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    Mr?J?ader Curtis is visiting
Mrs. E. Hays thi? week.
Midi Blannie Kuugham of
Potecasi it spending (his week
with Mrs. 0. G. Powell.
Look out for the kitchenette
men W. 8. Nelson, Agent.
Mr. \Vbit Blackstune of Wind
sor wss in Ahoskie Tuesday.
Mr. K. J. Baker is rpentiog the
week with friends in Herrellsville.
Dr. and Mrs. Ruffin of Powells
ville were, here Tuesday afternoon.
WANTED-B. E. Peas, best
prices, at Depot.--C. A - Robertson.
Mr. P. D. Parker of Portsmouth
Va., is in Aboskie this week on
' Mr. Godwin Vaughan returned
Sunday from the Hospital very
much improved.
Messrs EdgsA- Brett and Dof
myer oLn Mapelton came over
Sunday afusrnoon.
Mrs. E M- Wooten and children
spent Sunday in Tunis st the hopae
of Mrs. J. A: Eley.
The second attraction of tlie
Lyceum Course will be here Mon
day night Nov. in&.jr*
Rev. DanceyCaie spent a few
days here last week visiting Ins
daughter Mrs. C. Gi Powell.
Mr. W. B. Out^ind. of Cole
rein, |WLSsed through Ahoskie
Monday on bis way to Rocky
Mount. j?
Representative farmer of tlie
Biblical Recorder ? tent a day in
Ahoekie last week a the interest
of his paper. w
Mr. and Mrs. 1 it Forbes and
Mr. and Mrs. ' homas Forbes
spent Sunday with [tlie family of
P. Boyette. I .;>&?'>: ?l
Mrs. R.'T. Ti on of Raleigh
oame down today i n a visit to Mrs.
Pleasant Hollomai and other rela
tive# in thia count .
Mr. Paul L. Vkisrfn, of Mount
Gilead. N. C., J spending some
time with friend J snd relatives in
and around AhoAcie.
Look out for (the Kitchenette
man W. 8, Nelaok Agent.
Mr. B. W. Alexander of A.vden
spent Monday nigjit with hie
brother Mr. J. W. Alexander, on
hia way home from Suffolk.
Messrs E. B. Lassiter, A. L.
Lnaaiter, W. C. Laaaiter. H. J,
Harrell and Prof. Moore of
Votecasi were over here Sunday.
You can find Order# by Board
of Read Supervisors Appointing
sJio*d 'Overseers for'gale at the
m^jgld office. Price 8 cent per
Judge W. M. Bond who i? hold
ing the two weeks term of Court
in Winton spent Sunday in our
place visiting his aunts. Mrs. Gat
ling and Miss Anna Darden.
We all sympathise with Mrs. S.
H. Leery in the announcement of
the serious condition of her
brother in the Hospital. Mr.
Deering sustained a dislocation Of
the Mb in a street car accident last
summer in Norfolk.
Among those attending the West
Chowan Association ' at Harrells-;
ville Wednesday were Mr. and
Mrs. C. C. Hoggard, Mrs. H. A.
Hobbs, Mrs. H. W. Stakes, Dr.
<1 G. Powell, Mr. J. R. Fretwell.
Mrs J. H. Mitchell, Mrs. Carl
Mitchell, Mr. S. P. Watson and
Mr. Troy Newsome.
ibe Woman's Betterment Asso
ciation will give a Halloween
Party "Frday Oct. 80 in the Powell
building over Dildays store, Every
body is invited to come as a gener
al good time is in store for all wbo
attend. There will be everything
good to ekt so be sure you do hot
leave your purse st home.
' ? MM , , I .,1 , ?
Send your orders to the Herald
for^ Warranty Deeds, Mortgagee
Chattel. Mortgages and Justice of
" JT08C? UHlDKSi
T'ie hrM ?
I **'" ^^^B'r-the Bcjloo
nouM oomBH mv ?/,_
^ .v^u n i
Iflad for
kin? hut S^JhT W< J"n
vtaittog >nKScC**
last ^
at AulaiJ^^B!.... ..
?pP'Tt a ver.v
H??d timeHHMJ
records u."? I
?_ ? ? ?l*e otftel
or J.
l?r?? birth '
r?p?ru. i,
iex of '"??''' i
tica| Jtatis- I
name* | j
ai i ?,
and so Mfwl ?
doctor uBSlI^K 00 t
the oh refljmE'<|^B.n^''>Ce] L
... VKH' attend *
Ui this i^BM^B IJ
Hs' ' I/.
tor title HHm of
death "?fHKjSBurnisl)
ed by tl4|9BEj|2p?he un
de'Uk'lK* 8talis
tical iteHMi^Lilo ?f
birth, fj-om
any gud,
inf<>rau^^^H 18 no b;
,he^"Bf#Bled to!
place a ^HnS^Hte and 1
a print^Bf#?# (both w
"I whW%JiV the ?
State eacli '
casket. 9|H^MuCti'
as und^^HH^np fill
?"t ancM^ilgKiticatn
with tJpfr* iHRi
The fie
come8 I^BPBPoi^e [r
in ev^^^^MHjpabio.
B? your 1,8
?ocal in Vl
touch HH^H| birth Bl
or As
every H^K the
State .
eve?MBJ^Bflrring l'"
withmHHjH^H? vory
trar and
borhoo^Hpyti^H tngy
? Al
3 j^How
send tfcSj Ul
' W 4U| ? * v
| TJree Bibies^Scortd Pertec
IWtier llnbir. ( obU .I BIS *?????.
The ?ecund annual Jt.Uei Bal
Contest held at the State Fair \
in all points a great success. 'I I
examination* sljoyed three 1001
[cent babies. Of tlie three ;bal I
scoring uerfeet. Joseph I am
Wunljle, of Osrthuge, t e
months, was voted. U* Ute tub
as the best baby?the /State /Im
Dion Better Baby for 191 ?
?t hira waa awarded the gold joe.
li- offered by the Woman's do I
i- Companion. The other < idii
i-Hons, who received bronze i ^
-/according to divisions: I
t Champion city girl, Aimifl H
I. Coppege, Kaleigh, acoie lOt! !
| Champion city boy, John! !
, Vernon, Burlington, score
9 Champion rural girl, Efl
i Randolph Miller, Oriental,!
f Champion rural boy, EH
, Joeeph McCsliill FranklinffiJ
score 99* I
As gratifying as the contest ?.?1
whole proved to be to lite or I
ters. tliey regard as of ?r J
value the following points iu I
d'ence: A keener and more -I
' cured interest on the part of il|
parents, a deeper appreciation S
the meaning of the Belter Buhl
movement, and the higher score I
the average baby. *As an oxan I
of this; the prize winning Bab;1, I
this year acored only 96 last y< .1
the mother through the conw I
last .v^gr learned the ataudard I
a perfect baby and returned bom!
to give her baby the benefit of lirfl
knowledge. Another mother whorH
li.ib.v last year Won a prize eiitei M
another prize-winning baby i JP
year. (~
Let the spirit of the fiettiri
Baby movement reached eve*- '
mother in the State.
Notice of Sale.
By virtue of the power andil
authority given in a certain con 1
tract, executed by and between C.M
F. Jobnion, L. C. Job rue >i iff
Audrew Vaugiian and wife Alidtf
Ee, Vauglmn, Fannie Lnssiteff
Andrew Futrell and wife Pattie'? .
Futrell, Jesse R. Joyner and wil 6
Sadie" A- Joyner, J, N. Vinson an d
wife Carrie T. Vinson, Tallie i .
lolmsou and Ferdinand B. Join -
ton. parties uf the first part, an i
i. H. Johnson and wife Hatti e
iolinsofl, parties of the secon i
?rt, whicli is duly cncoided intli ! | I
iffice of Register'of Deeds fur
fertford County;, North Carolin?, ~
ti book x?? on pages &60. et sep.. i
Ire undersigned wilt offer for sale ^
t public ifeicry, iu front of tire 4
fayor.'s uffsu in the town of Mar
reesboro, in the County and Slats j
foresaid, on Tuesday, December 5?
it, 1914, at noon, upon the fol 0
?wing terms, viz-one half cash1. A
nd the Remainder in equal C>
nount* inone and two years froo 1 TI
ite of sale,' trf^e evidenced by tli; ^
irles-ulthe purchaser and securer I (>
v a deed of trust on the follow ? #
\g described real estate, whicl 1
ill be sold by the undersigned a t A
ieU>ime and place aforesaid. 11 C>
r ~~ ^
The tract of Jand situate in Mar ^
eesboro t >wnshio, llertfun I *
runty,'North Carolina, whereoi 1
eury H. Johnson resided at th
neof his death, known as th
II. H. Johnson Home Place.'
ing 011 the public road leadini A
urn Murfreesboro to St. Johns , ?!
C., adjoining the lauds of th i {|
irs of L. B. Warren, T. J . A
lughan and the lands of Jai . J
ett and others, and coutainin \ r|
e hundred and thirty nine acre , A
ire or less. v jt
The purchaser may anticipat s v|
s deferred payments, if he si M
sires, and pay the whole of tb s *5
rchaso money in-cash. - I (ff
fins October 28th., 1014. I /|\
L. J. Lawrbbck, j JL
U. I Attorney-in-fact. ff,
loskie, S.C., Sept., 28rd., 1914. jjl
)ur gin is in better shape tha Atw
?? before we are giving as goo<
alU as any gin in the country f|j
ging and ties one dollar pe dk
e Market prices paid for cot
^in ?ed or lint. Higliest mar "fj
price paid for seed. /A
i Ahoskib GIMIXO Co. J:
? I ?
I Notice.
? 1 am ciiiiifit :s hiiiI'4 incl
? c.vpr*aa aliingies. -flf in need ol
I ?n.y call '
i e. <). iiinm.
? "V ft'Union. N. C.
I ? "f
I Plastering Laths
I W? can *up|>l| your wants iu'
copblavij * t*ruj?,
f Harp llsville. N. C.
? ?? ?
I Farm for Sale,
? fotown at the L. N. Parker
llmme place on W?-t side of county
Hroiid leak it'* t* 'i Ahoskie U>
Hfufield near $ a title,v* Grove
l)t>urch. For fw titer pitrtioulutie
? dd.ass. P.f>. PAUKKK.
? 6dl It. Vernon Ave.
? * Pyrtamouth, Va. ]
n -? ?
Jataengari?Mall Express
? . in ???? ? 9 .
AeOaU la ?Sact Noraaikar r. 1011
Taala <A. C. L. R. R.) aa<
Arffanlora. N C. ud laltra?4lat>
JllBSr.iihoro i.MOl. l:tO? '
iljl Camo Ifaptatoa 0:10a. l:00r
LBSaarfWWf 0:40a t:Wf>
I.M WtaUa 9:60a. t:19|
\jTunl. 10:10a. ?:10l
LW,T*al? i. .11:00a. 0:0*1
:>?. Wlnton 11:90a 0:?6i
l/r. Sear? Wharf. ^ 1110*. Tr?v
L?. Mmplot n Cono.. ,.11.50?. 7:60p
Ir. Harfrooboro 1:16a. t:16p <
(a) Steanar Imtm oa arrival CI ,
traia Will wait a? lata M 0:00 p.
bat a ao tu? lator.
Tit above Sohrdula la aafejast to
?h<M6 wttbost ociloa
Diirfreesboro, -tt. 6*-;
?4 *r-? ' ^
L aL . a'.. - - - - W"
,i i ml1.1 i1 . i 1 -?!?
Notice of Sale!
By virtue of mi order of the
Superior Court of Rertfrrd Coun
ty entered in a special proceeding
there pending wherein J. K. B.yrd,
Guardian of Lucrelie Bvrd;MInor,
.10 poiitioner ox parte to the court,
I will on Saturday the 28th., da.v
of 1214, at one o'clock
I1. M., expose to public sale at'the
Bfiurt hnuiiu dnui III Wliiton, N.IT,"
to the higheat bidder for cash the'
I following bounded and described
IraCt or- iwrcel of laud ill Hertford
County, North Carolina, to wit:
Tliet share or lot of theSimpaoii
Pieice home place tract of land
which tpwealloited to Lucretin
Pieicf irt"ihe"Simi)Von Pleice land
division M' shotrt) by same of
recod in book 31 page 538 Hert -
ford County Register of Deeds ;
irffice tw which' Inference ia made ;
for accurate description of -said J
land, and being' lot No. one in said <
Kind division and adjoins the lands <
f the .1 W. Perry Ra.ynbr farm |
nd otbera and contains 81 acres j
aorejpr less. 1
Place of Sale: Court house door
n Wintou, N. 0.
Time of Sale: One o'clock P. ;
1., Soturday November 28, 1914.
IJlVrms of Sale: Cash.
Ld'liia October 23rd., 1914.
I J. H. Matthews,
Ib? Winston & Matthews,
l?l v Attorney*.
So id. va:1
? ^VIAyif '
The Standard Railroad of the South
Southern Medical
Ticket^on sale November
6-7-8, limited to reach ori- ?
^inal starting point prior to ^
midnight of November 22, !
W. J. Craig, I H
Passenger Traffic Manager, j
T. C. WhlTE, j
General Passenger Agent. M
-^Wilmington, N. C. fij
jam WE THANK voui
I To Come to our store and look over the many things
?which Jrou must have to l>e comfortable, as the season ad- * '
Ivances four needs must be supplied and we are in a position * 1
?to furnish the most of them, at interesting prices, so doa't
Vail to give os a call. This month makes ten years which
?we have l>een in business, and we are proud to think we en- *
Joy the c .jifrdence of all with whom we have dealt. * J
\ Thabking you for your jgiod wjll and patronage. < >
I We are /ours, | |
fp-^1.4S = f
; ?||L',|i ' VIA Ting Z
s ?? Standard Railroad of the South ^1/
^ Including Admission Into Fmlr Grounds
^ v November 4th-6th Inclusive.
t .On account of The*^ansemond County Fair, the |^|
l Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, The Standard Railroad of Z
* the South, has placed into effect this very low round W
| trip rale to Suffolk,' l||^f
, Tick^Ufdi sale November 4th 6th, inclusive, limited
1 waning to reath original starting point not later than W
\ midnight (if Ni veuil>er 7th, 1914. I^1
1 Children between agesof 5 and 12 years, half fare Mr
^.rpiiyeger jraffio Manager. General Passenger Agent. tIt
S r 'i' '1
l^f^w^t!b ' '?* ' % A
\ -0 (& ^ " AMOSK^I-ftC.
;' -
??? Wirmrnounce
\ readiness for the Fall
and Winter Season. '
, 1 /
Every Department is ready for
you to begin your Fall and Win
ter Shopping. I
Jtli of our 3>aii and Winter j
Soods are new.
Values are conservatively stated We
| would rather -agrteably surprise with
; value, than to have the value fair short
; of your expectations.
k ii^''v''^1^ r"' ' ' % ,v !5S ' -* gnj
Our Offerings are Always Goods
of Merit.=
Richard Winborue, Pre#. W. H. Winborne, Vice-Pree.
Norfolk, V*. Chowan Co., N. C.
Commission Merchants Norfolk, Va.
Shipment* solicited. Market information furnished. Refer- }
ence. Seaboard NationaLBank. Norfolk, Va. Alwas* before buy- J ,\?
ing get our prices on Peanut Bags, Bagging and Tie*. It pa.vs.N V
Wynn Bros.]
? j
? (J
Is now open for your inr> *
spection. Every department |j
is filled to overflowing/with . ' J
I all of the newest in VUp To"
TWb Minute Merchandise. ' J
II l . . ^ 1 ,] I " 1 ? '? Itu . ?
Wynn Bros.l
i i WYNN BROS. BUlLDiNGsaBaabaaar fl ?
You are cordially invited to ex* |
amine my Fall and Winter line of
Millinery which is now on display.
Miss Maomi T. Wigginsl
WvimB?o?.Bua<fa? Murfretsboro, N.

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