sub-treasnrr balances gold $129,118,000; currency $16,633,000: Hovanments auletat: tour per cental .27: throes 'lafs; state oouds auu. inimiii. n a, m w w.... .... .... ........ 1.04 - - liigjs a, nves.. . 6eorgia6's...4 ..v. ..... Seorgla 7's mortgage Horth Carolina 6't.. North Carolina 4"s. .... .......... South Carolina Brown Consols.. 1.0214 .;.n.(K ... lia ...tlJW ..,95 ... 1.09- Tennessee e's... 60 44 63 ' 9 I.14U Virginia B's. ;.i Virginia Consols. Chesapeake and Ohio. Chicago and Northwestern unteagoand Northwestern, preferred 1.44 Delaware and Lackawanna........ 132 28tfe 1 -.42 - 7ft 15 nne.. ........ .4... East Tennessee ..s... Lake Shore. Louisville and Nashville. .t... .-. Memnhls and Charleston... ..... Mobile and Ohio. Nashville and Chattanooga. new urteans racinc. 1st... New York Central... ....... Norfolk and Western preferred.. Northern Pacific common ... .. l-0t& .. 34l .. 27t ... 59 Northern Pacific preferred. racine mau. ...... ............. Blchmond and Alleghany. ramming... S L40 ; .SUA .66 Blchmond and Danville.. Blchmond and West Point Terminal. Bock lsianc.. .... ..-. .v. v- St. Paui...i. St. Paul preferred..:. .... .... .... .... union racmc. ........ New Jersey Central.. Missouri racinc, ..-r.,. ..Bl-07 WMTAm 1 ninn Bid. tbast bid. goffered, tasked. iEx. Dir. " Cotton. BALVB9T0B Quiet; - middling 834; net re sales 131; stock 10,979; Great Britain i contl- oeipis . 39; ' gross 39; exports coaatwUe ; nent .. v ". Norfolk Steady : mlddlme 9 1-16: net reoelpis 60," .gross .60; sales 29; stock 9,535: exports coastwise 141; continent ; Great Britain . Baltlmobs Notn'l; ..middling 9 net recpts . gross; : ales --; stock 11.689; spinners eu: euBirts coastwise i-r: uteat uriiain : con- Boston Oulet; mlddllnjt9lii: net receli ts 687: gross 2,026; spinners; stock 6,310; exports coastp wise ; to bireat Britain 168. - t . WitamtOTwr Dnlif mlddiine. 85k T net - re ceipts : aro s ; sales : stock $00; exports coastwise -r, , Philadklphia Quiet; low mlddllntr 9: net receipts 35; grces 606; sales ; stock 16,119; . ex ports to Grrat Britain 779. . Savabnah Quiet; middllbg 8 11-16: net receipts 44: gross 44; sales 11; stock 7,691; exports coastwise 120 . ' Nsw Orleans Steady: mMdunK 8: net receipts 748; gross 1J02; sales 400; stock 43,151; exports coastwise ; - to Great Britain 7,267; France ; comment ; coastwise . . Mobilb dull: . mlddllnx 83i: net receipts 51, gross 51; sales ; stock 8.L07; exports eoastwisf vk Great anuun . Mbmphis Steady; mlddllns 87fa: receipt 21: shipments 678; sales 35Q; stock 12.070; axdorts coastwise-: . . Augusta Quiet; middling 8;. receipt 5: salea stock 81. r , . .. . CEABLB8TON Firm ; middling 9; not recelpta 25; gross 25; sales 18U; stock 7,384; exports continent ; coastwise ; trrewi iiniam ; Franc - -, - v - - - Nbw : Tobb Steady; sates 950; uplands 9 5-T6 Orleans 9Ua; oousoildated net - receipts 1,639; exports to , Great Britain 3v314i to tranoe . continent j stock 877,423. : ' Future. . Nw Tobi Net eross reeeiDts 1.099: futures closed quiet and steady; sales 55,800 bales. J- ............ .. i. A . . ..... ........ 9.2601.00 July. 9 2a.C0 sueusc.... .. - 9.36 87 September..... -October..:..... 9.ii3a.24 9.093.10 9.06&.06 9 08a.09 November, December . January........ 9 15a 16 9.24a.22 February.. .: , .-w Much....;. 9 343 April A W;.' . ..- .i . . . $44. Nsw Vorx The total Visible mvr.nW of cotton for the world is W49.977 bales; Of lich 1,392 977 bajes are American against i.yJ,yiwana ijxh.vjh respec Hveiv last veaT.BeoBlots of cotton at all interior. towns o,vn naies; receiuu iruiu piaiyvA o, Al orvy uiDim Q,uo,u. - - tilrerpael Cttoa Market. ; LrfXBFOoii, June 26. Steady, without oootabte chaniein prteea. TJpiands &id;-Orleans 6 ikied: sales 8,000; speculation and export 1,000; re ceipts 26,(J0: American 17,200. - Futres steady. June and July, 5 4d. July and August, 6 6 64d, f seller.V ' - ' 4ueust and September. 6 6-64d. (se'lersV- " . September and October, 5 36 d (sellers.) ' Ocober and November 5d. - - j September 5 8-64 5 V64d. , . 1 p. m. Sales Amerloan 6, TOO. June, 6 fl-tod. (sellers.) .. . Jqne and July, 6 6-64d, (sellers,) , July and August 6 6id (sellers.) - , Augun and September, 5 7-64d, (sellers.) ' . September and October, 6 3-64 (buyers ) -October and November, 5d,. (sellers.) November and December 4 63 64df (sellers.) - . December and January 4 63-6 id. (sellers ) Sentember. fa 7 64d. ( values.) . 'Futures closed steady. . - - . LIVE-IPOOL PBODDCE. -Wneat aulet and steadb. with a poor demand: holders c ff -r freelv. : - ' Corn dull, with : popr demand ; new mixed western 4tt4Msd. - tiara printo western aaa.- , -- Haon long, ci ar aiuiwi; spot wear sutto. Cheese American, nne 99a40d. . . . Cit Cotton Market - . .' - ; 4 ; Officb othbObbkvb, l 4 ' CSABTjOTrB, N. a, June 26,1886. 1- : The city cotton market yesterday eluded steady ax tne touovnng quotauons. ,- ' Strict Middling.. . 9 .TO u.tnet miaannz.... ...... .. .... . .. v .. a m MlddUwt..,.. 8. Tinges.. . ..... .. . . Stains. ... .... ..'. .. ..-1 '- 78.00 Keselpts yesterday.. 9 CITY PRODUCE --- JURBETt ,j. ...... v- - . jj-L-;.':- --it. . v. BeportedhT. B. Masill.1 r v JDNS24.1886. Corn per bushel. Meal oer bushel.... ... eiaiea 6oafii i Wheat oer busheL......... .... MfUl.OO Peanuts pet hU8heL......1.w FKmr Faiiil'i .. .......uoai.15- 125)2.30 Peas -Clay, per bushel. . 85990 ; mxea Oats shelled. 46350 SO 4 BriedFrult Apples, perm.. ... - c .eachee, Dseled.. . k4 L , ' " unpeelbd Potatoes Sweet............. ; Irish : . .....V 55aeo ... 1.2531.60 Cabbage, per pound.; Onions, per bushel .. . .. .... .... mm - votrnu Beeswax, per pouna. . Tallow, per pound.... w Butter, per pound...., Eggs, per dozen..... .... M .... Chickens.... .... s... .... .... . Ducks ? - - Turkeyi;"pound;"..I"w!IJI uoose..'.. ..... .v.. ......... .... Beef, par pound.net... Mutton, par pound, net........... Pork, per oound, net....... "Frol, wahet .... " nnwdshel... ...k ........ Feathers. new . ..... 2092 1220 2527 T H5ffi30 - aio - 86rM0 " 889 . 7frt 32 18 45S50 per pound , i.. . 'eDsboro Female College, THE F ALL SESSION OE 1836 WILL BFGCN on the 25th of August, with Increased advan tages. Nurnber ot pupils enrolled the past year, 208 The prosperity ot the Institution is based en merit. Faculty accomplished and efficient Thor ough Instruction in all the departments of Pair ing usually taught in Female Colleges of high grade. Strict attention raid to physioa! develop ment, health and comfort ' special advantages offered m Music, Art, -Modern Languages, and Elocution.' Charges very mod rats. t. : - lor particulars apply for catalogue to i. VL JONES, . - Pr- sldent. , Iune25dtf STOCKHOLDERS'.EETING. - North Caroltna batlboad Compart,) . ' SltOBBTABT AND TRKASUBBB'S OFFICB, Company Shops, N. a, June 15 th, 1886. ) -The Thirty-Seventh Annual Meet I nir of the Stockholders of this Company will be held in Greenshbro on Thursday July 8th, 1886. - "in Stockholders desiring to at.end can get- tickets for themselves and the immediate members of their families wife and children living under their roof by. applying to the undersigned. -. , .. I tr. JB. kujtfijm, - - 3unel7d4w . , secretary. ; -.-.--.4? - -.-j--1 . j FOR SALE. , t e Unimproved lot 99x150, adjoining the pro OU petty of J. H. Emory. J. P. Irwin and others, fronting on Trade street. Shade trees on the lot. Price $500. Cnariotte Real .Estate Agency, mar25dtf ; B. E. COCHRANE, Manager ' PENNYROYAL PILLS "CHICHESTER'S ENGLISH." The-Original sad Only Genuine. - Sftfls tmd tAwsfs Sellmble. . Beware of wTthlea bttltetloni. Indiipenable ta LADIES. Alb jour UrUKtrtst tar . 4Chlehteter'-i Enclish' and take no other, or incloM 4a. . 8tamps) to as for particulars in letter by i elai'a Baail. NAME PAPER. Chichester Chemical Co., -i. T - am a Mn.ii,.,. hoc, P1.II.J.., frtk. Sold by Irrnerl.u rei-ywlirre. .Art 5a- "Catcae. ter E-vllsli' Pennyroyal PUla. - Take no other. janlOd&wly t - r ",l CARRIAGE ASD BUGGY REPOSITOfiY. A fall line of Carriages. Buggies, Phaetons. Cartt Srring Wagons, etc., of the best makes and latest styles, OB hand. ; 1 -. . Vehicles made to order and repaired. - -. A. C HUXCIlISOf A GO , Charlotte, N. C, next to Wads- th's Stables. pr25sunly .. - 4-- : -.- '- . . ' : Alwav Safe and always sure. Ladles" Relief ViUa imontlUyyaxul Ladies' Dvspepaia Pills (price epsia Fills (price 0., Covington, Xy. ifxaid) by mail. may9(leodS:wly f. ! SOUTHERN: D m This new variety of Turnip Is rapidly erowlne in Donular favor wherever it hsn barn tried and la destined to supercede all other vnrleti'S in South ern culture. Certainly no variety yet introduced has proven so well adapted to our climate or nro- duced larger crops. The testimony In Its favor as given Dy some oi tne nest farmers ;s ri tne strong est chan cier: leavine no room to doubt tbe nolnts of excellence claimed for it. In fact, it is affirmed that it Is a better turnip even than it has been rep resented. N C. Farmer. . . "I 1 AFTER THOROUGH TRIAL ! FOR IEI ERAL TB4B8, ' The following points of excellence are claimed for it, viz: , . it has no equal ior root or salad.- - - - - It stands extreme heat and cold. : - It Is superior to the Northern turnip. They do not olth or become sDonsv as other tur nips, ! i. It produces salad two weeks earlier than any other turnip. .... v.. .- Insect-t do not Injure this as they do other varie ties. -. i . It produces more salad than any other turnip. . It produces a larger root than any other turnip. It is the best turnip for winter use in the market For general f arm market purposes it has no equal in the South, t - All of .which u folly confirmed by the testimony of many of our best farmers. ; ; - Iu addition to the above we have in stock a foil supply of all other, varieties of turnip seed. : . I' . ' 1 II. U. JOR&iN & f 0 BUGGISTS, 8PBIN6S' COBNEB. t WANTED, a CCUTC cntn money vlth our Amhw Photo otrHit,Ba AIII.I1 I O collertme family Dktuws to enlarge. Soecial W day offer. - bropue Copying (X, Sl Canal St New York. mBr20dlew3m J I J. Itl, KENDRICE, oiiua house .. :.-;.-- . -KEEPS' THE ;-t - BEST B A R AN1 BILLIARD HALL Pn the city. Iebl6dtf. Mrs. Joe Person's Remedy Is still the best Blood Purifier in the market. ' I juun mcidkn. wnoiesaieurugKisi. E. r O00HRAHE.-0HA8.nS; J05E8 ! CHARLOTTE REAL ESTATE AGENCY. R. E. COCHRANE, Manager. THIS A63NCY WILL BUT AND SELL LANDS of averv description and In any part ot North or South Carolina, and will rent property In the city of Charlotte, collect rents, attend to repairs and mane prompt returns, ana u aesirea wiu si te nd to payment ot taxes, eflectlng or .insurance, ew. . . AH property put into our nanas wui oe - -i it A-dvertised Free oi Cost v tor a stipulation previously agreed-upon. " One dwudlns hoose on B street. 7 rooms. eloseti lln each room, well of good water, lot 99x100 feet, In good neighborhood.: Price, $2,000. . 2- One dwe 4ng on Sth street, adjoining residence of a M. Howell, 4 rooms, well of water and stable, lot 6UX1W, eonvemeni vo Business, -tmce, gikau 3 One dwelling on somn xryon street, adjoining rmddence of Dr. Bratton. 8 rooms, closets and -. pantry, well ot water, well located for a boarding nouse. moe, o,iaj, - V One dwelling on eonieif of Graham and 10th 9streets, 6 rooms, kltchun, well of water, lot 120 . feet on Graham street,. 162 feet on 10th street, very aesiraoie property, imce, gicau, o' One dwelling on Poplar street. 10 rooms. lot 099x198 feet, brick kitchen, outhouses, stable, well or good water, sola on leans to sua jrurcnaser Extra. . . Suner.. Gr m in 50 ozen Wbite Wr(. Double, back and front at' the sum 'of 50 cents each. v r- Vi' :.' We are selling an elegant Seersucker Coat and Test at SI 50. v We are selling an elegant wool Suit! at $7,00. ; We are selling the best $5.00 Boy's Suit in the city. J Extra Pants for Boy ii in age from 5 to; 13 years. . J3oy s Shirt W aists in White Goods, Per- cale and Seersuckers. Call and see us. - . C .. -." ......... , "... . ..... . - ';-' Leading Clothiers and Tailors. Mail orders promptly and carefully attended to : HBcLDODtlS SHHKlIl SDD(D)o ' i ! - t Our stock is now full and comnlete. surnassiner anv rviniifi ntnrV nf BOOTS AND SHOE3 that we have Spring and Summer Trade. r- - Our orders were placed with the best offer a very superior line of . LADIES' MISSES' 1 Fiae , Shoes, .Slippers' ; Newports and Paris ..Ties. -ALSO A LARGE STOCK OI TRUNKS, VALISES GLYCERINE POLISHFRENCH BLACKING, BLACKING BRUSHES, &c ' We.wish especially to call attention to our elegant line of J . . , " GEITS' ClJTOJfl MADE SHOES. Prices to suit the times. You are fore buying. , . . Trade Street. - -:0: 0IDE BEAD Y MADE CLOTHING. s:This sale will commence to-day, exceptions, will be offered, secure to intending purchasers, BARGAINS un paralelled in the annals of the . .. - v. i . ,,..-. .. ... LOT iIlG The best and choicest stock of Clothine. Gents Furnishini? Gonrln. TTn.f. 2 &c, will be offered. Our stock comprises . v - -- JIMS' ALL WOOL BOUND AND. SQUARE CUT SACK In Cassimere, Cheviot and Diagonals, which will be , sold : from $5.00 up. Ivlens' Cut-a-waTr Suits. ; '- I .-- In Checks and Plaids, Diagonals, in we win eeu irom $ .au up. CHILDREN'S SUITS, NoMolks, Corded, Plaited, and- Plain Seersuckers sizes from 4 to 13 at $1.75 - r Men's Seersucker Coats and Vests at $ 1.50 Boys -T. : ; " J.y: 35c Mens' Office " dozMens mackinaw straw hats at 50c 10 doz Mens Merino Ventilators -10 doz " Manilla Hats; very fine Reduction in prices will be found to while in every case, the reduction HANDSOMELY REPAY -A Our ' This is erenuine and no disanDointment need be feared. will be fulfilled. . . ; w.3SrririAsrfeGo m II ! - i ever offered for the ' : - V manufacturers, which finahlo n tn - v --.- AND CHILDREN'S AND HAND BAGS, : cordially invinted to call and see us bet. GRAY & CO. :o:- and the nrices which all eroods. without TRAD Li, SUITS, ) - . .. - t ,., ' -: : .;. . Black, Brown and Fancy Colors, which , - - Sacks; in Cassimeres, ' Tweedg and up. ; N and "y- 35c (I 1 fifl " l.UU have beeu made in , many instances. has been sufficient to ... VISIT TO- Estab! ishment . Every promise - I-. -

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