North Carolina Newspapers

- WEStJ Bilk 'PUBLIC t'Al.:.-
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WM I -NO. 6.
. .
Asherille Business Iireclory.
General ltenhanltWholtxilc and JldaU. , .
- C. K. Grabim & Co ,8. R. Chedetster & Son. J. D.
Brevard & Co., J. O. Howell, - 8, HammerehUig,.
Mean, A.' UJonw A Son, Bearden,fiankin & CoT,
W. O. Brownuu. J, nowra. a . - --
, 6ards and jFVM 5efrf.
Pnuell A- Snider. H. H. Lyous. A. J-'lierrUX H.
Redwood & Co., J.O. Howell, J. P. gawyer, Bear-
deu. uanexn ec uo v- ."ucuir
" -drain, Hay and Flour.
3: B. BlamesPowell Snider,: Alexander and
. reniono. - . - - . - , -r 1 ,
, ' Hardware, Agricultural Imptanentt, Ae-.-,
, Pennlman & Co., VanGndejr&Brown. "
.Stovei, IlousefurnUlimg, ami Tinware.
'- Ballard Bros., Brown & Bearden, '.-Xindsey Broa,
Clothing, Gent Furnishing, tc,
Jvmes P. Sawyer, M. leTy, Charles E Lee, 8
Wnitlocic AJ ,-.
. ; oos, Shoe, and Mait. ;
W. T. Weaver, M. Levy. V W-'
- - Boot and Shoe Xanvj'achirert.' j
. JUL levy, W. T. Weaver, A.TFttfelc
- . Book and Stationery t
" - X. L. "WUkle, J. X. Morgan & C. , H. t. Esla-
; brook. H, H. Lyons. , v
: . DrugaUti and fftarmocenfese, i
H. H. Ltoim, W. C. Cannlebael, C. W.JteVault
I 1- jewelers. - .
5? C Cbwaii, Etcffner and Robertson.'
" : IbmUy Groceries, i'
"Powell and Snider, S. B. Kepler, A. R. Cooley,
Penley & Co.. TVF. Btaraes, O. W. Uoodlake. A. J.
- Merrill, J. E. Ware, Ware and Howell, A. C. Davis,
James Franks, J. J. Mackey & Co.. Jesse R. Starnes,
O. Jj. McDonald, w. u. Morgan, r m. '"i11??"" f
B Noland & 8ons,T. W. Shelton, J. R. Trull, G. H.
tames, N. V enlanu. reniana at Aie2uuer.
' Butchers. Meat Dealers, Jit.
! Zachery Bros., James Lusk, T, KY Davis, Mc
. Connell and Drake,
3. 3. Desmond, F. M. Johnson, J. C. Oliver, r
i . '". ' ConfeclionerUC' .
" J. j7 Desmond, (factory), JM Heston.
" . .. Saddlery, Harness, te.
-4 S. M. Gilbert & Co., Alexander and Peulana
1 '& FtarnUnrti tc.
W. B. Williamson, Moore & Falk P. S. Mc-
Mullen. . -
.-, UndertakerSr - .
X. Brand, 3. V. Brown, John Clayton
. ' COal Dealer.' .
S. F. Venable, D. S. Wat on,. Hill and Atkins
K. W. uirawooa itio, . -Lumber
, ioublcday t Scott . j J.J
Contractors, carpenters, ana nauuere.
t s. ii int,n u.i T A Watmpr T. C.
Westall, E. J. Armstrong, J. E. Buttrick, T.' L.:
Ulayion, A. u. vesi.- .-; , : T.jr
- .-. . Btadcsmith "' f.
, Hotels. x
. . Hwannanm, Eagle, Grand Central.- Western,
Carolina House, Slagle House, The Villa, Florida
Health Association. . , ,
.Private Boarding.- ' ' -
A. T. 'Snmmey, P.- S. McMullen, Miss Bettie
Brown, Misses Coffin, Mrs. A. E. Hall, P. F. Emer
son, Miss Smith, T. W.tfeel, Mrs. A. B. Chunn,
;'i J. H. Carter, U. M. Roberts, K. H. Grahl, G. I Mc
Donald, M. J. Fagg. J. A. Fagg, J. E. Rankin, W.
T. Reynolds, Mrs. T. E. Reynolds, E. Sluder, Mrs.
Holland,- Mrs. -Rroiles, Mrs. Mrs. E.
L. Baird, W. W. McDowell, James W. Patton, Mrs.
Leicester Chapman, H. C. Hunt, E. J, Aston, Mrs.
H.C. France. - r , ;. , - . (
Livery, Sale and Feed Slabies.' '
Reynolds t Chambers, J. M.Ray, W. A.Wed
din. James Sevier, C. O. Allen, T. H. gtanslll
Wm. Cox, E. W. Herndon, S. H. Barnard, G. W.
Morgan fc Co., E. T. Clemmons, Jesse R. Starnes.
Colleges, Schools, &c ; V
Asheville Female College, Asheville Male
Academy, Newton Academy, MissGoodloe's High
School for young ladies. Miss Sawyer's Primary
School, Mrs. J. P. Gammon's Primary School,
three white public schools, two--' eooa colored
-' schools. A graded school'httsUee'fl authorized by
law, and a Svate normal school will be held every
summer. - . - - - - -
- Hittinery, ice. ' -
' Mrs. H. M. Herndon, 8. Whitlock,: Mrs. M. E.
Mann, J. p. Sawyer, Mrs RR Porter. . .
Attorneys At Law. ' ' "
McLoud & Moore, J. H.-Merrtnion, K. H. Mer
rimon, M. E. Carter, A. Ii Carter, Gudger fe Car-
v ter. J. M. Ctadger, V. A. ssondley, w. s. unsnmaa,
Richmond, Pearson, E. D. Carter, W. W. Vandiyer,
Davidson Martin, l . a. jones,o. ii. iteea, n. x.
Gwyn, Locke Craig, W. R. Whitson, Jones and
Hardwicke, Johnston t Shuford, W. M. Cocke,
Natt Atkinson, A.T. Davidson, W. H. Malone,
V. S. Lusk, P. A. Cuaunings, A. J. Lyman.
v?.- -! : . Physicians and Surgeon.
f '. D.J.Cain, W. "L. & W. D. HilUard, John Hey
Williams,- J. A.-Bnrroughs, J. A. w atson, m. Ij.
-Nelson, Wardlaw McGill, H. P. GatcheiL .
. ; . -Dentists. . . .."r . -
O.Yf. Whitson, B. H. Donglas, R. H. RecTea, A.
t. ware. ' , .
-Banks, Bankers and Brokers.
' Bank of Asheville, Sluder Barnard
Merchant Tailors.
r 3. W. Schartle. - ' . ? :
x ,- Dealers in Furs. :. J
V. Ellick.
, , i Real Estate Agencies.
' Walter B. Gwyn, A. J. Lyman, Natt. Atkinson,
E, J. Aston, li. m. 'Jones.
Architect and CivU Engineers,
S F Venable. J A Tennant, j , - , '
i Tobacco Warehouses; i "
' The Asheville Warehouse, The Banner Ware
. house, The Farmer's Warehouse,. Ray's Wure-
nouse, ine iiuncomDe nareiiouBo.
Tobacco Manufacturers Chewing and Smoking. I
a. B. West. McCartv & Hull. J. E. Ray. E. I.
Holmes tCw., Shelton & Perry, W.P Williamson.
. ' Coopers, &c. ' '
L. F. Sorrell, N. W. Girdwood, William Weaver,
. nan. ....
vrf.'f Mtnet, Liquor, ie..' ,-. '
, Longhrah Bros., Hampton & Featherstone, W.
O. Muller,fcCo.i A.P. SorrelL ; ; --
' , v X.t.h'.ii Paper Hanger. A :i J-.. '
: . Cain t Hunt, Moore & Folk, R. L. Fitzpatrlck.
. ; . ; Newspaper. . .
Pailt and Weekly Citizen, Daily and Weeklv
; Advance, The Asheville Tribune (weekly.) ,
, ir -. ' - . ' - . t -. Je Office. . '- - i
! j The Citizen Job Office, Hunt Robertson. ' '
' " : Photographer.
. Nat. W. Taylor, W. T. Robertson, T. T. HilL
- Grist MUZs, ic
Jordan & Hall y burton. M. W. Girdwood, Jas. E.
Bultrick, McLane.
- - Fertilizers, tc. . '
P. N. Waddell, "Star Brand." Pfiiniman Co.,
' .'Anehor. Brand'-.O. M. Roberts, Alex. Porter,
"Piedmont," W. H. i-eaiand, "Owl Brand," Bear-
den( Kankir. t Co, "Ober & Co."! 8pecial," Lyon
s- 4t ?aierp -r armor "cuu, x. v. oiarues, -Ar
lington.", w, w. jjarnaru, "sea Fowi;'H. w.
" Girdwood & Co., "Soluble Pacific." . -
. . . Insurance, v.
,jr JtJ Astc,Thos. W.Branch. ,. . .
W.' O. Telegraph.
8. 0. Weldon, manager.
Southern and Adams Express. - ' -r
. F. A. SUkeleather, manager.-
Chit Officer of Buncombe County. . '
Sheriff J. R. Rich; Deputy Daniel Reynolds; 8.
C Clerk SU.W. Herndonf Register J. R. Patterson;
. Treasurer I. H.-Courtriey8, Surveyor B. F. fatten:
Ta iKtOaeKx V.yf. fiattoa. i 4 ; : . t . .
- ' Inferior Court. -' ':'
, Justice 0. A', finuford, C. B. Way, J. M Green;
Clerk Mont Patton; Solicitor H. B. Carter.
" " County Commissioner. - - V
J. E: Rankin,. J. A. Keaeran, . W. Whitson. L.
JL ChUds, Thosi D. Jirittaia. - : . - ;
" JusHceor Vie Peace': ': "I v
- A. T. Bumniey, N. A. Penland, T. W. Patton, C
B. Way, J. M. Lediord, i. M. Jarxatt, J. B. Cain.
' City Government.
Mayor E. J. Aston; Aldermen W. H. Penland,
T.C Westall, A. P. Sorrell,' I. Gorenflo, William
. Weaver; Marshall A, ILJBaird; Chief Police W. G.
McDowell; Policemen J. JL Hunr.pton, R. W.
. t 'ilrtre Department.- ' . tOi
Hose N. 1 , Foreman H, C. Fagg; . H. tL. No. 1,
tap. K.9 Hull. ' f - J f- J
. - . -. . r Sanitary Department. - ,i ...
Dr. DT Millard, Sanitary Chief: T r -
t- Federal .Officer. , 1 ' -"
V. 8. Commissioner, A. T. Summey. Deputy
Coi 1 wrtOTj. 4tam p office) A. D.: Cooper. District
Deputy 8. C Herren. .Deputy .Marshal la, R, O.
Patterson, A. C. Patterson, 'f . K. Davis, H. S. Har
, kins, a . ; ."i i-. r
United State District and Circuit Courts. '
'- ' Judge R. P. Dick, Solicitor J. E. Boyd, Clerk J.
E. Reed, Deputy Clerk P. A. Cummlngs. '
. . - 'post office: ;.;:v:M' ' i;.-' :
- H. L. Gudger P. M., Clerks W, B. Moore, W.l
Norman, A. L. Clift .
- - Sewtng MaeMn Agencies. . ,', ';.: - .
. Whchleri Wilson, J. H Herring, Chief Clerk
, Miss liessie Jurtice. Singer, M. H. Morynihan,
. Chief Clerk W.Monteath,-Domestic; S. R, Ched
ster t Son, Chas E Lee. - .: -r
Note There may beerroisin the above, which
. will be gladly corrected npon notification.
ArrtT! nd B(fepru'r the Trains.
Saubbott Arrives 857 A. K. .
if-- . Departe B:47 . lC j , - ' i
Tennessee Arrives 657 r. tt. . ;.
. v. Departs 8:47 a.-jr. T i
WAtkmvtli, Arrives 3:60 . .'J- ;
.-- . . Derjarts 9K)D a. h. .; ,
'TIia Wft-vnAsinllA tmln rfiachAa that
at st
1:20 returning, leaves Waynesyiiie at 250.
Soda - and. -misebal
; ' i , -;'-''!
' The bst 5 cent Cigar ia.'town- at Ly
ons' ;'Wite Kose." ''rt, '
W. T. Weaver, Sole Agent lot HessJ
Hand-Made Shoes for men. . tf ,
. .r ;, "' '. 1
:;..end fyZTob: 'Wot (f aU Mndsto.thc
pjtizm ' Office,', if you vant it done neatly,
cheaply -and teitA 'ditpalA "-fx? : ;; ' t
!- . .r- .. . .J.
'v- Thermometer 6 . m.&T6; 3 p. ml 77 i
' Barometer 30.52 at"9 a. m. . . ' t y
- Eain fall--.00.,inches ... '
Wind light Southerly. i I U , '
Sky Overcast; - .
- Moon 1st . quarter 21d., Oh., 25m
morning. ' ' - ;
Indications rain.' 2 - ?
- -i.j ,- .:J ! ) -
Will be published every evening (ex
cept 'Bnnday) at the followingratea-
slrtctly cash:- " - - ? ' v -v -"" '
One Year, . . . - . $6 oO
Six Months," l". ,' . ". 00
Three . ' . . .:. . 150
One " f. - C- " . C '; 50
One Week, . T . ' . . . 15
Our Carriers will deliver the paper ev
ery evening in. every jiart of the city to
our subscribers, and jjmrties wanting it
will please call at the Citizen Office. (
. " ' ' .
'.: Delicious Crab Cider on draughty at
Gi'to"W.. B.1 Williamson's Furnittire
Stoio to getthe',be6t goods for the least
Call at McMuflen's early if lyou want
goods at low prices. . ... tm29 )
A house to rent on Eailey-street. En
quire of Mrs. Walker.- J - 2t t
Nothing more t of .'the - water iall up
Hominv. K . - r
- . . - i
- Mr. Richmond Pearson will ; deliver
the address at Rutherford College on the
27th inst. - . r. f V ' ; ... ! .
. ' . . . - . . . ' j 1 . : : c I . ( . .' J - . - : J
; The Commencementfexercises of the
Asheville Female College will take place
during the first week in June.
The .'mail train from Salisbury this
morning did not reach here nntil 12 M.
being detained? by some accident to a
freight train. . : ; '
Mr. J. O. Sams; a former member of the
House' from Buncombe illunjjnated "our
sanctum yesterday with his beaming
countenance and pleasant gossip. - " ;
. The Eev. D." Atkins, President of
Weaverville College, was associated with
Prof. Venable in the examination of
applicants for the cadetship appointment
to west iroint. uur lniormant emitted
that item until yesterday afternoon. s i
The tobacco breaks this morning were
quite large at all the warehouses, the
weather being seasonable fox the hand'
ling of tobacco. The bulk of the tobacco
on the floors to day, however wai of an
inferior quality, the prices; for, the fine
being grades well maintained, while for
the lower grades the marketwas con
sidered somewhat easv. - : ; - . : A
Col. Frank Cameron arrived here to
day for the purpose of inspecting the
Asheville Light Infantry this afternoon.
Col. Cameron and Gen. Jones inspected
the. Iredell Blues yesterday at' Statesville,
and last night were tendered a banquet
by the Blues, which was largely attended
and a number of speeches made by Mes
srs.' Armstrong, Bobbins, Leazer and
others, including Meesrs. Jones and
Cameron. ' v ' .. .;!?
A gentleman who has taken a dedestrian
tout through Haw Creek, . Grassy Branch J
and : Bull Creek, and who stopped, at a
goodly number of the houses, talking with
a goodly number of the residents, informs
us fee finds- feed very scarce consequent
upon the past two seasons "having been un
propitlons: but that, with the- exception of
the wheat crop which was greatly damaged
by the severe weather of the past winter he
hnds the prospects for this year good, with
a denomination on the part of the planters
to cultivate more closely necessaries ' for
home consumption. Much attention is be
ing given this year to the .gardens more,
than usual in this regard. ' He sess a better
outlook for our people. . " ; ,; -.' ' .
A communication 'Txoiii ; a' ValuedjiuL-
Bcribet at West's Mills, and which cokir
tained matter highly interesting, if time
ly used, was not delivered to ns until
12 days after date, having been held for
postage, the notice of which was proba
bly misplacid. ; The contents of the
letter have long since been anticipated.
We shall be pleased to near irom our
friend again, ';' , ; . V:,; A., '."..v, i
Mrr Walter Hamilton! of N. Y. paid us a
pleasant yesterday. He is now ac
tively working a corundum mine, near
Democrat, in this county," and has about
thirty men engaged. His work at pres
ent, is somewhat tentative ; his success,
which.' now seems assured, will-bringin
use at the mine a large amount of 'ma
chinery. . .. . V '. .' i .'('
i 1 -
The Dedication "of the Beaver Dam
Baptist Church, . .' - .
We stated that this new Church would
be dedicatee on the "joth inst. . The last
Sunday in this month ocenrs on the jisd,
and' that s the day. upon which the dedica
tion will take place. Tht land upon which
the church has "been built was bought from
Dr. I. S.T. Bajrd, and the church is located
between Dr. laird's residence and Mr.
Frank Polk'a saw mill, r The Kev. Mr. Car
roll will preach the dedicatory Sermon, at
II o'clock on the 31st, and oiher ministers
will be in attendance. . . . ' ' ' .
No better or nicer stock of Furniture;
Carpets, &c, in Western North Carolina
than can be found in McMullen's. .
tmy29, Vx..jx
One hundred and twenty-five bushels
Fancy-Hand-picked Pea Nuts at
tmZ7 - T v " ' ' , J-'ESMOKD S.
Deputy Collector Appointed. - , . ;
. Collector jDowd has appointed Dr. Geo.
Wj Whitson, of "Asheville, Deputy Col
lector and Stamp'ofncer, with his , office
at Asheville. This appointment ;will
give unqualified satisfaction to our peo
ple, as. Dr. 5 Whitson. is a - most worthy
gentleman and wu t doubtless 'prove a
most efficient officer. . There were other
worthy gentlemen competing with the
Dr., but this is .more to his credit in
carrying 'off the Ironors. -" :-- -
IIoteiArriyaia, .v . ' ,
--' Weattm Hotd-4 1 C Skmsi 5 E Davis,
Morgan Hill; J;F-Ponderf S J) Carter,
Ivy; J A Irvine,- J E'-R Carpenter, Col
umbia, Tenn; E L McPeeters, H D Mc
Cain. Marshall; J B-Mclat0fihr B LpNor
veH, Waynesville; J E Sluder, J H Cole,
J A Sluder, Leicester; J D Boon, Moores
ville; R H Eidson, W NCR R; C M
Jones, Tenn; J D Black e'rman, Kentucky;
W Menzees, wife and daughter, Old-Fort:
SMwnnanoa-James Sweet, Henry A
Bailey, --Childv New York City; Wm
Brewster, Cambridge. Mass; WLK Cootz.
. JZafiU-G A . Rlckdr, Ch4tUnooga;
James T Jett, Tennessee; K li Cameron,
Raleigh, 4 H Knmboqgb, VVarm bprings.
The! Stbawberrt Festival. - ' i. M
Notwithstanding the extreme inclem
ency of the weather Thursday night, the
straArberry ' festival, 'conducted by' the
Young Ladies' Aid Society and held at
the Asheville Warehouse," 'proved a de
cided Buccess, both in attendanco and in
its results, and the occasion was greatly
enjoyed. The Cornet : Band was kind
enough kto furnish 4 mtlSic . during L the
evening. The young ladies have fur
nished us for publication the following
card of thanks: ' r "'As'-i - 1 '
"The Ladies Aid Society return thanks
to Messrs. Reynolds and Chambers for
their generosity in placing at their dis-i
posaltne Asbeville Warenouse lor tne
festival Thursc' ay evening, 21st, and also
desire to thank the gentlemen connected
with the warehouse for their-uniform
courtesy and efficient, aid in. preparing
the rooms for the entertainment.'; , v .
Tna CemeteeV QuEsnow. ' : -1 '
There are several treasures ito, be un
dertaken here essentiat to the well-being
of the. town;" some ojf pressing neces
sity, some that, may he", postponed 4 until
a more . convenient season; but. 'Jt'of
which r must be proSlded "for in due
course of timept to bp prolonged into
too remote alfuture. Ilhe first class is
a public, cemetery, .not a . want, but a
need."' ' For'ihe demaads ' of 'mortality
press not 'always with eqtial weight, but
with equal certaThtV upon allr conditions
of men; and ho community is so fortified
by its healthy environments as to ex
clude death. Death comes into all 'com
munities, and upon aVt nieft-in their
turn; and with inevitable death comes
inevitable sepulture, to b provided for
by the living, . v . . . " . .. i
-A strange and startling fact ctaruis tmt
in the present history of Asheville, that
it public cemetery; and the reso
lutions adopted by religious corporation?,
originating in municipal regard for pub
lic health, practically close their grounds
as private burial grounds., . 1
Thewisdonr of forbidding the building
of crowded cities of tb4 dead among the
crowded and constantly increasing living
is no longer open to question. The pub
lic mind nasacquiesced in the propriety,
inact, the necessity of the disjunction of
the'flttick'and th dead. 'A very recent
case, to Which We can traly allude, brings
up the subject in a -very startling way.
The question comes up, which must be
answered. What are we to do with our
dead? We' cannot take them away to
impose their precious remains upon the
guardianship of others. We ought not
dejEty.lbe phfrunate"trarngefnth8" rites
due to humanity, por xefdsethenj in nn
cpntested place in the quiet" uosomof
mother earth. TYetthe municipal laws
and the resolutions of religious bodies
present us the alternatives of resistance
to the law and contempt of resolutions,
or the bearing away to distant graves
the remains of those whose resting places
we would fain keep hallowed, watered
with tears, or made bright with flowers.
Which alternative shall we take? or
rather, shall we not adopt another alter
native, and purchase suitable . grounds
convenient to the town, . ample enough
for all purposes, ample enough for these
sad uses and.also for adornment; for the
piety of affection joined with the influ
ences of good taste combine in -modern
days to make these spots, beautiful as
well as hallowed, rather than the dismal
scenes of upturned clay or glittering files
of monumental roarble Such' spot can
be. purchased. .Years ago when popula
tion hee was smaller, a public spirited
gentleman anticipating what ias now
come to pass, made the proposition of a
provision of a public cenjetery in a most
beautiful and suitable location, himself
offering the grounds 1 on ' conditions 11 b
eral, just and easily complied wit'i. His
proposition was not adopted; and now
those grounds are . otherwise- appropria
ted. . Newton. Academy -grounds, and
lands to be acquired contiguous to them,
seem now only attainable. Twenty,
thirty, " forty ' or more '-acres, may ' be
boughtrmay be improved and adorned;
and then will: have been obtained that
which can no longer be deferred. - - r
. The . Board of Aldermen and public
opinion must I combine- to take la very
matterof fact view of what can no longer
be .whistled down the wind Jas a matter
of sentiment nor deferred as one of con-,
veniences.: The necessity- is upon us to
act at once. Be the death "rate ever bo
small, the ! ,voiee" of 'one' poor mortal
Sounds to our conscious negligence trun
bet tontrued as the clamor . of lesrions of
disembodied spirits pealing forth , their
reproaches at" the inaignity heaped on
the remains of mortality.-' .'r' -
the remains of mortality
. : '1 .; ! v i -
The Militae OEUjoampjent jpo bseid
AT iSHEVIJJJT,- 'm'21 ":X' I
-.: Govj' Scales, has;decided that the en
campment of thjey Sorth -Carolina " Milii
tary shall heAhad &tj Asheville,; at such
time in July as Adjutant-General Jones
shall designate, and has, instructed that
official ito make all necessary ' arrange
ments to that end.' ,Tents and all other
necessary equipments - will at once be
obtained. -' ; .- - -- -
This will be the first encampment of
militia held in any fctate -in the south
since the war, and the .occasion' will un
doubtedly prove: a most interesting ne.
Twenty-three-, companies, . numbering
about 1,000 men, will bo here.- i-
r t 1 1 mt '1 ' ' ' :
Another dynamiie explosion knocks
the bottom out of prices at McMullen's
urmture and uarpet iiouse.. tm.'y
Mattings at reduced prices, at McMul
len's. - J . tm29
I: ER'S STATION -..", f.;
i Th4 ccasIo&. of the vLat of Dr. Wat
son, the coroner of this county, to Coop
er's ior the. purpose ,ct holding
quest to. which we referred in J-esterday's
Issue,' is explained to "largo extent by
information received to which we are
largely Indebted to Capt -W. D. Sprague.
The following are the leading-facts: '
'' Ori'hursday-night, two y brothers,
Charles .and Johtt Yprkj. were rn their
return, home near (Jooper s, from Ashe
ville, where they , had -been to haul a
load of lumber. They:- were driving an
ox team. Both, were waJ king. v. Both
had been drinking freely, A man "who
traveled; witfe-the -tdrvithin "five miles
of Cooper's,- saythey quaircled with
each, other the whole time he wa3 with
them When they had approached
fwithin speaking distance of their home,
(thev lived in the same house. John be
ing married, Charles single), the wife of
John heard a noise as of cattle , running,
and opening the door, heard the voice
of her husband pleading with his broth
er not to stab him- ' She ran out scream
ing, but before site-reached her husband
he was on the ground in the agonies of
death. HerscreamB brought neighbors
to the spot, who assisted in bearing the
wounded man to the house, but he was
dead when borne through the door.
, The brother, in explanation of the
stabbingrsaid that his brotherwas walk
ing along whittling one of the standards
of the wagon, and tripping his toe, fell,
and the open knife pierced hia heart.
"The- utter falsity and real impossibility
01 uiis una biiiue ueuu muue penucuy ev
ident. - . '
Charles York was arrested yesterday,
and . is now held .under a strong guard,
awaiting the result of the jury ot inquest.
Uri VVatson empanelled tle iury. yes
terday and opened tho investigation at
once. - Our last information is that the
jury is still engaged in its labors. The
evidence so far seems to develop ths
fact of a murder committed. ' The de
ceased bad a knife cut which passed
through the heart, . and his . coat was
gashed with -a knife in several places,
disproving he . suggestion of accident.
The inference is that it was murder com-!
mitted under the influence f liquor, to
which both brothers were addicted. 1 ; .
Bank Faclities-A Field foe . Popu
v'iARr'iiiVESTitES'rl"t .
l .The openhfg of a ntw bank' Hero iakn
event to bo welcomed by all classes-of
the community. It is welcomed," be
cause relief comes such as can come in
no other way. The bank here has dono
all its limited capital permits, and it has
accommodated as far as its power goes,
with generous liberality; it has secored
and j retaedh pi .w,aiof all wHo
hve had dealings- with l;it has. been
the friend of AIievflle anil of the country
around. 'This, institution, offers ho ob
jections to IJie advent of what it might
regard asanvai. - iso far troui it. it Wel
comes the-other as a coadjutor, admit
ting the field is too wide for its capacities.
The combinediCapital of the two, in fact,'
will not be. more., than is needed, if so
much. There can be-no-antagonism. '
.; The capital stock is, at present, $75,000,
which is taken.' For the reason that this
amount may be. materially , increased,
and also that a closer identity of interest
may be created between the bank and
the community, it is suggested that an
additional $25,000 he taken- by the peo
ple, making a capital stock of$100,000.
This addition; can be prudently and con
veniently made by taking a small num
ber of shares', from one to twenty, a wise.
safe and profitable use of the money so
invested, ano amusing to that extent,
community of interests. There aremany
in town and in the country who have
often occasion to'dispose of idle monies
in such way.
We hope the suggestions wilUreceive
consideration. ..- . ' - -" !
T.ri . ; i .' :. ." V. r U.
The Papeb Fibue.Teee. .
We have just seen Capt Irvine to whom
the Nashville. -American is indebted for
the account of the newly dkcovered ma
terial for paper stock. Capt. I. has given
ns a sample of the article, a - long -Btrip
of shaving, a creamy white ribbon, fine
and lustrous as satin and strong as silk
and at the same time flexible and soft.
The tree proves to be the balsam fir,
which abounds: on -..bur .highest moun
tains, -inexhaustible when attainable.
In fineness, in whiteness indt strength
we judge the balsam fir the very tree to
be used for the manufacture of wood pulp,
New House for Sals oh Rest. : :.
""' On Haywood St. W.rAsheville ' thor
oughly finished, 8 rooms, spring and cis
tern water, nice grove ; Apply atCrnzEK
otnce. . tt t imiJS-deodat-wtf;.
Parasols, Corscbs, and Fans.
. . tt -r, 0 n -
: upholstery tJobds-T f..
4t - H. Redwood & Co.: '
I Zieglcrs and Banisters Fine Shoes. 5 -"
V .iiJ fi UittSDWOOD X M.
new Advertisements.
L&TD FOR BAtE,1 'ii(- i't's i ' -
Three Tracts of lAhd for sale In Jefferson
county, nine miles -west of Newport, lying oh
Muddv Creek. .First tr&ct 165 acres. Second
tract, 178 acres "Third tract, HO acres. Either of
tnese can De Dongct tor ?4 an acre, or ail tnree at
the same price. A - bargain unequaled in East
Tennessee, -From 7k to SO acres in cultivation on
each tract. All who want to bur are Invited to
come and see it, or address, J. A. BTRIPLEN, -c
May 8-v It I -. , , -; Tryon, Jefferson Co., Tenn.
J v; V. ' BROWN & CO., . '
-TJnder taTsfers,
;."r t. (Over YanGildcr St Brov,n's :. , ;
ReR)ectfully announce -to the citTrer.B of Ashe
ville and surrounding country tht they have
opened a first-class rndrtliii Kxtiib
lislt taietit, where will be kept a full line of "
".'Embalmings specJaTly. All calls attotided,
nightorday. ' - my 81-wiJm
1 -V
-: : 'jFcrthe'AshoTLiiefciriziar,
- ASUEVrLLEl .' .:
- Where did I go f AVhat did I sce?":
fr What kind ol a eountry Is It T. TV
. To answer; the above fully,;.!, would
have to be'much better gifted in giving
details and have much better powers of
description,' in Tact Would have to be
possessed c)freportorial genius,1 ,
Not suspecting that I would ever be
requested "to write up" my tripvor much
less" ever attempting J took not a single
note: but gave only 8 passing notice to
places or events. So I can -give only an
incoherent or" unsystematic statement of
where J.'went and wat I saw, as best
': X At Warm Springs I calleI for a'tlcket
to New Orleans, and re'torii'ih forty days,
stating route- desired; hut'was informed
thilt 'siictra ticket could fnot ' be bad at
tbut ofllcer."?v'Q.I toofcaaotber under
protest. J5ut at inoxvme the general
Sassenger agent exchanged 1 tickets as I
esired. This.took me over a route with
which I was for part the way familiar,
Thcsj scenes, .being rrnattra'rtiva ' left me
to muse on my environments,.-, and I fell
to observing- faces and manners and
reading characters. For the sweetest
and purest traits; Bob Burns; Will Carl
ton and others would lead us to the
humbler walk in life;' but my-observations
prove that the '"cottagers" haven't
a monoply of all that is lbvejy or -love
ame in cnaracter. - in our car were a
couple, who mbye in the. highest" circle
of North Carolina society. - The lady was
not only handsome and fashionable, but
in every way lovely, and loveable; , She
was aDDrecitive .and confidins - in hrr
.husband and courteous : and . gracious to
-11 . . - - . - - 1
an. :iefit 10 no oaaor .io n-j ciass ex
clusively belongs, . - t ., ;.4- ,r ('
The Southern portion of our route- lay
on the frazeled.edee of terra firma irrcc-
..1 1 .1 1 - .3 - : iu . . -
uiurijr u'jvuuuiuu 111 mu . uurreeponamg
edges of the broad expansa of the brin-
ev main. l he long and frequent treet
ling, -over water, led us to conclude that
we were traveling as much 07 water as
py lana notwitnotonaing we were in a
rail way, train. "1 he abundance of water.
that interviewed on bur route to. Hous
ton, Texas, via the Mississippi River and
tne iruu, em pressed us with uoi.r meer
soil's statement, that this globe was bet
ter : adapted to raising hsh than men.
from the predominance of water. ' Geol
ogists - inform us, that the gulf once cov
ered-most all the-Southern portion Of
what is now our ifliq(jie . blates, and. has
receded through aapse of ages , to its
present .position. - -Its borders, now .re
present a very partial .obedience" to the
great; pnmeviai counnana ies ine waters
- . f .l J 3 LCI . A XI . ' ' .'l..
De divided -irom the land, lor there is
but little dry land, near the Waters,:nor
positively, defined water, bounds. ..We
are hot to infer from this great coricesr
6ion of the waters to the land that there
is any less water now than "in the begin
ning.') - Science teaches that earth is
accumulated, bat also teaches us. that
water is reproductive.-'!-. f. , ..r-
iba.11 ant ana our greac American aesert
denote a great absent e of water, but is
lands - and '. continents have Rubmercd
sinco'lft. the beginnings" i i -.' '
1 he receding, ot the eulf.-toa. favored
than culture other fish culture iu 'yield
ing money, broad miles of fertile land
to.air and lisht. Ve are told thatrthe
"contending waters"are making corres:
ponding aggressions elsewhere. The In
dians had a tradition that ; Uellgate in
New York- was, oncedry land, and ob
servations. prove that New York is sink
ing at the rate of 23 inches pat hundred
years. - If there should be a 'rise ia the
gulf corresponding with the depth i-of
idellgate, it . would inundate-.many
miles of the once bed of the-gulf.- -This
fact makes the supposition that this con
tinent wa3 ' peopled . from4 Asia, without
navigation feasible. :'-' - - : ,
Well; over land and water, byau, wo
arrived at New Orleans (my first naviga
tion was done on a rail). In this Francp
American city we visited the great Ex
position. To avoid tedious detail, it will
suffice, it 'to say that, while tho Exposi
tion is a big show, at apparent want of
completeness demonstrates' tnree iactF,
viz : it takes tune, railroad facilities and
public interest to make a big exposition
a success, anct-we leei sure that tnese
three essential elements were in a meas
ure wanting;' But Jwo Will say to 'the.
credit of New7 Orleans,: that perhaps no
other city, except Parisj cdnd;have suc
ceeded so well,-with . the means at hand
This is doubtless due to French vivacity
and dispatch. - --. '''.:.; C
Apart from.the' ixposition, is an ex
position - within; itself; . That greatest
achievement in art, the painting, - th.
Dattle of Sedan," of which, from even an
.elaborate description; yon could' form
but a faint idea of its magnificent grandeur-
I wish I were capable ef describing
it, but feeling my utter inability I will
merely attempt give ah idea, of it:
Sitiiated near the "main entrance to the
great Exposition grounds, is a large iron
rotunda, qn entering which yonare con
ducted down a dark aisle to a painting
so arranged that its effect is the most
realistic that has ever been produced.
This represents a, scene, in the burning
town of.Sedan' during' the fierce battle
Thence you are cond acted to the paint
ing proper. - As you stand in tne midst
of this transcendantly grand panorama
you are so overwhelmed with aw - and
bewildermentthat you feel that you have
been suddenly , transferred -froin ..on.
country to anoiner. aim magninceni uib
tances extending from horizon to horizon?
and 1 yet ' minutely" accurateii - detail.
This imposing scene graphically portrays
tb e culminating battle of the f Franco
Prussian war, a record of which history
would be incomplete without it. , ;
" To be Coniiniud.y: ; t
y ' ' m' m ' ' r
Ladies' Opera Slippers all sizes' -
.1 ; -i '-- ?."at Lew's. J
Dry' Goods and Fancy Goods. ' s
v . . ; -; - ' II. Redwood & Co..
' Graveley's Finest Grades Chewing To
bacco at ; 1 -' - Desmond's.
tm27 Y;.j.-;:.k' - . . ' ' . .
McMullen keeps Window Shades, Car?
pets. Nattintrs,-Oil Cloths,, Wall Paper,
and all kinds of Furniture. , tm21
' New lot of Baby Carriages just received
at Williamson's Furniture Store ' , ;
.- tui27 .' - I ;.;':
Underwear, Hosiery, and Gloves.
1L KEDW'oon .4 Coj
Gents' patent leather pumps, . -.
. at Levy's.
FOE SALE. .--Two
Thoronghbred Berksliire Boar Pi?ts,
eight weeks eld. Will be delivered at Asheville
for six dollars each. First order with cash gets
first choice. Address . J. K. HOYT.
April 18 D&W8t - Turnpike, N.
open for lioardcrs, at Mrs. IIOL
LAKP'8, Putton Avenue, vor. i rench Broad.
April 17-I'tl
associated pbess
Secretary1 tVIif.tney toJoliij
1 nj I5oticHIOreeUu-!.i.v
' $''-. r-?v.Tj'J
Th Dying; Clor eftbe .Ilplln.i
x-y, .Ji . 7 wismSroif, V. p., Ma 23;
; . Secretary Whitney lias sent the fol
lowing, letter tO- John "Roach relative to
the triartrfpof thV Dolphin) which is tb
.take'' piac.;next week .Ybu :-iH .1
think, recognise .that-the performances
of the Dolphin thus fas hp.ppse upon, me
the duty of exercising an unusual degree
of caution in dealing , with' her. .Wnat
would have been reasonable prudence in
me some Weeks since" would iiot'be''t8o
now. Itls rmite possible that the diffi'
cnlties. encopnUred. iii making her go!
through.the tnal ' trip ,may have- beeri
due to accident , and - temporary caused ;
but you woul,d.not pow expectlier "to be
accepted without your having aa oppoi-'
tunity to demonstrate- beyond. aH ques
tiop the high character of her worthy I
understood you to. assent to this proposi
tion ia bur conversation- of , yesterday j
and. while I do. not aaderstsnd you now
to claim for her. Ihe ' speed nor horse
power contemplated, yen do insist that,
so far as you r i part ' is . ijoncerned, plans
have been properly executed.-1 have
given crders in accordance with ur ar
rangements yesterday fojr a furthertriai
to be held under Bimilar conditions to the
last, on Thursday, 28th inst In addition
to this,' I must ask that she be put to a
similar run at sea upon such day as yon
may name. ' I. do. not insist upon her full
horse-power of fifteen knots speed upon
this; latter trial. ' If deemed by you tod
trying upon her machinery, a speed of
12 k.qots will answer the conditions un
der which I wish' tq placo-'her' She
lines. The expense Vofthis - jlatier trial
will be lorne by the government in case
she is accepted." . ; ' -'; . . f t
-J - ;. t
:' . . ' 'arm a vvin nnrirvr '' ' - i ,
3 j t
1"7i'i-'. 1 .:i "I r-'fi ii
.Tucson, Akizoka, 2lTy 23d.
.,. Advices , now, coming in show that the
energetic measures taken to head off Ger-
9nim6 aid hU band of half Jrandred.Chi-
nchua bucks yiho left theirt-jKeservation
four'days ago . wpre put on none toa
ooit. .1 olographic adviceaijc to th eUect
that the red devils have already commenctd
to mark their flight u it h .blood.. Reports
are 1 received to the effect "-that two -men
were killed.on -Eagle Creek Tuesday night'
while a fresh horror Js reported from the
little mihing camp of Alma in the" Sierra-.
de-Ia-Agullda mbuntaias' tin 'the Rio San-,
francrsca'j -1'---xridi Mtn t 1 t ,
Here, a partv of miners were Surprised'
at work, acxod1ngto tEe rr.eagre t reports
thus far received, awl four 'of them were
killed ihd :alpeA;The'Rio.Sanfriiciwo
traverses Kivf Mdxicdtad ArizAtisi iar a
Southwesterly idijrectipn i emptying, iato-.-tiie
Rio Gila -a. short distance. over ia Arona"
Confirmatory advices are also received, fof
thet statenit-it that fuptiyies , have pifetn
sighted by -Jap fiiiith and his scoujs
the apper Eagle1 CTC6k':ncaV the seen of ie:
murder of tb&two 4nn -aii above rigor tod,'
and report of,e-rgsmeitt; arc Ihqurlyje.-
gagement are houjljxpected. i.t;. 'c, ! ;
T,It-is believed here that the Indiana-.arer
thoroughly desperate and will make aide's-
nA v t f A 'oftn'1 or.mwrtAr 1 4ri All r 4ilB
where thevUreknownJ-tobe-and aithoazh
great confidence is-placed 'i& tSe veteran
fighters -Who ar&rafterthem; jthe i.well-
knqwn treacherous 'nature of the. . Apache
caues considerable, apprehension. , .-, J
ju-'je -. ;-.! 'Mil-tKMtNltK.'"
'tJ. I : 'run, Ji- -: ..'-. ,rhi c'lj.
CrowdmU Registering izTueir
';9-f,i'i2Caine as . Tokensj 1 ; i !
-v nr L
Paris' May 23.'
The iirceT in front of .Victor Hugo's
house was thronged with people last afgh
up to a late honr.'iA register,-has jbeea
placed outside of the house and the people
waited for hours for the opportunity to j
mscnoe tneir, names. . ine crowa main
tained a reyerejit'silenceJ during thi entire
time',' conversation' being . carried on In
hashed tnei .'-The official deputatioti'ap-
pointediby the Acadeiny to-attend" xtjiet
funeral will consist of the last fo-jr. jiiiem-;
bets elected-, to the 'Forty Immortals.
These aref.Messieurs; Pailliron, Mozade,
Coppec and DcLesseps. j r, ,t f ' '
T(5The clerical papers denounce Mr. Lock
roy for , withholding. Archbishop; Guibart'a
letter; r from t the- dying ; poet. ' i They , claim
that the answer. . returned by Mr. Lockroy
was entirely unauthorized; and they think
thaff haMr. Hugd ien;the SA)thbfshop;s
letter, he might have accepted the "religious
services which. were, thereia offered. The
features of the de,ad,mank .which had been
distorted With pain during his last hours ef
suffering, have, since ,hi3 death', resumed
their wonted expression of calm serenity. .
A Doctob's Advice. ' ' J' '-' ; 1 ', '
j "OhTdoctor. what shall Ida? No relief
yet from , my: .fearful t eough.?i "Use
Symphyx, of course, madam: No other
remedy can possibly cure yoor cough as
quickly.- For tli pain in f vour breast,
use some of Dr. Hart's Great Relief. A
dose pf Dr. Uart'a Jilood and liver Pills
will cure your, liver trouble " But, first
of all, don't neglect your cough, but use
Symphyx,' the' Great Cough Cure, at
one. Dne dose will relieve yon." 1
Carpets, Mattings, Oil Cloth, Ac : '
II. Repwood & Co.
TUc LouUdji. TIXuc oil Victor
.nfi.v He'. i
' The Timet derbtes' 'aii'editoriat article
to the death bf Victor lingo. 'In this it
says fi uThl event i one that
the wftol av6lze werld. ; i;Yictc Jlugo
..Vy ;monj coTweotjtjhe .greatest
poet since Goethe. Toell, cyen the real
ists in literaf tire,' ' chiei" of rouianticlals.
He: wai nnUl ' th last a 4bein regarded
differtntl' from ' blh ef meA .' 1 1 Posteri ty
will doubtless Modify this jmigment; but
it ; will,, ' at the--same Unaej admit i that
much mayube orgedjn its Btippoi tn
. Standard says '.Victor Hugo did
not aain'the ! liigliest literary ranl,bt,
he"' was ' a generous- and magnificent
Lyrist; whose rhus!c will loa hanut the
fjars of mankind."" .u. X
He; BIO; ' Tfot ft is.t Vf'n
,' ' ii. ji;i-.f v. ii iitn ;
., ..woju'.be difficult
many , ucmr father aleptUsi nigHt.'' said
CoL. FreUiGraiit this; morning., ''It was .
not a gCK night Atj4..uni0 wakefulness
was. owing to paip c$asloiB(d, . think,
by c'aange in the yea Ul ?tr ,;lla feeljng .
pain this morning, and ia, by no-, tpeana
as comforUble as he 5a yesterday,
i -T ' lift- " I . . l . ... '
- v. '.-j . i ,i !..- ,.;.' ;t
.' irii' Ptsrmalac rre-. Wlmy tmr
'. A'pas'iengei' just arrived froj' George
town reports' that the. Apaches kiltcvl ft
roan at Bullard's miningcauip 80 'rhilet
northj ofj Silver , Cily.j-J Xtiyieea from
iLdrdsberir; slate that Capt. Lee. who if in
pursuit pf; tf Indians, was pbliged; to
stop, two, day at Canada Ranch owimr to
the scarcit- of rations; r jCapt. Pir,eand
tis c?mpaiy nsooejts left Gilayftiterday
morning Ibjf ..Mule , rSpringB; n Hi train
consists 132 , fnujes cajrry ipg proTiSions
for 82 men; but'th j cavajary are- short of
supplies, i The news was received yester
day that the Indians were see between
Carlisle and: Silver "City going South.' )
' : - I . U . .
i i .! ' euii-' i'
i !!-.:
TfcHbor-CflIzntlM )MiMmi
'!.: ':;: a t lb MorH! n;; ...!.
0 v Sam Fbancisco, CalTMay 2.T.
. Six tbotiaand prsops .. attended the
Glove contest between Charles Mitchell,
of Birmingham, England, arid- , Mike
Cleary? bf New York, at the Mechanics
Pavilion last nigh tTiaitirt of the
fourth ronnd waa'of ; thepwet- brutal
character, aild the police in terff red and
fitopiHxJ , the figiyfc j.-.Tle tf&rrt d
agreed on f,he tc-wlt,.but nnally flpculed
it a draw, amid the mot intense excite
ruent-r .. '".
.1 '-. "'V . ' 1J' y'
. u; nonii TwtBtwiiW-KiitJrTPtM
lci'-r-'':.'f W ; -i-i?if (!! i!t;
-. - i.tei iBTiUivv!a 0lie-tiKi'. :
v US.iJ-s nU:l li.V' MaJl ?Sd. .
r;Tl-iiieiaU--u of.ouira8,jWlich
bc.-p?gl!Mdfirtinel-i., aim! -auA irtitAd
btb v)val'r ,tr.xj.bvthef,uwn of
6antanx ' Four hundryVl . thiatcmalian
tops'trr.8Jd "the frontier of 'isoiva'dor
tnis'Blortl'fn;T', This inva-Aoir iS'jdlra
ea limt'i'fVs riiid-prflUbly - wrU n-viii in
reepcniiig il-; wlu'tw ('cntml 'iAliialran
quest-on., It, is 5i''tKd that b -jj tgtnal .Guateuialawjlljljiye- x
pew't ... " .'
ft b$-tti im ' u'j-y St a4'M. jf ,8 J.
-Th;toe- 91 Vif tor IfWgP'f, deathrj ;fu
Created deep mprewiiorj of griff Aming,
alfchiKfes. " it U.expcclciJ tha Various
Literarv a'nd'Arti;tfj Rociftics' Witl'tend
delete td'hw mneral v,XtiI1
Ainr JeMi4M.iar kmomCJMm, futi -it
i") hui tti-?ff f!-e;ff si,
-.i -di :4: 'yo;3iay,23. .
vThe 'steamsh liClty 'of Berlin, t)rrJ' the
19th Inst.; SAV'fh latitude '43p- lon
gitude 49 3X struckau icebergs-stem pn,
ib a deuriq ur.' ,Thjenginea were, going
very , slowly ," at thjeme Ilc bowsprit
andj' head-work was carried awayr hot
no ttamage' dohe'belmr the main deck
liiife' At 4 15 she ptnieedtkl Cjitlte Slow
ly. ";Al G 24 k. lui.i she yassed arieftief Ice
berg, ahd itill another? at , 6.60J -The
City pf Berlin bringf l l-Wa abd.V '
steerage rvaiigcrsi, -My U; rth :
I .llr. ii'-ReeiiVaii Wi-'BrliriK ' ."
. ; ,:mi-.u , BWtiiiaV. ';
received herewith numerous expressions
of grief and smpatny im the part of edit
cated GeTmansj' These ,attribu4f Hugo's
anti-German fceliog to a spirit of, Kenoine
patriotism.. ; . ,.,:-?V X;..u't-'
Consul : (ieuerni to 'Halifax
"'-- i--nApp6tnt?tl." ...
. j .? .s . ' iJ u at vrAmtsiiMt'ltay ij."
a .The Presidcnf to-'tUr appointed Michael
M. Phtlan. of Mfesou r t t)e lvr . Consul
General of the United, States at Ilalifa.
" If you want 'good 5 cen'tCigaf1 gV to
Lyoils' and ceta"VVhiie Kbsa
Gentlemen's Furnifliing Gooda "
4t ., , ,.; II. Rkpwoop & Co.
.., A good stock at fixed and .reasonable
prices.-" '; II. Redwocd & Co.
. ' i -, i i. - - - - - . -,i , , - . f . i . ; ,- ...
New goods contlanUy erri ving. '
'4t . "" ':" U."r.i.DMOOD &Cb.
'' Clothing, Bhocs ati.l Ilatal'-""''" '
?. , II. Redwood JLCo.
lwr ;nr vu umcct lito s.itt'eui.'Rt ot
diCiCi.ltr'S ex toting betwecu : Sutv
anii Guatemala, hiw failed; ' FhereVi
' r

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