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L j.izi--, Stone & Caaeroa,
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Weekly, X Year, - .- 1.SO
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VOL.L-NO. 32.
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Asheville Business Directory.
Genefal, Merchant Wholesale and Bda.iL
' C E. Graham & Co , S. R. Chedester t Son, J. D.
Brevard & Co., J. u. Howell, o. iiammerauiaj
v. Taa w Redwood & Col: J. P. Sawyer. O. A
Mean, A. H. Jones & Son,Bearden,Bankin & Co.,
W. tl. crown, li. M. itooeris.
Garden and Field Seed
Pm.ll . Snider. H. H. Lvong. A.-JT' rf&l. H.
. Redwood fc Co., J. O. Howell, J. P. . . r. Bear-
den. Banltin Co., C. li. iioncure.
Grain, Bay 4nd Flour. '
J. R. Starnee, Powell & Snider, Alex aider and
- Hard-ware, Agricultural Implement, &c. .V
Pennlman & Co., VanGIlderA Brown. .
" "- Stove, Houstfurninkmg, and Tinware.
Ballard Bros., Brown & Bearden, Llndsey Bros.
Clothing, Genii fbrntihing, Ac
Jwhea P. Sawyer, Mi LeTy, Charles E tee, 8
tVhitlock. , .
. Boots, Shoe, and Halt. v T - .
' W. T. Weaver, M. Levy, c : " V. v "
2 . Boot and Shoe Manufacturer. .
M.- Levy, W. T. Weaver, A. Preck. . '
T - Books and Stationery. .
' J. L. Wilkle, S. N. Morgan CO., H. T. Esta--brook,
H. H. Lyons. .. c-
- Druggist and PharmacentisUs. ' f
. H.H. Lyons, W. C. Carmlchael, C, Yf. DeVault
& Co., C. H, Moncure, W. K. Pelham. ,
Jfutieal. Instrument 4x.
C. 'CowanVSteffner and Bobrtso. r .
FurnUti GrocerUs: " '
Powell and Snider, S. ILXebler A. R. Cooler,
Pfenley & Co.. T. F. Starnes, G. W.Goodlake. A. J.
Merrill, J. E. Ware, Ware and Howell, A. C. Davis,
James Franks, J. J. Mockey & Co.. Jesse R. Starnes,
G. L. McDonald, W. L. Morgan, F. M. Johnson, R.
B Noland & Sons, T. W. Shelton'J. R. Trnll.G. H.
Starnes, N. Penland, Penland 5t Alexander. .
Butchers, Meat Dealers, &e.
Zachery Bros., James Lnsk, T. If . Davis, Mc
Connell and Drake. -
J. J. Desmond, F. M. Johnson, J. C. OUver,
J. J. Desmond, (factory", J. H Heston.
Saddlery, Harness, Jtc.
S. M. Gilbert St Co., Alexander and Penland.
Furniture, tc. .
- W.'JJ. Williamson, Moore & Falk, P. S. Mc
Mullen. Undaiakers.
X. Brand, J. V. Brown, John Clayton
Coal Dealer.
S. F. Vcnable, D. S. Wafr on,' Hill and Atkins
N. W. Girdwood tao.
Lumber Dealers . ;
Doubleday & Scott.
Contractors, Carpenters, and Builders.
1. Gorenflo, John Hart, J. A. Wagner, T. C.
Westall, E. J. Armstrong, J. E. Buttrick, T. L.
Clayton, A.;(i. West. -
V. W. Canble, J. II, Woody. ; - )
Hotels. -"-
rfwannnnsa, Eagle, Grand Central, Western,
Carolina house, Slagle House, The ilia, Floriaa
Health Association.
Private Boarding.
A. T. Snmmey, P. S. McMullen, Miss Bettie
Brown, Misses Coffin, Mrs. A. JS. HaU, P. F. Emer
son, Miss Sinith, T. W. Keel, Mrs. A. B. Chunn,
J. II. Carter, G. M. Roberts, R. H. Grahl, Q. L. Mc
Donald, M. J. Fagg, J. A. Fagg, J. E. Rankin, W.
T. Reynolds, Mrs. T. E. Reynolds, E. Sluder, Mrs.
Holland, Mrs. Broiled, Mrs. Mrs. . E.
L. Baird, W. W. McDowell, James W. Patton, Mis.
Leicester Chapman, II. C. Hunt, E. J. Aston, Mrs.
H. C. France.
. Livery, Sale and Feed Stable.
Reynolds & Chambers, J. M. Ray, W. A. Wed
dia. James Seyier, C. O. Allen, T. H. Stanslll
Wm. Cox, E. W. Herndon, S. H. Barnard, G. W.
Morgan - Co., E. T. ClemmOns, Jesse R. Starnes.
Colleges, Schools, Ar. -
Asheville Female College; Asheville Male
Academy, Newton Academy, MissGoodloe's High
School for young ladies, Miss lawyer's Primary
School, Mrs. J. P. Gammon's Primary School,
three white pnblic school, -two soofl colored
schools. A graded school has been authorized by
law, and a State normal school will be held every
Hummer. .
, . .ilUlinery, tc.
Mrs. H. M. Herndon, 8. Whitlock, Mrs. M. E.
Mann, J. P. Sawyer, Mrs RR Porter.
Attorneys At Lav.
McLoud & Moore, J. H. Merrimon, E. H. Mer
rlmon, M. E. Carter, A. L. Carter, Gudger t Car-
ter, J, M. Gudger, F, A. Sondley, W. 8. Cushman,
: Richmond Pearson, E. D, Carter, W. W. Vandiver,
Davidson Martin, T. A. Jones, S. H. Reed, W. B.
Gwyn, Locke Craig, W. R. Whitson, Jones and
Hardwicke, Johnston & Shuford, W. M. Cocke,
Natt Atkinson, A. T. Davidson, W. H. Malone,
V. S. Lusk, P. A. Cummings, A. J. Lyman.
:- Physician and Surgeon.
D. J. Cain, W.- L. efc W. D. HUliard, John Hey
Williams, J. A. Burroughs, J. A. Watson, M. L.
Kelson, Wardlaw McGill, H. P. Gatchell.
Q. W. Whitson, B. H. Douglas, R. H. Reeves, A.
B. Ware. -:-
Banks, Bankers and Brokers.
Bank of Asheville, Sluder fc Barnart'.
Merchant Tailors.
j - , -. Dealers tn Furs.
M. Ellick.
Seal Estate Agencies.
Walter B. Gwyn, A. J. Lyman, Natt Atkinson,
E. J. Aston, II. M. Jones.
Architects and CivU Engineers,
8 F Venable. J A Tennant,
; Tobacco Warehouses.
The Asheville Warehouse, The Banner Ware
house, The Farmer's Warehouse, Ray's Ware
house, The Buncombe warehouse.
Tobacco Manufacturers Chewing and Smoking,
8. B. West, McCarty & Hull, J. E. Ray, E. L
Holmes fc Cm., Shelton t Perry, W. P. Williamson.
' Coopers, d-e.
L. F. Sorrell, N. W. Girdwood, William Weaver,
Hart. ,
. . . Wines, Liquors, etc.
Loughran Bros.. Hampton -& Featherstone, W.
O. Muller, t Co., A. P. SorreU. .
-Papers Hangers. ; , -3ain
& Hunt, Moora & Falk. R. L. Fitzpatrick.
- Newmaner.
Daily and Wkbklt Cttizek, Daily and Weekly
: Advance, The Asneville Tribune weesjy.)
Job Office. " ".'
The Citizen Job Office, Hunt & Robertson. -
' Photographers.
Nat W. Taylor, W. T. Robertson, T. T. Hill.
. Grist Mills, &G.
Jordan & Hallyburton, N. W. Girdwood, Jas.E.
Buttrick, McLane.
' ' Fertilaert, '&c. ,
F. N. Waddell, "Star Brand." Penniman ic Co.,
"Anchor Brand," G. M. Roberts, Alex. Porter,
"Piedmont," W. H. Penland, "Owl Bracd," Bear
den, Rankir. & Co., "Ober & Co.'s Special," Lyon
t Walker, "Farmer's Friend," T. C Starnes, "Ar
lington." W. W. Barnard, "Sea Fowl," N. W.
Girdwood & Co., "Soluble Paeinc" . -"
' . Insurance: -
. E. J. Aston, Thos. W. Branch. t
W. U. Telegraph.
8. G. Weldon, manager. .
Southern and Adams Express
F. A. Stikeleather, manager.- r s
- - Civil Officer of Buncombe County.
Sheriff J. R. Rich; Deputy Daniel Reynolds; 8.
C. Clerk E. W. Herndon; Register J. R. Patterson;
Treasurer J. H. Courtney; Surveyor B. F. Patton:
Tax Collector T. W. Patton. . -
Inferior Court.
Justices G. A. Shuford, C. B. Way, J. M Green;
Clerk Mont Patton; Solicitor H. B. Carter.
County Commissioners.
. J. 12. Rankin, J. A. Reagan, G. W. Whitson, L.
r,L.Childs,Thos.p.Brittain. - -
Justices of the Peace, c '
A. T. Summey, N. A. Penland, T. W. Patton, C.
B. Way, J. M. Ledford, J. M. Jarralt, J. B. Cain. .
Citv Government.
Mayor E. J. ABton; Aldermen W. H. Penland,
T. C-westall, A. r. borreil, l. Gorenflo, William
' Wuwai. Uinhall A R (lInf Pnllnn W (i
McDowell; Policemen J. H.' Hampton, k. Wr'.
uowan. ; . i
, ' ' Fire Denartment. "
Hose N. 1, Foreman H. C. Fagg; H. t L. No. 1,
; - .- - SanUary Department. , - ;,.
' Dr. D T Millard, Sanitary Chiet
- ; Federal Officers. -l
U. 8 Commissioner,' A. T. Snmmey. Deputy
Collector, (stamp office) A. D. Cooper. District
Deputy 8. C. Herren. Deputy Marehalls, R. O.
Patterson, A. C. Patterson, T. K. Davis, H. & Har-
. United States District and Circuit Courts. ''
' Judge R. P. Dick, Solicitor J. B. Boyd, Clerk X
E. Reed, Deputy Clerk P. A. Cummings. ,
: ' Post office.. -
H. L. Gudger P. M., Clerks W. B. Moore, W. L.
norman, a. cnn. : ? r
. '.: ... Sewing MacMne Agencies.
Whehler t Wilson, 3. H. Herring, Chief Cierk
. Mtss Bessie Justice. .Singer, M. H. Morynihan,
Chief Clerk W. Monteatn, domestic, o. -unea
ter & Son, Chas E Lee. . .. : .
p - TSThere may 1-eerroisiu the above, which
1 ifj''iiy rorrertt-d njionjnotitifatjpn. . :
Arrival and Departare of the Train.
Salisburt- Arrives 87 a. M. . . -"
Departs 6:47 V. M.
Tennessee Arrives 6:37 p. x. . , '
. Departs 8:47 A. H. ;
Watwebviixb Arrives 8:50 p. n.
, " " Departs 9.-00 a. x.
The Waynesville train reaches that point at
1:20 ; returning, leaves Waynesville at 230.
t The best 5 cent Cigar in town atLy
otlb' "White Rose."
W, T. Weaver, Sole Agent for Hess'
Hand-Made Shoes for men. tf "
Send your Job Work of all hinds to the
Citizen' Office, if you tcanCit done neatly,
cheaply a.idvnik dispatch.' , ' .
; Thermometer 6 a. mt54?; 3 p. nT-Cl0.'
Barometer 30.32 at 9 a. m. ;
Rainfall .525 inches. r""
Wind Southerly. "T I ; :i
Sky Clondy. , ' '
Moon, firist quarter, 21d. Oh. 25m. morn.
' Indications, fair unless wind is from
South or Southwest. .:.-
Will be published every evening (ex
cept Sunday), at the following rates
strictly cash; . " -' : --.
One Year, .- . . . 4 . f6 oO
Six Months, . : . 3 00
Threo " . . , . '. i' . .1 50
One ' -. . ; ' - 50
One Week,' . . . 15
Our Carriers will deliver the paper ev
ery evening in every, part of the city to
our subscribers, and parties wanting it
will please call at the Citizen Office.
Delicious Crab Cider on' draught at
Desmond's" , . .
"Go to W. B. Williamson's furniture
Store to get the best goods 'for Jhe least
money i , K Z tm27
: A series of good tobacco breaks may
now be expected. The weather is exactly
suited for them.
The rain came at last, last night, and
it was a good one, so much' - needed that
it is welcomed as a general blessing.
The Nashville American was misinform
ed in regard to the stay" of the- Horn E.
B. Washburn in this place. That gentle
man had left for his home in Illinois, ol
which fact we were not apprised when
we used the American's paragraph.
'Let the water supply be looked after.
Quality as well as quantity must be con
sidered. At present it is all right. Care
lessness at points remote from the resor
voir may be productive of mischief. Let
the water commission see to it.
Mr.iVL,W.lBaTriijLrdLa-as thrown from
his sulky on the race track Tueuaayjwnl
received a severe injurv of his collar
bone, but we are glad to see him on the
streets again to-day.
Capt. Atkinson has returned from his
trip this week to the Boilston goldmines,
and reports that he put a lot of men at
work yesterday with' the rier of more
thoroughly developing the mines. He
is more sanguine than ever. The vein
is being opened at five different points. -
Public opinion' will' sustain the Sani
tary Chief in all he does to promote and
preserve the health of Asheville. All
he has done and is doing, is approved as
judicious and effective. Let him lay his
hand heavily on all recalcitrants. They
will kick in vain against public senti
ments ; !
Mr. L. Bi Brady, representing the Am
erican Press Association, arrived here
yesterday afternoon on a visit to his
family who have been spending some
months here. Mr. B. is also on business
connected with the company he re
presents. . - ' ;
A most interesting series of Musicales
have been held during the past several
mon ths at the Penniman residence, con
ducted by Misses Penniman and Cham
pin, affording - great pleasure to those
whose privilege it has been to attend. .
A feeble show of garden vegetables
appear in the market stores, a - bunch of
onions or of radish, a tray or two of
lettuce, this is all a tardy of spring has
given as. A consignment of snap beans
from Florida the other day showed us
how far we were behind. But our own
supply is near at hand. , . .
Mr, Geo. A. Shuford is back again after
quite an extended trip through the eas
tern cities and counties,, delighted of
course with his experiences, .' He speaks
most warmly of tha hospitalities of Wil
mington, which never fades or fails in
the display of its lavish, warm hearted
attentions to the visitor.' That delight
ful characteristic of Wilmington is as
warm, as sincere and as strong as ever.
A Strawberry Festival.. ,
The first strawberry .festival of the
season will be given Thursday evening,
at the Asheville Warehouse-, by . the
Young Ladies' Aid Society. A pleasant
evening may be expected, and the pub
lic generally are cordially invited to at
tend. -
$y All the great dailies New York
Herald, World, Tihes, Sun, Tribune,
Charleston. News and Courier, Char
lotte Observer; Raleigh News-Observer,
Wilmington Star, Wilmington Re
view, and Asheville Citizen are to be
found regularly at the Book Stores -of
JV N. Morgan & Co., J. L. Wilkie, and W.
E. Pelham. - ' ' - :
; The Daily Citizen for sale also at Es
tabrook's. j- -'-
m B -
KSXNEBEO ICE.'. ' " ' " -T': ' ' . '".. . "
A full supply of the Kennebec Ice re
ceived ana for Bale : at: -Carmkhaera
Drug Store. Supplied in quantities to
suit. ' , - 'Y . '.y -
A' Few .Boaedkes v ,r r y.y ? - $ .
Can be accomodated at the - residence
of Dr. Wilson (Capt. Howell's house) N?
Mam St. corner ot Uherry. . tmio. .
If you want good -5 cent Cigar go to
Lyons' and get a "White Rose? . - r
... If you 4it to buy gooilGoodafor little
money, ta.-t MeMulfens. i - . tm21 ,
Pelham's massive Argoey Soda -Foun-ain
has again ofiened for the season.
A Chance Fob Improvement. :
Three of the physicians of Asheville,
all" from Weaverville, and several . from
other sections of the county, .are in at
tendance upon the State Medical Con
vention. The -health of the county is
said to be remarkably good this week. ' -
The Boilston Gold Mine. I - f
Several specimens of the ore from -this
mine have been sent to expert miners at
Dahlonega, Georgia, where the facilities
for thorough tests are of superior character.-
Enough pf reliable information
is had of ores already examined to pro
nounce worth from fou to 760 per ton.
The Death of W.' H. Ckow. rr Jv ', .
' The suicide 6f this well known gfentle
man7 announced by telegraph as occur
ring to-day near Raleigh, will be heard
with mingled surprise andsorrow ; sur
prise that such a death 'should have
fallen to the lot of each a man at such
an age; sorrow that so good a man and
such a useful one is removed, though' at
so ripfe artiage.. 3sAt this 4i&taace; and in
ighorance of the laid Burreundings of the
deceased, we are at a loss to conceive
the changes which came over a mind so
genial as to drive iim, through despair
or despondency, to such an act. The
death comes as a startling shock upon
all who knew Mr. Crow.J .His social and
his business relations" were extensive,
and in all of them he commanded .re
spect and confidence. .
Further particulars of the sad incident
we will give- hereafter as received-by
mail. - - . " ' ;:
Hotel Abbivals. ' "
Western,--! H White, J L Orr, Hender
sonville. . v :
. Swannamxi.- S J Mixter, G Nor
ton, Boston; F R Curtis, French: Broad;
F K Curtis, do; Peter G Yates, Baltimore;
C D Bowers, Franklin, N C; Charles J
Ciouse, Round Knob; A Y Stokes, Jr,
Richmond, Ya; J B Johnson, Baltimore;
Mr and Mrs A D Shepard, New Orleans;
Morgan J Evans, Henderson county:
Eagle. L Walling, Derby, Conn; W S
Smith, Brooksville, Fla; "A. A Smith, At
lanta; C S Tamlin, Statesville; Mrs S B
Caldwell, Waynesville. . -
Grand Central W-BGorhami Warm
Springs, W E Winslow, Marshall, M M
Hodgins, Hot Springs, Ark; W F. Castie
ton, Barboursville, Ky; A- Y Sigmon,
Hickory, F- C Adams, Baltimore, J A
Wainscott, Lenoir. -,-':
Opposition to the Fence Law.. '
A discussion on the fence law question,
which we are glad to say possesses the
thoughts of oui" people just now, called
forth the animadversions of an old lady,
a land owner, who ranks herself among
its staunchest opponents, "Drat that
President for passing sich a law; I wish
he had a bullet put clean through his
head." " Her interlocutor reminded her
that the President had nothing , to do
with the . making of the law; it was the
Legislature that passed it. "Well,"
she snappishly answered, "I wish he had
a. Hfilletl hmncKiy hnnA V - - - lL .
Wo commend this to some oFour
friends down in Greene and Lenoir.
They will find that they are not left
alone in their opposition, and that the
above specimen of enlightenment on the
subject is equal, to their own. . .
For the Asheville Citizen.
' JALkxANDEBjl NrC., MtyS.I? 1885.
Messrs. Editors :-J-As the tirWe for the
electibn of Justices of the Inferior Court
approaches, the people of this end of the
county are showing much interest in the
question.- It is a disagreeable fact to con
fess, but there lias .been , considerable
lawlessness manifested in this neighbor
hood during Ihe past two" years, and it is
the general opinion that if a Judge of the
Inferior Court resided here, who knew
the character of the people, and was re
cognized as the man who would try pet
ty crimes, the fact would produce a good
influence on the morals of the section.
'Squire William H. Hunter is acknowl
edged to be the right man for thje place.
Hia career as Justice of the Peace -has
shown him to be a man of clear judg
ment and well -balanced mind, temper
ate but just, and ready at all times to do
his duty faithfully and well. His nomi
nation at the magistrates' - meeting in
June would be applauded by this end of
me county, ana au tuecuun wuiuu ue a
benefit to the county at large.
' - . " V Citizen.
The Races Yestebday. ' V
The races at the Fair Grounds yester
day "resulted as follows :' i ft ;
" First race, running J mile .dash, purse
$15, five entries; race declared off. -
Second race, pacing race, fi ve entries,
purae $10Q. Ellic won first' money and
Grey Jacket second. . - ; ' .y - .
Third race, running, mile heats, best
2 in 3, three entries, puree $70, Palmet
to won, , first money-,-anl BJue lay; sec
ond. ' i . : . -' ; -'
Fourth race, running, mile heats, best
2 in 3, two entries, first money won 1y
Ivanhoe. . ' ,
Fifth race, trotting, purse $100, two en
tries, Tom Young winning fire money,
Darkey race, won by Moses Lord;
The "WoBLD? ox Tobacco. . . '
, Mr. Talmage" oii Sunday preached
against the use of tobacco, r declaring
many of the ills of the flesh attributable
thereto! The World, commenting -on
this sermon, says : ; v , r -
- "It puzzles us to think that Dr. Tal
mage does not know that while tobacco
is universally conceded to be the chief
cause of arson, piracy, grave robbing and
spinal meniiigetia, the world, from Sci
ence down to Sunday-schools, will not
believe - that tobacco causes leprosy and
spontaneous combustion. - ; --. . ;
"But while Dr. Talmage imagines that
tobacco produces cancer, Gen. T. L.
Clingman adduces positive ..proof that
tobacco applied in the form of poultice
cures cancer, and he has abundant addi
tional facts that it will cure pretty much
everything "from aurora: borealw to a
pimple," besides affording great comfort
and consolation to people not particular
ly diseased." - -.:
. New lot of Baby Carriages just received
atWilliamson's Furniture Store
:, tm27 v. v. - '-7'::. v 7;--'
Handsomest and largest Stock of Fur
niture in Western- -North Carolina at
Williamson's Furniture Stored tm27
New 'line of Eaby Carriages juBt fe-
ceiveu at -McMuuen s. -, tmzi
s and. IZisrhicays
f.,roug'.. .. JTIount ains.
'. ' ii.." '.tJ'f . j
My ride to CI erokee Vagt as it had
been frequently before' after leaving the
r Iroad, ilie State road as it is call
ed, avA Pt-jjkisted to my mind. the condi
tion of transportation before1 the road
watr made,- and the- difficulties which
beset improvement in the- west. -1 am
not familiar with the legislation invoked
in furtherance, of propositions for open
ing public highways; nor. altogether so
with' the act- . . . ' -t of the means of
communi Lion beyoi . the fact, that un
til after the extinguish- "tof the Cher
okee I- iian titles, such Ja as were in
being ; - ti such to whi u tlie exigencies.
of a -very v. : 7r1 - altered population
gave being; TAiier the acquisition pf the
Indian lands great stimulus was given to
immigration, and ihe jicli valleys of the
Tuckaseege, the Tennessee iAl Valley
"Ri ver pTesenied ir reaitjlible temptation
to a restless people, at that period par
ticularly moved by powerful impulse to
seek new territories and new homes; for
it was about this time that the older
settled portions of North Carolina- were
half stripped of population, rushing in
frantic eagerness with wives and child
ren and negroes- and household goods to
the el. Dorado of Georgia, Alabama and
Mississippi. A large proportion of this
rushing tide . was turned to Western
North Carolina, a virgin territory as rich
as more Southern homes might prove to
be, and where lands were cheaper and
more readily obtained. .
But. to reach this new region, ranges of
mountains had to be crossed increasing
in number as adventure aimed farther
West. There ; " was a - road, long
traveled from Salisbury- to Asheville,
crossing the Blue Ridge without the re
quirement of any special engineering
skill; for though the road goes up direct
to the Swannanoa gap, the grade is re
markably easy. From Asheville west to
the top of the Balsam gap on the present
western line of Haywood county, down
into the Tuckaseege Valley and up to the
foot of the Co wee mountains, there was
again no very great trouble. Roads were
opened up to this point by county auth
ority, or by voluntary labor, or by emi
grants themselves. The ascent of the
Cowee became the first formidable ob
stacle. Up this and through the gap,
and down the western face a road was
cut which served a temporary purpose,
but with grades so steep that fully load
ed wagons could only move by double
teaming. If the Cowee was formidable,
the Nantahala was worse. " -.
As population gathered in demand for
greater facilities began to be loudly made.
The people were too few and too poor to
undertake a great public work with their
own means or by their own labor; yet too
many ana too important lactora of great
public interests to be wholly unheeded.
Appeal was made to the Legislature
about 1844 for the first aid from the State.
Then, and for long years after, there was
the same opposition to turnpikes for the
West as has since displayed itself in rail
norance of the topography of the moun
tain region, the same blindness to its cap
abilities, the same incredulity of its
development. 1.0 the average legislator
a turnpike meant a well graded macad
amized road. . .What claim had poor
mountaineers on the bounty of the tax
payers of t hi east for a luxury only ap
propriate to old and wealthy commun
ities ? It dawned upon the public mind
at length and very slowly, that the wes
tern people only asked certain State aid
to onBtruct common dirt roads, such
roads however to cross four or five ranges
of mountains, which must be made pass
able by low grades executed with en
gineering skill, and with a degree of Cost
beyond the reach of county or individual
means. -. - : .
Any one who has crossed the Nantah
ala gap will realize the very great ob
stacles that lay across the path. ' The
road follows up the valley of Way ah
Creek until it is well up among the moun
tains, and then' there these stretches
across it a veritable wall, flanked on the
one hand, by the Wayah Bald 5494 feet
in height, on the other the Little Bald,
5240.' The curtain which connects the
two is, at its low e. t point, the cap, 4158
feet high. The valley runs deep up into
the mountain and then ends abruptly,
so that the remaining distance to the top
must be gained by very abrupt ascent,
one so nearly perpendicular as to appear
insurmountable. The original trail and
wagon way is still seen, and still used as
a bridle path. The existing road is a
marvel of engineering talent. A series
of long windSjdoubling often upon them
selves, overcome very gradually the as
cent for about two miles,-and then begins
that series of short ziz zags, where each
abrupt turn, brings at near intervals the
end of each turn upon the verge of a
fearful descent long down into the far
depths below, these ziz zags so close up
on each other that.when seen from below:
they present themselves as a series of
parallel- lines, ine one above the other.
At the end of the last of these, the srrade
becomes easy to the top of the gap; but
the prospect to ' the rider, or the driver
does -not become much more assuring
until the gap is reached, for the eye falls
with involuntary apprehension far down
through trees and tumbling water-falls
into deptos that seem uniatiiomable.
. This is not a fair type of tb mountain
gaps,' for it is the highest and the most
difficult; but all tiie others demanded
the same engineering Bkill, and the same
amount of hard work to make them prac
tically, available for travel and transpor
tation. And so tne turnpike system had
its beeinnine. ' ' -
. In 1844, Capt. Jarratt, who lived wbete
Capt A. P. Monday now Jives, on the
Nantahala riverf where "the roads for
Murphy and Hayesville diverge., and
who was the father Sn-law cf Capt. Mon
day, obtained a charter from 'the legisla
ture, lor the construction of a turnpike
road from a point in Jackson county to
-and a natural engineer; and with the aid
I certain jinviiegei eiteiiueu oy me
State, he completed the contracts enter
ed into Very successfully; at least there
was vast improvement over the roads
then in being.. Such portions Of his lines
as are now disused are still visible, and
serve to show the gradations of improve
ment, from the original trail or wagon
track, np to the present perfected grade.
This last was the result of the legislation
of 1848. rwhenCol. W. H. Thomas and
Nicholas Woodfin were both members of
the Senate, and who each presented bills
embracing the same general principles,
but with epme divergence of plan. The
work, in large part entirely new, was to
be paii out of the proceeds of certain
Cherokee land bonds. - Col. Thomas,
fearinsr that the proceeds of hese bonds
would be exhausted before the. work was
completed to Murphy uthCyork was be
gun at Salisbury, as proposed by - Mr.
Woodfin aereea 4o accept the bilrof the
latter if the work was made to begin at
the Georgia lino, in Cherokee, county.
Mr. Woodfin agreed to this; and the work
was finished to Asheville, where the fund
was exhausted. So we have what' we
possess of the State road, which has had
powerful influence upon the fortunes of
w esiern rorxn aronua rvai. - .-
Cant. Jftrratt. nnon the Dassas-e of the
jtint bills of Thomas and Woodfin was
ousted from ail the ngnts no. naa pos
sessed under his charter; but he was
compensated by being made superintend
ent of the work. The engineer was
Major Fox of Pennsylvania, who became
a resident of Raleigh while working out
his notes of survey, and who remained
there nearly a year. :.''- ": u? 1 C ?
The Atlanta Convention. " .
This body met on the 19th,5 and as
there are three delegates there repre
senting .the interests of -Ashevillev-we
are naturaljy anxious to hear.from them.
These are Maj. W. H. Malone, represent
ing the city, Messrs. R. M. Farman.and
B, R. Bawls the BbardtTradeand the
State is represented Try eleven gentle
men of character. Our information is
not as full as we wish. 'The News and
Courier of yesterdajgives an outline of
the objects of the Convention expressed
in the propositions to be discussed. Gov.
Stannard. of Missouri presents the fol
lowing i ; - Does the public interest . re
quire he enactment of a uniform bank
rupt Jaw ? ' Mr. S. D. Horton, of Ohio,
presents the question :. Does the public
interest require a temporary suspension
of the compulsory coinage of silver?
Gen. Gordon presents ,- the question :
Does the public interest require national'
control of railway transportation ? These
questions will be discussed on successive
days in the order above presented. .
In the Cluverids trial - the - most
important point lately developed is
the identification in the trunk- of
the deceased of letters in.the hand
writing of the prisoner. A witness
also identified several large sealed
letters, and the watch and chain
and other articles found on the
Erisoner when hewas arrested. The
and-writins: of the prisoner was
identified by Wm. Quarks, a" bank
er and broker Kand an expert. The
evidence ot the guilt -ol the accused
accumulates each day. -
In 1884 Blaine carried St. Paul,
Minn., .by 1,100 majority;, in 1885
the Democratic candidate for May
or is elected by 3,600 majority.
Tue Citizen Job Office ".' . .
- Is one of the most ' complete offices in
the State, and work of every kinxi will
be done with as much neatness and de
spatch; and as cheap, as it can be done
If this old maxim were oftener appli
ed, it would save a vast amount of suffer
ing and misery to the human family, but
it seems that the only thing necessary
in this age is to get the people to read
some high sounding notice of a wonder
ful cure, others humbug them with some
worthless patent medicine, which not
only relieves them of their money, but
leaves them with shattered health, and
a broken down constitution. But there is
a remedy, which is not a patent medic
ine, can be used by any one-without the
least fear of injurous results, the "Seven
Springs Iron-Alum Mass,"-, is simple,
pure and harmless, yet wonderfully effic
ient in curing- diseases- A pamphlet
giving a history of this remedy mailed
to any address by Landrnm & Litchfield,-
Abmguon, a- - ,: '..v
The best 5 cent Cigar in Asheville is
the Fan at Pelham's Deuq Stoue.'
COW LOST. ' ' -
- , Straved from mv premises . a black cow.
star in forehead, and dewlapped, end of tali
white, ten or eleven years old. Left the 8th day
of May. Was raised in Haywood county, and
may worn d&ck to ner oia ianre.
; A saiiauie Kwaiu will paiu wi uci iclu t . .
Any information to be addressed to --
. , (i. W. WILSON.
' Caney Rirer P. O., Yancey co , H. C
May 18. 1885. Dit-Wlt -
FOR SALE ' f r - ' - -
TwoThorousrhbred Berkshire Boar Pigs,
eight weeks old. Will be delivered at Asheville
for six dollars each. First order with cash gets
first choice. Address J. K. HOYT.
April 18 D&WJt ' -' Turnpike, N. C
Emenrptlc Gentlemen as Distiict A cents
to Canvass LIFE INSURANCE. - Good wsges to
good men. Address GATTSHALL CO.,
May 17-DiW 2t V Raleigh, N. C.
L Now open for Boarders, at Mrs. HOL
LAND'S, Mrtton ATenne, cor. rTencn jhosq.
April 17-lrtT , f
has this day been dissolved by mutual consent,
Mr. StefiEher withdrawing. J. V. Robertson will
eontinna the business at the same stand. and will
pay all claims against the firm and collect all
accounts aue. . - rKi. oitrrniJi,
Mayll,lS85. r. Iaw4w c ? v-j .
, 1 .-' " '? 3 - r 7 .. 4 . ' f - a i- -
Si . - I will prooeed to sell at
Silver 8prines, the late Tesidence of J.X. Henry,
on Mtamay, nsr za, i., a im oi perso
nal property, consisting ol Furniture. Cook Stove,
T.- 1 m 1 ... . 1,1 4 n rw t n ma I A out at a
farming xwia, j t.v .mvw. .
Terms of Sale All sums of five dollars or less,
cash. Sums over five dollars, on a credit or six
months, with note and solvent security: . ,
May 2d,lSB5 law4w . -
All persons having claims against the late Dr.
J. Q. Hardy will present the same to the under-
nM..A will h. i.lnuil .vl In Kb t tliArolt -
Will UD V--WV ' .' '
april8-wtsi' 1.? ".
f V .Administrator.
A GOOD INVESTSIElTri - .; .,.. '
f 4 t .,'. 'i j- -. i . '
To the Merchants and Retail Tobacco Dealers :
To close out my Stock of Manufactured Tobac
co, I wiU reduce my prices on all grades twenty
per cent, for CASH. -- - .
Please send your orders before my stockjs too
mncn DroKen. - s . , : . ; s o. o.
May 7-Dlw -
Asheville, N. C-
XV A Complete outfit of Plug Tobacco Ma
chinery, with Hydraulic Pump Betaine.", Box
Screws, 4c, whose capacity Is sixvy to eighty
thousand pounds annually.. All in perfect work
ing order, together with several excellent brands
and the Good Will ef the Mountain Island Fae.
tory, whieh has won an enviable reputation. For
Terms and all information, address
' 8, B. West, Prop'jr, .:
iIay7-Dlw ' r . - -'-, AshevUle, K. k
HOW ELL and M0 0DY,
" Attorney nt Iiaw ,
WAYNESVILLE,. ; - ; - - - ;-. N. 0
Prompt jittention to all business in
trusted to them.--''v, ap 24-tf .
.' i -'"""
t .i '.- it c--.-; j '-.ij'v.;
OP w. i . enow.
A Prominent Insurance man
Dead by bis Own Hand. '
T . . .. Hr "oft T:
W. H.Crow, a highly esteemed citizen
of this place, nearly 80 years of age, who
was saSerinjr 'from a temporary aberrar
tion of mind,.' vas missed . by his friends
yesterday, evening, and it was learned
that he had purchased a pistol. ; Search
was at once' instituted, which resulted in
the finding of his body this morning in
a ravine near the ' cemeiery His doatn
had been caused by sbullet wound? The
deceased was general agent i of the JEXta
Hre Insurance Company. His afiairs
are not theught to be embarrassed. He
waa ji Qu-Hkf meana. Jyy u ;
His Condition Improved.
, New ; York, May 20, 12 m.
- Gen'l Grant had a good night last night
lie slept right hard. . , He said to Jesse
Hoyt this moping, "it was the best night's
rest he has had in quite a long time, and
he looks and acts bright this morning; ' 1
General Crook In Pur&nit.
: ' Denver Co i, May 20th.
A special to the Tribune, Republican,
from Santa Fe says: . "Geronimo, and-fifty.
Chiricachua . bucks .broke away from .the
San Carlos headed for -the Sierra .Mad re
mountains m Mexico troops. Gen. Crook has
ordered all 'available frbni ' Fort's Apache;
Bowie Qrant and Thomas into the fieldnd
a! company of calvary from Fort Apache is
now in hot, pursuitr.-. No asualitiea had
been reported at noon yesterday; but should
the warriors be overtaken a hard , fight is
expected, as Geronimo is the bad ' Indian
who caused 'so much trouble in Mexico i
year ago,' and with whom Gen; Crook car
ried on negotiations which resulted in the
return of h'm band to. the Reservation. Gee.
Bradley, , the . Commander Toi the military
district of New Mexico, hasprdered two
companies ot the Gth Calvaiy from Fort
Bayard' under St' CoL Morrow Jo protect
settlers along the Gila River, ojithejincbc-
3ui I.. 1. a at i-izona.
The Plymouth Epidemic.
Report of the Relief Committee
' Wilkesbarkk, Pa., May 20. v
.- The . Executive Belief Coinroittee at
Plymouth submitted their official report
to a meeting of the citizens this morning
of which the following i summary : ; 0n
May tti there were 841 cases of typhoid
fever.' Since that date 04 nevt cases have
been reported making iX)3 in ; all. ' The
deaths in the past tuy weeks have num
bered 5o,' which leaves .50 cases, 135 Lor
ing convalescent. The' majority of the
sick are reported to be on the menct; but
many are 'still in a critical condition.
The total number of detilitute families
now receiving aid ii reported to b .2-Wi.
Total disbursenienta to date roach $5,100,
-r. -. " New York; May io I p. in,
The stock market rpened irregular this"
morning, and has been dull, but generally,
firm, throughout the first houi . - The first
prices were 1-8 lower for Grangers, Lake
Shore,-Union Pacific, LouIsville'S Nash
ville and K. T.; r-4 'higher for ' Western
Unim, atuMr-S higher for N; Y. '.Ccnlral,
while Locka wanna and Pacific Mail were
unchanged.. The result of the hours busi
ness is a slight . advance .for; most; 9. the
Gould stocks, :and weakness in Vander
bills. ; Loaning rates for. New York Cen
tral are 1-8 to 3-16, for Delaware and Hud
son 1-64, and for Lockawanna and rie
seconds'neVy 1-128. At 1 o'clock markte
is quiet and rather heavy. 17'," ;J :
!. Baltimore markets
. .. . ' Baltimore May 20. .
Flour' quiet and "steady; Howard St
and western' superfine 3.503.8o; extra
3.904.37;' family 4.655.50; City Mills
superfine 303.75; extra 44.25; Rio
brands . 5.1555. "Wleat; woutherri,
quiet and steady; western lower and
easy; southern red 1 .02 1.05; amber L10
1.13; No. 1 Md. 1 .05"l.0G; No. 2 west
ern winter red spot ' 99'L6S.'' Corn,
Bteady and firm; western doll and nom
inal; southern white 61 62; yellow 56
57...- . . i-'-'J- - : '
The old Palace of Frederick
j the Great Partially Ie-
stroyed by Fire ; T- ,v
1 ;; - V r 7'c r , .BiBiaif, May 20 ,
. Fire was discovered at midnight, last
night in the Mon-Byou Palace, once 00
cupied afft. residedce by Frederick the
Great, and now used as a museum'. Be
fore the flames- could be extinguished,
the roof and attic of the buflding -were
destroyed.. : .,. , rr'v
. ' RegrUtrsttlea Bill
' - -''' E: 7' LbNDOH, May 2012 tn.
The House -of Lords has ' passed the
registration: bills- )
t- . 4 Vletr IIoar Setter. .
' PAHis.May 20-l p. rn,
Yictor lingo, ahhougb troubled by hia
illness during the night; is rather belter
to-day... ' 7 "
- .. ' jtciNATi, O., May 2a
The Commercial Gazette of to-day, refer ?
rlng'toGcnl JBeatty's slatemeni that .
Senator She'rman'a; candidacy for the
United States Benatorship; was an amia
ble fiction and that be' would not aerve '
if fleeted, says i .Senator Sherman aaya
in a letjter before aa dated March 22": "I
tave' concluded to' allow m nam to" be
canvassed with the Test ahd to1 accept if
elected;1'1-;' k j
Sfaattlna: dn mt If lite. .
,M ' WiLMlsoTOxj'XUv'itay 26. .
' Th9 Great Falls manufacturing 'com
pany at RoAirighatn have shut doWa on
account of the law: price' of cotton gooda.
The Eoberdel Mills, fit the sain place
wiU.closQ .this weekj,' Both, ;the mill',
will start again as soon as business of the
situation improves.
i r vi - ' . ; - ' i '
: -.j7: . si wjcriof nm. .:,,; ,'"
, At ihe -New , jWkei .second luring
meeting to-day the race for' the''tft!Lne",
stakes for three years old1 .'were' won
by Lord Hastings bay colt, Melton; Sir
G. Chetwynds ebestnuf colt, 'Kingwood,
2d; Lord Cadogan's bay filly; Xonrfy,-3d.
There were fpur starters.
K :
- Haejr XarkVt."
'. ! '-. ' 'Losdos, May 20th12 A.
Conaois W7-16. - .
C !U. UcL6Ch 1 , 1 ciliS 'l.l'wOAE
jyJjoLOUD & MOORE, - U ,;, -
Attorneys and Counsellors at I tne,'
. ' "i - ASHEVILLE, IT. Ct '" -K.v.
, -Practloe In the 17nite4 SUtee Circuit Ola
rict Courts at Aibeville. Stateavllla. ChArlatt
and Greensboro; in the Supreme Court at Kalelirtt
ana in me uourts 01 me nn ana vta jualctat mtn
tricto of the State of North Caroita. ,-. ,
bpectai attention given to collections or elaiias
iy '4 ljtrsiir ... I f i j tyio
ruos. D. Joaxsros.
AttArneya (alIi-t'Law,
' AflHCVlLU. N. C . r
tVlh practice in the 8th and 9th Jndielat Districts
ot Aorta Carolina, in the 8uprae Court of thm
siaic; ana in ine r eacrai courts at Aanenue.
Tilt collection ot p.l&LmiL. th xaminalinn mt
lilies M real Drotwrtr. and the settlement of estatasf
a-sjecjaiiy. py, ine linn.
Office 1 tf Johastoa
AVvrneys'-.and Counselors Al-Latr,
: aa-OCice in Cmiw Building, i timjUlj.
taec. t' atidsow.
itorneyi A CounielIors-t.Laiw
WIl; .if in the 6th and tb Judicial Dtotrtcts
and iu the Supreme Court of Nsrth CaratlDa, rn4
in the Federal Courts of the Western District -f
North Carolina. . . t.t . . , ,. '
Refer to the Bant or Asheville. ..
1 c
d "J - 1 ..
Attorney at . LalrT;
Office in Court flouse.
dec 0-1 v
Physician and Nurgen,
Office over Powell 'A rSniderW.' ' ie- f
'JS&": Residence eornei; -Main tnd
Woodfin streets. , . " .
Q F. vS.NABLfi. - . ;,,.!
jdvd Engineer and General, Surveyor,
prepared to So jff 'work in bis prof saslecL ssm4
oners bis services esiecialiy ia - Leveuna;, itoatl
MaEinjr, mskiub; iiAtiuiates on wore, utytac in.
Locating and J luIUua jot Mapping Clij Lola, aal -BsUmatiuic
or Mappinif Work already done
F ' A .TJiX3JKNT,;,.lr ' 11?-.
Architect and Civil Engutcer.
Designs, Scfeclflcatloira. and Estimates1 any
style ot building furnished, upon application, and
wore superintended when dueired. AH work en
trusted to. m a, Civil. Engineer -will receive
nnofit attentHm.' ' Thoroiixh-rlraiuage of lands.
a specialty. rot: (Uincei aucress, Aanevute or
Best, N. C. Restdehre-fctwaniianoa, Bridge
rjTH03. A. JONES, Sj 0.. , .., , . .. , ;
r v ' :' Attorney at jkw' 1 ?
' - ASHEVILLE N. C,' hut
oet w OSes wUh.PavidsosK' Jfarti
- f, . .;-( - "1 :
' - Physicians and Siirxeoiw. -
' Office "next door soutH Old Bank. --
Jan S-6 moe ' '
Office for the present as ruducnee- Jth HowU
House,) corner of Kortb Main and
a cue
erry sts.
my 11 dawir
U dawlr
Ftisi..,a. and Auroeon.
Offca: JfainSL.2 doors south of Bank.-Bast
. 9 on French Broad Aveuue. OBice hours 11
: re. to 1 p. boh and rrom a t p. , .. '
Hf DOC.QLASS, D, Dt 8.,
Dental . Rooms over- De Vault's, Drat Xtoie '
esideuce in same building; Asheville, K. C. .
Ma-wAaw .7. '
' Orrxcx In Sluder BnflcUnc, ' ' T ; -ppoelte
Central Hotel' -' ' ASHXTIIXR, V.
1 11
fersons hsvlnir artidctal work: done, after -rylnr
it two r i ttlree weekst If not stoe, em
return It and tfce momtj will be refunded. . I 1
' i .JIUV$ IZesttiurant -
' to serve fine ' ; ," f ' .
.:'"' porter-rlouse SteaVs,' '. .
And any thing. else wanted to eat,' ia the
best style ftnd In quick order.' live ni
atrial. W. M; HILL, 1
my8-Dlm ; Under T.T, SUrnes. -.
. OTirO YILSON, FEpPKirrosV : "
....... J . j.(
Location, S MilwSonthaeKt of r-i!e!'-h. M. C,
4io Areuts vtMuied. py
meh 18-2 mos s w- ; . :
'S - '

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