North Carolina Newspapers

    T5he Courier.
pen::; onk hollar a year.
V.'rn. C. HAMMER, Editor.
itt Hi- P.i o:ttoual
Tnis t'ouituai returns tliunks to
its esteemed contemporaries in Hit
State for the expressions f hh1
will and references lo iu improved
appearance. It is gratifying, in
deed, to know that tho patronage is
also increasing. The growing favor
with which tho paper in received and
the increase in advertising patronage
is encouraging to us in our cffoits to
improve the paper.
Elsewhere in this issue we publish
the new law as to rural libraries.
Under its provisions six of the rural
libraries in this county which have
received no aid frjtn the .Suite, can
receive live dollars from the .State if
the community will raise live dollars,
and thus ten dollars' woith of book.
can be purchased and added to these
libraries. Under the provisions of
this law six new libraiies can be es
tablished, the community raising ten
dollars, the county Hoard of educa
tion giving ten dollars frcm the d:;
trict, and the Slate ten dollars, mak
ing thirty dollars in nil.
One material difference in the pai
doning power under Kusscli :md our
present Governor Aycock, is that tin
former Governor granted his pardon?
privately, lefusing to permit the
publication of the pardons. Tho
present Governor hoars all petition
and if in his judgment tho pardon
should be granted he giants it and
then publishes the fact tothe public.
The Cleveland Star, in referring to
the (ovoruoi'V open, manly course,
"This is the brave, manly and cour
ageous course to pursue, and tho par
dons Ayeork has grunted do credit
to his groat heart, ai:d his tender,
loving and sympathetic iialitiv ;ii
tributes that mark hiio as a man
fashioned and molded after a litim
model. Hut as a man of line sense
suggested lo us tlie oilier day. who
should the Kepul licaus kick ali't
the number of pardons granted v. h- ri
the huge majority have been to mem
bers of their own party, or to those
who were formerly members, before
it got lo be a "lily whito'' alTair!'
The Temperance Question Not to
be Settled in a Day.
The Virginia J - l.oiiie is strug
gling over liijUwr icui.-Iaiion. It is
thought the dispensary :-vni wi'l
be adopted. Tic Itnlcigh Tinier
edited by Mr. J. I . t addon, in leiVr
ring to the ViigKiia sir:::' :!.-. ..-ay-:
The dis)iens:.ry Miifiu is lot f.-n
from obieetion.-, ;.!. ! ut ii n.;. be
safely tifWtuI i": ' Mi ' l-c.-t
method yet n il ! f o- i e-.;.. iiii.g the
whiskey businers. It is freijiiently
urged that a Staio i;.is no light to
engage in the Injin.r business. The
primary object of the State, a .e
understand it, is not t-i do bti-iness,
but rather to take in charge what is
generally regarded a dangerous uil
and place about it the safest and
laws for the conduct of the Im-im.-.-.
To be sure, the State has a right to
provide the best method of shielding
the people from a dangerous inilii-
ence as much as it has to aid t hem,
in their intellectiuil. mora! and char
itable pursuits. Th ! again it is
well to remember i hat the tenip-r-ance
question is not one to be settled
in a day, but will abide, in some
form, until our more intellectual aud
religious growth reaches a point to
setlle it. Then it will be fettled to
the satisfaction of all.
Will not Get the Opportunity.
Says the Wilmington Messenger:
"V hen it comes J udge Ncal's term
to ride this circuit and while bidd
ing New Hanover superior court he
scuds to the penitentiary for five
years for stealing a chicken or a pig
some uneducated, half-civilized ne
gro, the Messenger wiii call his at
tention to what he has said about the
sentence of liisbop for the same
length of time for slaving Wilson
while the latter was in the act of
protecting his wife aud children
against the questionable conduct of
this man Jiishop.
Yes, if Judge Jieal, or auy other
tutry for five years, a half civilized
negro for the larceny of a chicken or
pig, there may be opportunity given
to criticise him, but as Judges do not
impose such penalties on any one for
such offenoes, there will not be op
portunity for critical comparison
Republican Extravagance
Ai an evidence of Republican ex
travagance in the nation we quote
lrom the Ureensboro Christian Ad
vocate, organ of the W. N. C. Con
ferenoe, as follows: .
"The Congress whieb, adjourned
06) March 4th, spent more money
than any of its predecessors. - It
spent 1 1,554,108,518, or about SL
OW apiece for each person in NorthJ
Carolina. - Unly a few yean ago our
people vera talking ot a billion do
lar Cougress; now it has pa-Bed the
billion and a half mark."
And yet the 2x4 Bepablican heel
ers talk about extravagance of the
!sgi Cegialatare, when the facts are
that the appropriations were $200,
000 led than the' appropriationi of
the preceding Legislature.
Rheumatism is caused by an excess I competitors for the' cadetship at
i f una and laciie in the blood, I West Point Mr. Covington is now
t.!iou-.0, :-,th'stbhdpiruriT.j6denttCr7lligh&hool- We
! cv.i.ivc .'-I tome, ci rrs the disease! have not learned when or where or
! ' il .! me acids but of the blood. I by whom the axaaiinatioai will , be
. .1 ". conducted. ----' 1
Report of Much Damage Done
Especially lAlon? the Coast.
Elisabeth City, March 30. The
schooner Edith left here Saturday
afternoon, bound for Cape lUttoras.
M:e luul barely eutered Albemitr
Sound when overtaken by a terrilic
ram aud wind storm, washing Her
decks clean and currying part of her
cargo away. 1 he ciew had given up
:!! ! . pes, but were lighting for their
lives. Another tremendous wave
washed J. 1 C'opelaud, of New York
overboard. He was saved by the
crew throwing lines out to him.
Mr. Copeland had chartered the
schooner and was eu route with
material to Cape flattens, where he
is to take charce ot the De Forest
wireless telegraph statiton at that
point. The crew managed to get tin
M diooner safely into Little river and
landed at llixonton, ten miles from
lure. Mr. t'opeland came by land
to tiiis city and took a steamer for
Ualteras this afternoon.
Norfolk, March 30. The north storm that swept down the
Atlantic const yesterday and this
morning, and played havoc among
the shippinc along the coast has
disappeared. The harlior is full of
-ailing craft waiting a decrease in
t no heavy seas running. At Cape
Iletttv the winds reached a velocity
of miles an hour and big wireless
telegrapii masts at ocean view and
Toil Monroe were blgwu down
The naval collier Lconidas while
attempting to charge her moorings
in the harbor, colliered with the
-choouer Minnie and Emma, of this
poi t, aucored near her and carried
awayteiii yawl and davits. The
high tide prevailing in the harbor
dooded the streets in the lower section
if the city and for a time traffic was
Abbeville, March .10. A ram,
-::o'a and wind storm of unseasonable
ioieuce prevaile 1 in the mountains
ol western .Mirth Carolina yester
day an 1 culminated dining the early
hour, of (his morning in a gale that
wiotighl the demolition of consider
able property aud inspired a feeling
of fear in people who lived ill light
Iraine houses that shook ami swayed
omitiouolv. At frequent intervals
the lopvnts of rain would turn
-mow-and i h! atmosphere would be
,;!led with great flakes, but the snow
.hi not lie on the ground, as again
and a-aiu the rain carried it away,
t'n the liilt more estate the weath
o'-er;itory was utterly destroyed.
The apparatus belonged to the gov
;-n:i:i"it. bat the observatory,
handsome structure mine than
feet in heii'ht, was erected bv Mi
Valid. -rl.i it. The hitrh wind did
other damage around liiltmore. T
wind mill near the home of Mr
S II i; -. il was blown down, shin
w civ wrenched from houses, trees
were blow , i dov. u, Gin land Creek
:'i:oo! bouse was blown down and
gre.nt dani ig- done to number
other l.ou-es.
The Minsl'ine recorder was blown
o'T th- government signal servi
-taiiou 1:1 tbi city. Some (deplume
Miu ; v.ere blown down tins tnoniin
.in. I a In :-e ran into oueof the fallen
v. ires, n liich became crossed with a
liolley. and was electrocuted. The
r.niuial was a valuable one belonging
to the livery linn of Millard & 1-ns-
Kiiled by the Train.
W. A. Cool er and 1!. L. Bowland
two prosperous fanners of Caswell
eoiintv. were run oyer unit instantly
Killed by an east bound passenger
train at a crossing near Durham
March Cilth. Thev had turn
Durham w ith a load of tobacco which
they hail just, disposed of and had
-tin ted for home. The train was be
hind time and wasi unning very fast.
Pritchard Goes On the Bench
Chief Justice liiiigbam, of the
District of Columbia Supreme Court,
b is retired, his resignation to take
effect April 3oth. Associate Justice
Henry II. Clabaugh was promoted to
l-e t hiei .Justice auu ex-Senator J
('. l'rilehard was appointed Asso
ciate Justice, the appointment to be
come effective with Justice Hing
li.Mifs retirement. The salary of
Justice Pritchard is $0,000 a year
for lite. He will qualify May 1st.
Murder in Montgomery.
The homicide record in Mont
gomery county for the lost few years
is something that should attract the
serious attention of every good citizen
in the county. No less than adozn
murders have been committed within
Ihe last live years, and the yearly rate
is increasing rapidly. Ihe last 1Z
of live, some of which were of the
most deliberate natnre. This de
struction of human lif j has gone far
enough; it has reached that point
where common safety dsmands a
halt. Iroy Examiner.
A Son J.
I know not if her eyes are blue
As any skies above me;
1 only know that this is so;
My lady lives to love me!
I know not if her lips lie red
As cherries, branched above me;
I only know that this is so:
My lady lives to" lore me!
I know not if Life's storms shall bend
Rainbow s of hope above me;
I know whatever Fate shall send
My lady lives to love me!
Atlanta Constituion,
Janes E. Lambeth, the youngest
son or nr. ana Mrs. t . a. .Lamoets.
ot Thomasville, has been designated
by Congrasaaiaa Page as one of tha
competitors tor a cauetsnip at An
napolis from this district Yoang
11 r. Laslicth it bow a student at
Trinity Colletre, Durham. He has
also nominated Mr, Plat W. Coving
ton, or WaUeeooro, a one of the
Will Stop 530 Stills.
According to tho Commissioner of
Internal Revenue there are now 630
stills in North Carolina. Most of
these operate only a portion of the
time, but they do enough injury
while they do run. We have not
the figures, but it is hardly probable
that, of the 530 stills m lortu
Carolina, as many as thirty of them
are in incorporated towns. A few
of those in the country will go to
the towns, but most towus win not
permit them to operate. Tha result
will lie that by the operations of the
Walts bill something like five huu-
Ircd stills in North Carolina will go
into innocuous desuetude. It also
means almost as many bar rooms,
because most of the country stills
it her sell themselves or through a
There is no evil in North C'aro
ina that, has done so much to de
bauch the morals of the State as the
little stills "kettles of the devil
removed from police protection.
That evil has been greater in North
Carolina than in any other State ex
cept Kentucky. While North Caro
lina has 530 stills; Alabama has
only 17; Arkansas 25; Georgia 70;
Honda 1; Louisiana z; Alarviauu
40; South Carolina 30; Tennessee
80; Texas 9; lrgmia 125; while
Mississippi has none. It may well
be doubted if any State in the South
is so wen governed as Mississippi.
During the past ten years it has
taken giant strides for education,
temperance, progress, and has an
ovei llowing State Treasury. In that
State no man can sell liipior unless
he gets a petition signed bv a ma
jority of the voters in the community
in winch lie wishes to sell tne stun
and only in about half a dozen
ounties can any person get license
to retail. 2ews & Observer.
Remarkable Meeting.
If there is any doubt as to the
growth of the temperance sentiment
ii both Carounus among a class oi
people, liinuentiai vei uereioioie
lent out ot the churcn, we nave
dv to pick up the local papers
over the State and almost every week
there is a demonstration on the part
of these people against whiskey.
Here was a remarkable meeting
Wilson, N. C, March 12. our
orrespoudent witnessed a glorious
scene tonight Seated around the
altar in the Kpiscopal church were
the Key. Mr. Thomas, ot the l'lesbv-
terian church; Hcv. Mr. Douglnss of
the Haptist; Hcv. Mr. Iyer, of the
Methodist; licv. Mr. Jones, of the
Christian; and Eev. Mr. Gambol, of
the Kpiscopal church. Ihese devot
ed and consecrated men of God laid
aside tor the time being all theo'.ogi
ul differences and had but one creed
tonight and that one creed is to save
the boys of this fair city and com
munity from the drunkard's life and
rave and hell.
One of the safe-guards that can be
thrown around the boys is strict
prohibition. You can not keep all
f the hellish sum out ot a town
but you can keep it on the run. A
man don t have to be an extremist or
oralis these uavs to oe in iavor oi
local optiou. He has only to be
honest with himself and neighbors
and exercise good common sense.
High Point haterpnse.
The Effects of The Watts Bill.
A corresiHindeLt from Wilming
ton, N. C, to the News Observer,
savHj The effects of the Watts limior
bill when it goe9 into effect on Jnly
1st, will lie to rout four distilleries
in the small county of New Hanover
and about an ennal number in Bruns
wick. About half the number in
the two counties, it is said, will move
inside the corporate limits of il
minjrfcm and the other half will go
out of business. A number of up
country distillers have written to
friends in Wilmington inquiring as
to th feeling of the people with a
view of bringing their plants to that
city in the event of too stringent lo-
al regulations at their present loca
tions. A Republican said today that
Senator Simmons bad one been Col
lector of Internal Revenue himself
and knew something of the big pat
ronage the former system ot manu
facture carried with it. The Watts
bill will cut the business in about
half and the Senator knew full well
that meant a decapitation of the offi
cial heads of several thousand store-
keepere and gangers upon which the
republicans have relied strongly in
past elections.
There are no professions mors use
ful, more honoiable, more esteemed
among us than the practice and com
pounding of medicine, in north
O 1: - a I . aopwhan
who stand higher in their ooiumnn.
itv as moral and civic leaders than
our doctors and our druggists. Thev
lead in right living and in right
thinking. Hut as even in the minis
try there are black theep among
these noble men who contribute
much to relieve tha diseases of men.
In more than one oommnnity
North Carolina prohibition has been
made a farce, because some unworthy
doctor or druggist, or both, give pre
scriptions when not needed and dis
pensed whiskey ad libitnm in viola
tion of law. The Watts act is
stringent with respect to that class
of doctors and druggists. Mews and
If the Watts bill will accomplish
this much, it will have succeeded in
reachinc an evil which nothing here
tofore has been -able to touch. In
onr opinion, one nnacrnpulons phy
sician and on nnscrnpalous drug
gist ia prohibition tow can do
mors harm than all the blind tigers
combined. And many physicians
who are not unscrupulous are entire
ty toe careleta ia gi vinr pren puons.
Concord Timea. -
A n'laMe nmadv tot bfla eoot-
oltfnti ahrM 'Hrayn b kpl iwmL
Tbr!itak'ogTitforayHM Utxtta.
Cbta t-r'uro' Colio. t-ilatr an4 !-
rhoer Bamedy mm tails 4 wka
mdnnMl irU fe rWr In pMaat ta lakat-
enin by maiMMt l)r(t l . sfa-
The New Law for Bird Protection.
Another new law that has onr im-
uualilied approval is the Audubon
bird protection bill, which now stauds
as a monument to the persistence and
enthusiasm of Prof. T. Gilbert Pear
son, of Greensboro, secretary of the
Audubon Society. The following
outline oi the new law is given oy
the News & Observer:
"The bill stipulates that only the
following shall be considered game
birds: Loons and grebe), swans,
goese, brant river, fish aud sea ducks,
rail coots, mud hens, and gnlliniiles.
plovers, shore aud serf birds, snipe,
wood-cock, sandpipers, yollowlegs
aud curlews, wild turkeys, grouse,
partridges, pheasants, quail, uove,
robin, and meadow lark. It is made
unlawful to kill or catch any other
wild birds, or to destroy needlessly
the nest or eggs of any wild non-
game birds. The house sparrow,
owls, haw ks, crows, blackbirds, jack-
laws and rice birds are not protected
by the act. It is made unlawful to
purchase, offer for sale, or transport
without the State wild birds, game
md otherwise, except for propaga
tion purposes by permission of the
Society, or bv permit from the clerk
of the court. The appointment of
game wardens by the Governor ii
piovidcd for, to 'see that the law is
carried out. There is a provision
requiring all hunters coming from
other States to pay $10 for a license
in every county in which they shoot,
this money to go to the Society to
nay the expenses of the wardens."
Progressive Farmer.
Ladies' Gallery" Opened to Ne
groes. During the last few days the ladies
gallery in the house has been open
ed to negroes. This has never been
the case before, and the innovation
at this time, when the negro question
is so prominent in the newspapers, is
considered significant. The gallery
in question is the one to the left of
the press gallery. It is reserved for
women and their escorts, and wben
the gallery is not fuM men of respect
able appearance who have no women
with them are sometimes admitted.
Negroes hate never heretofore been
admitted. In some way it has ap
parently become known among the
negroes of V) ashington that tho nan
has been taken off so far as this
gallery is concerned, md they have
lieen patronzing it very extensively.
Many of them have come without
bringing women with them. Parties
of three and four have been entering
the gallery. Today there were more
of them in the "lailies gallery" than
in the galleries usually occupied by
them. ashington correspondence
Criticism Was too Severe.
Ihe News A Observer says there
are 530 distilleries in North Caro
lina, and that the recent temperance
legislation will shut up nearly 500
of them. We are compelled to think
that those of the temperance advo
cates who have been saying harsh
things about the Assembly for not
doing still more in the line of pro
hibition will, after, more mature
consileration, conclude that they
have been unjust and unapprscia
tive. Rockingham Anglo-Saxon.
At Home for Rest.
V. P. Hammer, whose home
about one mile north of High Point,
arriied here Tuesday night fiom
Washington where he has been con
fined in the hospital for several
weeks. Mr. Hammer who runs as
postal clerk from Washington to
Charlotte was in the terrible wreck
near Alexandria in February. He
was cut about the head and face and
at first it was thought that his back
was permanently injured. He ia re
cuperating slowly. High Point
The Man Who Found Himself and
His Work.
The sou of an immensely wealthy
American, having graduated from
college went to Paris to study art
He worked hard in the Paris studios
for three years. One day he made
up his mind that he would never be
a great artist, and that he would
rather be a successful farmer titan a
fairly successful painter. Now al
though still a young man he has a
model farm covering iu.uuu acres in
Illinois. He knows every foot of it,
what it should produce, and he tees
that it products everything it should.
He has built a magnificent house, in
which not an ornament jars the finest
taste. He goes to Europe every win
ter and studies European methods of
scientific farming and cattle raising.
He is developing the land as his
fathers did before him. He employs
score of men, he help the smaller
tanners about mm; lie is iikcij tu u,
a great factor in the development of
the State in a few years. And this
is the story of a young American who
works for the love of it and who ia a
great success because, anxious to do
things, he knew when ha had not
"found his worn." worm s wor.
Crarctti Make Brave Boys Timid.
"f have Men atromr bovs crow weak
and pale an sickly, blight hoys grow
dull; brave, honest, manly boy be
come cowardly, dishonest lying boys
after indulging in the cigarette habit
for a few years," said Superinten
dent of Schools C. E. Stevens, of
Stone ham, before the Committee
Pnblio Health at the
State House. Boston Telegram to
tha Few York Eveninr Telemm.
This was while representative Brew
ers bill imposing a license tax of
xzuu on eacn cigaiwcta ueaior was
being considered.
Mesa. S. Lea Wright uil A. 8.
Heili? have entered suit asrainst the
North Carolina Bailroad for $16,-
The suit ia instituted bv tha heirs
of the late Walter Iddinga, a yoang
man who was killed oa a mined
eroasiag ia January.
The suit will probably come mp at
the Antreut term of Sowaa Superior,
Says Negro's Head is . Deadly
Huntington. W. Va Saturday.
According to a ruling in the Circuit
Court nt Welch, ilcuowell county,
a negro s head is considered a "dan-
eerous and deadly weapon." Frank
Martin brought suit for $2,000
against J nines Knox, a prominent
attorney nt Welch, for damages sus
tained by being poiuuied on tnt
head with a pair of steel knuckle-'.
Martin is a colored man and bad a
head of abnormal iproportions. The
testimony in the case was that Mar
tin became incensed at the attorney,
while the latter was in his place of
business, and that the negro bowed
low and started to "butt" the attor
ney out of his shop.
The attorney swore on tho stand
that he regarded the negro's head as
a "tlnnfwrniiii mid deadly weanon."
and that to defend himself and prob
ably save his life, he dealt him a few
blows with steel knucKles. evidence
was adduced which went to show
that Martin had at different times
"butted" people out of his shop.
The judge gave a verdict in iavor ot
the defendant, ruling that under the
circumstances he reguded the ne
gro's head as a "dangerous and
deadly weapon," and that the attor
ney acted in self defense.
The Blind Tiger Liquor Law.
We learn from the Waxhaw En
terprise that theie is some discussion
about the liquor law in this county.
The YVatts bill distinctly says that
n previous temperance legislation
shall be repealed by it. As for the
specinl act for this county, it was
made to catch blind tigers" and will
molest no man who docs not want to
lueak tho law by selling blind tiger
whiskey. To catch these impudent
violators of the law this act was
made strong on purpose, and it will
catch 'em too. The .law-abiding
Ieople-of the country will now see to
it that the festive blind tiger will
nut his mean work or go on the
chain gang for a rest. This business
is coming to its row's end in Union
county, as Judge Allen says. It has
had a long and nourishing reign,
tint the people of Monroe are going
to end it, and the other communities
of the county can do the same thing.
If a man swears out a warrant
against a suspected thief for larceny,
the Utter s premises can tie searched
for the stolen goods. This law
gives the same right after a warrant
has lieen sworn out by .some reason
able person, who shall swear he has
good reasen to believe that a certain
person is selling liquor unlawfully,
which reason shall be stated in the
affidavit, and if is deemed sufficient
a search warrant is given, and if the
suspected party is found to have
more than a quart of liquor in his
possession, it shall be evidence that
lie is keeping it for sale. Now,
manifested, no man who is not giving
evidence that he is running a blind
tisrei can be searched, and those who
are giving such evidence ought to be.
We take it that any good citizen
may keen more thau a quart of liquor
on baud for his own use if he
lesircs to and not be breaking tho
law. It is the fellow who is de
bauching public morals by selling
liquor unlawfully that this law is
after. Monroe Journal.
The Hen.
Alasl my child, where is the pen
That can do justice to the hen?
Like royalty she goes her way,
Laying foundations every day,
Though not for public buildings, yet
ror custard, cake and omelette,
Or, if too cold for such a use.
They have their fling at some abuse,
As wben to censure plays unlit
Upon the stage they make a hit;
Or at elections seal the fate
Of an obnoxious candidate.
No wonder, child, we prize the hen,
Whose egg is mightier than the pen.
Oliver Hereford in the Guilder.
Grays Chaple Items-
Farmers are very much behind
with their work on account of sol
much rain.
Wheat is looking fine in this
The Ailed gold mine tract of land
near here, was sold at public auction
recently and was bid on by m nr.
Morgan for some thing near (1.000.
Mrs T B Curtis wife of N B
Curtis, a most estimable woman
died Sunday morning. Her remains
will be interred to-day, in Grays
Chapel cemetery.
Deceased had been sick for three
or four months. A husband and
seven children survive her.
Why Not Items.
The scnool here continue to in-
otease in numbers. The following
hluii L,e cu lured within the past
two weeks: Mr J M McMillan. Oke-
wemee; Mr C C Presnell, Michfleld;
Mr Eddie Hancock, Why Nob Mr J
A Dunlap, Long Leaf; Misses Jessie
Asbary, Aabury; Swannie Lowder-
milk and Blanche enrtaco, f ont
Creek, and Pea'l and Alice Auman,
Mr A S Lucas and two listen,
Miese Hettie and Laura, entered a
few days before onr last locals, but
their name were not reported.
Messrs T M Cheek, J C McNeill
andJM McMillan, of Why Not
Academy, spent Hunday at their
Commencement will embrace the
28th day of May.
Prof Garner has pare hated the
school property and farm adjoining
from Mr J r Borough.
Mrs J f Borough and Vaster
Earl, of Aaheboro, are visiting here.
Mr La tha Monro has returned
bom after spending aearly two
weeks at her son's, J A Monroe.
Mis Etta King is spending a few
day with her sister, Mr M T Vun
caoBoa, near Eiisa.
BevWCLMterA4 family we
spending ome day with tnend at
Eliae. Bet Daanter vat to preach
here Sunday. .
Take Laxative Bmmv QnMaa Tabtatt
AM rar rsw-a J eav
"LlKJ 'rT "
fail to
ea easa a. Kie,
Roads and Trade.
Not only do good permanently but
ways save the farmer, miner and pro
duces from nature expense in trans
portation, but good roads make per
manent markets and keep prices even
the year round, saving the furmcr
from the clutches of the storage
warehouseman who is on the railroad
track, or ut the bout lading and to
whom the farmer or producer must
deliver when passable, borrow a little
money pay high storage charges and
finally, perhaps, sell at a loss at the
will of his creditor. With good
roads, the farmer can store his crops
his own barns and haul to the
lailroad station when ever he chooses
to sell, taking advantage of market
prices, which under such conditons
are always better, save interest and
storage and come out at the end of
the year with a profit that will more
than pay bis share of the cost of per
manent road building instead of
charging up losses on his lodger.
Almost a Fatal Accident.
A little child about two years old
of Mr. M. E. Mills, came very near
losing its life in a very singular way
last Thursday evening. It was play
ing in the Baptist church yard, and
climbed upon the gate which had a
small rope attached to it with a loop
so that it could be kept shut, and
the child ran its head througn tnis
loop and fell. When discovered it
was hanfrintr bv its neck and almost
dead, but Dr Blair was called aud
soon it began to recover and il all
right no. Had it been a few min
utes longer in being discovered, it
would have been a fatal occurrence.
Troy Examiner.
Safe-Crackers Get $550.
Safe-blowers visited the town of
McColI, Marlboro county, S. C,
March 27th, eutered the postoffice
aud with nitro-glyccnne blew open
the safe and obtauied Stsou. A
nertion of the money . belonged to
several local depositors, nut tne ma
jority was postoflice funds. There
is no clue.
"One af our cu.temc t, a highly
eenroted citizen of this pWoe. had been
lor in year ssufferer from onionio
diarrboer," wriies Waldsn & Martin,
drnggbt', of Enterpri-e, Air. "He had
used varloun paient preparatious and
been trea'ed by physit-iaat without any
permanent benefit. A few muniue
auo he commenocd taking Chamber!
Collo, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
and in a short time wae entirely eared .
Menycitiienss of hnterpriee who know
tha irenilemaa will testify to the truth
fulness ot this statement." For sale
by Standard Drug Co., Ashenoro;
Henry Newman, a well known
traveling man of Willmingtou, was
found ueau in neu at tne joniiz
House in Wilmington March 29th.
ilia death was due to hernial lure,
The pleasant to taki and harmless
One Minute Cough Cars gives immedi
ate reliei in all eases of Cough. Croup
end Laflnooe beaanae It Ooet not paw
.mmediKt-ly Into the stomach, but
takes effect right at the teat of the
trouble. It draws out the lun.uima
d"n, heals and soothes and cpras p-r
mmenilf by enabling the hints lo eon
tribute pure life-giving and lile-easrsin-
in( oxygen w iob uiiwu mu iimuw..
A b'ndrrwood, kandleman.
The towu authorities of Lumber
ton have forbidden the sal of reru
ns by the druggist of the town, be
cause, it is alleged, some have been
intoxicated by the medicine.
For liver troubles and constipation
There's nothlna- better In creation
Than Little Early Rises, the fanotu
little nilla
They always effect a cur and save
doctor bills.
Little E.trly Risers are different from
ail other pills. They do not weakea
tbs system, but act as a tonic to the
tiasnee by aroositig the seeretiona and
restoring Ihe liver to the rail perform
ance of its functions naturally. W A
County Superintendent of Health,
Dr H T Cbaoin. reports a full de
veloped case of smallpox, 8 mile
west of Pittsboro on the biler City
It ia said that nothing Is sure eioept
death and taxes, but that l not alto
gether true. Dr. Kings New Die
oovery for Conanmption is a sure enre
for all umg an-i tnrcw trouoiee.
Thousands can teanry to Has. aan.
n R. Van Metre of BhrDherdon W.
Va. eoya: "I had a revere ese of
Brouohiiis and for a year tried every
t.hla I heard oi. bat ant bo relief.
"ae bottle of Dr. Kiug'e New Di-oov-
ery then eared me abeolnteiy. u
iara'Ubie ft troop, waoouing wa.
(i.ln Pneumonia and Consumption.
Try it It's guaranteed bp Htandard
Drug Co., Aaheboro. Trial bottka free.
tieg. siaee ooe. si.w.
It 1 said 60,000 basket of let
tuce, which will bring $100,000, will
be shipped from Fayetteville. The
Observer say the great bnlk of this
amount ia grown within the city
limits. Favetteville is becoming as
famons for lettuce as Kalamaxoo is
for celery."
Word eomes fnai Wake, Ark, that
Rev. Joo. i Col bad a atrmara lady
avo-mpaaied qv yellow Jaundice. Vor
yarn, pbyawlana were aanus aua
though everything kea to the pro-
One day he began eea Etootne Bit
ten and ia a week, a ehanr for tae
better eea e and. at leatw aa waa -
tliaJr eared, it a the must reliable
medicine for liver aajd Kidney ttoablae
Only 60s end guaranteed by Standard
Duke is the nam of the new
cotton mill village on the bank of
the Cape r ear in Harnett county.
The Dukes, of Dnrhatn, who are
having the mill built, have about
100 factory houses in con rue ox
erection. This new cotton mill town
was Incorporated by tb hist Leg
H. H. death), of Wiaeaeeter, lad.
knew what te de In the hoar ef eeed
liie wif bad aMb aa aneoat ease of
atoaaaoh and liver eraejhie. ehyraani
euld sat ain aer. Be taoegh ot aed
tried Dr. Stag's Kew Lit fills aed
u got react at o-e aad waa Anal);
Robert Ward, Mmey', Oa., tayi.
"I suffered fr m bio-d poison, my, (soe anil bonlilrin erione mass
. f torrnpllou. a Jhi In Ii nes and Joints
barnlnu, itching, punhbr -kin nil
ran ilnw - v-i "Uoou -Hflfd, but Uotau
Ic B ood Bl n curi d lun ie'f-. t'y, liml-
d ail the sores and nave my skin the
rchK1""1 hen1:!!, lilooil lliliu put
uew i.f- into my bld nud new ambi
tion 1 to my bmln " U o. A. Wil
iama, Koxbury, lice eoieied -.villi pun
; le, t'T -ice s r o-i buck of head, ni
tmrntiiiK swrllliiK oi ueok , v '. I- ulcer
on luv, boue mum, lteinug f hi - ,oured
perfectly by botanic Blooi Bl..'
ores sll hvalrd. Bot-n-c Bl -i-b lialm
-ure all malignant b o d iron 1m, mioh
as eezem , MSbsa u seal . et-eples,
running tores, corbunelet, c i-iula,
etc. E-peolally advioetl for I nbulu
ate oaw-s tfut hae ruacliei tl' i- "nil
or third stage. Improves the 1 K" II i
lengthens Weak kidm-ys V iu'i t-,
tl. To rroe il cures, sample ef ill i nl
Halm sent free and piepaid b) wri'inx
Blool Balm uo.. Atlanta. Ua. I ribi
trouble sod free medical iiviee fcM in
sled letter.
The following is being he.iililv
"amended" by all the members of
the fraternity: Uod bless our wives
they fill our lives with happiness and
honey: they mend our socks and rase
our shocks, but Lord they do epend
money." i!,x.
Rev. Franois J. Davidson, paitor nf
the St. Mattbee Baptist chuch ana
mealdent of the Third District Dinnt
AMOolanion, 2731 Second 81, New
Orleans, writes as follows: "I have
uwd Chamtier'aln s colic, cnoicra ana
Diarrhoea Ren eiy for cramps and pains
in the itomach and snnuil it eicelf
It is In fsot tho beat eramp and colic
ramadr I have ever UBtn. Also severol
of mi i.arlshiouwrs have ni-d it with
eeaally ea'Meutory results." For sale
y man 'ata Drug 10 . Asneunro.
The Greenville Reflector strikes
this note: "The members of almost
every other profession nro in a post
tion to give the printer the little enci
of the horn. The grocer can put
water in the oil he sells us, the dry
goods man sells us au all wool suit
of clothes made from cotton grown
in Pitt county, the doctor iaint8 his
pills different colors and cans tnem
different names, the lawyer Bells us a
lot of second hand advice written in
hog Lutin that won't stand a second
wash, and soon ad inmutuin. now
ever you fix it, the printer is up
against it.
is a never falling eign of a bea'thy
stomach. Wben the breath is had the
stomach is out of order. There is uo
remedy In th- world equal to Kodil
Cyepei'lia cure tor cu'u.g luuigtmiou
dyapepaia and all stomach disorders
Mrs. Msrv . t no. oi wnue nam
Ky writes: "I bve been a dyspoptic
for years tried all kinds ot remedies
but cimtinned lo grow worse, fly the.
use of Kodol 1 began to Imp-ove at
once, and after taking a few bottles am
fullv reatortd In weight, health and
strength and can eal whatever 1 like.
Kodol digests what yon eat and makes
the stomach sweet, W- A. Undorwooa
The men who harm a town may be
found among those who oppose ini
provements; those who don t adver
tise; those who distrnst the public
men; those it down to stran
gers; those who Bhow no hospitality
to any one; those who hate to see
others make money; those who treat
every stranger as an interloper; those
who asi two prices tor property;
those who put on long faces when a
stranger taiks of locating; those who
oppose every enterprise jthat docs not
appear to be a personal beuetit to
Dae notice ie hereby served on the
nubile generally (bat uewitra witch
Haxel Salve ie th-. only salve on the
market tnat is maae irons me pure
unadulterated wnon haael. Dew lit
Witoh Haael Balve haa cored thous
ands ot caeea of piles that wo-ibl not
yield to any other treatment, and thin
fact baa brought em many worthier.
oounterfeitv Those persons who get
the genuine De Witt's Witcn Hani Slv
are never disappointed, becauae it
cures. W. A. Underwood, Handle
A smartly dressed young woman
waa rambling along a road, when
she met a small, urchin lugging a
i.:i. ;k n. ; Ii Kh
hrnno-ht him no shamlv with:
"You are a wicked bojr. How could
vou rob that nesi? No doubt the
poor mother is now grieving for the
loss of her eggs." "Ob, no, she can
care. I'm sure the can't" said the
boy, edging away; "cause she on
your hat. fix.
Tee. Anna Flower sttM bear the lar
oat sale of any medlolne ia tbe eivlli-
ed world. Y onr mothers' and grand
mothers' never thought or using any
thing else for Indigestion or Bilious
aeee. Doctors were searee. and tbey
seldom beard of ApneedMtls, Nervous
Prostration or Heart failure, eto.
They need August Flower to olean out
the system and atop foraraiation of nnd
gested lood, regulate the action of tbe
liver, stnxtaiata ine aerous ana organ
ic aotioa of the system, and that ia all
thev took when ftelinc dull and bad
wile beadacbee and other aches. Yon
only need a lew doses of Green's Au
gnat Flower, in liquid f ra, to make
yoe eatisflrd there is nothing serious
tbe matter with yon. Yon oau get this
reliable rena-ny as all druggist
Price St and Tac.
The North Carolina Teachers' As
sociation will be held at Wiighte-
nlle Beech June nth to 14th.
A eheao reanidv foroosarh and oolda
1 all right, but yoa want something
the will relieve and core we asorw re
vere and daareroe reenlta of throat
and taea- tronblee. What shall vou dot
Go to a warmer and mere f-gular oli
mataf Yes, K eoattbte; kf not possible
far yoa, tkea la etaer eaae take the
ealy remedy that baa been introduced
ia ail atrilhwd enemtrles wtlk snooeoe
ia sever ihrne aad tang trrublea,
''Boejfaee' OerauM Sjrap." It not
ealy beats sad atimulatee tbe lisaaea to
destroy ihe (ere) dleeeat, bat all in
anaauttost, eaoeaaeaey expeotoretkMi,
gme e goed Bight's reet, and eorcs the
p.tteut. Try one bottle. RecOaimeBd-
ed weny years bv all draeeiaie ia tha
world. Too eais ! is reliable
retaedy at all drngj'w. Frio Steaed
window display next lime yu pons'
this way and see that wo have made
preparation for
JC A S T E It.
Colorings for eygs are prominent
of course. The season would bo
without interest for many if thecjrgs
were not decorated.
of all shades and colors and dozens
of beautiful combinations can he
purchased for fie per package.
Standard Drug Co.
Depot St A.hoboro. N. C
These cuts represent some of the
new things that wo arc now opening
un direct from the manufacturers.
Cull in and flee the latest and best in
men's wearables,
308 S. Elm St. f i reensboi o, N. C.
Dr. W. A. Woollen,
Will be in his offioe
from 8 a. m. until 6 p.
m. each day to exam
ine and prescribe for
any one who may de
sire his assistance.
Chronic diseases a
By virtue of a decree of sa . ma le
by Ibe Superior Court of Kandolph
County in th.- special pro'-eed'tig enti
tled J. C. Hammond et al va Mary J.
Joms, I will sell at pnblio nno io i to
the highe-t bidder for ctuiti mi Monday,
April 13th, at 12 o'clock il., at tbe
Court Honen door in Aaheboro, N. C.
the tollowiug described land, lying and
being in the county oi Kamiolpb,
State of North Carolina, in Cedar Orore
township, adjoining the lands o- Moses
Hammond, U. T. Luck and others and
beginning at a red oak in Hammond's
line, thence north ion poles to two
black jaoks and two post oaks, thonce
west H poles to two black jacks,
thence north 100 polee lo a hiokorr,
thence west 33 poire and 3 1-2 links
to a stake in saw mill road, thence
north alone ssld mad to north end of
saw mill dam, thence northeast to
book's corner, thence annth along said
Luck's line S3 rods to a blaok oak.
thence a south coarse so-oss Little
Itiver to a Spanish oak, Ihenoo south
iy west If poles to a persimmon,
thenoe south t? "t -l'1 i-les to a post
oak. thence south 70- ea-t 14 poles to
bank of brknob, thenoe up said branch
to Mosaa Hammond's line, thenoe along
said line to tbe beg-nuing, containing
126 acres more or less. Lxeept from
Ihe above, tbe following lands belong,
ingto Mary J. Jones, viz: A tract
beginning at a hickory, Hammond 's
corner, running thence west 83 poles
end 23 1-2 links to a blaok gum, thenoe
north 10 poles 7 1-2 links to a black oak
thence an esst course 20 poles and 13 1-2
links to a stake iu the ride of tbe road
thenoe south 20 polee to the begin
ning, eotttoiniug 4 acres more or lets.
Also trad No. 2, berinnlug at a hiok
ory, the beginning corner aforesaid
traot thence souih with her line 12 poles
to s et'ine idle her corner, tiiouee a boat
east 13 rods to a atone In the l-auk of
the branch, theooe nor h 82 rods to a
stone, theuce east 11 rods to a atone,
thence north 12 d-g east IS rods to a
atone, thence north 82 deg west 50
poles to a stirs in Mary J. Jour 'a line,
thence south 2(1 dog west on her line
28 poles lo a stone lormer'y an oak ber
corner, thence esst 10 drg north SI
oies anu a nuke on her Hue to a atone
ier corner, thence south 20 rods to the
beginning, eontalning 10 acres more
or leas, which makes 110 acres mora or
lees to be sold as aforesnid.
l'erroe ol sale : Cah . Title reserved
tiU further order of the court.
this March wo, ltios.
O. U bAPP, Commr,
Mortgage Sale.
By virtue of the power of sale con
tained in a eertain mortgage eieouted
to the undersigned on the 7th day of
March, 102, j John T. Saunders
and wire K L Hannders aad
recorded fa book 101, page 153, Regie.
ter's office of Kandoloh eoontv. I will
eell at pnblio auction te the highest
bidder for cash, at tbe court bona
door In Ashtboro, N. C. on April 20,
1203, at 13 c 'dock M, the following de
scribed real aetata, situated in Mast
rl rower township sad bounded aa fol
lows, viat
Beginning at a atone. K A Brady's
corner thenoe raaaing alb 11 chains
and 74 links to a red oak by the side of
the road, invace along said road its
rarioas ouarses in a westerly direction
10 ehains and 30 llnka to a post oak on
the north side ef road. lh-m-e U dee.
south of west I chains and 60 'inks i
a small pine, thenee 17 de. raat bf
sonu chains ana ao iinka to a syca-
aaid Un IS chains and W links t" tit
beginning, ecBtaintng IS sere more or
lew. T. A.WKKNN,
Thai U areh K, 1U0S. atorigsgre.

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