North Carolina Newspapers

1 :C
- - POSTERS, :
v. : BLANKS, A
And yob Work of all kinds done witi .
fromfHess and ml low f rices.
Fuxmar, Stoao E; Cameron,'
-lYear, SC.OO
" O Mos .-. 3.00
. 1 Year, ':'.'" 1.50
. W .! ly.
VOL. I.-NO. 88. .
Afclievillc Ilnslncps Direclorj.
- . .
(Uvcral Merchants Wholesale and Retail.
C. R. Graham A Co.. 8. R. Chedester St Son, J. D.
Brevard & Co., J. O. Howell, K. Hammeraniag,,
V. K. Lee, H. Kedwood & Co., J. P. Sawyer, G. A
Meant, A. H. Jones St Son, Beardcn, Kcnkin & Co.,
V, H.'limwn, G. M. Koberts. -
. s; Garden awl Field Seeds.
Powell fc Snider, II. H. Lyons, A. J. Merrill, II.
Redwood fe Co.. J. O. Howell, J. P. Sawyer, Bear
rten. Rankin Co., C. H. Moncure. ,
Grain, Hay and Flour.
, J. R. Starnos, Powell Snider, Alexander and
Penlatid. .
" ftardware, Agricultural Implements, tc.
Peniiimnn & Co., VanGildcr & Brown.
Stoves, Houscfurnishing, and Tinvare.
' ISallard Bros.. Brown & Boarden, Lindsey Bros.
' Clothing, Gents' Furnishing, fcc.
Jvmcs P. Sawyer, M. Levy, Chnrle8 E Lee, S
y n liitlock. '
Jouts,,pKes, and Hats.
W, T. Weaver, M. Levy.- -..
Hoot and Sltoe Manufacturers
M. Levy. W. T. Weaver, A. Freck.
Boots and Stationery.
3. U Wilkie, J. N. Morgan & Co., II. T. Esta
. rook, II. II. Lj ons. v' '
Druggists attd Pharmaccnlistis.
II. II. Lyons, Y. C. Carmichael, C. W. I)c Vault
& Io., R. II. Moncnre, V. E.Pelham.
Musiea Instruments, At.
'"K'XtXftiiiioS"'- --'-----
Jcuxlers. i" . ' v .
C. Cowan, SU-flner and Robertson. )
Family Groceries.
P. ell and Snider. S. R. Kepler, A. R. Cooley,
Ptnloy & i.'o.. T. V. Ftmues, G. W.GoodiaKe. a. j.
Al crrill, J. K. Ware, Ware and Howell, A. C. Davis,
James Franks, J. J. Mackey & Co., Jesse R. Starnes,
G. 1.. McDonald, W. L. Morgan, F. M. Johnson, K.
It Nolaml & Sons.T. W.Shelton, J. R. Tnill.G. H.
Mt-iirncx, N. Pcnland. Pcnland & Alexander. Mrs.
I. C. Smith.
Butchers, Meat Dealers, ie.
Zneliory Bros., James Lusk, T. K.. Davis, Mc-
m. m II and Drake.
J. J. IVsmoud, F. M. Johnson, J. C. Oliver,
Confectioners and Bakers.
J. J. Iesmond, (factory), J. M Heston, T Wells.
Saddlery, Harness, c.
M. GilLcrt fc Co., Alexander and Pcnland.
Furniture, &c.
W. B. Williamson, Moore & Falk, P. S. Mo
Mullcn. Undertakers.
X. Brand, J. V. Brown, John Clayton
Coal Dealers.
8. F. Venahlc, D. S. Wat' on, Hill nn d Atkins
N. W. Girdwood & Co.
Lumber Dealers
oublcday fc Scott. .
. ' Contractors, Carpaders, and Builders.
I. Gorcnfio, John Hart, J. ; A: Wagner. T. C.
Westall, E. J. Armstrong, J. E. Buttrick, T. L.
Clayton, . G. West.
' . Blacksmillis
I). W. Caublc, J. II, Woody.
' Hotels.
riwannanta, Eagle, Grand Central,' Western,
Jarolina House, Single House, The Villa.
Private Boardina.
S. F. Vcnable, A. T. Snxnmcy, Miss Bettle
iirown, Misses Cofiin, Mrs. A. E. Hall, P. F. Emer
son, Miss Smith, T. W. Keel, Mrs. A. B. Chunn,
J. If. Carter, G. M. Roberts, li. II. Grahl, G. L.Mc
Donald, M. J. Fagg. J. A. Fagg, J. E. Rankin, W.
T. Reynolds, Mrs. T. E. Reynolds, E. Sluder, Mrs.
Holland, Mrs. Broiles, Mrs. J C Smathers, Mrs E
L. Baird, W. W. McDowell, James W. Patton, Mis.
Leicester Chapman, H. C. Hunt, H. C. France,
Mrs. A. Sinclair, P. S. McMullen.
- Livery. Sale and Feed Stables.
Reynolds & Chambers, J. M.Kay, . A. Wcd
din. James Sevier, C. O. Allen, T. II. SWnslll
Wm. Cox, E. W. Herndon, S. H. Barnard, G. W.
Morgan & Co., E. T. Cleminous, Jesse R. Starnes.
Colleges, Schools, &c
Asheville Female College, Asheville Male
Academy, Newton Academy, MissGoodloe's High
School for yonng ladies, Miss lawyer's Primary
School, Mrs. J. P. Gammon's Primary School,
' three white public schools, two good colored
schools. A graded school has been authorized by
aw,nd a State normal school will be held every
MiMinei-y, Ac.
Mrs. H. M. Herndon, S. Whltlock, Mrs. M. X
Mann, J. P. Sawyer, Mrs RE Porter.
Attorneys At Law.
MLond A Moore, J. H. Mcrrmion, E. II. Mer
' rimon, M. E. Carter, A. L. Carter, Gudger A Car
ter, J. M. Gudger, F. A. Soudley, W. 8. Cushman,
Richmond Pearson, E. D. Carter, W. W.Vandiver,
Davidson A Martin, T. A. Jones, S. H. Reed, W. B.
Gwyn, Locke Craig, W. R. Whitson, Jones and
llardwicke, Johnston A Shuford, W. M. Cocke,
Nats Atkinson, A.T. Davidson, W. H. Malone,
V'.S. Lusk, P. A. Cummings, A. J. Lyman.
Phiudcians and Surgeons.
P. J. Cain, W. L. A W. D. Hilliard, John Hey
Williams, J. A. Burroughs, J. A. Watson, M. L.
Nelson, Wardlaw McGill, II. I". Gatchell.
G. Yi. Whitson, B. n. Douglas, R. H. Reeves, A.
B. Ware.
Banks, Bankers and Brokers.
Bank of Asheville, Sluder A Barnard .
Merchant Tailors.
). W. Schartlc.
Dealers ?j Furs.
M. Ellick.
Real Estate Agencies.
Walter B. Gwyn, A. J. Lyman, Natt Atkinson,
E. J. Aston, B. M. Jones.
Architects and Civil Engineers,
S F Vcnable. J A Tennaut,
Tobacco Warehouses.
The Asheville Warehouse, The Banner Ware
house, The Fanner's Warehouse, Ray's Wure
' house, The Buncombe Warehouse.
1)bacco Manufacturers Cliewing and Smoking.
S. B. West, McCarty & Hull, J-. Rav, E. I.
nolmes AOa., Shelton A Perry, W. p. Williamson.
Coopers, Ac.
L. F. Sorrcll, N. W. Girdwood, William Weaver,
Wines, Liquors, Ac.
I.oughran Bros., Hampton A Featherstone, W.
O. Muller, A Co., A. P. Sorrell.
Papers Hangers.
Cain A Hunt, Moora A Falk, R. L. Fitzpatrlek.
Daily and Weekly Citizen, Daily and Weekly
Advance, The Asheville Tribune (weekly.)
Job Offices.
The Citizen Job Oillce, Hunt A Robertson.
' " " Pliotographers.
Nat. W. Taylor, -W. T. Robertson, T. T. Hill.
Grist Mills, Ac.
Jordan A Hally burton, N. W. Girdwood,. Jag. E.
'Buttrick. McLane.
FeriUizers, Ac
F. N. Waddell, "Star Brand." Penniman A Co.,
"Anchor Brand," G. M. Roberts, Alex. Porten
"Piedmont," W. II. Penland, "Owl Brand," Bear
den, Rankir. A Co., "Ober A Co.'s Special," Lyon
A Walker, ''Farmer's Friend," T. C Starnes, "Ar
: lington." W. W. Barnard, ' Sea Fowl," N. W.
Girdwood A Co., "Soluble Pacific." ' .
, Insurance.
E. J. Aston, Thos. W. Branch.
W. U. Telegraph.
8. G. Weldon, manager. .
Southern and Adams Express.
F. A. Btikeleather, manager.
Civil Officers of Buncombe County.
Sheriff J. R. JRich; Deputy Daniel Reynolds; 8.
" .Clerk E. W. Herndon; Register J. R. Patterson;
Treasurer J. H. Courtney; Surveyor B. F. Patten:
Tax Collector T. W. Patton. ,
Inferior Court.
lustice G. A. Shuiord: Clerk Monl Patton; Solic
tor H. B. Carter. . -r
County Commissioners.
J. E. Rankin, J. A. Reagan, G. W. Whitson, L.
Li. Childs, Thos. D. Brittain. ... .,.
Justices of lhejeace.
A. T. Summey, N. A. Penland, T. W. Patton, C.
B. Way, J. M. Ledford, J. M. Jarratt, J. B. Cain.
. Cily Government.
. Mayor E. J. Aston; Aldermen W. T. Reynolds.
Alonzo Rankin, Geo. F. Scott, I. H. Goreniio, N.
W. Girdwood and J. L. Murray. Policemen A
II. Baird.W. G. McDowell, J. H-JIair.pton, Hukh
. Postcll and T F Hunter.
Fire Department.
Hose N. I, Foreman H. C. Fogg; H. A L. No. 1,
Cupt. F A. II ; . -
- Sanitary Department.' '
Dr. D T Millard, Sanitary Chiet '
Federal Vfficertr
U.S. Commissioner, A. T. Summey. Deputy
Collector, (stamp nice) A. D. Cooper. District
Dcouty 8. C. Hcrren. Deputy Marshalls. B. O.
Patterson, A. C. Patterson, T. K. Davis, H. S. Har-
United States District and Circuit Courts.
Judge R. T. Dick, Solicitor J. . Boyd, Clerk 3.
E. Reed; Deputy wera r. a. cummicgs.
,-. Post Office.
II. L. Gudger P. CUiks C. B. Moore, W. L.
Kerman, V. t. cnu. ; .-,v
Setcing Machine Agencies:. ,-'
Whotiler A WilFon. J. II. Hcniiitf. Chief Cleik
' Miss Bessie Justice. Singer, M. H. Morjnihan,
Chief Clerk W.Monteatn. Domestic, ti. K. Ched
' wter A Son, Chas E Lee. ; .
County Board of Education, r .
' A. T. Summey, J II Sams and B G (iudger. First
regular meeting flrtt Monday in Kcptcmt-cr.
--'. '' '
Arrival find Departure of th Trains,
Saijsboty Mai troiu arrives 8:37 a. m.
- " Departs 5:47 r. k.
. Day train arrives at 2 ;14p-k.
" departs at 10:30 A X.
Tennessee- Arrives 6:87 p. m.
Departs 8:47 A. K.
Waynesttlle Ai-rives 3:50 p. m.
" Departs 9:00 A. u.
The Waynesville train reaches that point at
11:80 ; returning, leaves vvaynesvuie at 1.30.
i Wearher Report Jnly 24.
Barometer at 9 a. m. 30.09 falling.
Thermometer Minimum
mum 88. -Eainfall
.02 incbes.
Sky Partly Cloudy.
Wind South. .
C8;" maxi-
.The b'!4,te:
ona vv nite m
W. T. Weaver, Sole Agent for Hess1
Hand-Made Shoes for men. : . tf
Send your Jolt Work of cdl kinds tcr-tlu
Citizen Office, if you v:avt it doni iicaihf,
chea)ly and uith ditpatch. : :
Will be published every evening (ex
cept Sunday) at the following rates
strictly cosh . .
One Year, . , . , $6 00
Six Months, ' . . . . . 3 00
Three " . . . . " . 1 50
One " . . ... 50
One Week, . . 15
Our Carriers will deliver the paper ev
ery evening in every part of the city to
our subscribers, and parties wanting it
will please call at the Citizkn Office.
V :
The Daily Citizen
Gives the only telegraphic dispatches
A full line of both Taylor's and Rob
ertson's Stereoscopic Views at J. L. Wil
kie &Co's. '
John Jack will make you lauh your
buttons off to night.
Supt. McBec and G. P. A. Turk were
in the city yesterday.
Mr. Will Bus?, of Raleigh, is stopping
at the Swannanca.
Messrs. II. AT. Barrow and W. C Hew
lett, of Louisburg, are in attendance upon
the State encampment. ;
To-morrow evening there will be a full
dress parade through the streets of the
'bould so'jer boys.'
Opera House to-night. Admission 25
cents. ' -
Annie Firm hi in her grandest per
formance to-night in East Lynne. Only
25 cents admission. ' V.
The latest news from alparta of -the
worIf received Vrilj at tlTriAijiyCiTi
zen office, by telegraph, ti to the hour
of going to presp.
Full market reports, domestic and for
eign, by telegraph, in the Daily Citizen,
the only paper in Western Carolina giv
ing them.
Much important matter of local inter
est has been crowded out by the pres
sure of incidents and accidents during
the past two days.
2 To miss attending the Opera Hall to
night will be to lose the' greatest value
for the least money. Only 25 cents ad
mission; reserve seats 10 cents extra.
Gen'l Clingman visited the encamp
ment yesterday, and was greatly pleased
with the looks of "the boys" and the
Notwithstanding the large extra num
bers of the Daily Citizen issued every
evening, the supply has been exhausted
within a short while after cominf from
the press.
That "State Guard Whiskey," at Hamp
ton & Featherstone's, is very fine, and
soecially recommended for medical uses
in or out of camp. Shep Deaver and Bob
Jones always ready to prescribe. '.
The Winston Bepublican is getting fun
ny. It now denounces revenue officers
for arresting violators of the revenue
laws.- Having been in the revenue ser
vice for some years, he may fear the
same devilment is being committed now
that used to characterize his own
We are truly thankful for tKe large
and constantly increasing number of
subscribers to both our . Daily and
Weekly. The Citizen gives more lead
ing matter than any paper in Western
Carolina, and is the only one taking tel
egraphic dispatches. -
Col. Glenn, the accomplished Colonel
of the 3d Regiment, and Major Sam'l H.
Smith, of the same regiment, have given
us pleasant calls. Maj. Smith is Mayor
of the city of Winston, but having been
appointed postmaster of the city will re
sign his chief magistracy of his city. He
is an excellent officer anywhere.
Assistant Surgeon General Hilliard,
assisted by Assistant burgeon Spiccr, of
the 1st Regiment, removed Mr. Scott,
the wounded man, to the Grand Central
yesterday evening. Numbers of the
Knights of Honor, of which order he is
member, are giving him every attention
day and night. He is much-improved
this morning. . ' . '
Religious Services at Alexanders.
Rev. T. M. Myers of the Christian
Church, will couduct religious services
at the church at Alexander depot next
Sunday morning at 11 o'clock.
Rogers Bros.' Make ;Seb Prices ,
For this week only. Triple plated
Table Knives $1 75 per set. Desert size
$1 05. Forks heavily plated on pure
nickel silver $3 12 per set. Tea Spoons
$1 G2 per set. Butter knives and sugar
shells same quality, 50c. ach.
Quadruple plate Casters $2 90. A good
extra plate Caster $1 25.: A fine article
of white handle knife at $1 50 and $2 00
per set. - y . - : . ;
Always the lowest prices to Crockery
and Glass at Law's, opposite Eagle Hotel.
. july 18 d & w - - .. i . ; . r
Large let of camp stools and cots for the
soldiers at. V.. It. Williamson's Furniture
store. ' ' ' . iw.
Keep it Befobk the People, " - '
That the number of guests at Haywood
White Sulnhur SnrirnK ia nnv
one and two hundred, but . room for
more. . tf
Bro. Goslin of the Winston Republican
is pleased to say : .
"Office, office ! my country for an of
fice ! 1 is now the crv nf tha rwm.
Coming from one who has held on to
office likft frrim rienfli fn a Ao-A rtoyotr
il.:. I z r , . . ..
iuib ia very reiresning ior not weatner,
We give notice to our readers of the
Battalion drill eveiy morning from 10
to 12; Battalion 1 dress parade from 6i to
7:30 p. m. ' . , , .. ;
These drills are very attractive. ' and
ail are invited to witness them.
Extra Numbers. 'iV
A large exra number of The .IXmly
OrrtEBw btu loca -wrid-v will be Hgatted
very day, and will be for sale at various
news stands, find by earners on the
Please Notice.
Parties desiring extra copies of The
Daily ' Citizen will please give notice
promptly. i
Flag Drill.
Go to the Banner Warehouse to-night.
The drill is the most attractive enter
tainment that will bo offered during the
encampment. The fair sex compete for
the prize of military proficiency with
their gallant defenders. Let all be there
to award the honors.
Cemetery Company.
Attention is directed to thcr notice in
this issue relating to the organization of
the cemetery company. The organiza
tion" only needs compliance with the
preliminaries required to become a fixed
fact. But these preliminaries are nec
essary, and prompt compliance is re
quested. Mr. Rankin, chairman, urges
this point emphatically upon the . cor
porators. Popular Prices at tiie Opera Hall
Admission only 25 Cents To-night.
The Firmin-Jack Comedy Company
determined to please everybody have
reduced the price of admission' to-night
to 25 cents, reserved seats ten cents ex
tra. Miss Firmin ill- appear in her
grand roles of Lady Isabel Vane and
Madame Vine in Mrs. Henry Wood's
startling emotional play oPEast Lynne,
or the Elopement, supported . by the
great actor Mr. John Jack and the en
tire compan3- in tho cast. We shall all
expect a crowded house to reward this
very liberal reduction of prices. Our
Citizens owe it to themselves to see that
these talented artists are well supported
in their efforts to please and enliven our
city during the encampment.
The end of this interesting institution
came this morning, and the constituent
elements part and separate to .leaven in
the individual sphere the matter com
mitted to their several charges. '
We were hot permitted to be present
in the closing hours, and must use such
information as has been kindly gathered
for us.
The following students engaged' this
morning in recitation and declamations:
Reading Miss Mamie Bays; Essay, W.
Shelton; Reading, Miss Lou Morgan;
Declamation, L. B. McBrayer; Reading,
Miss Annie Broyles, Recitation, Miss
Mary Kimberly; - Declamation, W. L.
Rand; Reading, Miss Belle Jones; Dec
lamation, J. J. Reeves; Reading, Miss
Mamie Morgan; Declamation, C. E.
Chambers; Reading, Miss Mamie Abbott:
Declamation, E. H. Herring; Reading,
iuisb iur;i .Treeu.
After these exercises, the following
resolutions were introduced by E. II.
Herren, and unanimously adopted:
Whereas, We, the students of Ashe
ville Normal School, apprehending the
fact that our session is about to close J
and that our Professors and Teachers
have been industrious and efficient in
the many valuable lessons imparted,
therefore . . . .
Be it Resolved; 1st, That we extend to
Misses Goodloe and Millard, and Profes
sors White, Atkins and Wilson, our sin
cere thanks for the vigilant and able
manner with which they have discharg
ed their duties as instructors, and in re
turn, tender cur gratitude and continued
2d. That we extend our thanks to the
distinguished gentlemen who have so
learnedly spoken to us during the ses
sion. 3d. To the Hon. Richmond Pearson
for his handsome tribute in the way of a
prize; and to all strangers who have been
enough interested to . .visit our session
during its term.
Cigar Stand. . .
Mr. Ike Henry will have a cigar stand
at the camp ground, during the encamp
ment. The Daily Citizen'wiII be at the
stand promptly every evening, with full
telegraphic dispatches. . tf
Stall No. 1, '
At the new market, is now well
supplied with the best Beef, Mutton, and
fresh meats generally this mountain
country affords at the lowest cash
prices. Call on Zaciiary Bros.-
tau20 - v. . v. '
Private Boarding in Waynesville.
The undersigned is prepared to accom
modate a limited number of boarders .at
her home in Waynesville. Convenient
to the White Sulphnr Springs Accom
modations guaranteed- Terms moderate.
.tf - Mrs. J. B. S.;McIntcsii.
. . -- : :
Encampment Notes. ;
v Powell ' and . Snider, the wholesale
grocers, have opened an office at Camp
Scales where the -boys carr leave their
orders for any thing in the grocery or
produce line and have their goods deliv
ered in the camp. This will be great
convenience in the cam x- - 2t ;
All Wool Dress Goods in great variety,
Silks, Surahs, Rhadames, ' Satins, . relvets,
Satines, Percales Ginghams, Lawns, Prints,
&c. : . REDWOOD Jt CO.
eodlf .,' : . "
A good stock of Clothing, Dry Goods Fan-
cy uooas, nats, twoes, varpeta itc, at fixea
and reasonable Prices,
eoiltf II REDWOOD & CO.
Encampment Notes. ' ' " . .
A visit to camp this morning 'gives ns
several pleasant items. ," . -
- Col. E. T. Boykin, our eld and tried
friend of . the Legislature,' now Judge
Advocate of the N. C. S. G. arrived thiB
morning, and is ready for his responsible
duties. ' iJ;'' ' ." :: '
- Lieut Col. D. Nl Bogart is the field of
ficer of the dav. '
Col. Black, U. S. A. spent the day in
the camp, to the great pleasure of the
whole command, and we hope to himself.
The Goldsboro Rifles are gathering up
the disjecta membra pi men ana oaggage,
and all are in good spirits. All but four
of the injured have returned to duty.
Owing to the great heat of the day the
battalion drill .arranged for . 10 o'clock
this morning was postponed until this
alternoon wnen it will tate place, just
previous to the dress parade.
The usual . skirmish drill took place
this morning. . v' -
All the officers and men are hard at
work; ' It is a true school of instruction
and all are eager to avail thesiselvea of opportunity. . ywr'- yjjr --.
AfiwHgnout tne camp every ming is
in perfect order. The cooking and eating
arrangements are good, and the tents are
made more secure against . the heat oi
the sun by booths erected in front of the
tents made of boughs cut from the ad
jacent woods. . The men take advantage
oi the proximity nf-tho river to bathe
The ladies honor the headquarters and
other points with their presence and are,
and will be, most courteously and eager
ly welcomed. Ihey are always welcom
ed to witness the drills and parades.
The new State flags for the different
Regiments arrived yesterday and were
welcomed with ari enthusiasm that
savored strongly of the old rebel yell;
but the stars and stripes every where
conspicuous were ample guarantee for the
loyalty of the command.
lhe bands emulate each other in
harmonious rivalry. Throughout the
camp, and echoed back from the depths
of the deep valleys and from the oppos
ing faces of the adjacent mountains ring,
out old familiar airs, the Mocking Bird,
Dixie, Way down on Suannee ribber,
Climbing up the Golden Stairs, Hail
Columbia, the Star Spangled Banner,
favorities of the regiments, favorities
with all.
The sentry duty is kept up day and
night, the camp ia thoroughly guarded,
and every aspect is that of military life.
Meeting of Respect to Gen'l Grant
Resolutions and Speeches.
In accordance with the : call issued
yesterday evening through the' Citizen
by Mayor Aston, a goodly number of
citizens and visitors met at the Court
House to-dav to take action in relation to
the death of General Grant.
. Gen'l Clingman called the meeting to
order, and on .his motion Mayor Aston
was called to the chair, and R. M. Fur-
man, of the Citizen and-C. W. Malone,
of the Advance were made secretaries.
May or Aston took the chair, and ex
plained the. object of the meeting.
On motion, a committee of fiye, com-
powwl wM, tin uafeacA -YibUuiwas ap
pointed to draw resorationfi'Vxpressive
of the sentiments and sj mpathies of the
meeting, as follows : .
Robt. M. Furman, T. L. ' Clingman, U.
Doubleday, J. P. Sawyer, Edwin Ship-
The committee retired, and in a lew
moments reported, through the chair
man, the following :
Having heard ot the death or ueneral
U S. Grant, which occurred on yester
day, as citizens of a common country, re
joicing in a common heritage, in full
sympathy with a common purpose, we,
citizens of and visitors in, Aaheville
meet to unite our sympathies and regrets
with our fellow countrymen over the
intelligence which carries sadness to a
whole natioD.
As Southerners, many of us Southern
soldiers, we wish to proclaim the respect
we all feel for the character and soldierly
qualities displayed by the dead hero at
a time when all save our honor was lost,
and which only his honor protected.
We therefore sincerely mourn the suf
ferings and the departure of General
Grant, and tender to his family and our
countrymen, assurance of our heartfelt
sorrow at the sad event.
We regret we have neither time, nor
space to reproduce the speeches which
followedr some, of which were eloquent,
all of which, were admirable and impres
sive, presenting the salient characteristics
of the great man which have won for
him imperishable fame, and commanded
the respect of all. ':-
Gen'l Clingnian Dr. J. L. M. Curry,
Attorney General Davidson, Hon. Ed
win Shippen, of Philadelphia, spoke.
' The resolutions were unanimously
adopted, ordered to bo printed and
copies forwarded to the family of the
deceased. - ; . z.
On motion of P. A. Cummings, the
meeting adjourned. . . ;
E. J. Aston, Chairman.
&W.?ffi5. S-etaries.
Religious Services In Camp.
Bisop Lyman, will officiate' on Sunday
morning at io. o'clock, in the camp of the
2nd Regment, N. C. S. G.: The public
and the soldiery are invited to attend.
J. Carmichael, D. D. '
Chap. 2nd Reg. N. C. S. G.
Nearly A Bad Accidents ;
This morning alittle 'son of Mr. Thos.
Ducket, on Cherry -Street, was pouring oil
from a can, on a fire, when the can ignited
and exploded, burning the little fellow very
badly fron the hips down. ' He is not fatally
hurt, but painfully so. Mr. E. C, Linwood,
was passing at the time, heard the explosion,
ran in and gave assistance. . We much
sympathise with the little fellow.
The Press t roves its patriotism. Itia
not more wordy than deedy. - It proves
its principles by its practices. We Jfind
here in the camp, sent to the front, Lieut.
Col. Olds, of the Netes Observer, Mr. Tip
ton, of the Lincoln Press, Mr. E. A. Old
ham, of the Winston Sentinel. Mr.Creecy,
of the Economist, and there may be oth
ers we have not fallen in with. ...
In our report yesterday evening of the
officers present of tho 'different regi
ments, we reported as Capt. and A. C. f.'.
of the 'First Regiment, Fra'nk- Powell,
whereas we should have said Captain
Frank Stronach, of Raleigh. '
Carpets, Mattings, Squares Rugs, Mats
Oil Cloths, Lace Curtains, Cretonnes, Raw
Silks, Turcomans, labia Damasks, Sherting,
Towels, Napkins, &c. ' .
ecdtf II. REDWOOD t CO '
The ball at the Swannanoa to-night,
promises to be the largest in attendance
this season f
Col. Geo.' Williamson, ex-State Senator
from Caswell, and one of the best men
in the State, isj visiting his brother, Col.
Williamson of this city. .
There will be a meeting of Asheville
Chapter No. 25 to-night, for work in the
Past, Royal and Select Degrees. All vis
iting Chapter Masons are invited to at
The Fifth Annual Conclave of the
Grand Commandery Knights Templars
of North Carolina will be held in Ashe
ville in August, commencing oh Wednes
day evening the 26th. There will be a
good attendance. .
Our thanks are due to Lt-CoL Olds for
valuable assistance in- acquiring inform
ation of matters . connected with the en
campment, and also for many other
courtesies, which greatly enhance the
interest of a visit to the camp..
Notwithstanding the many persons in
the city, and the general libertie-i' inci
dent to this animated occasion, good or
der and good nature is the rule. The
Iolice force ia on the alert, bat iha a
it tie cause to enforce its authority.
Dr. J. F. Caviness, of Randolph, is
dead. He was a member of the last
House of Representatives, and will be
pleasantly remembered as a quiet un
assuming' gentleman, and also for his
excellent good sense and bia ability as a
speaker when he waa drawn out. He
was 38 years of ago.
Juege Advocate General Edward T
Boykin, of Sampson county, gave us a
pleasant call to-day. Mr. Boykin has ably
represented his county im both .houses of
the legislature, the last term in the Senate,
andwas elected L'tenant Governor pro tern,
during the session of the ' Senate, serving
until Lieut. Gov. Stedman was sworn in.
Mr. Boykin is one of their most promising
young men in the State, and merits ail he
may receive.
Prop. W. C. Kerr
And family are guests of Solicitor Adams,
on Spruce street, not far from Court
house square, where their friends will
find them. There has been no material
change in the condition of Prof. K. since
hir arrival here. It cannot be said that
he has improved.
The Colored School.
A reporter of the Citizen attended the
closing exercises of the colored (public)
school, in East Asheville, last night. II.
B. Brown is the principal.
We heard classes examined in spell
ing, reading, geography, grammar, arith
metic, and exercises in singing. The
examinations were conducted by Prof.
Brown, assisted by Professors Oliver,
Sax ton and Leather wood
Wo can not only commend the earnest
zeal of the principal and teachers, their
system of management, &c., but certainly
the pwficianoy of. the . scholars in
general. There wete excellent-citations
by all the classes, and many or the
scholars were very young. The school
is highly creditable to the community
and our colored citizens, and the general
earnestness displayed by our colored
citizens in the matter of education is an
example worthy of emulation by our
own race.
The Tournament and Ball Last Night.
The skating tournament and dance at
the Farmers' Warehouse last evening
was a very pleasant affair throughout.
W. W. Vandiver, Esq., delivered the
charge to the Knights after which they
all wheeled in line and the roIling"began.
There were quite a number of Knights
in the contest, but the following bore off
the honore : ATessrs. Geo. Mosele , Will
Heston, D. F. Summey, and Frank Steff
ner. The coronation address was made
by Mr. II. B.Carter, after which Mr.
Moseley crowned Miss Maggie Hilliard
as Queen; Mr. Heston crowned Miss Ad
die Davidson as first Maid of Honor; Mr.
Summey named Miss Adeline Wicks as
second Maid of Honor; and Mr. Steffiier
designated Miss Minnie Bearden as third
Maid of Honor. The skating was very
fine and the dancing which followed was
very graceful. There was a large crowd
of citizens and soldiers present and all
spent the evening in a most pleasant
The gentlemen managers may congra
tulate themselves upon the admirable
success of the entire affair, and it is hop
ed they may undei take - another such
soon. v . '
The Loughran Bros
Have displayed much taste in their
decorations at both establishments, com
plimentary to the visiting military. They
nave taken great interest in the Encamp
ment, having contributed $150 to the
fund for the occasion. J t L
Keep it Before the People"- :
That the water at Haywood White
Sulphnr Springs is a specific for all dis
eases of the Liver, Stomach "and Kid
noya. . , v, ' tf
Private Bording in Waynesville. .
The undersigned is pregared to accom
modate a limited number of boarders at
her home in Waynesville. Convenient
to the White Sulphur Springs. Accom
modations guaranteed. Term8 moderate.
tf Mrs. J. B. S. McIntosh.
Clothing of all grades, for men, youths ,
and children; also a good stock of Men's'
Furnishing Goods. '
eoktf f H. REDWOOD & CO.
Railroad-Tickets. : "
Parties having tickets to dispose of in
any direction, will call on me at the
Swannanoa Hotel. 1 : WD, Jones.
Railroad" Tickets Bought, and Sopd
I will buy, sell or exchange Railroad
Tickets from or to any point Parties
interested will do wfil to call and see
me. . J. M- i oung,
tsc20 At Carmichael's Drugstore.
Visitors will find the largest lot of
Goods for presents at J. L Wilkc & Co.'s
Book Store, Eagle building.
"Third Regiment Pure Mountain Dew'
on draft, with everything else usually
kept in a first-class bar, at W. O. Muller
& Co.'s Public Square. Cal Jones, Dick
Sorrcll and Ben Young ask all to "dew
drop in."
A large lot of Toys at cost at J L Wil
associated press telegrams -spe
cial to CITIZEN. -
The Funeral to be TJnder the
Direction of f be War s-.-.i
pepartment. I
' : .. .!
Mt. McGregor, July 24, l$85f
' The pne condition imposed by Gen.
Grant before he died upon those who
should decide the place of his burial was
the cause of the delay in fixing spot fo
his interment. - lhe mayor: and the
chief clerk, Mr. Minor, is here and. have
been in consultation with Col. Fred"
Grant He has formally, aud In person
for Mayor Grace, urged acceptance of a
burial spot in any one of the parks id
New York City. - ;V " : .)
..: It is thought by 'the famil or the' de
ceased that the New York proposition
relating to interment is the most desira
ble, and telegraphic communication be
tween Mt. McGregor and the City is now
going on. The invitation from the citi
zens of Springfield, I1L, tendering a
burial place and funeral honors is' not
seriously considered, though the honor
is appreciated. Washington City is
being considered, and also West Point.
Gen. Grant left the whole matter to hia
son Col. Fred Grant; and the decision
will probably be made by him. It is
determined that, whatever the point
selected, the obsequies will begin at Mt.
McGregor as a recognition of the kind
ness of the people of that village.
The President has expressed by mes
sage, a wish that the funeral be a na
tional one under the care of the War
Department, beginning when the remains
reach Mt. McGregor, and ending when
they reach tho place of sepulture.
Mrs. IiCntz in New York.
New York, July 24.
Mrs. T. C. Lentz arrived on the Savan
nah s'Aamer yesterday afternoon and on
her arrival here she was met by a thick
set man about 35 years old with dark
complexion. He refused to give his
name. Mrs. Lentz came to New York
under the name of Lillian Spencer and
left her 18 months old baby ' behind her.
She wrote a letter for her husband and
mother stating that they would never
see her again. Mrs. Lentz went with
the dark complexioncd man. Her uncle
Kendrick Flint of Syracuse, N. Y will
arrive to-day in this cityand Mrs. Lentz
will probably go to his home. 1 . .'
The First.Bale of Cotton, .
Houston, Texas, July "4.
The first bale of cotton of the season of
18S5-'8C .reached here Tuesday night from
Dewitt. county, Texas. It weighed '570
pounds and was classified as middling.
It was sold at auction on the floor of the
Cotton Exchange yesterday bringing
one hundred dollars.
A Heavy Failure.
London, July 24.
Evan Vaughan, auctioneer, has failed
and absconded. Hia liabilities are 250,
000 pounds. Extensive forgeries attribu
ted to it. ;. ; -. : ,1 ,;
New York ' Stock Market. '
.- New York, July 24. :
The market again opened irregular
this morning with L.uisville& Nashville
up, Oregon Transfer Central and
Kansas , while Jersey City Central was
lower, other changes for small frac
tions, . there was a slight weakness
developed immediately, after the open
ing and a. fractional decline took place,
but the market soon recovered . its tone
and a general advance followed carrying
prices up from to one per cent gener
ally although the Goula ' stocks were
heavy in company with the Jersey Cen
tral and LouiBville & Nashville. ,
London Money Market.
London noon, July 24. -Consols
99 11-16. . --. ..
Storm in Italy.
London', July 24.
There has been a terrific' storm at
Lorre Cajettani in Italy. Thirteen per
sons were killed nd. twenty-two injured
by it... : , . ,
Our Soldier Bora . V, , ' -; ;.
Are cordially invited to call at the
Daily Citizen Office, corner Court
Square and Patton Avenue, . at their
pleasure, and read our exchanges, and
Wapafew." -. ,
Please Observe.
. Complaint is made that parties going
to and from the camp late at night, have
indulged in singing greatly to the dis
turbance of some sick people residing on
the streets. The suggestion of this, we
are sure, will prevent any recurrence, as
it ia known to have been done from
exuberance of spirits and not from a
disposition to disturb. - -' f ;
Something Exciting. - -" -
A bicycle race will take place to-morrow
night at the Far mere',. Warehouse.
This will prove highly exciting, and all
are expected to attend. ' . 1 -
Twenty five cents to the Encampment
for the round trjp is reasonable, and
enough. ' Complaints of the present rates
are loud and abundant f A rain, enough
to lay the dust and modify the heat, will
make a change, and then a trip on foot
will be cheaper and quite as pleasant,
and then the carriages may whistle for
their fares. - - :. -' ; -
Don't forget the Ladies' Flag Drill to
night at the Banner Warbouse. Some
thing excellent
Ziegler's and Banister's '. Hand Sewed
Shoes, Opera Slippers, Oxford lies, Danc
ing Pumps, Slippers, &c, &c.
eodtf 1 -v--' One Price Store.
V " ' Breyabd, N. C, July 21, 1885. ;
' The delightful days,
the prospect of so abundant a harvest
Of field crops, and the relaxation from
severe labor, since laying by" time is
over, have placed our people in a suite of
general good will towards each other
and all mankind. :
" NationaT, State and county1 affairs are
moving on as much to suit our ideas, as
they could, bad we.. entire control our
selves. ... .., . -
- The "appointment wave" has not yet
reached the Transylvania democracy,
still we rejoiee ; at the success of our
friends, and appreciate the wisdom of
the appointments made. '
, We endore most heartily the "festina
lente'f policy of our Chief Magistrate,
and are pleased that those under him in
authority, are in so full accord with him.
His wise administration is laying broad
and deep the foundation on which the
oop it the, Pejaoeratic pitrty rata. --'"
Tb machinery of the State is work-
ing, nicely, even if.Gov. Scales did neglect
to consul the wishes of the Tarboro
Southerner in selecting the encampment
for the State Guard.
Our county is out of debt, in fact man
ages to keep a little ready cash on band.
Our Board of Commissioners have been
at work for the past few days on the Tax
List for 1883, and to-day they announce
the aggregate of taxable nroDertv to bo
$589,000 and the total State and county
tax for this year will be only 90 cents on
She $100 worth of property. --
With everything conforming so nearly
to onr own wishes, don't you think,
Messrs. Editors, that we can afford to be '
cosmopolitan in our good-will? -
Daniel Webster said New Hampshire
was. the best State in the Union to
emigrate from. Transylvania is one of
the best counties in the State to im
migrate to.' The fertility of its soil, the
large area of virgin forest, the rich, but
undeveloped mineral resources, the
divereity of its products, the varied
beauty of its scenery, the substantial
character of its citizenship, together with
the peaceable, unostentatious, butkindly
disposition of the individuals, who com
pose it, under this a desirable spot for
those who are in search of homes. This
statement,-Messrs. Editors, as you well
&uuw, ia uu buvjbvii bu uia cnucism, pro
bono publico every man blows his own
The regular examination of the teach
ers of the county is over. Our county
superintendent, Rev. W. H. Davis, made
the examination more thoromrh than it
has been prior to this time. Realizing
the wisdom of the remarkable prayer,
"deliver us from temptation," each teach
er was given a seat, separate and apart
from his fellow. Thus seated they were
handed the questions to be answered,
and paper on, which to record the result
of their sole cogitations on the different
queries. -
Scattered over, the spacious court '
room, their faces presented an interest-
ing object of study. ' At first one would
have thought the "dies irae" was near atv
hand. They soon, however, became
accQBtoined to the situation, began work. , V
n earnesc.mna tne majority passed very
creditable examinations.
There seems to be a general waking
up on the subject of education. The
cause is enlisting the power of the State,
the influence of communities and tho
energy of individuals. It is a step in the
right direction. Regardless of the na
tural advantages of a country, if it have
nourished no force of thought, produced
no master minds, it occupies only a
secondary position. The grand question
that decides the status of a Nation, State
or community is : How far has it been
prolific of moral and intellectual power?
Are all the teachers of the State satis
fied with the eclecticr business-preparation
tendency of the education of this
day ? " Hold up your hands till you are
counted. 1 Z.
. Hoarding House Notices.
" . Boarders Wanted. I have a good
house, good comfortable rooms, located
on Bailey street, a short walk from Pub- '
tic Square, and would be glad to accom
modate a few boarders by the month or
season. Will keep the best table the
market affords.
. tjyl6 , , G.L. McDonaxd. .
Summer tourists, (to. the mountains,)
can find comfortable rooms and good
board at Antler Hall (Tennent's View) 4
miles from Asheville.' For particulars.
address P. O. Box 116, Asheville, N. C.
iN. li. trood boating on finest piece of -water
any where near Asheville.
july 6-1 mo , . ,,. -
Private Boarding. ,
Visitors can find nice pleasant rooms
and good board, liberal rates at
. ' MRS. M. J. KID8DALE8,
july 23-1 wk Spruce StReet
Board fob the Summer.
i Handsome location, fine grovo, large
yard, new house and new furniture. . ;
Apply tO B. F. VKNABLKj '
. Academy' Street, .
jjnly 1 tf near Male Afcademy.
Boarding. Good board, by, the day,
week or month, can be secured at the,
residence of the nndersigned, on North
side of Woodfin street, near the Baptist
church. Comfortable rooms, large shady
yard, a good table, and splendid water.
Satisfaction 'guaranteed. . Members of
the Teachers' Assembly boarded at $1.00
per day; Table boarders wanted. '
fjylG . . Jliss Mast A. Miller.
The incorporators of the AahevQle Cemetorr
Company are reneetod to call and aign the ar- '
tides of association, which have been prepared .
YT tha oommittaa for tht nnmnaA. Thnr will
also take notice that it ia proposed to have a
meeting oi we company on Monday, inly 'Alia,
at 6 p. m, at the Bank of Ashavuie. to com
plete the permanent organiaation, and all atock
holdera who wish to tat e part in such organi
sation are expected, before doing so. to depos
it in bank, to the' credit of the company, the
amount oi inetr snosenpuoa to the capital
took. The articles of association ean be found '
at the office of the Begister of Deeds to receive
the signature of the incorporators from this
time to the day of meeting. -
Jy34-2t Chairman pro tcm.
; K 11. NORVELL, PropV,
trvi itjte s rtiE, jr. c,
Near the Haywood While Sulphur Springs.
THIS notJSK Is situated In IJie bnslnen part
of the town, wltnin 16 minuter waik to the
Whlie Sulphur Sprlnpi. A beautiful view of the
Balsam Moon'alns.- Good room, flnit-clnis (are
and satlsiactn guaranteed, Ua:k at the he
pot. Jyl0-?uv
f ..'
.' : .""
., - " .

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