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It Should .Not Be ladertakea With
out a Srttlrd I'lan.
Tbe only safe procedure when one
goes u single step beyond tbe neat and
Arthur Perc to Marry. Th South Cirolim Dispensary.
Invitations have been issued as Gov Hevwnnl. in his annual nies
follows: Slici' 10 e Geueral Assembly of
tii. un.i r r a Vawlin will tontn Carolina last xuesuav, nas
give in marriage
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
k. enn ui - " " " -------.- Tnere is a disease prevailing in tins
their daNsrhter, some bard thinsrs to sav of that pe- coumrvimwiiuivnnis WYiuiscsoaiH-
V? .'at;iii;..n 14 cofo tlu .-. 'ill II VI Y-l,... M.,.,..
disease prevailing in this
orderly provision for generally reeog- Laura, to Mr Arthur Bascom Tearct culiar institution. He says "the ou
nized practical necessities of the vil
lage in to look fairly and squarely Into
the future, to adopt a definite and com
prehensive plan ami policy and never
to undertake or accept a project of im
provement without earnestly and de
liberately comparing its probable re
sults with the alms of the plan, says
Frederick Law Olmsted iu Atlantic
Monthly, However wise and compre
hensive they may b, such general J popular
piaus must irom nine 10 unit- uc ujuui- .
fled, but the modifications should be j
thoughtfully und deliberately accepted, j
not drifted into haphazard. j
A savage, forced by the limitations of ;
his condition, may live upon a spare ;
and healthy diet. (live him the oppor- j
tuulties of civilization, and he will '
gorge himself with indigestible eombt
nations, selected at random from
among the endless number
that individually please his
The civilized man may be equally fond
Wednesdav afternoon. January 24
1905, at 5 o'clock, Christian church
Burlington, X. C. Your presence
is requested.
"At home after February 5th,
225 East Market street, Greensboro,
N. C."
Mr Pearce is a sou of Mr and Mrs
J 12 Pirce, of this city, and is a
young conductor on the
Southern Kallwav. Greensboro Tel
Mad Dog Scare at Lexington.
Lexington is having a mad dog
ciaze. Seventeen dogs have been
killed in the last few davs, and the
police is still aimed with shot guns
ed madness near the cotton mills in
of the same things, but when lie wants ! West Lexington, and on his way
a good dinuer he resolutely rejects i through town is said to have bitten
nlne-teuths of the things which please j Jogs jU all, and was finally kill
him on the bill of fare for the sake of , s vet onv j0rs have ln
adequately enjoying what he elects to bitten. Lexington ?or. in Char-
m from T . '
of things ' or tne PurP08e of canine
s palate. 1 0I1 Last Sunday a dog
have at that particular place and time.
What village Improvers seein often
to forget is that their selections from
the bill of fare are not for a day only,
but for many years, and must be con
sidered in relation to the selections of
the past and of the future for the lo
cality in which they are to occur.
"Will it be beautiful?" should be ask
ed as to any proposition for improve
ment, but it is not by any means the
first question to be asked. "Is It in
purpose and tendency aiming in the
direction we have deliberately cho
sen?" "Is it appropriate to that par
ticular kind of common, park, street,
dooryard or township which we can
reasonably look forward to having dur
ing the period in which the Improve
ment will be effective?" These are the
first questions to ask in such a case.
They are often hard to answer, but
real Improvements are not made easily
and thoughtlessly. Time, effort and
money expended on embellishments
without painstaking thought as to
their ultimate result are apt to be
worse than wasted, while wise fore
thought as to purposes and tendencies
may so shape the simplest utilitarian
necessities of a village as to give it the
beauty of consistency, harmony and
Iotte Observer of January 13th.
A Card of Thanks.
wish to thank our
crowd which throws a shadow over
the State iu the unsatisfactory eon
diton of the dispensary." and "no
one cau deny that the prese"t at
mosphere surrounding the dispensa
rv is a grave reflection upon South
Carolina," and he further iusists
that any odium attaching to the dis
pensary i ecessarily attaches to the
Mare because it is a state institu
tion. He regards the widespread
iiUjatisfactiou with the dispensary
uu've as a rebuke to the mode of
operation than repudiation of it as
a system. And adds: "It is inspira
tive for the honor of the State that
existing conditions should be imme
diately remedied."
Kor coughs and colds no remedy
niual to Kennedy's Laxative Hon
ey und Tar. It it dfficrent from all
oihc-rs l etter because it expels all
eoki from the system by acting as a
earthartL' on the bowels. Affords
immediate relief in Croup, Coughs.
Colds. Whooping Cough, etc. Chilli--!!
love it. Sold by Standard
Vrv.z Co and Asheboro Drug Co, '
Ahrboro. X C.
Noticeable I'fuKrMn Toward Munici
pal Adorument In the Far Wtit.
Iesire for municipal beauty makes
strong growth in the west, and consid
erable additional interest has been
aroused by the recent visit to the coast
of Clinton lingers Woodruff, first vice
president of the American Civic asso
ciation. Newspapers tell of San Fran
cisco's ambitious plans, involving years
of work and millions of dollars, to en
Lame the natural beauty of that water
girt city of commanding hills. Tort
land and Taconia newspapers earnest
ly enjoin the citizens to "preserve the
roses." those cities being distinguished
for the abundance of that flower. Ta
conia recently celebrated a rose carni
val and such good advice as "beautify
your garden," "help to make the town
a bower" aud "grow roses" has been
given away with each issue of the pa
pers. In Spokane there Is n call for the
preservation of the native pities. The
Spokane Spokesman-Review says:
"Many buyers of residence lots in the
hill sections of the city are greatly ln
JuriLg their properties from both an
aesthetic and a monetary standpoint by
cutting down the native trees on their
land. After their houses are complet
ed and occupied the owners generally
regret their folly when it is too late to
repair the damage done to their sur
roundings. ( me of the characteristic
and most attractive features of north
western towns is their wealth of pine
tret-s, distinguishing them from the
cities of every other section of the
eounrry. Eastern visitors of taste al-riio-t
invariably remark the pines of
Spokiihe lawns as forming a high dec
orative natural background for resi
llciiC' s, ii, any even placing them above
lLe !!iis .,f the Xfw England towns
or ti.e ::iap!-s of the middle states.
Th.. are shade trees, of course, and
often of stately beauty, but they lack
the picturesquenes of the pines, as
llier Jack Ita clean, spicy fragrance.
Kuf h an ornament to the city and its
homes js worth preserving and will be
preserved by thoughtful persons who
value beauty in their surroundings."
Winter Garden In a Station.
At h'iit. In P.eltrium, is a very large
terminus to the railway system, cover
ed in with a glass roaf. One portion of
the station not being required for use
lias tu turned Into n winter garden,
the C jor ot the building being utilized
for the planting out of various sub
ject In the form of beds and groups,
mt the Pall Stall Gazette. An Illus
tration of this floral station Is given in
the Kerne de L'llorticulture Beige for
July. This shows some stately palms
from Australia planted along the cen
ter. A group of bamboos Is also pret
ty. Several other plants are used, such
American aloes, musas, pbeniz,
sonal pelargoniums. New Zealand flax,
liydrangeM, fuchsias, begonias and
etbern. Owing to the Tery high roof
of tbe station we should think, u;i
Cardealn World, the flowering plants
less stutabl for tbe situation than the
1m fat lac plants. This Is an expert-
wturii applies to tall conserrt
ortesr, wbsrc the plants are a long
way from tbe glass. It would be quits
exprienc to see a flower arar-
to IwdoB railway station. ,
friends for their kindness to
iug our recent bereavement. God
saw best to take our little Iewy to
be with Him and may our loss be
his eternal gain. By God's help f
hope to meet him in heaven.
Mr and .Mrs W F Moon
Franklinsville, X C
December, 2i 1005
Cutting Glass Under Water.
The next term of Montgomery
court win convene on the
January. This is a ciiminal term
if only one wtck. There are vet
but few iu jail to be tried at this
term of court. We are requested
to announce that the vocal talent of
Wadeville will give a comedy, "The
Courtship of the Deacon," "at Mt.
Gilead on Friday evening of the
oth inst. Admission 25 cents:
Imagine trying to cut a piece of children 15 cents. The manage
glass with a pair of shares! How nieiit of the Uwharrie hotel under
many crac ks would form! How went a change at the first of the
pieces fly into tbe air! But try it year. Mr G M Hearn, the former
under water. You will be surprised proprietor, gave it up to George W
to see what a tine bit of cutting you Morris, who is running it ou the
can do there. Only be sure that same plan as the Hearne manage
the glass, the shares and your hands ment. Montgomrian
are entirely immersed in the water,
. 'Ph? greatest system renovate r.
The mill dam at Marleys mill, Ignores vitality, regulates the kid
Randolph county, was tapped last neys. liver and stomach. If Hoi
Friday and yesterday when the lister's Rocky Mountain Tea fails to
water was low, several hundred cure fret your money back. That's
pounds of fish were caught. There :'5 cents Tea or Tablets,
were about live hundred people at -
the mill yesterday. Two of our
sportsmen, Messrs. John II Fox and
Edgar T Jordan, were among the
number, both securing a large carp.
The carp weighed 24 ind 15 pounds
respectively. It is said that this
dam was built by Indians over 100
years ago and since that time the jui
water has not been let oft. It will
be remembered that last summer
there was an epidemic of chills and
fever !n the vicinity of Marleys
Mills, and as the disease was sup
posed to have had its origin from
the pond, the county board of
health ordered the water let oiY.
Siler City Grit.
tive. Man v sudden '
deaths sre caused
by it heart dis
ease, pneumonia,
heart failure or
Rpoplex v nre often
the result of kid
ney disease. If
kidney trouble is
allowed toadvance
Ihekiilnev-poison- '
ed Mood' will at
tack the vital organs, causing catarrh of
the bladder, or the kidneys themselves
break down and waste away cell by cell.
Madder troubles almost always result
from a derangement of the kidneys and
a cure is obtained quickest by a proper
treatment of the kidneys. If you are feel
ing badly you can make no mistake by
taking Ir." Kilmer's 5wamp-Root, the
great kidney, liver and bladder remedy.
It corrects inability to hold urine and
scalding pain in passing it, and over
Tomes that unpleasant necessity of being
compelled to go often through the day,
ind to get up many times during tbe
night. The mild and the extraordinary
effect of Swamp-Root is soon realised.
It stands the highest for its wonderful
cures of the most distressing cases.
Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and is
sold by all druggists in fifty-cent and
one-dollar size bottles. You may have a
sample bottle of this wonderful new dis
covery ami a lnuik that tells all a!n:t it.
both sent free by mail. Address. Tr. Kil
mer & Co., Einghamton, N. Y. When
writing mention reading this generous
ofr in this paper. Don't make any
mistake, but rememberthename.Swamp
Root, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and the
22nd of address, Binghamtor, N. Y., ou every
We will commence our
Annual Remnant Sale
:Next Tuesday:
Quicker and better
Janua-ry 9, 1606.
This Sale was inaugurated for the purpose of
cleaning up odds and ends preparatory to our
Inventory which we take annually, the first
week in February.
Every Remnant in our store will be marked
in plain figures at a
Great Sacrifice.
Don't wait until after this sale closes and
then come in and expect these goods at closing
out prices.
Cut Sate will absolutely last
No Longer Than Feb. I,
Monis-Scarboro Moffitt Co.
Free Delivery. 'Phone No. 7.
Rock Hill Buggies. Advertisements.
We Set Them Cold-
.t L Lutllri
;a!i!icl as. tx-cutrix
;.t. i-
'ur: of
urr !n,t:i-ii to iirwM ti.t.-:j b. t:,t l
vvr:iie!. mi or l-r'"r? tr.e .1..
U-r l!sir thi- uut;- ::: r:ra4
1. 1:'
i.'avi".1 "i'v'vh-".'.' U-S .4"w
Tii of t.-iv .J-.-..T Curt
tii.-- i Um not.fy a.: jrv.s., tv
a::.t the &A tat t..
A reasonable amount of food
thoroughtly digested and properly
assimilated will always increase the
strength. If your stomach is a "lit
tle off" Kodol Dyspepsia Cure will
digest what you eat and enable the
digestive organs to assimilate and
transforms all foods into tissue
building blood. Kodol relieves
Sour Stomach, BtlchiDg, Heart
Burn and all other forms of Indi
gestion. Palatable and strength-'
ing. Sold by Standard Drug Co Hi..
and Asheboro Drug Co., Asheboro. strut fV
X C.
1., I
I Ik
The Blacksmith.
--lit n
f their
n aifain-t the elstr of sa;l
em u the uijler;ir:.e.l en or otf
. or th notii-.- -..! t j,;)ed
Tl,..- 1'ei- .-.!, 1U...V
Mr -:r. :.a K'-an,-. A'.
Mr Alan Browning, bookkeeper
for J J Stone ic Co for some time,
has given up his position to engage
in work not so contining, as his
health necessitates a change. He
will engage in the insurance biisine-s
at Durham. His successor in the
printing '-stablishnieiit is Mr S T
Wyriek. Greensboro Patriot.
Indigestion is easily ovei come bv i,
the use of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure, T
Vcatibe this remedy digests what -you
eat and gives the stomach a'
rest allows it to recuperate and i
grow' strong again. Kodol relieves : '
t 'iua'i:ie'l a- a'!mSn:-tr.itor f li W
I. rifea-fl. thu i u TK.tifv ;i
ii.ivii:k -!aim! aim:ut tat of m'.i l w .-trmt-for.l
to i.n:it the -ame f the ur.iler.iftie"l on or
l the i'rid of l- y,. ,,r th: w:.; t-:
I'it-a'i'i in triir of the;r reverv.
JW ratfor.l. A'lrar.
; Trap
X '.
-V' .TICE.
i J as ii'iiiili.i-T.
. si; I'-rv,!.,
M ..ii ..r tjef'.r-
I'.. l:"7. t !.:,
.r ,l their re.y V.
W. N. K!
Guaranteed to give Entire
Satisfaction in every way.
ir ii.terem in l.'an'lolrh
j -To
,1 aL
iniiig'.-suon, i.eicning or oas, sour
Stomach, Heart-Burn etc., and en
ables the digestive organs to trans
form all food into the kind of rich
red blood that makes health and
strength. Sold by Standard Drug
Co and Asheboro Drug Co Ashe
boro. N'C.
A Shifting engine belonging to
the Southern railway was stolen by
gomeone last Sunday morning, run
to Method a station four miles from
Raleigh, add left standing on the
mam line with the evident intention
of wrecking an early morning
train. It was discovered in time
to prevent it, however.
You will not find beauty inrouge
pot or complexion whitewash True
beauty comes to them only that take
Hollister'a Rocky Mountain Tea. It
ii a womderf nl tonic and beautifier.
Tea or tablets, 35 cents. Asheboro
Drug Co.
T.'.e ILirvev Oil C., (.levels,..!.
Thi, a
Greensboro, N. C.
f : v . ...... B ii . a i,,
We were talking with a gentleman a few days ago who
had used a ROCK HILL BUGGY br the past twelve years,
and he states that if he were going to buy a dozen buggies
he would buy a ROCK HILL, believing that he would get
more for his money than in any other make of buggy.
Can you not be convinced of this fact? Call to see us
and we think we can prove the above to you and sell you a
ROCK HILL BUGGY, if you are in need, made and guaran
teed by the Rock Hill Buggy Co., Rock Hill, S. C, for sale by
McGi-ary Redding Hacrdware
17 i
Rocky Mountain Tea rrjets
A Boy Heiicise for Burr
Brfngi Golden Eet!.h tt 't r.'.e-, J f rri
A Bpedfle tntCmt'u- : f t .- t '
and Kidoey Troulii'. i : . r.: .. ,. , .. ', ,
..1. Bad Breath.
.r1 Baekacfae. lt R.
f T.i, 8A eit a tot
14.111 2an. Hi ait.
Olacksmith and General
Repair Shops.
I manufacture Timber Wheels,
repair Boggies and Wagons, Bhoe
Horses and do a general repair bus
iness. Second hand baggies always
on band at bargains.
When in Asheboro me. Shop
back of McDowell's livery stables.
Yours trnnr,
Capt. J. W. Fry, Pres. R. R. King, Vice. Pres.
E. Caldwell, Jr., Secy.
The Greensboro Life Insurance
Organized 1905. (Legal Reserve)
$100,000 Paid Capital. $25,000 Surplus.
Writes all ordinary forrr.B of contracts. Each
policy is reentered and secured y Treas. Dcpt of State.
i AAA rutst r i tt
wvv.vvv reacn irees
Tennessee Wholesale Nurseries. June Buds a Specialty.
No agents traveled, but sell direct to planters
at wholesale prices. Absolutely free from dis
ease and true to name. Write for catalogue and
prices before placing your order elsewhere. We
guarantee our stock to be true to name. Largest
rencuiiuTBery id me worw. Address
J. C. KAII, Winchester, Tenn.

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