North Carolina Newspapers

    7 ' .
raar, Stoaa s Cameroa,.
.". BLANKS, A-
And Job Work of mil hind don wii
" from finest and at low f rices.
. , 1 Year, $e.O
e Moa.. s.oo
Weekly, - 1 Year, i;60
" O Mos., ; . TO
VOL. I NO. 4?;
A- n
V 1
, 1
AshcYllle Business Directory.
General Merchant Wholesale and Retail,
, - , C.E. Graham A Co.. S. R. Chedester 4 Son, J. D,
: . Brevard & Co., J. O. Howell, 8. H&mmeishlar,.
O.E: Lee; H. Redwood & Co.. J. P, Sawyer, G. A
- Jft-r- Mearg, A. H. Jones & Son, Bearden, Rankin & Co.,
. v y. n. arown, u. Kooerts.- - - . .- -
- . Oardn and JWd See". Ar
J ''.-T! PowolVA Bnider. H. H. Lyons. A. jrerrlll. It,
;Kedwood fc Co.. J. O. Howell, J. P. Bawyer, Bear-
' r uwi, ouiun c to., u. tt. juonean, -,
" i ' ' . " Grain, Hag and Flou.--
- 4R Starnes, Powell fe Snider,, Alexander and
f ': Hardware, Agricultural Implements, c. ,
-: ' " . reniilinan & Co., VanGUder & Brown. . ,
.-.-' . Sfoves, Ilousefurniihing, and Tinware.
- Ballard Bros., Brown & Bearden, LIndsey Bros.
' jmClodung, Genlf Furnishing, ice.
-' . v Jvmus P. Sawyer, JI. Levy, Charles E Lee, S
u . wnitiock. ( -. : ; , -.. ... -
.vv. ., . irWUtia,-orux, una .not.,.: . ;
;.. .-. - W, T. Weaver) SI. Levy. '.'
"N . ' Boot and. Shoe ifamifacty.rer.
' - " M- LevT w- X. Weaver A. Freclo , ,. '
. : Books and Stationery. ' j" .
-1 v3.UWilkJe, J. Jfrorgan & Co., ;.H,-Tt
, -. ; : trook, H.IL Lyons.. ' ;
' ; ( .' rJ)rvrrg&aftharmacertig
. "".." H.H. Lyons, W.'C-armlchael, C. W.DeVanlt
-J 1 ... -. & Co-i C -IL Woneure, VV. E. Pelham.- ' 'r-f
, . .. ifuaiMt htttrtunent, 4-e.r '.s ,
1 . - DeVault Bros. ' . ,;. . ... - Vi-,::'vv-w.i-i,;
' vM'- ' - .. Jewelers- ' ... ;
C. Cowan, SteflVier and Robertson. . " '
Powell an, S. E Keplt3vS. Roole;
V Merrill, J. t. Ware, Ware and Howell, A. C. Davis,
m - ' Jfliea Franks, J.J. iaackej & Co Jesse R. Starnes,
- - ,, Q. L. McDonald, W. L. Morgan, F. M. Johnson-, R.
, v . B Noland A 8ons;T. W. Shelton, J. R. Trull.G. H.
.i:-- Btarnes, N. Penlacd, Penland & Alexander; Mrs.
r : V-' - J. C. Smitn. - i
. . . , Butchers, Meal Dealers c' ' .-
Zachery Bror., James Lnsk, T. K. av1s, Mc
Connellud Drake. ' ..
. ' -' . " -'iV-i i 2 Bateries. ' ..
. ' -. J. J. Desmond, FM. Johnson, j,CDllvcr, .
. - Confectioneries, . ' .
J. J. Desmond, (factory), J..M Heston.
. ' , '' Saddterfij Harness, Ac, - '
. S. M. Gilbert & Co., Alexander and Penland.
.. ' Furniture, &c.' . ' .
W. B. Williamson," Moore dt .Falk, P. S. Mo-
Mullen. .. . ; .' -
" '. Undertakers. , -
. X. Brand, J. W JJrown, John Clayton
. " I Coal Dealers. .
S. F. Venabli, I. 8. Wat: on, Hill and Atkins
I. W. Uirdwooa t;Co.
Lumber Dealers
oubleday & Scott.
. Contractors, Carpenters, and Builders. . -I.
Gorenflo, John Hart, J. A. Wagner, T. C.
Westall, E. J. Armstrong, J. K. Buttrick, T. L.
Clayton, A. G. West. -JSlackemiths
D. W. Cauble, J. H, Woody.
Motels. '
. T.. 1 n.M.1 VutAM
Carolina House, blagle House, The Villa, Florida
Health Association. . .
Private Boarding.
A. T. Snmmey, P. 8.' McMullen, Miss Bettie
Brown, Mixses Coffin, Mrs. A. E. Hall, P. F. Emer
son, Miss Smith. T. W. Keel, Mrs. A. B. Chunn,
J. H. Carter, G. M. Roberts, K. H. Grahl, G. L. Mc
Donald, M. J. Fagg, J. A. Fagg. J. E. Rankin, W.
- - T. Reynolds, Mrs. T. E. Reynolds, E. Sluder, Mrs.
Holland, Mrs. Broiles, Mrs. J C Smathers, Mrs E
L. Baird, W. W. McDowell, James W. Patton, Mrs.
: Leicester Chapman, H. C. Hunt, E. J. Aston, Mrs.
H.C. France.
- Livery, Sale and Feed Stables.
Reynolds & Chambers, J. M. Bay, "W. A. Wed
din, James -Seyier, C. O. Allen, T. H. Stanslll
Wm. Cox, E. W. Herndon, S. H. Barnard, G. W.
Morgan & Co., E. T. Clemmons, Jesse R. tarnes.
. Colleges, Schools, te.
Asheville Female College. Asheville Male
Academy, Newton. Academy, MissGoodloe's High
School for young ladies, Miss tawyer"8 Primary
School Mrs. J. P.
three white tublic Schools, two
. ....... O 1U1UUI
good .colored
schools. A graded school has been authorized by
law, and a State normal school will be held every
summer. . . 1 "-V"" .
Millinery, d-e.
Mrs. H. M. Herndon, 8. Whttlock, Mrs. II. E.
Mann, J. P. Sawyer, Mrs RR Porter.
Attorneys At Law.
MsLoud t Moore, J. H. Merrimon, E. EL Mer
rimon, M. E. Carter, A. L. Carter, Gudger t Car
ter, J. M. Gudger, F. A. Sondley, W. 8. Cushman,
Richmond Pearson, E. D. Carter, W. W. Vandiver,
Davidson fc Martin, T. A. Jones, 8. H. Reed, W. B.
Gwyn, Locke Craig, W. R. Whitson, Jones and
llaruwlCKC, jomihuu cc enuioru, n. ju. vwko,
Natt Atkinson, A. T. Davidson, W. H. Malone,
V. 8. Lusk, P. A. Cummings, A. J. Lyman.
' Physicians and Surgeons.
' D. J. Cain, W. L. t W. D. Hilliard, John Hey
. Williams, J. A. Burroughs, J. A. Watson, M. L.
Nelson, Wardlaw McGiil, H. P. GatchelL
O. W. Whitson, B. H. Douglas, R. II. Reeves, A.
B. Ware.
Banks, Bankers and Brokers.
Bank of Asheville, Binder & Barnard.
Merchant Tailors.
J. W. Schartle.
Dealers in Furs.
M. Ellick.
Real Estate Agencies. -Walter
B. Gwyn, A. J. Lyman, Natt Atkinson,
E. J. Aston, B. M. Jones.
Architects and Civil Engineers,
S F Veuable. J A Tennanl, .
TWtacco Warehouses.
'The Asheville Warehouse, The Banner Ware
house, The Fanner's Warehouse, Ray's Ware
house, The Buncombe Warehouse.
.- Tobacco Manufacturers Chewing and Smoking.
S.B.West, McCarty & Hull, J. E. Ray, E. I.
Holmes ScC., Shelton & Perry, W. P. Williamson.
Coopers, &e.
L. F. Sorrell, N. W. Girdwood, William Weaver,
- Hart. .
Wines, Liquors, ice,
Loughran Bros., Hampton ic Featheratone, W.
O. Muller, & Co., A. P. SorrelL
Papers Hangers. - . .'
Cain & Hunt, Moore is Falk, R. L. Fitzpatrick.
- Newspapers.
Daily and Weekly Citizen, Daily and Weekly
Advance, The Asheville Tribune (weekly.)
Job Offices. '
, The Citizen Job Office, Hunt Robertson.
: Photographers.
Nat. W- Taylor, W. T. Robertson, T. T. Hill.
Grist MOlSr&c.
. Jo -dan & Hallyburton, N.W. Girdwood, Jas. E.
ButtTAk, r McLade. '
' Fviilizm, 'ice. ' '
F. V. Waddell, "Star Brand." Penniman & Co.,
"Anchor Brand," G.iM. Roberts, Alex. Porter,
" "Piedmont," W. H. inland, "Owl Bracd," Bear
den, Rankir. & Co., "Ober & Co.'s Special," Lyon
A Walker, "Farmer's Friend," T. C. Starnes, "Ar
lington." W. W. Barnard, "Sea Fowl," N. W.
;Gkdwoodfc Co., '6olubl Pacific.",, " . .
'.. ' - Insurance. ' -
E. J..Aston,Tbos. W. Branch, t
W. V. , Telegraph.
B. G. Weldon, manager.- . . . 1 ' '
- Southern and Adams Express.
, F. A. Stikeleather, manager.
: Civil Officers of Buncombe County.
Sheriff J. R.Kich; Deputy Daniel Reynolds; 8.
C. Clerk E. W Herndon; Register J. R. Patterson;
Treasurer J. H. Courtney; Surveyor B. F. Patton:
Tax Collector T. W. Patton.
' Inferior Court . ' - :
Justice G. A. Shulbrd: Clerk Mont Patton; Solic
1 or H. B. Carter. --
. . County Commissioners.
J. 12. Rankin, J. A. Reagan, G. W. Whitson, U
L. Childa, Thos. D. Brittain. .
i Justices of the Peace. . '- . -A.
T. Summey, N. A. Penland, T. W. Patton, C
B. Way, J. M. Ledford, J. M. JarraU, J. B. Cain.
CUv Government.
Mayor E. J. Aston; Aldermen W. -T. Reynolds,
Alonw) Rankin, Geo. F. Scott, I. H. Gorenflo, N.
W. Girdwood and J. L. . Murray . Policemen A.
H. Baird, W. G. McDowell, J. H. Hampton, Hufch
i'osteu ana -x ' Jtiunter.
".'t .! Fire Department.
Hose N. 1 , Foreman 11.. Fagg; H. t L. No. 1,
fapt. a.- tiuii.
. ', Sanitary Department.
Dr.D X JUnard, 8anltary Chief.
Federal Officers.
U.S. Commissioner, A. T. Sumncey.' Deputy
Collector, (stamp office) A. D. Cooper. District
Deputy 8. C. Herren. Deputy Marshal Is, R. O.
Patterson, A. C. Patterson, T. K. Davis, H. 8. Har
king. -
. - United Stales District und Circuit Courts.
Judge R. P. Dick Solicitor j. K Boyd, Clerk J.
E. Reed, Deputy Clerk P. A.- Cummings. -.
-'..: Post Office. - .
H. L."Gudger P. M., Clerks W. B. Moore, W. L.
ftorman, A. l. van. .
- ; f - Sewing Machine Agencies.
Whehler & Wilson, J. H. Herring,
. Miss Bessie Justice. Singer. M. H.
Chief Clerk
chierciCTi w. Monteatn,
ster & Son, Chas E Lee. .
Domestic, . B. E, Ched-
- XoTB There may be erroisin thenbove, which
Arrival and Departare of the TrIn.
- 8 AtiBBtmv- Arrives 8:87 a. HV..V ' w
V Departs 6:47 p. k. " , . -fi' v.
' Tennessee -Amvea 57 r. mu- -. . . ;-
. . Depart8-8:47 A. . . ;;';:..:.
Wirais8Viixi6--AiTivea 80 p. x. -."-''.' i',
4 " .Departs A, x. :
r The. Wayneaville train reaches that point at
129 rettcrniijg, jeares'wavneeyuie at au.
" vThe best 5. cenif CJgV tiitown at irr
7iVfl Tk Wcftvlr. Sola deen for Il&a
Ulana-Macl( mow fonien: :; ?r ; -tf
yuMtas .sjjjvsei"-k. yj-' ijv y- vcu.iaf
'Weatlieir It1.'
.aeJV'4Ir v--
. tUs''iri'-.t'84'.at'
p. m
a. - rjy.;-lai;.
i-61PartIx tlyr?-ti;:f' ; ?
Sun Risasat:30; 8etsat7:S0. :
Rain When, wind changes to the
South rain may be expected. . . '
Will be published every evening (ex
cept Sunday) at the following rates
strtctiy cash:
One Tear,
.. , . . . $6 00
.' .- . . . 3 O0
, . 1 50
. . 50
- - 15
Six Months,
Three "
One "
One Week,
. Our Carriers will deliver the paper ev
ery evening in every part of the city to
our subscribers, and parties wanting it
will please call at the Citizen Office.
Picture Frames at cost, all kinds. Call
early. .,, J. L. Wilkie & Co.
Three houses to rent, apply to Mrs.
Walker, Bailey street. . 4t
Fresh let Champaign Cider, Bananas,
Cocoanuts, Peanuts and Dates.
. tj6 .'at G. L. McDonald's.
and Prints.
3 -
Percales, Lcncns, Ginghams,
There will be an important meeting of
the Board of Aldermen to-night
Delicious, effervescing, ice cold ginger
ale on draught at Pelham's; one of the
greatest luxuries of the season.
Showers off to the Southeast yesterday
but none here. We might accept a gen
tle one every day with great pleasure.
There are still twenty-four turnpike
companies in Lancaster county, Pehn.,
most of them doing a profitable business,
and fifteen of them leading directly into
the city of. Lancaster. , v
. Rev. A. D. Blackwood of this place,
will peach at WayTravtitorttigat Saturday
and Sunday. Rev. W. W. Wells will
also preach at Charleston, Swain county,
on Saturday and bunaay . next. . -
- In the notice of Mr. J. C. Echard, gen
eral agent of the Virginia Valley Mutual,
we stated that the assessments would not
cost more than $12 a year. It should
have read that there would not be more
than twelve assessments. - v
... i
Gen. Johnstone Jones and other gen
tlemen delivered addresses to-day at the
closing exercises of Prof. King's school.
This evening Dr. Bays will deliver a
lecture in connection with the Bame oc
casion. Mr. Jasper Smathers, who resides on
the west end of Patton Avenue, is. well
prepared to accommodate either families
or individuals with board. The very
name of Smathers is suggestive of good
feeding, and the public should note this
fact. , ,
- Nothing of importance could be ob
tained at the Courthouse this morning.
The Register could not even give us a
marriage item except that he refused
a license to a youth under 16 years of
age, the law prohibiting such marriage.
The boy said he would not be outdone,
and would seek the south Carolina
line. , ' , . ' v
The many friends of Capt. James M.
Gudger will be glad to learn that he is
recovering from the severe injuries he
received recently. He was badly knock
ed to pieces, but under skilful treatment
and the ministration of friends be is now
doing well.
The Asheville Light Infantry will
have an entertainment festival oh the
nipht of the 12th, for ' the purpose of
raising funds to . defray the expenses of
me company auring ine . state uuara
encampment here in July. They should
have the warmest 'support of the citi
zens. . ' ' - - ;. ' :
We invite especial attention to the
card in another column of Mr. Thos. W.
Branch, local, aent of the Virginia Mu
tual Insurance Company. Mr. Branch
has Ions been operating in this com
munity, and is well known to our citizens
as a gentleman of fair and honest deal-
Dg. - - .. ,:
Through the 'instrumentality of the
Hon. T. D. Johnston, the mail service
between Brevard and Cashier's Valley
will be increased after July 1st. to a tri
weekly servicer - We are indebted to the
watchful energies of our representative
for many corrections -of wrongs, and
much addition to mail facilities. . : 1
- .
We regret that it was utterly impossi
ble for any of the . Citizen staff to be
present at the exercises of Mr. King's
school at Beaver Dam to-day. .. It would
have been an occasion of great interest
to us, but only two of the staff are pres
ent for duty, and the- demands on their
time are imperative.
- The arrivals are not noticeably large
at piesent, but judging from' the number
of inquiries addressed to the pioprietors
of the Swannanoa, and we may presume
of other hotels; there may be expected a
heavy innux of visitors from all quarters,
and that very soon. - .
If you want ' good 5 cent Cigar o to
Lyons' and ge a "White Rose," ; ;
.; Fresh lot Corned Beef, Potted Hams,
Oysters, Salmon and White Fish,
tjG , - at G.L. McDonald's.
Lola. Ilussf; ; ". ' : r
We are to have this' great wonder of
the age with ob;' and on Wednesday
night the 10th she will give an illustra
tion of those powers which have puzzled
the scientist and amazed the ignorant.
What the source or' nature of that force
is which giveB her a super human power
is an inexplicable mvsterv. - The mere
muscular strength of a female : could noU
:v.i - av. 1 :ai i
yvtsBiuiy avail - agiUiinL .. vixv .fiuyoiuti
strength or agility of trained athletes.
Yet they go down before . her as totally
bereft of the. power to resist as if they
i i i t jt .i .i i r
,. MOM-'pho. ihnA
enchanters work through the oosses-
sion of the same . mysterious : gUUx-A
ptsy chic force ia no more but of the range
of providential Tgifta than those Equally,
rare intellect i&l endowments ;frhicji en
able the 'v Jew of our ratfe to tower
above U; 11 t -as. Gods. The really
respler. ' : ; i,' .5ratorsf-' painters,
inusiciai;3 rare i a the, splendor of
t-beir. meRtal guU as are t' e' Lula Hursts
in fb vsicul if tiic"are t'hyBiPal"TPow
: ie. has without gqjestionf -a rare
i 4o?i 'of imttiense and unexplained
mi "9, p.;t how,. tj'AaWire .... . t ivpoated
ostf bevcx.,! the suspicion of.uU'A
We clip tlifis iallowing jtrom the Char-
i n : ii , ni. - - -
- MUs-LoIs -Httsl's exhibiUon drew
large crowd at the opera house last night,
and the same displays o her wonderful
and mysterious powers were witnessed.
Miss Lula's fiercest and most obstinate
customer was Doc Hortbn, and Doc gave
her a pretty good turn, hut she sent him
to grass in the end. Capt. Harry Johns
ton tried to hold her chair and she tum
bled him oft the stage. - Among others
whom she vanquished were Capt John
It. Irwin, 200 lbs; Prof. William R. At
kinson, .Esquire Hilton, and peverai
others of our heftiest citizens. All were
powerless to cope with Miss Lula and 15
of them put together could not push a
chair to the floor, she merely having her
hand upon the seat of the chair. . She is
a mystery, certain, and since her last
appearance here seems to have gained
new powers, or whatever else it is.
The City Tax Collectobship.
In reply to a suggestion made in the
Citizen some time since that Captain
Patton, te present tax collector of the
county, be appointed tax collector for
the city, our neighbor, the Advance, asked,
"What has Capt Patton done to deserve
the position?" We do not care to dis
cuss the question of personal deserts.
Every competent officer earns his salary,
and we presume gets his pay; and so the
question of desert does not enter into
the discussion, nor in any way interest
the public The only question to be dis
cussed is, what is most conducive to the
public cood ? In answer to this, we find
that the levy of tax made on last Mon
day for Buncombe is 42. cents on the
flOO worth of property; whereas, the
levy in McDowell county is $1.35, nearly
three and a half times as much.' How
much of this difference is attributable to
the results of the exactness with which
the county tax of last year was collected.
We leave for the Boaru of Aldermen to
Bay. Both they and thcir constituents
yoahttiKe to -stfu tt snSnarfesnl reached
- j
Death to Insects.
We gave a trial yesterday to the Per
sian, Dalmatian, or Insect powder. It is
an inpalpable yellow dust, made from
the pulverized flowers of the pyrethrum
roseatum, a plant largely cultivated on
the eastern coast of the Adriatic It is
death to flies and fleas an? almost every
other insect. It is death to the Colora
do beetle, as we proved. 'Bat from the
lightness of the powder, it is somewhat
difficult to apply it, the faintest breeze
wafting it away. Indoors, it is best ap
plied by "means ' of the same kind of
syringe that is used, with the inbalator.
For flies, close the doors of rooms, and
jet out a few puffs of the dust. In a short
time tne piesent brood win an tumble
to the ground. . Other insects can be
reached directly with the same appli
ance. Death to insects, it is perfectly
innocuous to human beings, safe and
perfectly cleanly. We find it at Pel
hams, and perhaps all the druggists here
have it. We recommend its use; and
the time has come when the fight with
flies and fleas is the hottest. ,
Hotel Arrivals.
Grand Central W M Glazebrook, A G
Franklin, Richmond; N P Murphy, Salis
bury; W T Dickerson, Big Ivy; Master O
J Ramsey, Marshall; E H Bobbett, Hick
ory; J H Brittingham, M E Dorison, Jas
Li K ratterson, s J Adier, .Baltimore; K
G Mabry, Silver Springs; Geo N Alexan
der, Coopers. - , .
Western T L Lance, Marshall; B.W
Davis, Charlotte; S S Cecil, Columbia,
Tenn. - - -
Swannanoa S Putnam, D W Spofford,
New York; F K Curtis. French Broad; S
M Hess, Baltimore.
Eagle W J Estey, Worcester, Mass.; J
C Johnston, Tenn.; J R Forest, NC
The following pleasant reference to
Asheville comes with special grace, from
our friend the Chattanooga Times. ' We
thank him for his kindly and hand
somely expressed appreciation ot cur
city:.,. ? " r :.Y
Chatianoogahs may well congratulate
themselves on the easy and direct con
nection now secured between their city
and the beau lfel city of Asheville, M
C. one of the most attractive and alto
nether lovely towns in the world, and
filled with a people possessing the high
est order of intelligence and rarely cul
tured and refined. We know of no more
attractive spot m which to spend the
heated term than this' pretty town, Bur-
rounaeu py me most niagnincent scene
ry, laving hieh and dry. a climate
healthful and intensely enjoyable and
offering superior social advantages.
- A street lamp is Badly needed for the
wayfarers on Willow street at the corner
of the Swannanoa hotel or other conven
lent point As the avenue to Church street
upon which night religious services are
held, cnurcn goers, ii no otners, should
have their paths made light and straight.
L"arkness. and frequent v mud, are cat
culated to chill the most ardent religions
fervor. .:' ,r;; V;f. '
Largest and handsomest stock ot Baby
Carriages in Western North Carolina at
W. B Williamson's. - Call and see them.
- Firet-class boots
order at : 1
and shoes made to
W. T. Weavek's.
Corns cured by having your shoes
made at W. T. Weaver's, and then using
Liingman s tobacco cure. ' -r -
Dbcibioks Filed Febkuakv TEita,
From Advance Shefts of Davidson's Reports.
We are indebtf 1 to the Raleigh Reyis,
ter for the following decisions affecting
this section f.-, - - ' , -'
'. '. "ASnETliXE DIVISION vl ASTON. ' .
A claimant to land ia dispute between
other: parties to a suit, who is not con
nected with any interest in that contro
versy, but claims by a tit'e different from
that of both claim in ta in the suit, lean
not. intervene and become a party. A
party may intervem when he has an in
terest in the cr ' tr versy, but not when
he has an inter, t i i the. tLing which is
the subject of the controversy, ? " -..
(Keathly v. V-uic-, S4 N. C, 202; "Wade'
if. Sanders,, 70 C, 277,- cited and ap
proved)..,". ' ;.. . ; " - ;
-' MOORE, v.
T : EA.' K.
r a. foreirn
. l.' An attorney
tionrwlio fias claims to coneet lor
in tnis fctate; is n-ot a local ageut
whom process can be rve J. -
2. "A Ioeal.?ftgei of a foreign "cor pcr
ticm. upon hotter rocesd caa beTSOi vui
o as to bring the corporation into court,
means an agent residing either perma
nently or . temporarily in -this State -for
the purpose of his agency, and does not
include a mere transient agent.
(Uunmnaham.v. The Southern Jxcprtsa
Co., 67 N. C, 425r cited and approved)
1. A deed from an individual to a cor
poration will be good and pass the title
to the land, if it clearly appears. from
the deed itself what corporation was in-,
tended, although a mistake or omission
in the corporate name may have occur
red, and this rule is not changed by the
fact that at the time of executing the
deed, the grantor was ignorant that the
grantee was a body corporate.
2. If lands are conveyed to a corpora
tion aggregate, it will, from the nature of
Buch corporations, be understood as a
fee without any words of limitation.
3. Although the existence of a corpor
ation be limited to a certain number of
years, yet it is capable of holding estates
in iee. .
4. A corporation chartered for the pur
pose of promoting temperance, does not
forfeit real estate which it has purchased,
because it ceases to pursue, the objects
for which it was incorporated. .
5. A corporation cannot endure longer
than the time prescribed by its charter,
and no judicial proceedings are necessary
to declare a forfeiture for such a cause,
but for any other cause of forfeiture, a
direct proceeding must be instituted by
the sovereign to enforce the forfeiture,
and it cannot be taken advantage, of in
any collateral proceeding.
o. A receiver appointed under tne act
(The Code, section 670), to wind up the
affairs of corporations, can proceed to col
lect in the assets, and to prosecute and
defend suits, after the corporation has
ceased to exist by the expiration of the
charter. ...
7. The second story in a house, when
held separately, may be recovered in an
action of ejectment.
( Tiorsf swirl TtvnVk TVi of ttirf is-YYt m fliJVirtr7
Busb. Eq. 65; Ryan v. Martin, 91 N. C., 1
Uerffeatyv. JUvesr i -Irri aasvsw-ctn
J CUv Academy ItnOsev, & Ired., 476? At-
HI r; V" irrn i
i hjmey uenerai v. Aiuiiroaa lo. . iviatov:
VahGlahn v. DeRosset, 81 N. C, 467; Gil
liam v. Bird,8 Ired., 280, cited and approv
ed )
TKCLL v. rice.
1. It is a well-settled rule of practice in
this State that in judicial sales the bid
dings will be opened and a re-sale order
ed, if, before ' the sale is confirmed, an
advance of ten per cent is onered. APer
confirmation of the biddings will not be
re-opened, except in case of fraud or un
fairness, or some other adequate cause,
2. Where, however, the judge below,
in the exercise of his discretion, refuses
to open the biddings on an advance of
ten per cent before the sale is confirm'
ed, the Supreme Court will not direct
him to do so.
3. In an application to set aside a sale
and reopen tne biddings; tne bupreme
r. . . , , . a; ; e J
uouri will not tooKinwconmcunsauiua-
vits, but are governed by the facts as
found bv the iudt?e.
(Attorney General r. Koanobe ssawgaaon
Co., 86 N. O, 408; Pritchard v. Askew, SO
N. C, 86; Bost ex parte, 3 Jones Eq., 482;
Blue v. Blue, 79 N. C, 69; Wood v. Parker,
63 N. C, 379; Miller v. Feezor, 82 N. C,
192: Simmons v. Foscue, 81 N. C, 86;
Lovinier v. Pearce, 70 N. C, 167; University
Lassiter. 83 N.
C, 38, cited and approv-
Ashevillb Female Collegk.
We acknowledge a very elegantly illus
trated invitation to the Commencement
Exercises of this institution, which contin
ue through June 7th, oth and 9m, it is
always a most interesting occasion to the
citizens of " Asheville, and . to the many
friends of the College elsewhere; and we
take great pleasure in the prospect of at
tendance. The reaL . beginning of the
Commencement season will be with the
Annual Sermon, preached in the Chapel
on Sundav. forenoon. - -
The graduating class consists of Miss
Maggie Brand, Nl C.i Miss Louise. Car
son, .0. U.; Miss, oiaggie uukes,- jn. v.:
Miss Maggie DodameadrN.C! Miss Hat-
tie Kincaid, Tnn.: '.T&iss Lilian Luther.
S, C; Miss Kate Thomas, Tenn.-,
Watt Hill, in the Deaver building,
South Main street, can furnish meals at
any time. Beefsteaks a specialty.
W, B. Williamson is selling bis stock
of Baby Carriages cheap. tm9
As there have been some- reports circulated
in Asheville, by the local agent of this compa
ny, that I have no right to solicit insurance
here, I make this statement to set myself
right with persons that don't know any better.
I am the Ajrent-at-Large over all the territory
this company does business in. Such Agent-at-Large
means anywhere and everywhere, I
shall make my headquarters here for some
ume to 10OK alter mo uiurrtmiB ui uub uuuipv
ny. whose new features now present to the
publio the most perfect life insurance in ex
istence. The company guarantees that "there
will not be more than twelve single or six
double assessments a year. Any one can toll
exactly what he will be called upon to pay
oa a policy during an expected life-time.
Every death has been promptly paid, and
doesn't coot more than one-half it takes to car
ry a policy in an old line company. Come one
and all, and make the best investment yon can
possibly mane during your 111 e. .
..." J. C ECHARD,
;": . ' "V -": : Agont-t-Lrge,
For Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Ken-
tucky, xennessee, rtortnana ooutn uarouna
e 4-dtf , . ' .. .
revrvkav. for rent.
V. - - A Cottage, containing five rooms, the
residence of the late Dr. J. G. Hardyjocated on
Church street, will be rented on -reasonable
terms. Apply lo J- O- MARTIN,
un 3ltf Or, T. W..PATTOX
Mr. Scott Price, 'of ' Parkton, Md.,
is visiting his - brother, Mr. "' Thomas
Price, of this, place. .Mr. Price was en
gaged here many years ago, in the original
survey of the, W. N. C. Railroad, . :
When we see an. alderman of the .ity,
supervised by the chairman of the street
committee, engaged in breaking1 rock ' on
the 6treet, we may have hope of the posi
tive improvement f our streets . Eh, Al
derman. Murray? . j
S The rooms of Messrs,' JLoughrans' Bar,
under", the Eagle':; Hotel;'' are receivingl a
thorough' overhauling,-; and wilL aoon look
as neat as'fnevr-pin. .- ' ; V.; .
.;;' ; i -- - "- -
"'- Mrs. Mary Ruston was.bne.of the no
table ladies -in Philadelphia society a
century ago; - Her- receipt book is now
owned by Mr. Charles Pennypacker, ona
oj her descendants. in it she recorded
particulars of . the. elaborate dinners-at
which she was "present 'Thus it appears
that on one, occaei6o, .Dr, Franklin, re
- ' .1 l is guests withclam soup breast
real rasrbii "eL. fore-quarter of roast
, - foar i.MiiLr-Jtlkiirsn2S"feeC A
pair of! roast ducks,- and roast leg.- of
. j, , - . i , - ,
mutton, wim numerous vege tames servea
from- the side board, and filled up the
ereyices witi. a dessert of green " currant
tarts jellies- blame mange, cranberry
tarra, .bnglish and bwiss cheeses, and
cbeeke cakes. . ' - - N . -
Owing to -the scarcity of money and
the universal. pressure of "hard times,"
everybody should practice tne strictest
economy."- So do not 6pend your money
for cheap shoes that are worthless, but go
to W. T. Weaver's One Price Shoe Store,
where you can" get value received for
every dollar invested..
Be sure to get W. P. Williamson's prices
on 1' urmture before making your pur
chase. tm9
Undcrwtar, Host erij, Gloves, Scarfs. Col
lars and Cuffs, Rr cchings, Laces,- Embroid
eries, Ribbons. Handkerchiefs, runs. Baas.
Corsets, &c, &c. One Price System.
at u. iuzv n ouu & co.
Ladies' "Common Sense" and "Opera
Toe" French Kid, at Levy's.
Your old thoes can be made as good as
new only at . " W. T. Weaver's.
I regret the necessity which calls forth
the card, in reply to the advertisement
which appeared in the Citizen of the 4th
inst, signed J. C. Echard, Agent at Large
for the Valley Mutual Life Association
of Virginia, for Virginia, We6t Virginia,
Maryland, Kentucky, Tennessee, North
and South Carolina, which "means any
where and everywhere." lhat said
Echard, "Agent at Large, which "means
anywhere and everywhere," may possi
bly have the right to traverse the entire
territory, occupied by the association,
yet he is unmindful of the courtesy that
should always exist between Agents at
Large which "means anywhere and ey
ery where" and Local Agents. No other
travelling agent, of the association has
ever solicited insurance here without my
entwnivriiias nere toiore oeen cnecr
j - -r . . 7 o
whom our Age u tat Large, which "means
anywhere and everywhere," reports all
North Carolina business, does not work
in Asheville, save through my office, and
I take it, that in no department of busi
ness are Local Agents interfered with re
presentatives from Houses or Companies,
represented by the Local b. I have taken
in Asheville upwards of 5100,000 for the
Valley Mutual and: but for thestringency
of money matters, would have doubled
that amount lexpectalways to be with
you and ready at all times to explain
this most perfect safe and cheap system
of Life Insurance. "Before many days"
our Agent at Large which "means any
where and everywhere" "will fold his
tent" to traverse "over all the territory
this company does business in," and I
will be here to take care of the interest
of the association and - its members.
Thanking a generous public for their
patronage in the past, I now leave it to
them to choose between said Agent at
Large which "means anywhere and ev
erywhere" and one of your, citizens for
an agent for Life InBnrawce in the Val
ley Mutual. '
Thos. w. Branch, .Local Agent,
" Office Main st, A-6heville, N. C '
June 5th, 1885. tf
West of the French Broad bridge at Asheville.
is now ready for tne entertainment 01 tne sum
mer travel, w un good rooms, enner in tne main
buildine or in the cottaees. well fitted ud. and
with a table supplied with all the market affords.
1 can comfortably entertain either famines or
single individuals during the summer months.
With fine . . , , ,
, Both Iron jmd Chalybeate'), . ', .,
On the place, and within 10 minutes' ride of the
centre of Asheville, I can offer greater advan
tages than any other place adjacent to Asnevuie.
For further Information, write to, or cau on
:.- v Mas. R, G. MABRY; '
jun3d3m Asheville, N. C.
Asheville, N. C.
Altitude, 2,339 Feet Above the t Sea.
Thk recent additions and improvements to
the Swannanoa make it, perhaps, the most
attractive anJ comfortable Hotel m the South.
Its Tower and 450 feet of galleries, furnish
views of the Swannanoa River and the French
Broad River valleys. Also views of the Blue
Ridge, Pisgah, Balsam, New Found and Elk
ranges or mountains, peaas 01 wnien are over
6,000 feet high. Convenient to Post, Express.
Telegraph and Railroad Ticket Offices, ana
Asheville Bank, Asheville Library and Ashe
ville Club Booms. Purest ' mountain water
conducted to and through the Hotel. -
.. . . All Modern Conveniences. ;
The Ball Room is 60x150 feet. ' A fine Or
chestra from Philadelphia ia engaged for the
Summer.' - . " ,
Special Rates to Parties by the Month.
Th Prnnrietora take' snecial nride in the
Tidiness of their. House, and the successful
management of the cuisine aeparunent.
jnn 8 ' - - : Proprietora
' Will bo paid for iu formation leading to the
arrest and conviction of parties taking sand from
my lot near smith's linage.
fu4dth,m, 2wks V. DOfBLEPAY.
ClSnilERE.- '
Points Not
:'r;; f:; toxriw, Jui fc'v
Ail' ofuciol 'ilisuatch from Berinagur
gives h number jof ki!Jed and wounded
by ,the earthquake there 00 Sunday and-
jaonoay last as ronows; "Killed, :87;
wounded, 1(30. OfRcial reports have not
been" received yet from" itherpoih& in
the Vf le of Cash mereV iffe; ,he
earthquake' shocksj'Rnd until they come
to hand, the full exteni of the calamity
cannot be known. ' 1 '.
Feared to be More Disastrous
' than first Reported.
. London, June 5.
Unofficial reports of the earthquake in
Cashmere are of such an alarming char
acter as to make it more than likely that
the earthquake will prove even more dis
astrous in its effect than the first dispatches
stated them to be. Whole cities and
towns in the Vale are spoken of as destoy
ed.. The absence of definite nemts attrib
uted to the demolition of telegraph lines in
the general wreck and chaos. In conse
quence, the magnitude ox the calamity,
and the numbers killed and wounded are
left for the imagination to supply.
German and American Commercial
. Berlin, June 5.
An interview with Mr. Baine, new
United States Consul, is published in
the Tagenblatt. Mr. Raine sayB : "That
he has undertaken the task of reviewing
the commercial relations of Germany
and America depression in trade." The
tagenblatt says: "Consul Baine will
soon convince the American people of
the necessity for abandoning their pol
icy of the past 25 years." .Mr. Baine be
lieved there would be no difficulty in re
moving the points of difference between
the two countries. He denounced as s
falsehood the repot t that he wrote in his
German newspaper iu Baltimore any
disparfigemeni-f Germany.
Xoncly the Winner.
London, June 5.
The race for Oaks stakes of Epsom tc-
day was won by Lord Cardigan's bay
filly Lonely. The winner was ridden by
Fred Archer who rode the winning horse
in the race for the Derby stakes on
Wednesday. ' .
Connnl Hacky Absolve!. "
Washington, June 5.
Judge Mackcv, father of Consul Mack
ey, received the following cablegram
from Bio Grande Do Sid , Brazil : "Con
sul Beckford Mackey has been ubsolvcd
unanimouslA by the jury. All honora
ble citizens celebrate the evcut." Signefl
"The Committee of Citizens."
The Iirgwt JMstillcry in the
World Burned.
' , Dkmci1KEs, Iowa, Juu 5.
The Internatii nal liistillery, the larg
est in the wt.r!d. -ai!2ht Cre at 2:30 this
morning, and one iuau was'badly burned,
- Lxctotlon ofa Kerro Murderer.
Hackensack, N. Jn June 5th.
Sanfurd Sisco, the colored youth who
brutally murdered A brain Gurnet, a well
known storekeeper atrPark Ridye, N. J.,
on the night of December 23rd was
executed in the corridor of.Bergen coun
ty Jail at llackensaek.Mit 0:13 o'clock
this morning.
TVTcw York Stoclt Market.
Kkw 'Yoek, June 5.
, The stuck market was weak during the
first half hour this morning, first prices
showing a decline of i to f per. cent
in most cases, from which there was a
further slight falling off in qhotations,
but during the past SO ;minufes losses
have generally been recovered and quo
tations at 11 o'clock are Sot materially
different from the opening prices. To
this the Pacific Mail have- been an ex
ception, showing considerable strength
throughout the hour and advancing
per cent. Stock sold as Id was 16; mark
et was dnll throughout firet hour with
total sales of 39,000 Bhareo. Loaning
rates for Lackawanna, were 1-041-132;
Northwestern . l-128l-04. Others
easy; - - - ' " ; '-. ' ; J . " : .; '
Baltimore Markets. . v .
-'y - Baltimobb, June m. '
' Flour easy and dull.: -'Howard street
and western super 3 2565, extra, 3 75
4 23. : Family 4 5C 60. Wty will super
3 2565, extra 3 754 00. Rio brands
4 905 10-. , Wheat, Southern, steady:
western, steady? Southern red 00(2)4;
amber 1 CC2, No. 1 Maryland 1 00 ask
ed, No. 2 western winter red spot 941
51. Corn, Southern, easy, quiet; western
steady, dull. Southern white C02. yel
low 53($4j. - ''
, ' linden Money Uarlte-.
: London, June 5 1 p. roV
Consols 99 7-1 C. On account, 09 J. '
AH Wool Sock Suits in brovnt, oray, blue,
green, and black. Cutaways in black, black
and white, and gray. Odd coats at extreme
ly low prices. Seersucker Coats and Vests,
Dusters, &c. Boys' Clothing. All at fixed
ana reasonaM prices,
"t ... rr rFT.ivr,nn nn
. The Wilmington Review notes several
fatal accidents. "Geo. W. Freeman, coL,
employee of the ice factory of W. E. Worth
& - Co., started late in" the evening to a '
spring near the railroad track close to "
Front street bridge. The next morning his
mangled remains were found, "he having
been run over by a passing train. Mr. J.J.
Rowland, station agent at Lynchburg, S. C,
was riding on the front of an engine on a
lumber rail road track. The engine ran off
the track, and the unfortunate man waa
caught under it and crushed to death. J
'The Wilmingt6n ''. Star, says 'the dead
bodies of all tho drowned at Zeke'a Island
have betT. recovered. The . unfortunate t""
were Mr. Ceorpana, Winn,, aged 9; Mrs. " :.
Annie de Stefano, age 20; fMunson Winn,
14 years; Olive Winn. 11 vears: lames
Winn, Sjears , ) . ; y.i'- .
vThe. Charlotte; Hoaie-Democtit . says-i J '
Forty soldiers and widows of soldiers ap
peareel before the Board of ComntxCoja-i -nxait;
have tlieirclaimt for pensions
examined. The Board postponed acting
on. th claims till July, i . .
. The Salisbury Watchman, says i Mrs. -Holbroqks,
wile ofMr.'Wm. Holbrooks, '.
committed suicide, at'her home,n this -countyj
Monday last, by shooting herself in
the breast with a pis'toL ' No cause i
signed. Tobacco - ia having its effect
here in stimulating industry and quicken-
ing the energies of business men. For the
last two weeks or more, we have had brisk
operations in tobacco. ' It has put in cir- '
culation a large amount of money, and the
effects of it are. very apparent.
The Klnston Free-Press says Mr. E. S.
Broadway killed eight white oak .snakes on
one acre of ground, the other day. A day
or so before that Mr. J. Pearce killed a
moccasin that measured 5 feet 7 inches,
and it wasn't good snake killing weather,
either. . .
The News-Obseiver says : Maj. James
W. "Wilson, of Morganton, yesterday told
a reporter some queer things in regard to
the distemper among cattle. If cattle are
brought east from the mountains . they,
die generally, in three weeks, of distemper.
There is no such thing a preserving their
lives. The "distemper line," which cannot
he crossed, is now, Maj. W. says, about
eight miles west of Morganton. Cattle .
brought from a point just west of that line
to one just east of it, die in a little time. In
1775 the line was as far east as Johnston
county. It appears to move westward with
the chestnut trees. A hundred years ago
these were abundant here.' ' They died a
they have since done in the Piedmont sec
tion. The chestnut belt moves westward
every ten years. It is all very sin gular.
Maj. Wilson has - given the matter much
thought.' .v : . c
Kaecs Saturday Events; at 4 -O'clock.
Running race at Fair Grounds Satur
day p. m. at 4 o'clock. - Half mile heats, -best
2 in 3. First h )rse 50 per cent gate
money, 2d horse 30 per cent., and 3d
horse 20 per cent. Admission to grounds
25 cents. Pal metto. Blue Jay and Daiax. -.
are entered, and as the horses are about
evenly matched at this distance, the
race should frcrnteresting. It
A Jockey Club.
A meeting of the Jockey Club will be
held this (Friday) evening, at 8 o'clock,
at the office of the undersigned, for the
purpose of organizing electing officers,
the making ofa premium listAc. Every
member should be in attendance, and
ang one desiring to join this Club are
invited to be present - - "v.
E. W. Hebndon.
Preserved Strawberries, Peaches, Pears,
Cherries, Damsons and Quinces, Apple
Butter, . at G I McDonald's.
B -g B BBS BSW -
pOR SALE. ' -
A Ntw and Beautiful Catriare at .
Pino Grocories. V
Importel and Domestic Table Delica
cies of every description,
We make a specialty of Fine Teas,
and have just received direct from Im
porters, (in original packages,) the fol
lowing, which we recommend for their
fine flavor and superior drawing quali
ties: '
Finest Hoynne Gunpowder,
fhntaMt Formosa OolonT. ' '
onpoaa uouy
Choicest Eng
nellMi ureakmai.
Extra Fanry Jmt.
Old Govt Java Ooflee, green and. roasted,, ' ' .
Laguayn, Peabeny.Tkncy Golden Rio,"
Co rti ova. Coffee,' . .-.
. Jakek Chocolate, ..
' Baker's Bnwna. - N'
'-'' ; ' ' Epp' Coeoa. -
California Frnit in glass jars,
Oranges, Quinces, Apricot, ! ' ,
Muscat Grapes, Egg Plums,
Bart'ett Pears.
Canned California Fruits, ' ! -
Golden Gate reaches, ... ;
Lemon Cling Peaches, . '
'."'." - Apricots, Bartlett Pears, ;'
1 '. '.: : . Bahama Grated Pineapple.
Pates of Game, (truffled) Quail, Part
"; nuge, Wild Duck, Grouse
- and Woodcock. . "
Boned Chicken and Turkey,
Potted Game, Lunch Tongue, "
Kippered Herrings, .Shrimp,
. Anchovy Paste, Yarmouth Cloatera
Boneless Sardines, Devilled Crabs, ; ; -Edam
Clieese, Albert Biscmit,
Dundee Marmalade and Jama,
Instantaneous Chocolate.
:- Freeh Crifkers a great variety.
French Pea and Mushrooms, ,
Queen Olives, Ceptr?, .
. Currle Powdi-r, tiulsil Prwmlnf,
t. ' Walnut ( utsup, Munhrooui itnp,
Frewrves in rlasaand pail.
RARfiuml'uii.linf, -
fcpagiieta Macaroni, Vermicelli.
Staple raraily Groceries
Of every doBcrij tion, ; ' .
Opposite F.e-Je Ilcf t1. .-
1. -f
. 1.
'.V ..
- . n
. i. .

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