North Carolina Newspapers

, Vt, POSTERS, - - -
- BLANKS, ic
And Job Work of all hinds done -pit I
from ft uess and -at low f rices.
" kjitors 'and rkr tl;;. r.
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x ir.4-r;
(I -
: . , General JfertAuiii U"'
' . ; " fc. E. Graham A Co , 3. T
.. Brevard A Co., J. , I n
- . UK Lee, K. Redwoeri t
Mean, A. H. Jones Aboil, I
W. H. Brown. G. M. Kobtii
rASon, J.D.
f. Sawyer, G. A
, -n, Rankin A Co.,
' . Powell Snider; H. I. I v-n, A. J. Merrill, H.
RodwoodACo.O.I hi. P.gawyer, Bear
, den. Rankin Co ( Jaui i,
;' ;; - -:. ' Oraiil, . i rnn-l
3. K. Staraeo, Poire! EnU.
. fraland. - - C . A .
- , rennfanan 4 Co.. VainGrav.r i
: ShMC, Unuefrvihino, I
Rallard Bros., Biowb tln
f'. v v .': CtotMng, CknW wr-
Jumea P. Sawyer, M". ITJ ,
Alexander and
'event; S c.
I Ttmcare. : t
iv UndseyBros.
j. . ;
. nartea E Lee, 8
. - BootSi Shoe; and Una: " '
;'" W. T. Weaver, M. Levy. , ; ..- i v-
Boot and SAoe Jfcmnutrr.
t v . M. Levy, W.T. Weaver, A. Fieck.
' Boot and StatUmcty. ,
; J. L. Wflkle, J. K. Morgan & Co.; H. T. Esta
: brook, H. H. Lyons. , '
Druggidt vA HiarmacatiUti.
' "H. H. Lyons, W. C. Cannlebael, 0. W. PeVanlt
- A Co., C. II. Moncure, W. E. Pelhra.
- Musirat Instrument. e,,
- C. Cowan, 6teffneran4obensoH."" -'r".-S.-.;-
- - ToweU an4 nlder, 8; R. Kepler, A. R ;pooleT,
" Penley St Co.. T. F. Starnes, Q. W. Goodltoe. A-i.
Merrill, J. E.Ware, Ware and Howell, A. CJDavta,
Jmel?ank,J.J.Mackey&COM Jesse K. Stornes,
- G.Z. McDonald, W. L. Morgan, F. M. Johnfon. &.
B NolandiiSons.T.W.Shelton,J.R.TruU,G.H,
'gUrnes, N. Penland Penland A Alexander. ; r .
Butdten, Jleat Dealer; te.
; Zachery Bros., James Lusk, T. K. Davb, Mc
Connell and Urake.
. - - Baterles.
3. J. Desmond, F, JC Johnson, J. C. OUver,
- . Coffecttoueriex.
J. J. DesmonA, (factory), J. M Heston. v -
, Saddlrf, Bamm, &e. : .
SOI. Gilbert & CoAleyander and Penland. .
- .f Furniture, Lc ?
. -2 W. B. Williamson, Moors"" &. Talk,' P. ,S. Mc
Hnnen. . '
. S t Undertaken. - : .
. X. Brand, J. V. Bsown, JohhCJaytoa '
"X ' Coal Deaer.-
- 9 F. VenaMe, B. S. Wafon, Hill and Atkins
, S. W. Oirdwood fr to. -. - ' "
lvutbleday & Scott. . . .
-; Contractor; Carpenter, and Builders.
V LoorenHo. John Hart, J ; A. Wagner, T. C.
STefctaU, E. J. Armstrong, J. K. Birttrick, T. L.
- 1ayton4 A. Ci. West. . . ' . . H ...
r : i- .,'''. Blaeismitin . ' " - .
1. W. Cauble. J. H,.TV'ood-. - : - . ' . '
r.- 'i c . ' Hotel . .., ' '
SwanuanW Eagle,- Chund Central. Western,
- Jalin Houhc, sialic House, The ilia, Floriaa
Health Association. . .
" p...'-.!' J'rifttlf Boarding. '
" a T Snanney. P. 8. McMullen, Miss Bettie
- " Brown, Misses Coffin, Mrs. A. E. HaU, P. FjEmer-
ion. Mlsa Smithy T. W. KeeL Mrs. A. B. Chuuo, !
Donald, M. J. Kagg, J. A."iW J. K. Rankin W.
T. Reynolds, Mrs. T. E. Reynolds, K Sluder, Mrs.
Holland-, irs. Broiles, Mri Mrs. K
- L. Baird, W. W. McDowell, James W. Patton, Mrs.
Leicester Chapman, H. C. Hunt, E. J. Aston, Mrs.
H. c. France. . - . - .
livery, SaU and Terd Stable.
Reynolds A Chambere, J. M.Bay, 'J. AJWed
dln. James 8evier, C. O. Allen, T. H. Btanslll
Wm. Cox, E. W. Herndon, S. H. Barnard, G.
Jlprgan & Co., E. T. Clemmons, J,esse B, Btarnes.
Colleges, School, Jx. '
AshevUle Female College; AslieriUe Male
" Academy, Kewtott Academy, MijsGoodloe's Hign.
Brhool for young ladies, Miss Sawyer's Primary
school, Mra J. P. Gammon's Primary School.,
'""three white public schools, two good 'colored
schools. A graded school has been authorized by
law, and a State normal school will be heM every
' iliUmery, tc. L
Mrs. it'll. Herndon, 8; Whitlock," Mrs. M." E.
. " Mann, J. P. Bawyer, Mrs RE Porter. --
. Attorney At law.
' McLoud ic Moore, J." H. Mermnon, E. H. Mer-
- rimon, M. E. Carter, A. L. Carter, Gudger fc Car
ter, J. M. Gudger, F. A. Sondley, W. 8. Cushman,
Richmond Pearson, E. D. Carter, W. W. Vandiver,
Davidson fe Martin, T. A. Jones, 8. H. Reed, W. B.
Gwyn, Locke Craig, W. R. Whitson, Jones and
Hardwicke, Johnston & Shuford, W. M. Cocke,
- Nats Atkinson, A.T, Davidson, W. H. Malone,
.y.S. Lnsk, P. A. Cummings, A. J. Lyman, -y
" Physician and Surgeon.
V. J. Cain, W. L. W. D. Hilliard, John HeJ
Williams; J. A. Burroughs, J. A. Watson, M. L.
Nelson, Ward law McGiU, H. P. Gatchell.
' .; ... . Dentit. . . .
' ' G. W. W'hitsoiV B. H. Douglas, R. H. Reeves, A.
' 'fi. Ware. r,-
Bani, Btnlers and Broker.
Bank of AsheviUe, SlndertBamanl., . .
u .' " .,' i Merchant Tailor. '
J.AV.Bcuartle. . ' 1 ."
Dealer in Far. . . -
. M. Ellick. " ' - " ' -
Eeal Estate Agencies. ..
Walter B. G wyn, A. J, Lyman, Natl Atkinson,
EVJ. Aston, B. M. Jones.. - -. , . ,y ..
, " Architects and Civil Engineers, : "
. S F- VenaolevJ A Tennant, . ' J -
' 1 .- 3Aaax Woxthouse. '7?'..
' The Ashevilte Warehowe, The Banner Ware
' " house, The Farmer Warehouse, Ray's Wtre
' ' house, The Buncombe Warehouse. .
," Tobacco ifantifaeturertChciring and Smoking. .
; 8. B, West, McCarty & Hull, J. E. Ray, E. L
" Holmes & C., Shelton & Perry, W. P. WUliamson.
" ! ': " Cooper, &c. '
L. F. florreli; N. W. Gird wood, William Weaver,
' " Wine, liquor; tc .
Loughraa Bro&f Hampton 4 Feathexatone, W.
O. Muller, & Co A. P. SorreiL t . - '
JVrpers Hanger;
Caia Jt Hunt, Moore Falk. R. J- Fitzpatrick.
' " ' ' "' . newspaper.
-' Daily and Wbbklt itixen, Daily and Weeklv
v - Advance, The Asheville Tribune (weekly.) . ;
, , "Job Office; -. , . ..
V The CmiKJi bb Office, Hunt t Robertson. ....
' , Xt, W. Taylor, W.T.'Robertsonv Ti T. HiH.
v Jordan Hallyburton, N. W. Ctrd-vrood, Ja. E.
w Buttrick, MeLane. . ' .. Mj. - VT ;,
v - Fertilizers, it. ' .
F. N. Waddell, "Star Brand." Penntanm ft Co.,
''Anchor Brand," G. M. Roberta, Alex. Porter,
; : "Piedmont," W. H. renland, "Owl Bracd," Bear
. ' - . derf, Ranklr. Co "Ober A- Co.'s Special," Lyon
" Jt Walker, "Farmer'sWend," T.C Starnes, ."Ar
lington." W-rW. Barnard, "6e Fowl," N. W.
Girdweod A.Co "Soluble Pacific." -:t-i'
i - V.' Insurance. -'-' ?'J
- ' E. X Aston, TbOB. .W. Branch.
W. K . Telegraph.
; tfe G. WeldoB atanaaer. . '
- Southern and 'Ada Express.
' F. A. Stikeleather, manager. ' :
- Cml Officer vf Buncombe County.
: ' - -herVSJ. R. Jw; Deputy Daniel Reynolds; 8.
' ' ClCierk Herndon; Register J. B, Pattersor.;
" I'reasurer J. H. Courtney; Surveyor B. F. Patton;
Tax CoHector.T. W. Patton. , ' ,
, V ' Inferii.r Court. . -' '
Justices G. A. Shuford, C. B. Way, J. M -Green;
Clerk Mont Patton; Solicitor It. barter.
' f County ComwUfmismer.
" J. E. Rankin, J. A. Reagan, G.-W, Whitson, L.
" U ChUds, Thoa. D. BriOain.
Justices of the Pcare. -A.
T8nmmcy, N. A-Penland, T. W. ration, C.
B. Way, J. M. Ledford, J. M. Jarratt, J. B. Cain.
City Government. '
Mcyor E. J. Astou; Aldermen- W. H. Penland,
- - T. C. Westall,' . P SorrelU I. Gorenflp, William
Wearer; Marshall A BL Baird; Chici Police W. G.
McDowell; Policemen J. H. Hampton, R. W.
Gowan. -v v;- -. - .'.".
. Fire Department. - "
Hose Nil, Foreman H. C. Fagg; Hfr IX NO. 1,
Cant. A.F.liuU.;- v, - . , - - -
. - - , f t . Sanitars Department.'. . ? " -r ;;
- - Df. Tt 31 illaxd, Sanitary Chiet - . i .
... Federal Officer.
' t st. Commissioner. A. T. Bummey. Deputy
. Collector, (stamp office) A. D. Cooper. District
Deputy 8. C. Herren. ' Deputy Marshalls, R. O.
Patterson, A. C. Patterson, X. K, Davis, H 8. Har-
, ng' United Slate District and Circuit Court.
JuVe R. P. Pick, Solicitor J. E. Boyd, Clerk J.
E. Keed, Deputy Clerk y, a. vummicgs.
- . , rott Office. :
n. L. Gudzer P. M.," Clerks W. B. Moore, W. L.
.V- Horman, A. L. CliflV .. ' ; t .
-, Stwina Machine Agenda. , J .
' vhjhlor t- Wilson. -J. H. Herriris. Chief Cierk
JlWa I'.'ssie Ju.tioe. Singer, M. H. Morynihan,
nwt C!'rk W. Motiteath.- Domestic, S. R.Cbed
oier fc Son, Chaa E Lee. .. . j':'''-'-
' - f vote There miiy beerrois in the above, whirh
'w li) t? gSu'iiy orrectod upon notification. ;
Arrival Iepsrtaure
Sajusbcbv Arrives 8:50 a. k .
I " i i Departs 51 r. f, '
, Tenneesee Arrive 5:21 . K. . --
. ' 'rr i Departs 9:12 a. l:.
Waiy em vi t4J-Aniveg 80 p. I'.
r - " Ueparta9:12A. , '
" The Wayneaville train xeachen . at point at
10 ; returning, leaves Waynes viuj at 2-30.
The beet S ceniCigar in town t Ly
ons' "White Rose." ,
W. T. Weaver, Sole Ageni for Hess'
Hand-Hade Shoes for men. , tf
Will be published ' every evening (
cept Sunday) at the following rates
strictly cash; ' ' " " ' - '
One Year, . . . . J $6 qO
Six Months, . . . ... 8 00
Three " :. . .'.'. .; . . 1 50
One ' a' c . 50
One Week,". , ": ., . 15
unr uarners wul aeuver,tfle paper etH
ery .evening m every part or tne city to
oar subscribers, and parties wanting it
will please call at the Cmzss Office, t
lSWe shall issue an early " edition of
the Daily every afternoon, in order to
place the paper the same evening along
the line of the railroad from here to
Salisbury. -This will place' the noon
dispatches in the hands of our readers
on the line of the W. N. a Bail Road
sooner than any other paper in the State.
SgT'Our friends will remember that
the - Skmi -Weekly Cttizks ' has been
merged into the Daily.
The Weekly ha not been discontin
ued, and any one desiring to change to
either Daily or Weekly can do so. "
OTICE. ...... j
Persons wiio fail to get their papers,
Daily or -WjasKLY'CrriZEir, will confer
a special favor upon us by calling atten
tion to the same at the office, r v - -
Smoke the Fan Cigar at PEi nAk's.
Now register, and do so at'onceT Not
half the voters of the city have done no.
Clothinsf, Hats, Shoes, ITmbrellaB, Va
lises, &c; - - H REmvoon & Co.
The Buncombe Warehouse sold to-day
603 lbs. of tobacco for Mr. W. R Fergt-
son for $221 12, an average of nearly 31
per hundred. . - - "
Harry Williams" is again with the
Messrs. Pel bam, and would-, ba pleased
to see and serve his friends.- He has
been at the
Warm Springs for some
. - ... -'
' ; - " v.
Kkxtxtky IlonsEs. V. ? '
" MajorHerndou last night' received a
dozen fine Kentucky horses for this
market A pair of beautiful 60rrels have
already been sold to Mr. I E. Lvons, of
New Orleans, who spends his summers
at his residence in Chunn's cove.
Hotel Arbivals. '
EaglsB Winchip, AUanta; T LCling-
man, AsheviUe; Landsay Davis, is v
Swaraumoa R S Crump, Va; W v J
Crowell, S C; Mrs E W-.Nortony Gallonpe .
Norton, Boston; Dr and Mrs-Gibbons,
Connecticut; Chas B Young, H K Porter,
Cincinnati; M S Kellogg and wife anj
children, Chicago; Dr Tbad A Kearney
Cincinnati; R L Dewey, Vennont; j jj
Rawls, city; E F Sickles, Philadelphia' -: .
Grand Central M A Cone, Baltimore;
W E Winsand, J J Redmond, Marshall;
E M Black, C A Zuvry, R . A 'Adams,
Knoxville; Sheriff W C Hickey 'Deputy
Sheriff J no Buchanan, H B By rd, Bakers
vine. . --- - -
Annual CoNVEStioy, Diocese or JfoRTn
Carolina. l " -
Rev. Edw. R Rich, secretary of the
above convention, has issued the follow
ing:"" . '"
The sixty-ninth annual convention of
the Protestant Episcopal church in the:
Diocese of North Carolina will meet (D.
V;)in Trinity church, Asheville, on Wed
nesday, May 27th, 1885, at 10 o'clock a. m.
Due notice will be given through the
Church Messenger, and other papers, of
the arrangements made as to railroad
fares, etc.: - - l
The Reverend clergy are paiifcularly
requested to call the attention of the sec
retaries of the Parish Vestries to Canon
II, sections. ' ' :
More Rapid Mail Facilities'foii the
'. West. ' -':" y: i
"r Hon. Thomas D. Johnston is Cndeav
oring to facilitate mail matterS ih the
West by having " the ' Cherokee and
Graham mails go on to Charleston, and
start toward tht ir respec'.ivedistinations
on arrival at the latter point; thus reach
ing Murpbv and Robbinsville the day
after leaving Asheville.- The 'recent
change,, forwarding thermal frem'Web
ster towards the west, hastened matters
much; if . Mr. Johnston can Bucceed in
his present will be a great ben
efit to enr friends in Cherokee, and
Graham. We hope to soon announce
that such orders have been given" This
summer, the train will: run up the Nan
taliala, .and then- the mail which leaves
Asheville n the morning can be pushed
through tor Murphy and Robbinsville
that evening. Let the good work- go
on. - ' 2 -''- - -: : '
The Mitowcsp. v.;-V ..-,
- For the benefit of the many thousand
readers of this journal who may desire
an official description of a "mugwump"
w print th subjoined stanza: ' " r".
; The Uogwump is an Eastern bird, ' . '
':':'' With plumea of gorgeous bne; ' r
His crest is red, bis bosom white, '' V
- His wings celestial blue. ; r r '.'
Pelham's Soda is the coldest and most
delicious in the city. w . ,-y- .
Ask for lapi lis ire at Pelham's Soda
Fountain. - . - - -
v Kid Gloves, - Parasols, Corsets, Em
broideries, Laces, - Ribbons, Neckwear,
Underwear, Jewelry, Ac. . '
V v " ' ; . '11. Redwood & Co.
- llandnome New Goods.' ' 1
r v ; ' IL Redwood & Co;
The Semi-Axsital Cleaeisg Sale ;
At Law's China and Silver Store "this
week only. Twenty per cent, discount
on all goods sold at retail lor cash tnil
remocrattc Sfunielpal Ticket,
" george. f; scott; V;'" '
" I. If. GORENFLO, ' . .
J. L MURRAY,. - I'
N. W, GIRDWOOD. ' ... .
Th Tobacco Association. ?
The President of this Association , re.
quests ns to say that, owing ' to the fact
that next Monday will be election day
in Asheville. theTeenlar.monthly meet
ing will be postponed tin til the 11th of
Committee to Repoht ox Rsssiss. . :.r ? "'
The Executive Comnute pf the W:
N. C. Fair-Amociaiibn Las appointed the
following gentlemen to consider and re
port oa berries of all kinds raised in this
section : Messrs. E. I.' Holmes, G. S.
Powell and Jordan Stone. The- berries
to be left at the Citizen . office, and the
report to be made at the next Fair. ... , .
MorgAktox Matters. '- ' ' ':
Our Morganton correspondent' tinder
date of 29th, says jf ?, If.
Judge Avery, who "has just returned
borne from Court, left by special car with
his wife for Philadelphia, Penn where
Mrs. A., who is in delicate health", will
remain for some time. . ,.
Maj. T. H. Bomar is laying the found
ation for his new cottage opposite the
Mountain Hotel. .
Mr. Lucas Duckworth, who fell off the
Presbyterian church last Monday, is still
in a critical condition. ,
Is GoowLrcK, - ,. .. ;.
Our young friend W. E. Ferguson, of
Fine's Creek, Haywood county, was in a
good humor tbisunorning. . He Bold, at
th Buncombe Warehouse, S. Bv West
fe Co proprietors, six lots of tobacco, as
follows: $25, 37, 4 27, 47, 24,-603
pounds for $221 12. -We are always
pleased to note the success of our vousg
farmers, and Mr. Ferguson is one of
them, and as the above shows is a good
one.- -J -' - ' ". -'' 'r'-"--
Personal Mentiox.
Mr. C. E. Graham has returned home
from a business trip to the New York
and Boston markets. .. lie finds business
generally dull, but the belief is enter
tained that a foreign war will revive the
general trade greatly.
Uen. J. Li- dingman arrived nom
this, morning, looking healthy , and in
good Spirits, llis many friends arelad
to' meet him again. "-'" .- P-- l r
'Mri C. F. Yotimr, ot- Burnsyille, has
been qnite ill for some time past. Dr.
Watson, of Ahevjlre, recently werfjfrmed
an operation upon him, and we learn
that he is raptdiy regaining his health.
The Raleigh News-Observer says: "C.
A: Moore, Esq., of Ashevijle, is attending
the sapreme court, f He gives an inter
esting 'account of Asheville's progress,
and rays 100 new houses are now in
course of erection."
" Mr. R. R. Rawls, of the Swannanoa
Hotel, has returned from: an extended
trip in the interests of his hotel and of
Asheville. He took in Florida, New Or
leans, Nashville, Ixiuisville, St. Ixwis and
other points. - . . , -
The Railroad Through RrniERFoitn.
Our, Rutherford friends are anxiously
hopeful that the beginning' of work
near ' Forest City, on the Gaffney. City,
Marion: and Virginia- Railroad, which
passes through ihe centre of Rutherford,
McDowell" and " Mitchell counties, will
not end until the road "is completed.
The Rutherford- correspondent of the
Shelby New Era gives the following grat
ifjiag information: - '-
f Sufllcient money baft been subscribed
already tot furnish the means necessary
for the construction of the road. Besides
the subscription of Rutherford, Mitchell
county has subscribed $100,000 and Mc
Dowell $50,000.' - Georgetown county,
S. C, has voted $100,000, GaffneyvCity
and vicinity about $30,000, and . other
counties will subscribe $5,000 per mile
through their 4eitory.?-i:M"f 1
b "If the -whole system of which this
road is a link, be completed, it will, be
one of the. most important lines m the
country. The northern terminus is 1n
tended to be Cranberry Iron Wojks, the
rjad passing through Marion. On the
south, Georgetown, . S. C, was proposed,
but Capt Ramsour, the chief engineer,
thiuks that Charleston would be a better
terminus with a-branch Georgetown.
A road is expected to be run from Cin
cinnati to Johnson City Depots Tenses
see, a point pear the Cranberry Iron
Works. It will be a Very" slight jiork to
connect these roads." " -- -un :,rr
r: ; . - . ". s;
Tua Baptist CnuRC'n to be RIpaired
vThe necct safy amount' of fuii)3s has
been raised for repairing, the "(Baptist
Church in this place,: and work will be
gin t once. ' The building committee
consists of Rev. Mr.: Carroll,' and Messrs.
L Millard, Gorenflo, A. D. Cooper and Pat
terson. The inside -of the "chhrch is. to
be" thoroughly remodeled, r new sash,
blinds and corniees, and the whole to
be repairetl. The interior of the church
was last year remodeletk and this "im
provement - will make " th"?-" building a
handsome one.' f - - : - . ; -
The best 5 cent Cigar in Asheville' is
the Fan at -Pelham's Dri?g Store."
: Pelham's massive Argosy Soda Foin?
tain has again opened for the season. -
Dress Xroods,' i White : Goods, 'Fancy
Goods, Domestics, Housekeeping Dry
Goods, Ac. H. Redwood & Co. -
The ietebrated "$2 50 ; and $2.d9"
Shoes, also ZieglerVand Banister's Hand
Sewed Shoes. -v 11. Redwood A Co.
For" axdelicious' glass of cold bms water
goto --" : Peuiam's Deig. Store.
- . ' - ' , ,i i ris i. .f ,
lMr. R. L. Fitzpatrick has removed
bia shop to the front basement of .the Car
ter law building-, south side o Courthouse.
He has inliis employ eight or ten - good
practical pauiters, including Mr., llenry
Edney, and- is fully prepared to do all
manner of work in his line with prompt
ness and in the best manner. . lie has. in
stock an elegant assortment" of wall pa
dering. - . .: r --".. .... . ,tin i
Go to IVihanrs Drug-J?'tore for Garden
Seed Bean and Peasv-lOe. pihh"'
editor s coiBKrriPojrp-
: -i
' , ? FiASKXis, April -27tn, 1885." '
Judge Gilmer reached here this morn
ing at 10 o'clock, having made 'the drive
from Webster in three liours tmd forty
eight minutes, the last five miles being
made in thirty-five minutes. Capt. J.
B. Young's famous pacer, Santa Claup,
bad the honor of expediting the Judic
iary and winning honors for; himself.
The Judiciary was ' not exhausted by
any means, . but t immediately entered
upon a new tpur of duty. The Court
was promptly '- organized, thji Grand
"J pry ably chargedr.wut Solicitor- Fergu-:
son-entered on' his work. An examina-j
tion-of his docket develops .af unusual
numhenof misdemeanor, but very little
of crime. jOnly four .eases .of . larceny
appear, which speaks well of the hon
esty of the people. .' There i -rather a
liberal exhibition , f assaults' - and. bat
teries, a smaller number of affrays and
a goodly number 6f yielding to the temp
tation of carrying, concealed weapons.
Among the cases are 'twenty-one bilk
against a woman, one Lotty Calloway,
for "Belling whiskey without license.
There is one case of burglary ia which
n is hoped and believed that toe char
acter, of the accused: will be amply vin
dicated. ' He is a young man of a highly
respectable 'and influential family, far
removed above the temptation' to the
crime with which he stands charged,
and with no antecedents which might
properly subject him to suspicion. He
will , probably hi put on trial "to-mor
A case was tried this afternoon which
just one year ago was the'occosioh : of
wide spread interest in mis and adjoin
ing counties. Early in April of laet year
a party of young inn were working one
of the public roads. There was much
emulation between them and some rath
er rough bantering, relative to work and
capabilities; . This was more especially
with Benjamin Buchanan and. James
W. Shepperd, the latter scarcely come of
age, the other older and a married man,
though a very yoong one. .Buchanan,
enraged at an insulting expression of
Shepperd, suddenly raised the hoe with
which he was working, and struck Shep
perd a heavy blow ugon the. very crown
of the head as be bad turned to resume
his work. He did not fall until he bad
reached his -house, several hundred
yards .distant, which he did bathed in
blood, .then. falling unconscious on the
floor. Physicians were obtained as soon
as possible iroui franklin. tiis skull
was found to he cleft open, fragments of
the skull driven into the lacerated brain, i
and in dressing and cleaning the wound
a very material Quantity of the brain '
sraa -removed-. - Dr.. I.vl a. rjeaetitioner
of hong standing and exleiisTve practice,
told me that he had never knOwn any
one to survive the removal of so much of
the brain, and that in nine cases out of
ten the injury would have been followed
by death in twenty four hours. Shep
perd ' is well and gave in his testimony
this afternoon with a clearness and
directness that proved that his intellect
ual powers were not materially impaired.
tie is said however to nave bad slizut
attacks of epilepsy since his recovery. :
At the close of the. testimony the de
fendant submitted to a verdict of guilty
and was sentenced to eight months im
prisonment in the county, jail which
with a prisoner's ttmfinement will go to
make up a year in prison for an oflence
which seems to have come lroin a sudden
impulse of uncontrollable terrper rather
than from notice or premeditation. The
punishment falls heavily upon a sick
wife and helpless children, and justice
might ask for. no more. .
Franklin wears a cheery appearance.
The newly created municipal authorities
have done much good work in repairing
streets, making siue walks, providing
crossings, and in planting snade trees
which Btretch out in long rows, enclosed
in newly white washed boxing and have
a look of h ealtb , care and -taste. There
is not much building' going on. Mr. A.
S. Bryson has a large stock of bricks
ready for the erection of a building near
the Arlington Hotel. The three hotels
here are in good keeping and well kept.
The Arlington, the youngest, by Mr.
Bryson is very pleasantly eitnated and is
very popular. D- C. Cunningham, with
the additions to his . house maintains, if
he has not increased, his popularity; for
the house is1 full to overflewing.; The
house of Mr. and Mrs. N. G. Allman is as
charming to me as it always has .been.
Finding my way there once, I have al
ways been" true, to it.' Hera are Judge
Gilmer, Solicitor Ferguson, . W A.j.Gasji,
Ben Posey and his brother A. Evnd a
number of others beside,. enooghiTto fill
up the bountifully and nicely x supplied
table. ; isr j "
The advance in vegetation on this side of
the Cowce mountains is observablfl.'The
forests' are: being clothed in greenj.the
buckeye isin full leaf, the apple trees cast
deep shade, thegardensare very -forward,
potatoes, beans and - corn. up. : Straw
beiries in bloom. Clover heavy cjiough
to bend to the breeze, the meadows and
pastures green as e merald and with the
presence and song of the Spring birds
assurance seems to be given that summer
is not lar;'- -;''. vr..-' r'-'" '
There is the usual report about the
wheat crop.' It is. very short. --Tobacco
will engage more attention: than, ever
before;-'-. ; ;::; f f' ;-:!r, " -;
. Will write again .to-morrow. " C
ToAdvertisers.':':';:' .'-,v L-Z.
All new advertiaements, or changes, for
the Daily must be in the Office by 2 p.
m.; for the Weekly, by 12 fa. on ' Tuesday.
Our mends ana patrons are reqste to
observe "this. : - V ' ' -; ;
. s. 1 C ' '. 'V
Kenxebeo Ice. -'V' '. v ' -.'"""
A foill Bupt'ly of the Kennebec Ice re
ceived and . for- sale at
Drug Store- Supplied in
SUita-Vvi-.-.i ' -
quantities to
The sii'fria Rfalonv.
There was an old man of Malone,
Who haclies in every bone., . .' 5- -f
A friend pitied his grief v I - -
And prescribed Hart's Relief. , V,..,
To this aching old man of Malone .
Six 10c. papers Lahdreth's Garden
Seeds for 25c at Pelham's Drug Store.
Peas and Beans in bulk; .... ,'-
. Garden Peas at Pe'.ham'aClOc. pint "
You- can save just 20 eienta on every
dollar pjifnt at Law's this week, tml
vXieariiigsaleat i.ijf' this week, toil
associated PRESS TEI jCfiKAMa spe
- , ' CIAL TO CTTIZEK. ' - . : - '
v " ST. lETEKSIlTrROs.
: :(- '.'" " - . " CUSSED. v.'" .;.
;..'';t-: Vieska, April 3012 m.
Tagllaifs St. Petersburg.correspondent
says a council of war was held oa the
24th inst It is believed the council dis
cussed the necessity of occupying Herat,
Eleven vessels of Cornstadt have gone to
tb-BaUh . . "," ' -''v
. t V --v . i-.-'-
Roaittr i Seeona BatM VWiinrsnet:
Z Loldox, Apr. 30. 3 p. "rh.
'. . In the- House of Lprds this afternoon
Lord ;GranyiIle, - Foreign' Secretary,' an
nounced that telegrams had been received
from Sir- Peter. Lumsden which contra
dicted the reports of Russian advancerup-
qn and' occupation of Meruchak. ' 4 . - -
... ..'" :. LOSUMHT.' '
- " Aaarressive sat Ofrnlre.
1 i.-, -
' t .- '
, . - : -Loxdon, April 30, 1 p.m,
is : confidently "stated -: in
ministerial . circle' that, the government
possesses information . which'. .: shows
beyond a doubt the pFfmedated charac
ter' of Russian policy of aggression in
Afghanietoiii. It is reported that JJarle
Dufferen's "i latest -(- dispatches - throw
additional light upon this matter. Lord
Duiferen throughout ' has been "doubt
ful of a pacific settlement of the difficul
ties, and regards war as inevitable. ' . :
Admiral JoneU Sustained.
All Qnesiioim Settled, and
Peace Reigns on the Islhmnsl
' ' ; - ' --yASAiNCTo.',-Aprir3a .
Secretary Whitney '; sent the -following
telegram to Admiral Jouett yesterday: 'I
approve your steadfast . maintenance- ot
this .Government's position orrthe Isth
mus. The treaty guarantees the protection
of the transit equally by this Goveriiment
and by Colombia. . Measures ntcessary i:
effect this t ill be supported. Have suffi
cient force at ' Panama ready, in case of
need, to meet, any act of Colombian forces
involving the destruction or embarrass
ment of the -transit in violation of then
treaty with this Government An armed
contest "" of "the place -involving . the
same", result is also "a breach of ' the
Treatr. I recognize that you are in a
delicate and ciitical position. I shall be
inclined to stand by you in the exercib6
of your befet judgment under your gen
eral instructions, . if j-our acts result in
the safety of the transit pioptrtr,at Pan
ama, and the re-cstablishment of a sta
ble government." " ,
. Late yesterday , afternoon Admiral
Jouett telegiaphtd to Secretary Whit
ncy as follows: reacclul eettiement
between government troops and revolu
tionists at Panama has been made to-day.
I witnessed the treaty and all joints of
difference were rtfeired to me."' : -
Aizpure "surrenders uncond4tioitalty.
The government foices will take posses
sion of ' Panama ' to-mon-ow, and ' the
trouble on the 1st b mus w ill be nu-tically
ended. '" . "
In an interview this moruing Secreta
ry Whitney, explains the delicate posi
tion in which Admiral Jouett was
placed " lie says, "Trouble at - Panama
is - practically eheed. I think Admiral
Jonett and his associates in the expedi
tion have acted with great good judgment
and discretion. Yesterday morning they
were in trouble! Two forces prepared
to fight it out in the city of Panama. " I
think Admiral- Touett'a ' position " has
been- under his instructions that to set
tle their disputes in that city woilid' rb
sGitinthe embarrassment of the tslh-
nvus Transit, and be in violation of'tra
ty obligations, and fchould 'hot Do'done,
It. has resulted in forcing a settlement
of their matters and prcoervation of prop,
erty: Insurgents, if obliged to fight out
side of the city unprotected by buildings
and. barricades could" not under any ' cir
ernstahces succeed. .They have there
fore surrendered without fighting.'" !
think the "manner ' of our people and
heir determined opposition when acy-
tliing was done which lookel like peril
to their interests they were there to pro-'
text,'must have inspired very desirable
feeling of respect, at same time has avoid
ed that feeling 6 hostility likely'to arise
Jroui presence of superior force from
withoutand which would lead to occasion
permanent irritation and unfriendliness
I think the expedition "will result ulti
mately in benefitting our commercial
relations down thereL It has shown that
we were ready to act effectually and de
cisively and at the saute time in a mod
orate and proper spirit, protecting our
interests and rigbbi and not' infringing
upon theinu The 0 S forces which were
sent to Panama, it is'cxjtertcd, will be
rcrallofl atari early day.- '
Mr. Kelley Ciocs o Aiistrla-
v Hungary. " -
Washixotcs, April CO, 12 hi.
' l're6ident Cleveland to-day appointed
Anthony M. Keiley, of Richmond, to be
Envov Extiiiordinary and Minister
Plenipotentiary' of the, Chi ted States-to
Austria-llungaiy' - - - - - - ;
" slnrT3TEnitriisDE?r.'
Admits Having Reeelred Or
der not to Advance on PeuJ ;
" deb, bat .Other O facers A f
; Falling to Receive 1
; Similar Orders tc. " j
St. Peters b CEd, April 30, 1 p." n.;
The Official Messenger to-day publishes
a telegram from Gen. Komaroff which is
in reply to the dispatch of Sir Peter
Lumsden, British Commissioner denying
accuracy of. Gen.. Komaroff's report of
battle on March 30th on Kucbk River
between Russians and. Afghans. Genl
Komaroff in the .dispatch published to
day admits that he had received an orj
der from the Russian. War Office pre
vious to the battle not to occupy Penj
deb, but sayg that other, oflicerfl' on
frontier had not' yef bcem advieed'of
receipt of such an order. Referrfi to al
leged ' advance, - of : Russian troops
previous to the-the fight.' lis srya tha
only 'a sortie of furcomens-hacl advanced;
toward Penjd.h biit the' had no '.tntea
tton'of attacking the: Afghans and witlt-i
drew when the latter approached them .in
a hostile attitude, Gen. - Komoroff reit
erates his former assertion regarding ilie
audacity and arrogance of the. Afghans,
their daily drawjng nearer ; to the. Rus
sian camp their o'cudation of coinmand-
'---.. : x j. . . .
g posiuon -online lert 01 tne canip ana
other'evenla which led Upoibattle ;
TR.vnr robbers ijt xstbiahA. V;
Htp aTrxlu, Kill tbe ExreaM oiemen
-1 g-er and Hob a Safe. ,
. ; 4 - , , CiiiCAGO. April 3fr 1 1. m.
The Louisville Express on the Louia-J
viJie Kew;Ajbany and Chicago Railroad,
duo here a 6 o'ejock this morning,-was
stopped near'-Jlarrodsblirg, Indiana,
shortly before :, midnight by a band of
masked robbers. The latter , were on
horseback. and:compelled ?the engineer
and firemari to leave their engine.' En
tering the Express car of the American
Express Company, the messenger was
covered wirh"feyolvera;rand. refusing to
unlock t he'safe" was shot dead. The safe
was broken open,-but only four hundred
dollars obtained. The scene of robbery
is among 'the hills and stone- quarries
and is thinly settled. . . . " . "
. .:..:v. ; KET. . . i ..
-. ' " : " w'Yoek, April 30 -
1 Tho stock "market opened dull : but
strong .this morning, thefirst "prices
allowing in almost every case an advance
oLLt$ frpv "Cent the" exceptirma biug
in the decline of i in Western Union,
the Missouri Pacific and St. Paul in
early dealings. Shortly before the close
of the liit hour prices generally yielded
a small fraction, led by the Lackawanna.
At 11 o'clock the quotations are very
nearjopenin , prices, tho Lackawanna
l pr ccnt; Pacific aud Union Pacific Do
ing a shade loner. leaning rates con
tinue easy and without change.. Total
sales for first ..hour were :i7,UG0 shares. ti
-; -Baltimore SZnrfceta. .
' --':-1altimoee, April 30 Noon. .
" Flour iirm,' di-marxl active,' with advance
of 10 to .15 cents on - City Mills wheat.
Southern, Lihcr and linn; Western, ir
regular, untitled am! active.;- Southern
red, ioS;io; Amber, 11 2 (r 15; No.. 1 Md.
109 7-8. Arfkcd No. 2 Ve6tern winter
red' spat 11 3-4(Sio 3-4 1-4.' Corn
Southern;, holier-and firm. -Western-higher,.
iTij 1 1 v acfiyt.- Southern -white
62(Sr.'(, e!l .. V(ffj.., , " ' ,
' - Lohok, April 30. '
11-16. 2 p. m. Coaaols
Noon no?s
9415-161 , r:
Stocks aj wea. Home aud fore xj fonda
depressed, llaaaian 83 S-4.
Round; Knob-: Hotel,
- W. N .a R. R, f ;;
J now open for the rtwptionof ikiiorg.
Round Knob is shunted on the line of the
Wv N.'C.-R. R., 26 miW,rrom AshevUle,
and in tlie, Valley of Blue Ridge Mountain.
Houso newly lurnished with, all conven-U-nees.
;.'; Table Kuppbod from . the .-best
markets. ; Climate and water not excelled
by- any section in W. N. Carolina, i ' ,!'
' "A I ighesi; Fountain In the. World-dn full
view oCthc Hotel, throwing a stream" 26S
feet. higTi.' Xprtlicsn visitors will find it
to their interest to visit thi beautiful and
romantic spot. Telsgraph orHce" in I Iotel.
Further information, address : J.-- ' '
; - , W. B. TROY : '
Ap 29-liifr ; " , , Rounii Knob. N Q.:-'.
' In pursuance of a decree ot tho Superior
Court, made in the matter of J. 8. Ghtum and
others, heirs at law of Samuel Chunn, deo'd..
J will offer for sale, on the ' ' . -
' First-Monddy in June Next, -
It being the 1st day of said month, on the
landB described in said decree, being within
the corporate limits of the City of AauevUle, in
the Northeast corner of said city, except Lot
No. 1, containing seventy-one acres, adjoining
said corporation,
-The following Lots ana Tracts or Lands,
to wit:""- ;;.' -'.
LoU 16, 17, 22, and 23, contaming one acre
each, originally purchased by O. B. Tenneal.
Very desirable, ' . -
V Lot No. 1, containing seventy-one acres, ad-
joimng the corporation.
Lot No. 3, cofitaining about fourteen acres,
partly within the corporate limits of said city.
Lots No. 27 and 29, contaming between to
and three acres each, originally bid off by IT.
Lot No. 30, containing between two and
three acre, originally bid off by Leo Baird. :
; ;'.'- ;. Tkbms or Sals : - 1 ,
Five per cent, of bid to be paid at the time
of sale; balance Of purchase on one and two
year equal payment)), with interest from date
of aale. Jiond and approved security for pur
chase money. Ti'le retained nntil same ia
fully paid. - ' . ,
This property in beamifnllr located iu the
Northeast part of the. city, overlooking' the
tame, and immediately in the neighborhood of
Camp Pattow, which ia now Leing rapidly
bnilt np with fashionable and haudaome resi
dences, and is well known for the respectabili
ty of its owners. No better society can be
fonud in-the citv. - - '
" ' J. BL KEED, '
.'April 2!fb, 1SS . " - X'omniw-'ioncr.
ap:!0 W4w-
Hon. Thomas D. Johnston is still busy
receiving applications from his constituents
from every section of the district for seeds, '
all of whom he is endeavoring, to- serve '
With promptness' He is greatly embar
rassed, however, to decide about what :
kind to send, and would thank all to make
out a list of what mav be wanted. If the
bill can be filled, he is - determined to lo
Come to 'See rot IIiusii. --. -, . ' V.
We were pleased to meet in our city this
morning Dr. Thod.. A. Reamy, of Cincinnay
ii, vjnio. . ut. Kearney is one ot tne most
prominent physicians of Cincinnati, is con
nected with the Ohio Medical College there
the International Medical Congress, and has
been influential in sending many invalids
td this section for their health, but he de
sired to see this countrv for himself and to -
learn of the section and of he people," to
control his future actions. - We are pleased
to know tAt he is ti fchiy gratinrf -fwlth
what he Ws' seen, antf we- believe - ef- .
forts in the future in this direction will be
enhanced. " ' ' " .-'.. t
The popular Sheriff of Mitchell, Mr.
iiickcy, this morning brought to the A&he
vitle jail for safe keeping Lum Calloway,"
recently convicted ofjmorder aad sentenced a
to be kung on the 17th of r June. , .Aa ap-"
peal' in Calloway's case, however, was
taken, which will cause Calloway to remam :
here for tome time. - ,,. - l-,..-s . ,
..i Attorneys and Qmnselloi at Lav'.i '
t , ' . ASHEVILLE, N. CLrt I-.r
. Practice In the United States Ctrcnit and Dit-'
rict Courts at Asheville. Staterrille. Charlotte
and Greensboro; in the Supreme Court at Raleigh
and In the Courts of the 8th aad Mh Judicial bit
trictvof the State of North Carolina. -
Special attention pven to colleo.tiona of claim I
may 'M I yw w. ' f.
rinios. a. joxes, , ;; f t i , r y T,
' - Attorney at Iatr.'. '
.1 ASHEVILLE, ud! i:S
oct Zi-lj s . oaico with Davidson A ttartla-.
JOCKE ('RAIG, i .ii.'w
" Attorney at : ' ;
' asheville; n. c. 7
Office in Court House - ' dec--l v '-'
johnstohk jonta.
- Attorneys and Counselors Al-La,'
-' asheville. N. c. - ;
-Office in Cmzxn Building. '' mayS-aly.
rBoa. D. JoBinrroM. Oco. A. Sirctoat-.
Attorneys 4k C'oanBellvra-wt-Law,
' AaHivitxa. N. C. - - ! .
WUl practice in tha 8th and Bth Judicial Diatricu
Ot North Carolina, in the Buprem Court Ot tint
State, and in the Federal Court at Anheville, -
Th olleet?B nt claims,-'aanitau.2bd 'lA
title to real property, and the settlement of estate
a specialty by the firm. Offica in tb Johnston
building. Jal7-ly
Tasc. Ji Davids. J as. G. Makt.
Attorneys A onnselIora-al.S.w
' - ASHBVILLK, N. C. .
Will iru;ttx ia tbe 8th and Mb Jadldul Dlatrkl.
and in the Supreme Court of North Carolina, 1 ad
In the Federal Courts of te Western Dlairh-t -t
North Carolina. ......
Refer to tbe Bank of Asheville. . , -. ...
acpinww6m ' ' '
DRS. W. L. & V. D. HILLIARD, i '
Physicians and Surseti ,'-
Office next door south Old Funk.
jan 3-6 tnos ''
Physician and Surgeon. - .
Office : Main St., 2 doors south Of Bank. Krki
ience on French Broad Avenue. Ofhce bonrs 1 1
ai. to 1 p. m., and from 8 to 5 p. m.
j . a. tennent; .
Architect and, Civil Etigineer. ,-. ...i
Designs, 8 pec 111 cations, and Estimates of any
style of building; furnished upon appjication.and ,
work superintended when desired. All work en-.
trusted to me as Civil Engineer' will receive
prompt atrcution. Thorough drainage of land,
specialty. Poet Office address j AsheviUe . or
Best,N. C. Residence Swannanoa Bridge. ,
mayIC-6moa "' "' " " '
i - "Law,
WA YNESVILLE, - -' - . l
Prompt attention to all . busineas in
trusted to them." ap 4-tf .
Physician and Surgeon? 1 '
sir-.'-v. ASHEVILLE, N. (i,,-'I ' - '
. Offico over Powell & Snider'. : 1 : ,
Residence-, corner of Main and
W.wlRn utrwita , - - -r- i
de.l6-ly .
.-.- ; a ;
Civil Engineer and General SArveyltrl
prepared to do alt work in hla proiMston. aail
offers his err less especially in Leveling, loa(.
VaKina-, Making Esucuatea on Work. Laying Ofl.
focating and FlatUng or Mtpplng City Lots, and
Eatimatinit or atapplsg Work already done . -
j its-tf , - . - . .'..-.-,
JEORGE W. REED, . , r . ,
- Located at Swannanoa 'Junction' 'AH
promptly attended. . .
apil8-dlt AW-tL ; . r .
H. DOUGLASS, D. D. 8.,
rtantul Prtnma vt Ha Vault.. Dnir -tor
cxidence in same building AsheviUe, N. C. "
' feb2-w&sw- '''"'' V ' ' ' " '' ':- '-' "'
. : Omca in Srader Building, -
pposite Central Hotel, ASHETILLK, K. fc
Persona bavin artiactal work done, art
-rylng it two or three weeks. If not ganged, ca
return It and t money wUi be refunded. Jj It
Men on our fhst selling
Book ti.
the cream of 50 standard volumes in one.
K rieh thing for those who want to make mony.
The sales are jiist treraendoiw. 15 t ". fl
in Eastorn N. C. be past winter. Wen now wriii
ed for Western N. .
-Special in'luconients to cxpprloncrd full
sniT sttnlents. ' No capital iH"ot-s' ;', ? ?"-; nee
required. - .
Also to soli IV.;e A WoodwortLV ' 'Mo
MTs and Chsrthof Clevelaud and j.i-i
W'rite f" torm to
' '- ' A .... , ...
or P." J. PaifoAshevtllo, N. C.
; apl-12 ni. A w
". x ;
'1 ' ' v .

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