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Asheboro, - North Carolina.
Practice In thi conrts of Randolph
and adjoining counties; in State
and Federal Court, rrompt at
tention to business of all kinds,
Wav. O. Innr, J. i. 8po
(Civil Fragile Oalv.)
Attorneys - at Law
Aihebom, N. C.
North of Court Houm.)
PraoMea in all the oonrU.
Attorney at Law,
Practice in all the courts.
3pecial attention giren to settlemen
01 .Estates.
wOrncx Nrai Court Hourb
S.kVyaat.Presldeat J. I.Cole, Cashier
Beoik of Randlema.n
Randleman' N. C.
Capital paid in,
Protection to depositor!.
Directors: S. O. Newlin, A. N,
Bnlla. W. T. Brvant. C. L. Lindsev.
N. N. Newlin, J. H. Cole, S. Bryant
U U Darker ana W A. ilattseu.
Sydnor &
Richmond, Va.
HM4quMr for
Bridal Suites
Virginia's Leading Fnrnitnre
Honse begs to extend a happy New
Tear's greeting to our many friends
and patrons in North Carolina, and
to assure them that onr stock of Fnr
nitnre and kindred branches will, in
the fntnre as in the paw, uo
Sydnor Hundley
JOS-713 C. 100 ST.
the Senate the miirdnrern in liiirh lifi niirrhh li,.v ,.
are not beclouded by fanciful and reciprocity proposition tor good clleet. The law should be mid
extraneous theories th nn it will rne ena time witn a Kmte under must be a tenor to evil doers nmoii
how ifcAlf in a rrt rtemm(iJthiof the sugar trust. 1 hat all classes. The guilt before God
majority, popular as well as in the . I4, for those tr,u,8t-w"c1 'f not the criminality betorc man in
elentorisl ralWn. Th nm.r.t!n wnaiors dare not pass a tmng Mat all the late homicides, is vcrv emit.
posit-on on the money question in W'I ,bon,t 600'000 cnr There is the evil doing that leads to
1896 and 1900 was a policy adopted , ul ..P...1 OI tlle carrying ot deadly weapons in
at that time in order to relieve the "T' "V10"0""0 "emocrsts uo order to be ready to do the dreadful
necessities of the people and the bus- .. . ' " getting me umcren- Killing. Heaven and earth cries out
iuess world that were clamering for1?,, , B.emlte democrats alike for vengeance upon the crimi-
more money to do the business w ; o toe wriu question until nam
theconnlri. It .imnlv innld th. lue ot tne extra and regular One of the s ens of a bad and
quantitative theory of money, and K "l0"' , "V . PEJ V,0 dangerous character is the carrying
our every contention in that regard wiuuuiia.jiuaiu, pi a pistol about, it may be Hid
has been amply proved by subsequent I under line clothes, ami the name of
events. We wanted and needed more Tfie Mooev Value of'Good Road. tnc "laa bc f,,,r bl,t. tho '""
money in circulation and advocated , who docs it is n sinning, low down,
mctalism as the remedy. The ... """-""is " - - iaw-urcaKing aim dangerous wretch.
remedy come but it came in the cn'awons nave peen maue Dy an in- Such a man is unworthy of compan
shape of one metal only, Bunerinduo-J ,n" civ" cnSlne?r M to the U10,,CJ ionship, and unsafe for trust. Ho is
ed by the failure of crona in the old ,ue l S000 aB m community a moral leper and coward. The ex
conntries,by the war with Spain and w 1 tneJ ve " transporting prod- ccptiona are the ollieers of the law
tne nooa ot gold from the minns "T 1 " T i
Alaska. The result was the same, ..? h.M ken. ,nt0 . consideration
Prosperity returned to the country M1 ol roadways, trom tlic sandy
just as we said it would if we conla r1.?11"" MreeU,, . , "g!,re8
get more basic money on which to do ?ur?'h BtronS argument for modern
the business of the country. blln1way' , . L ,
We now have three times the vol- . The co,t of mov,n8 0.',10 ''J'
nmA nfmnni, in , horse power over one mile of any
had in 1896, and the result is thatM7roRccorcll,;Ston,ls',lmt'i'
eihavecomnarativeni-Mnerttv vhv I" " " """u "
then we hid stagnation in all lines
J. F. Heitman,
Has a full line of Groceries, Hard
ware, Dry Goods, Notions, etc., and
solicits share of your patronage.
Trinity. N. C.
out tuuu
Tfcr tnt better d re pared to do
yonr work right than any Lanndry
id tU State; and do it right, too.
Leave yonr bundles at Wood &
Hori&g s store. iJaaaet ira "co
day and returns Fridays.
W. A. COFFIN, Agent.
For the A B Farquhar threshing
machinery, saw mills, engines, etc
write or call on Willis L Frmma w.
Agent, Ether, N. C.
Ddotle Daily Trains
CafTiaf PoUman SUyper-w CafCart
l taxx ma -smw
Btnaiacaaa, McasUs aa4 Katsat Otj
Tens, OUaktsu aaa laHai Territories
Far West a Wartiwcat
tintMLTTiwoumsLBBraM eai
aatwaaw mm
n4la litermtnrc. lckeU aft
.T. AtNBtM, a.irv Af. PaM. D
BLANKS. All kinds of Wanks
for magristraUa at Courier Offlee,
Send for prices.
resentntives, which the Democrats VENGEANCE ON CRIMINALS. :M Di From Swrio,; P...:
who were working in tho interest of .... , . , . mon "s'
the Sugar Trust, to agree to before "' '"T . .. ' . , rme time during the full of
i-vn Locrs oi irugn as w eu as
Low Degree A Terrible
Arraignment of Those
Who Carry Con
cealed Weap-
izers," continued this distinguished
gentleman. By that I mean that we lne V"?"1 .7 v- courts should not be. It may be
should not nominate a man for the T i? V- t mat wnere mere is much money and
presidency wh. bolted the party or- "m,tion ofjhe differentia on rc- a reputable family name the criminal
ganizations in 1896 or 1900. There , ias ,1'cmocr?ta, have escupes altogether, or too lightly,
are fundamental principles and tenets Tte. "P. tn?lr. fi8ht for The poor and defamed only, get the
of faith in the Democratic party i?.atm lDe ?Tf tBer, ?' rlKht8 andfullponnltyof the law,
which are immortal, and which will T r?are ?ruJ T1?-6" Repubh- promptly enforced. If this is true
forever keep this land a free and in- !7U? 'VT1 lue BU88r Bnu wo dare say the juries are as much
The painfully largo number of r
From Our Regular Correspondent
at tbe National Capitol the
. Political Nerve Center
oi Our Country.
Washington, D. 0 April 6th.
"The Democratic party can win and
will win in 1901, if the convention
is euided bv common sense." saiil
onto of tho leadinir DrsmwrAU nf thi
nation to me a few davs am. A. I fal! an? tnat . must some cent homicides is the ocoiisiou of
said in my lastlotter. I .nnnt , lsl.atl0n.ln . lntere8t. presnnia- much talk and morali.inir. Ofeour
his name at this time because he is ? 7 tne , nch bi"' or .fh8rc wo".ld good men ore discussing remediea
not rwidv to ho .not,! . w. h. " masn-np ana possiuiyn panic. On the subicct much can be said.
thelcss wants his opinions filtered Wv stfef continues to dictate the The removal of tho causes is the
thromrh the press of the country in ot th'a 'Iministration. thing to be sought. Tho easiest
order that th. neonU n.nv thinV tnnm uieos an signs tan, tney may as tiling to say about it is that the slay
over. well start in on their financial bill or be promptly and fuirly tried, and
"The Democratic party should not wnen . .wn meT, Dec,l,11fl0 tney if gmlty speedily and fully punished
surrender to the so-called rwean- . 6 ? rr . 'K l'uu eTcr7 C88e- 1116 law anstractiy,
they wonld vote to ratify the treaty
The real reason why this extra ses
sion is tobe called was given in this
correspondence some time ago when
it was slated that J. 1'ierpont Mur
gun had called on the President and
informed him that Wall Street
could not hold out longer than the
current resolution of the House en.
dependent republic, and to which !r . Uemoeratacan round up about responsible as the judges and lawyers,
tne vast maiontv or tn rwvm nf h I" J ..... ....... ... , i.u, uuui
finiinlrTr.nKV.rifu. .nJ -1, I Will SenU
business.. Therefore, the money Procn Bt0.n?,rnt? ?6 ceuY 0T?r ?"
question is no longer an issue. a"n n" urT anu noru;
"The question of special privilege, 07".a hkea "tono road ,n
the parent of monopoly, and opposi' B00 condition, 8 cents; over a com
tion to which is a fixed principle of Pt gravel road, 6.8 cents: over pa
the Democratic party, is one npon ln8 6-33 ccnts; r 8l,hnlt. 2-?
dcr the same'BalifreP JlWg VViad o ficure the matter out
tory. On this platform, construct-1 ... t. f nM. ho will, no doubt.
ed as above indicated, I think it will . , th . thero is mlu.),
wise for us to place a young and :w. tfci. Indiana emrinccr
gorous Democrat whose Democracy
known by his works, whose name we , the80 e8timates to a
ill appeal to the laboring masses of mJn ' ,nlrv sav the
the country at well as to the business I . . . . - it.n..ftnd
intercsU and acceptable to both. We jnt0 cong'ideration the vast
must Uke nto consideration the con- wnonnt of hauiing that is done, the
ditiotis that confront ns. I he farm- ... , tv. nmle. esnecial-
has not vet beeun to feel the fact ... ? . . i -mild
that the trnsU are charging him enormolI(!. There jg n0 reason
more for everything he buys than . Georgia farmers might not have
they do the foreign buyer of tht same 8 on which to
article, and the majority of the farm- tra rt their prodiicte to and from
ers are "sUndpatters, and while . 8n veraKe 0f 7 cents
and the very ignorant. The fellow
ho coes about with a pistol in his
hit) Docket either evnects to 'kill
somebody contrary to luw, or expects
somenody ,to snoot him tor some
crime low ami base he has committed
already. No decent innu tan have
the same respect for ami confidence in
man niter .-wini: a cuu hid under
his clot lies. We liiivn lii-vcr aeon .1
over ruts and mud, 39 cents; over Christian centlemiiii enrrvina ono.
per ton instead of from 39 to (4
cents, as is now the case in most
is no respector of persons, and the
inflicted on a few
year the eight-year-old son of Mr.
Leander Wooafev, of Arcadia, tins
county, while eating persimmons, ac
cidentally swallowed one of the
seeds. For several davs the young
man was slisrhtly liotliered bv the
seed but the bad feeling finally pass
ed away and the incident was ' nearly
forgotten. .Some time ago. however,
a pain m his breast made its appear
ance and for several weeks 1;.) ha
suffered excruciating agony. Physi
cians who have examined" the boy
say the seed has lodged in his lung
ami tnat an operation is the on I
means of saving his life.
lie is unable to partake of but
very little tood and those who hav
seen him say the boy is scarce!
more than a living skeleton. It is
more than likely that an operation
would prove fatal and his death
under the present conditions is likely
w occur at any tune. Jjexiii''ton
One Negro Kills Another.
Sunday night about S o'clock-
Mayor Melt air shot and instantly
killed Frank Itodgers at Vestal, a
station on the A. it A. road three
miles west of Troy. Both are color-
1. McNair .was arrested a n d
brought here Monday morning by
deputy sheriff Jordan, and having
waned trial was committed to jail.
the Bhootmg took place in .McAuir
house, and he claims that he did it
in self defense. It appears that the
wo hud been quarreling for two or
three hours prior to the shooting,
and McNair had driven liogers from
lus house with an ax; but later the
latter returned with a gun, nnd had
reached the door when the former
red the fatal shot. The dead man
fell partly in the honso where he lay
till morning. Troy Examiner.
Live Items of Intere-t from Differ
ent Sections of the Country.
A II Borden, of Salisbury, has
been renominated to succeed himself
as Mayor of that city.
Sheriff Taylor, of Hertford county,
N. ('., was robbed of $520 while in
Norfolk, Va., Inst week.
The ti year old son of William
Davidson was run over nnd instant
ly killed last Friday at Charlotte by
a street car.
Judge II G Connor, of the Su
preme Court, has accepted an invr
tation to deliver the literary address
at .tne commencement of balcm ie
male College in May.
it lioiid horsewhipped a man
by the name of Charles Hamlin on
the streets of Kinston last week for
interposing when he (Bond) was
chastising a bawky horse.
Ollie Clark, an employee of the
Spencer shos, was painfully hurt
by the bursting of nn emery wheel
one dav last week. A portion of
the wheel struck Mr. Clark under
the chin cutting a deep gash.
ltev C W Byrd, 1) I)., a prominent
minister ot the M . church and a
native of Wake county, has been
elected president of Weslevan Female
college at Jlacon, ua.
Because she had grown tired of life
and wanted to end her existence,
Lone Home, a young white girl liv
ing near Durham, drank ten dracmhs
of laudanum one day last week. Her
lire was saved.
Mexican riuztzng Lir.-iment
f! or i: inr (V !-!. -o, i nfc -.nrs thrntirl. llii itmis. 'ex
i tun bono tad umn out ull nureneu aJ imir.. .,..;..,.
Doing the right things before Cod
and man, anil keeping good company,
is worth for protection more than all
pistols of the world.
those who are Democrats probably
would not vote the Kepubhcan ticK-
ew wc; uiigu. uu. "v B . ennnt es.
cance of the election, in tne lace oi w holiove the time has come when
this fact we must nominate a man he farmers themselves are inclined
who has the confidence and can carry . . t thi roads pTOpOBi.
the yast labor vote of the cities of L; from a dollar and cenU stand
the country. An overwhelming ma-1. . ... m fimirns
jorityof this vote will turn taesie jhatwiu he)p thcm.Atlanta Con-
" J ,, TuT ZC.t a 1 stitutton.
U mon, especially i" mo u
th. mlildto Wr And hrinir vintorv
to the Democratic party. With that The Happy Man,
kind of leader on a platform that Tho hanniest man in the world is
denounces monopoly and special ti,. , every day chap who
Snvuege in all its ramifications ma u,) his own living, pays his bills
emandi tariff revision, trust con- Lnd jjas the respect of his neighbors,
trol and, where necessary, trust ex- H Teg . jjttle money as he goes
Unction, an income tax and election ajon but ne dogen't strive to get a
of United States Senators by vote of rner on the local output, and he
the people direct, we can anu win ,, neither ambition nor so-
win." . . piety. He never expects to wear out
fit. t nf hi. trousers fitnirillg how
States has started on another huge to t -jen off of others, and when
swing around the circle which ae . .iaes ito his clothes in the
modestly calls "an unpretentious I morning be naver wastes any time
little outing for the purpose of avoid- trying to pick out the right, tint of
mg puDiicity. i u w 1 sox, suspenders and nscKtie tnat w in
that The schedule calls for about klend with the general effect. He
200 speeches and the party acoom- WMri . biled" shirt when he feels
panying the President consists of two jike it wnen nis jt corn bo-
secretaries, one aoctor, tnree sieno- inmn he whins out his lacit.
graphera, two secret service men, one nja aoi cutg a 4 iuch gash in the
poetnatnrai representauve. M ,ide of his boot, and nothing is saia
three illustrated papers, representa- -hont it in the papers. He has an
tivea of three press associations, one .mirtite like a cyclone and he never
official photographer, and two tele. haJ to gjt np at nighU to poultice
rraph operators, rrnat a uengnt- hl, eno.
ally original way of avoiding publi- Ho beiieYe, jn the doctrine of live
city. It is snt prising that he aw and let live, and when he encoun-
not Uke along a orass Dana wivn rt one of the needy he doesn't stut
which to hunt those bear. The ter :tn B;. nocket-book. The plain
truth of the matter is that the gen- rAa . nlBn is happy because he
Ueman who occupies the highest f. ..t;.flMi ,a doesn't spend tbe
civic position in the conntry is never kj 0 hjj iie j yearning for some-
o happy as when He is la tne lime- thing about four sizes too large for
"8" V"" . ' him. ti.
inn trip is a stumping tour pure
&nd aimnlA. Ha wajita that nomi.
nation a neap more than ne wants i Missouri nas piu me motuouui w
those bears, and be is not overlook- her public aeDt. we ao no iinu
in an bets that will pile nn the there is another State in the Union
blue chips in front of him. which can say that she has not a
It Did Look ,Ftnnv.
first baby, went to the furniture
factory and sales-room to buy a car
riage for tho babv, and having select
ed a nice one and being answered by
the salesman that it was substantial
ly built and of their own manufac
ture, they bought it and placed the
baby in it. Tney started down street
toward their home, but us they went
long every one who met them look
ed at tho outfit and then would laugh
very heartily..
This greatly embarrassed the
young couple, who coma so mini
ng wrong, so tne luuy, m uvpjiem
tion, Mold her., husband to walk
ahead, while she rolled the carriage,
d then turn and meet her and In
to discover the cause of all the merriment.
Ho advanced a few steps and
rurned back, then made a spring at
the carriage and tore a card off the
front of it which read:
"Our Own Make."
Boy Shoots His Father.
A tragedy occurred a few miles
ibovc Concord last week in which
imes Ashby was shot by his eon.
is not know n how the affait occur
red. A ueighlxir said that Ashby
was chastising his daughter about
not rising promptly at a very curly
hour when the son interfered for her
protection nnd sent a load of shot in
to his father's abdomen. The physi
cian ti lls me that he rc.arJs tho cast
as critical but time only will tell the
extent of his injuries. The boy
ijuiekly mounted the best horse on
the place and h-ft for parts unknown.
A Little Laborer of Georgia-
Not munv descriptive articles can
llirnw so much light upon child-
lnlior in the South ns does a little
storv in the April McClure's called
"Who was her keejK-r?" The au
thor, Mary Apslewhite Bacon, is, hor
wlitors tell us. a native of Georgia,
and thoroughly familiar with tne
conditions she describes. The cen-
trl tirrnre of the story is a seven-
year-old girl, whose family leave a
Georgia tarm to live in a coium nun
district, having been promised "a
good house to live in, painted white.
wiiu mree rwino m - ,,,,
money every Saddy night." 1 he
point of the story is the tragic effect
on her of long hours and nightwurk
within the uoisy smuiows oi mc
clanking mill machinery. A story
in McCluru s.
I said some time ago, in this cor
respondence, that the President
would call an extra session of the
58th Congress some time in the early
part of next September. I missed it
about a month, as it is now given
outjrom an official source that tbe
extra session will be called caily in
October. It ia given ont aa the
ostensible reason that this extra ses
sion is to be called for the pui pose
of disposing: finally of the Unban
reciprocity treaty by obtaining the
concurrence of the xiouse oi aep-
Wcstern North Carolina in the
Western North Carolina is attrac
tive at any season of the year, but
crrtainlv during the spring months,
when tho trees arc uuuaing anu iue
flowers blossoming, what could be
more inviting than a trip to tun
lumntifiil mountain country.
Tne months of April and May in
th Tjind of the Skv and Sapphire
Country, including Asheville and
Hot Springs, N. C. are very enjoya
ble. The climate at this soason is
delightful, the scenery most beauti
ful, und the opportunity for the en
joyment of sports, including golf,
cannot DC surpasseu.
J. lie noieis in mm region una...
the very best accommodations.
If you wish to know something of
this delightful region, communicate
with the nearest Southern Railway
ticket agent, or address
S. H. IIakdwick, G. T. A.
How Mr. Roosevelt Lives and
will be entitled some time to Kno
even more tint i thev have as yet been
told about the way in which Presi
dent Koosi-velt accomplishes so much
and yet keeps in prime order. His
physical constitution was, of course,
built 141, as everybody knows, years
ago, bv systematic exercise and much
outdoor fife. His mental vigor would
seem to have bivu acquired by a some
what analogous method. The Pres
ident docs not llinch from the task
in hand, lie has schooled himself
to do tho day's work as it comes, lie
manges his nay won, i y j
mious 111 eating and diniMiig. uois
not allow himself lo be cheated out
if a fair amount of exercise, does not-
civ in the least upon stimulants or
tobacco, and perhaps above all, never
tries to surpass himself or to expend
his reserve strength in the achieve
ment of something exceptional. W ith
matters of colossal importance 10 at
tend to, he simply docs his best a.-he
goes along, deuls'with every problem
that arises ill u simple, unm, "
natural wav, and thus linds the day
siillicient unto itself. He borrows
ti-Liihle. alt-ens soundly, and meets
tl, ,.rmi- n-firshed and with full
courage. iVoni "The Progress of
the World," in the American Monti
ly Review of Reviews for April.
A Spring and Summer Tonic
tio to the glorious mountains of
Western 'orth Carolina, the "Land
of the Skv" and "Sapphire Country;
,1 natural "punidisc at 11 times of the
year, a pleasant spot, full of life.
color aim enjoMiit ni, iicm mm
sibilitics for health ami and recrea
tion. For temperature and climate
it is unexcelled. Reached by the
Southern Railway.
Write for descriptive 111
Land of the Sky," mailed free upon
ni.iili..tiim to anv agent ot the svjhiii-
" . If Cl II I I 1 .. I-.Lr
ern Itailway, or Jir. n. ii.iiiiihi
General Passenger Agent, Nasnin
ton, D. C.
While defending the home of his
sister-in-law at W llmington last week
from the disorder of a drunken
young man, Roderick MacRne, engi-
eer of the llmington Cotton
.Mills, was stabbed by ham 1 L. Mann
MacRae's condition is considered
Mr Sanford Dimutelt, who was ac
cidentally cut in his head by an axe
in tho hands of Mr John Burclia'ii,
near lionda, the other day, has since
died from his wound. He lived
about twelve days after a portion of
his brains had been taken out of the
wound bv attending physicians.
Union Republican.
At Tvro Shops, in Davidson coun
ty, April 2nd, Cupt. C. K. McMurdo
committed niiicide by shooting him
self with a sl-ot gun. jo cause for
Iced is known. (Japt. 31c-
Mnrdo was a famous dog trainer of
Charlottesville, Va., and has visited
andson county for several years
dining the hunting season.
Charles Moblev escaped from the
jail here Saturday night. He had I
miL'lit bike some exercise, lie made
a hole through the upper Boor, tore
Ins blankets into strips, let himself
down from the (vihdjw nnd cat-sped.
Chatham Observer.
Thursday night a valuable horse
was stolen "from Mr A II Murray,
who resides iibout four miles east ot
town. Tho following afternoon the
thief, a negro by the name of John
Kllison, was captured, witn tne
horse, near Burlington und Drotignt
to Greensboro and brought to Greens
boro and lodged in jail. In addi
tion to being tried for stealing a
horse. Kllison will probably also be
called on to answer the charge of
biii-L'lai-v. as he is kaid to have enter
ed Mr Slurry's residence Thursday
night and stolen some eatauies. iic
has served a term in the penitentiary
for killing his brother. Greensboro
Thr report of the co " com-.
i"-;-n. of which wear only to print
..i..-.r. nill iirohublv not
please either the mine operators pi
strikers entirely but it appears to give
tin-strikers a good showing, lhey
...... i-..i,i,.i1 nn increase in wages and
h.,H..r llnm-B. llllt tllO Ullioll is Uot
recognized. The latter will please
the mine operators but will not satis
fy the strikers. So far as we can see
ver, in a nasty exaninmi-iou, ...v
ri a c ji
i ui 10 en aavea
AV OOP & M PRIX a. -r
Largest stock to select from and prices that are
sure to catch those seeking bargains.
We've Got Just Stacks of NEW GOODS
of every description and of the very latest styles,
and when you want a new dress, new hat, new
suit of clothes, anew pair of shoes, or anything
else that is up to date, why just go to see
New Goods!
WE ARE pleased to announce to our friends
and customers that have the latest and most
exquisite styles in white goods, lawns, dimities,
and dainty shades in dress goods fabrics are
now awaiting your inspection. Our large as
sortment wiU convince you that we are leaders
in dress goods.
Gents Department!
bond outstanding. The State of Mis
Annri was saddled by her Republican
officials with a heafy debt in the old
Reconstructien days. Wnen tne
Democrats came into power they set
about paving off this debt and have
ever since worked diligently to that
Thoit lAhnnl huvp hnn rpward-
1. The other day. in the presence Rheumatism is caused by au excess
1. .,.d in th midnt of nf uric aud lactic 111 the blood
;..t., W SAA bond I Rheumacide. the great blood purifier,
.... t.r,,,l s mnoh for honest 1 laiative and tonic, cures the disease Tann
Democratic administration of State by driving the acids out of the blood. gddregij and Gov. Aycock
affairs. Exchange. At Druggists. the Uterary address,
nf 3Sn females under eighteen
vears of age in the negro schools of
Atlanta who were asked to tell what
they intended to do when gtown, on
ly sixtv-three said they expected to
tie engaged in houseword. Of the
Wa. TnS uronosed to follow pro
fessional pursuits. The sixty-three
vhn nmilllllHVd llieir lllieimoil lu
engage in housework could not have
been long in school iy iu
n ready for their white dresses
and pink and blue ribbons they also
will prelty liKeiy oe iispii'"K " v
professions. But what waste of
valuable bone and muscle is tneienj
i.iiVA.l.l'itcr Pet-bin, in South
ern Farm Magazine of Baltimore for
T.;ttltin VVnmle College is prc-
n.nnn Inr a in-put coiiimenceincut the
last week in May. Bishop A. Coke
s...;tl uill in-each the annual Ber
oiiiniission seems to nine
.1.. . .,.! nnc exact mstice ami
10th sides should accept the result
.niiniiilv. as t u-v agreed to uo 111
S.mie anxious souls continue to
..l..r irln- i nianv neotile are in
different us to the education of their
hildren. KememU-r that tne cure
for such indifference is to convince
.,) Unit t is as Imucii their re-
ious duty to train their cnuuren
as it is their duty to observe the
i...... tiThiiu a 111 t not steal.' nu
ihn nimle are convinced that Bteal
mg is morally wrong, hence they
will not tolerate thieves in good so
ciety. Whenever parents are con
;,ul ht ignorance is morani
wrong, they will not , tolerate that
crime any more man tney nun !
crate crimes against property nm-
The Pistol Habit Epidemic
it immired a whole week of the
.' 1 X-.(l,mtr.ii Kll
nerior court to try the cases on the
..-iniimil docket, a longer time than
,.t ,.i.v sourt ior yeasn,
Many "of the cases were for carrying
pistols. it-HmoAc-"""".. ......
F(;r a Lame Back,
Sore Muscles,
or in fact, all Lameness nn;1 B-rc-'
t of your body there is noilim
t 'fill drive ot:t Ibc pain anairj
iiau.uiation so qnkkly as
If yon cannot reach the spot your
bdf get some one to assist you, for
it is essential that the liniment be
rubbed in most thoroughly.
Mexican flustang Liniment
pvei-eom the filiU"nM ct hnrc.
A. 14 a tleuh Uuale:- butl iiaiu killo1
OUR CLOTHING counters are laden with
rare bargains, and we can fit you out spic and
span in a new suit, shoes, hat, etc. All the
styles in shirts, collars and neckties at prices
to command a purchase. Come to see us.
-, Millar (SL W00d.
Come and See
Our new line of SPRING and SUMMERIGOODS now in.
A complete line in everything carried in a General Store.
All at Lowest Cash Prices
Old Dominion, Addisonl&. Allison's and Baugh & Son's Fer
tilizers at $1.25 to $1.95 per bag. Great bargains in
All Kinds Country Produco in Exchange forJMerchandise
Natomi Falls Store Co.
W. T. BRYANT, Manager. KAJMJaiA,
EAff Largest Independent
Manufacturers of
Harvesters and Binders
In the World.
Negro Pays One Cent Tax.
iwhM the smallest tax ever Co-
i..(,.d liv a sheriff of North Carotin
was receipted for recently by ei
Sherifl Gaddy. Alec (Dock) Moore,
colored, of .township, was
the man from whom the tax one
cent was collected. No attempt
was made to divide the tai between
.State, county and school, out tne en-
Dr C F. Rcid, of Nashville, tire amount was turned into the
n will deliver the missionary tr-atury for the W-nefit of the general
eils and Gov. Aycock will deliver county fund. Wadeaboro Messen-
J. H. BURGESS, Agent,
ftamaeur, M. C,

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