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NO. 47
i 6 II - IH; I BH INT
ON A WHEEL ti;M,rfr.;,.:,?J-r,,..f, M;:.,;i , .v v,.
" mvt , fi ! ,i,.t,,.. ,. (). , ,. j... . ,
an aetaJyist luijiin-ito is a li,Uio oi Mi ten u ,H -a .. ;: j ,i'; ' 1: V,' '
Ulcers or
'munietacr Sores
need not become u lis lure, upon y ;ur
body. If they do it your fault, for
will thoroughly, quicklv nrui perma
nently cure these af;lief ious. There
is no guess work about U ; it" this lin
iment is used a cure will follow.
Mustuaj Lluuueut. As a ti-.--.K-r it at tl.u very t. ; -
b none too jjood for your money. We do not handle
cheap, shoddy goods, but oiler you high class merchandise
at a reasonably
Iff TL""' flr
low igure,
and on this basis can hold yur business it we once get it.
A special line of medium weight suits tailored in the
very best style, good for any season, price $7M) to $10.
If you . want
ieunnel vaults
write us at once. Goods shipped on approval, express paid
one way. We sei! everything a man wears except slvu's.
Chishoim, Siroud, Crawford ti Rees
300 South Elm Street, Greensboro, K. O.
Is what it takes to make goo-.i bread. Any cook will tell you
that. And w here the good Hour is made is w hat this advertisement
will tell you.
Asheboro Roller Mills
Brands of Hour Pride of thtn.lolpb, I-anu. r's Friend, White
Eagle. Yellow Pine and Peep Hive'- will always give saiisfaction.
Always insist iion jour grocer furnishing; the products of these
mills niui you will alwu-.a h,ie go. .l bread.
Corn Meal. Bran and Feed
Kepi rom-tantlv on hand. Write for juices.
44r 4
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Vx.r dents & "Little (icnts."
We carry a FULL LINE; of the
vcn. best styLs and makes ol'
CKuiiipg and Fii'-nishings fur
h tn.-n ti!l boys.
v)ur buyer's experience oi
twenty Years with manufacture! a
gives us an m. id, on i'es us an
inside "ii Kettidg iiie best lor the
, ,' -. , , .
nionev. "ine uorse-Mioe hmndiiiof th.-meh. i..t...d ,..s ba
a specially, (".ail uul see us. j-o p. :d cd. i v.d! d.. ail i
Kilesiden L. C. liowleil, H.'pd! ih.m e-o--i i'.m t;
C. Mu bv. C. C. jMimson and J.i" a !i-,J
'A'. Merriit.
The Merri(tJohn son Co,
-bo I'o. X. (
Ai lt, Oct, re s ',,
' in i.
ci ij
Mediae iacrc, -j:i-.t :,t its Clone
Mr. ay n;,tH!i-: . G
.i in.: 'mi in .-.
ii .-.
l, "V, -''"""V
l..-iiniii'niiv 1. I
At Ui.MM-.-.H II,- ,;;.vlin. ,-v,v:;l
Uiuni-rs ;!:iii"!i!ici'(i iiicir i t i i t
Jiiui'li ir.Hiil n:i,- a. r-i-ii'-ii: Ii.'.!. S.-uu
Join - was l' ni-.-if
Miilciil rvju.ris hi 'ritiou I hviv
as r.u iu-vs :
Ilo Si'.i.l I !i::t 1 lit- WM'sl fn--!ll- i.i
j " .-ii an- iiis! liki our da
.lie! lie,
j el! 1' lii.'U. i W'i'l v
i;-4..ik-; ;i:i,l !;sii!.-r :,..!
i!ii... s.
Von n.MhTl i.iik i...
iiie ii.-oil. vnlir
uaiiily. I rare 1 1 1 1 1 1 i i a'. "in linn,
h.-ean-e I've se. n hi- kid: -and the
More 1 k'.'c of llie kid- th.' less J think
of your tiad-ii-. s. Wire, hies.- yon,
vour oi.l daddy is hi li. li a I rvine
and i;dess ym .iiit ' v. hi-k.-v
hll.-illess y.llt'l i no there too.'' jie
-aid his re-j-eis te the jire;u:iiers of
the eoiihiy and s;ud 1 iiat. they ei'e
nolhiiic l.'U t: little .(;u kasses rumiiti.2
about uvcr th.-se hills.
He siiid there -v..-re m.-inv i.-.o-jde
who v oidd get niiid :U wind he
said. "I'.nt," snid he, "1 don'i e;ive,
I'm u'ot'iif to sh"oi int.. the huh
you're in. :md .-u'll eoni-- out a-
I M 1 H I i 1 1 " and SWe;i! ine; vol! Wt 1'eil't ill
there." Th-- "hardshells" received n
iineh. lie said, ili.d '-y.ei 1-ud-s
hells will Lai in. id: why, I yon.
you i:io so narrow between the ey.-s
that 1 could jab b.ah vour e. - out
with o::e tinier."'
His tet v.... l'r.,eil.- 1 1:1!': "As
righteousness tend- io the light, so
he thai puraieth e il ':r-ue! h :t !
his own d.-;r Upon tlie who! his y
sermon was logical a'-d to the iet,j
nitet -pel's.-.I ;.is wit and ndu-lile.
The wor.-t evil he f-.tnui in Wilkes
was the !i pioi- 'eto!e.-s. '-'the worst
criiin' n',i ear. eoni.-ni: is to lank uj'.
em li.pHir. Then ye: ;irere;u!y for any
crime ready t- murder your fellow
ma n, .our v. if. - in- .ihyl else. Then
tell me -vlee. yu i" ihuidy done. I've
got no use I-.-.- you nor your daddy
neither. A man who makes whis
key has no conscience. 1 had as
soon haul for conscience in an alli
gator iis to hunt for it in a distiller."
Sjieakillg of t jios
1 on b
at w
re- '
marked: "Vou can lake me tint;
hole in ileii riv.-i t welitv fee! l--ei j
and iiea rock that w illvei-i) a hnn-l
died l.o,nol- lo mv neck and id
, ,,. , :
i ,i :,, i... ,.,..,. I. ..
bliug wave 'that Ws-U over mv dead
bodv -viil sav that von drowned
hon.-s! man a ho had the . -a'.- 1
-1 ;!:! a.pani pe;.k bi- U-liol:
I inlend to '-) it aim ol! can l
it. yen "n-nsy de-.i!. you. if w
:-a' i-.tiie path t !,.! b:;s g-a
sona thsug d.-n -. i i v- hat
-a-, t- a
lie teen von. --u:-i:: to cooie a; ia-i
and knock m-. d..n ;oid -oinni me I
in t!ds sawdust. s.,,n,e t,f on iiulel
devils have a pi-o-! in vour p.o--.-..-:.
i ;.. , i ....
Vol! nl lie cow ; r.i., veil. nv. i.iiti,
let me tell oa wh.-.t ..u d.o. Vou
go 1'ioine :u-d kill a doe;... J in- i.n coei
mit i-ah-'de. .'.', what are V"-.i go
ing lo do also. .j h.i v.i'i know?
Sal. i doa-. s t ie n b-iuie--d "Ii the
swearers and .-aid that 'a man who
will eu-is liefer.- bis w if.- and chil
dren is not fit to be th.- daddv of a
lil lor of pups.
1 ii closing hi; sermon 'ie -aid:
"You'll ii. icr m ik. 'he State of
Wilk.-s w led It on ghf to be -lain vou
L-oi IhesliM ie.o-i out. Wba! you
need is lii-iiv eliiiieli.s and fewer
jugs; more jiViiver m.-. aings and few
er drink t: more hool hous and
f'-wi-r t!-ti!!. rie-."
Wilki sl'oro, -hi no a. Aliothel
gi.-al audience tilt, d the large tent
li- ie today to hear Sam Jones pr.-aeh.
His text. 'And lie M. -.-, cho-e raih
ir to siiiT.'r ahlieiioii uiiii the peojile
of Cod than to enjoy the pleasures of
sin for a sca-oii." ;
The leading theme of hi ili--cours
diis morning was u, cision. ".Now
what are v.. a going o do a!r..u i;?
he said, "if .!o.-es had lived in
'Hkesboro and ha. a thiuci
like that, iiino-ieiii hs of ou inem
bers of th--i hu"ch w.nid !iao said.
'.Moi-a-, o'i aie Pie o-e-e. -t fool il;;i
eM-r ilv.d m Wok .-i-oi-o." Th . -
ion's no. l.ii.g ilk-- it. And t w'.l'-
i. II ou a ;aai: t- be sue I igg. -! .. -is.... ae oi ' I'amiP si-rCant
that ever h .-.I in Ma.- t.. a no. -t ' lis'ue. on iic !Vim . evreprcscioa
a diin.P: th---.-i i... dooi,. .p.oi,. tha;. j ii.. d. l. ;i K.eae. of Kown
And I wan; to s., e.-re to-.:: t ha! , ,.,oc i , w i.- o. tear. in Charlotte
w baa wa- iri'e-.-f 'o-.--. I, trie- o.'
'."oil. 'i be iil,,e, t ile -il j.-eee. e-l I i
oal t. e o ie-: i . eoni. s in t-uia huiuaii
lib- when vou mu-t make choice, ami
the choice vrnt nuike detel iuiiies vour
character am! .oar character s. i-le;
cur d -t in . I am glad I hai e
and iiuoii in tile, histoid, ot hiin'.ani'N
ill .... I .. .'l,.,.... '
wbal be c.ild do web a man v.'ho
will ;ji-.e bim a tail chance. 1 ;nn
-o glad lilat ; i ail i.-e s 111 tin- w old
T '. ' ',' a'A"v . '":
i oe i na 1 ci - e, a, i in .en. di.nmiai
! so- j.- ni- n ii.i. walk".! no and 1-v -a
. ! in- II, 1 !;,
tin' cent a'V.
ee-o.i .-,, r w b. .V,
t ' o u ie a I le- -a;-
... ,-ed lie- -,:;
- i I i : Ii o!. . o.i
! ,1, a: I ti ot leal.
I ,
I 1 in- a, an :; ..
i I OA iiie III I I !
. j erciuo mom -u
il: V. ,
I e
I i.;ir mails
; von m-!.-,
i Is atleiliio
Mr. J.
,n p-u
jot ol -oa
- .id. V. mi
in-it is .
I i. it
: id
I ,t in ii. PP.
:!! il'"
I !-.,,,
i ' i , ; 1 1 1 1 Smiiii
'!. '( ' ! I .-';iv
"i 'i.i-l-iili!.:; i;viv nviv two
,,, ,;:!l,r, ,..,. Vl.s,,,,.lv
x ii- M!t
'. it !l I- M: ii hi -v
aili-w ii:,;- sit:;!V I h
ii;(-ir niiiniir-
i i!u. Tli.'V u..:if.-! "ii :i';v.
: v, ..' , a....-;--1 ... .:.
! ok... v.'-... i'-n v.. u iufi t
i I' m.ii n (-.- i- Li;. I into a
i.,,,v .,.h,
il.' i'i tii-- riv.T iK''-"! tla'.n your
! ' mi!.; i!i;i. .in i h ;(!- ' lik-.- :.
i-iisi!ik "i wi"i. ti a' ."ii !' I,.-i:
i zUlu-i v.Mie j.-.'. - ;.' -11 H;;:;i ,1 ..rises,
; ' .'. : i 'i i , i . :
i n i ! ii a Ii- mi , .:: : .:- as
; tr i ...v- a n-iiiitt i.ill
;., it,.. !.!,.. l i I... i i-Ci. . ....
tn ill to in. :.-usv i he dept.ll of
oe.-ao wnii in s linger. 1 aeu
id'. nit jiniiijr -i!r views about Sam
Jo:-s. If I diidn't know more than
von a ud ui 1 you dad-'ies I'd .juit
pivii. hiu-r. yu old uiiillet-h -aded
foul, VIM!.'-
M--.S had a eh'.ii-e and that
choice mad,.- Moses. If yoti il 1 make
a righ; choice le-rc t-i-day, thai choice
will make you the in.-st fragrant
liower thiit ever bloomed in these
air. Jon.-s jiimn.-.l mi ;!.,- blind
tiger men and said that if he wa's to,
go to :i blind tiger a id drink, every
paper in he I'mied States' would
publish i; in lie- m-'ruing.. "'ut
you go there eyeiv day and nothing
is said idxmi ii. The.! is the diller
ence between a. dog and agvnileman.
I'm tin- gentleman." Ileaid that
t'no.-e who Imy ! at tie.- blind
tig i- -vouid sv.cir li.s to keep tin-m
out of jail, and t h;it it was as ivspee
!:'!. m s'.'ear li.-s n" t- b'av blind
'.-'a' '.iiior.
The Worth Manufacturing: Com
pany Receivership.
The follow tug sp.. ia! from Ral
eigh to the Chariot!.- Ohseiver dated
dun.- 1 Hili, says-.
An Oj i.e. .a r. ,-..-iVvd h. re tod ,;.
;.- Simo.itou, I'lsiicd Suites
(':rm:i; ''" t oi Aopeal-:, decidiiig
the 0f jlingham vs. Worth Mfg.
Co. ia favor in.- ilefendaiils. The
properties of the (oiporatiou were
phu-ed. in the hands oi' a vec-ivor I : -1
.vin.ei' by Judge l?oy,! at t-'t ecus!, ore.,
ae.l t!;e ca -e wen! up on appeal. Si-
:1:';"i"."i'" "' '
r-i - ' t: .it Hie
oraer oi .i uog
i'o-td in the- Ci'-enif
-.'o'arl 1.. ix-vers.
!:!! the roeem
!f ''V!1:
n ortl, ..og. t b, tc-stored la
SI.U! ( I ee COi'p.'I'.iilOa S
The 'V" i'i V is !.:sieiii ! v
;e,!!t a inies on Peep river, llaa-
I i I h con nt .
;t a i ;) a i. (a a -.
ii. ai. Worth.
'-Ui ;:l o
, V. lie
i pnnv.
:-!-.- t-
i n
o;a i-
vvs: ".p-
I'!""' 1 ,'
1 1
ui' Couri of tlie
he w. si- ru .list rii-t
e mi.. i
Xiadil ,ro,';,a.
i'is cause came
irau-eript of
I 1
re aa-1 oi:
r.-oo" ! I'l'.mi ! he rin-no Court of
i the I'ldl'-l SMI,-- for ! il" V'fs! c j"l
li-tric! ot Xoi-tli t'ii-oiin.i. i.ud was
:rg'i;.l bv (..;ill-el. tin C"!t'iderjti!vl
ii le-i. of. ii 'a , re o'd. .-,.; ,,-
jll. I d, ;n-l d.-ioed ie. Ihi-- court,
' ri.e doe,- -,. - f i b. ' sidd Cir.-uit
our! to
is ia.-reb,
iiiiS CiLi '.
ca osc; .'. -ei l lie'.'--;
-I wi:!i cos!?.; and
remanded to t be Circuit
( oar! ..f t a.- F nii d Spp. .: for : he
v.'-.- ieia. dishie! ol' .Nort'i Car.'Iiii.i,
i.f (ire-, as! om, w itl. diro,.-t:..ns . (h:it
ibe r -.-elv.-vs be .lis: liaraeii and the
prop- rly of ;la- Worth Mfg. Co. be
res I ere: 1 to ibe po-sc-sion of the cor
poration and its ollieers: and that the
injuie !:.-.,! be di.--o!vi d,' and that tin
bill 1-e di.-mis-fd. in caif irmity w ith
l a.-..pinion of lib - cart, and that
the mandate issue fort iiwivh. dune
Pith, F'.ub"
'1 be t.u.-rm vs ('...- the p-hduiili
.v, re I'ao: Plais. !-'.-, , Hon. C. !!.
Wa--.e,'C.l. d -!:;, N. St;.de-, ). P.
vapp ;iit I for I in. Aorih Mi a'. Co.,
Col. d. T. ajorebcau, P. F. ' hon
Kit g . Kimball, ,!; ., as il. Pen, W.
t . I lamuioi'.
ellas Pai:
for w in an t he of
j , jUlU. .,,-;. huiitina
J month- '..r murder of
for six
or rivru
Cis; v k Tie- - ! I : lie W I'O W U
-lilbU-.'. !n a koife. lingered for u
moiitii and du.-d. I: is to be a
(old blooded nuerd.-r and occurred in
' '! '
! o- e oi'
P:ck Flemmi
I i'-d at Fcr;i,.rv l.rm and o
hang .Ini
i b
ibai ato-r ;i
n:r spirit ua. wre.-iie, he nns 1m. eoni
e.-biie:l to hi- taie v, ii b-ai j a ra , o
1 1
i '
oe i.a
. I-
: a re.
Wiil Core Stomach Ache in civ,
' I
! bo
! -. ,,
. i,
am kin
..,;(!.. in lb - i
b ,.,11 .-.V !
U, --ni I
- 11 vou an j
, .1'
, i .: ti
i ; i'li'vvi . i . . : a ii-tlf
Cor'cSj)or,cient at the Slate
Ha t.i.MUt. as. '., ' in p.;. On:,
''''-in i..-i;!y fh.j Ti.-ni. State
(.-!;' v. ii" r, ill j.-.- i.i'.!..- ;ii Crtfiu
1 :iv. i'P--.-'sf iiiii-aiiiiii- it
vii! i-c a I.irp-iy .'.u.' and lis.-lv
tMinvni-)!), Bii!.luigt: an i-andiuaus
i :vu (. M' -i-)'-; tuv t
iiutiilnaieU i'.h:. war (V e.-nt Supt -f
Kducaii.Mt "a (v.r.HiruHon Com -
nii.vsjoiu j Hat (h.-c..- is suro to '!..
fsasiiK-iaoic ' namou.-" liJ'e inhttlci
into the prot'ot" ling.s w :--; tlie'fait-s-
.a V ; I
.u i, one of the man v
ca'aU-iaies ii,,;- i
S. Seaat' r or if a
!!.' u or.! -r anotlK-r
.Mate ! naiary.
Fi'oia ; in ii!!i iea: a at present
aii efi'.ij-ti ai ;:.; lids Kiic are li;iijle,
and i. ven dei, ;o '"ail. The parfv
ii,i)H-a:'- to
to Wuicil i(e i in
rr "-i lell ei'. it .-lejlil
uv-zen iiutl more
prefer for this
iv;-!:,.,! mi'X;u,i a id i' .vi.-.ihl !-,
exceodinelv liiibeuU -na: ar to
eel-irate a Ul) ijoi'itV of '
O e legates
on eit !ier on- of them.
1'y the eiijue token it would be
practically ifunossiliie to .select a can
didate in a iHate ih'imary, even if th"
cotiveiitioll (I'Hild I'C persuaded to or
iler one wifuh is entirely improba
ble, for INorfjh Carolina Democrats
got. all and tore than - they wanted
of "State Primaries'' during the Sim-nioas-Cyrr
.,Ssle&r of Paoo. The
1-rol al r.'ii biM .-; ii-rlau'e, u n-paest hum
bly point P e,iviii:.- t he entire matter
o')en, KrHltUcd by the Deiuocrutie
legislative fr;iu;us n-.-'ct w inter as
liereiofcM'obaning the dep;irture of
IftOO from he obi' paths.
i'lura-MAKi) ft. h- (.'t;.!c;.
It is uoteworthy in this connection
that Senator I'ritchard has selected
Hon. Locke Cnug; as his probable op
ponent. While in Charlotte last
week Senator 1 ritcharJ -tated that
Mr. Craig would be the logical e-an-dbbdo
jf Justice Chi! k is nominated
fo ChU f -TitsPee- --aiiil tie expressed
no i oubr af't';:- laii. r c: ntingencv -anl
added Pad he she:: Id therefore
( hailenge Mr. Craig i :i joint dis
cussion of public ouc-tions and issues
during the coming fall.
In com uif nt iiig on this opinion of
the present .Senator from tlie-. West, a
v,.Jl-versed .Pon.oo-i'at said to me that
lhe fact I hilt dudge Cli.ik has be.-n
gt-i'.eraliy tn.'diteil ith working up
the impeach oieid proceeling-s against
the Iwo Srpremc Court. Justices at
the lust a-.sioti of .the Legislature,
and Representative Ch'aig having
b-eeu tlie leaumg jierseciitor in the
House :n;?w. n iu;r the a 'd ides of
impeachin'i! opera led" To"'l in IT'"" to
gct'her The political fortunes of these
I wo euiuia.jue- lor cue .eaaing omccs
s V.'iir.'
It 'uoei lit"
.-.-ar, ii'ov..
er, that Mr. Ciaig W the ii't j)opn
iar c;:;ii'id:e' eeri:;u:iv ll(e as yet -e.ccpt,
pcrh.t-ps', iu s.'i'i. of the cx-n-eiiie
wesfe.'ii counties. After kav
.ng Asiicvide, --omingv-ast, ilisfouiid
tliii' Judge lloke. L.eS. Overnuin, IJ.
B. PleaiC C. P.. Watson, F. 1. O-
boui, S. 1L Alexander, and one or
two others are stronji candidate's in
the middle wist ami Pk dmoiit coim-
ti'v. Thei-0, U,tlethel' with ('Oil. J. S.
Can, would eel tair.1 ivnlrol a ma
loritv of ti'ie .'tes east of Crcensboro
ami (.'harl'Hie, and it is related to
tn.- bv several gentlemen who travel
oxteiishiR through the State, that
several of i hem o !eh have a larger
following than M '. -il,.
It would - hofcforc ap ..;' to be
i.iterh,a''tiea.b!e T get the Suite
Co.! vui'. y. t ead-oi-se .i r. (.'nag, or
-on a' s.!
t ingot, e
value .-I
son or con-
it and portent tons
K'ed and
good. -ilimarv was ordered it
i.s plain that there could not be a se
lection, a- neither candidate could
poll a majority of the votes east, and
probably neither would hae one
third of all the votes. For these and
other reasons the legislative caucus
and Fee General Assembly will don bi
les handle the jo!..
May SiASONlo UttAM UJ-FK'I- us.
At iia annua! co.minniiicat.ion of
She cauid Chapter, Keva! Arch
Ma,..a4held at Winston-Saiem, the
follow 1 Jj-odioei-s were cl-'i'ied for
the .!.. , log Vea!': eio.-r Jvvceik-at
Cri.ei Pe'li Piicsi, John (.'. Pre wry,
of belhig':: I. E. Je.J)ilty (irrtlld
iliui: i'f lest, i leni v (5. SmuUlx -nes,
of AVilnUngioti: It." P. fSraml Kifia,
Wiiliaiii Ciulorsim. of Charlotte: ii.
E. Graai ScMbe. daiu- s !. Clean, of
!!: ;.-! -bero; P. P. Gnuul 'fix asurer.
' Hi;,!:,! Simp oii, ef ibtleigb: Ii. P.
( t : a lid K vi-ei a 1'V, dame- C. MlM. is.
of W'bjiinao Fl. (1: Chaplu'm',
W. F. Hub'.a.d: F.ap-i,ud Caitaiu.
ol ' Post, Piu Wiitiams, of Wilson;
P.. , f '1 Piiiiciaal Sojourner, A. IP
Audr -r,, --f Pakigh; E. C rand
P.nai A ; b d-.tpti.ui, ?'. 11. Short, of
Wt--i'ao.:'.--.i: M. t.riiud Ma.sU-r of the
I'll-.-! , .1 . a. C. I.rasweii, of i'lii
p. 1 1 : .11. -:oid Master of tlie Secoml
V.e P .it. ( :!:'-.-, of Fu-abeth
City; L. Grand Masi.-r of the First
Veil, dame . i'diiiford, of liiekorv;
K. (ii-i'aid Pei tiifer. F, P. Move, of
Wilson: M. Grand S. idin.-l, j;. il.
; n.adley, of P.ib-'gh.
I The Gram! Commaudery, Knights
! Templar, w h:e!i at-'o met at Wiiislon-
Sab m, el.a '.-I P. ;. Sir John C.
p;owi" G i. a ud Commander, etc.
'! . oe ,-ade of 'be (Ireie! Comaiai.d-
1 ""
iu their magiiiiieeiit ivnigh:
lb uei I. .mis and
. it. i,o-e,o
; ue
; u :
-ion. Wii -
a, ,
e . ; nice
V I, ears v.
d b ' North
t s riaaa.-r.
Vedical So-
Vi : i.
( .!'
! cicty, itf th.- annual jnt-vting at "Wit-1
inili'j'tuii, t-l(.'(-f.Mi
Kl:.i Ciiv; (.'. A. Julian, 'J'lioiuu
mII.-; W W. McKi-jisi-, Halisbnry;
J. I.. iNkholson, Hichai-dnHviUi-;
fScr-roiary. J. Itov.-.-l1. Vay, WiiVin-.--
ill.-; Tiviisurer, G. T. bikes, Uris
s.ihi. lioai'ii of Jlediojd Examiners
(to si'i-ve six ve;irs): 11. Jlia-
soil, Wiiiniii-rton; M. U. Fletclie!-.
Ashe iMi-; J."M. i', Kinstoii;
(''Hawaii, Orcviivitle; CJeo. W.
i I'tcy. Chariot to; J. A. Kent.
Ijfiioir; .! . I . iiati;.-, Or.-t iisijoro.
'l'iie next meeting- will U- held at
lioi fsiiriiiirs.
.!-.. I). I.atia, dr., ol (.diariolte, liaii
! sTi'a1iiiiKd at Princefoii IJiiiversuy,
and was tirsl honor man m a class
of :.58a sf udents.
Some of i ho swindlers w
iers wno oper-
e f'hov-.-.r US-,.,-, '
ale.l the "Amos Owen Chcrrv Tree" I
fraud ati'l deframled thousands of
women out of $12 or nioj-eand sever
al weeks of work each while "writ
ing endless: chain letters" for them,
Were tried in the Uiiited States
Court at Charlotte last week. In
; this eooneei ion it is ink-resting
liote that old man' Amos O wen (who
was nr. sent as a w itness) was dire of
the iirst two "Ku-KIi;." to be con-i'-ted
and sent to the Federal Peni
tentiary at Albany, K. Y., Capt.
Pandolph A. Shotwedl being the
oiher. 'They were Sentenced to jiay
ijiSd'Od each and to serve six years at
hard labor, but were pardoned bv
President (Irani at tlie end of two
lhe State Teachers Assembly
which began its annual meeting at
Morehead City last VvT'duosday, ad
journed yesterday (Sunday) after the
annual sermon by itev. T. D. Prat
ton, of St. Mary's School of Puileigh.
It was a most, enjoyable and success
ful meeting, and Governor Ayeock,
Mr. C D. Mclver, Governor Jarvis
and a number of oth;r prominent
and eloipient. men delivered addresses.
President Tenable of the Unive
slty was elected pivsideiit. for the en
suing vera, and W. P. C'anaiehael,
dr., secretary and treasurer.
Governor Ayeock appoints tlie fol
io wing to constitute the Board of
Visitors t. State institutions, as pro
vided in the act of the Legislature,
anal they will inspect the charitable,
penal and other .State institutions
and report to tin- General Assembly
at its next session: W. P. Y. ood, of
Pandolph, 1. P. Jeter, of Burke, and
T. W. Pat ton, of Buncombe.
A State Master Printers' Associa
tion was organized at Morehead C'ilv
Friday last with ('. 1. Edwards, of
ihiieigh, as president.
Mr. Ilenrv Pago is out iu another
letter attacking Judge Clark. Among
other things he charges that Govern
or iinii'r hittUio' letters, from the
Judge that he (Page;) w ants To see
published; and that Judge Clark
wrote ;i letter to Superior Court
Judge Y. S. O'B. Itohiuson "insti
gating" the Wake county suit form
erly alluded to, and which came be
fore Clark for iinui adjudication,
and adds that he is told that it "ex
tols Marion Butler, discusses polities
and religion in ;t mo-i interesting
way and is signed in full," without a
ret j ties i to burn or destroy. Mr.
Page calls upon Judge Clark to au
thorize the publication of this letter
before the Pemoeraiie State Conven
tion is held. Otherwise, he says, it
will be use-.! by the Pepubiieaus in
the campaign against Clark and the
Pemoeraiie party. There is a good
ilea! mote in the letter, but 1 have'nt
the space available P outline it lure.
T he Sac lord Cotton Mil! Plant to
be Enlarged.
At a meeting of the board of di
rectors of the Siinfoai Cotton Mill
i'o.upany h.dd here Ti;. sday it was
decided to enlarge !e mil! by add
ing three hiiiv.irvd more looms. This
will make it- necessary to enlarge the
building and make tin expenditure of
S.-O,0uO, which has already been sub
scribed. The force of operatives will
be doubled and the mill run day and
laghi. Some fifteen or twenty new
cot iages will be constructed for the
operatives. This is one of the liutst
cotton mill plants iu the State and
under the management of Mr. T. L. is doing a good business.
Sanferd Express.
His Parting' Benediction.
A country minister in a certain
location took permanent leave of his
congregation in th following pa
thetic manner:
"Brothers and sisre;--'. J come to
sav good-! .v. 1 don't think Cou
loves this church, because none of
vou ever die. I don't :'iiuk ou P'e
one another, because I never nia-.-y
any of y; ii. I don't think you !mc
iue, bcea:;se you hays' not paid my
salary: your donations are mouh'v
fruit and wormy apples., and. by their
fruits ve shall know them."
"Brothers, I ran r-ang awav fo a j some oval. They are hollow and
"letter place.' I have been failed iojare filled with a powder. In some
oe a ebrodain of a p- niteniiarv. i t bis powder is purple, in some red;
Where I I:'" ve can not come, bid 1 g. there may be other colors. These
in prepare n "place for vou, and mav j rocks vary in size from a hen's egg
ilu- Lord have uiercv on vour sou P. I to much larger dimensions.
i oo ; O. ...- : t.l..ll.
Like Daisies Before tlie Scythe,
P.ebv lives arc destroyed in summer
bv cholera infantum. The attack oi
tlie disease is .sudden, HS progress .s
som-.dbeies terribly rapid. Mothers
who have given their children IVrry
Davis' Painkiller in water with a few
drops oi brandy added can led how
l h is I r.-a i lie lit has cheeked the diar
rhoea and vomitine. and nut the Ft-j
i tie paiieid out of dus:g.r. -ii ami -t j
I I .', ore -en'at i. e Si ....
of the i-.ighih. X.iri ii rarollua i
j triet is lhe old-," lepresciitaiive m!
J Congress w ho smokesVtgarettes. I
Makes the food more
POVlL !Kti. i
'idie 'North Carolina Bur Associa
tion meets in Asbc-villc July Oth,
Kali and ! Ph. ' .
Robert A. Foard, of Charlotte,
writes Tin: Ooukiek advocating a
,u-imarv for the purpose of electing
1 1 1 1
ii United States Senator.
The attractiveness of home does
not depend upon the cost of the
house. Good taste and good sense
transform ostentatious vulgarity to
unobtrusive beauty. 1
The oti-page Educational issue of
rhe News & Observer on June 4th
was a most creditable and enterpris
ing paper. A copy should be placed
in the hands of every person in the
State who can read.
lii the Southern States the church
property is from live to. ten times
more valuable than the public school
property. The school houses should
be improved and if school teachers
would take lessons from the preach
ers in their zeal and methods in build
ing churches, there would be great
improvement iu school houses and
school grounds.
In the far away islands of the sea
the United Sta-es are carrying on a
war not on the principle of -self de
fense, but for th-3 sake of trade; for
the extension of empire; for the sub
jugation of distant and unwilling
peoples. And ail this iu the begin
ning of the twentieth century, yet
our good friends, the ministers, talk
to us about sending missionaries to
heathen lauds to convert and chris
tianize those benighted lands and f ar
away islands.
J. J. Hill, the president of a great
railroad system and a republican, in
a recent jiddress in Chicago, express
ed him ui' as to a high protective
tariff as follows:
"We have enjoyed all the benefits
of a protective tariff for many years
and whatever good it cam do in the
wav of building up infant industries
has already been accomplished. The
growth of our enormous iron and
steel industries, which are pointed
out as the result of our protective
tariff, can be more surely traced to
our enormous resources in the iron
mines of Michigan, Wisconsin and
Minnesota than from all other
Punning with the hare and hold
ing with the hounds is nothing new
.for the republican party. Double
dealing is the stack in trade of the
revenue ring boss ridden party.
Trusts grow and flourish under re
publican laws, yet their platform
will declare against trusts and reso
lutions will be passed denouncing
them. Yet. the trusts flourish and
do not seem to be seared. The trusts
llourish the more because they have
the assurance that Ilanna still lives
and controls and dominates the par
ty. We have the Beef Trust, the
Coal Trust and various trusts. They
talk about the dignity of toil when
starving coal miners are shut out in
Pennsylvania bv the merciless Coal
Attention lias been called to the fact
that in Williamson's history of North
Carolina, these words .ire found:
"A small evplosion of a volcanic nat
ure vans observed in the year 1193
in Anson county.'"' It is about ten
miles j'n.iu V. adciboro where are
tia e high hike says the Wiiniing
t'.n Messenger, called tlie Gordon
Mountains. Oa one side of these
lolls and lying in the low lands at
their feet are scattered many rocks
of a
peculiar nature, some round,
' i ,'iese sioaes an1,: uuiiiis.aKaoie
on idene-e ot hav ing been suhjeeteu to
T'he shell of the rock
contains iron and the powder within
is some composition of iron. We are
not scientific enough to give the
proper terms. These stones are easily
broken open. When struck with a
hammer iiu-y usually break half in
I wo. "fhe she'll of one the size of a
man's list is hardly over three-ipiar-ter-
of en inch thick. Specimens
a;-.- to l-.e eceii in the state museum
and we think a iivntlemau in this
city has .-ome of 1 1mm.
i It is seal that tin fanners' wives
d' thai neighborhood used to me the
pwder iu these stones to dye the
cloth ft om their looms.
delicious end wi- .-lesoe
cof on . vs.
Lixtlies xnd Gents
Men Golf Shirts and Sweat
ers, Overalls and Pants.
The cheapest and best Umbrellas
you ever saw.
Godman's Shoes the best in the
world w e sell lots of them.
No matter what you want, you
always want the worth of your mon
ey; then always buy from
I N m E D I C 1 N E !
For which mothers and
children should be
Vick's Perfected,
Taseless Pure
Castor Oil,
10 cent Bottles.
Dose and bottle regular size.
It is as palatable as rock can
dy syrup and as efficient as the
old Castor Oil.
Trade supplied by
L. Richardson Drug Co.,
(Wholesale only)
Greensboro, N. C.
I handlecountry produce of
all kinds, and when you have
chickens, eggs, potatoes, etc. to
sell it will pay you to see me.
I keep in stock a line of fresh
family groceries which I sell at
hot tomj prices. Would be glad
to have vour trade.
Richmond, Va.,
The greatest stock of fine and
70971 1-713 E. Broad St.,
Furniture Store !
i K. B. Kearns' Furniture 1
I Store is the place to buy fur-
I l.iture, picture frames, rugs,
etc. Be sure to see him when
I in Asheboro.
Undertaker's Supplies
Such as cot'tins, caskets, etc.
always on band and furnished
on short notice at reasonable
prices. Good hearse at your
C B. Kearns.
S. Bryant, C. L. Lindsay,
President. Vice-President.
J. II. Cole, Cashier.
Bank of-Randleman,
Secl'hity We have the only tire
proof bank vault iu the county and
in it an improved Chrome-steel Burglar-proof
safe with modern time
ock. We solicit vour business.
Puna sous; s. tJ. jNewlin, A. N.
Bulla, W. T. Bryant, C. L. Lindsey,
N. N. Newlin, J. 11. Cole, S. Bryant
and E. In gold.
for s Vtv; A AV

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