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VOL. XXX!. ASHEBORO, N. C, THURSDAY, Aug. 2, 19C6 N0 ?
Commutation of the Sentence of Bob
Death Sentence of former Randolph
Conntr Man Changed to Life In Pen
ttjsatlary Parkin Rendered
Valuable Service to PrUoner.
Gov. Hey ward, of South Carolina,
has commuted the death sentence of
Bob Small, for killing a negro at
Darlington, S. C, to life imprison
ment. Jno. T. Brittain, of Ashe
boro, who has been co-operating
with Geo. W. Brown, an attorney of
Darlington, to secure the commuta
tion, was notified of this action Fri
day morning.
Small was condemned to hang
tomorrow, August 3rd, but for four
months the counsel tor the prisoner
has been righting to save the boy i
life. Letters from prominent citi
zeus in both North and South Car
olina have been presented to the
Governor urging him to interfere 1
the execution and until ' Tuesday of
last week all effort seemed to be in
yain. On that day Messrs. Brittain
and Brown lead a delegation of
citizens of Darlington before Gov
Hey ward in a final effort to secure
the commutation or sentence, in
DarliDgton delegation .was lead by
Mayor McCulloch.
The Courier is requested to ex
tend to the citizens of Kandolph
county, sincere thanks of the prison
er and his counsel for their efforts
in his behalf, and especially to Mrs.
J. Parkin, of Trinity, who formerl
lived at Hoover Hill, and knew
Small from his boyhood. Mrs. Par
kin took much interest in the case
and rendered valuable assistance to
the counsel for the prisoner.
HA dispatch from Columbia says
''Small is a pleasant man of
tender years. He killed a negr
under circumstances of great pro-
vocation, and the -people) who- peti
tioned for clemency in his behalf
believe that if he had not been
stranger he would hardly have been
convicted. His case has aroused
widespread interest and continual
and determined efforts have been
made to have his life spared. Gov
ernor Heyward's action comes after
petitions for commutation had been
turned down by the board of par
dons, but nearly everybody familiar
with the case will applaud its wis
Reduced Rates for County Democratic
The regular scheduled Southern
Railway train to leave Asheboro at
4:30 in the afternoon will qe held by
order of W. S. Andrews, superinten
dent, at Asheboro until 5:30 on the
afternoon of August the 18th, the
day of the democratic convention
Mr. Andrews has written a letter to
Secretary Moffitt stating definitely
that the train will beheld until 5:30
on thai day. Reduced rates will also
be given over the Southern. The Ab
erdeen & Asheboro Railroad has re
fused to hold their train or give
reduced rates to tne convention.
Carpet Bagger Daad.
The notorious John T. Deweese
died a few days ago at Washington
City. He will be remembered by
our older citizens as the carpet-bag
Congressman from this district, who
resigned in 1870 in order to escape
expulsion for having sold a cadet
ehip at West Point. Probably some
of our old Bear Creek friends will
remember the discussion between
him and this writer at the old "lo
cust tree" election ground in Octo
ber, 1868.
Randleman Primary.
The Primary will be held at half
past five o'clock on the afternoon of
August llth, in order that tne em
ployees in the mills and shops may
vote as well as the farmers. The
merchants will be requested to close
their stores for one hour beginning
at 5:30. Those who wish to make
purchase should go the day before
to the stores and avoid . the rush
The meeting will be held in Nao
mi Hail.
H. E. Craven, of Concord, spent
Sunday in Asheboro.
Mr. Lee A. Briles, of St. Cather
ine, Fla, is Tisiting relatives and
friends in Asheboro.
Prof. Steel, of Arkaniaa, In (Randolph
Under Direction of State Geologist.
Prof. A. A. Steel, and wife,. of
FayelUvlle, Ark. a-e spending the
week in Asheboro. Prof. Steel is
here under the direction of the
I State department of geology investiga
ting the mining property conditions
in this and adjoining counties. He
is visiting the prospects and mines
in operation in this section, securing
fair specimens of the ores, making
photographs and drawings of the
works, shafts, etc. His reports
will be compiled in a bulletin to be
issued by the Statu on North ?aro
lina mines in the Fa"l "'
He says that the reports sofar are'
favorable, ana that the washing
process, recently adopted and which
is successfully treating the ore of
the Catawba mine, will prove a fac
tor in the development of properties
in Randolph county. Several oper
ators have already adopted this
Bnd Hoys and Ball Pin) eu-t Kim in
t-ursloii to Troy Tomorrow.
Tomorrow uioruiug at 10:15
excursion will leave Asheboro depot
for Troy under the auspices of the
Ashttboro Base Ball learn and the
Nightingale Band. Returning the
excursion will leave lroy at mid'
night reaching Asheboro about 1:30
There will be a ball game in the
afternoon between Asheboro and
Troy teams and at night a minstrel
by the members of the Band will
be the attraction. A large crowd is
predicted and a good time is promis
ee1 to all.
t he tare tor the round trip is
$1.10, or one-half of one first-class
Christian Sunday school Convent
The Western Noith Carolina Sun
dsy School Convennon of the Chris
tian Church met at Pleasant Ridge
church, in uoltruige township, Dn
day of last week, continuing in see
sion throusrli Sunday. The sessions'
were largely attended and interest
ing, barnrdav afternoon Rev. J. U
Wright, of Asheboro, preached an
able sermon. Others who hi) dressed
the convention were Prof. Lawrrnc,
of Elon College; Revo. E. L. Stack,
M. JS. Hurley, of Greensboro.
Lawn Fete at Sophia.
There will be an ice cieam supper
at Sophia .Saturday night for the
purpose of raising money to finish
paving ior tne organ wmcn nas been
recently placed in the Old Union
J. M. C. Millikan, formerly of
lioiasboro, nas charge of the couth
em depot at Sophia.
Miss tiwmn wall is visiting rela
tives and friends at High Point.
Aged Couple Married.
To-day at the home of the bride
in Coleridge township Mr. B. A
Spence, ajred 77 years, and Mr.s
Eliz Cavene, aped 51 years will
be married. The license was issued
Monday. Both the bride and
groom are highly respected and
have many friends in the county.
Mr. and Mrs. Caveness will live at
Cole's Store.
On July 22nd. 1906, at Eleazar
church in New Hope Township Mr.
Harris Luther was hanpily married
to Miss Lou Luther both of Strieby.
James W. Lutber, J. P. officiated.
Lindo Reynolds, of Queen, and
Mies Blanch Cranford, of Uwharrie,
wpre united in marriage by Kev.
Moore, at the home of the bride
H8t Sunday morning. They hae
the best wishes of a host of friends.
Small Wreck.
Yesterday morning the loca1
freight from High Po of, dm ii
Asheboro at 9:65. was delayed until
late in the afternoon on account of
four freight cars just ahead of the
coaches leaving the track and turn-
ng over. The road was blocked
for several hours but no one was
hurt. The wreck occured eight
miles from High Point.
Card of Thanki.
We wish to return our sincere
and heartfelt thanks to the entire
community not only for their
tuoughtfulness, but the kind
deeds and acts shown ns during the
sickness of our daughter Mattie.
May God bless them every one.
MB. and Mrs. is. i. Bulla.
Miss Etta Anman and Annie Scott
Oitili of Honor.
Miss Jessie Boroughs entertained
a large number of friends at the
hospitable home of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. P. Boroughs last Thurs
day evening.
The feature of the evening was a
drawing contest in which each
guest was given a piece of paper
upon which to draw a picture of
some animal, with their left hand.
Chas. M. Fox won the first prize,
and Jesse Scarboro was awarded
the booby.
The attendants were Misses Roberta
Stover, Laura Wilson, May Laugh
lin, Bessie Coffin, Ethel Ridge, Ag
nes Moring, Edith Moring, Irma
Whitfield, Lizzie Whitfield, Esther
Auman, Corriuna Anman, Callie
Auman, May Byrd, Annie Blair,
Clara Moffitt, Lizzie Spencer, Clara
Spincer, Ella Hendricks, Florence
Hendricks, Louise Slack, Etta
Aumpn, Annie Scott, Mamie
Richardson, Merrie Richardson,
Blanche Kearus; Messrs. Jas. Mon
ger, O. B. Woosley, Wister Stock
ard. Andrew Lewis, Chas. Fox, Mo
T. Richardson, Foster Richardson,
Clarence Rush, Duke Robins,
Sulon Steduian, Oscar Coffin, Eu-j
gene Moffitt, H. M. Robins, Astor
Tregdon, Carl Auman, Jesse Scar
boro, Leo Barker, Geo. Ross, Cevia
Laughlin, H. B. Martin, Frank
Byrd, Lee Davis, John Civil, Boyd
Auman, . B. natch. '
Rev. W. E. Swain Enjoys Family Oath,
erlng at Plymoth, Washington
County. '
While v.'siting relatives and
friends in eastern North Carolina
Rer. W. E. Swain participated in a
family reunion at Plymouth, Wash
ington county, August 2 6th
which date marked his birthday
Besides his five brothers and sisters
who bad not been together for
thirty-tbree years, there was a large
gathering of friend? in attendance
and tha-tfav as highly enjoyed.
A sumptuous dinner was served. -
Besides Mr. Swain the members
of the family are Rev. C. H. Swain,
of Roper; Mrs. Francis Wynn, of
Btb;W. S. Swain, W. R. Swain and
Mrs. Atnaida E. Batemtn, of
Moonlight Drive.
A large number of Asheboro's
young people enjoyed a moonlight
drive to Randleman Monday even.
ing. lhe drive was given by the
young men complimentary to the
visiting ladieB in the city, lhe
members of the party were Messrs,
C. Fox, Jesse Scarboro, Lee Davis,
Geo. Ross, Leo Barker, L. F. Ross,
L. M. Cranford, Eugene Moffitt,
Clarence Rush, S. B. fe teaman, t
C. Ricbarbson, Frank Byrd, L,
Ferree, McTyere Richardson, G.
Snyder. Misses .Lizzie spencer,
Clara Spencer, Mary Freeman,
Esther Auman, Etbel Ridge, Bessie
Coffia, Lizzie Whitfield, Beulah Fox,
Jessie Boroughs, Blanche Kearns,
H lorence Hendricks, Ruth Freeman,
Etta Auman, Mullie Rush, Irma
Whitfield. Jennie Ingold, Mr. and
Mrs. W. A. Coffin, chaperones.
Randleman vs Proximity.
A pretty game of base ball was
played at Greensboro Friday be
tween Randleman and Proximity
teams. Tbe game wan full of in
terest until the eighth inning when
tbe Bcore was 1 10 0 in favor of
Proximity. Here the Randolph
player " o t their head" and in the
next inning allowed the game to
clote with a tcore of 9 to 0 against
Batterries: Proximity, Caviness
and Nelson; KandJemau, Cooper and
Russell; Umpire L. B. Staley, of
White Oak.
Kanoy New.
Mi Cornelius Julian and familv of Frauk
iurille visited his aunt and Mrs. Xancy
Uwen last Baturuav and, ounuav.
Miss EvelyB Moffitt attending the
Institute at Asheboro.
W. H. Wrenn and family attended tbe
birthday dinner of Mrs. Jane Vuncannon
Dear Warehouse last Thursday returning
home Saturday.
Clvde and Ollie Spoon, of near Ashelioro,
visited relatives in this section last week.
Dr. Turrentine and Prof. Horny, of
lrinitv, epeut last Sunday night at Air. W.
T. Moifitt s.
Miss Etna Ridge, who has been
visiting her cousin Mrs. W. A. Cot
fin, returned to her home in Greens
boro Tuesday.
Educational -Rally to be Held Next
The people of Trinity and 6m
rounding country are looking for
ward. to the Educational Rally at
this place on the 10th of. August,
A large crowd is expected and it
promises to be an interesting oc
casion. Julian S. Carr, of Durham, was
here last week visiting his mother,
and sister, Mrs. Heitman.
The Parker House is alive with
summer boarders.
Mrs. Mercer and. family, of Red
Springs, and Miss York, of Greens
boro, arrived last week.
; Frank Stanback, of Raleigh, was
here this and last week visiting h's
many friends.
Miss Efiie White was called to
Raleigh a few days ago to the bed
side of her brother Dave White, who
is in a hospital for appendicitis. He
is doing well since the operation.
Mrs. J. T. Henry is spending
sometime with Miss Janie Russell,
of Star.
Mr. J. D. Brauie spent last week
with his brothers in Wilkesboro.
He reports a delightful visit to thnt
progressive town.
The young people who have or
ganized a club called, he Loafers
Club and are delighted to see the
sunihine that they may enjoy their
outdoor sports.
Mrs. Mercer and children, of
Aberdeen, and Miss York, of Greens
boro, are staying at the Parker
house for a few weeks.
Mrs. Compton and children, of
Lomsana, are visiting Mr. J. W,
Ballance's family.
Rev. J. B. Craven and wife, of
Aiheville, E. B. Craven and family,
of Lexington and Prof. Bruce
Craven and wife, of Morgan ton, are
viatmg Mrs. Nannie Craven.
iliss Annie Pegram, of Durham,
is ipending the summer with her
aunt, Miss Kate Craven.
Miss Eva Heitman is spending
a1 part of her vacation at Lexington,
Alngs Mountain and Shelby, with
menus and relatives.
A good many of our preachers at
tended District Conference last week
and our pastor, Rev. B. F. Hargett,
has been doing some very efficient
work for lrimty nigh School.
ii. K. Carr has gone to Hot
Springs to spend a few weeks.
Prof. J. I. Henry is traveling in
Davie county this week in the inter
est of Trinity High School.
Mrs. Henry is visiting at Star.
Mr?. Parker, tf Bladen county, is
visiting her sister, Mrs. R. E. Pep
Mrs. Clan and Mrs. Whitehead,
and daughter, or xazoo, Miss., are
spending the summer with Mrs
Mrs. Weeks has sold her house to
a company, who will operate it as a
boarding house for Trinity High
School pupils.
Dr. Dred Peacock has bought the
English place upon which he will
erect a handsome residence.
Gaither Elder has decided to move
into the cottage next to the parson
Prof. Bivens, who was at one time
superintendent of the Asheboro
araded School, has accepted a posi
tion as teacher in Trinity High
Aconite Afotae.
Quite a uuinher of people in this vicinity
attended the Sunday School convention at
Flag Springs Saturday.
Hiss Jewel Alien is visiting mends and
relatives near Queen, Montgoineiy county.
Miss vellie vuncannon, ot Asbeboro,
spent Saurday with her parents Mr. aud
Mrs. Lindley Vuncannon.
Mr. n. A. Allen made a business trip to
High Point Tuesday.
JJrs. Alfred KienardBon, of Dewey, spent
Tuesday with Mra. R. J. Spencer,
Utah Item.
Mrs. Vina Cross stient Saturday nioht and
Sunday with Mrs. L. A. Frye.
Mr. and Mra. D. U. King visited Bufus
King Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Loretta Kewsom i
visiting home
folks this week.
M. L. Frye spent
Saturday night with
ilanlev vt uliams.
Mr. and Mrs. K. V. Boggs visited at D. C.
Staley's Sunday.
lhe young people enjoyed an icecream
supper at Mr.
Ur. Vt illiaras Saturday.
Too Apparent to Deny.
It has often been said bv the
enemies of Republicanism in North
Carolina that the party was simulv
an organization for office-seeking
and office-holding purposes. To
this charge it is unnecessary to make
denial. Greensboro Industrial News
Randolph and Cumberland Railway to
Operate Sunday Trains.
The dedication of Mt. Carinel
Church, on the Elise circuit Sunday
by itev. j. a., i-nzeile, of the
Sanford circuit, began a series of
dedications including five of the six
composing the circuit. Rev. J. W
Hoyle is pastor. The executive
committee of the Moore county
Agricultural society met last week
and recommended that the Society
purchase the late home of A. F.
Page, near Aberdeen as the perman
ent location of the Moore County
rair irrounas, ana a large brick
building in Aberdeen for a perma
nent place for exhibits.
The Randolph and Cumberland
Railway announces that after July
29th Sunday trains will be operated
between Carthage and Cameron on
regular schedule, it futherHU
noutices that after August 1st' the
passenger r.tes between Carthage
and Cameron will be reduced from
50c to 35c first-class and other
stations ni proportion.
.Mnllur of Dr. D. K. Lockliart Died la
OruiijLce Comity Last Week.
Dr. D. K. Lockhart and bi other,
W S. Lockhait, of Durham, who
was here attending the M. E. Con
ference last week left Tuesday
morning of last week for Hillsboro
in response to a telegram announcing
the death of their mother, Mrs. L.
Y. Lockhait, at her home near
Hillsboro Wednesday night. The
deceased was 60 years of age.
Mrs. Lockhart had been in b id
health for several weeks, but was
thought to be improving when she
suffered an attack at the heart
which caused death.
She was a devout Christian and
a member of Pleasant Green M. E.
church in Orange county from
which the funeral was conducted
Friday by her pastor, Rev. Fiiher,
of the Durham circuit.
Besides the husband she is sur
vived by six children: Dr. D. K.
Lockhart, of Asheboro: Mrs. Ster
ling-Browning, of Orange count;
E. L. Lockhart, of Bufoid, Ga.j'fl
S. Lockhait, of Durham; Marvin
Lockhart, of Hillsboro; and James
Lockhart, the youngest who lives at
the home place.
Next Annnal District Conference De
legates to tne Western K. C.
The Greensboro District Con
ference of the M. E. Church,
South, in session at Asheboro last
week adjourned Thursday afternoon
The conference voted to hold the
next annual meeting at Liberty,
making the third successive year
it has been Randolph s pleasure to
entertain this body of Christian
ine following delegates were
elected to attend the annual meet
ing of the Western North Carolina
Conference at Mt. Airy, in Novem'
ber: P. H. Morris, P. H. William
son, Dr. W. G. Bradshaw and C,
H. Ireland.
County Board of Education bas Re-
celved a Deed to New Hope Aca
demy. The Randolph County Board of
Education is busy during the va
cation reparing and improving the
school buildings in the county.
Among the most notable is the
is the' work at New Hope Academy.
This properity was originally deed
ed to a board of trustees, who were
to organize a corporation for the
purpose of running a school, which
was done. A few weeks ago the
citizens purchased all of the stock
and transferred the property to the
Board of Jiducation at no cost to
the county.
lhe building is now being re
modeled and painted at a cost of
about $250 a portion of which is at
the expense of patrons of the school.
When completed the property will
be worth between $S00 and $1000.
Why Not school Opening.
, The fall term ?of the Why Not
Academy and Business Institute
will open on Tuesday, August 14th,
instead of the 6th, as announced on
commencement day. We hope to
have a full attendance on the first
day of the session.
G. r. Garner, Principal.
This July 31, 1906.
Sessions Being Held In Academy
DUCTOR. Opened With Good Attendance Addi
tional Teachers Enrolled Each Day
Work Along Line of Careful
Study and Review.
The Institute for the public school
teachrs of Randolph County be
gan Monday, ar.d will 'continue for
tour weeks. There' are a goodly
number of teachers in attendance,
and they are all hard at work, seek
ing to get as much information and
benefit as possible duriuz the term.
The Institute is being conducted by
Prof.;Chas. M. Staley, who is mak
ing the sessions of the Institute in
teresting as well as instructive.
lhe general plan of the work is
aloug the line of a careful study
aui. review of the subjects taught in
tne puoiic senools. lhe teachers
are studying plans and outlines of
the work which they will have to
do in the school-room, and alonsr
with this study of the school texts
they are studying the educational
principles which underly the work
of teaching and governing.
1 he toliowing teachers 1 a 1 been
enrolled up to yesterday morning:
.Misses. L,enora Bray, OieHill:
Fleta Hay worth, Ramseur; Roella
Yow, Coleridge; Ora Henley, Ida
Henley, Nannie Stowe, May Ridee.
Asheboro; Mabel Stewait, Berta
Ellison, Fraoklinville; Maude Red
ding, Millboro; Ella Lambeth, Hills
Store; Faunie Kimrey, Liberty: Jen
nie Davis, Randleman; Alicj Bur
gess, Ramseur; Grace Winningham,
Central Falls; Lolah Brown, Myrtle
Cox, Ramseur; Pearl Leonard,
Worthville; Patt Lowe, Mechanic:
Corinna Auman, Asheboro; Pear;
Auman, Swannah Lowdermilkl
Seagrove; Evelyn Moffitt, Kanoy,
Martha Uenley, Uthel Brown, Lai la
And ews, Asheboro; Sallie Slack,
Frankhn'ille; Claude Yow, Cole
ridge; C. F. Williams, Liberty; Orin
iork, Kamstur; G. t . Garner, Sea
grove; W. G. Surratr, Riley's Store;
W. R. Smith, Lura Smith, Massab
Lambeth, Blanche Spoon, Asheboro,
Martha Redding, Asheboro; Coney
Spencer, Seagrove; Callie Auman,
Edna Hill, Treva Rush, Asheboro;
Mrs. S. W. Lanier, Trinity. Messrs.
A. S. Callicott, Aconite; D. M.
Weatherly.G. O. Weatherly, S. W.
Lanier, Trinity; Cephas Bowman,
Cedar Falls; C. L. Brewer, Ram
Interesting Marriage at Hlg Pstkt
This Evening. '
A marriage of interest in Asheboro
will occur in High Point thii eve
ning, When Miss Tersie Arneta
Davis, of High Point, becomes the
bride of Mr. Charles LehoniJeous
Cranford, of Asheboro. The marri
age will take place at the home of
the bride s parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Dougan Davis, at six-thirty o'clock.
Miss Davis is an attractive young
lady and has many friends in this
city. Mr. Cranford is highly es
teemed by a host of friends and holds
a responsible position with the Crown
Milling Co., of Asheboro. Mr. and
Mrs. Cranford will arrive this even-
and will be at home to friends at the
new residence just completed by Mr.
Cranford on North Fayetteville
Farrtngton Must Serve Sentence.
The Supreme Court has sustained
the judgment of thf lower court in
the case of Thomas B. Farrington,
of Guilford county.
iwo ot his sons and a man named
Ozment, who was in his employ,
were convicted in Guilford county
for burning the barn of Isaao Stan
ley. Farrington was at home at
the time but he had been reported
by Mr. Stanley for retailing and it
is believed that he instigated the
crime. He was acquitted of lhe
charge of burning the barn however,
but sentenced to two years on the
public roads for retailing. He ap
pealed from the judgment with the
result as above.
R. E. Betts, who has been at
work at the Wood and Iron Works
has accepted a position in Biscoe
and will move his family there this

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