North Carolina Newspapers

    - ' r- ' "" - ' '" ' - r -lriT--T--- - -- " ' ,.tfi-Mi-iiiiiinir n i.MWi.rc-Vi. .
ASHEBORO. N. C, TlitORSDAY, MAY .- 1902,
NO- 4:5.
Qe&eeeGGo-s8s88ao&eoaoo ;
. .
Jt ttn'-o I"
i tv n, v.i
Liver Regulator.
From female ir;;c.''iikir-.'.ies, mid ha. I T ri 1 physicians nml other remedies, hut
could irt't n r. Si- i. .-md w.. hid i n- ! iter ncuvrrv. We vcre induced to rfe
try Corstlo's fmalo Panacea, ami 1 l-li.-v- if .-.v.l I t i- lit".-. jy
A. .1. M Ai P. Jiiimr :..wn. Tenn. gg
For Sale nt Drug Stores. $1.00 per Bottle. V?
L, GERJTLE & CO.. I'rops., Chattnncosa. Tenn.
k ""v r
W ter&U '? sll
A Southern Kntorprise for tho South
Snydor & Hundley,
Nos. "(!, 711 ami! 71 i K. ISroul St., ll-hinond, V.
In tlio South tho i lea has previflkJ in tba Enst tlmt hon iu need of
First-class i'urniture j
one nm-t tnko nn rxpeusive trip North to pnrehaHK it an.l then must pay the
freight nn .1 bifj j.riet-i to .-ecuro it. Unt SNYUOK.t IIUXDLEY conceived!
th i.iea of a Strictly First-class IIou.-c, currying a big ttoek of Medium to tho j
lligbei-t CJrKifes of r'uriiitaro, uud couple-l with j
Lnco Curtains, Upholstery and Draperies
de artmentf, estahlisbcl in the Sonth at a point where cheap rates could be
obtained ncil a long j'if.rncy cut half in two, and have established such a stere.
They today txiend nu iuvitation to the people of North Carolina and Virginia
and near by HUtos to visit them ia their
Strictly Modern Establishment.
stock is now complete to overlloin, many improvements have recently been
made. All ;oods marked in plain figures and a cauh UiHcount of ten pur cent,
liicUmood, V:,
A N p:
It will cleanse the scalp and make
it healthy.
It will stop the filling out of hair
or whiskers.
It wi'.l increase t'ie gm-x'Xh O j
to this
score. This preparation is a vege
table production, guaranteed to be J
Endorsed by eminent physicians.
For sale by druggists (take no 0
other). Adiress
Tropical Spray Co,
Smd for Circular.
Wm. C. Hammer,
lttorney-at-LaT acd Notary Tnolio.
Ron and Koh Bai'-dirg.
Oosit Hon. Sq-.r., Anboborw, N. 0.
Vromp fctUutiou to il buie.
0. L. SAP?,
Piaotio J S.te a-ad Federal OonrU
CorporaJioa, Coafimroial and Pro
bate Law. Ail Laziness prousptlj
ttndeJ to,
Offio 5a l-cs' A F.nsh Tiallding.
THE . . .
The Direct Line t All Point.
on all Through and Locals Trains
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cara on alt
Night 1 rains; Fast and Safe Schcdulei.
Travel by the (touthero and yon
re assured Safe, Comfortable
and F.zpedltlnas Journey. . . . .
Apply to Tlokft ArnU forTaU!. Ratal aad
tlonoral Irilurir.arlon, cr Adii
8. H. nAUDWICK, O. P. A.,
Washington, D. O.
R. L. VERNON. T. P. A.,
Charlotte. M. O.
F. T.. DUiBY, C. P. i T. A.,
Asbeville, N. 0.
H, Troubl to A nv - Jrielo.
s-n.t "i i.v -.s :' - .:..:. i.f " i - '
aiwt ' '-rt 'In. r- . V.r., . ' i . r il i p .T' i.' . :.
Cr.Tr; t:.: P ' . :-. ' I i ' ! V I ll ' I '
I.,, nth, !t t. r ' rf r II r"-i-
Cinl i...- !,! Ami .1, A ".' 1 vr-.T. I'. h ' .-m. 'y
llluvlr. - ; .- .!. l- I " i' !' '..! .m-nl
inlh'- :ti- .. i ! t ."'. '1 ' I"" iiiv. nt I. A-'iIi-
ii:;si:y & c.oi',
Burche ltuildinj;. Vashingten, IX C.
TT'!' i'lwon disastrous to niimv women, g
j'P Wi t feet iiii.l damp clothine-"ohiU the J
I, mire sj Mt( in and tin- delieMM Jl-rnnte 5
origins arc nt onee . ih-cu-il. i'ninful, ?j
Profuse, Su;.irow--d of- Obstructed Menses, J?
'jjt-(, Fa'iilig of tho Wonib, or sonie other C9
ben'tb.-c.estroying disease is almost certain g
U billow such exposure unless jire.iieT pre- 2
cautions are taken. When on y of these dia
eases appear women should begin the use oi ff
Female Panacea.
Tot;G. p. p.) ... g$Y
Tt. will re-i 1 1 " t o tlm TrfnRiQ euro nil fHt-Tna nf f'
..... . - . . - 1 - .. ..
female tliscne, ned -rive henlt h nml strength.
It is used in the pri v.icv of t hp home. Js'o con
sultations. No h'.i::ii)iatiii( examinations.
niy tendency to constipation or f&f
bake mild doses of St. Joseph's
Xa one of the greatest healers
ever pnt upon the market.
For scalds or burns it will
remove the soreness and heal.
Ingrowing toe nails, corns
find chilblains, it is a positive
relief! Will relieve piles. Na
house shouli be wilfio'it
ytUiVi GcIVn Oil.
For cms fioui liiibed wire, galls
and bruises, cracked teats on
your cows, aiange on your horses.
It will cure them.
Sold by druggists and mer
chants generally, at 25c and 50c.
per bottle.
Morse's Line, Vermont.
Over Farm's Drug Store.
Office Hours 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Attorney at Law,
State and Federal Courts. Office on
Depot street, opposite rostofriee.
Atiiiotinews the
ojieeitiu; f tin winter
Tourist Season
tilnl the il;witi;
on siile of . . .
ExGurslon TiGKets
to all prominent
points in thd . . .
Sciitli, Sout-Juvcst. West Indies
A'iGXico and Galilurnia.
St. Aiiiriist in.-. l'alm I'.eaeh,
.Miami, .!ai!on ille, 'lanipa,
I'ort Taiapn. I'.niiisw ii k, 'I'honi
asviile, 'ha rlest 1 m, Aiken, Au-otL-ta,
I'iiiehntNt, Asheville, At
lanta, N w a leans, Meinptiis
Tie Iand of the Sky.
Vrfcct liming ;ith1 Sleeping Ser
vice 011 all Tra ins.
Sic that vour ticket reails
Via cSOUTIitRN RftlLWftY.
Ask :iay Ueli t. njejit for full ill
Jui i;i;.M"!i. er i,i!ilii-s
1! I.. YKKNON.
Tl M Vl MlIU I'llH. .'Vl'llt,
( biirlol te, . C.
c. v w i ;s riti 11Y.
lii t:i. t I'm-m. Av;cii', Hii bunitid, Vi.
s. II ll " ltl Il tC.
(e iit ia! l'iicii(." r Aei'iit.
.1. 1 ( " I 1 -1 ",
Trnilie M.iii "."T,
WrrdriiiKUiii. i. t',
W. . Tt'l'K. Pis.-'!. 'i rulne Mu.!i.'i:;ee,
U'ufhiugton, 1. C.
Seven Men killed and a Number of
Ctiiers Shot.
Barricaded Negro Had a Regular Ar
senal and Piled Hit I'M'.: With a
Deadly Aim.
Atlanta. Ppnclal. Knur white men
Slid three neproes dead, live while men
and one negro wounded ami an
block of Inn! lines burned, is the re
sult of a conflict, vhich beaan here
early Saturday between the blacks and
indice. Will Kii hardsell, who in bellcv
td K have been halt' -li'-diaii and lialf
iiefirn. the owner "f a St;wP etl MhMatld
ftreet, in Hie rubtnlt of 1'ittsburji, and
rniir dthei- iiefji'ief. brounht on thu
troubln hi rMi;tinp' arrest ;'iid defyinK
the ofTieers of Kulton county an 1 At
lanta. The dead are: Kd. Rattle, a haliff of
Kulton county; H. tJ. Ozburn. a polieo
inan of Kulton county; Thomas firatit.
a city policeman; Kdward t'rabtref, a
city policeman; Will Hi- liardK.iil. Ihi
n'Rro ilesp"rb. wr.i kiiied li"sn
men;; Miltiiji kosiiy. u ii'ngro. who at- i
tempted to escape from a sewer; i n- I
known nepro. killed in a near-by yard.
The woumled are: S. A. Kerlin. b'u;cn j
by a neirro, and W. A. rij;ht. a eounfy
policeman, wounded in th? luf fhoe.I
dee; V. T. Jk.-kon. h siren cr man,
v.oiiieinri in hii": riiii iiearil. a county
in-lit 'email, wounded in the thitli;
Officer Spradlin, wounded in the arm;
Shepherd Finzer, hackman, shot
through the hand.
The fight between the officer nnd
negroc mviirre U' pitt-iui t. n i'-Rrri
settleni.'iit. iilreet!;- fejutii of the city
limits, oil MeDaniel street. The offi
cers attempted to arrest five
suspected of having beaten
negroes j
former 1
Policeman S. A. Kerlin nearly to dea'h
Friday afterliot'ii. Tie; tir;rieS rssisteri
arrest b.J- entn n' hiiiK tlniniel''efi i:i a
house iil Hie light ensued. The vicin
ity is shiekly settled with small negro
eahina. There nre out-buildings and
barns and shrubbery over the entire
neighborhood, which provides .iinh
shelter that !t wns pessilde t.' t-s-ape
from house ti nouSe aiul dortse h
tv.eeti fonces without lieing detecteil.
As soon as information of the fiht be
tween the negroes and the police reach
ed the city wagon-loads of policemen
hurridly armed, wera ru"hed o the
scene Of aefion, ntwl (Invernor Candler
ordered oitt a detachment of the Suite
militia. The shooting was followed by
a speeer from Sheriff Nelms, of Kul
ton eounty, advising calmness on the
part of the crowd and the efforts of of
ficers thereafter wero directed towards
controlling the temper f tho Whit3
men, who wnre waking the streets of
the suburb with drawn weapons.
yVhilo r?t'irr!t7 0 Mb home on'the
M'.l'herson road Friday ;.:'t jfV'ii
v.ay' ',1 bv fivi; ;iv:-;ih w,;ii ' . -. i ;
had imu L. v. ,,'! :i n" -force,
liut for tiip timely arrival .i - ,
-olley car, Winch frightened bis assa!T; j
ants away, Kerlin would have been j
killed. A sergeant stationed at I'ort '
McPherson, who heard cries for h.dp. :
rar o the place and found Kerlin mi-
eo ous. At midnight County Police- 1
m. Golden heard that Kerlin five i
assailants were located In a house un i
MeDaniel street, and be hastened to
the city and nectirrd a Warrant foi
their arrest from Justice Orr. Police- j
man Golden was joined by Officers j
Ozburn and Cheshire and aceompaui- j
ed by a number of Kerlin's n-iighb irn
including Owen Heard, lh" party start ',
ed for the hiding-place of the five ne i
proes, arriving at l.Mt Saturday morn
ing. The house was dark, but as the offi
cers approached the inmates opened
fire and Owen Heard fell lo the ground,
lie was borne out of range ly his fel
lows. The house was at once surround
ed by tiie posse and daylight was
awaited before making another ad
vance, the oflicers. however, having de
termined to make the arrests unaided.
The house in w hich the negro Hielnrd
son was located belonged to Annit
Mlburn, also colored. Richardson own
ed the store adjoining the house. Her;
he kept ammunition and guns and wai
men ;ore will prepared for a fight. At
S o'clock: this morning the group of of
ficers who had been wath:ng the houM
all r.lght approacjied the place and
called upon those within to surrenlei.
The answer was a volley of shots anc
County Officer ltatrle dropped deal
The attackers r'jjcated some distance
and from behind trees anil telegraph
and trolley poVs commenced firing into
tb" stoie. In a few minutes the door of
tlin house was thrown open and Wifl
King, a negro, ran out and gave him
felf up to t!ie ofiiccrs. Inside the hoi se
Richardson had an unobstructed view
in three directions, flue block away Po
liceman '10:11 Oratir stepped from h-s
sin Iter t 1 fire into the house. A shot
from the lusiged house killed him be
fore he could tire. The atta. kin - party
s.'nt word to police headquarters and
C hief ,,f Police liall dispatched the re
seives to the scene in several patio!
wagons. The officers to whom Kin.a
hail given himself up determined to
uiako use of the negro and at the point
of a ril'e they forced him to walk up to
the rear of the house and fire it.
As soon as the llamcs started tho
oflicers, eager to get the inmates if
the house, stopped out of their shel
t( r in . very dire- tion. Again th"!
was a shot from the house and this
time Ollicer liriward Crabtree m':
death. An Instant later there was an
other shot and County Polict .1, 1.
Robert Ozburn fi ll dead. Tin- scu t
ing had by 1I1U time attracted :n 1
dreds of people an I nearly every Ui .:
who came to tin- scene carried a it 1
The shooting into tl. hou-,e lueti c
geneial. citizen-', and officers firing to
getler. 'lovernor Candler was advi.
cd by telephone of the rioting and 01
dt,ied out the militia. Captain W. V.'
Iiarl;.-r, of the Fifth R.yim: nt. wa.
ordered to proceed with ."u men an
a platoon ym to the si cue of th
s-hooting and ci operate uitii U ci
aud tin.
.riU" ol 1'iii:
f of Toll,
f'-.i'I burrt-1 tn f.i
: i-ene on hoi :-el
fe-v i;,i:mi,-s l.i
Tl- desperado.
lo:.-t sicbt. of.
rapidly and a
were seen ( ru
ac! and '
let- 1-,- ;-'!
The h.i
a fr.eo tl
iv -1 .i "ii.' i
:e:i'l Ne!.,:
on. I: t I bee
e:-.- burn
( !' iii.rat:
: s!o;.- to
in tii p.-
woodshed and t., a
h.i. ( irdei-.; were ip;b !.lv -ivi
the;.,, buildiims and in a fi v
:-i'U'.i'!il of th- I . ii i !: i 1 1 v.. ,,
'A'. T. .lacksen. a 1 1 i et ear i .
is; unifoiin. was one of th
:;ated to the seine by th" ;
s h'- was ii.-ni i ny, t'u- h--use
it. in the right hip. pnr-u u
; :. hardsou. A negro cabman.
crowd had Increased until .UO0 1
pie, ".(ion of whom were armed, i .:
rounded the binning area. Milton
Kosbv. a negro was seen to cmer
irom the mouth of a sewer. A sho :t
went up and h" (Uei-ig negro was
rhot ibn.i. IP." b-'iH' 'h lulrOundel
.,,d ftw Mer,.!iy h"t. d tderefi, The
crowd of enraged cF.i7.ons had scarce
ly finished this work when another
". ,,,. ....... r-ri-.nintr out of the
neighboring sewer. He n;ae
and managed to get to th
of one of the neighbor!
where he was shot to d
The fire, which had be'
the atU'.ciiiiig pnrly, nun
nml sooll Hie eeiire bloc,
i !i-. fl!nio:-.t wiiolly f-hm
gro hob!-"'; ':) il'-ci'-oy
! were busy airtstltig th
i found iu the vicinity
I Steve N't shot and dim
lieved to be members
gang .were arrested
great diflicully in
crowd of enraged p
ord men. A mob
arouiiil tie nut rid v
ed for I lie iives of 1
olliceri' t'irowii'tf thiir-.ine
bid torn of the vag
volvers and lorceu a
the -rowd, finally lodging their
ers in safety in the Kulton
jail, on Hut lor street.
In lesa than an hour ths b
VOOdel lil:liSe iiiV.rrib
; fci'imud a;bl a seon-h ct U'c ritiris
j mediately followed. In the woodshea
found a skull and no.r to it. ths steell
barrel of a ride. H is believed that
I the skull represented ali that is Ufi;
I of tl" betro wiiM tThe Hlwting J
! The police belld.a tluy ilavl arrested
! all the negroes concerned in the
i shooting, but have been given orders
,y tie hkf to bring into custody a'
kusiui ions characters found In the
I nclirbbo!lme.d The noting caused tit
1 utmost i-yeit"o:t not fiHty. i't' -!ie lit
I tie suburb of Piitsnurg, where it oc
eurred. but all over the city.
I In the barricaded store were thre
i negroes. It is believed there were at
, fu i nw munv as five, nnd that, tw
j escaped before day light., The Scifce
I was rui-All .r'rei.i;!i i'i iS'liU'tt were aH
' numbi r of Winchester rifies and a
small Gatling gun. It was a rcn
munlercrs. Within were sharpshooters
murders. Within were sharpshc
who picked o;i tiie men on tne fi
side rV, prcciRinil fcii.i dp-i'v ct
feet. Kvfcrjr time tl hiaii showed hi
self he was shot to death. After t
burned body of Richardson had beer
found an angry crowd of wuito merg
seized it and bore it towards the
city. Chief Rail threw a cordon of pot
lice aertH-8 P Ptr-Set city llmltsf
ahd tuiilt fh'i ttiidy iiwtjy from t.
crowd and sent It to
wagon. While the
Ing. Will Gregg.
W remark that If
died u.iiig.o.. Fifty nTT.T1 "if?.1"1.1
Infantry did patrol duty in the db
turbed district all day, being relievi
tonight by the Gate City Guards. A
a further precaution .Governor Call
ordered every militiaman In Allan1
under Mrins and to rniHin At thei
company licrtcbiiiarters tihtil f-arth"i
Perfect order and peace prevail. '
Sunday in Pittsburg, the negro set
tlement, where the desperate
between oliieers of tho law and ne
gro outlaws occurred Saturday. Tin
only vidviu of the terrible s"u eg
glo nre the heaps of ashes which
mark the spot where tiie buildinu&
formerly sheltering Will Riehar i:,on
the in gro desperado, and his i om
panions. and t'ie ileiail of miMtar.11
patrolling the scene of the disii;!
banee. Althouga good orcier prevail"!
all day, tae city and county an
thoritios decided to retain a;;
force of military in Pittsburg, an!
the compaili.s of militia, located, jc,
this city have been ordered by t!i
Governor to remain under arms f
the present. No additional arrests
have been made and the police rc;o. t
everything quiet.
Rumors of renewed noting w(
h-anl during tho day. A report reach
ed tin- city in the morning that th
rioting had recommenced and a squ id
of 40 policemen were hurried to the
scene only to find that they had r
rponded to n false alarm. Captain K.
M. .McCurdy. of the central station,
was fired on by a negro at 3 o i l,
Sunday morning, at the corner of
Fair and Walker streets. The bullet
passed near Captian MeCurdy's in ;i !.
The offieef jumped from his I.i .m
and although he gained on Lis ,as
ilant enough to iieo
egro, Capt. .Mt Ctij".
apturo or woiind
It was nearly V
hoodlum clement t
orderly demonstratioiW
town districts during V
persed and the t'.obeeJ
barracks after a hilrif
At one tune tnere we
congregated at the. eor
and 1'eaehtree streets,
enee of ro polieenien
on foot, doubtless r
serious (lemons! ration
was addressed bv s-v.
tltizens. who counsell("
Annrlcnti I.ovn M.n Distlncllon
n-i Any Foreigner.
It is interesting to note how th
that any member of an American
lv may acquire sheds its luster ov
H i
whole family. They all basil
radiance assuming that a tiT'e and in spite of the fa t
only too often does nob A tr
title for a' that, seems to be
phrase among some of Cncle --i-iinu
savs the New York Sun
at i;
fact, that a Philadelphia, girl wh-r m
ried th" other day had beauty,
and position seemed to be o! sn
moment. Her parents, evei w
.-carcely ineniioncd in the ne
reports of the wedding. All ot .
.-idei-ations w ere eclipsed by t
fact that her sister had marrie 1
foreigner, and not a very bi
that, in every published ac
; t
bride was described not as
-,f .Mr. and Mr.-. ." ht a-i
!.-r of the Countess ."
ihat the marriage of this sa'i
les-i' sifter Hii iied out most i !
iml that, finding il impossP'1'
with her husband, she was -!
eo obliged to get a legal
mints for nothing. Tl"
i jn,
a ppei tator to the yielr"
Ing. wai struck In 1 1n
let. Call ' Mli. r Sei-olli
tho .eciio 011 his iucyci
wound in the arm.
A main sewer which 1
this part of the eMy v.a
two of the negroei! l-t
means of eseaee. but to ni
r 1
K 9
j 1
lr' a
'; .
; f
f i
- f
6il'"'l tajuiy a :Ha
T." l..rinti.i.H.
' ' dri t I
..... - . 'H
passage ti 1
! i
l Hi
" " .afeu... Jl.itl:
V.- " . ; ; . ..,
iW J'sourtre and is quite
1 i
i i irm
yJill Ruminates on the Catastrophe at
Si Pierre.
Used to Read of Pompeii and Hercu
aneumVVe .Should lie Happy and
nt time to think about
rthquak.o JiM Mr in-
ornal things that are go-
bowels of the earth. e
1 anil outward to
i.s for millions and
u ;;..i! l' : :'.
fioi. did inn war ami
ts with no thought of
f.-t Ms fires that are
or when iiic;- will
ime us all. as they
ome time according to
Tiiohe infernal fires have
teen, tiurriirig for thousands' of years,
nd the mystery is, why they have not
urned to the surfile? l.:?ng before this
rhere does the heat all SO. and UliLte
re the escapes the chimneys for the
eko and the ashes and lava? Surely
s Ffe Veiiano:-'. 'pn't discharge it
The lynni V"icah, rtr. Viiii ;ile'i, as
sed to be called, erirai S from y.tcan.
tarod of fire, and the anciLiito nellev
at the old fellow had his shops
irnaees;'. clown there, and sorae
when he hlowgrt the bellows too
ho ,,t.0 fmrstfxl out through a
ri some mnuiifai't etui tfi" melted
spouted upoii arid fn-j t'v-r the
and washed down in the form of
Which Is another Latin word and
to wash. Volcanoes are ul. an s
re, nnrl as far back as we have
s.-tefed Hr Jji-Hfati" Jh&KO rh'in-
ye hafl tiit-if p'-rio'dic disc.'iarg-
writers believe that flier- was
iliese not far from Sodom and
h, and those cities wore ut-
ust like Pompeii and Hercu-
niHrf' recpp.tiy like St. Pierre
rs .ago two of rii boi'S i.ook
from New York to Ti'iBi-
Inea at all tiiose nine is-
historle points. They told us
lift, whei'9 tne impress .icsc-
bMrli n4 lived until Kim was
foid arid w'hGst- JjciMtif-vsl monu-
ftey slw. Unhappy lady:
is still weening for her. They
led the heights of this same vui-
land looked down into its crater,
1 WEfl quiet and peaceful and haa
an tftipUoS for fifty years: rne
iftry smaslj not -tuice
Ev county, but had a
itopulation of .180,-
d has 23,'U't pnapie,
Martinique has seven times a;
and most of them are negroes
negroes were all slaves until
1S48. They live chiefly on fruit any any
thing they can pick up or steal. My
:o.S Amused themselves throwing
dimes into the water that was from
to 30 feet deep and the little negro boys
would plunge In and (live to the bot
tom for the money and always got it.
Then I got to ruminating about Vc-
! suvius and Pompeii and Herculancum.
' i use to speak a speech about ancient
i Greece and Rome and Thebes, and 1
always sum jr-ompjyeye ami,
for that was right then, aii.l so wa
tUsero for Cicero, but they have got
new ways now and 1 don't know where
1 am at. Vesuvius Has been cutting uy,
for more than two thousand years. It
has had nine bad eruptions, but ther
are still people living on its slopes aii:
cuitivating them. Its enormous r
is 2 miles around and 2.0fl feet '."T
and the accumulated lava sometinui
raises its brink S"0 feet during an -;ru;-tion.
When Spartaeus. the gladiator, wa;
besieged by the Romans he with his
iittle army of seventy men to;)k refug
in that crater, for it was quiet then,
nd killed 3,000 Romans who attacked
t.nem on Its Wink. The gieat orator,
Cicero, had a beautiful villa at its base
but In the year 75 A. I), old Vulcan :ir
. d up his furnace and beh in d forth fir
and smoke and lava srel fishes :.n
buried those two eiiic's sij-fy-five feet
deep and changed the sea shore on. I
die river so that their tins eoi.ld iv.v
be found and wh?n found by aeciden.
they were two miles inland. For three
-centuries excavations have been "!'-
nnd of lato with grcai energy aim
homes of the culture 1
leen found fillc 1 with a li
rs that hive preserve-
so centuries. 1 hose hem. ;
and churc?es and ter.i;-c-cleajjed
out and even th'
gs on the wails na o" -i n1
"ud the heautiiul m-iibb- s -;;io
eanTn-81'd renewed jus. as il wa.
the awflU calamity occurred. 1 .e
ated sculptured figures ot l.'io-
UnA hi sons stranslcd by a sol
as found there m perteet conm
In some of these beattiul home
h-mIUiv the tables were for
'ast and in tho tempie wen- iu.,u.i
.rr.iH nn.! silver adornments m il
usual in such p'.r.ees. in uie i chip
.i .. i tvi . .. i-eses of ::i.n
1 1 no iiic i " - i '
nrnnle who had fled there tor s:ucl
but Juno was powerless and
nei-iKlieil iust. as did the I'M
t hey
;:.eiiu at
oman Ca
liurre who fled into the li
lie cathedral.
Tin. fnte of all these cities was tc
;,:,. fnr- if ii-m not lava that lie-
U1I11U1 . ii.'. ......
storyed them, cor at fc-t. Pierre, but
shower of cinders and c.sbes. and l.i"
.n-nih-, r.f :..ivt!iin-.i thai til
'- I"'-" 1 - - -
When we consider all su ll calfJl
rles a erateful and th'iimhtf'ii p'-om.
will be thankful to our Heavenly Fsi
er that we live in a land renmrkal
free from
ca'amity or atlln-tii
N o
volcanoes hand their tere-it.-nni
over ii.; or nctir IIS. no cyel
i s i
The noisome pesti!e:: e does not. v
us by day or by night. am v
iloci. not darken e-ir I!
its awful ilistiess. but we '"
e and la plenty and the lines e.
falli n unto us in piea-nni pi.u cs.
It. is fitting time now for these w
like to read roman- " that is foote
on fact to take up tlud
of's. "The l-a-d
p.eii." and read tl agai:
Atlanta Constitution.
I have just re-eived a
from a North a''rol:na
I.- - Mill
mt let
end a
me what I think of
"The Negro a P.
you believe tho
cast.' and he as,;.
uiirzer is a be'.si
rnswered at the
Which nigger."
bottom of his h
13. A.
i 1
1 I
; 1 1
Jj)r'1- m
Closing Session of the Grand Lodge
of Odd Fellows.
(!reeiisi)oi'(i. Special. The last day'a
Sesoion of the 61-'tl rtntniat meeting of
the grand !odge, 1. O. O. i'., 'a full of
'ffi' inl hnsinirS, which was com;ii'"led
at 1 o clotfc 'rnorday, when a final ad
iournment was iiai! and i a brief
snaot; of time all who had i"
l"H on
earlier trains had departed for hoin'
An interesting incident of the closing
ecrnm was the presentation by Mr. 11.
?. H'fhattan to Retiring Grand Master
H W. ..Murray of ti beautiful grand
An approin'.'-it'" '"t xeeding $2,
000 was made for the sail!ni" improve
ment of the Orphans' Home at GjI'I
!,;,,.,) iih authority to the trustees to
duplicate ilii'' Srftmirtt- A fund was ..lso
s t aside for the ii2gfc4' w-ation oi
the inmates of the Orphans l!o All
delegates who remained in the city Wit
nessed the ball game between Greens
boro av1 Newbern as the guests of
Buena Vista LcXlSf. The following of
fieeiS were elected durlHK thfi morning
sessit.':'. t4 wtp duly installed by Re
tiring Grand Ala-t'-r Murray: Worthy
grand master, J. K. Grlhlt!!, WiMston
Salem; deputy grand master. Dr. L.
, Aheville; grand warden, H.
C. Higgs. &Vol'ta'.-t N''k; grand secreta
ry B. li. Woodeii, nl-icb: grand
treasurer, R. J. Jones, WiJirtitgton;
aiand representative. R. W. Murray,
&reenaboro; trustee orphans' home, W.
6. Oaster, Feyetteville.
Nt- Mill For Uurham.
Durham, Spe. th- 15rwin Cotton
Mill Company is to erect i:i-''thr mill,
to be known as Erwin Mill No. -'t
an early date. The new mjll will bs
larger thiUl the present one. The loca
tion of the mill has not been decided
upon, bid i i thmight that !t will be
located in West irhm. At least thd
matter is under considefd'.5'''i irt the
people of this section are using 0i?'.r
tflorts to get it located here. Mr. W. A.
Erwiri, ('( Hie Krwin Mill, said that it
1 was a -ertaiut. that tne min woum uc
frecteu al rf a art eafJV (late. e
aid that it would" U S5.:( spindles
luid about 1,000 looms. It r-it cost in
the neighborhood of $1)00,000, maiui'g
the eost f the two mills about $1,100,
('0. In comiectidil with the new mill it
is said hrtt s'une three hundred new
residences will V Reefed, ttlft contract
to be given at the same tim with the
other contract. It is said that w'o'ih o&
th'-! now plant will begin within the
next 30 (Jay 3. A portion of the machin
ery has f.c'ctt ordered and is now being
rotten lcVd' fr shipment.
The Vear's School Figures-.
Ral igh, Special. A lot of figures
wpr(J a, bled tn the Superintendent of
! Public lK-itr1icti'iti s oSiee. snowing
what was fKispd fdr ad awtiuraeo on
account of the ptiulfe whnoia during
last year. The receipts Were as fol
lows: From poll tax $328,403; prop
erty tav $525,257; special local tax
$15,545; special poll tax $404; . fines,
etc $23,412 i lifpTJ? licenses $79,2S0;
from flS otti Tre-astify $101,401;
tpaeberii SI.'Jl'o; sciiuol huases
whites $13,&1 , Httd for negroes
-fir- tr. emiiitv stiDOrijnd--rtts
5!i7; for cetttnty institutes for whites
?1.25, and for tiegro'e's $506; com
missions to county treasurers
5S9; per diem of county boards $or
72S expenses of such boards $2,350;
to city schools $73.0i0; for other pur
posed $K3.S3'.. Total, Sjl.ii'Ji.zio; oai
anee oil Imiht July 1. 1001, $227,834.
Salenf Centennial.
Salem. Special. May 23 ti 29, at the
time of the annual commencement ex-
ises, the Centennial of Salem re-
male academy will be appropriate, y
elebrated. A number o prominent
people will be present, ( rowus oi un-
ner pupils v.iil rally round men anna
mater, and me coinei ..o...-
alumnae memorial hail will be lam.
This hall is designed to ne a wormy
tribute from the alumnae and tne
fiietids of the alumnae to the scnooi,
which for a hundred years has trained
aud ta.ui.-ht the young woniennoo.i oi
our land and will fittingly open a new
century of usefulness and success, un.
e t.rt in Iiu e-uirii
school was one oi me ni. ... --
aud the third in the I nited States. ve
have every cause to uc prouu ut uu
very old place.
Won Damages.
Salisbury, Special. W. T. Lamb haa
been awarded $S00 damages in bis suit
against the Liftman Cordage Company.
This ws3 a re-trial, the Supreme court
having reversed a former judgment of
non-suit. Lamb was a ten-year-old boy
who lost two fingess by being thrown
into a spinning frame by a brutal foro-
State Notes.
niiherfordton. Special. The plant
of the GoUen Valley Hydraulic Lumber
Company, which was leased by the
Iielk Lumber Company, at Thermal
City was eopletelv destroyed by fire
Tliursdav night. Tho cause of the fire
is unknown. The loss to the Golden
Valley Company is about $0,000. parti-.r.,,-,,,1
i,v Insurance, and to lieik
... in v ..... v t.
t;-n S2.uoi. with insurance.
J. H.
Carnenter lost about
$000 worth of
which was loaded on tne .ass.
cms were destroyed and the
railroad for several nuniueu -
injured. There are now 411 convicts at work
on the Ohio River and Charleston rail
way in Mitcheli cwuntv.
The Scout has it on goou
, . i i .-e
tl.oritv that the a. K. A; win i.t.t
r train between Murphy
i )C1. s.
All.! lit
in .1
ita. leaving at 5 a. m., an 1 ai-
i0:::e p. m.
i-.o-Hers carrying an aggre
taiiv a million and a half f"ei
r jiiid .-rustics cleared from
of Wilmington. X. C. on the
The cargoes were cmsigue,'.
oi k, H-kc.o'.i and i't. Louis.
i '
--.I.- ..f
.he .-e
1st i
o X
w Y
y v
.- Var
ire a: d
'Ji hi-.
t i
.it i
Tiie Minne
onimittec d'
; ii
a Republican
t i li'dd tin
! at St. Paul.
.nvent;en Ji-ly
A e.egio tramp
at Lvce-t'-n.
..- :.i:;. i
,,.1-ge 1 1
th.e ll' dae
i '.vkins and ( scaped.
1 r o
inniii stealini a riile on
I !!e..
,-ago & Northwestern road was
by a passenger train derailed at
Dui ing a carousal. Wednesday
.it her home in Dayton. Ky.
W. llei get w as killed 1
ing. her husband
chits under arrest
nu! four other
for murder.
The 1'nited States
Supreme v
will adjourn for the term June 2.
I La3 USy grjf
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
Gaynor and Greene Bodily Kidnapped
By Detectives
An Exciting Chase Wherein The Cap
tors Distanced the Pursuing Party
and Brought Men to nontreal.
Quebec, Special. Colonel John F.
Gaytior and Cuptain B. D. Greene, who
forfaited their ball at Savannah, (Uv,
early in Mar-h, and fled to Canada,
were placed under arrest by officers
connected with the United States
Secret Service and Chief Carpenter, of
the Montreal detective force, Thitrs-dr-
The arrests were made on war
rants b-sfuM in Montreal, Chief Wilkie's
men assisting ti". Canadian officers to
make the arrests. The men were hur
ried on board a swift little tug which
had been kept in waiting at the wharf.
tTen minutes after Greene anu uajieu
j , i !.,. l.rtrtt n.l fit- Tvj art
were safely on ooaru, uuai
out into tfi fiver and started towai J
Montreal. The officer moved so quicK.y
that neither of the prlioors was given
an nnnnrtimitV to COllSltlt COlinSel.
; When Iiot.ifld "of her husband S arrest,
Mrs. Gaynor 3t once consulted Mr.
Tacitc-"?u her husband 6 attorney, a
tug was cliattpred and an attempt was
made to overtake the boat cm which
Gaynor and Greene were being carried
o-au- Afrnr a short chase it was seen
by en hoard the pursuin?,' tug that
it WOUI'l ll jmpOSalllie LO merit-.--.
detective boiit, fho Spray, one of the
swiftest tugs on th St. Lawrence, and
the pursuit was abandoned. On return
ing to the city it w as decided to charter
a goeclal train and attempt to head off
tti4 Spray at some point between this
oltv arid Monereal.
The arrest of Greene and Gaynor and
;he manner in which It was accomplish
ed caused considerable excitement in
the city, where both men have become
well known. When the two Americana
nrt?t arrived in Quebec they wen-joi-lowsd
by two men. also from the l
ed States, who registered at the chateau-
Frontenac. Their movements. led
thfl hotel employes to believe that they
detectives senwneE
flitd C&vynii
ve i
ng t
!vr..4 esffcf, it VWIW
Montreal, who, it is rumored, fis
erotrori the tirosecw tion . arriveu
en- j
here !
t.-. !v-r.trotif On the same
hortt with him were six detectives, in-
eluding Chief Carpenter, of Montreal
T'ney were met at the wharf on then
arrival Vr Detective Burke.
At 1030 a Well-dressed man engaged
a cabman by the Inwir and instructed
him to wait near the votavc. Som
afterwards Burke, with auothei cab. ar
rived. Burke and two other men
came up, walked toward the Chateau
Krontenac. whl-h is near by In th.
meantime. Mr. (i.'fenc, who had en
tered th" pWfiVe. as wa h'.s daily
custom, came fit of the main door.
Two strangers who ii.vt b-en in waiting
in a store near by. c,(H -- the stre-et
and one of them placing h s band on
Greene's shoulder, pulled a document
from his pocket and asked him to en
ter the first call. Greene was heard to
sav "Wait a minute, until I snp a
friend." but this was denied him. ir.''
the three detectives and Green entered
the cab and were iirlvi to the wharf,
vciai ti.o pr-rpsr of Grceiift was being
accomplished. Burke and the other de
tectives went to the Chateau 1 ronteti
ac. Colonel Gaynor was, standi at the
clerk's desk when they entered. luc
three dolot-tivrs walked up to Gaynor,
one taking hold of his right arm am
the other his left, while Burke produced
a legal paper. Colonel Gstynor asked
permission to get his overcoat, but he
was net permitted to do so and the
four hurried cut to the call and
started for the wharf at a rapid pace.
These proceedings occupied about 20
minutes. The hotel people notified Col
onel Gaynor's counsel of what had oc
curred. The Attorney General's depart
ment and .ludg Cham-fan were notified
and they in turn asked the police to in
vestigate the matter. llfiU' an hour af
ter the departure of the Spray, an
other tug was engaged by Mrs. Gay
nor She went oh board with Detec
tive Walsh. The pursuit of the Sprwv
was given up at Cape Rouge. S miles
from the eitv. Tie Spray was then
almost out of sight down the river.
Upon the return of Mrs. Gaynor to
the city, the lawyers in tiie ease had
a short consultation with her, and
immediately two petitions for ha
beas corpus, ordering the return of
Gaynor and Greene to this city, -..ore
prepared, and two orders were signed
to that effect bv Judge Andrevd, in
the Superior Court.
In the meantime four members of
the provineir.l police left by tho 1:15
Canadian Pacific Railroad train for
Three Rivers, with orders to sceme
a tug there and try to intercept tin
Spray. The latter town is !'0 miles
from Quebec and just, half way be
tween here and Montreal. The pe
titions were sworn to by Mrs. Gay
nor. who allrges that her husband
and Greene were taken away against
their consent end without giving
them time to see counsel or take
legal measures to prevdit their ra
rest. While the petiiious were !i"
ing prepared it spc. icl train was or
dered over the Cana Man Pacific rail
road and at
On the train
.;. I'ann
t!it. i a:
i it ion ;
!.t lie-i
Chauvi an. attei n-
are bearers nf tie
Constable Gale and
New Railroad Deal.
Baltimore. Special.-- A syndicate,
of which I.fidonburg. Thalman & Ge ¬
of New York, in'
bought tho R-if-i
of Aiabaimi, fu;
; base
ici's, have
v t-tat-'.
is in the
of New Vnr
interest of
take ihat sy
. S"aboai'd Air l-in" to
;..i lo p.irmiiiuliam. Ala
at i'.it'iiiingliam are tc
puicliase of the Birm
The terminal
be secured b;
ingham Bolt
German poet, is
Brosse, Hie
Mrs. Mary A., lie
known vvoiuan suffragist, is tlirc;
with blindness.
General Lew Wallace, the gift,
thor of "Jten ilur." is one .f iiu
converts to auioinobilir-ni.
il au
la I est
( 'arilinnl Vauglian. Ai'
Wostniinster, who recently cel.
his seventieth birthday in bomb
UI, n;l -
made two vi.its to ilie t uii.-d
iu jsi;:j and 1S71.
Joliil Rogers has promis
to the Manchester N. II.
d t
Arts ami Sciences a plastei
group. "The l.aiuliiig of
cast ot .
t In- N. li
men," which is now en exhibiii.-n in
the bronze at the I'.ruuklyn lustiiuio el'
Fine Arts.
Every month Senator Clark, of Mon
tana, sends a check lor S'ooo.O'id to the
contractors who are building his rail
road from Salt Lake City to l.os An
geles. These checks ihj m.i decrease
bis capital, being met lieiu heo'iie
from investments.
Bjornst jerne Rjornson is now in his.
seventy-first year, and he has been
prominently before the public sime
llSotJ, when he first .-.ttraeted alieiiiiuii
with the products of his pen. He lias
been a powerful iiillmnce upon tiie iu-
vival ot heaudmavnin hi ci ai in c.
Ungues Le Ron:; has denied that he
said, while in Chicago recently, that
Captain Dreyfus had confe-.-cd his
guilt. He declares that he made no
reference to Dreyfus in ihe lecture re
ferred to, and that the interview that
caused so much comment was a pure
Jean Do Reszke has reconsidered
his intention to take a long rest from
the stage, aud will sing during the Co
vent Garden season ai London in June.
It is said that this is due to an ex
pressed wisli by King I'dvyard VII,
couched in such flattering terms that
no singer could refuse.
War to the UnC.
Hazleton, Pa., Special. The anthra
cite mine workers in convention late
Thursday afternoon .decided to con
tinue the strike of the 145,000 men
against the mine owners and to P.gbt it
out to the bitter end. The matter of
cani-iii out the
firemen and
wmp runn-j
led by tl
it in no
dent has sent to
J lowing nom-n&Ua
smith Routers, to be minister extrao.-
dinary and minister plenipotentiary
fo the republic of Cuba; Edward S.
Bragg, of Wisconsin, consul general
at Havana: John Gardner Coolidg",
of Massachusetts, secretary of t lie
legation of the Vnited States at Pe
kin. Chini; James Jeffries. Tennes
see, Burveyor ot customs. Memphis,
Tenn.; Ciarcnce G. Smitlieis. Vir
ginia. collector of custom.!, district ' i
Cherrystone. A'a..
One of the Oldest, Largest and
Strongest Financial Insti
tutions in the World.
Cf Good,
Reliable Agents
State Agent,
Raleigh, N. G
pif-Paid Policy-holders since
Organization in 1815, $1S2,509,
190.05. o. n. Cox, r.-ffiii-nt.
W. J. Arm3ul.l, Vice-I'resiJcut.
W.J. Armiichl, Jr., Cashier.
hie ii of mm,
Aslieboro, N. C.
CATITATj $25,000 00
We re now prepared to do h gene rul
banking bufiuess and we solicit tiie
. A,,...... uti.HH nn.l
at'Coiinia oi mw-.
individual of lUudolph ud adjoiniUK
Directors ;
J M Worth, W T Wood, V H Merri.
C C McAlistcr, C J Cox, W F Red
ding, A M ltankin. W H Widlvius, Hugh
rrk, lien Mofliit, O R ox. A V." K
Capel, lr F E Aabury, Joseph l'sikin,
W J Arnrtfiold.
fraetice in ihe oonrU of Randolph r.i
nijoicing eouiitieii in State and Fed
ers.1 Courts. Prompt attention -rir
to basiceu oi ell kindt.
1 reiirie m'
Herbert Goi-tV
. v - s? B -
i " i JM-" "' 9 r t" i- " i ii ' '" i-yr i" - -

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