-' , - - , - -p- r, if jo fha unrest concern of its kisa 1 i-muj ---- " . ..I that has grown tip amongst us In the, past decade ia tha Daffy Malt WMskeyj Company of Baltimore. Md. Tha other' flay the writer met representative of! this house and among other ef the Jn- terestlng questions that came up, was one j as to hew this Company eeuld affod to ; expend such large nrni of money in ad- vertlsing sneh an excellent , brand ; whiey. and en which the margin of, profit ia necessarily smalL -, ! r "Well, sir,' replied the gentleman. 1 Is d6ne entirely on the strength of a good; artick, ia erit and parity of which; we have the utmost confidence.. This 15 probably the first Instance of the kind la the business of the country where It has. paid a bwiness like eurs to extensively advertise He whiskey. ' V. ' "Heretofore Urge newspaper advertts-, iog has been confined almost exclusively j to patent medicines and other proprietary ; preparations, on which there & usually a profit of from 20 to 500 per cent never less) aa in the case of so-called bitters, for , Instance, . which frequently jconslst, as analysis has shown.' of the cheapest of; poisonous kinds of alcohol for a base (tha; government allows 30 per cent) the rest of. the compound being a few iaexjenslve.j flavoring attracts to make 1 palatable. s It was with the idea that people would, sooner or later come to realize this fact, j that we determined to put oarjwhlskeyi on the market under its true name, merttj Bd medicinal uses, and although wo' have received numerous, proposition.! from nremlnen religious papers, and. clerwma. we have steadily held out; aStanyehanne of title or any dis- Eufse of HstfcaraAer, and yet despite the; natural preudi(M which-exiata against the use of liquor m any form have re-, ceived In tlfepast three montbe over 3,000 unsolicitelteltimonials from person. iwho have been cared or benefitted by onr whis kev andwheoat of a pae sense of grati tude are willing that their, names bo nnblisbed. Yon see our whiskey is dis tilled by a secret process whereby every traw of fusel oil is eliminated, and to-day we are the discoverers and only manufac turers in the country of an absolutely pure article? -- J OMAN ! f J DB.J. BBADFIELD'S n 1EMiLE REGDLATOXl I This famous remedy most happily meets the de mands or ti' ge for woman's peculiar and multt fonn affliction. It is a remedy for WOMAN Oft LY, and for one SPBCUL CLASS of her diseases. It is a specific for certain - diseased conditions of the womb, and proposes to so eontrol the Menstrual Function as to regulate all the derangements and r regularities of woman's - ; MOSXII1.Y SICKHESS. Its proprietors elaim for it no other medical prop erty; and to doubt the fact that this medicine does positively possess such controlling and regulating sewers is simply to discredit tke voluntary tesO meny taenMads of Urine wltasssf who are te lay eurang lite lestoattfoa t nana health aad happiness. Rradfield's Ihmalk Regulator - Is strictly a vegetab'e compound, and is the pro net ot mealcal science and practical experience direct ed towards the benefit of It is the studied prescription of a learned phv nlnUn nhose giudf was WOMAN, and whose fame became enviable and boundless because of his won derful success in the treatment ana cure 01 lemate complaints. 1HK BiliULArOB is the grandest remedy known, and richly deserves its name: OMAN'S" gEffFfRLENDi Tta wse it contro's s cisss of functions the various . derant;rmenta o' which cause more Hi health than another causes combined, and thus rescues her from a lona train of afflictions which soreh embtt her We and prematurely end her existence. Oh! - what a mu tltude of living witnes. es Cdn testify to Its charming effec.s! Woman! take to your confi dence this : . , PEECIOUS BOON OF HEALTH! It will relieve you of nearly all the complaints peculiar to your sex. Ke y upon It as your safe - guard tor health, happiness and long life. - . Sold by all drugi'tsts. Bend for our treatise on the Health and Happiness of Woman, mailed free, wuicn gives au parucaiars. - . . i - Thb Bbabvikld Bbouiatdb Co., ( r Box Atlanta, Oa. : - RSD C. MUNZLER. WHOLB8ALB L1QGR BEER 1 DEALEK AIh ' .pOTTIJEB CHARLOTTE, N. C Bapresents two of the largest LAOEB BSE3 Breweries ia the United States ! The Bergner A Engel Brewik Co., of Philadelphia, and the ' W.AM. Schaffer BrevrtMR ot . IfewTorki . L;. .:. ; THE LARGEST LAGER BEER BOI ,' TLINQ ESTABLISHMENT ; !-. i IN THE CITY. : -j ' f3 Orders 'Solicited. All ' orden promptly filled and delivered free of charge to any pirt of the city. ,:deo80dlf i. ' . i ; M . , 1 - -A GRAND SALB OF- c CLOCKS and .JEWELRY, 1 h : J. Ihamond Silver and Silver-Mated ' Ware, . Spectacles, v'c. Prleee eat down frem ThankBidvtna Daf March 4th 188S. - ' Thoaewantlng any of tbe above goods wUI please mil and hear mj prloea, they are the lowest and the goods are the best. . ... JT. BTTTT.RR HAKYLAlVD MILITARY &.NAYAL ACADEMY, ' OXFOnD, 91 0. Cadets are to be appotnte4 from several con : grssslonalDlstrle'8 ot the dtate of North Carolina, and tuone desiring apoolntmeata are requested to M.tke (mm dmte application. Cadets -receiving ; appolntminta enter the academy .free ot - board. Total enrollment of Cadets 2r4, represenilng thirty three State dud two Terrltorwe. . esi,lon begins Juivaith. Fuillnformat'oawlilte gWan by ap Hying to . COL. B. 1. BOBfciB6a, Supt. Junel&eodlm. - - " Safes for Sale. Two good second-hand safes will be sold eheap One MILLER'S. ' One HERRING'S . Apply to Chaa. B. Jones, a. - ,,, MpUlwtf . ' ' " THT3 WriCK. Jin. Je Persjoa'S Uemedy Ij still tte best Blood Portlier on tbe market. JftO. a. JioADEM, WkolesaleDrugglst. w A Chance For I lat hes SUNDAY,- JUNE 27. 1886. 1BOTI1EB WBECK On the Imk IkW B-ads-Try tlitle Wamasre Dene to Proper ; ty, and no Lives lct. , ' . " " Chicago. Jun 26. Shortly jifter the Lake Shore strikers blockaded the streets last night by throwing a lot of empty c?js across from tne Rock IslaDd tracks, the Bight 'ex press, consisting of eleven coaches, anl carrying the Untied States mail, ran down the west bound track," but finding the track blocked, ran .back and was switched on the east bound track at the rate of about eight miles an hour. Ac Fifty-first street just before the train reached tbe switch a man ran out and turned the switch as the train came along. The loco; motive immediately jumped the track, carrvine the tender and for ward truck off with it. For a minute there was a terrible jarriDg and knocking about and then the train came to a stand still. . The locomo tive had run over bare ties for more than a hundred, feet, and finally push ing two of t'lem apart, sank in, the mud ' The lever was reversed and ofTnrt made to back upon th track. without success. The engineer of the express although hot suspecting that the fiendish attempt would be made on his train, nevertheless went only at half the speed allowed, and by do ing so probably prevented a most se -rums wreefc and ereat loss of Hie. la thft meantime, in Irvine to. get tbe freight train on the track the east bound track became blocked and it was sometime before the Rock Island dummy could approach from behind. Finally the freight ears were placed on the track and the dummy was able to reach the last coach ot the ex- press.- ;x' v:;v : A neavy rope was fastened between them and after a half hour's work the locomotive, tender and coaches were aeun placed on the rails. Th cars and engine were examined and oemg louna not to have been injured, were again started on their "journey, being about one hour and a half late. The engineer of the train and several others saw the man who turned the switch and are certain ' they could identify him if they could see mm again. ine switenmen aeciare sney know nothing about it; in iact sev eral of them assisted in ' placing tbe train in order again. No further at tempt was made after this to get the freight tram out. KUM, KOJLAW I8M AND BE BEIXIOIC. Ghost Story Abeul Bev.Bnrebsrd Fstllins; Into Smith W-d Cain psis;Bi Tratp. Br. Paul, Minff June XL Mr. H. H. Fuller, of St. PauL the -leader of the anti-Administration Democracy of Minnesota, today gave tbe follow ing accornt of the famous Burchard incident, which he says he , has on unimpeachable authority: It was several weeks before : the election when, a heavy mortgage on some property OBlongicR to Burchard fell due. The lien was held by Smith M. Weed, of Plattsburg, who, at a din ner party given tor the purpose, ar- ranfttd that .Burchard should ring himself in on that delegation of mfn ustera who worked the ruin of the Plumed Ktigbt of Maine, and it was Weed who 'fixed" Burchard, so that he became the tool of the party ho supposed he was annihilating. Weed promised to cancel that mortgage on condition that Burchard should al low him to write his remarks. The confiding man accepted, and Weed and his friends concocted the fatal sentence. .The mortgage was can celled about Bizty days after the elec tion, in the hrst triumph Weed is reported to nave giveu the thing away to a mend o thirty years standing, who in a confiding moment told Mr. Fu'.ler during his recent visit to the east. ; A Superfluous Eaaras City Journal. Prayer. : 1 beard a very amusing story the other day in connection with the re cent hurricanes A gentleman, ouite well known m Ibis city, was hurrys idk 0.101) e 10 reacn nia Dome, when tne storm burst upon tbe city with all its fury. He sought refuge in a house where there were a number of ladies congregated, all of whom were frantic with terror -After .a little the storm increased in fury, the house rocked and swayed before, the furious winds, several windows were blown io, and it looked as though the -whole building would be destroyed. The5 women rushed around wringing their hands, crying and bemoaninz their fate, when suddenly on& rushed up to the gentleman and franticUly uesougot mm to oner up a prayer. In a moment be was surrounded by tne otner women, who clune to hhn and begged him to pray. He was not oy any means collected himself, and uesiacs ne was not' at all uo m prayers, but there was no escape for mm, so ne prepared to comply with their request. He knelt down, but owing to the excited condition of his mind, and to the fact that he had not prayed for some .time, he found him self utterly unequal to the occasion; tie couldn't- thfnk of anything. He was aumn. Boon ne Decame deaoer- ate, and without a thought ay to the appropriateness, - ke pronounced 'the following brief exhortation, which he remembered ; to have formed a part of the grace his f a'ther : used to say many - years ago: "Oh Lord. pake us thankful for that which we are about to receive." Juat then three or four windows blew in. a couple of chimneys blew -over, and the prayer meeting broke un n rtnnw fusion. . " Prohibition In Atlaata, a. Promptly at 12 o'clock on the nvht Of the 30th of this month the bar rooms in AtUnta. Ga . s will close ar. cording to the provisions of the pro hibition law. Before July 1884 there were 120 barrooms in Atlanta," but wbeitlhe license was increased from three hundred to five hundred dollars tne average decreased to one hundred oarrooms. Since the election in which Atlanta went drv fch nhmW has fallen off to sixty-nine. , The Con stitution says these are doing athriy ing ousiness, ana none ot them seem to be making any preparation for their impending fate, while tbey Btill continue breceive stock as fast as it is 'disposed of.-. ... v . . V;; Ho I At or are Tlier In Baltimore. Philadelphia E'a rd. A poof woman J in Baltimore car ried her dead - child . wrapped m a .tattered - shawl" through the streeta of Baltimore to the city hall en Mon day and asked the health , officer to bury it. . She was too poor to. pay tbe expense of burial and was not al lowed to leave tha body at the house where ahe lodged while she went oh her pitiful errand Her request was complied with, and a sum ; of money was raised for her by the persons to whom she made her touching appeal. Bat what a glimpse the incident gives into the unguessed-pf . depths of mis- ery in the world. - v , - : a ahpville Citizen j Mr. Mfifitiee, of Haywood, has sold this jmt from forty hives, one thousand pounds of gplendid honey, for; 12 nts .per len on Balsam Mountain, last Mon. day. The Wayneaville News and Wid. Medford are Our authority. ,r 5 ;; News r and . Observer : Today- the stockholders of the Atlantic & North Carolina ;Eailroad met at Morehead in annual session. -The meeting was the most harmonious in years. All the old officers were re-elected. The directors were authorized to refund the bonded and judgment debt W au amount not exceeding $325,000 , - ' - Highlands Highlander: A son of J . L Miller was bitten on the foot by rattlesnake about a week ago. The wound was well wet with turpentine, and seven drops given internally. . The wound was then kepc wee wii.a t.uo juice of milk weed. It is now hear ing, and the boy is out at play. "-Wilmington Review: We hear it stated on good authority that $1,000, 000 of Cape Fear and Jadkm Valley Railroad bonds wero sold yestorday in New York at 95 cents cn the dol lar. Wedid not learn whether these were first or second class mortgage bonds, but presume that they were first class. . . - ; Rochingham Spirit : We met r in Hamlet last Tuesday Mr. Montctire, chief engineer of the Palmetto Rail maa whicrt extends from Han&let to Oheraw, and were glad to learn from him that the ro&a. ouia joe niusueu and "the caia i innmg aa soon as pos sible. The gres-iest -difficulty is in procuring cross ties, iut it is believ ed that the iwd will be in operation in a few months. - . - . Wilminffton '.Star: Colonel Ans thony, of th Fourth regiment, N. C. S. Q., is endeavoring; to induce tbe companies of that regiment to spend a short time in camp, at ' Smithville, about tbe latter part of July. Other regimental and company omeers are exerting themselves in the same di rection, and it is probable 4 that i the First, Second and .Fourth regiments may form an encampment at Smith rille this gammer at their own ex- pease. s Goldsboro Messenger; The oonven-r tion for this judicial district, com posed of the counties' of Wake, Har nett. Johnston and Wayne. . will be held at Smithfietd on the 23d of July Another death from careless ness with kerosene oil. In Martin, county Ella Clarke a young girl, , was burned to death by an explosion of a kerosene can from which she was Dourine oil on the fire. The Rev. Dr. Theo. Whitfield expects to leave for his n,efw charge in Newbern earlv next week, and will preach his farewell sermon oext Sunday. Hi successor here b not yet been chosen.; t .." ... : - :; ' . The JLw sta te Party Walla. Building. '. ' A Dartv wall in " law is the wall dividing lands of different proprie tors, used in common for the support of structures on both sides At com moo law an owner who erects a wall for his own building which is capable of being usfd by an adjoining pro prietor, cannot compel such proprie tor, when he shall ouiid next to it, to pay for any portion of the cost of such walk On tbe other band, the adjoining proprietor has no right to make any use of such wall without consent of the owner, and the conse quence may be the erection of two walls side by side, when one would answer all t purposes. - This convene ience is often secured by an agree ment to erect a wall for common use, one-half on each other's land, the parties to divide the expense; if only one is to build at the time, he gets a return from the other party of half what it costs htm. Under such an agreement,! each has an easement in the land of the other while the . wall stands, and. this a'compames ' the title in sales and descent. But if the wall is destroyed by d3cay or acci dent, the easement is gone, unless by a deed such contingency is provided for. Repairs to party walls are to be oorne equally; but 11 one has occa sion to strengthen or improve them for a more extensive building than was at first -contemplated, be cannot compel the- other to divide the ex pense with him. In some States there are statutes regulating the rights in party walls,1 and one may undoubtedly acquire! nghta by. pre scription on a wall built by another, which he has long been allowed to use for the support of his own struc ture. " Mr. Cleveland's Popularity. : Col. John Q. Prather, the Missouri member of the Democratic member of. the Democratic National Com mittee, who is in New York, is de lighted with tbe administration of President Cleveland, and in speaking of it said: "I can't say anything too good about it. It will be the most successful administration the coun try has ever had. In "the West and Southwest Mr. Cleveland is univer sally popular with the people. There were .a rew aissatisnea members of the party because tbey thought the President did not turn out Renublw cans quickly enough, but they are oecommg fewer every da v. ' The v sea .that the President desired only to be cautious, an another year there will be but few Republicans in office. As far as Missouri is concerned, we have every reason to be satisfied. The rresident s selections there have keen excellent. . Besides, his views on the tariff have made him rerv normlar in the West. Mark my words.' Mr. Cleveland will be given a renomina- tion, whether he seeks it or not." Tbe PoatmaHter-General Tie. terleua ... .Baltimore San. The twenty-nine railwnv nnofnl clerks who sought to organize the railway postal service of tha United States against the postmaster gener al in eucn a way as to secure their re tention in office, were decapitated aa OQn as their 'iittle game" was hmrn- ea, so cnat they tailed in establishing tu iiuat ui uucu uj. tae civii service the "premanency of tenure" which other reformers desire to eee prevail in all the departments. -; Thev will, nerhana regard themselves the earliest, mar. tyrs of the cause. ? It is said, howev ; er, that the twenty nine were mnn against whom .charees . had hmn made, but whom the postmaster-gen' erel had decided to retain despite the charges. Their conduct, under the circumstances, will tend to modify the belief prevailing in Berne quarters that our civil service at the time the civil service law went into effect was perfect and not to be improved by a "clean Bweep." .- . . J Newlerk's IellEtqneBr xebtora.' . The delinquent debtors were recent ly discharged frotnv tudlow street jail under the provision of the recent Ne wYork law restricting imprison ment for debt. Oneot these had been locked up 7jncea880 for the nX payment of $55,QO0, and it is said of him that he is suspected of not beine exactly tbe kind of debtor that the new law was m$?sdsi to reachr MUG I Fe Bun? v-' jrorsi and Stearg, , v - Yoir yirgiBla oorrespoDdent says no iox op hodnd ever ran fortyight hours, which means that ' he jtnows nothing about our New r. England red foxes. Perhaps a Virginia : iox can be caught by bounds in , six hours, but we have a longer-winded set here in Massachusetts, rl have kept foxhounds for twenty, years, and al ways the t - best I could find, and. I never owned nor saw tbe hound that could catch an old fox on bare ground. I have had -my dogs - catch tbem.in light snows or in the last of ; Febru ary when the females began to get heavy with young. - .But I do not be lieve the foxhound lives ': that can catch One in twenty that be starts in October or November on the follows ing we have in this part of the coun try, inree years ego 1 bought a pair, of pups of Col. Tucker, of . Gas ton, N. C, as he advjrtiea to have the fastest dogs i m " the South, and expected they would run away from our northern hour.ds; but though they - are a . little f sster on a snbw track, they are not able to gi t away from my old stock on : bare around, and it strikes me that if 'Red Eye," of V irginia, will come to . Massachu setts he will find that his fast dogs won't catch a fox in six hours or fix days running' I have shot one fox that 1 know had been running more than thirty hours, as I started, him early one - morning and the v: dogs drove bini steady all day. without my getting a shot. In the afternoon of the second day l made " out - to get a snot, - ana, - tw nea jype eaya . .i j . ..-r - -i -ra ,1, 'swindled -him out ot bis life." It is no uncommon thing in good - follow ing for a good hounds to - drive a fox forty -eight hours, as hundreds 01 our northern fox hunters know - . Henry C. Newell, Ashburnham, Mass. -: . ' - -". ' . -' i. David Davis Dead. . Bloomington, Ills.-, June 26 David Davis died at six o clock this morn ing. He sank mto n comatose state twelve hours .before the end, and passed painlessly away, surrounded by his family, During tbe early part of - last even iog he appeared . to be failing, and it was felt certain - that be could not live through the night. .At 11 o'clock he revived somewhat and was given milk and stimulants. v JL1VER P1LIJ. Use Dr. Gann's Liver Fills for 8allow Complex ion, Pimples on tbe Pace and BUlouanesa. Never sickens orjgri(a. Uaiy one for a dose. - Sajaples neeaiii.iL wnston s. --- . ;i v Scota'K EimuImIom efPure Cod - t" - - - ' - - . ' Liver Oil, with Hypvphosphfte. In Pulmor ary Alleetlons-and Scrofulous Diseases. Dr. Ika M, Lanq, New York, says: "I have pre scribed Seou's Emulsion and used it it toy family and am greatly pleased with It Have found very serviceable 1b Scrofulous dlsHues and Pulmo- , farty Tears' txperieaee or aa Old Bine,' ' Mrs.' Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup, for ch'ldren teething, is tbe pres:rlpt!u of ooo of the best le maie Dhislclans nd uurse- Id the Dnlted States. and bos tx-en usfd for trty years with never fall ing succes br millions of motb-rs for their ehll dmn. It relieves the child from pain, cure dysen tery and dlrrboea. fjrtplng in te novels and wind colic By elyloK health 10 the ettlid It reta the mother. We would say to every mother who has a child sndriinit from uur of the forwnilnrf eom- plalnts: Do not let your prejudice, nor the pre- juaioeB 01 otnera, sutna oevweeu your sunenng child and the relief that will be sure -yes, abso lutely sure to iouow tne use or this medicine, old by druggists throughout the world Price 25 Kvery straia er cole attacks Umt weaa leek aao aeariy prostraus yoa. nnnvnrs 'i'lil 3 THE nrcTTfiitir ULJ B. UlilU KtraasrtMaaa oa jHaaelaa. steadies tne Kervea Cwrlekeataa Bleed, Gives New Tlser. vkj. t annnnitii Krnre kBAwn in my 3ti fmn? prmcticm. I iw found if Iran Hi and mall debiUtatinat aitnwDts Uui bss aoheavUi on the srstom. Uao it freely in my an immHr. Mb. W. V. Baoww, U7 Ifsia St, Oorinirton, Ky, Bays: "I wu completaly broken down in health and troubled with pains ia say back. Brawn's Iras mtters antireiy laatoiaa sae to neswa.- Genoa has above TimaW Hark andaraaMd red Hnaf onwiaoper. Take no other. Madeooiy by BBOWJi CJUUUCJX CO BaJUTUtOIUC, MA SPECIAL fe Ire Now Offering Special Inducements to onr customers and the traae in I WATCHBS. CLOCKS. JKWKLBT, DIAMONDS, SILVER and SIl.VEB-PLATBD WAEB, SPECTACLES, fto, Ac. . '. . Special attention given to repairing Watches, Jewelry. Aa. W H. PARRIOR & BRO. Opp. Central Hotel, Charlotte, N. 0, C1TV TAX RETURNS - T4K13 NOTICE. ' NOTICE 18 HfiEEBT 6IVKN TO LL PER. sons esid ng in the City or Charlotte, or who own or have control ol taxable property in the City on tbe first of June, 1886, or who are liable to poll tax, to return to ma on or before the last day ot June, a list ol their taxable property (and polls) in said City, on said 1st of June, lit Pursuant to Bee. 30, amended Charter or City. . , r . 4 ."--- FaSO N48H, Treasorert . Beturns taken from tut to SOth ol June at office io City HaU irou 0 o clock, a. at, to 8 p. m. . FOR RENT.' , FOUR BOOM OOTTAOB on Fifth street, be vond tta air I.lnn rinnnt. unmt and one shade Price 10 ner month. t T 'pHHEE ROOM COTTaGB on 8lh street, be 1 tveea PoDlar and Pine. ; Con van tun t tn hiwi. ness. Price $8 50 per month. ritiBEK HOOU COTTAGE on 81 xth street, be- X. tWeen K and Hurt . finnri matr ,n1 fln shade, Prl"etS.50 XIX ROOM DWELLING on corner Sixth street 11 And ft AH R ft . urc Ana nalnkiui. - w v m " , ww aissvj uviuuui' hood and convenient to business. ,, BtU 15 per U1UUU1 - ... CHABLOTTB BBAL ESTATE AGENCY. JuneW , . , ... 5l : FOR SALE. ' r Kt Two' desirable buUdlng lots, 80x800 feet, the prupertv of J. H Carson. Shade trees on lots. w ui oe so a separately or togetner, frioe f 700 CHABLOfTK BIAL ESTATE AGENCY. tSTABLISHED USED IN ALL 1 18 70. uERlCQH00 fePARTSOFTHE WORLD s . w. 111 131 s 1 E 1 ls T .nui?n?8l"!l Prlce on application. Sold by au the . Cble Addreas. COO-OUT. OecSByitnesthsAsflt tf ,V - FOR RENT. V J&niS B .cocBBANEianaeer.' -OF- Paid in CASH; OR TRADE, AT ft BOOK AND STATIONERY STORE, . No. 17 8. Tryon Street. - . , - JUST RECEIVED, A choice lot ot shredded, grated and siloed. PINEAPPLE, . PHOTO SALMON. SWISS CONDENSED MILKV rurrjsu ham, . OX TONGUE,1 TURKEY, CHICKEN , . - f AND iiEEJb'. 1 1 iiovu u . vi j uuui - . 1 1 uivj uj Graham Bread, fiipgf r Snaps ' and Other Crackers. . . O'- CREiM CfiOCOLVTESiND BON BONS FteKh evrrj diy. ICE CREAM & SHERBET Furnlsbed on short not'oe, . C. F. HARRISON, . . Successor to Mayer & Boss. YOOR :-: - PfiOGAHHKj Is not complete until you have added that charm- lmc resort TttS ATLMTIC nOTEl, V MOREIIE4D CITY. C , Immediately on the Atlantic ncen and one ot tbe most eeugnuui Buaviaait muutu-a . IN AMERICA; : The table the best, and supplied with every dell- cacy rromtnesea. SURF AND STILL-WATER BATH ING UNSURPASSED. Trolllnefor Bluefl'h and Spanish Mackerel the finest In the world. . - A beautiful beach and elegant orchestra, and every amusmeni 10 ne ronnn at a se.tsiae resort. - No seaside resort on to Atlantic coast haj mo e natural advantages than MorebeHd City, 1 and the new management are deteennlnted to make It - - SECOND TO SOTXV IN THE SOUTH. 1 The seventh season oommeneas J;me 1st. - The Hotel and Cottages have a. capacity for 750 glieSIS, For terms and new Illustrated pamphlet address uuokk yosrti pno tmsha, maySOdsunftwedtf Proprietors. niGlinoD AMI fAKTIIL.B IX BAI I ROAD. . . 1 GoadeBsesl Schedule; - -TRAINS GOING SOUTH: May 2d, 1886.- No. 60, 'Dally. No. 62,, Leave New York, - Philadelphia, " Baltimore, - , . "... Washington, . " Charlottesville, . " Lynchburg, . M -.Richmond 1 " Burkvllle '-' Kersville : " - Drake's Branch -" Danville, ia on - n't 340pm fl.03 p m 9.00 n: m 7.w a m B.60a m UtJSa mi li.ow p m 8.60 n m 615p m 825pm 5 98 a m s.uoa m 5.16 am 200a m 4.0fi a: m 6.06 p m 4.48 a m jBiwp m 9.2S p m 4 Warn 8 04a m " . Goldsboro, r Baleigh, Durham, 4 t chapel UHL " HUUbero, . 11.50 am tj.uo p-m 6.&7 o m 4.59 p n Greensboro, Salem, 111.21 p ml .60a m (6 55p m 5.55am High Point, ill 661. m 10.19 a m " Salisbury, i.iuam 1.G7 a m! 11.23 a m 11.69 a m . " - vxmcora, . " Charlotte, . Spartanburg, " GreenvlHe ArriMAtlanta, 8.00 a m 1.00 D m S.58a m. 8 84 p m 7.14 a ml 4.49 p m 1.40 p m 10.40 p m TRAINS GOING NORTH. Of ... .May2d,I8B8, . V. No.51, i Mo, 68. - - - Dally, j Daily. ar- - - we tnh " AnllaKiww ' . 61 7-25 PS 'IifhPSlnt 1' . 0a.m 908 pa Greensboro, 7. a m g; g g " 'wm 111-40 a m l 17. u rHhro, r ...... . 1 11.64 am ; ' -". " - Goldsboro, .- 4.40 ft m .. , , - ? " Danville . 9 42aSii9snm - " Bind - - frSS" as Wofea, ; MpSLfS :- &n ' ip2 .8:.a " vSvT.b'' 8 00am 12.35 pm NewYurk. - . , 8 20am 820 pm DaUy except 8nday. ' SLBIPINO Cm nm 1 . ffm tpfttfia RO affut R1 twe ToMd AUanff ,,1! Sleeper between Btobmond and Greene. ellpointo".". " priuoipaiawHons, to MOODYor,nr0mnatIOn W to W iri,yiMfauAi'j.'jiMii'Ksaiiij POLICES - ; Atlanta, Ga.,Juj 23,1880.. Whenever I know ef anything that might be ot service to my feflow-men, I .desire to Impart such information; hence I give the following facta to the public:- '':"::. -, ' ; - . .- - 1 Mrs. M.M. Prince, llvhig at its West fair St. Atlanta, Ga., has been troubled for several months with and ugly form o catarrh, attended with a copi ous and offensive discharge from both nostrils. .; Her system became so affected and reduced that she was confined to bed at my house for some time, . and received, the attention, of three physicians; and nsed a dozen bottles vl an extensively adver tised blood remedy, all without the least benefit. - She finally commenced the use ot B. B. B. with a decided improvement at once, and when ten bot tles had been used, she was entirely cured of all symptoms of catarrh! ! It gave her an appetite, and increased her strength rapidly, and I cheerfully recommend It as a quick and cheap tonic and Blood Purifier. ' ! 4 : J. W. GLOEB, 5: " ; ' ' Policeman. Was it Cancer ? .-1 have been -taking B. B. for six or seven weeks for something like cancer on my neck, and I would not take onk thodsahd dolu bs for the benefit received. . ! : ; , - I had previously tried various so-called blood remedies, but B. B. B. is the best, the quickest and the cheapest blood purifier I ever used. . I refer to any merchant of Griffin. Ga.-- : J. H. BARNES, Griffin, Ga. BOTH HANDS.UP. A IVewnanlte 'Suddenly II si is ee ' His Maude Tor the First : ' Time In Two Tears. ' Correspondence Atlanta Journal. Nmwnah, Ga., June 10. Mr. Jacob G. Sponclei aff old and respected citizen of this place expert eneel rather a sudden changa In his geetteulatlve extremeties lately. It senilis that a little ever two years ago Mr. Sponcler haa a severe attack of Bheamatlim his arms .became useless, and, to fact, heeould not raise his hands to his head until the other day, when he called on the druggist and obtained a preparation that acted like magic on him, fof after taking tbe first half bottle he eould move hb arms about, and when he had taken six bottles he was sound and welL Bev. W. W. Wads worth and our people generally who are familiar with the case almost swear by the wonderful remedy now. Mr. Sponcler said the medicine was called B. fi. B. 1 BLOOD POISON. Mr. ij; P. w ot Hampton, Ga, has!raosntly emerged'troin one of the most remarkable eases of Blood Poison 0.1 record. - Hia body and limbs bad no thiiu four hundred small ulcers his -booes tormented him with pain his Appetite failed his kidneys presented frightful symptoms Hind all doctors and 100 bottles of the post popu lar Blood Poison remedy failed to' give him any relief. He secured B, B. B.. be Doncentrated quick cure, and five bottles healed the ulcers, re lieved ail pain, cored bis- kidneys, restored his appetlta, and made him a healthy and happy man. Wfri- Btworth latervievrf d, 1; From the Southern Clipper. - s ' '"Tes.T said Mr. James L. Bosworth,; an old At- lantian, "it was twelve yearn ago when 1 contracted a terrible sase of blood poisoning. My affliction was truly horrible. I had no appetjte, djd not sleep welLat night, my digestion was Impaired, my throat wascauterlzed five times, and In fact I waa a total wreck, rhad been under the treatu ent of several of the leading physicians of Atlanta; tried nearly every blood remedy advertised; went to Hot Springs receiving no benefit whatever." "And 70a remained In this condition twelve years?" infMrrnpped the Clipper man. "Tea Blr, andmore than that. Three years ago I was laid up with rheumatism. - My knees were drawn up in such a position that I could hot leave my bed for months. My life became a lingering torture. A truly wounderful blood remedy was recommended, known- as B. B B. 1 used it, and sir, 6 bottles cured me, and ( really believe it to be the grandest; and quickest blood iremedy ever known." " iCROFVLA. ' ..... ...-( .. j---.. Are any members of your family thus afflicted? Have they scrofulous swelling ot the glands? Have they any scrofulous sore or ulcers? -If bo and It ihould be neglected, the peculiar taint, or poison, may deposit Itself In the substance ofc-the lungs, producing consumption.' Look well to the oondttten ef your family, and If thus afflicted give the proper remedy without delay. But that which makes absolute cures In the shortest space, of tfme. j The nneerlng finger of 'public opinion points to B. B. B. as the most wonderful remedy for scrofula ever known. - , . Ask your neighbors, ask your druggist,, ask or tight to those who give their certificates, and be convinced that B.B.B i? the quickest and most perfect Blood Purifier ever before known. RHEUMATISM. Although a practitioner of nearly twenty years, my mother Influenced ma to procure B. B. -B. for har; She had been confined to her bed several months wjtn Rheumatism' which had stubbornly resisted all the usual remedies. Within twenty- umrjiours after oommeaolng B..B B. t observed mark! relief. ,..8)ie' has Just coininenoed her I ' : - j third bott's and is hearly as aetlvs ever, and has ! been to the front yard with "rka m hand," elean- ing np. Her Improvement is truly wonderful and Immensely gratifying. - - - ! Book of Wonders. , W , one ban secure tree one of the prettiest Ad most yaluaMe 83 page books now out. . It tells'aU about the blood Its diseases and remedles-acrofuin. m. cere, Rheumatism, Kkmey Affections, Skin Hu- Murs, o.( Drop a postal for ltut once.' , ; . ', . if " i ... U H. MONT60MEBT, M. D. Jaeksonvme, Ala., June 6.1SB ; - . J - I - i: DonotkatasendtoB.B.Col.Aranta.Pn. SEASOIABDE A Full Crif ntal Laees, IFambur Ftfgics and Iismiiigs. LAWNS AND WHITE GOODS Of all kinds for ELIS & COHEN BURGESS WHOLESALE AND BET AIL DSALEB IN LL KINDS OF unmn, BEDDING, &C. ,AfnirUne of CHEAP' BEDSTEADS, LOUNGES, Parlor and Chamber Suits, Cof flns of all kinds on hand. No. 6 West Trade Street, Charlotte. North Carolina. ies id Carriages f l 1! ENCOURAGE HIE. Boffg TYSON & JONES, Carthage, N. C. No shoddy work; Every Buggy,! Carriage or Phaeton that leaves our shop is .guaranteed. We are at home, and we can always be found to make gcod our piomise 'WE ARE - The largest Carriage Man ufacturers In North Caro- I llna. ' -' For Durability , Stylerand finish, we are nn surpassed. For Hsalo I A. C IffftcI04a fe Co Charlotte, If. C. Ttvav ildr aft . Brewa. Awhcvtlle, Ml. W. Smitbdeal, Stltsbttry, If. C, Dostlc Brothers ; - Wrfffbf. S&clby, If. C. W. n. Wmiamis If ewtoB, ). CV ; , i - TYSON & JONES. Carthage N. C. Keeps the largest aud IN THE IPdaiPriDflttoniPcB : A bed-room euit of 10 pieces, imitation walnut $22.00. J0' " maible top imitation walnut. $30.00. J - ' i A bed-room suit of 10 pieces, walnut with marble ton. $45,00. Elegant walnut and cherry suits from $75,00 to $175.00. , A parlor suit ot 7 pieces, imitation of raw silk, $30.00. A.- " 7 raw silk. 'trimrned with nlush $0,00. ... - - 5 Parlor suits of 7 pieces, domestic or silk tln8h. $40.00 to $125.000. '. - . L Lounges in great variety 1 Sideboards tt - " ' ' I Baby Carriages in great COFFINS AND to 4 3d 8 m (D e i. o a a o 0i mu, ; Wi : ; :' V"5r i $ H t co 7 .. - b I H , ' D f o S:.3 r GOODS Stock of sale cheap for cash at NICHOLS, North Carolina -BY- 1 Y : :o:- WE CLAIvf To be able to compete sue cessfully, ia prices and tuallty, with the beet manufacturers 21a the Nerth aaa West. most complete stock of ' , . . j ' ' from $5.00 to pO.00. : 15.00 trv 125 00. variefy:from $6 00 to $35.00. 4 1 f nil INDUSTRY Male STATE it MuMiM Oil Paintiogs, METALLIC CAES! ,

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