North Carolina Newspapers

Tahe Courier.
Local and Personal.
Mr W II Moring is painting his)
. house. . j
Mr W K lliuikin, of Greensboro,
was here yesterday.
ilia Ilublmrd mid Mrs Gray were
I, Sieve for the Moore-Porter marriage.
J Mr Ernest Carr, of Trinity, was
X -In town yesterday.
! Messrs D O McMnsters and Sam
1 W Kcnnu were here yesterday.
I Miss Sallio Davis has returned to
her home at New Market.
i Mrs Herbert E. MoflUt visited her
I parents at l'lttsboro last week.
I Mr Will Skoen made o business
; j trip to Lexington one day last week,
u Mr and Mrs Belli I,nugniin spent
n. Vruliiv in G reensboro.
Mrs A M Ingold, of Kmpire, is
i visiting her son, Mr J u lngoiu
i Mr Will Trotter, hardware drum
5 mcr, was liere Monday,
Dr Hedding, of Cedar lulls, was
hoio Tuesday.
' Mrs H D Caudle nnd children
Tisited in Back Creek the first of the
Solicitor Hammer left Monday for
Mocksvilleto hold Davie Superior
Mrs Alex McAlister, of Greens-
boro. is visiting ut Col A U Jlc-
i Alistt-i'..
Mr J G Steed, who has been south
fo tome time, passed through Satur-
day going to bteeus.
i Mrs John Anderson came in Sat-
' nrday to speud sonic time with rein.
f tives.
t Mr Dow Birkhcad has a position
J in the ofTice with clerk of court
i 1 Hammond,
' Mies Belle Means, who has been
j?tcaching in the school here, left for
nor home m Uoncoru oaturtiay.
' Messrs Will C Hammond and
'Thos Worth went up to Greensboro
Rev W C Hammer went to Bur
lington Saturday to 1ill Mr Millo-
- way's pulpit.
i Mrs Mit Hale is visiting her father,
J Mr Nathan Hinshaw, nrar Handle
' ;nian.
Miss Fleta King, of Why Not, is
;v isitiug in Ashehoro.
: J Miss Mattie Btilla, of Spero, has
i ' gone to Greensboro to visit friends.
J, Mrs Will Skcen is visiting her
parents, Mr and Mr? D S Davis, in
'New Market township this week.
Miss Blanche Bulla, of Sawyers
f Tillc. is vi9itiiie her sister, Mrs W L
1 Fonst.
The Ashcboro Roller Mills were
i SniU UOWI1 It uaj ui nu n.v
; the week on account of being out of
MrsC II Hush, who has been
t confined to her room for sonic time
t with la grippe, is improving.
Misses Myrtle Senrlxu-o and I'Vr-
f roll who have been teaching in the
public school this teim are nnv
teach!. ig a snlwription fch iol urn!
have several pupils.
Mrs Maxwell and little son, of
! Knoxville. Tenn.. came in Monday
I morning with Miss Bess league who
I JIM mxu iwuai.g
Rev George Atkinson, of Char
lotte, is visiting Mrs Allic Worth.
Mr Atkinson has accepted a call
from the Presbyterian rhiucli of
Mr S G Spoon, of Dewey, writes
us that he had a mess of new Irish
Potatoes for dinner March 20th.
rotty early, this.
Mr N II Slack and family will
move to Greensboro in a week or two
where they will make their future
Mr C C McAlister returned last
week from a business trip to Wash
ington city and other points.
Mrs E T Blair is again in her
millinery store, will be pleased to see
and wait on all her old friends and
enstomers as well as many new ones.
Messrs Chas Cutting nnd Oscar
Coffin have opncd up a pressing
r.lnh in tbe building adjoining Jas
per Anman'a stole on Uayetteville
if is said that the public school
nronertv in some sections of the
county has been injured. An injury
to the real estate or personal property
beifti'ng to the public school is in
dictable. In fact injury to any kind
of property belonging to any one is
violation ot tne law.
Mr A M Fentnas, formerly of
Greensboro, but who has for several
months been the manager of the
Railroad eating house at Biscoe, has
purchased tbe property ana now be
comes the proprietor as well as
DrjW I Sumner, of Iiandleman,
m- S xor me pise iwo mourns taiting.
H ' special course in medicine at the
a University of Maryland, have re
turned home and resumed their
' During tbe wind cud raiu storm
Sunday mcht the wind blew down
the smoke stock at the Ashcboro
Lumber 4 Manufacturing Company's
plant m tee northern part of town
No other damago waa done.
it it reported to na that Prof V L
Brown, or Bombay Institute, came
near getting drowned in Taylor
Creek during the froihet little
orer a week ago. It is said he had
to lit In his buggy la the middle of
the stream for na hour or more with
the water up to iui waist, waiting
1 Marriage Last Night
Dr. W. J. Moore nnd Miss Mnttic
I Porter were united in marriage lit the
I home iif the bride's mother at 8
o'clock lnt niglii by Itcv J P Itod
'gors, of llie M K church, in the pres
ence of n few friends and relatives.
' Immediately :tft:r the ceremony Mr.
!lml J,'uor? llu.' "01
Miss Porter is the roundest daugh
ter of Mrs Fannio Porter and is a
most estimable young lady. She was,
until quito recently, tfie efficient
stenographer and book-keeper of the
H'oft n .Milling t o., at tins place.
Dr Moore is a very successful phy-
siciau of this place and the junior
member of the firm of Drs. Henley
& Moore. He moved to Ashcboro
about four years ago and from the
lirst has been very popular with our
Thk Cot in Kit extends congratu
lations and wishes for them unbound
ed happiness.
Sad and Sudden Death.
Sunday March 15, Miss Hanic
(ireeu, of London Kngland, preached
in the Friends Church ut Greensboro.
In the afternoon she was taken with
appendicitis, was carriod to Salisbury
and operated upon Monday, died
.Tuesday, and Wednesday her remains
were buried ut Guilford College.
Union Repuhlcan.
Our people remember Miss Green,
as she also preached in the Protestant
Church at this place. We ure sorry to
liear of her death.
Bought Worth Store Co.
Mr. II. A. Moftitt has bought the
Worth Store Co. at orthville, A
C, und has put two experienced men
there to conduct the business. This
will not interfere with Mr. Mufti tl
business here as he will run the
Worth Store separately. Mr. Mof
titt cot his early training at the
Woith store und will bcnble to build
up a large trade there. High Point
Destroying Hawks by Wholesale.
Some time airo Mr. It. L. Holt.
behoving that the hawks in his section
were destroying the partriges and
other game birds, brought three
dozen steel traps and gave them out
to farmers in hid neiguorhood with
instructions that they set them up
on tall poles or on trees where the
hawks were seen to might. J hese
trans were set about the lirst of the
year and up to the present 82 hawks
and several big owls have been
caught. Burlington News.
Opt. L. A- Frazier Has Smallpox-
C'apt L A Frazier, the conductor
on the passenger train on the Yad
kin Jiailroad, and one of the most
popular men in the Southern Rail
way service on Thursday of last
week dovcloned an unmistakable case
of smallpox and his home at Salis
bury has been (piariUitined. tapt
I'razier was taken ill several days
ago, but there was at lirst some room
for doubt about the symptoms. He
had never been effectually vaccinated,
u id his vocation involved an extreme
ly liiL'h risk of exposure to the
liscate. The attendant physicians
lo not consider his immediate re
moval advisable on account of a
bronchial complication. Private ar
rangements are being made to have
1 1 i in housed outside the city limits, as
his family are unwilling for him to
be taken to (lie county hospital.
Many friends are concerned about
his il!uis, but are comforted by the
assurance that it is a mild case.
Willi Capt Fia.ier and his family
uiarnntincd, .uissss Allen,
Sparger, Porter nnd i.xuni, all
'lienors in the while graded school.
There will be no interruption in the
work of the school, however, and
the school committee is now making
arrangements for supplying the
temporary vacancies.
Capt r razicr was formerly ot
Randolph county, bom ut Franklin-
ville we believe and aftei wards lived
at Trinity and went to school to Dr
Craven at old Trinity.
Letter From Bloominjton, Ind.
I have received so much pleasure
from the weekly visit of The Cour
ier that I feel it would be ungracious
iu me to go longer without saying a
word in its favor.
The Courier is a nice, live paper,
and, best of all, its face is familiar.
hen I get sight of its neat wrapper
I always think here is a message from
home. The very suggestion it briug6
is home-like nnd friendly. It seems
like a little white-winged bird mak
ing its way through the mountains
every week to pour into my ears every
item of interest it can gather lrom
th county ot ItHiidolph and the
St..te of North Carolin-, And every
hkur it bring is inte eeting. I read
its every line even t the local ad
vertisements. If I eli Mild try to say
all I feel like saying ii iu behalf it
would cover pages.
I often wonder how those who
have the management of The Coureir
contrive to make its every department
so full and complete, and how they
get up such an interesting paper every
week without a single failure. The
management will smile and think
how little X know about the newspa
per business, but that does not in the
east weaken tbe compliment 1 wish
to place upon my old friend, The
Let everv citizen of Randolph ioin
mc in wishing The Courier unlimited
su And, since nothing can re
peal true loyalty like service, let us
help it in any way possible to lie
what it would be a bright, honest
ery Truly i onrs,
Ida l.vtioi.n Mastek.
To The Public
Under the new school law the
Countv Board of Education will
meet on the first Monday of April,
July, October and January. The
next meeting of the board will bs on
April 6th, and persons having busi
ness with tne board should come or
that day instead of the second Mon
day as under the old school law.
J. M. Wat, Clerk to B d.
Grand Jury Report at March Term
of Randolph Superior Court,
North Carolina. Randolph Co.,
March Term Superior Court
To Hon. Tims. A. McNeill, Judgt
Pi raiding;
We. the Grand Jurors, pre.-vnt tin1
follonin-' renoil:
We have, bv committee, visited the
Count-v Home" und find i!4 inmates,
of which four are crazy people and
one has epileptic tits. The beds.
bedclothes and rooms arc all k'Mit iu
good order mid the inmates all
that theV are supplied with good
wholesome food and are neat and
cleun. We re.'oinmcud that the
broken window-panes be replaced
with new glass and that the chimney
to the west liuiiding ne repaireu. ive
recommend the building of a church
or chapel in which to hold religious
exercises and that the minister. of
the various evangelical denomina
tions who preach in the community,
be requested by the steward to hold
religious services at the County
Home. Wo further recommend thai
a sick room, or rooms, be built apart
from the other buildings. V e fur
ther recommend that more fruit
trees be planted and those now ou
the place pruned and careiuuy wow
ed after. We find nothing growing
on the premises except rye, und we
recommend that vogctanies oi nil
kinds bo raised in sufficient quanti
ties to supply nil the inmates while
the vegetables nro in season. We
recommend this because the cleared
land appears to be well adapted to
gardening and raising vegetables, nnd
we find a number of inmates who
could do light work. We further
recommend tint a well bound ledger
of suitable size be purchased in which
to record the names and address uud
dates of admission of each inmate,
his or her age, and date of discharge,
or death and place ot ' ounai, aim
date of death.
We have examii.ed the offices of
the Superior Court Clerk nnd the
Register of Deeds and found these
offices, so far as we could ascertain,
well kept. The records are milt and
systematically kept, and the offices
in as good condition as the limited
space which they occupy will allow.
The various rooms of the Court
House are j-roperly kept.
We have visited the jail und find
that the prisoners ure provided with
wholesome food and the jail premises
are as well kept as could be expected
considering the size und arrangement
of same.
We uuauiniously recommend that
a new Court House be built at us
early day as it is convenient and that
arrangments can be made to meet
the financial obligations for such
building by the levy of u special tax
if necessaiy to pay for the erection of
the same. After a careful examina
tion of the old Court House it is our
opinion that it will be exceedingly
peusive to enlarge the old court
House or to erect vaults in it nnd
that with a little more expenditure a
largo uud commodious Court House
can be built, and further, that vaults
cannot bo built in the old Court
House-without enlarging the build
ing. V o tlierelore recommend ine
building ol a new one.
We further report, that the county
is badly iu need of a new jail, as the
old jail is a wooden structure and
jreatly decayed iu places, and is so
ir ranged that it cannot lie made com
fortable, and is not large enough, and
we make the same recommendation
as to the jail as we do to the Court
We further report that wo have
by committee visited tho convict
force and find that there are 21 con
victs at woik on the public roads,
and they aie carefully looked after
and provided for and receive good
wholesome lood. w e hud nine mules
well cared for and in good condition,
some of the mules being the best we
have ever seen. The tools and ma
chinery seem to be wcB adapted to
road building. vc have examined
some of the work and are well pleas-
I with it. We especially commend
the superintendent, Mr. II. H. Ken
nedy, lor Ins humane treatment ot
the convicts and the economy which
we arc convinced he has used under
the direction of a wise and prudent
Board of County ( onimisioners.
The roads iu the county are being
greatly improved by the working of
the convicts on the public roads, and
we. recommend that the township su
pervisors look more carefully after
the overseers and see that tiny do
their duty, r'roin the deplora'ole
condition of the public roads wo are
led lo believe that the supervisors
and ovcrsicrs are nJ doing their
doing, but the Grand Jury is power
less to remedy the evil, as the failure
to work on tho public road is an
offense wholly within the jurisdiction
of the justices of the peace for six
mouths alter theottense is committed.
We therefore recommend that the
county commissioners gives iioMce to
the supervisors and oversn-rs ot t he
county to put their roads in good
condition as required by law.
We find in the "jail three insane
persons, two of whom are women,
and we earnestly recommend that
great effort be made to get these un
fortunate people into the State Hos
pital for Insane, esjiecially the wom
en. If this cannot be done we rec
ommend that u place be provided for
them in the (.ouiilv Homo.
Before closing, w e de. ire to express
our thanks to T. W. Andrews, officer
of the grand jury, for tho kind and
faithful services rendered and to
Wm. C.JIaiiMiier, solicitor, and Thos.
A. McNeill, judge, presiding, for
courtesies shown us.
A. J. Rtsil, Foreman,
Grand Jury, March Term, 1903.
Subscriptions Paid.
J B Smith, 11 F Redding, J M
Caveness, J 0 Keams, II A Albright
Harman Bnndv, Win Keams, JM
Woodell, J A Silencer, S R Slveis,
Seth Laugblin, Cicero A Moftiitt, K
N Howard, J W Brower, IS S Svke,
P A Williams, J F Hoggs, Mack
WANTED. Delivered near the
Asheuoro Roller Mills, 60,000 inches
chair timber 45 inches long. Will
pay spot cash. We buy white oak,
reel oak and black oak.
Cmakfokd & Davis
Randleman Items.
Mrs J W Bryant and children
who have been visiting at Mr W T
Bryant's, have returned to their
home in Crews, Va.
Rev Amos (iregson, spent a few
(lavs here this week.
Mrs Seihiit, of Richmond, Vn., is
visinng her daughter, Mrs Paul Mc
The wind on Sunday afternoon
blew oii. the front of the Naomi
Kalli Store (Vs. waiehouse, causing
Mr W T Bryant and his biigade of
volunteers to do a few hours hard
work on the Sabbath, moving grocer
ies, etc, .Material is ordered tor
new and larger warehouse. The
twin, while severe, did no other
Mrs V,' J Glass, who has been in
town for several days, left ncdncS'
lay lor her home in Concord.
The stage in Noami Hall is being
remodeled uud when complete, the
Hull will lie very attractive. 1 he
Liberty Dramatic Society promises
to visit our town iu April and we
have agreed to have theiu a good
The Southern Comedy Co. spent
last week m our town, llns compa
ny gives a good clean show and were
well patronized while here.
Mr A t - lcko.y, of (.iieeonsboro,
iillended the funerul of Mr Lamb
.Mr M V McKne attended the
reachcr's Association Saturday.
.Mr A If Limn, a well kown citizen,
died at his homo here Sunday night.
Mr Lamb lias been afflicted for some
time und his death wus not unex
pected. The funeral took place at
JSew Salem Tuesday afternoon.
The citizens of Randleman hope
that our County Commissioners at
their meeting on the lirst. iMouday in
A pul, will take some stops toward
liuiiding a new court house, and that
they will not spend any of the peo
ples' money in trying lo remodel or
repair the present old structure. Lot
us have a new court house; in Keep
ing with the progress and wealth of
our country, and on ft site nearer the
present Ashcboro.
The Randlenmn Hosiery Mill Co.
have their new dye plant in opera
tion. Central Falls Items.
Farmers are being delayed in
spring ploughing, owing to so much
ruin and high water during March.
Mrs HopkiiiB is getting in her
spring millinery goods.
Frank Hamilton has gone to
(ireenslKiro, where he expects lo gel
work and remain for aw hile.
Tho rain last Sunday prevented
preaching in the churches at this
There is no clue as yet to the
Armstrong burglary.
Mr Jeff Armstrong is having his
house nicely decorated on the inside
with paper and painting.
Mr Spate Gray will soon move to
the couiitiy where he will farm this
year. We wish him well.
We regret to loce our much es
teemed und efficient manager, Secre
tary and Treasurer Mr Claud Morris,
at this place, who will be long re
membered with much affection and
respect; yet the change will not be
so disagreeable ns we are to have
another, Mr Fletcher Cox, who, no
doubt, will soon, be as efficient nnd
as highly respected. Mr Cox, 1
think will make a success as u cotton
mill man from the start and he a
favorite among his operatives in a
short time.
Franklinvilie Items.
Messrs H A Russell and Hugh
Parks, Jr. spent last week in the
northern markets purchasing spring
and summer goods for the Franklin
vilie and Randolph Store Co's.
Mr James Craven, of Central Falls,
was in tow n Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs John Julian is quite ill at the
home of her son, Mr C H Julian.
Mr J W Tippett has moved from
the Teagite residence on Prosperity
St. to the Cox mansion on Back St.
opposite Mr J A York's.
Mr W II Ellison made consider
able improvement in the appcarence
of Ida shoe shop on Railroad Ave.
one day last week.
Mr J C Maner has invited his
friends to rejoice with him ns he is
now the owner of a line pair of twin
Wo are glad to see the improve
ment in the health of Messrs J W
Tippett. J M Tippett, W H Nance
and Hugh Rider, who purchased
leclric bolts, while altomlii.g court
it. Ashcboro from n life preserving
Mr W (i Bell left this place about
the fifteenth of January and no one
has had access to bis residence, but
last week ordered the furniture to be
lopped to Millboro and employed
Mr ('has. We'ch to transfer the prop-
to the depot. Mr Welch states
that ou entering the house he found
the clock still miming and keeping
time nnd even refused to stop while
being hauled to the depot und loft it
still marking oil perfect time.
Pinson Items.
Mrs Gene Hannah and daughter,
of Trov. are visiting here this week.
.Mr hA Russell, of Iroy, is visit
ing his daughter here.
fanners in this section are all
very busy picparing for their corn
I he Sunday School at ilillsboro
has lieen organized. They have a
lMge numlKT of scholars and are
progressing finely.
there lias been a good deal ot
sickness in tne ueigbliorhood recent
ly but all seem to be improving now,
Mr J C Russell is building him
self a fine house this spring.
At the office of J D Welch, on the
23rd day of March, 1003, Mr A J
Luck, of Cedar Grove township and
Miss Fannie Russell, of New Hope
townchip, J I) Welch, J P., oflicint-
May their path always be pleasant
.May their troubles be nut few,
May their life be ever sunshine,
Sparkling as the morning dew.
Up and Down Sandy Creek.
This cold weather gives us the
shivers. We believe we are going to
Rev D I Off man packed up and
left us ns soon as we released him
from Legislative duties. Rev Mr
Goodwine takes his place its pastor
of Melancthon church.
i he Holiness brethren are carry
ing on ft meeting at While's Chape
and wo think they are serving His
hatuiuc maiestv better than ills
Majesty reuiiircs.
The boys are killing some fine
whitelish in the creek. Mr Dennis
Ward got one IS inchei long, Mr
Charlie York thinks hu got u carp
on his hook that weighed 25 pounds
from the way it jerked mm about,
We counted 17 young lambs in .Mr
Alfred Jones pasture the other day
and we counted 38 with Mr J M
William's Hock of sheep and the most
of them black.
Mr Evans, the sewing machine fix
er, has been in the neighborhood do
mg some clean work.
Misses f lassie and Minnie Join:-,
of Ramseiir, visited their grand-pai
enti at Mullen last week.
Miss Martha Jones, of Gray's
Chapel visited her uncle, Mr Alfred
Jones, this week.
I he hoop men, Messrs Overman
and Cook, will move into our com
munity next week to work up our
white oak timber that we used to
have to work up into rails before we
got the Stock iaw.
Mt Olivet Items.
The general health of this com-
niunity is good.
The Mt Olivet people are glad tu
receive their new library tor the
Mrs Herbert Tysor returned home
last week from a visit at he father's
at Saxapuhuw, nnd her brother's at
Chapel Hill.
Rev Henry Albright will pieacli
it Mt Olivet Easter bumluy at
eleven o'clock. All lire cordially m-
Mr C M Tysor has improved the
appearance of his house veiy much
by having it newly painted.
Mr J M low has utst returned
from a visit south.
Mrs Pierce's ugc is 85 instead of
84 which was stated in tho items
last w eek.
Geo W lselv. aged about 72 years,
an old confederate soldier, died of
dtopsy 2 miles from Julian iu this
comity, March 27th, 1903.
W F Bowman, mavor of Liberty,
died of pneumonia at his home at
Liberty thiB county, March Ziin,
.1 about 4G years, lie leaves a
wife aud several children.
There's noluinc like Join ihing
thorouahly. Of all the Snivel jon eyor
heard of, liiicklun a Arnica .-ulve tne
est. It swuens away and cures iiurns,
Sores, liruiw, Cuts, lloils, I Iters.
kl'i Eruptions ami rues, ii's on.j
!8o. a"d muMi'tefd to sine Bstla'aetlo"
by Stsndard DruK Co.
Business Notices'
WANTED A piirof good mule
Apply to Ashcboro Roller Mills.
LAND POSTERS at 10 cents a
lozeu at Courier Office.
JOB PRINTING Job printing
is a specialty with us. We print
everything you want by steam power
Call or send your work to Tin;
Cofuiiiit Job office.
STAVES. Will pay the highest
cash prices for all kinds of staves
for the Norfolk market delivered at
Ashcboro. Inspection day Saturday.
E. A. Hammer,
AG KS. Blank deeds and mortga
s ut 25 cents a dozen: chattel mort
iges 10 cents a dozen, at Courier
FOU SALK.I will soil a limited
number of niv thoiondilnvtl liturotl
lvmouth KK'k cir-. $1.00 fur
sotting of 15. II. K.Stkei.
liivifaM the ladit'B to attend Inr
prinff inillituMV opening Monday
ami Tursdar April tlth ami Ttn,
103, Main Stroet. Kandlpimin, N. ('.
Hare vou ever rend anv of Swo-
lenboiiiV works? If not, will vou
fend me yonr addicts enclosing n
stamp or two and I will mail you
one of his hooka free. State wlmtlier
vou want it in Kmrlisli or in tur
nian. ADOU'li UOKlKW,
So Clevelnnd Mrerl,
4-2-1 It Orange, X. .!.
TOM KKS: We have iut completed
a large and varied stock of general
merchandise to supply our constantly
increasing trade which will he offer
ed at lowest possible prices, MilH-
nary department fuller than ever be
fore. Will make it to your interest
to continue trading with us.
Buyers for Kamseur Store Co.
AVaNTKP Several persons of
character and good reputation in
each state (one in this county r-o-
luiretl) to represent and advertise
old established wealthy biwincM
house he solid financial standing
Salarvo $21.00 weekly with expense
additional, allcahlo in he pay cacs
Wednesday direct from head oilices.
Horse and carriage furnished when
necessary. . l olomal to., j.h near-
born ctM vlueago.
Having taken out lettera of teaiament'irr
n the at ate of Solomon Moffltt.
deeeaaed, before W, c. Hammond, Clerk of
tba Superior Court ot Randolph Opu
hereby notified to aaake Immediate par meat
ah Daraona inaaotea to earn eaiaie
and aattlemant. And all peraona holding
rafnat aaid eatate will preaeat mens
before the ath dar of April. 1WM.
thie notice will be plea-'. ad ia bar ot
Mat. B1.IZ4 MOFFIXT. BxecotrtV
Ramseur Items.
Mcsns II B Carter und W H Wat
kins have just returned from the
northern markets where they purchas
ed an extensive line of pretty spring
and summer goods.
Mr J E Covington, travelin
salesman for Dr E S Sloan, proprie
tor of Sloan s liniment, was in town
MrsJi Williams, of Groensboro,
is visiting her mother, Mrs M
Mrs Frances Elliott is visting her
daughter. Mrs Curtis in Greensboro,
G M Kimrey went to Enterprise
Mrs Geo Hayes, of Durham, who
has been visiting her mother, Mrs
G W Thomas and little daughter,
Madeline, accompanied her home.
Mrs A D Phillips und daughter,
Miss Pearl are visiting relatives in
Chickens will be plentiful
Ramseur in a short while. Mr W
Clyde Cupel went to Randleman one
day last week and purcnaseu some
large rivmouth HOCK eniCKons iroiii
MrCC Randleman. He paid $5
for one rooster which won a prize at
the poultry fair and weighs 10 lbs,
Mr K C Watkms will also engage in
the poultry business. Dr late
dered several dozen thoroughbred
;gs for himself and other Parties in
town. So Doctor hash t fully gone
out of the business yet und us sc
many people are engaging in the
lion II rv raisint it bids fair to be
come interesting, we hope it will 10-
sull iu low .-ring the price at least,
W hat is the matter with Sweet
Whitehead; isn't he going to cute
the race?
Mrs Jim Ward is visiting her
mother. Mrs .1 D Hackney, ut
Dr Tate still holds the belt ns
champion checker player, but Dr
Fox ami Waller inxon are piaying
him hard.
A convention has been culled to
mvene at the mayor's office Satur
day night April 20lh for the imr
pose of nominating town officers for
the coming election wnicu win ne
held in May. Our present mayor
will not accept another term. So
let us elect another good old demo
crat iu the person of Capt Y M C
Johnson. J I Johnson has been ap
pointed registrar. A new registra
tion is reniiirc-1, and let everybody
register.aud vote lor his man; tney
ire all good men.
Capt f. r. .M.ivnard, ot tne aotiin-
crn liailway, is at home ou a visit.
Miss Lucy Covington will be in
hurge of the millinery department
of the Ramseur Store Co. this spring.
Geo Kimerv the butcher has some
irge meat to sell. He sold a ham
the other day that weighed o lbs
Cured While You W . By
Sold at ell Dm (sin
m A A
A sure killer for potato
bugs and all other insects.
Perfectly harmless to the
plant. Sample package by
mall, enough for half acre
price 25 cents.
Land Sale
cotmiy la m Bppcial procpetllov entitled
Nnuj C. Y-rk nV htmbaail A. J. York et
urimos el hi. i man mh i
ubllo auction for ca-h to tbe hicheit btu
i j, Hty tin, at iz
tit i
foil. .win denrrlbfd real Btte. viz;
t hODR l'i
Lnnr aiul helm- Id tbe cuuatr of Baatlolnh.
jmmo uf North round, U Plaant drove
Twnltli. on (he wntera of Uep River anil
Mill Vr-ek aad beRlDulntc at a post oak.
Win. Cox'a oorupr Id Barkar'a Una. Ibenea
cast ticha huiI 70 lloka to a atone, aornerof
Lot Ni. 1, ml coruer, tbeace N 43 oba in a
atak. in ibe mill pond, thane up tba vari
ous eonrnea -f mill oreak loa etoae on ibe
bank, thiHiee f fUn tu a atakn tn Btrker'a
lino, tlienco K l.i rlia nnd ftO link a to a atak
no the bank of a branch, ih?nc H H cha to
a atooe lb lUrker'a field, tbauca B Scba and
io links to a aiona Rarkar'a corner, .thence
s 10 cha lo the heutnclnff, containing 1&
' leu-.
if H.lW.
Land Sale
Il.r Tlrtno ff na order f aale craatdij
ha Moperlor'.'min of Randolph county
rati! Inn f Mm Hull r ri. Cram-1 ay l
otlicra k prti, t alnli aeil at puhllo auv
ft ht.i.UT. on tba prrai9a
tb WdnBilay, th Vih tin?
i fallowing real t' at ate. ait-
rbo a-iath a'do nf Hiuiah
t tmrtti Mtb anld atretM SIS feet to the
- let. them enat w ilh aam lot vQ tvl to
i. tiifD'c i-.trth N rt in Ktf.fiut.
..j.ihfii.'' r.i vih aattl ttirrat it t-
t tiitiic ine t arant lot eonrryd l i ,
t rnwiey by o H. Rarna and wife ani
vn aathe HarneaUrawler lot.
i ma if aala: One-third cah. onthtrd
x miinthe. and the other titltd Iu twelve
montha, deferred payment to bear inter at
tand Sale
tlon for cash to tba bterheat-bidde
kar. Maytb. 1003. at 12 o'clock
court huuae door Id Aaheboro,
Wolbot-n at al.:
following deacrlbed real eetate.
a or lea a. Taeae are tne unai oi tne
John M. Clark, tiee'd.. and are well
watered, la good fteiirhborhood, havlne;
Term a of aaie: -oaea.
Thla March So. iSCi. W. P. RBDDINO,
O. L. ft A PP. Atty. Adtur. aad Com
Having qualified ae admlnlatrator on the
aetata f Kdmund Luck, deoeaaed, before
W. C. Hammond, Clerit of the Hnperior
Conrt of Randolph County, f aball aell at
ontillc auotion. to the hlaheat bidder for
caah, on the pre m (tea on the tlth day of
April, IPOS, tbe following; peracnal property.
wheat, corn. ehler:ene, aad otbar art ie tea
ion ladlona to mention.
ah peraona hatina el alma amine! aald
eatate are notified to preaeat them to the
underlKned duly verified, on or before the
2iat day of March, 19U,, or thle aotle will be
pleaded In bar of their reoovtry, aad all
peraona owing aald eatate will eoae for
The Great Spring Remedy.
After th rigon of winter art felt you tre Habit to fttl the need of
tonic, laxatirt and
Thla medicine la Kicniificilljr compounded from the extract, of roora,
herb, and barki, combined with certain other purifying and altcratirt
product,. A lure curt for Rhcurrutiim. fndieettion, Conitipation. Boil.,
Kidnry Trouble,, and all diteaiet iriiing from imp itiei in the blood.
All Druggiitt,
Bobbltt Chemical Co., .
Come and See
Our new lino of SPRING and SUMMERJGOODS now in.
A complete line in everything carried in a General Store
All at Lowest Cash Prices
Old Dominion, Addison&Allison'a and Baugh & Son's Fer
tilizers at $1.25 to $1.95.'per bag. JGreat bargains in
All Kinds Country Produce
W. T. BRYANT, MiimiRfr.
We are Moving
into our new quarters one door east of E. B.
Keams and one door west of Dr. Moore's
office, where we will be ready to
Serve the
better thuii heretofore. We have one of the beet selected Btock
of SHOES, D1IESS GOODS, NOTINS, and in fact almost
any th.iie kept in a general store and will bo glad to servo our
old customers and as many new ones as many eeo (it to come.
We are sure we can save you some money if yon will look over
and price our stuff before bnvinjr.
CLOTHING at a bargain. Come and see us.
Yours to please,
We Lead!
We lead others follow
visit to our store will convince
Ladies' Furnishings.
We have the most beautiful
line of Ladies' Furnishings ever
displaved in Ashehoro. Fine
dress Silks, Lawns, Percales, &c.
Also Trimmed Hats, Shoes, Etc.
In fact almost anything you can I
think of. l'rices reasonable, uxi.
We also have a Linrc stock
pets, Rugs, Groceries, &c. Give us a call.
'Bhe Largest Independent
Manufacturers of
In the;
J. H.
"All Wool
wide; won't
run down at
Our SuitsandOvercoats!.ire of the
and at Reasonable prices'
If it don't suit you to come and see us, send us your
order by mall, same shall have prompt attention, values
and prices guaranteed. . We ship Suits and Overcoats on ap
proval to be returned to us when not satisfactory.
Chisholm, Stroud, Crawford & Rees,
300 South Elm St. Crcensbro, N. C
or expreM prepaid.
. Baltimore, Hd., U. 5. .
in Exchange forMerchandise
Falls Store Co.
P i b 1 i c
in both quality and price. A
you of this fact.
Gents' Furnishings.
We arc acknowledged leader
in this line, and our new spring
and gummer stock well sustains
our reputation. Everything iu
this lino is new, nobby and up-to-date,
and you will make no
mistuke in seeing our stock.
of Shoes of all kinds, Cai-
Wood & Moring.
and Binders
Ramseur, N. C.
actid a yard
ravel nor
the heel
zor me stream to run down.
WThla u 4ay Max oa, im J. K. LUCK

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