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No 26. -l
Will Be Held in Ashebore in August.
Danghters and Sons of Confederate
Veteran Urged to Attend Camp of
United Daughter aud United
Son to B Organized.
Arrangements are being made
for a great Confederate Veteran Re
union to be held at Asheboro some
time during the month of August.
The day has not yet been named.
It will be at a time best suited to
the convenience of the entire county,
ami it. is honed that every veteran in
the county will be present on that
dav. ' ' ' ' '
hisHnfjuished sneakers vail be se
cured and the ladies will preside at
a big dinner to be -served me veter
ans present. ' '
The sons and daughters of the
conf ederete veterans are also urged
to attend aud do honor to those who
followed the Stars and Bars, It is
the purpose upon this occasion "to
organize a chapter of the United
Daughteis of Confederate Veterans
and a camp of United Sons of Con
federate Veterans.
The tittered, battle scarred ranks
are growing rapidly thinner and it
ia tn the sons and daughters that
they commit the vindication of the
cause tor wnicn tnej lougm. v
these organizations is giveu the de
fense of our fathers names the per
petuation of their memory, the
guardianship of their history, of
glorious deeds and daring bravery.
Upon them devolves the loving ser
vice of remembering the dead, and
administering to the living who
wjro 1er to them.
Tf. everybody watch for the date
and arrange to attend, helping to
make it a memoraoie uay m wie
history of Old Randolph and a ioy-
ous occasion for the battle scarred
veterans. '
Democratic Delegate Elected and In.
tructed Other Interesting Note v
from Ramseur.
finlnmhia Township Primary was
held Saturday evening the delegates
were instructed lor rage ior
gress, McNeil for commissioner, V,
C Hammer for solicitor. The dele
.ore W. H. Watkins, W. T
O. F. Burgess. . B. Leo
nard, J. W. Cox, R. W. York, J. W
Km;th Eil. McMasters. Geo. H
Parks, 1. F. Craven, C. B. Smith,
Clem Coble, J. w. JJurgeBs, v. r
Vnrif mil W. 0. Craven.
Rev. S. 1. Turrentine presiding
olrWnf the Gieensboro district held
quarterly conference here Saturday
night. iiro xancuuue niwwucu
two able seimons tQ large audiences
Sunday morning aft a evening. ,
Misses Nannie Free, Maude
-ciiann and Pauline Smith were
received into the church and were
baptized at class meeting Saturday
Masjnic Ledge No. 444 of this
place held their installation oi oi
finere m the hall room Saturday
night after which they gave a ban
quet. Quite a number of maaous
were present and several applica
i;ni t..r membership were received.
r N. P. Marsh save a lawn
party ao the residence of Mrs. Nat
Thomas Saturday evening. A num
ber of young people were present.
Tnf.,aViruUrita were served aud all
present voted it a most enjoyable
occasion. ...
m-0 w. FT. Kinar is visitine her
ton Walter King in Richmond, Va.
Mr. and Mrs. J.' C. Reece and
of Cedar Falls, were
oleasant visitor's Sunday among
their relatives and many friends
Kind Hearted Little Girl.
Miss Ada Kivett, the little six
.uhl dancrhter of Mr. and Mrs.
J W. Kivett, who has become very
much attached to Miss Pearl Phillips
who has been confined ' to her room
quite sick for some time does not
Li- n,uk it b. custom to visit Miss
Pearl several times each day but
she always tries to do or say some
thing to encourage and cheer her.
She asked her mother for the first
Qr.f;fni dahlia that had opened in
their yard, last Sunday morning to
carry to Miss Pearl which was
granted and no one can imagine
vLm uu koartfl ilid flutter with
love and joy in giving and receiving
jnst that oue oeautuui uuei .
the good Lord continue to bless
Mill Emma Blanche A .bury Become
Bride of Mr. Paisley Nelson, at
A (bury.
A t. th home of Dr. F. E. Asburv
at Asbury Wednesday evening at
b -60 o clock, a pretty nome weuuiug
m no solemnized when his charming
daughter, Miss Emma Blanche-, was
given in marriage to Mr. raisiey nel
son, of Mebane. At the appointed
hour Miss Myrtle Asbury began
playing Mendeissonn s popular weu
linr marpVi. Then entered the
bridesmaids wearing white mull and
lace, inrst came Miss .ava Asonry,
sister of the bride, and Miss Jane
Coggin, of Biscoe. Next came Miss
Cora Hughes, or Kandieman, anu
Miss Lula Steed, of Steeds. Last
came the bride and groom and stand
ing beneath a beautifully decorated
hell were made man and wife In a
simple but. impressive ceremony by
Itev. V. JN . uaviness.
The bride was beautifully gowned
in white crepe de chine over taffeta
aiid carried cape jessamines and
maidenhair fern. The groom wore
conventional black.
The parlors were tastefully deco
rnteil with magnolias, southern star
jessamine aud potted and cut Howes
OI all KIUUS, lilts uuiur buiiciuc unug
green and white. The large display
of nspfnl und handsome present at
test iu some degree tne popularity oi
the liride ami eroom. The haimv
young couple left on the 10 o'clock
train for a trin tnrongn western
North Carolina. Mr. and Mrs. Nel
son will be at home after July 1 at
Pretty Marriage at Parmer Last Thar
day At Home at Raleigh.
At hicrh noon. Thursday, the
21st instaut', at the residence of the
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam'l
B. liearns, or i?armer tnia county,
Mr. G. Thomas Cochrane was unit-
mi in marriacre to Miss Kate F.
K earn 8, Dr. S. U. lurre.ntine, or.
ft i' pen shoro. officiating. The mar
riage was solemnized in the presence
of a number of the friends of the
bride and groom. During the
marrmire annronriate music was
rendered by Miss Maoei reacocK, oi
Txinerton. The bride was taste
fully gowned in white embroidered
bastiste over tarteta. one is au
ftnnomnlinhed vounc hidv. a gradu
ate of the State Normal College
The groom is a successiui young
hnsineag man. connected with the
Purcell-Ladd Company, of Rich
mond. Va. He is a native of Mont
gomery county and was . formerly
associated in drug business at New
Tnd n.-witb -Or. J . w reacocK now
practicing physician in Thomas,
ville.' Ha was afterwards associated
with W. H. King m the drug bust
neos at Raleiirh. After a visit to
the crroom's brother. D. W. Coch
pane. it UieeiiSDOiO. auu,me riooiu s
people in Montgomery county, the
newlv married couole went 0
Rle ah. Monday where tnev win
make their home.
Farmers Institutes.
The Commissioner of agriculture
has announced that farmers in
stitutes will be held at Asheboro
Saturday. Jnlv 14tb: at Trov, July
13th; at Carthage July 16th," and at
Albemarle J uiy dra.
Th denaxtment of Agiicultura
will send speikers .who are well
posted on tne suojects aBsigueu
The sneakers for the Asheboro In-
si i hi re will be Franklin Sherman
Jr. State Entomologist, who will
Insect Pests. T. B. Parker,
of Orange oounty who will discuss
legumes and cirn growing, and
P. T. Meacham, superintendent of
fV Trpilell Teat Farm, who will
discuss wheat growing.
Comnty Ticket Nominated Solicitor
Endorsed for Re-election.
The Montgomery county Demo
cratic convention was held Monday
at Troy and the following canaiaaie.
were nominated: ior ine oeuaic, o.
R. Rlair: for the house. R. A. Bru
ton, Clerk, Chas. A. Armstrong;
Rhpriff R. T. Rush: Register, O. B.
Deaton; Surveyor, M.A. Bennett;
Onmnnr .T. T5. Hnrlev. A resolu-
fion wan also nassed unanimously
endorsing Solicitor W. C. Hammer
for re-election and Representative
The leason (lots of Jus are not
ashamed of our acts, is because our
Democrats of Asheboro Township Met
at the Court House Saturday After
The Democratic convention of
Asheboro Township met at the court
house Saturday afternoon at 5
o clock.
Mr. J. A. Snence. who was called
to the chaii and afterward made
permanent Chairman, stated that
the object of the meeting was to
nominate a candidate for solicitor of
the tenth Judicial district; congress
man for the seventh congressional
district; corporation comniicsioner,
and to elect delegates to me couni.v
convention which will be held
Saturday June 3th. This conven
tion will elect delegates to fetute con
lv fioclaiii'ition the convention en
dorsed Solicitor W. C. Hammer and
Congressman N. R. Page for re-elec
By acclamation it was decided
that the Democrats commend the
course of Senator Simmons and also
endorse him for le-electiou.
The names of J. A. Lone, of Ala
mance, and Franklin McXiell, the
pent incumbent, were presented to
f he convention for corporation com
missioners and the ballot for en
dorsement resulted in giving McNeill
ten votes and Long eight votes.
The townahin committee, consist-
iug of Arthur Ross, W. J. Miller,
J. S. Ridge, S. E. Lowdermilk and
J. M. Way, was re-elected.
The delegates to the CDuntv con
vention are Messrs. W. J. Armfield.
R. R. Ross, J. M. Way, M. W. Par
ish, W. J. Miller, w. v. nammonn,
J. T. Brittain, E. Moffltt, J. R.
Marlev, A. C. McAlister, 11. M. Ko
bins, "I'rof. Staley, J. A. Spence,
H. n. Martin. Claude Havworth.
W. J; Scarboro, A. C. Cox, S. E.
Lowdermilk, W. R. Smith, Wm.
Rnrrnw. Taaao. Brown. Arch Pres-
nell, Eli Pritchard.Wm. Burns, W.
L. Thurber, J. M. Betts, W. Xj.
Eniidt. .Tno. T. Moffitt W. D. Sroon.
M. H. Moffitt, J. 0. Oraves, Col. W.
P. Wood, D. Auman. U. L. &app,
Arthur Rosa. E. L. Preanell. H. T.
Caviness, T. H. Redding, J. R. Wall,
J. 0. Redding, S. W. Cox, P. A.
Mendenhall. (J. H. Rush. S. S. Por
ter, B. F. McDowell, E. H. Younts.
Sandy Creek Gold Company Installing
Machinery Convict Force at wort,
Wheat, was damaged in rhe shock
considerably by the continued rains.
The Saudv Creek Uold uo. nas
had quite a time in moving the
heavy machinery, rock crushers.
engine and boiler etc. from Linebery
to the mine Soutn r-ast or nere.
Ten hnrsps were used in hauling
the crushers, while fourteen were re
quired to pull the one hundred
horse power boiler, using rope anu
tickle on the worst bills.
Mr. aud Mrs W. M. Cates are
spending a few days at their old
home here.
Rer. O. P. Routh filled his regu:
lar nnnointment here last Sundav.
Mr. W. JH. noutn nas gone iu
Moores springs to spend a iew
The county convict force are now
in camp here. They moved here
last week from Melancntnon.
Sunt. Kennedy and wife have
rented rooms and nre keeping house
it. the W. M. Jioutn residence.
Methodist Conference.
On Jnlv twjntv-fourth will con-
yene in their church in Asheboro.
the District Conference for the
Greensboro District of the M. E.
nhnmh Ponth. There will be
twenty-five to thirty preachers
present and about eignty lay dele
gates. The Conference will convene Tues
day and hold three days, adjourning
Thnrad&v afternoon.
Then on Friday, Saturday, and
Rnnriuv there will be held four meet
ings simultaneously, at the following
churches in Kandoipn county: onep
West RandolDh cireuit:
Pisgah church, Asheboro circuit;
Zion church, Coleridge circuit;
Old Randolph church, Pleasant Gar
den circuit, mere Will oe f-uiee
riava of the meetings at each of the
four, rhnrches. with about five
nreahers at each church. Dinner
will be served on the grounds at
eaeh nhurch daily. Something on
the order of camp'meetings and large
crowds of people will be present.
Miaa Rred Jordan, of Franklin,
was in Asheboro Monday enroute to
Star to visit her brother, itev. j
End (unit Thursday Morning Mother
of Clerk of the Court Funeral at
Mrs. Nannv J. Hammond, wife
of Mr. M. Hammond, and mother of
Clerk of the Court W. C. Ham
mond, die 1 Thursday morning at
8 o'clock.
Mrs. Hammond was born and
reared in Randolph couuty aud was
73 years of age. Until a few
months ago she rnd Mr. Hammond
lived at Archdale, but on account
of ill health they have made their
home with their daughter, Mrs. B.
C. Smith, at Cliuton.
About two months ago they
dime to Asheboro to visit their only
sou, at whose home she died. She
is survived by her husband and
three childreu, Mrs. W. II. Futrell,
of Haveiford, Pa., Mrs. Y. C,
.Smith, of Clinton, and W. C. H:m
imoikI. of Asheboro. All were at
'hebf-dside when the eud dime.
The funeral wis at Springfield,
G lilford county Friday morning at
M o'clock, followed by the inter
ment in the family grave yard at
that place. The services were con
dueled by Rev. D. C. Cox, of Arch
dale, assisted by Rev. X. R. l!ich
ardson, of Asheboro; Rev. Rnfns
King, of High Point; Rev. El
Reece, of High Point aud Rev'
Nerius Barker, of Archdale.
Many tender tributes were offered
in memory of the deceased who was
a member of the Orthodox Friends
Church and a lovely christian
p.hftracter. She had many friends
in this and adjoining counties with
whom the courier joins in ueep
sympathy or the bereaved rela
Will be Played in Asheboro July 4th.
Grand Stand on Grounds.
Two games of Base Ball are ached
did to be played in Asheboro Wed
nesday, July 4th. In the morning
at 10 o'clock the locals will cross
hats with Biscoe and in the after
noon they will contest with the Troy
Both teams show goo 1 strength
and a fast game is expected.
The Asheboro team win nue up
as follows for the Biscoe game:
Stedman, catcher;
Rush, Pitcher;
Thornburg, 1st Base;
Presnell, 2nd Base;
Fox, 3rd Base;
Armstrong, S. S;
Sexton, R. F;
Parker, L. F;
Worth. C. F:
For the game with Troy, Sexton
will pitch with Armstrong as
catcher. Rush will play short stop
and Stedman rightfield.
The games will be called on tne
ilemand now being out in shape on
the Armfield & Laughlin lot on
Church St. near sunset Avenue,
anil nnon which will be erected a
crran il stand. Aa admission of 10
e . i
eent.a will ne CUargeU.
T,ater a telecraui from the Troy
manager received Monday says he
wi he nnable to bring nis leaui
Death of a Child.
The infant of Mr. and Mrs
Charles Dorsetr, of Greensboro,
died Saturday night at Ramseur
anil was buried Monday. Mr. and
lr Dm aett went to Ramseur Sat afternoon to visit the lattei's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harris Mar-
ley. After arriving me cnuu ue
came suddenly ill and died a few
hours later.
New Hardware Firm at Albemarle
Mr. S. O. Good, a traveling hard,
ware salesman, of Winston-Salem
wall 1-nnwn in this section, will
move to Albemarle next month
where h- will engage in business
He has Becured the etock for the
organization of a company with
tinnon ranital for the establish
ment of a large hardware store at
Alhemarle. Mr. Goode will be
manager of the business.
Increase In Wages.
Fall River, Mass., Thursday, 21.
The manufacturers' association to
Aav annnnnoed it had decided to
restore at the demand of operatives,
the old rate of wages, which means
an advance ot 14 per cent, over tne
present schedule.
R. T. Poo', of Troy, was here on
business last week.
The Randolph antl Cumberland Kail
way Company Which Comes as De
veloper. Carthage, N. C, June 22. In
the office of the register of deeds
here today was recorded a deed trans
ferring all interest of the heirs of
the late W. C. Petty in theCarthi ge
Railroad, including what is known
as the Hallison branch to the Ran
dolph aud Cumberland Railway
Company. This new company has
just recently been incorporated by
the State of North Carolina, notice
of which was published iu these
columns several days ago. The
officers are: Edward W. Shedd,
formerly of Providence, R, I. presi
dent; M. H. Cladwell, of Aberc'e n,
vice president; B. M. Fellows, of
New York, treasurer; T. J. EdwarJs,
of Providence, secretary. It is the
nurnos2 of the new owners of this
JUirpuSi OI cue iiciv unireio ui mio-
valuable piece of property to develop j
' ,i I
the section which thi3 road traver
;ed. and Carthage welcomes these
promoters of industry with an open
heart. Mr. W. C. Petty will per
sonlv superintend its management
for the present. .
$1,000,000 DEED OF TRUST.
Iven by the Randolph and Cumber
land Railway.
A ileed of trust of the Randolph
and Cumberland Railway of North
Carolina has been filed with the reg
ister or deeds or tiuii'oru county in
favor of the Empire Trust Com
pany, of New York, for the loan of
This railway company has bunt ana
leased railway lines in this state,
Carthage being the principal point
and it needs money foi important
improvements and the extension of
lines, rirst goiu mortgage oonus
have been issued, bearing 5 per cent
interest aud due in thirty years.
The deed of trust embraces hens up
on the lines, owned and leased, in
this state, and is given to seiure the
John F. Strong Receives 8100 Cash
Bond From Greensboro Man and
Disappeared Gave f&ntertatn
ment at Asheboro.
John F. Strong, who gave a
atereonticon entertainment at the
Academy March 19th, claiming to
be a general agent oi tne ooui-eru
Cross jintertainment uureau, oi
Atlanta. Ga.. with an office in
Greensboro, has been arrested upon
the rharre of false pretense. The
warrant is based on the evidence of
C. L. Jones' who claims that Strong
emnlovei him to act as agent for
tne Bureau and required bond of
100. Jones claims mat as soon as
Strong Recuied the cash bond he dis
appearei and the defendant is in
lail awaiting next term oi uun-
ford court.
Strong pave hia rjreforciance at
Thomasville, Ramseur, Worthville,
and other noints in Montgomery,
Chatham and Moore counties. The
Courier printed a lot of advertising
matters for him which still remains
on its books.
Investigation 6hows that no such
entertainment bureau exists at At
lanta, and evidence shows that many
citizens ot ureensboro, nave oeen
swindled bv the fake general agent
It develops that u. in. omitn,
formerlv of Randoloh county, was
also duped out of $150 by Strong,
who claimed to be a member of the
firm of Wilson & Strong architects
aad was to erect a hou. e for Mr.
Smith for $450. The work pro
ceeded and after spending SpO and
doing !fxu worm oi wora ou-ung
ersuaueu Mr. Smith to advance
$250. Then he skipped.
Congressional and Judicial Conven
The congressional convention for
the 7tb, district will meet at Lex
ington next Monday afternoon, July
2nd, at 3 o'clock, followed by the
10th Judicial conven tion at 3:30
Mr. G. M. Stanbatk. of Mt.
Gilead, captured a homing pigeon
W. Thursday. On the right leg
of the bird was a brass band with
the letters, "P. M.;" on the left leg
u-ns an aluminum band with letters
and figurers as follows: "B. Y.
Dr. Hunter is opening au office
up stairs iu the Bauk of R mdo'ph
Interest in Development on the
Procexs Available for Profitable Treat
ment of All CapltallHts Visiting the
Prospects and Eiperts Make
Favorable Reports
The Bawycr
Interest of foreign capital in
Randolph and adjoining counties
as a mining section is incieasing
each week. There are now in this
territory many parties of capitalists
with mining ?xpeHs investigating
the prospects which promise to sur
prise the most confident.
Reports of experts show that
the gold which is Haw berig suc-
",, 1 1 t i i i.
cessfully mined in Randolph county
is of three varieties, the filacer and
is of three varieties, the placer and
soft schistoes; or tne same class or
ore that is being treated by a new
washing method and producing 300
tons a day at the Catawba mines, in
this state. Secondly,. free gold veins,
such as are crushed and washed in
i cf;,,D ami tii.'wllv
J are to be found gold bearing iron
pyrites veins, sncn as are success
fully worked by the Chlorination
process, now in vogue at the iiale
Mine, S. C.
The value of the cold according
to the above varieties from $1,69 per
ton in tne piacer, wnue tne veins
run from $C and $8 to $80 per ton.
The SawverGold Mitiin?. Milling.
and Reduction company, was recent
ly organize! throusjn tne enorts or
F. A. Si yjr an! E W. Lyon, of
Greensboro with a capital stock of
S200.000 to work a Dronertv in Back
Creek township, this county, which
betore the uivii war produced more
than $200,000 in gold.
Former Depot Agent at Asheboro Weds
a Concord Bride A Brilliant Mar
riage. Thursday of last week a blilliant
marriage was celebrated at Concord
when Miss El ma Cole, daughter of
Mrs. Lucy P. Cole, btcamj the
bride of Mr. Chas. A. Pamplin, of
The ceremony was said at the
Central Methodist church at 9
o'clock, attended by a large gather
ing of friends.
The decoration of the church and
the church and the attendants com
bined into one of the most beautiful
marriages ever witnessed in that
The bride is one of Concord s
most cultured and charming daugh
Mr. Pamnlin is the popular agent
for the Southern at Thomasville,
and formerly held a similar posi
tion at Asheboro. He has many
friends here who kno-v him a genial
gentleman of high worth and
Immediately after the wedding
Mr. and Mrs. Pamplin left for
Washington on a bridal tour which
will embrace Virginia Beach, Nor
folk and other points of interest.
Many and beautiful were the pres
ents coming from friends in the city
a id from inauy places in the State.
Mr. J. A. Spence, of Asheboro, at
tended the marriage.
Was Consecrated Christian Funeral
Tuesday Afternoon at Holiness
Mrs. Alma Foust, wife of Mr. W.
L. Foust, died Monday afternoon,
afrer a lingering il'nj8 from con-
Bumption. Mrs Foust had been in
declining health for several months
but for weeks she had borne pati
ently intense suffering as her life
hung upon a thread the anxious
friends who watched by ner siue ex
pecting death at any moment.
The dei eased was a consecrated
member of the Holiness church and
an active christian worker. Mrs.
Foust was a daughter of Dr. A. M.
Bulla, of Back Creek township and
was 28 years of age. She leaves a
husband and two children besides a
host of friends by whom she will be
sadly missed.
The funeral services were held at
the Holiness church Tuesday after
noon at 3 o'clock, aud were conduct
ed by the pastor Rev. Chas. John
son. Mrs. C. C. McAlister has gone to
1 Raleigh to attended the marriage of
Miss Mary La?y.
neighbors don t know about tnem
little Ada.

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