North Carolina Newspapers

    -. V,
v. vt
'"-s" V
. Fuxriar.' Stoat. & Cansroa, jv.
riTear; ; 7. $9.CO
.. 'J. & Mot.. :.: :.7. .
XYer, ' 0.60
'i AshcTillc. Business Directory.
' , , . " 'QenenX Merchant Wholesale and Retail, -i
1 ; .' t . " C. E. Graham & Co., 8. B. Chetlester t Son, J. jt
- '.- Brevaro 4 Co., J. O. Howell, 8. , Hammeraniaa,
. (' R. H. Redwood & 00..' I. P. Sawyer G. A
' .' Mean, A. H. Jones & Son, Bearden, Rankin & (ix,
: ; . C Garden and Field Seeds. ;'
- 1 . TT T T T lrmi.m TT
. , Redwood t Co.. J. O: Howell, . P. Sawyer, tetr-
. den. Kankm t Co., C. H. Moncure. . ., -
' t. 11 ' Grain, Hay and Hour.
: J. K. etarnes, Towell fc Snider, Alexander and
" r. reniano. ... . i,
-Hardware', Agricultural Implements, &c
; .' Penniman & Co., VanGllderA Brown. ft j
"... " Stoves. Uouetfurttishing, and Tinware '.. ;
- -. Ballard Bro., Brown & Bearden, Undsey Bros.
r - Clothing, GenU Furnishing, e.
Jvmes P. Sawyer; H. LeTy, Cbarlea K teefjS
. ..wnuioeK. ... . .. - -s. 4,,
; -"" ioois, Shoes, and Hal. - ;
" ' -: W,(T. Weaver. ll. Levy. . -'
' ' . ; Bool and Sitae Manufacturers,
i ' ; ' '-I. M. Levy, W- T. Weaver, X. Freck. ; .
- . . ., " ::.. Books and Stationery. , -
'-: f.
, ' ; X. L. Wllkle, J. N. Morgan ACo., H. T.-EBt-
" oroot, u. a. xyons. , - , . : ' ' -h
.:" ;';.--". ".;.-;'. DrUggitU and narmaeailitUt. -" i
i'i- , .V- v H. H. Lyons, W. 0.Ornlcfaael. i W. DeYault
"i . KVCn .aH. lli'nciire. fciolwitu'.. -4
' . 'c V.'' 1 Musical InstruKients, .Orcj
i-- ryanlt Bros, : . ' ; -- "';',-'
' . - CL6wan,Steffnerandpbertson.-- ;
' Family Groceries. - . . '
Powell and Snider, 8. K. Kepler, A. it uooiey,
. " Penley t Co.. T. F. Etarnes, G.y.Goodlake. A. X
Merrill, J. E. Ware, Ware and Howell, A. C. Davis,
James Franks, J. J. Mackey dc l Jesse K. ewmes,
O.ii. MCJJonaia, vv. li. Morgan, ji. ni. jummuifr.
B Noland & 8ons,T. W. Shelton, J. R. Trull.G. H.
Starnes, N. Penland J?enland & Alexander. j
.'. Butchers, Meat Dealers, &c .
Zachery BroB., James Lusk, T. K, Davisy Mo-
Conneii and urate. : , .
Bakeries. '
3. J. Desmond, F.Ji. Johnson, J. C. Oliver,
, ' OmfecHoneries.
J. J. Desmorfd, (fixctory), J. M Heston.
SadiUery, Harness, te. , '
S. M. Gilbert & Co.,- Alexander and Peuland.
Furniture t .
W. B. Williamson, Moore dr.Falk, P. 8. Mc-
Mullcn. , -
Vnder takers. .
X. Brand, J. VJrownr John Clayton
0aZ Dealers: .
8. F. Venable. D. 8. Wat: on, Hill and Atkins
N. W. Gird wood & Co.
Lumber Dealers
oubleday & Scott. - "
I. Gorenflo. John Hart, J. A. Wagner, T. C.
Westall, E. J. Armstrong, J. E. Buttrick, T. I
Clayton, a. (i. west.
A.v ' y.. Blacksmiths A ,
I). W. Cauble, J. H, Woody.
Mwannan 3a, Eagle, Grand Central. Western,
Carolina House, Slagle House, Tlie Villa, Florida
Hcaitn Association. . '
Private Boarding. -A.
T. Snmmey, P. S. McMullen, Miss Bettle
Brown, Misses Coffin, Mrs. A. E. Hall. P. V. Emer
son, Miss Smith, T. W. Keel, Mrs. A. B. Chunn,
J. H. Carter, G. M. Koberts, B, H. Grahl, G. L. Me-
Donald, M. J. Fagg, J. A. Fagg, J. E. Rankin, W.
T. Reynolds, Mrs. T. E. Reynolds, E. Sluder,-Mrs.
- Holland, Mi. Broiles, Mrs. Mrs. E.
L. BaJrd, W. W. McDowell, James W.Patton, Mjs.
Leicester Chapman, H. C. Hunt, E.J. Aston, Mrs.
H. C. France. '
Livery, Sale and Feed Staples.
Reynolds & Chambers, J. M. Bay, M. A. Wed
din. James Sevier, C. O. Allen, IV H. Stanslll
Wm. Cox, E. W. Herndon, 8. H. Barnard, G. W.
Morgan & Co., E. T. Clemmons, Jesse R. Starnes.
Colleges, Schools, &c .
Asheville Female College, Asheville Male
Academy, Newton Academy, MissGoodloe's High
' School for young ladies, Miss fcawyer's Primary.
School, Mrs. .J. P. Gammon's Primary School,
three white public schools, two. good colored
cchools. A graded school has been authorized by
. law, and a State normal school will be held every,
. -.j.-: . MUlmerg, Ac -. - -
Mrs. H. M. Herndon, 8. Whltlock, Mrs. M. E.
Mann, J. P. Sawyer, Mrs KB Porter. ; j -
- Attorneys At Law. ' 'v
McLoud Moore, J. H. Mernmon, E. H. Mer
rlmon, M. E. Carter, A. L. Carter, Gudger 4 Car
ter, J. M. Gudger, F. A. Sondley, W. 8. Cushman,
Richmond Pearson, E. D. Carter, W.W.Vandiver,
Davidson & Martin, T. A. Jones, 8. H. Beed, W. B.
Gwyn, Locke Craig, W. R. Whitson, Jonei and
Hardwicke, Johnston & Shnibrd, W. M. Cocke,
Natt Atkinson, A. T. Davidson, W. H. Malone,
- V. S. Lusk, P. A. Cummings, A. J. iyman.
Physicians and Surgeons. ,
J. 3. Cain, W. L. & W. D. Hilliard, John Hey
Williams, J. A. Burroughs, J. A. Wateon, M. L.
Nelson, Wardlaw McGiU, H. P. Gatchell.
Dentists. "
- ' Q. W. Whitson, B. H. Douglas, R. H. Beeves, A.
C. Ware. - , , -
' Banks, Bankers and Brokers.
. . Bank of Asheville, Binder drBarnart1. '
Merchant Tailors. . V
Dealers in Furs. .
' M. Ellicl.
'Beat Estate , Agencies.
- Walter B. Gwyn, A. J. Lyman, Natt Atkinson,
E. J. Aston, B. M. Jones. .
:- Arxhiiecii and Civil Engineers, ' . . ,
; 'x SF Venable; J ATennant,
' ' Tbbacco Warehouses,
y ' The Asheville Warehouse, The Banner Ware-
y ' : "house, The Farmer's Warehouse, ' Kay's Ware
house, The Buncombe Warehouse. . s
Tobacco Manufacturers Chewing and Smoking.
8. B. West, McCarty & Hull, J. E. Ray, E. L
Holmes ic C., Shelton & Perry, W. P. Williamson.
- . "" ' Coopers, &c. .
L. F. Sorrell, N. W. Girdwood, William Weaver,
Wines, Liquors, c.
Lonehran Bros.. Hamnton & Feathers tone, W.
. O. Muller, & Co., A. P. Sorrell.
Papers Hangers.
Cain & Hunt, Moore A Falk, R. L. FHzpatrick.
' Newsoaners. '
Dailt and Weeklt Citizen, Daily and Weeklv
Advance, The Asheville Tribune (weekly.) .
Job Offices.
i The Citizen Job Oflice, Hunt & Robertson.
Photographers. ' - '
Nat-W. Taylor, W. T. Robertson, T. T. HilL
. . ' Grist Mills, &C.
Jordan t Hallyburton, N. W. Girdwocd, Jas. E.
- - Buttrick, . McLane.
Fertilizers, t-c. "
' F.N. Waddell, "Star Brand." Penniman & Co.,
"Anchor Brand." G. M. Roberts, Alex. Porter,
"Piedmont," W.H. Penland, "Owl Brand," Bear
den, Rankir. fc Co., "Ober fc Co.'s Special," Lyon
. fe Walker, "Farmer's Friend," T. C. Starnes, "Ar
' lington." W. W. Barnard, "Sea Fowl," N. W.
Girdwood ic Co-, "Soluble Pacific."-
4 ' ' ' InturmtsM i'- Jtfj.r
E. J-. Aston,Thos. W.Jtranch.
r-W. V. Telegraph.
8. G. Weldon, manager.
Southern and Adams Express. ' - "
' F. A. Stikeleather, manager.
Civil Officers of Buncombe County.
' Sheriff J. R. Rich; Deputy Daniel Reynolds; 8.
C. Clerk E. W. Herndon; Register J. K. Patterson;
:' Treasurer J. H. Courtney; Surveyor B. F. I'atton:
Tax Collector T. W. Patton.
' Inferior Court
Justices G. A. Shuford, C. B. Way, J. M Green;
Clerk Mont Patton; Solicitor H. B. Carter. -'
- County CommixsUmers.
3. E. Rankin, J. A. Reagan, G. W, Whitson, L.
L. Childs, Thos. D. BrittaTn.
Justices of the Peace.
A. T. Snmmey, N.A Peuland, T. W. Patton, C.
B. Way , . J. M. Ledford, J. M. Jarratt, J. B. Cain. t
City Government.
" Mayor E. J. Aston; Aldermen W- n. Penland,
T.C. WesUll, A. P. Sorrell, I. Gorenflo, William
Weaver, Marshall A H. Baird; Chief Police W. G.
McDowell; Policemen J. H. Hampton, R. W.
Gowan. -
- Fire Department. ' ; -
HoseN. l, Foreman H. C. Fagg; H. tL.No.ll
Capt. A. F JIull. ,
- - Sanitary Department. ' . -
; Dr. D T Millard, Sanitary Chief, .' " 'i '.
- . Federal Officers. -
V.8. Commissioner, A. T. Snmmey. Deputy
Collector,, (stamp office) A. D. Cooper.. District
Deputy 8. C. Herren. Deputy Marshalla, R, O.
Patterson, A. C. Patterson, T. K. Davis, H. S. Har
kins. t- .
United Stales District and Circuit Courts.
Judge-R. P. Dick, Solicitor J. E. Boyd, Clerk j.
. E. Reed, Deputy Clerk P. A. Cummings. '
. Post Office. . ' ' ,; -'
' H. L. feudger P. M.p Clerks W. B. Moore, W. L.
Korman, A. L. Cliff. , - ,V ?
i Sewing Machine Agencies.' , V ' ' !
- Whehler Wilson, J. H. Herring, Chief Clerk
Miss Bessie Justice. Singer, M. If. Morynihan,
Chief Clerk W. Monteath. Domestic, & B. Ched-
,- aster & Bon, Chas E Lee. ., ,
NoTB-Thore may be errois In the above, which
Ll be gladly corrected uin -notification.
VOL; Ir-NO; 39;i
itoresting;locals ok tre
Arrival And Departare f the Trains.
BitJSBUKT Arrives 87 a. if. -
-.- Departs 8:47 F. n. v f
Tennessee Arrives 637 ml .
. v v -.. Departs 8:47 A. M. - f
Wauramx Arrive 3 -.60 it ; . "
- v V Departs ii.; ;;
' The Waynes ville train teachea that point at
10 ; roturmng, leaves rvayneaviile at woo.
DRAUGHT A.T PEIHAMS, ... : ' " v
The best 5 cent Cigar iri town at Ly
ons V'WhitpBose.' ; v; ; : . : v
'AW T.WeaV6?, Sole Agent for IleBs'
Hand-Made Shoes for mea. -v. tf
, Send your , Job KfVork-of all 'kinds to Vie
C'dizeri, Office, if you teanl it dont'neoUy,
Thermometer 6 a. m.596; 3 p. m. 68.
Barometejy-30.40 at 9 a. m. ,
Rain fall 11 inches. - - -
, Wind Due South. ; 7 '" J -" '. .
Sky Overcast ; . - .,
. xv oon- x un zaia. 0:11 p. m. -
Indica(ions--After full moon fair
weather. 7 ' :
, . AVill be published every evening (ex
cept Sunday) at the following rates
ilrtdly cam : ' i
One Year, . - . . , .
Six Months, s .- ' .;
Threo " . .
One " . .,- .
One Week, '. . , ...
$6 oO
3 00
1 50
- 50
Our Carriers will deliver the paper ev
ery evening in every part of the city to
our subscribers, and parties' wanting it
will please call at the Citizen Office.
Delicious Crab Cider on draught at
Desmosd's .
7 Call at McMullen's early if yon Want
goods at low prices ' , '- , ; .-,
A rainy day, raining all day." "Lovely
underfoot. ' .
- It has been discovered that this is the
wet season in May. Mar it not extend
into June.
M r. JJ. A. Helper is the son of Mr. II.
H. Helper instead of H. R. Helper, as
tated in our issue of yesterday. -.
The Woman's Missionary Association
of the Episcopal church will meet at the
Y; M. C. A. rooms to-morrow afternoon
at 4:30 o'clock. - '
Mr. M. M. Jones, of New Found, Eays
wheat in his section is well-nigh ruined
but thinks the people will make enough
of other things to take care of that sec
tion. His section will always have enough
to eat. , . , ; : - ;
A large number of farmers of Western
Carolina are indebted to Senator Ransom
ftn-ErjSHaDl Teedff; .- Cci eW our
distinguished Senator and representa
tive, Capt. Johnston,vWe6tern Carolina
has gotten a good benefit from the agri
cultural department this season.
Soma more garden and field seeds, sent
by Senator Ransom, can be had at the
Citizen office.
We had the pleasure of a call this
morning froin Mr. W. B. Ferguson of
Waynesville. He came over yesterday
afternoon, and reports that the repairs
on the broken trsstle will be probably
completed to-da . - In the meantime the
delays, though causing some inconve
nience to travel have not been serious, j
Among the gentlemen present as deleg
ates to the Episcopal Convention we re
call Mr. Richard II. Smith of Halifax,
Mr. C. M. Bnt-bee of Ealeiglj Mr. John
Wilkes of Cliariotte.-Mr. J, C Buxton cf
Winston, Mr. !S. 8. Nash and Mr. Henry
K. Nash, Jr., from Tarboro. -t.. 7 , .
, Maj. J. C. Campbell, a former denizen
of Asheville, now making his headquar
ters' at Johnson City; Tenn., is hero on a
short visit, superintending the removal
of saw mill machinery to his place of op
erations in Yancey county. Maj. C. gives
some interesting information of the Um
ber of that section, marvelous .:n size
and great in variety. As he promises to
inform us more in detail, we only now
refer to the subject."
Tall Rye. -
Mr. Robert Patton, Jr., of Swannanoa,
brought to our office thitf morning a
bunch of new rye eight feet two inches
tall. Who can beat it ? The grains, the
grasses and all that do flourish in this
mountain country. "
W. A. Anderson. ,
The Lenoir Topic says the clerk of the
Supreme Court was telegraphed to on
Monday to send on the papers so that
Anderson could be carried to Lenoir and
receive final sentence of the. court this
week." - - v- - . .. :
Hon. H. A. Gcdgeb,'" ' ' 7
Having purchased the late home place
of Mr. Bacchus Smith, just northeast of
the city, has had a handsome residence
erected thereon1, which he now occupies.
Mr. G's. good judgment and energy will
soon convert the place -into one of the
most beautiful farms in the county. '
A Convict. Killed. 7 .
A convict while attempting to escape
ffom the works on the Asheville and
Spartanburg road, near Busbee, on yes
terday, was shot by the guard and killed.
It baa been proven, time and again, that
it is dangerous for a convict to trifle with
a gun in the hands of a guard in such a
manner, but, we presume, one example
will not avail. ' 7 7
Mabbied. . 77 : -,
7 On Wednesday, May the 20th, at the
residence of the. father of the bride, the
Rev. Mr. J.- A. Reeves officiating, Mr. D.
FCarver, of Spring creek, and Mise D.
J7 daughter of Mr. Gabriel Wild, of Big
Pine Creek. '
The Citizen Job Ofeiob
' Is one of the most complete offices In
the State, and work of every kind will
be done with as much neatness and de
spatch, and as cheap, as it can be done
anywhere. . ,
If you want "j good 5 cent Cigar ' gr to
Lyons' and ge aWbite liose.'.' .ri,r.w
Fine Saddlery. ' ' :
8. M. Gilbert & Co. have just, finished
to order, for a ladv of Asheville, a side
saddle, made after an English model, the
most complete and perfectly finished we
have ever seen. - It is quite equal to. its
English orisnnar in finish and beauty,
The same firm have also on jtand, also
made to order, several "setts of harness,
double and single, equal in fine taste and
good workmanship to the best turnout of
any establishment m their line m tne
United States; ; There is no need to send
orders abroad. -; ry 7';
Hotel Abivals. ;.f. K XX 'SS'tX'Vxi'.--
" 8wannanot-'Vi JI Judklns,T Baltimore;
H K Nash. Jr., Tarboro;! Cas M Busbee,
Bennett Smedea, Raleigh; Iredell Meares,
Wilmington; JVlra M Jrieak, vvaaesDoro;
Jas J O'Fallon and wife, II T O'Fallon,
St Louis; Mrs VIA McBee, Miss A K
McBee, Lincolnton; Miss Laura Sumner,
Salisbury. - V . . v. ,
Eagle 3 ft King, CofTotts, Tenn; DrJ
M Kicnereon, x it Mkrr, jt.iiumereon,
N C:-.-'- ' - 7--
' IVestern W B Fercnson.'Wavnesvilie:
N P Walker. Cmhtree: E H Hull. Mossv
Creek, Tenn? J W Crow, G W Tweed,
White Rock; C B Trollinger, Barnafds;
Vf XT nnnVntt Xf oJiiiAn. T TsnA ay Jr-v
Thos C Tbackston, New York City; W F
Bowman,Bakersville;DrGeo W Fletcber
ana wile, aira. uoraon, jsnmorasviue.
Dr.-J. M. Curry.
' This distinguished . gentleman whoj
partly 'of us' in this section, is thus allud
ed to by the Nashviller Tenn., American
6f Saturday :' . v : . ',. - : '
Hon. J. L. M. Curry, L. L. wno is
to deliver the address at the Normal Col
lege commencement on Wednesday next,
has long been regarded as . one of the
most efficient and -popular speakers in
the South. He has moreJiian once held
our State .assembly entranced by nis
brilliant and fervid oratory, but the
coming occasion is the first in which an
opportunity to hear him has been afford
ed our citizens generally, one which they
will certainly regret to have lost
. Dr. Currv was one of the most promis
ing of "the young men of the South be
fore the war. Originally educated for
the bar, he - early - became a foremost
iswyerj a judge ama. memoer oi tne
Federal Congress: 'then a soiaier ana
member of the Confederate Congress,
and finally a theological professor in the
Baptist Theological Seminary at Rich
mond. Va. On the death of Dr. Sears,
the- well-remembered general agent of
the Peabody Education Fund, he .was
elected to the place, which he has since
nlled with such distinguished ability.
Tornado Wabnikg.
Prof. Walter H. Smith, president of the
Astro Meteorological Association, of
Montreal, sends through Mr. N. Plum-
adore the prediction of a general storm
area during the hist week or ten days of
June in which he says : "On June 24th
and 26th respectively the planets Mer
cury and Venus are at their perihelion
points. AS past records show'that some
tof the most disastrous toraadbetv .cyclones
seasons when only ono of thesb planets
has been nearest tne sun, l fear tnat there
is every probability of a recurrence oi
grave atmospheric disturbance this year.
An imperlect weatner recora at tne more
recent perihelion dates shows that on
August 3, 1883, mercury wasat perihelion,
and on the 2nd a cylone wrecked Snow
flake, Man.; 3rd, a great waterspout burst
at Shelby, Ohio, and a heated term with
auroral displays lasted from the 4th to
the 7th, followed by high winds, rain
and a cool reaction. On July 21, 1883,
with mercury at perihelion, a terrible
tornado wrecked Minnesota and adjacent
parts, doing $130,000 damage in Dodge
county alone, witn tornadoes as lar nortn
as Korel, Canada, nouses tnere being
wrecked on the 22nd. On August 22,
1883, Venus was in perihelion, and great
heat was felt over the Eastern States and
Canada on 20th and 21st, sunstrokes be
ing numerous. On 21st a great tornado
at Rochester, .Minnesota, tore up 135
dwelling houses and killed 26 persons;
22nd, hurricane at Ottawa, Ontario. On
July 7, 1884, mercury was in perihelion
and great heat was experienced on 5 and
6th; with heayy storms over Iowa, Wis
consin and New York States, and on 7th,
a waterspout drowned persons and swept
crops and houses away in Madison coun
ty, Arkansas. ' ' ' :
My special forecast for the last eight
or ten days of June, 1885, reads :.. "Op
pressive heat high - Winds, thunder
showers and. unsettled weather in the
North-Eastern United States and Canada,
Tornadoes probable in "tomato sections.
notably the Western ana boutn- western
States near the Mississippi Valley, fol
lowed bv a reactionary cool to very cool
period of high barometric pressure with
local frosts in Northern and Middle sec
tions. June ending cool. Tornadoes occur
most frequently between the . hours of
two and six p. m."
Mors Minerals. . -
Mr. W.JC Chambers, of Flat Creek,
Buncombe, yesterday gave us liberal spec-
linens oi ores louna on nis . ianas rweivc
miles, or thereabout,; north" of Asheville.
These ores carry i rich, amount of lead
with a valuable per centajje of silver. They
are seemingly so rich that analysis hardly
seems necessary. Mr. Chambers informs
us that the vein is a bold one, and promises
an abundant yield. . '
Selected. - 7 . 77 :
The mother more often than .the- fath
er is the one who looks most . carefully
after the little ills of the family. The
frightful cnt made by the new jack-knife
or the ominous cough which threatens
pneumonia and all the other ailments,
little and, great, come to her .for relief
and sympathy. She must be often sore
ly tried to snow what to do, and at such
times she turns with confidence, born of
long acquaintance with his remedies, to
Dr. liart. ana irom tne sneif, takes uown
his Relief Discovery, Pills or Winslow's
V ermifuge. as tne case requires, admin
isters the proper dose and feels that all
has ijcent done ph&t can be."7 ; -...
A full supply of the Kennebec Ice re
ceived and for aala7 at Carmichael's
Drug Store. Supplied in quantities to
suit . . ",' i-:-' .'",'
-Ladies' Opera Slippers all sizes " 7 ? t
' -J . s ..: ;.- at Levy's.
" Ask for Capillaire at Pelhara's Soda
fountain.- -wfc. . .. " . : t-t ;
Graveley's Finest Grades Chewing To
bacco at - - lesmonds.
tm27 ' , - 1
Gents' patent leather puuips,
T , at Levy's.
; 1st Day, Wednesday, May 27.
; The convention met Jtjis - morning in
Trinity church and was- called, to order
by. the Right Reverend T..B."' Lyman,
Bishop of .the - DioecM (Episcopal) of
North Carolina, and by hi in opened with
; The Rev; Edward E7Bich; Secretary
called the roll of Clerical and Laydeleg
ates77 .;7T7;':.'::;'' 7'7U 7
The following clergy responded to their
names: - . . : , . ..--7 .': -. ', : . 7.7
Rt. Rev. T.B- Lyman, Revs, P. P Als
ton, Charlotte, R- W Barbpur, Wilkes
boro, Geo H Bell, Asheville, S B Berry,
ao, ChasT Bland,. ?ituion,-D H Buel,
Asheville, F L Bush, 1 i;tsbord, E II But
ler, do, Jarvis Buxtor 1). 1, Asheville,
jonn t ciarse, Keicing ie, w ji jjaugh
.:'A hrr::.aV"Li
IIiiWfBurl;axii,cB WWnipnv, IlrtT-
boro, John H Perry, TarBoro, C C Quin,
Wadesboro, Edward R Rich Raleigh, A
S; Smith, -D. D., .Eingwood, Walter J
Smith, Tarboro, A H Stubbs, Greensboro,
Wilh'am Walker. Pittsboro, S P VVatteis,
Morganton, V R We! more. Lincilnton,
Edward Wooten, StatcsviOe, Thomas
Atkinson, Asheville. ; . ' 1
; (We have no accurate list of the lay
delegateSj-andtherefoie defer if.) '' ..
- After the roll call.Jhe Bishop declar
ed the convention organized and ready
for business. " '
On motion of the .Rev. Dr. Euel the
Rev. Dr. A. S. Smith wss unanimously
elected Prepident of the Convention, and
the ' Rev. Edward R. Rich, Secretary.
On motion of the Rev. Dr-'Buxton all
clergy of the Slate not entitled to seats
as members of this convention, all visit
ing clergy from the States, and all can
didates for Orders, were invited to Beas
in convention. ' ' , :
The hours of meeting were fixed from
9:30 a. m. to 1 p. m ; and from .4 p. m. to
6 p. in. At half past 9 the convention
adjourned until 4. p.' in. this afternoon:
and then divine service was held with a
sermon by the Rev. Mr. lliggs.
Asheville and Its Connections.
After looking at the map . presented in
this issue by Gwyn's Western North Car
olina Land Agency the map drawn by
Mr. Gwyn himself the question need no
longer he asked "how is Asheville to be
reached ?" The map shows that Asheville
is already a veritable railroad centre, with
some spokes of the radiating arms yet to
be fitted in. The perfection of communi
cation already -attained is a surprise to
those even among us who have not looked
into the matter. No wonder it will sur
prise those abroad. . A study of the map
will show direct connection with all parts
of the country. Asheville is now Within
24 hours of New York, 48 of New Orleans,
22 of Louisville and Cincinnati, 30 of St.
Louis and Chicago, and soon will be with
in 12 of Charleston and ii of Savannah;
and in the winter and spring months will
be found to be in the direct line of Florida
travel by- the nearest and Quickest routes,
ifc-. .rryxir norc arci? e'trflSgeucea '
land agent, has made hiaryfiidely and fa
vorably known, merits favorable considera
tion for this new illustration of his skill
and enterprise. ' ';
The Way to Get Well .
Is not to try every new remedy that is
brought to your notice, but first aacertain
what is best suited to your case and
then begin its use, with a determination
to give it a fair trial, and do not throw it
aside to try everything you see advertis
ed as having wrought some . miraculous
cure, for in nearly every instance it will
aggravate the disease, but if you have
dyspepsia, indigestion, neuralgia, bead-
aches, chills and fevers, &&, give the
Seven Springs "Iron Alum Mass" a fair
trial, and unmistakable bencnts will be
the results. " - - '.
Another dynamite explosion knocks
the bottom out of prices at McMulle n's
Furniture and Carpet House. tm29
; Mattings at reduced priqesat McMul-
One hundred and twenty-five bushels
Fancy Hand-picked Pea Nuts at "
tm27 -, .. . Desmosd.s.
No better or nicer stock of Furniture,
Carpets, &c, in Western North Carolina
than can be loundm McAiuiien s.
isoot 3n 7' :.
, J 7 7 Mala Street (Abov Eagle flotel) . :
The best stock alwavs on hand. 'Work always
guaranteed to give satisfaction.. , ..
T am umeiallv nrenared to make boots and
shoes so as to prevent dampness and squeaking.
Gentlemen and Xadies' Repairing a Spe
... . . ; , f ;-j cialty. .., . .. " . j;;
Pino Custom Work always onhand, any- style,
and satisfaction guaranteed, as to ttock and
work. Shoemakers' Findings always on hand and
for sale, the best in the marKet, at low prices-
-Raleigh; Register
By P. M. HALE, Printer to the State.
Subscribe to . your Home Paper and pay
; for it, an then remit $2 to pay for your .
: State Democratic Paper, : '
The Balhigji Registeb. Each new sub
scriber, remitting $2 direct, is entitled to
the Registeb for one year and to '.
Webster's Practical Dictionary
which, nntil August 1,' 18S5, is offered as
a Premium. ' t"; ' ' .; "
- Sample copies of the Register mailed
on application. Address, - " : -j
7 v7 ;. ...... Raleigh, N. C.
Now open for Boarders, at Mrs. HOL
LAND'S, Pstton Avenue,
"or. reuch Broad.
April 17-Dti
Out in Haywood, i-
- Cant. Fertnison savs tkesunnlv denarfc.
A i.
fm'ent in old Hay Wood is far shorter this
year than he ever knew it, but the peo
ple ate working harder, preparing for
good crops, than, he ever kbew; and jf
nothing serious occurs the , county will
have enough and to spare another year.
The tobacco" area will . be: increased,
which he thinks a calamity : unless the
people ; will adopt a; different . system
from that which has teen entered upon.
Capt Ferguson knows we have'the best
country in - the world, but thinks, and
properly, that f .r such, a country, for the
people to have 'their sjuoke-houses" in
Ohia and corn cribs in Kansas, is a dis
grace to the people ""aid most ruinous to
the reputatum and future; Wetfard of this
section. - -. .. . . ...
Woiking-"inen ard 'jn'akihg money, but
those paLriots '.who hit krouml on the of their spirAt column and
i!atRtHfrrotiutfu'!U2 inwoenrjtur-
. - . , n . . 8" . t - .1.
al injunctionat least, in regard to enjoy
ing health -by the sweat of the forehead.
..Capfc-F. is a level headed man, and we.
repeat his suggestions hoping they will
be as seeds sown on good ground. " ' ; ,'
. Dr.- J7 ,A. Burroughs. - in .a '"recent
visit to Virginia, was near" the scene of
the Jeter-Terry tragedy; 7His Informa
tion is interesting, but we can use : only
so much as refers -to the lynching of
young Terrjr. That atrocity was with,
out the participation of the Jeter family
and repugnant to their sentiments.' They
were ready, to leave the punishment to
be meted out, if any,-to -the law. But
they, in common with' the majority of
the community, were cognizant of the
irresponsibility of Terry, who. was known
to be subject to periods of insanity, a
man be at lirrge, but not
wicked from malice or premeditation
He had been in the Asylum, and it was
proposed soon to return him to the same
place of security. The indignation of the
people of the county in which the trages
dy took place is aroused, and will not be
appeased until the chief perpetrators are
arrnted. Large rewards are . offered,
botn by the State and county authorities;
and it is believed that the eye of justice
has fallen upon the guilty parties. .,.
The only extenuation made for the
deed is the acquittal of the slayer of Car
rington, very shortly before the lynching
of 7 Terry, lie" was acquitted on the
ground of insanity. The, same counsel
who had defended Johnson was engaged
for the defence of Terry. The populace
would not or could not discriminate be
tween real insanity and - feigned or tem
porary madness, and were determined
in a'purpose to permit no more judicial
farces. -
i , I For the Asnevnte Citizen.
.. . . ESTS, c - . "
- Your scrihe is at home again, ready, to
give you the he Wjisit7pc4urs-, .The jtoft
spring rains of ths lajt few days with al
ternating sunshi ne h as started every thing
into vigorous growthT' Young corn seems
to have a good stand and is looking re
markably well. Ye oldest citizen cannot
remember when the ground, was in bet
ter tilth. Such garden truck as escaped
the frosts of about the 10th inst. is boom
ing, and your eciibe still sticks to his
former prediction that whsat will make
from half to three-fourths of an average
crop. More grass and clover sown in
Jackson thi3 pprmg than ever before,
and clover previously set Is doing well.
We are going to compete next lall tor tlie
prizes for the best growth of clover and
orchard grass as well a3 for several other
New mica mines are daily being open
ed, which promise well, and some are al
ready paying handsomely. As soon as
your scribe can get up accurate informa
tion he will try to give a definite ac
count of the mica and gold mines now
being worked in Jackson, and give some
account of the chrome; nickel and chal
cedony deposites near Webster. -
Webster is destined to be a fine mining
centre, at no distant day, ..wh'le as a
health resort it is second to no place on
the globe, but it needs more hotels and
boarding houses. "All quiet."
7 ; . . Telahlah.
' There will . be7a i called meeting jof
Cyrene Commandery to-motrow (Thurs
day) night, at 8:30, to confer the Order of
Knights ot tne Ked cross. All visitors
courteously invited to attend.- '
Mr. Lee Ferguson Ahead. "71
Hs sold 800 pounds of his Finos Creek
tobacco for f 200, an average of $25, at the
Buncombe Warehouse, to-day. Whole
floor averaged $16 per hundred. Madi
son made some good sales yesterday and
her fanners went home rejoicing. 7
Jl All the great dailies New , York
Herald, World, Times, Sun, Tribune
Charleston News and Courier, Char
lotte Observer, Raleigh News-Observer,
Wilmington Star, Wilmington ; Re
view, and Asheville Citizen are to be
found regularly . at the Book' Stores of
J. N. Morgan & Co., J. L Wilkie, and W.
E. Pelham. : ".' ' "
- The Daily Citizen" for sale also at Es
tabrook's. GRAVES' WARmOUSETp1" v
. Graves, Law & Jordan, Proprietors;
This old and well established' house
for the sale of Leaf . Tobacco "in -the
famous market of Danville, Ta.; is yet in
successful operation. .' :;; .-. ... ii
For high prices and prompt returns
Graves' Warehouse is the place. 7 . " t ,
- jan 22-w 6m- - . ' "
H. DOUGLASS, D. D. 8.,
nntl Dnntm nror tp Vault's, bruir i Pixt
esldeuca in same building Asheville, C.
CH. R. H. REEVES, D. D.S.,
. . ' C Omci In Sluder Building, "- . i
pposite Central Hotel, ASHEvTLLE, V.
Person havlnir artlUcial wort lone, aftr
ryint? It two or three weeks. If not sailwlled, can
return it and the money will be refunUeU. J j 1
i - ' i
' '' . . "-: ;: : it.
associated PBESff TELEGKAM3--SPE-
j't,;H r . CIAL TO CTTIZEN.J U ''-r
THe'LA?geTurnitii Factory' bf
: H. , Herman Bros.,, of. New'.',.'
y.- -l . . York, Burned..;; ,1 j";
ILosk stimated at av Million
" and a Half Dollars. ! ' ' '
v . , . ; ;. . New Yorjt, May 27th.;. ,
; .The vast furniture factory of IL Iler
man, Bros.'dxi Margin "and Tompkins
Streets, Was 'discovered to be on fire at
150 o'clock5 this tnorninsr.- It is l a five-
stry briet joiln8 aj Accuptpr-the
whole blocks fronting 200 feet on Delancy
t .
and 150 feet on the other street. . It was
an old building, occupied by the Singer
Sewing Machine Factory, and. was satur
ated" with' oil. The whole building', is
surrounded by ' miserable tenement
houses, occupied by the poorest classes
in the city, The fire, was intensely,' hot
and nearly a hundred, families, were
driven'from their homes. They rushed
oul in their night clothes and were com
pelled to camp on the river side, where
they shivered in the chilly winds of the
morning. - At '. fpur o'clock . the whole
building was. in flakes and there was no
hope of saving any of the property; and
the .firemen directed their efforts to make
the miserable people as comfortable as
possible. ' At 4:80 a.' m, alarms were sent
out for 'extra : engines, ; and ' it lookred
as though the iwbole : sarrouhdinar
neighborhood .wonld be destroyed:
at p o'clock alarms were still beiiuj sent
out for extra engines. The reason ;the
flames eptead -so rapidly was on account
of the oil in "the floors. 7 The factory Vat
filled'.with furniture and It is estimated
that the loss will amount to more, than
one ' million . ; dollars. This is a
busy season of the year and the loss will
be still heavier for the company for this
reason, ' Qver three hundred men will
be (thrown out of employment The
streets at q:60 a. in. were crowded with
people, and the greatest excitement pre
vails in the neighborhood as everybody
in the surrounding tenement houses was
moving furniture and seeking to escape
from the flames which were fast spread
ing in all directions. .. Sup't Pinnon of
the factory said it was impossible to say
where there originated ; but it was be.
lieved that it had started in the engine
room. . At 6:oO a. ta. stciat calls for ex
tra engines were being sent out
was estimated that the loss would amount
to one million five hundred thousand
dollars. , , :
Though the entire available force of
the fire department was summoned, it
was two hours before the flapies M-ere
fairly under control; The ' flames are
burning fierce' y in the ruins yet; but all
danger f their. further spread, has pass
ed.. .The factory, a five brick building, is
a total h.t.7 .Mr. Tleriiian, estiiiiates'liis'
loss at ab iut ?2o0K)0 which is civered
by insurance in a lafre nu;rilK'r oi' cti.ii
panies. The -In n biilding that
owned by an if-larofhtr PKifciiatiM al
neareW ip3(:0,KXL i Thii.7iiia uivI-rJiI u.
a ru exhmt by iBrftiiHiic Five hun
dred iskillyil wi.'rkmcn wj-ro finployi'd ju
the fai-tor' and lose. a!l -Iheir .U.nms, the
agregatt! value of Uhh-h is ab.tit,-'0i()00
.L-.i . .il. I..' .1. ' J' ' .T el. a
sum jh tiit'B inerr aru ninv 3-n(W.'rcu
sums of imurant-e." : - : . ..
v ' l : ...: l.. .i
A Kail Coaeb' MlHHlutr.
, i . ' Tucksox, Arizona, May 27;
A special from IX nin' Bays thirty In
dians passed near here ' yesterday ' head
ing for Mexico. '" Ca valry- are in '-close
pursuit. The' bodies of five Americans
who Vere killed by Indians were' found
at Blue River-ouMoridav. l Tlie stage
which runs between 15agle ahl Grafton
mining ramps in. Black. Range liaS not
been heard from, and., it is thougLt it
has been captured by Indians "7 '-j ' i
CiraaaliopppM by th Htlltons,' j
! Chicago, May 27.' r
A special from Denver, Col. published
here this - morning eays' millions : ot
young grasshoppers ire reported coming
out of the , sandy soil on the South side
of the Arkansas river above JNiiblo, de
vouring ' early, vegetables and ' tender
shrubs. Their appearance is said td le
similar to-that of 1872 ' when they "were
swept east by winds' and consumed an
immense amount of the growing crOps
ui Kansas. ..
i (
7 KET. '
New York. Ma v 27 i
Stock market
was : weak at opening
this morning, first prices sho wing decline
of from J to per cent . with Louisville
and Kasfc ville down J per cent, iut, Pa
cific Mail and Western Union unchan
ged. In early dealings there was -a fur
ther decided , decline, led by the Union
Pacific; which" fell quietly to 53 J and
later' 53, stock, however, rallied a small
fraction on sustaining ordeis and thus
with the rest of the list remained about
steady, during the reet of the first hour
except Lackawana, which continued
heavy, pellicg.down'.to 102J. Loaning
rates are easy all around except, Del A
Hudson for which T-C4 is chared for
use. Total sales first hour 47,000 shares.
There has been a further break in Erie
seconds to 47 J. 1
BILL HEADS, , ; ,J v
i- 7 " "" POSTERS" " r '
j "; !' ' " 7 7 . BLANKS,1 A ;
, A nd Job Wtrk of aU hinds done vil
I trtmptn an&at low price. '.. ... -
j , ,7
triie Aarnjos, vie and lluli
Join In.
., Denver, ciiuJ May '27,
! , A'speciaLto the Trtiulu-iiepublican from 1
Sairti Fe Baystf Last Saturday the Apacnes'
.killed two men at the Cantwcll and Fetcri'
Ranche, on the Gila river, and' Sunday af.
tempon hey . filled . Charjes Stevnon,
foreman of, Abbey & Ingersoll's ranche,.
and Harvey Moreland.'son of James More-' '
lan?d, living between drafton and'Fairview.v ;
The bodies were found- aboot"ix' wile
north; of Graf tori. When discovered they
wete tjll wafni.;-: Morehead, had beta shot
several times; an when found, -ras lying
on his backVitb an iron rod driven through, '
his head Into th grpund.- . Frank Adam, "
ng 'near l-'alrwewia,- supposed U: tave
been killed also. V His hat. was .found -eaf
the: bodies of Stevenson and Mr'e)anaV .;
,.A special from Winslow, Arizona,, says-.
aboutioo Navajos, Utes and Pinfes, all
thorowhly armed, and With war paint on
camped aearjlardy's oi Monday nlghL It
is' reported that they are making prepara
tions to joiVperonfmo's band of Apaches.-.
Later inforhutioa from the front indicaUs
that the hostilcs; are on piamond creeks .
northeast . of Fort; Bayard, in the, Black,
mountains.'. CoL Morrow and a number of
scouts' are in that viefnity CoL Biddfe,1
with . a bataliion Of the Sixth 1 Cavalry.' is
near' Hillsboro;Mand. Lieut .Davis," with
sixt White Mountain Apache scouts, is it
trail f the host ilea.;-, i 7.- yK-'trn' nil'
The Pantbeon Restored, to Urn
'Itor On( l .b InUrred Tkrla.
The Official Journal publishes the de
cree restoring the Pantheon to it origi
nal use, a receptacle for the remains of
great men, and,, ordering that- the body
of Victor. Hugo be buried there. , .fThe
funeral has been fixed for Monday next,
June the 1st. - ' '"''"' "
si'. r. i '
'Eia-rwo . .
r of (be' ' InnoeenUu
! .;i WHO tSTO BLiMKf (i': ,,
-. JsBsrt Citt; May 27. J
A three story frame tenement house,
No.' .76 Colgate st, collaj! - thu 'morn
ing. Five families occupied fle premise,
including 27 persons. - Four were killed.
Barney; Nellie and Mary Anderon,aged
9 and 7 years and ? months, respectively,
were all smothered in bed. Michael
Webb, 'aged 15 years,; had his head
crushed. John Coyne, aged 39, insurance
agent was badly injnred.' Nine other
persons hurt more or less.' The less se
riously injured were cared for . by the
neigh Itors- The buildluK was .known to
be insecure... It was to. have t been re
paired pext week u" Fortunately, no fire
broke" out ' in the ruins. "The ffrehien
iiid policd are engaged in the- work -'of
clt'amig kway tho 'debris. Ah ihi'WnRft
Mwd i collected ftt -the scene. -
" - - in
. iliiKiiuore Hnrketit.
; ; ... -..', .Jj . ,j -... . .-!. V .. , .
. , , BALTiMoi:E,.May2J 12.111.
Floiir hlt-a-fv and quiet; Howard strict
and woKteiu super' 3 5C35j extra 9 90(S
4-37. family 4 655r60; -Cltyl'Milte Snpi r
t Li'Gili vxtra 42S.Bia brands 150
2o.: . Wh-;a( ontbern; eaoif land qujit
u'vrfcrn tti tive ,and. Lrw-r: clotn.dull.
.S.i!ithe:n red 1 00(g, ,auiber 1 08010,
No MarVliin' 1 00 bid", No Y western
winter" red spot 0C& ' C6rtil Siiiithrn.
higher, western easfer and qnit,"Soi to
rn white 645, yellow . :
,t i:
"TT" r-s;
Approaching ResJjrnatloit of a
.,t9liiilster& 1 .-
- pAKisr May,
''lte'ubrti'kre' in 'circulation that M.N
Allaln Carge, : Minister or ihe' IrrteHdr,
md Hates Signing his Portfolio.' Many
newspapers regard it as doulitfnl.? XV
tory-, vote in tlie.f.'hambex ; of 4eputKw
ycBterda expressing cpnfidonin jtho.
firmness of the government in enforefng
respect for national Bag and in preveht
irig display of red flags and; banaers. :l-4 '
ln,; Large Forfe.
-La Libfrtad, via Galveston, May. 27 -
;The Salvador Government is' coiicen
tfatlngf 'a military force at this place-con-stmcting'
eartnwdrks 'and entrenchrheals.
Bands of insurgeots, largely cotnposed-o
Indians, are. crtoenfrating four(eu leasees
fromhece., ... (. 1 j.ffM,
, . An attack on La Libertad is threatened.
There is no American 'o-ther'War' Visel
on this coast and foreigners are copsequfrnt- '
jy rriuch. alarrried - ' ' ;;.' -'.; . )! r i
-Z . 1 ' ' . ' . ':
London, May 27 p. m.
?..!7': Af pl; , ,..;(
. '": , ... Beelis, May 27.
' Specie increase 10,420,000 marks.' '
1 ' 1 j. h'. s
London, Jlono y. SIsrket.
r ( -, i .Loxikn' May 2?."
Consols 99J. -' 1 " -: " "' U ' '
. ' ' ' iin 1 7' -.
Land deeds, land snortaiees and
chattel mortgages for sale at th. Citizen
ruoa. P. JoHMgToSC Oxo. A. Sauroa
' Attorneys l oa vllor-t'JUiWt
;.' ., , i-AHKVILU, V.
Wlh practice In in sth aiyt Wh Jildiclal Cistrini
ot hurta t'arolina, in the Sn?.t- (wl tf tA
tnl!, and In the ri'iltrl t:un at iehnu.
' Tli colk'ction ol claims, tu i.K.-iuii,i.a t
titles to rtinl proK'rty, and toe 'Ul-MT:tof rottw
a iK:iaHy by the fiiia. Oiuct: iu lue Joii' iua
buiidinx. ''''' li-iy
r 1
; i
i 1
' ' '
': -" w
r, T . rl
I- -it
. ", 1".
' "7,
' .p
f I'J
'V IT' v
r '

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